Rajdooth (2019) - full transcript

A 25-year-old rouge's quest for an old Rajdooth bike. He, along with his friend backtrack the lost bike from Pochampally to Khammam to various other places in Andhra Pradesh and in the ...




"We should still go very far."

"And this is the fate of our life."

"I can't push this bike any more."

"How many villages more we should cross?"

"Is there no one who could rescue us?"

"I got trapped in between you and your

She is coming this way, dude.

What happened?

Our bike broke down.

Hold this.



Hold this.

Yeah! It's done let me check.

Yeah! It's done. Let me check.

Give me the glasses.

- I told you already, didn't I?
- I think they are original.

There is an Indigo flight, right?

- Are you talking about that?
- Yes, that one.

There is a tyre at its bottom side.

- It looks very tiny after going up.
- What guys?

Are you following me or what?

Uhuh! Even we are going in the same route.

We expect you to be helping
us if our bike breaks down again.


We are looking for help and
bike repair. We'll pay for it.


By the way, where are you coming from?

What can we talk on this road?

We'll sit somewhere and
talk over food and drinks.

Moreover, I became tired by
pushing the bike. (LAUGHS)


Alright, come on. We'll
talk sitting somewhere.

TV PLAYING: "Bathuku Jataka
Bandi programme title track".

How long have you been married?

Were you asking about my
first wedding or second or third?

What man? What's your problem?

Madam, I can't tolerate him
anymore. I'm unable to live with him.

My life has been already ruined.

I was like the character in
Mr K Vishwanath's films,

he made me like a character that
you find in Ram Gopal Varma's films.

I can't stay with him anymore.

Why are you torturing him like that?

Do you know about his father-in-law?

Shakuni would play with dice at least.

But his father-in-law plays with him.

But this idiot would play with me.

Is he such a cruel person?

He is not just an ordinary
cruel person. Look at that side.


Hey, what happen dear,
what are you doing?

We should give surprises in this way, dad.

Ok, ok...

Happy birthday, dad.


Thank you so much, dear.

Let me see this.

Hey, is this required now?

- I have an old one, right?
- Look at the old ones, how bad they are.

Everything my dad has
should be the best ones.

That is why I am blessed
with the best daughter.

Huh! He came to remove the
happiness from my happy birthday.

Happy birthday, uncle.

What is that chocolate for?

Anyhow, you don't have the
habit of distributing them.

So, I brought them myself.

Do you want it?

No? Ok.



Is the chair dirty?

She meant you to ask me before you sit.


- You will not understand it.
- Ok.

- Can I?
- Hmm...

All the best.

- Would you like to have bread?
- I don't have any disease, uncle.

Generally, they give bread to the
patients in the Government hospital. So...

Hey, give me a good
idea to get rid of you.

Get your daughter Priya
married to me, uncle.

Then you will not have any problem with
me and I will not have any work with you.

Hey, this is your fourth visit till now.

Won't you change?

You told that I don't have a
dressing sense in my first visit.

Second time... you told that my
hairstyle was bad. So, I have got it done.

Third time... you told that
I was not punctual, right?

I have proved it
otherwise, now.-Why? To beg?

- I brought meat, sir.

- Did you include liver?
- I've included blood too, sir.

Why? He drinks our blood,
isn't that enought?

Today is my son's birthday.
The Biryani should be delicious.

Trust me... (TV TURNS OFF)

Why should I give my daughter to you?

(SNAPS) Now, you have
come to the point uncle. (SPILLS)

I like Priya very much, uncle.

Even she likes me very much.

My life will change if Priya is with me.

No one can understand better than Priya.

- No one trusts me as much as Priya does.
- What?


- Priya will take care of you happily.
- Hmm...

Your life would change
if Priya is with you.


- No one trusts you as much as Priya does.
- Uhuh.

Your life would get
settled if Priya is with you.

But Priya would get nothing.

Shucks! You came up in this way?

Do you know what it is called?

What is it called, uncle?

- Selfishness.
- What?


Finish your food and
talk, uncle. I'll wait.


There is no space for selfishness in love.

That kind of love would not
be useful for getting married.


You don't even have
the patience to listen.

This is called as attitude.

Should I give my daughter to a
guy with this much attitude?

Hey, wait!

- I got trapped...
- I and your dad work in the same office.

So, I am unable to scold you
because I know your father very well.

The things you have said to me
till now, what is it called?

You don't even feel to apologise
to me after this much explanation...

Hello, this is called ego.

I cannot get my daughter married
to a guy with this much ego boss.

What did my dad say?

He keeps scolding me for sitting,
standing, walking and whatnot.

He claims I am selfish,
egoistic and full of attitude.

How can he get us married
if has these opinions on me?

That's why, people say that

Delhi isn't safe for women and
wedding isn't safe for men.

There is nothing like that.
He will happily get us married.

Is it?

I know that my dad is
expecting so much from you.

What is he expecting? My foot!


My parents don't expect anything from me,

why do you think your father would expect?

- Of course, he will expect.
- Is it?

- What is this? What did you bring?
- That's why he's telling you these things.


(SIGHS)-This is what
you have ordered, sir.

Do you think I don't know what I
have ordered? Go and change it.

- Sir, they will charge me for this.
- So, what should I do?

- Bring what I have ordered.
- Who cares?

- Excuse me, brother.
- Madam?

Bring it here.

- Keep it here.
- It's ok madam...

- It's ok, keep it.
- Thank you, madam.

This is why I like you so much.


"Some wish within my heart"

"has started today."

"My eyes simply won't sleep."

"In a strange way."

"You are in my dreams, aren't you?"

"You are in my heart, aren't you?"

"You are everywhere, aren't you?"

"My crazy heart doesn't stay in control."

"You are my life, aren't you?"

"You are in my dreams, aren't you?"

"You are in my heart, aren't you?"

Shall we go?

Heard that you donated your blood in the
morning. Why did you donate it again?

- You asked for it, didn't you?
- Are you mad?

"I think the world doesn't
understand what's between us."

"How to show, what she said
and why my heart heard?"

"The dreams in my eyes,
that fly like kites in the air."

"Have become dull, not knowing what to do."

"As they are anxious to meet you."

"My crazy heart doesn't stay in control."

"You are my life, aren't you?"

"You are in my dreams, aren't you?"

"You are in my heart, aren't you?"

"My lips carrying your news secretly"

"have been chanting your
name and gotten dry."

"Your hair moved subtly
to the flow of air."

"I lost my mind and changed
my ways as I see you."

"Every imagination of mine
is travelling towards you."

"My crazy heart doesn't stay in control."

"You are my life, aren't you?"

"You are in my dreams, aren't you?"

"You are in my heart, aren't you?"

So sweet!

There is nothing wrong to bear
that much for a girl like her.

Heard what she told?

The girl is good, madam.
But he is a loafer.

Do you know who is the
reason behind his attitude?

That's him.

His laziness, obstinance,
carelessness, ego...

Hey, no dude.

- Do you know what kind of a person he is?
- No. Uhuh!

Madam, not that side. This is different.

- Hey...
- Ok.

Dad would he get promoted to 6th
standard at least in this year?

Hey, not only now. He will not
go to 6th standard in his life.

Hey, why do you trouble
our dad trouble like this?

Why don't you study hard and
get promoted to 6th standard?

Hey, leave me brother.
I am studying 8th class now.



- Hey!
- Ah!

Look what are you doing.

Can't you keep your
phone aside while eating?

Pay the electricity bill on the way.

No need. We would suffer
if he loses the bill.


I'll go and pay.

Hi, Sanju.

Mom, some aunty is waiting for you.

I am not just any aunty, I am your aunt.

Mom, she says she's your aunt.

I am your aunt man.

Cheers dude!

- BOTH: Cheers!
- For you too dude.



Hey, dude... there is only one
match stick. Light it carefully.

I can see that, dude.

All the best dude.

That's it.

Damn, with this life!

- Damn!
- Why it should happen to me?

There wouldn't be a match
stick if I want to smoke.

If I want to get married,
my father-in-law doesn't accept.

Like the Dravid's advertisement
at the beginning of the film...

why are you bringing up your
father-in-law in between this frustration?

You go and bring Priya,
we will get you married to her.

- Nicely.
- Yes, we will do.

Yes, we will do.

Guys, Priya's wish is to get
married with her dad's will.

Her wish is my wish.

What do you want to do next man?

What else, first I'll finish this.
Then I'll go and talk to him tomorrow.

- Hmm...
- Oh!



Hey, do your work.


- What man?
- Good morning sir.

- I am from Euro Care Company sir.
- Hey...

what's that standing posture?
Fold your hands and stand.

You should have some manners, right?

Sir, I've come from Euro Care Company.

I've brought a new vaccum cleaner.
Please have a look at it once.

- Give it to me, I'll hold it.
- Oh, no need sir.

I'll hold it.

Do you think I have so much
ego that I won't be holding it?

Huh! I don't have any ego at all.

I left it recently at a temple.

No need man, you leave.

Ok, sir. Thank you.


Did you see,
how he left as soon as I told him to go?

The one who doesn't have any
interest to sell his product...

and the one who doesn't love a
girl, will go away like that, uncle.

Come inside.



I've got rid of my
attitude, right uncle?


- For this?
- You could feel I am doing over action.

But this is physical transformation.

This is a simple example to
show you that I have changed.

