Raju Gari Gadhi 2 (2017) - full transcript

Rudra, a mentalist and a medium, helps track down a ghost that is haunting a resort.

My god! Do spirits possess
so much power?

I don't think anyone can stand
them if they are seeking revenge.

Enough! we are roaming around
here at night since 10 years.

Have you seen a single spirit?
There are no such things. Spirits?


Hello! Hello!
Can you hear me?

I came in the morning
for land registration.

Not the land? Landrover?
Where is that site?

Uncle, that's not a site.
Its a car.

What are you talking?

You look like the brand
ambassador to black paint.

-Why would I even talk to you?
-Give him a big round of applause.


Mr. Raju is waiting in the car
since an hour.

What's the delay with the registration?
Tell me if there's no money.

I will arrange the registration
with someone else.

It's not about the money. The third
friend amongst us hasn't come yet.


-Where is he?
-There he is.

Why are you late?

We are starting a business
for the first time.

I went to the temple and prayed for us
to be together forever.

Super! Come, we are late
for the registration.

"One word! One path! One dream!"

"We will always be together"

"We are brothers from different
mothers, We live by the same accord"

"What else can we ask God for?
This friendship is a boon to us"

"Beautiful life! Beautiful life!"

Thank you.

"Beautiful life!"

"Every minute is wonderful"

"Beautiful life! Beautiful life..."

"Beautiful life! Beautiful life!"

"Fortune of many lives!"

"Beautiful life! Beautiful life!"

"We dedicate it to friendship"

-What a beauty! What a beauty!

What a booty! What a booty!

Soft and smooth!

Hey! I can't take anymore
of your weird romance. Wake up!

-What are you doing? Get up!
-Sorry sir.

Your wife is like a sister to me.
I was just!

Was that a dream?

You will obviously have dreams
if you sleep for this long.

What are you talking?
This is our resort.

Nobody will object us for sleeping.

If the customer leaves without
the billing, we will be in trouble.

Go and collect the remaining
balance money from room number 8.

Guests and accounts is your department,
Food and alcohol is my department.

I will not interfere in yours business
and you don't interfere in mine.

-Would you touch my feet if I interfere?
-Was that supposed to be a joke?

-Remind me at night. I will laugh at it.

-Hey! Be serious.

We have to work hard
for the next five years.

And open our branches in Chennai,
Kochi, Mumbai, Dubai, London and Paris.

This is our target.

Before doing all that,
we will open in Bangkok first.

-For what?
-For that.

-It's legal there, you know?

Do they have that too?

Girls have license
and boys have workouts.


If we have a resort there,

We can offer service to our customers
and enjoy the service in free time. Easy.

Isn't it?

-He will not enjoy and won't let us enjoy.
-Good boy. Leave him here.

-Alright but my body is craving for a girl.
-I too feel the same.

-Let's go.
-Come on.

Here are the vegetables you asked for.

-How much do they cost?
-350 rupees.

These vegetables won't cost so much,
I will give you 350 rupees.


Money is in my shorts. Take it.

Money means cash.
What are you holding?

The bell rang, I am going for prayers
and will be right back.

-You hold these vegetables.

My dear children, Lord is like a father
to all of us.

He had first created
Adam and Eve.

Dear Church Father, I have a doubt.
Shall I ask?

Go ahead.

There was no one born before
Adam and Eve? isn't that true?

Jesus was born later in a manger.

We happen to celebrate
Christmas since then. Isn't it?


Meet me in the room after class.
I will answer it for you specially.


So, everyone in this world
are Adam and Eve's children.

So, every woman is to be
respected like a sister.


if every woman is
treated like a sister,

where will new
sisters come from?

-Wouldn't that be the end of the world?

-Will you answer this in the room too?
-Yes, my son.

Not finding an answer to my questions
would be a curse to this world, Father.

Sir, where do you want me
to put the coffee?

Sir, where do you want me
to put the coffee?

Put it in Kakinada. I
will fly to Rajahmundry,

then take a car to
Kakinada and drink it.

-Isn't that better?

-Hey... Where are you going?
-Didn't you ask me to keep it in Kakinada?

Hey... You really don't
understand humor.

-Come, put that coffee on my face.

Hey... I was just kidding.
Give it to my hands.

-In my hands.
-As you wish.

-Thank you.

-Did you put jaggery in the coffee?
-Yes. I really like jaggery.

Hey... Use your brains.
Who puts jaggery in coffee?


Know that there is a guy like me to stop
anyone from raising his hand on a woman.

-Enough of your heroism.
-Sir, you don't listen to me.

Haven't you seen Ashwin? Look how
he is dancing with those chicks.

-I am watching.
-Keep watching,

If you waste anymore time, you
would have nothing left to squeeze.

Shut up.

Nisa darling,

You are provoking me with your dance.

I will have some fun with you today.

-Hey, what are you doing?
-Silly question.

Does anyone run in a swimming pool?
I am swimming, man.

-I have a class going on here.
-So what? Not my problem.

-Hi, Nisa.



This is for Nimmi...
Smoothie with less sugar.

Thank you.

This powerhouse drink is for
the pretty Suhasini.


-Suha... sona?
-No, No, Suhanisa.

-Whoever it is, you are wonderful.
-Thank you.

What rubbish! How can you compare
apples with oranges?

-Here comes the English dubbing king.
-Doesn't he speak Telugu?

He doesn't speak English too.
That is why he failed in Engineering...

I failed on purpose.

-Who knows?
-Because I quit,

This bloody education system in India.
I quit.

If I studied like them, I would
have ruined my career and vision.

