Ram Asur (2021) - full transcript

The film's story is said to be set in two different eras: one is story set in 1989 while the other that runs concurrently is set in 2020. What's the connection between these two stories and the reason behind it forms the main plot of the movie.

In threthayug, the good and bad existed in
the same world in the form of Ram and Ravan.

In Dwaparyug, it existed in the same family
in the form of Pandavas and Kauravas.

But, in Kaliyug...

Near Srirampuram Village

Present in Hyderabad

2 months before...

Ram, bye.

Hey, who's that girl?

What have you turned this room into?
With all these beer bottles?

How long will you stay locked in this
room while being drunk all the time?

Didn't you say you have moved on from Priya?

Priya broke my heart 1 year ago
but it still hurts when I remember her!

Emotional pain is long-lasting than physical pain.

I am doubting myself, if I can accomplish
what I was meant to!


if you want to reach your destination then pave the way for it.

If you lock yourself in this room and stay inebriated all the while,

forget about achieving your goal,
you can't even get near it.

Ram, look here.

Look here and listen to me.

I have a solution for your problem.

Come with me.

Near VaitheeswaranKoil Temple


is Mr. Ramachari home?
- Yes, he is.

Come in.

Please have a seat, grandpa will join
you after his adoration to God.

(Sanskrit Chants)

Mr. Srinivas recommended you to us.

We want a solution to one of our problems.

You won't come by your will neither would
you come here because someone has given this address to you.

You would come here only if the
almighty is willing to get you here!

Did you learn about Nadi Astrology before
meeting a Nadi Astrologer?

No, sir.

The past, present and future of a person has been
itched in the Palm-leaf manuscript by Maharishis many years ago.

The science of Nadi Astrology is to study
the palm lines of a person

and guide him by referring to a manuscript that
suits him out of thousands of manuscripts.

Now tell me, what's your problem?

Swami, he is my friend.

He has never seen failures in his life until now.

He has been successful throughout his life
but in recent times due to mental tensions,

he has been failing at everything.

Loss in business,

love failure and most importantly he is failing in
the experiments which he loves to conduct.

You must guide him to the way to achieve his dreams.

Put the impression of your thumb.

Right over here.

Hail Lord Sri Rama!

Your parents have named you after Lord Ram's name.

Your birth year is 1996 and your birthplace is Hyderabad.

You lost your parents at a very young age and you
have been raised by an orphanage along with your friend.

The solution to your problem has germinated
about 30 years ago in another person's mind in the form of thought.

If you want a solution to your problem,

visit the place called Sriramapuram and study about Anaparthi Suri,

you will definitely find a solution.

But swami…

You don't have much time! Please…

We'll take your leave

God bless you!


if his destiny is predetermined then was it also
predestined that his visit to Sriramapuram should happen because of you?

Why are you laughing? Is it predestined?

Your question answers for itself, dear!

In that case, why did you tell them that they
don't have much time?

Will he achieve his goal?

He is 24 years old,

before he turns 25 he must fulfil his dream
otherwise he might not survive.

His choice of path will decide if his destination is
death or victory.

Excuse me, do you know where Anaparthi Suri stays?

Suri? He has been dead for 30 years…

Can you tell me something about him?

If I start reciting his autobiography to you,
my wife will oust me of my home!

I need to leave.

Excuse me, uncle!
Please leave me…

Ram, let's ask in that tea stall


There used to be a man named
Anaparthi Suri who stayed here…

do you know anything about him?

Him? He was a good-for-nothing fellow.

Anyway, he died 30 years ago
why are you asking about him now?

We are here to find some details about him

Are you guys journalists?

Are you gonna write a story about him?

But what's there to tell about him…

he was a rowdy sheeter, there's nothing
more significant to tell about him.

Suri is dead, nobody is giving information about him

but Mr. Ramachari has asked us
to find out about Suri in this village.


What shall we do?

Hello… are you here to find out about Anaparthi Suri?


If you want to know about him,
meet his childhood friend Siva.

He will blurt out his entire history to you.

Where can we find him?

You won't find him here,
at this time he would be in the bar.

Ask them once…


Is Anaparthi Suri your friend?

Yes, he is my friend.

Can you tell us something about him?

Who are you? Why do you want to know about him?

Mr. Ramachari sent us…

Ramachari is it? Ok!

Please have a seat and talk…

Please sit.

Tell me what you want to know about him?

We need to know everything about him to
find a solution to my problem.

Nobody knows Suri better than me because
we grew up together since our childhood.

We were orphans so we did everything together.

In our college days, he was the topper of the college.

In 1989 itself his thought process and his
dressing style were 10 years ahead of everyone.

He is the first person to buy a bullet bike in this village.

The sound of its engine was an attitude in itself!

Like everyone has a good side and a bad side,
we too had our well wishers and haters.

And in the list of haters,
Krishna was the first person.

Krishna's father, Balarama Raju was the
uncrowned ruler of this village.

The two incidents that turned Suri's life
on it's head took place on the same day.

The depression over the sea has turned into a
cyclone. Government has warned the civilians to stay on high alert.

Suri, it is going to rain again!

Uncle, the rains have never followed their predictions.

When they least expect the rains,
that's when it showers down.

