Rakenrol (2011) - full transcript

Odie and his best friend Irene are two outsiders who find a second home in the Philippine underground music scene. The two decide to form a band and put together an unlikely crew that consists of the school bully, an ex-punk-turned-barista, and a former-childstar-turned-band-manager. The film follows their misadventures as they face satanic S&M bands, samurai swindlers, narcissistic rockstars, the pretentious Philippine art community and the freakiest music video auteur ever. Co-written by Diego Castillo, the guitarist of one of the Philippines' biggest rock bands SANDWICH, and directed by multi-awarded music video director Quark Henares, Rakenrol is a heartfelt ode to the underground scene both filmmakers spent their formative years in.

--== McEphie ==--

You know how they say in movies,
"This is where it all began?"

As if your whole life
is based on one moment?

But that’s nonsense.
Life's not really like that.

There's no one single moment
that defines my life.

There are memories.

Like my parents
dancing to Eddie Peregrina.

Or my punk cousin Ron,
who would lock me in a room

so we could rock out to classic punk tunes
during Christmas parties.

Or my dad's fascination
with Philippine classic rock.

Rock music has always been in my life,

but I still remember the first band
that really converted me.

Teeth. "Shooting Star."

The first rock song I loved to death.

And that was it. I became an addict.

Every day, every hour,
I'd listen to the radio.

I would list the countdown,

collect local albums, especially
the old ones and the rare finds,

and read up on my favorite bands.

At school, they were all either into
metal or teenybopper pop bands.

It's no surprise
that I was quite the outsider.

But there was one other person
who I could relate to.


You'd think a lot of people
would find Irene cute.

Thing is…


Who here knows the Tydings-Mcduffie Law?




But I got her, and she got me.

From then on, I had a partner in crime.

We'd fight about the silliest things.

But Rico's a musical genius!

Did you know
he can play all the instruments?

And even when Bamboo
was vocalist, Rico wrote the songs!

Whatever! I knew that.

But Bamboo is the ultimate performer.
I saw him once at the mall,

and he got everyone dancing.
Even the grandparents!

Besides, he's cuter!

We'd talk on the phone until sunrise.

Wow. Coincidence. They're all handsome.


What? Jacci Rocha?! He looks like a foot.

But most of all,
we enjoyed music immensely.

We also went to gigs
of our favorite bands, like



the Camerawalls,


and, of course, the reunion concert
of our favorite band, the Eraserheads,

where my favorite musician
Ely Buendia sings and plays guitar.

But the most memorable gig
we've ever gone to

was this small performance
of Urbandub at Mayric's.

Is this your first time?

Is it obvious?

Kind of.

I'm just warning you folks,
it might get a little wild in here.

Wild? What do you--?



And at that moment,
I fell in love with Irene.

And you know what the funny thing is?

This is where it all began.

College. A totally different world
from high school.

Everyone was so different.

But I guess some things will never change.

What are you looking at, retard?

What are you looking at, retard?

Irene changed.

Irene became a Jackson.

There are a number of uses
of the word Jackson.

They mean similar but different things.

Wow, dude! Look at her!
I want to Jackson her!

Jackson. Verb. Have sex with.
Root word, molest.

Came from Michael Jackson.

Wow, dude! Look at her! She's a Jackson!

Or Jackson. Noun. A sexy lady.

During summer break, Irene changed.

She's now transformed into a…

Other cool things happened.

My parents gave me an electric guitar
as a graduation gift.

I couldn't stop after that.
I bought a second-hand amp,

then pedals, then, before you knew it
I had a mini-studio in my room.

And I'd write and record my own songs.

Okay! Something else!

What else can we listen to here?

SFI. What is this?

Oh no.

A local version of AFI? Are you being EMO?

No, no. That stands for, uhm…
Sonic Funk Independence. Give it here.

-You're so corny. Here.


Nah. Let's give it a listen!

No, no, forget it. Let's listen to
Ang Bandang Shirley instead. Come on.

What's this?

Let's listen to this. It's in already.

Odie, is this you?

It's really good.


Odie, we have to form a band.

What are you talking about? Come on.

I'm serious!

I can't even talk
in Professor Lutero's class.

You expect me to perform
in front of an audience?

Come on! I'll be there,
giving moral support.

How can this fail?

What would you know how to play anyway?

The tambourine?


No, it's… I can manage you.

No matter what happens,
people have to hear this.

Forget it.

Listen to this.

It'd be a shame for people
not to hear this.

Come on, Odie. Let's do it!

Ok, fine. But you sing.

I thought you said that the song was good
and that people should hear it.

Yeah, but… your songs are for guys.

Of course not.

You know I love female vocalists.
And I think the song suits you.

Well… I guess.

Let's try it.

Sounds fun.

Yeah, right. You want it.

Oh, I plan to tell even before…


You're serious.

We're going to look for bandmates.
Do you know any?

-No, but…

That guy should join
a Christian Fellowship.

Oh, wait! I thought of a band name.
Love Extravaganza.

Love Extravaganza. Nice.

Stop being polite.