-You don't look like their classmate.
-Hello Aunty.

Put some water on your face and
iron it. Your wrinkles would disappear.

-Everyone says I'm pretty like a doll.
-Do you know that?

You look like a grandma.
Who says you are pretty?

Don't hurt me,
I am still a bachelor.

You look like a mother to ten.
How can I believe you are a bachelor?

So, just remember one thing.

Everybody might be the same before law.

But everybody may not be the same
before biology.

-But zoology is different to Anthropology.
-What a statement!

Hey bold and beautiful,
Don't you want linda goodmen star sign.

-Ofcourse you have it?
-You say it. I have it.

Let's get out of this shit. Come on.

Bye guys. No,
I can't look at his romantic feats.

I will jump into this juice and die.

-All the best.
-Rest in peace.


What is that?

Spanish fly, World's
second best aphrodisiac.

What does it mean?

A drug to boost the lust in you.

Just a drop of this and you can show
stars to the other person.

-To whom?

Hey... Nisa is my student.
Don't mess with me with all your crazy.

Go away good boy.

I already got Suhanisa to cancel your
Zumba class and set her for a date with me

Hey... You know that
I like Nisa, right?

-Will my car run with diesel in your car?

Won't we switch on lights
if there is moonlight in the sky?

It's the same. You love her.
I lust her.

I will see how you will
take Nisa on a date.

Even Kattappa
can't stop this date.

No one can stop me
from dating Nisa.

Smile please.

Show me.

-Click the three of us now.

Click. Come.

I'm not worthy to stand
beside a beauty like you.

So sweet.

-Come... let's take a selfie.
-No please.

Is that it?

If you delay any more, that
Spanish fly will land on her.


Can I place my hand here?


-Is it nice?
-Yes, super.

You are so sweet.

-What is this touch? So soft.
-Is it? I will show you my touch now.

Nisa, Shall we discuss
the book I told you about.


Do you believe in Star signs?

They are good for nothing,
how will they know about Star signs?

You are too innocent.
Come on. Let's go to my room.

-Why does your face look so sad?
-Do we look like useless salesman?

-Is that why you are sad?

I thought you are upset
as he took away your girl.

Correct, I should
be upset about her.

Stop it. I hate love stories.

Nice view...

-You like it?
-It's beautiful.


-Here we go.

Thank you.

I like this brand.

-Are you okay?
-Yes. I am okay.

Suhanisa... You know
you are quite special to me.

-You are married, right?
-Who told you?

I googled you.

Damn this google.

You know Google is not actually
spelled 'Google'.

Minton Sarota called it so.

He is the nephew of...
Tell me bro.

Are you married or not?

I am divorced too.
Didn't Google tell you that?


You know, Full mental torture,
Psychological abuse.

It's like acupuncture.
Very painful, you know.

No happiness at all.
If you look into the past,

Nisa, I am talking about my past.
if you look into my life.

I wouldn't even call it a marriage.

-I am sorry.
-Don't be.

I don't want you to show me sympathy,
cutie pie. I want a hug.

I want a shoulder.

Are you okay?

Selfie trick would be better.

Nisa, shall I click a photo of you?

-Ofcourse... Shall I pose?

By the way, look straight
into the lens. Okay?

-Photo should be amazing.
-You will be shocked.


-What happened?
-Lens should be clean.

-Clarity is important.

Ready? Pose.

Any problem?

Lens needs to be cleaned.
Clarity is important.

Maybe this side is better.

-Come on, baby. Let's take a selfie.

I hate selfies.

Hey... Let's take a selfie.

Selfies are injurious to health, ma'am.
Many die because of it, you know.

Hey cutie pie, One selfie,


Where are you?

-Have some alcohol.
-Nothing goes in now, ma'am.

With your permission,
can I call my mom?

You can call later. Have this first.

-I miss mommy a lot, ma'am.
-Drink this first. Have it.

Hey... Ghost... There is a ghost
in our resort.

What happened?

-Did Nisa leave?
-Fool, That's not Nisa. It's a ghost.

An aghora in the form of a girl...

-I will show you. Come.

-She looks fine.
-Click a photo. You will know.


Look, you can't see the head, right?

What happened to you? Why are
you talking crap? Look properly.

-You can see her.
-No. It's true.

When I clicked earlier,
I couldn't see her.

So, nothing happened
between you two.

One minute.

Did you dance?

-I made dosas. Come and eat.
-This isn't the time for your sarcasm.

She is a ghost. She drank
a full bottle earlier...

Why would there be any
ghosts in our resort?

Come on... Let's
take Nisa to her room.

No, No, I will take care of Nisa.
You guys do your work. Nisa...

-Your fate!

Romance with a ghost?
You will be dead.

Hey... there is no ghost.
Don't be scared. Let's go.

"Nisa... I lay my hand
on your cheeks."

You are so soft.

I can see her well now.
What happened yesterday?

-I was just thinking of you.

-I typed 'Rascal' in Google.

-What popped up?
-Your picture.

Stop mocking and listen to me.

There is some mystery around Nisa.
How did she know I was married?

-I told her that.

Why did you do that?

Because a married guy
wouldn't have much demand.

Wouldn't we buy an iPhone 8
because we have iPhone 7?

Even I know this stupid comparison.
Close your exit door.

I have to test Nisa again.

Super, Nisa. You did a great job.

Hey... Ghost is coming.
It's a ghost.

What happened to him?
Why is he behaving so weird.

Nothing. He thinks
you are a ghost. Ghost?

My God.

