Rakkhosh (2017) - full transcript

The movie explores the horrors and fantasies of a patient trapped in a mental asylum.

I've heard people say...

that darkness is very frightening.

But I find it comforting.

I wonder why people
are afraid of the dark.

Have you seen Kumar John?

I've been looking for him.

I don't care.

All of you are going to die.

Do you have a matchbox?

-What for?
-To set fire.


Kumar John.



What are you doing?


You are here already!

Come here.



Did you see him again?

Yes, he was here last night.

What was that?

Come, let's go.

-Let's go.

Let's not go there.

Come on.


It's scary, I don't want to go there.

Don't let him go, damn it!

-Move away.
-How dare you run away!

-Let me go!
-Move away.

Damn you!

-Let me go!
-Don't let him go!

I want to run away!

I want to run away...

-I want to run away!
-Take him away!

-Take him away--
-I need to run away...

-Come on!
-Let me go...

-I will escape...
-Take him inside!

Kumar John, don't go there.

Kumar John!

-How dare you!
-Let me go...

Sit down, all of you.


Lock him up.

Bloody hell!
Why do you want to run away?

Don't you know that
you're here for a reason?

This mental hospital
houses over 2,000 patients!

And there are only 40 people
to look after you!

Try running away and
I'll kill you, you morons!

Damn you, fuckers!

Go ahead and tell this to
that shithead superintendent.

-That motherfucker never listens to us!

2,000 patients.

40 people to look after us.

Let him go.

Let's hurry. Get them ready.

The people from the NGO
will be here any minute.

Come on, Birsa.

Let's be quick.

Water? No! I am afraid of water.

She is my daughter.

My daughter!

Come here, you fools!
She's asking you to dance.

Mom, Kumar John has lost it.

A girl came to meet us today.

He thinks she's his daughter.

I felt like laughing, but I didn't.

Because you told me that
I shouldn't laugh at anyone.

Kumar John.

Come here.


They are back.

-Doctor! Doctor, let me go!
-Come on...

Do you want to go home?
Sure! We'll take you there.

Be quick! Come on!

Come on!

That means, Rakkhosh will be back tonight.

"Stupid people everywhere.
Go around like they just don't care."

Do you know what that means, Birsa?

-Evil doctor and the mental nurse.
-Mental nurse.

-Worthless morons.
-Worthless morons.

Why are you spitting on me?

Whenever these two get together...

someone is bound to get killed.

How will we stop them?


will be murdered.

But we don't know who it will be!

Who's going to be murdered? Tell me.

Tell me!

Sit down.

Answer me.

Speak up.

Kumar John, this is a serious issue
and you don't seem to be bothered.

I guess you have lost your mojo.

Kumar John!

Answer me! What's taking you so long?

Why don't you tell me?

Who will be murdered tonight?

I am called Newton for a reason.

-They are crazy.

Newton used to sit beneath a tree.
But you sit on a bed.

You're not going to get ideas
just by sitting on the bed.

Okay, I am sorry. It's my fault.

But remember this.

Never act smart in front of your mentor.


And the diary is out again.
Does it have predictions?

Say something!

Earlier, it had records
of people joining in.

Now, it keeps a track...

of those who leave.

Are you going to predict something?

Not a word to anyone.

Trust me! I won't tell anyone.

Don't even tell it to your sister!

She never visits me.

No luck?

Who will be murdered tonight?

Who is it?

Hurry up.

To hell with Newton!

Today, it's his turn to disappear.

Oh my, God!

He is the one!

Will Rakkhosh go after him?


Will he die tonight?

Listen to me.

I have to save him.


Is he the one?


Where is he?


-That's not him.

Three kinds of people are brought here.

One, those who are mental.

Two, those who are alone.

And the third kind?


Why are you in such a hurry?

And, you...

There are millions of
allegations against us.

We get punished for your misdeeds.

Come on!


What are you up to?

Hold on.

What are you doing?

You look like him.

You are the chosen one.

He is going to kill you.

Yes! You are going to die!

Am I going to die?

Get lost!

Kumar John, he's hitting me.

He's hitting me.


Why are you hitting me?
All of you are going to die!


Hey, listen to me!

Listen to me.

Please help me!

These are minor injuries which will heal.

But what's killing him, is his loneliness.

Let's hear the song from...

I don't want to be here. No...

-Shut up and keep moving.

It's your turn now.

Come on...

I don't want to go there.

Sit over here, you worthless man!



What's the matter?

You're going to be next.

For sure!

Turn it off!

Your mother died because of you,
and now you are after your father.

-Come on. It's your turn.

