Rakhta Charitra (2010) - full transcript

Rakta Charitra is a biographical tale of Paritala Ravi from Andhra Pradesh, a prime accused in a number of murder cases. It is the story of a man's phenomenal rise to power and a story of the most intense blood curdling conflict ever heard of between two individuals. Moreover, the story is also the ultimate statement on the often heard disastrous consequences of a fatal mixture of caste, crime, family feuds and politics.

'Someone great once
said lndia's..'

'..soul resides in
its villages.'

'When he said this he was either
ignorant of the truth..'

'..orjust plain naiiive.'

'Because even today many places
of this country..'

'..are embroiled in
gory battles.'

'One such place is Anandpur..'

'..where people in the fight
for ego, women and power..'

'..put their lands,
their properties..'

'..their families and even
their lives at stake.'

'And this cycle of violence

'..generation after generation
without ever taking a pause.'

'ln Anandpur's violent

'..so much blood
has been shed..'

'..that the so-called
soul of lndia..'

'..instead of residing here is
mourning somewhere else.'

'This violent history
of Anandpur..'

'..is Rakhta Charitra (history
drenched in blood).'

'Narsimha Deva Reddy is the
most powerful MLA..'

'..of Anandpur province.'

'Veerbhadra is Narsimha's
close aide..'

'..who in spite of belonging
to a lower caste..'

'..due his hardworking nature
and dedication..'

'..became indispensable
for Narsimha..'

'..and Narsimha used
to hand him..'

'..over all his important

'..and take his advice in
all crucial matters.'

'Veerabhadra's growing

'..and influence in this
province made..'

'..people of Narsimha's caste..'

'..especially Nagamani Reddy
extremely jealous.'

'He was just waiting..'

'..for an opportunity to remove
Veerabhadra out of the way.'

'And on the other hand the
intelligent, ideal Veerabhadra..'

'..as the leader of
the backward..'

'..and the underprivileged
classes went about working..'

'..to win the upcoming district
council elections..'

'..for the development of his
province and his people.'

With Narsimha Reddy's

..in this year's district
council election..

..only candidates from amongst
us are going to contest..

..for every seat on
our party's behalf.

From now onwards our people
would get at least..

..eight hours' work everyday and
get clean drinking water..

..and along with our children's

..they will also have bright
future prospects.

Mr. Reddy, keeping his faith
in us, in our hard work..

..and in our loyalty has put
this responsibility..

..on our shoulders.

We too in return should
work doubly hard..

..and sustain his faith in
us. And we will do it.

l promise you that with your
help together we will..

..realize Narsimha Reddy's
every dream.

Mr. Reddy.

Our people are angry.


..is allotting most
of the seats for..

..the district council elections
to the people of his caste.

What do you mean by 'People
of his caste'?

ln our constituency there
are many people..

..of Veerabhadra's caste. We
have to look after everyone.

Veerabhadra is doing
the right thing.

He is not doing. He
is just saying.

What do you mean?
He is using you.

He is slowly taking your
power into his hands.

You are sitting here at home and
he is going around town..

..telling everyone that
he is the real leader.

You will face dual blows
because of that.

How come? -You are becoming
weak among our people.

And among other castes where
you should've won..

..some brownie points he is
walking away with the credit.

Your grandfather once
told you something..


Wow! ( Team DhRz ) What a pleasant surprise! ( Team DhRz )

That's not the thing, sister.

You know how is it..

We don't have time to breathe..

..ever since his election
work has begun.

We have to make tea and snacks
for hundreds of people.

There's always a rush
at home. -lt happens.

Greetings, sister.
So Veerabhadra..

l hear some complaints
against you.

Sister-in-law, after marriage
even praises..

..sound like complaints. -Ok.
Ok. Don't justify yourself now.

l got hold of you after a long
time. Please sit down.

l will make some coffee for you.

Sir, Mr. Narsimha is calling
you. -l'll be back in a while.


..l will prepare the rasam (sort
of tamarind soup) today.

But what happened?

Why did you cancel their
seats all of a sudden?

Do l have to answer that?

l don't want to get
into an argument.

l have taken the decision.

But Mr. Reddy, you gave
me the right..

..to take decision regarding
this matter earlier.

Don't argue with me.

You may not want to answer..

..but l have to answer my
people. -Your people?

When did they become
your people?

You think you are their lord?

l gave them my word.

With whose permission did
you give them your word?

Mr. Reddy, after working for
you for all these years..

..and after doing whatever
l did for you..

..you are asking me this
question today? -Hey! ( Team DhRz )

Have you done us a favor
by working here?

ln return Mr. Narsimha has
done so much for you.

l understand everything,
Nagamani. Everything.

Mr. Reddy, l have been
patient till now.

Before this matter
gets worse.. -Hey! ( Team DhRz )

You are threatening
Mr. Narsimha?

What's that look?

Look down. Look down! ( Team DhRz )

No, no, no. -lt will
taste great.

What are you doing! ( Team DhRz ) So much
spice? He won't eat it.

No! ( Team DhRz ) lf you won't add
this much spice..

..they won't even touch
it here. Add some more.

That's why there's so much
aggression in you people.

They like it very spicy. -Nari.

Let's go from here. -What
happened? -l said let's go.

But what happened?
-l said let's go.

Let's go from here.
Let's go. -What..

At least let me wash my hand.

What happened? Why is
Veerabhadra leaving in a huff?

Don't take that traitor's
name in front of me.

You know what all he was
saying behind my back?

Society is nobody's
personal property.

Higher caste. Lower caste.
lt's all rubbish.

This is just one man's battle
against another.

Which book says it, in which
Veda is it written..

..that we are born to be their
slaves and to serve them?