You know it well!

Meanwhile do one thing, Superstar Chiranjeevi's
new songs have been released, take this cassette and play it.

We shall have a blast.

New songs have realeased?

Why did you inform me so late?

(Song playing in background)

Hot tea, cool climate and megastar's songs…



Who was she?

She is the daughter of Subbarao.

she has just returned from the city after
completing her higher studies.

Ok… Uncle?

Can't you see?

Why was he in such a hurry?

There are diamonds being found near Narsipatnam hill.

I am going to test my luck, leave me.

Suri, Diamonds are being found.

Suri, help me.

Everyone's searching on the other side,
why did you bring me to this side of the hill?

What will you find there after everyone's dug a heap?

So, we shall search on this side.

Oh! Ok, let's go.

Hey, what's this?

A stone!

Shiva… look here…
- What is it?

It's a diamond.

It's a diamond.

It's a real diamond.

We know that, you just tell us it's worth.

It's worth Rs. 65,000.

Rs. 65,000? Give it to us…

Seth, give me the diamond.

I'll see you later.

Don't you want the money?

I'll give you Rs. 80,000.

I'll see you later.

80000, we won't find such a huge amount again.
Listen to me,

give it to him and take the money.
Please try to understand.

Lets go.

What's the point of staring at the
diamond instead of selling it to the pawn shopkeeper!

Rs. 80,000! Do you realize it is worth our lifetime's hard work?

Dude, nobody created this diamond.

It occurred naturally under the ground,

which means, there is some major reaction
that must have acted as a catalyst.

If we find the source behind that reaction
we can create an en number of such diamonds.

I thought so, that you must be crazy
to accept the deal of that shopkeeper.

Now you are claiming to create diamonds?

You have gone mad!

If I stay here even I will go mad.

I'll leave. I'll go away from here…

If someone finds a diamond, either they
will sell it or use it.

But Suri was not like everyone.

He started to think about creating
diamonds from that day onwards.

When the whole village was on the hunt for diamonds,

Suri turned towards the library.

Back in those days, information wasn't available
on the cloud which could be easily accessed through the internet.

One had to depend on the books even for the
minutest of the information.

I have brought all the materials required to learn
about the creation of diamonds.

100's of km beneath the ground the carbon undergoes...

a huge amount of pressure at a very high
temperature which leads to its transformation into the diamond.

These diamonds reach the surface along with the
lava during the volcanic bursts underground.

That's how we are able to dig and find them.

That means if we can artificially create high temperature
and high-pressure conditions, just like beneath the earth,

we can create diamonds ourselves.

Suri, I'm not getting anything that you are saying.

I can only think about the eighty thousand rupees
that you didn't accept.

You won't understand it orally, I'll make it possible practically.

I don't know what he is up to.

Goddess Lakshmi, please shower wealth in my home,

no... no...

shower wealth in my pocket.

You wanted to enter our house
but he refused to sell the diamond and now,

He has absolutely no respect for you.

I have no clue about his plan.

The day Suri started his experiment to create diamonds,
the same day another chapter began in his life.

Isn't it nice?

Very nice.

It's very nice.


You too, walk slowly.

Where are my Chunni (long scarf)?

I kept it here…

There… it's flowing along with water currents.

Hey Suri, this shirt looks so good on me.

Hey, that's the same girl from the tea stall earlier.

Thank you.

Are you from Srirampuram?


I saw you there…

Me too.

We'll meet later.

"What magic you laid upon me..."

"I have turned into a poet after meeting you."

"What magic you laid upon me...."

"I have turned into a poet after meeting you."

"With you in front of me, a small disturbance turns
into restlessness within me."

"The first time I saw you, there was chaos in me
because my dreams had come true."

"You just met me and became one with my heart."

"You stood in front of me and made my life standstill."

"When you walk wearing a smile on your lips,
the world walks along with you."

"Your dislikes are a crime and your likes are a boon."

"If you are mum and unresponsive,
there is unrest all around."

"If you drive away the moon, it stays awake all
night in the darkness."

"You just met me and became one with my heart."

"You stood in front of me and made my life standstill."

"The stars speak with the lightning while you laugh,"

"The dreams were born only after you took birth
and became reality when you permitted them to be."

"My life is fortunate that I have had acquaintance with you."

"My life is fortunate that I have had acquaintance with you."

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
You just met me and became one with my heart."

"You just met me and became one with my heart."

"You stood in front of me and made my life standstill."

Let's go, hurry up…

Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.

Come on…

Suri, every time you come and
honk for 3 times and on your signal,

I come running… all this is a tedious job now!

Instead, it would be so much better if we could
communicate through telekinesis or telepathic thoughts!

Okay! Let's invent such a device?

You will invent?

Don't underestimate me, I'm inventing a method
to create diamonds, you know that?


You won't understand that…

We are in a secluded place and wasting our time
in useless talks, let's do what we came for.

What should we do?

Don't you know?

Do you want a kiss?

What happened?

I like my sister a lot,

If I tell this to my sister and if she tells this to our
mom and then if mom tells this to my dad,

I would be embarrassed in front of him.

Why would you tell your sister that we kissed?

Are you sure I won't tell?

You won't!
- You think so?

Come, kiss me.