-You know I went on a date with him.
-Sheep always believes the slaughter man.

-I have to teach him a lesson.
-What will you do?

Do you want to date me?

-Will you go on date with me?


Hello... Say yes or no.

-You have all the rights on me.
-I will show you what I am.

Hey Praveen, it's a dream.
Let's go to the resort.

-Wake up, dreamer.

Are you senseless?
Why are you provoking me?

What does that mean?

Nisa is in a bikini, calling me.

You obstructed me with
a coconut in your hand.

While he interferes in reality
and you interfere in my dreams,

When will I date Nisa
and build a house.


Though I am upset I couldn't have Nisa,
I am happy that she recognized you.

-I swear.

Superb timing.

It must be your Nisa darling. We
wouldn't disturb you, Bye, Good night.

-It's Nisa.
-Really? Talk. Talk.

Hi, Nisa darling. Why did you call
at this hour?

Hello, Hello, She isn't talking.

You keep talking.

-I will check on her. ok?
-Yes, go.

Nisa darling, why are you quiet?

Our date is tomorrow
remember? Nisa...

Phone is off.
Nisa is asleep.

Who is speaking with him
on the phone?

Which cream makes your
body so soft? Tell me, baby.

Talk dear.

-Stop it. It's not real.
-Hey, Don't disturb me.

Tell me which cream.

-Shall I apply it on you?
-What will you apply?

Can't you understand what I am saying?
It's not real.


Not you, baby.

-Express me your love through a song.
-Hey, Hey.

She will sing,
"Would he be six feet?"


"I am the shadow that follows"

Didn't I tell you? I have been
telling you. It's not real. Hang up.

-Hang up immediately.
-I can't cut the call.

Hey... Come on. Let's go.

Please come.

You die here.


You can't hear anything else
except my voice.

Take a deep breath.

Exhale now.

Where are you inhaling
and exhaling from?

Look... You asked me to inhale. I did.
And then said exhale. I did that too.

You should specifcally tell me
from where to let it out.

Hey... I am fire.

That's something else.

Answer us without getting annoyed.

-What are the questions?
-Before we bought this resort.

Since Mr. Raju built the resort,
have there been any shocking incidents?

-What do you mean?
-I mean, any suicide or murder?

What are you talking, sir?

If there was any suicide or murder,
it would've appeared in the newspapers.

Go, sir. There are no ghosts here.

What happened, son?

As Mr. Nagarjuna suggested,
I shopped at Kalyan Jewelers.

As Mr. Venkatesh suggested,
she put them in Manappuram father.

My head is exploding for
marrying a crazy girl.

As NTR suggested, apply oil
to your scalp. It will be cool.

Come... Apply oil to me.

Stop crying.

Father, Father, Sit
down for two minutes.

-Why did you guys come here?
-Are ghosts for real, Father?

-Have you seen them?

-Is there air here?
-Yes father.

-Show me.

No, Father.

When we agree there's air
that we can't see.

And believe there is God
that we can't witness,

Why don't you believe there are ghosts?

when there is too much air,
we switch off the fan.

-How do we stop the ghosts?
-How do we stop them, Father?

We can't stop them.

But the Lord can. This cross,
where he resides, can stop them.

What actually happened, son?

Father, there is a ghost in the resort.
We are really scared.

Take me there for purification.

Put it on my head as a sample
and purify me, Father.

I didn't even bathe out of fear.

You think this is like a test
drive before buying a car?

Please, father.


First listen to us, Ashwin.

If you repeat this,
I will forget you are my friends.

I worked hard, fought at home
and invested money on this resort.

If we spread the news about a ghost,
who will come to us?


We didn't think that far.


Don't tell anyone about this.

There is no ghost here.

We won't say it out loud but there
is really a ghost in this resort.


I am also here.
How come I don't see a ghost?

Why can't I see it.


That's Ashwin.





-Hey Ashwin.
-Where did you go?

-Talk... We are scared.
-Hey Ashwin.

Please stay with me... Ashwin.

You said there's no ghost.
Look what happened now.

-Don't go there.
-I will be fine.


Hey Praveen.

What happened to him?

-Dad called me in the morning.
-What did he say?

He said business doesn't suit me.

He wants me to sell my share
of the resort and return home.

That's true. Rather than
the ghost beating us up here,

I would let our family do that.
What do you say?

I can't believe you guys.

I trusted you both, fought with my dad
and invested money on this resort.

You guys want to sell your share
and go home.

My dad asked me not to come home,
If my business fails.

To be precise, he kicked me
out of the house.

Parents support us until
we grow up.

Friends are our strength later.

If you guys also leave me,
how do I live?

This scene shouldn't have
any more sentiment. Take this.

What's this?

-Where did you get it?

From our kitchen.

It's been so long since we bought it.
That's why I gave you guys.

One minute.



I'll meet you guys later.

-I will freshen up and call you.
-It smells like a dead rat. Yucks!

-Hi, baby.
-Hi, Bala.

How is your business going?
I think you forgot me.

-I forgot you?
-No chance.

I can only see your face.
Why don't you sit behind?

-I want to see the whole of you.
-What, Ashu?

-Why do you always ask me to move back?
-Please move.


Why am I sweating all of a sudden?

What are you looking at?
You too...

-No, Ashu.
-Do it for me. Please.

-Just on the phone. Please.

-There won't be any problem, right?
-No. It's just the two of us.


Hey, What happened?


You open it.

Want to see everything now?
Boy is in a hurry.

-I can't see anything.

I removed everything.
Didn't you see?

-Really? Did you remove everything?