No, really, it's quite nice.
Let's think of something else.

Hello. Hey, what's up? It's for you!


-One more! Sexy Circus!

Why don't you think of your own band name?

Titik O?

Titik O? What's wrong with you?
Someone already has that name.

No! Titik O!

It's the vocalist of Titik O!

Oh my God, you're right!

It's the guy from Titik O!

They used to be my favorite!

Oh yeah, right.

Hey! We were there at your farewell gig.

Goddamn, you were so drunk!

Cancer! Cancer! Cancer to society!

Cancer! Cancer! Cancer to society!

Cancer! Cancer! Cancer to society!

Cancer! Cancer! Cancer to society!

Cancer! Cancer! Cancer to society!

Destroy the society!

Wait up.

Let's take it outside.

Yup. It's done.

I got so sick of everything.

Bands today,

what are they so mad about?

Their lives are fine, they have money.


Stop screaming.

There's no point.
You’re all just posing, idiots.

Yeah! Not like your songs.

"Screw That" and
"Hey, Tramp! Eat my Gossip!"

Titik O forever!

So, what? You don't want to be
in a band anymore?

Forget it.

It's too bad. We're forming one,
and we need bandmates.



Yeah. Here's the demo. Want to listen?

Why not?

Give it here.

Why did you tell him we were
looking for a guitarist?

What if he thinks we suck?

Quit it, drama queen. He'll like it.

This is cool. Who is this?



It's nice!

You guys still looking for a guitarist?


Hell, yeah.

Rock 'n' roll!

Hell, Odie, we’re so lucky.

Imagine, we got Cancer himself.


That's it, Odie.

We're really going to have a band.

Well, we're just three.
We don't have a drummer yet.

You stupid idiot!
Are you trying to escape?

Oh, I know now. Crescendo.

Not that.

Then what?

Not bad.

And then that jerk can be our drummer.

He's got a lot of anger to vent.

You're right!

What the hell
are you losers laughing about?

Uhm… It's just…

When you were beating up the guy,
it would be cooler if…

if you let that aggression out
by playing drums for us.

What do you think?

You a fag?

Of course not, boyfriend! Gawd!

You in?

This is strong stuff!

Wait, wait, wait.

Wait a second. Game on.
Where's the bassist?

Bassist? Whatever.

We don't have a bassist?

Are we an art rock band?

Come on, guys. We need a bassist.

But… Okay. Fine, fine. We're wasting time.

No, it's okay.

I have a bass guitar in the house.
If you want, I can play bass.

Hm. I guess.

You guys have listened to the song, right?

So let's do structure.

Odie, you go first.

With bass. Four bars.

Then the two of us
come in at the same time.


-And then, Irene, you do the first verse.

Cool. Let's try it. Junfour, count off.


Count off.


Count off, dude.

No, no. To the beat. Right?

Okay, okay.


Oh, I've been--

No, no, don't sing yet.

Oh, I've been planning
To tell you for a while now

Though I hardly see you…


Get out of here and don't come back!

Hey! My shirt!


Let's go! That's so cheesy. Come on.

Put your shirt on.

One sizzling bulalo, please.
Make it quick!

Perfect. I'm hungry.

How could you not be?
You practically beat up the drum set.

Did you see the owner's face?

He looked like he was
going to have a heart attack.

So, why is your name Junfour?

My whole name's Jun Bilog IV.

There. Junfour.

Oh. I thought it was because
your birthday was on June 4.

That too.

Book it, okay?


We have a gig!

Yeah! Give it!

Give me five!

Wait. What should we name our band?

What a terrible name.

I know.

Count Jacula.

-I'm already seeing it on the marquee.
-Isn't "jacula" Filipino for masturbate?

Might as well call the band
Hemorrhoids or Diarrhea.

-That's the same, right?
-That sounds good.



What's that?

Wait, isn't that the dirt
under your fingernails?

No, no. It’s the hair on your butt.

No, that's "ormot".

So what do you call the bits of feces
that hang onto your butt hairs?

I don't think I can eat anymore.

-That's "burnik".
-Oh yeah. "Burnik."

How about this? Look at it.
It looks like "tubol".

You know what "tubol" means, right?

Those big, long, hard turds

that scar your butthole.

Oh man, sometimes there’s
even bits of corn in there.


You know what I remember? "Kukurikapu".

Hey, I know that!

That's lint under the tits, right?



Okay, how about "asogue"?

Stop it! Let's stick with Hapipaks, okay?

Hapipaks. Finished.

Let's use that so you shut up.


Happy Suckers?

In all our many days
And all our trips and all our fears

Odie, I'm so excited!

Wow. You were just happy to be manager,
now you're talking to a stadium. Dork.

Shut up! I'm just excited about our band!

Hey, thanks, okay?

Yeah, no problem. It's on the way.

No, no. Not for that.

I'm just really happy.

Hey. Don't forget to text me
that you're home.



I'm pregnant.

They showed Robocop last night.
I love that film.


Peter Weller was so good in that movie.

Jun. What's wrong with you? I'm pregnant.
Will you listen to me?

