Rajput (1982) - full transcript

Unable to handle the taking of his kingdom by an Indian Government decree, the Maharaja kills himself. His son, Jaipal, takes over as the Maharaja, turns rebel, and refuses to hand over his title and kingdom to the Government. It is in this background that Police Superintendent Dhirendra Singh assumes his duties. When a conflict arises between Jaipal and himself, he is transferred to another town. His father, Thakur Ram Avtaar, wants him to marry a childhood friend, Janki, the daughter of Thakur Pratap Singh. When he meets her, he falls in love with her, not knowing that she has given her heart to Manu Pratap Singh, with whose family there is animosity as Pratap's sister had eloped with a male from their family, & was killed at the hands of Pratap. An enraged Pratap, when he finds out about Janki's affair, has her married to Dhirendra. On the day of the marriage, Jaipal's nephew abducts Janki, but is shot dead by Manu. A pregnant Janki goes to live with Dhirendra, while Manu is sentenced to prison for life. An angry Jaipal kills Manu's dad, Thakur Sangram Singh, and sets fire to their house. Then Jaipal sets his eyes on young Kamli, who is Bhanu Pratap Singh's, Manu's brother, sweetheart, gets her pregnant, but refuses to marry her. Kamli, shamed at this, refuses to meet Bhanu. When Bhanu finds out that Jaipal had killed his dad and set fire to their property, he becomes a bandit with several other townspeople, and calls himself Bhavani. Years later, Manu is released from prison for good conduct, decides to make a living as a bounty hunter, hunting down, killing bandits and collecting rewards from SP Dhirendra. The story reaches a climax when Manu goes to hunt down Bhawani, not knowing that it is his own brother; while Jaipal kidnaps Dhirendra's son and holds him for ransom. The question remains will Manu hunt down Bhanu, and will Dhirendra compromise his position for a child that is not his own?

"Guards, attention."

Father. Grandfather.

"May you have a long life,
my children! - Grandfather."

Oh grandfather!
- My child.

"Grandfather, is it
true that the Indian..."

...government has snatched our kingdom?

"Yes, child. And I feel sorry
that I couldn't save this..."

...precious land of my
forefathers for my children.

This blot will be
always there on my head.

"But father, we can still
deny to accept this fact."

"The subjects, the
army and the police..."

...of this kingdom are in our favor.

Even then if someone
tries to force us...

...then we will shoot
them with cannons.

"No, Jaipal. My son, my dear,
listen to the sound of time."

History has erased us from the map.

History cannot be erased.

Your revolt will take you
further near your destruction.

"Uncle, what happened to the king?"

He never lost his
hope like this before.

He is tired now. I will
explain to him again after sometime.

No one can snatch our kingdom...

...so easily from our hands.




"Father, weapons are used not for..."

"...committing suicide, but for ruling."

"Minister, priest."

Do the preparations...

...for my coronation ceremony.

Glory to king Jaipal Singh.

There we should pay tax to
the government and here...

"...revenue to the king. This
will not work now, chieftain."

"Look Thakur, if you don't
pay the revenue directly..."

...we know how to take it
out of you by other means.

Mind you. Mind you.

"By whatever means it may be..."

...mind you if you touch my crops.

"Don't forget chieftain, that my
son is an inspector over here."

"That's still a very
good thing, Avtaar Singh."

Do something. Send
twenty bags of crops...

...with him tomorrow to
the king's warehouse.

Otherwise he will lose
his job as a policeman.

"Before leaving, listen
to me also, chieftain."

My job of inspector is
not a thing begged...

...from some king or by pleasing him.

"You boy, do you know in
front of whom are you speaking?"

"Chieftain, for the time
being I am just using my..."

"...tongue but, I can even
use this when the time comes."

Even we know how to shoot...

...but not with such a small gun.

Rifles are hanged on our walls.

Bring it sometime and we'll
see who is good at aiming.

I will be coming my child but you...

...will not be seen over here that day.

The higher officials seems to be...

"...upset with you, Dhirender Singh."

"See this, your transfer orders."

- Yes. Read this.

You have been
transferred to some small...

...police station in
some small village.

Isn't a small police
station a police station?

Isn't a small village a village?

"That's not the thing,
father. It's a matter of prestige."

First listen to me and
then say what you want to.

What is the name of that
village which you mentioned?

- Yes, Bheempur."

Three villages ahead
of Bheempur across the...

"...river is the village Ramgarh.
- Yes, I know."

Even in Ramgarh you have a
house similar to this one.

Are you speaking of
younger brother Pratap Singh?

"Okay, father. You
are speaking of that..."

...Pratap Singh who had
a small daughter Munni.

"Look, look he
remembers the little girl."

"Yes, child. The same person."

But now she is no longer that small.

You will lose your
senses if you see Janki now.

"Child, look who has come."

- Greetings. Only greetings.

"Child, he is even elder
to me. Touch his feet."

"Enough. Enough. May you
have a long life, my child!"

She is just like her mother.

"Brother, I will take
this doll with me."

"Take her,
sister-in-law. I never stopped you."

She is your daughter only.
- What are you staring?

Go ahead and recognize your Munni.

He was thinking that Janki is
still the same way a small kid.

"Let it be, father.
- Come here. Come here."

"Come here, my child. Do
you remember this Dhiren?"

Once you bit his
cheek with your teeth.

He cried so much like girls.

She went. Go. Go. You also go. Go.

You go and refresh
your childhood memories...

...and we will refresh
our childhood memories.

How did you find Janki?
- What do you mean?

He is asking me what does it mean.

Why are you making puzzles?
Speak to him openly.

Yes. Yes. I'll do. I'll do.

You have seen with your
own eyes what sort of...

"...friendship I share with
Pratap Singh. - Yes, father."

Now to make this friendship
last forever we both elders...

...fixed your marriage in
your childhood itself. - What?

"Does that even happen, father?"

"It may not happen now, but
it used to happen earlier."

And we did it.
- It's strange.

We are not forcing you for this.
Say yes if you like the girl.

"And if you don't
like her, then I'll go..."

...and tell Pratap
Singh to blacken my face.

The boy is educated. He is not under...

...the control of his parents now.

"Did you see? Did you see, mom."

Listen to him also. He
didn't reject the proposal.

He didn't say no but he is
surely thinking about it.

Maybe he didn't find
the girl to be beautiful.

"I never told like this, father."

"If you didn't say this,
then say something."

I never looked at her with
such feelings. - Then do it.

It is your own house.
Go whenever you want.

"But keep one thing in mind, my son."

There is no
difference between the honor...

...of this house and that house.

If you don't intend to
marry her then make sure...

...that there is no blot
of infamy on that girl.

"Glory to Goddess Bhavani.
- Come. Come, Dhiren."

Just yesterday I
received your father's...

...letter saying that you are coming.

Father sent you a letter?
He never told me about it.

What all did he write?

"Look child, the things
which you father cannot even..."

"...share with you, he
never hides them from me."

Our friendship is so strong. Come.


Sit. I'll go and bring water for you.

No. No. No. Don't take the trouble.

"Okay, I don't take the trouble.
Janki has come to..."

...take the trouble and
she has even brought water.

"Look child, who has come."

Bring some refreshments for him.
- Okay.

"And listen, I have to
go out for some work."

I will be coming late. Don't
let him go without a meal.

Feed him with hot chapattis
made by your hands. - Okay.

Don't leave before I come.

Enough. Enough. Enough.
- Have some more. Isn't it tasty?

I found it so tasty that if I
would have had ten stomachs...

...I would have filled all of
them and then I wouldn't have...

...eaten food made by
anyone else for next ten days.

"Do you know, one is
satisfaction of hunger..."

...and the other is content of heart?

Today even my soul is contented.

I had gone alone.

Yes me...

But didn't return alone.

Your memories accompanied me.

Your memories accompanied me.

I had gone alone. Yes me...

But I didn't return alone.

Your memories accompanied me.

Your memories accompanied me.

From your street.

When I came out of your street...

...I felt everything has changed.

This weather was never so pleasant...

...like the way it is now.

Your memories accompanied me.

Your memories accompanied me.

I had gone alone. Yes me...

I feel like.

I feel like going back.

"I feel like going back
and bringing you along."

"How do I live alone
in these memories?"

Your memories accompanied me.

Your memories accompanied me.

I had gone alone. Yes me...

But I didn't return alone.

Your memories accompanied me.

Your memories accompanied me.

"Oh no!
- Aunt, it is already 5:30."

If you have to go somewhere then go.

Why are you seeing
the time over and over?

Where do I have to go? That
Bhanu was supposed to come.

"Aunt, I am tired. Shall I go now?"

"Yes, if that Bhanu comes, tell
him that I waited long for him."

"Wait, Janki is coming."

"Janki, we are seeing you after
so many days. - Just like that."

Why are you not going?
Why do you stop?

I got a sprain in my waist.
Let me have some water.

Aunt. Aunt.

Did you come running or what?

Yes. There were guests at home.
So it became late.

It became late? But
it's still 5:30 only.

"5:30? Yes, actually it
becomes late while..."

"...returning back, so
father gets displeased."

And he gets the doubt
that I had been to see you.