What happened now?

If you tell this to your friend, Shiva and Shiva tells
this to someone else...

and that someone else tells this to somebody else
and thus if this matter comes into my father's knowledge...

then I would be embarrassed in front of him.

Why would I tell about our kiss to Shiva?

You won't?
- No!

Come, kiss me…

You're sure about it?

What happened this time?

If someone sees us and if they tell this to my father…

my family's pride will be at stake.
Am I visible to anyone?

Even I can't see you properly!

This is not happening, let's go home.

Don't you want the kiss?

Keep your kiss to yourself!
Come, let's go.


Follow me, be careful, come.


He is drunk.

Hey scoundrel, move away!

I thought you were soft-spoken, what is this?

All the girls seem soft-spoken before being in a relationship,

the revelation happens only later.

This is just a sample,
you have to witness a lot in future. Come, let's go.

Oh God, such complicated beings!

Exactly! All girls are the same.

My wife was also soft-spoken in the beginning but now…

I forgot to tell you…

What is it?

I am going to my grandma's for the next three days.

For three days?
How can I not meet you for 3 whole days?

The same way that I would be without meeting you.

You are getting better at counters!

Anyway, I'll manage somehow, you carry on.

Ok, see you later.

Keep this as a souvenir until we meet again…

Hey, Chandini!


One day is not enough to illustrate Suri's life.

Wait a minute, shall I continue the story from here?

You will tell?

He came to me for details and now
he wants to tell me my story?

Ok, carry on.

Are you surprised that how did the girl from
the photo come into reality?

If you don't believe it, you can touch me and confirm it.

I permitted you doesn't mean that
you would touch the prohibited parts.

I just wanted to confirm if it's hallucination or reality.

Have you cleared your doubts?

Why did you come to my house?

I was missing you so I came back from my
grandma's to visit you.

I missed you a lot.

I missed you too crackpot!

You are a crackpot!

Oh no, a power cut!

Please light a candle, I am scared of darkness.

You don't need to fear while I'm with you.

I'm scared... because of you.


Because you might do something.

Bowl properly…


Hey, Priya!

Hey, throw the ball.

Come on Siri, throw…

One second.

Hi crackpot, what are you doing?

I'm in my hometown with my family.
We are having a blast, Ram.

Why is she lying?

Where are you?

In my hometown…
Why are you repeating the same question?

Actually Ram…
I am feeling guilty that I slept with you.

without knowing whether you truly
love me or it's just lust. So…

So, you lied to me..

You are hiding from me without intimating me.

Priya, you not only suspected my
love for lust but also lied to me.

Don't you know how serious am I about you?

I still remember the first day that I saw you.

Because it was one of the best moments of my life.

My day starts with your thoughts and ends with your thoughts.

In fact, I see us in all the love stories…

Last week, without you at my side,
I felt hollow from within…

Our soul decides our soulmate and my soul has
made its decision that you are my soulmate.

I'm madly in love with you, Priya.

And, I'll love you forever, Priya.

I'm sorry, Ram.


I'm so sorry, Ram.

Is it?


Excuse me, ma'am, this for you.



Open it.


So beautiful!

Ram, you drew this?

For my beautiful princess.

With love.

When did you draw this?

While you were asleep.

So cute! My charming Prince!

Why is he not receiving my call?

Why did you not respond to my call?

Are you bored of me already?

I missed your call due to other work, you crackpot.

What? Does some random
work have more preference to you than me?

Speak up… You got what you wanted and
that's why I am off your priorities, isn't it?

I'm sorry.

Hey, people are watching…

I learnt this method of apologising from you!


I accept your apology, Mr. Expert.



Excuse me… Where are you lost?


Priya, I got an important work.
Talk to you later. Huh?

Where are you going? Ram?


Hey, where are you running to?
Is someone chasing you?

Do not disturb me, I have a breakthrough
idea for my diamond project.

is it?

Delhi has won the match in super over
and you have a super idea, what a coincidence?

Ok, we'll talk about it later.

Coal has a high amount of carbon in it.

So, I proceeded with my experiment with carbon.

In this process, I avoided Priya for a few days
to concentrate on my diamond project.

You don't care about anybody's happiness
apart from yours, you are such a selfish person.

Priya, I was just thinking about you.
Come, sit.

You are least bothered about your girlfriend, right?

See… How many times did I call you,

did you respond to me at least once?

Your WhatsApp last seen status is 20 days ago.

Why do you even carry a phone?
Throw it away in a dustbin.


this is for you!

You think you would buy me a diamond ring and
I would let you go so easily?

I didn't buy it, I made it.

As a part of my diamond project, I have artificially
made a diamond that matches the original diamond up to 70%.

I had to avoid you because of this project...

and I couldn't respond to any of your calls
or messages because I was focused on this.

I'm extremely sorry, Priya.

What? Did you make this diamond?

That means we can manufacture as many as we want!

My knees are hurting, how long should I kneel?
Give me your hand!

Come, sit.

See, this is your last and final warning.

No matter how busy you are,
you must always respond to my calls and messages,

this is the order of this Princess.

What are you looking at?

Baby, can you lend me a kiss?

I promise to give it back to you.

