Random Hearts (1999) - full transcript

After the death of their loved ones in a tragic plane crash Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas find each others' keys in each others loved ones' possessions and realize that they were having an affair and must figure out all the details.


In case you check in,
I'm heading for the

airport early. Meet me for coffee.

They're gonna mark you tardy.

I've got court today.

You working late?

I can if you are.

Thought I'd take you to The Palm.

I wanna get my dad one
of those weather radios.

The nothing but weather ones?
Now that he's on the water.

Get him a book. Let him dope it
out for himself. He'd like that.

You'd like that.

He doesn't think the
weatherman's gonna lie to him.

He wants to know if a
hurricane's coming.

What's wrong with The Palm?

It's Friday night.
It'll be crowded.

You like it crowded.

Okay, let's go to The Palm.

If you're just killing time...


Did he talk about God?

Ask him if God said anything bad.

If we get him to say God
speaks to him, then...

That thing's cordless.

What else did he say?

Oh, baloney.

Tru, she's on the phone.
She'll be right down.

What does he know about
the democratic process?

I got to go.

Got any cash?


I need about a half a million.

Harold Cornelius is gonna run
against me as a write-in.

He's a nutcase.

With a chain of drugstores
and a lot of money.

- Where are you going?
- New York.

New Hampshire won't stand for
him buying a seat in Congress.

This guy is Elmer Fudd.

Yeah, sure.

Jessie's birthday's Wednesday.
I said we'd both be home.


Attention all aircraft.

Convective Sigma 3 Echo in effect
for Washington-Baltimore area.

A line of thunderstorms
approximately 60 miles wide...

moving from 260
degrees at 15 knots

with tops to flight level 350.

Wind gusts to 60 knots and
possible cloud-to-cloud lightning.

Visibility occasionally
one mile...

I said I wouldn't take PAC money.

- That's when we didn't need it.
- What do I say now?

Do you swear to tell the
truth, so help you God?

I do.

Name and occupation
for the jury, please.

William Van Den Broeck. I'm a
Sergeant in Internal Affairs...

Division of the District of
Columbia Police Department.

And what's your job, Sergeant?

Internal Affairs is responsible
for investigating incidents

or allegations of misconduct...

involving sworn officers
and civilian employees

of the District of Columbia.

Plane to Miami now
boarding at gate 33.

Does he think we'll let
him get away with that?

Depose Henry.


I'll see you.


Van Den Broeck...

you had to take a test to
make Sergeant, didn't you?

It was a written exam.

If I put into evidence
records that show...

56 officers took the
test same time as you...

and you did better than 54 of
them, would that be about right?

- We could look it up.
- The point is...

you're a smart guy.

Number two on the written,
11 years a Sergeant.

How come you're not a Lieutenant?

Where are we going with this?

Is it because you're white?

Get out. She cannot
do that. Your Honour.

From 11 News, this
is a special report.

May I help you?

I'm looking for a
gift for my wife.

Is there a radio just for weather?

It's for my father-in-law
in Florida.

I got a couple back
here. I'll show you.

From a Southern Airline

a normal crew is two pilots
and three cabin attendants.

The aircraft involved was a 737...

which normally is configured for
seats for 96 to 138 passengers.

- Where's this?
- Down in the Bay.

National Safety Board officials
were en route to the site...

over Chesapeake Bay,
20 miles south...

of the city limits, where
Southern Airlines flight...

437 to Miami went down
about an hour ago...

with 103 passengers...

Anything happening?

School cops at King took a nine
out of this girl's locker.

Same gun got logged into evidence
six weeks ago. Drive-by weapon.

At an altitude of reportedly 8,000
feet when it veered off-course

and began a steep descent...

The only thing he isn't
short on is cash.

He'll buy a million dollars
worth of TV time...

and hide behind the best
advertising money can buy.

I can beat him if I can
get on television myself.

The issue here is whether someone

totally unsuited for
public office...

can buy his way into the
United States Congress.

I hope your answer's no.

I said "buy" too
many times, right?

Let's eat.

You got no lunchroom here?

Here's what we got.

We got a gun that was used in a
homicide and killed someone.

Then it got stolen out
of the property room.

Maybe some cop sold it right out.

Then we got you in
possession of that gun.

We ain't got no lunchroom.

Some school fool say he found
some gun in my locker.

I wouldn't know. I wasn't there.
I ain't possessing nothing.

How did it get in
your locker, Shyla?

Don't use my Christian name
like we gonna be friends.

It's my impression you weren't in
the market for corporate support.

I hate making these calls.

I thought I wouldn't have to.
But now I need the money.

We had a good relationship
with your father.

He understood the communications
business. We appreciated that.

Who's doing your media?

I guess I was.

Never needed much till Cornelius
came out of left field.

Make that right field.

What do you think of Carl Broman?

Offshore breeze and clearing this

afternoon. Low tonight
in the mid-70s.


Juvenile's got her brother for
knocking over gas stations.

I guess she's holding for him...

but she won't talk to us.

We can get her a
week in detention.

Oh, yeah? How?

I'll lose her paperwork.

You'd do that? Hold
her without a charge?

For a week? Sure. If she wants
to go home, maybe we get a name.

Dutch, line three.

Van Den Broeck.

Clayton and George Beaufort?

Well, Friday's payday, I guess.

Stick with them until Alcee
and I catch up with you.

I want this son of a bitch.
Alcee, we're on the roll.


I didn't do anything.
We were just talking.

Don't even think that way. Shit
like that makes people hate cops.

Grab a radio.


You got a car for me?

Not the pimpmobile. It's
surveillance, not narcotics.

This is it.

Your wife called when you were in
court. Things came up at work.

She can't eat with you.
Call before you go home.

The tail section of the Southern

Airliner is sticking
out of the water.

You can hear choppers above me.

News choppers are
getting a better look.

Search and rescue operations...

about an hour ago, with a reported
103 passengers on board...

That aeroplane, a
12-year-old 737...

There's Clayton.

What the hell's he doing?

