Rajma Chawal (2018) - full transcript

An internet-rookie father attempts to use social media to enhance his faltering relationship with his millennial son.

Kabir, let's leave!

Kabir, say a prayer before you leave.

Let's get moving!

Kabir, our video has crossed
a million views.

Let him be, Tony.

Kabir is a bit silent, isn't he?

He's angry.


Because he lost his mother,
and now his home.

He's angry about moving to Old Delhi.

Titu, your scooter!

Asshole, wearing blinkers, are you?

You moron!

Are you mental?

- Hey, don't you dare hit me!
- Well, your truck hit my scooter first!

- Stop shouting!
- Should I start singing then?


Kabir, let go of him!

Hey, what's going on!
Stop fighting!

The driver made a mistake.

Greetings, Uncle.

Snake dance!

Snake dance?

Stop it!

- Pick up your scooter.
- Uncle, I am Ved Prakash's son.

Saw you in dad's wedding album.
You were doing the snake dance.

- He's Dheela's son. Dr. Dheela!
- Dr. Dheela?

- That's you?
- Greetings, Uncle.

God bless.
How's everything? All good?

Help move our things!

- Uncle, this way.
- Yes. Let's go.


The bag's quite heavy.


- Kabir!
- Uncle, follow me!

Mind your head, Uncle.

Nothing's changed here.

- Yes, Uncle.
- How's your father Dheela?

All good, Uncle.

An injection costs a dollar now...

- Hello.
- Hello.

And the red pill
still saves the day!

He's started his own hospital.
Keeps busy.

Open the windows.
Let the air in.

Anees, there are 32 cartons and bags.

All here.

Hey, where to?

For my band rehearsals.

Not now!
We're going to Kuljeet's for lunch.

His mother, Beeji, is cooking.
Don't miss it.

I'll go fetch dad.

- Take off that garland.
- Here, you put it on.

- What do I do with it?
- Hey, bring it here!

- Hello, Beeji!
- Welcome, son!

Let's go in.
It's cold outside.

- Come, everyone.
- Come here.

- Coming!
- Come here, Mathur.

- Come, let's stand in a group.
- Beautiful. See!

Stop sulking, Mittal.

Look here.

Pout, everyone.

- Pout?
- Here!


Dr. Dheela is here!

- Mr. Dheela!
- He’s slow, just like his name.

Let's pout.


Take them off!

Come, take a selfie with Beeji.

This kiss can heal.

It will make your skin glow!

Look how beautiful we look!

- Eat now.
- I need a spoon.

Who eats Rajma Chawal with a spoon?


I always eat with a spoon.

No problem.
Sapna, get him a spoon.

This is the new generation.

Anees, a few spoons, please.

You know,
the dress that I'm wearing...

your mother had given it to me
15 years ago.

You remember?

Even now people ask where it's from.
It's still in fashion.

It's your mother who taught me
about style and fashion.

I didn't know anything.

I don't think you know
how mod your mother was.

If she would've been here,
she'd have made me cut my hair short...

- What happened?
- Kabir!

You crocodile!

Why did you have to be
a drama queen?

Didn't even let him eat the rajma!

How could he?
He remembered his mother!

What's more important?
"Ma" or "Rajma"?

You missed the rehearsals and
didn't show up for the gig either.

- Tony's pissed off!
- He can go to hell!

He says the same to you.

He has started a new
fucking band without us.

Anees Uncle! Water!

Potty is potty.

What difference does it make
if it's Indian or western?

Hello, Uncle.

He smiled.

- That smile cost me 9870 bucks.
- Is it?

Bought an English throne
for my spoilt child.

Wow! Such delicious food!

Titu's wedding. Traffic jam.
Waste of money.

You have something
to say to me or not?

Take those off.

Do you have a tongue?

Can you speak at all?

What do you want to hear?

Tell me. I am listening.

Do you have anything
to talk about?

Tell me!

If he won't talk to you,
learn to "chat" with him.

Son, it's important to
to keep up with the technology.

She's right.

Tell me. If I learn all this...

this communication gap
between me and Kabir...

can it be fixed?

I'll explain.

The awkwardness we feel
face to face...

vanishes with this device.

This generation speak with
their fingers rather than their mouths.

What if, at this age,
I am unable to learn?

If she can, anybody can.

Excuse me! I'm a Science graduate!

Home Science doesn't
make you a scientist!

Okay, Beeji. Here.

Put that technology stuff
into my phone.

This phone is no good.

What's wrong with it?

You need a smart phone.

It is smart.

You are, not your phone.

Beeji, stop making me spend so much.

He's saying he wants
Facebook in this phone!

You guys are insulting me!

Sir, this is the hottest item in
the market right now.

In this you'll get
a 64-bit Octa core processor.

With a 16 GB memory.

And a 14 centimeter HD screen.


It's an auspicious day.

The phone will bring me luck
if I buy it today.

Sir, which internet plan
would you prefer?

The 4G plan.

- 2G is fine.
- Uncle...

4G is the internet speed.

You are talking about GB.

Forget 2 GB.
1 GB should do for you.

Kabir, your dad is on Facebook.

He's sent me a friend request.


What a tune!

Here, 1000 bucks from me.

I belong to the Mughal Family.

Nobody says no to us!

Keep it!

Son, I have not eaten all day.
Please lend me 40 bucks.

Come on, one more.

Two more.

This is our version of Zumba.

It helps his hip injury.

Tell me, in how many working
days will Kabir get my request?

It takes just a second!

Everything happens
instantly on the internet.

I'll teach you.

Have some sweets.

Let's see what he says.

Look at this!
He's rejected your request!

He's even blocked you.

He rejected me?

Now listen to what's right...

which may sound a bit wrong.

But it's still right.
Come here.

- Which one do you like?
- Why?