Then you even get scolding. Isn't it?

I am an untouchable
sister of your father.

No. No. Don't speak
such inauspicious words.

How much ever father might stop me...

...I can't live without meeting you.

"Aunt, I'll make a move now.
- You are still going. - Yes."

What happened to your shirt?
- I was drinking water.

How much water did you drink?
- About 2 glasses.

"If Bhanu comes, tell him
that I was here. I'll go now."

He is a strange boy.
- Even I'll go now. - So early.

"I'll come again. See,
the sun is about to set."

Just wait for a while.

I made lime pickle. Your
father likes it very much. Isn't it?

If he asks you say that you
brought it from the market.


Is this the time to come?
- I became late.

If I would have left?
- We would have met tomorrow.

We would have tomorrow?

You both are deceiving me.

"What's the problem, aunt?
Is it a sin to love someone?"

I had asked the same question
to his father many years back.

Do you know what he answered?

He gave me a tight slap
and the very next day...

...he fixed my marriage somewhere else.

But you were married to my uncle.

Do you call this a marriage?

Your uncle used to consider himself...

...Prithviraj of that generation.

He came riding on a
horse with a sword in his...

...hand along with his
companions and took me...

...by force from the marriage
pavilion as if I am Samyukta.

"Even I have the same
blood in my veins, aunt."

My love hasn't lessened yet.

"My child, don't forget as
to what happened further."

Six months later when
your uncle died after...

"...slipping from a horse,
your father thought that..."

...his younger brother
was murdered by his father.

It felt as if oil fell
in the fire of enmity.

The enmity that started between both...

...the families has still not ended.

And the brother shut his doors
forever for this widowed sister.

"Manu, this girl will never be able..."

...to come to this
house from that house.

"Don't make this mistake. Don't
do it, Manu. Don't do it, child."

"I knew it. Brother, this is
what I don't like about you."

You made me stand near that
well saying that you will...

...just come and it's six now
from five and you are still here.

"Touch your feet, aunt.
Glory to goddess Bhavani."

What's the matter? Why
is it so gloomy over here?

"I'll go, aunt. - Janki. Janki,
listen to me. - Brother, listen."

Father is waiting for us in the
fields. - Did father call for me?

Look Bhanu. Tell him
that you didn't meet me.

Make any excuse.

"Brother, this is what
I don't like about you."

I have to tell so
many lies for you that...

...now I will not even
find a place in hell.

"Bhanu, you are my
younger brother. Isn't it?"

There was once a
brother Laxman who lived in...

...the forest for 14 years
for the sake of his brother...

...and you can't even do
such a small thing for me.

"Just look at him. Brother, this
is what I don't like about you."

You start preaching
Ramayan on every small issue.

"Okay, go now. Otherwise
some Ravan will take your Sita"

Ravan? Will I not
hit him with an arrow?

You have about fifty horses with you.

You will not be ruined
if we take ten or 15...

"...horses for the king
from it, Sangram Singh."

"Kalu Singh, the question is not
whether or not I will be ruined."

It is illegal to take
even a single flake...

...of husk without
paying the price for it.

That which was legal till
yesterday has become illegal now.

The one who was your godfather till...

...yesterday has
become your enemy today.

"Friend, you and me have
not changed the world."

The world has changed by itself.

The revenue has
converted to taxes and the...

...kings themselves
have turned into subjects.

"Nothing has changed, my man.
The king is still the king."

And the subjects are
still the subjects.

Kalu Singh is still Kalu Singh.

And the revenue will still be taken.

"This swine is
shouting too much, father."

Who allowed him to enter our field?

"You swine, how dare you."

"Kalu Singh, now I will not leave you."

If the marks of your
whip remain on my back...

"Before that these villages
will be burnt, you fool."

There will be flames
of fire everywhere.

If that happens then
remember swine's like you...

...will burn in those flames.
- That will be seen later.


"Well done, my son."

You are the son of
Sangram Singh in true sense.

Enough. Enough. Enough.
Let us do our work. Come.

Wow Bhanu! You never
showed us this attitude before.

"Okay, I'll go mother.
- If she is your mother then who am I?"

"Sarala, you are like my sister.
- And Bhanu, me?"

"Look, don't touch me.
- Why are you made of..."

"...wax or what that you'll melt?
- Look, It won't be good."

"Why of wax, my Shyam is made of gold."

Are you his Radha or what?

These girls are very cunning.
They don't have any work.

They just don't let go of me.
But you are not like them.

This is what I like about you.

If you are going the
same way then come and sit.

Are these bullocks your own?

Bullocks? I don't
have anyone of my own.

Why do you say like this?

I am speaking the truth.
I am an orphan.

"You are a very nice girl, Kamli."

"If you need anything, tell me."

Why? Did you get pity on me?

No. Not pity.

Then what?

I like you.

Even I like you.

"Okay, minister. Not just
ten horses of Sangram Singh..."

...but all his horses
should reach our stable.

"It will reach, sir.
- And his son's lover... - Yes."

I would like to have a
glimpse of her also.

- Kamli, it's me, Bhanu. - Bhanu."

At this hour?
- Did you feel bad? Then I'll go back.

No. No. Come.
- Okay.

Your hut is situated in a
very lonely place. - Hut?

My life is very lonely.

I felt the same way.
That's why I came.

Good thing. I made dal
and rice. Will you have it?

I have brought food for you from home.

We'll have it together.


My rich food is nothing
in front of your dal rice.

You liar.

"Leave alone tasting it, I
never even smelt such food."

"I swear on you, I never
had such tasty dal before."

And you might have never taken...

...such a false swear before?

"Look Kamli, let the
world go from here to..."

...there I will not lie to you.
- Why not?

I had told you that I like you.
- What does that mean?

"If you also tease me, then I'll leave."

Even I like you.
- Really?

Let elder brother get
married and then. - Then what?

Then you will have to make
this dal rice for me everyday.

"The young girl from the
Brij is running off..."

The young girl from Brij.

"Kanha caught her and
sprayed colors on her."

"The young girl from the Brij
is running off. Running off."

The young girl from Brij.

"Kanha caught her and
sprayed colors on her."

"The son of Nand is running off.
- The son of Nand."

"Radha caught him and
sprayed colors on him."

"The son of Nand is running off.
- The son of Nand."

"Radha caught him and
sprayed colors on him."

"The color is incomplete
and my love is incomplete."

"The color is incomplete
and my love is incomplete."

"Your color will blossom,
oh my fair lady."

You caught hold of me in
the middle of the market...

"...and put the garland of
your arms around my neck."

"The son of Nand is running off.
- The son of Nand."

"Radha caught him and
sprayed colors on him."

"The Ganges of colors
has started flowing."

The Ganges of colors.

"Don't tease us. Don't
tease us and stop this game."

"The Ganges of colors
has started flowing."

The Ganges of colors.

"See this colorful face.
Blue, green, yellow and black."

"The young girl from the Brij
is running off. Running off."

The young girl from Brij.

"Kanha caught her and
sprayed colors on her."

"The son of Nand is running off.
- The son of Nand."

"Radha caught hold of him
and sprayed color on him."

"The girl is running.
- The boy is running."

"The girl is running.
- The boy is running."

Let go of me. Let go
of me. Let go of me.

Let go of me. Let go of me.

What is all this happening here?

Save me from these dacoits.
Save me from these dacoits.

What are your intentions?
- Handover the girl to us.

"If you have the courage,
take her. Come."

Go inside. Go inside.

He came as a protector of the girl.

Tie both of them together.

Don't cry. I am there with you.

You are in trouble because of me.

Don't bother about me.
No rope can tie me.

Yes. See this.

No. No. Let go of me. Let go of me.

No. Let go of me.

"You fool, when you'll
come to know who I am..."

...these tears of yours
will be converted to laughter.

Don't baffle. I will
keep you like a queen.


"Bhanu, for whom are you
buying these bangles for?"

"You fool, is that also
a thing to be asked?"

Can't you see only Kamli
is written everywhere?

But where is Kamli? She is
not to be seen after Holi.

This is what I wanted to ask
you Santu. Where is Kamli?

Looks like she left
the village and went.

For me?
- Yes.

"Wear it now and see. If
there is any change in size..."

...we'll go and exchange it right now.

Have you gone mad or what?
I'll go home and try.

How will I be able
to come to your house?

I will come to show you tomorrow.

Not tomorrow. Tomorrow is very far.
I want to see right now.

Not now. It's getting late.

"Look, if you don't wear it and show..."

...now then I will never speak to you.

But where is the place over here?

There is so much space over here.

Go behind any of these and change.

Will you marry me?


Let go of me.
- No.

Let go of me.

Don't you love me?


"We made a very big mistake, Manu."

"No, Janki. It's not a mistake."

That thing has happened
which should have happened.

Think that we are married.

How did the sun set?

I am feeling scared.
- What for are you feeling scared?

I am there with you.

Neither the marriage
procession came nor...

"...did the priests chant
the prayers, nor did we..."

...made the holy fire as our witness.

"The procession will come, the
priest will sit, everything..."

...will happen. And that
too with great pomp and show.

"But no one will agree, Manu.
- Why won't they agree?"