- What's this clown doing?
- I don't know.

And where's George?

Wait a minute.

Get Elton and Tommy
back here quick.

Tommy, we need you guys back
here. Something's going down.


How you doing? What's going on?

Where's George, your partner?

In the basement.

The basement?

What's he doing in the basement?

A guy named Marvin is pouring
booze without a licence.

We're getting ready to write
him. He comes up with a shotgun.

He says he wants money.

He tells me to go get it.

He's got George down there.

Somebody's holding
George Beaufort hostage.

Can he send us an ear?

What's the plan, officer?

We could call the police.

Is that what you're
getting ready to do?

Call the police? There's
a lot here already.

He's got a gun on George.
We got to do something.

Oh, no.

See, we're Internal Affairs.

You got a policeman
that screws up.

You got a policeman that
abuses his position, steals.

That's us.

What do you think
is going on here?

You think we just happened by?

We've been on you
all day. All week.

We've been on you all month.

You know what I think's going on?

Somebody got sick and
tired of paying you off.

You wanna corroborate that,
gives us a reason...

to drag George's sorry
ass out of the basement.

Otherwise, we'll
talk to the guy with

the shotgun, see
what his version is.

You're asking me
to turn George in?

Just push me and push me...

Marvin? Marvin?


I'm Sergeant Van Den Broeck.

Hello, asshole.
You're under arrest.

Who is the real Kay Chandler?
What's she stand for?

Do you know?

What's she doing in
Congress anyway?

Harold Cornelius for Congress.

Shirley Magnuson did it.

- Pretty good.
- You think so?

She knows you're running as
Arthur Spencer's daughter.

She can't go after him. He's dead.

And when he wasn't, he
got a lot of votes.

All she does is ask a
couple of questions.

And the subtext is: She only got
elected because of her daddy.

She didn't earn it. This is
America, and that ain't fair.

I'm not running as Arthur
Spencer's daughter.

What will you run as? Nice person?

I have my own record.

City attorney? National

A record's when somebody who votes
remembers what you did for them.

I beat Harvey Galin five to three.

My, my.

Five to three.

How'd those three vote Democratic
in a district that hadn't...

voted for a Democrat
since Roosevelt?

They're trying to
send you a message.

This won't be a nice election.

Folks talking about the
amber waves of grain.

This is about the
man with the money

against the woman with the name.

Can't beat you on your
record. You haven't got one.

He won't beat you on the issues.

On the issues, I'll kick his ass.

The real question is: Can
you beat Shirley Magnuson?

I'm not running against
Shirley Magnuson.

Whatever you don't want
to see in the papers...

whatever you and
your husband haven't

told each other,
Shirley will find it.

Shirley's wasting her time.

How's your marriage?

Swell. How's yours?

If I was running for
office, I'd be in trouble.

You fool around, Mrs Chandler?
A little slap and tickle?

Any special friends?

Not at the moment, but
I'll keep you posted.

What's the worst
thing you've done?

You need a life, Mr Broman.

For a moment, I thought we
wouldn't have any fun at all.

Got to grease all them people,
else they shut you down.

I didn't take a dime from
you, you crazy old bastard.



We don't come up soon,
they'll come and get us.

What you think they'd do about me?

You'll pay a fine for pouring
liquor without a licence...

but I need you to
testify against George.

You got some leverage.

Wanna make your situation worse?

Just keep thinking
what you're thinking.

You pay a little fine,
plead to disorderly.

But you got to promise me
you'll show up against George.

I got to have that shotgun.


Good man. Go on up.

Alcee, Marvin's coming up.

Get him downtown. Take real
good care of him, okay?

Were you really gonna
shoot that old man?

He had that shotgun
pointed right at me.

What were you thinking
you'd do about me?

I figured he'd shoot you.

And I'd shoot him,
get myself a medal.

You'd be dead, of course.

You got a right to
remain silent, officer.

Use it.

95 passengers and crew
members are now feared lost.

Navy divers were expected to
work throughout the night.

Will Thomas, are you there?

They already have
a crane trying to

hoist the plane out of the water.

We've got divers.

Where's Peyton?

Working late.

You gonna eat? We've
got bay scallops.

I'll see if I can find her.

The plane struck the surface
at a shallow angle...

and bounced at least
one time before

ploughing into the
water nose first.

I'm at Billy's. I'll
call you at home.

If we don't catch up, I'll eat
here. He's got bay scallops.

Love you. Bye.

It's the Van Den Broecks. Leave a
message and we'll call you back.

To play back your
messages, press one.

Hi, I'm at the airport.

The first time I send
a catalogue to Miami

without me, and
it's falling apart.

A new stylist, locations don't
work, bugs biting the girls...

and you don't wanna
know what else.

Therefore, I'm on the plane to
kill critters and counsel careers.

I'll try to get back tomorrow,
but it may not be till Sunday.

God knows where I'll sleep.
They're in the Keys some place.

I'll call you when I can.

I had fun this morning.

I love you.

You find her?

No. That plane was going
to Miami, wasn't it?

- Yeah.
- Give me some quarters.

I once got laid in Miami.

My name's Van Den Broeck.

I'm a Washington DC police officer
if that makes any difference.

I know you get a lot of crazies
when something like this happens.

I think it's possible my wife may
have been on your aeroplane.

Peyton Van Den Broeck.

Great. Boy. She must be on another
flight. Boy, that'll wake you up.

What are the other
flights to Miami?

Check the 1:15, but it
doesn't make sense.

She left for the
airport after 9:00.

Excuse me. I'm Bill Van Den
Broeck, Peyton's husband.

She went to Miami today. I need
to know what plane she was on.

I can be with you
in just one moment.

We don't have this in a six,
but I can order it for you.

I can try it in an eight.

Excuse me. I'm Bill Van Den
Broeck, Peyton's husband.

She went to Miami today. I need
to know what plane she was on.

- You're the policeman?
- That's right.

Mary Claire Clark books the
travel, but she goes home at 5:30.

Can you reach her at home?