- This is to relax you.
- What are you saying, Beeji?

Not for you, stupid.

For Kabir.

- This one.
- Isn't she gorgeous?

Seeing her, Kabir will fell in love!

Auntie, please!

Auntie, we're not going to run away!

Why can't I cry at the right time?

Seher, how could you?

Who splurges rent money on booze?

We're screwed!

Saturday nights do this to me.

I could loot the country
on a Saturday.

It's disgusting.

- Take a loan from Baljeet.
- Baljeet?

He'll start planning our wedding.

Your life's so full of complications!

How about you
taking a loan for a change?

It's an art.

Not everyone has that talent.

Quite right.

Go through hell like me
and then you'll learn.

- Anupji is here.
- Anupji!

We're done for!

Your wife is kicking us out!

What will we do now?

Leave it to me.

Anupji, your beard!
Why did you dye it?

The salt & pepper looked so good on you.

Just like George Clooney.

- Right?
- So Clooney!

Go, give it to her.



It's me! Open up!

Sukhi, open the door!

There you are.
Look, I got vegetables for you.


I kept it for essentials.

Thought you'd have pity on us.

There was an inactive account of a girl.

I saved her photos and created a new
account, in the name of Tara.

I use this account to chat.

Beeji has many fake accounts.

Rahul, Reuben, Michael...

Son, use Tara's account
to send a request to Kabir.

Why should I become this girl?

Because, a request from a hottie like Tara
will never be refused by any boy!

I still don't see why...

- I mean...
- Don't get confused.

It's simple.

You need to become Tara so you
can chat with Kabir. Simple!

Her face, your words.

Under this guise,
you'll be able to talk to your son.

I get it.

At least we will talk. You're right!

Send the request.

- Go on, Beeji.
- I'm doing it.

I've set the Facebook
account for you.

Now enjoy gossiping with Kabir.


He's accepted Tara's friend request.

He blocked his father's request

but the girl's face
made him accept it in seconds.

You'd have done the same.

Go on, reply.

I don't know how to do this.
You reply.

Okay, tell me.

"I saw your photo...
and my heart sang."

Is he cussing me?

LOL means, "Laugh Out Loud!"

After ages I've heard my child laugh.

these are chat codes.

Mug it up and become trendy.

Be romantic or else your
kid will run away.

Yet, you sent the request.

If you don't want to be friends...

then unfriend me,
block me, cancel me.

- Show her the new stock.
- My husband doesn't like that style.

He'll run away!

Show me something else.

He won't run away.
In fact, he'll stop doubting you.

Why not show her that one?

Here. The cups have a firm grip.

That reminds me.
I'd like a cup of tea.

Two cups of tea, son.

You're at a ladies' shop.
Mind your language.

I'm out of here!

Jobless by choice!
And you?

Me, too!

Ask him where he works.

"Where do you work?"

He says Larsen & Toubro.

Bloody liar!

- Should I write that?
- Don't be stupid!

JK, boss.

Who's JK?

JK means, "Just Kidding!"

Don't start now.

Now write.
"How much do you earn?"


You sing well.

But for this place, we need something big.

You don't even have a band.

Get in touch when you form one.

All couples here.
How will we find our guinea pig?

That's the problem!

- What should we do?
- Excuse me.

Hello, respected ma'am.

How do you do, respected ma'am?

You girls need company?

We need limited company.

Not unlimited.

Seher, you crazy?
He owns a Merc!

So? It must be rented.

Look at his shoes.

He's wearing Niki
instead of Nike.

You've spent a year with me!
Still not learnt to observe?

- Sorry!
- When will you learn?

- Hello, sir. How are you?
- What's up, brother?

- Shit! Run!
- Seher!

- Single!
- Seher baby!

Seher baby!
Why are you running away?

Excuse me, sir!

- Stag entry not allowed, sir.
- That's my girlfriend!

- You'll stop me?
- Yes, sir.

What are you saying!

Look into my eyes and say,
"Stag entry not allowed."

Once more.

Who's the new chick?

You don't tell me
anything these days.

She's a Facebook friend
from Canada.

Wish she was from here.

I have some strange
connection with her.

I don't understand all this.

Got the bill?

- Yes.
- Shall we go?


Tell me something.

How did this connection happen?

From Old Delhi to Canada...
with a chick called Tara!

Shit! Looks like
the bill is on us tonight.

You'll only have a soda, right?

Just go a little slow
on this Tara/Facebook gig.

- Why?
- Because, it happened with me once.

- What?
- Her photograph was stunning.

Met her, and "she" was a "he."

- Face of a girl, stuff of a man.
- Seriously?

You son of a...
Are you mad or what?

You motherfu...
Mo... Mo...

Your eyes are innocent.
Keep it that way.

Why are you laughing?

His number plate has a 9999 on it.

- Did you see his revolver?
- It's okay.

By the way, did you know that your dad
and Tony are Facebook friends?

I wonder why our parents
are on Facebook now.

I don't have a dad.
So, my mom is my friend.

Not just on Facebook,
even in life.

Mom is no more,
and Dad isn't my friend.

Neither on Facebook, nor in life.

Tell me once and for all.

Do you intend to do your MBA or not?

I don't want to.

Your phone keeps you
busy all day, doesn't it?

Same goes for you these days.

Sit down!

You won't be the one
to always leave the table.

It's my turn today!

Anees! The food was too spicy today!

I feel like running away.


He is so selfish.

I'm in this godforsaken Old Delhi
because of him.

He said, "I want to move to Old Delhi
to be with my friends."

He didn't bother about
me and my friends.

My band broke up
because of him.

That house holds
the memories of my mother.

I hate Old Delhi.

If you hate it so much,
why don't you just leave?

- Eat your food.
- Yeah, I will.

First, read this.

"My Dad wanted me to study Law.

So that I could manage
his law firm.

