Rakkaus kahleissa (1955) - full transcript

One of two brothers working in a lock factory gets caught after participating in a burglary. He insists they didn't take anything after all, yet millions of Finnish marks are missing. Meanwhile, his seemingly virtuous older brother, who was not supposed to have anything to do with the burglary, seems to have some secrets on his conscience.


Come to my place.
Liisa has a night shift today.

I'll come for a little while.

Don't go now.

- Would you like some coffee?
- Sure.

- Where's the socket?
- It's in the lamp.

Everything is all set.
The old man ticks like a clock.

Nothing can go wrong.

But if one of us gets caught,
button up.

Now go home,
so that I can get some sleep.

We'll see here at 00:45 tomorrow,
is that clear?


Hide the drill.

It's working all right.

- So long.
- So long.

Get up,
it's 6:30 already.

Morning, mother.
How are things?

Today's a day
like any other.

- Are your hips still aching?
- As always, but it doesn't matter.

You should go see a doctor
before it's too late.

What can they say,
and where will we get the money?

We'll get it somewhere.

- Morning.
- Good morning.

What's new in the papers?
Did our boys win?

- You kidding? They lost again, 3 - 0.
- Let me see.

Come get some coffee, boys.


Get going, Martti!

- Are you going out tonight?
- Maybe dancing with Milja.

Is she suitable for you,
such a vamp?

She has her own room.
It's nice to sleep there.

If only I had enough money
to get married.

That's what Verna is waiting for.
To find a place with her.

But with salaries like these...

Did Pertti try to put his head
through this sock?

Oh, Verna dear...
That boy wears his socks out.

Hey there!

- Would mother also like a swirl?
- Don't be silly.

I just dropped by
to have a chat with her.

- You'll come tonight, won't you?
- I will, but I wish you'd stay.

- Not now. Bye bye.
- Bye.

Oh, it's you.
They're waiting for you at home.

- No, they're not.
- You should spend more time there.

And drink less, yeah yeah.

That's what I've been hearing
for 30 years now.

The spirit is willing,
but the flesh is weak.

Good afternoon, well...
the whole family.

- Look, I have flowers too.
- Come and eat something.

- Some flowers for you.
- The hell with your flowers!

I like flowers.
Go get a bite, dear.

I will, mother dear.

Since mother likes flowers,
she likes them, and that's that.

Pertti, you shouldn't speak
that way to your old man.

That's just the way it is.

That's what I'd like to do some day,
old man or not!

Oh well,
that wouldn't cure anything.

I've seen the world a bit.
I'm a sea captain, you know.

What the captain says is the law,
and that's that.

To Milja from Taisto.

Who is Taisto?

Don't ask silly questions.

Where will you take me tonight?

You never take me
to any fancy places.

Call the waiter
and order something.

I was thinking of something cheap.
My money's running out.

You still have your watch.
Pawn it.

You can get it when you want.
I know the guy, it can be done.

Have you been here with Taisto?

- What's that got to do with this?
- I just asked.

Don't start making a scene.
Head waiter!

I'm not going to spend all night
with just a cup of coffee.

You can do without your watch.


- What would you like?
- Everything you've got.

- With all the trimmings.
- A dinner with drinks, then.

- And with coffee?
- Brandy, of course.

This guy left his wallet home.
On top of the grand piano.

But he has a watch.
You can pawn it until tomorrow.

There's no risk.
Give him your watch.

We'll take it back tomorrow.

I arranged that pretty well,
didn't I?

You can have the next dance.

Who could lead
the way to happiness

when it's always
somewhere far away?

An illusion
that someone created

but that I've never
encountered myself.

You won't find
happiness by a shortcut,

no one's yet
come across such a way.

It evades you,
you hear only its laughter.

You're alone now
and forever you'll stay.

It evades you,
you hear only its laughter.

You're alone now
and forever you'll stay.

Why can't we get married?

I don't want any luxury.

It's enough for me
that we can be alone.

I've thought of that too, but...

I don't know.

What are you worried about?
Is it the money?


When I look at mother and her work,
I can't help...

- ...but make comparisons.
- What do you mean?

I don't want you to end up the same way,
to have to suffer.

I've never thought it would happen.
We both have a job.

We could save a bit of money,
if we really tried.