Last time I saw him, he was on 24.

How come all these has-been
'80s guys end up on 247?

I'm pregnant. What are we gonna do?

Have you done your chemistry homework yet?


I'm pregnant.
I think it's been two months already.

What are we gonna do?

Oh no. I forgot. I have class.

I'll see you later, okay?

This is what I'm wearing later.
Is that okay?


Aren't you nervous for the gig later?

Isn't this nicer?

God, this is even worse
than philosophy exams.

Odie, of course, I'm nervous!

Do you know what helps?

You know this song, right?
Sing it with me!

Come on. Stop being a drama queen!

Okay, okay!

See? You can do it.

Rock on!

How's the…

How's the bridge of "Oplan"?

How are the drums in the chorus?



This is amazing.
It's like you created this event.

Dude. Fetus isn't funny.

Easy, bro.

Mo, did we come to the right place?

Of course. Here we are.

Doesn't this look like the devil's work?

You worried about Satanspawn?
Don't worry about that.

They just have weird names,
but I'm sure their music's decent.

Shall we? Come on.


Good evening. The name
of the band is Monster Pazuzu.

This is Jopet, by the way.

Sorry, we don't have a chromatic tuner.

Our first song is "Satan's Cock".

You're all animals!

Oh. My. God.


Screw you all. Thanks.

Junfour, it's your turn.

Get off the stage!
You guys aren't death metal!

Take it off!

Good evening. We're Hapipaks.

Get off the stage!

Please go easy on us. It's our first gig.


The first song is called
"Operation: Love".

Hey! Junfour! Game!

-Corny! You guys suck!

-Get off the stage!

This is the plan
And it's been so for a while…

Jerks! That’s urine. Go to hell, guys!

What am I going to do?

Say anything!

Just sing and swear at them!

Hey! Don’t throw stuff!

Who do you think you are?

You look like a carp!

To hell with all of you!

To hell with all of you!


Thanks! We're Hapipaks!

Hi. Hello. Your set was great!

So, how long have you
been in love with Irene?

What? Come on.

Chicks are trouble. Forget them.

What's his problem?

No idea. Come with me. Let's get our pay.

Wow! We're getting paid?

-Hey, Fakir!

Thanks for the gig, brother.
Maybe we can get our fee now.


Are you insane? You destroyed our things.
My drum set's covered in piss.

Be thankful that I'm not making you pay.

But it's not our fault!
We're the ones who got splashed!

Whatever. It's your first time.
Don't be cocky.

Fakir. Pay them.

Oh. Matet. They're your friends?
Sure. I'm so sorry.

You guys were great! You were great!

Ma'am, I apologize.

I'll get your money inside.
You guys are my idols.


-Thanks so much.
-Thanks so much.

You know what? You guys are really good.
I like your pieces. They're exquisite.

Wow, thanks.

How many songs do you have?

You guys have potential.
This is your first gig, for God's sake.

Is it okay if I manage you?

Wait. Aren't you Matet?

Yup, that's her. That's Matet.

I knew it! I have to tell you,
I love your movie, Tiyanak.

Tiyanaks, bro.


The first one's better?

No way, man.
Infant Cherub is still the best.

Hell, yeah. You were still like,
what? Three?

So, what? You accept my offer or not?

Uhm, of course. Definitely. You're Matet.

For those who don't remember,
Matet de Leon was a former child star.

She came out in roughly 25 films,
including the hits

I'm Afraid!, Ghost in The Closet,
and Magic to Love!.

Hey, Junfour!

Have we got news for you.

We have a new manager! Guess who.

Matet? De Leon?

-How did you--?
-I saw her around.

Her boyfriend's a rocker, apparently.

Hey, guys, did you see Aiza?

She's over the--

Dumbass. That's Matet. Our new manager.

Really? Cool. This is so much fun!

Yeah, did you see what they
looked like a while ago?

They were like convicts
who were visited by Cindy Crawford. Damn.

How about this? Who was this?

Hey! Don’t throw stuff!

Who do you think you are!

You look like a carp.
To hell with all of you!

One mocha frappe and one green tea.

We're out.

Oh. Okay. One mocha praline, then.

We're out of that, too.

It's right there.

Oh yeah.

What's your name, ma'am?


-No, Jonathan.

Sheila's fine. Here, sir.

Keep the change. Thanks!

Hey, Mo! What happe--

Coffee Wildcat?

Is this from the cat poop?

No. It's from the vocalist
of the band Wildcat.

Smoke with me.


Shoot, Mo. I’m your boss.

Good news! We've been booked at Admit One!

Whoa. Cool. Really?

Admit One, the legendary gig night
at the rock club Saguijo.

That's only where our favorite bands play,

like Sugarfree, Imago, Cambio,
and Baron Munchausen.

Yeah, but it's on Saturday.

What's today?

Wednesday, which is why we
have to make new songs, man.

Sorry, man. That's a problem.

Haven't been myself lately.


My shoot roommate.

He was my best friend in college.
He used to be really smart.

I have no idea what happened to him.

I don't understand. Sorry, dude.

Here. I better show you what I mean.

