Raksha Bandhan (2022) - full transcript

Lala Kedarnath, the eldest and only brother of 4 sisters, runs a chaat shop that was started by his father. Lala promises his frail mother on her deathbed that he will get married only after he fulfills the responsibility of marry...

[chanting the Hanuman
Chalisa prayer]

Hail Lord Rama!

Hail Hanuman!

Stand in queue...

one behind the other.

Praise the Lord.

Yes, how many of you?

Stand in queue as per
your delivery date.

...nine months pregnant,
come forward.

Behind her stand... eight, seven,
six, five, four, three, two and one.

And women who are trying
to get pregnant,

eat tikkis first,
you'll be served golgappas later.

I'm due in two weeks,
serve me quickly.

How many times does the baby move?

Three or four times.

Get admitted in the hospital
by day after.

You'll deliver in
the next four days.

Here you go.

Lala, will eating these golgappas
guarantee a son?

What do you want?

For a mere 25 rupees,

you want golgappas
and a certificate too!

If the government can't
give you a guarantee...

nor can ministers,
doctors and engineers...

You want a golgappa-seller
to give you guarantee?

- Gaffar...
- Yes?

- Take his bowl away.
- Give it back.

I'm just confirming...

Go stand right at the back.

Get lost.

You mean, it may not be a boy?

Come on, I'd heard so much
about you, Lala.

I just satisfy the cravings of pregnant
women like my forefathers did.

I don't grant boys...
God does.

Aunty, eat this with faith,
you'll have a son.

Even this 70 year-old board says -

'Eat chaat here and a
son will be born'.

You need to believe.

- Come forward.
- Please stand aside.

Seven months pregnant women
come forward.

You can't park here, mister.

Drop the lady off here...
park your scooter over there.

Durga didi is calling.


What? The boy's family has arrived?

So early?

Weren't they supposed
to come in the afternoon?

Okay... make them comfortable...

Yes, I'm wearing my slippers.

No... listen...

Let the guests eat the samosas

Don't eat them yourself!
Take it.

- Manage the shop.
- Sure.

We haven't eaten yet, Lala...

Madam, the golgappas ensure a son.

I don't...

He will serve you golgappas.

But I'll have a boy, right?

We're all after boys...

you want one and I want four!

Take this. Serve them.

Don't forget to take money.

Satinder, give me a kurta.

I'm sure this boy will be
a good match, brother.

I hope so.

Lala... take some sweets with you.

And milk?

Don't need it today.

- I'll pay you later.
- No problem.

Make way...

Lala, the boy's family is here.

- You better hurry.
- Lala... listen....

Laxmi took some gram flour.

Adjust from my rent or pay me now?

You pay a measly 275 rupees and

you want to deduct 25
rupees from that too!

Why even bother with the 250!

Lala, return my mother's bangles.

Get lost, you rascal!

I refuse to pay you any money.

Your son takes all the bottles
of cold water from my house.

There... I've adjusted your money.
Get lost.

Paying a measly 275 rupees

and you want the world at your feet!

Brother-in-law is here.

Go take a bath, boy.

Madam Durga...

Doesn't any brand
sell clothes your size?


Are you wearing a child's t-shirt?

This has shrunk after a wash!

Give this to me.

Why don't you shrink too,
after a bath?

Geeta, take this.


Please wear something that
glows in the dark, Laxmi.

Hello... I'm not that dark-skinned!

And don't smile in the dark...

only your teeth will be visible!

Oh, sorry...

I'm so sorry, Uncle.

Our neighborhood is so crowded,

couldn't get here sooner...

- I'm sorry, Aunty.
- No problem.

I'm sorry.

What is this behavior, Lala?

Already making the
groom's family wait?

Please excuse me, Aunty.

Thankfully, so many pregnant women,

- wait at my shop every morning...
- At your shop?

It's more like I'm
running a hospital.

Will eating golgappas at your shop

guarantee a son?

I only promise a son but
in my grandfather's times

all boys grew up to
be officers too.


Please serve them tea.

Neeraj was born after eating
golgappas served by your father.

I see...

I can see that...

boys born after eating
at our shop stand out.

Is that your younger brother?
The one wearing a jacket.

No. She is my youngest sister,

- Saraswati.
- Oh.

- Do you watch action films?
- No.

