Rakta Bandhan (1984) - full transcript

Chandan (Mithun Chakraborty), his mom (Dina Pathak) and sister Sona live in a small village. Clean shaven Chandan earns his living driving a horse driven carriage. His lady love is the ...

Come with me.

Ramu, buy some sweetmeats and
vegetables and come home quickly.

I'll go and buy 'rakhis' for
the kids. - Okay, ma'am.

Come on, children.
Choose your 'rakhis' quickly.

I want this red 'rakhi'.

I want the red one too.

There's only one red 'rakhi'.
You may take this one.

No, mister. Give both of them
similar 'rakhis'.

Or else they will fight at home.

Here you go.
Yellow 'rakhis' for them.

- Very good.

No, I want the red one.

Red! God has made both
of you so similar.

The 'rakhis' should also...
- I don't want this 'rakhi'.

You shouldn't talk like that.

You are so rude.
He's always been stubborn.

Mister, pack these 'rakhis'.

Kundan, haven't you gone home yet?

Go home. It's dark.

Your mother will be worried.
- I won't go home.

Ma'am, stay here. Don't go forward.

Where's Kundan?
- He's hiding over there.

Kundan! Kundan!

Villagers, have you
seen the result

of not giving food-grains
to Durjan Singh?

Where's the rascal Choudhary?

He was the one who refused me.

Why doesn't he face me now?

Boss, it seems Choudhary
got scared and ran away.

The scoundrel got scared
and ran away!

Rob the warehouse!

They will kill my Kundan. Kundan!
- Mother!


What will he do now?
Somebody please save him.

Kundan! My child!


Burn it down!

Brother Kundan! Mother!

Leave me. Let me go there!

Let me go! Kundan!
- Mother!

- Ramu, Kundan is burning.

That's what happens.
- No!

Kundan! Kundan!

Hail Goddess Durga!

Who is this boy?

We have found a boy from the
village along with the food grains.

Shut up!

Let's take him back to the village.
- No!

Keep in mind, just like an ant
can cause an elephant's death

this boy can prove to be
dangerous for us.

I understand, boss!

Wait! You fool.

A bullet is more precious

than the life of this child.

Okay. I'll cut him to pieces!

No. Please don't kill me.

Please don't.

Please don't kill me. Let me go.


Nobody can kill him now.

The Goddess has protected him.

My boy, you are my son from now.

Goddess Durga's trident
has saved you.

That's why I name you
Trishul Singh!

My son Trishul Singh.

God bless you, my son.

Friends, from today Trishul Singh
will lead you.

The loyalty with which all of
you have stayed with me

be as loyal to him too.

Long live Trishul Singh!

Meet my daughter.

I was saying that...

- Do you like it?

That's very good.

Hey! What are you doing?

Thakur, I'm Trishul Singh.

Congratulations on your
son's wedding.

All the gold and jewels you
have in this mansion

handed it over to me.

Trishul Singh, I'll give you
whatever you want.

My son got married today.

There should be no bloodshed.

Don't spoil the happy occasion.

I don't shed blood unnecessarily.

Chief, no!

Please forgive me, chief.

I made a mistake. Please don't. No!

Here you are, Birju. Eat this hay
and think about me.

Your Chandan is sweating
it out in the sun.

But Roopa isn't here yet.

I can't tolerate her ways
any longer.

Driver! He went away. That's weird.

Mister, is your carriage for hire?

Well, Birju. Will Roopa come here?

She won't.

Come, sir. It's available now.

We can take you.
- Take me to the city.

I'm so unlucky.

Hold on a minute.

She's here. Where did you say you
wanted to go? - To the city.

This is not the time to
go to the city. - What?

Is there a fixed time to go to
the city?

There's a fixed time. I'm not
going anywhere. Get down.

It's noon. How can you
come here so late?

I had to let go a good customer
because of you.

Sir, take a seat.
- Shall I?

You are lying early in the morning.

If I had been delayed,
you would have left.

You don't need to miss out
on a customer because of me.

Come on, get off the cart.

How can you be so rude?

First, you come late.

And then you get upset
and keep babbling.

Sir, be seated.

Did you just say that I'm rude

and I keep babbling?

Take a look at yourself
in the mirror.

I've seen my face in the mirror.

Come on, get off!

I told you to remain seated.

Get off!
- Sit there, I say.

I said, get off!
- I said sit right there!

I don't want to go to the city.
I'm leaving.

Tell me, my love,
how can I be of service to you?

Now you ask me what I want!

Hey Roopa!

Stop right there. That's good.

Come on.

It's not available.

- Gajjan, indeed! Get lost!

First come and meet your
boss Kalu!

You have been hiding
for the past 3 days.

You don't want to pay Kalu!

It's not so. I'm in trouble.

You will be in trouble now.
Come on.

You rascal! You scoundrel!

He doesn't pay my tax.

I'll skin you!

You cur!
- Beat him up, Kalu!

This is what you get if you
don't pay me. - Kill him!

Why are you beating him?
Don't beat him!

His son is very sick.

That's not my problem.
I want my tax!

If you don't pay him,
he'll beat you up too.

Beat him up.
- Wait! I'll pay his tax.

4 rupees.
- Four rupees.

Here you go.

You threw dirt in my eyes.

If you stare hard, something
is bound to enter your eyes.

I'll see you with my other eye.

You rascal!

So you are here.

Why is your eye shut?

I didn't see properly.
- Don't look at the wrong things.

Take this. Give two doses of this
to your father in the evening.

He won't cough in the morning.

Don't take his medicine. He gave my
dad this medicine for his cough.

But he died as soon as he took it.

Praise the Lord!

Life and death are in
the hands of the Almighty.

But your father did
stop coughing, didn't he?

How can he cough when he's dead?

Look at that. He knows nothing
about cough.

There are various types of cough.

Some of them are so bad

that a person continues to cough
even after he has died.

I don't want my father to
cough after he dies.

How stupid!

They are fools. Big fools!
- Get lost.

So, my boy, how are you?

I keep trying to cure you but
your afflictions increase.

Have you fallen in love?

That's great, sir. You got
that absolutely right.

I have been struck down by love.

And you have the cure.

I have the cure?
- Yes.

- Yes?

- Yes!

- Speak up, my boy!

You know Roopa.

I got it.

But it will be expensive.

I'll give Roopa in marriage to the
one who gives me Rs 15,000.

No! That's enough.
- Have another 'roti', brother.