Solid. Weird.

Francis, Odie. Odie, Francis.

Odie. Hey man.

Dude. From now on, don't call me Francis.

Because names like that
are what the colonists gave us.

From now on, you can call me Yagit.

Come in, brother. Let's collaborate.

Hey, wait. One second.
Francis, what the hell is this?

It's art, my friend. Art has its own life.

It's like a diamond. With its own facets.

There's video, there's painting.

I'm doing something new.
I'm calling it fecal art.

Come in, friend.

You want some coffee?

I don't think that's a good idea, man.
We don't have water.


Didn't I give you money last Saturday?

Don't tell me you wasted it on that.

Well, water's not my priority.
My masterpiece is.

People get inspiration from anything, man.

My art needs inspiration.

-Come on, bro. Let's work together.
-Fix this before I come back.

Sure, manure!

There were so many people
and almost everyone was wearing black!

And they had tattoos everywhere!
Their arms were covered in it!

And then someone threw pee at us.

That's why I got so angry.
I just let loose.

So, there! It was so much fun.

Oh. That's nice.

Jun, what about our problem?

You are such a killjoy.

Weren't you listening? Someone threw pee!

Jun, my parents will throw me out
if they find out I'm pregnant.

How will we take care of our kid?

You can't even take care of yourself.


Jun. Are you listening to me?

Yes, sensei.

Yes, Sensei.

It's too bad. You're a handsome boy.

You can't see

How it feels

You can't feel

I hope it gets you

You can't see how it feels



That's me, right?


This is tiring

All the waiting

Blinded by the way you move

You don't notice how I look at you

Even though you don't say it

We still know the truth

Every time it comes

I lose control, I quieten down

When I dream, everything feels true

Memories of you

It's tiring

All the waiting

It's tiring


This is tiring, all the waiting

Dude, the one in tangerine is pretty hot.

-Hey, "Recollection" was pretty good.
-Yeah, it was tight.

It was fun!

Something you should know
about Jacci Rocha

is that his name is spelled
differently from how it's pronounced.

Don't know why.
He's just that kind of guy.

And like legendary rockstars
Pepe Smith and Rico Blanco,

you can't just use his first
or last name but the whole name.

To hell with Jacci Rocha. Where is he?

Is Jacci Rocha's CD any good?

If it's as good
as Jacci Rocha himself, I'm buying.

Jacci Rocha! Come on. You're dad's
waiting for you! Jacci Rocha!

There are a lot of rumors
about Jacci Rocha.

One is that he had
a tryst with some ingenue.

Some say that he had
penis-enhancement surgery.

It’s not a peeper anymore.
It’s a killer, bro.

Keep fighting. Finally, there's the rumor
that he sold his soul to Satan.

None of which is likely true,
but here's what it is.

He's the lead singer of Baron Munchausen.

Who the hell just did this?

Don't you know my name?

My name is Jacci Rocha

I really like…

He's a print and commercial model,

and all the girls are crazy over him,
including Irene,

who considers Jacci her…

Wait, where was I?

Irene, Junfour's waiting. Shall we…?

Yeah, go ahead. I'll follow.

It's time for some good old rocking!

Who the hell just did this?

Don't you know my name?

My name is Jacci Rocha

Junfour, where did you get
your uniform? It's cool.

Hey, man, you're talking to the newest
and best G-Spot sales representative!


I'm serious. This is great.
I mean, think about it.

Right? If you want, I can set a date
so I can get a presentation ready.

If I sell 15 units, I get a free katana.

The same one Gami Ogenta has!
That is so cool.

Whoa. Dude, now that's a vocalist!

Let's go over there.

Oh yeah. Rock on, man!

Okay, you guys have to add
to your repertoire

so I can book you in more places.

Hey, Matet, how are you?


Guys, this is Polly Parungao.

I manage these guys.

-Hey, Matet!
-One more outta you!

So you handle these guys, eh?

Wait, aren't you one with the column
Blind Transmission?

-You're my idol!


-I didn't know you were a guy.
-Apparently, I am.

Yeah, I remember. You wrote about
my old band before, right?

Yup. Too bad about Titik O.

You didn't use protection,
that's why you got the drip.

Okay, anyway, there's gonna be
a radio version of my column in Burn,

and I want to host you guys.

-That's cool.

It's just that we
don't have any recordings yet.

That's OK. Just tell me when you're ready,
and I'll book you in Sound Creation.

Cool. Sound Creation.

The owner's a Matetian.

He's the president

of her National Fan Club.

-It's a community. It's pretty big.

Just a sec. I have to
tell Irene about this!

Go. That's cool.


Yeah, you haven't heard of them?

You're not part of the e-groups?

-Irene, one second…
-Yeah, wait.

Yeah, I know, but…

He dedicated a song to me.
Did you hear it?

Yeah, but--

And he invited me to his party on Tuesday.

Irene, Jacci's bandmates
are right behind you.

Hey, whose briefs are these?

Who the hell just did this?

Don't you know my--

Hey! What the hell?

You saw them already.
Aren't you tired of them?