And if it's written anywhere,
then burn that writing down.

Cut the tongues of those who
call you untouchable.

Gouge out those eyes which don't
see you as human beings.

Till now no one had dared
to look into your eyes.

And he..

He used to live at your
feet till yesterday.

And today he is abusing you
in front of everyone.

You get a chance only once in
life to prove your worth.

And no one gives you that
chance. You have to snatch it.

He turned your people
against you.

Mr. Narsimha, you fed
milk to that snake..

..and today he is ready
to bite you.

The sickle that your ancestors
used to cut the harvest..

..that they cultivated
for those rogues..

Now the time has come to
use the same sickles..

..to cut their heads and drench
this land with their blood.

From this moment onwards we are
going to fight for our rights.

What should be done if a branch
revolts against the stem! ( Team DhRz )

We should cut it. We
should cut it out.

Get rid of him.


You know Manda, don't
you? -Manda, who?

Veerbhadra's right hand man..

You know Lord Shiva's temple..

..behind Kailash general
stores, right?

His home is right next to it.

Hey! ( Team DhRz ) -Don't be scared.

lf we had come to kill you,
you would be dead by now.

Mr. Nagamani wants
to talk to you.

We will send your husband back.
But if you talk to anyone..

..about this incident before
he comes..

..your husband will come back,
but without his head.

You have only two choices.

Either you join hands with
us and kill Veerabhadra..

..or say no to us and die.

Look, Manda, we can kill
Veerabhadra without your help..

..but we need you to kill both
him and his reputation.

lf we kill Veerbhadra his
voters and supporters..

..will turn against us
in the elections.

You are his most loyal man.

lf you kill him, people
will doubt..

..the great man himself.

And also, what will you get
if you work for him?

Today you are his servant.

Tomorrow you will be..

..his sons Shankar's and
Pratap's servant.

But if you kill him..

You can become the leader.

After Ravan's death Ram didn't
get Lanka's throne..

..but Vibhishan got it.

What happened? -There are
some stones on the road.

Must be someone's mischief.

Go back. Go back.

Go. Go.

Hey, Veerabhadra.

Veerabhadra, we are
here to kill you.

There are 40-50 innocent people
along with you in the bus.

To kill you we will kill
them all if required.

Now will you hide among
them like a woman..

..and be the cause of their
deaths or will you come out..

..like a man and die
alone. You decide.

Where are you going?

You are not going anywhere.

Leave me. -They will kill you.

You don't go. Don't
go. -Don't go.

You don't worry at all.
-You don't go.

Nothing will happen to
you. -Please don't go.

Nothing will happen to you.
-Please don't go..

l'll talk to them. -Please
don't go. -Don't go.

l said l will talk to
them. -Don't go out.

Stop. Stop.

Stop. Stop. Please come inside.
How can l? -Please come inside.

lt's a matter of many
lives. Leave me.

Who are you? Come in front
of me and talk.

Manda. -Yes.

You rogue! ( Team DhRz ) -Hey, Manda,
what's happened to you?

Why are you doing this?
Sister-in-law, He is a thief.

Sister-in-law, he was trying
to fool everyone.

What did you think? You thought
we won't find out?

You.. You cheated everyone.

Today on everyone's behalf l
have come to teach you a lesson.

On whose behalf? What are
you talking about?

l am talking on everyone's

What's happened to you? -What
are you talking about?

Till now l used to think
that you are a good man.

That's why l worked for you.

Do you all know this?

He devoured party's fund.

l will kill you.

Kill me if you want to.. -No.
-..but don't lecture.

Kill him, Manda.

l must get the punishment for
trusting a man like you.

Come on, kill me. -Shoot
him, Manda.

Move away. Shoot me. -Please
come in. -Shoot him, Manda.

Please come in. -Shoot me.
What are you staring at?

Shoot me. -Manda, shoot him.

Shoot him, Manda. -Shoot me.

Shoot me. What are
you looking at?

Shoot me. What are you waiting
for? -Shoot me.

You remember the deal
with Nagamani?

Everyone must see
you killing him.

Go. Go and kill him.

Don't ruin everything, Manda.
Go and kill him fast.

Leave me. Leave me.

Everyone is watching.
Go and kill him.

Go, or else the deal is off. Go.

Everyone is watching. Go.

Leave me. Leave me.


No. No.

No. No.

Manda, no. Manda, no.

Manda, no.

Manda, no. Manda, no.

Leave me. Leave me. Leave me.

Manda, no.

Manda, no.

Manda, no.

No! ( Team DhRz )

Unfortunate. Quite unfortunate.

Your own man killed him.

What can anyone do..

..if the enemy is hidden
in our house?

l know very well who killed him.

Manda killed your father in
front of a hundred people.


Manda killed my father
in front of everyone.

But l know that behind Manda..

..there are Narsimha Reddy
and Nagamani Reddy.

Manda alone didn't kill him.

lt was done by those people..

..for whom my father worked
all these years.

Veerbhadra isn't dead yet.

His sons are alive.

So they want bloodshed.

l will shed their blood.

Blood will spill every day
and every moment here now.

And it won't stop till this land
is drenched with their blood.

Anandpur. What sort of a
place is your Anandpur?

lt's a nice place to live.

lt's an even better
place to leave.

So you will stay in
the city? -Yes.

What's your father's
name? -Veerabhadra.

Are you a Brahmin? -No.

Do you believe in God?

First l believe in myself.

You couldn't touch
his feet? -Whose?

Yes, his feet. Father would've
been impressed.

Nandini, l never do
what l don't like.

What's there in it not to like?

What's the need for all this?

l am marrying you. l'm not
marrying your father.