You eat so little. You should
eat to your heart's content.

Mother, the lentils are delicious.
I enjoyed them.

Mother, I must say,
she is not good looking

but she makes delicious food.

She will probably get a groom
because she's a good cook.

Though, nobody is going
to marry her.

Look at him, mother.
- I have found a boy for her.

- He's a nice boy.

He's from a good family
and he doesn't lack anything.

Good. - But there's one thing
he doesn't have.

He doesn't have a leg.

He walks gracefully.
He's a nice boy.

He also doesn't have an eye.

But he looks very handsome
when he wears glasses.

I'm not joking.

He's also deaf.

He won't mind even if you
abuse him.

Where are you going, your highness!

Why do you always trouble her?

You have to get her married.

We don't have to do anything.

She has already done everything.

She did the right thing.

Kisan is a good boy.

I never said that he's a bad boy.

He's a good boy. I like him.

I like him, too.

Send them a letter today itself.

They have sent a marriage
proposal for Kishan.

They say, Rs 2000 as dowry...
- That's good.

It's not right to demand dowry.

It's illegal too.
- That's right.

Shut up!

Raising you has been so expensive.

I have spent a lot on you.
And the dowry...

Let me calculate. Only Rs 2000.

I'll take nothing less than
Rs 10,000.

That's right!
- It's not right!

If you will demand
Rs 10,000 for him

what will become of me?

You idiot! Nobody wants you.

There has been no proposal
for you till date.

I will go and propose marriage
on my own.

Tell me something, father.
- Take this, my son.

How much dowry will you give
when I get married?

You rascal! Will I give dowry or
take it? - He took my milk!

I will never get married then.

Mother, I'll die unmarried.
- No, my boy.

That's even better.

Like hell it's good.

And you are always
harassing my son.

Don't you cry, my son.

I'll get you married with
great pomp and splendour.

I'll invite the entire village.
- My dear...

Do you know how expensive
it will be?

So be it. Let's go, my boy.

I'll take care of it.
Don't you worry.

It's all right.
- It's not all right!

Chief, Laxminarayan is throwing
a big party tonight.

All the rich people of the city
will be attending.

He's a wastrel.

We can get a lot of dough!

We will loot him tonight.

Wow! That was amazing!

You are so graceful.

I will appreciate you
when we are alone.

Come with me.

Go with him. He's a very rich man.

You never know what
he might give you.

Won't you accept my offer

with all this money?

I can't do this.

Why not?

I'm not a prostitute.
- So what?

Every woman who sells herself
is not a prostitute.

I'm not for sale.

But I'm a buyer.

Today, you will have to

sell yourself to me.
- Have mercy on me.

I have wealth but no mercy.

I beg you.

I beseech you.

Don't fall at my feet, come into
my arms. - Don't do this.

It doesn't matter whether you
agree or refuse.

No! Don’t take advantage
of my helplessness.

That's what I enjoy.

A helpless and beautiful woman.
- Please don't.

Getting such a young beauty
under control

gives great pleasure to a man!

Who are you?

A bandit. Trishul Singh.

Bandit Trishul Singh!
What do you want?

What do you want?
What are you doing?

You want money! Take this.

You may take all my wealth.

I haven't done anything.
Please spare me.

Let me go. Take all this money.

Take all my wealth.
I haven't even touched her.

No! Please don't kill me.
Please don't.

Who shot him?

I don't know, sir.
It came from the dark.

I don't know who fired the shot.

Sir, a horse was seen running away
without a rider.

That means a bandit was
riding the horse.

He must be hiding somewhere around.

Surround the mansion.

Get everybody in the hall.

I've searched every nook
and corner of the mansion.

All those present have
been brought here.

You may make your inquiries here.

I'll go and check outside.

That means

one of you is a bandit.

The police has surrounded
the mansion.

It's impossible for him to escape.

Who are you?
- My name is Girdharilal.

What's your profession?

The whole world knows that I've
a factory manufacturing pearls.

That's true, sir.
He's Girdharilal Saxena.

What about you?
- I am Kishorilal.

I've a jewellery shop.

What about you? - Whoever I am
but I'm not a bandit, sir.

Shut up! I was asking him.
- I am a servant here.

What about you?

What's your name?
What are you doing over here?

Why don't you speak?
- How can he speak, sir?

I will tell you.

He's dumb. He can't speak.

But he's very good with his hands.
- What do you mean?

He's an artist, sir.
He plays the 'tabla'.

He's not been feeling well
since morning.

I told him to stay at home
and get some rest.

But he just won't listen.

And he came here.

But he's a very good
'tabla' player.

Everybody who hears
it, starts dancing.

Please come here someday.
- What rubbish! Take him away.

Come with me.

I became an orphan in my childhood.

I was raised by an aunt.

The junior Thakur liked me a lot.

But his father didn't
approve of that.

The junior Thakur remained adamant.

He got married to me against
everyone's wishes and took me home.

I felt as if my dream
had come true.

But fate had other plans.

That incident on the night
of my wedding

changed my life.

The senior Thakur and the rest of
the family were always against me.

They said that I brought them
misfortune and threw me out.

When I came back home to my aunt...

My dear child, what is this I see?

O God! Look at what
they have done to you.

They are so cruel.

Don't you worry.

Your aunt is with you.

Come with me.

Cover yourself up with this.
You are drenched.

I'll get you some hot milk.

Here, have this. Drink it up.
Come on, drink it.

Drink it up quickly.

Very good.

Now go to sleep.

Here's your Rs 5000.

You may count it if you wish.
- It's okay.

She won't run away, will she?
- No, she won't. Don't worry.

I have spiked her milk.

It's not a bad deal for Rs 5000.

You will earn a lot.

Well, my love, what's up?

See this, son.
We have these ornaments.

They are for Sona's marriage.

I have saved them.

We faced a lot of difficulties
but I didn't touch them.

Son, why don't you personally
go to Bhagwandas?

Go and finalise Sona's marriage.

We shouldn't waste time
in such matters.

Well, Chandan,
all of us like the girl.

Everybody knows that
I'm a religious man.

I don't approve of taking dowry
for the marriage.

You know that I've done a lot

to raise Kishan and give him
a good education.

It's confirmed that he
has passed 10th grade.

And he has a permanent
government job.

These days

you rarely get two confirmations.

- But, to get him to this position

I emptied my vault.

That's why you will have to
deposit a meager amount

of Rs 10,000 in this vault.
- Rs 10,000!