Everyone will agree. I
will hold my father's feet.

And he will hold your father's feet.

"No one is so stone hearted, Janki."

What sort of darkness has surrounded?

- Yes. - Will you have some pickle?

Pickle? Why not? Give
me some. Which pickle?

It's lime pickle.
- Wow! I am very fond of lime pickle.

From where did it come?
- I got it from the fair.

Very nice. My mouth started
watering just by its smell.

Did Roopmati come here or
did you go to her place?

Roopmati? Who Roopmati?

This pickle is not
brought from the market.

It was made by the hands of Roopmati.

You forgot your sister
but you couldn't forget...

...the pickle made by her hands.

"Father, is this is a sign
of hatred or of hidden love?"

How did this come in the house?

"What difference does it makes, father?"

It's just pickle and not poison.
- It is poison.

Leave alone a thing made by
her even a thing touched by...

...her who ruined my
family's name is poison for me.

Janki. Janki.
- Aunt.

"What's the matter, Janki?
What happened, my child?"

"Tell me, what happened?
- That pickle."

Father threw that pickle.

"Aunt, he will never agree for my love."

"What will happen of me, aunt?"

- Aunt. What happened, aunt?"

"What happened, aunt?
- Bring water."

"You are so late, my child.
Where had you been?"

Are you upset with your father today?

No problem. I will
just make you happy.

"See this, what has come for you."

What is this?
- Raise the cloth and see.

All this has come from
Dhiren's house for you.

What for?
- What for? Don't you know...

...for what reason such gifts come?

"No. No, father. Return it back."

Return it back? Did you find
anything lacking in Dhiren?

"That's not the thing, father.
- Then?"

Is he not good looking?
Is he not well educated?

Doesn't he earn well? Is
he not of good character?

Did he misbehave with you?

"I didn't say
anything like this, father."

You have someone else in
your heart. Who is that?

"If you won't tell me,
then whom will you tell?"

"Father, you will be displeased."

"Even then, you will have
to tell me sooner or later."

Or do you intend to do
something like your aunt?

"No, father. No."

Then tell me. Let me
also know who is...

...better than my
childhood's friend's son.

"Father, his name is Manu."

Manu? Sangram Singh's son Manu?
- Yes.

The one took my sister
from the marriage pavilion...

...like dacoits and
his brother's son Manu.

And the one who defamed my
name in the whole world...

"...saying that I am his
brother's murderer, his son Manu."

Since when is all this going on?

Don't you know it is an
age old tradition of that...

...family to make
innocent girls go astray.

What are the intentions of
that boy? Why don't you speak up?

His father will come to speak to you.

What he will come to speak?

I myself will go and speak to him.

"Sangram Singh, whether I
murdered your brother or not..."

...is a thing of past. Leave that.
But have control on your son.

Otherwise he will be
definitely murdered by my hands.

I know very well how to answer...

"...your enmity, Pratap Singh."

But we even welcome
the enemy who comes home.

Come inside. Sit
peacefully and explain the thing.

Stepping into your house is
worse than going to hell for me

"Whatever your brother did to
my sister, your elder son..."

...is trying to do the same
thing to my innocent daughter.

"Explain him, otherwise the
result will be same as I told you."

"Tell me, what's the matter?
Does it involve any girl?"

"Brother, this is what
I don't like about you."

"Stupid, I am your elder brother.
I will only help you."

"Brother, that... That Kamli...
She is missing since Holi."

It doesn't take time
to search for a girl.

What are your intentions if
she is found? - Intentions?

The girl is nice. If you
want the relationship to...

"...move ahead, tell me, I'll
speak to father along with..."

...my issue. Both the
processions will come together

Wow brother! This is what
I like about you. - Is it?

- I heard Kamli's name.

Let me also hear the
name of the girl you love.

"Father, why did you come here?"

We both were coming home.

Many years back
someone murdered my brother.

I hope you don't want to
take the name of his daughter.

"Father, this enmity can
be ended in just one day."

"Manu, if you want to bring the
daughter of that wicked man..."

...to my house then you will
have to wait for that day...

...when you'll return after
burning my pyre by your hands

"Father. Father, I
promised Janki that I will..."

...bring her litter to my
house with all the honor.

"Even I have your blood
in my veins, father."

"I will die, but I will not
let my promise to break."


- Move from my way, Bhanu."

Where had you been?

I searched for you everywhere.

Are you all right?

Now let me go.
- Are you hiding something from me?

Not from you. I am hiding
it from the whole world.

- Don't look at me like this, Bhanu."

I am no longer worthy of you.

Why Kamli? Why?

I am pregnant.

Is it by your wish?

No. It is not by my wish.

"You used to love only me. Isn't it?
- Yes, Bhanu. Yes."

Did someone force you?
- What's the use of all this now?

Who Kamli? Who Kamli? Who?
I will kill him.

"No, Bhanu. No."

He has given me this house.
He has given me everything.

And now I am his.

"It's a heart related problem,
Thakur sir."

This disease should be treated in...

...some big hospital in the city.

"The doctor is correct, Sangram."

If you say I'll do
all the arrangements.

Even an ambulance will
come by evening to take her.

Daughter-in-law, what do you say?"

No. No. Don't move.
- If you ask me...

"Thakur sir, it is the
duty of the doctor..."

...to think about the
welfare of his patient.

"Okay, do the arrangements."

"Don't cry, my son. Bhanu.
Bhanu, nothing will happen to me."

"I will come back very soon, my child."

"No, Bhanu. No. What's this?"

"Brother, bring back aunt
after she is perfectly fine."

"Yes, Bhanu. What can
happen to our aunt?"

Nothing will happen. Don't cry.
No. Aunt will be fine.

"What happened?
- Sir, the engine has become hot."

Let me take some water.

Why are you feeling shy?

Your face will not get
ruined if I take a snap of yours.

"Okay, take this.
I'll give you even more."

She is a strange stupid girl.
But she is beautiful.

"Bhagat Ram.
- Yes, sir. - Find out about her."

Wow! Welcome. Welcome Pandit Shiv Ram.

How come you are here?

"First give me some sweet, Thakur."

...only then will I tell you
the good news.

"O definitely. Budiya,
bring the sweets."

Gods are happy with you.
Your fortune has changed.

Maharaja Raipal
Singh has sent me here.

What good deed have I
done that he remembered me?

"Pratap Singh, your
daughter has become young."

And our maharaja has liked her.

And our maharaja has liked her.

The king liked her but
the king has no son.

"You have gone mad, Thakur.
The king is a widow since..."

...a long time. Doesn't he
have the right to marry again?

Wait. This priest is not
worthy to be offered sweets.

What did you say?
- Did you not feel shy...

"...to bring such a message, Shiv Ram?"

Even I am a widow.
Tomorrow if I ask for the king's...

"...daughter for marriage,
then how will he feel?"

Shall I say the same thing to him?
- Yes. Yes. Tell him.

Those unthankful ones have
got so much courage now.

Did they forget those days
when their forefathers...

...hands in front of our forefathers?

With whom did he fix her relation?

"He is some police officer, uncle."

- Let's us whether he will...

...take her litter or will it be me?
- We.

Good. Good. Priest.

Who are you?
- My name is Janki.

Janki? Pratap Singh's daughter?
- Yes.

What for have you come here?
- I want to meet Manu.

You want to meet Manu? At this hour?

"Come, I'll take you to Manu. Come."

Ask your daughter
what she had come for...

...to my house so late in the night.

Today if I would have wanted I
would have ruined your name.

Get inside.

"I am very ashamed, Sangram Singh.
You saved my honor."

"We are not so stone hearted,
Pratap Singh."

The girl's aunt is the
daughter-in-law of our house.

To an extent even our
honor lies in her honor.

I have sent my son away.
Even you send...

...your daughter as early
as possible to her house.

Day after tomorrow is her marriage.

"My goodness, the pulse is
so fast. Stop the operation."

"Aunt. Aunt. - No, child.
What will happen by crying?"

Everyone has to die
one day or the other.

"No, aunt. Don't say like this."

Did you not listen what I promised...

...to Bhanu before we came here?

And then what will Janki say?

Listen. Listen to my last words.
Even Janki is my daughter.

But whatever your father is
doing is for your welfare.

Aunt. Aunt. Aunt. Doctor. Nurse.

"Brother. - Bhanu. - Brother,
what has happened, brother?"

Father. Father.

Where are you taking me?

"Just a little more away, brother."

"Oh good! - King, the
litter is about to be taken."

"There is an evil eye
on our house, brother."

Aunt died. Even Kamli left.
And now even Janki.

What are you saying?

"Brother. Brother,
whatever happened cannot be..."

...brought back. Have
patience and listen to me.

"Bhanu, you brought me so far
to say this. What's the matter?"

"Brother, when uncle
had heard this he..."

...brought aunt from
the marriage pavilion.

Both the families were ruined.
This shouldn't happen again.

"Bhanu, what are trying to say?
Tell me, what's the matter?"

"Brother. Brother, by the
time you would reach..."

"...home, Janki's litter
would have left. - Bhanu."

"Brother, now nothing is possible."

Janki is married. I
saw it with my own eyes.