But if you wish l have no
problem in touching your feet.

You want a slap from me?

And what did you say?

First l believe in myself and
then l believe in God.

He's in you. He's in me.

He's in my father too.

What would you have lost if
you had said one small lie?

l never lie. -Now don't lie.

Hey, where's the cherry in this?

lf this was our first meeting,
forget about talking to you..

..l wouldn't even have
looked at you.

l don't understand why
you are so difficult.

Nandini, honest people always
come across as difficult.

Just shut up.

Talking to you is of no use.

What happened?


My.. My father..

l need to go home. Urgently.

'What Nandini doesn't
know now is that..'

'..Pratap is walking down
a path of no return.'

'After Veerabhadra's
brutal murder..'

'..Pratap's brother Shankar
who couldn't..'

'..attack Nagamani Reddy..'

'..and Narsimha Deva
Reddy because..'

'..of the increased security..'

'..was living in the forest and
attacking their supporters.'

'As a consequence of these
guerilla attacks..'

'..a new character makes an
entry into Raktha Chritra..'

'..who was worse than a demon.'

'He is Nagamani Reddy's
son Bukka Reddy.'

'On hearing about Shankar's
exploits he started killing..'

'..Shankar's men in the most
brutal way possible.'

'Bukka Reddy was not just an
exponent of violence..'

'..but he molested every
woman he fancied..'

'..irrespective of their caste,
creed, religion, age..'

'..place or time..'

Leave me. Leave me. Help! ( Team DhRz )

Leave me. Leave me.

Leave me. Leave me.

Rajeev. Rajeev.

Leave me. Leave me. Help! ( Team DhRz )

'Consumed with the cocktail of
alcohol, women and power..'

'..day and night he
proved himself..'

'..to be worse than a demon.'

No. No.

Forgive me. Forgive me.

'Bukka had already dragged
Anandpur back from..'

'..20th century to a different
era where there we no rules.'

'And now on hearing about
Shankar's brother..'

'..Pratap's arrival he came
out of his burrow.'


Where are you going?

We heard Shankar's brother
Pratap Ravi has come.

Wait till the elections
are over.

Till election are over..

Come up stair.

'The number of people
with a gun in hand..'

'..kept increasing
in this region.'

'lnstead of tilling
their farms..'

'..farmers started manufacturing

'Blood replaced water
in canals.'

'Democracy turned into ajoke.'

'The age-old poverty and poor
man's fight for survival..'

'..when landlords and
capitalists are on assault.'

'Now Pratap Ravi stepped
into such environment..

..of Anandpur..'

He's Durga.

He's one of those who
killed father.

The rest of them will
also be caught.

Enough.. -What are the
policemen doing?

Matters have reached this far
only because of the policemen.

Forget it.

You don't interfere in all this.

You concentrate on your studies.

Father also wanted the same.

You study.

Look Ravi, other than taking
revenge from father's killers..

..l also have the responsibility

..get justice for his followers.

Till everyone doesn't
get justice..

..l won't stop my struggle.
Forget it.

How is mother? -'With his
father's brutal death..'

'..Pratap's dream of a great
future burst like a bubble.'

'Like many people
present here..'

'..Pratap started understanding

'..realities of his homeland..'

'..which he had been hearing
since his childhood.'

'lt's not a fight for blood.'

'lt's a fight for self-esteem,
for identity.'

'But at present it
can't be told..'

'..how deep or above Pratap
is of this whirlpool.'

How is Shankar?

How is he? -Yes.

Your friend.. some girl
called Nandini called.

Why would anyone kill anyone..

..so brutally without a reason?

Such people will stay
in our house?

ls it visible on anyone's
face that he..

..would have support
of such people?

Thank God that you are
sitting safe at home.

Look, Nandini. Everyone
commits mistakes.

Forget Pratap now.

Father, l love Pratap.

Till l know what's the reason
behind all this..

..l won't change my
decision. -Look..

Hello! ( Team DhRz )



Pratap? Where are you?

l hope you are fine. What
happened, Pratap?

They killed my father, Nandini.

No! ( Team DhRz ) -l never knew that
they could do so.

Mother and sister-in-law
are unable to bear it.

Now, police are looking
for my brother.


We found him.

Alive? -Yes.


Where is Shankar? -Shankar?
Who is Shankar?

My brother, Shankar.

Who are you? -My name
is Pratap. -So?

l learnt that my
brother is here.

Here? Where? -Here in
your police station.

Who told you? -Look,
l've learnt it.

You've arrested him today.
Where's my brother?

Hey! ( Team DhRz ) Lower your voice! ( Team DhRz ) Lower it! ( Team DhRz )

l will thrash you
black and blue.

Pratap hasn't done
anything wrong.

He doesn't have any
criminal case too.

lt's your responsibility to
let him meet his brother..

..as per the law.

Who are you?

l am the lawyer.

ldiot! ( Team DhRz ) Here l am the
law. l am the law.

You want to meet your
brother? -Yes.

Come, l will show you. Come.

See him. Go and meet
your brother.

Did you meet your brother?

l killed him as per the law.

Now do whatever you can do.

Let go off him! ( Team DhRz )

Let go off me! ( Team DhRz )

Let go off me! ( Team DhRz )

ldiot! ( Team DhRz ) You are done for today! ( Team DhRz )

How dare you hit me! ( Team DhRz )

Ramesh, take care
of sister-in-law.

We are taking Pratap along
with us. Pratap! ( Team DhRz )

Mr. Reddy, we lost both my
husband and my elder son.

Now l don't have anyone
other than Pratap.

Sister. Sister.

We'll go away from here.
We don't want anything.

We will go far away from here.

l will pacify Pratap.

He'll surely listen to me.

