Ranczo Wilkowyje (2007) - full transcript


present a Wojciech Adamczyk film


Drop dead! Begone! Czerepach!

I'll call... Securi..



Praise the Lord, that is. I request a Mass.

Headman?! I must be dreaming. Said for whom?

To chase away an evil demon. Today! Absolutely.

You buy it 3 weeks in advance!

I'm paying extra. You won't regret it!


This is the house of the Lord, not a market!

Has a devil appeared to you?

You can say that again.
Even worse!

I’ve never asked you.

Will you refuse your own brother at his last hour?
I’ve never asked you.

Will you refuse your own brother at his last hour?

Just my luck to have to dispense mercy.

Father, the whole congregation is waiting!

Oh! A different service is taking place here!

If you happen to doubt miracles,

here’s a tangible proof.

- The Lord be with you...
- And with Thy Spirit...

I’m so happy to see such a big congregation

to have flocked here so early.

...though not all are
fully awake yet.

Jan Japycz...

...a really distinguished resident of Howling Wolf,

though not free of human weaknesses,

was widely respected...

for his honesty, prudence, and kindness.

We all knew himfi from his early childhood...


I’m awfully sorry.
An urgent delivery...


The Lord works in mysterious ways.

So on the anniversary of death of our resident

a new citizen of Howling Wolf has come to this world.

Director of Photography

So we’ll pray for the sacred memory of Jan and that newborn baby.

And the third unexpected

the warding off immediate danger

from the Headman and his family,

whose nature escapes me, but the Headman thinks he knows it.

When the daybreak is awaking...

Written by

Directed by

Be praised Great Lord..

You awake?

Yes, I'm thinking.

About what?

The future...

... and what it may bring.

Everything will be great.

Is Miss Lucy awake? I’d start upstairs...

Oh, Mother of God!

Could you come a little later?

I see it’s better later.

With my own eyes!

God bless you.

Who in the morn is laid has a much better day!

- Hello!
- Hello!

- Oh my, what’s this?
- God, how beautiful!

- Is that all right?
-Who’s it for?

Not for us rather.
You Miss Lucy Wilska?

Who's sent it?

There’s no name, s§, w^don't know.

Don’t look at me. I don’t have that much money.

In point of fact I should, but it wasn’t me.

How do you know about an inspection?

That’s my business.

There was an honest man who called and warned me!

Not the county or the Supreme Chamber of Control.

The Regional Fiscal Chamber...
You know what it means?

They can swap me, like a gnat!

What do we do, Sir?

Prepare 3 reports of a crime in different handwriting.

Reports on whom?

Me, but false, of course. About clean affairs, though.

They can chance to fall into their hands.

It’ll take them days to check out,

so they can overlook other things.

That’s right... Which are the clean ones, sir?

I'll try to find something.



Is that you?

Not you but Mr. Czerepach. Regional Fiscal Chamber.

Howling Wolf ambulance.

He could do with a siren.

What for?

Wpuld have tire right of way at the crossroads.

So much traffic as if at an airport.

Won't they be ringing bells for the Mass?


You want to go begging at the church?

That was old Wiecek’s mare.

What happened to it?

The mare has this thing about church bells:

It gallops to the church when it hears them.


You ask it.
Must be a religious one.

Could be. An animal has feelings too.

Don’t leave us.
Your office is waiting, sir.

Don’t leave us!!!

What?!!! What?!!!

He’s come to. Well, I never.

He’s alive!

Mrs. Lodzia, stop this, dammit!

Awfully sorry.

What has the doctor given me. Some poison?

Nothing yet.

You came to by yourself... A miracle maybe...

A diplomatic shock.

The news of an inspection knocked him out.

If it’s an inspection, I can’t do a thing.

Medicine is helpless in such cases.

As in most in fact...

You emerge from behind a tree like a dryad...

- Excuse me?
- Like a water nymph.

What’re you doing here, barefoot and all?

I'm just wondering what to do...

I meditate, read... am...

My name’s Emanuel.
Eman to friends.

Take a seat.

I got nothing to offer you. I’m just in my fasting spell.