-Come on!
-Get up!

Come on.

-Come on!
-Please let me go! Please!

-Right here.
-Let me go!

-Tie him up.
-Let me go...

-Do it properly.
-Let me go.

Do you know why Dad hates you?

It's because you don't bathe.

Worthless fellow!

Doesn't he have a family?

Let me introduce you to my father.

Sister, can I come along?


Dad, he is Dr. Partho.
He is here to check on Birsa.

I'm here to check on Birsa.

If you think he is normal...

do you think we are insane?

Sir, the people from the NGO
were here yesterday.

It was a usual briefing, right?

The NGO is called Morning Lights.

They verify all the records, sir.

This asylum is our society's dumping yard.

Has anyone ever complained
about lost garbage?

Sir, they are very curious.

Every madman is admitted here.


The curiosity will last for a few days.
Then, they will forget about it.

Tapan, Som.

-Come on...
-Let's go...

Hey! Be careful!

He's a patient, not a piece of furniture.

You're not a piece of furniture.

I am not a piece of furniture.

How's your investigation going on?

Are you aware about that?

Of course!

You need my consent
to do anything out here.

Why don't you nab Rakkhosh?

He's going to kill everyone.

But why?

What would you both do,
if I were to stop him?


How did you know that...

Kumar John is on my team?

Rakkhosh is coming tonight.

We are going to nab him.

That's exactly what I'm waiting for.

Kumar John.

Last night, I saw Rakkhosh
at the Jantar Mantar.

That's how he slays them, right?

Let's go and check it out.

We are not...

supposed to go there.

It's not meant for humans.

Come on.

Kumar John, let's check it out.

Go ahead.

I won't join you.

See you later.


We are a team, right?

-Please go.
-Okay, bye.

I'll find Rakkhosh!

Where is Rakkhosh?

Why did you scare me?


Don't go in there.

It is believed that no one
leaves this place alive.


-I knew it! Rakkhosh was here!

-John, tell me.
-I was absolutely right.

He must have been very eager.
He didn't even spare the ribs.

What will we do now?

The monster ate it all.




Get up!


Get up.

What is it?

Kumar John!

How will we get out of here?

You want to know how to get out of here?


Sit down!

What is it?

Show it to me.

Show it to me!

"I am hungry!"

"I smell...


What is this?

My plan.

It's simple.


Don't you think it's simple?

-Answer me!

How will we get out of here?

I have a plan!

Come with me.

Are you sure about this?

Yes, it's pretty simple.

I'll avenge us all!

Go away!

Come with me.

Come here.

No one's watching us.

Come on!

Come on, keep moving.

Go ahead!

No one is watching us.

Keep moving!

Kumar John, look!


Yes, they are for you.

It's simple, right?

Life is easy, life is tough

Life is like wet mud

Be happy, live free

Talk to your heart's content

Have a blast

Have loads of fun
Keep going...

Hold on to all the little things
Keep them safe

They are precious
Keep them safe

Let's play Kabaddi, my dear


Life is easy, life is tough

That's right

Life is like wet mud

That's right

Be happy, live free

Give me some mint.

Dad, it's you!

You're smoking!

How did you guys get out?

Fake daughter!

My daughter!

Fake daughter!

She's real.

At first, we were out.
Now, we've come inside.

But how?

Kumar John, she's not on our team.

He asked me to...

change my clothes.

And here we are.

Tell her...

And it was his idea.


Both of you are getting treated there.

You are getting treated there!

You'll have to go back.


Won't you listen to me?

No... we're not going back.

-We won't go there.

I'll call them up.

They will drag you back to that place.


No, we won't go back.

We won't go back!

In there, people tend to...


Yes, they disappear.


You mean, they vanish?

It doesn't matter what words you use.

Alright, Dad.

Listen to me.

Hold on.

-Listen to me.
-Don't listen to her.

Let's do something.

We'll go to my office.



No, Kumar John!

Let's go. We'll not have any water there.

I won't go there.

She's my real daughter.

She's the fake one.

I won't come along.

-I won't go there.

She'll take you to your sister, you fool!


Let's go. He'll come along.

Kumar John!

Kumar John!

Will she take me to my sister?

She'll definitely take you to her!

This place looks just like our hospital.

Where's my sister?

She'll be here soon.

-She saw us.
-The nurse!

What is this?

Is this a joke to you?

Is this what you call security?

I'm going to call the authorities.

The patients are disappearing
because of your negligence.

I found them roaming outside.

They were out, Kalima!

It's my last warning.

If it happens again
I'll get all of you sacked.

No point snapping your fingers.