She does,
that's why she's like this.

Come here...

All my sisters are named
after goddesses, Uncle.

But I swear on my dead mother,

she's the most dutiful one.

The most obedient one.

You can keep the tray.

Excuse me.

Yes... okay.

Brother, Saharanpur has
lifted the milestone!

- They're offering 12.
- 12?

- They're offering 12.
- Who is he?

My brother-in-law.

Wow, they're offering 12.

But when I spoke to
the priest, he said 11.

12... okay, fine...

I don't have a problem.

No problem!

- Put the tray down.
- Hold! Hold!

Yes... okay.

The milestone has been lifted again.

They're offering 14 now, plus a
honeymoon package via Vaishno Devi.

Hail the goddess!

But...We had agreed
upon 11, then 12...

and now 14?

Okay, Mr. Gupta...
I agree to 14.

There goes my college fee.

...no more, please.

- Put the tray down.
- One minute...

the milestone...

I'll break your head
with that milestone!



That's it! Final!

It's decided!
Put the tray down.

Wait a minute.

16 is the new milestone.


Keep quiet, you rascal.

I'll give you a few thousand...

stop talking.

- Put the tray down, Gayatri.
- One minute...

The Saharanpur party is offering
me 1 lakh, plus a tuxedo.

Mr Gupta, let's seal the deal
at 16 lakhs (hundred thousand).

16, final!

- Put the tray--
- 17.

Shut up, you rascal!

I'd have to rob a bank
to get 17 lakhs, Mr. Gupta.

I would've managed for one sister
but I have four!

Mr. Kedarnath...

I paid dowry for my daughter,

hence I want dowry for my son.

We have a long day ahead...
let's go.

They don't have any money!

- Let's go.
- Let's go.



Let go of my samosa

Let go.

Take a video of this.

I won't let you have it.

Take this.
Eat it! You too!

Eat it! You too!

You witch! Mummy...

I won't give it.


My samosa!

Promise me, Kedarnath...

till you get your four
sisters married...

you won't get married.

Promise me.

I promise you...

Only after getting my
four sisters married...

will I think of getting married.

Papa, please...

Why are you being so petty?

Kedara would've told us
had the match had been finalized.

- No. I want to humiliate him.
- What?

I want to insult him
in front of everyone.

He should know what it's like to
be burdened with a young daughter!


Are you saying
I'm a burden, Papa?

You're not a burden to me, child.
I worry about your marriage.

Tell me...

how long will you wait for this guy?

First he'll marry
off ALL his sisters...

and only then he'll marry you!

This dutiful son is honoring
his promise to his mother...

but I'm the one paying
a price for it!

How long will I have to wait
to get my daughter married?

I'm not that old...

You're not, but he is.

How long will he go around
pretending to be young?

We'll have to come to a decision!

I'll decide who gets the samosa.

I'm the eldest--


Here comes Sapna's father, enjoy!

Kedarnath, come out.

It hasn't even been 10
minutes since they left...

who informs him?

Where are you, Kedara?


tell him I've left.

Tell him...

Don't say that I've
gone to the shop,

else he'll land up there.

- Don't tell him.
- Kedarnath!

Namaste, Uncle.
Namaste, sister-in-law.

Let her become your
sister-in-law before

you call her that.

Did you finalize Gayatri's wedding?

What did the boy's family say?

They left within 15-20 minutes.

They were asking for 17 lakhs.

See. I told you so.

Tell me...

where's your dear brother?

He has... gone to the bank!

Look at how that rascal has
taught this poor child to lie.

What does he even have in
that bank, to withdraw from?

- Papa.
- Be quiet.

Tell me the truth.
Where's your brother?

It's the truth... he has left.

He left right after the
boy's family did.

- Go...
- Rascal...


...building a nest here.

Where do you think you're
running away like a fugitive?

Who's running away?

I'm going to the doctor.

I have a blister right here.

Saraswati said you've
gone to the bank.

I had gone to the bank
to withdraw money

to pay the doctor's fees.

Then what are you doing up there?

There's a nest here
with a crippled duck...

I was feeding it.

You're such a liar.

Have a conscience.

You couldn't finalize
Gayatri's marriage...

all four of your
sisters are unmarried...

when will you get them married?

When will I get my daughter married?

Just see...

how rudely your father is talking.