I'm a poor horse-cart driver.

From where can I get Rs 10,000
at once?

Your mother must have
saved something

for the girl's marriage.

Yes. We have ornaments
worth around Rs 5000.

That's enough. Give me that.

You can pay me the rest
in installments.

The girl will be at my house.
I won't lose my money.

Okay. Goodbye. I take your leave.
- Goodbye.

Stop nodding your head.

And find out how many installments

will he pay after
we get the girl here.

Villagers, I'm Trishul Singh.

I don't want to shed
blood unnecessarily.

Therefore, hand over all
the gold, sliver

and food grains in your house.

Go on, friends. Take everything
from each house.

Hey old woman!
What are you trying to hide?

It's nothing!
- Nothing, you say?

No! Don't.
- Give it to me!

Don't take it away.
- Come on, give it to us!

Don't take it away from me!
- You will have to give it to us!

You may take my life but
I won't give this to you.

No! Please don't! Let me go!

Let me go!

This old woman won't give up.

She won't leave the box.

Don't take it away from me!

No! Please don't.
They belong to my daughter.

Don't take it.

Don't take it away. Please don't.

Take my life but leave that.

It belongs to my daughter.

They are for her marriage.

I beg you. Please spare me.

Have mercy on me.
I'm like your mother.

Have mercy upon me.
Please have mercy on me.

I'm like your mother.

Stop harassing him! Get lost!


You rascal! It seems you don't
have a mother!

Stupid girl! How dare you!

You dog! I will kill you!

You rascal!

Here's Trishul Singh's photograph.

This picture was taken during
an encounter

with his gang at Jamunanagar.

But his face is covered.

That's the problem. Whenever
Trishul Singh goes for a dacoity

his face is always covered.

He's getting troublesome for us.

Sir, we have information
that Trishul Singh

frequents Kammo Bai's brothel.

But he's always in disguise.

In that case, keep a strict
vigil on Kammo Bai's brothel.

Get this picture published
in the newspapers.

Put up posters in every street.

And announce a reward of Rs 15,000.

The person who hands over
Trishul Singh dead or alive

to the police will be rewarded
with Rs 15,000.

15,000 people together
can't catch Trishul Singh.

Upon hearing his name

children stop crying
and adults tremble.

Who can dare to catch
Trishul Singh?

'I want the Rs 15,000.'

I will get Roopa.

But how do I catch Trishul Singh?

He will chop me into 15,000 pieces.

No, I can't.

O Lord Shiva!

Have mercy upon your devotee.

Kill Trishul Singh
with your trident.

And send his corpse to my house
in the night.

It seems my prayers
have been answered!

Oh no!

My work is done!
- Your daily customer.

Today I've come here
fully prepared.

Move aside. Listen to me, sir.

Give this to me today.

I have told you how much

it will cost you.

I know that. I know that very well.

Both my pockets are full today.

Both your pockets are full!

Sit straight or else you might
spoil the cash.

Hey Roopa!

She's my beloved niece.

I can do anything for her.
- Me too.

What do you want, uncle?
- Mr Bholaram is here.

Go and get something for him.
He is loaded today.

I will open a hospital
with this money.

You may open two, not just one.

I mean, one with the
cash in this pocket and

the second with the cash
in the other pocket.

Two hospitals.

One foreign and the other local.

Those afflicted by love.

You will get many patients.

I'll teach you a lesson.

I'll get you admitted
in the hospital.

This is enough to render
10 men unconscious.

Give it to Mr Bholaram.

Well, is it sweet enough for you?

It's very sweet as
you have touched it.

So just gulp it down.

Drink it, Bholu.
- She called me Bholu!

Very good. You gulped that down
very quickly.

Now give me the cash in a jiffy.

The cash! Here it is.

See this. It's Rs 15,000!

I have folded it and
brought it here.

I'm going to get him.

Is this Rs 15,000?

Don't you understand English?
Wait a minute. Hold on.

I'll show it to you in Hindi.

I will get the reward of

Rs 15,000 for catching
Trishul Singh.

You idiot!

I thought you had brought cash.

There's no way you can
catch Trishul Singh.

If that's your plan you will
remain unmarried till you are old.

Hey! Listen to me.

If you want Roopa, you will
have to become a bandit.

Trishul Singh!

It's okay.
- Accountant.

What's the amount you have written
in the name of Gulshan Choudhary?

Rs 35 and 35 paise.

You idiot! It comes to
Rs 35 and 36 paise!

Such a big loss!
- A loss!

You will incur a loss now, old man!

Who are you?

Change your glasses, old man!

My posters have been put up
in all the streets.

Don't you recognise me?
- I don't.

Now recognise me.
- No!

I'm Bandit Trishul Singh.
- Trishul Singh!

Get up. Come on, get up!

It's Trishul Singh.

But, sir, I don't see

the mark of a trident
on your forehead!

I forgot that.

But I have my pistol with me.

But what brings you to
this poor man's house?

Shut up!

Get the cash out right now!

Or else I'll shoot your brains out.

- Don't you move an inch.

Or else it will be bang bang!

Please don't shoot.

Then start moving your hands.

Remove the key.
- I'm doing it.

Open the vault.
- I'm opening it.

Old man, because of you

many lovers in this village
are unable to unite.

I'll get them together.

Hurry up or else I'll shoot, father!


Son, did you just call me father?

Yes. Before I rob an old man,

I call him father.

So that he's not heart-broken.

Hurry up and put the cash
in my bag.

Put it in.
- I'm putting it in.

It's very light. Give me some more.

Bandit, I don't have any more cash.

Give me the cash that you
have hidden over here.

How do you know that I have
cash on my person?

Trishul Singh

has all the information.

Please don't take this.

I have saved this for
Bhola's marriage.

Forget Bhola.

Put the cash in my bag.

I'll get Bhola married.
- How will you do that?

I will tell you that later.

When I come back again.
- Will you come back again?

I'll come here regularly, father.

What happened, sir?

I have been robbed.
- It's okay.

420. 450.
- What's all this, my boy?

You have such a lot of money.
- Mother.

When God gives,
He gives in Abundance

from the skies, the vault
and even the pockets.

I won't give it to anyone.

Mother, hold this. Take care of it.

Take care of my turban.
I'll count it over there.

What happened?
What's the matter?

What can I tell you, dear?

We have been robbed. We are ruined!

Why are all of you crying?

Why are you crying?
- He asks us why we are crying!

