Rajkumar (1996) - full transcript

Rani Maa's(Reena Roy) husband is killed by the neighboring kingdom's evil Prime Minister Man Singh (Naseeruddin Shah). The Prime Minister absolves himself from this killing and blames it on the king, the father of Rajkumari Vishaka (Madhuri Dixit). Rani Maa swears to avenge the death against the Rajkumari. Man Singh also has a twin brother, Surjan Singh (also Naseeruddin Shah) who is not evil at all albeit a little naive. Rani Maa is shocked and aghast when she finds out that her only son, Rajkumar (Anil Kapoor) is in love with Rajkumari. She sets out to oppose this marriage, while Rajkumar will leave no stone unturned to marry Rajkumari. The stage is set for mother and son to decide whether it is in their best interest to include someone in the family, who has killed a husband and a father respectively.

There lies a story behind
every man who lies in his grave.

A story like this is etched in
blood and written by a sword.

The story that lies under this
grave is a story of love & hatred.

Aravalli and Thambor
were neighbouring kingdoms.

But a fire of hatred raged
between the two kingdoms.

It was a fire kindled by
the legendary beauty..

...of Queen Padmavati.

Padmavati rejected the
advances of the King of Thambor.

And instead, she married
the King of Aravalli.

The King of Thambor
was angered.

Prepare to attack Aravalli!

The King of Aravalli
had his son sent away ..

...from the heat of the war.

The young prince was
sent away to a hermitage.

Himmat, the nurse Panna's
son accompanied the prince.

The bloody war
raged on for years.

One day, Queen Padmavati
picked up courage and..

...went over to the camps
of the King of Thambor ..

...on a peace mission.

The Queen of Aravalli?!
Has she come?

Why does the Queen
carry an unlit lamp?

Is there no light in Aravalli?

Can the fire of your
angst light the lamp?

The King of Thambor was deeply
impressed by what Padmavati said.

The warring monarch
finally offered a truce.

How could you seek a truce with
the enemy without my permission?

I need not seek permission
to save my husband's life.

You insult me gravely.
I was sure to win this war.

I concede defeat, Your Majesty.

And what might be the reason
for the sudden change of heart?

I love my daughter,
the Princess Vishakha.

The Queen has opened
my eyes by telling me that..

...the Prince of Aravalli is
living in exile in a hermitage.

How am I now to atone for my sin?

I seek with Aravalli, a relation
through matrimony; not enmity.


Princess Vishakha's marriage
with the Prince of Aravalli!

That can be allowed
under no circumstance!

King Rudra Pratap of Thambor
can't be allowed to dash..

...the hopes of his Grand
Vizier Durjan Singh as easily!

Why this sudden invitation?

My Grand Vizier was
of the opinion that..

...you'd never come to
Thambor for signing a treaty.

What does your Grand
Vizier have to say now?

That the King of Thambor has done
a grave insult to the thousands..

...of martyrs of Thambor by
entering into a treaty with you.

It was necessary to
put an end to this war.

The war was indeed drawing
to an end, Your Majesty.

And the reason for our victory
had come to your camp herself.

Had you wanted, you could've
captured Queen Padmavati.

That would've put paid to
Aravalli once and forever.

But you chose to
surrender the option.

And you have now decided to
have Princess Vishakha married..

...to the Prince of Aravalli,
much to my chagrin!

You did that knowing well ..

...that I'm the best
suitor for the Princess.

You are impudent!

Have you forgotten that your
father was a small-time bandit?

It was I who made him a general.

It's you who are forgetting
the fact that the bandit..

...often resorts to plunder
to take what he seeks.

You have spilt much blood for
your love for Queen Padmavati.

For the love I have for
Vishakha, I can draw blood too!

Durjan Singh's
conspiracy bore fruit.

The King of Aravalli was accused
of murdering the King of Thambor.

He was sentenced to hang.

People of Thambor!
He is the assassin of your King!

Princess Vishakha has
decided to sentence him to death.

I'm not a murderer. It's your
Grand Vizier who is the killer!

Believe what I say, Princess,
for I care not for my life.

I am concerned about you
and the fate of your kingdom.

The one who has killed the
men of Thambor says that!

Do command if you have
changed your decision, Princess.

The executioner
awaits my signal.

After the incident, ..

...Queen Padmavati started
hating Princess Vishakha.

Now, she awaited the
return of her son Rajkumar.

She didn't know that Durjan Singh
had conspired with Sultan Ghori.

Her son had been
abducted from the hermitage.

And he was being held a
prisoner in Ghori's dungeons.

Let go of me! Have mercy!
Please don't!

Who's next? Bring him here.

Take me before you take him.

Very well. Being him over.

No, my friend!

- Yes. My friend. - Move it.

How will you eat afterwards..
with your feet?

A Hindustani will
prefer his hands cut off..

...than eat the
rations of a prison.

Well done, Prince.

Watch out!

I use my legs to feed the
likes of you..not to eat.

You can't set them free, Prince.
But you can break my chains.

Come on, break my chains!
Break my chains!

- Hurry! - Don't!

He's going to die anyway.
He has been condemned to die.

Forget him. Run for your life!

You can't escape
without my help.

Don't listen to what he says.
He's one of them.

He can't be trusted.

Let's get out of here.

I know the way out of here.

Break my chain, Prince!
Break my chains!


Forgive me friend. I'm leaving
you while I should've been with you.

No, Himmat! You're
going to be all right.

We had come in together.
And we'll get out of here together.

You'll be all right.

My spirit travels with you.

Tell my mother that I
haven't failed my duty.

No. Himmat.

Ask her not to weep.

Do not look at me with
suspicion in your eyes.

From now on, I'll protect
Rajkumar with my life.

Till my last breath, I'll do
the duty that was yours.