It might be a network problem.

-I am tensed, Ashu.
-Don't be tensed. I am right here.

-Ok. Can you see me now?

I might have woken up seeing
those idiots in the morning.

I think they are here.
I will call you back.

Ok, bye.

Father, this incident
shouldn't come out at any cost.

If it is leaked, our business will be
in huge loss.

We would have to beg.

-Stand properly, dumbo.
-Who are you calling 'dumbo'?

-Yesu here... Bala yesu.
-Shut up.

Is this the mirror
you were talking about?

'Praise the Lord in
the name of almighty'.

'Praise the Lord in the
name of Jesus Christ'.

Watch... It will come out now.

What will come out?

It's just the scent you sprinkled.

Hey... I am pleading you.
I am scared, man.

Praise the Lord
in the name of God,

In the name of almighty,
in the name of Jesus Christ,

In the name of supreme power.

In the name of God, in the name of
lord, in the name of the holy spirit,

in the name of almighty,

-This place is...
-Stop it.

I am listening to your
prayers since then.

Remove your hand. You look huge.
Why are you scared?

Why are you making
noises from inside?

You think you can scare me
with your noises?

Yesu... Balayesu... will rip your
skin off and stitch garments with it.

Stop it.

Look the noise has stopped. You shouldn't
plead when someone is scaring you.

Hey, giant...
I'm talking to you.

Where's the ghost?
Why doesn't it come out?


Ashwin bro.

Everyone left me here alone.

Lord, save me... Father...

Where are you going, Father?

I haven't thought of it, son.

Save me, Father.


You messed it up.

You better deal with it.

Don't involve me.

This is not fair.

Ours is a very long bond,
A strong relationship...

Is this the time to talk about bonds
and relations? Let me go. Please.

I might die, Father.

I am frightened.
Pray, Father...

-You didn't want it earlier.
-I'm asking you to do it now.

-Run away.
-You messed it up.

Damn! What's happening in the resort?

What is it happening for?
This egomaniac,

Informic, oblique...

Is English necessary now?

-Did you just slap me?
-No. I gave you a French kiss.

-If you speak broken English again...
-How can you escape from the...

-There you go again.
-Good morning, sons.

-Good morning, Father.
-It's good days for your resort.

-Really, Father?
-Be ready tomorrow morning.

-We will be going to a place.
-Where to, Father?

To meet a person who can solve
your resort mystery.

Who is he, Father?

Since our ancestors...

One from the dynasty reputed for the
worship of Naga, Durga and Hanuman.

He is Rudra.

Why did you bring us here, Father?
I don't think this will work out.

May you live long!

You make me feel blissful, Rudra.

Being one of the most reputed
mentalists in the world.

And a strong believer of science,

you are still following
our culture and customs,

which is a great thing.

Master, science knows little.
There is a lot more.

So, no matter how updated I am,

I still follow our traditions.

-Someone is here for you.
-Father has come?

What's up Father.

Is everything working out well?

You think he heard us?

He is a mentalist.

He can look into our eyes
and say what's in the heart.

He is one among the top five.

How is it possible, Father?

Give me your phone.

Look into my eyes.

Just look like a normal human.

Think of your password.

Repeat it again and again.

-Nice wallpaper.

He unlocked my phone.


What about the resort problem?

There is no problem without
a solution, Father.

I will definitely come.

Commissioner is on the phone, sir.

What's the case?

10 days back, in NGO's colony,
a lady by name Varalakshmi was dead.

She has no one.
Postmortem says it's a brain stroke.

It says a piece of apple was stuck in her
throat, depriving her of oxygen supply.

But as her neighbors
suggested her death

to be unnatural, I
am dealing the case.

Suspecting the maids,
we have them under custody.

Where is he?

Does anyone lie during
the holy Swami observation?

I am in no way related to her death.
She asked me to get milk.

She was dead by the time I returned.

He is repeating the same
since 10 days, Rudra.

Is he saying it this way
or saying the same thing?

He is repeating it almost word by word.

Then he is lying.

You are hiding the truth.

Commissioner, a person
who's not guilty will be

frustrated upon asking
the same thing repeatedly.

He starts to fumble.

But the guilty guy
will practice to not get caught.

You didn't do it, right?

-You didn't do it, right?
-No, no.

Have some water.

I'm telling you the truth,
I swear.

What was the time
when you returned that day?

It must be 1'o clock. I also heard
prayers from the mosque nearby.

-Commissioner, when was she dead?
-As per the reports, at 12:50.

-Where did you get the milk from?
-From a shop at the end of the lane.

How many times did you practice
to lie about the same thing.


-You are lying for sure.
-No, sir. I am telling you the truth.

Trust me.

Your tongue might lie
but your eyes do not.

According to Neuron psychology,
there are two portions in the brain.

Visual cortex to the left
and creative cortex to the right.

For example, if I ask
about your favorite place,

your eyes automatically
roll to the left.

Your favorite place is recorded there
as a visual, which is real.

So, you are saying the truth.

But if I ask you what you would do
on becoming the PM,

Your eyes would roll to the right.

Which means, you are accessing
the creative side of the brain.

That's not real.
That's an imagination or a lie.

You don't have to imagine
if it really happened.

If you did imagine, it's not true.

For both the questions I asked,
you looked to your right.

So, you were lying.

What's the truth, Rudra?

Where did the murder take place?

Single property with 45 acres...

Four crores per acre,
which is 180 crores.

You will die soon.
You have no kids too.

-What will you do with the property.
-Who are you to question about my property?

-God of Death.
-Sathi call the cops.