My son never says
no to me, sister.

Mr. Reddy. Mr. Reddy..
l beg of you.

Sir, if my son has any
feeling of revenge..

..l will ask him to wipe it out.

l will ask him to wipe it out.

l assure you, sir. -Stop it! ( Team DhRz )

l assure.. -Stop it! ( Team DhRz )

You think by asking us
to not harm your son..

..you are doing us a favor?

Your husband..

We took care of your husband.

And he tried to bite
us in return.

He tried to bite us.

Your son Shankar tried
to kill Narsimha.

Go. Go away! ( Team DhRz )

Your son, Pratap cannot escape
by hiding in the forest..

We will kill him at any cost.
-Hey, throw her out! ( Team DhRz )

Throw her out! ( Team DhRz ) -Sister! ( Team DhRz )
Sister! ( Team DhRz ) -Hey! ( Team DhRz )

Sister, please listen to me! ( Team DhRz )
-Throw her out. -Sister! ( Team DhRz )

Pratap, they have got power.
They have police's support.

They have the government
on their side.

But still we will see how
long they will escape.

We revere your father
and brother Shankar..

..more than you do.

Not just you, but they
have got enemies..

..all over Anandpur. You stay
here. Don't be scared.

We will protect you.

We'll take revenge.

No. l will take that revenge.

Don't get emotional.

Have you ever held a gun
in your life? -No.

Not with the gun..

l will stab each one of them
to death with a knife.

We can understand your anger.

lt's easier said than done.

Leave this to us.

My father.. My brother..
My mother..

Revenge will be mine too.

We'll plan to kill Narsimha,
Nagamani, Manda..

..all the three of them at
one go at the same time.

No. Not at once.

One at a time. One by one.

After killing one, l will
give another one..

..specific time of his death.

So that he should feel
the fear of death.

l won't let them die so easily.

Planned by Nagamani, implemented
by Manda..

..and ordered by Narsimha Reddy.

l will kill the three of them.

My mother used to treat
Narsimha Reddy's wife..

..Gomati as her own sister.

My mother was humiliated
in front of her.

My mother was kicked and
she didn't utter a word.

First of all.. l will
make her cry.

Hey, when you father and son
were roaming in the town..

..he came here and killed him.

His mother used to
call me sister.

She came here and begged
me to spare her son.

Why didn't you kill him earlier?
You just kept thinking.

Why? Why didn't you
kill him earlier?

Why you didn't kill him?

Why didn't you kill him?
Why didn't you kill him?

Why didn't you kill him?
Why didn't you kill him?

Hey Bukka.

Shut up! ( Team DhRz ) Just shut up! ( Team DhRz )

Aunt is right.

We should've killed him
right in the beginning.

This happened because of you.

Wait till the elections
are over.

You asked me to wait till
the elections are over.

You will make his dead body
contest the election now?

Bukka. -Shut up! ( Team DhRz )

Keep your mouth shut! ( Team DhRz )

Aunt, l'm Nandini speaking.

Pratap must've told
you about me.

Yes, l know. How are you?

l am fine, aunt.

Aunt, where is Pratap?
-l don't know.

Yesterday.. yesterday on TV..

..they were saying that
Pratap in involved in..

..Narsimha Reddy's death.

ls it true, aunt?

l want it to be true.

Aunt, l can't live
without Pratap.

Just because you are a
woman.. -Leave me..

..if you think l will
spare you.. -No..

..you are wrong.

lf you don't tell me
where Pratap is..

..l will cut you into pieces.

l will first cut your
hand. -Hey, stop! ( Team DhRz )

Leave her.

Leave her or else l will
shoot your head.

Leave her! ( Team DhRz )

Forgive me, mother.

l didn't know that Bukka Reddy
would stoop so low.

Forget it, Pratap.

Who could've imagined that Bukka
would stoop to such a level?

Have it, madam. Have it.

Enough. Enough. -A little more.

By the way, l forgot
to tell you..

Nandini called.

l'm sorry. Two minutes.

Whatever you heard
about me is true.

l'm the one who killed
Narsimha Reddy.

ln future l will kill
some others as well.

There are some reasons
behind it.

And there are many people out
there who want to kill me.

Because of that people close to
me will also be in danger.

Now you have to take
the decision..

..if you want to be with
a person like me or not.

l have decided it.

l didn't come here to take your
permission.. but to tell you.

l am taking your daughter
along with me.

l'll take care of Nandini
more than you.

lf you wish you can bless us..

..and even if you don't
l don't care.

God bless you.

Hey, rich man..

Hey, rich man..

Hey, rich man..
Hey, rich man..''

Rich man.. down, down! ( Team DhRz )

Hey, rich man..
Hey, rich man..''

You've become richer by
tormenting the poor.''

You kill poor people
for your food.''

Eat your food and have fun.

No matter you are landlord
or a king.''

We'll surely overpower you.

Hey, rich man..

Hey, rich man..



Down! ( Team DhRz ) Down! ( Team DhRz )

Down! ( Team DhRz ) Down! ( Team DhRz )

You live your life in luxury
because of the poor.''

Your government is filthy.
My dagger is thirsty.''

We've announced it.

The public will fear us.

You've become richer by
tormenting the poor.''

You kill poor people
for your food.''

Hey, rich man..

Hey, rich man..

Hey, rich man..

Get lost, you rich man.

You live in air-conditioned

You get everything for free.

We do the hard work..

..and you enjoy its fruits.

We are not worth of applying
scent on our clothes.

You don't tolerate
our oily hair.

Rich man.

Get lost, you rich man.

They can burn down the jungle.

They can even eat a
poisonous snake.

