Rakhi Aur Hathkadi (1972) - full transcript

Noble and compassionate Thakur Virendra Singh lives a wealthy life-style with his wife, Ratna, and two sons, Suraj and Prakash. Suraj falls in love with their Munshi, Din Dayal's daughter, Shobhna, but Ratna opposes this tooth and nail, as she wants her son to get married to a much wealthier girl and family, and cannot live with him marrying a mere employee's daughter. When Prakash falls in love with Kiran, he brings her home to introduce her to his mother, and she approves of her instantly, despite of the fact that Kiran comes from a poor family, and lives with her widowed mom, Janki. What Ratna does not know is that Janki was a courtesan in the very same city, and that her brother, Vikram, had actually paid a huge sum of money to spend some nights with her.

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Father! Father!

Janaki! Janaki! Janaki!

Lord! Lord!

- Where did you get her from?
- From the temple.

- Her parents?
- Her father was an old, blind priest over there.

The poor man died.

Did he die or did you...

How much will you charge for her?

Not charge, Pannabai. I
will take rupees for her.

- A total of 1000 rupees.
- I will give you 300.

You can't fool me, Pannabai.
I will take her to Hirabai.

I will give you 500 rupees.
Not a penny more than that.

- Give me.
- Here.

Count them.

And remember, if you ever
inquire about the girl...

I will give your
name to the police.

Don't worry, Pannabai.

I don't act in a way that
might get me to the police.

I hope you will recall me when
this bud blooms in a flower.

Mangal, charity begins at home.

May God bless you, Pannabai!

If you don't know how to
put bangles on someone...

why do you deal in bangles?

Only for you. So that I can
meet you and talk to you.

These bangles are broken, but
my hands are still empty.

Just as your forehead, your hair
and your life is also empty.

What are you up to, Ramesh?

Have you worn Janaki the bangles?

You've broken so many bangles?

You bring poor quality bangles
these days, Ramesh.

Not poor quality, they are
as delicate as my heart.

Just a small push, and
they break down.

You also get pushed, Ramesh?

Don't talk too much, and wear
my dear child the bangles.

I am still to get her
ready like a bride.

Today is her show; many
rich people will come.

Sir, Janaki misses you very much.
She's cried her eyes out.

Won't you come to meet her?

Sister is coming! Hide somewhere.

Not here; behind the sofa.

- What's this? - What?
- You're again going on hunting?

Sister, I am a Thakur. Will I play
cricket instead of hunting?

You haven't hunted down
even a sparrow till now.

I missed my shots till now.
But today I won't.

Come back early in the evening.

Or your brother in
law will be angry.

Sister, I don't fear
when you are with me.

Please, convince brother in law.

Come out!

- Here, take these 10 rupees...
- 10 rupees?

Don't make noise. Give
it to Pannabai...

and tell her that I
am coming this evening.

Go! Go fast!

What's this? Who's he?

Sir, he might have come with
a message from Pannabai.

That means Vikram still goes
at Pannabai's brothel.

Yes, sir, he hasn't yet
stopped visiting her.

It should be stopped, Munimii.

Go to Pannabai today
and tell her that...

if she allows Vikram
to enter her brothel...

- we won't let her live in this city.
- Yes.

Wow! What beauty!

'How do I come to meet you, dear? '

'How do I come to meet you, dear? '

'How do I get out of the house? '

'Look! Look! Look! '

'How do I come to meet you, dear? '

'How do I get out of the house? '

'Look! Look! Look! '

'I get scared after
walking a few steps'

'Look! Look! Look! '

'In an unfamiliar street.'

'... I was waiting with
my drape off my head'

'In an unfamiliar street.'

'... I was waiting with
my drape off my head'

'My body was dancing like
a flame burning all night'

'Look! Look! Look! '

'I get scared after
walking a few steps'

'Look! Look! Look! '

'These wretched bangles speak.'

'... that my beloved laughs at me'

'These wretched bangles speak.'

'... that my beloved laughs at me'

'These Ghoonghroos prick
my leg like thorns'

'Look! Look! Look! '

'How do I come to meet you, dear? '

'How do I get out of the house? '

'Look! Look! Look! '

'I get scared after
walking a few steps'

'Look! Look! Look! '

Dear, sir, what has displeased you?

You know that I've come
here to hear her sing...

not to get myself insulted,
and that, too...

by some ordinary man.

This isn't an insult.
This is the style of a lover.

She attracts her lover with
some jealousy and agony.

Look, Pannabai, you know that...

I've been crazy after
Janaki for long.

And you also know that I
have the first right...

over whichever new girl
comes to the market.

Why not, sir? But you
also know that...

there are millions of
lovers of a prostitute.

But that guy is the luckiest
whom the prostitute loves.

And that lucky one is you.

Really, Pannabai?

Then Janaki should be sent...

to my bungalow near the
lake tomorrow night.

- She will reach there, sir. But there's one point.
- What?

Such a priceless flower
blooms once in years.

And its price is what one
asks for. Got it, sir?

We are ancestrally rich, Pannabai.

We understand such points at once.

Will thousand rupees
for a month be fine?

What are you saying, sir?

1000 rupees a month will only
be for smelling its fragrance.

What about its beauty, color,
youth and style?

I will take 5000 rupees
for all that.

Very good, Pannabai.

Janaki has robbed my heart;
you rob my money.

I'm robbed!

My place is only at your feet, Lord.

I've been offering you
flowers of my dignity.

I won't let that dignity be robbed.

Before my dignity gets robbed,
take my life away, Lord.


- Is Pannabai here?
- She's inside.

Tell her that Munshi Dindayal
has come to meet her.

Please, have a seat.
I will call her out.

- Pannabai! - Tell me.
- I agree to all that you say.

I'll leave now. I will eagerly
wait for Janaki tomorrow.

- Aunt Panna!
- Who? Janaki?

Speak! Speak!

Aunt, Munshi Dindayal
has come to meet you.

Munimii? Why did that
wretched come here?

Pannabai, do something.

Don't worry. Go out by the back
door and I'll handle the rest.

Come with me. Come.

My house is graced today!
How come you're here?

Where is Vikramsingh?

Who? Thakur Viredrasingh's
brother in law?

I refused him to come her...

the same day you told
me the orders of Thakur.

Don't lie, Pannabai. Vikramsingh
comes here.

And he is present here
at this moment.

Girl, you tell me, is
Vikramsingh here?

Believe me, Munshiji. I've stopped
him to come here for good.

We singers go to Thakur's
place to pay him respects.

How can we dare to
disobey his orders?

Vikramsingh is not here. You can
search my house if you want.

Pannabai, I am warning
you the last time.

If Vikramsingh doesn't
stop coming here...

this brothel of yours will
be shut down for good.

Remember that.

You! Would it have bothered
you if you...

had said that Vikramsingh
does not come here?

How could I lie?

You think yourself
to be sati Savitri?

I've spent all my earnings
to bring you up.

And now when it's time to
recover it, you act smart?

I've already made a deal
with someone for you.

You will have to go to Vikramsingh
tomorrow. Got it?

You're so strange, Munshiji.

If Vikramsingh was at
Pannabai's place...

why didn't you drag him back here?

Don't you realize that
his habit defames us?

Who says that Vikram goes
to Pannabai's brothel?

Munshiji, do you have some
enmity with my brother?

What are you saying, madam?

Then what will you gain
by defaming him?

Munshiji is just doing his duty...

Munshiji said that and
you believed him!

That poor boy had gone for
hunting since the morning.

- Had gone on hunting?
- Yes, I'll call him.

- Vikram!
- Yes, sister?

What is it?

What were you saying, Munshiji?

He had really gone on hunting.

Very good, brother in law.

You're wearing clothes of hunters...

but perhaps you did
that in hurry, right?

You're holding a shoe in hand,
the button's undone...

No, the button is done.

- What have you killed?
- Killed?

Yes, you had gone hunting, right?

Yes, but I had to come empty
hand today, brother in law.

Such a pity! You've been
hunting since many days...

but you've not caught a
single animal till date.

The thing is, brother in law, I've
been after a deer for many days.

I'll shoot her tomorrow.

Brother, if you were a real hunter...

you would know that a hunter
never kills a female, but only males.

Yes, yes, I know that.

Well, whichever deer
you kill tomorrow...

I will come along
to see your shot.

Yes, sure, sure. But brother,
that jungle is very dangerous.

- That means I should not go with you.
- No.

- Come, Vikram. - Wait!
- Do I also wait, brother in law?

You can go.

You can also go, Munshiji.



Do you still think that
Munshiji is lying?

Listen, Ratna, everyone loves ones
own people, but not like this.

Your love has spoiled him
and made him a bad person.

Don't know what will
he be in future.

- I know you don't like Vikram.
- No... no...

What else? If I had kids,
why would he stay here?

- He has everything in life.
- What do you mean?

You're getting defamed because of
him. He will not stay here anymore.

- I will tell him to go...
- Wait! Wait!

If you've felt bad, I won't say
anything to Vikram from now on.

Are you happy now?

I am ready to lose anything
for your happiness.

Just tell him to keep in mind
my prestige. That's it.

- I will tell him.
- Look at me and say that.

I will talk to him right now.