It's very rubbish. Sit on the sofa.

My pleasure.


You will change whatever I say.

But you don't realise on your own
about what should be changed.

What are your weaknesses?


Why are you doing Kathakali dance? When
I ask you to say about your weaknesses.

It's almost on the tip
of my tongue, uncle.

This is the clarity you have on yourself.

If we keep this all aside.
The only thing I like in you,

is your perseverance.

You keep coming back no matter
how many times I have rejected you.

I like that perseverance.

That is why...

you should think about how a perseverant
guy takes care of your daughter,

if you get her married to him.

Hey, I told about the
thing which I like in you.

But I didn't say that I like you.

Again you came in this way.

Well, a perseverant guy
would be given a job

but not a daughter to
get him married to her.

I'll offer you a job. If you do it...

Will you agree for our marriage?

I'll think about you.

Tell me what's the work
without wasting one minute, uncle.

I'll complete it in one hour.

First listen to me...

Tell me uncle.


You need to bring me a bike.


I understood everything uncle.

The bike which you
need has diamonds in it.

But there is a police
surveillance on your men.

So, your deal wouldn't get
approved unless I get that bike.

You are Priya's father
for the outside world.

But you are Godfather of the dark world.

That is why I am thinking
these many times to accept you.

My dad has been in coma since 20 years.


It's very rare to come into
normal state after 20 years.

But we cannot claim this
as a medical miracle too.

We have seen few cases like this.

But the problem with cases like this is...

Among the people who came out
of the coma after a long time...

three out of five people,

are going back to coma or dying...

because they couldn't get
adapted to the situations here.

So what we have to do now is...

Who your father likes so
much before going to coma,

if we keep them before him, there is
a chance for him to get recovered.

So with whom he used to
spend his time nicely,

if we keep such things in front of him,

we can bring him in a stable condition.

As soon as possible,

try to bring the things which your
father considers very dear to him.


Does it mean... a bike can
save a person's life?

It depends upon on the
person who like the bike so much.

This is an effort.
A faith that he will live.

In my father's life, my mom and
that bike entered at the same time.

From the time my mom died,
he's been seeing her in that bike.

He will get to know if that bikes gets
a scratch or even if a screw is loose.

He use to park that bike
inside the house all the time.

He likes that bike that much.

Leave it to me uncle.
I'll bring the bike by evening.


It's not that easy.


It's very difficult for me and
the failure to be at one place.

Didn't work out.

My dad had three sons.

my elder brother and my younger brother.

I asked you about the bike but
you are saying a sentimental story!

I'm stumbled again.

By elder brother died in his childhood.

My dad likes my younger brother very much.

That's why even after he
got into a love marriage...

he didn't stop him.

But the woman who my
younger brother got married to,

didn't behave properly
in the house even for a single day.

When my dad went into a coma
after the accident.

She proposed sharing the property then.

Saying what's the guarantee that
a person in coma will be back?

Then I left the property to him
and took my father to the city.

The bike too stayed along
with the property left.

He is in Pochampally now.

Since 20 years of the property sharing,

we didn't talk to each other.


Hey, don't say this to
Priya to gain her sympathy.

I don't win with sympathy.
I'll win happily.


What did sir say?

He said if you talk with me,
he'll fire you.

- Move!
- Keep them aside.

First tell me what my dad told you?

He gave me a challenge in which he will
lose. Be ready to console him.

Your father in law found
a great lamb in you!

By the way he should give
dowry to your marriage but,

why he is asking you a bike?

It's not dowry dude.

It's the condition that my father-in-law
kept to get her daughter married to me.

Why does he need the
Rajdoot at this age dude?

He says that's for his father.

I doubt if he can ride it,
and it's for his father?

Come on let's ask.

What is he doing? He seems to be
noticing his phone than people!

Brother do you have Devadoot here?

- Rajdoot!
- Yeah, that's what.

Brother do you have Rajdoot bike here?

Where you would find those
bikes nowadays brother?

Ok, where are the old bikes?

Look for them there brother.

Oh no! I've missed the 'chicken dinner'.

- PubG!
- PubG!


This is perfect dude, fixed.

Hey, but it's not Rajdoot dude!

Hey, like they are copying Hindi
songs changing the tune a bit.

Similarly he too
changed the bike a bit dude.

do you understand what you are talking?

A person who has no chance
of losing would win for sure.

But a person who has no chance
of winning will try not to lose.

- What does that mean?
- I'll show you tomorrow.

I am waiting.

if you give work to a determined person,

he can even grow hair even on a bald head.

- Huh?
- Hey, not you man, you go.

Uncle! Come out.

Give Priya's hand in marriage to me!



Hey, where is Priya?
Is she packing her bag?

- Where is the bike?
- Here it is...

Your father's life.

Don't become emotional
suddenly and start crying!

Is this is the bike that I asked you for?

I think your vision's blurred as
tears of happiness filled your eyes.

Just clean your eyes and see here.

First remove all the garlands.

As it is very old so...

Remove the decorations
and the garland at the back.

This is the bike which
I asked you to bring.

You who don't even know
the value of a person's life,

how do you expect me to think that
you know the value of love?



Uncle... share me the picture of the bike.




Accident took place in Khammam District
because of the slow driving of a person.

Strange! Accidents take place
even while driving slow!

- Hey, Krishna!
- Yes?

- One coffee.
- One minute brother.


- Brother do you have lighter?
- No, brother.

Hey, give a lighter to brother.


You told that you would show
something yesterday? Where is it?

Is it this cheek?

Who told you dude?

The video leaked on Suchi Leaks.

By the way why didn't your cheek swell?

Have you become stronger
or your father-in-law became weak?


Enough of your staring...

Where did you start so early?
For a second slap?

I should bring the actual bike now.

You said something about winner,
loser and some crap?

Every idiot is ready to troll.

Alright, why do I need all those things?
You start now.

Hey, have I done any work without you?

You have done many things right?

Little do you know how much did I
miss you in every work I have done?

How would I know dude?

Have you told me anytime?
Have you called me anywhere?

- That is why I am here dude.
- To tell me?

No, to take along!

Where to?

I am giving a golden
opportunity to settle my life dude.

Drive me being ahead of me!

I could... but I have some works man.

- It's not possible.
- Hey, you'll have many works,

- but there is only one friend.
- Yes, man...

- there would be one friend.
- Come on dude.

He keeps spoiling everything.


Hey, stop here man...

What would be your position
if I haven't come with you?

What would be your
position if I'll leave you here?

Hey! I was just kidding dude!

Hey, stop man!


Hey! Hey!

You've skipped making
me pee half the bladder!

- Hey, old mans!
- Ah...?

Where is Mr. Rao's house?

You are...?

- Mr. Rao's...
- Yeah!

You are Mr. Rao's grandson, aren't you?

You look just like your grandfather.

All the old people in every village
say the same thing since generations.



- Actually...
- What are you going to say?

Are you going to say that
you are not his grandson,

I am a wastrel,
I am a useless fellow...

and say I'm roaming around for a bike to
make my father-in-law marry his daughter?

No, as they understood something,
we will also continue the same.

Another thing, they will respect
us as you are son of their friend.

Yes, he is his grandson.

- Oh!
- Yes.

Who is he? Your servant?

(COW MOOS) Serves him well!

- Did you say yes?
- Hey, no dude...

- I am his friend.
- Oh! You are a useless fellow.


What a laugh!

- Hey, Ramchandar...
- Yes?

H says he is Mr. Rao's grandson!

Hey, ask the address dude..

- Please dude, we will move.
- That's not my glass of beer,

you only ask him.


Excuse me, we'll leave if you
tell us the address of Mr. Ravindra.

Why are you calling him Mr. Ravindra?
Call him uncle.

The house on that conner.

You should take care of your uncle.

Your uncles situation is very bad
since your grandfather has become ill.

Oh! I understood.

It seems that he is also in problems.

(SIGHS) Start the bike.

- What do you say man?
- Well said!

Hey, dude! I'll drive that Rajdoot.

You can drive or carry it,

first let's take the bike.

How many more days do we wait?
When would you pay back?

He'll not pay brother-in-law,
it's been a year since I gave him money.

He neither paid interest nor the principal.

Every time he says tomorrow.
How many times you would say that?

You told me that you would
pay me back by last Ugadi.

But you're delaying till
date and I'm behind you.

- What is this man?
- Uh! Uh!

- He stays silent even if we scold him!
- We shouldn't get in at a bad time.

- Listen Ravindra, this is not at all good.
- Your leg is very worst.

We will take this to the elders
of the village. Take care of it.

Later you shouldn't cry for your honor.

How many times should I come for money?

We'll not move until you
pay our money the next time!

Ah! The lyrics in Tamil
films are different dude!

Ain't it?
That's why I am playing a Hindi song.

- Huh?
- Yes.


I'll cease your house
if you don't pay back.

How many times do we visit you?

- Do you know to give money?
- Have you finished your mess?

We'll be on our work if you go out.

- Hmm...
- Hell with them!

They don't have any shame whatever we say.

Let's wait for a few more days.

Else we shall put it
before the village heads.

Yeah, they will tell the justice.

He's taken loans and
bought these handlooms.

Don't know where he'd
sell the sarees he weaves!

Who are you? What do you want?

They'd ask you money. Can you give them?

He's asking as if he would

- I'm Mr. Rao's son's...
- What?

