Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (1992) - full transcript

Holding a degree in engineering; Raj Mathur alias Raju finds that his talent is wasted in the village so he decides to re-locate to Bombay. In Bombay he faces challenges in finding the right job until he meets and befriend the Receptionist of Chhabria Builders, Renu, who with her recommendation he manages to hold the post as Chief Engineer within that company. After this there is no turning back for Raju as he continues to climb the ladder of success. But Raju faces a draw-back when a bridge that is being built under his supervision came down crushing to death some people - this negligence not only cost Raju his job but can incarcerate him as well.

Songs translated and timings by Bluerain_20

Okay God, let's begin
again. I am Raj Mathur.

Recognise me? I'm your Raju.

I thought you'd forgotten me.

I've brought this trident for you. Take.

Hurry up!
- Wonder when our turn will come.

What's going on here? Is
this a temple or a motel?

Wonder who is inside.
He is not coming out.

You understand?

Raju, what are you doing?

Don't disturb us, we
are discussing something.

Hurry up, there is a huge
crowd waiting outside.

Alright, you go.

You haven't left?

Hurry up.

God, your middleman troubles me a lot.

I forgot what I was saying.

God, you know what I want.

I want to be a renowned engineer.

So in my life there should be
big streets, big buildings...

big houses... This
city is very small, God.

I cannot do anything here, God.

My talent will be
wasted here, you know it.

I feel suffocated here.

Send me to Bombay somehow.

God, if I reach Bombay,
my life will be made.

Make me a rich man, God. Look, my
results are going to be declared today.

Please let me score well.

Just a minute.

Please God...Bombay.

"My heart is crazy."

"Friends, I am going."

"My destination is
far, but go I must."

"Bye bye friends."

"My heart is crazy."

"Friends, I am going."

"My eyes hold dreams for the future".

"My goals are very high."

"Don't stop me, friends."

"My heart is not in my control."

"My destination is
far, but go I must."

"Bye bye friends."

"My heart is crazy."

"Friends, I am going."

"I have set out with a yearning."

"And a million desires in my heart".

"One day, the star of my luck."

"Will surely shine."

"My destination is
far, but go I must."

"Bye bye friends."

"My heart is crazy."

"Friends, I am going."

"My destination is
far, but go I must."

"Bye bye friends."

"My heart is crazy."

"Friends, I am going."

Hey hello! Do you know
where Ram Mohan lives?

I don't have time.
- No one seems to have time in Bombay.

Do you know where
Ram Mohan lives?

Abdul, do you want to work or not?
- Of course sir.

You just disappear.
Go serve tea to Pandey.

Pandey uncle, tea. Want anything else?

- No. Did you find a job?

- Not yet. Let's see... Hello.

- Hello. Is this Azad Nagar?

- Yes. Who are you looking for?

- Do you know where Ram
Mohan lives? Who Ram Mohan?

The one whose wife eloped
with the vegetable vendor.

No, he's not even married. -
Shut-up! You are always raving.

He works in Raj Mills.
- Gulu Dada knows everyone.

Take him to Gulu Dada's den.

Give me those hands, Thakur.

What a dialogue it was, Amjadbhai.
I am a great fan of yours.

Boss, some men have come to meet you.

How many men?
- Only five, Boss.

But in 'Sholay', they were just two.

Why am I afraid? I am not afraid.

Hey guys, leave. It’s 10 pm.
lf Sister comes, it will pour.

Boss, we have laid a bet.
Just let us play one game.

Just one more strike.
- Just one strike and four men.

That's very unfair!

Gulu Dada, listen. This boy
has come from Darjeeling.

He wants to meet some Ram
Mohan. Tell him where he lives.

Gulu Dada, no one
can escape your eyes.

I know, but I cannot help him.
- But why, Dada?

I cannot, that's all.
- But why?

He has left this colony. I
only got his house vacated.

Wonder if he is even dead or alive.

What say, Tamba?

Gulu Dada, how many times have
I told you to shut shop at 10 pm?

It’s well past decent
people's bed time.

Besides, even the school
exams are going on.

Renu, what have you done? This poor
guy has come from Darjeeling only today.

He was asking for someone address.

And you wet him. You didn't do
right. - Come, on, leave all of you.

And no Ram Mohan lives here.

I told you it will pour.
Leave, come on.

Let's go, Tamba.

Wipe your head.

Hail Bholenath. You gave
me a good bath in Bombay...

Got scared?
- Yes.

Are you new here?
- Yes.

There is no place for
cowards in Bombay. Go back!

lf you stay, you won't
realise when you got sucked.

I have not come here to go back.

I will make something
of myself and show you.

What did you say?
- I am not leaving.

Come here.
- Let me take my bag.

Jaibabu, your dinner.

- Jaibabu, he is new here.

The poor guy was orphaned as
soon as he stepped in Bombay.

This idol inside...
People call it God.

I've heard he created the world.

And this creator was
orphaned in his own world.

You are no comparison.

You met Sister?...Take this.

It’s just a comb.
- Comb? I thought it was a knife.

Come, let's eat.
- But...

All these ifs and buts
are meaningless words.

Have a place to stay?

Alright, you can stay with me.

Do you know how to live in Bombay?
- How?

Eat, itch, switch off the light.

Open your eyes, and fool people.
Throw your cigarette and burn the hut.

I mean to say, come here.

Kids, have money in your pocket?
- No.

Then scram!...Hey alright, stay.

I won't wish 'namaskar' to
Hindus, 'salaam' to Muslims...

or 'good morning' to Christians.

Because I have not come here
to create communal problems.

Am I right?
- Yes.

You must be thinking I will woo
you with my talks and sell you kohl.

No, that's not my job,
the doctors do that.

Then you will assume I am
going to sell you tooth powder.

I don't consider
you to be such fools.

What will you do with
strong teeth anyway?

No brothers, I won't even
foretell your destiny.

Because a street performer, and his
audience, both have bad destinies.

You must be wondering what I am going
to sell that you don't get in Bombay.

Look friends, in this magical city

from fritters to chicken...
and from the most petty

to the most expensive, everything is
available. You only need money to buy it.

And that's what you don't
have. All of you are broke.

Every man standing here desires
to move around in a car...

and dance with a babe
in a five star hotel.

But your pocket is empty.

I'll tell you how to
make money. Want to know?

- See! Everyone wants to know.

Everyone wants to grow,
everyone wants to be rich.

But this is Bombay, you don't
get anything for free here.

Everything costs money. You won't
get my advice for free either.

Come on, everyone pay Rs. 1.

You'll first have
to learn to look up.

Here, only the one
who looks up survives.

Those who...you looked down again!

Those who look down have
no right to live in Bombay.

Only the one who makes his goal
his stepping stone can rise here.

And never give a thought to
who he crushed under his feet.

There is no place for
those who look back.

Just push and make way for yourself.

This is the first lesson... come.

Hello Pandey uncle.
- Bless you.

Come Jaibabu. Took him around Bombay?

Have tea and come home.

Rafiqbhai, I'm very tired.
- Abdul, special tea for Raju.

Why are you beating me?
- You steal cake from the bakery!

No, I just had bread.

Shut-up! Rafiqbhai, you
are always defending him.

He steals cake everyday from my bakery.

His wage is Rs.10 a day, and he
eats cake worth Rs.15 every day.

Then give me a raise.
- I'll give you a tight slap!

Raise indeed! Go and work.

Serve me a hot cup of tea.
- Now stop being angry.

Abdul, give him tea.

One cutting.
- Give him half a cup.

- Here's the money, Rafiqbhai.

Great! Joseph look,
he is giving me money.

Don't bother. Pay me
when you start earning.

Abdul, serve mince
meat and bread there.

Hello Rafiqbhai.
- Hello Sister. Come.