Rich man! ( Team DhRz )

Hey, rich man.. Hey, rich man

Hey, rich man..

Hey, rich man..

Hey, rich man.. Hey, rich man

Hey, rich man..

Hey, rich man..

How long do we have
to bear this, sir?

Right in front of my
eyes he.. -Ashwini.

From the home minister
to the constable..

..there is a parallel
system running.

That system consists not just
of us but also of criminals.

No matter what we do we
must keep this in mind.

There was an inspector
here before you.

What was his name..
Gajapati Rao.

He used to work less
for the department..

..and more for Nagamani Reddy.

This is what will
happen after you.

Just because you are an
honest police officer..

..you can't change things in
one day. -Well-said, sir.

You? When did you come?

This morning. l came for
some information.

l'm on my way to Hyderabad
l thought of dropping by..

..and saying 'Hello'
to you. -Great.

Meet her, Ashwini Sinha.

And he is Mohan Prasad,
intelligence officer.

Hello, Ms. Ashwini! ( Team DhRz ) -Hi! ( Team DhRz )

l have heard a lot about you.

l too have heard
a lot about you.

Pleasure meeting you. -Same
here. Thank you.

Have. -No, sir, you have it.
-Hey, have it. lt's very tasty.

No, sir. You have it. -Have
it. lt's very tasty.

Have it. -No, thanks,
sir. You have it.

We caught a sugarcane
lorry this morning.

Vijayawada stuff. Full
of sugarcane.

Come on, have it. -Sir, no,
thanks. You have it.

Come on. Fresh and juicy.
-Sir, l don't want it.

lt is very nice. -What's
your issue?

You don't need to brush your
teeth if you have it.

Biggest.. -Sir.

l don't want it, sir.

Ok. -Ya. Thanks.

Mr. Mohan, you think what Mr.
Kanungo said is right?

No, what l mean.. by the time
the system changes..

..Bukka Reddy will
ruin everything..

..then we can't save anything.
That's what l think.

Ruining and saving is a point
of view, Ms. Ashwini.

lf you leave it to the courts of
justice, it'd be much better.

Police shouldn't be working
as per their wish..

..but as per the procedure.

That's called constitution.

lt doesn't support anyone.

Nor is it against
anyone. -Alright.

So you're saying police should
just ignore whatever happens.

Right? -That's right.

Like Mahatma Gandhi's
three monkeys.

See no evil.

Hear no evil.

Speak no evil. -This rule stands
till we get a chance.

And we will get our chance
only after the election.

Film-star Shivaji has
established a new party.

There may be a new change
in the state.

Only after we know the result..

..we will know how
to play the game.

Shivaji Rao has called for
a meeting in Anandpur.

Did you know?

Now we have to wait and watch..

..what Bukka Reddy's
reaction will be.

'Bukka Reddy tried his best
to kill Pratap Ravi..'

'..but he could never
reach Pratap..'

'..who was hiding
in the forest.'

My father's spirit is
wandering around.

Here. There.

lnside me.

He is chasing me everywhere.

Day and night he is asking
me the same question..

Bukka. Hey, Bukka. What
are you doing?

Why didn't you kill Ravi yet?

l'll kill him. When
will you kill him?

Pratap, Ravi.. till l kill
everyone in his family..

..father's soul won't
rest in peace.

His soul will wander! ( Team DhRz )
His soul will wander.

His soul will wander.

Till l mix Pratap's blood
in whiskey and drink it..

..l can't sleep in peace.

l can't sleep in peace.

'Meanwhile the elections
were declared.'

'Keeping in view his party's
declining popularity..'

'..the shock of his father
Nagamani Reddy's death..'

'..and Pratap's growing

'..Bukka Reddy chose
his brother Puru..'

'..Reddy to contest
in the election.'

He's contesting the election.

My brother.. must win.

Whoever contests against
him chop his legs.

And what about Shivaji?

l told you..

..whoever it is.

'Shivaji Rao is the
movie-star who..'

'..played some iconic
roles on screen..'

'..and won a place in
people's hearts..'

'He thought that if people would
stand in a queue to..'

'..watch his movies, then they
would vote for him as well.'

'Shivaji called for public
meetings all over the state..'

'..with the faith that people
who threw coins..'

'..when he appeared on screen
as a hero in movies..'

'..would also throw flowers
at him when he appears..'

'..in front of them as
a political leader.'

'Thinking this Shivaji held
meetings at every corner..'

'..of the city.'

'He came to Anandpur
for the same.'

'But he didn't know..'

'Bukka ruled this place.'

'Bukka Reddy made superstar
Shivaji Rao, who could easily..'

'..thrash hundred odd villains
at a time in his movies..'

'..flee like a coward from
the Anandpur meeting.'

'Shivaji's ego was badly hurt
with this incident.'

'He asked his adviser
Ram Murthy..'

'..who is behind this attack?'

Bukka Reddy, our opposition
contestant's brother.

According to the locals..
Bukka is a demon.

lt is said that, if a snake
bites him snake gets poisoned.

Don't mouth cinema dialogues,
Ram Murthy.

How come a demon like Bukka
exists in a democracy?

What can l say, sir? He exists.
That's how it is.

What you are saying is
that there is no one..

..in this whole city, who can
challenge a demon like Bukka?

There is one.

His father's Veerabhadrayya.
-We'll fight for our rights.

Brother Shankar. -Now there
will be bloodshed.

They both were killed! ( Team DhRz )

The one born to take
revenge is Pratap.

Call him here.




Have a seat.

l have heard a lot
about you. A lot.

l hope at least a part
of it is true.

l don't know what
you have heard.

What did you tell me his
name was? -Pratap.

Pratap. l like you.

You are a bad person
doing good things.