But I wanted to go to Canada.

Now that Canada has failed,
and I've lost him too...

I feel, maybe I should
have done Law."

You really regret not studying Law?


You know, Kuljeet...

fathers are never wrong
about their children.

Write this too.

"Fathers are very
important in this world.

We should value them
while we have them."

Bloody blackmailer!

It's not blackmail.

It's called, "creating an impact."

You bet! Now eat.

- Sapna made it specially for you.
- Alright.

- The impact is made!
- What's he saying?

"It depends on your parents.

My mom was important for me.
But my dad..."


"Is not important at all."

That's what he said?

You got your musical flair from your mom?

How did you guess?

From what you say,
it seems your father's a duffer.

Not a duffer.

Whenever my mom sang,
he fell asleep.

Kabir, try to understand your dad.

You only see your own pain...

not your father's loneliness.

Imagine what it feels like
to lose a partner!

What happened?

Nothing. It's getting cold.
Should I get your shawl?


My mom used to sing this song.

Should I send it to you?

Listen to it on your headphones.

Now where will I get headphones from?

Yes, Anees Uncle?

Bro, I need your ears' thing.
What's it called?

This thing around your neck.

Lend them to me.
My speaker's not working.

I have an extra.

- Will this work?
- Yes, thank you.

When I look into your eyes I see

Our story

Bits of you and bits of me

Make our story

Our conversations have no
Beginning or end

They blend into each other
Like nights and days

You begin where I finish and
I begin where you finish

That's our story

When I look into your eyes I see

Our story

- Kabir.
- Yes, Papa?


Don't give your
headphones to Anees.

He doesn't bathe for weeks.

Son, I was thinking...

why not start a new band?

It's not that easy.

Son, please do something in your life.

I'm worried about you.

And my financial situation is not...

What happened?

Nothing happened.
Just that...

I am here for you but
I won't be there forever.

My dad wrote
a poem for my mother.

Can you make a song out of it?

What do you think?
Isn't he just like his mother?

Thank God he's not like you.

Stop taunting me all the time.

Thank your stars I didn't kill you.

Your wife told me everything on Facebook.

How Ahuja fucked you over in business.

Now you want to fuck me over
by reminding me of it?

You rejected my business offer...

to partner with that bastard Ahuja.

"I must move to New Delhi.
I must get out of here!

It's so crowded here.
So dirty!

I need to get out!"

Imagine if you had not left!

We would have been together
all these years.

Mathur, it's Kabir calling.

Yes, Kabir?

What is your favourite color?

- Why?
- I am buying headphones for you.

That's why I asked.

Let me see.
Red sounds good.

Okay, Papa.

Kabir is buying
red headphones for me.

Don't you think Kabir has changed for
good ever since you became Tara?

I think so.

Nobody doubts your talent, Seher.

But this time, it was a bit of a
struggle to get an appointment.

She takes a lot of leaves, Mrs. Gulati.

Actually, I wasn't feeling too well.

You know, ladies' problem...

When are you returning
the 10,000 bucks you owe me?

Very soon.

- Actually, that...
- Seher, this is not right.

- What are you doing, Paro?
- Sorry!

- Paro!
- I am sorry!

"How will the world understand
the noise inside me?

Oh, Lord. Silence this noise!"

He's talking about
our song on YouTube.

- Please meet my band, please!
- What are you doing?


for us guitar is no more!

If your guitar mix our sax,
Delhi on fire!

And you, small timers...

this is my musical YouTube star!

I'm Ghannu.

I am Fantu.

Let's see that ass shakin'

Let's see the booty movin'

Let's see what you got
Oh, baby doll

Oh, baby doll!

You wear the glow of the sun

Oh, my Delhi!

Bruised by many

Yet unclaimed you stand

You stand bright and tall

Such is Delhi

My good old Delhi!

Anees Uncle, you've always
lived alone here?


Don't you have a home?

Old Delhi is my only home.

For me, its every lane is
filled with memories.

I had an affair
with your father's sister.

Aunt Neelu?

It lasted five years...

in silence.

Her smile? It would speak!

Wherever her rickshaw went,
my Yezdi followed.


Does dad know?

I didn't let your aunt know.
How would he?


Because I am a Muslim and...

Anees Uncle, you could have eloped.

Don't be crazy.

Why leave my magnificent
Old Delhi for a love affair?

What's so special about Old Delhi?

You still have this toy?

Remember how your dad would fly
you around the world on this?

Don't be so angry at Old Delhi.

New Delhi grew out of it.

What good are these memories?

It's strange... Kabir.

Try experiencing this place
through your mother's eyes.

Turn your pain into hope.

You too had wonderful times there,
during your childhood.

I don't remember.

In any case...

what's in Old Delhi
that you miss so much?

I can't tell you.
I can show you!

Someday, we'll go there.

Let's see that ass shakin'

Let's see that booty movin'

Let's see what you got
Oh, baby doll!

Jackie, bro!

Kabir, Sanju, Babaji.

Just turn the Bluetooth on,
search and connect. Then play.

It's on!
It's working!

It's amazing!

You get the tastiest street food here!


See that?

Your mother's favorite shop.

She loved the samosas here.

- Come, try it.
- No.

That is not an option.

Brother, we'll be right back.
Come on!

You have to taste it!

- Papa.
- What?

I'll be home late.

I have a show tonight.

We've never heard you sing.

He's got his music from his mother.

- She had a beautiful voice.
- Really?

Whenever I got back home tired from work

her singing would soothe me to sleep.

It was bliss!

When will we get
to hear your music?

There's a pub called Factory.
I'm performing there tonight.

- Please come, all of you.
- Sure.

It's my first show
with the new band.

Playing for drunkards at a bar?

Doesn't matter. We will be there.

Of course, we'll come.

Mittal, Mathur and myself.