We don't have enough staff...

to manage 2,000 patients.

If you really care,

send some volunteers from your NGO
to help us out.

Besides, you're here most of the time.
It will keep you occupied.

-What did you just say?

-Don't act smart!
-How dare you say that?

-Bitch! That's what you are!
-How dare you?

I found them outside
because of your negligence.

-Is this how you work? They are patients.
-Calm down!

-Quiet! Quiet! It's an NGO!
-I will not spare you!

Quiet! Calm down!

-Damn you!
-Let it be.

-Let it go.
-Don't you dare touch me!

Please leave.

Kumar John!

-Get them inside.

-She's a bitch...
-Shut up!

Bloody moron!

If you don't change your behavior,
you won't be allowed in here.

I won't be able to help you.
Please leave.

Okay, listen to me.

It's difficult to meet these two.
So, help me out.

I'll bring both of them to you.
But for now, let me take them in.

-Or else, Kalima will not spare me.
-Okay, get going.


Fake daughter.

Come on!

You asshole!

You think you can escape, motherfucker?

The next time you try running away...



Let him go!

Look at this old man.

He still wants to fight at this age.


Don't you dare do this again!

Or else, you'll have to face my wrath!


There was a dark room
back at my place as well.

I used to be alone there.

Now, I'm not scared anymore.

Because you are with me.

I hope you never leave me.

-Hey! Wake up!
-Wake up, you idiots!

How much did he offer you?

Forget about that. We have a lot to do.

We are quite busy.

Your time's up! Get inside!


They tried to escape!

Kumar John.

Why are they laughing at us?

Will you try to escape again?

You think you're too smart, don't you?

Look at his face.

It is swollen up like that of a monkey's.

Hey, call those two idiots.

Kumar John, where are you going?

You like to escape, don't you?

I think he is going to fly out of here!

Fly out of here!

Come on.

Where are we going?

Come with me.

Forget about them, just follow me.

Come with me.

Get lost!

His Highness needs a special invitation?

Our ears are still ringing...

Then do something about it!
I have been calling you for a while.

Yes, Ma'am?

His daughter!

You've got fifteen minutes.

Get done with your work.

More time means more money.

Why are you here?

Let's sit down.

Please sit.

John, say something.

We were tortured!

Don't take it.

You are nothing like my sister.
She would never do anything wrong.

You are a liar.

Fake daughter!

What the hell!

He's ridiculous!

She is not your real daughter.

I've been under pressure with work.

I vented my frustration on both of you.

Why do you keep coming here?

Why are you after us?

What do you want from us?

-What is this?

Look at this.

John, take a look.

I work for a newspaper.

I am a journalist.

I write about all kinds of issues.

She writes...

You were saying something.

People disappear from here.

They don't disappear, they get killed.

Go to Jantar Mantar.

What's Jantar Mantar?

It's a platform, from where
people board their way to heaven.

Kumar John, why are you
telling her about our secret?

She's not on our team.

She's alone.

We need to help her.

So, what's Jantar Mantar?

Why do you come here?


Please make him understand.

It's important that I come here,
I hope you understand.

Patients have been disappearing
over the past few months.

No one's taking an action.

Not even the police!

I need to do something.


This is our simple plan.

After all, she's my daughter.
She's bound to investigate.

Let her do it all alone.
Why is she after us?

Because I like to hang out with madmen.

She likes hanging out with madmen.

Madmen are found outside.

In here, we're all just patients.

That's right!

-We are patients...
-We are patients!

Are you mentally ill?


I want it.

So, tell me.

Have you ever seen...

the patients who have disappeared?

Yes, at Jantar Mantar.


-Over there.


The old warden house.

Hear me out.

The selected ones...

are taken to Jantar Mantar.

They are laid down on the platform.

Listen up.

It's Rakkhosh who decides their fate.

Listen up!



Hold this.







Don't go with her.

Fake daughter!

She's not on our team.


Look at this, Birsa.

What are you looking at?


-I had warned you not to go anywhere.

What is this?

Janith... Janith Das.


Kumar John.

What is it?


She's talking to herself.

What is she telling herself?

Yes, she's talking to herself.
Your daughter has lost it.


Your ward is usually closed at night.


Your ward is 100 meters away
from Jantar Mantar.


So, tell me.

How do the patients manage
to reach here, all alone?



Rakkhosh brings them here.

Don't be afraid.

He won't be coming today.


Do you have his timetable?

He's never alone.
He has two messengers.

Who are they?

-Evil doctor... and the mental nurse.
-Evil doctor... and the mental nurse!

