Rak/Saam/Sao (2008) - full transcript

The story of Phayu (Arak Amornsupasiri), Fah (Patarasaya Krousuwansiri) and Nam (Ratchawin Wongviriya), fresh college graduates from Interior Design faculty. After college, they face the most important transition of their lives, which includes career, romance, health etc.



As the hotel is located
at the city center,

the design is mainly targeted

at the customers

who come to use the services of the hotel.

Most of the customers
are businessmen and tourists

who stay for a short period.

Therefore, the design is focused
on the flashiness and modernity,

which complements the building

and the surroundings of the hotel
all at once.


I think there is a thin line

between modernity and starkness.

For your design,

how much did you take this
into consideration?

It's my primary concern.

If you take a close look,

you'll see that every place at the hotel,
whether it is the hotel rooms,

the restaurant

or the lobby,

has water as part of the design.

How will the water help this design?

You have to close your eyes first.

Please close your eyes.

This design
is not just visually aesthetic,

but audibly aesthetic too.

The starkness that you see
with your eyes can be softened

by the sound of water.

The design doesn't only emphasize
its harmony with nature,

it also gives importance
in energy conservation.

The source of electricity will be the sun.

No air conditioners will be installed

in the hotel rooms, the restaurant,
as well as the lobby.

The rooms are designed

to absorb the winds of every season,

so it has turned out like this.


Your idea of incorporating the nature
in the design is good.

But have you considered
the natural disasters?

What kind of natural disasters?

What would you do in case of a storm

with all those windows you have there?


Close the windows as quickly as possible.

For the layout of this advertisement,

I have tried to avoid the designs

that try to emulate the beauty

or compete with the nature,
which we can't win over.

Simplicity is the heart of the decoration.

All windows and walls
are designed to look like…

picture frames,

through which you can view
the art of the true artists,

who use the beautiful sky as a canvas

to express the beauty,

whether it is during dawn

or dusk.

Have you had any sleep?

No, not yet.

Were you helping your female friends?

No, sir.

I only did my work.


When did you start seeing
the beauty of the sky?

- Let's take pictures.
- Okay.

- Hey, Laaem.
- Come quick.


Where the hell is Payu?

- Get out of the way.
- How am I supposed to know?

Oh, didn't you guys
go out together last night?


Hey, where are you?
Do you know we're graduating today?



There he is.

Hey, Payu!

Hey, Cheuuay. Let's take a picture.

- Come on.
- Let's take pictures.

Hey, Payu. Can you smile?

Okay, and…

Who will take my picture?

It's not funny.

Sergeant, take their pictures.

I'm not in the mood today.

Okay, go.

Come on.

I don't need to be in the mood
with this camera.


- Lychees.
- Lychees.


- Pineapple.
- Pineapple.


That looks great!


Can I ask you something?

When did you get arrested?

This morning.

You're an idiot.

Of all people,
you punched a soldier's son?

How was I supposed to know?

Do you know now?

Yeah, asshole.

Actually, I don't think it's his fault.

Your girlfriend is slutty.

She's not my girl anymore.

I already broke up with her.

Hey, wasn't she the one
who broke up with you first?

Thanks, Cheuuay.

You're lucky that Fah has more connections
than that asshole,

otherwise, you'd be stuck in jail
for a very long time.

Hey, Payu, be honest with me.

- What the hell is wrong with you?
- What?

Why do women find you so annoying
that they want to run away?

We didn't mean
that everyone feel that way.

But women do feel that way about you.

That's not true.

If not, then why do you always get dumped?

It's the third time already.

Hey, are you one of those one-minute men?

Fuck you.

Don't fuck me.

It's something normal.

We're those kinds of men, too.


What's so funny?

You don't need to know.

It's a guy thing.

Hey, Fah, can I ask you something?

Why didn't I see your boyfriend
on the graduation day?

He had an accident in England,
so he couldn't come.

Is that true?

I heard a rumor that he's dating
a celebrity in England.


You have nothing else to talk about?


I shouldn't have said it, right?