That's Jacci Rocha.
I will never tire of him.

I wonder what we'll call our kids.

I wish it were a combo name.

Like Rosherl, if Robert and Shirley
are your parents' names.

Or like Anabert,


Ricorene. What else?

Jesus Mary Joseph.

That's three, dummy.

Ah, I know. If it's a girl, Jacene.

-If it's a guy--
-If it's a guy, Iracci.

Hey, come with me
to Jacci's party this Tuesday. Please?

You go ahead. You were invited anyway.

Come on! He said it himself.

Let's do it! Hapipaks in full force! Go!

By the way, you should get ready.
We're recording soon.

Matet booked us in at Sound Creation.

We're recording at the legendary
Sound Creation?

Why didn't you tell me this?

I'm telling it to you now.

Hey! I missed you!

Well? What do you think?

It's nice.

Really? Hey, wait, I'm gonna
show you something.

I googled our band,

and I saw someone blogged about our gig.

I just clicked on it.

-Well? What did they say?

Wow, someone has a fan!

What else?

"It's too bad that their vocalist
is an attention tramp."

You okay?

Don't pay attention to those bloggers.

That's all they do anyway. Hate.

Why? Can they do what you do?

The only reason people cheer for us
is because of you, dude.

I'm okay. Don't worry about me.

Do you think that Fluxxekakke girl
is invited to Jacci Rocha's party?

Of course not.

Here you go.

Wow, surprise.

I look like the guy on the shirt.
So handsome!


You remember the band, right?

What? Oh, of course! Bro! What's up!

And it's… Dude. How's it hanging?

Bro! I missed you!

So, what, guys? Beer?

That one.

Damn. Think about it.

How can a dumbass with no talent,

zero talent…


…have all of these people
worshipping at his feet?

Well, he's a rockstar.

Rockstar. More like a scrotum.

I wish I could be a rockstar one day.

Isn't that the model
from Store for All Seasons?

Yeah. Gina?

I used to jack off to her Facebook
all the time.

Hey! You're here!

Irene asked us to come.

Come. I'll introduce you to my friends.
Come, come.

Who's he? Is he A.J.?

Hey, guys, hold up.
This is the new guy I'm managing. Odie.

This is Mong, Ebe, Niño,

Vin, Carlos, Kelvin, Kris, and Buddy.

This is the guy I was telling you about.

He's the bassist and songwriter
for Hapipaks.

He's the future of rock 'n' roll.

-Have a seat!

Go ahead.

-You look familiar.
-That sounds like a pick-up line.

You look fantastic.

And so I found myself at a table
with all my idols.

I couldn't believe it.

They were larger-than-life figures,

people I never thought
I'd be able to meet.

But here I was, with them,

singing, telling jokes, sharing stories.

This could be the most perfect moment
of my life,

except there was one thing missing.

It's what I call… your "musika".

I don't know. I just do it for kicks.

Irene. For "musika".

Oh, wait.

Uhm, Jacci.

I have to go.

My bandmates are looking for me.


So what would you prefer?

That your dick be on your forehead
or on your nose?

On my forehead.

But it'll be Gami's dick.

What? What about my dick?

It'll still be there. But Gami's dick
will be on your forehead.

Let's go.



So, what's it gonna be?

The Meralco service
emergency service crew are making sure…

None fell, and if anyone did,
that man's probably dead.

That's why I'm advising
our fellow citizens…


What the hell is this? What did you do?

You destroyed my art!

It was so conceptual, so spontaneous.

How the hell
do you expect me to finish this?

You didn't respect my work,

"The Maturation Process of
a Tribe: Timeframe Limited"!

You're welcome.

Aren't you even grateful
I'm always around to clean up your mess?

You idiot, you call that a mess?

You're so shallow.
So colonial. So traditional.

You don't respect my being
a second-degree non-conformist, you idiot!

To hell with my life.

No idea how difficult it is!

Oh, Odie's waiting outside.

Are there still cigs here?


You sure it's okay I'm here?
You seem to be having a lover's quarrel.

It’s just Francis, that tramp. What’s up?

Dude, it's Irene
and Jacci's first date tonight.

Uh-oh, you're dead.
Someone's getting laid tonight.

Don't be like that.

Come with me. Let's watch over Irene.

Great. From one nutjob to the next.

I've got too many problems, son.
Can't leave. Besides, there are…

Let's go.

Screwing is my game.

Mo! Enough.

That's why I brought you,

so that I wouldn't feel so bad.

Son of a cat, Odie,
can you please not be EMO?

I'm just kidding around. And…

Whoa. There. Why's he looking at us?

Maybe it's…

He's looking!

He's looking at…

Looking at… his eyebrows.

He's grooming his eyebrows.

Taste it. Taste it!

Oh my God, look at his hands!

Insane! Look at that!


Look at that.
Touching the baby hairs. That's nuts.

Gestures like that mean only one thing.

Business time, bro.

You're dead.

The hell is that?
The check or a chalkboard?

Irene's screwed, man.

I wonder where they're going next.

Let's follow them.

What? You are nuts.
We're not stalkers, man.

