Ram Lakhan (1989) - full transcript

Sharda (Raakhee) vows vengeance when her husband is murdered by his two evil cousins, Bhishamber (Amrish Puri) and Bhanu (Paresh Rawal), and she and her two young sons are thrown out on the street. Those sons grow into the upstanding police officer Ram (Jackie Schroff) and the easily tempted dreamer Lakhan (Anil Kapoor). If the family is to be avenged, Ram will have to lead his brother away from the path of corruption he's strayed onto, and protect him from the influence of Bhanu and Bhishamber.

Timings and songs translated by Bluerain_20

You've come here in this storm?

I've been watching you for 17 years.

Every morning you come here
to offer milk to Lord Shiva.

Whether heat or cold,
hail or storm.

There must be something.

There has to be a story hidden
behind your mute worship.

Story? Ask him.

...who has written it.

But I want to hear it from you.

This story is incomplete.

When it is completed,
I'll definitely tell you.

It's raining heavily.
Why don't you wait for awhile?

Shut the windows.
Or the water will seep in.

The nursemaid is here.
Everything will be fine.

- Obeisance grandfather.
- Live long Ram. Sit here.

Will my little brother come today?

Yes, your little brother,
Lakhan, will come today.

The sun has risen but
Pratap hasn't returned.

Even I am worried about him.

The poor guy must be worried.

I'll be destroyed, ruined!

The court has sentenced Bhanu and
Bishambar to 4 years imprisonment.

But who will pay their debts?

- You'll have to clear it.
- No, I've never taken loans.

By law, if one partner is imprisoned,
the other repays his debts.

The loans were taken
in the name of your company.

Scoundrels! What was our fault?

That we gave you refuge in our
house because you're my cousins?

Made you partner in the business?

Was that my fault? Answer me!

You kept gambling and smuggling!

Took loans in the company name!

You should have been
sentenced to a dog's death!

Quiet down. Or you too
will be caught by the law!

They have committed a sin
by betraying our trust.

That is why they are being punished.

We will bear the punishment.

You've committed a grave sin by
making them partners in our business.

How will we repay all the loans?

Who will rescue this house
from being mortgaged?

Grandfather, my Lakhan has come!

Lawyer uncle, my Lakhan has come!

Show me my little brother!

Mother, see my little brother!

My two precious jewels.
One is Ram, the other Lakhan!

The two priceless jewels of mine.

One is Ram, the other is Lakhan.

Ram and Lakhan.

The two priceless jewels of mine.

How did you let them in this house?

Despite knowing what difficulty and
shame we're borne, due to them!

I know my son. I know all.

But you must also not forget
they are my late brother's sons.

They have endured prison.
They must have changed.

They are demons not humans!

Whatever it be. I've given them
permission to stay here for a month.

- Sister-in-law!
- Sister-in-law!

What are you doing?

You're a goddess! Uncle allowed
us to stay here because of you!

How can we repay your obligation?

You are elder to me.
Brothers in this house.

Go upstairs. Your wife
and son are waiting for you.

Look, I've waited for 4 years!

Now my parents won't
keep me at home longer!

Why do you worry? We've arranged
to stay here for another month.

- But after that?
- This house will be ours!


Pratap is my son. All my property...

Including the fields, house, godown.

Pratap and his sons Ram, Lakhan
will inherit everything.

But it is my desire that
out of the 105 acres land I own...

25 acres should be given to
Bishambar and Bhanu.

- Play with us.
- I will.

I've written down
everything in your will.

Here, sign it.

You wrote this in English.

- I can't read it.
- But you can sign in any language.

- I'll read it if you don't trust...
- No son.

No need for that. What you've
written must be right.

I want you to trust in me completely.

Don't talk like this.
You are Sharma's son.

He wasn't just our lawyer
but almost a family member.

You forgot these sweets.


This is a lie! Deception, conspiracy!

I won't let your plan succeed!

This is no plan. Here is the
will written by your father.

- Signed.
- What's the matter?

Did you hear? They are
showing me a will written by Dad!

According to which all this
property, this house...

...goes to Bishambar and you and
I get that ramshackle cottage.

And 5 acres of land!

You tell me if this is true.

Yes. He himself called me
and asked me to write this.

Do you mean Dad wished to
throw his own son on the road?

I won't believe it even if
God himself comes and tells me!

You have to accept
what's in the will.

You have to leave this house.

We must celebrate Debu's
birthday next week.

It will be celebrated!

And with great pomp!

Mother, I'm very hungry.

It's English.

Should I get milk for
brother from there?


I'm going to get milk.

My stomach is paining.

Wait, I'll come with you.

I'll be back soon.

Have fun!


See what this is.

- These ornaments lying...
- Shall I take some?

They aren't ours.
I'll keep it there.

Good grief! You in my room?

These are my ornaments!

Did you hear? She's robbing you
in bright daylight!

- Listen to me.
- Why are you yelling? What's it?

What is to happen? She was
running away with my ornaments.

...That I caught her.
- No.

I was putting them away safely.

That's what you'll say
now that you're caught!

You are telling lies.
My mother didn't steal.

There speaks the son of a thief!

Hold her while I call the police!

Have you all gone mad?
Would I steal?

In a condition like yours women
sell themselves not just steal!

May you be ruined!

First she tells lies.
Then she abuses my mother!

- Hitting a woman!
- Hitting a child!

Listen to this rascal!

- Give this to me. Get out!
- No! Let go!

Bitch went into my wife's room
and was stealing her ornaments!

Don't you dare step
in this house again!

Understood, you witch!

How dare you! Bastard!

You hit my wife! Let go of me!

Rascal! Scoundrel!
Fight with a man!

If I don't rip you to pieces,
I'm not worthy of my name!

No, don't do this!

For my sake, let's go home.

It was my mistake that I went there.

Ram is very unwell. Come home.

I don't want there to be
bloodshed in this house.

For the sake of our children,
let's go home!

I'll show you the result
of what you accused us of!

You threw Dad's daughter-in-law
out of the house! Remember that!

Both of you keep in mind
I will avenge this!

It's scotch. Gulp it down.


The one who used to sell country
liquor now sells scotch!

He has bought a few trucks.

One gets so much fare in
ferrying liquor and drugs...

...that you claim the value
of the truck in just 6 months!

Why don't we sell the fields
and buy 25 trucks?

No, this property is Pratap's.

God will never forgive my sins.

I'll tell everyone tomorrow that
I made a wrong will by mistake.

I got him to sign it in Hindi.

He failed.

So we'll pass him.

Scoundrel! I'll just get the police!

He has failed.

Now he has passed.

Come on bad men!


What kind of anger is this that
for property you kill the lawyer...

- And commit suicide thereafter!
- Suicide?

What else, he has committed suicide!

The poor man had gone mad.

What are you doing?

I'm collecting the
mortal remains of your Dad.

- Why?
- According to Hindu religion...

A man's remains are offered in
the Ganges after he is no more.

Only then will his soul attain peace.

Sister, these are Pratap's remains.

These can only be immersed in
the Ganges by Ram and Lakhan.

I know.

I won't immerse my husband's
mortal remains in the Ganges.

I will make these remains a
live Thakur Pratap Singh.

And keep him with me.

Like a secret.

I'll come to you everyday
wherever you are.

I'll wait for your justice.

Justice! Justice!

This is my pledge!

Where are we going?

We're going to our
clerk's uncle's house.

But don't go there and steal.

Your father is a thief!

Leave him!

Leave me. I'll show him!

Thank god the children didn't
see their Dad's terrible death!

Otherwise who knows what they
would do when they grew up.

But how did he die suddenly?