Oh, my God. The
plane that crashed.

I don't know. She
was going to Miami,

but they don't have her listed.

Molly, how do we get a
hold of Mary Claire Clark?

Excuse me.

Do we have to shout?

Peyton went to Miami. She might
be on the plane that crashed.

We have to find out
what flight she was on.

Does anyone know what Mary
Claire Clark was doing tonight?

Call the switchboard.
Get her number at home.

The airline won't tell you?

She's not listed, but she's
not listed on any flight.

I know she was going. She left
messages at work and home.

They can't give out home numbers.

This is Molly Roll. Who's this?

Hi, Carla. I need your help. I'm
the supervisor in Designer Wear...

and you'll confirm that when you

call me back at
extension 293, okay?

I need the home telephone
number of Mary Claire Clark.

She's the department secretary.

We are managing an emergency.
Do you understand?

Thank you.

You must be Dutch. I'm Molly.

What was she doing in Miami?

It sounded like some
kind of crisis.

You're shooting a catalogue in
the Keys that was falling apart?

What would we be
shooting in the Keys?

Did she say which catalogue?

Molly Roll.

Thank you.

Sarah, would you get her for me?

I'm going to get my boss.

What catalogue are we shooting?

What happened to Peyton?

I didn't know we were
doing a catalogue.

Susan, are you working?

Peyton didn't know she was
going. We had a dinner date.

There's no answer.

She went directly to the airport.
Somebody must've called her.

Would she call Mary Claire for
a reservation or would she...

use a travel agent?

This is Mr Driker, vice president
of Designer Wear. He's our boss.

- Would you excuse us, please?
- Sure.

Molly says Peyton may be
on the plane that crashed.

- Is Peyton on that plane?
- We don't know.

- Either way, she's toast.
- Can you zip it?

We don't have a catalogue shooting
in Florida or anywhere else.

The next catalogue's
not till Christmas.

Maybe it's not a catalogue.

Something involving models.
The girls were bit by bugs.

No, there's nothing like that.

If Peyton's travelling, I don't
think it's for the store.

I know when people
are out of town. I

approve it, and we're
stingy on travel.

Are you saying she lied to me?

I'm saying I don't
know where she is.

I'm thinking of something I can
do. I'd like to be helpful.

There was this judge who had...

two whole entire families, kids,
dogs, everything. A judge.

We think we know. We don't know.

Nobody knows. You just don't know.

Oh, my God.

Maybe she travelled
as someone's wife.

If anyone knows
what his name is...

I could check that way.

I don't know. Honestly.

Beats me. She seemed...

I mean, she never looked
like she was looking.

Like girls look if
they're looking, okay?

Mr Van Den Broeck...

I think I know Peyton
as well as anyone here.

I've got no idea.

Are you surprised?

The important thing
is we don't know

if she was on the plane or not.

I think she was on the plane.

Jessie, tell me the truth. Are
kids drinking at these parties?

I invented some of the
excuses you're giving me.

I've been 15. You've
never been 35.

Okay, okay, 37.

I'll see for myself Wednesday.

Identification is
the responsibility

of the County Coroner.



Blue eyes.

A wedding band, just plain.

A diamond ring,
emerald-cut, about a carat.

I'm telling you, she was on your
plane. If I'm wrong, great.

If I'm right, you know
who to call, okay?

Got some empty boxes?

Ask the guy out back.

Excuse me.

Are you Mr Van Den Broeck?

I'm David Dotson. This is Phyllis
Bonaparte. Southern Airlines.

Do you have a minute
to talk to us?


Mr Van Den Broeck...

we don't show your
wife as anybody's

passenger on any flight to Miami.

Hi, I'm at the airport.

The first time I send a
catalogue to Miami without

me, and it's falling apart:

A new stylist, locations don't
work, bugs biting the girls...

and you don't wanna
know what else.

Therefore, I'm on the
plane to kill...

No one named Van Den
Broeck reserved

or bought a ticket to Miami.

There is no catalogue
shoot. She works for Saks.

They don't know where she is.

I think she was gonna spend the
weekend in Miami with another guy.

If she was, would she tell the
truth about her destination?

Trick is not to lie more than you
have to. Got a passenger list?

I can't let you see it.

I figure he bought the
tickets "Mr and Mrs."

I think he's married.
Be interesting

when you call his house.

- I'm not allowed...
- Let him see the list.

- I need that back.
- They'll give you another one.

A Royal Regency Hotel is near
where the plane went down.

We have rooms there
for family members.

Why don't you drive down with
us? You'll have to identify...

To make the identification.

Sit around with the next of kin?
I got a lot of things to do.

I don't think you should
be alone right now.

Oh, yeah?

I was alone before you got here.

Everybody, listen up. Listen up.

A guy thinks his
wife was on 737...

travelling with a man
on Mr and Mrs tickets.

He's a DC cop, so as far
as we know, he's not nuts.

Who the wife's boyfriend
is, he hasn't got a clue.

We got nine Mr and Mrs on the
manifest. Another two pair

sitting together, same last name.

Married, cousins, who
knows? Be careful.

Don't assume a deceased
Mrs is for real.

We don't wanna be the ones telling
some widow her husband died happy.

And we don't wanna
tell kids that Mum's

gone when Mum's
asleep in Bethesda.

What does your sex life have to
do with saving social security?

Tell me that.

According to Shirley
Magnuson, everything.

What is the worst thing
you've ever done?

If I've already done it,
it'll be a dull life.

You're gonna be a big
disappointment to old Shirley.

You think Cullen's the last
man you'll ever sleep with?


College was best. All
that stuff going on.

"When's he gonna call?
When's he gonna kiss me?"

At night, when I bring it back...

I get that ache all over again.

I'm gonna tell Richard we'd
better host a fund-raiser.

Come over tonight, both of
you. We can make a guest list.

He's in New York.

What the hell you doing
here on Saturday?

George and Clayton made bond.

You know this ain't the
best case we ever made.

We got Clayton's statement.
Did you read him his rights?

He'll say I didn't.