Are you my brother's son?

Has my brother sent you? Wait son...


Doesn't anyone care to
listen the entire thing?

Both of them don't talk
since the past 20 years.

Oh! So no one can stop us here too.

- Yeah.
- All the best!

There he is...

- Sit down...
- That's okay.

I'm here on an urgent work.

Well, I've heard you have a Rajdhoot...

Why? Is your father jealous that
we both are roaming around on it?

- As if it's a Mercedes Benz!
- That's what.

Anyways, where is it?
He mortgaged it long back.

Mortgaged it?


Hey! Did you react so much back then?
I didn't notice!

I shut my mouth as I couldn't
find anything to hit him.

What did you do then?

Why would you mortgage it?

Our loans can't be paid back
even if we mortgage our house.

It's just a bike!

How could you mortgage it so easily?

Wouldn't you think once
before mortgaging it?

You haven't motgaged a bike.
You've mortgaged a life!


Er... okay it's a bike.

Anyway you... where's she?

You can't understand.

You'll never understand
the value of an item.

they'll mortgage you too if you're here.


Why did you stop?

Who the hell are they
to mortgage the bike?

That's why they are living this way.

What would happen if we
don't take the bike now?

Your father-in-law bashed you black
and blue for getting a fake bike.

Not black and blue.
He just slapped me once!

Your ego prevents you to accept the truth!

Imagine what happens if your Father-in-law
comes to know the bike isn't there?


What are you looking at?

We don't have any option. Come.

I told you!
You wouldn't understand unless you imagine.

Come. He is sitting sadly.

As him.

Where did you mortgage the bike?

Why? Would you free it paying money?

Please tell us the address
and we'll deal with it.

When no one who knew about your uncle
in the neighboring villages didn't,

he mortgaged it at Mahadevapuram.

- Mahadeva...
- Mahadevapuram?

Where is that?

It is located 100 kilometres from here.
Near Khammam.

- Ah!
- Come. It's 100 kilometres!

No one has a second wife so far too. Damn!


You came here after so long.

Don't you feel like asking
'How are you uncle'?

What's there to ask?
Everyone has their own troubles.

- I'll go.
- Don't say go.

You should say I'll come back soon.

Why'd I come back?


What dude?

What happened dude?

The fuel is exhausted. What do we do now?

Oh no!

We are at the fuel station dude.

Would he come here and fill the fuel?

Push it!

You'd crack jokes as I'm here to push it!



What's with him? Is he crying as someoone
hit him or as he is unable to hit someone?

Why do we bother who's crying for what?

Boss... Rs. 1000


Bro... please move far while crying,
the tears might roll into the tank.

Hey, do you have any monoey?

Dude, even a beggar won't ask
me for money looking at me.

How did you ask me?

Do you accept cards? (SOBS)

Would you give him
your Aadhaar card?


Is there any ATM nearby?

There isn't a tea stall nearby too.

Damn you!
You tell me what to do then.

- You tell me.
- That's not my plate of biryani.

You have to mind it.

Bro, I don't have money...


Usually, I don't dusturb anyone crying.

But you've filled the fuel up fror free.

What happened actually?

Huh? Sir!

Sir, not even one idiot asked me
since the morning why I'm crying.

He asked you. Tell him.

You insisted, now hear him through.

Your heart is golden sir. So you asked!

You didn't fill fuel for free
since the morning. So the kindness.

Take his words easy and tell me.

A girl cheated me sir.

Hey! Don't girls say that often?

- Ah! It's not that kind of cheating sir.
- Oh.

I loved her deeply for three years sir.

Even when the fuel prices were soaring,
I've filled her fuel fo free!

But when I proposed my love today,
she rejected me sir.


Sir... does my sadness look funny to you?

What else would I do seeing
someone crying in a happy situation?

Is this a happy situation sir?

Ain't it then?

Do you know what happens if
the girl acccepts your love?


Do you know what happens if she
accepts but her father doesn't?

Do you know how'd it be if he gives
you challenges before gettting married?

You are a free bird bro. Enjjoy it!

Live experience!

Look, there are many people
in worst situation than yours.

You are better then them all!

Yes sir...

If the people who are in such
worst situations are so happy.

How happy should I be?

- I'll not cry sir!
- How could he say that about you?

Hey... get on the bike.

- I'll send you the money once I reach home.
- Eh!

What's money before courage sir?

Ah! It's awesome bro!

Tell this to an autorickshaw driver.
He write it on the rear of the auto.

- Okay? Bye.
- Sir!

I just filled the fuel in this bike sir.

But you filled my heart with courage sir.

It's someone else if not this girl.
Or someone else altogether!

It doesn't matter sir. Go ahead sir!

- One thing bro.
- Tell me sir...

Having so much fuel handy,
you didn't think of suicide...

You are the real lover bro.

- Okay, get on man.
- Start now!


Hey stop! Let's ask him.

It's dried up...

- Brother!
- Yeah.

- Heard there is a Seth called Sundar Lal.
- Yeah.

Where is his home?

- Can you see the electricity pole there?
- Electricity pole...


There are two coconut treets just beside.

Coconut trees?

Look, there's a Pan Shop beside it!

- Where is it?
- I can't see it!

There is a girl standing in
a green coloured half saree.

- Yeah there!
- Ah! Yes of course.

- You see her?
- Yeah, we did.

Take a right there, the fourth
left from there and the third house.

Thanks uncle.

This is the third house
on the fourth left dude.

Then the girl in the green
coloured half saree?

Hey dude!

- Hey just casually asking dude!
- Okay come on.

- Still...
- Ah!

How much should I give you?

Thank god!

20 thousand.

I have 10 thousand.

If you want...

That TV...

Every item in this house
is mortgaged property.

Don't try to give those
to your son-in-law too.


Another week.

Okay, I'll take your
daughter home after that week.

I feel something strange.

- Sir, who is Sunder Lal here...
- One minute.

Let's sit before he asks us to... come.

- Sir here...
- Hey stop!

Let me complete first. I've
come yesterday for this.

Why did he come yesterday to talk today?

Everyone has their own problems.
Let's mind our own work.

Sir, are you Sunder Lal?


I have to talk to you.

It's me.

I have to talk to you sir.

- Wait...
- Wait?

A minute... son.

You see, I'm talking...

Oh god!

Hey, looks like the slow and
steady caption is made after him.

So much? So much man?


What's he doing man?

- Such a big bundle?
- When would he count all of them?

You don't make me tensed unnecessarily.



The mosquito died in my hands,
you count sir,

He started from the first one again?

Hello mister! Why count so slow!

Four, five six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

- Enough counted...
- Here are ten thousand.

- If you stay anymore, you'd die here.
- Thank you bro.

- Start now.
- I'll come down the next week.

- Sir...
- Ask him

10 years ago...


Oh no...

- Ask him now...
- I can't do this man!

Look he is telling...

Tell me...

- Kill me... kill me man!
- Ask him now.


Sir, 10 years ago...

- Here... there used to be a Ravindra...
- The food is ready dear.

- Oh no! How much time would he eat?
- You don't make me more tensed man!

You people...

- eat.
- Okay

I'll join you.

- Thank you god! Thank you.
- Good decision.

Ask him now!

Sir, 10 years ago...


tell me...

- I can't do this anymore.
- I can't man.

You ask him.

- Hey!
- I can't do this man.

Sir, 10 years ago, a person named
Ravindra mortgaged a vehicle to you

I've come to enquire about that.


in those days...






Hello, here...

Did he say anything
about the bike?

He narrated a big story.

I understood that when I counted
2 lakh grains. What's the summary?

What would it be... he waited
for 3 years after he pawned it.

When he didn't return,
he sold the bike.

- Sold?
- Yes.

I reacted more than you.

And why he remembers
that transaction is that,

the guy who bought that bike gave
only half of the money. Bloody miser!

Did he say about the
whereabouts of that guy?

He said that the buyer is
residing somewhere near Nuziveedu.

He asked us to go there and get it.

Do you know how he looks like?

You have a point.

This is the reason your
uncle scolds you, isn't it?

Let's go.



Seems like he walks in a slow
motion even if there is a tsunami.

Hello. What are you doing man?


- Ah!
- Oh my God!

Listen... Someone took money
from you in the morning. Who is he?


- Yours...
- Son-in-law.

- Hmph!
- Listen Seth.

I understood your problem.

You have to pay the
full amount of dowry...

for your son-in-law has to
take your daughter to his home.

The buyer of that bike should
pay you ten thousand rupees.

You should give ten thousand
rupees to your son-in-law.

Oh man!

If you come along with us,

we'll settle your amount and
our problems will be resolved.

What is my purpose if
you say my dialogues too?

There is another dialogue, say it.

Look Seth, we don't how he looks.

Hence... Hmph... Seth...

Look Seth, we don't how he looks.

We can't recognise
unless you come with us.

Therefore, come along with us.

- Tomorrow...
- Tomorrow?

- Morning...
- Morning?

- We shall go.
- Why?

Why can't we go now?

Oh my God! It became night!

What did he narrate to us all this time?

What's with you?


It's a very good decision.



Hello Sanju, where have you been?

Where did my dad send you?

Your dad asked me to go Tirupathi,

pray to Goddess Kankadurga and asked
me to get the offering from Srisailam.

What? I didn't understand anything.