I promise.

Himmat. Himmat.



Quiet, Witch!
Witch.. Be calmed.

It's me.. Durjan.

What do you want?

I have check-mated all my enemies.

My every design has succeeded;
every wish is fulfilled.

But, I am still not satisfied.

What is it that you seek?

The Princess, Vishakha.

And what am I to get in return?

What do you want?

Your first-born.

I'm willing to pay any price
for the throne of Thambor.

May the powers of
Seduction be bottled.

The powers of Seduction!

The powers of Seduction!

Take this..
The potion for Seduction.

A potion for Seduction?

It has the power to
turn hatred into love.

Mix it with the
waters in her bath.

She'll fall in love
with the first man..

...she sets her eyes on after
she comes out of the bath.

Music must be played.
And should the clangor..

...of swords be heard, the
potion loses its potency. Beware!

Watch.. Marks of
horses' hooves.

This road could lead
us to some village.

I'll take time off to pray
while you scout the track.

May the Lord lead us
on the right path.


The target now in his eye.

He used this sling to give the
soldier a black eye, didn't he?

Let go of me!

Now soldiers, you must
praise me before my brother.

You must tell him that
General Sujan Singh..

...had become an
accomplished marksman.

Fool! Why did you move?

You spoilt my aim!

Why are you shaking his hand?

Hold him! Catch him!
My target in running away.

A hand raised against an
innocent child will be severed.

Do you know the punishment
for sheltering a rebel?

Do you know the punishment
for oppression in my kingdom?

Your Kingdom!

Your Kingdom! And who are you?

I'm the Prince of Aravalli.

The Prince?!

The Prince of Aravalli!

Well all right!
I'll tell my brother about you!

Pour it into the bath for the
Princess tomorrow morning.

It will be as you
command, Grand Vizier.

And remember, music
should continue to play. Take.

I bear secret tidings, Brother.

Should I come over to tell you?

Make it quick.

And make sure to address me
as Grand Vizier. Not just "brother".

- Walls have ears too.
- What's up?

The Prince of
Aravalli has returned.


But he was in Sultan
Ghori's dungeons, wasn't he?

Looks like he's destined to be
killed by his father's assassin.



Everything's over! Finished!

That's my friend, Ali.

Where's Himmat?

Do you recognise this
pendant, Nanny?

Yes. You'd wanted to take
it from Himmat once.

He had quarreled with you.

He'd said he could
give his life for you.

But, he wouldn't
part with the pendant.

He has given it to me at last.

He died while he was
protecting you, didn't he?

Yes, he did.

We are indebted to
you for Himmat.

If you ever ask me to
sacrifice my son, I shall oblige.

Aravalli would have
celebrated the ..

...return of the
Prince after 12 years.

But for the
Princess of Thambor!

She hanged the
King of Aravalli.

Since then, the lights
have not been lit in Aravalli.

We'll light camps
by the King's grave..

...after all the lights in
Thambor have been put out.

I swear by you, Queen Mother.

I'll wreak vengeance
upon Thambor.

And many generations in
Thambor will remember that.

Only afterwards, will I light
the lamp by my father's grave.

- I promise.
- Long live the Prince.

Is that the land of Thambor?

Yes, it is.

Is the Grand Vizier
one Durjan Singh?

May be.

- Why Do you ask?
- Do you know why I was..

- ...sentenced to die? - Why?

It was the doing of Durjan Singh.

It happened when Durjan Singh ..

...went to the Sultan
to buy weapons.

Your friendship stands me
in good stead, Durjan Singh.

I'm getting twice the
price for my weapons.

Twice the price for you; and
fourfold the brokerage for me.

And the profits
lie in brokerage.

Very soon, the coffers of
Thambor are going to be empty.

Then, I shall be
able to control Thambor.

And the King of Thambor
will be a pawn in my hands.

And the Princess of ..

...Thambor will be mine too.

Durjan Singh.

Escort him to his quarters.

May I say something, Sultan?

Go on. What's the matter?

To be an ingrate
is the worst sin.

What do you mean?

One who betrays the
trust of his employer ..

...is going to be treacherous.

This scoundrel
was eavesdropping!

I doubt his intentions.

It might be dangerous
if we let him live.

I can sacrifice a
thousand like him ..

...for the sake
of your friendship.

Take this traitor away.
He's sentenced to die.

You'll regret
ignoring my advice.

I know what brings you here.

But remember that anger
is the Devils weapon.

Don't punish the Princess ..

...for what might've
been Durjan Singh's plot.

If I'm not too wrong, ..

...there's bound to be a
secret passage leading inside.

You must search for the passage.

"This beautiful body."

"Will it wither
away just like that."

"The one who will
douse the fire of my heart."

"Wonder when will he come."

"The one who will douse
the fire of my heart."

"Wonder when will he come."

"This beautiful body."

"Will it wither
away just like that."

"He should make me
go crazy about him."

"He should go crazy about me."

"He should make me
go crazy about him."

"He should go crazy about me."

"He should sleep in
the shade of my tresses."

"The one who
warms my lonely bed."

"Wonder when he will come.."

"The one who
warms my lonely bed."

"Wonder when he will come.."

"This beautiful body."

"Will it wither
away just like that."

"They may fade away,
before they bloom."

"These rosy cheeks of mine."

"They may fade away,
before they bloom."

"These rosy cheeks of mine."

"They will begin to glow if
he comes and kisses them."

"The one who quenches
the thirst on my lips."

"Wonder when he will come .."

"The one who quenches
the thirst on my lips."

"Wonder when he will come .."

"This beautiful body."

"Will it wither
away just like that."

"The one who will
douse the fire of my heart."

"Wonder when will he come."

"This beautiful body."

"Will it wither
away just like that."

"The one who will douse
the fire of my heart."