Since today is a special day
for all the new graduates,

I'd like to invite one of you
to come up and sing.

Please give a round of applause to Pui.

That bitch.

I didn't know
she's so into her graduation gown.

Hey, I think she is cute.


What did you drink?


The Ladies!

The Ladies!


They seem to really like
the movie Fan Chan.

But for this song,

I don't think I can sing alone,

so please give a round of applause

to Miss Fah and Miss Num!

Did you guys work this hard
to prepare this?

The Ladies, right?

- Yes.
- Oh, really?

Sure, The Ladies.

Can you help me? I can't sing anymore.

Please enjoy the show
by Pui, Fah, and Num.

Knock, knock, knock!

Can you please open the door?

And see who is here?

You look good

Who will open your heart?

Which song do you want?

Knock, knock, knock!

I open the door and find you

Are you well?

I accept you into my heart

Keep it open, if you're okay

And don't change your mind

I will wrap you in my arms


- Hey.
- Fah!

- What's wrong?
- Fah!

Is this a part of the show?

- No, it's not.
- Fah.


- Fah, are you all right?
- Fah.


She's conscious now.

- What's wrong?
- What's wrong?

I passed out.

I'm sorry.

My friend is drunk,

but she still wants to have fun.

I'm sorry, everyone.

This isn't "The Ladies."
It's "The Elderlies."

- Hey, are you all right?
- Elderly.

So what?


If the Pandas didn't get together

We're going to make them be together

'Cause they didn't make out…

What are you doing here alone?

Is everybody here yet?

No, Fah is not yet here.

Where is she?

She usually comes with you.

She stayed over
at her boyfriend's place last night.

She should be here soon.

So, when are you going back
to stay with your mom in Chiang Rai?

I still don't know.

What are you waiting for?

Have you ever had a crush on someone?



I'm not telling you.

Does that asshole know you like him?

I don't think he knows.

He looks so stupid.

Why don't you just tell him?

If it were you, would you be
brave enough to tell?

Wouldn't dare.

Don't you feel suffocated?

Yes, I do.

That feeling would push us

to be brave eventually.


Listen to this.

- What song is this?
- Just listen to it.

Here's your bag.

Do you want a lift?

No need.

Go park the car at my house as well.


I really think Big is cheating on me.

Laaem might be right.

Payu, you asshole!

Are you tuning the guitar
or just spacing out? It's too long.

Are you waiting for a sign from heaven?


Don't ask me to chill.

Don't you see? It's already noon.


Why are you looking at me?

Do you have a problem?


When are you going to play something?

Hoi, just take the guitar.

Hurry up.

Play something good.


Fah is in the restroom.

I know.

I'll never ever believe your words

Someone like you can't be trusted

People always tell me

Not to fall for you

I'll never ever believe…

Is Fah in the restroom?

Fah hasn't come out yet.



Fah, can you hear me?




Hey, Payu, just break the door.





Excuse me. Please go back first.
My friend is sick.


What the hell are you looking at?
Just finish it.

You're not helping out.

More work, more pay. Less work, less pay.


- Num.
- Yes?

Oh, it's you.

Who are you thinking about?





Will you have dinner with me today?

What excuse are you bringing up this time?

A storm is coming?


Is this finished?


Did you use your hands
or your feet to paint?


Isn't it beautiful?

No, it's nice.

- You keep annoying me, huh?
- Hey.

Thank you.

Make sure to put everything away.

They'll start soon.

The actors have been waiting
since morning.


Hey, what are you going to do afterwards?

I have an appointment with Mr. Art.

He owes us some money
for the last job we did.

I'll have dinner with my family.

I'm going with Laaem.

What about you?

I'm thinking of paying Fah a visit.

Num told me she's sick.


So, what exactly is wrong with her?

I don't know how the doctors call it.

All I know is that,
there's no Thai name for it yet.

There is still no cure, right?


Has she been eating healthy food
like you told her?


She's stubborn.

She eats like normal and throws…

everything up.

The doctor said despite throwing up,
you have to keep taking it

until it goes into your bloodstream,

and you'll get better.

The hell I'll get better!