Look, Janaki, if you dare
to displease Vikramsingh...

I am Pannabai, got it?

You've brought me up like
your daughter, auntie.

Please, don't ruin my life.

I will serve you by singing
and dancing all my life.

I will survive on two
pieces of bread.

Stop blabbering!

You should be happy that...

a rich man like Vikramsingh
is crazy after you.

You will live like a queen.
You will live luxuriously.

It is better to die...

than live luxuriously after
selling your dignity.

Shut up! Think yourself
to be a decent girl?

Sit here and wait for Vikramsingh.

I am going, and will take
you back in the morning.

No, no, auntie. I beg of you;
don't leave me in this hell.

- I won't stay here.
- How will you not stay? Let go of me.

You won't stay here?

Aunt Panna! Aunt Panna!

- Pannabai!
- Yes, sir? - You are wonderful.

- Where is my darling?
- She's waiting for you inside.

Here, take this 5000 rupees;
it's your price.

And this 5000 is the salary
of Janaki, in advance.

Thank you very much, sir.

Pannabai, you can go now.

Driver! Drop Pannabai at her home.

'Without you, o darling,
nothing interests me'

'Without you.'

Have you locked the
door from inside?

Doesn't matter. I know
how to come in.

You helped Draupadi once
when she was in trouble.

You will have to protect me today.

I will die, but I will not
let anyone touch my body.


What will he know, darling?
Look here.

A living Kanhaiya is standing
in front of you.

Whatever you want,
ask from me, dear.

- Come here.
- Don't touch me!

Pannabai has just taken 10
thousand rupees from me.

I've bought the rights to
touch you. Come and hug me.

- Scoundrel!
- No, lover has ever slapped me.

Here, slap me again. Slap, but
don't make me wait, dear.

Let go of me!



Let me go! Let me go!

Lord, help me!

No... listen... no fighting...

Don't hit me.

Is anyone there? Get hold of him.

Catch this man.

Hit him hard and break his bones.

Where will you escape now, dear?

O God!

Scream now! Call him!


- No, I won't go. I won't go.
- How won't you?

She's gone!

Idler! Do you pay you
every month for this?

Aren't you ashamed to get
beaten by a poor man?

Curse you!

When I saw you at Pannabai's place...

don't know why but I felt
sympathy towards you.

But after listening to your story,
I am ready to help you.

That's why we've come
to you, Munshiji.

Today I've saved Janaki
from Vikram...

but he won't rest till
he revenges for that.

He's a rich man.

Don't worry about Vikram.
I only want to know...

whether you really love Janaki.

I not only love her, Munshiji,
I can give my life for her.

Despite knowing that she's been
brought up by Pannabai?

Munshiji, river Ganga also flows
through so many places.

And so many dirty creeks
get place in her waters.

And yet its holiness
is never at threat.

When do you want to marry Janaki?

As soon as possible.

All right, you both stay
at my place for tonight.

I will get you married tomorrow.


Don't worry, Pannabai. No one
can dare question Vikram.

I will smash that bangle
man. Like this.

- Munshiji?
- What happened?

Pannabai, we cannot get Janaki
now. Let's go back.

Coward! Get out of my way.

This marriage cannot take place!

This marriage is already
done, Pannabai.

If you create any nuisance,
I will get you all in jail.

Thakur? Why have you come here?

I've come to congratulate
the groom and the bride.

To congratulate? I see.
Come. Please, come.

Bless you. May God always
keep you happy!

Congratulations to both of you!
And to you, too, Munshiji.

Vikram, what are you doing?

Has anyone said you anything...

that you are displeased
and are leaving?

Why don't you speak?

What do I say, sister? If
I live in this house...

people say that I am at the
mercy of my brother in law.

That mere Munshiji is respected
here, but not me.

How can you be compared to Munshiji?

Munshiji is our servant,
but you are my brother.

Listen, sister! If Munshi
stays here, I will not.

Why do you get upset,
brother in law?

- I will get him out right away, but on one condition.
- What?

- What's his fault?
- Brother in law, his fault is...

- Yes, tell me...
- Speak! Why don't you tell him?

- The fault is that...
- I will tell you, Ratna.

The thing is that the female
deer he wanted to shoot...

- Female deer?
- Yes, Munshiji has let her run away.

You're a Thakur and yet you
fired on a female deer?

Weren't you ashamed?

If you must shoot, couldn't you
shoot a lion or a cheetah?

Sure! Sure!

But, brother in law...

Your secret will be disclosed.

Better take out your clothes
from this bag...

and put them back in the wardrobe.

- What are you staring at? Take it.
- Go.

- How innocent he is, isn't he?
- Yes.

Thank God I have only
one brother in law.

If I had two, what might
happen to me? Come.

- Give.
- Eat fast while the food is hot.

You also sit here. I can't
eat a bite without you.

- Is Ramesh home?
- I'll see who's come.

- Munshiji? Please, come.
- How are you, sister?

- Greetings. - Greetings.
- Please, have something.

I am fasting today. You carry on.

- Please sit.
- Today I was passing by this street...

so I thought I might
as well meet you both.

I hope Vikram or Pannabai
are not troubling you.

- Not till now.
- Good.

Sometimes we wonder, how will
we repay this favor of yours?

Someday... Ramesh, what's the matter?

- Why are you holding your stomach?
- Nothing.

Munshiji, he gets such stomachaches
many times.

It pains him, but he does
not care to visit a doctor.

It's not good to be so
careless about health.

Promise me in front of Munshiji
that you'll go to a doctor.

Hold him... lift him. Let's
take him to the bed.

I will call the doctor.

Don't worry. I will
call the doctor, right away.

- Thakur!
- Doctor, I hope there's nothing to worry about.

It's not a matter to worry,
but to be happy.

You mean?

That means whether you
have a boy or a girl...

don't forget to
send me the sweets.

Boy or... what are
you saying, doctor?

- Is Ratna going to be a mother?
- Yes.

- Really, doctor?
- Yes. - Keep lying, Ratna.

- Congratulations. God has granted your wish after many years.
- Yes.

- Have patience, dear. I'll be off now.
- Ok.

Doctor, I didn't expect it.
So many years after our wedding...

Ratna, did you hear
what the doctor said?

It has been 15 years
to our marriage.

We had lost hope of having a baby.

- God never lets anyone down.
- Yes.

- He has heard our prayers after all.
- Congratulations!

Congratulations, sister.
Congratulations, brother.

- I am also going to be a Mama.
- Mama?

Didn't get it? Double Ma, that
is Mama (maternal uncle).

Don't sit, brother in law.

Let us be alone on this
occasion of joy.

Got it. So that you can
have a romantic chat?

Yes, that's it.

Close the door.

What's the matter, sir? Why
do you look so tensed?

What do I tell you, Munshiji.

She was unconscious
when she gave birth...

and the baby was born dead.

Doctor said that Ratna
is in a critical state.

I fear I might lose her.

Don't say that, sir.

I've given her the medicine.

She'll regain consciousness
by 8 or 9 o'clock.

But take care, Thakur, that
you don't tell her...

about the baby till
she is conscious.

But we will have to
tell her, doctor.

That might put her life to danger.

We will have to hide this
matter from her...

till she is completely all right.

It's not that easy, doctor.

Ratna became a mother...

after 15 years, and that,
too, of a dead child.

What will we answer when she asks?

Don't be tensed, Thakur.
Come with me, please.


- Are you feeling better now?
- Yes.

Try to sleep.

What happened, Ratna?

My baby... where is the child?

The child is with the nurse
in the other room.

- Did you see him?
- Yes, I did.

He's beautiful, healthy...

- Bring him to me.
- Yes.

- Go... go...
- The child might be asleep now...

or the nurse would have
brought him here.

And the doctor has said
that you need rest.

See the child tomorrow morning.

No, I will see him now.

Ratna, what's the hurry?
See him later.

You won't get it. I can't rest till
I see him. Please, bring him.

Why don't you go?

I will neither go nor
bring the child.

Doctor has said that you
are ill and need rest.

Ok, I will talk to the nurse myself.

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Let go of me! There
surely is something...

because of which you don't
want to show me the child.

- No, it's not that, Ratna.
- I will see the child right now.

I will hug him and love him.

Please, for God's sake,
show me my child.

How do I show you the child?
Actually the matter is...

Actually the matter is, madam...

that you are ill, and that's why
sir refused to bring the child.

This is the matter, Ratna - If you
want to see the child, you surely can.

Nurse, bring the child.


Ratna, give the child to
the nurse and lie down.

No, let me hold him
for some more time.

Let her, sir. Come.

Munshiji, I will give...

as much money as required
for his treatment.

Go and give her the money tomorrow.

And tell her that Ratna should
never know of that.

- Don't worry, sir...
- Vikram is coming here.

Brother in law, forgive me.

The tyre of my car got punctured...

when I was returning from
a hunt. That's why I am late.

I should have been here earlier
at such an occasion.

Good that you came late.
Right, Munshiji?

- Why? - You won't get it.
- I won't get it?

Anyways, tell me whether
she had a boy or a girl?

Better find it out yourself.

Sometimes you crack such jokes;
I really enjoy them.