To lose weight?

Not that. Fasting cleans the mind and fortifies the spirit:

Besides, I’ve run out of money anyway.

But there’s water in the lake and a starry sky above me.

- A novel?
- Philosophy.

Have you read The End of History?

Only the beginning.

Couldn’t we somehow... come to an agreement?

Forget it. There’re things much nicer than money.

And an honest inspection of the village headman

is one such pleasure.

And the Lord? As a matter of fact what way is He?

We were created in His likeness.

That’s what the church has in her papers.

So... if we’re in His likeness, then He is like us?

If the Lord God is like us, then God forbid...

Why is the company so blue?

Do you Stach think that the Lord God is like us?

What did you drink in the morning, Peter?

Windshield cleaner?

He didn't, because he’s broke. But it’s written that He is like us.

- To Peter?
- Not to him, but to man.

In spirit and our free will.

He doesn’t have a similar face or character!

Good. I’m feeling better already.

Trouble, trouble...

Mr. Czerepach?

It’s me unfortunately.

I have a business proposition, so to speak.

Oh, Iook what has blown here.

I’m on business,
not in private.

I’m inspecting the local village council,

but have no pla'ce to stay: And your house, Miss Lucy,

is the only safe place for me beside the church.

You want to stay here?

Only during the inspection.

I'll pay as if at a hotel.
I got a special allowance.

Well? May I go bring my suitcase?

He sneezes at a bribe. It boggles the mind.

How can a man suddenly change for the worse?

A bribe's too little for him.
He wants my blood, the vampire!

He may be haggling to raise the amount.

One must have a heart or conscience to refuse a bribe.

That cold reptile has come for my corpse, see?

Howling Wolf

What if our friend Jerry has sent the flowers?

No, he’s not in Poland.

He called that he was off to Spain...

- Hey! Jealous, are you?
- Not at all.

How would you feel if a guy sent me a pailful of flowers?

Well... funny a bit.

We seem to 'have the sender of the bunch.

Fits it to a T.

Who's he, then?

How has he found me here?

- Excuse me. Who’s he again? - Louis, my ex.

- Excuse me?
- Exactly!

Where the hell are you dragging me?

Where no one can hear us.

Come, Więcławski. This is a good place.

It’s him or me, Wi^clawski.

And if it’s me then you too, as the paper trail ends with you.

Got that?

It’s this rapacious greed for money.

Old and still stupid, why did'I do it?!

I could’ve lived modestly but safely...

And now what: courts, jail, and misery...

Stop groaning. Too late for that.


I have an old Clunker at the saw mill.

So what?

No longer registered.

But put in a battery, and it’ll start.

What does a clunker have to do with it?

No wonder the GDP isn't growing

when the entrepreneurs are as dumb as a dumb-bell!

Don’t you get it?

Look! I'll remove the engine numbers.

A clunker without numbers is like a gun, unregistered.

I see... If it is, so what, then?

You'll call Czerepach and tell him you've got scared

and want to be a star witness.

And you have papers hidden in the wood.

- In the wood?
- Yeah, not in your backyard!!!

So what?

You must have used up all your stupidity quota already!!!

Yo u wa nt h i m hit with the clunker?

And how!

To a pulp!
To and fro over him!

Wait a minute... So you... - I'll explain it to you later.

You'd better now.

- Are you his wife?
- I’m waiting for a court paper.


What have you done to me again?!

So here I am.

Excuse me, Miss Lucy.
No more toilet paper.

In the cupboard.

I'm not used to rooting
in someone's cupboards

- Make an exception, then.
- All right, all right.

Excuse me, Miss Lucy, a bulb's burned out.

And now she's gone somewhere.
Why, I pay for this.

We got no cash at the moment.

Come back, then, when you get some.

- But we’d like to chalk it up... - What?!

- To Stach’s pension.
- As collateral.

Off with you, winos!

Wine on credit?! Over my dead body!

The whole civilized world buys in this way.

And you know much about it.

Who’d ever let such lushes enter the civilized world!

Więcławski has come, Father. He’s shaking all over.

Didn’t say what it is?