The deal was we just stay here!

What if something happens to Irene?

Leave her be, bro. Irene's of age.

She knows the difference
between right and wrong.

Except when it comes to
caressing like that.

What the hell are you talking about?

Sorry about this. He's really like that.
He's even been sales talking my friends.

Babs, this is for us, okay?

That's what I learned at G-Spot.

If you want to make money, you have to
invest. Even just a little. Right?

Right, Odie?

Hey! How are you?
You weren't home when I called you.

So, what? Are we gonna practice or not?
I have new songs!


You know, that's pretty cool.

It reminds me of, what do you call it?

Oh, right. Shoot.

What's your problem?
You're like an EMO boy.

That's right! EMO!

EMO. I know EMO is pretty much
obsolete, but what the hell.

To those who don't know, EMO is punk music
from mellowed-out hardcore kids.

The sound? Short staccato strums,
wailing lead guitar,

and singing like you’re constipated.

Jacci, you dog!

Oh yeah. Don't forget
the most sickeningly sentimental lyrics.

"When did 'goodbye' and 'l love you'
ever go together?"

"My knees just gave in now,

but I've long given my heart."


EMO isn't just made up of sounds
but style as well.

If you can call it style. Or hairstyle.

And the most telltale sign of being EMO?
Denying that you are.

I'm not EMO, okay.
If you don't like my music, fine.

Odie, wait a second! Where are you going?

What's his problem?

Hey. Odie.

Next time, remember,
during practice, we practice only.

Don't bring your problems
with Irene to work, okay?

It's not that.

"It's not that"? We can't do anything
if she's with Jacci Rocha, okay?

It's your damn fault, anyway.
You never told her you love her.

You know,

if I were you, I'd concentrate on my band.

So you can prove to her that
you're better than that idiot Jacci Rocha.


Yeah. You're right. Sorry, man.

You had to do this whole EMO thing.
You look like a twat.

Maybe next time, you should
just take your shirt off.

Francis, have you seen my guitar?

It's with Johnny.


Johnny Demon from Days of Black Scorpion.

How did it get there?

I sold it.


If I didn't sell it, we'd have no money
to pay the electricity bill.

We'd get cut off.

Come here, you stupid idiot.

I will rip your throat feed it to your…


What happened to you?

As expected, we're getting married.

And they're telling me to find a new job.

What's up with that, right?

Did you expect Dad
to beat your ass as well?

Oh, hey, I forgot something.

Here. Sit on it and spin around.

Since it's our first time, I thought

maybe we should work with
someone with experience. So…

I mean, Babyjax
has two albums already, right?

So he knows the process.

So, there. Think about it.
Jacci Rocha producing our demo!

Jacci, stop it!

Wait a second.

Odie, my man, are you getting
into this new EMO thing?

Blinded by the way you move

You don't notice how I look at you

Even though you don't say it

We still know the truth

Is that okay?

That's for showbands, man.

Yeah, and some of them are
addicts with no imagination.

Did you notice that
they look terrible, too?

Odie, do you want this album
to push through or not?

All of us are doing what we're told, okay?



I got you, bro.

Jacci Rocha,
can you just shut up for one second?

You know,

you don't fool me.

I used to see you before
with your rap-rock band Powww.

Jacci Rocha.

Remember when you
used to call yourself Agility?

Where was your anger then, huh?

Remember when punks used to
throw stuff at you in Club Dredd?

That was us, you fool. That was Titik O.


So, maybe now we can take
that slap and pop bass thing out.

You think your cosmos will approve?

Each time you come

I don't know

What to do

Just like in my dream…


Shinji, can you burn
a whole lot of copies?

So I can send some to the press
and friends from radio stations.

By the way, guys,
do you know Flame Tigerbluden?

Who's that?

He's the guy who makes
the Gami Ogenta industrials,

and he's proposing to do our MTV.

Well, we want to call it "MTV".
You got a problem?

It's cool. It's cool.

You know, I have no problem with that.
As long as it's free, I'm game.

Well, actually, he's asking
for, like, 2,000 dollars.

But I'm sure we can find that.

-Cloud, you're ready, right?
-Yeah I'm ready.

Okay. You two. This is
what you call performance art.

This is the most important scene
in this video.

You and you. You will play
what you call your "instruments".

You play your "guitar"
and you play your "guitar" as well. Okay?

Director, I-l don't have a guitar.

Hold this for me.

Don't you know anything
about mise-en-scène?


It's just a guitar!

Cloud! Rudy!

One of them doesn't have a guitar.

Here's my idea.
Let's look for some cardboard.

This film, it's very important, okay?

It's what we'll submit to Cannes.

And the Nepa Q Film Festival.

This will be your… movie. Okay?

This will be your revelation.

Oh, wait a second.

That polo is a hindrance
to your rise to fame.

-Take it off.
-What do you think, Rudy? Is that okay?

Okay. Let's frame this.
Lena, can we make it wider?

The cord’s too short, idiot.


Dear, move a bit to your right.

To your right.
Not that right, the other right.