No, no, Munshiji. We haven't
sold our child.

One day you did a big favor to us.

Janaki, any big favor can
be valued, but not yours.

I am giving you this money because...

no illness can be treated
without money these days.

Ramesh is ill; it is necessary
that he recovers.

Get him treated so that
he can recover fast.

Even if I do recover,
how will I forget...

that I increased my
life by losing by son?

Don't be silly! You both
are still very young.

If God wishes, you can have 10 sons.

Janaki, I got you married.

So it is my duty to take
care of your husband.

Look, Janaki, if you ever need
anything, just let me know.

Do you remember, Janaki,
I had told you...

on the 1st night of
our marriage that...

I am not worth being your husband?

I controlled my tears
when I lost my child.

- Do you want me to cry again?
- No, Janaki, no.

A good child is his
parents' support.

Our child proved that as soon
as he was born, didn't he?


Yes, put it over there.

Munshiji, some one has
come to meet you.

I've made her sit in that room.

Yes, I'll go and see. You guys
continue with your work.

Viru, see that they work properly.
I'll be right back.

Come on.


Janaki? You?

How come you're here?

I am leaving by next
morning's train...

with Ramesh, to get him operated.

I want to see my child
once before I leave.

What are you saying, Janaki?

Just think, if anyone sees you...

in this house, it
would be terrible.

You shouldn't have come here.

I tried to convince and stop
myself, but couldn't stop my heart.

Once... if I could hug him just
once... I will go away for good then.

I understand your restlessness,
but can't do any thing.

I can neither take you in,
nor bring the child out.

Forget him, Janaki. Now
he is not your son.

- Nor is there a way to meet him.
- There is one way.

Today is his naming ceremony.

I had abandoned dancing
to gain my husband.

I will dance again to
see my son, Munshiji.


Let me sing on this ceremony,

I will never forget
this favor of yours.

All right, Janaki. Go now, and
come back in the evening.

'Blessings to your son'

'Blessings to your son'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

'Blessings to your son'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

'Your son.'

'Your son.'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

'With small legs he falls
and stands up again'

'May the sun always
bright his future'

'The sky will bow
down and kiss him'

'The sky will bow
down and kiss him'

'In this courtyard'

'Your... your... your son.'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

'Your son.'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

'Your son.'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

What is this, brother in law?

You're giving your son in
the hands of a prostitute?

Stop blabbering! And what's
wrong even if I give her?

- She will only love her.
- Never! Vikram is right.

A prostitute cannot love my child.

Forgive me. I had forgotten
my identity for a while.

'Like a naughty moon swinging
in the pram'

'Don't look at him too much, or
his complexion will be dirtied'

'Take my drape.'

'Take my drape.'

'And put him in it'

'Your... your... your son.'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

'Everyone can give away
money and diamonds'

'I have only brought
good wishes for him'

'May he get my life! '

'May he get my life! '

'May you live long! '

'Your... your... your son.'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

Please, give this prize money in
charity after your son's name.

May God always protect him!

May all my well wishes fall
on him like a mother's milk!

You've fallen back
to your old status.

If you wanted to live a decent
life only for few months...

I could have done that for you.

Where are you going? You refused
me for a poor man?

- Get out of my way.
- Ok.

But remember, Janaki
I will ruin your life.

Janaki, sir Thakur has
come to meet you.

Janaki, I regret for what
happened yesterday.

You had done us a big favor
by giving away your child.

But yesterday you made
us your slave...

by keeping quiet at the ceremony.

- Sir Thakur... I...
- I don't know what do I say to you, Janaki.

You strangled your motherly love...

but didn't let our
prestige be blotted.

Don't embarrass me, sir.
Now he is your son.

That's what I've come to tell you.

Don't worry about your son's future.

He will live like a prince in our
house, and will lack nothing.

He will be called our son,
but we will try...

that he acquires virtues like
yours, and becomes like you.

Munshiji! Here!

There are some photos of
your son in this album.

Munshiji will keep you...

informed about your son regularly.

That will be enough for me, sir.

We cannot repay your favor,
but God will repay it.

Your husband will
get well very soon.

You will recover.

Greetings, sir.

Come, sir.

Ratna, kiss him.

Go child, and play outside.

What's the matter? You
look very happy today.

- I won an old case today.
- Really? Our son is so lucky.

Since the day he was born,
everything goes well.

- Not at all!
- What?

Every thing is not going well;
it is going very well.

Are you making these socks for
Suraj? Aren't they a bit small?

They're not for Suraj,
but for Chand.

- Who's Chand?
- Suraj should be having a younger brother.

He should be having or is
he going to have a bro?

I see. That's why you
look prettier everyday.

- Pretty! Prettier...
- Brother in law!

Come, come, dear. Come in now
that you are already here.

Brother, Munshiji has
come to meet you.

That's fine, but we
really disliked you...

coming here at this moment.

How would I know you
would be romancing...

Greetings, sir.

Greetings, Munshiji. Sit down.

Did you meet Ramesh and
Janaki? How are they?

No, I couldn't find them. Don't
know where they've gone.

What does that mean?

I could only find out that...

Ramesh got operated successfully
and recovered.

And after that he also
found a good job.

That's good news, but
why did they do this?

They didn't even inform us.

That's for the better, sir. Now this
secret of the child will be buried.

That's true, but I wanted to be
of help to Janaki all her life.

Looks like they broke relation
with us on purpose.

That's possible, sir.

But, Munshiji, I will never
forget her decency.

Nor will I let her child feel
any shortage in life.

Janaki, the more you
recall the child...

the more you will find it
difficult to forget him.

Look here. Why these
tears in your eyes?

You used to encourage me.

How come your heart
has fallen so weak?

With God's grace we've
got everything.

I have recovered; we have
a house and a business.

Your faith on God will make
you a mother once again.

Rather than recalling
Suraj and crying...

pray to God that
he makes him happy.

And make him a successful person.

He might not be called our child.

But may he make his guardian
parents feel proud!

Close this album for ever,
Janaki. Close it.

You seem to be in a hurry, bro.
Where are you going?

Why haven't you gone to the college?

I will go, but where are you going?

I... I am going to the office.

- Suraj!
- Yes, father.

- Where is Suraj?
- Brother has left for the office. - So early?

Well, give this letter to Dr.
Gupta on your way to college.

And listen! Go to some barber and...

Yes, yes, I will get them
cut when I return.

How can you come in so shamelessly?
Father is home.

Doesn't matter; let him be at home.

- What?
- Yes.

And he also knows that you come
here everyday to meet me.

- That's even better.
- What? - Yes.

How come you're not scared to
hear father's name today?

I saw Munshiji going out and so
I hid. He went and so I came.

I see. So that's the case?

Ok, tell me, how long will you keep
meeting me secretly like this?

You joined your father's business
after completing studies.

This is my final year.

Don't know when will I
get to see that day...

when you'll come
to meet my father...

and talk to him
about our marriage.

- Tell me.
- It's very simple, Shobhana.

According to the rule
of our family...

a proposal will be
sent to your family.

Then a priest will
be sent for. Then...

Then the priest will come.
Find an auspicious day...

and then I will be marrying
someone else.

- If that happens, I will feel very sad.
- Only sad? - Yes.

I don't understand why I love you.

- It's because I love you.
- Father! - We'll be in trouble.

- Why has he come back?
- Don't know.

- Greetings, Munshiji.
- Bless you, child.

Have you come on some errand?

Yes... I was going to the office so
I thought I will take you along.

Shobhana told me that
you had already left...

but here you come back.
Let's go to the office.

You go on; I will come
after some time.

Father, I am going to the college.

Fine; I'm going to the office;
I will drop you at the college.

With God's blessings your
wish is fulfilled today.

I have got your Kiran
admitted in a college.

Raja, here comes your Kiran.

Wow! I've been waiting for
this meeting for long.

You have never looked
at me with a smile...

ever since you've
come to this college.

Answer to me with your sweet voice,
and not with this cycle bell.

I've heard that your voice
is like lovely bells.

Get the signal, Raja. This
is just the cycle bell.

I hope you don't get thrashed.

One does not get thrashed after
meeting such a pretty girl.

One hears the wedding bells ringing.

Shall I arrange for that?

I won't let you go without
hearing the answer.

- Right now?
- Of course.

Have you got your answer? Remember,
my name is Kiran.

- Listen!
- Yes?

You're going home alone.

If you don't mind, can
I drop you home?

- Who are you?
- My name is Prakash.

It wasn't wise of you
to mess with Raja.

They are planning to revenge
on you this evening.

Mr. Prakash, I can take
care of my self.

By the way, thank you very much.

Prakash, you were talking to the
girl who can thrash any one.

Are you in your senses?

What's wrong with him?

Raja, the chain's down.

Let's fix it, dear. Come.

Do you want help, Ms. Kiran?

Help? That, too, from
a loafer like you?

Kiran! I haven't forgotten
my insult yet.

You shouldn't forget either.

By the way, I don't want
to bother my hands again.

I had thought that I'd forgive
you if you'd ask forgiveness.

But looks like I will have
to teach you a lesson.

Oh! So you've come with these
guys to teach a lesson?

Teach me. But first tell
me, which lesson?