- I guess so, but...
- And we have to save something.

So that we'll have savings
if the little one comes along.

The little one. Yes...

The one who should become
everything that father never did.

And that's the way it will be.
We'll make sure of that.

Now we have only this day.
And I have no way out.

My parents couldn't get by
without my help.

It costs me a lot, but I can't help it.
It's my duty.

And helping you
would be as well.

Now's the time.

- The walls have ears.
- The heck they do.

What's keeping Martti?
He wouldn't chicken out?

Nah, I know him well enough.

- What's your hurry?
- I told you, I'm going home.

My mother is bed-stricken.
I can't disturb her by coming late.

- Mommy's boy wants to go home.
- Knock it off.

I'll come tomorrow.

Hello, Taisto.

Would you come up?

He's gone already.

That's good. I'll throw the keys
to you from the window. Bye.

Where the heck have you been?
Let's get going.

I need to change my blouse.

Everyone knows what to do.

Jalle will guard down here
and Bosse up there.

Martti and I
will take care of the money.

If we get caught,

everyone gets up and gets going.
Is that clear?


Guard the window!

- Someone's coming!
- Let's get out of here!



Just as I nearly had
the money in my hands.

- I should've just grabbed them.
- That's right.

Quit with that nonsense.
We all got scared.

Everyone needs to face the cops
the first time.

This is enough for me.

- You'll need to get a new guy.
- What'll we do?

Everyone just goes home.

Move the hours back a couple of hours
and wake someone up.

That's your alibi.

And what's there to be afraid of?
No one saw us.

This is enough for me.

- I'm not going out tonight at all.
- Same here.


Hey boys!


"Robbery in the office
of the industrial premises.

The thieves took all the bills
from the safety deposit box,

amounting to at least
five million marks.

The crime squad
is investigating the case."

You get it now?

- Now we're all in trouble.
- But we didn't take anything.

Someone's been there after us.

It was that guy
I saw sneak in.

Let's go to the cops.
It's the only way.

No we won't.

We won't say a word
until we have to.

Otherwise we'll end up in jail.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I spent the night at Milja's place.
Did mother say anything?

I don't know,
I was at Verna's place.

I found this on the stairs
to the fire door.

Someone has been there recently.

Go up to the attic to see
if there's something there.

The numbers of the bills are known,
the radio just said.

The thief will get caught
and we'll be safe.

- I just hope the police catches him.
- Good thing we didn't get the money.

That's the last time
I'm playing a gangster.

I'll turn into an angel
as soon as they catch the thief.

Just as I thought,
it's not a former culprit.

We'll have to look elsewhere.
Could it be a mechanic?

There are a couple of thousand
mechanics in this city.

I don't think there are
as many young ones.

Someone older wouldn't
climb fire ladders.

Maybe we should start
at a lock factory.

The culprit has clearly been
doing that kind of work before.

Get me the finger prints
of mechanics at lock factories.

I'll first go to the place where
the safe was made tamper-resistant.

Give me those cards
for a moment.

Well, I don't know.
I should ask at the head office.

I don't want this to be talked about,
because it may be a false alarm.

I'll take care of it in an hour.
All right?

This is the man who
handled the drill. Martti Kuusi.

Dammit, we're lucky!
We've got him.

So it seems.

Didn't I tell you that Haapa
is the best man around here?

He knows who
to put on track.

I've caught the drill.

I mean the worker, the mechanic.

Are you drunk or just insane?
What did you find out?

I found the mechanic
who robbed the millions

and dropped the drill
that we took the fingerprints from.

The one you wanted me to find,
which is what I've done.

What's his name?

Martti Kuusi. All right.

We have enough soup
as long as we have running water.

How can you speak so badly
of mother's wonderful soup?

If tap water needs to be added,
it's because of your bottomless belly.

Mother wants me
to become a priest,

but I never got that far.

I just got a stomach that's
as bottomless as a priest's sack.

Yes, we're a funny old family, we are.

The boys are always hungry
and the dad is always thirsty.

Good day.
Does Martti Kuusi live here?

Yes he does,
he's my younger son.

Please come in.
We were just eating.

So please excuse us.

someone's here to see you.

I'm in a bit of a hurry.
My car is waiting outside.