Where did you get this from?

It's Trishul Singh's pistol.

Trishul Singh! Bhola had
throw it outside.

He had a lot of money.

He told me that when God gives

he gives in abundance from the
vault and the pockets.

Your Bhola has robbed me!

He has ruined me!

He took everything from
the vault and left!

Live long!
- Trishul Singh!

The scoundrel looted
Shyampur again.

He robbed every house.

And he killed
the chief of the village.

This has become very frequent now.

We are scared all the time.

We never know when the devil
Trishul Singh might arrive.

Nowadays he visits Kammo Bai's
brothel in disguise.

They say he's crazy about her.

Well, bandit.

Are you all right?
- What do you mean?

Didn't you hear what people
say about you?

What do they say?
- After a dacoity

you should be at
Kammo Bai's brothel.

I should be at Kammo Bai's brothel!

In disguise.

Where's the chief going
at this late hour?

To Kammo Bai's brothel.

Beware! Nobody will move
from their place!

Where's Trishul Singh?
- Who called me?

Who is it?

I am Trishul Singh!

It's the police.
- I don't care.

It's okay. But it seems your father
has sent the police to nab you.

A pistol!

It's a cop! There's no tobacco!

Who are you?
- Who are you? Me!

I'm my father's real son.

I'm not a nobody.

Absolutely right.
- Not a nobody.

We will search you.

You will search me!
- It's all right.

It's not all right.

You should have come earlier
if you wanted to search me.

I don't have anything now.
- Get out of here!

Get lost!
- That's okay.

You dance beautifully.

I'll be back tomorrow.

You're going to come here tomorrow?
Then, I'll come here the day after.

Get out of here!
- I'm getting out of here.

Well, my boy, what's your problem?

You are going to face problems.

Your girl has been acting
smart these days.

I suggest you get her
married very soon.

I will get her married.

But let someone pay me
Rs 15,000 first.


You may assume that I will be
the one to give you the amount.

Roopa! Hey Roopa.

I am a bit late and you got upset.

I've been waiting for you
for the past two hours.

Those who wait are fortunate.

I think you will make me
wait all my life.

Will you ever talk to my uncle?

You know, Kalu and Bhola

are always behind my uncle.

I'll take care of Kalu.

But you know that I
don't like to quarrel.

As far as Bhola is concerned...

He's a fool.

Whenever he comes home,
he keeps staring at me.

I'll beat him up so bad

he will go bald!

Forget it. Come closer.

Come to me.
- Not here, Chandan.

Nobody comes here.

Come closer. That feels so good.
- Yes.

My rubber snake,

teach Chandan a lesson

he will never forget. Go!

That feels so good.

Oh no!

Don't be afraid. I'm a bit scared
too but I'll take care of it.

Chandan, be careful.
- I'll take care of it. Don't worry.


Be careful. I'm very scared.

What's happening, Chandan?

He's a man yet he's afraid
of an ordinary snake!

I've been playing with snakes
since I was a child.

I would have held the snake
by its neck

and cut off its head.

A snake!
- Are you scared?

It's not a snake, it's a rat.

Roopa, don't be scared.

I think it will die at my hands.

You fool, is that how you
throw away a snake?

It has come back.

How dare the snake!

I'll get him right away!

You were scaring my Roopa.

I'll break your neck!

This is how you catch a snake!

It's a real snake!

I'm trapped!

Bhola, don't be scared.
- Help!

I'll come there.

Let's go.
- Let's go away from here.

I got it! Sir..

She's Chandan's sister.

She has grown up.

It doesn't take time

for a girl to become beautiful.

But such beauty can
make anybody lustful.

You should be careful.
Do you understand me?

Wherever you go, you should..
- Greetings, aunt.

Kalu, it's you. But Chandan
is not at home.

That's even better.

Because I wanted to
speak with you.

What's the matter?

It's very unfortunate

that the bandits robbed
you of everything.

Choudhary is very sorry about that.

He worries a lot about all of you.

I understand. Tell him

not to worry.

We will repay every penny
we owe him.

What debt?

Borrowing from your own people
isn't a debt.

Besides, I've thought of a way

for you to pay off your debt

and you also are relieved of
the burden of a grown up girl.

I didn't understand you.

It's quite simple.

Get Sona married to Choudhary.

Choudhary will be yours and his...

Shut up! Aren't you ashamed?

Choudhary is an old man.

My daughter Sona is so young
compared to him.

It was just for your benefit...
- Get out of my house.

Don't you dare look at this house.

The rascal came to me with
such a rotten proposal!

Go away!

Hey beautiful!

My sweetheart.

Kalu, did they accept the proposal?

They did not but we will
force them to accept it.

Here's a six! Let me see
if you will pick it up!

All you keep throwing are sixes.

Here's my tax of one rupee
for today.

An eight!

Kalu! Chandan is here.

Boss, let's take Chandan to task.

Have you brought Choudhary's money?

What have you got to do
with Choudhary's money?

You scoundrel!
- Don't you abuse me!

You have abused my family by

proposing Sona's
marriage to Choudhary.

You have become very arrogant!

Take his horse and carriage.
- Don't touch my horse!

You were acting smart! You rascal!

You dare argue with me.

I will teach you a lesson.
You don't want to pay Choudhary!

You dare argue with me!

Don't beat my brother!

If you ever do that again,
I'll kill you.

I beg you, Kalu.

We have caused you no harm.

I apologise
on behalf of my brother.

Now you know the consequences of
making me your enemy.

Gajjan, take his horse-cart.

Brother! Get up, brother.

Brother! My brother!

Chandan, my son.

Drink this potion.
It will relieve you of your pain.

What's going to happen now?

Everything will be fine.

Oh God!

I rejected the proposal

and they turned violent.

How can we live in such a village?

The chief of this village
is a scoundrel!

Hooligans like Kalu
rule the village.

I have decided that I won't
stay here any more.

- I'll go to the city.

I don't have my horse-cart.
What will I do over here?

I will go to the city.

I'll work hard and earn
a lot of money.

And when I have the money,
I'll call both of you there.

I am your culprit, son.

What are you saying?

I'm not your father, Trishul Singh.

I'm not your father.

20 years ago

we found you with the loot.

The village we had looted

I don't remember its name.

I don't remember.

But at that time

you were very innocent child.

And now when I'm breathing

my last

I feel

that the life we bandits lead

by shedding the blood of others

is no life, my son.

It's evil.

It's a sin.