Can't you see? I'm getting worse!

Where did Num go?

She has some errands to do.

I'll keep you company for today.


Today, you can take me around, then.

Don't wait for me.

Just drive my car back to my house.


I'm at home feeling sick.

But instead of coming to see me,

he brought that bitch over to his house.

What did I do wrong, Payu?

Is it because I'm going to die,
so he's treating me like shit?

Don't say that.

You won't die easily.

It's because I'm stupid, Payu.

Stupid people like me don't die easily.

Come on, Fah.

Look at what the person I love did to me.

Who was the idiot who told me

that if we want to win somebody's heart,
we got to give ours first?

What about those six years
that I gave him?


He gave me shit in return!


You can do any shit you want,

but don't ever do this to anyone!

I really don't understand

why a cute girl like her

has to get stuck with an asshole like him.

I don't understand it, either.

Hey, I got to go now.

My band is probably cursing me right now.


Did you listen to the song I gave you?

What song?

It's the CD that I gave you.

Oh, shit.

That's right.

I haven't had the time to do it.



even only three minutes

is still too much to ask for.

I'll listen to it tonight.

What the hell are you looking at?

Hey, hey, hey!


What the fuck are you doing?

You are Fah's friend.


Instead of punching him,

you pissed on him.

Fuck! It's wet for just a while.

I'm leaving.

- Hey, drive safely.
- Okay.

See you.

You think you're cool, huh?

Hey, that's enough.

Cheuuay, are you alone?

Yeah, Laaem and Mooddy just left.

They'll be back soon.

What did the doctor say?

He's severely bruised.

But he's okay.

He can go home in a few days.

I was with him for six years, Num.

Just get over him.

I'll definitely do that.

I've been wanting to do this,

but I'm upset

that he still had to hurt our friend.

Why did he have to hurt Payu that bad?

Laaem and the guys said…

that Payu pissed on him.


Payu pissed…

on that asshole in the restroom.

Damn, Payu.

He acts like he's a dog.

Yeah, he's a dog.

What did the doctors in America say?

There's no progress yet.

So, how long do you think Fah will live?

I can't tell.

It's not certain.

It depends on many factors,

such as not taking her medicine regularly.

Why don't you take Fah home?

She won't go.

You know how much she hates my new wife.


How did you get here?

I came with Num.

Where did she go?

She's having dinner with Eak.
She'll be back soon.

So, are they a thing now?

I don't know.

What's going on here?

Did you get a new car?

New car your ass.

Don't you have a wheelchair at home?

So, what's wrong?
Why are you on a wheelchair?

I don't have strength.

Did you go see a doctor?


He only gave me some pills.

So, did you take them?

Why should I?

I won't get cured anyway.

What about you?

Did you enjoy getting yourself hurt?

Shit, no.

Their feet were too soft.

Right, Mr. Strong Feet.

So, why didn't you use them?

You just let them kick you.

I didn't want you to visit me
at the police station again.

So, you had me come
to the hospital instead?


Where did you buy your shirt?


Num gave it to me last year
for my birthday.

I've never seen you wear it.

I wear it when I go to bed.

Why are you asking?

Do you like it?

I play Thai music.

It's not good?

Oh, that's not it.


I don't really like the food.

Do you want something else?

Eak, please go ahead.

I'm not very hungry today.

Then, let's have
something you like next time.


Miss Jong!

Is the soup ready yet?

- Yes, it's ready. I already made it.
- I want to eat it today.


Super Spicy Soup for table four!

I can't really tell the difference
between your face and the pot.

- Here you go.
- You're fat and ugly.

Come on.

- Let me get it for you.
- It's hot.

There're lots of chicken feet.

Give me some quickly.

Here you go, Payu.

No, thanks.

I really don't like it.

Laaem, eat it.

You haven't tried it.

How will you know if you like it or not?

Just let him be.

A person like him likes it more
when people kick him around.

Is that more delicious than chicken feet?


You really have a strange taste.

Not for me.

So, do we have to buy
some takeout for Fah?

I don't think she can eat much.