Perhaps Mr. Kuusi could accompany me
for a drive, so that we could talk.

- Would that be OK?
- Yes, I'll come.

Please get dressed
so that we can leave.

Sorry to have disturbed you
in the midst of your meal.

- Goodbye then.
- Goodbye.

Who was that?
One of the big shots from the factory?

Not to my knowledge.

Martti said something about
looking for another work site.

Maybe it was a new boss of his.
Anyway, the soup is getting cold.

Have you heard that Martti
would have a new job in sight?

He did say something like that...

I wish he could find a good one.

As said,
this is a very sad case.

We hope that
you have a clear alibi.

- By the way, this is probably yours?
- No, it isn't.

- It's not mine.
- Oh, it isn't?

Perhaps you left it in the office
of the industrial premises.

I've never been there.
I spent the night at my girl's place.

Is that so?

Look here, young man...

The fact that you came with me
without even asking who I am

already told me
I was on the right track.

If you confessed now, it would
make things much easier for you.

Listen. Just tell me
how it all happened.

Who was with you?

Where did you hide the money?

I swear that I don't know
who took the money.

I didn't take a penny.
You heard me, not a penny!

You're making your own guilt
all the more apparent.

But we have time to wait.
You can think it over.

And think carefully.
I'll be back in an hour.

Young man,
come with me.

What is it?
Are the cops after us?

- The police have caught Martti.
- What?

Pertti said that
someone came to fetch him.

- I'm sure it was the police.
- How do you know?

Martti wouldn't have left us

- Now we're all in a jam.
- Let me think a bit.

First thing we've got to do
is to get our hands on Pertti.

Pertti, you're so different today.

I've been thinking all day
while scratching a rough surface.

If only I could scratch
the rough surface off myself,

so that the good in me
would surface.

Do you believe there's something
good under this ugly surface?

I do, darling.

Pertti, wake up. Wake up!

- Are you sick? Should I get a doctor?
- No...no doctor.

I had a bad dream.

Pertti, go to sleep.

I'll make all bad dreams go away.


Who are you looking for?

- For inspector Haapa.
- The door is right behind you.

Come in.

I see...

- Martti Kuusi's brother, right?
- Yes.

It's a sad thing
for your brother.

It seems that he has stolen
millions of marks.

He hasn't confessed yet.

But we have so much proof
that he can't deny it.

Do you have something on your mind?

I came to see you,
inspector, because I've st...

Haapa. Yes.

The defense will take care of that.

He'll be sent to the county prison,
that's clear.

Yes. Over.

- You were saying?
- Could I speak with my brother?

If it's only possible.

Unfortunately I can't guarantee it yet.
Maybe later.

- Thank you. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- the land of great opportunities

- Pertti, hello there!
- I'll go over there.

- Taking a day off in mid-week!
- Sometimes you have to.

That's right. I did the same.

I left the lock company
ages ago.

- What are you doing these days?
- Just business.

Lucrative business.
You have to take what you can get.

- You mean capers?
- A sharp head you've got there.

A regular
Sherlock Holmstr?m!

You've fallen into bad company, boy.
Better watch out.

I'm just
a small businessman, though.

There are others who are
making business in the millions.

Didn't someone rob
a million marks just yesterday?

An amateur.
He's been caught already.

And he didn't get
to use any of the money.

- The police has all the numbers.
- That's no problem.

Kippura down at S?rkk?
knows all the tricks.

- Who is he?
- That guy is the king of the crooks.

That'll be enough for today, Peggy.

You'll have to start
tightening your belt.


Now your tummy's full.
Yes it is, little darling.

Good day.

Could I have a little talk?

You thief!

It's just Peggy.
Come in.

- What kind of business is this?
- Pretty big.

- Can I trust you?
- I want to know the same thing.

Storm ahead, storm ahead!

Are you sure you spent
the entire night with Milja?

- That's what I said.
- Right.

I find it hard to believe,
even though I'd want to.

Do you remember
seeing this man before?

- No.
- I see.

This is the man you saw
in the staircase?

It's him,
I could swear it's him.

Thank you.
That'll be all for now.

Do you want more testimonies?

I guess we'll just have
to bring in another witness.

Please sit down.

Sit over here
next to Martti Kuusi.