How did you get hold of
these Ganjifa cards?

Give it to me.

How does this...

have a photo on it?

Did you fix it here?

He did not fix a photograph on this.

Then, who did it?

Think, John!

Who else touches these cards,
other than you?

The mental nurse's henchmen.


Are you talking about Kalima's ward boys?


So, you mean to say...

Every time a photo appears on your card,

someone disappears that night.


I get it.

She's very smart.
The credit goes to her mother.

My daughter.


The night a patient is murdered...

you're put into isolation, right?

Where do they take you?

To the evil doctor's cabin.

There, they eat something half fried
with forks and spoons.

Am I right, Birsa?

They do...

-Her servant.

-Your son-in-law.



Swapnil, listen to me!

-He's your son-in-law.

Meet me outside the NGO within 15 minutes.
Get it?

-Her servant!
-Your son-in-law!

That's 3,000 rupees.

3,000 rupees?
Are you up to a bigger scam?

That's... your son-in-law.

-Dr. Idris' office.
-Your son-in-law!

Not a chance!

Swapnil, it's 3,000 rupees.

-Kumar John...
-Won't you take a risk for 3,000 rupees?

He is your son-in-law.

Won't you help me?

Well, you've chosen the right moment.

-It's lunch time.

Everyone... will be at the canteen.

-Your son-in-law.
-Wrap it up within fifteen minutes.

And... if you get caught,
I won't be able to help you.

Your son-in-law.


Why is he here?

Come out!
I won't let him go anywhere.

-I will go...
-You won't go anywhere!

-I will go!
-Come out.

-You are a servant!
-Come out!

Why are we here?

Kumar John is not here.

This is where Rakkhosh lives.

This is where he leaves from.


I am scared.


This is your file.

Why didn't John come along? Let's go.

I am scared!

-Birsa, let's go.
-Let's go!

Let's go.

-What happened, guys? Please be careful.

Please be careful.

Don't worry.

Keep quiet.

Let's go.

I'm here. Don't you worry.

The mental nurse.

Sit down.

I didn't do anything wrong.

I haven't done anything wrong.

So, you've made new friends?

She's not a friend.

She's on our team.


Is she the captain of your team?

No, I am the captain.

She's Kumar John's fake daughter.


Why did she take you
to the doctor's cabin?

I don't know.

I told her that I won't come along.


she forced me to--

You... want to meet your sister, right?

Will you let me meet her?

Yes, I want to meet her.
I've been missing her.

Let's go meet...

your sister.

Tell me.

What were you doing
inside the doctor's cabin?

She's helping us catch Rakkhosh.



She's a journalist.

Tapan, Som.

No. No! Don't hit me.

How dare you talk to
reporters, you asshole?

Trying to act smart, you moron!
Do you want to meet the reporter now?

Don't leave me alone! Listen to me!

What have I done?


Why did you leave me alone?

Please come back.
Come back.

Mom! I am scared!

Who's there... Who is it?


Mom... Mom, I am...

Mom, come back.



I am hungry!

I smell humans!



Where are you, Birsa?

Sister, I am here.

Come here.

What are you doing with mother's picture?

Don't you keep saying that
a plant grows from a plant's seed?

So if I plant mom's picture,
she will come back to life.

You're missing Mom.

But I am here with you.

I'll take care for you
just the way she did.

I don't even know...
what she was like.

A mother is someone...

who always supports you.

-Just like you do!

You will always be with me, right?

I'll always be with you, I promise.

You sure about that?

Yes, absolutely!

You haven't been out for a while.
Let me take you to a special place today.

-Just clean up and get ready.

We will go out,
but I won't freshen up.

You won't take a bath?
Well, never mind. Come along.

My heart
Half of it belongs to you

The other half belongs to me

The stars belong to you

And you belong to me, my dear sister

You are colorless
But you are here

To make my life colorful

When you are around

Your brother is happy

You and I

Have a bond of love

Don't go away from me


You and I

Have a bond of love

Don't go away from me

My beloved sister

Where did you take him?

He hadn't been out for a while,
so I thought of taking him out.

Right, Birsa?


Why would you take him out?

He's a bloody burden!

This house belongs to my mother.
My sister feeds me!

Then how could I be a burden to you?

Make him understand!

I am your father!

How dare you say that?

Bloody retard!

Dad, you shouldn't have said that.

You can't be rude to him.

Go to your room! Go in!

I don't want to talk to anyone.

Sister, only you can come to me.

Mom, ever since you died,
everything has changed.

Brother has occupied my room.

I have to live in this garage.

Why does Dad keep scolding me?

Am I not his son?