We got Marvin.

Something wrong with you?

What's wrong, Dutch?


Dick? Sorry.

Three A and B, Mr and
Mrs Cullen Chandler.

No one's called.

There's an unlisted number for a

Cullen Chandler at
the Metropolitan.

Doorman says Mrs Chandler
is a congresswoman.

And he saw her today.
She was going jogging.

When I was small, I knew
my father was in politics.

I didn't know what that was,
or why he went to Washington.

Let's make it "dad." "My dad."

Instead of "father."
Warms it up a little.

"Dad." All right.

Kay Chandler, take three.

Hello. I'm Kay Chandler and
I'm running for Congress.

When I was small, I knew
my dad was in politics...

Maybe it should be "kid."

"When I was a kid"...

"When I was just a
kid." How about that?

"When I was a kid."

Help you?

We need to speak to Mrs Chandler.

- We're taping.
- It's all right. What is it?

Mrs Chandler, I'm Dick Montoya.
This is Phyllis Bonaparte.

We're with Southern Airlines.

Is there somewhere we can talk?

Well, about what?

I'm very sorry to
have to tell you.

Your husband was on our flight...

to Miami yesterday.


The one that...

No, no, no. Cullen's in New York.

I wish that were so, madam.

You do fly to New York, don't you?

Not from Washington,
no, madam. No.

I'm afraid the
identification is correct.

I'm awfully sorry.

He said he was going to New
York. Why would he go to Miami?

The identification is
correct. We have his wallet.

I'm very sorry.

Mrs Chandler, if something did
happen to your husband...

it'll lead the news
tonight in New Hampshire.

Where's your daughter?

We have a daughter. She's 15.

We won't release the casualty list
till all families are notified.

But we need your help
identifying your husband.

Where is he?

Patuxent Naval Air Station.

- I have to get home.
- I understand. Let us help.

Call Dick Taradisian at the White
House. Tell him what the deal is.

Ask him if there's
any possible way to

get a plane to meet
us at Patuxent.

If the Air Force can't do it,
call GM or anybody with a jet.

He did say Miami.

Usually it's New York, but
this time he said Miami.

Mr Van Den Broeck, we
have a car for you.

Ma, what are you doing home?

Where's Dad?

Thou anointest my head with oil.

My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me...

all the days of my life...

and I will dwell in the
house of the Lord forever.

Let us pray.

Almighty God, Father of mercies
and giver of all comfort...

I met this guy
because he was smart

enough to get out of the rain.

I was too.

So we waited under the arch in
the Law quad till it was over.

And then he asked me...

if I knew where the bookshop was.

And I said...

I happened to be
going there myself,

which was a lie, of course.

We had so many great days.

Just not enough years.

But we had his love.

Maybe I'll call you.

Let's go.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Are you Mary Claire Clark?

Yes. I am so sorry.

The name Cullen Chandler
mean anything to you?


If I'd called my wife that
morning, what would you have said?

That she called in and said
she was taking the day off.

But you wouldn't have gotten me.
She sent me to Tyson's Corners...

and said I could go home.

So I'd have gotten her voice mail?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

- Mr Van Den Broeck?
- Yes?

I have some of her...

personal things. I
could drop them off...

I'll take them now.

I know.

I got to get out of here.
I'll take Jess with me.

Kay, it's gonna look like...

I don't care. Just get
us back to Washington.

I can't see all these people.

It's like going through...

Don't make a mistake now, Mrs
Chandler. Everybody's watching.

Just one more day.

How can I find out if a guy was
on a flight to Miami in May?

My name is Bill Van Den Broeck.

- They said you're a policeman.
- Yeah, I am.

But I'm not working right now.

Then what is this about?

My wife was on that plane
that your husband was on.

I'm sorry.

I wonder if I could
have a few minutes.

I just got home.

This isn't a good time for me.

For me either.

So you're visiting survivors.

You're the only one.

I'd ask you to sit...

I don't understand.

My daughter's due back any minute.

Do you have kids?

Jessica. She's 15.

Is there something you
wanna know, Mr...?

I'm sorry, I forgot your name.

It's Van Den Broeck.

I just thought that...

I'm so sorry.

It's really...

It's unspeakable.


But you seem okay.

Do I?

Paper said your husband was
a lawyer in New Hampshire.

He has an office here.

Most of his work was here.

I'm in Congress.

Yeah, I know.

So why was he going to Miami?


He had business there.

Are you investigating something?

They were sitting
together on the plane.

Your husband.

My wife.

Do you know that?

Three A and B.

First class.

First class isn't what it used
to be. It's not worth the money.

Is there anything else?

You mad at me?

I don't know you, Lieutenant.
Why would I be mad?

I'm a Sergeant.

What are you? A sophisticator?

That's my daughter.

Sorry. An airline guy left
Dad's things downstairs...

so I brought them up.

This is my daughter, Jessica.

This is Sergeant...

Van Den Broeck. They call
me Dutch. It's easier.

He lost his wife on the plane.

I'm sorry.

Never been to New Hampshire. You
go to school there or here?

I go to Andover.
It's a prep school.

I won't take any
more of your time.

- I'm sorry about your dad.
- Thanks.

Nice to meet you.

I need an hour. It's
not a lot to ask.

Don't come around here again.

They must've cleaned them.

It must...

I'm sure it's for your birthday.

Dad said he was gonna get
you something great.


He knew I'd say no.


I know you're worried about me...

but I still want you to run.

I'll be fine.

I don't want us to sit around
here all day and be depressed.

I'm gonna go back
to school tomorrow.

All my friends are there.
And it's only 40 miles.

I can come home on
weekends if I want.

Somebody popped Marvin.

Jesus Christ.


George Beaufort did this.

What else did you find
in here? Anything?

Is this a bad time?

I don't need to go through
all that garbage.

My case'll get kicked because
somebody killed my only witness.

- You get in there and do it.
- Easy, easy.

The last pickup was a week ago.

It hasn't been that long.

It sure smells long.