"I don't believe in
this marriage, Bhanu."

Janki is mine and I will
achieve her by all means.

"Brother, will you fight
alone with the whole world?"

I will fight with the whole
world for the sake of Janki.

"If you are my brother
then come, come with me."

"Brother. Brother, Janki
is someone else's now."

Let her go to her house now.

Janki cannot become of someone else's.

I will bring Janki to her
true home with me. Come with me.

"Brother, stop.
Brother. I hold your feet."

"Bhanu, if you don't support me..."

...then I'll think you are dead for me.

Whatever you might say I wont allow...

"...you to do this wrong thing.
- Move, Bhanu."

"No brother, I won't let you go.
- Let go of me, Bhanu."

"No, I will not let go of you.
- Bhanu, I will raise my hand."

"Do anything brother but I won't...
- Bhanu, move."

"Let go of me. I say let go of me.
- Brother, stop."



Whenever you passed from this way...

"...a companion was separated."



"Oh our lovely dear, you
are leaving us and going."

"Oh our lovely dear, you
are leaving us and going."

What do you know who is
the one you are carrying?

"What do you know who
is the unlucky one?"

"You carry whoever sits in
it and take her on her way."



Why does this happens in the world...

"...that when one laughs,
the other cries."

I asked you this so many times...

"...but you didn't answer even once."


Whenever you passed from this way...

"...a companion was separated."



No. No. No. Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
I didn't do anything.

I didn't do anything. Forgive me.

I didn't do anything. Don't shoot.

"Now put an end to your
love Manu, otherwise instead..."

...of nuptial it will
become a blot on Janki's name.

Did you commit this murder?


I had an old enmity with this man.
Today I took my revenge

Now you can give me whatever...

...punishment you want to give.

"Dhiren, there is
nothing to worry about."

"Child, how is she now?
- She is fine now."

You bastards. Did I
send you with him...

...so that you can bring his dead body?

You sent him? But father
you said that you didn't...

...know where brother
went and for what purpose.

"You didn't answer me.
- Jaya, you have started..."

...interfering too much
in official matters.

Be quiet and complete your education.

I will not remain quiet. I
get to hear many sorts...

...of things in the school.
People say that...

...all your soldiers
have turned to goons.

And they say that you have
kept your eyes shut purposely.

Who says this and you listen to it?

Don't you no longer trust your father?

"Look child, whatever I am
doing is to make sure that..."

...I at least leave behind a
part of the kingdom if not...

...the entire kingdom safe
and secure for my daughter.

I won't go to school from tomorrow.

Don't go. That's good. And moreover...

...that school is no
longer fit for you.

I will arrange for my
daughter's education...

...in one of the best schools abroad.

"Tell me, where do you
want to go, England..."

"...France, Switzerland.
- Really?"

I had gone alone. Yes alone.

And I even returned alone.

And your memories are left behind.

Father. My leave has ended.

How is daughter-in-law?
- She needs rest and care.

If you don't get more
holidays then let the...

...daughter-in-law remain
here for few more days.

Take her after a month or two
when she will be perfectly fine.

What are you saying?
Will it look good...

...if he goes alone in the new house?

"So what, father? Till then
I'll do the renovations."

"You need food, guns,
horses and house to live in."

You need safety from big officials.

And I give you all that.

And you all turned so timid that...

...you couldn't look
after a single child.

"Kalu Singh, no sign of
his family should remain."

"As you order, sir."

"Sangram Singh, there
is a message for you."

At this hour? What sort of message?

It's not an ordinary message.
It's a death message.

"Don't go out, Bhanu."

Father. - See to it that
the guy doesn't escapes.

"Father, open the door.
- Bhanu, run away my child."

"No father, I wont leave you and go."

"You cannot save me, my child.
Go away. - No, father. No."

"For my sake, child. To
take revenge from them."

"Open the door, father. Open the door."

"Father, are you all right? Father."

Search for him.

Put this house on fire.

Oh my God! Oh my God!

Did the horse drop from the sky?

There was no one with him.

Only the horse
appeared from somewhere.

You think you'll say
and I'll believe it.

"So, you people will
not listen like this."

"Dhola Singh, show them a sample."

"Dhola Singh, you burnt
my house. I will kill you."

Move away you old man.
Leave alone your...

...house I will burn
the entire village.

"Tell me, where did you hide that..."

...man who came on this horse. Tell.

You scoundrel. Now
touch my father and show.

Such a beautiful face
and such sharp teeth.

Shall I take you with me?

"You scoundrel, if you touch
my sister, I will kill you."

Did you even see blood
or shall I show it to you?

Who hit me with this stone?
- I hit you.

"And if you touch my husband,
I will hit you more."

Is this your child?

Bring him here.

"Listen villagers, if you
want the safety of this child..."

...then ask Bhanu
Pratap to come in front.

"You swine's, I am here."

Our blood is shed and we keep seeing.

"Our houses are burnt, our fields..."

...are burnt and we keep seeing.

"Our hard earned money, the honor of..."

...our mothers and
sisters is plundered.

The honor of our
elders is ruined in front...

...of our eyes and we
keep seeing like timid.

What has happened to all of us?

Did water start flowing in
our veins instead of blood?

Doesn't one's blood
boils seeing this oppression?

"It does. I swear on Rana Pratap,
my blood boils."

May goddess Bhavani
give me courage and...

...l'll remove this crime from here.

"If any of you wants to
join me, join me now..."

...otherwise I am alone going
to bear this responsibility.

"Bhanu, I am with you.
- Not Bhanu. Bhanu is dead."

The one who has this
gun in his hand from...

...today onwards his
name will be Bhavani.

Glory to Bhavani.

"Even I have come, Bhavani.
- No son."

"Let him go, father.
Allow brother to go."

"Don't stop him, father.
Give him your blessings."

I give you this gun with
my own hands. - Go brother.

"Think once again,
children. What difference..."

...will remain between
you and those dacoits?

"There will be a big difference,

They increase the
burden of sin and we...

...will reduce the burden of sinners.

"Constable, how many
years imprisonment has..."

...he been sentenced to?
- Life long imprisonment.

This is your new house.
From today take care of it.

- I am unable to step ahead.

I don't have any right on this house.

You don't have a right? How could...

...such a thought even come to you?

Since many days I
wanted to tell you this.

I am pregnant.

Listen. - Yes. - Keep
these bags back into the car.

Why sir? Should I take back the bags?

No. No. Let these bags
remain here. You go.

"Why are you blaming yourself, Janki?"

It's my fault also in
whatever happened with you.

Even I couldn't protect you.

No. No. You are
taking everything wrong.

Do you think I am so
mean that I will throw...

...you out of the house
in such a condition?

Even I got married to you by my wish.

The priests just read the slogans.

Do you consider this as marriage?

Your allegation is correct.
I was always away from you.

"But I am very near to
you from my heart, Janki."

Leave alone the memories
of childhood from the time...

...I saw you as a grown up my
love kept growing day by day.

I used to count the
days for our marriage.

Then. Then this incident took place.

Do you know I couldn't
come near to you and...

...even you yourself
kept me away from you.

"No, Janki. No. Don't cry.
Everything will be fine."

"I swear on you, you
won't find any difference..."

...in my love nor
will you ever find it.

"Listen, we'll quietly go
away and get this child aborted."

No. No. No. No.
- No. Why not?

Do you want to give birth
to an illegitimate child?

Don't abuse my child. It is my child.

What harm did he do to you?

"Janki, you are thinking about
yourself. Think about me also."

This child is not mine.

That's why I am
asking you to let me go.

That house in which my child cannot...

"...come, can't me mine also. I'll go."

"No, Janki. You will not go."

This house belongs to you
first and then it belongs to me.

But I won't kill my
child even before it is born.

I'll die myself but I
won't let my child die.

I won't let my child die.
I won't let my child die.

"Don't cry, Janki. Don't cry.
I made a mistake."

I didn't understand
the feelings of a mother.

I will never again discuss this topic.

This is the promise of a Rajput.

"What happened, friend?
- A child is crying."

Child? Here in this jail?

You might have seen
a dream. Go to sleep.

"Congratulations, it's a boy."

Congratulations Ram Avtaar.

You have become a grandfather.

I become a grandfather later but...

...first you become a grandfather.

Where is Dhiren? Give him
also the good news. - Oh yes!

"Dhiren, a very sweet small
baby has come to your house."

Why are you looking so tensed?

These responsibilities
are the pleasures of life.

"Why not, father? I am very happy."

- Yes, sir."

Go with him. He'll give
a paper. Get it. - Okay.

"Sir, the child is alone.
Madam has gone out."

I have come to tell you that...

...I have given birth to your child.

My child?
- Yes.

Where is your husband?
- At home.

And the child?
- Even he is at home.

Are you with your husband
after your marriage? - Yes.

Then how can you say
that the child is mine?

He never touched me.
- He didn't touch you?

Does he hate you?
- No. No. He loves me very much.

Does he know about me?

Did he never ask whose child it is?

Even then he allowed
the child to take birth.

There are such men too on this earth.

I will rear this child for your sake.

When you come out of the prison...

"Janki, do you understand the
meaning of life imprisonment?"