You're going out
with long-term plans in mind?

- I don't understand.
- You're going to get married.

Married? I never promised
anything like that.

- And it's none of your business.
- Well, not otherwise...

You seem like a decent lad.

Getting married
would require a lot of money.

Oh yes.

I'd think twice
before marrying him.

How can you say that?

I'll say what I like.

I hope you understand
we're finished now.

Did he spend
the whole night with you?

It's not my habit to keep men
at my place until morning.

Especially not
children like him.

- Milja, tell him.
- I'll ask the questions.

At what time
did he leave your place?

We had a smoke and...

You don't get to do
just anything with me.

Shut up!
I thought you liked me.

Let go, you kid.

I can go to jail.
I was at your place.

Do you hear?
I love you.

I didn't take any of the money.
Do you hear me?

Not a penny.
Never, never.

You've got to believe me.
I didn't steal anything.

I spent the entire night with her.

- Tell them that I did.
- Take the kid away.

I thought you liked me...

All right, miss.

- Crazy kid.
- So it seems.

Seeing as he could make
such a mistake in love, too.


So the dollars
will be here tomorrow.

When the millions are here,
you'll get the dollars.

- But remember, the whole sum.
- All right.

A multi-million mark deal after all.
Times are getting better.

Times are getting better,
times are getting better.

I don't want to go see Pertti.
He'll strike me.

- Just ask him to come here.
- What do you want of him?

He's Martti's brother.
Tell him that we can help Martti.

Pertti must be at his girl's place.
There's the address.

Listen, stop dozing.

The money hasn't been found
nor have the culprits.

Let's wait for a couple of hours.
After that he'll confess.

The kid is soft.
And what's the point in hurrying?

You've been lucky.
You've become lazy as a camel.

I think there's something fishy
about this whole case.

I'll go out on the town a bit.

The burglary has
now been practically solved,

as the guilt of the suspect,
Martti Kuusi,

has been proven beyond
reasonable doubt, says the police.

It's suspected that
he had accomplices

who have managed
to elude the police.

Did you hear that? Martti Kuusi.
My old colleague.

His brother came to see me today
and started saying this and that.

Suddenly he started asking
about Kippura, and then...

Now I get it all.

He's in cahoots
with his brother.

He's trying to get the money
smuggled away with Kippura's aid.

Five million.
Does that say anything to you?


Well, it does to me.
A whole five million.

That's a nice
bundle of dough.

Evening. Miss Anttinen
said that you'd be here.

- Could I come in and have a talk?
- Please do.

- Have you been celebrating?
- No. Well, maybe with a drink or two.

- Yes, yes.
- No ashtray...

The thing is that your brother
is in a pretty tight spot

and he probably won't
be able to get out of it.

We believe that
he had accomplices.

Maybe you would know
who he has been seeing lately?

- Do you know anyone?
- No, no one.

Well, he does have
a girlfriend called Milja.

Or something like that.

We know her.
She already testified.

She said she had never seen Martti
in the company of other boys.

Those first-time crooks
are cleverer than we'd think.

I have to go now.

Were you home that night?

I was here all night.

- You're thinking of getting married.
- That's what we've planned.

Right. It's expensive
to start a family these days.

If you find anything out,
give me a call. Goodbye for now.

Believe me, I saw Pertti
counting the money.

I saw him through the letter door,
packing money in a briefcase.

That's when the cop came in
and I got out.

It was that Haapa,
the guy we saw yesterday.

Did you see him catch Pertti?

You think I wanted
to get caught myself?

How do you know
the police was there for Pertti?

He wasn't there
for a cup of coffee!

Stop that!

Then we're all in a jam.
Pertti's going to squeal on us.

That's a helluva betrayal
Martti did.

They had a deal Pertti would come
once we'd cracked open the safe.

It was easy to get the dough
once we had split.

Give me the keys!

You think we're
just kidding around, goddammit?

Robbery and homicide will give you
many years. Remember that, Boman.

I haven't got the money.
I didn't get them.

And if I get them,

you can be sure
you won't find them here.

They'll be here tomorrow.

I think Peggy's right.
You don't have the money yet.

And I think you're waiting
for them in vain. Let's go!

Tomorrow we'll relieve our pal
of his money burden a bit.