Is her condition that bad?


It's really good.

Is that your new chick?

Why don't you pick it up?

It's my mom.

Oh, your mom is calling.

Are you dating your mom now?

Laaem, you asshole.

- Did you use your brain?
- Asshole.

Yes, Mom.

When are you coming back?

I'm coming back soon, Mom.

You're saying this again.

What is it this time?

You got a girl?

No, that's not it. I got work.

Just do your work over here.

It's busy here.

Noi got into a car accident yesterday.


Is he all right?

He is in the ICU right now.



Do you remember Fah?


Fah is in the ICU, too.



- Mom.
- Yes?

- Can you give me more time?
- Payu.

Do whatever you want quickly.

We don't get the same amount

of time in life.

It's so good.

You like it?

Very much.

I didn't know this tastes so good.

I come here with my friends every week.

Sometimes, I come here by myself
three days in a row.

You also eat by yourself?


From now on, don't eat alone.

If you come here,
you have to take me with you.


You're still here?

If Fah doesn't take the medicine
the doctor prescribed,

she'll have to keep coming
to the hospital.

Don't you have to play music tonight?

No, I got a replacement.

Have you met anyone new at the bar?

I don't want them anymore.

They're all party girls.

I've had enough.

So, if you don't want the party girls,

then why don't you look somewhere else?

Where can I find them?

Where do you think…

the good girls are?


Payu, you asshole!

Are you here to keep me company
or it's the other way around?

You snore like a pig, jerk.

The first thing you did
as you woke up was curse me.

So, how are you feeling?

So much pain.

When will I fucking die?


Does the medicine prescribed
by the doctor…

help at all?

It just helps to buy the time.

That's why I don't want to take it.

Do you want to try another way?

What for?


Nobody wants you to die.


Read this.


Urine therapy.


You drink it.

Drink it?


Do you have that much free time?

You really have to drink it.
I'm not joking.

The foreigners also drink it.

Is your dad a foreigner?

I'm not drinking it. I'm Thai.

Are you a Buddhist?


If you don't believe them,

then you should believe in Buddha.

Did Buddha teach you to drink piss?


In Buddhism, they call it wastewater.

The monks drink it when they're ill.

Is that a true story?

Why would I lie?

How will I know?

Last time, you tricked Pui
into eating dirt.

I still remember that.

When she was drunk,

you told her that the dirt
was the spicy salad.


I might be sick, but I'm not drunk.

I know.

I'm not drunk, either.

Hey, Fah.

You're going to fucking die.

Why the hell would I lie to you?

Okay, piss is not medicine,

but it stimulates your body
to heal itself.

Isn't it dirty?

No, it's not.

The foreigners have already proven
that it's not dirty.

Foreigners again.

If you believe them so much,

then try and drink it first.


I'm not sick.


You don't even dare to drink it,

why should I?


Hey, don't!

Shit! Don't…

Why did you drink it?

I really want you to get better.

What's going on here?

- Num, he…
- Fah!

Shut up. Don't fucking say anything.

Don't fucking say a word.

Be quiet.

What the hell is wrong with Payu?

He just drank his own piss.


What did he drink?


Eat something.

Payu bought it for you.

Hey, Num.

Isn't Payu going back home
to his mom anymore?

I don't know.


What kind of person do you think Payu is?

What kind?

Don't you think he's acting strange?



Aren't people who drink
their own piss strange?

Laaem and the others said

that he's one of those one-minute men.

Isn't that strange?

Are you crazy?

Why did you listen to Laaem?


Can't I listen to them?

No, you can't.

It's all bullshit.

How about this?
Just call him here and ask.

Ask who?



Is that a good idea?

Yeah, I want to know what it is.

Don't you guys have anything else to do?

You made me drive
all the way here, asshole.


Are you really a one-minute man?

What the hell?

Do you want to try?

You pervert.

It's you who is a pervert.

Anything else?


Sensible questions, okay?

You come visit me often.

Do you feel anything for me?

Somebody wants to know.


Yes? What?


I do like you.

Hey, stop joking around.

I'm not.