Now I am dead for you.

And for my sake you will
keep deceiving such a man who...

...allowed you to give birth
to this child even in such...

"...a situation. He, who
supported you, loved you."

Did you forget what is the meaning...

...of the word husband in this country?

He didn't even touch you.
This is his greatness.

But did you never feel like holding...

...the feet of such a godly man?

"I felt doing that many times,
Manu. I felt many times."

But you only kept stopping me
from some corner of the heart.

"Forget me, Janki.
Worship that husband of yours."

"If you ever loved me, then you
are under the oath of that..."

...love that if ever I come in
front of you even by mistake...

"...in this life, then behave
as if I am a stranger for you."

"You have opened my eyes, Manu."

I was unable to see my path.

"Sir, the child is alone.
Madam has gone out."'

"Okay, my friend. I
understood what you mean to say."

How can I have enmity with you?

Even you creed for love like me. Come.

Come. Let's do some friendship.

"Okay, did you hear what the
priest is telling about you?"

"Janki, where had you
been leaving my son alone?"

Do you know how much
tumult he created by crying?

"But look, as soon he
came into the lap of..."

"...his father, he is
sitting calmly like a saint."

And just listen what the
priest is saying about him.

He has even made his horoscope.

"Tell, priest. Tell."

Although this child might
have given many troubles...

"...to his parents before he
was born, but the house in..."

...which he took birth that
house will be very lucky.

"Just keep watching my child,
you husband will..."

...keep having promotions
in the next seven years.

"Who is bothered about
the promotion, priest?"

"The child should be happy,
his mother should..."

...be happy and my
happiness lies in that.

"What's this? Get up, Janki."

You are crying?
- Forgive me. I gave you many sorrows.

What are you saying? In
fact I gave you many sorrows.

No. No. I was not worthy
of becoming your wife.

Then I've heard a new thing.

All these days I kept
thinking that I was...

...not worthy of being your husband.

Don't say like this. One
will get a husband like...

...you after doing
penance for many births.

I feel like touching your
feet after knowing that...

...you have such
feelings for me in your heart.

No. My place is in your feet.

"No, Janki. Not on my feet."

Your memories accompanied me.

Your memories accompanied me.

I had gone alone. Yes alone.

But I didn't return alone.

Your memories accompanied me.

I feel scared when I see
you loving the child so much.

Why? - When you'll have a
child of your own then don't...

...know whether you'll give
him so much love or not.

"Did you see, my child? Your
mother still doesn't trust me."

Ask her whether she heard
the story of Bhishma vow?

He had taken an oath that he
will never marry in his life.

Today even I take an
oath that I will...

...not have another
child except for you.

No. No. What are you saying?

"My dear, I married you
for the sake of your love."

I never thought about a child.

Even then God sent this
child and that's enough for me.

Forgive me.

"Mummy, fast.
- Fast? Go run."

- Ready? - Yes.

"C'mon, kiss your mom.
- Ask your mom to kiss you now."

Now ask mom to kiss papa.
- Give it to your papa.


"Okay, who will drive the car?
- Viren."

"Bhanu, come and have food."

How many times do I have to call you?

Wait mom. The fish is
about to be trapped.

Come immediately or else
I'll give your food to the fish.

The little princess has grown so big.

Now call her big princess.

"Mr. Subedar Singh, right.
- She recognized you."

Come child.
- Your majesty.

Go inside.

Some of your employees
have come to meet you. - Who?

"Hey, hey, hey, look here."

My employees?

"Yes your highness, your employees."

Earlier they used to
do some other work and...

...now do they do
something else. Recognize them.

"SP, speak softly.
- Your highness, you are not..."

...speaking to any of your employees.
If I want I can...

...arrest you right now and
take you to the police station.

Recognize. Recognize your boss.

"If you don't speak here,
you'll go to the police station..."

...and speak. I know how
to make you people speak.

"Tell, your highness. Tell."

"SP sir, this is the
house of decent people."

You are using the same
way of speaking here...

...as you would use
in the police station.

"Come inside. Daddy,
please. Bring your guest inside."

"Chandravati, make some hot tea."

I have forgotten
what is the taste of...

...lndian tea in these seven years.

"SP sir, you can even come
and talk inside. - After you."

She is my daughter. Just
today she returned from abroad.

- After you.

Pick up everyone. I'll
just go and inform the king.

Help. Help. Help us.

Help. Help.

Glory to Goddess Bhavani.

"Girls, move back."

"C'mon girls, come outside."

Did you recognize me?
- How can I forget you?

Since how many years you are here?

Since the number of
years you got married.

You have a good way of
keeping an account. I like it.

"Good morning, SP sir.
- Good morning, Jailor sir."

What is your opinion
about this prisoner?

"What should I tell you, sir?"

The poor man is bearing
the punishment for some...

...sins committed in his
last birth. Otherwise I...

...don't think that he
can commit any murder.

If that's the matter then
why don't you recommend him?

I have already done it.
If you also do...

"...it then, he may be acquitted soon."

Are you new here?

I've heard that you are
being released tomorrow.

Don't know. - Will you do a
work for me after going out?

I belong to the group
of dacoit Kalu Singh.

Although I was caught in the
last dacoit but I had hidden...

...the treasure somewhere
that we had plundered.

If you take the news of
that hidden place to...

...Kalu Singh then he
will give you a good reward.

"I understood that, but
where I can find Kalu Singh?"

This is the map of that
Bhoop fort where he is hiding.

Reach there. I will even give
you a letter addressed to him.

Only these ashes are left now of...

...your house and of your father.

After that dreadful night
even your brother is missing.

He is the same dacoit by whose...

...bullet your father got killed.

"Kalu Singh. Are you listening,
Kalu Singh?"

There is no chance for you to escape.

We have surrounded the
fort from all the sides.

Your welfare lies in
surrendering yourself to us.

"Kalu Singh, I have come to
rescue you from the police."

But who are you?

One of your companions has
sent me from the prison.

He was saying that I
would get a reward from you.

This is my man. He will
take you to the treasure.

Kalu Singh.

You will definitely reward it
if you take me to that treasure.

You cannot escape.
- Hold this.

Surrender yourself or
else you will die today.

You had come to save me.
- To avenge my father's death.

Whose son are you?

Do you remember the name
of Thakur Sangram Singh?

"Look friend, those who
are dead can never return."

Take this and let go of me.
- Only this much.

Take the whole treasure.

I will feel very sorry for this day.

We were so close to
arrest Kalu Singh...

...but today again he escaped.

"SP sir, but where will
he go escaping from me?"

He is present at your service.
- Manu Pratap.

What's this? - Kalu Singh.
Will I get the reward of Rs.5000?

Yes. Why not? Why not?

Take it.

Where do you stay?

I don't have any
permanent place to stay.

It's night now. Is there
any arrangement to sleep?

I'll sleep underneath some tree.

No. I will do the arrangement
for your stay this night. Come.

- Yes, sir. - Arrange for one bed."

This man will sleep here this night.
- Okay sir.

Freshen up. Water is
there and a room too.

"If you want to sleep inside,
sleep in and..."

"...if you want to
sleep outside, sleep out."

"Janki, do you remember
a man had saved your..."

...life at the time when
your litter was being carried?

He was sentenced to long imprisonment.

Today I suddenly met him.
He had no place to stay...

"...in the city, that's
why I brought him along."

He will sleep in the
room of the gardener.

The found the man to be nice.

Listen. Do something. Send
some food for him in a plate.

'Lf by any chance I come in
front of you in this life then...

...cover yourself from me
thinking that I am a stranger.'

- What is it, mom?"

Will you do a small work for your mom?

"Leave the book. C'mon, get up child."


Did you bring this food for me?
- Yes.

Mom said that you are a guest of dad.

You will like it if
I take food for you.

"Child, what is your name?"

My name is Thakur Virender Singh.

And my father's name is
Thakur Dhirender Singh.

And my grandfather's name
is Thakur Ram Avtaar Singh.

"Thakur Virender Singh, will
you have food with me? - No."

- Your clothes stink.

"Thakur Virender Singh.
- Dad's guest, what..."

...have to come to do in the school?

"See this, what I have
brought for you. - Horse."

"Come, child. Come near me."

"Look, my clothes no
longer stink. Come. Smell."

It doesn't stink. Does it?

No. Today I can smell the
fragrance of soap from it.

"Yes, child."

Come. I'll make you
sit on a horse now.

I am a Rajput. I don't
sit on an artificial horse.

Oh my brave son.
- My daddy. Daddy.


How was my son's day at the
school today? - It was good.

Shall we go to mom?
- Yes. - Come.


"Stop, child Manu.
- Yes?"

I am sorry. I am
sorry for many things.

Come and stay with me for some days.

Believe me. It is no longer
the house of your enemies.

"Okay, come."

Our brave man Kalu Singh
is dead and his murderer...

...is still roaming
alive in our own kingdom.

Will I have to go
myself to avenge his death?

Thakur Pratap Singh.
- Who is it? - Open the door.

These are surely dacoits.
They have come to kill me.

How dare someone does that.

Who are you? And what do you want?

Send the guest outside who
is staying in your house.