We'll guard the street,
the whole night if we have to.

- We'll go away together.
- Away? Where?

To Canada.
I've arranged all the paperwork.

- I was going to bring it up earlier.
- To Canada?

What do you mean?

Because everything's in a mess.

They're making a crook out of me,
just because Martti is in jail.

I have to get out of here.

Shouldn't you be here right now?

- Just think of your mother.
- I have my own life to think of.

Don't worry about my mother.
I'll leave her enough money to get by.

Enough till I make more,
which should be easy in Canada.

Where did you get the money?

I borrowed it.

It's enough
for us to get started.

I still don't understand.

I should've dared
to do this earlier.

But I'm going to do it now.
I have to get away real quick.

Do you understand?
Away, away.

If you love me,
like you said,

you'll come with me.

You haven't told me everything.

What are you hiding?

What would I have to hide?
Enough with the interrogation.

Let's talk about the trip.
What would you need?

Clothes and things like that.

What would you say?

I don't understand.

I'm... I'm afraid.

I'm beginning to think
his brother was an accomplice.

I went to see him
and he was shaking like a leaf.

Well, why not?
Did you catch a trail?

Not yet.

I'll try to get the younger brother
to lead himself to a trap.

Let me spend some time
with him alone.

Well, young man.
Come here.

Sit down.

How is it?

- Did you remember something new?
- I've told you everything.

Why can't you leave me alone?

We'll do that
once you've told us everything.

That'll be it.

I don't know anything more
than what I've said.

I see.
So be it then.

Your brother told us everything
and gave the money back.

My brother?
What are you saying?

Gave the money back?
What money?

Stop acting!

The money that
you stole together.

Stole together?

What are you talking about?

Going on like that
will lead to a nervous breakdown.

Why do you want
to hurt yourself?

I don't want anything,
I don't know anything.

Why can't you let me sleep?

I don't wish you any harm.

I want to find something
that can help you.


What can we do?
We'll just have to wait.

Could I have a cigarette?


I think we're getting
somewhere now.

Chin up!

Let's talk things over
man to man.


I'll tell everything.

We don't have the money
and never did.

Martti's brother has it.

- He had it when you saw him.
- Is he also involved?

He's in cahoots with Martti.

Martti told us to escape
and let his brother get the money.

Take the boys to the crime squad.
We'll go see the other Kuusi boy.

- Hello. Is Pertti Kuusi at home?
- Pertti?

I haven't seen him for a day,
at least.

- When was he here the last time?
- I don't remember.

Not today, at any rate...
Not today.

- Thanks anyway.
- Thank you.

- Excuse me.
- Could you see me across the street?

I'm going to a church concert
and I'm already late.

I'll take you across.

Thank you so much.

Could you also take me to the church?
It's near by.

All right,
I'll take you there.

There's no use crying.
But you'll have to come with us.

- But I don't know a thing.
- There's always something. Let's go.

Kuusi, come here.

- You say you didn't take the money.
- We didn't.

Call Martti Kuusi inside.

Martti Kuusi, come here.

- We agreed there'd be no more lies.
- Yes.

You made a deal with your brother
that he'd escape.


He has the money.

No use acting anymore.

- Speak up.
- You're mad. My brother!

I told you he has nothing
to do with this.

- I give you my word of honor.
- You can keep it.

Your friends say that
the two of you were in cahoots.

You're lying.
You know you're lying.

Pertti wasn't in on the plan.

You just want
to blame this on him.

He doesn't know
anything about us.

Believe me,
he doesn't know anything about this.

No, and keep your eyes open.

If he escapes,
you're fired.

That goes for me, too.
Got that? All right.

Nothing new?

If he hasn't escaped yet,
he sure won't be able to do it now.

Even a scrawny bug
couldn't get past our guards.

Don't be frightened.
I haven't done anything wrong here.


Here's the money,
all of it.

I took it.

National Bureau of Investigation.

All right, I'll tell.

I hope the rate of interest
on the loan won't be too high.

Martti, I'm...

Could I see him?
Just for a little while.

Could I?

Now you're tempting me
to break the law.

You see? It's easy to do when
the temptation is too strong.

Kuusi, come here.


Verna, can you ever forgive me?

Will you wait for me,
in spite of everything?

I will, my darling.

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