Sheila, what are you doing here?

That ain't even my name.

Let's talk to these
people. You take

that side, I'll take this side.

It's Homicide's.

- We're off it.
- The hell we are.

I will not allow you to...

I don't have any choice.
I need your help.

Before you dropped
by to tell me my

husband was screwing your wife...

did it occur to you that that
might be hurtful thing to do?

You knew already.

Suppose I didn't.

How did you know?

He told me he was
going to New York.

He was on the wrong
plane, so it must

be another woman? Just like that?

Well, it could've been amnesia.

My wife was in Miami in
February and in May.

- Do you think your husband was?
- What difference does it make?

It's over. It's entirely over.

They're through with each other.
We are through with them.

We can't even get a divorce.

You can do that.

I have a child.

I try and go back...

in my head.

What's the last thing
you remember...

about you and your husband
that you know is true?

I got to find out how far
back I have to go to do that.

This is where they
were gonna stay.

I've got work to do.

Don't you wanna know
how it started?

How long it was going on?

You don't wanna know their plans?
You don't wanna know anything?

What she thought when
she thought about me.

I'd like to know that.

I thought you might like to
know what she looked like.

You leave me alone.

I mean it.


Take a number and have a seat.

Alice Beaufort? George
Beaufort's wife?

Is he all right?

He's fine.

I'm Sergeant Van Den Broeck. I'd
like to ask a few questions.

He was with me.

What time was that?

Any time you're talking about.


You've got an envelope.

February was swimsuits and
May was fall fashion.

And you saw those catalogues?

I saw the catalogues. I told you
twice. I'll get them for you.

How do we know she shot
them in Miami? What if...?

There were palm trees.

There was a beach and
a very big ocean.

If she doesn't run,
she's crazy. Tell him.

It's a sympathy bounce, but she's
up 14 points since the funeral.

I think she'll stay in, but
she'll need some time.

She's this brave widow with
this kid. They're eating it up.

You're hard.

She knows. I know she knows.

Maybe he was buying a boat.

Maybe it was drugs
or government work.

Why are you so determined
it's another woman?

Why are you protecting him? If
you know who it is, I swear...

You think I lied the first
five times, but now I'll cave?

Why is this so important to you?

I caught Sam with a woman once.

I spilled a milkshake on my
skirt, so I ran home from lunch.

I heard them in the shower.

And at first, I thought
it was the radio.

But what she was saying you
don't hear on the radio.

I ran.

I couldn't go back to work.

For hours, literally...

I didn't remember...

that I was involved
with someone else.

I had been for months.

And I liked my life with
Sam. Things were fine.

What'd you do?

I kept my mouth shut.

And I never went home again
without calling first.

To say that involvement...

and I don't mean casual
sex, I mean romance.

To say that that whole
part of life...

half the fun of life has to end...

If you told me that
had to be over...

I'd feel old.

If you had known about Peyton...

would you tell me?

Now, I mean.


I'm gonna run to the ladies' room.

Get me another one.

Broman's over there dreaming up
ways to remind you of my loss.

A detective came by
the office today...

asking about Cullen.

I wasn't there. Barry said he
asked how much Cullen travelled.

He seemed particularly
interested in Miami.

Asked who our Miami clients were.

Said he was going there tomorrow.

Is this anything I
should know about?

I have no idea.

I'm sorry. It's too soon.

- I'm sorry.
- I wanna go home.

Wait for Wendy.

I'll get a cab. Tell
Wendy I'm sorry.

Leave a message.
I'll call you back.

Mr Van Den Broeck? Hi.

I'm so sorry about Peyton.

Come. Have a coffee.

February, we shoot
in the studios...

May, the Keys, to get
away from tourists.

Why come to Miami twice in a
row? Why not go somewhere else?

I would like to think
it was my work...

but I suspect so she can
walk the city and sketch.

She loved the streets,
the markets...

the Latin music.

Was there a man?

I don't think there is a man, no.

What did she do after work?

More walking.

But sometimes the clubs, for
music and to watch the dancing.

You know who she went with?

If I can say...

If you wanna be
with a woman, these

shoots are not so good for that.

Did you ever sleep with Peyton?

Your situation is very difficult.

I excuse the question.

Could I talk to somebody in
your security department?

It looks like she did.

Can we talk some place?

Stoli, please, on the rocks.

I'm from a little town
in a little state.

And unfortunately,
I'm in Congress.

So when you interview people,
it's easy to start talk.

They might stumble on the truth.
You can't possibly want that.

You're the only one
I wanna talk to.

I don't know anything.

What do you wanna know?

- How long it went on.
- So we know how stupid to feel?

How they met, their plans.

I can't help you.

At least you tried.

You trying to be funny?

No. Not any more.

Don't you fuck with me.

If you don't like that
word, don't use it.

Do you know what
happens when a member

of Congress accuses
you of harassment?

We'd get our names
in the newspapers.

That's close to blackmail.

I'm not a lawyer.

I'm not some investigation. You
can't rummage through my life.

Who's next on your list? My
neighbours, staff, friends?

Then talk to me.

So you can paw
through my marriage?

Make me confess to something? My
life is mine to judge, not yours.

You're not the only one involved.

Look, if they find out about
your wife, it's gossip.

If they find out about my
husband, it's in the papers.

I have a daughter who adores
her father, who doesn't know.

What do I tell her?

I don't know.

Come on.

Let me show you something.

Nice, huh?

I figure they would've
had drinks here.

- Want to see their room?
- No.

- They never got here.
- Not this time, anyway.

She stayed here February 19th.
Also May 14th, on business.

If he was with her,
he didn't register.

Did your husband like Latin
stuff? Music, dancing?


The concierge booked them a table
at a place called La Roca.

Cullen liked classical music.

You sure?

- What?
- Nothing.

Do you know what I
do for a living?

I get paid to notice stuff.

I get paid to know who's lying.

I didn't have a clue.

I missed it.

I thought we were happy.

Not giddy...

not ecstatic.

We weren't unhappy.

I wasn't.