"Wonder when will he come."

Men would die for those eyes.
But I can't believe that..

...you have killed someone.

Lips which trembled
when a bird was hurt..

...wouldn't have pronounced
a death sentence on someone.

- Who are you?
- The Prince of Aravalli.

The enemy!

I'll have you arrested and
thrown in the dungeons.

But why do I yearn to
take you in my arms?!

I'll have you flogged in public.

But why do I crave
to kiss you so?!

I'll be glad to see
you hacked into pieces.

But why do I hunger
for your embrace?

I hate you so intensely.

But why must I seek
your love so intensely?!

I have heard that intense
hatred creates love.

I see it happening now!
I had come here to kill you.

Why don't you?

Because I want to find out how
it is to love the one I hate.

Arrest him!

Open your eyes, Ali!

I can't open my eyes standing in
women's quarters. It's prohibited.

If you don't open your eyes
now, you never will.. You fool!

Goodness! Fencing in
a lady's bathroom!

If my mentor heard of
this, he'd banish me forever.

You'll see him if you
ever get out of here.

Tell me.. Have the ladies left?

- I can't see any
woman here. - Thank you.

- God forbid! - My love!

Save my soul, Prince! Who's this?
What's going on around here?!

It's called "hatred" in here.

Save my soul!

Hey! Let's get out of here!

Where are you off to Princess?!
I've fallen for you already.

What's it now? Come along Prince!
We've had enough!

I've given you my heart.
I'll come later to take your heart.

If you come for my heart,
you'll lose your head.

Follow them!

Run, Sajni.


I hear you were
inconvenienced in my absence.

It wasn't any inconvenience.
He was the Prince of Aravalli.

Blame him not, for he's human
enough to have fallen for you.

He's our enemy.

I think there are
lapses in your security.

Do trust Durjan Singh ..

...to take care of even
the most minor things.

As of now, I've suspended
the chief of the palace guards.

And, the strength of the group
of guards has been quadrupled.

And I shall personally stand
guard for you at all times.

So long as you do not
step into my quarters!

Your wish in my
command, Princess.

But, I'd rather that
you carry my dagger.

- Why? - Because..

...it's as beautiful as you are,
and as dear to me as you are.

Keep it close to your heart,
and danger can ever touch you.

If anyone does, despite that..

Thank you.

- One more request. - Go on.

Please do not let anyone
else have the dagger.

You would give my
life away with it.

Rest assured, Grand Vizier.

Anything else?

Please shut the
door behind you.

Are you still
awake, Queen Mother?

The mother wakes for her son.

Is my mother not
confident of my capability?

Did you overcome the enemy?

How could we have done that?

The floor in the ladies
bathroom was too slippery for us.

- Prince?!
- The Princess is not heartless.

How have you arrived
at that decision?

One who cares for even a
wounded bird cannot be a tyrant.

The Princess
is very beautiful.

She's innocent.

And beautiful too.

Yes. She's beautiful too.

I see that you have already lost
Aravalli to Princess of Thambor.

Do not be harsh. There's no
reason to doubt his loyalty.

The Prince is young
and youth in blind.

Not only youth..
Hatred is blind too.

What you don't know is
the story of her atrocities.


Don't kill me! I'm only
following the General's orders!

Which General?

- That clown?!
- Right. That's him!

Coming over, General!

A girl! A girl!

I want a girl!

The damn boner is nearly gone!


I want a girl!
I want a girl right now!

She has arrived.

Where's she?

I'm right here, my General.

She's a wee bit
large, isn't that so..

And do you fellows intend
to watch the show now?

- Get out of here!
- Go on.. Out of here.

I'm feeling shy.

I'd asked the soldiers to get
me fast girl! Not a shy one.

- I'm still a Virgin.
- Never mind that.

Just drop that veil.
Let me take a look at you.

Will you just keep
looking at me?!

That's great!
You're really fast one!

Drop that veil and
show we some more.

Go on.. Let's have
some more of you!

Put out the lights.

How will I take a look
at you without lights?

I'm not someone to see.
I'm something to feel.

Stop ogling at me, Prince Frog.

And close your eyes.

All right! I can't see a
thing now! I'm blind!

Now sit down here.

Won't you sit down beside me?

Here I am.

I'm a bit heavy, am I not?

I bit large and heavy too.

Have patience, my General.
Slowly does it.

"Go slowly in the
garden, my general."

"Go slowly in the
garden, my general."

- What's that?
- The sting of love.

Love sting! And it is loud!

It is resonant!

- Isn't that so?
- It does resonate!

- What's this now?!
- My embrace.

This one is tough.

Tough enough to break stones.

It used to be the
woman who would scream.

Today, it's the
General screaming!

- She could be a tough one.
- A tough one?!

Want me to get my sword?

Why did you trip me?

This is just the beginning.

What's this?

- It is my hair.
- Hair.. On your arms?

My body is all
covered with dark hair.

What a woman!
You're more like a bear.

- Want to take a look?
- Oh yes!

The Prince of Aravalli!

Ask your friend
to let go of me.

You must promise not to
molest women anymore.

I promise.

Promise me never
to hurt an innocent.

All right.. I promise!

Please let go of me now.

Only after you've
answered a few questions.

Where does it rain
most in Turkey?

Who is he?

Professor Ali.
He's teacher geography.

- I see.. Hello professor!
- Hello to you.

And I teach history.

Did the Third Battle for
Panipat precede the Fourth?

How would I know?
I wasn't born then.

I might answer if you ask
me anything about out times.

Who killed the
King of Thambor?

The King of Thambor was..

Oh I see! You want me to
tattle about my brother!

Who's your brother?

Don't you know
who my brother is?

Durjan Singh!
The Grand Vizier of Thambor.

So it was your brother who
killed the King of Thambor!