I'm having the same situation here.

Don't worry, I will be back in two days.

Yeah. Bye.



Oh my God! Are you still not
done folding the blanket?


By any chance, will you brush your teeth?

- Bath...
- Bath?

- Even...
- Even?

What do I do until you finish?

I have to even bath...

Not needed.

We aren't having any time. Go change
your dress quickly, we shall leave now.

- This is not right.
- Hello. Get up.

- Go, start the bike.

- Let me take a bath.
- Huh!

Alright. We think of doing many
things. But, do they really happen?

"I've been watching it... I'm watching..."

"Though my eyes are
eagerly waiting for it."

"This scene is not moving forward"

"I've been losing patience."

"The God took me for granted."

"He might have written my
destiny in the night with somnolence."

"As if someone caused an
accident by riding an ambulance"

"I'm having a rough time and
everything is messed up."

"My love life is ruined
and my life is a disaster."

"My luck has frowned upon me."

This is not right.

"My pupil is immensely
happy upon seeing you."

"There is turbulence in my
heart upon hearing your voice."

"My soul said it wouldn't stay with
me for even a moment without you."

"Listen to my heartbeat, it keeps
saying that you shall remain with me"

"I wish that I keep looking
at you throughout my life"

"I have to change my
ways and fall in line"

"I have to accelerate and shoot the arrow."

"And go head like a unrestrained horse."

"I've been watching it... I'm watching..."

"My eyelids won't blink no matter what."

"No matter how much we see"

"my heart feels unsatisfied."

"This is what love is."

"Nothing goes inside it."

"The time gets paused."

"We won't be bored."

"Keep seeing and make a
hubbub by whistling and hustling."

"The life will be like this
with full of speed breakers."

"Shift the focus, change the gear"

"and cross the twist. That is
how your journey should go"



Why did you bring us to
the temple at this temple?

To wash the steps of the temple
and apply vermilion dots to them.


Do you need a five-star hotel to sleep?

Can't you sleep here?
Just sleep here, dude.

- Hey, he is still over there.

When will he come to us if
we leave him there like that?

He won't get him.
It's me who should do that.

Hey Seth, come with me... It is as if
I'm walking the bride down the aisle.

Turn this side.

- Go to sleep in a fast forward manner.




Good night, dude.


Move aside, dude.

(SNORES)-Thief... Thief... Thief...

- Thief... Thief... Thief...
- Thief... Thief... Thief...

- Thief...
- Hey, just stop it!

You ruined our sleep.

He came here running.

- Here?
- Yes.

He is the thief.
Can't you understand by seeing him?

Hey, who are you calling 'thief'?

He looks like a thief,
but he is my friend.

- Friend?
- Why is he calling him his friend?

Then, where did the thief go?

Why are you staring like that?

The thief has passed right
in front of us, didn't he? (SNORES)

Hey, you have not only disturbed
us but you are blabbering as well.

The thief came to you. We have seen him.

- Please stop it, sir.
- That's him...


The thief came here.
We have seen him, didn't we?

- Beside us...
- Wait, sir.

I too have seen him here.


It is that redshirt
guy we saw, didn't we?

- Who are you?
- His friend.

Who the hell are you?

- His friend.
- He is the one...

- who bought that bike.
- He bought Rajdhoot?

Wait guys, I'll ask him.

- Who is the red shirt guy?
- He is my friend.

- What do you want now?
- Who are these guys?

Hey, stop acting smart.
We've seen the thief coming here.

Hey, show your pockets...

Yes. Show your pockets... Whatever
things are in the pocket, show them out.

- Just show your pockets... Show...
- Hey...(SCREAMS). Hey, stop!

- We'll show our pockets.
- Come on, check our pockets.

- As if we are scared. Here, take a look.
- Look, do our pockets fit suitcases?

Then, where did the thief go?

I think the thief is
amongst you. Did you check?

Did you check him? Show your
pockets. What's there in them?

Why are you shouting at me a while ago?

- The thief has passed from my house.
- Yes.

As if your house is a Sree Padmanabhaswamy
Temple to contain gems and diamonds.

There are not even two
plates in your house.

Is there any house in your
village which I don't know?

- You tell him.
- Yes. Ah?

- How you come here?
- How did we come here?

Can't you see that bike?
Do you think it as an eatable?

Bloody gobbler!
We came on that bike.

Did four of you guys come
on that bike? Four guys?

Yes, of course.

Get on that bike, four of you.

Don't shout!

- Get on that...
- Of course. We'll board on it.

- Come on, get on it.
- Do you think we don't have pride?

Come on, guys...

- My bike and four of us will get on it.
- Get on the bike.

- Start it quickly.
- That guy...

Do you mean he is the thief?

- Hmph...
- Your...

- Why is he in that way?
- Why are you like this?

As if you are a hero!

Get on the bike quickly.

I have a doubt on this guy too.

Every boarded the bike.
But, why didn't you do that?

- You want me to get on that bike.
- Yes.

- Come on. Get on that and show us...
- Then, watch.

- Move your hand...
- Come on, quickly.


These four guys got on that
bike comfortably.


Hey, you've understood that
I'm not the thief. Go now.

The thief will be inside
the temple. Check there.

- Yes. He might be inside the temple.
- Bend over. I can't see.

Let's check inside the temple. Let's go.

Hey, what do you think it is,
a bike or a minibus?

- Hmph!
- Hey, stop talking.

Brother... It's about Rajdhoot bike.

- Heard that it is with you.
- Sitting on this bike is troublesome.

On top of that, you are
asking questions. Go quickly.

What do you understand about my pain?

What do you understand about my
pain? My things are getting squeezed.

Hey, you are slipping away. Hold tightly.

Keep your wallet safely.

Left... Left... Let's go towards
the left side... Take the left.

Here... Here... Pullover.

- Ah!


- Wait...
- Why is everyone in a rush?


Did Kamal Hasan get down?



It's full of holes.
What is the use of locking it?

Who knows?

Thank God! It is the money that I
have stolen with a lot of hard work.

No idiot stole this.


Brother, you bought a
bike seven years ago...

Brother, you have taken the money
outside the village yesterday itself.

Then, why did you go back to the village?


Your question is interesting.

I brought this bag and threw it
in this house from the above.

But the house is locked
and couldn't get inside.

I've checked my pockets
but there was no key.

I went to the village to get
that key and got trapped.


- Brother, you bought a bike 7 years ago...
- Brother...

You are an expert burglar and
might have opened many locks.

Why couldn't you open this lock?

- Ha Ha...
- Yeah...

- Your question is interesting.
- Thanks, brother.

Look... In a way how it is a mistake to
ruin a wedding which we have fixed,

Similarly, it is a bigger mistake to
break open the lock which we have fixed.

Bro... Though we are thieves,
we have professional ethics.

You are right...

- You bought a bike 7 years ago...
- Just stop it!

You've been asking silly questions.

Not a single question
of yours is interesting.

Bro... A thief should be slim and gentle.

But, why are you very
flabby like a bank manager?

That one...

How many it's been that you have
chosen this tough profession?

(LAUGHS) Your question is bad.

Your question is interesting.


It's been 14 years that I have
chosen this tough profession.

14 years. Subtract 7 years from that.

You bought a bike
7 years ago, didn't you?

- Where is it?
- What are you talking?

How do I look to you?

What do you mean?

- It's our mistake.
- Then, what?

I'm a thief and I have some ethics.

He said a terrible thing.

- What did I say?
- You ask what you said?

How can he ask if I had
bought a bike?

Do I seem like I buy things? It's in
our clan that we don't buy things.

- I have stolen it.
- Sorry, brother.

Sorry? After all the blabbering?

Hey Seth, is this the guy
whom you sold the bike?


Who is he?

He is the one who sold you the bike.

- Ah...
- Whoa!

Er... Yes, he is the one...
He is the one...

I swear on my mother,
I bought that bike from this person.

Sir, I bought it from you.

Don't try to explain.
I will fall on your feet and plead you.

I bought it from you.
I bought it from you, sir.

That was the Rajdhoot
bike I was asking about.

We'll take it if you tell where it is.

Hey, why did the seller and the
buyer put the same expression?

What a bike it is!

Didn't you say a while ago
that you have recognised it?

Shucks! I mean it is a dirty bike.

I've committed many burglaries
and I've stolen many bikes.

But for the first time,
I was caught due to that bike.

Why so?

You're the reason for that
bike to have such movement.

You're also the one who
forced me to buy it.


- I...
- Huh...

That's not possible now.

If you start now, it would take a week
to finish it. Close it over there.

If you want, do it from your mouth.

You continue...

How can he do it from the mouth?

It's his burden.
Tell us where the bike is.

That bike...

One day, when I was going on that
bike after committing a theft,

- He might fall on you. Be careful.
- No, it would take a lot of time.

When I was going on that
bike after committing a theft,

I saw an old man.

I saw a glittering silver
waist ornament on him.

I pulled that waist ornament thinking what
he would be doing with that at this age.

The old man fell down and the
people around me started bashing me.

And it was my ill-fate that even the
policemen came over there (SIREN WAILING)

and jailed me.

They seized that bike.

I got caught for the first time in my
burglary career due to that bike.

So I thought to take revenge
on that, no matter whatsoever.

And, I abandoned that
bike there itself.

- I can't get it.
- I know.

Where is that bike now?