Don't ask how he died.

Ask how we have to live.

How do we turn Ram Lakhan
into Ram and Laxman.

You'll get a thrashing from me!

- Mother, he's beating me.
- He's refusing to go to school.

I just exercised.
My arms are hurting here.

You must go to school.
The teacher must be waiting.

He knows nothing.
Just keeps doing this.

Dear kids.

Why have you locked this?
What does it contain?


It has your father's things.

And my matrimonial chain.
Never open this.

Go to school.

- Here's a kilogram of sugar.
- Here's a kilogram of sugar.

Feels lighter than a kilogram.

Lightweight! If your hands are
so light, the sugar will feel light!

See this weight for yourself.

And if you still don't believe me,
check the government seal.

Check it.

What are you doing here? Scoot.

- What have you stuck here?
- Keep quiet.

- I'll tell everyone.
- Run off now!

I'll tell everyone that
uncle is cheating!

Come here.

This boy is a complete
loss in my horoscope.

The two priceless jewels of mine.

One is Ram, the other is Lakhan.

Ram and Lakhan.

It's afternoon.
And you're still here?

I stayed back because of the storm.

I was thinking of old times.

Forget the past. Your penance
has borne fruit, hasn't it?

Yes. Some path has been decided.

Let me tell you one thing.

The path of Ram is full of danger.

I see enemies all around.

I've sent my Ram to
face those enemies!

Every car and truck
must be checked.

Who dares to stop B B Trucks?

Please stop the car.

- We have to search the car.
- What nonsense!

You haven't recognized him.
He's a well-known man in this city.

But we have our orders.

For 15 years, nobody dared to
search our trucks or our car!

We own 4000 trucks that ply
all over the country today.

- I know that.
- Doesn't matter.

Where is the commissioner?

- He's a good friend.
- Very good friend.

Tell them there are no friends or
relatives in the police force.

Son Ram!

Get them off the car
and search it thoroughly.

And if we refuse to get off?

Then the police will do its' job.

Will they push us out?
Or remove our clothes? What?

Keep quiet.

- What's the matter?
- You're in time.

- Tell him something.
- Let him search the vehicle.

This officer of mine
is very stubborn.

If he had his way,
he'd even search my vehicle!

We are decent people.

Then why should you object
to being searched?

The truth is in this area,
Sir John and Kesariya Vilayati...

...openly carry on smuggling.
So Ram and I pledged...

We'll give them good!

That pup of a dog!

He has started growling
in my presence!

I am your well wisher.

I feel for a couple of months
you should have no deals...

...with people like Sir John.

Should we suffer losses of crores?

It's better than going to prison.

Who will send us to prison?
That nincompoop?

Ram will take revenge
because of old times.

Let him! I'll set him right!

Kesariya Vilayati and
his boss Sir John.

Once he is caught,
everyone will be caught!

- Brother!
- Now what is wrong?

Sir John's partner.

Bishambar here.

Biliya here.

Sir John wants to know why our goods
haven't reached their destination.

We've worked with you for years.
Has such a delay ever taken place?

This time we're facing
some problems.

Erase the problems.
You know Sir John.

He considers anyone giving him
losses as his enemy.

Do something about Ram Pratap!

Sir John will chop off our head!

- Don't think of it.
- What else do I think?

Listen to me and do as I say.

Everything will work out fine.

Should we fight?

Don't you know how to
please a woman?

Brother of mine, come here.

Over a period man
realizes his mistake.

There is blood relation between
Bishambar, Bhanu and Ram Lakhan.

There may have been enmity
in this relationship.

But in the end it turns to love.

That is why my sister
and her husband...

...have hesitatingly sent
these saris as gifts for you.

Even they are terribly happy
to see Ram progressing.

After all they are his uncles.

Keep them here.

- You may go.
- Look...

By meeting each other, the
misunderstandings will be cleared.

Debu is to shortly
return from America.

- May I leave? - Yes.

She didn't even ask
your brother for tea!

- Not even water.
- But she kept the saris.

- Let's see the effect.
- What effect will it have?


Stop right there.

Listen to me carefully.

My husband...

...lives for me even today.

I still have the pot
containing his mortal remains.

I haven't immersed them
in the Ganges as yet.

The splatter of blood
on my scarf...

I still haven't removed the stains.

So you've come to threaten us?

No. To explain.

To explain that the relations
you have already killed...

Don't try to give them life
by the clatter of your wealth.

Don't try to add fuel to the
fire flaming within a widow.

Ram and Lakhan are the two
weapons of a wounded woman.

Stay away from them.

Or you'll meet the same fate
as the King of Lanka, Ravana!

Because his killers too
were named Ram-Lakhan!

The serpent has started
displaying her fangs.

What's the matter?
You sit in this temple for hours.

Nothing at all.
I just feel better.

What's in this box that you
never open nor let us touch?

I told you, things
belonging to your Dad.

My matrimonial necklace,
symbols of my marriage.

What do you keep thinking?

- Do you ever think of
what I think? - About what?

- Lakhan who hasn't yet got a job.
- Everything will be all right.

Today is Shivratri. I had to go
to the temple but he vanished.

Must be with his friends.
Doing 1 +2=4, 4-2= 1.

- What does that mean?
- It means cheating.

Why do you say that?

You will see someday my Lakhan
will prove to be Ram!

I too want my brother
to be greater than me.

- But...
- But what?

Hey you! Listen to this.
I do whatever my heart desires.

You also do what I do.

Make 1-2 into 4 and
turn 4-2 into 1.

My name is Lakhan.

I'm the beloved of all.

My name is Lakhan.

Hey you! Listen to this.
I do whatever my heart desires.

You also do what I do.

Make 1-2 into 4 and
turn 4-2 into 1.

My name is Lakhan.

I'm the beloved of all.
My name is Lakhan.

The world is attracted by
the lure of quick money.

Everyone is dying for it.

In everyone's neck..

There's a rope of greed.

Learn from them, o friends,
how this business works.

After saying a couple of sweet words,

sell every item, weighing it less.

You just fill your empty pockets.

You also do what I do.

Make 1-2 into 4 and
turn 4-2 into 1.

My name is Lakhan. I'm the
beloved of all. My name is Lakhan.

I don't know anything more than this...

You're my Mohan and I'm your Radha.

Life is not that simple.

How can I make any promise to you?

Promises are all false,
only you are truthful.

You're great, no
matter how you are.

You tell everyone
that you're carefree.

If you're carefree then have fun.

Make 1-2 into 4 and
turn 4-2 into 1.

Hey, beloved of all.

Do something.

So that we unite quickly.

It's eating and drinking..

This whole world.

The one who's hungry
and thirsty is a crazy person.

Don't be fooled by

the false glitter of wealth.

Earn your living by hard work.

Listen to what your elders say.

Get to know the difference
between good and bad.

Listen to what I am telling you.

I didn't hear it, please say it again.

No one is number two,
you both are number one.

My Ram and Lakhan.
Long live Ram and Lakhan.

Hey, beloved of all.
Long live Ram and Lakhan.

- Yes mother? - I met Geeta.
- What did she say?

She's looking for a job for Lakhan.

- He can never get a job.
- Why?

The man who wants to become a
millionaire overnight...

...is not interested in any job.

That's because he's the
son of a millionaire.

Your heart is like an
umbrella over all his antics.

Did you give him some money?

I have no money to give him.

Mister Fraud, get up.
It's morning.

- Good morning brother.
- Touching one's feet means...

...obeying elders.

Following their ideals.

Don't start this Ramayana
early in the morning!

Are you annoyed with God?

Not angry but today is
the time of Ravana not Ram!