After all, it's you performing!

And we'll have a peg each.

I'm here for mom.

Hey, mister! Hello?

- What's the matter?
- Who are you?

- Kabir.
- Kabir who?

Kabir Mathur.
This is my house.

Oh! You are Mathur's son?

We have bought this house.

Please leave.

Didn't your father tell you
that he sold the house?

- Let's go, Sanju.
- What happened?

Your principles,
Your rules

Why must I obey at all times?

When I reject your laws

That confine me

It unsettles you

Don't tie me down

Don't restrict me

These rules are a farce
So are your laws

Why should I listen to your nonsense?

Oh hypocrite!

You are killing me

With your sweet words

Oh hypocrite!

You are killing me

With your sweet words

Your intentions...


Your promises

Your intentions
All your promises

I will reveal the truth

To every one

You deceive, you mislead

Your show of dreams

Selling palaces of lies

Don't play tricks with my emotions

Tomorrow, your apologies won't matter

You'll always be questioned

Then the world will know

You lead a band of dacoits

Oh hypocrite!

You are killing me

With your sweet words

Let go of me!

Don't you understand?

- Bloody asshole!
- Tara? Hi!

- That's Tara!
- What?

Tara from Facebook!

How come you are here?

I can't believe it.

Me too.

Check out that kiss!

- What are you looking at?
- The kiss, what else?

Bloody motherfucker!

- Run!
- Why?

Seher, we're screwed!

What's going on?
Let's go!

- Tara, why are we running?
- Just run!

When did you come back from Canada?

Wait for me!

- Tara, stop!
- Come on, hurry!

Get out of the way!

Tara, you are so different
on Facebook!

I'm not on Facebook, you prick!

- Drive, mister!
- Seher! Don't go!

Asshole, just wait!
I'll play you like a fucking guitar!

Bastard! Where's the valet?
Where's my Audi?

Kabir, what a performance!


Another lie.

You're always lying!

I think he's figured it out.

Selling the house
was my last resort!

I was about to tell you.

All you do is lie.

It's a habit with you.

What have I lied about?

Mom's accident?

When I got to know, you said it was minor.

So minor that she died?

You shirked spending
on a good hospital.

That's the truth
you never told me.

You saved your money!

Now, you sold our house!
It was only about the money, right?

How dare you!

Where are you going?
I am talking to you, Kabir!

The truth is,
I was completely broke.

After your mother's death
I was buried in debts.

Then, Ahuja betrayed me.
He cheated me.

I was forced to sell our house.

I was about to tell you!

- Kabir!
- Kabir, what are you doing?

Leave me alone!

Don't do this!


Get the fuck out and never
show me your face again!

Just get out!


A light, brother?

I hope you're not considering suicide.

Don't! It's very painful.

I had tried it once.

It hurt like a bitch.

I'll talk to him
and get back to you, Uncle.

- Your dad called again.
- I must find that guy who cussed at me.

Leave that for now.
Just call your dad.

He's worried sick.
He's called me ten times already!

He has many others
to look after him.

Can I stay at your house or not?

I know you're upset but don't
consider everyone selfish.

- Or a liar!
- They are all liars!

- What!
- I need to find her!

Go to hell!

Tara, why did you lie?

I think it's Kabir's message.

If you're not on Facebook,
then who are you?

I know you're in Delhi.
Why did you lie?

Did you hear that, Beeji?

Don't give me that look.

My intentions were right.

Good, the girl didn't say much...

or I'd be registered a liar, right?

Beeji... this is all a mess!

You meant well
but it's gone wrong.

You can't just kiss me and run off!

The lies are getting to him,
both yours and Tara's.

But I am Tara!


- Oh, God!
- What's he saying now?

I'll go to the cyber police.
I'll find you, no matter what.

Beeji, it's all got out of hand.

Be quiet!

I swear to God...

I thought it through, technically.

The girl I found...

wasn't from here.

And she has been inactive on
Facebook for a year and a half.

Trace her, for heaven's sake.

Do whatever it takes
or else we are all done for.

But where, in this huge city?

Let me see her picture.

Let's zoom-in on her picture.


Abu Road, Meerut.


That's the board.

Excuse me.

Do you recognize her?

Benny sir!

What's wrong?

- What is it?
- Look here.

Isn't she the same girl?
That lawyer's son's friend.

Yes, she studied here.

Her name is Seher Chowdhary.
She had scored a 92%.

Where can we find her?

Go to Victoria Park,
towards Cantonment.

You'll reach All Saints School.

Ask for Warden Ratan Chowdhary.
She's his daughter.

This one!

Pause here.

This girl?

She's a gold digger, sir.

Pause here.

And that is Baljeet.

That's the VIP!

He almost ran us over.

- He's the one?
- Yes.

He's the one who cussed at me!

Stay away from him.

He's a hothead.

Are you in love with this girl?

Let's go for rehearsals.

Kabir! What's wrong with you?

Our new band is a hit.

Music labels are interested.
We're getting gigs. And you...

I want to know
why she lied to me.

- Hello.
- Hello.

We wanted to meet Seher Chowdhary.

Listen, her antics have
troubled us a lot.

We have no idea where she is.

Please, leave us alone.

Sir, we've come a long way...

I told you once.
Please leave.

But, sir...

Please leave!

- We must look for her somewhere.
- Such an insolent man!

Let's go back to Delhi.


This is the contact number of the
salon where Seher works.

She's in Delhi.

When I need to talk to my sister,
I reach her on this number.

- The bruise?
- It's nothing.

- Sir, let's blow-dry your hair.
- Okay.

250 bucks for a shave? 250!

Madam, what's the cost
of cleaning the nails?

The luxury manicure is only 1000 bucks.

1000 bucks!

And whatever you're doing to him?

- 1000 bucks without the tip.
- What!