Oh yes.

If my brother gets wind of this,
he's going to give me a thrashing.

I won't say anything more.

Forget him, Prince.

He's a moron.

You're right.

Lets find someone with brains.

I'm not a moron! I'm smart enough.
And I know a lot of things.

And I know what
comes afterwards.

What do you know?

My brother is going to be
crowned King of Thambor.

Will he imprison the Princess?

No. He'll marry the Princess.

The Princess won't concede.

How can she refuse him?

That's why my brother is
sending her a charmed anklet.

She will wear the anklet while
she dances during the festival.

- Oh the day of the festival?!
- Oh yes.

And the charm will seduce
her as soon as she wears it.

You're lying. How can
there be a charmed anklet?

There is. The other day, he
tried the potion for seducing her.

Did he?

Yes he did.
Unfortunately for him..

...you arrived on the scene
and interrupted him. Otherwise..

...the Princess would've
been my sister-in-law by now.

And I would've become..

The Grand Vizier!

Both of you seem to
be well-versed in history!

And you're ill-versed
in geography.

Aren't you happy
to see me again?

I'd love to have
you pierce my heart.

Before that, I must
tell you something.

Want to show me another
example of your hypocrisy?

Please give me a
chance to speak.

I'll grant you a thousand
chances with the sword afterwards.

Tall me what you must
before I kill you.

You must come closer
to my heart to hear that.

I'm madly in love with you.
And I swear by my love for you..

...that my father wasn't
involved in your father's murder.

It was a conspiracy
hatched by your Grand Vizier.

- Impossible.
- It's the truth.

And another conspiracy is
being hatched at the moment.

Your Grand Vizier's device is
going to be given to you soon.

What conspiracy?

It is a charmed anklet.

The anklets you'll wear for the
festival are going to be charmed.

And later, you'll fall to
the Grand Vizier's charms.

You mustn't wear the anklets.

I'll surely wear the anklets.

Trust me, Princess.
I'll be there too.

If I'm wrong,
you can behead me.

I'd rather die than
fail to win your love.

But I won't let my love
for you end in a heartbreak.

I'm leaving.

The Grand Vizier has
sent anklets for you.

On this birthday of our
Lord Krishna, the Princess..

...will perform a dance,
invoking the blessings of the Lord.

The Princess will give 500
gold coins to any artiste..

...who can provide
accompaniment to her.

Is there any artiste who
may accept the challenge?

I challenge the lady.

I'm Ghungroo Prasad
Jhinjhoti from Ballia.

The challenge to
what's she called?

The Princess.

Yes.. The Princess.

If the Princess
can dance to my tune,..

...I'll give her
1000 gold coins.

Do you accept the
challenge, Princess?

Done. And I'll
outdo you at your game.

Will said, Princess. Let's start
in the name of the Lord Krishna.

"The anklets tinkle."

"Are you lightening."

"Or a butterfly."

"Are you lightening."

"Or a butterfly"

"I have a drum in my hands."

"I will make you dance
to the beat of my drum."

"Or I'm not worthy of my name."

"If I don't make you
swallow your pride"

"I'm not worthy of my name."

"If I don't make you
swallow your pride"

"I'm not worthy of my name."

"You are a man worthless."

"You are a man worthless."

"One bell in my
anklet is missing."

"I'll make you a
bell of my anklet."

"Or I am not worthy of my name."

"If I don't make you
swallow your pride"

"I'm not worthy of my name."

"If I don't make you
swallow your pride"

"I'm not worthy of my name."

"You are neither
the sun, nor the moon."

"You are an ordinary human."

"I have decided in my heart"

"I'll remove the
daylights out of you."

"Or I'm not worthy of my name."

"If I don't make you
swallow your pride"

"I'm not worthy of my name."

"If I don't make you
swallow your pride"

"I'm not worthy of my name."

"It is very obvious."

"You are destined to die!"

"How do these talks matter."

"There is anger in your eyes."

"If I don't teach you to love"

"I am not worthy of my name."

"If I don't make you
swallow your pride"

"I'm not worthy of my name."

"If I don't make you
swallow your pride"

"I'm not worthy of my name."

The young man deserves
the 500 gold coins.

I was quite willing to lay
down my life, Princess.

If you were even
to ask for my life, ..

...I'd lay it down
just as easily.

If you permit me, Princess
I'd rather see his wish fulfilled.

I would've permitted
you myself, Minister.

But I'm in a hurry just now.

Now, where's my toupee?

Are you really in a hurry?

Or, are you unsure of
my sense of hospitality?

Say what, Prince of Aravalli?

The Prince of Aravalli?!

The dungeons in Thambor have
long awaited this royal guest.

This is unjust.

Why did you at all
organise this contest?

Had I known this
is a battlefield ..

...in the guise of
a musical conference..

...I wouldn't have come unarmed.

Allow me to call it
foolishness on your part.

People pay a price to die.
For you, this has come for free.

Take him away.

All things that come for
free are invaluable, Durjan..

...as the air and the water.

And love is priceless too.

Do you call this dying? I would
have died were it not for love.

Your loyalty and acumen has
won the hearts of all in Thambor.

What about you?

How can I tell
you how much I do!

By spending this night with me.

Do you want to see
passions inflamed?

No. I want to see
the flame melt.

What do you seek, my minister?

I hope you won't
mind my saying it.

Tonight I am no Princess.
And you are no Grand Vizier.

Tell me what you have in mind.

I seek you.

After you, comes
Thambor, Aravalli, ..

...and finally,
the rest of Hindustan.

What if I refuse?

- That's out of question.
- Why?

Because I hold you
under a spell.

By way of the charmed anklets?

How do you know of that?

The night cometh..
And I am feeling sleepy.

You will find many
more nights to sleep.