I was pretty happy.

I don't wanna be here.

I don't wanna be here.

That's Kay Chandler.

Hi. Peter Suchet. East
Concord. Voted for your dad.

Do you mind? Honey,
take another picture.

- They took our picture.
- You know them?

They're from Concord.
They took our picture.

I bury my husband and go
nightclubbing in Miami.

- Stay here.
- Where are you going?

To get the film.

God, no. You can't just mug some
guy. It'll just make things worse.

You are a cop.

Is that gonna be trouble for you?

What'd we look like?

We looked like...

You had your hand on my shoulder.

You don't care who knows, do you?

About her and him, I mean.

I care.

They know anyway.

Sooner or later, everybody
knows everything.

What time is it? My
plane's at 9:30.

A little after 8:00.

Sure you don't wanna stay over?


Maybe we should split up.

We should've stayed.

I'm in restricted parking.

I took the metro.

It's not running now.

I'll get a cab.

Where do you live?

Northwest. It's out of your way.

Do you want me to drop you or not?

You know where we're going.


Stayed? Why? Why?

Because they were going to?

God. Easy.

Goddamn it. Stop it.

Stop it now.

Well, that was fun.


Just drive.


- You want to come in, or...?
- Don't be ridiculous.

Pick up the phone,
you son of a bitch.

You like scaring women?

You come around my wife
one more time and...

No, no. You come and try to
scare me, asshole. Chickenshit.

10:52 p.m. End of messages.

Last number called: 555-4421.

Press one to connect.

Parkway Lanes.

Is George Beaufort still there?

Dutch, hold on, man.
What the hell you...

Whoa. Back it up.

Knock it off. Take it outside.

Take it outside.

Son of a bitch. Get
off me. Get off me.

Back off.

Son of a bitch.

Come on.

Somebody call the police.

I have your badge now, baby.

You'd better get a lawyer.

George killed that man.

Goddamn it.

You can't go around
beating up suspects.

You're suspended. There
will be a trial board.

You assaulted a man.
You can lose your job.

How tough would it
be if somebody swore

they saw George at that dumpster?

How tough would that be?

I was thinking. If you
went to see the shrink...

Wouldn't cost nothing. Talk
about Peyton. It could help.

I don't need to talk about Peyton.

I could tell them you
got stressed out

on the job. It wouldn't be a lie.

Honk if you're screwing
him. Save a plane ticket.

Where'd you get that?

Shirley Magnuson.

Says she thinks it's phoney.
Says I'm setting her up.

Setting her up?

I take the picture, make sure it
gets slipped to her, she uses it.

I provide a perfectly
innocent explanation. Ta-da.

- Her candidate's a mudslinger.
- My God, you people.

Pretty good idea.

I wish I'd had it.

If you have to explain that
picture, can you do it?



- Where's your bracelet?
- It's around.

You didn't lose it?

It's around.

What's the matter?

It's not my bracelet.


Dad didn't have any
clients in Miami, did he?

He was with that cop's wife, huh?

What was going on?


I'm not sure what.

Were they serious?

That'd be my guess.

Do a lot of people know?

Leave a message.
I'll call you back.

It's me.

Remember? From restricted parking?

So you picked Peyton.

And Cullen picked Peyton.

That's two-zip against
the home team.

"Have we been introduced?"...

she says, straightening
her clothes.

I thought I should
introduce myself

and fill you in on my plans.

I'm packing it in.

No. That sounds like suicide.

All I mean is, like you
said, sooner or later...

everybody knows everything...

and this'll be in the papers...

and I can't handle that.

I can't let Jessica
be mowed down...

by gossip she had
nothing to do with.

But if I'm not in
Congress, if I'm out...

it's not news any more.

She's safe.

You know?

You do know, don't you?

You're the only one who does.

And I miss that.

Hey, do me a favour.

Erase this.

God, I'm glad you're not there.


She's getting a lot of
points for showing up.

- How are you guys doing?
- Fine, how are you?

Excuse me for just a minute.

My contribution.

If you quit, they win.

And the crash got us all.

Don't let them do that.

I'm not the only one involved.

She should know her
mum's no quitter.

Wanna say how impressed I
am that you're staying in.

I have to say a few things.

The name of this group is
"Friends of Kay Chandler."

I'm sorry about that phone call.

We're not getting
much sleep, are we?

- I'm afraid of what's playing.
- Me too.

Might give it a try.
Turn in around 3.

Cullen would be proud of
you. I know you know.

I don't know how many times
I've introduced Kay Chandler.

There's a lot between
3:00 and 5:00

Australian football.

May I present your friend...

your congresswoman...

Don't go away.

Your next representative for the
2nd district of New Hampshire...

Kay Spencer-Chandler.

Thank you.

Thank you, Richard.
Thank you, all.

It's good to be home.

I wanted to say just a word.

Just a few words.

You're all being very nice to me.

I don't wanna disappoint you.

But I just don't wanna
talk politics tonight.

I'm just glad to be home.

Richard and Wendy,
thank you so much.

Thanks, all of you, for your
friendship, for your support...

for showing up here tonight.


I mean it.

Don't leave without me getting
a chance to talk to you, okay?

We love you, Kay.

Well done, Kay.

Very nice.

I want a chance to talk to you.

Be back first thing.

- Do you have the number?
- You told me 15 times already.


I wish I could get
out of the party.

No way, missy.

Some of these are $1,000 folks.

I just wish I didn't have to go.

It was good of you to come.

It was our party. Kind of had to.

I appreciate it, that's all.

Thank you.

You get a ticket?

It's a road map.

Maybe someone thought
it fell out of my car.

Listen, Kay.

Time to commit.

All the way in or not.

If you're not running, we need to

return that fundraiser
money quick.

Maybe I'll take a day.
Do some thinking.

I'll be around.

I wondered if you'd come.

Guy like you, girl like me. What
reason could there be not to?

Sorry I'm late. I had to change a
few times and pack. I thought...

if I packed light, it'd look
like I knew what I was doing.

