Rajavukku Check (2018) - full transcript

Tell me.

The hearing of your case
is at 10 a.m.

Didn't you start yet?

Hang over?

Just now had a hang over peg.

Are you coming to court, drunk?

Some people come
to the temple, drunk.

Don't worry.

The drunkard will always speak the truth.

For ten years, this divorce case
was in proceedings.

You haven't revealed the reason
for filing the divorce.

It's okay, if you don't tell
the reason to the court.

But, atleast are you aware
of the problem between you?

If you had filed
by mutual consent,

You would've got divorce in a year.

But, Mrs. Gowri, you ask for divorce.

Mr.Raja, you're prolonging for ten years
without giving her the divorce.

You are not living together too.

If asked, you say that
you'll miss your daughter.

Her future...
something you're saying.

It's you, who is
spoiling her future.

Your daughter has got
a place in University of Toronto, Canada.

Sign language linguistics
and speech language pathology,

She has got scholarship to do
graduation in both the courses.

She must join within
two weeks of getting the visa.

Her uncle's residence is there.

She is going to stay along
with her mother there.

What's your problem in this?

Her future and career...
Aren't these foremost?

Foremost only, madam.

Before my daughter leaves,
I wish that she ought to...

... spend just ten days with me.

Mrs.Gowri, do you agree for this?

No. Not necessary, madam.

Madam, when the court said
we can live apart,

She was seven years old, then.

That too daughter.

So, she must stay
with her mother.

You said, she can stay with
her father for one day in a month.

If so, a day in a month...
twelve days in a year...

In ten years, only for one hundred
and twenty days...

...my daughter stayed with me.

In ten years, it's four months.

Only four months,
my daughter stayed with me.

Every month, just for one day,

She'll come to my home.

When coming so,
at one time,

She was different.

She felt shy.

By her behaviour,

I knew that she attained puberty.

After all, I'm her father!

I'll sign the divorce papers.

Let my daughter go abroad
for her studies.

After the completion of the
formalities in these two days,

My daughter should stay
with me for at least ten days.

I missed my daughter for ten years.

Madam, so for ten days,

I must live with her
as "dad - daughter".

If it's acceptable,

I'll agree to sign the divorce papers
and to go abroad.

Mrs. Gowri, The divorce case
hasn't get over.

As per child custody law,
if he doesn't agree,

You can't take her to abroad.

Decide about it.

The court will meet after lunch.

You haven't revealed the reason
yet for filing the divorce.

It's okay, if you don't
tell the court.

But, at least are you aware
of the problem between you?

Not much difference in the scan.

Any difference in the symptoms?


Earlier, he slept for two, three days...

Now, he sleeps for two, three weeks...

Earlier, it came once
in two or three years.

Now, it comes twice
or thrice in a year.


Sometimes, it comes twice
in a month.

First, you must understand the problem.

The sleeping nature
of your husband is a disease.

A rare neurological condition.

It's called,
"Kleine-Levin syndrome".

It's also called as
"sleeping beauty syndrome".

In 750 crores of world's population,

Only thousand people suffer
by this syndrome.

Don't know why it comes.

No medication also.

Generally, a person can sleep
for eight hours a day.

But, these people will sleep
for eight days, even for eight weeks.

In California, a girl has slept
for eight months.

Those who are affected may wake up
after days, weeks, months, even years.

But, it doesn't mean
that they sleep ever.

When normal, they wake up
and go to bed like other people.

But, when they get these
kind of attacks...

...like heart attack
and asthma attack.

You can call this
as "sleep attack".

When they get these
kind of attacks,

We cannot determine
when they'll wake up,

It's known that a person will not
do any fault in his sleep.

But, what is your problem
when he is sleeping?

Why can't you understand
his problems?

You only can't understand
my problem.

You said casually,
what's my problem with his sleep?

When my daughter was
two years old,

He was driving the car.

I was playing with my daughter.

Suddenly, the car lost control.

When I checked on him,
he was asleep.

Then, I took control
of the wheels…

... got hit.

And we survived with minor injuries.

If missed, we would've been dead.

Then, the other day, he took
the baby for a shower...