See for yourself.


What was so rude, Kedarnath -

'Have a conscience'?
'Gayatri's marriage'?

Talk of our marriage
or of having a young daughter?

Tell me.
What was so rude?

Are you on his side now?

Don't you earn enough
feeding golgappas to all...

pregnant women?

Can't you afford a 17 lakh
dowry for your sister?

You think you'll take this money
with you after you die?

What money are you talking about?

I pay 15 lakhs to
the bank every month.

You think I'm running away?

If Sapna wasn't my
childhood sweetheart,

I would've run away by now.


Really?! Come on.

Why don't you tell your father
about the EMI's that I pay?

- EMI for what?
- 'EMI for what'?!

He is asking me about my EMIs.
Please tell him...

Everyone in Chandni
Chowk knows, Harishankar.

During World War II, Lala's
grandfather had a contract

- to supply chickpeas to the Germans.
- Hear him...

and he'd taken a loan of
20 lakhs from the bank...

Lala is still paying off the loan.

If his grandfather hadn't
been cheated by Hitler...

his family would've owned
this entire neighborhood.

And who is Hitler?

'Who is Hitler'?
The very same German Hitler!

The one who stands like this!

The very same Hitler.

He's the reason your daughter
is still unmarried.

Hitler is dead but
I'm still alive...

I'm retiring in eight months...

...and I want her
settled before that.

You have six months...

Marry her or I'll marry her
off to someone else.

And you can forget
about your sweetheart.

Let's go.

Hitler my foot!


Let's go.

And what about my promise
to my mother?

Fulfill it.
You don't have much time...

get all four sisters married
and then marry Sapna.

Take some money to get
your blister treated.

...talking about Hitler.

36 thousand in July...
34 thousand in August.

Nothing in September?

We only get what
is destined, Brother.

Mine... that of my sisters...

and your destiny too is
to be blamed for this.

Come here...


Your destiny is not to blame.

My ledgers are to blame for this.

You're my pride.

It's these boys who are unlucky,
not you.

How will you manage, Brother?

Even if you manage to
put together my dowry...

you still have three
more to take care of.

Do you know what Ma would say?

She'd say - Lord Mahadev
takes care of all daughters.

He will provide for us.

Why do you worry?

Silly girl...

There's no love like this...

There's no love like this...

There's no jealousy like this!

If a sister asks her
brother for something...

He'd take a life...

Not 'take a life'
he'd give up his life.

There's no love like this...

Praise the Lord...

Praise the Almighty.

...there's more stuff.

I like the boy.

Go. Come next week.

But... why?

I know of boys like him...

they get famous on TikTok.
I'll get you married to him.

He's a scrap dealer!

He'd come to pay for the cupboard.

Fine, get me married to him...

Coloring his hair
and fooling everyone...

- Give me 500 rupees, Brother.
- Why?

Did you lend it to me?

I have to go to college.

Do you have to pay
to enter the college?

I'll take a taxi...

Take a bus.

No way. I'll take a taxi.

Else everyone will know that I come
from a lower middle class family.

I'll drop you off.

No, I want to take a taxi.

Brother... drop me to
my tuition class on the way.


drop me to my dance class too.

Let's go.

You're always asking me for money.

I need to buy laboratory stuff
for my Chemistry practical.

Why do you need to buy them?
Steal them.

Watch out!

You want your sister to steal?

Sister? You're witches.
All of you.

And I want you to become robbers.

Where are you going?

She looked at me.

Crazy boys.

Fine, they're whistling at you two.

I wish I was in that jeep.

Keep quiet.

What's wrong?

Get off.

But why?

- Get off, I need to do something important.
- But...

Take 500 rupees and take a taxi.

- Go.
- I can't believe this.

Take a taxi.

Be careful.


- Whistling at girls?!
- Hey...

- But...
- I just whistled, what was so wrong?

Grab him. Don't let him go!

I just called a fat girl Fatty...

I'll call your mother Fatty.
Will you like it?

Feel the heat?

It's hot.

Should've told me!


Let me go.

Let go of me.

- Move.
- He will die.

Get lost!

Forget it, Lala.

Will you kill him for such
a small thing?

'Small thing'?

'Small thing'?

Do you really think
it's a 'small thing'?

Move it to the center of the road.

Wait, let me get up!