Move some more.
Maybe five steps, something like that.

A little more. Don't be shy. Silly girl.

Such a rocker. Just a little more.

Do you even know that?

You mean like Donna Miranda? Like that?

Donna Miranda, know-it-all. Move your ass.


That's it!

I'm finally going to give you a chance.

This is your scene.
You are going to roll around in the mud.

Okay? It's that simple.

What? You expect me
to roll around in that?

Come on, Flame. Don't do this.

Excuse me, but is your name Meryl?
Why are you overacting?

You should be thankful that a master
of modern cinema is making your video!

-Yeah, yeah.

Director, just make me do it.

Irene's our vocalist. She's the most
important member of the band.

We can't just make her
roll around in the mud.


So you're the genius around here.

Everyone to their vehicles!
Virgilio, I'll see you in the car!

What about this? My masterpiece!


You're my vocalist.
I won't let people make a fool of you.

Where do you wanna eat?

Oh, wait. I just remembered, Ods.

I need to leave because I promised
Jacci I'd buy him new strings.



That's new.

Oh, come on. The guy's busy. He doesn't
have anyone to run errands for him.

And you know me. I like
taking care of people, right?

So, that's your new style?


Odie, don't be like that.
Of course, I love Jacci.

I'm happy when I do stuff for him.


What else do you do for Jacci?

Nothing much.

Sometimes I get his cheques

and sometimes his groceries
and sometimes I have his stuff fixed.

Nice. You're practically his nanny.

Do you read his texts for him as well?

You know what?

Give me a call when you discover
how it feels to love someone so much

that you'd do practically anything
for them.

You need to experience that first.

Right. I don't know what that's like.


I don't need this anymore. I play bass.

So you don't have to be late.

Really? You don't have to do this.

You're my favorite.

One time, let's eat. I promise
I'll buy you dinner.

I owe you.

We've got a trip.


You know, so many people texted back,
so many called. And get this.

Russel Eustaquio, the A&R head
of EMI records, called me.

-Russel from Tame?

I know that guy!

He heard your demo,
and he's interested in signing us up.

But don't get too excited.

We have to impress their big boss.

So here's the plan.

We're making a special show
for our fans and friends. A showcase.

Let's invite all our friends,
all the press, everyone.

Then, let's launch the video there.
Let's make it an event to remember.

You just need to help me look for a venue.

-No probs!
-This is fantastic!

Some people here don't do
anything but art and art.

You'd think money grew on trees.

Look at this! We're buried in debt.

Rent, 5,546 pesos. Electricity, 1.1 k.
Water, 300.

And you owe me three months' rent.

Fix your life, man.

Oh, so it’s like that now, is it? Loser.

Who introduced art to me, huh?

Wasn't it you?

You even had these
stupid speeches in college,

"Don't give up on your dreams."


If I haven't listened to you,
I'd be a consultant by now!

Who introduced me to rock 'n' roll?

Wasn't that you?

And didn't you bring me
to all those art exhibits?



Don't make art an excuse
for your laziness!


What do you have to show
for all this anyway?

What have you done?

So conceited. You're not even helping.


Mag:Net. Go.

It's my one-man show.

Nice, Francis.

You need a band at the opening?


Yeah, baby, love you so much!

Don't you even wonder why?

Because it sounds like you?



Bro, should we tell Irene about this?

What the fu--? You serious? No way, dude.


What's that?

New pirated stuff.
Jacci Rocha Sex Scandal.


I don't know, and I don't want to know.

Jacci's been holding
the cam the entire time,

so he's just shooting himself.
What a moron.

Can you please fast forward this nonsense?

Wasting our time, man.

Is that one of your favors?

What's wrong with you? That's not me.

Look at his hair.

That's his hair
from the first Baron album.

Odie, let's go.

Hey, don't stain my sheets, okay?

We should have installed a videocam.
And a lava lamp.

You know, Odie,
I should've listened to you before.

What happened?

Jacci Rocha and I broke up.

Idiot was cheating on me.

What an idiot.

You know what he even told me?

He said that?

I just had so many…

I hate him.

Odie, why did this have to happen?

You know, Irene…

I've loved you for a while now.

I know.

You know?

Not that I know, but I've wondered
about that for a while now.

I just never wanted to admit it to myself.


I'm not dumb, Odie.

So… How's this?

Odie, you know that
I love you to death, right?

I don't want to lose you, but…


I don't want to lose
our friendship, either.

What we have is so special to me.

You know what I mean?

We could grow apart.
We could end up hating each other.

I don't want to risk that.

This doesn't make sense.

All great relationships start out
as friendships.

I think you're getting ahead of yourself.
You're stopping--

It's not as if I haven't
thought about this,

and it's not as if you're
the only one having a hard time.

You used to tell me…

that the girl I'd end up with
would be really lucky.

Irene, we're okay.

We like the same things.
We have great adventures.

And you know, I won't make a fool of you,

like what Jacci Rocha did.

I've proven myself time and again, Irene.

It's not that simple.

Then don’t give me that
"love me" nonsense.

Maybe you need me now
because you're in pain.