The headman is having an anti-corruption inspection.

What's that got to do with Wi^clawski?

He wouldn’t be so shaken otherwise.

Here’s a community for you. God forbid!

If I were you, I’d record his every word.

Your eavesdropping is just enough.

No studio has as sensitive a recorder as you are.

Father, help me!

The headman wants to lose his and my soul forever!

What're you doing here? Shoo! Out with you!

Little shits!

Don’t you defend her. At least not now.

I thought she was a woman that could bear my kids...

we could keep a couple of dogs.

Suddenly, she turns out to be someone different.

And I don’t know what to do again.

Max, come here. Here’s food.

Stay put!

I love her!
And I don’t know what to do.

Nothing doing if she has a husband.

Do nothing!

A relationship sanctioned by the majesty of the church...

-... is here to stay!
- Exactly! Whereas I...

- Move out of her life!
- But I love her!

Do it as much as you wish but from a distance!

So that she doesn’t know
about it!

She has a family.
so hands off her!

Cruel words.

Could be.
They seem cruel but right.

If her husband wants
to return to her,

you mustn't interfere even if you suffer...

Kusy! Kusy!

I love you, my dear darling, I love you, my dear darling...

I love you, my dear darling, I lo've you, my dear darling...

Have I slept well!
What’s this wonderful smell?

He’s an excellent cook.
Has a family in New Orleans.

A wonder of a husband... sings under your window...

A treasure to keep. May I here?


I’ve come for my things.

That’s when you don’t hold a steady job.

Everyone can insult you.
Even a storekeeper?

Or your own wife.

Right. We seem to be the bottom of the barrel.

- Only cons are lower.
- Piss off.

Nothing personal.

What if we four set up a business

and start selling wine or beer at least?.


Can’t you draw beer from a barrel and pour it.

It takes no rocket scientist.

- And an establishment?
- Not much room to sell beer.

When they have a fair in town,

they set up such outlets in a couple of hours.

One just has to decide.


Right away. Got anything else to do?

- Holy cow...
- My ass...

It’s even nice to go broke in a fine company.

A beautiful man..

Why none such are over here.

The evolution seems to have gone further in America.


An American came and she drove you out?

You can say so.

First me..

and now you.

- Want some?
- Yeah.

He’ll take her along, they’ll leave,

and will put an end to America in Howling Wolf.

Even if; not. it's curtains for us.

How about a pub?

Sounds awful: to sit in a pub. It sucks.

But the English do it and are happy.

He’s asking for it.

Behave now that you’re a businessman.

Think about the name.

We traditionally say: Under something...

- Under Goat.
- Hey, you!!!

With us Under the Bench seems quite fitting.

That connotes a fall. Will bring to mind: Drink down the table.

It’s too explicit...

Should have the ring of culture in it.

How about Beer Stand. It brings culture to mind.

How come?

We got newsstands, right?

Could be. It has culture in it

and the Ibeer tells you what it's about.


Our bench of rejects hails the queen.

Why did you leave me alone with him,X'usy?

Why did you leave me alone with him, Kusy?

I’m a stranger and he’s your husband.

- He’s not mine!
- You didn’t say you’re not divorced.

- He’s not mine!
- You didnH say you're not divorced.

She forgot?

Louis lied to me that his lawyer

had taken care of everything.

That I got consent, and could leave!

I get it: legal ambiguities. Excuse me. I'm busy.

You just waited for a reason to drink.

- You're a drunkard again.
- Tnat's right.

You’re a drunkard again. - That’s right.

I thought you’d save us from the world.

You were my world, but it's no more.

You were my world, but it’s no more.

I’m trying to find something to fill the void.


Go‘back to your husband, Lucy.

Go back to your husband, Lucy.

Tell y.ouT'mom the soup was a sensation.

Substantial like the German philosophical thought.

Bid you read Fukuyama?

I’m almost finished.

I didn't understand everything.

I didn’t understand everything.

In fact, very little.

The first time it’s always the most difficult.

You know what?

I like reading something who few can understand,

not those colored mags, right?

You’re incredible, so honest and natural.