Move this!


People of Chandni Chowk, listen

...to three things.

Pay attention.


four-wheelers aren't allowed
to enter Chandni Chowk.


all boys in Delhi will have
to control themselves.

Else, I'll thrash them.

I'll beat the living
daylight out of them.


if any boy harasses a girl,

he will have to marry her.

- Well said, Lala.
- Get it?

I will make sure he marries her.

Get it?

They think they'll catcall
and get away with it!

Where's my slipper?

Tastes okay.
Add more lemon juice.

I like it.
One more, brother-in-law.

Come on, really?

You've already eaten a lot.
These golgappas are very spicy,

you'll have a tough time
tomorrow morning.


- Kedara...
- What?

You didn't stand up to
your father for me yesterday.

What could I have said?
Papa was right.

What was he so right about?

He is retiring in eight months.

Focus on your precious sisters...

never mind me!


Move aside...

- Lala.
- What is it?

Here is your invitation card.


Chandramukhi is getting
married next week.

Please come to the party tomorrow...

bring only one sister along.

Chandramukhi is getting married?


Hear that?

Chandramukhi is getting married.

Who is she getting married to?

A boy, of course.

He is a government clerk.

Is he a normal, regular guy?


- A widower?
- No.

It's his first marriage.


Not much.

Who is the matchmaker?

There's a wedding manager,
Ms. Shaanu.

She can find a match for any girl,

at a nominal cost.

The lady who runs
Saubhagyashaali Wedding?

Yes, her.

With the tagline -
'Your daughter, my headache'?


- Do you know of her?
- Of course.

She has called us so many
times to cater at weddings.

- And what did you say?
- I refused.

We don't have time
for all this, Lala!

Such an intelligent boy.

Listen... hand me my slippers.

I told her,
we don't cater at weddings...

it's through us that the Lord
blesses pregnant women.

Where to?

Idiot...You've kept me from
meeting this amazing lady!

Did you forget?
We have four sisters...

Sapna, we have to meet this lady
tomorrow and take her help.


What is it?

When you looked at me

I fell in love

I fell madly in love


this Undertaker

is Chandramukhi.

If Ms. Shaanu can find
a match for her,

she'll find someone
for my sisters as well.

Gaffar deserved a thrashing.

Ms. Chandramukhi...

where's your father?

I think that's Ms. Shaanu.

Madam, I am Lala Kedarnath Agarwal.

Take this.

She is my fianc*e...

She is Sapna.

We've come from very far,
with a request.

I have a shop nearby -
'Premlata Chaat Bhandar'.

But you said you've come from far.

Actually, the shop is nearby...

But the request
is a far-fetched one.

What's the name of your shop?

'Premlata Chaat Bhandar'

Oh, I see...

- you're that pompous Kedarnath.
- No, ma'am.

How could he possibly be pompous
with four unmarried sisters...

There's a stupid boy
who works at the shop,

he didn't recognize you.

We'll set up a stall
wherever you want.

Isn't it, Kedara?

I have four sisters...

I can't get married until they do.

If I don't get married, nor can she.


All our lives will get ruined.


Later, child.

It's not a big deal for you.

- I need four grooms.
- Move aside.

Please see if you could help...

nothing too expensive...


- I'll try.
- Please, listen...

Hold her.

Kids, be careful!

- Listen...
- Yes?

Are you free tomorrow evening?

Er... I'll work something out.

I'm not asking you out on a date
only to cater at an event.

Of course, I can...

Send me the address, I'll be there.

Bring your sisters with you.


Good night.

I won't give you money.

Do you want an ice cream?


- Have you reached?
- Yes, we're at the entrance.

Why can't I see you?

- Where?
- There he is.

Yes. Come here.

Take a look at them.

Why are you three dressed like this?

Why? Don't we look good?

'Look good'? Rubbish.
She's looking like a clown.

Go, stand with those
clowns over there.

And you...
why are you wearing a chessboard?

Go, stand in that corner.

Your multi-colored dress...

looks like someone has spat on it!

Come on, we're looking good.

Why don't you introduce
us to Ms. Shaanu.

You want to meet Ms. Shaanu?

Want to ruin her business?

Silly girl...

Go, make yourselves scarce.

Gayatri, come with me.

You too, Sapna.

My son had told you,
he wants an expensive car.