What work do you have with him?

"Don't elongate the conversation,

Open the door or else even
you will lose your life.

"You rascal, do you know
whom you are speaking to?"

We are Rajputs and for us a guest...

...is more precious than our lives.

"Okay, Thakur. Move the gun. We'll go."

"Where are you running, you timid?"

If you have the courage come back.

"SP sir, I have brought some
more gifts at your service."

I hope I'll get the reward.
- Yes. Yes. You'll get it.

Come up.
- Well done.

My father used to say that
you are very brave. - Really?

Thakur Manu Pratap Singh.
- Yes.

Will you bring a small horse for me?
- Small horse?

"A pony.
- So you want a pony, my child."

I'll definitely get it. Definitely.

Run my horse. Run. Run. Run.

You are enjoying. Isn't it? Good.

"Very good, my son.
- Greetings, SP sir. - Greetings."

- What's going on, my son?"

"SP sir, I am teaching horse
riding to your son. - Ok. Ok."

Make sure he doesn't fall.

What are you saying?
Will I let him to fall?

"His life is more precious to
me than my life. Why, my son?"

- Come my dear son. Come.

"Daddy. Daddy, this pony is mine.
- Is it?"

He got me this.
- You shouldn't say he.

He is elder to you. So
what should you call him?

Uncle got it for me.
- Did you say thank you? - No.

That's a very shameful thing.
- I forgot. - No problem.

Say thank you now.

"Thakur Manu Pratap Singh, thank you."

"May you have a long life, my son!"

"Okay, shall we go to mom?
- Yes. - Come."

"SP sir, I will be
very grateful to you..."

...if you get me a job somewhere.

Right now I don't
have anything in mind.

Do something. Teach horse riding to...

...my son and I'll pay you something.

Storm came. Viren's storm came.

- Yes. - Did Viren go to sleep?

He is playing in the stable with Manu.

"Okay, no problem. Let him play."

"Okay, child. Now I am tired."

My father never gets tired.
- Is it?

And he even tells me a story.

He even tells you stories?
- Yes.

Which stories?
- Of elephants.

"Of elephants? Then, you
might know many stories?"

Tell me also a story.
- First you tell me...

...one story and then
I'll tell you one story.

First I should tell you
and then you'll tell me.

Okay. Okay. I'll
tell you a story first.

Call Viren. It's too late now.

Why do you worry? He will come.

The poor man is lonely in life.
He loves our child very much.

"The breeze that comes
and goes tells stories."

"The breeze that comes
and goes tells stories."

There was one lamp and it's wick.

There was one lamp and it's wick.

"The breeze that comes
and goes tells stories."

"It's a very old thing.
That night was very pleasant."

"There was one lamp and
it's wick got united..."

"...and together they got lighted."

"It's a very old thing.
That night was very pleasant."

"There was one lamp and
it's wick got united..."

"...and together they got lighted."

All these stars and moons became...

". The members of their procession."

There was one lamp and it's wick.

There was one lamp and it's wick.

"They both took an oath, they
will light and put off together."

"But they didn't know
sorrows too come with happiness."

"They both took an oath, they
will light and put off together."

"But they didn't know
sorrows too come with happiness."

"Along with unison
separation also comes."

There was one lamp and one wick

"The breeze that comes
and goes tells stories."

"One day there was such
a strong air everywhere."

"A strong breeze came
and he deceived them."

"He stole away the
light and took with it."

The heart of the lamp put off...

"...and the wick got separated."

The wick got separated.

"Even then it asked
the lamp to be lighted."

You shouldn't have any sorrow.

You shouldn't have any sorrow.

This brightness should not reduce.

This brightness should not reduce.

May you light at
someone else's house...

"...and be happy and prosper."

And be happy and prosper.

And be happy and prosper.

"The breeze that comes
and goes tells stories."

There was one lamp and it's wick.

There was one lamp.

I felt very shameful for this
increasing number of dacoits.

This time I got scolding from Delhi.

"Sir, if the roots are strong,
the more leaves..."

...you cut the more of
them will spring up.

Roots? Are you again
pointing towards the king?

You think for yourself.
Leave alone the king's...

"...house, but did a
dacoity ever took place in..."

...in the house of his
distant relatives also?

Plundering takes place everywhere...

...but never in the king's house. Why?

There can be one reason. All
the big officials should be...

...sitting and in front
of then our palace...

...should be plundered. Why?

"Child, go inside. Go."

- Daddy, save me. Daddy. - Jaya."

If you don't try to escape
then we may not have to tie you.

And if you try to shout then
even your mouth may be tied.

Let go of her.

I asked to do robbery and plundering.

You should have plundered
our treasure and burnt...

...our palace. But who
dared to kidnap my daughter?

"Let go of me, you dacoit."

My father will search you
and he will cut you to pieces.

And before that what
condition I can make...

"...of you, give that also a thought."

Remember. Remember I am
the princess of this place.

If anyone even gets a
bad intention about...

"...me, then he may get punishment."

The kingdoms are lost
but the arrogance didn't.

"Come to the present,
princess. Time has changed."

The one who was the king
of this place yesterday...

...he is the biggest
dacoit of this place today.

"About whom are you speaking,
you ill-mannered?"

"Don't try to be so innocent, princess."

As if you don't know that
the plundering which took...

...place today was
planned by your father himself.

Are you in your senses?
- Well it's a different thing...

...that it was not in his
plan to kidnap his daughter.

This man changed his
appearance and entered...

...the group of his followers
and no one had such sharp...

...eyes to notice that.
- You must be out of your mind.

I am not out of my mind.
I am a Rajput.

I will never speak a lie.

You speak English. - I am not
a dacoit like you think I am.

I am a freedom fighter and
my mission in life is to...

...eliminate once and for all
the filthy bastards that your...

...father is patronizing. And
that includes your father too.

You are an educated man.

Then why? I am unable
to understand anything.

"Madam, either you are trying to be..."

...innocent or you are really innocent.

About what am I ignorant?

Look there. You are
ignorant about this.

Mom. Mom. Father has come.

I have explained you so many
times not to call him father.

Say that the king has come.
- Why isn't he my father?

"He is, but the ones
who are kings and..."

"...emperors, even their
children call them as king."

"Salute him, son.
- May you have a long life!"

Go and play for sometime.

I want to speak to
your mother in privacy.

"Kamli, I come to spend one
day with you in a month..."

...and even on that day you
keep this child hugged to you.

He is a kid. Even he
should be aware of his father.

"Now he has grown up, Kamli."

Why don't you send him to school?

One even has to give the
name of the father in school.

Don't those kids go to
school who don't have a father?

But my child has a
father and I don't...

...want our kid to be called a bastard.

Oh no Kamli! I come
here to reduce my...

...tiredness and you
increase my worries.

"You only told once that,
you will marry me."

I might have told. Not only to
you but to many others also.

"But Kamli, if I start
fulfilling whatever I..."

...say then I will
have a thousand wives.

Glory to Bhavani.

"I don't know about thousands,
your majesty..."

...but you will
definitely marry this girl.

Who are you and what
are you doing here?

I am an angel of your death but...

...I can't make this girl a widow.

Now there is only
way for you to escape...

...death and that way is to marry her.

"Priest, do the preparations fast.
- Okay."

"Can I ask you, who gave you the..."

...right to interfere in our affairs?

I myself gave this right to
me the day when the people...

...of the king took the girl
forever whom I was to marry.

And that night when
the dacoits of the...

...king showered bullets
on my weaponless father.

"Tell me, your majesty,
what's your decision."

"Now tell you angel of death,
do you want to say something?"

"I just to want to say sir that,
whether the world knows..."

"...this or not, this fire knows,
God knows and this girl..."

"...knows that, this child
is no longer a bastard."

Anything else?

"Your highness, even I am
not an amateur player."

"As soon as your fire a bullet,
one more bullet will be fired."

Just look up.

- Child.

"Don't be scared of
any thing, oh queen."

"If you have any problem,
just wave a red cloth..."

...on the terrace and
the news will reach me.

In my own kingdom when I
am still alive the dacoits...

...took my daughter and
I couldn't do anything.

I just feel like amputating
these hands and throwing them.

"Look Kamli, that way
every child is dear to its..."

"...parents, but a first child
is after all a first child."

You can help me in this matter.
- Order me.

You can explain it to him.
It's possible that I made some...

"...mistakes in my youth, but
Kamli I am no longer the same"

I am ready to accept any condition...

...of his to get back my daughter.


"Kamli, you? How come you are here?"

You should have called me.

"Bhanu, I have brought one
message from my husband."

He is sure and even I am sure that...

...you'll not object to what I'll say.

Come. Let us sit and talk.

"My child, come to me."

What's your name?
- Bhanu.

Come. We'll have to cross the drain.

"Bhanu, give this
child to me. Come, child."

"Bhavani, stop. - Looks like
the king has played some game."

No. No. It is not possible.
- Why is it not possible?

Where was the need to deceive me?

I would have certainly done your work.

"Your job is over,
Kamli. Now come back."

You go back and I'll bring
your daughter and follow you.

I will take my daughter myself.

First I want to handle this rebel.