"Oh my dear beloved,
cuddle me at my most sensuous parts"

"Grant me the ultimate pleasure..."

"This girl is yours for the rest of your life"

"You are my lover,
I am asking your proximity..."

"This flower has blossomed,
Come, get me, I'm yours!"

"I can't tolerate the distance..."

"Lock me in with the pleasures of your touch"

"Pull off the veil separating us,
And gratify my voluptuous figure."

"In your hug..."

"I want to melt"

"With your lips..."

"I want to be one"

"The thirst of this body is searing it."

"The attraction has made the desire intolerable."

"Poor Age, it is burning in its own heat..."

"The moment when shore is inches away…"

"Can I stop myself?"

"Can I tolerate any further?"

"Can I stop you?"

"Can I keep you apart?"

"Shall I give up myself to you?"

"Shall I unload the burden or
Become an extinguished desire?"

"In your hug..."

"I want to melt"

"With your lips..."

"I want to be one"

Shall we join you?

Sure, why not!

Oh shit!

Hell, man.

It's nothing, just a small injury.


What happened?

Nothing, just a small injury.

Just move away!

How dare you to lay hands on her!

-She is mine!

Ram, please.

If anyone dares to touch her,

I'll break their bones.
Got it?

Get lost.



Ram, instead of thanking him why are you being so rude?

Hey! Stay away from her, okay?

You girl, make him understand, okay?

Ram, you must thank him for his help.

He doesn't deserve my gratitude.

It's painful here?

Ram, do you already know him?

He is my college mate.

He has too much ego because he is a rich kid.

Maybe, you must have had a misconception.

He seemed like a good person to me.

You won't trust me, right?

Let me give you an example that would
reveal his true nature to you.


you promised to pay back the loan.

You have neither paid the interest
amount nor the principal amount.

Have you forgotten?

No son, I couldn't arrange.

Give me some more time,
I'll somehow arrange it.


I'm ready to waive off the debt in
exchange for your daughter.

What are you talking?

Did it hurt you?

Okay, I'll give you a bumper offer.

You are supposed to pay 5 lakhs to me.

I'll ask 5 questions,

answer them correctly and
I'll waive off the 5 lakhs of debt.

But if you answer them incorrectly, for every
wrong answer your daughter has to strip a piece of cloth.

No, son. I don't want to play this.

Please spare us.

You have no other options, just follow the game.

1st question…
Women can possess it but men shouldn't.


Wrong answer.
The right answer is a loan.

If a woman has a loan, people tend to go
soft on her but if a man like you has a loan,

he loses all his wealth to pay the instalments.

Let her go...

Son, please…

Now, the second question.

The sugar which ants cannot find?

There is no such sugar that the ants can't find.

They can sense any sweet substance through their senses.

Wrong answer.

Ants cannot find the Brown sugar.

Ram, leave him.

Ram, leave him.

Ram, leave him.

Ram, leave him.

You dared to touch me despite knowing my knowledge.

Stay right here if you are man enough!

Hey, get lost!

If a boy asks his girlfriend to stay away from a guy,
it is because he knows about the other guy's intention.

So, try to understand him and maintain your
distances from that person.

Okay but is Mohit really that rich?

I am telling you he is a jerk and you are
asking if he is rich or not, you are a crackpot.

You are a crackpot!

Oh, sorry.

Later, I tried very hard to balance
my love life and my professional life.

But I couldn't.

With the dejection of not being able to
make a diamond with 100% quality,

I decided to take some time off from Priya
and fully concentrate on my diamond project.

We can't stay the same 24×7 with our loved ones.

They must understand this and support
us to have a smooth relationship.

If they fail to understand…

Hey crackpot, how long have you been here?

Ram, do you even love me?

Why are you asking me that question?
Don't you know whether I love you or not?

Now I don't know.

You keep on saying you love me...

where is that love, Ram?

I can't feel it,

I can't touch it,

I can't even see it.

Where's that love, Ram?


You're not the same person whom I loved.

Ram, you said you always think about me.

But now, even when you are with me
you are lost in some other thoughts.

You said you cherish every moment spent with me...

but now, you don't have enough time to spend with me.

Your love for me has reduced.

There is no increase or decrease in the quantity of love,

love isn't quantifiable.

I have loved you and am still loving you.

The only difference is I am unable to spend
the same amount of time with you due to my work pressure.

But, no relationship stays the same like day 01, Priya.

We must understand that and be moral support to
each other instead of questioning the relationship.

I can't support you, Ram.

My friends' boyfriends are becoming more
and more stable financially

but you are hellbent to make your diamond project
a success by ignoring your business,

you are not only avoiding me but depreciating
yourself in your life.

You are losing everything.

What is your problem, that I am not financially
stable or that I am not spending ample time with you?


My life partner should not only
be a loving and caring person...

but also financially strong
because life depends on both money and love.

We are not perfect for each other,

our lifestyle, expectations, everything is different.

Our relationship is not working out, Ram.

Ram, let's break up.

What? Break up?

What are you talking, Priya?

Don't ever try to contact me.

Priya, sit down.


Stay away from me.




I thought she must be pissed like always and
will return once her anger cools down.

But soon I realised that the break-up was not a
result of her anger but her decision to part ways with me.