Give us a second.

Damn it.

Payu really does like me.

Why are you so worked up
if you don't feel the same way?

Do you?

What should I do, Num?

I'm leaving.


should go and clear things up with Fah.

Also, don't be a jerk…

like other men.

So, why do you like me?

I don't know.

You know

that I don't have much time left.

I know.



I don't know, either.

Is there anything you know?


how can you make me happy?

That I don't know.

What I do know is…

that I think…

I won't make you sadder.

It's pretty.


If we become a couple,

we won't make each other cry, right?

When did they start liking each other?

Hey, Saipan.

It was when she was dying.

If it wasn't Num looking after her,
it was always Payu.

So, how should we act around them?

Stop asking stupid questions.

We just act like normal.

Do you think you can actually be
more normal than that?

Also, what the hell is wrong with you?

It's just our friends dating each other.

Oh, what about when they break up?

We're friends with them like the usual.

Why are you stressing about this?

You're not dating them.

- Yeah.
- Right.

- You're right.
- Psychopath.

Shit, your words are so striking.

- Of course.
- Let's make a toast.

What for?

Who are you to make a toast with me?

It's to celebrate that our friends
are now a thing.

Okay, that sounds good.

Okay, let's make a toast.

Hey, wait.

Where did Num go?


- Did she already leave?
- I'm here.

Oh, then grab your glass
and make a toast with us.

Okay, cheers!

To our friends who got together.

Hey, Num.




Thank you.

Hey, Fah!

What's wrong?

I'm scared of monkeys.

Why didn't you tell me?

What kind of man are you
to be scared of monkeys?

Come here.

Come on, it won't bite.

It's following you.

- Are you scared?
- Yes.

Bite him. Come on, bite him.

- Bite him!
- Fuck!

You're biting me, huh?

Hey, go away.

Help me.

Feed them bananas.

How long since you moved here?

A year or so.

Give me the key.

What about me?

You wait for me down here.





Hey, do you really like me?

Then kiss me.

I want to know

if you're lying or not.



Is something bothering you?


What time is it now?

It's already past 11 p.m.


I'll leave first.




If you have something to say,
just tell me frankly.


Is there a problem with me?

Eak, you're nice.


I just want to go home.


I want you to stay with me tonight.

- Let go.
- No.

Let go.

Let go.




Let go!

Let go, you asshole!

Let go!


What's wrong?

What the hell is wrong with you?

- Num.
- That fucking Eak!

How would I know that he would do it?

- You shouldn't have gone to his house!
- I didn't know!

I didn't know!








Hey, Miss Num.

Where is Fah?

She's by the pool.

It's my fault.

I trusted him too much.

As soon as Payu found out,

he went over to his condo to kick his ass.


Are you all right?

Right now, no.

But I'll get better.

It's just my bad luck.

However, for Payu,

Eak's family is pressing charges
against him.

I want you to help him.

He's detained at the police station.

Don't worry about Payu.

I'll take care of it.

But you,

are you sure you're going to be all right?

Yes, I'm fine.


Isn't your dad coming back?

My dad is still working in Rayong.

It would take a while before he's back.


Aren't you going to work?

What about you?

I will keep Num company tonight.

Hey, it's all right.

I can stay by myself.

I know you can be by yourself.

It's me who can't be by myself.

Do you want me to stay with you?

Just go to work.

It's ladies' night.


Did he use condoms?


I hope he doesn't have any diseases.

Give me your hand.

Take those pills.

What are these?

Sleeping pills.

Aren't you sleeping yet?

Not yet.


How is Num?

She's already asleep.

It's good that she can still sleep.

She took some sleeping pills.

Why aren't you sleeping yet?

Num took all the sleeping pills.

It's okay.

I'll keep you company.

All night long?


Hey, that's not sweet at all.


It's how I normally talk.

Well, is this normal?

Say it again.

How do you want me to say it?

How do lovers talk to each other, then?

It's your homework.

I'll wait for it tomorrow.

Good night.


"When the person

you love becomes

your best friend's boyfriend…"



It didn't get through.