- Like?
- Like Bishambar and Bhanu!

Where are they and
where the hell are we!

It's a matter of time son.

Our time will also come.
Where can it go?

- Do you know what people say?
- What?

If I was the police officer
instead of you and...

...this treasure chest of a
police station was in my hands...

Then the vault keys of men like
Bishambar would be in my hands!

Did you see the DSP's bungalow?
Did you?

- What a house! - Did you see
the handcuffs being made for him?

That we'll see when he wears them
But his bungalow got made!

So you're planning
on building a bungalow?

Bungalows are not in our stars.
I don't even have a job!

If you don't have a job,
how do you have 600 bucks?

I found them in your purse.

These? This is the donation
for yesterday's song and dance.

Swear by your brother and say
that this money is donation.

I've often told you not to
put me in such dilemmas!

The truth is this is no donation.

- Then where did you get it?
- Somebody gave it. - Who?

The owner of Jeeva Transport.

- Shall I tell mother?
- No.

- Shall I slap you?
- Yes.

For the last time get this clear...

If you try to spoil
my innocent brother...

I'll spoil your life!

Here are your 600 bucks!

So there's no chance of
my becoming a millionaire.

Neither will you become rich
nor will you marry Radha.

But the poor thing loves him.

- You are here?
- What's wrong?

- Did you give my letter to her?
- I couldn't.

Her father has locked her in.

The poor thing was crying hard.

Give me my magician's bag.

- What will you do with this?
- What will I do?

He has come.

Why do you start chanting prayers
the moment you see Lakhan?

Face turns red, chest blue and
hands yellow! What's the matter?

Do your work!

I'm holding this since morning.

No customer came this way.
Only Lakhan has come.

He is praying.

- At this hour? - He starts
praying the moment he sees you!

Radha isn't at home. Go away.

I haven't come to see her.

I want to buy vegetarian eggs.

Eggs? You know it's a sin to even
talk of eggs, fish and meat out here!

Vegetarian eggs? What are they?

- Shall I show you?
- Yes.

Like this.

Keep them away!

You are a stigma on the name of
Lord Rama and the Hindu culture!

Stupid girl! How many times have
I told you to keep the window shut?

When I'm soft, I'm very soft.
But when I'm angry I spout fire!

Sir! Sir!

I kept telling you, 'Sir! Sir! '

Stupid oaf! Couldn't you have said
' Egg! Egg! ' Instead of 'Sir! Sir! '

You just said it's a sin
to even mention its' name!

- What's the matter?
- He is sitting on eggs.

Sitting on eggs? Is he a hen?

Is the egg outside?

I mean get up and see
the condition of the eggs.

What condition?
The egg must have broken.

Go and wash it off.

- Go and have a bath.
- Yes sir.

Hope the eggs haven't
hatched under you.

People will make up all kinds
of stories about you.

Just check if there is
any egg on my backside.

No sir but there is
a yellow colored flag.

You have violated my sanctity!

I will sort you out! I will!

- What happened?
- Nothing happened.

Why are you creating a scene?
This happens sometimes.

Man eats in excess sometimes.

- He gets a stomach upset.
- And he does it in his clothes!

What are you watching? Go home.

I'll look after the shop.
You go home and have a wash.

Why don't you go home?
He will now go upstairs.

Wear new clothes. Everybody
does it including yourselves.

Vegetarian eggs.

What's the matter? You entered
and started bathing with cold water?

Let me at least warm up water.

To hell with the water! I'm in
trouble! Get my clothes, fast!

I'm bringing it.

- Go away or Dad will beat me!
- I haven't come to go away.

I've come here to stay.

Go away or father will thrash me!

Don't you love me?

See what I've bought for you.

- Bangles!
- I'll slip them on your wrists.

- Are they nice?
- Very nice.

Do you know...

...that day when
I came to meet you...

My father thrashed me.

Someday I'll hang
your Dad upside down!

Don't ever do that or
he won't let us get married!

How will he stop us?

His father can't stop us!

Towel! Keep the towel ready!

Should I show your Dad some magic?

Now he's crying.
Suddenly he'll start laughing.

- How?
- Like this.

I won't spare him!
I'll send him to prison!

Dad started laughing!

You're such a cute boy!
You're as naughty as ever!

- Magic! - When will you
stop these cute antics?

When you stop your stupid antics.

Is this real or false?

Go close and check.
You'll know if he stings you.

This is a cobra with mystical power.

And he wishes to ask you something.

What does the king of
snakes wish to ask me?

He wishes to ask if
you will ever lock Radha up?

- No! - Will you beat her?
- Never!

- Will you stop Lakhan from
meeting Radha? - Sometimes.


- Your mother has come!
- No more magic!

Now I'll tell your mother!

If you ever complain to my mother...

I have another kind of magic.

By which I'll turn you
into a pigeon!

- Explain to him.
- Turn me into a pigeon!

Don't challenge him!

You don't know, Lakhan and his
friends know a lot of magic.

God forbid if they really
turn you into a hen...

I'll have to sell eggs laid
by you in your own shop!

You should be ashamed.
You have grown up.

Yet you behave like a kid!

I just went to meet him out of love.

Yes, I know your love.

- And for whom.
- Then why don't you get them married?

First let him find a job, let Ram
get married. Then I'll think of it.

- Then get Ram married.
- He should like a girl for that.

There is a girl.

- Who?
- The commissioner's daughter.

Her love story with brother
is going on for a year now!

Shut up! Shameless!

Is it possible that he likes
somebody and I don't know about it?

It is possible.
It is happening.

- Do you have any proof?
- I have proof.

- Show me.
- Reward?

You'll get whatever you want.

Then you will talk to Devdhar uncle
about Radha and me, won't you?

Yes I will.

- First the proof.
- In a minute.

Drop mother home. Now I'll return
only after getting the proof.

Now see how he manages to
get things by fraud.

- Sir, call for you.
- Who is it?

It's a girl, for you.

Sir, I'm Shantabai.

- Yes? - My mistress, Geeta
wants you to come home immediately.

She had a fall. She's badly hurt.

I'll be there soon.

Shantabai here.

Dev Anand here.

Ram's assistant. How are you?
Are you fine?

Tell your mistress that
my sir has said what?

Get ready, to go out.

Time is short, destination
is far but have to go.

Call up the office and find out
if Mr. Ram has left or not.

What does he think of himself?
No sign of him for four days!

Not a care about how I am!
And today!

Suddenly he misses me so
he asks Dev Anand to call me up!

I have so many complaints against you.

Yes, yes, yes.

You're meeting me after so many days.

Why, why, why?

Tell me what you did
for so many days?

What did you do?

I was chanting your name.

I was remembering you.

I was remembering you,
I was chanting your name.

I have so many complaints against you.

You're meeting me after so many days.

Tell me what you did
for so many days?

I was chanting your name,
I was remembering you.

I was remembering you,
I was chanting your name.

Did you talk to your
mother about me?

No... No? No.

Did you meet my dad?

No... No? No.

Did you cheat behind my back?
- No, never.

If not any of this,
then what did you do?

I was chanting your name.

I was remembering you.

Did you get those movie tickets?

No... No? No.

Did you bring any good news?

No... No? No.

Then how are you useful to me?

What have you done
for me in love?

I was chanting your name.

I was remembering you.

I was remembering you,
I was chanting your name.

Did you try and understand
my feelings? Yes.

Have you ever given
me a token of love?

Have you ever done
whatever I've said?

What kind of love is yours?

What did you do?

I was chanting your name.

I was remembering you.

I was remembering you,
I was chanting your name.

When will I become a princess?
- Right now.

When will we become free?
- Right now.