But I didn't know
what I was doing,

so I didn't know what to pack.

Where are we exactly?

Chesapeake Bay's a
couple miles that way.

I won't make small
talk. I don't want

there to be any junk between us.

No littering.

There's so many reasons
I might be doing this.

I kept thinking, I'll
go one more mile...

then I'll turn around and...

I was thinking about your mouth.

Nobody knows who I am any more.

Nobody knows how
easily I can do this.

I know who you are.

I have to know something.

Are you a Democrat?

What if I am?

We talk.

I give you books to read.

I like it when there's
just the two of us.

Are you hungry?

I'm hungry.

No TV?

Is there a phone?

Not so far.

What's that like?


What is this? Do you know?


The start of something?


That's what I thought.

I want to know who is this woman
who's wearing my clothes...

and using my body?

Is she permanent?

Or is she only
around when you are?

Let's hide out here
for a couple of

years and make a run
for the border.

I always thought when
I had my time in...

I'd like to live down here.

Start a little security service.

The raccoons are knocking
over the garbage cans?

A lot of Washington,
Baltimore people

have places on the water here.

They always think they're
gonna get robbed.

You had plans.

I don't think we had any plans.

I always wanted a boat.

One you could sleep on.

We've got a boat.
Defence Rests. Get it?

I've got a boat.

I'll give it to you.

I don't trust this any
more than you do.

But you're the only
thing that's real.

Let me ask you something tough.

Are you sorry the plane went down?

What are you doing?

Just think about it.

You can have it all
back the way it was.

But you got to take it all.

He's lying.

He's screwing another woman. They
laugh at how easy we are to fool.

Stop. Don't do that.

I'm done with them.

Done with them.

- The thing is...
- Stop.

Come on.

Let's go home.

You know those drugstore kits that
tell you when you're pregnant?

They should have one that
tells you when you're sane.

I think they had a
place they'd meet.

An apartment just makes sense.

How could it make sense?

No driving, no motels.

If they did, they did.
They're on their own.

This was in her desk at work.

Is that why you drew the map?

- Is that why you came to Concord?
- I didn't want you to quit.

- People have keys.
- Did you see one like this?

- No.
- In his luggage maybe?

So they had a place.

They're not there any more.

And I don't care.

I just don't care.

Maybe you didn't lose that much.

Or you're lying to yourself.

The sun's going down.

It's time to go.

When will you be back?

The roof's got a
leak. I've got time.

So I thought I'd make it worse.

Maybe we'll never get clear of how

we met. Maybe we'll
never be alone.

But I don't want us to lose
this chance because...

if it's just gonna be about them,
if it'll always be four of us...

You be careful driving home.

Thanks for driving all
the way to Concord.

And for the contribution.

And I don't even live
in your district.

You have one message.

It's me, Wendy. Where've you been?

I have $50,000 from
your friends and

neighbours, and
nobody to give it to.

What do you wanna do? Lunch
tomorrow? Give me a call.

Come on, Alcee.

Just get me a picture of him.

Headshot's okay.

Give me the photo from his ID.

All right. I'll call
you when I get back.

I want Jessica out
there, smiling like

Chelsea and keeping
her mouth shut.

Her job is good kid. No opinions.

She can wear jeans. No
short shorts, no bra tops.

No Jessica.

She's in school.

School? We're trying to
win an election here.

No Jessica. I don't want her...

I think I may be losing
what it takes to lie.

- This may become a problem.
- Let's take a break.

- I don't like this.
- Just asking.

We're telling the whole south-east

side an officer's
a murder suspect.

You think George ain't gonna
hear hear about this?

You're not supposed to be working.

That's why you're here.

Shyla? You in there?

Hello? Anybody home?

Hey, Shyla, we need to
talk. Can we come in?

No, you can't come in.

You wanna come out then?

You get out of here. Folks see me

talk to you, get
my ass in trouble.

Goddamn it, Dutch.

Come on, man. Come on.

- You got no right in here.
- I ain't gonna hurt you.

Let's go. You got no
warrant. She said "no."

If my brother faced 15
months in detention...

it wouldn't hurt to look at one
picture. You seen this man before?

That's Big George. I
see him all over.

Did you see him in the alley
the night we found the body?


You didn't maybe see
him dump that man in

the dumpster? Maybe
with somebody else?


Look again. Maybe it'll
come back to you.

Any chance your
brother'll get out?

Okay, that's it. You didn't see
him. Sorry to have disturbed you.

I want you out right now. Out now.

What's the hell's matter with you?

Look, Dutch, I'm sorry
about your wife.

You want George to come after you?

Is that it? So you can shoot him?

- You got tired of working cheap?
- What?

You know goddamn well he's guilty.
Why are you protecting him?

Is he paying you now?

Oh, man.


I feel like a bagman.

There's cash in
there, so be careful.

Well, guess what?

Cullen was having an affair.

Tru says Ahi tuna's
incredible here.

That's why he went to Miami.

How long?

What's the difference?

You think being deaf,
dumb and blind

is a liability for
a congresswoman?

I think he kept an apartment
that I don't know about.

Would you like to
hear our specials?

Give us a minute, please.

And I thought maybe...

Cullen had told Richard...

and Richard had said something.

Hey, come on. It's only adultery.

Nobody gives a damn except
the people it happens to.

It's not happening to...

My God.

Please give me a
chance to explain.

Shut up.

Kay, it didn't mean...

I was always gonna tell you.

Where is it?

It's been over a year. I
haven't been there...

Where is it?

The Colton Building
on Rhode Island.

It was just stupid.

I'm not hungry. If you could
get the check, please.

Stop, please, Kay.

Just listen to me,
okay, because...

if we don't see you,
Richard'll know.

I can't keep seeing
you so your husband

won't know you've
been screwing mine.


Kay, please.

I need to tell you...

how rotten I feel.

Let me go, punkin.

- Hello?
- Hello. It's me.

Bad time?

How's the roof?


Is something wrong?

Wanna get something to eat?