When did she break up with you?

This morning.

I went to her house this morning.

She wasn't there.

Nobody knew where she went.

Did you do anything to make her mad?

I didn't do anything.

She just disappeared.

I called her for a few days.

She only received my calls this morning.

What's wrong with her?

I'm sure she is fine.

It's me…

who won't be.


Miss Fah.

It's time to eat.

Miss Fah.


I'm going to have an abortion.

Do you think Mooddy knows a place
where I can do it?

His ex-girlfriend did it before, right?

Don't do it.

It's very sinful.

So, what do you want me to do?


Does Eak know about this?

That asshole doesn't need to know.

This is fucked up.

He nutted in once and I'm pregnant.

Can you call and ask Mooddy for me?


Don't do this.

I'm asking you a favor.

A favor to do what?

You want me to go tell my dad

that I'm pregnant?

I'm sure my dad would be really happy.

Are you still mad at me?

I'm sorry, Num.

Forgive me.

Next time,

I won't be rough to you
like that again, okay?

If you give me another chance,

I promise…

that I won't forget the condoms.

Hey, what the fuck is wrong with you two?


So, you have decided not to continue
your studies, right?

I'm still going,


I want to get married first.

Why are you in such a hurry?

If you guys really love each other,

then let your parents make
the proper arrangements.

Don't just…

come here all of a sudden like this.

Okay, sir.


You don't have to do this.

If I don't,

then what are you going to do?

This is definitely better
than what you plan to do.

Flash marriage.

When did they fall in love?

Hey, Payu.

What did your mom say about this?

She didn't say anything.

She left for Chiang Rai yesterday.

If Fah see this invitation,
she would be surprised.

I don't think she would be the only one.

Look at the groom's face.

He even looks confused.

Love is…

a mysterious thing, isn't it?

Hey, are you guys ready?

Let's play.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.


When you're free,

come play soccer.

It relieves stress.

Your legs are like twigs now.

Hey, go to the left.

Fah is at Munnork Island right now.

Didn't she tell anyone?

Not at all.

You and Fah didn't have a fight
or anything, right?


With suddenly Fah disappearing like this,

I also want to know the reason behind it.


How do I get to Munnork Island?

How is Fah doing, Miss Sri?

Not very well.

This way, please, Miss Num.

Miss Fah.

She never takes her medicine.

She never follows
the doctor's advice, Miss Num.

She doesn't eat enough.

The only things she does
are drinking and smoking.

She doesn't listen to me at all.

Did you tell the doctor?


He should be here tomorrow.

Miss Sri.

Can I have some water?


Why are you doing this?

You're acting like I'm not your friend.


You're my friend.

You're also my best friend.

But it's me,

who is the worst friend you have.

Why do you think like that?

I even forgot your birthday.

Gosh, Fah.

It was just another day.

Everybody forgets.

Have you ever forgotten my birthday?

Then don't forget my birthday next year.


If I only had any idea

of how you feel with Payu,

I wouldn't have done that.

I see.

Is that the reason why you decided…

to hide out here?


I admit that I love him.

But he doesn't love me.

Payu loves you, Fah.


is useless…

if it's with me, Num.

Do you think it would be more useful…

if it's with me?

You thought it would make me happy?

Aren't you happy?

Are you happy right now?

Tell me…

that you're happy right now.

Tell me…

that you don't love Payu.

Tell me that you don't love him.

Tell me…

that you ran away to this place

because you don't want love from anyone.

Tell me.



If you're not happy,

then how do you think I can be happy?


I'm sorry.

Why are you apologizing?

You didn't do anything wrong.

None of us did anything wrong.


How is she doing?


How did you get here?

Num called me.

Where is Num?

She already left.

All by herself?

Num asked me to give you this.

Fah, I have to go back and finalize
the wedding plan with my dad first.

I haven't told you yet

that Payu and I are getting married.

It's not because he loves me.

He's marrying me

because I got pregnant.

I got pregnant with that asshole.

It has nothing to do with Payu.

He's doing this

because he doesn't want me
to do an abortion.