Son, this is my last wish.

- Go away from

this life of crime.

Go far away..
- Father!

Take this, brother.
I've put some food in this.

Eat it on the way when
you feel hungry.

My heart refuses to

allow you to go to the city,
so far away from home.

Mother, everything will be fine.

I'm not going forever.

I'll write you a letter as
soon as I reach there.

Take care of mother.

God bless you. Go carefully.

I have some information, boss.

Chandan is leaving the village
and going to the city.

I have heard that he will call his
mother and sister to the city soon.


You are crying.

I'm leaving the village
and going to the city because

I'll get a good job in the city.

If I work hard in the city

I can earn a lot of money.

When I earn a lot of money,
we'll by 10 to 12 horse-carts.

10 to 12 horse-carts!
- Yes!

And we will buy a huge house.

And there will be a huge chicken
in the house.


What is chicken?

That's weird. Don't you
understand the meaning of chicken?

Chicken is the place where you cook.

Then say kitchen!

You were saying chicken!

Oh! After calling you to the city

I think I'll have
to teach you English.

But when you reach the city, you'll
have to write to me every day.

Yes, I'll write to you.

You will not look at any other
girl in the city.


You know what, there's only
one moon in such a big sky.

And this entire world,

I have only one girl, you!

God knows who are my parents.

Where would they be?

I'm sure they are good people.

I always felt

that you could never be
the son of a bandit.

At times I have seen
that you are humane.

When you are in deep sleep

you breathe so peacefully.

It gives me peace of mind.

You are from a respectable family.

You should try to find them.

But how?

Father didn't remember

which village he took me from.

Among his old comrades

no one is alive.

My parents would surely have

heard of Trishul Singh.

When they find out that their
son is a bandit

they will be ashamed

to face society.

They would want

their son to be dead
rather than alive. - No!

On his deathbed, father told me

if possible

I should quit this life of crime.

He was right.

Stay away from that life.

Become a good man and live the
rest of your life in peace.


I'm a law breaker.

The law will never pardon me.

Society will never accept me.

But nobody has seen your face.

Nobody can recognise you.

My men know me, Kamli.

They will never be able
to tolerate this.

What will happen now?
The police is here.

Let them come.
- No!

I can't bear to see
the police arrest you.

Run away from here immediately.

Go away. Just leave.

For my sake.

Take care of yourself.

Don't hit me! Don't!

Don't hit me.

Kill him!


Sit down.
- Yes, let's sit down.

Kalu, it seems he's dead.

I won't spare you.
- Wait!

Before anyone else comes here

throw him away.

Yes. Throw the rascal far away!

Animals will devour his corpse.

Hyenas will gobble him up!
- Let's go.

He's dead.

That's amazing.
He looks just like me.

'My final wish is that'

'you quit this life of crime'

'and go far away.'

'Go far away.'

'Nobody has seen your face.'

'Nobody can recognise you.'

'Nobody has seen your face.'

'Nobody can recognise you.'

'I should take his place.'

And dress up this corpse
like Trishul Singh.

Stop! Hariya, there's someone
lying on the road.

Look who's lying down there.

It's our chief.

Don't just look at me. Hurry up!

Be careful not to drop him.

Bring him here.
- Be careful.

Take care of him.

My friends were duped too.

And this man is dead.

That means Trishul Singh is dead!

Roopa! Hey Roopa!

Lovely... Roopa!

Why is this beautiful face so glum?

There's nobody to romance her.

She's surely going
to feel depressed.

I can romance her and make
her feel good.

Why don't you go
and drown somewhere?

If you promise to be with me,

I'm prepared to drown and die.

Shut up! I will break
all your teeth with one slap!

Our chief has opened his eyes.
- He's awake.

He's conscious.

How are you feeling now, chief?

Chief! Who are you calling chief?

You are our chief. Trishul Singh.

No! I'm not your chief.

You are mistaken.
- Chief!

Who hit you on your head?

And your mustache...

Who touched your mustache?

How did it become so small?
- I always had such a mustache.

Listen... Who are you people?

We are bandits!

You are our chief.
- No! I'm not a chief of bandits.

I'm Chandan,
the horse-cart driver.

- Yes. Okay, I take your leave.

- Catch him.

You will remember everything soon.

Let me go.
My mother will be worried.

How are you, mother?

I'm fine. Come, my child.
Be seated.

Has Chandan sent you a letter?
- No, my child.

He has been gone for
so many days now.

There's no letter or any news.

He had told me that he'll write to
me as soon as he reaches the city.

I pray he's all right.

Don't you worry.
Chandan will be fine.

My child, I'm feeling very
apprehensive about him

for many days now.

Everything will be fine
once you get a letter from him.

I will leave now.
- Okay.

Where's Sona?
- She has gone to your house.

Stop the cart.

Get her, Gajjan!
- No!

Help! Save me!


Somebody save me!

Let me go! Help!

Help me!
- Go faster!

But, Kalu, will the girl scream?

I have arranged for her not to.

I have called a band here.

If she screams,

the band will start
playing outside.

Oh no! Kalu is so cruel.

He should have given you bangles
and anklets.

But he has cuffed you.

Let me untie you. Here you go.

Shut your mouth!

The girl is screaming.

Play the band!

Let me go!

I won't spare you today.

Keep playing!

Don't. Please don't kill me.

No, brother. Let him go.

Don't kill him, brother.

Spare me. Spare my life.

Let's go home, brother.

If you hadn't reached here today

you would never have seen me again.

Come on, let's go home.
Mother would be very worried.

Let's go.

The girl seems to be under control.

Stop playing the band.

Come in, brother.

Why are you looking
at me like that?

Mother, look who is here.
- Who is it?

Look here.

Son! My son!

No letter or news from you.

I was feeling so anxious.

I know deep down in my heart
how I spent these last few days.

I feel like I'm meeting you
after 20 years, not 20 days.

'Don't take this away from me.'

'Don't take it away.
They belong to my daughter.'

'Don't take it from me.
Take my life instead.'

'But don't take this.'

'Have mercy on me.
I'm like your mother.'

'Have mercy upon me.'

What's wrong, my son?

The journey must have
left you tired.

And look at your face.

You have such a big mustache,
like that of bandits.

Come on, brother.
Hurry up and take a bath.

Yes. You bathe and freshen up.
The food is ready.

Come along.

Chief! The food has been served.
Eat it.

I'm very hungry.
I'll take a bath first.

You took a bath 20 days ago.