A lesson that you will remember
all your life. Catch her!

Girls! Start!

Wait! Looks like they're
thrashing in wholesale!



Where are you running?

Raja has got a good smashing today.

Sister, forgive me.

Let him go. His team has
run away from the field.

He's already got a good smashing.

Let us give him a chance.

Ok, we'll recover in the next match.

Get up, and disappear!

Mr. Raja, shall I help you?

- Shut up!
- Go!

You should be ashamed, Raja.

You act like a loafer instead
of a college student.

You've broken the discipline
of the college...

and acted like an
uncultured person.

I tried to make you understand...

I advised you and even warned
you, but all in vain.

Sir, I say again that Ms. Kiran
has accused me falsely.

I had not come to the college
yesterday. You can ask them.

Really, sir, Raja was ill yesterday.

Yes, sir, we didn't
go home last night.

Sir, I'm still ill. I've come
to ask for leave from you.

Ask me, sir; I will
tell you the truth.

First of all Raja teased Kiran.
He harassed her.

And when she was going back home,
all of them surrounded her.

If the girls of the college
hockey team had not...

been there, don't know
what might have happened.

I've seen all that myself, sir.

You can call on the whole
team and ask them.

I don't need to ask anyone after
hearing your statement.

Raja, we are now convinced
that you will not improve.

Boys like you defame the college,
city and country.

I am giving you the last chance.
Ask forgiveness from Kiran.

I won't ask forgiveness, sir.

If you don't, I will rusticate you.

You can, sir. I don't care.

- Hallo.
- Hallo.

- Listen!
- Yes?

You warned me yesterday, and
today you stood on my side.

You've done me two favors.

I will repay them as soon
as I get a chance.

- You can repay now if you want.
- How?

Look, for favor number one...

stop calling me with respect
one has for elders.

We study in the same college.

Your name is Kiran,
and mine is Prakash.

Done. And for the second favor?

- For that you will have to come with me.
- Where?

On a picnic. Some girls and
boys have arranged a picnic.

- Will you come?
- Yes, yes, she will surely come.

I've talked to some
of my girl friends.

You can also bring
your friends along.

But not those hockey girls, please.

You didn't answer me, Kiran.

Now I will have to agree to you.

It will be better to repay your
favor as soon as possible.

What time are we going?

Be ready at 7 a.m. We will
pick you up from your home.

- Ok? Done?
- Done.

One thing is assured, Prakash.
Kiran will never smash you now.

Because she's said 'Done' to you.

You're going fast, dear!

It took you just a leap from
'thank you' to 'picnic'.

- Now you are to take me further.
- Me? How?

Look, bring the boys and girls
on the picnic spot late.

Late? Got it. You both are
burning in the same fire.

Don't know about her. But
I am really burning.

I wish I could get a chance
to talk to Kiran in privacy.

- Where are the others?
- Who others?

The boys and the girls. We've come
here on a picnic, haven't we?

Y... yes, yes, they must
be coming soon.

- I hope they know this place.
- Yes, they all know it.

By the way, how did
you find this place?

Very good. The climate is good...
and this lonely place...

I am also with you. What
else would you want?

That's what you wanted, right?

That you would get a chance...

- to talk nice things to me in privacy.
- What?

Speak, dear. Don't feel shy.

Now that you've brought me here
with the excuse of picnic...

speak up whatever
is in your heart.

- Is there a need to say?
- Shut up!

- I thought you were not like other guys.
- Kiran!

Keep quiet! I will complain
about you to the principal.

And will meet your parents
and tell them that...

you took me to a jungle in the
name of picnic and teased me.

What do you think me to be?

Oh! Is that so?

'Dear, it is not good to
tease a restless heart'

'Why do you cry? I had
teased you with love'

'Someone will lose his
life in this game'

'Why do you cry? I had
teased you with love'

'Dear, it is not good to
tease a restless heart'

'Why care for heart or life
in this game of love? '

'Dear, it is not good to
tease a restless heart'

'If you say so, my dear,
let it be so'

'That it is the fault of this
youth and not yours'

'If you say so, my dear,
let it be so'

'That it is the fault of this
youth and not yours'

'When you meet me with love,
you play mischief'

'Why do you cry? I had
teased you with love'

'Dear, it is not good to
tease a restless heart'

'Why care for heart or life
in this game of love? '

'Dear, it is not good to
tease a restless heart'

'Whether I tease you or not, you
don't like it either way'

'Looks like you've gone
crazy from today, dear'

'Whether I tease you or not, you
don't like it either way'

'Looks like you've gone
crazy from today, dear'

'You are unable to brace yourself'

'Dear, it is not good to
tease a restless heart'

'Why care for heart or life
in this game of love? '

'Someone will lose his
life in this game'

'Why care for heart or life
in this game of love? '

There's only one problem
with this agreement.

This figure does not
match our expenses.

- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, Munshiji. Come.

What are these flowers for?

You've forgotten as usual that
today is your birthday.

See, Suraj? Whether I celebrate
my birthday or not...

Munshiji never forgets
to bring flowers for me.

- Thank you.
- Greetings, uncle.

You don't come so often
to our place nowadays.

Uncle, it's my last
year of studies...

And you want to gain 1st
rank as usual, right?

Vikram, go and tell your sister
to sweeten Munshiji's mouth.

What a bad era! It is the
birthday of a big Thakur...

and you expect me to just
sweeten everyone's mouth?

There should be a grand party today.

Father does not believe
in these things, uncle.

It is a waste of money.

I don't understand...

how you were born in this
Thakur family, nephew.

The grandeur or the
rich people lies...

in wasting money,
not gathering it.

Just as I wasted. People till
date talk about my kindness.

Yes, of course. And it
is me who pays for...

your kindness on the first
date of every month.

It is your duty, brother. If I lose
my prestige, you will lose, too.

Yes, dear, there's a saying...

let everything be on one side, and
let wife's brother be on the other.

Munshiji, come to the office.
I have some work with you.

Sit, child. I'll be back in a while.

Elder nephew, I wanted to talk
something important to you.

Talk to me next month, uncle.
You've already talked this month.

- Listen! I want some books.
- Yes, let's go upstairs.

Dear me!

- Tell me which book you want.
- Not among these.

I want the book which
the priests use...

to find out the auspicious
marriage date.

I've given a few hints to
my father about that.

What have you done?

I haven't yet got a chance
to talk to father.

If you can't tell him, write
him a letter. I will post it.

Don't joke, Shobhana.
It is a serious matter.

After all it is a matter
of our wedding.

You can't talk to your father.

You're scared of talking
to my father.

- Do you know what will be the result of that?
- What?

I will be married to someone else...

and you will just keep watching.

Don't say such inauspicious
words, Shobhana.

Think of a way to talk to father.

I will tell you the way, brother.

- Greetings, Bhabhi.
- What? You called Shobhana Bhabhi?

If I knew this earlier, I would be
calling her Bhabhi since long back.

You proved to be really
secretive, brother.

Prakash, I don't like such jokes.

What are you saying, brother?

It's a matter of life and
death for both of us.

I mean for the two of us.

For you because you
can't talk to father.

And for me because if I don't
make Shobhana my Bhabhi...

my being born as your younger
bro would be useless.

Prakash, will you stop
this blabbering?

Brother, you will understand it
when you will go to talk to dad.

But won't be able to say any thing.

That day your obedient
brother like Laxman...

and this tape recorder
will prove useful.

Listen! You also listen.

I want the book which
the priests use...

to find out the auspicious
marriage date.

I've given a few hints to
my father about that.

- What have you done?
- Listen; it's your voice.

I haven't yet got a chance
to talk to father.

- This one is yours.
- If you can't tell him, write him...

Younger brother in law,
promise me that...

if not needed, you will not
let anyone hear this tape.

I swear on you, Bhabhi...

as soon as brother gets married,
I will give it to him.

So that you both can recall
old memories with your kids.

- Will you now go or not?
- Yes, yes, I am going.

But I give you a time
limit of one week, bro.

If you don't talk to father
within this week...

I will have to act like
your elder bro then.

Move now.

Bye, brother. Bye, Bhabhi.

- Wicked!
- He's very naughty.

Shashi, do you want to give
any message to aunt Sarla?

Kiran, get me some
money from mother...

and tell her that I pay much
attention to my studies.

You're paying attention?

Movies in the morning,
and comics at night.

I am going to tell her that, and
I won't get you any money.

- Parkar, what are you doing?
- Parkar is following my orders.

And my order is that...

you will go only after
attending the function.

Mr. Chandraprakash...

- is the table man of this function committee.
- Hey!

I mean the he is the chairman.

So it is the duty of ours, his
friends, to follow his orders.

- I bow down and accept this order.
- Good.

- But I have a request.
- It will be heard. It will be heard.

There are still 15 days
to the function.

I will meet my mother and
come back immediately.

Grant me the permission
to meet my mother.

It will surely be granted.

But you will come straight
to me after meeting mother.

- I surely will.
- Parkar! - Yes, guru.

- Let her bag be given back to her.
- Sure.

- Let the lady be dropped at the station.
- Sure, sir.

- Thank you.
- Come.


You've been working
since the afternoon.

Got a bigger load, sister Sarla.