If he doesn't like me,
I won't like him either.

I miss you very much, Mom.

The mornings are manageable,
but the nights are scary.

That's why, I got this doll,
which looks like you.

Isn't it beautiful?

Now, I won't be scared at night.

Right, Mom?


Please stay with me.

Stay with me.

Please say something.


-I miss you--


Mom, I feel very lonely.
Come back to me.

Please come back...

Come back to me.

-I am hungry...

-I smell humans!

-I am hungry...
-She is hungry...

-I smell humans...
-She smells humans...

-I am hungry...
-She is hungry...


Birsa! Stop it, Birsa!

-What are you doing?
-She is hungry.

-What's wrong with you?
-She smells humans.

-She is hungry, she smells humans.

-Birsa, calm down.
-She is hungry.

-Please calm down.
-She smells humans.

Birsa! Calm down, my dear.

Why did you turn on the video recording?

I don't like talking
in front of the camera.

Sister, please make them understand.

In such cases,
patients hear certain voices.

They feel that someone is watching them.
Maybe even out to kill them.

It would be better
if you get him admitted.

My brother is ill, he is not a retard.

No one's calling him a retard.

Mental illness is common,
just like physical illness.

Birsa, let's go.

Let's go, sister.

Please don't tie me up.
It really hurts.

I promise, I won't go anywhere.

-I won't...
-Birsa, I don't want to do this. But...

Dad will be here any moment.

And if he sees you without the
shackles, he'll get mad at us.

You need to be here.

You took him out again, didn't you?


-Sister, please leave.

Or else, Dad will beat you up as well.
Please leave!

Sister, you should go...
Leave me alone.

-Sister, please!


-I need to talk to you.
-But I don't want to.

Listen to me.

Dad will be here and he might scold you.

-Please don't be rude to him.
-I won't! Now, please leave!

Trust me!

Get going.

You must leave!

Go away!


I don't want anyone around me.

Go away!


I asked you not to take him out.

Dad, I just took him to the doctor.

Why? I told you not to!


I need to take care of him.

This is my house and you will do as I say!

Hereafter, you won't even go near him!

I'll tell Mom that you're a bad father!

You're a bad person!

You keep beating me up!

-I will tell her everything!

-What did you say?


-Stop it! Let him go!
-Beat him up!


Let me go!

Dad, please don't harm him!

Damn you!

-Come out!

Dad, he needs treatment.

Devesh, don't let Shoma meet him again.

You asshole!


Give me some food.

I am hungry.


-Want some?


It's for me.


It's delicious.

-It's just for me.

Give me some.

-Want it?

Wait, I'll give you some.


-Have some.
-Give it to me...

-Give it to me. Yes...
-Have some...




The elephant flies...

-The hen flies...
-The hen flies.

-Does a hen fly?

Does it fly?

Does it fly?

The hen...

Does it fly?

Come on.
Let's play again.

Come on.

The bird flies.

-The bird flies.

The elephant flies.

The hen flies...

Does a hen fly?

Does a hen fly?

-Does it fly?

-Does the hen fly?

Does it...


Kumar John...

Kumar John!


The evil doctor accompanied
by the mental nurse.

Did you see that?

Kumar John.

Kumar John, tell me,
who's going to disappear next?

Kumar John.

Tell me.

Who's going to get killed tonight?

Tell me.

I can't understand your signs.
Just say it!

Tell me.

Where's your diary?

Take it out.



Tell me who's going to disappear tonight.

Who is it? Tell me!

Let's find out who the next target is!

Who is it, Kumar John?

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Catch a tiger by the toe.

Tell me!

John, who is it?

Show it to me.

Why did you tear it?

How will we know who the next victim is?

At least tell me why you tore it.

No one's going to disappear today.

Birsa, no one's going to disappear!

No one will disappear!

Are you sure?


John, listen to me.

She is listening

To the noises

Someone sneaks

In here

There is some kind of conspiracy

No one in the world...

What are you drawing, Kumar John?

Why aren't you answering me?

Who is the next victim?

Tell me.

John, tell me.

When I turned around
There was no one behind me

Even the darkness was under its own gloom

Sometimes, there's ought
to be a change in plans.

Don't worry.

Everything will be okay.

The doors are shutting

The light is shining bright

No one is here with me

The ghost is with me

He comes to me

Down his memory lane

He takes me along

In his loneliness

His memories are buried
Somewhere deep down

His loneliness...

Tell me, Kumar John...
I need to know who the next victim is.

Who's going to die today?

That's the next victim.

This is wrong!

The prediction is wrong!
Tear it up, Kumar John!