...and he didn't return for

When I checked on him,

He was asleep in the bathroom.

The baby was screaming
in the bathtub filled with water.

Oh, no...hey...!

What if she had drowned
in the bathtub?

An another incident happened
during Diwali.

Everybody was bursting crackers along
with the family in front of their houses.

Even myself and my daughter
were bursting crackers.

Don't get scared.
-be careful.

Dad is with you.
-Dad, I'm afraid.

The sparks might fall
on the dress.

Suddenly, she ran into the house.

When I checked on her,

Dad, please get up.

Dad please come.

Dad please dad.

Everyone is bursting crackers, dad.

You too join us.

But, he was asleep not
aware that day was Diwali.

Wear new dress, dad.

Everyone's dad are bursting crackers.

You too come dad.

How would I've felt seeing that?

While everyone is awake,
he falls asleep.

But, when everybody falls asleep,

I'm awake.

I can understand
what you're thinking of.

But, I'm not implying that.

A husband is not only a
physical companion for a woman...

...but also an emotional companion.

I wonder, whether
you can understand,

Even if you're a doctor,
you're also a male.

Mrs.Gowri, do you agree for your daughter
staying with him for ten days.

Yes, madam.

I'm taking care of my daughter
safely since ten years.

Please, take care of her
safely for ten days....

"Deaf and Dumb school"

In a forest, a pregnant deer
was grazing around with it's herd.

Suddenly, the labour pain became intense
and she gave birth to a fawn.

Four lions encircled
the deer herd.

All the deers flee away.

The mother deer, for the sake
of the other fawns of her...

...left the new born
and flee away.

The four lions encircled
the fawn.

That fawn isn't aware that
it is encircled by four lions...

...and started playing with them.

Even, the four lions were playing with the fawn, thinking
anyway they're going to kill it.

And the deer played happily,
without realising, it's going to be their prey.

Thanks, dad.

Mom informed me that you've given
consent for my abroad studies...

...and I'll be staying with you
for ten days.


Why didn't you tell me that you're
so interested to go abroad for studies?

It's not only studies,
but a great service.

But, I'm supposed to
learn the course there.

Sir, good morning.

Tell me.

Visa has arrived.

I'll bring her today evening.
-Mom, I'm going to take bath.

On 10th of evening,
I'll take her back.

Why it's on 10th?

The flight is on 11th, isn't it?

On 10th is her birthday.

We must celebrate.

Why? Won't we celebrate?

The flight is on 11th at 12'o clock.
She'll be in the airport at 9 a.m.

I can't believe your timing.

Leave her at 8 a.m.

Okay, on 11th, exactly at 8 a.m,
she'll be at the airport.

It's good, you help me to
solve the case in office.

But, you also say that you'll help me
to clean up the house.

Sir, you don't have anyone to help
in cleaning up the house.

You're staying alone.

Your daughter is coming.
- for that?

Who'll help you
other than us?

It seems someone had moved.

See here.

That side.

Take it.

Take it.
Hurry up.

You've botched it.

He was waiting outside
on the bike.

Hey, who knows that he'll come
at mid-day instead of mid-night?

No problem at all now.

There is no CCTV camera
either in the house or on the road.

I brought the purse and
the wrist watch.

They might've thought me as thief.

Hey, he is a police.

The one who finds
the crimes outside...

...can't he find out the same
inside of his house?

We have just ten days.

If anything goes wrong,
I'll kill you people.

Definitely, he is a thief.

He took away the watch
and the purse.

Even the bike number is fake.

It's better to file a complaint
in the nearby police station.

Leave that, sir.

You're habitual of drinking alcohol
for ten years.

How will you cut off for ten days?

If it's for daughter,
I have to stop everything.

It's a comfort feel.

Sir, except the empty bottle for decoration,
there is no alcohol stuff in the house.

Now the house is clean.

Thank you, Mani.




She dropped me and left.

The house looks anew.

It's for you.

Then, your things aren't seen.

That's also for you.

Holiday for ten days.

Dad is fasting.

Can you?

It's tough only.

I'll manage, leave it.

You're going to stay with dad.