I haven’t met anyone like that yet.

Oh , come on, I’m nothing special.

Marshy Area No Entry

You'll bring him from there, give me a sign, and I'll start.

We'll do the louse in.
A fine spot here, no?

For a moment I thought it’d be me...

As long as you stick with me, you’re safe. Bury these files here.

You’ll show him where. When he starts digging,

he won’t even notice me hit him.

Więcławski, fuck it, be a man just once!

But to kill a man...

Every big fortune in this world was built on corpses.

All those Rockefellers, Onasises and such! Long ago.

It’s not our fault

that capitalism has arrived here now. Take the files and bury them.

It’s in your own interest.

I’d like to help you, Inspector.

These are some..

financial irregularities,
you could calkthem.

Since you’d find out anyway,

I thought it better to bring them early on.


Well, Duda! Bravo!

Don’t think these papers

will make me forget the part you played here.

I’m doing it... selflessly.

I see. All right.

You may not be as stupid as you look.

- Coffee?
- With pleasure.

- Make some for me too.
- Yes, sir.


Well, well.

At once?

All right.

That’s where the damned politics has brought me.

What's your business here?

I've come to save you from eternal damnation!

From what damn..

You accursed rat I’ve nursed with my breast!

You've betrayed me?!

He did it for your own good

not to lose his soul and yours for that matter.

And he's prevented you from committing a crime!

Yes? We’ll see if he has!
Hold it!!!

This won’t do any good! Headman!...


Didn’t I tell you to put as many logs as possible?

- He'd have squished us like cockroaches. - What a devilish doggedness!

Peter! Help!


Amd what was all that for?!

Hold it!

I’ll show you... I’ll show you...

- Daddy?
- Yes. So what?

What happened?

Nothing really... Dad’s had a small accident. Nothing serious.

Just got soiled a bit.

So take daddy home to have a rest.

He’s in a state of shock.

- But nothing bad happened? - He’s all right. Absolutely.

So we’d better go too. The faster the better.

Oh, Jesus... have you gotten yourself all muddy.

But it’ll wash anyway.

Come... I've met someone incredible in the wood?

Dumbfounded, aren’t you?

Whom can you meet in the wood, right?

But I lucked out.

Tall and handsome, a college graduate

and when he says something it’s a stream of reflections.

When did you say the Father is expected?

When he comes home.

Why did he call and tell me to come immediately?

He must’ve had a reason.

Father told you to wait so do it as summoned.

Not summoned but invited.

He’s mucked up the whole kitchen, dammit!

Won’t you taste the fruit liqueur too?

Yes, please.

He gave me much trouble, thrashing about like a bat.

Don’t you bat me, will you? I just wanted to leave!

Will you finally tell me

why you’ve called me here and kept me waiting for 2 hours.

Calm down, Mr. Czerepach. Let’s drink.

It’s sea buckthorn liqueur.
Good for the nerves.

Well, you know that I don't get along well with my brother.

Of course.

A subordinate to him for years,

I know him as the back of my hand.

But now I’m his inspector. It’s the divine intervention.

Exactly! Providence, indeed, but it orders you to forgive.

But I do and don’t hold any grudges.

The inspection, however, must be thorough.

- You’ve had a hand in it too.
- Up to his elbows!

Don’t get so excited. We'll get to you too.

The more I listen to him

the more I wonder, Father, if we did the right thing.

Can’t amends be made?

What does the still, small voice tell you?

- What voice?
- Doesn’t it say anything?

Excuse me, I don't get it.

Let’s go to the kitchen to have a heart-to-heart talk.

Hi. I’ve asked Eman over
for dinner tonight.


Didn’t I tell you about him?


Sure. Your daughter tells you about the most important things,

but you don’t even listen.

What kind of name is this Eman?

Exactly. A Muslim?

What I badly need now is Al-Qaeda

on top of everything.

His name is Emanuel. He’s a philosopher.

Oh, Emanuel...

Emanuel philosopher! That’s what I need now.

The inspection is driving me into the grave,

Czerepach is bleeding me white

while she asks a philosopher over to dinner!