Your good is good and
bad is good too.

But brother, your level
is very low.

l am a great man.

Even though democracy
and l are great..

..we cannot touch even a
small fly like Bukka.

An ant doesn't die if
elephant steps on it.

lt has to be crushed.

You have the guts to do it.

Though you are here, Bukka
still exists.. brother..

Only because of the revolution.

What harm has anyone done
in so many years?

lf you leave behind
blood and gore..

..and enter politics
you will become..

..the undisputed king
of this place.

lf we merge our powers
we could do a lot.

You look smart to me. You
have intelligence.

Use your brains.

But think fast.

Topic is over.

What do you think? -How
can we trust him?

What are you thinking, Pratap?

Pratap, Bukka's atrocities
are not new to us..

..but after what he did
to him l feel like..

What happened? -Babu, tell him.

My name is Babu Khadri.
l am an electrician.

When l went out of town
on motor wiring work..

l have a sister aged 16.

By the time l heard about
it and came back..

..Bukka had raped my sister
and thrown her on the road.

When l took my sister to
the police station..

The police refused to
lodge my complaint.

They said, what's the guarantee
that my sister has been raped?

What's the guarantee that my
sister is telling the truth?

Because of disgrace, she
immolated herself.

While taking to the hospital
she died on the way.

When l saw my sister's
dead body..

..l couldn't control my anger..
you all work for that Bukka.

Everyone knows what sort
of a man that Bukka is.

The whole village knows that
Bukka's men abducted my sister..

l will kill Bukka! ( Team DhRz ) You wait and
watch police can't harm me.

l had lodged a complaint in the
police. l had come to you.

l raped your sister.

l would even rape
your grandmother.

Bukka, we are going to
Satyanarayana Reddy's..

..house for the veneration.
You want to come? -No.

Have a seat.

Not just to you, but Bukka
did injustice to..

..many poor people like you.

But l want you to forget about
him for the time being.

Because you have the
responsibility to look after..

..your wife and mother.

Don't think you are alone.

We all are there behind
you. l promise you.

You'll surely avenge them.

Go. Go and take care
of your family.

Forget Bukka for the time being.

When we killed Narsimha
Reddy, Nagamani Reddy..

..took his place. When we killed
him Bukka took his place.

lf we kill Bukka someone else
will take his place.

The system is to be blamed
for all this.

That's why first of all we have
to change this system.

ln effect l have to
become the system.

What Mr. Shivaji said is right.

Political power is more powerful
than gun-power.

l have to get that..

..because the hands that
are stopping us..

..today will salute us tomorrow.

l'll fulfill father's and
brother's dreams..

Shivaji is a way for me, which
can take me to my destination.

l just need a new path now.

From now on l won't attack
from behind..

..but l will fight
from the front.

What's this?

We brought you into politics
only for the tasks..

..you could accomplish
with these.

You are surrendering
them all here?

There are more of these
for those tasks.

These are only for a show.

Wow! ( Team DhRz )

You are an intelligent man.

That's why l am promoting
you, brother.

From now on you are my son.

What should l do now? -That you
will be told by Ram Murthy.

My close aide. From now
on he is yours too.

What shall l do?

First of all you have
to shave your beard.

Because a leader's face
should be clean..

..even if his heart isn't.

Topic is over.

Pratap has got the ticket.

He's contesting an election.

But he shouldn't win! ( Team DhRz )

l have to defeat him! ( Team DhRz ) ldiot! ( Team DhRz )

lf he wins in the election..

..l won't kill him..

..but l will kill you.

l will kill you all! ( Team DhRz ) ls
that clear to you! ( Team DhRz )

l'll kill all of you.

lf l go to town leaving
this jungle..

..it will be very easy for
our enemies to kill me.

Bullets can come from
anywhere anytime.

You have to understand
only one thing that..

..Bukka is not our only enemy,
there are many others too.

l learnt that his brother
Puru Reddy had been to..

.. Mangalore to meet
some people.

Nagmani and Narsimha Reddy's
family members..

..and some supporters are
also making some plans.

We have to be very alert
all the time.

Before anyone attacks, we've
to uproot all the dangers.

Make a list of all our enemies.

Then.. erase all our enemies
and the people who could..

..become our enemies..
one by one.

Hail Lord Ram! ( Team DhRz ) Hail
Lord Krishna! ( Team DhRz )

Hail Lord Ram! ( Team DhRz ) Hail
Lord Krishna! ( Team DhRz )

Hail Lord Ram! ( Team DhRz ) Hail
Lord Krishna! ( Team DhRz )

Hail Lord Ram! ( Team DhRz ) Hail
Lord Krishna! ( Team DhRz )

Kill him! ( Team DhRz )

The one who locks horns
with you, kill him! ( Team DhRz )

'While Pratap was busy
with Shivaji..'

'..with the election campaign
Pratap's men..'

'..Omkar and AK..'

'..formed some action
teams and killed..'

'..those they suspect, those
they think are their enemies..'

'..their enemies' supporters
and their financers..'

'They killed them one by one.'

Why do you think about
good or bad?

The enemy will be trapped.
Attack him.

Remember, don't let this
truth live longer.

Kill him! ( Team DhRz )

The one who locks horns
with you, kill him! ( Team DhRz )

Hail Lord Ram! ( Team DhRz ) Hail
Lord Krishna! ( Team DhRz )

Chop him! ( Team DhRz )

The one who confronts
you, chop him! ( Team DhRz )

'ln this war between
bullet and ballot..'

'..Pratap Ravi with
his tact won..'

'..over the people
of that area.'

'Bukka killed many
of Ravi's men..

.. in different places
in fit of rage.'

Enemy is your death. You
become death for death.