Whatever you want to taste,

Wherever you want to go,

Whatever you want to see,

Tell me everything.

No restrictions.

Enjoy yourself.


Shall we go to the pub?

Yes, daddy.

I have never been to the pub.

My friends called me.

But, I'm not interested
to go along with them.

But, I wish to see
how it will be?

Shall we go?

Yes, we'll go.

Welcome, mam.

Welcome, sir.

I want an orange juice.

What do you want?

What other juice is here?

You've lot of choices.

You've a look at it and order.

I'll go to restroom.

What is this?
-brandy, sir.

Instead of giving juice for her,
you kept brandy.

She only ordered for it, sir.

Daddy, I only ordered.


Do you drink?

No, daddy.

I ordered for you.

For me?

It's okay, dear.

It's okay, daddy.

No, I don't want.

It's okay.

Are you okay with it?

Shall I take?

Waiter, extra three large.

Why, daddy?

I must order now itself.
Else, they'll bring late.

They all drink to pass the time.

But, I drink to kill the time.



Shall we dance?

Superb dance!

Daddy, do you know
why I asked you to take drinks?

Whether deliberately or not,
you've become habitual of drinks.

It's different, if you decide on your own
and quit permanently.

Instead, for my sake,
you mustn't quit forcefully.

You told me to enjoy whole heartedly
for ten days with no restrictions.

Telling me not to restrict,

Why you must restrict yourself?

You told me to rejoice, then
why you must leave your rejoicement?

That's why I told you
to take drinks.

"Lord! My Lord!
You grant the child as a boon"

"In the cells...within the cells...
you're drawing an amazing poetry"

"You're my daughter"

"You're my life"

"You're the penance I did"

"Like the moisture in the stone, the father's
affection delves in deep like an invisible root"

"It's a bliss...it's a bliss..."

"An oodles of bliss,
because of you, dear"

"It's a bliss...it's a bliss..."

"An oodles of bliss,
because of you, dear"

"Lord! My Lord!
You grant the child as a boon"

"I can understand the world
which you live"

"I realise, I'm that world"

"When I stay close to you,
my dear dad..."

"My heart oozes like a spring"

"You're compassionate
in your languages"

"You hold an umbrella
even for my shadow"

"You've given yourself as my daughter"
"You are born with my resemblance"

"Won't my life get extended?

"Are you my child?"

"Or my mother?"

"Do I need a re-birth?"


"Enough of this birth..."


"Enough of this birth..."

"It's a bliss...it's a bliss..."

"An oodles of bliss,
because of you, dear"

"My life will be full of eternal love"

"Did I think, on the day I was born"

"To all the lives
which comes on earth"

"Will they be blessed with
a father just like you?"

"You stay awake bountiful
with my thoughts"

"You'll wake up, if it's my name
even in your sleep"

"My shoulders there for you to lean,
close your eyes"

"Celebrate it as a cradle"

"I want you ever to be with me"

"My love..my love..."

"My dear...my dear..."

"Even after my death,
I'll reincarnate as your child"


"Enough of this birth..."


"Enough of this birth..."

Tell me the name and birth star.

Today is my daughter's birthday.

Kirthiga, Karthigai star.

I'm giving this confession on my own.

The police didn't force me.

Though you confess...

…there is chance of getting sentence.

What sentence, sir?

Is it above my conscience?

The judgement might be
given for ten years.

Will be released in seven years
based on good conduct.

I'm only 28 years old.

If I get released
at the age of 35,

I will live happily with my wife
and children till my end.

You go ahead...

What, dear?
-daddy, didn't you start yet?

I ordered for a cake.
Has it arrived?

The cake has arrived.

When are you coming, daddy?

Already, your mom is furious on me
for not sending you on birthday.

She'll arrive now.

All your friends will drop in now.

Enjoy well.

After I come,
we'll go out for dinner.

We'll celebrate there too
by cutting a cake.

We'll enjoy well.

Yeah, daddy.

Daddy, When you come home today,
I'm going to give you a great surprise.

Is it?

Okay, come soon.

Sir, just five minutes.

Sir, just five minutes.