So you’re not interested whom I’m seeing?!

And you think that a dinner with you

is a special pleasure for him?

He has more important things to think about!

With his head full of concepts and philosophical trends!

See what you've done?

She trusts you, wants to show her boyfriend,

whereas you talk to her

as if she pestered you with some trivia in your office.

Who does she try to help worm his way into the family?

How else can you know if not at dinner?

So I'll grill him
about his philosophy.

So that’s her ex?

Hard to believe that he’s her ex.

Whereas she's with our Kusy.

A woman needs something like a man.

Oh, sure. He seems to be from another world.

That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Mrs. Solejuk, why do you keep sighing?

Because she feels neglected by her... husband.

By such a lush?
So she must be lucky.


- What?
- Mrs. Hadziuk,

you must’ve finished a beauty school, no?

Ms. Lucy! Nice to see you.

I’m so happy that
I wanted to drop by.

Yes? Why?

The family is living righteously now.

So you know already?

Tell me since I don’t get it. Why righteously?

Why? In line with the sacraments.

As my ex always cheated and did the dirty on me,

is he still my husband to go on living righteously with

rather than with a good guy I love?!

Try to show good will.

That I can do and stay with Louis.

He’s much prettier than Kusy and women like him.

But I love Kusy.

Should I be loving Louis in the righteous way?!

I really wouldn’t like to pry into such things...

But that symbolic apple,

with which the Satan tempted Eve, must’ve been very sweet too.

Father! Kusy is a poor batty man, not a sweet apple!

I love him and want to live with him! And Louis is a maggoty apple!

Does the Bible say, “Love maggoty apples"?

Ms. Lucy... I...

I know you can’t say it otherwise.

But I feel that it can’t be that way

I know What’s good and what’s evil.

You’ll get a franchise.

Jesus Christ! Again? For what?

It’s a license to sell alcohol.

Since it’s alcohol,
remember about VAT.

Register your establishment and you may start...

Register what?


How? Here?

With your own name.

How do we start without a keg or beer glasses?

- Where are they?
- What?

Those... beer glasses.

You'll get them on condition of signing a contract.

with the producer of our local brew.

One phone call and it’s done.

They'll even deliver them today.

Our what?

Our local beer. Eyery fool knows what is ours.

Don’t you know our local beer?

If the conditions are favorable,

we should support our brew. A deal.

Then to your foam and ours

I’m very glad to meet you.

Let's sit down, please. The soup's getting cold.

- Here, please.
- Thank you.

He re.

- Enjoy.
- Thank you.

The essence of soup.

If too thick, add some water.

You’re right. Quintessence would’ve been the right word.

Your wife is an excellent cook.

Apparently, you're a philosqpher,yes?

Philosophizing is just a profound thinking

about things folks never think about.

Socrates, for instance,

would walk the streets and ask the people questions.

That’s like those
two local winos.

They walk about the village and ask everybody

if they could spare a dime for a bottle.

Quite like that, as Socrates, in such situations,

showed the people that they cared most

about the least im porta nothings: power or money, for'instance.

I'll get the second course.

Here l am.

Well, the work's in full swing.

How do I look?


Not just good, ©reat!

What's all that for?
It must be very expensive.

Don't-you worry. It’s a present from friends.

Maybe it’s enough now.

We’ll say when it’s enough.

Lie there at ease.

We can't make up in 5 minutes
for the thousands of years of evolution.

That Socrates you like so much,

what was his occupation? I forget.

Well... a philosopher. His wasn’t a gainful employment.

Little wonder.
What did he live off?

He was a citizen of the ancient Athens.

The citizens didn’t work, only the slaves did.

So someone maintained him!

Exactly. That's what I sensed all along.

How come a grown man

returns home with an empty stomach!

You've lost your mind!

You can’t recognize your own wife?!

What the hell was all that for?

My beauty has chased him out of the house.

What do we have, Duda? An age of infor...matization!

And J have information.
One pays for it.

And who does?
All, even the A...merican.

What for?

I’m not gonna tell you, as you’ll have information then!

People! People! Help me!
DT’s finally got me!