Look at them...
They are here to take me away from you.

Her ancestors might have
committed a grave sin.

That is why she was born to them.

Mental nurse and the worthless morons!

You fucker!

Did you hear what I said?


You're Santa, right?

Agree with me...
Come on, nod your head!

Today, let me teach you a lesson.

Forget those who are already dead.

Next year's Christmas...
will be different.

God will forgive...

a person like you.

For he knows...

that you don't realize your shortcomings.

That's because I can see everything.

I'm Santa.



-Tapan, Som.


-Come on.
-No! No...


Come with me.

-No... John!
-Let's go.



They've locked me up!









No... Rakkhosh!




Don't kill me.

Don't kill me.

Don't kill me!


I'm lonely again.

Kumar John has left me alone, Mom.

No one stays with me.

Everyone leaves me, eventually.

You're the only one I have.

Take me with you.

I don't like it in here.



Take me with you, Mom.


I need to sleep.

I am scared, Mom.

I am scared of the dark.


Don't worry, Birsa.
Nobody can hurt you now.

Rakkhosh will kill everyone.


Sister, I spoke to mother last night.

She told me that no one can
torture me now.

Mom said that I am not alone.

If someone tries to trouble me,
Rakkhosh will kill that person.

Trust me!


Mom is dead.

She's in heaven.

And Rakkhosh is a myth.
It's not real.

Dad is not going to beat you up.
You are a good boy, right?

Devesh is not going to bother you anymore.

Mom will never lie to me.

She was here last night.

She was sitting right there.

She said, "Rakkhosh will surely come."

He will kill everyone.

I have to go to work.

Be good to everyone.

I'll be back in the evening.
Dad will be here as well.

Stay right here.


I'll be back soon.


Kumar John!

Where are you?





Why are you here?

Do you know that
Kumar John has disappeared.

I tried to save him.

I know.

But how did it happen?

Yesterday, his name came up
on the card.

But it was Kumar John
who picked the cards, right?


But he made a mistake.

There were two cards.

He tore the first one.

And the second one had his name on it.

Look at it.

Rakkhosh was here.

He took my friend away.



If they have killed Kumar John...

I mean, my father...

According to the official report,
John's death was an accident.

He slipped and fell off the stairs.

As per the records.

I just announced it in a press release.

But you know the truth.

Ma'am, you are not getting it.

John was killed because
he was mentally ill.

After all, you are a crime reporter.

You are one of the suspects.

I am your well-wisher.

Coming here is a big risk.

But it is important to know...

who the killer is.

You need to leave.

I'll call you later.

I will let you know where we
are going to meet. Be quick.

Ma'am, please...

Fake daughter!

Kumar John has gone away.

-His daughter has gone away.
-Don't worry.

She'll be back.

If anyone asks you, tell them
I took you out for a walk.

-Let's go now.

Come on.

Why did you bring him along?

You won't get your story without him.

-What do you mean?

I'm just an ordinary civil servant,
who works under Dr. Idris.

I don't like risking my life.

Do you get it?

Are the patients your guinea pigs?

Swapnil, don't you feel bad
about all this?

Please take a seat.

Demanding 20,000 rupees from you
would have been unfair.

Besides, you are doing
this for your story.

I am happy with 10,000 rupees.

It doesn't get better than this.


That's a deal.


-Blurt it out.

Dr. Idris takes special interest in Birsa.

He meets around 300 patients every day.

He gives them all one minute each.

But he spends a lot of time with Birsa.

What does that prove?

Some doctors spend more time
with certain patients.

Do you know anything
about Schizophrenia?

-What is it?

It's a mental disorder.

So far, no one has managed to find
the cause of schizophrenia.

No one knows what the root cause is.

Swapnil, be clear.
What are you getting at?

I don't know much about
Dr. Idri's research.

I don't have access
to his personal cabin.

But I'm sure about one thing.

Dr. Idris is finding
the root cause of Schizophrenia.

And Birsa... is his research subject.

Let me go.

Dr. Idris is working on a book.

He had stopped working on it
some time ago.

But last year, all of a sudden,
he took it up again.

That's all I know.

Birsa was brought here
exactly a year ago.

Kumar John's diary states that...

the patients are disappearing
over the past eight months.

Absolutely correct.


I need access... to Dr. Idris' research.
Get it for me.

Are you out of your mind?

I can't take such a big risk.

I can't do this.

I am not a detective.
I'm just a civil servant.

I can't pay you then.

Ma'am, I can't take the risk.

But... Birsa surely can.


I've got his sister's phone number
and address.

-That is why I demanded...