Kill the one who goes
against you.

This is your war. This game
is like a battlefield.

Show your power as the lion.

You become the poison
of the snake.

Live with pride, become
the government.

Attack fearlessly.

Grow your power and
become a leader.

Kill him! ( Team DhRz )

The one who locks horns
with you, kill him! ( Team DhRz )

Hail Lord Ram! ( Team DhRz ) Hail
Lord Krishna! ( Team DhRz )

Chop him! ( Team DhRz )

The one who confronts
you, chop him! ( Team DhRz )

'Pratap went about trying to
win people's confidence.'

'..and got a shower of votes on
the barren land of democracy.'

'Pratap won the election
handsomely with Shivaji's party.'

Hail Lord Ram! ( Team DhRz ) Hail
Lord Krishna! ( Team DhRz )

'Shivaji made Pratap
Ravi a minister..'

Hail Lord Ram! ( Team DhRz ) Hail
Lord Krishna! ( Team DhRz )

Hail Lord Ram! ( Team DhRz ) Hail
Lord Krishna! ( Team DhRz )

'Bukka started crying like a
child on his brother's defeat.'

'On the charges of murders
he committed..'

'..during the election time
inspector Ashwini..'

'..comes to arrest Bukka Reddy.'

You are under arrest,
Bukka. Move.

l'm talking to you,
Bukka. Get up! ( Team DhRz )

Come on.

He has money. He has power.

He is also a minister. The
government is in his hands.

Those who live in forests can
go to any extent, Bukka.

The goons in the city
are in his hands.

This is the safest place for
you for the time being.

You stay here.

Are you not our father's son?

Are you not our father's son?

That rogue killed our father.

He dragged us to streets
like dogs.

My blood is boiling to see
his photos in newspapers..

..and on TV everyday.

My blood is boiling! ( Team DhRz )

My blood is boiling! ( Team DhRz )

My blood is boiling! ( Team DhRz ) -Bukka,
no! ( Team DhRz ) Bukka, no.

l won't die.

l won't die.

l will die only after
killing him.

Look, get me out of here
anyhow.. or l'll kill myself.

'Bukka had not spat on his
brother, Puru's face..'

'..but on his self-esteem..'

'So, he went to meet Sirji..
who was a minister..'

'..in Shivaji's opposition

'Among sir's many great

'..one is to show people
things exactly..'

'..the way they want to see.'

'His voice was his identity.'

'Puru Reddy had to
beg from him now.'

'But Sirji doesn't even
give alms for free.'

l need to meet Sirji.

Mr. Naidu..

father, Bukka, and l, all of
us worked for your party.

Who will help us if you won't?

You know many influential

Please do something and get
my younger brother..

..Bukka out on bail somehow,
sir. Please.

Do something. Do something.
Thank you.

My younger brother, Bukka..
get my brother out on bail.

Please, Mr. Naidu. Please. -What
is this? What are you doing? Go.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

What will you do?
What will We do?

Anantpur seat was in our
hands from many years.

lt couldn't be in our hands
only because of Pratap.


Bukka is the only person
who has a..

..personal reason
to kill Pratap.

lf we unleash Bukka
the right way..

..that bullet will hit Pratap
straight in his chest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make a call to Mr. Kapadia.

Come, mother. This
is your new house.

Sister-in-law, come. Come.

There are five bedrooms
on the above floor.

Nandini, your swing too.

Mother, there's the
dining area..

And there's the kitchen..
and there's the hall.

What happened?

Mother, this is especially for
you. Your veneration room.


They released Bukka
Reddy on bail.

'With the help of Sirji's

'..Bukka Reddy came out on bail
and went underground..'

'He secretly started living
in a flat no. 102..'

'..in Maheshwari complex in
the heart of the city..'

'..and started making
arrangements to kill Ravi.'

'Pratap's men started
worrying a bit.'

'Pratap used a pawn
in such situation.'

'Patap's action team started
wandering like bats..

..around that flat.'

'When Bukka's 16 year old
servant came out to buy..

..vegetables, Pratap
got him kidnapped.'

How much does Bukka
pay you per month?

Sir.. Sir.. 500 rupees.

l will give you 500,000.

'The real game began now.'

'Pratap gathered all the
information about Bukka..'

'..and went to Shivaji's house.'

'He told all the plans
in detail to him.'

'And Shivaji order was..'

Out! ( Team DhRz )

Yes, Babu electrician.. -Babu,
l am Pratap speaking.

Babu, there's a gift
for you. -What, sir?


l made a team to kill him.

You have to lead it.

l have served the meals.

lncluding me..

..there are many people who have
a reason to kill Bukka.

After hearing your
story l felt..

..this is time to take
your revenge.

Bukka is staying in Maheshwari

..in Masabtank. Reach there
from wood bridge.

There's a police station
behind the complex.

So you have to hurry
up in doing things..

..but be careful as it is
a densly populated area.

Make sure nothing happens
to any innocent person.

Near building entrance a guy
in red shirt pretending to..

..read a newspaper will
be waiting for you.

Follow him..

Enter the complex through
the way he shows you.

Flat no. 102.

One more important thing.

The guy who opens the
door is our guy.

There! ( Team DhRz ) There! ( Team DhRz )

Babu, he's dead.

Babu, he's dead.

Let go of him! ( Team DhRz ) -Let
me kill him..

Let him die.. -Let go of him.

Let me kill him! ( Team DhRz ) -Let go of him.

Pratap. Pratap. Pratap.

Please, spare me.
Spare me, Pratap.