But this night may not
be wasted in sleep.

What else is this
night meant for?

This is a night for
crossing the limits.

What if this becomes public?

I shall marry you.

Before that I must have that
insolent Prince beheaded.

My soldiers will
behead him very soon.

The soldiers? Why the soldiers?!

He's my enemy. I'd like to
do it with my own hands.

The mistress' wish is a
command for the knave.

This is what happens when
love tugs at the heart strings.

I was about to see you before I left.
But you're here yourself!

But why did you have
to bring this fellow along?

He's a complete
misfit beside you.

How does it feel to face death?

It's as if I see my life
standing before me.

But I'm sorry to note that
you are being forced to use..

...a sword. You could've killed
me if you gave me your heart.

Thambor awaits your
reply, Princess.

If it's a question of Thambor,
I must thank the Prince.

He had warned me about
the charmed anklets.

I didn't wear the anklets.

And you, my Grand Vizier
should be bound in chains..

...and put on display
at the crossroads.

Arrest the Grand Vizier!

Don't you hear me?!
Arrest the Grand Vizier.

I command you!

No one has a right to be
as beautiful as you are.

The maker must've lost sleep for
many days after he had made you.

Do you know how you've endangered
yourself by trying to fool me?

I killed the Kings of Aravalli
and Thambor for your sake.

Can you imagine how
I'm going to punish you?

Even I can't save you
from the consequences.

Your eyes have stabbed me
in the heart. I'll gouge..

...those eyes out,
and feed them to the ants.

Angels would fly down
to kiss you on the lips.

I'll slit your lips
from ear to ear.

The worms deep down in the
earth would never have imagined..

...that they'd feed
on your beautiful body.

But before that, beautiful
creature, thou shall be mine!

Chop his head off and
send it to my boudoir.

He may yet see his
beloved being raped by me.

Take him away!

I'll avenge my father's death.

I'll avenge my mother's tears.

I'll avenge the angst
of every man in Aravalli.

Don't Princess, Don't!

I can't permit you to
do that to my brother.

I can't hold this woman!

Sound the alarm!

I'm a goner.

I'm finished.

Hold the Prince!

Run away, Prince!
You are in grave danger.

Yes. My life is in danger.

What are you doing?

Trying to save my life.

- Why did you stop?
- Is that the way out?

Oh yes it is! Now get going!

Soldiers! Rush inside.

The Grand Vizier is in danger!
The General has revolted!

Well done, Prince!

What are you thinking about?

Life is more exciting
with a dash of risk.

But, it's a risk nevertheless!

Had you worn the anklets,
it would've killed me.

What's so special
about these anklets?

Those anklets are charmed.
The one to wear those..

...might lose
control of herself.

The mind and
body aches for love.

In that case, I'll
wear them right away.

"My anklets cast a spell."

"They call you."

"What do I do?"

"The crazy weather
is making me crazy."

"It calls out to you."

"What do I do."

"My anklets cast a spell."

"They call you."

"What do I do?"

"The crazy weather
is making me crazy."

"It calls out to you."

"What do I do."

"What is this sweet pain
that has seeped into my body."

"The love bug has bitten me."

"Come, my darling,
who has stopped you."

"We have the time,
the opportunity."

"Let me lie in your arms."

"Don't be crazy, it's
a spell, a deception."

"It is just a naughty
phase, let it pass away."

"What has happened to
you, come to your senses."

"Even I am beginning
to get mesmerized."

"Why don't you understand,
how naive you are."

"You are very innocent,
of no use to me."

"I have understood,
but I am crazy about you"

"I truly love you,
it's not a sham."

"My anklets cast a spell."

"They call you."

"What do I do?"

"The crazy weather
is making me crazy."

"It calls out to you."

"What do I do."

- Ali. - Yes, Queen Mother?

Where is Prince?

He should be here any
moment with the Princess.

Well done, Prince!

Aravalli is going to
be avenged at last!

We'll burn the
Princess at the stakes.

And the bonfire will light the
lamp beside the King's grave.

Hello, Brother!

Hello Brother.. Er.. I mean..
Grand Vizier, Sire!

I have good news
as well as bad news.

Which would you
like to hear first?

Don't try my patience.
Just tell me what you must, quickly.

Well all right..the good news
is that I'm back alive.

What's bad is there's no news
yet of the Prince & the Princes.

Shall we sit down
for supper now?



You imbecile!


The fool takes pleasure
in getting abused!

- What would that mean?
- Shut up!

Do you recognise her?

How can I ever
forget that face?

On her face is
writ the destruction ..

...that has befallen Aravalli.

Hers is the face ridden with guilt.
She killed the King.

Long live the Prince.

She dies at the stake!

- Yes! Burn her alive!
- Burn her!

Hold it! Where are you
taking the Princess?

On her final journey!

We'll kill her!

Let's burn her alive!

Burn her alive!

Let me go!

Hold it! The Princess hasn't
yet been proven guilty.

Under the laws in Aravalli, a
verdict isn't pronounced this way.

Step out of our way, Prince!

Else, we might even choose
to forget who you are.


You must stop them, Mother.
They are going berserk.

The voice of the people
is the voice of God.

It is the sacred
duty of every King ..

...to heed the
verdict of the people.

But this is sacrilege. It'll be
a grave sin to kill the Princess.

What happened in Thambor
was a grave sin.

The King was implicated
falsely for murder and slain.

Fires of hatred
cannot quench each other.

The fires that
consume the Princess..

...will light the lamp by the
grave of the deceased King.

You'd commit the same sin ..

...that you want to
punish the Princess for.

The Princess stood by watching
silently while the King was slain.

Will you stand silently
and watch her being killed?

This is injustice!

A wayward Prince way
need not advise ..

...the Queen of
Aravalli about justice.