When will we get married?

Right now, let's go.

Oh Lord Ram!

Now why are you feeling scared?

I was chanting your name.

I was remembering you.

I was chanting your name.

I was remembering you.

Long live brother Ram!

Long live sister-in-law Geeta!

My name is Lakhan. I'm the beloved
of all. My name is Lakhan.

Hey you! Listen to this.
I do whatever my heart desires.

You also do what I do.

Make 1-2 into 4 and
turn 4-2 into 1.

This is India not America.
Ride the horse slowly.

God knows where he has gone.

God knows what he has
eaten and grown up!

A pearl in the sea!

Thakur Bishambarnath's son, Debu.

Who is Lakhan?

Who are you?

The son of the witch my Dad
threw out of the house!

She had committed theft!


I'll set you right!

Save him!

Somebody save him!

Son of a rascal!

You abused my mother!

Lakhan is beating him up! Stop him!

Bastard! I won't spare you!

Take him away!

I won't spare you!

Don't hold me back!
This dog abused mother!

You won't hit him. For my sake!
For your brother's sake!

Calm down.

This was not good.

The entire village is witness
that Lakhan hit Debu!

My baby! Open your eyes my love!

God knows what revenge
the rascals have taken!

Kill the rascal!
Or complain to the police!

No! This is no police matter.

This is a family feud.

Just call that grocer here.

I approve of your choice.

My son wishes to marry your daughter.

It's my good fortune that
my daughter, in this huge house...

But the problem is the girl
is slightly underage.

That's no problem.
Debu will wait for a year.

For her, I'll wait for many years!

- So the girl is ours.
- Absolutely!

We'll get them married
whenever we wish.

As you wish. My Radha will
only become your daughter-in-law.

Hey you! Here, eat this!

Look, now you're going to be
the bride of a respected family.

Not the beloved of that
hooligan, ruffian, loafer Lakhan!

Understood? Here.

- Open your mouth.
- Eat it. He's giving it with love.

Eat it.

They want to ruin my life!

I have understood.

By buying Devdhar, they have thrown
another stone at our happiness!

I'll set their house aflame!

- Will you do just what they did?
- Then what do I do?

The brave don't lower their heads.

Make yourself so big that their eyes
automatically close by your glitter.

But in the meanwhile at least
talk to Radha's father.

Your mother may have carried
the stigma of poverty for 17 years.

But she never let go of the
rag of her self-respect.

We have to make others bend,
not bend before others.

Becoming a big man
means becoming rich.

And there are only
2 ways of doing it.

Either become a smuggler
or a police officer.

- Meaning? - Simple. Pocket what
men like Bishambar make.

But how do I become
a police officer?

Why don't you meet Daddy for a job?

- How can I?
- Meet him, do something.

Create such an aura that
everyone is left agape!

- You haven't eaten anything.
- Water.

We've just got news that Kesariya
Vilayati is hiding in our area.

If we don't nab him now,
our image will take a beating.

- How are you son?
- Fine uncle.

Can I become a police officer?

Sure. Why not?

To serve the country
or to earn money?

Both. Can I?

Yes sir, all efforts
are on to nab him.

Only one man can tell us his
whereabouts. The barber, Dhondhu.

A lion is hiding in a stable!

Even the police's grandfather
can never guess this place!

The brave don't attack
an unharmed dacoit!

Who the hell are you?

Great man, I'm the
grandson of Sultana.

The police is chasing me.

Sultana's son, a bad man?

Good man not bad man!

- The police?
- My private police!

I'm Ram's brother Lakhan.
Let's go to the police station!

What? Kesariya is caught!

Lakhan caught him?
Are you sure?

That was terrific!

What my force couldn't do in 10 days,
you've managed in 8 hours!

Actually, sir, your force
is becoming somewhat lazy.

If they use some brains,
a little guts and some courage...

What are these criminals?

We catch such men everyday!

Seeing your bravery and intelligence,
a thought comes to mind.

Why don't you join the police?

Sir, this used to be my dream,
to serve the nation and its' people.

But my brother doesn't believe
that I'm capable of anything.

If I say I want to become a
police officer, he'll say. ' No! '

I too have some qualities.

And I recommend your name for
the special training force.

You get ready to leave.

Sir are you pulling my leg?

Then should I go and tell mother
I have become a police inspector?

Not become, but will become.

Now he'll tell you the same things
about me that I already told you,

I've heard everything. What
you're about to do is not right.

He's very childish. He doesn't know
the responsibility of an officer.

He's my brother.
I know him very well.

Once he becomes an officer,
there will be total chaos!

You're saying the same things
he told me you'd say.

- But sir...
- No buts.

He's your darling brother.
And seems like a child to you.

But look at him from my eyes.
I recognize the diamond well.

- After all I did find you too.
- But sir...

I too will cry if you cry.

I'm only going for
a 6-month training.

She's crying as if
I'm going to war!

And I'll never return.
Brother why is everyone crying?

Son, everyone is worried
that you might fail.

Laxman can't fail when
he has Ram's blessings with him.

And I have it.

I pray to God that when you return
you're wearing... not this cap...

But a police officer's cap!

And you become the greatest
police officer in India!

Hurry up or you'll miss the train!

I'm going.

He still has to meet Radha.

What will happen to me?

They will take me away!

I'm going away to become
a weapon for the enemy.

If they get me married
behind your back?

- But we're already married.
- When?

- In a previous birth, in heaven.
- Heaven?

- Do you want to see it?
- Yes. Where is it?

There, in the moon.

- Can you see it?
- I can't.

Look at the moon.

At the moon, not me.

Shut your eyes.

Say, Om 3 times. Stretch it.

I'll fulfill my word.

Wait for me.

Debu says he wants to
go out with Radha.

I told him in our family girls don't
go out before they are married.

So he immediately agreed.
This is called family upbringing.

A husband should be like this.

Yes a husband must be like him.

Lakhan still hasn't returned.

Bishambar and Bhanu have invited
both of us for Debu's birthday.

You may go. I won't.

You'll have to go. For Radha.

She has nobody else.
Lakhan too isn't here.

What? You invited Ram for
Debu's birthday party?

I've even sent his
mother an invitation.

So that she comes and sees
how her honor, her arrogance...

...is being crushed under my shoe!

- I haven't understood.
- Radha was to marry Lakhan.

The whole city knows that.

That same Radha in public, will put
her arms around Debu not Lakhan!

I'll make the wretch dance
amidst the prostitute's.

No, I won't go there.

I don't want to go there!

A woman's struggle is fought with
her determination not her tears.

If you have the determination
and true love in your heart...

It won't take long
for them to crash down.

The whole world will watch.

Whichever song you sing should be
in praise of Debu and this family.


This party lacked the sun and moon.
They too have arrived!

Blessed are we that Ram came here!

Please come in.

Take a seat. This is a special
seat for special guests only.

See, Ram has come.


Shastri's daughter, on the occasion
of our son, Debu's birthday...

...will sing a melodious song.

Some people may appreciate
her song and dance.

And some may not like it.
But those who don't approve...

...should keep sitting
in their seats.

They mustn't leave because even if
prostitutes are singing, dancing...

The party is of decent people.

Gifted girl, get up.
Everybody's eyes are on you.

Begin your song before us.

Come on. Get up.

See how pretty she is.

Sit in front of Debu.

O Lord Ram, he's
given me a lot of pain.

Your Lakhan has given
me a lot of pain.

I've lost my peace and my sleep.

He's made my life difficult.

He's given me a lot of pain.

Your Lakhan has given me a lot of pain.

O Lord Ram, he's
given me a lot of pain.