If you want to handle him
yourself then you should...

...have done it the day
when he came to our house.

I don't want to become the
reason behind his death.

When this bullet
will be fired at him...

...it will not see who is in the way.

"Your highness, There is
an obstruction in the..."

...way which will not allow
the bullet to reach him.

"Don't be a fool,
Kamli. Move from my way."

"No, Bhanu. If you die
because of me then..."

...there will be no
meaning for me to live.

And if I die saving you then even...

...my death will be meaningful.

You did the drama of
marriage with me...

...but your heart is
still with your lover.

"No, your highness.
- Bhanu. - Kamli."

Sound of a bullet. Looks
like some enemy has come.

Stop. Stop. Stop this firing.

"Child Jaya, be careful."

"Dad, I am coming. Stop the firing..."

...or else the bullet may hit me.

Stop. Stop the firing.

"Come, child. Come.
- Where is the hurry, dad?"

This man troubled me so much.

Will I let him go just like that?

"C'mon, get up Bhavani.
- Did you not listen what I said?"

Stand up immediately or else this...

...bullet will pass through your head.

Mind you. If anyone
will come towards...

"...me, then that he will be finished."

"Have courage, Bhavani.
Try little more hard."

"Little more, Bhavani."

"Do as I say, Bhavani."

You have very little time with
you and even I have little time.

"C'mon, get on the horse.
I say climb the horse."

"Child, Jaya. Where are you going,
child Jaya? Jaya."

"Dad, till now I was
in the possession of..."

"...your enemy against my wish,
but now, I will..."

...remain in his
possession by my own wish.

Glory to Bhavani.
- Glory to Bhavani.

I have a strange
relationship with you.

He is my younger brother.

"The relation which we have
between us, on the basis..."

"...of that shall I give you
some advice? - Yes, certainly."

In spite of searching in
the whole world you will...

...not find a boy like him.
So don't let go of him.

"Bhanu, how are you feeling now?
- Kamli."

How did I reach here?
The princess had taken me.

That I don't know.
But I definitely know...

...that the princess
will surely take you.

What do you mean?
- Ask her the meaning.

"But Bhanu, ask her with love."

I didn't feel sorry even
when the whole world rebelled.

But today my daughter
herself has become a rebel.

What will happen to
this throne after me?

Isn't there anyone
in this kingdom who...

...can be an answer to this Bhavani?

"There is one man, your highness.
- Who?"

His elder brother.
- Manu Pratap Singh.

I've heard the tales of your bravery.

If the kingdom would have been in my...

"...rule, I would have
made you the commander."

"Anyways, I certainly want
to do something for you."

"Tell me, what reward
should I give you?"

"Your highness, thanks a
lot for your consideration."

There are very few
necessities in my life.

"You tell me, why did you call for me?"

"Look Manu Pratap Singh,
how much ever distance..."

"...we might have between us,
we have one thing..."

...in common and that
is we both hate dacoits.

You have taken revenge from
that dacoit who killed your...

"...father, but that
dacoit is still alive..."

...who killed your brother.

Brother's murder. I
used to think that my...

...brother must be alive
somewhere or the other.

It means you didn't hear
the name of dacoit Bhavani.

But there is no mention of any...

...such name in the police records.

If the police would have
been so clever then why...

...you would have had
to take so much trouble?

"These 2,000 or 5,000 which
you receive, why didn't..."

"...any policeman take that?
Here are 50,000 rupees."

This is for that brave man who
will kill your brother's murderer

Why are you so much interested...

...in my brother's murderer?

"Manu Pratap Singh, the
person who murdered..."

...your brother has
kidnapped my daughter too.

"Keep these fifty thousand
with you, your highness."

Give me Bhavani's address.

"Manu Pratap, we'll
find such a way by..."

...which Bhavani
himself will come to you.

You will take the trunk
of our royal treasure...

...and pass through
Bhavani's area and...

Subedar Singh. Which ever
village your plunder next...

...fill that plundered treasure
in a bag and hand it to him.

Glory to Bhavani.
- Glory to Bhavani.

Return back.

"Bhanu. Bhanu.
- Brother. - Bhanu, my brother."

Where were you?
- Brother. - Bhanu.

Both the brothers got united.
That's a very bad news.

"Inform the police, sir."

You claim but you couldn't catch...

...the dacoit who took my
daughter in front of my eyes.

Anyways I can forgive this
but I cannot over look...

...the fact that your SP
is also involved with him.

"What allegation are you
putting on me, your highness?"

Don't speak to me
staring me like this.

Is it not true that
you are again and again...

...rewarding a same man
for catching the dacoits.

I am not giving the reward
to anyone. A man catches the...

...dacoits again and again and
takes the reward he deserves.

No. He is not an ordinary man.

He is the brother of that
dacoit who took my daughter.

"If this is true, then I
myself will put handcuffs..."

And if it doesn't turns
out to be true then that...

...same handcuff may even
be put in the hands of...

...those who is putting
this false allegation on me.

"Everyone took the
name of the country."

"Everyone took the
name of the country."

And we grasped our heart.

And we grasped our heart.

Everyone called it Hindustan.

Everyone called it Hindustan.

And we called it our life.


"What do we have to do
saving our life from our life?"

We have to live here and die here.

We have to live here and die here.

"What do we have to do
saving our life from our life?"

We have to live here and die here.

We have to live here and die here.

You are overjoyed
in this loneliness...

"...and even I am there in this fair."

You are overjoyed
in this loneliness...

"...and even I am there in this fair."

The heart only remembers you.

"After the country only
you are there for me."

The heart only remembers you.

"After the country only
you are there for me."

"I have to tie the turban and
bend the head on your feet."

We have to live here and die here.

We fell in love here.

We fell in love here.

We found our world over here.

We found our world over here.

We fell in love here.

"These are only our lanes.
All our joys are over here."

"These are only our lanes.
All our joys are over here."

"Our thirst is on this
path and even our waterfall."

We have to live here and die here.

"The monsoons went and
even the holi passed away."

"When will be unite, oh my beloved?"

"The monsoons went and
even the holi passed away."

Life is a struggle now.

Don't take the name of love now.

Life is a struggle now.

Don't take the name of love now.

I have to fill
vermilion in your parting...

"...with blood, fair lady."

We have to live here and die here.

We have to live here and die here.

We have to live here and die here.

We have to live here and die here.

"Bhanu, police.
- SP sir, you are here?"

"Manu Pratap Singh, you
spent years in prison for..."

...committing a murder.
Even then I behaved with...

...you like the way someone
does with is own brother.

There is no doubt in it.

Today someone has put a
blot on my name saying...

"...that with whom I behaved
like a brother, is the..."

...brother of some
dacoit named Bhavani.

"SP sir, just tell me
the name of that..."

...man who has put
this blot on your name.

I will remove his
name from this world.

"First tell me, whether
this fact is true or false?"

The truth is that he is my
younger brother and even...

...if it would have been true SP
sir that he is a dacoit then...

...I would have brought his
dead body to you on my horse.

Why did you hide the fact
that you even have a brother?

Even this thing was hidden
from me. I was provoked.

Like you even I went in
search of dacoit Bhavani.

"SP sir, see this. See this. The
mark of my bullet is a proof..."

"...to this fact, but the dacoit
didn't turn out to be a dacoit."

"He turned out to be my brother,
a supporter..."

"...of the helpless, an
enemy of those who..."

...do oppression and a true Rajput.

"SP sir, even if a
single allegation against..."

...him is proved to be
true then I am ready...

...to go to the willows in his place.

"Bhavani, there is an
allegation on you that you..."

...have brought the
daughter of king Jaipal Singh.

Did you ever see the
daughter of king Jaipal Singh?

If I am not mistaken then
you are only his daughter.

No one brought me here by force.

I am staying with these
people by my own wish.

You will have to come to the police...

...station and give this statement.

Till then I am
helpless to arrest Bhavani.

"SP sir, no person is
born who can arrest Bhavani."

Then I will even have to arrest you.

"Whom all will you arrest, SP sir?"

If you are so fond of
arresting then why don't...

...you first arrest that
man who sent you here?

Who sent me here and who are you?

I am his wife and I am very
well aware of all his intentions.

I know how many dacoits he has reared.

And I know how he
deceives you policemen.

You don't even have the
courage to touch him...

...and you have come to arrest Bhavani.

"Look, although I am
a protector of law..."

...but I cannot the law in my hands.

Bring strong proof against
the man on whom you are...

...putting the allegations
and then see my courage.

What will happen by
claiming of knowing big things?

As long as you keep
asking for strong evidence...

...till then we'll keep talking.

My father was killed in
front of my own eyes...

...my house was burnt.
What more strong...

...evidence should I
bring than my own eyes?

My fields were burnt. The
dacoits took this innocent girl.

Who will give the strong evidence?
Those dacoits?

"The entire villages
are plundered, the kids..."

...become orphan and
the women become widows.

The old lose their support.

The oppressions crosses all
limits and you say that being...

...a protector of law you
cannot take the law in your hands.

"Okay, SP sir. We
understood this thing long back."

That's why now we do
our own protection.

"Roopa, bring my gun. We
protect ourselves with this."