Do not force me to
take up arms, Mother.

Will you take to arms to protect
the one who killed your father?

Will you revolt against
Aravalli for her sake?!

Fie on you!
For you have fallen to lust!

Your son begs you for justice.

I am sworn to use my sword
to protect truth and justice.

I won't hesitate
to wield my sword ..

...against Aravalli
for I am forsworn.

Aravalli is beholden to me.

I am indebted to you for the
blood coursing in my veins.

But, truth and justice
stands above all.

It is war, then.

A war between loyal forces
and a treacherous Prince.

I am no traitor. I fight to
defend the principles I hold dear.

And I am bound by my
convictions and my promises.

Yes, my Queen.

You are most certainly
bound by your words.

Do you see this? And do you
remember the promise you made me?

You'd promised me in return for
the martyrdom of my son Himmat..

...that you'd even give me the
Prince's life if I ever so desire.

The Prince's life?!

Yes. The Princess of Thambor
is what the Prince lives for.

You're crossing the limit, Panna.

I know well, the
confines I am restricted to.

But I was the midwife
who delivered the Prince.

I saw him even before you.

I heard him cry before you did.

And I hear him today too.
He begs his mother..

...for the Prince's life.

I shall never forgive
you, Panna. Never!

The Princess is to
be held prisoner ..

...and accorded the
status of a slave.

What are you doing?!

She was born a Princess.
She can never be anyone's slave.

You mustn't have
disobeyed the Queen.

I can't bear the woman
I love to be trifled with.

It isn't a trifle.

The King of Aravalli was
slain while I looked on.

I am guilty.

The one who is guilty
is Durjan Singh.

To fulfill my promise to
my mother, and to erase..

...the stigma that taints
you, I must kill Durjan Singh.

But, Durjan is not alone.

He has a large force, and
his armory is well-stocked.

How are to we find the
weapons to launch an attach?

We must loot the ones
who have robbed us.

Here's the first piece of
weapon for your arsenal.

A beautiful woman
needs no ornaments.

We must seek the help
of the Grand Vizier.

Greetings, Grand Vizier.

The Prince of
Aravalli is up to loot.

It has become very risky
to travel with valuables.

Businessmen are scared to
travel with their merchandise.

If he isn't arrested soon,
we are going to be undone.

There's but one cure for all men.

The courtesan
Chameli (Jasmine).

Chameli?! Who might she be?

Who is this Chameli?

Don't you know her?
She sings like a nightingale.

If that Prince hears
her sing, he'll fall for her.

We must seek her help
to trap the Prince.

Why so?

Because my brother is simply not
up to catching up with the Prince.

I see!

That's right! My brother
runs scared of the Prince.

I see!

The other day, the Prince had
beaten my brother black and blue!

I happened to interfere
in the nick of time.

That saved the day.

And the Princess fell for me!

She told me that
my brother is an ass.

I should have become
the Grand Vizier, she said.

And then she asked me
for a date that evening.

What do you say to that?

Well, what I said was..

How many times have I told
you not to try impersonating me!

- Get out of here!
- Right away.. I will.

Else I'll have your neck with
that false goatee. Bloody ass!

Well, what brings you here?

We're fed up with the Prince.

If you don't do
something fast.. - So?

...we'll be forced to cast
our lot with the Princess.

We'll invite her to return to Thambor.
She is rightful ruler.

I am the ruler.

I am the ruler!

I am the ruler!



Of what use this impotent
magic of yours?!

Can't you find out where
the Princess is hiding?

What's the matter Durjan?
You've lost colour!

Take your hands off me!

Do you want to
sample my powers?

Here goes!

I didn't mean it, Witch.
It's just that I am a bit uptight.

I might have crossed the limits.
But, please don't be angry with me.

Forgiven you, sweetheart.

On the following night of
no-moon, your woes come to an end.

On your birthday, the Prince will
be brought before you in chains.

What about the Princess?

The woman will follow the man.

The Princess will
follow the Prince.

"I am pinning, and
you are desperate."

"So what do we do?"

"Let's make love."

"The heart's wish
is God's wish."

"I am pinning, and
you are desperate."

"So what do we do?"

"Let's make love."

"Why wait for what
the world wishes."

"Let's make love."

"Let's make love."

"Let's make love."

"Let's make love."

"I am pinning.."

"Why should we come
back to our senses."

"Let us be lost in
our enchanting world."

"Let our eyes talks."

"But let out lips
remain silent."

"It's the season of
making promises."

"Let us also make
a few promises."

"Let's make love.."

"Let's make love.."

"Let's make love.."

"Let's make love.."

"Your name and my name."

"We are two names,
but one soul."

"Your name and my name."

"We are two names,
but one soul."

"Whatever anyone may say."

"But love is not easy."

"If love is a sea of fire,
let us swim across it."

"Let's make love.."

"Let's make love.."

"Let's make love.."

"Let's make love.."

"I am pinning, and
you are desperate."

"So what do we do?"

"Let's make love.."

"Why wait for what
the world wishes."


Do you see this
mausoleum, Prince?

Can you tell me why it is so
dark though this torch burns here?

The fires of hatred
kindle no light.

The lamp of justice
lead the light.

Are you so blinded by love?

And the justice that I deliver
is not just enough for you!

What you seek is vengeance
in the guise of justice.

But I cannot bear to see
your name tainted by injustice.

I cannot sacrifice you
for fulfilling my promise.

But in the least, I
can take my own life.

Why must you punish yourself
for the crimes of someone else?

This I swear by my love for him.
Till you have been avenged..

...I shall neither meet nor
shall I speak to the Prince.

I shall live here a slave,
as you have decreed.

If that not be enough for you,
I'm even willing to give my life.

"Oh, Lord."

"Oh, Lord."

"Everything is a
creation of God."