Seher, before we go broke...

I need to talk to you
for just two minutes.

Uncle, have you lost your mind?

Sorry! But what's all this?

Uncle, this is a crime.

You may not be aware...

but what you've done
is a cyber crime.

You should know.

Child, a father and son chat
is led by emotions.

Please try to understand.

Stop trying to get us all sentimental!

I'm going to call the police.

Just wait. Read this chat once.
Here's the username and password.

- Why should I read this rubbish?
- Exactly!

Get out of here!

We're not here to chat!

We've work to do.

Don't think women are weak.

That they can be harassed.

I'm telling you, we women
have reached the moon.

And we will go beyond.

We'll go wherever we like
whenever we like.

Gone are the days when
you married us off

to make babies for all our lives...

Get out!

- Stop bothering us!
- Come on, Mittal!

They're troubling us!

"Read the chat," he says!

What's bothering you, Mathur?

I am scared.

So is the Tara inside me.

Both hopes lost at one go.

Type this...

Address it to Kabir.

"I had my reasons...
for not recognizing you."

Attend to your work.

- Did he reply?
- Yes.

Tara, you may have your reasons
not to recognize me.

But now I have my reasons to find you.

And I will, at any cost!

I saw you as the truth
which became a lie.

We have to get this girl on our side.

Your son is in love.

100% in love.

This one-sided love can destroy you.

I have experienced it.

Let's go. Hurry!

Hey! Mind the shop.
I'll be back.

I don't want to listen to anything!

Don't you get it?

This is where I work!

I'll call security!
I'll call the police!

Get out!

Return our aprons!

Madam, please listen to me!

- Give back our aprons.
- Please, let me explain.

Spent so much in there.
Let us speak to her at least.

- No!
- Take your bloody frock!

- I just need two minutes with her!
- Mathur! Let's go!

What about the shit on our faces?

We'll wash it at home!

Sharma's got a gig for us.

I need to get back to him.

Say something!

Grab the guy in the blue shirt!

- What's your problem smarty pants?
- What the fuck!

Yes, sir.

Our band is called Darbaris.

You sister-fucker!

No, not you, sir.
Yes, sir. Okay.


We play in the same band, sir.

How dare you kiss my GF!


Just like your father!

Always fighting!

Got thrashed?
Or thrashed them too?

Seher, please open the door.

I swear, I'm sorry.

I made a mistake!
I didn't mean to hit you!

I also kissed that guy by mistake!

Who kisses by mistake?

Never happened to me!

You gotta be kidding!

How does that even work?

Show me.

- Here, slap me. Slap me!
- Let me be!

Slap me!
But please forgive me.

What are you doing here?
Step aside!

I need to talk to her!

Seher, I didn't come here to be rude.

Let's party!
You'll feel better.

I'll eat your finger!

Don't show me the middle finger!

Don't ever ask me for money again!

Showing me the middle finger!

Here's a middle finger for you!

And another one!

You know what you are?

Remember the film where the guy calls his
business buddy a disgusting asshole?

That's what you are.
Gold digger!

You're the epitome of disgusting!

Guard, open the gate.

I've been waiting forever!

Look who's here!

What do you know?
The kiddies are back!

No one touches my car!

If anything happens to my Audi
I'll lose control!


I'll knock your sister up!

Bloody motherfucker!

Put the blanket over him!

Help! Mommy!

That's Baljeet!

And that guy whose song is trending.

Hit that swine one more time!
A couple more!

Isn't this blackmail?

First, I need the money.

And second...

Uncle, look...

who would do this for free
going out of their way?

- How much?
- Just 50 grand for one meeting.


50 grand for nothing?

Nothing? I read the entire chat.

It's a royal mess!

Okay, deal.

- But you must clean up the mess.
- Don't worry.

Our girl here is an expert
in these matters.

Cash or cheque?

We don't want to end up paying tax.

- Cash!
- What!

Okay, we'll pay you tomorrow.

The thing is...
our singer is unwell.

We lost another gig.

Guys, we are musicians
not criminals.

Why are we busy bashing people up?

Everything's fair in friendship.

Son, anger is a bad thing.

It affects the melody.


Babaji, I've found my melody.

Metro Barakhamba?

That Baljeet has gone nuts!

May I call you tomorrow?

I'll confirm and let you know.

Speak up.

- Shit! Run!
- But...

- Kabir, what's going on?
- Don't stop! Hurry up!

Where are we going?

- Kabir!
- Where are you...

Hurry up!

What happened?

- What's going on?
- Excuse me!

What's your problem!

Shut up and come with me!

Who the hell are we running from?

- Come, come!
- Where?


Who are we running from?

Kabir? Kabir!

Bye, Tara!


Now you know
how I felt that day

when you took me
for a spin and vanished.

- Laughing at me, aren't you?
- This brat!


- Kabir!
- Why?

He says, "Now you know
how I felt that day...

when you took me
for a spin and vanished."

This guy is fast.


Girl, I don't like
where this is going.

- Type this.
- What?

Your call, time and place."

Get set for round three.

This time I'll wear sneakers.

So why did you say
you're not on Facebook?

I didn't want to meet you.

But here I am.

I lied.


why didn't you want to meet?

I keep my social media
and real life apart.

Who is that guy?

The one you beat up under the blanket?

We saw it.

It was right outside our house.

You really gave it to him.

He was a boyfriend type.

You've broken up?

- That asshole hit me.
- Really?


I kissed you that night.
He got jealous.

Then you shouldn't have.

He was being clingy, my god!

"Love you, baby!

I wanted to piss him off.

Want to ask anything else?

I did what you suggested.

- What?
- I left my house.

- Can I say something?
- Go ahead.

Why not go back to your father?

We complicate things.

Just talk it out.
It's that simple.

This causes more complications, Kabir.

You are absolutely right!