I think those sleeping pills
you gave me that day didn't work.

Up until now,

I don't know how many cards
my dad has given out.

I think you know…

what would happen
if my dad found out the truth.

But no matter what,

I think it's time that I face the truth.

I also want you to accept the truth

that Payu loves you very much.

Fah, it's not wrong

if you love him,

because I love him, too.

There is one more thing
I want you to know.

No matter how much I love Payu,

it doesn't mean that it's more
than the love I have for you, Fah.

See you soon, my friend.

Payu is a very good friend.

Yes, Dad.

Num, you should go to England
and stay with your aunt.

What about the baby?

You can deliver the baby there.

It's only your baby.
I'm sure your aunt can handle it.

You're not angry at me?

I would be more angry at you

if you never told me the truth.

I'm really sorry, Dad.

Take this as a lesson for you.

Next time,

never trust anyone so easily
like that again.




Do you know where we go after we die?

I think it depends

on what is on our mind before we die.

If you have good thoughts,
you'll go to heaven.

If you have bad thoughts,
you'll go to hell.


I want to sit on those rocks.

The sun is setting.

People say

the sky is the most beautiful

after the sun sets.


But it is the beauty that is short-lived.


Do you really love me?



Can you promise me one thing?

What is it?

Promise me…

that when I'm gone,

you won't love anybody else.

I promise.

Except for Num.

Do you remember

that you told me…

you would never hurt me?

Do you remember that?

Yes, I do.

If you can do as promised,

I would have a chance

to be in heaven

like everyone else.







If we become a couple,

we won't make each other cry, right?


When are you going to England?




Oh, Fah.

You're awake?

Come sit here.

Yes, right here.


Mommy, what's that you're looking at?

It's a picture of Fah and Payu.

Why does Fah have the same name as me?

It's because Fah is cute just like you.

So, between Fah and Payu,

who do you love the most?

I love both of them equally, sweetie.

Mr. Tao, this line here is for this wall.

Oh, okay.

Please remove it.

Oh, why do you want to remove it?

I want the people inside
to have a nice view.

Oh, so they can see the flowing water.

That's nice.



even only three minutes

is still too much to ask for.

Where the hell are you?

It's so damn noisy.

I'm at Pranburi for freshmen outing.

- What about you?
- I'm in Bangkok.

I just finished running some errands
for my mom.

Come join us. There are many people here.

You're too damn old to go
to freshmen outing.

Who are you calling old?
Thep is so old he could die tomorrow,

but he still came, you bastard.

Who else is there?

Of all our friends,

there are Laaem, Cheuuay, and me.


Do you know who joined
the outing this year?

- Who?
- Make a guess.

- Num?
- No, it's Pui.

She flew in from London.

She's imported some weird fashion.

It's something punk.

It's totally weird.

Can I speak to Pui, then?

Sure, give me a second.


- Who is it?
- Payu.

Hey, Pui.

When you were in England,

did you ever run into Num?

You still can't contact her?

Not yet.

She just disappeared.

She's still as hot as ever.

Even after she had a baby.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Can I talk to you later?

I'm having so much fun right now.
If you change your mind, just come over.

- Next time.
- Bye.




When did you return?

I was just talking to Pui about you
over the phone.

Did you receive any of my e-mails?


So, why didn't you reply?

I wanted to get over you.


How many days have you been here
since you returned?

Four days.

When are you going back?



You didn't think of calling me at all?


What if I didn't run into you here?

But we fucking ran into each other.



Since you've been back,

have you had the Super Spicy Soup?

Not yet.

I don't know where Miss Jong has moved to.

I know a new place.

It's as delicious as Miss Jong's.

You already went there?


I thought you don't like chicken feet.

If I like it now,

would you have some time left…

to eat with me?

It seems like

Nothing has changed

It seems like the days

That have passed

However, the truth is

Something is changing inside

I want you to look into my eyes

And you'll understand

That there are things

That have changed

The feelings I have for you

Aren't the same

It's not any lesser

But it has become more

Than what friends would have
For each other

Subtitle translation by Joey Vajrabukka