"Everything is a
creation of God."

"The sun shines equally for
everyone, whether good or bad."

"Oh, Lord."

"For your sake, I
endured every injustice."

"No matter what happens,
I am with you."

"I suffered in solitude."

"But yet my heart
chants your name."

"Love makes one so helpless."

"One can't express
his feelings."

"Oh, Lord."

"Oh, Lord."

"Oh, Lord."

- Prince!
- What happened, Nandu?

- My mother..
- What happened to her?

She had gone to the temple,
and hasn't returned yet.

I am very afraid.

Come with me.

The lion has been trapped.
Now we can let go of the bait.

Forgive me, Prince.

They would have killed my mother
if I didn't do their bidding.

Had they killed me..

...I would've been martyred
for the cause of Aravalli.

You have got what you wanted.

Now you should set
the woman free.

Set her free I shall.
But, not for your sake.

Sake for Princess..

She told Ranima
and she is coming.

Free woman.

The Princess will remain a dream
you could seek for many lifetimes.

In reality, she is mine.

I have kissed her and
held her in embrace.

Look at me in the eye.
And you will find her.

Don't force my hand, Prince.

I could kill you
right here and now.

I'm the first out of
Aravalli; not the last one.

Kill me and a thousand more soldiers
like me will stand up against you.

I shall have you
impaled in public.

Every citizen of
Aravalli will see ..

...the last drops
of your blood drip.

And the soil drenched
by the blood of martyrs ..

...will yield arms, not crops.

And water in the rivers
will turn to acid.

And flowers will turn fiery.

My blood will turn the soil
of Aravalli into gunpowder.

And Thambor will be vanquished.
So will you be!

Nice poetry, Prince.
But, it is not the reality.

The reality is that
Aravalli parades ..

...a band of robbers
for its militia.

With a fool of a Prince to boot.

The idiot that you are,
you intend to put your life ..

...and country at stake for
the sake of a mere woman.

There's none who
may be discarded ..

...as easily amongst
those in Aravalli.

Every mother in Aravalli is
the Queen. And every son, a Prince.

Past tense.

As of now, it is I who reigns
over Aravalli and Thambor.

You might rule the lands. But, I
rule the heart of the Princess.

You might rule the whole wide world.

But not the Princess' heart.

You must live with that
bitter truth till the day you die.

- Behead him!
- No brother! Don't do it!

I mean.. Grand Vizier! And, what
are you about to do, Sire?!

What use giving
him an easy death?

Your birthday celebrations
come up tomorrow.

You could make a grand show
out of his execution tomorrow.

Bring him along.

The Grand Vizier of Khambor
has captured our Prince.

Tomorrow, the Prince is
to be executed in public.

Seductress! You have ultimately
succeeded with your conspiracy.

My conspiracy?

Oh yes.
That's why you came here.

You've always wanted to
raze Aravalli to the ground.

Enough! Must you hate me so?!

Must you make me hate myself?

I shall bring the
Prince back alive.

Well planned!

So you already have an
excuse to give us the slip!

I'd even stand being scoffed at
for the sake of the Prince's life.

Stop right there! A step
further, and you'll be maimed.

I am bound by honour
to protect the Princess.

Anyone who dares to challenge
my honour will be vanquished.

Loyalty runs in my
veins, Your Majesty.

Please pray that I
may bring the Prince..

...home safely, even if
it might cost me my life.

Watch the show,
people of Thambor.

You're going to witness
a thrilling fight between..

...the Prince of Aravalli
and the cannibal Hakoba.

Let the contest commence.

What means this
impudent interruption?

This is no impudence
Your Majesty.

I bring you the best
carpet from Persia.

A unique gift on your birthday.

However, if blood is spilled,
you will not be able to witness..

...the magic of the carpet.
- What magic?

Whatever you may desire.
All you have to do is ask the carpet.

What if your claim
turns out to be false?

Then, you may send
me to the cannibal ..

...before you send the Prince.


Now kiss the carpet ..

...whilst you think of
the object of your desire.

Why must I do that?

For that will change you fate.

Bloody dirt!

Do not abuse the Earth, Sire.

For it is the Earth
on which you live.

Now, sit back while
your wish is fulfilled.

"In my eyes."

"I have several
secrets in my heart."

"I crossed the ocean of love."

"In my eyes."

"In my eyes"

"I have several
secrets in my heart."

"I crossed the ocean of love."

"I crossed the ocean of love."


"My youth has put
me into trouble."

"My youth has put
me into trouble."

"And I am in love."

"Several desires .."

".. in my heart."

"I crossed the ocean of love."

"Don't let your heart waver."

"Don't lose courage."

"Don't let your heart waver."

"Don't lose courage."

"Don't reveal the secret."

"Which is hidden .."

".. in this heart."

"I crossed the ocean of love."

"In my eyes."

"I have several
secrets in my heart."

"I crossed the ocean of love."

"I crossed the ocean of love."

Kill him!

Kill him!

Command me, Master.

Kill anyone who dares
to come in our way.

Victory to the Prince!

Victory to the Prince!

Victory to the Prince!

Victory to the Prince!

Victory to the Prince!

By the grace of your blessings, I
have been able to keep my word.

The Prince has not
yet fulfilled his promise.

Here's the criminal.
He's yours to immolate or impale.

Honourable professor of geography!
Why do you want to impale me?!

Why must you impale me?!
I'm not the brother, you see!

You've mistaken me
for my brother.

Your brother!

That's exactly
what I'm trying..

...to tell you, revered
professor of geography!

I'm not what my brother is!
I am me! Not the brother!

Potluck has been it for
me ever since I was a child.

He does all the mischief!
And I get all the blame.

It's all my brother's fault.

I, a poor innocent am
at the receiving end.