I tried to contact her numerous times
but she never responded to my calls or texts.

The pain of losing someone whom you thought
to be your soulmate is something that can't be expressed in words.

It is a very tough job to focus on
our careers while enduring that pain.

Her memories haunted me at every step of
my life and I stopped concentrating on my project.

Ram, it's me, Gopal.

I saw Priya along with Mohit in a restaurant.


Come fast.

I'm coming.

Priya, why aren't you answering my calls?

What is he doing here?

Get up…

Ram, don't create a scene here.

What? Scene?

Babe, is there any problem here?

Nothing, I'll handle it.

Who are you calling baby, huh? Get up…

Ram, wait outside, I'll come.


Am I creating a scene here?

Not only that… to be honest in a way,
you are torturing me.

What are you saying, Priya?

Do you know how much I love you?

Ram, I'm done with you.
It's over.

But I still love you, Priya.

I slept with Mohit.

Yes, I slept with Mohit.

And I truly love him.

Baby, what's wrong?

Nothing, let's go.


Later, I tried hard to forget her.

With all the mental tension, I started ignoring my business
and then my friend Gopal took me to Mr. Ramachari.

Is this what happened to your friend?

Same to same.

You took the girl for a ride in your car
and Suri took the girl for a ride in his bike.

You went to restaurants to hang out
and they went to Dhaba to hang out.

Your story has villas in it and this story has modest houses.

Everything else is same to same.

What happened 30 years ago in somebody
else's life is happening to me too!

How is that possible?

I must find the reason behind it…

Gopal, call Mr. Ramachari.


Hello, Swamy… this is me, Ram.

I had earlier visited you.

Tell me, son.

We learnt about Suri as you instructed us to.

I am surprised to find out that what happened in
his life has happened verbatim in my life as well.

What is the reason, Swamy?

Look dear, no two fingerprints in this world
are the same.

But you both are an exception.

Until your 24th year, both your palm lines
are a replica of each other.

That is the reason for these replicate
incidences in your lives.

Brother, in Suri's life, what happened
after Chandini left Suri for Krishna?

Like you guys went to Mr Ramachari,
even we went to him.

Without getting diverted by his memories he
started to focus his entire attention on his project.

Hey Shiva...

Get up…

Get up, man!

What is it?

Didn't I tell you I would make the diamond?
Here, have a look at it.

Suri, how did you make it?

Peanut Butter has high carbon content in it
so I recreated the high temperature...

and high-pressure conditions and applied them on peanut butter.

So, the reactions that took place
as a result of that resulted in this diamond.

This diamond has 80% the quality of an
original diamond found inside the Earth.

You are a genius.

Let's drink palm wine and celebrate your success.

Let's go… let's celebrate!


Yesu, pour him some more.

He is only capable of this

I thought I would visit the heartbroken lover hence
I came this way, but you don't seem so well…

You look just like the Devdas...

with that bottle and attire, only a shawl on your shoulders
and a puppy in your hands are missing.

How dare you?

Shut up, I am talking to him.

Aren't you surprised how the love of your life fell for me?

You got busy in your work and maintained a tiny
bit of distance and snuck in through it with a gift each day.

I showed her a sample of how it would be to
spend the rest of her life with me and she fell for me.

Girls, love and money are interrelated.

You had warned me in the ground to not touch Chandini,

Now I touch her every day.

What will you do? What can you do?


Don't you understand, do not interfere in our lives.

You are fighting with Krishna,
just because I broke up with you and am in love with him?

That's not what has happened…

You stay away, do not interfere in this.

I am not going to tolerate your bullish behaviour.

Krishna, what are you doing with them?
You are a King of this village,

do not degrade your value
by interacting with such classless people.

Come, let's go.

You hit him just because he held my collar.

Obviously, I can't tolerate someone misbehaving with you.

I can't live without you.

Chandini got the love and care from Krishna
which she had expected from Suri.

Moreover, Krishna was financially stable than Suri.

Hence, Chandini married Krishna and led a happy life.

But Suri drowned himself in depression.

The insults of Chandini and Krishna haunted him.

They say behind every successful man there is a woman.

But after seeing Suri I realised, after every
failed man there is a woman too.

Instead of judging Chandini's action to be right or wrong,

it is accurate to say that Chandini chose
the path which gave her a happy life.

But Chandini was unaware of the prodigious
amount of pain that Suri underwent.

How long will you stay like this?

I was hoping for you to be a great scientist but
you have turned yourself into a drunkard.

I am speaking to you…

talk to me.

I am thinking of killing him.

killing whom?

I've decided to kill Krishna.

Are you out of your mind?

Krishna is the son of Balarama Raju, have you forgotten it?

He is as strong and cruel as a demon!

His house is a fortress, there is security at every turn,

you think you can cross all this and kill Krishna?

Even if you succeed and he knows about your effrontery.

Balarama Raju's men will kill us in such a manner
that even our bodies wouldn't be identified.

Listen to me, drop this idea.

I want to kill him.

You know me well, I do not postpone any work.

I'll kill him.

I'll kill him tonight.

Are you out of your senses? Don't understand
what I am saying to you?

They will kill us…

I don't care, I will kill him tonight.

Will you accompany me or not?