Story of our lives.

Let's not kid ourselves.



It might be better if we just forgot
everything we went through.

The concerts, exchanging CDs,
they don't mean anything.

Okay. You win.

If this was a debate, you'd win.
You make the most sense.

But love's not like that.

I wish it was as easy
as verse-chorus-verse.

I can't love you because it makes sense.

Because the reasons are logical.

You of all people should understand that.

I can't love you the way you want me to.

There's probably no practice today, huh?

It's okay. We have
the Jacci Rocha Sex Scandal anyway.

Mommy, I need to go.
Gotta get ready for the gig.

-Take care, Sunny Jim.
-Bye, Mom.


Oh! Junfour, wait! Look!

The supposed leader
of the G-Spot organization

was apprehended yesterday at Makati City.

This leader, Gami Ogenta, was basically
milking people for millions.

This is Gracie Vergara from UNTV.

You like my exhibit? If you want,
next time, you can be my exhibit.

I'll make you nude. You like that?

That's it. It depends on the outfit.

Hey, brother.

Thanks for coming to my humble exhibit.

I'm really happy that you're here. Here.

I am paying you back

for everything I've done to you.

And not only that, take a look at this.
Your guitar, man.

What's this, buddy?

Come in for a bit.

How do you like it? It's like art, right?

Are you not happy, buddy?

Don't you find my work nice?

What I did with that is very conceptional.

That's our struggle, bro.
The fight that was started by…

Koflong and others.

This one is really the inner face.
It's a lot.

It's art.

Hey, aren't you the guy from…

from Hapipaks?

Hapipaks, sir. Odie.

Hey. Nice.

I'm a fan. You're the bassist, right?

-Yeah. That's me.
-Bassist. Yeah.

What are you doing here?
Don't you have a gig?

Nah. I don't really care anymore.

Yeah? Why?

-It just got messy.
-Did it?

Wow. Let me tell you something, man.

Not everybody in this country is lucky
to get the chance to do what they love.

Think about it.

Five years from now,
you'll be sitting in some cubicle,

answering phones,

waking up early, going home late.
For what?

For something you don't really love?

You won't believe how many times
I've wanted to quit.

You know that, right?

Yeah, man.

Even at the start, I wanted to quit.

Because I fought with my bandmates

or because we didn't
get booked at some club.

But in the end, when I thought about it…

this is what I wanted to do.

Is this what you want to do?

Yes, sir. This is my dream.

So what are you moaning about?

If you've got a gig tonight,
your fans will be waiting.

Your band needs you.

I'm waiting for you, man.

Don't disappoint me.

Jean-Claude Van Damme once said,

So go to your gig. For me. And for you.

Shoot! To hell with this band nonsense!

I don't want this!

Gami Ogenta is terrible.

Now I have to look for a decent job
to pay for all the people I recruited.

Shoot G-Spot.


You know it. That's why I left, man.

Because I couldn’t stand
these stupid hipsters.

It's about the fashion, not the music.

Screw all of you. Burn in hell.

So, let's disband! Woohoo!

I don't think Odie
will show up, anyway. That flake.

What time are we on?

If you're all impressed
by my industrial videos for G-Spot,

well, this is even better.

But first,

Let's all clap for Cloud. Yay!

If you like my G-Spot videos, guys,
then you ain't seen nothing yet!

This is my obra maestra! Okay?

Witness "Operation Love"!

I've been planning to tell you
For a while now

Even though I hardly see you

It's so hard to say these things

Be it I get struck by lightning

The time of hardship, it will still come

There have been so many days
So many trips, so many words

If you even hold your hand close by

You will make me sigh

Looks like the video launch is a success.
There are so many people!

I'm so proud of you kids. Good work.

Thanks, Matet. I'll miss you.

Good evening. We're the band Hapipaks.

Thank you so much for coming over tonight,

and I hope you fine folks
like Mo's exhibit.

The first song is about our drummer,
who got piss thrown at him.

Hey! What's your problem?

Who do you think you are?

You look like a carp!

Go to hell!

That time we played, it was the one

and only time I felt like
I was playing with family.

We'd gone through so much,

and it wasn't about making music
with friends anymore.

It was about making friends through music.

You know how, in movies,

when they say, "This is it",
like they're saying it's the end?

Truth is, it never really ends.

Life goes on as we know it.
And I'm thankful for that.

Thanks to everyone.

Thanks for all the support.

Thanks to my bandmates.

Thanks to my friends.

This is our last song.

So this is it?

You know, the person we really
have to thank here is Odie.

We count ourselves lucky
to be his bandmates.

But… I think I'm the luckiest one

because I was able
to call him my best friend.

This one's for Irene.

Yes, go!

Is it time to say goodbye?

Or should we even try?

Is it time to keep my word?

Should I let it slip by?

But even if

It doesn't seem right

This ending is necessary

But it doesn't seem right

This ending is necessary

It's not

As if you will disappear

You'll just get used to things
Being like this.

That it's only until here

But it

Doesn't seem right

This ending

Is necessary

But it

Doesn't seem right

This ending is necessary

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