It is might be happily taking
rest in the police station.

Which police station?

The accident took place on
the Rajahmundry's highway.

That place falls under
Kotipally police station.

- According to Kotipally police station.
- Kotipally?

Why are you stretching it
instead of telling it straight away?

He says it is Kotipally.

Should I go now to
Kotipally for that bike?

- Basically, I'm a man of ethics.
- Don't. Tell me what you want.

- Sir, I bow to you.

You won't get it. It has time.

I told you that I'm a
man of ethics, didn't I?

- Why do you keep telling that again?
- So...

I wanted to pay you
as you have helped me.

I don't need money.

Give it to him because you have
evaded payment to him earlier.

Drop him at his village carefully.

Okay... Okay...


- Brother, do you need some money.
- (STARTS ENGINE) No... Go away.




Hey, look at those seized bikes.

I'm sure that we'll find the
bike that we're looking for.

I don't know. I don't believe unless
I see it. We've been searching for it.


Hey, you will recognise it even if it is
in this place. Let's go inside and inquire.

- Sir... Don't hit me... Please...
- Tell the truth...

- Sir... Sir...
- You...

- The CI is on the line.
- I will kill you if you don't the truth.

Hello... Eh... He is coming?

Hey, the corporator is arriving here.
Take off those ladders and other things.

Did he tell anything about my son?

He will tell it. I'm on that work, sir.

- He will tell it.
- Where is he? Tell me.

He's inside, sir.

- That bugger...
- Sir... Sir...

- Where did you hide my son?
- Sir... Please don't hit me.

- Tell me... I will kill you...
- Sir... Sir...

Let go of me... He is
running away. Look there.

- Hey... Hey...
- Hey!

- Hey, don't harm him.
- Don't come closer.

- Cool... Cool...
- I'll stab him if you do so.

- Don't come closer.
- Ah... Ah...

No one should come closer.

Hey, where is your
bike?-Why are just staring?

- That's my bike.
- It's not an issue if he stabs him.

- I want to know about my son first.
- Sir, please calm down.

Hey, start the vehicle.
(ENGINE STARTS). Just drive.

- Hey!
- Don't come closer!

- Drive...
- Why are you just standing and staring?

Catch those two guys first.

Get my son even if it
takes killing both of them.

Otherwise, you'll be fired. Mind it!


Sir... Sir... I will come with you.

Who the hell are you?

You want the pillion rider
and I want the rider, sir.

Whatever... Just come...

- Go faster...
- I'm on it, bro...

Hey... If you come any
closer, I will stab him.

Sir, shoot him...

Sir, how does his face look
like a kidnapper to you?

If a kidnapper looks like a kidnapper,
how can he even kidnap?

Why are you going on the logic
at this time, sir? (HONKING)

Bro, you were having a
kidnap case as of now?

If you harm me, you will be
facing murder charge too.

I will stab the knife in
your throat if you blabber.

Just drive...

- Hey, stop. Otherwise, you will be dead.
- Driver faster...

Faster... Faster...

Sir, if anything goes missing
in the wealthy people's house...

they suspects the
drivers and the workers.

Well, why would he return instead
of running away if he had kidnapped?

Ah! That corporator won't listen
if we try explaining these things.

You saw him how he was
shouting at the station.



Sir... Okay, sir...


Sir... Please don't fire... Don't
do that... Please... He's my friend.



Sir, why did you shoot the tyre while
you aimed at them so confidently?

I've aimed the tyre indeed.

- Hey... Don't come any closer...
- Ah!

I will stab him if you come any near.

Hey, stop it!

Got the news that his son was found.

Is it?

They said he went with his uncle
to watch the movie The Jungle Book.

Well, you didn't kidnap him.

Is it necessary for you to threaten
him with a knife and this chase?

You saw the corporator.
He didn't even listen to the police.

I'm after all a driver.
How do you think he will listen to me?

But I'm very thankful to you for
saving my life without shooting me.

I'm not the one whom
you should be thanking.

- If he didn't stop me, I'd have shot you.
- Swami!

Pardon me Lord Ayyappa.

Thank you, brother.

Well, why did you come
to the police station?

Sir, we heard that the policemen of
this station seized Rajdhoot bike

which wan involved in a
highway accident six years ago.

Do you know any information about it?

Huh! Why would a bike that was
seized 6 years ago still remain here?

We have sold it a long time
ago fu... Forgive me, Lord.


Forgive me, Lord.

Sorry, sir. Did you sell it?

Sir, I can't take this
anymore. Arrest me.

And if possible,
sentence me with lifetime imprisonment.

He's been torturing me
by taking me to places.

There is no difference between the
sugarcane juice machine and him.

He's been squeezing my like sugarcane.

Hey, are you done?

Enough said, come sit here.


Well, who might have bought it, sir?

Ramaniah - Sir.

Heard that you seized a bike six
years ago, do you know anything about it?

- Sir, I will inquire... I will inquire...
- Sir... Please...

- Thank you, sir.
- Please file an FIR against me.

It is alright if they put me in jail
for 2 to 3 years. I will be in jail.

- Come...
- I won't go, sir.

- What is the brand of the bike?
- Rajdhoot, sir.

- It is a 1980 model, isn't it?
- Yeah... Yeah... That one.

- Do you know about it?
- I know it very well.

Because the previous SI was
very fond of that bike.

He waited to buy that bike
and bought it when auctioned.


- Now, that bike...
- would be definitely with him.

He is presently residing at Maredivilli.

If you go there,
you will find that bike for sure.

Don't you talk anything
here. I will deal and settle.

- Okay?
- Alright.


- Why is taking so much time? Go, ring.
- What kind of person he is!



- What's this nuisance?
- Sorry, sir.

Can't you wait for the person
to come after you ring the bell?

Sorry, sir.

What do you want?

- Sir...
- If not for him, show it for my sake.

Come, I will show you.

- Come, let's go.


You are a stranger to me like him.

You should talk to me knowing that.

- Sir, I'm looking for Mr Vikas.

Oh! Sorry, sir. What's happening here?

- Sir...

- What's this sir?

Are you ringing the
bell without knowing that?

- Well, who are you?
- He is my friend.

- What do I have to do with that?
- That's is what I'm trying to tell you.

It doesn't matter to you who he is.

Show us quickly.

Hey, who are you?

Sir, I'm son of Kala Durga, Nellore.

- The lane beside municipal office...
- Hey...

- Calm down.
- Hey, just take him away.

- Just take him away.
- He is lazy to drive. I have to drive him.

- You...
- Sir... Sir... Sir...

Sir, heard that you have a bike.

Can you show it to me once.

- Bike?
- Yes, sir.

I drive a car.

No, sir... There should
be a bike with you.

Yes, I had a bike.

If you give it to us, we'll go.

Who are you?
Why do you want my bike?

Sir, we came from very far.
Please, sir.

- Wait for 2 minutes. I will be right back.
- Sir... Sir...

- We came from a very far place, sir.
- Just spare two minutes, sir. Please.

- Will you kill me?
- Please sir... Just once.

Let's go. It is in the outhouse.

After I reach my village,
I will send you pickle.

Let's go, dude.

You came in the early morning.
Well, how do you know about my bike?

Sir, please show us the bike.

- Please, sir.
- Please, sir... Please...

Oh man!

Dude - Yes.

- Congratulations!
- Thanks, dude.

- You'll soon get married.
- Yeah!

We almost got the bike. If we take
this and give it to my father-in-law...

- You have to give me a party, dude!
- Of course, I will.

It's okay. You'll be fine.

Don't worry.

- I'm also very sad.
- That's okay.

- It's very painful.
- That's fine!

Rightly served!

So, what did you do?

Ask him... If it is
questioning, they ask me.

What happened to us on that day
after seeing that bike is that...

It became like that due to that accident.

How can it become
like that in an accident?

Actually... I was
overspeeding and it happened in that way.

Sir, can it get dismantled
into that many parts?

Hey, retrieving those parts after
that accident itself is a great thing.

Luckily, nothing happened to me.

Leave about yourself, sir.

- First, tell us about the bike.
- Yes.

What's there in that bike?
It is an old PPS.

- PPS?
- PPS?

What is PPS dude?

Sir, are you the SI who
worked at Kotipally SI?


Didn't you buy
Rajdhoot bike in the auction?

Of course, I bought it.

Sir, I was asking about the Rajdhoot.

Hey, calm down.

You came and forced me to show the bike.

Did anyone of you at
least ask me for Rajdhoot?

Idiot! This is all because of you.

On top of that, you didn't
allow me to prepare an omelette.

I will make an online
order of an omelette for you, sir.

Please tell us about Rajdhoot, sir.

His father-in-law is
torturing us day and night.

Yes, sir. Please.

My dad was very fond of Rajdhoot.

That's why I waited till
the auction and bought it.

Sir, we know the story till that point.

Tell us what happened after that.

After that,
I gave Rajdhoot to my father as a gift.

Hmph! You could have given
this PPS vehicle as the gift.


Sir, call your father
and ask him to come here.

It is very important. Please...

No, it is not possible.

I and my father are not in talking terms.

Why? What does your father do?

Hey, what do people
generally do in a village?

They might be doing farming
or running a petty store.

What do you say, sir?

- Hey!
- Oh! He doesn't even farms?

He might have sold them
to educate his children.




Do you know who my father is?