I am not coming, you can do as you wish.

The two most intelligent people that I have seen in
my life are Suri and Balarama Raju.

I was shocked to see that anger got the better of Suri's intelligence.

Suri, do not attempt anything in his house.

If you want to kill him, let him come outside, follow
him and attack him at the appropriate spot.

What if he never steps out?

He will.

Be patient! Sit down.

Why is he staring us?

His eyes reveal everything, he is suspecting us.

He went inside, I am nervous.

Hey, I am about to piss my pants,
how are you so calm and cold?

Being nervous won't get your job done.
Only actions can get it done.

You have been here since the afternoon,
what are you doing here?

Brother, my friend is supposed to come here,

we are waiting for his arrival. That's it!


I don't have anything, trust me.



What were doing in front of my house with this knife?

Did any of my enemies hire you as a hitman?

Who would dare to attempt such an act, sir?

We were waiting for someone else. Promise!

Whom were you waiting for?

I will tell you everything, sir.

We found 3 diamond stones near Narsipatnam hill...

out of which, Trimurthulu and his men
snatched 2 diamonds by deceiving us.

We got to know that he was coming this way.
That's why we were waiting for him,

to scare him with that knife and get our diamonds back.

That's it, sir.
Trust me, I had no other intentions.

Subba, get that Trimurthulu here.

If his story is true, I'll get them their diamonds back.

If not, I'll kill them right here.

Ok, sir.

What happened?

They were camping outside our home since afternoon.

We searched them on suspicion and found a knife on them.

They are definitely here to attack us.

That's why we brought them here, in front of Sir.

We must get the truth out of them at any
cost otherwise we might be in grave danger.

Catch them!

He killed our master and his wife.
Kill those scoundrels.

We were lucky to find a cave tunnel to escape the
henchmen of Balarama Raju and we missed our death by a whisker!

Why did you kill Chandini along with Krishna?

She said, she can not live without him,

that's why I sent her with him.

Both would live happily in the heavens.

It's a risky affair to roam along with you!

Your tea is getting cold, have it…

You are worried about the tea?

We are being hunted, our lives are in danger and
you are enjoying your tea without any worries?

I am not the one who would be killed by some
random person attacking from the back.

I walk up to my enemies to tell them
I am going to kill them...

and then I'll kill them mercilessly.

I shouldn't be worried about them,
they should be worried of me.

I am the Danger!


If he is a demon, I am the king of all demons.


Watch today at your nearest theatres!

A film by your favourite actor Chiranjeevi and the
glamorous Sridevi, Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari.

Watch today at your nearest theatres!

On one hand megastar Chiranjeevi
was breaking box office records...

and on the other hand Suri was eliminating
all the henchmen of Balarama Raju.

With the help of Lawyer Rambabu,
who had animosity against Balarama Raju,

we never went to jail even after multiple murders.

Till then the people who were afraid of
Balaram Raju were now scared of us.

Even the wealthiest zamindaar would respect us.

Greetings sir.


You drove away my customers.

What did we do, uncle?

People ran away scaring you guys!

- What?

I'll pay their money as well, first, make us two strong tea.

Of course, you would give.

You have accumulated a lot of wealth by scaring people.

Daddy, I won't tolerate a word against Suri bro.
-Shut your mouth!

Hey Ganesh, I have been calling him
Uncle before you were born.

He has every right to scold me.

Let him… Uncle, you can scold as much as you want.

I don't enjoy rebuking you dear.

You are the most intelligent person in this village.

You are the most educated person as well.

I thought you would become a great man and
achieve great success but you turned out to be rowdy.

It aches my heart to see you like this.

Who said we aren't great?

Even the wealthiest person in this village respects us.

Nobody beats Suri in intelligence and strength.

If strength is the testament of one's greatness
then no one is stronger than Vali.

If knowledge is the testament of greatness
then no one can come close to the knowledge of Ravan.

But Ram became a God as a virtue of his
Character but not knowledge and strength.

Your worth is decided by your
achievements and your character, realize that!

So, we are demons like Vali and Raavan?

I am not implying that.

I am just asking you to incorporate Lord Ram's characteristics.

Uncle, I got some work.
I'll talk to you later.

Uncle, take care of the bike.

Of course, why not? As if it's his own bike…

Brother, I'm coming to too…

Suri, take care of Ganesh.

What will happen to me when Suri bro is around?

Ganesh, come early in the evening.

Don't roam along with them.

Tomorrow, it's your birthday,
I'll buy you new clothes.

Okay dad.

Imported Alcohol may be considered the best but
it doesn't beat the combination of locally made alcohol and pickle.

Is it that good?

Give me a bottle as well…

Hey kiddo, act according to your age.

He is a kid? He is old enough to make kids…

Brother, you both remind me of the
friendship of Duryodhana and Karna.

My Shiva is greater than Karna!

Karna didn't kill the other 4 Pandavas even though
he had the opportunity because he had given his word to his mother Kunti.

If he had killed them,
the war would have ended in favour of Kauravas...

and Duryodhana would have been crowned a King.

But Shiva is not like Karna...

he wouldn't think twice before killing anyone
or laying down his own life for me.

You are high just by having one bottle!