Why are you arguing about this now?

You're absolutely right.

It's a national holiday today,

that's why the car
wasn't delivered today.

But I've already booked the car,

sent you the papers as well.

Just hear his excuse...

Since Mr. Uppal has
sent us the papers,

he's suggesting...

we make a paper boat
with those papers...

and take our son home in that!

Mr. Uppal, after all...
a deal is a deal.

Papa, I've told my friends

I'll bring my wife home
in an expensive car!

Sir, listen to me.

This man is requesting
you with folded hands...

it's a national holiday,
the car showroom is closed today,

You'll get your car tomorrow!


you're being too greedy.

What did you just say?

Greedy? Are you calling me greedy?

No, sir.
She didn't mean it like that.

I don't care, Mr. Uppal.

Gaffar, that man who'd
come with sweets...

after having a son...

- Doesn't he own Rastogi Trading?
- Yes...

call him.


Either get the car right now or

get this woman to apologize!


Mr. Rastogi, thank you for
helping us at this hour.

The money...

Take the car...
we'll discuss this later.

- Thank you so much.
- No need to thank me.

After three daughters...

thanks to your golgappas,
I finally have an heir.

Take the keys... go.

Let them call off the wedding.

My name is Shaanu.
I don't apologize to anyone

and definitely not to them.

Please, Ms. Shaanu...
apologize to them.

Else they'll call off the wedding.

Why are you so worried?

Let them leave.

I'll find other grooms
for your daughter.

Don't worry, I'll do something.

Let's leave!

Angad, bro...

Here's your brand new car.

Look, the car is here!

It's yours! Take it away.

Here's the duplicate key.

- God bless you!
- Never mind.

Let the celebrations begin!

Ms. Shaanu, I am always
there to help you.

You don't need to apologize to them.

They wanted a car,
they've got it

...look at those fools dance.

Thank you.

Well done, Lala.

Here you put in so much effort

all I get are excuses.

I'm not even asking for a car.

Gift me a bangle and I'm yours.

I've given you my heart

My love.

More precious than my life

Is your acceptance of my love

Like a silken thread...

I will gift you a ruby
bangle, my love

I will gift you a ruby
bangle, my love

Your beautiful smile

Makes me fall in love with you

You are what I desire

Say you'll be mine

Like a silken thread...

I will gift you a ruby
bangle, my love

You bring love and light

Wherever you go

You spread beauty

All around

I can lay down my life for you

You are magic

I can lay down my life for you

You are my true love

I declare to the world

You are my destiny

Like a silken thread...

I will gift you a ruby
bangle, my love

I will gift you a ruby
bangle, my love

That's dog food.

Ms. Shaanu,
I have four sisters to wed...

I deserve a discount.

Come on...

I've already given you a discount.

20 lakhs include the dowry
and my commission.

20 lakhs per wedding is too much.

With the variety
that you've brought...

this gangster-girl...

this pitch-dark one...

this double-decker...

I deserve twice the commission.

Consider this...

20 lakhs per girl...

adds up to a total of 80 lakhs.

I'll need another 10 lakhs for
the wedding arrangements--


I'll work something out.

I'll get her married first
for 18 lakhs.


But you'll have to work
on the others.

Stop her from eating.

Stop her from going out in the sun.

And this one... Van Damme...

We'll have to turn
her into 'Damn Hot'.


- Sapna?
- Yes.

- Aren't you Harishankar's daughter?
- Yes.

Why are you wasting your time here?

Go and get ready...

there's a boy coming
to meet you in two days.

I've arranged the match.


I'm the boy she's marrying.

She pesters me to marry her.

Who asked you to
find a match for her?

Her father did.

He wants her to get
married before he retires.

He has already paid my fees.

- Oh, she's an unfaithful one!
- Oh, she's an unfaithful one!

- She didn't really love you
- She didn't really love you

Keep quiet!

...I can save 15 lakhs.

It adds up to 60 lakhs...

Stop mumbling to yourself, Lala.

Look at these account books.

See if you've inherited...

a house, shop or even a brothel

that you can sell.


This is an antique
chair, sister-in-law.

Should sell for five thousand.

If I sell you along with this chair,

it'll still not sell
for five thousand!

- This fool wants to sell a chair!
- One minute...

Why would my ancestors
buy a brothel?