Rajanna from Kadapa.

Hey, I understood your
father-in-law's planning.

It is his idea to get rid of you by
trapping to a person like Rajanna.

What happened next?

Don't ask him? I will narrate it.

After that, our bad luck
gave us a grand welcome.

Our bike broke down.

Then, you came to us like
a Goddess and helped us.

And you know what happened after that.

Oh! Your story is very nice.

It is just like the story of seven fishes.

When the fish is
questioned, it blames the grass.

When the grass is
questioned, it blames the cow.

When the cow is questioned,
it blames the old man.

- That's how your story is.
- Did you hear that?

Hey, she says your story
is already published.

Didn't they mention a
friend character in this?



- Let's go.
- Hmm...

Hey... Hey... Hey... Hoarder!
Let's go, dude.


- We can eat while on the way.
- Alright. Share with me some.

Oh! The distance from here
to Kadapa is very far.

I should first fill the fuel.

Hey, my bike is missing.

Bro, where is the bike
which I've parked here?

Can't you see that board?

You should have told that
before I parked it here.

- Oh no!

Hey. Is it funny that my bike is missing?

Do you know how much I like my bike?

You would know that pain
when you lose your bike!


It is very common in this
kind of areas to lose a bike.

But you are crying like a kid,

- that's very comedy.
- Hey, talk to her.

What do you want now?
Do you expect gratitude in his cry?

This is for the time in his
life he became very emotional.

Anyway, what happened now?

What happened?
The bike is missing.

- You are there, aren't you?
- Oh man!

What do you mean? Do you want
him to crawl to Kadapa from here?

Hey, consider yourself too.


You might have bought it 2 to 3 years ago.

When you react so much for that,

what might be the
reaction of that elderly man

who's been connected
with that for many years.

- Think about it.
- That's a correct point.


Alright! I will drop you on my bike till
halfway and that too if you agree for it.

When girls like you offer a lift,

the guys will readily take
it by throwing their bikes.

Will he deny her offer?

Okay. Let's go.

Hey, what about me?

Thanks for coming. Go home.

What do you think then? What do
you think it is, a bike or a plane?

How can three persons go on a bike?
Tell me.

Stop your imagination!

I asked you to stay with me for a day.

But why have you been
attached to me all these days?

Don't you have any other
work? Be responsible.

Go to your village and
do some worthy work.

This is not working with you.
Come with me.

- Hold on... Hold on...
- Hey, I'm used to sitting on a tank.

I will get adjusted by sitting
on the fuel tank of the bike.

- Please... Please... It is a very big bike.
- Stop... Stop...

- I can really adjust...
- Sir, he's my friend and has no money.

Lift please.

He is our guy. I talked
everything with him. Board it.

- I don't even have money.
- Hey... Just board it... Board it...

- Call me immediately after you reach.
- Hey, please think about it.

- Hey... Hey...
- Bye, dude. Happy journey.

"Treachery... Treachery..."



Everyone knows how much I like
her except my father-in-law.

- He won't accept even if he knows.
- That is what it seems.

I will do anything for her.

If she calls me, I will be before
her eyes within 10 minutes.

She is more important to
me rather than myself.

Not the others... Not even me...
She is the one who believed in me first.

If she believes in me that I can do
certain work, I will do it for sure.

That's why I won't deny her anything.

You said she is more important
to you. That's wrong.

If there is someone who can love,
they should first love themselves.

She is very much fond of you.

When her father allowed you to
visit his home multiple times,

It means she had told her father
about you in a very great way.

She desires to show you
to her father in a very great way.

In a way how girls talk about their
fathers in a great way in their childhood,

Similarly, they want to talk about
their husbands in the very same way.

You are right. But I know more about
her family matters rather than mine.

What do they want other than this?

After the marriage,
she has to come to your home.

So, if you don't behave properly
with your family members,

what would be the case of that girl?

You are a great lover but your
father-in-law expects a responsible person.

Hence, he gave you this
big responsibility.



Alright, then.

I should go in this way
and you go in that way.


I should tell you
something before leaving.

You are an awesome lover.

You are doing so much for your lover.

(SIGHS) It's okay but what would be my
position if I didn't get the bike there?

It's not necessary to think about
all of these before going there.

There is no need of
strong reasons to believe,

it's enough if the belief is strong.

Don't leave it even if there
is one per cent of a chance.

I know that you won't leave it.

You aren't a normal person.

You will repair not just the
vehicles but also humans.

- I'll see you.
- See you.

Hey! Bro... Bro...

What's it, dude? You got neatly ready
and walking alone. Where are you going?

I need to go the upcoming village.

- Into the village?
- Hmm.

Did you pledge that you'd
go there by walking?

- No one is offering a lift to me.
- Oh, is it? Whom are you going to meet?

A person named Ra... Ra... Rajanna.

- I have some work with him.
- Work with him?

He will solve every problem.

- Is it so?
- Yeah. What did you think of our Rajanna?

He is our village headman.

- Tell me after offering the lift.
- Alright, get on.


- Bro, our Rajanna is like our God.
- Hmm.

- He will do anything for us.
- Hmm.

Forget about it.
He abandoned his very own son for us.

He is such a great person.

Heard that they are not on talking terms?

Who told you?
There is nothing as such.

What happened was, we
have a neighbouring village.

'Peta Palli Village'

Why is it having just suffixes?
What about the name of the village?

That's the case of those villagers.
They named the village on their own.

Everybody call them as 'umbrella people'.

They always carry
umbrellas in their hands.

They always argue for everything.

One day, the guy from our village
honked at the girl of their village.

So, those villagers tied him to the tree.

- Tied him?
- Yes.

All those umbrella people
behave in the same way. Brainless idiots!

They believe in everybody's
stories without any introspection.

Rajanna started very
angrily upon knowing this.

He asked that girl if the guy of
our village had really teased her.

And when the girl said no,

he chopped both the hands of the guy
who tied our village guy to the tree.

- Huh!
- Yeah.

Bro, why are you narrating
it in such a simple way?

That is how our Rajanna
behaves if he gets angry.



"This entire land"

"is waiting for the
gesture of your eyes."

"Oh God! Your word is an edict"


"It's an another raging flood if he
arrives by twisting his moustache."

"When the resentment challenges him,"

"he will become a blood
filled massacre sword."

In this way, Rajanna and his son
always used to fight in every matter.

His son questions him, "Who are
you take the law in your hands?"


And his father questions him, "Why should
the justice be delivered just by you?"

In this way, the argument grew big
and it ended up as a very big fight.

Rajanna's son got very angry due
to this fight and left the home.

It's alright but the Rajdoot bike...

- Hey! Did you come for Rajdoot?
- Hmm.

Why didn't you tell me before?

- Upstairs?
- Yes.





why did they build a temple for the bike?

Hmph! If not a temple, would they
build a cement furnace for God(BIKE)?

Will the bike become
God if they worship?

There is a story for that.

Oh God! I heard too many.
Tell me.

Many years ago,

the brakes of a bus carrying
100 people got failed and

was coming very fastly towards the
huts of a village from a highway.

At that very moment, the Rajdhoot bike was
on the middle of the road like a shield.

The bus that lost the
control collided the bike,

dragged it till some
point and got stopped.

In that way, it has saved the
lives of 100 people in the bus

and 200 people in the huts.

We call them as God even
if they save a life, right?

What will it be instead of God
when it has saved a lot of lives?

This is the reason of the temple.


Does a pig become an
elephant if it gains weight?

Does a bike become God
if it saves a lot of lives?

Hell with their superstitions!

They've built a temple
for the bike. Idiots!



Hell with their decoration!

What can I do now? These guys
are worse than my father-in-law.

Why is it not opening?

What should I do now?

How should I steal it?

We ask God if we want anything.

But I want that God now.

Whom should I ask now?

What all should I do?



Who came here at this time?


(YAWNS) Bro, why are you ringing
the bell in the midnight?

The time is 4 am.


Why did you come to the temple so early?

It's time for our Rajanna's arrival.
I should clean the temple.


Let's see.

Excuse me!



That Rajdooth might have
changed a lot till now.

But the symbol on that
bike would never change.

That kind of a symbol
doesn't exist on any vehicle.

Sir... that vehicle belongs to me! Sir!



How much did you make me roam around!


I thought I'd never see you.

I never thought I'd talk to you.

I didn't know I'd touch you like this.

10 loads arrived the day before sir.
I've got them grinded

I sent them to the market too.

Today 8 loads...

Sir, my name is Sanjay.
I've come from Hyderabad.

Er... you have a Rajdoot with you.

That belongs to the
grandfather of the girl I love.

It reached you after going a lot of places.

My Father-in-law doesn't allow
us to get married without it.

So if you could understand
that and give the bike to me...

I'll give you the amount
of the vehicle if you want



Why have you fallen down dude?

I thought you'd leave with the vehicle.
Why haven't you?

Get up!


- You thought I fell down?
- Yeah.

They knocked me down.

Huh? Is it so?

Hey... where are you? In Rajanna's village.

He'll take care of everything
once you tell him the matter.

He'll see that no harm comes to you.
That's Rajanna!

- It's him who ordered to get me bashed up.
- Huh!

Our Rajanna doesn't get people
bashed up just like that!

What have you done?

- I've asked for his Rajdoot.
- Huh?

Who the hell are you to
ask for that vehicle?