I'm going to tell
my father straight out

that I don't intend to
marry right now.

Shall we go? Come on.

We won't meet anymore.

Just the Facebook Tara.

But I find the real Tara
more interesting.


Tara? Tara!

What's this?

I like these girls.
Both of them.

- Shit! Baljeet!
- Was that baby?

I have a black-eye
but why can't you see?

Dude, Kabir is a cool guy.

He's different.

Don't talk nonsense.

Bitch! I've never seen you
pick up the bill for any other guy!

- Right?
- Hey!

- For you!
- No, thanks!

It's your father's poem.

I turned it into a song.

Could you please play this?

Let me protect you

From the world

Come closer

Let me make you

Feel special

Come closer

I couldn't bear

To see you cry

Let me steal away every tear

That ever came to your eye

Let me protect you

From the world

Come closer

Please stop the song.

Why? It's so good.

Yes, Uncle.

Uncle this is Seher, not Tara.

Yes, we met.

No, nothing major.

Uncle, I told him
we won't meet again.

If we meet by accident,
I'll handle it.

Good that she agreed to play along.

Thank God that
I don't lead this double life.

Playing Tara was tough.

Tea for three.

Not me.
Make it two.

Read this.
I don't have my glasses.

Who is it from?


Tara, your Facebook person pales
compared to the real Tara.

We must meet again.

- I propose round four.
- Damn!

That's called modern romance.

Round four, no less!

I got it!
I'll pay her some more.

She can pretend to be in love

and bring Kabir home by Diwali.

First, get him back to his music.

Second, get him
back home by Diwali.

He's my only son.

But... how can one
pretend to be in love?

You can, I know.

Yes, Baljeet.

I owe you 25 grand, not 27.

Fine, do the math again.

Can you give me
something upfront?

The rest when it's done?

Of course.

Take ten grand for now.

The rest, when the job is done.

But I don't know if I can pull this off.

I have faith in you.

So, Prankster?


The food here is the best.

You sing so well!
I could fall in love.

Go ahead, fall in love.

Who's stopping you?

You need balls to fall in love.

I don't have them.

I'm just a serial flirt.

So, you're getting married?

My father wants me to, but...

I got back from Canada
a couple of years ago.

Is this tattoo permanent?

Yes, with a heart-wrenching story.

Which I'm not telling.

Why the kiss?

First, to show that I have the balls.

Second, to piss someone off.

- Who?
- Baljeet.

Tara, stop running away.

- Tell him the truth.
- Let go!


I'll bust your balls!

How dare you date him
while I'm around?

You and I are completely different!

What's this cozy twosome?

It was never you.
I fell for your fancy car.

You're lying!

You'll find a great girl one day.


He didn't!
Listen, Seher.

No, you listen!

You hit a woman again and
I'll smash your face!

I'll learn to play the guitar!
What else?

You'll teach me the guitar,
you bastard!

I can't believe your guitar
beat my high-speed Audi.

I never saw it coming.

Brother, that's the problem.

It is what's inside that is important.

Not the biceps or the fancy cars.

Come here.

It's really very simple.

Keep your heart out
and your money in...

Uncle, I'll call you later.

You're like a brother to me.

Let me know if you ever need anything.

You didn't need to.



Don't know why

The lines on your palms
Are now etched on mine

The words on my lips
Are always about you

Don't know why

What is this? Why is this?
Surely you too think so

Why are my mornings
Filled with your nights

If I don't see you, I feel
In some way, incomplete

And my life is meaningless




Don't know why

The lines on your palms
Are now etched on mine

The words on my lips
Are always about you

Don't know why

I am losing myself

Becoming like others

I get tangled

In meaningless conversations

I feel empty

As I must seem to others

In some way, incomplete



Listen, I am curating a music festival.

I really want you guys
to perform there. Okay?

I get lost in meaningless conversations

Even my dreams seem empty

When you're not around

I get lost in meaningless conversations

Even my dreams seem empty

When you're not around

Made a wish?

For my family.

Diwali is round the corner.

I really miss my family.

Diwali is always special.

The whole family together!

Fireworks and mom's food.


It's... Seher, Papa.

How are you?

I'm fine, too.

Papa, I was thinking of
coming home for Diwali.

Okay, Papa.


Ready to tell me
the heart wrenching story?

This is Chirag.

I loved him, stole money from
my parents for him.

Paid his fees.

What did I get in return?


He took me for a ride and
dumped me in a jiffy.

Then he ran away to Canada.

Is that why you left Meerut?

Kabir, I was pregnant.

I had no option but to run away.

Big tummy in a small town?
Without marriage, no way!

I was betrayed by everyone around me.

Seen the Yamuna River bridge,
by the bus stand?

I stood there, alone.

Suicide did cross my mind.

I felt disgusted with myself.

Fought and reasoned with myself.

Then I went to a random clinic.

Gathered some courage...

and got an abortion.

It could have ruined my parents.

Discipline is all my father knows.

He's a simple man.

Should we go to Meerut for Diwali?

I'll come with you.

No. Everyone...

I called dad.
Told him I want to come.

He said they won't be home.

He doesn't want me to return, Kabir.

Let's go to Old Delhi this Diwali.

We'll celebrate with dad.

Let's celebrate together.

Wishing everyone
a very auspicious Diwali!

- Welcome!
- Happy Diwali!

Come, Dheela!

Let's go.

Happy Diwali.
God bless you.

Go, get your blessings first.


- How old are you?
- I am 62.

You are my age and
you're touching my feet?

- Yes.
- Keep moving!

- Papa, this is Tara.
- Hello, Uncle.

I've got you a kurta.

Oh, lovely!

With your own money?

I am earning now, Papa.

Our band is quite popular.

Let me just quickly put this on.

Come, let's go inside.

Anees Uncle...

this is for you. A kurta.