How are you?
- I'm fine, Joseph uncle.

What do you want?
- Four eggs and a loaf of bread.

Get four eggs.

Rafiqbhai, if Raju wants,
he can work in my bakery.

He'll get paid too.
- Good idea.

Raju, work in his bakery for now. You
will at least make some money to live by.

No Rafiqbhai, I don't want to spoil my
career, my talent and education.

lf I do odd jobs, I'll
always remain menial.

So you think every man who
does odd jobs is menial?

I didn't say that.
- No, you didn't.

But that's what you meant.
- No, you are mistaken.

What I meant is doing small
jobs, one begins to think small.

Even his ambition
in life becomes small.

Even your desires become small.

Do you know there are many
people in the world...

who do ordinary jobs
and are yet happy?

Then who are you to decide
who is big and who is small?

Rafiqbhai, I was talking to you. I
didn't ask her to budge in between.

Your statement was such that...
- Look, I don't want to argue with you.

I will one day show you who I am

and what I have come here to be.
- Eggs.

She is strange.

lf she is up, she throws water,
and if she's down, she fights.

Does she have a problem?

We have gone through your bio data.

We have no vacancy to
offer you right now.

You won't get a job like that.

Dreaming of a good job, you
studied from childhood to youth.

Got reprimanded by teachers,
kept writing reams of papers.

And what did you learn? Monday comes
after Sunday. You get 4 eggs for Rs.1.

You took the beating, but
someone else is ruling.

What did you learn?

1x2 makes 4, 4x2 makes
1? What did you learn?

How will you get a job like that?

Only if you watch the world standing
on your head will you see it straight.

lf you don't keep weight
(bribe) on your application,

it will be lost. And
weights are of different

colours, different types.
The weight of black money,

the weight of a beautiful
body. The weight of bullies.

You won't get a job like that.

What is very dear, what
can be lost very easily.

Look through the torn sole of your
shoe, and you'll see the truth.

Your shoe will seem
big, and the world small.

Your destiny will fall apart.

Did the shoe have to tear today?
I have to go for an interview.

What happened? Why are
you walking like that?

Have you sprained your leg?
- No Pandey uncle.

My shoe sole tore.
- Your shoe tore?

You are laughing? It’s a
question of saving my grace.

I have to go for an interview today.

You will surely get the
job, my heart says so.

Where are you going?
- To get vegetables.

But you have sprained
your foot. I'll get them.

It’s not too bad. I'll be
back soon, you take rest.

Must you do everything yourself?

You are going for an interview,
and look at your gait. Great!

What a gait! Keep limping.

lf they ask who I am,
I'll say, I am a cripple.

Cripple. Keep limping like cripples.

What kind of a joke is this?

You could not argue, so you
have stooped to this now?

What do you mean?

You should feel ashamed
to misbehave like that.

How did I misbehave with you?

Imitating girls in the street,
teasing them, is a very decent act?

Look, don't spoil my mood early
morning. You go if you like.

Why should I go? You go.
- You want to go, you go.

Strange man you are. You are
asking me to go, why don't you go?

Alright, I only will go.
You are always fighting.

You are teasing me again?
Rogue, loafer!

Why are you calling me names?

I'm helpless, that's why I
am tolerating your nonsense.

Look, my shoe is torn.
Are you satisfied now?

As it is, I am upset, moreover,
you are calling me names.

I am not a loafer, I am an engineer.
Those people who make homes...

Please mend this.
- It will cost you Rs.20.

I have only this much money.
Please make do with it.

Actually, I have to attend an interview.

If I don't reach in
time, I'll have a problem.

No sir, I won't take
anything less than Rs.20.


Dagdu, take this, and hurry.
- Dagdu, return her money.

I don't want your money.

I'm sorry I made a mistake.
- I don't want anyone's favour...

I am giving it to you as a
loan, not doing you any favour.

Return it to me when you get a job.


We cannot give you
any job in this firm.

I wanted this job...

But sir, I badly need
this job. You can...

Father, I'll just be back.
- What is the matter?

I'll just be back.

Look God, whatever you
are doing is not right.

Have you sent me from Darjeeling to
Bombay to run from pillar to post?

Look, my pocket is empty, my time
bad, and even my shoe tore today.

Go and see outside.

I had to take a loan
from a girl...a girl!

I truly feel like crying now.

But I am a man, I cannot even cry.

Enough now God, I cannot
tolerate it anymore.

Do something for me.

- I'd come to ask...

Look don't worry,
I'll return your Rs.20.

I'm not asking for money. What
happened at the interview?

What will happen? Even they felt
I am not suitable for their firm.

So what have you thought of doing?
- What is left to think now?

Look Renu, I'm very sorry. In
my zeal, I was talking big that day.

But now I
understand you were right.

What is the harm in
taking up a small job?

Good you changed your mind.

Father is home. Meet him,
maybe he can help you.

- Come on!

I have written a letter for Mr.
Kavas. I hope he can help you.

You have taken the right decision.
Until you don't get a job...

as per your qualification,
take up this job.

Come on, it's time for the library
to close down. Can't you hear the bell?

Close the books. It’s 5:30.

Come at 10 am tomorrow.
Come on, pack up everyday.

Geeta, pack up. Why don't
you eat? You are so skinny.

Come tomorrow.

Didn't you hear the bell?
- Let me finish the last list.

No, I have never done overtime,
nor let anyone else work overtime.

You must come at 10 am,
and leave at 5:30 pm.

You close at 5:30 everyday?
- Sharp 5:30!

That's great.
- You've learnt my language.

Geeta, don't forget that file.

I had not come to meet you. I am
working in the library these days...

so I had come to deliver some
books here to a shopkeeper.

But his shop was closed.
Then I noticed this building.

And I realized it was your
building, so I came to peep in.

You came to deliver
books to a shopkeeper?

Yes, at the corner here.
- So where are the books?

I'm caught.
- Yes, you are.

Actually, I wanted to meet you.

Actually, even I wanted
that you come and meet me.


Shall we go?
- Yes.

Abdul, serve two halves to Pandit.
- Yes, two special...

Keep one on my table.

Give me a pack of biscuits.

Hey! Do you see what I see?

What are you doing?
- What happened?

Both are coming together?

An air plane in water
and a ship in the air?

- Let me see... 5:45.

Leave her hand.

Jai, you deliberately
rode between them.

Hey, no messing.

Look there.

We'll have to go now.

They were at war until yesterday,
today they are at peace.

Be at it!
- Why are you behaving like that?

Have you never seen a girl before?

- Bye...just a minute.


He's coming here.

Guys, now the girl's door will open
& she will come out on the pretext

... of drying an already dry towel.

'Dil diya dard liya' running in Roxy.

She did it!

- The hero will act stylish.

Then he will slyly make
a gesture at his beloved.

He will make a gesture now.


The girl will coyly drum
her fingers on the parapet.

The girl will now drum her fingers.

She did!... Now?

Caring a damn about the world, she
will throw a flying kiss at the boy.

And he will catch it like Azharuddin.

The girl will throw a kiss.

He caught it.

Jai, you are a champion.
Where did you learn it?


Even you were in love?
- Very deeply.

What was the name of the girl?
- Madhumati.

But you said Bandhini the other day.
- She came later.

The first one was Madhumati.
I was deeply in love with her.

Why didn't you marry her?
- I forgot.

The girl's father has come.

He's come!

What will happen now?

Nothing, he'll water
the plant and leave.

He's gone.

Listen to this... 'That light pole'

'Those leaves'

The heart will meet the heart.

Hey leave that light pole now.
No, he won't listen.

Do you know what is wrong with him?

What is the matter?

- Get me a tambourine.

" What has happened to him?
Friends, what has happened to him?"

"What has happened to him? "

"Friends, what has happened to him?"