It's our vehicle man!

- Your vehicle?
- Yeah.

How can it be your vehicle?

Do you know anything
about that vehicle at all?

Why didn't you tell me
yesterday itself then?

Yesterday I thought you were
talking about the bike in the temple.

This bike has quite a history behind it!

Hey, you say this after I got bashed up?

- Did you ask me earlier?
- Okay tell me.

Okay, I'll tell you.

The day our Rajanna's son
gave the bike as a gift to him...

'Dad... you won't change your
ways how much ever I tell you'

'Though both of us are working for
the people, our ways don't match'

'You don't realise the value of my words'

'and I don't obey you'

'So there is no reason why we
should be on talking terms'

'I know you like Rajdoot a lot'

'Since you put your bike in the temple,
I wanted to give you a bike'

'Only now could it happen'

'Always respecting you,
your son Vikas'

In the grief of his son's separation,
Rajanna was roaming on the bike all night.

In that grief, he hit a statue that was
in the village where umbrella people lived.


He knocked down our statue man!


Come on man!



Pardon me. I made a mistake.

I'll get a new one built.

What would you build? Would my brother's
prestige be back if you re-build it?

I didn't see it.

I'll get new one built.

That doesn't work!

An eye for an eye!

What are you talking man?

This bike for the statue.


Move aside!


Is he drunk or what?

What's with you?

- Is it hurting?
- A lot!

Let's teach him a lesson. Let's go.

With that,
the vengeance they had on Rajanna doubled.

They planned to harm Rajanna.

Fools. They couldn't
even give him a bruise.

After deciding that
they can't harm Rajanna.

As he knocked down the
statue with that bike

they thought of destroying
the bike wherever they find it.

Rajanna was only left with
his bike and his daughter.

He treats his bike and his
daughter more than his life.

That's the story of Rajanna's bike.


So Rajanna would do
anything for his daughter.

What would you take to leave my daughter?

can you show me Rajanna's daughter once?

Hey, he bashed you up only
because you spoke about his bike.

Keep your voice low man. I'll be shamed.

If you talk about his daughter,
he'd break your legs.

Come on! As if I'd do something to her!

Huh? Look... Rajanna's daughter.

Isn't she cute?



Hey! Enough of staring at her!
I've got your cunning idea.

Who do you think that girl is?

- Who is she?
- Drink this.

My girl friend.

Love is blind bro. Love is blind!

So doesn't Rajanna harm you?

He didn't as he doesn't know about it.
I don't know what he does if he knows.

Even this guy like like Mani.

No drinking water too. Ah!

Don't know where I am.


- How long is Hyderabad from here?
- 700 kilometres

700 kilometres? Then Kadapa?

200 kilometres


Bro... can you lend me your phone?
I'll make a call.

Just one call.



Hello mom, I'm Mani.

Not credit card. Hello! I'm Mani.

Well Mani doesn't need it either.

If you call me again, I'll take action.
Hang up!

Hello! Hello!


Give it back.
How much time would you talk?

Don't we have our work?

Ah! I'm hungry and I don't have money...

What a blind love!

Baby are you hurt?

Why do you ask like that?

Strangely I feel a pain in my chest.

Oh! Come on!

You and your silly jokes.

Don't tell me such things. Got it?

I'm not lying! I like you so much.


Why? You don't eat salted biscuits!

But the person who gave them is sweet!

Damn! Hey! You'd get to the streets.


- Why do you block my way?
- As you are beautiful.

Huh! God!

Hey! What's the girl asking
you and what did you answer?

Do you have any sense at all?

Sanjay is better than you people. Damn!

Hey! Eat this. Not him!

It's better to be with him than be here.




You said you'd be back in two days.
Where did you vanish?

I'm right here. You know Madhapur...

I'm in a small village
500 kilometres from there.

What are you doing there?

You know, the office work is too hectic.

- Oh god!
- Will you tell me or not?

Hey, that's what is the truth!

Swear on me?

I'm here for the Rajdoot.


Your grandpa needs a Rajdoot right?

I've been searching all over
for it and reached Kadapa.

There is someone called Rajanna here.

Anyway, you don't worry.
I'll get the bike.


What did you send him for?

He says some Rajdoot.

He is roaming around crazily for that.

He is taking a risk of his life.

He says my grandpa!

But I don't have a grandpa now!

He isn't your grandpa dear. It's his.

Whom your dad liked a lot
before he went into a coma.

If you can get them to him,

there is a chance for mild recovrry.

What do you plan to do now?

I think it's better to
get the bike your father likes.

(SIGHS) He doesn't even know
what his brother is studying.

Why would he go for the
grandpa he has never seen?

I know how to make Sanjay get it.

He will bring it for sure.

Leave it to me. I'll take care of it.
Stop Stressing.

Whatever I said was about his Grandfather.

Sorry dad.

Even I want to give you the best

Sanjay is the best one for you.

Tomorrow I've got to
convince Rajanna somehow.

- Hey!
- Sir...

Give me a soft drink.


It'll not come to you how
much ever you roam around me

I don't have any other option sir

I've got to go back only with it.

Pray to god that you should
return back home alive

I have to get it back even at
the cost of losing my life sir.

You can't take it till I'm alive.

I can't oppose you anyway

I have a small hope that
I could at least change you

I won't change for anyone.


Only because you won't change, you're
seeing your son in this bike so many years.

I won't change for anyone.


Only because you won't change, you're
seeing your son in this bike so many years


Tell me.

What happened to the bike?

I've just found it yesterday.
I've asked them immediately.

They've waited for
nothing and bashed me up.

When I've tried to be at their back
and convince them, it didn't work out.

Now I'm left out with one option...

How? What do you mean how?

Are you a bloody question book?

Do I need to explain the plot in detail?

Rajanna would go to the temple from home

and to the mill from there...

The dumbo doesn't even check if he
removed the key from the bike there.

Isn't the time enough for me
to slip the bike from there?

Now you stop eating my brain and hang up.




- Hey! Crap!
- Yuck!

- Didn't know you weren't straight!
- I'll molest you if you fall on me again!

Hey you kiddos!

We can't do anything about the bike
when it's in Rajanna's village.

Get it here.
We'll decide what to do with it.

What? Yeah.

I've got to steal the
bike today by all means.


Hey! Hey man!

Oh damn!

You stole it as I didn't
give it to you when you asked?

- I'm innocent bro!
- Rajanna!

Rajanna... he's the one who stole Rajdoot.

Hey! What are you talking?

He was plotting the robbery
yesterday right before me.

Now he is bluffing.

It's him who did it bro!

Where is the bike?

Hey! What are you saying?

Bro... if I stole it,
I would have excaped with them!

Think once bro...

Anyway, who will go against you
to help me in this villiage bro?

How do they look?

There were two of them.
They had umbrellas in their hands


Put it!

You put one too!

Like that!

Pout the fuel.

Just pour it.

Pour it kid! Pour all of it!

This should burn Rajanna's heart.

Pour it! Pour it all!

Hey! Hand me the torch!

CROWD: Go ahead bro!

Torch it man!

CROWD: Torch it bro!


CROWD: Awesome bro!




What a bashing!

He just came in, bashed our guys and left!

We got the bike with a lot
of risk and you saved it!

Now who is going to save you?

Kiddo! You stopped our vengeance?

It's a vengeance of long time!

Yeah! Rajanna was here till now.

We were hesitant. Now who would save you?

Damn him! He's here?

Hey Sanjay!

- Who's he?
- Where do I search for you?

Where's the head? Oh! It's a bit above!

Why is it so big?

Whatever, not my business!

Hey! You made me board a
truck on the highway and left!

He looks like a rag picker.
He's gonna save you now?

He isn't here to save me!

Then whom does he save?

Whom are you here for?

Looks like they'd crush my
bones if I say it's for him.

It's for you!

- For me?
- Yeah!

Did he fall for it?

Look... he is here for you.

Well... do you remember your
dad used to visit the city daily?

Yes kiddo! His father asked me not
to when I said I'd accompany him once!

So my father...

But then...

Hey! How can you remember it?
You weren't born then!

This guy's spreading his net again.

Why do you stare like that?

You still didn't get who he is?

- Brother!
- Brother?

- Brother?
- Brother?

Does Nagarjuna Sagar have
anything to do with Penna river?

Where have you been all these days?

Hey! My bones are about to break!
Leave me! Let go!

He is the other one.


Yesterday night,
your dad appeared in my dream and told me.

What did he say?

Thank god!

Atleast now you understand
why the statue broke?

As Rajanna hit it!

You dumbhead...

Don't you still get it?

His heart broke seeing that
you ignored his second son.

But it's the statue that broke!
Why does he say it's his heart?

Well... I'm just comparing the broken
statue to his heart symolically.


Anyway, the statue lies in his heart.

- Is it?
- If you take good care of this guy...

- Yeah.
- It's like taking care of him.


This is your plate of biryani.

Hey! Why are you leaving
reciting some cooked up story?

- Brother!
- Hey wait for me!

Is everybody in the
village so dumb headed?

What are you staring at?

Well... the bike was with me.

Rajanna was fighting on the other side.

Why did I handover the bike to Rajanna
instead of slipping away with the bike?

Huh! Well...

We need to think about the taste of the
chicken while eating it and not the hen!

You're awesome bro!

You brought our brother's bike back.

Huh! Crazy people!