Thank you! Bless you!

Kabir got this beautiful
silk kurta for me.

Isn't it lovely?

Kabir's got it for me. Cheers to that!

I love seeing you eat
Rajma Chawal with your hands.

Now tell me about your band.

It's going great, Papa.

What's this?

You're so beautiful.
Why this weird haircut?

It looks good.

Yeah. It's a style.

- No way!
- Yeah, exactly.

Come for our gig when you're free.

Yes, of course!

Guys, help yourselves...

I'll be back, Papa.

What a firecracker!

Bye, Papa. I'll keep visiting.

Coming upstairs?


She's visiting her parents for Diwali.

Some other day.

Anup, get your ass inside!

If I don't kiss you today
I'll regret it all my life.

- Sit!
- You sit, Uncle.

Which coffee should I order for you?

We'll do all that later.

I had asked you for a small favour.

But you didn't deliver.


Kabir never came back.

I mean, not for good.

You're free to go now.
Let's end this drama.

It's not a drama anymore.

That's what I need to tell you.

How amazing!

I asked you to put up an act.

You made it real.

I mean...

you and Kabir are completely different.

Please go your separate ways.

But we love each other.

Please try and understand.

How much more money do you need?

Oh, yes! I forgot your Diwali bonus!

Now the deal's over.

I was about to return all your money.

You're an extremely fast girl.

Look at your appearance!

Kabir is a straight-forward guy.

Don't be a nuisance.

Got it?

"Let me protect you from
the world, come closer.

Let me make you feel special, come closer.

I couldn't bear to see you cry...

help me steal away every
tear that came to your eye."

You wrote this for your wife?

I don't believe you're capable of love.


- Why aren't you answering my calls?
- Because I don't want to.

What do you mean?

I don't want to talk to you, Kabir!
Go away!

- Tara, what happened?
- I said go!

- What happened?
- Go!


You want to hear the truth?

I am bored of you.

You know that's how I am!

Now, please go!

God knows what you're hiding this time!


You know how easy it was?

I went home and told my father
that I don't want to get married.

And he agreed.

We complicate our lives unnecessarily!

It's actually so simple.

Don't cry, child.

Come on, be brave.

I don't understand anymore.

Let's just pretend that
Tara never existed!

You found her on Facebook, right?

Shut it down.

To hell with Tara!

Concentrate on your music.

Move on.
Live your life, son.

Good boy.
Come on, don't cry.

Son, love is a gift from God!

The world's changing.
So should you.

- Beeji, you won't understand.
- Son, you try and understand.

Don't interfere in my family matters!

Have you lost your mind?

Behave yourself!

Beeji, a cup of tea?

And you guys?

Shut the fuck up!
Who do you think you are?

Selfish bastard!

You've always been so!

You think only we
should maintain friendship?

And you can offer us
tea whenever you like?

I kept saying, "Never mind! It's okay!"

Just to avoid confrontation.

And you...

You will sit around and offer us tea?

You know what?

Drink that bloody tea by yourself.

Order some snacks to go with your tea.

Everyone is fast for you!

Only you and your son
are slow in the whole world?

Why are you so frustrated?

- Am I the frustrated one or you?
- Shut up!

That girl took control of your son.

That's why you got jealous!

How did she achieve what
you couldn't as his father?

Shut up!

You begged me to do business with you.

Ever had a look in the mirror?

The truth is that I did not
want to do business with you.

That's why I declined.

So, who is frustrated?
You or me?

Talking nonsense!

That's it.

I'm done with you.

Go fuck yourself!

Let's leave, Beeji.
It's time for your TV soap.

Let's go.

They don't even have a TV.

Can't expect them
to have feelings, can we?

Seher, working so late?
Let's leave.

I need to make money, Paro.

Borrowed money is poison.


I am with you...

Always by your side

What's happened to your leader?

Tell Kabir to call me urgently.

In sunlight

In rain

In victory

In pain

In everything that you ever think
Or do

Somewhere between
Knowing and feeling

I am with you

What's this?

The money I owe you.


I had called you disgusting, right?

You know, you are not
even the "D" of disgusting.


I finished the beginner's guitar lessons.

This is what's disgusting!

Anupji, Auntie...
I can't afford living here.

I'm moving to a hostel.

Don't worry.


Back in time.
I was about to leave.

- What happened?
- Uncle, please talk to Kabir.

The music festival called again.
They're getting impatient.

Might cancel the show.

Kabir is unable to sing.

I don't know what to do.

I'll talk to him.


- Papa!
- Boss!

My chest is hurting!

- Anees Uncle!
- Is this a heart attack?

Kuljeet Uncle!


Is he okay, Doctor?

How is he?

He's okay now, resting.

- Heart attack?
- Yes.

You brought him in time.

Anger affects health.
He should cool down.

Don't worry about the money.

It's no problem.

You guys should go.
Come tomorrow. Okay?

- Go in.
- You can go in, son.

Go see your dad.

Don't talk too much.

What's this, Papa?

Come back home.

Why don't you look after yourself?

Please don't be so stubborn.

You don't let anyone take care of you.

Even mom's not with us now.

Don't cry, my child.

I'll be fine, my son.

Don't worry.

You get yourself together.

Stop crying now.

I'm sorry to be this way.

All I know is that I love you, Papa.

Beyond everything else!


let your father rest now.

You need some rest too.

Let me stay a little longer.

Sorry, but this is the ICU.

Come back during the visiting hours.

Don't worry, I'll be here.

God bless.

- I need to return this money.
- Tara?

Hold on!

Let's go!

- Where are you going?
- Go away!

- Listen!
- Leave me alone!

- What was she doing here?
- Nothing.

- What are you hiding there?
- Nothing.

- What is it?
- It's nothing!

- What's this?
- It's nothing.

- What's this?
- Kabir, your father really loves you.