"He's gone totally crazy. "

"He doesn't have cold,
cough or malaria."

"Friends, he's totally lost it..."

"He's got the disease of love."

"I don't have cold,
cough or malaria."

"Friends, I've totally lost it..."

"I've got the disease of love."

"Go to her lane, and look
for my lost heart there."

" I can't sleep at nights now. "

"I don't know what has happened to me."

"I'm sleeping while being awake,
and I'm lost in my thoughts."

"Neither pills nor prayers work on me. "

"He's got the disease of love."

"I don't have cold,
cough or malaria."

"Friends, I've totally lost it..."

"I've got the disease of love."

"I don't know what desires are
aroused in my heart now. "

"Some people call me mad and crazy.
What are these emotions."

"Sometimes I count stars,
or weave dreams at night. "

" Now God is the owner of my heart."

"She's got the disease of love."

"I don't have cold,
cough or malaria."

"Friends, I've totally lost it..."

"I've got the disease of love."

"All the doctors are going crazy... "

"And the physicians are doing nothing."

"It increases everyday."

"What type of illness is this?"

"The symptoms don't go
and I don't find peace."

"Neither pills nor prayers work on me. "

"He's got the disease of love."

"We don't have cold,
cough or malaria."

"Friends, we've totally lost it..."

"They've got the disease of love."

Here, take these. It's complete 600 Rs.

Fine. I'll leave now.

But listen to me first. This is
your hard earned money.

Spend it wisely. - What should I do
with 600 Rs. wisely, Kawasjee.

But thank you for telling
me. Now I will go.

Yes you can. - Sure?

Of course. Has anyone stopped you?

- Bye.

Manoj, give madam grams. I don't
have change. Madam, pay him.

Manoj, I have notes!
- He's become a rich man.


Renu, we sit and eat
grams here everyday.

Let's go somewhere,
freak around, eat Chinese.

And blow away the whole
month’s salary in a day.

And then ask for loans.
- Yes. You will give me?

Not at all. We are not going anywhere.

Such good breeze is
blowing here. Stay here.

Stay here indeed! We sit here everyday.

Look how much money I
have. 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

I'll keep the money.
- No, I want to spend it all.

Alright, keep one.

Keep one more.

Enough! We'll spend
the rest of the money.

But why?
- Don't argue.

We'll treat ourselves to Chinese.

No, there is no need.

We are very tired walking.
Let's buy a small car.

You started it again? Let's go home.

No, we won't go home. lf
we do, we'll go by car.

Are you crazy? Have
you seen your pocket?

I have very little
money, but huge desires.

Desires cannot buy you a car.
- Everything is possible with desires.

Come on! For some time.

- No! Don't stop me today. Come on.

- But why go inside?
I want to buy a car.

We want to buy a car.

- Car?...you want to buy a car? Yes.

- Both of you? Yes, both of us.

- Want to buy a car? If you don't mind,

I want to ask you something. Go ahead.

- Buying a car for the first
time? Isn’t it?

Even I am selling a car
for the first time. Oh great!

- It’s my first day in
the show room.

- I'll have a look at the cars.
Come madam.

Look we don't want to buy
a car. And you come with me.

Look at his face. The poor
man will be heart broken.

It’s his first day to work.
Sir, don't worry. Tell me

about the car features. Features?

There are so many. Come.

- No, I don't... Look
at its body, its colour,

its size, the model,
its wipers! Look inside.

It has everything. Take a look inside.

I saw it all. Shall we go now?

Can we sit inside?
- Of course! Come.

Not you...madam.

- Please come.

Renu, get in.

I'll go and sit on the
other side. Renu, I'm coming.

Madam, we'll go for a long drive.

Excuse me, we'll wind up the
glasses to see how it feels.

Renu, those who have such cars
must be having so much fun.

Raju, he is standing
outside, sit properly.

He can't see a thing, I
have wound up the glass.

But he is looking here.
- You look at me, don't look there.

You look so beautiful. Give me a kiss.

Are you in your senses?
- No, not at all.

Where does one get
such a chance in Bombay?

Raju please!
- He cannot see anything.

You have become very brazen.

Sorry...you took very long, so...

Renu, what happened?

We like the car, but
madam is in a bad mood.

Look, it's enough now, let's go.
- See! I told you she's off mood.

You convince her. - Madam,
please don't be in a bad mood.

Actually, you are right.
What a lovely car this is.

It’s such a lovely colour.
Darling, shall we buy both the cars?

- Both? Yes, both.

We'll take both the cars.

But what will we do with two cars?

I'll take one for shopping,...

and you use the other to drop
Bablu and Pappu to school.

Our kids, Bablu and Pappu.

Nice names. Sir look, madam
has been convinced now.

I'll go and make the bill.
- Just a minute...What is your name?

My name? Lovechand Kukreja.
- Mr. Kukreja, there's a problem.

No problem sir, I'll help
you. What's the problem?

We don't have money.

You don't have money? And
you had come to buy two cars?

Madam wanted...

Let's go, Renu.


Lovechand, I will
surely come back one day.

And buy a car for her.

That's a promise.


- Sorry! They were rejection letters.

Didn't get a job?
- Where do you get jobs in your city?

You'll get one.
- Oh yeah?


How are you?

Sorry, I got late.

But I have brought a surprise
for you in this envelope.

Want to have grams? Take, eat.

Why are you sitting sullen?
- Then should I laugh like you?

Why not?
- Stop laughing!

Your city is horrible!

It’s got a population of 10 million,
but a man cannot get a job here!

Look, don't blame Bombay.
What has the city done to you?

Damn your Bombay! Damn it!!

Hey! Who is it? Can't you see?

I'm sorry.
- Are you hurt?


You'll hurt someone.
- What do I do?

They are popping out of
everywhere. Even earlier...

I know now. I can't do
anything in this city.


I am destined to work
in that damned library.

Poor Raju! Have grams.

But this envelope contains
a bumper lottery,...

opening which, your destiny will shine.

You will have a car,
bungalow, money, everything.

Have a look.
- No, I am not that lucky.

Raju! That was your interview call.
- My interview call?

That too, from our company.
- Chhabria Constructions?

And you tore it.
- Why did you give it to me?

Pick it up!

It’s my interview call! Do
your romance later, help me.

You leave, please.

You didn't tell me...

- What now?

What? We'll stick it, what else?

The annual report is
lying at home, read it.

I'm Rishi Vaswani, I've
come for an interview.

Please sit there.

- You may go in.

The Howrah Bridge suspension.

Mr. Mathur, you have just done
a diploma in civil engineering.

Whereas, even degree holders
have applied for the job.

I don't understand.

He means to ask why
we should appoint you.

Because a degree only gives
you a certificate, not brains.

Which you have?
- Yes.

Can you prove it?
- Of course.


Take Shakti Nagar, your
construction in Delhi.

You take great pride in it.
- Why won't we?

It is one of the posh and
best complexes in Delhi.

That's very true, and you put in
about 300 million rupees in it.

The RCC component would
be 150 million rupees?

That accounts to so
much wastage of money.

I mean to say if you had used
rubble for your foundation..

Then you would have saved 15% on RCC.

Yes, and if you used load
bearing bricks walls...

your budget would be 35%.

35 + 15 % - You mean 50% - Correct.

The other expenses including labor
would come to 25 million rupees.

Where you have spent 150 million,
you would only spend 100 million.

Call this a saving of 50 million,
or a profit of 50 million.

What does your computer say?

Modi, who made this complex?
- Sir, not me....

So you made this complex?

That means...
- That means I must get this job.

Meet me later, Mr. Saxena.

"Our colony is celebrating today"

"Everyone is lost in gaiety."

"Our Raju is a hero,
and we are Raju's fans."