We never tried to come in your way.

Even you never come in our way.

Glory to Bhavani.
- Glory to Bhavani.

"You didn't do a right thing
by showing the guns, Bhavani."

You have taken a clash
against the government and law.

You became wrong in
spite of being correct.

Because I tell you that the law
can be changed if it is wrong.

If justice is wrong
then it can be changed.

If the government is wrong
even that can be changed.

But not with guns.
Because as soon as you...

...pick up the guns you
turn the right to wrong.

You want to change
injustice by injustice...

...whether you are able
or unable to do that.

You murder justice. I promise
all of you that I will get...

"...you justice, that from
today I will become your voice."

From today I will fight for you.

"From today, I will get
your enemies punished..."

...if all of you help
me in becoming strong.

"How is that possible, SP sir?"

Give your guns in my hand.
- No. No.

We don't trust policemen.
- No. No.

Listen to me. I fully trust SP sir.

"Bhanu, think that whatever
SP sir said was told by me."

"Your elder brother has told it.
C'mon, give your gun to me."

"Bhanu. Bring it, Bhanu."

Where is your highness?
- He is not inside.

He is having fever.
- In which room is he?

He said he doesn't
want to meet anyone.

"I asked you, in which room is he?"

"Doctor, how much time will
it take to treat his fever?"

He has to go with me
to the police station.

"Dhirender Singh, this is my
palace not your parade ground"

lmmediately go out from here and...

...take permission to come inside.

"So many years passed by
in these etiquettes, sir."

Wear these shoes and come with me.

"Leave alone you, even
your higher officials..."

...don't speak like
this in front of me.

- This is king Jaipal Singh speaking.

"Give the phone to IG sir.
- Sir, call from the king."

"IG speaking. - Siddheshwar,
this SP of yours has gone mad."

He entered my room by
force and is speaking nonsense.

What's the matter?
Give the phone to him.

"Yes, sir.
- What is the king saying?"

"Sir, today he put the
entire village on fire."

"He killed many men,
wounded many women..."

...and he didn't even
have mercy on the kids.

Will you be able to
prove this allegation?

The court will ask for evidence.

Not only the evidence for
this incident I have the...

...many more evidences
in my hand right now.

I have such statements of
his wife and his daughter...

...which will prove that
whatever oppressions...

...and crimes were taking
place in all these years in...

"...this state, there is only
one man behind it, king Jaipal."

And he will be sentenced
to lifetime imprisonment.

"Look Dhirender Singh, we have to..."

...do each investigation lawfully.

Bring the file immediately to me.

"If I find it suitable, I will
take out a warrant against him."

- Yes, sir."

"Okay, sir. Tomorrow
morning the warrant will be in..."

...my hands and the
handcuffs will be in your hand.

"SP, we will speak about tomorrow,
tomorrow morning."

Today evening when you'll reach...

"...home, you will
find your wife crying."

Find out on the way as to why your...

...child still didn't
return from school?

It's possible that some
dacoits kidnapped him.

Think for the whole night
and if you are unable to...

...see the tears of your
wife then in the morning...

...instead of the warrant
bring this file to me.

Viren. Viren. - Viren still
didn't return from school.

It never happens like this.
If he is unable...

"...to come, he surely sends the child."

Even SP sir didn't return?
- No.

I sent the servants but even
they return with the news.

Don't worry. I'll go and see.

Listen. Don't feel bad.
But do you think...

...lt is good if you
come here so often?

But I don't do any indecent act.

You are more intelligent than me.

Today if my house is
a heaven then it...

...is because of the
advice given by you.

I hope it doesn't gets
ruined by a mistake of yours.

"You are right, Janki.
Don't know why SP sir brought..."

"...me here, otherwise I
would have never done..."

...the unmannerly act
of coming to your house.

And then you only sent Viren to me.

I just wanted you to see Viren once.

You have done me a very big favor.

When I think about Viren
water starts showering...

...in my life which is like a desert.

When did you come?
- Just now.

Viren didn't come with you?
- No.

Did you not go to pick
him up from school today?

"Janki, today I am the
biggest officer of this area."

And today as if the
biggest dacoits of this...

...place are in my fist.
- How is this thing related to Viren?

These dacoits have taken
Viren in their possession.

And you are thinking
whether to fulfill...

...your duty or to
save your son's life?

Is it wrong for me to think like this?

Would you have thought like this if...

...it would have been your own child?

Did I ever think that
he is not my own child?

Then what are you thinking now?

I was thinking that really
if he would have been my own...

"...child then, I wouldn't
have hesitated even for a..."

...single moment to sacrifice
him on the altar of my duty.

Because he is not my child and he is...

"...only your child,
that's why I am thinking."

And even I am thinking that
whether I ever considered...

"...him as my child or not,
only my God knows this and my..."

"...heart knows this, but Janki
you considered me as his dad."

This is not true.
- Okay. Okay.

You will get your son.
- No. You are taking me wrong.

I didn't mean to say that.

"Sir, SP sir has come."

Bring him in with all respect.

"The morning was very far,
your highness."

The tears of wife
elongated the night too much.

You will get the file.

But I don't seem to see it.

But even the child is not to be seen.

Then what is the
reason for your coming here?

That file is with the
servant of my house Junia.

She will give you the
file in return to my child.

And if there is any cheating in this?

Then kill the one who deceives you.

- Viren. Viren. - Daddy. Daddy.

"Viren, my child. Viren.
- My daddy."

"Daddy, why is there a
cloth tied on your eyes?"

Jaswant Singh.
- Yes. - Remove the cloth from...

...SP sir's eyes and tie it
on the eyes of the child.

"Okay, sir."

And listen. Go to SP sir's house.

There you will find a
servant by name Junia.

And that servant will give you a file.

"Child, I am keeping a
letter in your pocket."

Give that to your mom.

"Madam, see. The child has come.
- Viren. - Mummy."

"Viren, my child. My son."

Father has sent a letter.
- Where is it?

"Janki, Viren was not mine.
He was only yours and Manu's."

I entrust him to both of you.
May you all three be happy!

Where is the need for me now?
- No. No.

"What happened, mummy?
- No. No."

"Case file, Jaipal Singh. Oh!"

The same thing
happened which I feared.

Whenever you used to
come to this house...

...my heart used to start throbbing...

"...as to why you come, why you come?"

Today he listened to our conversation.

After released from the
prison I used to always think...

...as to why I am alive?
Today I understood.

"Don't cry, Janki. I have the
blood of Rajput in my veins."

"Let anything happen, your
marriage will not break."

"How was the night, SP?"

Shall I get some breakfast for you?

"Your highness, I'll go
home and do breakfast."

Someone is coming to
take me exactly at 8.

It's already eight now.

Is there anyone? Someone go up and...

...see did any jeep of mine come?

"Your highness, not one jeep
but several jeeps of police."

"Jaswant Singh, and all of
you take your positions."

"Jaipal Singh, I have a warrant
to arrest you. Come out quietly"

"Siddheshwar Singh, I am Jaipal Singh,
the king of this kingdom"

Our kingdom has been snatched...

"...from us, we didn't lose it."

That's why I order
you to return back...

...along with these soldiers of yours.

"Your highness, these were
the last words of your..."

...late father that
history cannot be erased.

"I beg you for his sake, come outside."

I didn't listen to my father
even then and even now I will not.

"If I cannot change history, I
will finish myself in trying to..."

...change history but will not
step back from our intentions.

Let the doors of the fort be opened.

If you have the courage
come inside and arrest me.

Tear gas.
- Tear gas.

"Siddheshwar, I don't
want to speak much."

Just see this police
officer of yours...

...and my men with their guns.

We will fire 50 bullets if
you fire a single bullet.

It's possible that you may
have to take the dead body...

...of this police
superintend instead of taking us.

"Sir, don't listen to his threats.
Don't bother about my life."

Don't let this opportunity
go off even thought I may die.

All the dacoits of this
area are gathered here...

...and if they die along
with me I will think my...

...death was more
successful than my life.

"Listen carefully, Siddheshwar Singh."

I along with my men will go
from here in a short while.

If anyone tries to
create any obstruction...

...then you know very
well what will happen.

Did all of listen?

"What are the orders for us, sir?
- Wait for sometime."

Glory to Bhavani.

Glory to Bhavani.

- Brother.

Bhanu Pratap.

Stop. Stop.

"Brother. SP sir, save my brother.
Let's go from here."


Bhanu Pratap.

"Make it fast, SP sir. Brother."

Or else we'll get late...

"SP sir, no one becomes a
father just by giving birth."

The world should learn the meaning...

...of being a father from you.

You are Janki's god
and not anyone else.

Bhavani Singh...

...lion's don't die by
the hands of jackal's.

That's why even in
the rule of jackal's...

...all the lions remained alive.

But this jackal will die
rotting in the prison.

This will never happen.

"Bhanu, no one else would have been..."

...lucky than me if I
would have been able...

...to save your
brother by giving my life.

I will do his last
journey will all the honours.

"SP sir, I had only one brother."

He was everything to me.

A memory of my parents.
Entrust him to me.

"Brother, I didn't like this
thing of yours. I didn't like it."