10,000 rupees for the information.


You are going to become
a good detective one day.

Give me the address and the phone number.


Let me give you the copy of his file.

I can do this for you.

I'll take your leave.

I hope you can...

handle him.

-Come on, Birsa.

You keep talking about your sister.

Where does she stay?

She doesn't live here.

She lives quite far from here.

If she comes here...

they'll torture her to death.

Never mind.

When you leave from here...

I'll make sure that you meet your sister.

And nobody will bother you after that.

You'll take me to my sister!

Yes! I want to meet her!

I want to meet her.

Birsa! Birsa...

Birsa! Come here.
What are you doing?

Get him! Get him!

Where are you going?

-Get him!
-Fake daughter...

She's going to take me to my sister.
Let me go!

-To hell with your sister!
-Let me go.

Let me go...



Fake daughter?

Are you the next victim?

I did warn you.

But I will protect you.

I'll protect you.

So, you said something
about saving Ridhima.

Yes, Rakkhosh was going to kill her.

But, how did you get there?

I followed Rakkhosh.

How did you get out of the ward?

Rakkhosh is unstoppable.
So am I.

Tell me exactly what happened.

He escaped as soon as
she got into the water.

And then, I saved her.


You have no idea how
important this information is.

Oh, God!



What is it?

-You asked me for Birsa's case history.

I got the file for you.
But why do I have to meet Dr. Partho?

Why can't you meet him?

I can't take such a huge risk.

-Why don't you talk to him?

I tried my best but they aren't
telling me the truth.

Besides, I can't face Birsa.


Give the file to my colleague.

He'll let you know when he'll be there.

Try to get some information
from Dr. Partho.


-Did you hear me?

Get some information from Dr. Partho.

Ma'am, if I could take such risks...

I would have been a stuntman instead.

Swapnil, stop this nonsense.

I'm just an ordinary civil servant.

Everything I have earned comes from
my meager salaries and hefty bribes.

Okay, listen up.

-I don't like all this.
-Okay, listen to me.

What if I pay you...

10,000 rupees?

That's all I can afford.

-Did you hear me?
-10,000 rupees!

That's good, right?

I can take some risks
for such a good amount.

I'll do it!

My sister will come here.

She'll take me home.

-I'll go home.
-Hey! You aren't going anywhere.

Why not?
My sister will take me away from here.

Stop dreaming, you moron.

Your sister is married now.

Do you know who her husband is?


My sister can never leave me alone.

Dr. Partho!


She can never do this to me.

He got you here.

Why would he take you back?
Have you lost it?

-Come with me... I'll show you something.


-Please take me...
-Keep quiet.

Yes, tell me.


Yes, I'll be there!

Dr. Partho is here, let's go.

-I don't want to meet him.
-Come on, let's go.

I don't want to meet him.

Dr. Partho.

How are you?

-Where is Shoma?
-Where's my sister?

What were you saying?

Where is Shoma?

We got a call from you.


I needed to talk to you
regarding Birsa.

What is it?

You were treating him
before you brought him here.


Why was he brought here?

He's visiting patients.

Sir, I was the one who called you here.

I only follow the instructions.

I don't know much about the case.

Why don't you enlighten me?

Dr. Idris is aware about his case history.

When will he be here?

I don't know.

Where's Kalima?

She is busy.

I thought you would be
interested in his progress.

Where's my sister?

Birsa, wait.

Where's my sister?

How do you know that?

Listen, I'm getting late.

Sir, I'll lose my job.

He has been begging to meet
his sister.

She isn't even willing to meet him.

Will she take him back?

You are lying!

Sir... listen to me.

I won't spare him.

Damn it!

Ridhima, answer the call!

Ridhima, answer the call...

I might lose the money.

Ma'am, listen to me.
I can't help you any further.

You'll get the photocopies
of the document.

Yes, I'll send you the packet.

I'll send it to your office.

All right?

Mental nurse!

This... idiot...

was talking about Rakkhosh once again.

I was getting him to you, Kalima.

He's lying.

Make sure he gets the shock treatment.

He's lying.

-Trust me...
-Shut up!

-Come on, keep moving.

Open the door.

Come on.

What's the matter?

Where's his friend?

Come on, go ahead.

-Why is he here?
-Who allowed him in here?

-Come on!
-Where's his friend?

-I don't want to go in.
-Why is he here?

-Why is he here?
-What is he doing?

Sit down!

There are three kinds of jobs.

Why is he acting like Kumar John?

The first kind of job...
is the one that is done by you.

The second kind of job is the one
that is done by no one.

The third?

The third...