"Raju has become a gentleman!"

"Even my stars have shined."

"Water has gushed out of a stone."

"Lost in my own world."

"I hide what's in my heart."

"My heart is now at peace."

"It used to be so restless."

"Raju has become a gentleman!"

"You will have the world
at your feet one day."

"You will be very successful one day."

"God will continually
shower his mercy on you now."

"Raju has become a gentleman!"

"Despite your presence, it is
money that rules your world."

"Money is the God of the world,
what kind of a God are you?"

"It is now I realise
even you are like me."


"Running after money, the world
has forgotten everything else."

"Raju has become a gentleman!"

"Sing and play the band."

"I am crazy about you,
you are my love."

"You have done a great
job, you are Superman."

Gentlemen, this is project Dreamland.

In America, with the help
of a senior architect...

I designed it keeping
the Indian middle class in mind.

There will be 12 multi
storied buildings in it.

And even a swimming pool.

What do you all have to say?

I think, this will be the first
project of its kind in India.

Why not also have a disco?

In fact, I even want a gym, where
there will also be tennis courts.

That will help in selling
our project easily...

You want to say something?
- I... no.

I'm Raj Mathur.

He's Raj Mathur, assistant
engineer, he has joined recently.

lf you want to say something, say
it. lf you want to laugh, go outside.

It’s nothing like that.
- Then what it is?

I was just saying...
- Stand up and talk.

The project you are talking
about is for the common man?

Yes, why?

Then this swimming pool,
jogging park, gymnasium...?

I don't know which world you live in.

Shall I sit?

Why, what's wrong in it?
What are you trying to say?

Sir, I want to say... what is it?

I want to say that those
whose life itself is a jog...

whose children play hockey
with a broken stick...

Madam, hockey is our national game.

and kick a burst ball...

for them, even thinking of
a swimming pool, gymnasium...

and like sir said, a
disco, is a cruel joke.

Madam, these middle income people...

don't want status,
they want facilities.

Don't give them a gym,
give them a school.

Give them a bus stop, a hospital.

Give them clean drinking
water, like this.

lf you give them all
this, they will bless you.

And if you don't give them all this,
your Dreamland project will be a ruin.

Because the rich won't
go so far for a flat.

And the middle income class

won't be able to afford it. Am I right?

- Yes... I mean... no.

And if it's no, what's
the sense in making this building?

Believe me, madam.

Who are you to advice us?

Sir, he is a diploma holder.

Mr. Saxena, teach him how
to speak in a board room.

Saxena, understood what Malhotra said?

- Yes sir. Then hurry up.

But what is my offence sir.

- You are acting over
intelligent. You spoilt...

- But you said it was alright.

But sir, tell me, what is my fault?

Fault? Call it carelessness.

You challenged the management.

The company from which
you want your salary...

Sapna madam is the only daughter
of it's owner, Mr. Chhabria.

- Yes!

Sir, do you have a revolver,
a knife, a dagger, a blade?

Blade? You think I am a pick pocket?

Sir, listen to me. I was dumb.

I've got this job with great difficulty.

And you'll lose it with equal ease.

Do you know what he did
at the board meeting?

He wants a bus stop for the poor
people, a school, a hospital.

He doesn't want a jogger's park, he
doesn't want a swimming pool, a gym.

Then what does he want? He
said all this in the board meeting.

And do you know to whom?

- Whom? Sapna madam.

Renu, you typed his
appointment letter a week ago.

Now type is dismissal
letter. He's lost his job.

What will happen now? Mr. Saxena
should have told me she is...

What happened, Raj?
- I am ill-fated.

How was I to know Sapna
is the boss' daughter?

I unnecessarily got into an
argument with her in the meeting.

What now?

Raj, Mr. Chhabria has
called you to his room.

I've lost my job! Renu, I
don't want to lose this job.

Don't say that,
everything will be alright.

You go and apologise to her.

Big people often forget small matters.

This is no small matter. She
got angry and left the meeting.

Now that she has called
you, you will have to go.


Renu, you also come along with me.
- Me? Raju, I'll stay here.

You'll stay here? Don't go, please.

I'll stay here, and wait for you.

Don't be afraid.

Just a minute.

Sir, before you say anything,
I'd like to say something.

I know I made a mistake,
I should not have argued.

You can see how upset I am. Actually,
I have a problem since childhood.

I cannot sleep. And until I
cannot sleep....I stay awake.

And when I am awake, I keep thinking.

Madam, that's my problem.
I cannot sleep at night...

I stay awake. lf I stay
awake, I don't sleep.

And if I don't sleep, I keep thinking.

And if I don't think, I speak.
You understand my problem, madam?

Look how much I am talking even now,
because I have not slept at night.

I was thinking something last night,
& said something else in the meeting.

And in all the confusion,
I argued with madam.

I had no intention to trouble you.

Drink water.

One feels thirsty too,
when one cannot sleep.

Mr. Mathur, whatever you
said in the board meeting...

the suggestions that you made...

I want you to repeat those
suggestions before us again.

I only wanted to say...
- Then say it.

Yes...Madam, I didn't mean what
I said in the board meeting.

You didn't understand...
- Then explain to me, Mr. Mathur.


It’s time to close the office.

Mr. Mathur, Sapna and I
liked your suggestions.

And we have decided to
give you a promotion.

You liked my suggestions? Sir,
I have many more suggestions...

This is enough for today.

Mr. Mathur, we respect
people who work diligently.

But remember one thing.

I understand, sir. I will work hard.

Sapna, you want to say something?

From now on, we will work together.

And am sure we will do good work.

"There's a beating heart in my chest."

"And just you in those heartbeats."

"You are my first desire. "

"And my last wish!"

"The weather also colours itself,
in the same colour that you wear."

"My mornings and evenings all come
under the shade of your eyelashes."

"There's sleep in my eyes, there are dreams
in my sleep and only you in my dreams."

"Just one word from you, and
I’ll forget the whole world."

"I will spread out flowers
on the path you traverse."

"There are flowers in the gardens."

"There's fragrance in the flowers.
And you're there in the fragrance."

What the world has come to!
- Why sir?

The boy who used to work under me
until yesterday is my boss today.

See! How many years have
I given to this company?

I am so respected here.
But I never got anything.

Such a big... such a big cabin...

You got this made?
- Yes sir.

Couldn't you have got one made for me?

How are you?
- I’m fine; how are you?

I’m fine. How are your burps?
- Fine.

I had come to discuss something
official... confidential with you.

Tell me.

The contractor who supplies us
cement, sometimes creates a shortage.

For which I... Gupta had
suggested something. Tell him.

Sir, if we give him
something under the table...

You mean bribe?
- Yes sir.

That won't happen until I am here.

Look, we buy genuine material
and make full payment.

It will be better if you don't
talk of bribes in my presence.

I told you! You are...

Let's go...come on!

Good decision.

I know.

Look at the way he was showing off.
He's got such a big cabin after all.

The cabin was beautiful. Small
computer, red telephone, paper weights.

You noticed the chair?

He's inside.
- Yes, he's in.

We'll have to show her respect too now.

Yes sir.
- Let's go.

Sit here...and tell me... do
you feel the power of this place?

Do you feel the power of this chair?

No, I don't feel it is true
at all, it feels like a dream.

No, it's not a dream, it's a fact.
It is my first step towards success.

Just watch where Raj Mathur goes now!

He'll also take his Renu along.

Okay ladies and gentlemen,
fasten your seat belts.

Captain Raj Mathur is ready to take off.

Your plane has taken flight.

It has left ground and
is flying in the air.

It's going higher and higher, cutting
through clouds, beyond the sky!

Stop it!
- What happened?

I am feeling dizzy.

Nothing can happen to
you until I am around.

Oh forget it!