Your talks make no sense, Kunti, Duryodhana,

I don't understand anything.

It's about time for dusk.

We need to cross this hill if we have to reach our village...

it would take one hour to do so…
shall we start?

Wait… Wait… let's do one thing.

What is it?

This is the last bottle,

half for you and a half for me.

We shall race to find who is the fastest drinker.

Have it.

Ganesh, you be the referee.

Okay. Ready?

One, two, three, start.

Who is first?

You finished it before I could even start.

Okay, let's go home.

Give that too, let's not waste anything.
- You want this? Here…

Ya, Ya... let's go…
-Let's go…

Thank you, Ganesh.

Hurry up.

Brother, you called me kiddo.
See, I'm faster than both of you.

We were very high and our stamina had depleted too.

We could barely climb the hill.




climb carefully.

I'm right behind you.

With this steep climb I am completely sober…

Same here, sobriety has kicked in.

Anyway, let's go.

We have a lot of distance to cover.

We faced an unexpected situation at our weakest time.

Balarama Raju had hired a gang
from Tamil Nadu to attack us.

They had camped on the hill to take us by attack.

We could barely walk and we were surrounded
by people with weapons in their hands.

Shiva! Run for your life.

Shiva, follow me.

Run fast.

Ganesh, run fast.

Shiva, throw me a weapon.









Let's go.

Let's go.


Ganesh, come back.

Ganesh, come back.

Ganesh, listen to me.

Ganesh, don't go…



He is dead.

Come, let's bury him.


Thus Suri was killed right in front of my eyes.

It's saddened that Suri, who could have potentially
become a great scientist, died as a rowdy.

When we met Mr. Ramachari,
he told us one thing...

"before achieving the greatest feat of your life,

God gives you a test to evaluate your worthiness
to achieve that feat and Chandini is that test in your life.

If you could sail through this test
successfully you would achieve great heights...

but if you are stuck in her memories and falter
your dreams then you would have to face severe consequences."

Suri failed in his test and faced the consequences.

He found the diamond on the same day
that he saw Chandini...

The day when he met Chandini was the day
when he started his diamond project.

Everything is interlinked.

The same things happened in my life
until my break up with Priya.

What Suri couldn't achieve in his life,
I would achieve that.

I need your help with that.

Let me know how can I help you.

I want Suri's equipment, his notes and his theories.

It would be of great help to me in my quest of
creating an artificial diamond with 100% quality.

My wife and son have gone to the town.

This is the house where I and Suri lived 30 years ago.

Son, I have safeguarded some of Suri's work in a trunk.

I'll get them, you wait here.

Please make yourself comfortable.

Let me help you…

These are Suri's notes.


He could make diamonds using just peanut butter.

I couldn't achieve a quality of more than
70% in my entire life.

But Suri managed to achieve
a quality of 80% in those times itself.

What? He made diamonds using peanut butter?

Peanut butter has a high content of carbon in it?

If it is exposed to a high temperature at about
900°C to 1300°C and is made to undergo high pressure,

the hardest particle in it would coagulate into a diamond.

I guess it would have taken 3 weeks for this to happen.

Yes, Suri locked himself in this room for
3 weeks and prepared the diamond.

After a few days, he said he would try to
prepare a diamond with higher quality than this.

But, before that, the unexpected happened.

Do you have the diamond which Suri prepared?

I was in dire need of money so I sold it long ago.

I want this book.

I'll study it thoroughly and prepare
the diamond which Suri had aimed for.

If I am able to achieve 100% quality,
Suri would be deserving of 50% of it's credit.

Take it dear.

If you are able to make a high-quality
diamond, give me one stone as well.

I'll gift a diamond ring to my wife.


Thank you, dear.

We would take your leave.

Have a safe journey.
- Bye, brother.

What are you doing here?

Thinking about the Diamond project.

But why have you overgrown
your hair and beard like a crazy person?

Are all the scientists the same, overgrowing your
hair and beard like that's a special identity for you?

What did you say?

With all that overgrown hairs and beard you look
like a crazy person.

Yes! Thank you so much, dude.

I am not complimenting you, I criticised you.

I didn't thank you for your comment, I thanked you
for a great idea for my diamond project.

Did I give an idea to him?

If you successfully create the diamond,
first of all, show it to me.

If I'm not available at home, call me.

I'll come to see the diamond.

Okay, you will be the first to see my diamond.

If you show it to anyone else other than me,
I won't spare you. Understand?

Hey, where are you?

I'm outside, tell me.

My diamond project is a success.

I made an artificial diamond with its quality
matching that of an original diamond.

Hey, congrats man!

I'll see you soon.

Let me inform Shiva brother.

Hi Shiva brother,


I successfully created a high-quality diamond.


I knew you would be successful in your endeavour.

So, as per your promise,
you are giving me the diamond, right?

Sure, brother.

What do you want?

I heard you created an artificial diamond,
come, teach us too.

Our boss is calling you.

Who said that I make diamonds?

Who are you?

That's none of your business.

Who is your boss?

Come, run.

-Tell me...

He is very dangerous.

He will kill us if we fall into his hands.

Make him follow you to the quarry.

Ok, Boss.


he might die if we beat him any further.

He is our golden-egg-laying hen.