The third kind of job is the one
that is done by an unknown person.

I am hungry.

I smell humans.


No one will disappear.

I won't let it happen.

I'll stop Rakkhosh.

I'll stop Rakkhosh.

We have to find a replacement for Swapnil.

I had to give him an early retirement.

-It was necessary.

Birsa... aren't you happy with us?

We take good care of you.

She scares me.

Just a few more trials to go.

Then, we'll send you home.

Back to my sister?

Of course.

But before that...
you need to complete the trials.

Yes, I'll do it.

Tapan, Som.

-Come on.
-Get up.

Don't pull me.


There you are!




A few days ago, Dr. Ghosh was here.

-I know.

-Look at me.
-I need to know something.

-How did Birsa get Partho's photograph?

Listen to me.

Sister, listen to me.

-Sister, talk to me.
-Wait a second, Birsa.

You are using Birsa as a guinea pig.

What do you mean?

I am calling you stupid.

-Sister, won't you talk to me?

I am here to expose your scam.

Sister, take me along.

How can you be so sure that this
isn't a part of his treatment?

But the admin supervisor Swapnil
suspected the same thing.

-Your brother is not a retard.
-So you know it better?

-He is definitely not as crazy as you are.
-How dare you...

I know my brother better
than anyone here.

I have loved him unconditionally.

I've sacrificed a lot for him.

But I still feel...

that Birsa should be...

kept here for his own betterment.

After Partho left from here...

he didn't come back home.

The cops found his dead body
on the highway.

My sister is crying!

Please don't cry.




Why... Why did you do this to me?

I've always protected you!

-Why did you do this to me?
-Sister, I did nothing...

-Don't hit me.
-Why did you do this?


-Sister, I did nothing. Please don't...
-Why did you do this to me?

Sister! Sister!

Let me go!
What are you up to?

You don't need to do this.

Tapan, Som.

-What do you mean by that?
-Come on.

-What do you mean by that?
-Come on! Keep moving...

Let me go!

I'll tell everyone about this.

Come on!
Get away, everyone.

Get away, everyone!

-Get him!
-Don't spare him!

-Out there to kill all of us?
-I'll kill all of you...

I will teach you a lesson!

-Come on!
-How dare you go about killing everyone?

Come on!

-Come on!
-Get away, everyone!

Come on...


Ridhima gave this to you.

Birsa, you are not a failed experiment.

You... are not alone, Birsa!

You are not a failed experiment.

-Come on, everyone.

-You are not alone, Birsa.
-Get going... Move...

-You are not a failed experiment, Birsa...
-Get them all... Move...

-Come on! Move it!
-Just shut up...

Come on, keep moving...

I am hungry!

I smell humans.

I am hungry!

I smell humans.

I am hungry!

I smell humans.

I am hungry!

-I smell humans.
-I smell humans...

I am hungry!

Don't worry, Birsa.
No one will trouble you anymore.

Rakkhosh will kill everyone.

-Why are you doing this to him?
-He is a pest!

Stay away from him!

He's a retard.

He needs treatment. Don't hate him.

He deserves hatred.

I wish he had died as soon as he was born.

Alright! I'll get him treated because
you are not ready to help him.

You won't do anything--


Reporters like you...

are very difficult to deal with.

Your silly investigation

can hinder the process of
a scientific breakthrough.

You're just bothered about
your story, right?

After all, you've worked very hard.

You deserve to know the truth.

How dare you disobey me!

How dare you disobey me!

Both of you are grounded!

Devesh, lock her in the room.

-Don't you dare touch me!
-Lock her up!

Birsa is not just my test subject,
he's my entire research.

If I can prove that...

Just imagine how useful that
kind of information would be!

What happened?

Something is wrong.

-What happened?
-Something's not right.

Please come with me.

Let's go.

Only I can cure you.
You need me!

Let me go!

Let me go...



Listen to me.
You can control anyone's mind.

You think you're the
only one who can do this?

Are you going to kill your own father?

As a child, Birsa was naïve.

As he grew up, he was not able
to fit into the norms of society.

That's because there is a problem
in the way we are conditioned.

What does a sick person need?

His medicines...

some care and lots of love.

But, what did we do with Birsa?

We dumped him in that dark room.

We only wanted to keep him
out of our sight.

Unfortunately, one night...

he went missing.

The next day...

when he returned...

he was no longer the same.

I've heard people say...

that darkness is very frightening.

But I find it comforting.

I wonder why people
are afraid of the dark.

Maybe they're afraid of...

their loneliness.

But I am...

I am not afraid anymore.

Because I am not alone.