Alright, tell me... what are you
doing today evening, Ms. Renu?

I... I... nothing.

Good. We'll dine at the Taj tonight.

No, there is no need to go to
Taj, it's an expensive place.

It will cost a bomb. We will
go to some small place...

Renu, stop thinking
small, think big now.

We will go to Taj, dine there, have fun.

No Raju...

Nothing... yes... I’m coming.

It was Sapna's call. Maybe
it is something urgent.

Shall I go?
- Go.

I will wait for you at
the office gate, do come.

Put this behind.

There's Renu! You
proceed, I’ll join you.

Let's go, what are you doing here?
- I’m going for dinner with Raju today.

Really? Take me along.

- No, you go home. Spoilsport!
Okay! Every dog has his day.

And yes, don't forget to sleep this
time, or you'll get flustered again.

Won't you open the door?

Ms. Sapna, once again...

Ms. Renu, you?...Oh, you
must be waiting for Raj.

But he has left,...
with Ms. Sapna, for Delhi.

For an important meeting.

Didn't he tell you?
- No.

He is a big man now, moving
in the circle of big people.

Don't know when they will be back.

Whether they will even come
back or not...we don't know that.

Shall I go?

That's how love is in Bombay.
An absolute fit formula.

Boy meets girl. What will he say?

And they'll fall deeply in love.

Now they will watch a
romantic film and cry together.

They will eat together, laugh together.

They will ride a bicycle together,
but keep an eye on the car.

lf the boy in the car
beckons, the girl will jump in.

And likewise, if the girl in the
car beckons, the boy will jump in.

One among the two will be heart broken.

Life will smoulder.

Friends, in Bombay, you may not
break your head fighting someone...

but heartbreak in love is guaranteed.

So, in Bombay, love
a bicycle, a snack,

cot, ball, Chinese food,
anything! But boys and girls,

never fall in love with each
other. Heartbreak is guaranteed.

Now pay this artiste Rs.1... come on!

There are many complaints about the
designs of your flyover, Ms. Chhabria.

What is the problem? Give me an idea.

In your design, you have shown
the south end foundation of 9 feet.

And the north end foundation is 4 feet.

We didn't understand this difference.

That's because two feet under the
south end, till six feet, is marshy land.

There was a pond there.

And 15-20 years ago... the
municipal corporation filled it up.

How can you be so sure?

Because I have the copies
of the municipal records.

Have a look.

But why didn't any other party
cover this point in their tender?

- There are two reasons.

Excuse me, I’ll tell them.

There could be two
reasons for this, sir.

One is that they may not be aware.

But we did a lot of research.

And the other is that they may
deliberately not be telling you.

So that once the work begins, they can
charge you extra for this extra job.

You can check with other companies.

Do ask the other companies.

The marble is slippery... My room keys.

I’ll collect it on my return.
We are going for dinner.

I’m sorry, I got late.
Keep the keys...Shall we go?

Good we got the contract, or...

What is the matter?
Don't you want to go?

Yes...let's go.

Raj, what is the matter?
- It's nothing. Let's go.

Don't lie.
- No... don't you have a saree?

- Yes.

I have never...I don't wear sarees.

You like sarees?
- No, I like all dresses.

Even this one is good, but...if
people stare at you, I won't like it.

I’ll change and come.

No, don't change, wear my jacket.

Raj, this jacket with this dress...
- It will go very well.

It's genuine leather.

Help me wear it.

It will look good.

Shall we go now?

Yes...even mosquitoes
won't bite you now.

You must have dined in five
star hotels several times.

Try the food here today.

Ah, thank you. Here, even
the cold drinks have arrived.

What are you waiting for?
Eat. Come on. Don't feel shy.

Isn't it good?

Want to eat onion?

No? Onion is good.

The salt is a little less.
- And I find it very hot.

Yeah? Then drink water.

It's good water.

It's clean. Delhi water is clean.

Bahadur, get some vegetable.

Raj, ask him to give a napkin, please.

There are no napkins here. Over here...

Lick your fingers...go ahead.

People are watching.
- No one is. Everybody does that here.

First finger... second finger...like it?

Third... hey,
don't eat your thumb.

Take away the plates. Ms. Sapna,
we'll have buttermilk now.

Such a big glass?
- Yes, that's how it is here. Drink.

I can't drink so much.
- You must, it's Delhi's speciality.

All of it?
- All of it. And in one gulp.

What happened?
- You have a moustache.

Shall I tell you something?
- Yes.

Even you have a moustache.

Yes, look...an old man's moustache.

Thanks boss. How are you,
Kaludada. Hello, sir. How are you?

I’m fine. You left for
Delhi without informing?

I had some urgent work. I’ll tell you
later. First tell me where Renu is.

She's upstairs.
- I’ll meet her first. See you later.

I’ve come!
- You've come very soon.

I’m not talking to you.
- Why are you getting angry?

When you hear what a big job I did
in Delhi, even you'll be elated.

Couldn't you inform me before leaving?

You just got the plane ticket and flew!

Where did I get the time?
Everything happened so suddenly.

Do you know, the work of our company
that was stuck since six months...

I got it moving. Ms. Sapna
was so happy with me.

Oh yes, you please everyone.
No one cares about me.

You don't understand. Do you
know what her being pleased means?

The construction work will begin,...

and all the unemployed men
in the colony will get work.

All of them, Chandu,
Kalka, Pandey uncle...

They'll be so happy when they hear this.

Come on, Renu! Understand.
- Alright...what did you bring for me?

I’ve come back for you.

Renu, even sir is not home.

On the north side, increase
the wall size by two feet.

Under the 30/40 angle,
I want 6" cement piping.

Show me the samples in the evening.

How are you, Chandu?
- I’m fine, Raju.

Where is Pandey?
- He is working behind.

Raju, you have done us a
favour by giving us work.

There are no favours in friendship.

Work diligently, and don't give
anyone a reason to complain.

We will.

- Good. Come on, get going.

Madam, this brand new
mixer is alone in Asia.

And this is a good combination
of cement and mortar.

And this is where our flyover
will go across the river...

and parallel and a little broader...

What did I say?

How do I look?
- Good.

Even I like it here.
- You do?

Love it.

This is the dream I had
come with from Darjeeling.

Big streets, big buildings, big bridges.

Watch it, one day, even I will be
the in-charge of one such big project.

Won't I?
- Sure you will.


The work is going real fast.

You are the in-charge here,
everything should go fine.

The job that was stuck in
Delhi started with your effort.

I don't deserve the praise, Raj does.

lf it wasn't for him, we would
not have got the contract.

Is it? Then we should throw
a party for him, Malhotra.

Yes sure, he is a small
man, he will be pleased.

Sapna, his clothes...

"Walk along with me beyond the sky."

"Your tomorrow is beckoning you."

"The destinations are
new, the paths are new."

"A new journey awaits you."

"It's a new life."

"Walk along with me beyond the sky..."

"There is beauty, and
a beautiful evening."

"Pick up a drink of happiness."

"These are your times."

"Celebrate life!"

"This evening is for you."

"Even your destiny is your slave."

"What a lovely sight it is."

"Walk along with me beyond the sky..."

"Even more beautiful than beauty..."

"are dreams of my life."

"Apart from this happiness..."

"yet more happiness awaits me."

"I don't falter."

"My gaze is fixed on my goal."

"Watch me, my mate."

"Walk along with me beyond the sky..."

Yes stop taxi-man, I've reached.

We're here. Cabbie, here's Rs.100.

Keep the change. And remember
my name...Raju Gentleman.

Come out, Renu! See how happy
your Raju Gentleman is today.

Come out, Renu.

Renu, Raju has come! How are you?

Quiet! The whole colony is sleeping.

Shh! Everyone is sleeping.