Eat your food.
- I took a bath 20 days ago!

Will all of us eat together?
- All this is just for you.

Eat it.

Why are you so sad?

Don't you worry.

It's no problem if you couldn't
find a job in the city.

Life is not only about earning.

Even a bandit earns money.

I'm very happy that you
came back home.

Do some other work
in the village itself.

When you get some money,
repay Choudhary

and get your horse-cart back.

We don't spend much.

Let these days go by quietly.

Don't worry, my son.

If God wishes...

It won't take much time
to earn Rs 500.

'I have robbed this house.'

'I took away all the happiness
of this family.'

'She thinks you are her Chandan.'

'He's dead.'

'The old woman won't be able
to bear the shock.'

'It would be good if I stay in
this house as Chandan.'

'Become her son, a good man.'

'This is my chance to repent.'

'Yes, I should.'

Gajjan! Durjan!

Look at him!

What happened to you?

Bring him in.

Hey guys, who beat up Choudhary?

I'm dead!

I had heard of sun-stroke.

What's he suffering from?

He's groaning again!
- Forget about his groans.

First tell me, who beat him up?

We don't know who that
brave fellow was.

Once we find out who dared
to do this

I swear I will break all his bones.

Where's Kalu?
- Kalu has gone to the city.

I have sent someone to
call him back.

He might be dead by the
time Kalu comes back.

Hey Chandan! When did you
come back from the city?

I came back yesterday.

Have you seen my horse-cart?

It's tied to a tree. Look there!

How can he be alive?

That's what puzzles me.

Hey! How dare you
touch the horse-cart?

First, repay Choudhary.

I have already repaid him.

How are you related to Choudhary?

That's great, my boy!

You forgot your boss Gajjan!

And you forgot Durjan too!

Are you Gajjan?
- Yes.

So you are the pet dog here?

Where's Kalu the dog?
- You dare call him a dog!

I'll put out your tongue.

That's very good.

You grew a thicker mustache

and forgot your bosses!

You have hurt him badly!

Come on, get up!

Chandan, please don't hit him.

Chandan, he's Gajjan,
not a football.

Chandan, how did you manage
to do that?

Let me show you.

Look at him, guys.
He's beating me up.

My boss isn't here today.

That's why he's hitting me.

Where's your boss?
- He lives here.

But he's not here today.

What are you doing?

Get lost!

What happened to him?

Both of them are groaning!

Both of them are suffering.

Put him on the bed. Hurry up.

Both of them are groaning.

Who beat him up?

Chandan beat him up.

That means Choudhary was
beaten up by Chandan too.

Did Chandan beat him up?

Is the horse-cart available?
- Cant' you see?

It's you.

Will you take me to the city?
- Take a seat.

Okay. Take me to the city.

Did you just say that you
want to go to the city?

Is this the time to go to the city?
Get down!

Hey girl!
- You call me a girl now.

Earlier, you would call me Roopa.

You, be seated.
- That's strange.

I have seen you after so many days
and you'll leave without meeting me.

Hey you! You are still sitting in
the cart. Get down!

You remain seated.
- I said, get down!

I said, be seated.
- I said, get down!

Be seated.
- I said, get off!

You remain seated.

I said, get off!
- I said, remain seated.

I don't want to go to the city!
Both of you may go.

Hey girl! What is it?
What do you want?

My brave boy.

I'll show you. Come with me.

It is so unbelievable.

I feel like I'm hearing a story.

Whatever you feel.

As of now, an ordinary horse-cart
driver is in front of you.

Not just the mother
and daughter,

the whole village
thinks I'm Chandan.

I can't tell you how happy
I am today.

God has answered my prayers.

When a mother couldn't
recognise you

there's no chance the law will.

The whole world can be fooled.

But how do I fool myself.

After getting everything,

I still carry a burden on my soul.

Where do I hide me from myself?

In my eyes.

In my heart.

I have always loved Trishul Singh.

Why don't you pass on
the burden on your soul

to me?

Give me your past.

And take my present.

Thus both of us will

secure our future.

Old woman, where's your Chandan?

The rascal..
- He's not at home.

Does the coward wish to die?
- What are you saying?

The scoundrel has challenged
our boss.

- He has invited death.

He beat up Choudhary.

I'll break his hands.

I won't spare him!

What are you doing?
- I will destroy him!

I will get him!
- What are you doing?

I beg you, Kalu!

Nobody can save him from me,
not even God!

Nobody can save him!

Old woman! When Chandan
returns tell him

that I'm waiting for him at
the crossroads of the village.

Me too!

How did this happen?

I want to know
what's wrong with you.

What have you begun
soon after your return?

You should have
thought about your

sister and mother
before doing all this.

I just can't understand

how you changed so much
after going to the city.

You quarrel with someone every day.

Who had come here?
- Brother, don't go out.

Kalu is at the crossroads.
He is furious.

I don't know why he's troubling us.


What will happen to Chandan now?

You idiot, massage his feet.

Chandan's fate is

in the hands of our boss Kalu!

Chandan's bones will be broken.

And I will enjoy myself.


I had forgotten that you
have become very powerful.


Chandan, my boss was here
a short while ago.

Where is he now?

Up there!

How did you send him up there?

My beg you.

Please tell me how to
bring him down.

What are you doing?
- Don't do that. I'll fall down!

Have you gone mad? Stop it!

It's Kalu. Not a mango
that will fall so easily.

I am a dead man!

You have killed him!

He is finished!

One more!

One is groaning.

The second one is whining.

And now it's Kalu!

Get out of here.
- Who will get out of here?

I will get out of here.

Keep your girl to yourself.

O Lord, please help me.

What's the matter?
Why are you crying?

My daughter's marriage
has been called off.

I'm bound to cry.

Look at this. Dharamdas
has sent a letter again.

He wants us to arrange
the wedding soon.

If we can't,
he'll break the alliance.

You tell me

how will we meet his demands?

From where will get all the
things for her dowry?

We have nothing left.

I had saved some ornaments
for Sona's marriage.

The bandit Trishul Singh
robbed us of it.

Darn him! May he rot!

He will die a horrible death!

He had to loot our house!

- Yes?

The horse-cart driver didn't come?

I wrote three letters to him.

How much would I have spent?

45 paise.

You fool!
Won't you add the interest?

45 plus 2 is 48.

- I incurred a big loss.

You won't incur any more losses.

Sir, Trishul Singh is here!

Shut up!