People! People! Help me! DT's finally got me!

Come here!

Mother of God!

I’ve seen an apparition in my own house!

Drop dead,begone, evil spirit!

You haven’t recognized your own wife again, stupid.

- My ass! Is that you?

Oh my...
I got such a woman?

You're as drunk as a pig

Since when has it bothered you?

Since today.

I’ve bathed in French perfume

and you, reeking of booze for a mile, make advances?

How come?

Return home sober

you'll get a taste of honey.

Village Council of Howling Wolf

The community is flourishing.

The state is us,

our wealth is that of the community...

I don’t need much for my old age.

Wait a minute.

Aren't you offering to grease my palm again?



And you think I’m not recording this?!


You're invited to this opening.

Is this gratis?

The first beer is half the price for everyone!

Like politicians rushing the pork barrel.

It won't move me, even if you weep your eyes away.

I just reminisced about my beautiful life;

everything passing in front of my eyes as in a film.

What if I turned on a light in your black tunnel, huh?

Would you?

I had other plans, but your priest brother convinced me

the point is not just to win power but to keep it.

It's enough to have you grovel

and under my thumb now.

Still one should be human.


You’ll keep your office and I'll return to mine,

having nfty firTgers in all pies of the community:—_

Full powers

Why are you staring so?

I’m not into the titular power but the real one...

And all this evidence? 'What aboufit? .

You’re guilty of serious neglect and there must be the.guilty party.

We have the rule of law here, after all.

We have the rule of law.

My hands feel dead, dammit.

So is my back.

Fuck this business that makes you lose you health.

- Worse than working for a German. - We can make a pile.

What’s the use, dammit, if you’ll land in a coffin?

Right. Let's grind away at it till tonight.

but no more of this.

We either come up with something

or put an end to this grind.


As a result of the inspection, I’d like to say good bye to you.

I deeply sympathize with you. I've learned a lot from you.

- Here.
- What’s this?

Since irregularities have been found out,

somebody must be guilty. Read this.

What? A dismissal on disciplinary grounds?!

You’re young, so you’ll manage somehow.

But I’m innocent!

Who informed on me to the authorities. Who?

This is politically motivated, Duda. I can’t help it.

There is no dead end without a way out.

Sir, if all of what you...

if I’m incriminated for that, I'll do time for years.

Why for years?
There’s no hard evidence,

as I'll carry it all out of the office.

Yes? What if won’t let you?

Go ahead! If I chop off the thieving hand in self defense,

the people will elect me to serve a third term.

If I were you, I’d leave Howling Wolf fast?

Once the folks know how much has been stolen,

they won’t let you get away with it alive.

Word travels fast here.

Before you finish a sentence,

they talk back at the other end of the village.


Beat it!

Oh, hello.

We can talk about the future now...

see you

I see you fancy my daughter.

Very much so. She’s a wonderful pal.

A girl's no pal.
Let’s talk like man to man.

What is it you want?

The freeloader and all thumbs that you are,

you’re planning on getting her pregnant,

then a wedding, and sponging off me till the end of my days, yes?

Oh, that’s the point. Rest assured.

I'm not into sex with your daughter at all.

Yes. The bear shits in the woods, no?

No, I’m serious.
Neither now nor later.

Why? What's wrong with Klaudia?

Nothing. She’s lovely and attractive. But I’m gay.

So what?

Women don’t interest me in that sense.

- You serious?
- Cross my heart.

It’s a load off my mind! I’m so happy!

- What? Are you too?
- What?

If I hit you,

all your philosophy will turn upside down! You!

What is it?!

All right.

Mother of God, have I worked hard!

I feel dead from work.

Not drunk, though?

I couldn’t have had the time.

I have to set it up in the morn and dismantle it in the evening.

So go to sleep if so tired.


And let such a woman waste away home?

Is this for me?

Yeah. Here.

So fortune smiled on me.

Sir... sir...

Guys, I have no change.

- It’s important.
- What is it?

The man who played the guitar wants to harm Ms. Lucy.

Mr. Czerepach is in cahoots with him

and wants to drive her out of the house.