They are sleeping?
Why are they sleeping?

Are you drunk?

Yes! The whole of Bombay is in
your Raju's hand today. Here!

Raju, keep quiet.
- Here!

My friend, Jai.

Jai, what had I told you?

Everyone is sleeping.

What had I told you?
That I will reach my goal.

Look, Raju Gentleman has
found his ground today.

That is what I am seeing. You
have really become a gentleman.


But there is still some space
between the ground and your feet.

This is Bombay, dear. It takes time
to set your feet firmly on ground here.

Had dinner?
- Yes I did, Jai. I ate and drank.

Raju and Sapna in this, in this too.

You are not in this either.

Raju and Sapna in this, here...

This is my picture.

Raju and Sapna in this, even in this.
What is all this? Where are you?

What is this? You have not taken a
single picture of me and Sapna together.

What were you doing?
I feel like slapping you.

Why are you getting
angry on him, you fool?

Even I noticed that you were more
interested in alcohol than Sapna.

You were only drinking.

- You leave. Get out! Papa,
you are always pushing me.

But Sapna doesn't care for me at all.

Let me tell you, your dream of getting
me married to Sapna will remain a dream.

Because she is always around
with that two-bit engineer.

Where have you brought me?
- Just come along.

I don't understand...
- There is no need to understand, Raj.

Every job of Ms. Sapna is
like stories, full of mystery.


Come in. What do you
think of this house?

It's lovely...and so huge.

Whose is it?
- Yours. You will live here now.

Me?...But Ms. Sapna...
- Not Miss, only Sapna.

We are friends, aren't we?
- Yes Ms. Sapna....Sapna.

But such a big house for me?
- So what?

You are being done no favour.

lf you can work so
hard for the company...

isn't it the duty of the company
to take care of your needs?

Mr. Saxena, the house keys.

Here, your house keys.

No, now it's your home.

Renu, forget all...alright,
say what you want to.

Madam gave you a promotion.
- Yes.

Then she gave you a cabin.
- Correct, isn't it lovely?

She bought you clothes. You
didn't have anything to wear.

This coat, this suit, this tie.
- Careful, it's expensive, imported.

What only remained was a flat,
and she gave you that too.

Can I ask why so many
favours are being done to you?

Because I deserve it. And I have
done so much for your company.

All the employees do that. Why doesn't
your Sapna take pity on all of them?

How do I know that?

I know everything.
- What do you know?

She loves you.
- Wow! What a lovely idea.

My life is made. Do attend our wedding.

I’ll send you an invitation.

Try to...

Why are you crying? I was just joking.

I don't like such jokes.

Alright, I’m sorry, I’ll
never say such things again.

Sapna has been brought
up as per western culture.

So she is a little advanced, that's all.

You are unnecessarily being suspicious.

Raju, I am not beautiful like Sapna.

Nor am I rich like her.

But remember one thing.

I love you very much.

I have no one but you.

Don't ever part me from you.

I am not leaving you and going
anywhere. I’m not going anywhere.

You'll always be with me.

Yes, I love him. And I am
doing all this for him...

because I love him.

Sapna, I know you have taken all
your life's decisions yourself.

But perhaps you are forgetting
that you & Raj are two shores of a

river... that can never meet.

That's impossible now, because
I have gone so far ahead...

that my turning back is impossible.

Such people are used, not loved.

Anyway...does he know you love him?


Look what I have bought for
you. Look how pretty it is.

You look so pretty.

Raju, this is like this?

You have bought such a dress for me?

There are matching shoes with it too.

I won't wear such a dress.
- Wear it, for my sake, please.

I will feel shy in it.
- Why? I’ll close my eyes.

Go and wear it.
- But Raju...no...



"The love in my heart is saying that...
...you belong to me today."

"Yes, I am crazy about you."

"None of your excuses... "

"will work today, my love."

"No... no, don't touch me."

"Don't get carried away in love."

"I will be defamed."

"Your insistence is not correct."

"How do I explain, my love?"

"No... no, don't touch me."

"Don't get carried away in love."

"Your beauty is youthful,
and so is my love."

'"We both have lost our senses."

"Let us be lost in a new world".

"Let us unite and become one."

"I will be defamed."

"Your insistence is not correct."

"How do I explain, my love?"

"No... no, don't touch me."

"Don't get carried away in love."

"What's in your heart,
is also my desire."

"I’m in such a dilemma."

"But I have some compulsions."

"That is why this distance, my love."

"I am crazy about you."

"None of your excuses... "

"will work today, my love."

"No... no, don't touch me."

"Don't get carried away in love."

"I will be defamed."

"Your insistence is not correct."

"How do I explain, my love?"

"No... no, don't touch me."

"Yes... yes, don't go away."

I won't accept defeat.

Where is Mr. Raj Mathur?
...Didn't you call him?

He is coming.

You can go.

You called me, Sapna?

Yes, I am very happy today.

Don't you want to know why?

Tell me.

Remember, you had one day told me
you wanted to be the in-charge...

of such a project?

I had, but there's a
difference in saying things...

and they actually happening.

There is no difference, Raj.

From today, you are in
charge of this project.

Me? You mean, the chief engineer...

From today, what you
want will happen here.

What I want?

Are you happy?

Very happy.

You should never say
thanks to dear ones.

Dad, I’m saying...

I am telling you, Mr. Chhabria
is not going to agree.

We'll mess up the bridge construction.

They'll come to their senses
when the bridge collapses.

- What alright, dad?

We'll talk to him first. lf
he agrees, it will be better.

Or we will adopt your formula, okay?

What brings you here?

Mr. Chhabria, may be small, but I
am still a partner in this company.

Even I have a say in this company.

You promoted the new
boy as chief engineer?

Is this right? You know the kind of
juggling the chief engineer has to do.

He has to keep everyone in government
offices, from top to bottom, happy.

Raju will not be able to do all
that, it's not his cup of tea.

Malhotra, even I am not happy
with this decision of Sapna.

Yes...but you know she is...

Sir, if you like, I
have an idea to oust him.

What are you trying to say?
- Give him a job he cannot do.

He is a very principled man.

Why is sub-standard sand
being used? Who ordered this?

Sir, Mr. Malhotra ordered it.

Raju, since you have
become chief engineer,...

this is the sand that's coming in.

Mr. Mathur, Mr. Chhabria has called
you home for some important work.

Alright...I’ll come back and see you.

You wanted to see me, sir?
- Come, Mr. Chief Engineer.

There are some hurdles
in your bridge project.

Best isn't good enough.
There are Rs.5 lakhs in this.

Come to Holiday inn at 7 pm today.
Mr. Joshi will be waiting for you.

Saxena will explain the rest to you.

You want to give bribes, sir? But why?

You know our project is going fine.

We have confidence in our
hard work. We can fight...

And bribe will win in this fight.

I make buildings, sir. I am an engineer.

I can't do this.

And look, if you want to stay
chief engineer in this company...

be there at 7.

Come Renu...good you've come.

I wanted to talk to you.

Tell me.

The path you are taking is not right.

So you know.

Once you enter this mire,
you'll never be able to come out.

What mire are you talking about?
- The mire of bribe and dishonesty.

Why do you need to do this?

Because if I don't, someone
will push me and go ahead of me.

So let him. Look Raju,
we don't want all this.

We will be happy in whatever we
get with hard work and honesty.

Nothing happens with
hard work these days, Renu.

You know how hard I have
worked on this project.

And what did I get in return?

Why don't you understand, Raju?
These people are trying to trap you.

Which people? Who are you talking about?

Mr. Chhabria, Mr. Malhotra, and...
- And?

And Sapna?
- Yes, and Sapna!

You have got into the habit of
bringing Sapna into everything.

Like you have no other
aim in life except Sapna.

But that is not my aim.