You are also one of them.

I thought of giving you
five acers of land.

You would have got five acres.

But now, you have to roam around
police stations and courts.

What five acres?

He didn't murder her
but he assisted.

He tried to hide the truth.

As you would notice the fingerprints
on the property documents,

He erased the ink on his finger
with hydrogen peroxide.

Four people came.
Five including him.

They drank coffee in the joy
of gaining wealth,

Their fingerprints are on the cups
in the kitchen.

To trace the fingerprints,

Check who has registered her property
since her death.

There is already a real estate
venture board in those 45 acres.

Brilliant, Rudra. This information
is enough to close the case.

The holy observation is for correcting
our mistakes.

But not to hide your mistakes.

-Who is he, sir?
-He is a modern saint.

There are very few mentalists
like Rudra in the world.

They approached him to solve murder
cases in America, Russia and Australia.

Like mind reading, influencing,
hypnotism and body language.

Mentalist is a combination
of many psychological theories.

Is this a new kind of science?

We can't say it's completely
science or not.

-It's a phenomenon.

-Is she Nitya Menon's cousin?

Sunny aunty's new video is out.

Why are we discussing it?

Hey good boy...
Look at your laptop.

-Shut up.

-Go connect TV to Bluetooth.
-I'll do it right away.

You guys will never change.

-Switch off that lights.

-Loading... Loading... Loading...
-Loading... Loading...

-Good boy say it.
-Say it.

Loading... Loading... Loading...

-Loading... Loading...
-90 percent.

-Why are we seen?
-Yes. It's us.

Switch off that TV first.

Do it.

-It's not happening.
-Give me.

-You got a voice message.
-Who would message you so late?

Open it.

Hey... We are not on the bed.


No! Let's have a look.

Sir, it's not an ordinary ghost.

It is quite wild.
She is driving us crazy,

We slept in the church out of fear.

Please help us get rid of this ghost.

First thing that you should know is,
a human's fear is a ghost's strength.

The strength we have in humans,

is 10 percent after becoming a ghost.

I don't know the truth.
But It sounds great, sir.

It's encouraging, I like it.

-What do you think?

It's discouraging for me as my bladder
is going to explode. No out going.

Sir, I'm really sacred.

Half of our fears come
from not knowing the truth.

In fact,

I am using the word 'ghost'
so that you will understand.

According to me,
it's an invisible energy.


The thoughts left after a human's death
is the 'Invisible Energy'.

-Seems like a network problem.

-Don't do it.

It's here.

It's right here.



Who are you?

Why are you here?

Speak out.

Are you scared to
come infront of me?

How long will you hide
and scare people?

Come, stand in front of me.

Sir, is it necessary
to call madam now?

I am already shivering with fear.

You need not fear. It doesn't
have the power to attack us.


What happened sir?


Please speak out sir.

She got into you, Is she
more powerful than you?

Who is that ghost, sir?

A girl.

A girl's spirit.

That spirit is with revenge.

It seeks vengeance.

Against whom?

Who is she?

What's her story?

We don't understand
our situation, sir.

We fought with our parents
to invest on this resort.

I stopped them from selling it.

We wouldn't even get half the price
if we sell now.

We don't know what to do.

For solving your problem
and the mystery in this resort,

All you have to do is
introduce me to Suhanisa.

Even he wants Suhanisa?

Calm down.

Let's do some magic, ok?

I will touch Praveen on the cheeks.

But Siri will feel my touch.

-Are you ready, Siri?
-Yes. I am ready.

-Did you feel it?

Close your eyes.

-Did you feel it hard?

-You shouldn't have lied then.
-I'm sorry.

-What happened?
-He beats you, she feels it.

-Crazy experiment, man.
-You mean, 'Interstellar'?

'Gravity' man.

How did Siri feel it
when you hit Praveen.

We all know twins
feel each other's pain.

All of us also have such connection.

But how do you know Siri
and Praveen are connected?

It's magic.

-You tell me,

Will I have coffee with you or not?

Look into my eyes.

Yes, You are ready for hot coffee.

Let's all become mentalists.
We will be left as bachelors otherwise.

-What do you mean by that?
-I don't know, just said it in flow.


There is something special about you.
Something in those eyes...

Let's take a picture?



-Right now.

-Go sit there.

Nisa, there's an expression
called 'smile' in life.

Familiar with it?


Why aren't they here yet?

-They are coming.
-They are here.

-I'll see you again.

Touching again...


-What happened inside, sir?
-Did you find out about the ghost?

Yes. Suhanisa is not the ghost.

Then, who is the ghost sir?

Wait and see.

Fool! Why do you yell for everything?

It's you? What's that powder
on your face?

-New technique to avoid ghosts.

-How do ghosts look?

If we too look pale, they think of us
as fellow ghosts and ignore.

That is why I wore gloves
and applied powder on my face.

-Idea is brilliant.
-Powder is there.

Enough of your chuckling...
It's ghosts time, Let's go sleep.

If we sleep when they are roaming,
they might notice we aren't ghosts.

-That is why we applied powder.
-Yes, right.



Who are you, sister?

You said she wouldn't recognize us
with the powder.

Actually, it was his idea, madam.

-I just executed it.
-Idiot... You blame me for everything.

Sister, it was not even my idea.

It was Yesu's idea.

Thank god! She left.

Sleep now.

Even with so much tension,
I feel Suhanisa is beside me.

-It's not Suhanisa.

It's the ghost in Suhanisa's body.

No matter how many times you
disturb me, I will keep drawing.

Who are you?