He's the lamp and I'm the flame.

He laughs while I cry.

He might care for my
love but to test that...

I'll have to drink poison.

He's given me a lot of pain.

Your Lakhan has given me a lot of pain.

My eyes and my dreams.

He took them all away with himself.

Why did he leave this
damn life of mine?

That deceiver has stolen
everything of mine.

He's given me a lot of pain.

Your Lakhan has given me a lot of pain.

After listening to my sighs, O Lord Ram.

Look that cruel one has come.

Had I known that he was so cruel...

Then I would've never
fallen in love with him.

He's given me a lot of pain.

Your Lakhan has given me a lot of pain.

Which Lakhan are you talking about?

I'm talking about my dear Lakhan.

I'm talking about my beloved.

I'm talking about my beloved Lakhan.

That Lakhan.

I'll kill you!

Hey you! Listen to this.

I do whatever my heart desires.

You also do what I do.

Make 1-2 into 4 and
turn 4-2 into 1.

My name is Lakhan.

I'm the beloved of all.
My name is Lakhan.

Have you explained our
problem to Sir John?

- Yes.
- She's told him.

You will be punished because
you cheated Sir John in business!

Not me sir. That was Shankar.

- Whose man was he?
- Mine.

- Who made this promise?
- I did.

Then who should be punished?

Take the body away!

If you say, we'll come another day.

Don't be afraid. Come with me.

How are you?

Bibiya must have told you everything.

Sir John feels it's more important
to release Kesariya from prison...

Rather than kill Ram and Lakhan.

- Why? - Because our
goods worth 26 crores...

Only Kesariya knows where
it is hidden across the border.

Our problems have increased since
Lakhan became a police officer.

But we've heard that Inspector
Lakhan wants to shake hands with you.

This is his trick.

You have to make Lakhan your arrow.

An arrow before which
even Ram is helpless.

If we play games, so will they.

Let them play.

We'll play later.

It's thanks to your devotion that...

Ram is a senior inspector today.

And Lakhan too is in the force.

I've heard you're going
on a 2 month pilgrimage.

Yes, it was my desire...

The day my sons would be settled,
I'd go on a pilgrimage to Amarnath.

I can understand what
a struggle it must have been.

The struggle is over not the war.

The battle is about to begin.

I have to win this war.

I've seen enough poverty in my life.

But if you keep giving me
these little boxes of chocolate...

Then what will happen to my
program of poverty eradication?

First let the job get done.
Then you'll get big boxes too.

Come in brother.

Just to remind you that we have to
go to the station to drop mother.

I know. You go ahead. I'm on my way.

I mean does anybody bring
chocolates to the police station?

Call me home. We'll eat there.
We'll fill our stomach.

And as you've given this with love,
let it remain close to my heart.

Your job will be done.

Live long my children.

Always love each other like this.

- Brother?
- Have you eaten?

Would I have eaten without you?

Thought I'd play the tambourine.
I'll warm up dinner.

Come and sit here.

When you were born, I ran
and shouted at the top of my voice...

My brother has come!
My Lakhan has come!

Yes, mother did tell me.

She must have also told you
why Dad named us Ram and Lakhan.

To destroy the evil!

To follow the ideals
of Lord Ram and Laxman.

These are old tales. These days
Ramayana is just a book.

It's just a drama, a TV serial.

Everybody enjoys watching it
but following it is different.

Times have changed.

Times keep changing and
will continue to change.

But the ideals of Ramayana
existing for thousands of years...

...has never been and can never be
changed by a man living for 80 years!

You and I are nothing at all!

I don't understand you.

I'll explain.

The chocolate you were trying
to eat in uniform today...

...can turn into poison tomorrow.

And neither can Mother bear
to see you consume poison...

Nor me.

- I did nothing of that sort.
- Nor will you do it!

Don't make me promise.
I put you under oath!

Or you'll see me dead!

No promises!

Sir, these trucks of BB Roadways
without any checking, openly...

The rope should be left slack
before you catch the big elephant.

Let them go. The owners of
BB Roadways are related to me.

Will you shame me by stopping them?

Well done nephew.

You've cleared our test.

There will be chaos!

Uncle a businessman!
Nephew a policeman!

Peace all around!

- My first fee.
- How much?

A lakh.

Give him a lakh.

Let the relation be sealed.
Eat a sweetmeat my kid.

Sweetmeat? Of love?

- Eat one uncle.
- No, I'm diabetic.

The doctor has prohibited me.
I will die if I eat it.

- For my sake.
- I will die.

Eat it dear uncle.

He ate it!

I'll pay them back for
everything they did to you!

Everything they have is ours.

And I will get it back.

If I lose your support
in this war, I will die!

No, I am with you.

These are your 2 lakhs.

- Brother?
- We want to search your bag.

There's nothing in this.
Just something for the house.

Search this bag.

What are you doing?

- Sir, this bag?
- Quickly open it.

Get married soon.

I don't understand one thing.

By some way Lakhan has
become an inspector.

But how has he got so much money?

He wields a lot of clout.

He locks up anyone.

He has turned crazy!

You know the owner of BB Roadways?

He lost his tongue before him!

Sit up! I don't lose my tongue
before anybody at all!

- You've lost it!
- What? - Hour tongue!


Surround the shop!

Keep sitting! People manipulate
things in changing positions!

- You've been raided!
- What?

From today I'm not brother
but Inspector Lakhan Pratap Singh!

Read out the public's complaints.

Complaints against you.
Listen! Report number 1.

He mixes stones in the rice.

- Report 2? - He sticks extra
weight to the bottom of the scale.

- Report number 3?
- He stocks oil in the room inside.

The punishment for
adulteration and hoarding?

3 years imprisonment.

And a fine of 50000 rupees!


- Listen, son. - Do law keepers
listen to the people or criminals?

I find you very cute
when you scold me.

This is your own shop,
your own house my son.

Will you raid your own house?
My sister, Sharda...

You may go. I'll follow.

This miser is making me
emotional by taking mother's name.

He's not a miser.
He is Radha's father.

Have you forgotten your childhood?
You'd call me uncle then.

Radha is waiting for you.
We were just talking about you.

Lakhan hasn't come... is what we said.

Have tea before you leave.
Meet Radha too.

She has made sweetmeats for you.

On one condition.

Only if Uncle himself
will make me tea!

Today even his Pop will do this!

In the meantime, come up
and meet Radha. What sir?

Yes, yes.

Eat the sweetmeat.

Do you recall when I was small
Radha would feed me sweetmeats?

Not only that, I remember
everything. You were so cute!

Then even today I will only eat
when Radha feeds it to me.

Feed him dear.

The enemy has now become an inspector!

Didn't you tell Uncle of
all the scoundrels I arrested?

Yes, you did. Except for one.

- Whom? - Sir, I'm ashamed
to take your name.

I mean first of all,
he raided Seth Dhaniram.

The second was Dinaram.
He had him hung upside down.

And hit him in this very spot
that the sky turned red.

I've brought gold bangles for you.

- What will happen to us?
- Whatever I wish!

Lakhan has manipulate little things.

But he can't release a prisoner
like Kesariya from prison.

To top it that case is in Ram's hands.

Whoever's hands it be in,
I want Kesariya!

At any cost.

What's the relation between Bishambar
and Sir John. Where's his hideout?

I told you a hundred times I don't
know where Sir John's hideout is!

Where is Sir John's hideout?

Have you heard, Biliya has
called Lakhan to her house.

We are fully confident...

...that you can release
Kesariya from jail.

And we'll give you a
bungalow worth 12 lakhs.

And 2 lakhs in cash.

You want to be richer than Bishambar.