You got a bigger load, or
did you purposely take it?

You know, sister Sarla,
how much money...

your Shashi needs every month.

If I don't work, how will I be able
to pay for Kiran's study fees?

My Shashi spends only on studies.

But your Kiran lives like
a princess over there.

To put up a false prestige,
you sold your jewelry...

and mortgaged this house.

Take my advice and tell Kiran
the true state of affairs.

No, sister Sarla.

Her father never let her feel short
of anything till he was alive.

And neither do I want her
to know my troubles.

And get distracted from her studies.

She's studied enough, Janaki.

If a boy had born to you
instead of Kiran...

he would have earned
some money for you.

And would have been the
support of your old age.

Let Kiran come this time.
I will tell her the truth.

For God's sake, don't do that.
She'll feel bad.

There aren't many days left to
the completion of her studies.

Till then your bones will
be broken, Janaki.

Let my bones break, sister.

Let anything happen.

Kiran's father wished that
Kiran would study a lot.

He had many dreams for his child.

I don't want to be embarrassed
in front of his soul.

May God give you strength! Come
with me and eat some thing.

Don't cook anything now.

You've ruined your health
by working at nights. Come.

But, Prakash, 2000 rupees is too
much. Why don't you get it?

- Yes, that is too much.
- Ok, give me 10 notes of 100 rupees then.

- That should be fine.

Look, I am the chairman of
the function committee.

You be the chairman of
the funds committee.

I don't want to be that.

Talk to Suraj; he handles
the business.

I've already talked to brother.

He says he won't give me
more than 100 rupees.

That's a waste of money.

If Suraj has said 100, you
will get only 100 rupees.

What are you saying, father?

You are a big Thakur; I am your son.

All my friends have come.
What will they think of us?

- Greetings.
- Here, Kiran has also come.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

I feel I've seen this girl
somewhere. I don't recall.

How can you have seen her, dad?

- She's come at our house for the first time.
- I see.

Father, the fund?

Yes, I will talk to Suraj. But
you won't get more than 1000.

Uncle, we had written
only 1000 over here...

- So you were fooling me?
- Look, father, you've promised.

A promise is a promise.

- You've also promised...
- Daddy, not in front of every one.

- That's the modern style.
- Is that a modern style?

Ok, take an appointment of a barber.

One thousand.

Very good, Kiran. You've
come one day earlier.

Come; let's sit and discuss
about the function.

Prakash, I had come
to tell you that...

What's the matter? Why
do you look so tensed?

No, it's not that. I won't be able
to participate in the function.

- Look now; don't joke.
- I am not kidding. I am telling the truth.

She is telling the truth, Prakash.

- Is there a telephone?
- Telephone? What for?

- I want to call at the hospital.
- Hospital? What happened?

If she won't participate
in the function...

we will get thrashed on that day.

Why not book a bed in advance?
Shall I, miss?

Please! Why do you want
to put us in trouble?

Please, agree.

Did you hear that? Ms. Kiran,
you are a great artist.

Now don't force us to
flatter you more.

Let's start the rehearsals.

- 'What are you?
- Yes, tell me'

'You are my shadow'

'What are you? You are my shadow'

'I've got such beauty'

'I taught the crazy
boys what love is'

'What are you? You are my shadow'

- 'What are you?
- Yes, tell me'

'You are my shadow'

'What are you? You are my shadow'

'I've got such a heart'

'I taught the pretty
girls what love is'

'What are you? You are my shadow'

'My delicate hands will be
your support in grief'

- 'The life brightens up with my fair face.
- Got it? '

'My delicate hands will be
your support in grief'

'The life brightens up
with my fair face'

'I've lighted the lamp
of each heart'

'I taught the crazy
boys what love is'

'What are you? You are my shadow'

'I've got such a heart'

'I taught the pretty
girls what love is'

'What are you? You are my shadow'

'My tears make the pearl
necklace in your neck'

- 'If I sigh, your eyes will weep.
- Got it? '

'My tears make the pearl
necklace in your neck'

'If I sigh, your eyes will weep'

'It is me who has cheered up
the magic of each beauty'

'I taught the pretty
girls what love is'

'What are you? You are my shadow'

'I've got such beauty'

'I taught the crazy
boys what love is'

'What are you? You are my shadow'

'What are you? You are my shadow'

- Excellent! Excellent performance, Kiran.
- Thank you.

I want you to have tea with
me tomorrow evening.

- But I...
- Please, don't refuse.

If you insist with so much love,
I will surely come.

- Here's the address.
- Come.

Eat, dear. Why are
you looking at me?

I've cooked them with much love.

That's why I am looking
at the one who cooked.

Really, Ratna, it's been
40 years to our marriage.

But neither yours nor
my love has faded.

You still look like a bride.

That's why I tell you not to
look without the specs on.

You're caged in my eyes.
Why do I need the specs?

Here. There's no difference.
No difference.

You've grown old, and
our kids have grown up.

They might have grown up. Does
that mean that we are old?

Ok, have this.

- Father!
- Come, Suraj. Sit down. Have the Snacks.

Your mother cooked them for me,
but you can have them.

Father, I want to tell you
something important.

Yes, child, is it regarding
the business?

- No, more important than that.
- Go on, tell us.

I've been wanting to say this
for many days, but couldn't.

What does that mean?
Tell him to speak.

- What's the matter, son?
- I'll tell you.

There's only one matter, nephew...

that one hesitates to
tell to the parents.

- Looks like you're in love.
- Really, Suraj?

- What are you saying, uncle.
- What's the matter, Suraj?

- I'll tell you later, father.
- Wait, Suraj, listen.

- Will talk to you later.
- Listen!

He's feeling shy and went away.
Didn't even speak to us.

I will tell you, father.

Why would I say either?
Listen for yourself.

Not among these.

I want the book which
the priests use...

to find out the auspicious
marriage date.

I find this voice very familiar,
but can't recognize it.

- No.
- She is Shobhna. Munshi's daughter.

I haven't yet got a chance
to talk to father.

- Is that Suraj's voice?
- Yes. - Stop it.

Did you get it, Ratna?

Suraj had come to talk about
marrying Shobhana.

But felt shy and went away.

- You're enjoying this?
- Yes...

- Mom, they both want to marry each other.
- Keep quiet!

Why? Do you object to this relation?

Yes, I do. Munshiji is our servant.

And his daughter cannot
be our daughter in law.

You're strange, Ratna.

- I've never considered Munshiji a servant, but a friend.
- But...

It is your greatness, sister
and brother in law.

- The world believes in only what it sees.
- You mean?

To the world you are the master
and Munshiji your servant.

The times of master and servant
has passed, uncle.

Now are the days of equality, right?

Why discuss on this matter?

We cannot tie relation with someone
lower in status to us.

I will choose the daughter
in law of this family.

- Come, Vikram.
- Coming, sis.

Forgive me, brother in law.

You've never respected any
of my ideas till now.

But do think over what
sister has said.

Right, younger nephew?

What are you thinking, Prakash?

What if elder brother
knows of this, father?

Don't worry. Go and
tell your brother...

that I will talk to
Munshiji tomorrow.

Brother in law takes Munshiji
as his friend.

And Munshiji takes brother
in law as his prey.

This is the signal of danger.

You made it clear in
front of everyone...

that you will choose
your daughter in law.

But brother will convince
you somehow...

and that daughter of Munshiji
will become your daughter in law.

Only God can save this house now.

What nonsense you keep talking!

You always find my ideas nonsense.

And that Munshi who keeps
calling you 'Madam'...

you and brother in law don't
know how cunning he is.

He has trapped Suraj
through his daughter.

Now he will become your relative.

Munshiji has forgotten his standing.

And he will get insulted
for this mistake.

Dinu! Come here.

Cut off the leaves that are
falling outside the fence.

- Come, come, Munshiji. You're late.
- Greetings, sir.

Greetings. Go and tell madam
that Munshiji is here.

Munshiji, I want to discuss
something with you.

Anything special, sir?

I think we should get
Suraj married now.

He has already chosen the girl.

Then why wait, sir? Get
them married soon.

The girl who will marry
Suraj will be very lucky.

That means, Munshiji...
listen carefully...

that if we propose to the girl's
family, they won't mind.

- The girl's family might mind, sir.
- About what?

If they come to know that Suraj
is Janaki's son, they might mind.

You've put me in confusion,

There's no confusion, sir. The
world knows that Suraj is your son.

So he should get a girl from a
high status and rich family.

Munshiji, do you also believe
in status and rich family?

The times have changed...

but we still have to follow
it in the matters of marriage.

Did you hear that? Munshiji
is talking sense.

Please, make him understand.

To him the wish of a boy and girl...

are more important than
the prestige of a family.

One cannot sacrifice the
prestige of the family...

for the silly wishes of kids.

What are you thinking, sir?

I am thinking that what
will I tell Suraj.

Don't worry about Suraj.

He is my son and he will have
to agree to what I say.

Come, Kiran.

Perhaps you'd be surprised
to hear this.

I am stepping in this dance
hall after 3 years.

I was the owner of this hotel
and also a cabaret dancer.

People from near and far came to
this hotel to watch my dance.

I had been fond of dancing
since my childhood.