I told you I have come to this
city to become a big man...

to become rich, to become successful.

I have not come here
to sleep on the streets.

And one more thing.

No one can shake me from my
decision....Not even you.

Come...he has come.
- I am Raj...

You have come? I have
been waiting for you.

You took quite long.

Yes sir...no, thank you. On my way...

Why are you scared?

Just a few more meeting with
me, and you will become smart.

This has been sent for you.
- Does it contain five 'paan'?

No sir, not five 'paan', but Rs.5 lakhs.

Even walls have ears.

Don't understand?
- The plans need to be discussed...

Damn the plans. Where is that?
- What?

How do I explain? Flowers
and bees... you understand?

Where is that? Don't
understand?...There it is.

Open it.
- Is this Raj Mathur's room?

Yes, that's me. Tell me.
- Mr. Saxena has sent us.

He's sent you to the right place.
This is called connecting hearts.

Good...very good. What
are you doing here? Go in.

It's a double connection.

No sir, I’ll leave.
- Scared?

Doesn't matter. Dave, serve him drinks.

You are standing here? Get in.

Take sir.
- No.

Take it, sir.
- I said no.

What are you doing? Leave!

Renu, you?...Had some work?

Ms. Sapna, I...I know I should
not...have come here like that.

But I could not stop myself.

Ms. Sapna, I must talk to you.

Tell me, what is it?

Ms. Sapna, a dream, of a small
home, which has small joys.

A home in which there
is love, trust, respect.

In which there is no
place for shame and hatred.

After a hard day's work, when one
returns home, finding love there...

one's tiredness evaporates.

Is seeing such a dream a crime?

I don't understand, Renu.
- I... I... I mean...

I was talking about Raju.

Ms. Sapna, return my Raju to me.

You do good poetry. A
small home, small joys.

Renu, I have not locked up
your Raju in some prison.

He is free.

But the fact is that he has
moved far beyond your world.

To a height, reaching where
is not possible for everyone.

And I will help him
in this flight of his.

I will give him everything that
I afford, that I can give him.

Can you give him back his
innocence, his honesty?

How could you dare to come
to my office and accuse me?

The mansion of lies and
fraud cannot last long...

on the foundation of truth and honesty.

It collapses.

What more can you do than this?

My resignation.

Renu, you should not have
quit in a hurry like that.

You should have sat down
coolly and discussed it...

There won't be any discussions
now, only decisions, now, right now!

What? What do you want?

Either you will leave all
this and come with me...

or you will forget me forever.
- Don't act immature!

You know I cannot live without you.

You are lying. You only love yourself.

I could never dream you could do
such cheap things to get promoted.

What have I done? What!!

Have I committed a theft? A heist?
I didn't make the business rules, Renu.

And what I am doing
is for both of us.

Why don't you understand, Renu?

I understand your decision,
I understand it very well.

Hereafter, don't try to meet me.

Alright, go! I am a corrupt
man, I am a fraud, I am a thief.

I am a demon. I behead
people and suck their blood.

Go! I’ll never come to meet you again.

I had come alone to this city, I
will survive alone, I won't die.

lf you don't want to
understand, then don't.

She will never understand you, Raj.
- She'll never understand.

But you have to fulfil
your life's ambition.

Come, your new life is waiting for you.

We want a car for him.
- Come, I know just the car for you.

Go Raj....go!
- Come... I know just the car.

Look at this car, it's
so beautiful. Look inside.

Sir, if I am not mistaken,
you have come here before?

Yes, Mr. Lovechand.

Of course!

But sir, she was...
- Give me the keys.


There is a lot of power, there
is a lot of power in money.

Show it to anyone, and he will come
like a dog wagging his tail behind him.

He will become the juggler's monkey,
dancing to his every gesture.

Hey monkey. - Yes Boss?

Will you sell your heart in Delhi?
- I will, Boss.

Will you parcel your conscience to hell?

I will, Boss.

Will you fool your friends?
- I will, Boss.

Can you cheat your girlfriend?
- That's very simple, Boss.

See! He says yes to everything.

Green Bombay! Clean Bombay!

"Hold the drink of happiness."

"Happiness is beckoning you."

"Have such ambitions that
make the world bow before you."

"Only then will time salute you."

"That's life!"

Your material, sir.
- It's the quality I'd ordered?

Yes sir.
- The bridge must fall.

Take...okay?...Take more.

"The game has just begun,
watch what happens further."

"This torrent will face every storm now."

"I will surely change
now, come what may."

"Hold the drink of happiness..."

Here's the money. Want more? Take.
But the job must get done today.

Congratulations Mr. Malhotra.

The bridge constructed by
Chhabria's company has collapsed.

We will recover our
money from insurance...

but Raj Mathur will crush
and die under the debris.

That rogue Raju has had it
now. He was acting too smart.

We celebrate today evening
in the name of honesty!

No... no! I don't want to hear anything.

No excuses! I just want to
know how the bridge collapsed.

Uncle, I think there is only
one person who can answer this.

And that is Raj Mathur.

I... what are you trying
to say, Mr. Malhotra?

Mr. Raj Mathur, you have been in charge
of the project since the beginning.

Only you.

And now, you alone are for responsible for
the slur on our company's name.

And also of such a huge loss.

Sir, it is true I was in
charge of this project.

- But you don't know...

that Lal Kishin Chhabria is
considered the best in his business.

lf anyone has dared to raise his
finger at us, I have cut his hand.

Alright, if you all feel this
has happened because of me...

I am ready to resign.

No, you won't give your resignation.

Malhotra, organize a
press conference tomorrow.

In which we will tell them that
the bridge collapse was sabotage.

And you...you Mr. Raj
Mathur, will confirm this.

Saxena, take the statements of the
police and municipal commissioner.

You know how it is to be done.
- Yes sir.

I will not tolerate a slur on the
name of Chhabria Constructions.

My husband is dead!
Who do I live for now?

Chandu, my son! Chandu!

As per our information,
your bridge collapsed...

due to the use of substandard material.

What do you have to say?

Your information is wrong and baseless.

This is the job of those
terrorists whose mission is...

destruction and the country's ruin.

How can you say that?
- Just a minute.

How did you assume we said this?

Our police, the CBI inquiry...

and the bodies of terrorists
found under the bridge...

who the police suspects, all that
is proof that the bridge was bombed.

But sir, we have reports that....
- Just a minute.

Whatever questions you want to ask,
ask our chief engineer, Mr. Raj Mathur.

Mr. Raj Mathur, do you also think
this is the job of terrorists?

Mr. Chhabria is right.

I myself inspected the sight.

The material used for the
construction of the bridge...

was not sub standard in any way.

That means you agree this
is the job of terrorists?


Come out!
- What is the matter, Jai?

Careful Jai... what's wrong?

Come, you want to see?
- Where are you taking me?

You want to see terrorists?
- What is the matter, Jai?

Look! Who is this?
- Pandey uncle.

No, look properly. He is a terrorist,
not Pandey uncle. He's a terrorist.

He used to feel hungry, so
he had gone to work on your bridge.

He had gone there to break
stones, not to break bombs.

He used to pray for your progress.
It was just a pretense.

Come here. Who is he?

- Chandu. Not Chandu, he is a terrorist.
Look, he is the terrorist Chandu's father.

He's Dagdu, the cobbler.
His shop was just a front.

He used to make bombs. He
asked his son to blow off the bomb.

He used to dance in 'Raju has become
a gentleman'. It was just a pretense.

You are a great gentleman. How
did you know he was a terrorist?

We never realized he was a
terrorist. You are a true gentleman.

Hey, why are you crying? He
was a terrorist. Why are you crying?

You have killed my son.
You are a murderer!