I even know this.

How did you find out all this?

Here's your advance of 2 lakhs.

But there's only one way to
become richer than Bishambar.

You must appease Sir John.

Sir John will take you to the skies.

I know that Sir John is the one
who took Bishambar to the skies!

But some people forget their
position once they hit it rich.

They also forget humanity.

They think the ones
on the ground as corpses!

By the way we think alike.

I will positively keep my word to you.

If Lakhan makes place in Bibiya's
heart, he'll ruin all of us!

Then he'll sit in Sir John's
lap and shoot at us!

This key can open
any lock in this world.

It's called master key, my friend.

Tell me where is Sir John's den!

If you think you're a master
and you'll find some such key...

...using which you'll break
out of here, you're wrong!

Sir, Kesariya has run away!

- What?
- I want to know how he escaped!

I'm very pleased to meet
a player like yourself.

He's a very capable hero.

Sir John is hosting a grand party
in your honor for freeing Kesariya.

May I also call my poor friends?

- Absolutely not!
- They dance very well.

We've seen them dance
This is western dance.

Not what beggars dance in streets.

Debu has called dancers from
America especially for this party.

When my son sings and dances
even Bibiya will be astounded.

Then why not call both parties
and have a competition?

And I'll give the winner
anything he desires.

Do you understand the meaning
of a reward you desire?

He could even ask for your Radha.

I won't even give him half a Radha!

If you lose tonight,
we're all destined to ruination!

I've danced for 12 years in America!

What will these Indian fools
dance in comparison to me!

Debu added some pills to the betel
leaf they're eating to turn them mad!

There's something fishy in the betel.

Be careful. The enemy is
out to destroy us.

It must be one of our own men
who helped Kesariya escape.

And you have to find this Ram.

Don't forget if I don't
find him in thirty days...

I'll have to resign.

Who could have betrayed us?

Friends, how awesome this party is!

There's a lady for whom two men are crazy.

There's one beauty and two crazy lovers.

But one is a hero and
another one is a zero.

Now you only tell me, who's
the hero and who's the zero.

Everyone salutes me.

They all take my name.

My name..- Hero!

I'm that hero... yes that hero.

He's that zero.
- Yes he's a hero... that guy is a zero.

Hey zero, say something.

Lakhan, come on say something.

Come on, get up.

No one salutes me
nor takes my name.

I can turn one lakh into ten lakhs.

I'm that zero... yes that zero.

Oh my hero... yes zero.

Oh my hero.

Mister hero, tell us, what is love?

Oh my god, don't even
mention the word love.

Love is for crazy people.

Mister zero, now you
tell us, what is love?

Love is love and nothing else.

It is for crazy people.

Well said, very well said.

What "well said"!
He didn't say it right.

Forget whether it's right or not.

Let the heart connect
with the other hearts.

Hey hero... say something, zero.

Mr. Hero, Mr. Zero.

Your names are a bit difficult.

If one of you is a lover,
then I'll give my heart to him.

My name is very popular
among the beauties of the city.

I don't know who it is,

but there is one crazy lover
among the three of us.

Everyone salutes me,
they all take my name.

I'm that hero... yes that hero.

I'm that hero.
He's that zero.

I can turn one lakh into ten lakhs.

I'm that zero... oh my hero.

I'm like a fireball.

I'm like a lightning.

I'm like a mountain.

I'm like a sea.

I'm like a storm.

I'm like magic.

I'm a crazy lover.

I'm a zero.

My name is Lakhan.

He's a hero.

Hearsay can be wrong but not
what you see for yourself!

You were drunk and happy
in Sir John's party!

Yes. I don't deny that.

One has to be part of the gang
before one can blow its' cover.

This was my secret mission.
I wanted to reach Sir John's house.

Did you take the commissioner's
permission for this mission?

Did you take help
from any other officer?

Ram sir's method of working
is different from mine.

Yes, they are all trying to
understand your way of working.

How can an officer possess a house,
TV, fridge, etc. In a short while?

Everybody knows I won a lottery.
I have proof.

These days only people *******
win lotteries, never the poor!

So you mean to say I'm the king
of all these nefarious activities!

Maybe not but you are the soldier
who shuts his eyes while on duty.

Does business and steals with
people like Jeeva and Bishambar!

- Brother...
- Don't call me brother!

Right now you are in a police
station, talking to your senior!

Under such circumstances,
wouldn't it be better if...

...such an officer is transferred
or removed from the department.

Only my enemy can think of
removing or transferring me out.

Or the person who envies me
my fame, my progress, my money!

Who is jealous of my success!

You mean I'm jealous of you?

Bishambar and Bhanu always
told me but I never believed them!

How can a brother be
jealous of his own sibling?

But today I'm convinced in
matters of business and career...

A brother can be jealous!

You mean to say that...

I am jealous of you?

Yes, you are jealous of me.

- I'm jealous of you?
- Yes, you are jealous!

- I'm jealous of you?
- Yes, you are jealous!

Will I be jealous of you?
Of my own brother?

Will I be jealous of your success?

I'm surprised that a man like you
can suddenly become so emotional!

Yes sir, I became emotional.

Now watch how the old woman
loses both her weapons!

This journey is very long.

Who knows when we'll reach home.

We will make it with
the help of this stick.

Someday we will reach there.

Great! This is how
one should make progress.

My best wishes on buying
this new bungalow.

- All your blessings.
- Now do one more thing.

Get a pretty little bride
to adorn this new house.

Just what I wanted to do.

I can't even imagine you'd make
a house with your sinful earnings.

- Who told you this?
- Brother Ram told my Dad.

What you are and what you'll become!

- What will I become?
- You'll go to prison!

You've let me down! I don't want
your love! Take back your bangles!

And forget me.

You are great.

Your formula number
34 fit beautifully!

What are you doing here?
Where's Lakhan?

- Didn't he meet you?
- What do you mean?

- He... home...
- What? Home?

He left home.

He took his things
and mother's temple.

We pay you for your chair.

- Not for being Ram's brother!
- Meaning?

Your brother has sworn to have
you removed from your chair!

- Who told you this?
- We have our own CID.

Enough. Our job is done.

Do whatever you please.
Now I'll never come in your way.

Before leaving mother left the
responsibility of this temple to me.

And I've come to take this back.

This temple will stay here only.

It will stay where mother stays.

Mother will stay here, with me!

Mother will decide where she
will stay, not you.

So till she returns,
her temple will be here.

Mother's temple will be here where
everything stinks of sinful earnings?

Sin and virtue are words made
by old fashioned people like you!

Who walk around with the arrogance
of virtue and righteousness!

Who neither understand anyone's
feelings nor their pain!

Whose pain are you talking about?

The one whose temple
you want to take away.

Have you ever thought of her pain?

Have you ever felt her past wounds?

You are talking of the old wounds
that I know very well.

But I'm thinking of the
wounds coming her way

...which will be worse
than the old wounds!

When she returns to see your true self.

A thief hidden behind a uniform!

The law keeper who one day
will be in the hands of the law!

Have you ever thought
wounded she will be?

What will she feel when
she sees her two sons...

...who were her hopes,
her weapons, her strength...

...are now broken, fragmented!

You are responsible for this.

- I?
- Yes, you!

You always considered your
little brother too little!

Whenever I wanted to proceed,
you kept some hurdle in front of me!

You always tried to break
the ladder that was taking shape!

You told Devdhar! Commissioner!

Slapped and insulted me in
front of the police department!

You took my childhood love,
Radha away from me!

Now what do you want?

You want to take my mom away from me!

I have only one support.
Do you want to snatch that too?

Yes, I want to take away everything!