You are afraid to show your face.
You must have made some mistake.

I wanted to help you as you are a girl
and you are attacking me.

I don't care who you are.
Why should I bother?

Go to hell.

Can I turn?

Why did you want to meet
so early, Rudra?

Ashwin, Kishore, Ravi.

Your opinion about them?

I didn't know them earlier,

But I've been watching them
since they bought resort.

I can say they behave like boys
but are not bad people.

-Do you know that girl?
-No sir.

Tell me the truth.

You would know from our eyes
if we were lying, sir.

Do you have an affair with anyone
other than your wife?

Sir, there's nothing between
my wife and me.

My happy ending is still pending.

-What about you?
-I have nothing to do with his wife, sir.

-It's true.

-Weren't you a professional hacker earlier?
-Yes, sir.

I was working in the cyber
security wing for a major company.

-You said you had a girlfriend.
-Yes sir, Her name is Bala.

But I never met her directly.
We talk on Skype.

I am still a virgin.
You can check if you wish.

What will they check?


Hey morons.

What does morons mean?

Do you know why the ghost is scaring
only you three in this resort?

Three of you had bad thoughts
about girls at some point of time.

It might be Nisa, Bala or Sunny Leone.

Stop it now atleast.

-What does morons mean?

Basically, it's a word originated
from Greek. Greek country...

I shouldn't teach English
to barbarians like you.

-Talk about Greek... I can't, man.

You should know Greek
for teaching us.

Get lost, moron.

-Why is the door open?
-What are you doing here, chaps?

Say that again and you are dead.

You eat those first.

I asked you not
to come here drunk.

Are you Supreme Court
judge to tell me?

You look like a cornhusk
doll clicking selfies.

-Talk more and I will stab you.
-Stab me?

-Spices would be better.
-You are waking up the animal in me.

A pig can't do much
after waking up.

-I will look for the right time and kill him.

-There's no time, my friend. War or surrender?
-Shut up.

These dialogues won't make you a hero.
So much attitude?

Attitude is in my body
and heroism is in my house.

Sugars are in peppermint.
Let's fight.

-Then Waiting...
-Waiting for what?

Hey... You said waiting...

I believe that you didn't do
anything wrong.

You doubt that I might do
something wrong.

Belief and suspicion
can't exist together.

That is why I am erasing
you from my thoughts.

Nice not to have
met you. Goodbye.

I am...




What did they gain?

-Yes dear...

Why is everyone greeting you?
Is it because you are the Head Master?

Respect doesn't come
from some post.

But from our behavior and morals.

'Though revenge is
sought from the enemy'.

'Though revenge is
sought from the enemy'.

'Do no harm once he surrenders'.

'Do no harm once he surrenders'.

'Be kind and let him go'.

'Be kind and let him go'.

-What's your ambition in life?
-I'll become an engineer, Master.

I'll become a doctor, Master.

Amrutha, what about you?

-I'll become a lawyer, Master.

I will make him stand in court

what mistake have I done to take my
mom away from me at such a young age.

No father...

Baby girl, today is Bhogi festival.
You should take a head bath.

-I will do, dad.
-You are a kid.

You might get the
liquid into your eyes.

-I'm a grown up now.
-I will not undress infront of you.

I am shy.

Why are you so stubborn?

How do kids grow up
without the father looking at them?

What's the meaning of the poem
you said in the school?

'Though revenge is sought
from the enemy'.

'Do no harm once he surrenders'.

It will reflect your
greatness, goodness.

Why do you like the
basil plant so much?

I don't know, dad.

But when I am with it,
Feels like I am with mom.

I will light it,
I will light it.

Don't be sad that mom
isn't beside you, dad.

Your baby girl is right here
to take care of you.

Master is here.

It's you, sister...

-What are you guys doing?
-We are studying well, sister.

One of you, Recite a rhyme
to me then.

I will say it, sister.

The same old Telugu poems again.

I will teach you a new
English rhyme today.

Ok, sister.

"A for Apple, B for Bat"

-Dad, Dad, Dad
-What are you doing?

You said no to Telugu
poems and teaching

them English rhymes in my house?

Do sit ups. Do it.

What's wrong in teaching
English rhymes, dad?

Nothing wrong in learning English,
Ignoring Telugu is a mistake.

The melody in Telugu cannot be found
in English rhymes.

That is why there's
a saying, 'Telugu

is the best among the
national languages'.

Next is Amrutha.

She is the most brilliant student
of our university.

She will reach the highest point
in this profession.

Nice to know about you.

So tell me... you have got a civil,
a criminal and a money laundering case.

How would you deal
with each one of them?

Your honor, it is my
finding that any case

can be solved with
just three questions.

Who? Why? What did they gain?

Who? Why? What did they gain?

For not repeating yesterday's mistake,
it has to be stopped this moment.

Only lawyers can make it possible.

-See you. Happy journey, Nisa.
-Thank you.

Nisa, I miss you.

Baby, I am just going to Mumbai.
You can come whenever you feel like.

Give me one second.

We won't get a seat
on the flight right now.

It's alright. I will stand.

So sweet!

What about me?

Will you believe that
I am not the ghost?

Stop using that Spanish fly first.
Let's think about it.

-Bye guys.
-Bye Nisa.

Hey, Who told her about
the Spanish fly?

I told her.

Sufferings are personal. Let me suffer.
Why do you interfere?

Suffer then.
Come on.

-Bye Nisa.

Learn to act according
to the situation.

You are always annoyed at me.

What else do you expect?

Why do I even care?

Hey, Why is our door open?

Sir, what are you doing here?