You bandit! You rascal!
You scoundrel!

You want to fool me again.

But I won't be fooled today.

Get out of here!

Or else I'll smash
all your teeth in!

Get lost!
- Dharamdas!

You can't even dream of hitting me!

I'll break all your limbs!

What are you doing?
- Father!

Give me 50 paise.
- Shut up!

Who is it? Bhola, it's you!

Then who is this?
- Who the hell are you?

He's the bandit Trishul Singh!

Don't break my limbs!
Please forgive me, sir!

Please forgive me.
- He has the cash.

He has the dough.
- I don't have anything.

I'm not here to rob you.

Then why are you here, sir?

I have been told that you have

demanded dowry for
your son's marriage.

Sir, I...
- Why are you mumbling?

Because of his demands,
I'm not married yet.

He has demanded Rs 10,000
for my elder brother's marriage.

But I haven't got it.

Sir, I haven't received a penny.

You won't get anything
and you won't demand anything.

- Four days hence

reach Chandan's house
for the wedding.

The wedding expenses
- But..

will be borne by my father.

And if you play games

I will take your vault and
abduct you too.

He will abduct you.
When will you come?

You will abduct him!
- You don't

need to come here.

I'll be there for the wedding.

He will be there.

Where had you been?

I'd gone to Bhigapur.
- Bhiigapur!

I've fixed Sona's marriage.

You have fixed her marriage!

But.. - The wedding will take place
on the fourth day.

On the fourth day!

But what about the dowry
and all that stuff?

We won't need to give them
anything. - What!

Have they agreed to the marriage
without a dowry?

Dharamdas will be here
for the wedding.

Prepare for the wedding.

Did you see that, Sona?
We were worried unnecessarily.

Dharamdas turned out to be
a very generous man.

You will be very happy
in that house.

I'm an honest man.

Come on.
- I am an old man.


Help him get up.
- Please help me get up.

Stop shouting!

Remove the blindfold.

Who are you guys? Where am I?

You are with bandits.

Not over there, over here.

He's our chief Trishul Singh.

You have to cure him.
Do you understand?

Sir! Boss!

Uncle! Uncle, you know me.

I'm Chandan, the horse-cart driver.

Please tell them.
- Chandan!

Yes, I'm Chandan,
the horse-cart driver.

You remember, you've traveled
a lot by my horse-cart.

'Chandan is over here!'

'Then who is roaming around in the
village pretending to be Chandan.'

Hey physician!

Check him up properly and tell me.

Can he be cured?

Uncle, please save me.

They think I'm their chief
and have brought me here.

They say I've gone mad.

Please save me.

'Now I understand everything.'

'His twin brother Kundan'

'is the bandit Trishul Singh.'

'If I identify him'

'they will kill me along with him.'

What are you thinking?

He was hit on the head and
has lost his memory.

No! Nothing has happened to me.
I'm Chandan!

Look at me.

I think he's gone crazy.
- No. I'm not mad.

I'm not insane.

I think I'll go mad.

What do you mean?
- I mean

Look, he calls me uncle.

He has really gone mad.

A physician's nephew
will be a physician.

What's wrong with him?
- He is

suffering from a mental illness.

I will have to treat him.

I will have to go to the city

and get some herbs.

Okay. Take him to the city.

And bring him back soon.
- Uncle!

Uncle, where are you going?

I'm going to the police station.

To collect Rs 15,000.
- What?

Yes! The Rs 15,000 reward
for helping nab Trishul Singh.

The bandit Trishul Singh!
- Yes!

The one roaming
around in the village

as Chandan is actually
Trishul Singh.

How can that be possible?

I've just returned from
the den of the bandits.

They have held Chandan captive
as they think he's Trishul Singh.

Both of them look similar.
They are twins.

I will be able to begin
a hospital now!

I will get Rs 15,000.

I will get the Rs 15,000, uncle!

Ranga, I think we should
call Kammo Bai here.

The chief loves her.

He might recover his memory
when he sees her.

Kammo Bai!

Someone is here to meet you.

He says it's very important.

Send him in.
- Okay.

My name is Hariya!
Harjan has sent me here.

He has called you to
the den immediately.

To the den? - Yes. The chief's
condition is critical.

The chief?
- Trishul Singh was badly wounded

and has lost his memory.

He's behaving like a mad man.

He might recover his memory
when he sees you.

Chief! Look Kammo Bai is here.

Chief, try to recognise her.

She's Kammo Bai. Your Kammo Bai.

Yes, she's your Kammo Bai.

I have told you so many times

that I don't know anybody
named Kammo!

Why don't you believe me?

'It's surprising. Both of them
look so similar.'

At least you believe me when I say
that I'm not your Trishul Singh.

The one you love.

Why are you quiet?
Tell these people

that I'm not Trishul Singh.
I'm not their Chief.

'Trishul Singh is leading his
life in the village.'

'That's why he's alive.'

'Will Trishul have to return'

'to his old life?'

Do you see that, Kammo Bai?

He didn't recognise you too.

Friends, our chief has gone mad.

Do you believe it now?

Under these circumstances,
we will have to select a new chief.

Yes, friends. Now our new chief

will be Ranga!
- Yes! Ranga will be our chief.

Long live Chief Ranga!
- Okay.

As you wish.

Friends, we will celebrate tonight.

And Kammo Bai will dance
on this happy occasion.

Won't you, Kammo Bai?

Yes, I will.

But what will you do with him?

Friends, this lunatic can prove
to be dangerous for us.

After the celebration tonight...

- We will kill you.

No, chief. Please don't kill me.

Don’t kill me.

You are the new chief.
Long live...

Tie him up.

Why are you crying now?

I miss your brother Kundan.

I still remember those flames.

After all, I'm a mother.

I can't forget that horrible night.

The evil Durjan Singh

started the fire.

My Kundan was burnt alive.

It keeps flashing before my eyes.

'That means, father had'

'taken me away from this house.'

'And she's my mother.'

Had he been alive today

he would have been just like you.

In your childhood, despite being

your mother I often
mistook the two of you.

Both of you used to fight a lot.
Do you remember?

You would say that I'm yours.

And he would say
that I was only his.



My sister.

Chandan, someone is here
to meet you.

Kamli, it's you!
- I know I shouldn't have come here.

But.. - No, Kamli. It's good
that you came here.

Do you know what a happy
day it is for me?

Yes. Sona is getting married today.

Yes. You know what, Kamli?