Because I'm your enemy not brother!

I'm a scoundrel! A stigma on
the name of a brother like Rama!

Is this what you wish to say?

I can take no more!

Waiting here for one moment
will be worse than a storm!

You won't take this temple.

Move out!

You've hit me enough!

But today I won't take it!

Will you beat me?

I won't hold my hand back
if the need arises!

Lift your hand! Hit me!

You hit me!

Go away or it will be calamitous!

It won't be calamitous!
The calamity has occurred!

- I won't let you take the temple.
- I'll see how you stop me!

Let go!

You'll hit your brother!

Leave Lakhan alone!

You're bound by your mother!

For your mother's sake!

Drown yourselves!

Your mother has gone thousands
of miles away on a pilgrimage!

To ask God for a boon of love
for you! For unity and success!

And here, you have
turned into enemies!

That too in front of her temple!

Give it a thought!

If you can't think of yourself,
think about mother!

Where must she be?
What must she be doing?

The Lord of Lords!

Just as you gave Lord Rama
and Laxman the boon...

...of courage and strength
to destroy the demons.

Give my Ram and Lakhan
the same boon.

So that I can offer my
husband's remains to the Ganges.

And fulfill my pledge!

Tomorrow is going to be
a terrible night for all of us!

We will need you.

Our goods worth 51 crores will be
unloaded at the Dinapur border.

And Lakhan and his men will
mislead the Border Security Force.

So Sir John has decided to give you
5 crores for doing this job.

You can enjoy your life with this.

Put your heart into this last dive!

One should have a heart
in his chest to do so.

I mean my heart is
in your partner's fist.

Tell him to open his fist.

And return my heart, my love.

Sure. But who is your love?

The name of my love is...

Lakhan is our hero.

Hurting him now means
we'll hurt our own business.

No harm in promising.

All right sir.
We accept if you say so.

But our promise will only be kept...

...when our contraband reaches
Surya Mansion in Dinapur.

Yes, Surya Mansion.

The one next to the railway line.
There is its' picture.

Why did the smile on your face
vanish on seeing the picture?

Now only Bishambar uncle can
return my smile to me.

How is that?

Sir I don't want money in
return for tomorrow's job.

I want something else.

Your pen, Bibiya's blank paper.

And Bishambar uncle's signature.

Signature? For what?

Surya Mansion will be mine
from the day after tomorrow.

How dare you!

This house is in ruins.

It's not a ruin!

It's the sweat and blood of
my father and grandfather!

- My mother's dream!
- You won't get it at any price!

And I want it at any cost!

- What are you saying?
- I'm making a deal.

We're giving you 5 crores!

I don't want 5 crores.
I only want this house!

Sit down, we'll sit and decide.

You will also get the mansion.

That's my property sir!

People who sell diamonds don't
care for the cost of wood.

Give him that ruin.

Give him paper for the signature.

Sign it.

Lakhan will get this paper
only when we get our stuff.

Is the deal okay?

I will definitely answer the
game that rascal played with us!

Watch how I make him play!

They've come from the
CBI department, from Delhi.

I'm Bedi, CBI officer.
We have urgent matters to discuss.

You didn't go to the
station to pick up mother.

No, Lakhan has gone.

- How are you mother?
- I'm fine.

Do you know what boons
I've asked for both of you?

Where is Ram?

He's been put on some duty.
I'll get your luggage. Let's go.

Bring mother's luggage in.

- Where are we going?
- Come in mother.

Where have you brought me son?

- Home.
- Home?

Your house, our house.

Bring some orange juice for mother.

But where is Ram?

Sit down mother. You are tired.

Have a bath. I've installed a hot
water machine in the bathroom.

I asked where Ram is.

He's in his house.

- The old house?
- Yes mother.

Now brother and I have
decided to live separately.

Someday we have to be separated.

We did so today instead of tomorrow.

You had promised me that when we
split, you'll always be with me.

Has the house been made or split?

This building, destroying...
is all in brother's hands.

For no reason he got angry
with me, lost his temper!

- Why?
- Why? Because I'm a police officer!

And I started earning money
soon as I become an officer.

I even won a lottery!

I became rich. And that's no crime!

Whatever I am today is
because of my hard work.

I played footsie with the world
and kept earning money!

Have this orange juice.

First of all I want to meet Ram.

- First drink this.
- I said I want to meet Ram first.

You will come back after seeing him?

Yes. I will come.

He can be arrested at any time.

But it's better if you stay with him.

He loves you a lot.

And you too have always
loved him more than me.

Doesn't matter if
we couldn't get along.

You will get along.

You are a mother.

Yes I know mother...

I know I'm your heart.

But I also know that...

Lakhan is your heartbeat.

Of what use is just the heart?

Where is the temple?

Take me to Lakhan.

Yes, I want to go to Lakhan.

Now what are you waiting for?

Nothing at all.

Mother has already given her decision.

If you wish you too
can come to this house.

- No!
- Mother!

Move aside Ram! I hold you by oath!

No! No!

This is not the result of my penance!

This is not justice!

This is injustice, not justice!

This is not what I'd asked for!

I'd wanted a war with
Bishambar and Bhanu.

Not between Ram and Lakhan!

Ram and Lakhan were my weapons.

And you broke my weapons!

Lakhan who is my own son!

And you cut away a part of my heart!

You cut a mother's heart!

Have mercy on me Lord!

Have mercy on a grief-stricken woman!

Your mortal remains...
will they never...

...be immersed in the Ganges?

Will your mortal remains never
be immersed in the Ganges?

These bones are the mortal remains
of my husband Thakur Pratap Singh.

He was murdered before my eyes
by Bishambar and Bhanu.

He is Kuldeep Bedi from
The Delhi CBI Department.

There are some charges on you.

Hence you are under arrest.

Here is your arrest warrant.

Come on.

Call him sir!

Called us home for dinner
and going out on duty?

Do me a favor.

Give mother's temple back to her.

And tell her Lakhan will return
only after completing your pledge!

Forgive me but mother's pledge
is more important than your duty!

Walk me till there.

I promise to come to you
after I finish my job.


What are you saying?
Follow him!

What are you saying?
He'll be ruined this way.

And where's Ram? I'm on my way.

- What's the matter?
- Lakhan ran away from police custody.

Stupid boy! Ram is worried so am I.

The fool says his mother's pledge
is more important than police duty!

Welcome my nephew!

You are warmly welcomed.

Come in. Sir John is waiting for you.

The mines are laid
all around the mansion.

Both of you go home.

What's going on?

What's all this sir?

This is in your honor.

You've taken the cash.
And you'll get this mansion.

As well as the queen of your dreams!

She'll come breezing in.

But do you remember your promise?

You have to take our trucks across
the border before the sun rises.

Yes sir. I am ready.

Give him his uniform.

I'll go without my uniform.

Because everybody there recognizes me.

There will be no fun
without the uniform.

- But sir I...
- Wear the uniform.

Now I can't wear this uniform.

Don't play games with me.
Wear the uniform.

Wear it son.

- Wear the uniform.
- Wear it bad man.

I said I won't wear it.

- Wear it.
- I said I won't wear it!

Son wear the uniform!

So you won't wear the uniform!

You won't wear it?

Even your Pop will wear it!

You will have to wear it!

They know that the
police is behind you.

Also why you have come here!
Why did you tell lies?

He too has failed.

So we'll have to pass him too.

Before that...

At least let him see the
queen of his dreams once.

Sure. Why not?


Best wishes on your fifth wedding.

This is a beautiful present
from us for you.

Bastard! Scoundrel!

Beat the rascal!

Beat the living daylights out of him!