- Really?
- Uh-huh...

I must do something about him.

He’s ruining my life!


To kill him you mean?

Are you serious?

Think it over if you’re serious.

No, not completely.

I want him to feel badly so that he’ll leave.

- You got something?
- Wait.

Add this to his drink.

What is it?

Mushroom extract... opens devils’ souls.


Brings on nightmares

to torment him as many nights as the number of drops he drinks.

- Won't it kill him?

Thank you very much!

It won’t kill him

unless he does something to himself out of fear.

Vitamins from the wood.

Oh... later.

Oh... later.

But someone’s crying out terribly.


No... Wait. Let’s hear what that is about.


- Here I step in!
- No! Wait. Come.

They’ll drown him

No, they won't... Kusy is speaking of Lucy! He's doing it out of love.

These may be extenuating circumstances.

- Would you do that for me too?


He’s running away!

After him!
He’s running away!

What’s the matter?!


Fuck it! It should’ve been open since 7 a.m.

Have a smoke.

Sure or it’ll get my goat right here on the spot!

After him!

Gee up!


Thieves! Thieves!

Thieves! Thieves!

They’re stealing her

You flipped out, stupid?


- Good morning!
- You’ll have it good!

Praise the Lord!

Switch over to that channel.

I can’t miss the prize.

But these are semi finals!


So you’ve won a washing machine! May I?

Soioldp.ut still stupid!

Thinks he can play with the bells like a kid?!

Next time I'll show you!

What is that?!

Yes, yes, yes...

What does he want?
I don't...

He needs help.

The truth is so do we.

Wait, wait.

Wait a minute..

Dear parishioners!

Wait a minute. What is this? Well?

Reporting. What’s up?

Tidy yourself up first. It’s shameful indeed...

Do something. Looks like a lynch to me.

What’s this crowd?
Disperse! Immediately!

A crowd?! They wanted to steal our horses.

Who would've wanted to steal such a nag?

Just a momentary appropriation.
I dismiss this case. It’s a negligible offense.

- So we’ll do justice ourselves! - Exactly!

Why doing justice all of a sudden?

You’re picking at us and the thieves are innocent?!

- Are you the owner of this vehicle? - Yeah.

It should have reflectors
here and there.

Are there any? None!

- Fluorescent?!
-I got some.

- Show me.
- Even two.

This shit?!
This reflects light?

- Want a ticket?!!!
- I'll clean it.

Ticket?! Ticket?!

Do you want tickets?!

He finally coughed it out.

- Your Aunt Emma has died.
- Aunt Emma?

She has bequeathed her wealth to you and him,

on condition you’ll remain a married couple.

If not you’ll inherit all of it.

- How much?
A million dollars.

Mother of God.

He looked for you on the net.

Czerepach spotted it and sold him your address.

He was to get this house for half the price

in the final settlement.

Quite like Dynasty, no?

Well, yes, yes.

Kusy. if he presses the charges, it's 10 years.

Father, do something.

Me? No, Ms. Lucy.

This goes beyond my local experience, so to speak.

It’s really up to you to decide.

Yes, I must.

Lucy, you crazy?

-1 was happy until he came.
- It’s absurd.

But it’s good for me, my gangster.

Or I'll chuck you
into the well forever!

You’re awfully nice to him.

Well, lama very nice girl.

You give me cheek and I'll settle your hash,

so that you won’t get up again.

Giving cheek in my old age? Impossible.

Why do you enter without knocking, Kusy?

Just for a moment.

That’s all I wanted.

If it’s such a business again, be my guest.

You may even drop by more often.

What a sight for my sore eyes.

Good riddance.

Something wrong?

A good question.

In memory of the actor Leon Niemczyk

Cast of Characters

One doesn’t need much to be happy.

It's the worst not to have a comrade in drink.

.... - Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah.

They used to say that capitalism is heartless.

But it’s not its fault.

It’s the people who never have enough.

That’s right.

It’s important to share.

Work, especially.

If someone doesn’t want to earn so much, like us,

capitalism seems quite a nice system then.

Subtitles by Jerzy Siemasz