Sona is my sister.

She's my real sister.
And mother..

She, too, is my real mother.

And Chandan, who they think I am,

was my twin brother.

Chandan is your brother!

Yes. The rowdies of
this village killed him.


Chandan is alive.

- Yes.

You friends think that he's you.

And that he has gone mad.

To become the chief Ranga

has decided to kill him today.
- No!

Until I'm alive

forget Ranga,

even God can't kill him.

Even God can't kill him!

Son, where are you going?

Don't go too far.

The groom and his guests
will be here any moment.

You have to give away the bride.

Don't worry, mother.

Your son Chandan will give
away the bride.

Inspector, that's Trishul Singh!
Catch him!

Stop right there, Trishul Singh,
or else we will shoot!

Don't try to escape.

Kamli, I think the police suspect

that I am Trishul Singh.
- Yes.

The police have cordoned off the
entire area. What will happen now?

Let alone the police,

no power in this world can stop me
from getting to my brother.

But it should not be too late.

And if Chandan..
- No, Kamli!

Go to the den.

And till I reach there,

protect my brother from Ranga.

Yes, I will.

Kamli, what if Chandan is harmed?

No! No harm will befall Chandan.


I know that you are Chandan.

But everyone here thinks
that you are Trishul Singh.

Both of you are twins and
look similar.


That means my brother
Kundan is alive. - Yes.

And he's the bandit Trishul Singh?

Yes, the unfortunate Kundan

was forced to become a bandit.

But he's no longer a bandit.

He was a bad man.

But he has changed now.

And has got rid of all
the evil in the village.

He has destroyed all the
evil men in the village.

Everybody in the village
thinks he's Chandan.

Even your mother and Sona.

He thinks you are dead.

That's why he didn't tell anyone.

He has fixed Sona's marriage.

Everything is ready.

And the wedding will
take place tonight.

The wedding!
- Yes.

But where is he?
- I came here after meeting him.

When I told him about you

he was in agony.

Right now he has been
surrounded by the police.

But he will definitely come here

to rescue you.

Friends, we will loot
Ramgarh tomorrow.

Kammo Bai, you are here.
- Yes.

What arrangements have
you made for the celebration?

I'm ready, sir.

Wow! I'll make you rich.

Don't you worry, sir.

You won't ever have seen
such a celebration

and you never will.

Inspector, there he goes!

Stop right there, Trishul Singh!

Turn the jeep around fast!


We have been betrayed!

This man isn't Trishul Singh.

He's an impostor who looks like him.

And I'm sure

that he's a police's stooge.

He has been sent here by
the police

so that he can arrest all of us.

Let me ask all of you

what should we do with him?

Kill him!

Let's kill him!

You are right, my friends.

As your new chief

I'll fulfill my duty right now.

I'll put this scoundrel to death!
- No, Ranga.

Don't do that. Don't kill him.

He hasn't harmed you.

You know that he..
- I know everything, Kammo Bai.

You can't fool me any more.
- No!

He's just an innocent
horse-cart driver.

He's not your enemy.

I beg you.

I beseech you to let him go.

Kammo Bai, he's a spy of the police

and I can't spare him
alive at any cost.

Yes. Kill him!

Kill him!
- No!

No! He's innocent.
- Kill him!

Listen to me. He's not a spy.

You thought he was your chief
and brought him here.

He's Trishul's brother.

Yes. He's your chief's
twin brother Chandan!

Friends, this woman
is his accomplice. - No.

Don't believe her.

He's our enemy and
he should be killed. - No!


She was trying to rescue him.

It's your turn now, you impostor!

It's the chief!

Let him go. He's my brother.

Yes, let him go.

You are here.
- Kamli.

How did this happen, Kamli?

Chief, Ranga tried to shoot
your brother.

To save him, Kammo jumped
in front of the gun.

Look, it's Chandan.

Now take Chandan

and go away from here.

You have very little time.

You have to join us, Kamli.


My journey ends here.

No, Kamli.

You can't leave me.

Without you..

I'll be so lonely.

I have always troubled you.


I'm so happy

that I am dying

in your arms.


forgive me.

I couldn't

be with you.

Our dream

couldn't be fulfilled.

No, Kamli.

Our dream

won't remain unfulfilled.

You will wait for me, won't you?

Brother Kundan!


This seems to be
Trishul Singh's den.

Cordon off the entire area.

Chandan, our sister Sona
is getting married.

Everything is ready.

The groom and the guests
would have reached too.

They must be waiting for you.

You have to give away the bride.

Trishul Singh!

The police has
cordoned off the area.

We know that you are here.

Surrender to the police
along with your gang.

Let's change our clothes quickly.

Hurry up!

No, brother. Don't change
anything now.

You are Chandan now.
- Don't be mad.

Mother must be waiting for you.

I have promised her that you
will give away Sona.

You can give her away too.

No, Chandan.

I'm a bandit.

My hands are soaked in blood.

As a brother I can't give her
away with these hands.

Trishul Singh, I'm telling you once
again to surrender to the police.

Don't try to fight us.

Or else you will be shot dead.

Inspector, I'm coming to you.

No, Chandan!

Trishul Singh, this is
your last warning.

Surrender to the police.

Friends, take the back route
and save your lives.


They are trying to escape
from there. Let's go there.


Where's he gone?

Who will give away the bride?

Who will give away the bride?

Who will do it? The brother will
give her away, of course.


Brother, how did this happen?

It's nothing.

You go inside quickly, Chandan.

Mother would be waiting for you

to give away the bride.

No, brother. I won't

leave you alone in this condition.

Come with me.
- No, Chandan. I can't.

The police is on my trail.

They will be here any moment now.

If the people find out

that the bride's brother
is a bandit

it will spoil everything.

Everything will be spoiled.

But, brother.
- Go, Chandan.

You have very little time.

For the sake of Sona's groom.

Won't your let your brother

see his sister getting married?

Go, Chandan.

Just go.

Don't tell mother anything.

She won't be able to bear
the trauma

of my death once again.

Go, brother. Please go.

Chandan, you are back.

Come on. It's time to
give away the bride.

Surround the wedding podium.
- Wait!

I am Trishul Singh.

Trishul Singh, you can't
escape today.

Throw down the pistol
and surrender yourself.

Let's go.
- Sir..

My sister is getting married today.

I am a wayward brother

who can't attend the wedding.

I want to see her leave
for her in-laws' house.

Please give me some time.

Come on now. Let's go.