My brother has committed crimes
but somebody else is behind it.

Yes, a conspiracy. You have seen
the plant but the root is elsewhere.

Sir John here.

Your brother is with us,
pleading for his life.

We thought the job that Lakhan
couldn't complete will be done by Ram.

You can save your
brother's life if you wish.

My men will explain everything to you.

You will come alone to check post
number 7. You means only you.

So now we have to work with the
scare of Sir John's threats!

The entire police department
is put to shame like this.

This will never happen.

Does this mean we leave
Lakhan there, to die?

- Are you in your senses?
- What else do we do?

- Do we bend before them?
- Yes. Ram will have to bend.

Because I know Lakhan is his life.

And Ram can't live without Lakhan.

I'll stay without him.
I'll manage to survive!

Will he test me each time?
Give me sorrow?

I'll live without him.

You didn't believe what I said.
Now see it for yourself.

It's just love.

Lakhan will marry Bibiya.

It's been 9 hours
since they took Radha.

- Who took her?
- Bishambar and Debu.

They said they want to show her
birth chart to some holy man.

I think they pulled
wool over your eyes.

Tell him about Lakhan.

Before you do any drama
in tonight's party...

I ask you for the last time.

Do you object to marrying me?

No. I accept.

But on one condition.

You'll have to bring Lakhan before
me just once before the wedding.

- Why?
- Will you have him freed?

Or killed?

You'll get the answer only then.

The game will be interesting.

Ram will have our cocaine
taken out of the border today.

Till then you hear the wedding drums!

Cruel, unaware, unfaithful beloved.

I won't kill you and I
won't leave you alone.

Slowly and steadily I'll torment you,
and I'll break your stone like heart.

Cruel, unaware, unfaithful beloved.

You have no religion.
You have no faith.

How can you become a good lover
when you're not even a good person.

I'll never attach my name to yours.

Slowly and steadily I'll torment you,
and I'll break your stone like heart.

Cruel, unaware, unfaithful beloved.

- Where's my Lakhan?
- What did you say?

Sharda has taken both
of them to Lakhan?

- Now she'll kill them all!
- No, she can't.

- How?
- If you do as we say.

I've done your job. As per your
word, now tell me where Lakhan is.


- Who cheated me?
- This is my childhood habit.

Sir we're on our way.

I'll give you one more chance.

Try to deceive me once again.

People will see this game of hide
and seek until this bullet is fired.

I'll run behind you becoming your death.

Slowly and steadily I'll torment you,
and I'll break your stone like heart.

Cruel, unaware, unfaithful beloved.

Hey you! Listen to this.
I do whatever my heart desires.

You also do what I do.

Make 1-2 into 4 and
turn 4-2 into 1.

My name is Deodhar.

I'm the best enemy.
My name is Deodhar.

- A shot has been fired!
- Stop this nonsense!

Stop the band.

What nonsense is this?

- Problem.
- What problem?

Are you all right?

What drama is this?

Tell him what will happen if
we tell him about the drama.

They will break out in sweat,
do it in their pants, like you!

Don't tell them.
Swear by me, you won't.

No my child.

My heart says I should
give them a warning.

Brother, don't let blood...
don't let your blood boil!

Come here.

In front of everyone
tell us the warning.

Who is he?

He is my friend.

I'm sorry. Forgive me.

But he looks like a smuggler.

If you're his friend,
explain to him...

...not to pick bones with smugglers!

- Which smuggler?
- Some squint-eyed rascal Sir John.

I'm going to be related to you,
so I've come to explain to you.

Don't play the game you
plan to with Sir John.

- We'll all be ruined!
- What game?

Let me tell him everything.
He is your friend, isn't he?

He'll pretend to get my daughter
married to Sir John but all false.

And then Sir John will be killed!

You tell me has Sir John worn
bangles? He too will rise in revolt!

And he'll hit you first
as you're his friend!

And then you because you're
his friend. And then me too!

Don't ' Devdhar' me! I won't let
you kill that bastard Sir John!

This is Sir John.

Sir John is a great scoundrel!

- Sir!
- He's a dog!

- He's a fool! And squint-eyed!
- Master!

What, ' master! ' It's our duty
to save the lives of relatives.

I won't let him murder Sir John!

Murder? Who will murder me?

Nobody is murdering you.
I mean Sir John's murder.

That blind man with a stone eye!

I am he!

The player had feet of clay.

- Listen...
- Shut up you fool!

Priest, begin the marriage ceremony.

Put tilak to the groom.

Now it's my turn Sir John!

- Devdhar Shastri.
- Long live!

That's wonderful! You look
just like James Bond!

You haven't recognized me.

The lion whom other lions fear.

His name is Devdhar.

This is the time for action
not dialogues.

- Action one.
- Bring Lakhan here.

- Action two.
- Send Radha with us.

I'll say the next.

Your story finishes here
and my story begins.

Hunting lions is neither a
grocer's job nor his destiny!

Look here.

If anybody moves an inch,
Radha will be blown to smithereens!

You did play your hand
but not with finesse.

See who is standing before you.

Your death!

Who has come at the appointed hour!

This is the mother of that Ram
whose brother you snatched away!

This is the mother of Lakhan whom
you threw down the drain of corruption.

This is the wife of
Thakur Pratap Singh.

Whose stains of blood are
still on my clothes!

Can you see these stains?

Can't you see them?
Then here, have a look!

Take Radha away.

Where is my Lakhan?

Find the old woman! And kill her!

No sound.


- Did you bring the stuff?
- Kesariya never fails.

- Give me the money!
- No! Let it be there.

Mother, wait here.
I'll go and look for Lakhan.

First tell me who
switched off the lights?

If I wouldn't switch off the
lights, all of you would be fused!

Brother-in-law, switch on the lights.

No! Crush the serpent in the dark!

You and here?

Wherever the devil, Ram will be found.

Here is mother's sari.

The color of whose blood
is spreading all around this house.

Take this.

Today you have to fight but remember...

Not as Lakhan, but as
Inspector Lakhan Pratap Singh!

Here is the paper of this mansion.

Our victory lies in yours.

But I will be victorious
in this game.

Death stands behind you!

You love to make me wear
my uniform? Now put it on me.

Come on!

Take mother out.

It's pitch dark outside.

- Where is Radha?
- She left with Shiva.


Take Radha out.

Go and switch on the explosives.

Any sign of Lakhan?

Your Lakhan is alive.

These wounds?

The punishment for my deeds.

This uniform?

I now wish that when I die and
my brother gets my dead body...

It is of an honest inspector
Lakhan Pratap Singh!

And not of the cheat Lakhan
whom everyone was ashamed of!

See where your actions
brought all of us!

Is this what you wanted?

Were these your dreams?

You set off to change the world.

Stupid boy! You're saying sorry!

Go upstairs. I'll go down.

Blow up this mansion!

My son, Lakhan! I'm your uncle.

Uncle isn't this the room?

...from where you
dragged my mother out?

Come on! Now it's your turn!

Brother he's the devil
who killed our Dad!

Take us also.

You failed everything.
Now you think of me!

I'll get them back!

Surrender to the police!

Save her if you can.

Let them go.

Sir there's a message from the
mansion that Geeta has been kidnapped.

Bring her here and tie her
to this same railway line.

Where we cut her husband to shreds!

Serpent! Out to sting us?

If you try to kill me,
keep this in mind...

You'll also get their dead bodies!

Stay put!

Stop. Surrender to the law.

You were right.

The ideals of Ramayana written
long ago have never changed.

Neither can we ever change them.

Do you know what I feel today?

I feel my Lakhan.

Timings and songs translated by Bluerain_20