You can stare me later, first, take care of them.

I thought you were dead.

I should have died that day.

I was breathing my last breaths and in the knick of time...

someone from the neighbouring village took me...

along with them and treated me using Vedic
medicinal science and saved me.

I never returned to the village because I was guilt-ridden,

I couldn't save my uncle's son and he died in front of me.

I thought these fights would stop with my absence
and hence I lived a life in exile for the last 30 years.

After 5 years, my desire to create diamonds
sparked again but I couldn't surpass the 80% quality.

So I met Mr. Ramachari again.

God bless you with a long and prosperous life.

Swamy, I am unable to achieve my dream
even after multiple efforts.

Will I ever achieve it?

everything happens at its own time.

Until then, one must be patient.

Do not spoil your health by beating a dead horse.

Ok Swamy,

will you create my entire horoscope for me?

Sure, give your details to me.
I'll inform you after completing it.

After so many years, Mr. Ramachari contacted me
through his followers.

It's time for you to achieve your dreams.

I'm sending a boy named Ram to Sriramapuram.

Meet him.

The experiment that you
started will find its termination by that boy.

But, remember one thing,

meet him as the changed Suri.

If you meet him as the old demon Suri,
you will have to face severe consequences.


Ok swamy.

After his call, I met Shiva.

When I and Shiva were looking for you,

we saw you were chasing someone.
That's why I came here.

Who were they? Why did they attack you?

They were here to utilise my diamond
project to make money.

Who sent them?

Who all know about your diamond project?

My friend, Gopal and Shiva brother.

Anybody else other than these two?

Who could have sent men to attack you
immediately after the success of your project?

Shiva bro sent them.

What are you talking?

Why would I send them?

I saw one of the goons near Shiva bro's place
while I was leaving.

See you.


I saw the same person near my house while my
experiment was still ongoing.

Why would I do that?

What will I get out of it?

Not only that, he is the one who ratted you to
Balaram Raju on the day you were attacked.

Because if he was your partner in all the murders that you did...

then why were only you targeted and his life was spared?

Even after your death Shiva bro has managed to
live a peaceful life in the same village, guess how?

Unless and until he joined hands with them.

Suri, you are suspecting me?

I am your friend.

You are believing his words over mine?

Yes, I joined hands with him.

Should I die because of you?

He gave me an offer either to take the money
and land or give my life.

10 acres of land, 5 lakh rupees in cash…

You can either take this and help us kill him or
sacrifice your life for him.

The decision is yours.

I preferred my life over our friendship.

Later, Balarama Raju got a gang of hitmen from Tamilnadu.

If we agree to a deal, we are never to be found
after our job is done.

We maintain no relations with the one who offered us the job.

So, you must pay the entire amount in advance.

What if you fail to deliver after taking the money?

We have been doing this job since many
generations now.

Pay the money only if you trust us.

Once we take the money, the job is deemed to be complete.

That day, I mixed poison in your drink.
But, even the poison couldn't kill you.


I thought you to be my Karna,
I believed you would lay your life for my life.

But, I never expected you to be a backstabber
who would join hands with my enemies.

The wolf in the dress of a sheep is now dead!


so you completed the diamond project that I had initiated.

My formulas must have helped you a lot.


only because of that formula could I add the secret
ingredient in peanut butter and create a diamond with 100% quality.

What is that secret ingredient?

It is…

What is the guarantee that you won't kill me
after I reveal the formula to you?

I salute your intelligence…

Such innovations must be credited to only one
person and that should be me!

But I will tell the whole world that I used your
theories to achieve this feat.

I am not in favour of that.

There should be only one name.

I thought you have changed for good
but you still act like the old demon Suri.

In Threthayug, the good and bad Co-existed in the
same world in the form of Ram and Ravan.

In dwaparyug, it co-existed in the same
family in the form of Pandavas and Kauravas.

But, in Kailyug, it exists within the same person.

What occurs to the outside world depends on the
circumstances around us and people around us!

I am the good and I am the bad.

After watching this movie, many of you might
doubt whether diamonds can actually be manufactured.

It can be! But they are of very low quality
compared to the diamonds found within the Earth.

In 1954, H Tracy Hall, a geochemist was the first
person to artificially create a diamond.

Since then, many scientists have
tried producing Lab diamonds.

Notable of all of them is a German geophysicist, Dan Frost.

He used peanut butter to create diamonds.

You can get the full story on Google.

Based on such original experiments, fictional
storylines were created and

fictional characters were used to narrate this fictional story.

But do not try such experiments at home.

Your sincerely, Triparna Venkatesh.

"What magic you laid upon me..."

"I have turned into a poet after meeting you."

"What magic you laid upon me...."

"I have turned into a poet after meeting you."

"With you in front of me, a small disturbance turns
into restlessness within me."

"The first time I saw you, there was chaos in me
because my dreams had come true."

"You just met me and became one with my heart."

"You stood in front of me and made my life standstill."

"When you walk wearing a smile on your lips,
the world walks along with you."

"Your dislikes are a crime and your likes are a boon."

"If you are mum and unresponsive,
there is unrest all around."

"If you drive away the moon, it stays awake all
night in the darkness."

"You just met me and became one with my heart."