Enough, why are you crying?
Look, sir wore a tie and said on TV

...that he was a terrorist.
Does anyone lie after wearing a tie?

Take her away.

- I didn't kill them. I didn't.

Then who did? Who? Your people called
the hunger of my people, terrorism.

And you also agreed with them.

Tomorrow, you will say
something, and someone will agree.

And your clan will grow.
You all are rotten people.

Your touching them is not going to help.

The curses of these poor people will
hit you. I guarantee you, just watch it.

You will never be
able to live in peace.

Hail the Lord.
- Hail!

You will live a suffocating life.
You will rot and die.

Hail, the Lord.
- Hail!

Pandey uncle is a terrorist?
You and your men are terrorists.

Despite you, money rules the world.

Money is the God of the
world, you are not its God.

Let's take him away.

Hail the Lord.
- Hail.

No! Don't take away my child!

God will never do good for you.

Trying to touch the sky, I
have sunk into the ground, God.

I have been left alone.

Show me a way out of this darkness, God.

I don't want all this.

Save me...save me.

The ray of light will
come from within you, Raju.

There is immense power in truth, Raju.

Speak out the truth. I could not stop
myself because of our old friendship.

So I said it.

I’m sorry.

- No Raju, don't touch me.

Don't touch me.

I am scared of you now.

This is what I call conspiracy!

We committed the sabotage
and blamed it on terrorists.

And who will pay the price? Raj Mathur!

Chhabria is very annoyed with him.

You? How did you come
in without permission?

I knew it beforehand, that you people
are not humans, you all are fiends!

Throw him out! Throw the bastard out!
- Get out!

How did you come in, you
two pittance engineer!

Hey! What are you doing?

I will not spare you!

Leave my son!

I’ll call the police.

Where are you trying to run?
- What do you want after all?

I want you to write on this paper
that you sabotaged the bridge.

No! -

Write that I am not the killer
of Pandey uncle and Chandu.

You killed them.

I am ready to write anything
else, but I cannot write that.

Write Malhotra, or I will kill you!


Will you write or no?
- No Raj.


Forgive me.
- Write you committed sabotage.

Write that you are the killer
of Pandey uncle and Chandu.

Yes... yes... I will
write whatever you say.

See, Mr. Chhabria? Read it carefully.

I always wanted to tell you
he is a very dangerous man.

He trapped me too. But
you don't spare him.

It's good that the
truth has come before me.

Yes...hey! What are you doing, sir?
- What I should do.

But this is proof...

What do you want? That I
publish this in the newspaper?

You know, this paper is
dynamite for our company.

It will ruin our company.

Where Malhotra is concerned,
I’ll deal with him later.

All of you people are the
same. All are the same!

Rogues! Base men!

But I will not spare you now.

I will tell in court in everyone's
presence that Malhotra and you...

are responsible for the death of
those poor and innocent people.

Do you know the consequences of that?

You will be the first
one to go to the gallows.

I know. But now I will take you
all along with me, Mr. Chhabria.

Raj, please don't do that.

lf you go against dad, he
will never let us unite.

What are you saying, Sapna?

I have never thought of you like that.

I love Renu.

But having got into this
mire, I have lost everything.

I have to atone for many deeds.

Sapna, these are the keys
to your car and bungalow.

Thanks for the moments of
happiness I spent with you.

But if you have been hurt due
to some misunderstanding...

then please forgive me.

Raj Mathur to testify in court today.

This is the only
headline in every paper.

That two pittance engineer
is bent on ruining us.

He is going to court. And all
this has happened because of you.

Don't worry, he won't reach court.

Come out, you smarty.
Come on, turn around.


He won't be able to come.


No... no... Raju...
you go... go to court.

Don't move!... Don't move!

The one you wanted to kill has
escaped. Why are we fighting?

Why are we fighting?...Hey! Don't move.

Don't act tough! lf you hit me 10
blows, I’ll at least hit you five.

What is the use? Has anyone
ever gained anything by fighting?

See Ramayana, Mahabharata,...

first world war, second world war,
Hitler, Napoleon, has anyone gained?

No one. Go away!

What are you doing here? Go!


This is a nice joke played on court.

The man who made baseless allegations
on Chhabria and Company...

is himself missing.

The court gives him
another five minutes.

My Lord, you gave five minutes.

It's seven minutes now, and
Raj Mathur has not come yet.

The court's precious
time is being wasted.

I suggest the case
should be dismissed.

I have come, My Lord!

My Lord, the bridge constructed by
Chhabria and Company did not fall...

it was a deliberate act.

And those responsible for it
are Malhotra and his son, Deepak.

I was a silent spectator to their acts.

I tolerated it all because
I feared losing my job.

I wanted to be a very rich man.

But the death of four innocent
men stirred my conscience.

And when I tried to
speak out the truth...

goons of these very men tried to
kill me outside this very court.

Your Honour, I can present witnesses...

who warned Raj about
substandard material...

stopped him from doing this
act, but who he didn't heed.

You may present the witnesses.

Mr. Modi, who gave orders for cement?

Your Honour, not only cement,
sand, steel, bricks,...

everything was ordered by
our chief engineer Mr. Mathur.

Not only that, he even took
a cut in the commissions.

Your Honour, Raj Mathur changed the
construction plan of the bridge...

without asking anyone.

He is talking nonsense, sir.

Your Honour, being the
laboratory in charge...

I continually warned
the chief engineer...

about the sub standard material.

But he never paid attention.
- You are lying!

I was not given any report. He is lying.

Your Honour, our job is of
bricks, cement and mortar.

lf the cement proportion is reduced,
any construction will collapse.

To hide his misdeeds, the chief
engineer tried to bribe me.

When I refused, he
threatened to dismiss me.

The company in which I have
been working since years.

...Ms.Sapna is like my
father-mother, sir!

They are all lying, My Lord.

Your Honour, to become rich
overnight, this greedy man...

wooed Mr. Chhabria's daughter, Sapna.

He used her as his ladder to success.

The truth is that in a
drunken state at a party...

he compelled Sapna to marry him.

When Sapna asked for time,
he beat her up mercilessly.

He tore her clothes, and
even tried to rape her.

He is lying, My Lord! The
rascal is lying! Sapna...Sapna!

Why are you quiet?

They are talking nonsense
about me. Why don't you speak?

Sapna speak! You are my friend.
Have I ever misbehaved with you?

Tell them I am not the
killer, they all are.

They are the killers. Sapna speak!

Tell them!
- What ruckus is this?

I want to say something.

Come to the witness box.

I, Sapna Chhabria, as partner
of Chhabria Construction, give

evidence... that every accusation
levied on Mr. Raj Mathur is false.

Raj is innocent.

In view of the statement made by
Ms. Sapna Chhabria, the court...

accepts Mr. Raj Mathur's statement.

And orders a high level inquiry
into the collapse of the bridge.

Thank you, Sapna.
- No Raj, don't delay anymore.

Someone is waiting for you.

No Sapna, I am not
worthy of Renu's love.

I will leave this city and go back.


Hey, Raju is really
leaving Renu and going.

Yes, he is returning to his town.
- What do you mean?

He says Bombay didn't go well with him.

Jai look!

He is gone? I knew it.
- Stop him.

When Renu could not stop him, how can I?

You mean he won't return?
- It seems so.

Jai, you are a champion, you
have experience. Do something.

Wait a minute. lf he turns around
and looks into Renu's eyes...

then he won't be able to go.
- Is it?

But what if he doesn't turn?
- Then he's gone!

Turn around. What will
you lose? Turn once.

Raju, turn around.
- Turn around.


He turned!


"My eyes are wet with our joys."

"The happy occasion may
make my eyes brim over."

"The sun of hope has risen
after the dusk of sorrow."

"Raju has turned a gentleman!"

Songs translated and timings by Bluerain_20