My father's gone. My
brother's also gone.

l never harmed you in
any way personally.

l know.. l know whatever you
do has a reason behind it.

l will quit everything.

l won't step out of my house.

l don't want this politics
or position..

l'll sit in a corner..
eat and have a drink.

l'll not talk to anyone.

Spare me, brother Pratap.

Brother Pratap, spare
me. Spare me.

'Bukka Reddy's brutal murder
in broad daylight..'

'..shook the whole city.'

'Though everyone knew who was
the man behind this murder..'

'..but everyone was afraid of
taking Pratap Ravi's name..'

'..except for some of Shivaji's
party members.'

He got Bukka and his men slain..

..right in the centre of the
state capital in broad daylight..

..and then he sits in
the assembly hall.

Pratap has turned democracy
into ajoke, sir.

He is a killer. And you are
supporting him, sir.

Come, Pratap. Come.

Sit down.

They are giving me a hard
time since an hour.

They are asking me to kick
you out of the party.

What did you say?

Pratap turned democracy
into ajoke?

And what about the time
when democracy..

..was laughing at Pratap?

You are saying Pratap
is a killer.

Yes, he is a killer.

Even Lord Ram and Lord Krishna
killed people..

..for the welfare of mankind.

You should see whom he killed.

Why he killed them? Did he
kill some noble person?

Bukka Reddy was a demon.

Pratap is my Ram.

Topic is over! ( Team DhRz )

Government's first duty is to
keep law and order in place.

Police department are
there to oversee it.

But in spite of all
police strength..

..they couldn't control law and
order completely in any state.

Today l am not the government..

..but super government.

l, chief minister Shivaji
Rao announce that..

..there is no place for
goons and criminals.

And only a big state criminal
can do that job.

And that's you. That's you.

Topic is over.

Uncle Omkar, call all the
rowdies of the city..

..to our home tomorrow
for lunch.

Narsi of Begumpet.

Pashupati of Medhipatnam.

Raju of Panjagutta.

Sri Shailam Yadav of King Koti.

Laddu Krishna of Sanathnagar.

Mallesh of Balkampet.

Kotta Vasu, Sattar Khan..

Purushottam of Ameerpet.

Manjhle of Shamshabad.

Gulla Ravi of Crossroads.

Tell everyone that Pratap
Ravi has invited them.

'Ever since Narsimha Deva
Reddy's murder..'

'..such was Pratap
Ravi's fame..'

'..that let alone
the common man..'

'..even the most notorious

'..of the city were
afraid of him.'

'That's why on his invitation
they were not just shocked..'

'..but they were happy as well.'

'But they also suspected
that Pratap Ravi..'

'..may have something else for
them in store other than food.'

l thank you all for accepting
my invitation..

..and coming over for
lunch to my home.

l hope you liked the country
hen in tamarind gravy..

..is Rayalaseema special.

Mother prepared it especially
for you.

Take this.

People say that 100 years ago
there was nothing here.

This whole area was ajungle.

Tigers, wolves, foxes and
many more animals..

..used to roam around here.

Along with time.. slowly
the city spread..

..the population increased
the jungle disappeared.

The jungle disappeared, but
still some animals..

..are left behind here.. in
the form of human beings.

They run gangs in their areas
and run illegal businesses..

..and trouble the common man.

l hope you got what l am saying.

From now on.. right away..

..none of you..

..will run gangs
or kill anyone..

..or seize anyone's land.

This is not a request.

lt's an order.

Nandini.. -Yes?

Serve them some dessert.

'People's nature is such that
no matter whatever..'

'..you do for them they won't
have any gratitude for you.'

'lt may be democracy
or anything else.'

'Pratap knew this before
coming into politics.'

'So, he tried to
do many things.'

'The FlR written in the
police station..'

'..would become an announcement
at Pratap's door.'

'Ravi used to solve
cases in no time..'

'..which were rotting
in courts for years.'

'People who were fed up of
the faceless government..'

'..and the blind judicial
system started..'

'..perceiving Pratap as God.'

'Whatever Pratap wished,
it happened.'

'lt wasn't that everyone
was with him.'

'The one who wasn't with
him ceased to exist.'

'The wealth and power
had turned Ravi..

..from a human being
to a system.'

'But Pratap's was not
going to be..'

'..the undisputed king that
he is now forever.'

'ln the days to come he faced..'

'..a big roadblock on his path.'

'That story we will narrate..'

'..in the second part
of Rakht Charitra.'

He wants to kill me.

Now l will have to kill him.

First l will defeat him and
then l will kill him.

Anyone who helps him..

..or even thinks of helping
him, just kill him.

l am not afraid of death.

l am afraid of dying
before killing him.

Just remember the past.

Analyze the present.

And think of the future.

The lava flowing in your
heart. lt's blood.

lt's fire of vengeance.

History is witness to
its every battle.

lt's the violence.

lt's fire of vengeance.

There are no rights
and wrongs.

Anger knows only revenge.

This is today's Kurukshetra
(an epic battlefield).

lt's history drenched
in blood.

lt's history drenched
in blood.

lt's history drenched
in blood.

lt's history drenched
in blood.

History drenched in blood.

lt can turn any land into
color red with blood.

Someone is enthroned
somewhere and..

..someone is killed
somewhere else.

Someone's sacrificing
his blood..

..someone's sacrificing
his life..

Years passed by,
eras passed by..

..but violence hasn't changed.

lt's present in everyone.

lt doesn't differentiate
between anyone.

This is the beginning of
every relationship.

This is the enemy. This
is the friend.

lt's history drenched
in blood.''

lt's history drenched
in blood.

lt's history drenched
in blood.''

lt's history drenched
in blood.

History drenched in blood.

History drenched in blood.

History drenched in blood.

History drenched in blood.

History drenched in blood.

History drenched in blood.