When I used to come on stage...

the hall would be filled
with the sound of claps.

I would feel that the whole
world is welcoming me.

And I would dance out
of uncontrollable joy.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

today I will present a novel
item in front of you.

'Come, come, my dear love'

'Dear, this night, and
also my words.'

'... are only for you'

'Come, come, my dear love'

'Dear, this night, and
also my words.'

'... are only for you'

'Come. You and I will be
somewhere else then'

'These few moments are nothing,
but they are enough'

'Come. You and I will be
somewhere else then'

'These few moments are nothing,
but they are enough'

'My love is restless.
You are also waiting'

'You and I have only this evening'

'Come, come, my dear love'

'Dear, this night, and
also my words.'

'... are only for you'

'How come you don't recognize me? '

'The drink we drank together
last night.'

'How come you don't recognize me? '

'The drink we drank together
last night.'

'That glass, my dear, still
has the sign of my lips'

'See you are still holding
that glass'

'Come, come, my dear love'

'Dear, this night, and
also my words.'

'... are only for you'

Hey! She's fallen down!

My leg was broken. From then
onwards I could not dance.

Dance was my life. My life was
taken away from me, Kiran.

I recall those old days today
as I stand in this hall.

Forget those old days.

You are a born artist, Kiran.
I want you to dance here.

I dance here? In this hotel?

Why? Does art fade away
if one dances in a hotel?

The world does not consider
it a decent thing.

Whatever the people think...

an artist considers
his art as his worship.

And wherever you worship, that
place becomes a temple.

But I cannot dance in this hotel.

My mother is poor, but
she will never like...

people saying bad words
about her or her daughter.

Kiran, I've danced in
hotel all my life.

But no one has ever said anything
bad about me till now.

By showing one's art, one gains
prestige, fame and money.

You had said that your
mother is poor.

You can serve your mother
with your art.

And also serve the art itself.

Tell Kiran the true
state of affairs.

I do not want her to
know my troubles.

And get distracted from her studies.

She's studied enough, Janaki.

If a boy had born to you
instead of Kiran...

he would have earned
some money for you.

And would have been the
support of your old age.

- What are you thinking, Kiran?
- Well...

- What have you decided?
- I will dance in your hotel.

Thank you, Kiran. You've
given me a new life.

I will arrange such a
grand program for you...

that everyone will be amazed.


Why are you standing in
the dark like that?

Now the life of both of us is
going to be lighted by love.

This tape recorder had recorded
the voice of your heart.

Now listen the voice of my heart.

- I will tell you the girl's name later.
- Let it be, Prakash.

Erase mine and Shobhana's
voice from it for good.

- Brother!
- Never... never again play this game of voices.

Father, you were going...

to talk to Munshiji about
brother's marriage.

Yes, but what Munshiji
said was right.

I wanted Shobhana to be
my daughter in law.

That she would marry Suraj, but...

And yet you agreed to mother?

I would have convinced Ratna any
time. She's a mother after all.

She would have forgotten...

this gap of high and low
status within a few days.

- But regretfully, Munshiji minds this relationship.
- Munshiji?

- Yes, he refused to it.
- I see.

And after his denial it was no
use taking this matter further.

Listen, child, tell Suraj that
I could not fulfill his wish.

Not every love story ends
successfully, Shobhana.

It would be better for us
to forget each other.

Will we be able to forget?

What can I do? I will have
to accept my mother's wish.

Brother, you should have also
loved after asking mother.

This is cowardice!

To give up one's love
for mother's wish...

is not cowardice, Prakash;
it is sacrifice.

It is Munshiji who refused,
not mother.

This is an accusation on my father.

He was insulted by being
called a servant.

And that's why he refused
to save his dignity.

And you took that as a code of law?

Come with me; I'll get
you both married.

Mother will have to bless you then.

Mother will never give us
her blessings, Prakash.

You don't know what she has told me.

I can never hurt the feelings
of my mother.

You cannot hurt mother, but
you can break her heart?

Why do you quarrel
with him, Prakash?

He cannot hurt his mother.

I cannot bear my father
being insulted.

Let us bear what's written
in our destiny.

All right, Shobhana. No one can
stop those who want to die.

God bless you!

Prakash, whose car did Kiran go in?

Don't know. Let's check.

Prakash, this is the car.

Yes, this is the car,
but where is Kiran?

Let's go in and check.

'Come, come, my dear love'

'Dear, this night, and
also my words.'

'... are only for you'

'You are a coward. Why
wouldn't I say it? '

'Look at me. My heart is
damp and yet I smile'

'You are a coward. Why
wouldn't I say it? '

'Look at me. My heart is
damp and yet I smile'

'Whatever you say today, dear'

'This is popular news that
I have your love today'

'Come, come, my dear love'

'Dear, this night, and
also my words.'

'... are only for you'

- Driver!
- Yes?

Do you know where is the girl
you brought in this car?

- In room number 17, with Mr. Reen.
- Mr. Reen?

Some work.

- Yes. You have some work with her? Yes, I want to meet her.
- Ok.

- Here's your prize for today.
- Thank you.

- Go down; my car will drop you home, ok?
- Yes.

- Prakash?
- Why do you look scared?

Because I've come here suddenly...

and have seen your true face?

- Prakash!
- I didn't know you would stoop so low.

- Is this your price for one evening?
- Shut up!

You should be ashamed to talk
such things about me.

You love me, and yet you insult
your love this way?

What does coming here and
this money mean then?

I had come here to dance, and this
money is my payment for that.

But why did you need
to dance in a hotel?

- I have some problems.
- Why didn't you tell me of them?

I didn't want to tell anyone.

But looks like your suspicion...

would not be cleared
without telling you.

The last time I went home,
I came to know that...

how much trouble my mother is
going through to make me study.

She is bearing much pain for me.

I came back without meeting her.

When I was returning I decided
that I will quit studies.

I will work and help my mother.

I met Mrs. Reen in the function.

She offered me to dance here,
which I could not refuse.

I thought I will be able
to continue my studies...

and will also help lessen
the burden on my mother.

But you doubted me... told
me bad words. Go from here!

I've done a big mistake, Kiran.

Punish me as you like,
but please, forgive me.

I love you more than my life.

I swear on you that I will
never again doubt you.

Please, one more chance. Forgive me.

- I forgive you.
- Thank you.

Now tell me what can I do for you.

Not now. First learn
to be independent.

Then I will give away
all my worries to you.

And rest carefree.

Come. Mr. Reen's driver
must be waiting for me.

No, you won't go in Mr. Reen's
car. You will go in my car.

- Not again.
- I am not forcing you; I am requesting you.

All right. Come.

Janaki, is there a
letter from Kiran?

No, it's a money order.

- And see, she's sent me 200 rupees.
- Really! - Yes.

Listen to what she writes.

Mother, I felt very bored
after the study time.

So I give tuition to two
kids in spare time.

I am sending you this money...

because if I keep them with me,
they might be spent off.

Shashi is fine, and waiting
for aunt Sarla's money order.

Your daughter, Kiran.

See, sister? I had told you that
education does not go in vain.

Kiran has filled up the lack
of a son, hasn't she?

- Hasn't she, sister?
- Really, Janaki, Kiran is your son.

Yes, sister Sarla, she
is a son. A son.

- Who is it?
- It's me, madam, Parkar. - Come in.

See? She called us in as soon
as she heard my name.

I'll be right back.

Madam, my prestige...

is now in your hands, or
rather under your feet.

I don't get you, dear.

The thing is, madam...

that I told one of my friends
that I know you well.

Now he wants me to arrange a
meeting between you and him.

Now tell me, what should I do?

What's there to worry so much
about? I will meet your friend.

- Where is your friend?
- Standing outside.

- Call him in.
- Thank you very much, madam.

Thank you very much.

I am sorry.

Come in, dear.

- Good evening, madam.
- So this is your friend?

- Yes, Mr. Raja (king).
- The king of which state?

My name is Raja, madam.

Oh! I see. So you're a king
just for name's sake.

Not only for name's sake, madam.
I am also a king by heart.

I want to spend this
evening with you.

This evening is over.

But the night's not over yet.

Tell me, in which hotel
should I book a room?

Mr. Raja, you are a very,
very smart person.

Thank you, my sweetheart.

Talk business. What do you charge?

I don't charge; I slap!

You're beaten again, Raja.

Looks like you didn't recognize her.

It's surprising. You
didn't recognize me...

even after being beater
the 3rd time.

- You?
- Yes, me.

Very good. A college student
in the morning.

And a cabaret dancer at night.

You've insulted me the 3rd time
today. I will revenge for that.

Those who speak too much don't act.

If I were in your place, I would
have smashed so hard...

Enough, Prakash. This punishment
is enough for today.

My name is Raja, Prakash. I
will break your bones today.

- Hallo. Hallo.
- Why are you peeking in, Parkar?

Raja is being welcomed inside.

Is he? Then we should also go in...

No, no! Let him enjoy.
You guys go now.

Mr. Reen, good that you've come.

Madam wants to see you. Go in.
Can I go?

Get out of here, or I will hand
you over to the police. Got it?

- Ok.
- Get out!

The wound is deep.

It is necessary to take an
injection and tie bandage.