Lala, sell these too!


Get lost!


we'll get two thousand
at least for this.

Keep it back!

I got this tailored for him
to wear at our wedding.

How dare you touch it!

It's been eight years already.

It's an antique now...

sell it.

You know what, Lala...

your sisters don't want
us to get married.

What do you want?

Want me to wear this?

I'll wear this sherwani.

Wear this and sit at home
for the next 20 years.

I don't care.

Tell me,
when are we getting married?

As soon as my sisters
get married, so will we.

Getting these girls married?!

These girls?

All the girls in the city will get
married but not them

not them

because they don't
want to get married!

Don't say that, Sapna.

They're my sisters not strangers.

you're only concerned
about your sisters.

I've been waiting to marry
you since we were kids...

but you're only concerned
about your sisters.

Sapna... don't cry.

Go away.

She'll go on a diet from tomorrow.

You'll eat just one leaf
from tomorrow.

One leaf!

Laxmi, you'll marinate
yourself in fairness cream!

Get it? I'll make sure she
becomes fair-skinned.

And... this girl is perfect!

And she'll be a child-bride!

Please don't cry.

Excuse me, Mr. Lala...

I love my body.

Big is beautiful.

I love the color of my skin.

Black is back!

Mark my words, Lala.

These girls don't
want to get married.

They only want to pout and
take photos for Instagram.

What gram?

Irritating man!

You just stand here

and do nothing!

We can't get married
because of these witches.

I'll go and marry that other boy.

I'll agree to marry him.

You carry on with this nonsense.


Let go!


Are you happy now, you witches?

Happy now?

Got what you wanted?

Lala, what will we get for this?

Want to eat it?

Who eats shit?

You... sell me instead!

Just see.

We won't get anything
if we sell you...

selling your kidney
might fetch a few hundred--

Shut up!

It's just a suggestion.

Lala... wait up.

Stop laughing, all of you.

This is a serious matter.

We'll have to handle
Sapna's problem...

I'll take the lead now.

Get it?


please have some snacks.

You haven't eaten any...

- try some, they're delicious.
- Sure.

Mr. Harishankar,

I see you're serving
snacks to your guests.

Send some over to us as well.

Sapna is our
sister-in-law after all!

Namaste, sister-in-law.

I'm here, you dog.


This is not enough.

Exactly, this is not enough.

Lala, go and speak to the people
you're paying the EMIs to...

the bank.

Ask them to either forego the money

or to lend you some more.


These girls are a nuisance.

She's not their sister-in-law.

Lala and she are childhood
friends. Friends!

Sure! I've seen them play
'doctor-patient' as kids.

She's lying.

Harishankar, a man and
a woman can never be friends.

It's a facade...

for what goes on in their pulsating
bodies on hot, steamy nights.

What rubbish are you saying?

- 'Pulsating bodies'?
- 'Hot, steamy nights'?

What rubbish.

This is a line from a film, sir.

- I'll give you a tight slap!
- Really?

Please do something, Mr. Dua.

If you can't give me a loan,

pause the repayment of the
old one for some time.

Come on, Lala.

It's not possible.

Tell you what.

You should run away.

Go and start your life afresh.

You think he'll help if
you're so casual?


Look sad, broken from inside...

like a dead man.

Yes. Like this!

And add some... tears.

What is she doing?

If you marry our sister-in-law,
take our brother along too.

He'll sleep between these two.

If you separate childhood lovers,

you'll burn in hell, you rascal.

What nonsense!

Do you even realize
what you're saying?

Kedara, only if your
mortgage your shop

can I give you money.

I can't give you any money for this.


Keep this back.

Get anything?

It didn't work.

How insulting!

It's not what you think...

- Let's go.
- Mr. Dinanath...

- So insulting...
- Madam...


What have you done?!

Just wait and watch what I do.

Get lost, Harishankar.
I don't care.

I'll teach them a lesson.

- Forget it, Papa.
- The entire family is crazy.

You were awesome!

What was that?

Our Gayatri is unstoppable.

Nobody tell Brother about this.

Hurry up, let's go home.

[singing devotional songs]

Gaffar, what're you waiting for?

Get the yoghurt.


do you have any idea how
much this guy makes

by singing at these gatherings?

How much?

One lakh.