Some people worship a bike like god,
and some people sacrifice a bike to god.

God! How do you bear all of them?
You are great!

Huh? Hey!

- Why did you leave me to them?
- Hey!

Come Mani!

No one used me like you did
on the face of this earth!

Mani, do you think your
mom gave you birth for you?

- Eh?
- She gave you birth for me dude!

Please don't praise me anymore!

I don't have anything other than my life.

That's okay, but how did you come there?

all the villagers are talking about it.

Rajanna caught a fair looking guy by
the collar, dragged him onto the road.


Can't you speak anything but crap?

Always saying my uncle hit me,
Rajanna caught me by the collar.

Cut the crap! Come to the point.

How did you escape from them?


CROWD: Brother is here!
Brother is here!

- CROWD: Brother is here!
- Hey! Put me down!

Is this true?

Hey! Who told you I'm your brother?

- He says my father told him in his dream!
- Ah!

Man! He should've either
appeared in your dream or mine.

Why would he appear in
someone else's dream?

Uncle... what's this?

Er... yeah!

You father had such a big
mole on his right thigh.

You too have it!

So this young man...

Dude... shown them the mole?

Dude, thigh exists from the
knee to the brief to anyone.

Those dumb heads started
checking from my head

I've struggled a lot
and escaped from there.

- Ah!
- Anyway...

how did you cook such a
nasty story on the spot?

How many stories did we
hear since childhood?

This is nothing! (PHONE RINGS)

Dude wait!

I'm super hungry

Order something else


The bill brother.

- What's your pay dude?
- Four thousand rupees bro.

Tell your owner that he has
two servants from tomorrow.

- Hello.
- Grandpa came out of coma.

He would be kept in
observation for 24 hours.

You have to be back before that

I'll be there within
24 hours with that bike.

Hey! Wait, I'm coming too!

Dude, is it necessary to
go to Rajanna's home now?

Dude, I never said no to Priya.

Even now... whatever might happen.

Think once dude.

Hey! Whatever might happen.

We are taking the bike




Someone's coming.

Stop! Please stop!

It's a very serious situation.
Our vehicle broke down.

It's going to take time for
another ambulance to come.

Where do you have to go?

Actually, a person named Rajanna from that
village had a heart attack 10 minutes ago.

- Rajanna...
- I have to reach urgently. Please help.

- Okay come.
- One minute please.

Dude, you wait here. I'll go drop him.

Okay, careful.

Let's go sir.

Okay sir. Thank you. Thanks for your help.

'You can't take it till I'm alive'

What happened?

"Asking for something"

"heart is longing."

"Saying there's no chance for it"

"the situation burns."

"Every second in tornado"

"the same past haunts."

"Stuck in confusion."

"Heart burns to ashes."

"Love of life on a side and
a strange bond on another."

"On which side does the shore exist?"

"Can the pupil rest if the
dreams turn into thorns?"



Your father had a heart stroke.

He is admitted into a hospital sir




Tell me son.

Nothing dad.

Would he be safe?


Why are you being so emotional?

Why did you leave the bike in your hands?

That's the only way in my hand.

Tell me what next?

A person who has no chance
of losing would win for sure.

But a person who has no chance
of winning will try not to lose.

But you gave a word to Priya
that you would get the bike!

The word I gave to Priya
isn't on my mind now.

But that elderly man's life is...

When the people close
to us get separated...

it's their memories that
we have in mind always.

Rajdoot is such a memory
for the elderly man.

If we could give him anything
that he was separated from...

it's equal to giving him that Rajdoot


Praveen, listen to me.

- What?
- I'm scared for some reason.

Hey, you don't be scared.
I'll take care of it. Come!

I feel doing this without
dad's knowledge is not right.

Would he accept it now if we tell him? No!

If we elope, marry and have kids,
then they would compromise.


Shucks! No!

Hey what? Me or your father?


Are you here Bro! See how she is scared!

You bloody...

If you loved her, you should
convince her parents and marry her.

You don't even have the courage to talk
to her dad. Why do you need that girl?

Well you were asking her
to choose between you and her father.

It's her father!

Any girl considers her father important.

You or some idiot come only next.

Your father has been
admitted into hospital Miss.


Pochampally! Get down please!

Dude, why are you at this village now?

Don't say go.
You should say I'll come back soon.

Why'd I come back?

Why don't you knock?

I remembered my words that day.

What happened son?

It was the bike I came for that day

but today, I come for someone's life.

Is brother in any danger?

Is father in any danger?

Usually when people lose faith on people,
they develop love on objects.

But if we could give their
faith back to them...

Thety'd be very happy sir... very happy.

Today, rather than seeing the bike

I feel that he'd be happy to see
the separated brothers together.

Please come down at least for his sake.

Earlier when you came here,
I expected you to speak like this.

Whom do I have for myself... except you?

Let's go son. Come!

I'm going to my dad.

"Love of life on a side and
a strange bond on another."

"On which side does the shore exist?"

"Can the pupil rest if the
dreams turn into thorns?"


Dude... why's the bike here?

Why's the bike here?

Sir... what brings you here?

'We can go till any lengths
for something we love'

'but I didn't know it
would come till this'

'There are two lives
linked to this bike now'

'One is yours,
and another belongs to an elderly man'

'Yet, I remembered you still because'

'I saw the love you have
for this bike practically'

'I don't know the elderly man's fate if he
doesn't see Rajdoot once he's out of coma'

'But the moment you knew Rajdoot was
missing, you ended up with a heart attack'

'That's why I thought
this should stay with you'

'The way you are saving it...'

'this should stay right here saving you'

The moment he saved the bike from fire,
I understood how badly he needed it.

I was just planning to give
it to him by the morning.

But meanwhile this happened.

Anyway, I had the heart attack
not because he took the bike.

But because my daughter left
the house without telling me


But do you know why I
liked that bike so much?

I see you in that always.

The day you stopped talking to me...

I started talking to that bike

I'm sorry dad.

Now that you came back to me,
why do I need that bike son?

He made you come back to me.

He saved my daughter too.

What else do I need son?

Give him his bike back!

And this...

is yours.


Good luck!

Careful father.

- Dude...
- Yeah.

What is my father doing here?

How are you?

I'm doing good brother.

Why is he calling my dad his bother dude?

- How are you younger one?
- Father!

Younger one...

What's happening here?

Even the characters in a Korean
film never confused me so much.

He is the one father...
brother's elder son Sanjay.


He got back our bike we thought we lost
10 years ago with a lot of effort father.

Oh god!

You've been made a jackass!

Who's a jackass here?

Everyone has a clarity there!

You've made a jackass of me!

Dude, I'm an outsider. How can I
know who your aunts and uncles are?

You don't even know
who your relatives are?

How can you live without
minimum family emotions man?

What's the worth of your life?

Oh damn!


(GROANS) Lakshmi!

Hey... come here lad!

- Have you got it back for me?
- Yes grandpa.

It's like your grandmother!

Lakshmi! Oh Lakshmi!

- Your father-in-law is here.
- Is he?

- Where is he?
- Right behind you.

What's he up to?

- Hey!
- Yeah.

You've made me a jackass!

- You are one!
- Ah!

Else you should've got it when you
started to the village first.

- Ain't it?
- Of course!

- It's this guy actually...
- Nice meeting you.

I got the bike back as you asked uncle!

- Yeah...
- So shall we fix the wedding?

- I asked the bike for my father.
- Eh?

You brought the bike for your grandpa,
united your family.

- Huh?

- I got the bike as you asked!
- Yeah...

- And now you talk like this?
- Ah!

This is injustice uncle!

You feel it's an injustice?

Isn't it then?

I'll give you another chance then.


Long ago, my father had a Premier
Padmini car in the village.

- Ah!
- He sold it when he was in need of money.


Get it back and I'll
marry my daughter to you.

- You'd become a used item dealer this way.
- That's what dude!


Good concept uncle! Very good concept.

- Do you what they call this?
- Eh?


Crazy father-in-laws like you...

- No.
- Okay, come.

Hey! What's this?


Uncle! You don't get to him.
He'll get to me then.

Then we both will have to get to the road!

Already my life's become a super big mess.

What's with you huh?

Anyway, that guy mistakes a
chickoo for a boiled potato.

And you're the kind who'd show a
chickoo and make one eat a potato

I can't deal with you both. Leave me!

Do you have a girl friend too?

Why? Planning to assign me some
work and send me to Pakistan?

Something good I haven't
done in life is... love.

Oh! Is it?

- There are two reasons why.
- Tell me.

- One is...
- Hello, Sujana. Did you eat food?

- Are you leaving me?
- It's because of such people.

- Second reason is father-in-laws like you.
- Oh!

If we get into a love marriage,
son-in-law should respect father-in-law.

- Oh...
- But in case of arranged marriage.

Father-in-law has to
respect his son-in-law.

- Is it?
- I want that respect.

- You want that respect?
- Yeah.

Come, I'll show you that respect


Do you want to marry your daughter to him
after knowing everything about my son?

It's because I know everything about him,
Im so happy to marry my daughter to him.

- Is it true?
- Yeah.

You should've understood when
I put such a big job on him.

How much I trust him.

Anyway, wedding doesn't require a
qualification, but responsibility.

He has it now.

I can't search for a more good
and perfect fellow than him.

Let that happen then.

All the best!

To you too!