Why need such a long
treatment for that?

Just put your hand here,
and it will be fine.

Don't joke. I will go and change.

Then we'll go to the doctor.

I will come with you, not to the
doctor, but to your mother.

She lives 100 miles far from here.

Doesn't matter even if she
lives 1000 miles away.

I will go to her today. It is
necessary to tell her every thing.

Tell her what?

That we love each other,
want to marry...

and have promised to
live with each other.

And you will agree to me and
convince your mother...

that whatever I am saying is true.

I am not shameless as you are...

who would accept her love
in front of her mother.

It is not shameful to tell one's
feelings to one's parents.

Rather it's shameful to hide.

And you know that one cannot...

progress with being shy
in this modern days.

Just as our Munshiji didn't
let his daughter progress.

But the son of Thakur

does not want any obstacles
in his wedding.

Enough! Enough! Thakur
Virendrasingh's son...

if you say such boring dialogues
of some idiot play...

in front of my mother, she will
consider you some joker...

and deny to marry
her daughter to you.

I can hear that denial,
but I will not accept it.

Listen carefully, pretty one, I've
vowed that I will make you mine.

And even if God himself
tells me that...

you cannot marry Kiran, do
you know what will I answer?

Mr. God, it is none
of your business.

Get ready fast. We'll
move from here, ok?

Who's knocking on the door
so late in the night?

Coming, dear.

- Who is it?
- I've come from Kiran's college. Open the door.

- Greetings.
- What happened to my daughter?

Don't be scared. Nothing's happened
to her and she's fine.

My name is Prakash.

I study with her at the college
and want to marry her.

What? You... you want
to marry Kiran?

Yes, and she also
wants to marry me.

You can ask her if you want.
Wait, I'll call her.


No need to feel shy; I've told
your mother everything.

- Come.
- I won't come. - Come, dear.

What is he saying, child?
I don't get this.

- Speak, child.
- What do I say, mother?

Kiran is not going to
say any thing, auntie.

Hear this tape and you'll
get every thing.

Shall we eat something in the
meanwhile? We are hungry.

Here, listen to it. Kiran, show
me the way to the kitchen.

Who would accept her love
in front of her mother.

It is not shameful to tell one's
feelings to one's parents.

Rather it's shameful to hide.

What was the need to let
mother hear that tape?

Don't know what rubbish
might be stored in it.

Nothing stored in it except
our love story.

You're strange! What might
she think of us?

What might she think? Are we saying
something new to this world?

We're doing what our ancestors
have already done.

Now I won't be able to look
into my mom's eyes.

Who is asking you to
look in her eyes?

Just walk behind your groom
like a shy bride...

with the drape on the head
and eyes facing down.

- What did you say?
- Please, make tea for me.

Just as our Munshiji didn't
let his daughter progress.

Munshi Dindayal?

But the son of Thakur Virendrasingh
does not want...

Thakur Virendrasingh? He is
Thakur Virendrasingh's son?

He is my son? My son!

No, no! What is this terrible
incident, Lord?

A brother wants to marry his sister?

No, no! This cannot happen, God.

Tell me, O Lord, what do I do now?

You've heard the tape
recorder, auntie.

Now bless us quickly and
sweeten our mouths.

What is it, auntie?
Why are you silent?

- This marriage cannot take place.
- Auntie!

You are Thakur Virendrasingh's
son, right?

- Yes, do you know him?
- Very well.

He is a very rich and famous man.

I cannot let my daughter
marry his son.

Is his being rich a crime, auntie?

People have exaggerated his fame.

You are denying just as Munshiji
denied, scared of his fame.

He ruined the life of my brother
and his own daughter.

- Brother? Which brother?
- My elder bro, Surajprakash.

What did you say your name was?

I told you it's Chandraprakash.

My brother is like an angel.
He accepted Mushiji's wish.

But I won't accept either
your denial or my parents'.

You will have to bless us. Please,
auntie, agree to us.

Now that you've decided,
how can I refuse?

Thank you, auntie.

Now get ready fast and come
with me to meet my parents.

Not now, child. I will
come to meet him soon.

- Really, auntie?
- Yes, I will surely come.

I will inform Kiran before coming.

Kiran, your mommy is great!

- Mother!
- My child!

We take your leave now, auntie.

We are to attend the college
next morning. Come, Kiran.

- Go, Kiran.
- Bye, mom.

May Lord always keep you happy!

You are lying, Raja. Prakash
can never do that.

If you think I'm accusing Prakash...

come with me and see for yourself.

Elder nephew, I will
also come with you.

Where are you planning
to go, brother in law?

Why don't you also come
with us, brother in law?

Where? What's the matter?

It's nothing, father. Raja wants
to take me to a program.

Uncle is saying that he
will also come along.

Brother, your hair is turning grey.

You are not at the age
of attending programs.

Your sister is going to
the temple; go with her.

You might wash some of your sins.

You don't hear the whole matter,
and then keep scolding me.

- Ok, tell me.
- I won't say any thing now.

Child, I've got rid of your uncle.

Now run off to the program,
or he'll be after you again.

'He held my hand and hugged
me in the dark street'

'He held my hand and hugged
me in the dark street'

'Wasn't it you, dear? O my God! '

'He held my hand and hugged
me in the dark street'

'Wasn't it you, dear? O my God! '

'He held my hand and hugged
me in the dark street'

'That naughty guy looked very
handsome. How do I explain you? '

'He was as fearless
as you in fighting'

'Look at this dark night, dear'

'Look at this dark night, dear'

'It created such a tragedy, dear'

'He held my hand and hugged.'

'He held my hand and hugged
me in the dark street'

'Wasn't it you, dear? O my God! '

'He held my hand and hugged
me in the dark street'

'Since that day, dear, some
lightening shines in my body'

'I am crazy. Why do I dress
up and come to meet you? '

'I left from home alone'

'I left from home alone'

'What a terrible thing I have done! '

'He held my hand and hugged.'

'He held my hand and hugged
me in the dark street'

'Wasn't it you, dear? O my God! '

'He held my hand and hugged
me in the dark street'

'Wasn't it you, dear? O my God! '

'O my God! '

Prakash, I will wash the
makeup and change. Ok?

- Perfectly all right.
- Then we'll leave together.

I get it now. So it's you
who brought Suraj here?

You can take it that way, dear.

Ok, now tell me something, dear.

What will you gain by
making them quarrel?

- I will get what I want.
- You mean?

Kiran will not be able to meet
Prakash from today onwards.

- And start meeting you?!
- I hate her. - I see.

I will get her thrown
out of the college.

- I will insult her on every step.
- Very good.

She will cry, she will suffer...

and will fall at my feet some
day to ask forgiveness.

Why are you coming with me? Go back.

Is it wrong if I walk a
few more steps with you?

Yes, the name of that badness
is Shashi, and she is awake.

She is awake, and also
hearing her insult.

I am going, dear.

Why such a hurry? Say some thing
to me; listen to some thing.

It's too late; go to sleep.

There's a letter from Janaki
auntie. She has a message for you.

For me? What does she write?

She writes that she will stay
at Munshi Dindayal's place.

- Tell that to Prakash. So I've told you.
- So I've heard.

Kiran, we will go to...

Munshiji's place tomorrow
after the college.

- Ok, good night.
- Good night.

Why did you read my letter?

It's a postcard. The postman
must have read it, too.

Don't blabber.

- Kiran, shall I tell you something?
- Tell me.

You will be going to your
matrimonial house tomorrow.

- Dress up nicely.
- Go in. Go!

Brother, you're still awake? Why
haven't you gone to sleep?

Who was the girl with whom you
were dancing at the hotel?

You had gone to the hotel?

I had to go to see your deeds.

When Raja told me I could
not believe, but...

So you went there just
because Raja told you?

- He's a big scoundrel.
- And you're worse than him.

You're ready to defame...

the prestige of our family
for a mere dancer?

He is a very good girl, brother.

I wanted you to listen
to her voice that day.

I've listened to her voice
and also seen her face.

And also seen the glow on her face...

which was a show for the people.

And now she wants to trap
you and blot our prestige.

I won't let that happen.

The one you're calling a dancer...

is a daughter of decent parents.

She studies with me at the college.

Studies at the college
and dances at hotels.

Is this her decency?

One does not lose his decency
just by dancing at hotels.

She dances to help her poor mother.

She's found a good
excuse to fool you.

Your giving away your love to
please mother was sacrifice.

And if she dances at a hotel...

to help her mother,
that's an excuse?

Decency is not a private
property of any one.

The rich ones have to take...

the help of money to
prove their decency.

While to the poor, decency
is their only property.

I don't believe in...

this segregation of the
rich and poor either.

But I do believe in
familial prestige.

I assure you of that, brother.

Kiran's mother is coming
here tomorrow.

Meet her and you'll know how
good those people are.

If that is so, I promise you...

I won't let you sacrifice
your love as I did.

Thank you, brother.

Raja, if you still have any
tricks left, use them, too.

So that you won't regret
later. Get out!

That's fine, Janaki.

But marrying Kiran to
Prakash is impossible.

Why? Will Mr. Thakur refuse?

No, he won't refuse.
He is like an angel.