You're such a drama queen.

I'll lose my medical
license because of you.

I've made a huge mistake.

- What now?
- I realized how much my son loves me.

You saw how he wept
and held on to me?

Let's end this drama.
I'm out of here!

Easy. Careful!

Let me out!
Bring me my clothes.

Mathur, at least change your clothes.
You can't walk out like this.

I can't let that girl leave!
Kabir will be shattered.

- It's really cold outside.
- Doesn't matter.

Thank you, madam, for the jersey...


- That's my jersey!
- I'll return it.

Mathur, hang on! I'll go with you.

Shut up, Dheela!


- No way!
- Rickshaw!

I don't want to hear anything!

I'm sick of his lies!

- Enough!
- Kabir, please!

- Boss?
- What happened?

- What happened?
- To hell with you all!

Kabir, listen!

- Boss!
- I was just pretending!

- You're unwell!
- Didn't he have a heart attack?

It was no heart attack.
But he could get one now.

Boss, I made a mistake.

I told him about the whole Tara thing.

He found out about the deal,
we're screwed!

- Kabir, stop!
- Kabir!

What happened?

He must have gone to Seher, I mean, Tara.

This way or that way?

Have you seen Kabir?

No, Uncle, but I tried calling Seher!
She's not answering my calls.

She's moved to a girl's hostel.

- Take us over there.
- Let's go.

Out of the way!

Anees! Where is Mittal?

- No idea.
- Go fetch him.

- How much money did you lose?
- Four.

Four million?

Kabir! What's the matter?

Wait, son!

Mathur's son is such a...

- Mittal!
- Yes?

Kabir has run away!

- He just went this way
- What are you saying!

It all started with Mathur's heart attack.

Let's rush to that hostel.
Some girl's hostel, ladies' hostel!

Let's go!

Do you know the way?

Call Kuljeet.


- Watchman!
- Open up!

Anyone there?

Open the gate!

We have to meet
Seher Chowdhary urgently.

Sir, it's past visiting hours.

What do you mean?


There are cameras everywhere.
I'll lose my job!

- Look!
- Madam's here!

Let's go in.

Uncle, no!

My job is at risk!

Wait! You can't just barge in!

It's a girl's hostel.

We need to see
Seher Chowdhary urgently!

It's not the visiting hours!

We don't have time!

I'm a heart patient! I...

Seher Chowdhary,
they're calling you urgently.

She's here.

- Uncle?
- Seher!

First, I am so sorry for everything.

What I did was horrible.

Kabir's missing.

Do you know where he is?

I have no clue.

She doesn't know.

- Think, Seher.
- Wait a second.

He installed an app,
Find a Friend, on my phone.


Dwarka Metro Station!

Let's get moving!

Let's go!

Where is he?

I don't know.
I've lost the network.

No network?

Let's split up. There are three platforms.

You on 1. Myself on 2.
You on 3.


You look after Beeji.

Beeji, let's wait here.

Uncle, there!

Go talk to him.

Please, don't run.

Stop running.

Not from me or yourself.

Sit down.

I don't want to talk to you.

Please, tell me something new.

Like, "I have so much to tell you."

Then even I'll be surprised for a change.

Your mom met with an accident.

She told me it was minor
and that I shouldn't tell you.

Because you had your final year exams.

So, better not...

She threw up the whole night.

By morning, she was gone.

It was your mother who lied to me.

And you made me the liar!

I never told you about
the house because...

sometimes you lack the courage to
share your failure with your children.

I tried so many times
but I couldn't do so.

We both lost the person
who had kept us together.

What she left behind was...

your anger, your loneliness, bitterness...

When I ran out of all options...

I created Tara's profile
to chat with you.

I got left behind, son.

You had moved a long way.

I made a mistake, son.

A huge mistake.

Behind all this is my love.

I was just unable to tell you so.

Because I never learned
to express love with words.

I don't know how...

It was my mistake.

- There they are!
- What a sight!


God bless you, my child.

- Now you can talk to us, right?
- Where is Seher?

She took the last train and
left this message for you.

What does it say?

I've brought Kabir back home, forever.

It took me a while to understand Seher...

but she is your truth.

Don't lose her.

Go get her.


- Go on!
- Go on, son!

- Godspeed, son!
- Go, Kabir!

- Go!
- Be careful!

I'm Kabir.

This is your last chance.
Tell me your truth.

Friendship is what marks my
Neighbourhood and its lanes

Inseparable, we walk together

The bonds here,
Varied as threads in fabrics

That dress these streets

That's how it goes, how it flows

Proclaiming it all to the world

That's how it goes, how it flows

Proclaiming it all to the world

Friendship is what it is about

That's why my heart
Belongs to Chandni Chowk

Friendship is what marks my
Neighbourhood and its lanes

Inseparable, we walk together

The bonds here,
Varied as threads in fabrics

That dress these streets

That's how it goes, how it flows

Proclaiming it all to the world

That's how it goes, how it flows

Proclaiming it all to the world

Friendship is what it is about

That's why my heart
Belongs to Chandni Chowk

Old friends are like diamonds
Keep them close to your heart

You wander the streets in hope
Of meeting those you know

We greet them with open arms

Life here has its charms

The memories we make
And words we exchange

It's laughter all around
Which keeps our streets awake

We greet them with open arms

Life here has its charms

Friendship is what marks my
Neighbourhood and its lanes

Inseparable, we walk together

The bonds here,
Varied as threads in fabrics

In fabric that dress these streets

Friendship is what marks my
Neighbourhood and its lanes

Inseparable, we walk together

The bonds here,
Varied as threads in fabrics

In fabric that dress these streets

Friendship is what it is about

That's why my heart
Belongs to Chandni Chowk

Friendship is what it is about

That's why my heart
Belongs to Chandni Chowk