- He lies!
- No! I'm not lying!

It's a sin to lie!
And I know that!

Prince! Prince!
No.. Not you.. The Queen!

Can you not recognise
me, Your Majesty?

How am I to convince you
that I'm not the Grand Vizier?!

I'm not the Grand Vizier!
I'm Sujan Singh.

I'm not the Grand Vizier.

This is all a conspiracy
hatched by my brother.

It's his conspiracy. He was very
clever even since he was a child.

He wanted the Princess
as well as the Kingdom.

He killed the King
of Thambor himself.

And he put the blame
on your husband.

And this witch sentenced my
husband to death with a thought!

Please don't blame the Princess
for that. She isn't at fault.

The poor girl fell in a swoon
when she saw her slain father.

And do you know what
my brother did afterwards?

He's really a scoundrel
of the first order!

He took advantage of her
senselessness and mixed..

...some magical
powder in her medicine.

The witch had concocted it.

It made her lose the powers
to reason for a few days.

It's the truth, Your Majesty.
And I'm completely innocent.

Please be just to me!
How am I to blame?!

Is it just because I am
that scoundrel's brother?

Nanny! - Panna!

Panna! Panna!

I beg your forgiveness,
Your Majesty.

It is I who should
beg your pardon.

Allow me your leave,
then. - No, Panna.

Forces! Attack!

- So you are Durjan!
- Yes I am.

But you've recognised
me a bit too late.



- Please save my child! - Help!

Stop, soldiers.
The Princess is coming with me.

- No! - Come along, Princess!

- No! - Oh, come along.

Hey fellows! I can take
her only if you let go.

Let go of her! Fools!
As for you, Princess..

You're likely to be
hurt on the battlefield.

So come along with me.


Please save my child!

Help! Mother!


Behold the view, Princess.

Seldom is seen anything
as enthralling..

...from the ramparts of
your castle. Tell me..

...how best would you
like your hands coloured?

Do you want the stain of
royal blood on your hands?

Or would you rather anoint
your hands the colour of henna..

...for your marriage to me?

My daughter-in-law
cannot be compelled.

She might be inveigled by you.
But she can't be coerced.

Your Majesty!

Address me now as your mother.

- Mother!
- Don't worry about our safety.

I have lived my
life and I died ..

...when I saw my
husband die here.

And I have lived
after I had died.

I have hurt you
much, unknowingly.

I do not want to disgrace
you by begging your pardon.

Panna had told me that you
are what the Prince lives for.

For the sake of the Prince,
I seek that you live.

The Prince! The poor
Prince is dead and gone.

The lowly liar!

He is the Angel
of Death for you.

And he should be
coming any moment.

No. He won't come ever again.

Here's the proof of his death.

Now tell me, Princess,
what you'd prefer.

Do you want them to die?
Or, will you marry me?

"Don't be so impatient .."

".. to celebrate
the victory of love."

"There's many a slip .."

".. between the
cup and the lip."

"Come .."

"Come, my heart beckons you."

"Come, my heart beckons you."

"O my Prince."

"O my Prince."

"I hope this world does
not defeat our love"

"I hope this world does
not defeat our love."

"O My Prince."

"O My Prince."

"Today is the battle
of love and fate."

"The world has
become our enemy."

"Today is the battle
of love and fate."

"The world has
become our enemy."


"Break these barriers."

"Break these barriers."

"O my Prince."

"O my Prince."

"Come, O Saviour."

"Come, O Saviour."

""Someone's dying
here thinking of you.""

"Come, O Saviour."

"Come, O Saviour."

"Come, O Saviour."

"Come, O Saviour."

"Come, O Saviour."

"Come, O Saviour."

"The ones in
trouble await you."

"Trusting your love .."

".. even she awaits you."

"Trusting your love .."

".. even she awaits you."

"How did this
calamity befall them .."

".. in this season of love."

"Come, O Saviour."

"Come, O Saviour."

"Come and hold my
hand, I beg of you."

"Come and hold my
hand, I beg of you."

"Come and hold my
hand, I beg of you."

"Come and hold my
hand, I beg of you."

"Come and hold my
hand, I beg of you."

"Come, O Saviour."

"The ones in
trouble await you."

"Come, O Saviour."

"Come, O Saviour."

"This is love."

"This is love."

"This world can't destroy it."

"The ocean can't swallow it."

"The fire can't burn it."

"The sword can't pierce it."

"This is love."

"O my Prince."

"O my Prince."

"This is love."

"This is love."

"O my Prince."

"O my Prince."

"This is love."

"This is love."

"This is love."

"This is love."

"Come my beloved."

- Mother!
- Go son! Save your bride.

Leave me.

Bloody clown!
Where are you going?

I was just passing by!

Brother! Save me!

Stop right there, Durjan!

Else I'll kill your brother!

Go on. Kill that imbecile.

I care a hang whether
he lives or dies.

Do you not?! Is that the way you
reward my years of loyal service?

Oh yes!

Fie on you, Durjan Singh!
You've been an unworthy brother!

- Listen to me, Prince!
- Let go of me!

Listen to me! You can't go
in where they're taking..

...the Princess away, without
my help. - You are lying!

You can kill me if that's a lie!


Shut up!

She refuses to marry me. And now,
I want to marry her secretly.

It will by solemnized
accordance with our rites.

The marriage will follow
consummation of the marriage.

Hurry, Prince!
We have little time.

This way, Prince.

Prince! Save the Princess!

I'll take care for the witch.

My firm determination will seek ..

...your beauty tonight.

And history will
be written afresh.


Whom are you calling for?

My love! And he will kill you.





The Lord be praised!




Bid the Prince a farewell.


- You're alive.
- I could've died for you.

Long live the Prince!

Long live the Prince!

Long live the Prince!

Long live the Prince!