But, Janaki, your daughter
is not to be...

the daughter in law of Mr.
Thakur, but that of his family.

And daughters of lower
status families...

cannot be the daughters
in law of that family.

I had washed everything out
of my memory, Munshiji.

But destiny has brought me
again at this crossroad.

Tell me what should I do.

Janaki, if you want to save
your dignity like I did...

convince Kiran in any
way and take her back.

How will I be able to
convince her, Munshiji?

I will do that. I will
tell her that...

for years of my loyalty
towards them...

I got the disappointment of
my dear daughter in return.

Tell me, Janaki, how
will you go there...

and propose for your daughter?

Father is right, auntie.
Don't go there.

No one gets anything except
insults from that family.

Kiran, your mother is going
to meet my mother today.

I hope you won't feel shy.

Greetings, auntie. Greetings,

Mother, you never told me
anything about Munshiji.

- Greetings, Munshiji.
- God bless you, child.

Come, auntie; I've come to take you.

Everyone's waiting for you.

Kiran, we cannot go at
Mr. Thakur's place.

- What are you saying?
- Why not, mother?

I don't want you and
Janaki to go there.

There has to be some reason
to deny, Munshiji.

My status is not so...

that I can propose them
for your marriage.

And if you go, your mother
will be insulted so badly...

that you won't be able to bear it.

It is you who are insulting,

My brother and father
are not so bad...

that they would call someone
home and then insult them.

Rest assured, auntie. You
will get the same respect...

in my house that a girl's
mother should get.

Mother, I swear on you...

that if you are insulted
in that house...

I will forget Prakash for good.

Please, auntie...

don't decide anything
before meeting my family.

It is a matter of Kiran's and my
life. I will take you with me.

- Please, come with me.
- Please come, mother.

- What are you thinking?
- Nothing, child.

I was just thinking that Janaki's
going there is not good.

Prakash and Kiran's stubbornness

will ruin Janaki's old age. Do
this. Bring my umbrella and hat.

Go fast.

- Did you get it clearly?
- Yes, sir. - Here.

You will get what you ask
after the job's done.

This is a very simple task.
Will be done today.

Good. That's what I want.

Brother, I've brought auntie
and Kiran with me.

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

'Your son.'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

'Your... your... your son.'

'Swings on the swing of my heart'

I am meeting you for
the first time today.

But don't know why I feel as
if I've known you for years.

You both must have had some
relation in your past lives.

Come; my mother is waiting
for you. Come.

See, Kiran? Brother took auntie
with so much respect.

Mother, she is Kiran's mother.

- Greetings. Where is Kiran?
- Coming with Prakash.

Come, sister. Come. Sit down.

Mother! She is Kiran.

Dear, where did you find such
a good daughter in law for me?

He didn't find her, mother.
He got her by good luck.

Child, what does your father do?

Mother, I've found out every thing
about their family from Prakash.

Their family is no less
in prestige than ours.

Then I don't need to ask any thing.

Sister, my Suraj is very mature.

He understands my feelings
even before I voice them.

His father has handed
the business to him.

May God give a son like
him to everyone!

Strange, mother! You're
praising only brother.

Praise me sometimes.

Sister, he is very worthless.

Guys these days decide every
thing on themselves.

We are just to fulfill the rituals.
So let's do it.

I've taken your daughter,
and given you my son.

You've honored me by
accepting my Kiran.

Now sweeten everyone's
mouth quickly.

We will do that, son. But
first call your uncle.

Let him see our daughter in law.

- Meanwhile your father will also come.
- Ok.

Sister, relations are predestined.

My naive Suraj had chosen a girl...

who was not appropriate
for our family.

Congratulations, sister!

- Why are you looking that way?
- I am seeing God's miracle, sister.

She's become young again in
the form of her daughter.

Do you know her?

Who doesn't know her, sis?
The whole city knows her.

You know her, too.

She is the famous singer
of the city, Janakibai.

You're taken in by him, mother?

You know uncle has the habit
of spreading poison.

It is she who has come
to spread the poison.

I am just curing.

Suraj, you had found out
about them, hadn't you?

Uncle is mistaken, mother.

They are poor, but they are
decent and good people.

I will show you how decent they are.

Didn't you find anyone else except...

a prostitute's daughter to
make our daughter in law?

No! For God's sake, don't
say such bad words to me.

Will you be able to hide your
reality by taking the help of God?

I will say it a thousand
times that...

Shut up! Or I will slap you.

Yes, your mother had punched
my heart; you can slap me.

Uncle, if you will say even a word
about them, I won't spare you.

I knew, child, I had no status
to come to this house.

But you both acted stubborn.

I have done a mistake.

I didn't know they would accuse
you so badly to refuse me.

Come; let's go back.

Wait, Kiran. Prakash brought
you here on my instigation.

And I cannot tolerate your mother
being accused so badly.

Uncle, you will have to prove
whatever you've said...

I will prove that. See this.
And this. And you see, too.

Ask your mother whether
she had come...

to sing on my Suraj's
naming ceremony or not?

Speak now, Janakibai.
Why are you silent?

Why are you hiding your face?

Now I get why you didn't
want to come here.

If you had told me earlier...

why would I come here
to get insulted?

- I would have drowned myself.
- Kiran! - Your Kiran is dead!

- Kiran, stop!
- Stop, Prakash.

You cannot stop me, brother.

Whoever or however she might be,
I will marry only her.

Keep quiet!

A daughter of a prostitute cannot
be our daughter in law.

Brother, I will abandon
this world for Kiran.

Wait, Kiran!

What happened, Prakash?
Why was Kiran crying?


What's happened to both of them?

Get out of here!

- What are you doing?
- I am doing the right thing.

- Let me go, Thakur.
- No, Janaki, you cannot go.

- Let her be thrown out...
- Shut up, Ratna.

You don't know what you're saying.

You don't know, father,
she had come...

to propose her daughter's
marriage with Prakash.

She wanted to blot the family...

which has been spotless
for generations.

- She's a prostitute...
- Idiot!

Who told you that she
is a prostitute?

Sir Thakur!

Forgive me, Janaki. It's the first
time I've beaten your son.

I've done a mistake.

Her child? Suraj, her child?

Yes, Ratna, Suraj is her
son and not yours.

What? Suraj is not our child?
What are you saying?

That what I couldn't
say for 25 years.

Ratna, the one you're
calling a prostitute...

is as holy as the waters of Ganga.

Thousands of decent women
can be sacrificed for her.

She let go of her maternal love
and gave her child to you.

Because the child...

you gave birth to 25 years
back was born dead.


If you knew that as a result
to your prayers...

God had given you a dead child,
you would have died, Ratna.

This goddess not only gave you
her child, but also a new life.

She is still silent after
such a bad insult...

because she had promised
that to keep silent.

But what is surprising is that...

why didn't her own
blood recognize her?

Wretched! Why didn't you
become dumb before...

calling your own mother
a prostitute?

Come here, Janaki.

Ratna, ask her forgiveness right
now or I will never forgive you.

Sir, it's not madam's fault. She
knew nothing of this matter.

Do you hear this, Ratna?
This is called loyalty.

It was he who got the child from
her so that you might stay alive.

But you got provoked
by this low and...

worthless brother of yours and
called Munshiji a servant.

You also ruined his daughter's life.

It is scoundrels like you who
ruin the life of decent girls.

Go away from here or I'll shoot you.

Suraj, you also...

Catch them! Take them from here.

- Hallo.
- Brother Suraj? - Yes, it's me.

Raja's men have caught
Prakash and Kiran.

- What?
- They've gone at the Ghost Bungalow.

- Their lives are in danger. Please, come soon.
- Okay.

Come soon. I'll meet you
outside the bungalow.

Let go of Kiran, Raja,
or I will kill you.

Kid, save your life first.

You cannot save yourself
from me, Kiran.

I will revenge for each
of my insults today.


Scoundrel! I will break your head.

Let go of me! Leave, I said.

Leave me!

What has happened, Suraj?

I got this moment after
so many years...

when I could call
my son as my son.

Don't cry, mother. You
should be happy that...

your son killed a wicked
person to save his sister.

I have done no crime.

Brother, I am so unlucky.

I could not tie Rakhi on your
hands, but got handcuffs for you.

Your Honor...

the prosecution finishes its
procedure with this statement.

And requests the court
to sentence Suraj...

a deserving punishment
for killing Raja.

No, Lord, no!

I suffered all my life, but never
asked any thing from you.

Today I beg of you to
get my son released.

You will have to answer to an
aggrieved mother's prayers, God.

Taking all witnesses and
statements into account...

the court decides that murdered
Raja was a bad man.

He tried to rape the sister
of the accused.

And so the accused tried
to save his sister.

In that fight, Raja lost his life.

This does not prove the
crime of the accused.

So this court releases
the accused man, Suraj.

Brother in law!

What's this? What is this
black thing on your face?

I've smeared my face...

with black color before
people would do it.

Till sister Janaki and Munshiji
don't forgive me...

my face will remain
black like this.

Sister Janaki, do you forgive me?

Thank you. Brother in law,
what about you?

Go and wash your face.

Now you guys forgive me, too.
Have you? Thank you. Thank you.