- One lakh?
- That too in five hours.

How much do we make,
serving chaat to hundreds of people?

Only 20 thousand.
Think about it, Lala.

Don't waste your time.


Your work is done.

We drove that boy's family away.

The ones who'd come to meet Sapna.

Come on, smile.

If you serve chaat
with this expression,

they'll surely fall sick.

Don't worry, Brother.

They will work hard on
themselves to get married.

Durga goes on a diet from tomorrow.

We'll try and improve
her complexion...

and we'll fix her somehow.

You just relax.

As for me, I love my body...

but I'll do it for you.

Let's eat golagappas to celebrate.

[singing devotional songs]

Get ready, Gaffar.

We'll serve them chaat
and entertain them as well.

Morning and evening

I sing your praises

Morning and evening

I sing your praises

Please answer my prayers

Please answer my prayers

Please answer my prayers

Please answer my prayers

I've prayed countless times"

But I've been disappointed so far"

Please answer my prayers

Please answer my prayers

Consider my case

And grant my wish

Please answer my prayers

Please answer my prayers

I'm not asking for the impossible

It's not something you can't do

All I ask for is to
be pretty and slim

Make me hot as well

Give me your blessings

I'm here to ask for your help

Please answer my prayers

Please answer my prayers

Your photo is my Insta DP

I sing your praises

With much fanfare

You and I both know

I'm your biggest follower

Please answer my prayers

Please answer my prayers

Dowry is a social crime.

It is the bane of
every woman's life.

And it is because of this custom,

- people aren't happy at the birth of a daughter
- Be quiet...

while the birth of a
son is celebrated.

This is why daughters
are neglected...

Who is this woman?

Why isn't she letting me sleep?

Is she crazy?

- ...they're seen as a burden.
- Lala, she's here every month...

- ...second Monday of every month.
- From the moment she's born,

- ...her father is burdened with.
- with the same anti-dowry speech.

Both, taking dowry and
giving dowry is a crime.

I've explained this
to you earlier but

I've found out, dowry was given
in Chandramukhi's wedding.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

We have to stop this custom.

Well said, madam.

Do you have children, madam?

- I do.
- How many?

- Two.
- Boys? Or girls?

Two girls.

Two girls, that's why

you're against the
custom of giving dowry.

If you had two boys...

your opinion would've
been different.

Of course a girl's mother will
say that giving dowry is bad.

If it was a boy's
mother saying this,

I'd take it seriously.
Am I right?

I have four sisters, madam.

I'm breaking my back
for their dowry.

We haven't started
this custom anyway.

It's been going on for generations

that's why we're continuing with it.

Shouldn't this change?

Who will bring about the change?

You? With your speeches here?

This is Chandni Chowk, madam.

Chandni Chowk.
A mini India.

Every house here has a daughter
whose dowry is falling short.

But hoping to give them a lavish
wedding their families slave away.

Now you want them to be
ashamed of their hard work?

Madam, every man standing here...

is working tirelessly

so that he can give his
daughter a lavish wedding.

You want us to be ashamed of this?

We won't.

We love our sisters
and daughters dearly.

We can lay down
our lives for them.

See how much I've
managed to put together...

a flat-screen TV,
washing machine,

microwave, cupboard,
sofa, double-bed--


it's Shaanu.

- Hello...
- Hello, Lala?

What are you doing?
Do it properly.

I want to speak to you.

Reach my office in ten minutes.

I'll be there soon.

What happened?

Are you sleepy?

Welcome, Lala.

Your sister is getting married
on the 27th of next month.

Start the wedding preparations.

My sister?

Bless you.

Thank you so much.

The bride was all bedecked

The bride will be bedecked

Hiding his tears,
your brother will smile

And see you off, and say

I am there with you

I am there with you

I am there with you

I am there with you

You're getting married.

Toys of our childhood
call out to you

Let's play with them once again

Let's relive those moments

Of carefree days gone by

Those cold, wintry nights

Those carefree days

When fights were short-lived

So were our arguments

It seems just like yesterday

Why did we even grow up?

Let's relive those
days of innocence

Let's search for
those days gone by

I am there with you

I am there with you

We were young and carefree

Our childhood games
seemed so real

There was no difference
between us

And we smiled and cried together

Let us draw pictures once again

Those pictures we drew as children"

I will run a