-It happened here.
-What happened?

It happened here.

-This is our bathroom.
-She was treated unfairly right here.

That is why she is looking here
for answers.

-Is she here now?
-Who is that girl, sir?

She is Amrutha.

Topper of India's finest law college.

When she came here last year
for a college trip with friends,

This incident happened here.

She committed suicide four days
after that incident.

This is too much, sir. Does she have to
commit suicide for such petty things?


It is petty for someone who watch
porn on the Internet like you.

But it's a huge deal for a girl
raised by her father alone.

Everyone saw it anyways,
Why don't you show me in private?

You don't know how the family is
mentally affected with such incidents.

You don't know the pain they feel when
the society frames them to be guilty.

Look at her skin, man.

-It is so smooth.
-She is his daughter.

When he can't raise his daughter well,
what will he teach at school?

They are people with
no shame or embarrassment.

Let's go.

What is this, Master? It is not fair
that she has to go through this.

She will not make a mistake.

She will not make a mistake.

This girl! Her mom died
as soon as she was born.

She now took her dad's life.

-Her existence doesn't matter anymore.

Dad, I was strong
with you by my side.

Get up dear, Get up.

Pity on her, sir. Who wanted
to hurt a girl like her?

I don't know.

But she is very special.

She deserves the answers.

Who? Why?
What did they gain?

What is it, sir?
Amrutha's death investigation?

She had a hot body.
She wasted it.

Why would she die just
because everyone saw her?

People like us enjoy
only when girls expose.

What do you say?

Being a guy, you are feeling shy.

Think about the pain she must have
gone through, being a girl.

You need a mother to become a son,

A sister to become a brother,

A wife to become a husband.

And basically a woman
for you to be born.

You can't even respect
her after death.

Your life has no value.

Remember one thing every time
you have wrong thoughts about a girl.

There is a mother in
every girl you see.


I spoke to the Vice Chancellor, Rudra.

I called all the students that were
with Amrutha at the resort.

Everything is prepped
for the investigation.


Amrutha is a brilliant student.
She was like my daughter.

I am proud of her.

If the people responsible for her death
aren't punished,

They would become a big threat
to the society.

As a lawyer,
I don't like to let them go.

Law can be delayed but not denied.

That is what we teach
our students here.

Is it necessary for our college
to get into such nuisance, sir?

What the court and police couldn't
find, can he do that with mentalism?

He has done it in the past.

-Shall we?

Madam has an affair with sir.

Sir is showing interest to continue it.

But madam has no time recently
because her husband returned from Dubai.

How does he know?

Why are you asking me?
How would I know?

-Why did they keep so many cameras?
-To shoot a Bigg Boss episode with you.

Hey! Have some common sense.
Cameras are used to click pictures.

No one will attempt to click you.
Wait for a moment.

Did you forget?
Nisa first clicked a selfie with me.

So the problem began there.
We should kill you first.

Don't remind me the flash back.
My bladder will be blocked.

Alright, but I am unable to figure out
what Rudra is going to do here.

Sir, if you stay silent,
I can do my work.

Hello Mr. Operator, when the situation
is violent, I cannot be silent.

I need a coolant now
and you need a deodorant. Got it?

-What did you say?
-Welcome back to 'Na' TV.

He is Sarath Chandra.
Commissioner of Police!

And this is Mr. Rudra.
A mentalist.


Let's get to the point.

You all must remember your classmate
Amrutha from last year.

One of you is definitely the reason
behind her suicide.

And I know.

The criminal is
really intelligent.

That is why he escaped
the police investigation.

But he cannot escape today because...

I can read your heart.

I can read your mind.

Play all the reactions.

Shock! She can leave.

Sad! He can leave.

Tensed! He has to stay.

Found him.



Stay! Leave!

Leave! Leave! Stay!

Stay! Stay! Leave!

Stay. Stay.

Send everyone except
these 12 people.

-No doubt! I am damn sure it's him.
-How do you know?

Future mentalist here.

Were you ever so angry on Amrutha
that you wanted to kill her?

What are you saying, sir?

Amrutha is like my sister.

Ok, leave.

She is very service-oriented.
Very gutsy!

But I didn't expect
her to commit suicide.

I didn't expect for this to happen to
Amrutha. She is a really nice person.

-Fool, That's my hand.

Were you and Amrutha roommates
in hostel since the beginning?

No. After the first semester,

Dad asked me to shift
to Amrutha's room.

-She is my daughter.


You can go.

One second.

-What's your boyfriend name?

-I don't have one.
-Kiran, you are lying to me.

What nonsense are you talking?

You are suspecting
my daughter's character.

Sir, please! We are trying
to solve a case here.

Who was it being so close
to you the other day?

He is Nandu, my classmate.


Why didn't he come here then?

He didn't go to the tour with them.

You only asked for the people
who went to the tour.

Commissioner, I need to speak
with Nandu.

Why him? He didn't come to the tour.

-What's the password?
-That's personal.

Personal? He's a mentalist.


Your name is Kiran.
You could name the password as 'K'.

But you didn't.

Your dad is Chandra Sekhar.
You could have it as 'C' but no.

You set it as 'N'.
Why is that?

Because! 'N' stands for Nandu.

Do you like Nandu?


What about Nandu?

That's it.

You are just a friend to Nandu.

The reason is Amrutha.


-It's here.
-Forgot it?

You didn't get the 'Pratibha'
scholarship you aspired for.

The reason is Amrutha.

You didn't receive much appreciation
from your dad.

The reason is Amrutha.

She is the most brilliant student
of our university.