Sure. I'm not that hungry,
but I wanna see you.

Everything all right?

Weren't you ever tempted
to cheat on Peyton?

Tempted? Yeah.


Why didn't you?

Maybe I did.

I don't think so.

I wonder how they got their
laundry done, if they had a place.

You think this...

everything that happened...

You think it's...

made you different?

Different how?

More suspicious.


But here I am.

I'm leaving you tomorrow.

I knew we should've
gone to McDonald's.

I have to try to get elected.

I lost a friend today...

being suspicious.

What if you don't get elected?

Country goes to hell...

and I go home.

For keeps.

But you're gonna beat
this guy, right?

When I get back...

I'll be here.

I'll nail his ass.

Here you go, Clara.

Back Friday.

Wait up a second.

You got some dry cleaning.


Saks Fifth Avenue.
Employees' entrance.

I'll get him.

Sorry, Dutch.

Ladies' room.

Mary Claire.

You wouldn't believe
all the keys I've got.

I got a key to the Vic
Tanny's in Rochester.

I've got keys to the
ones in Westchester.

I don't think there
was an apartment.

She was always here.
There wasn't time.

No, wait.

You know, she gave me
a phone number once.

She was on her way to a meeting...

Just a minute.

Yeah, this is it.

Yeah. In the bottom, in pencil.

Go right ahead.

Can I have the 911
supervisor, please?

This is Sergeant Van Den Broeck,
DC Internal Affairs. 9114.

I need an address please
for a telephone number.

How long did you know?

Did you know when
you came to Miami?

No. How could you ever think...?

When you came to my
cabin, did you know then?

I found out yesterday.

So you knew last night.

When were you gonna tell me?

I thought...

I thought maybe...

years from now...

when it's behind us.

What did you find?


Dutch, you weren't...

We had a pact.

Then what the hell
are you doing here?

I wanna finish it. I want it over.

That your purse? What'd you find?

What did you find?

There's nothing here.

Oh, Christ.

I can smell her perfume.

Stop it, Dutch.

There's nothing here.

There's got to be
something left...

some sign of...

Stop it.

You'll never find what
you're looking for. Never.

You wanna know why.

And there is no why.


If you check in, I'm
heading for the

airport early. Meet me for coffee.

Hi, it's me. I'm running late.

There was something
I needed to do.

If I'm not there, go
without me. I'll get

the next plane and
meet you at the hotel.

What are we doing? Do you know?

We made love that morning.

That's why she was late.


Get an ambulance.

I'm okay.

Get out of the car. Get out.


Kay Chandler. Congresswoman
from New Hampshire.

Police report said her husband got
it on with Van Den Broeck's wife.

He kept a love shack
in the building.

You all right?

The press is out there and
they know you're here.

They could get hungry and go
somewhere for a hamburger.

How we gonna handle this?

Handle it.

"Handle" is when
you've got a client

who'll tell you what's going on.

We can assume they'll
wanna know just how

well the congresswoman
knows the cop.

- How are we gonna handle this?
- I don't know.

If we can get back
to New Hampshire

and let this age a day...

A back elevator will get us
out through the basement.

He's right, Kay.

What time is it?

- It's almost midnight.
- Somebody stole my watch.

Where's Alcee?

He said he'd come by tomorrow.

I was trying to catch up with you.

What were you going to say?

I don't know what I was
gonna say. I just...

I just didn't want you to
leave. Not like that, anyway.

Welcome back. Hungry?

Where's my watch?

They need you in X-ray.


I probably never would've told
you about the place either.

All I wanted...

What I want, really...

is just to find some way...

to let her go...

and move on.

I don't know how you do that.

Neither do I.

It's not a crime, Dutch.

You loved your wife.

And you still do.

All set. Let me see if I can
find a couple of orderlies.

Will you hang around?

I can't.

You're supposed to be nice
to me. I've been shot.

We did okay, Dutch.

We did the best we could...

under the circumstances.

Ready, Sergeant?

It's time for you to go. Me too.

Will that be all right?

So long, Kay.

Here she comes.

Can you tell us what
you were doing...?

What's the Sergeant's condition?

I've got to catch a plane, but
if you can make it short...

We've been told your
husband was having

an affair with Van
Den Broeck's wife.

They had an apartment, and that's
where you were. Is that correct?

Yes, it is.

Could you characterise your
relationship with the Sergeant.

Sergeant Van Den Broeck's
wife was killed on the

plane that went down
with my husband.

I met the Sergeant a few
days after that day.

He was a friend when I needed a

friend. I hope he
feels the same way.

So you're just friends?

Just friends.

We are surely friends.

We've seen each other
through something...

We're more than friends.
We're survivors.

You'll have to excuse
me. I have to get home.

Can you tell us more about
the Sergeant's condition?

Is he responsive?

- See you Friday, sweetie.
- Bye, Mum.

Bye, Mrs Chandler.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. Do I know you?

I'm Tad Baker. I work
for Mr Cornelius.

You said we could...

Yeah, sure. Make
yourselves at home.

Hello, Kay.

Hi, Sergeant.


They made me a Lieutenant. All
I had to do was get shot.

Can I get you something?
Stoli on the rocks.

I haven't had one of
those in a while.

I got a plane. I don't have time.

What's with those New Hampshire
voters? Are they crazy or what?

I think they could tell
I didn't want the job.

Or maybe I wanted the
job, I just didn't wanna

do what you have to do to get it.

So you're out of work.

Guess I am.

Are you as well as you look?

Leg's a little stiff.

But I think I'm gonna be okay.


How's that football in Australia?

I tune in once in a while.

Not like before.

I was a real fan.

I got to tell you, I thought
I might run into you here.

Where are you going?

That's the thing. Nowhere.

I called your office, and
they said that you were...

headed home, so...

My flight's overbooked and I...

Go later.

Take another plane.

It's my Christmas present,
running into you.

What'd you get me?

How about...

I call you up sometime
in New Hampshire?

And say what?


"You wanna go to a movie?"

What do you say?

Wouldn't that be something?