You were roommates with Amrutha
even at the resort, right?

So what?

Will you take us through
what happened that day?

Sorry. I forgot.

You got the 'Pratibha' scholarship
after Amrutha.

I know your memory isn't so weak.

Tell me.

While everyone was at
the campfire that day,

I came to the room
to charge my phone.

I watched TV for a
while, had a bath.

As I was dressing up,
Amrutha came into the room.

She said her head hurts
and she would take a shower and rest.

I asked if she wanted
any medicine.

She said no and so,
I went back to the campfire.

-That's all.

Good. Now, tell me everything
you said in reverse.


Come on, sir.
This is harassment.

Sir, please.

-What does he mean by reverse?
-From the end to the beginning.

She is so finished.

I got changed,


Watched TV later, had a shower,

Charged my phone,

Asked Amrutha!

Proven fact in
criminal psychology.

89 Percent criminals fail
trying to lie in reverse.

And your eyes clearly suggest
that you are lying.

Give me your hand.

Shall I tell you the truth now?

While you were charging your phone,
you got a call from Nandu.

When Nandu asked about Amrutha
instead of you, you couldn't take it.

You decided to do something
to Amrutha.

You then had an idea
to shoot Amrutha's video.

You immediately pressed 'record'
and placed it in the bathroom.

Amrutha took a shower unknowingly.

You edited that video and uploaded it.

You acted innocent and showered
sympathy on her.

You acted like you are
consoling her.

She couldn't find out your betrayal.

She couldn't take her fathers death.

I pity Amrutha.

She did nothing wrong.

You are the reason
for her death, Kiran.

No, no. My daughter wouldn't do that.
You are completely wrong.

I didn't come here to wrong
a girls character.

Look at this.


I resign her from this institute.
Let her face the law.

Law will take it's own course.


You made a mistake, Kiran.

A huge mistake.

You didn't just kill Amrutha,

But also her dreams,
ambitions and character.

Above all that, you killed her father.

-What did you gain?
-What did you gain?

You took me away from my father
for a dead girl.

I will see your end.

If one doesn't have
a mother, we can form

a bond by calling
someone 'mother'.

But once the word 'dad' is taken away,

No matter how hard you cry
or how loud you yell,

It doesn't come back.


The word 'dad' only belongs
to the father.

You've taken that away from me.
What do I do to you?

I assured him
I would show him to the world.

When everyone around him
was killing his trust on me,

He was in agony.
Who will answer to that?

The body I hid from my dad
by blindfolding him.

You have easily exposed it to everyone.

Why should I forgive you?

Amrutha, I made a mistake.
I was ignorant.

Please leave me.

When you want to live
and someone is killing you,

Depriving you of your breath,
When death approaches you.

You have to know
how terrifying that is.

Please save me, Rudra.
Please save me.

A girl child cannot study
what she wants,

Can't wear the clothes she likes.

Can't marry the guy she likes.

She doesn't even have a life.

I had everything
but you didn't let me live.

What was my mistake?

Amrutha, please!
I made a mistake.

Forgive me.

Women have no safety
from men.

When she doesn't have safety
even from other women,

Where does she live?

Even until the last moment
when my head touched the floor,

I wanted to live.

But there was no chance,
Now there is no reason.

What did you gain?

Amrutha, please don't kill me.

-Please spare me.
-Why should I spare you?

'Though revenge is sought
from the enemy'

'Do no harm once he surrenders'

'Be kind and let him go'

'Hey Vemana, beloved of the universe!
Listen to me!'

'letting your enemy go, even if he
surrenders for you to seek revenge'

Your greatness, kindness and morals lie
in the fact of letting your enemy go,

?World is a beautiful place,

Very good place.

People are all good.

Why did you lie to me, dad?

He didn't lie, Amrutha.
You just didn't come across truth.

You don't need courage to die.

But to live, you need
a lot of courage.

You didn't' have courage
so, you jumped to death.

I didn't jump and die.

I died and then jumped.

I couldn't breathe not knowing
how to face my life.

-So I jumped.
-That's life.

Life always tries to defeat us.

That is its nature.

Winning is life.

Instead of looking for
a 100 reasons to die,

look for a single
reason to live.

You can win your life over.

Our birth itself begins
with victory, Amrutha.

A baby struggles in the mother's womb
with congestion, darkness and fluids.

A baby struggles for 9 months.

What's our struggle compared to that?

The baby faces it all
and thrives to live.

But doesn't stop breathing.

God doesn't promise anyone
a life without problems, Amrutha.

Life is a package of everything.

We should learn to overcome it.

When we are hurt, we should make sure
the responsible person knows it.

You let Kiran know your pain.

Be peaceful from now on.

Weak people can never win.

Because victory is a quality
of the strongest.

Forgive Kiran.

Your dad might already
be arguing with God

about the pain you
are going through.

Doesn't he need a lawyer like you
to argue?

Yes. You told your teacher already
that you would pull God into the court.

You have that chance now.
Get him.

Don't leave him.
Ask sternly.

Ask him what he was doing until
we had to remind people about humanity.

Ask him why there are situations

where the heart is to
be reminded of love.

Will you ask?

What is it, baby girl?

People these days
don't help each other.

But you helped a spirit.
How can I repay you?

Now go to your dad happily.

He has no worries.
He was doing Zumba on land earlier.

He is doing it in water now.
He might do it in air later on.

Excuse me! Will you click
our family picture, please?

Hello, brother!
No photos allowed.

No selfies allowed.

By the way, where is Rudra?

Yes, where is he?

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