Switch it off.


Cigarette, sir.

Is it okay, sir?

Okay, take it.

Thanks, sir.

Sir, why do you give cigaratte
to the criminals?

Just to make them happy.

He may even reveal
which he thinks of hiding.

Superb, sir.


Open the door.

Get something.

Take that.

-move on...move on...


Hey, come here.

Lift him.

Go and take the vehicle.

He had escaped
as the blade was blunt.

Actually, he can speak.

The vocal cord is not slit..

Due to loss of blood and sedatives,

He is yet to regain conscious.

He is okay.

Won't there be any problem?
-don't worry,

This hospital is mine.

I must only report, right?

I told my daughter that,
I'll take her for dinner.

She'll be awaiting.

It's time.


What happened?


I think, you need to sleep.

Oh, no! Doctor,

If I sleep tonight,
my daughter will leave.

She'll come after four years.

I don't know whether
I will see her or not.

Today is her birthday.

I must spend time with her.

Do something, doctor.

There is medication to
calm down our mind.

Likewise, there is medication to
keep our mind alert.

Now, I have injected that
medicine in this drips.

I mustn't give this medication
to you right now.

As per your health condition
you need a deep sleep.

As no other way,
I have injected this medicine.

I'm not sure,
how long it will be active.

Because, your body condition
is against it.

My conscience doesn't agree
to do this job, as a doctor.

But, I did this as a father.

Did he wake up?
-no, sir.

Okay, take care of him.
-okay, sir.

I'll drop Kirthi at airport
and come to office.

Tell me.

Just now he left.

I'll hang up the call, okay.



Daddy, I will give you a great surprise
when you come home today.

Hi daddy, birthday decorations
are almost done.

How is it?


I'll get ready wearing a new dress.

Then, all my friends will come.

Even, their siblings will come.

Mom will also come.

When are you coming, daddy?

Come soon.

Daddy, you said you'll be late.

And asked me to start
the birthday celebrations.

I'm going to cut
the cake now, daddy.

"Happy birthday to you"

"Happy birthday to Kirthi sister"

"Happy birthday to you"

"May God bless you, dear".

"Happy birthday"

"May God bless you, dear".

Come here.

"Happy birthday, sister."

Bye, Kirthi sister.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Okay dear, I'll leave.

Your dad will come at midnight
and take you for dinner.

You too come for dinner, mom.

That's the only thing left out.

I have lot of works.

Your packing is yet
to be completed.

I must cross check
your certificates.

Okay, I'll leave.

Come to the airport with
your dad, exactly at 8 a.m

Do you understand?

I told you that I'll take her along
with me for birthday celebrations.

You said, you'll take her.

Good, you celebrated very well.

Okay, I'm leaving.

I'll send off mom.

What daddy?
Are you upset?

You know about mom.

Don't care, daddy.

I don't know when you both
have become like this.

But, after completing my studies,
when myself and mom come back...

...I'm damn sure you both
will be together.

In my childhood, I remember,
I slept in midst of you both...

...with my legs on you both.

Then, I met you once in a month.

Ten years passed away.

Today is the only day.

I'll leave tomorrow.

I'll miss you more
than you miss me.

But, one thing daddy...

Though how many years go on,
the best ten days in my life…

…will ever be these ten days
I spent with you.

One more thing, daddy.

I told you that
I'll give you a surprise.

What's that...?

I'm in love, daddy.

I didn't tell mom.

First, I reveal you.

After mom left,
I asked him to come now.

If you were here, I would've
introduced you in person.

It's okay, you get introduced
by the video.



Just a minute, daddy.

It's okay, come.


Before Two years...


Tell me.

I'm a model.

Basically from Bangalore.

As I get offers, I stay here individually
in a rented flat.

A month before,

I participated in the ramp walk
for a product launch.

On that night,
I got an anonymous call.

They spoke indecently.

I scolded and disconnected the call.

But, the same guy called me
routinely from different numbers.

And he said, "I always think of you
from the day, I saw you in the ramp walk".

"Myself and my friends need you".

"I'll pay you no matter
how much you ask for".

He tortured me.

I spoke normally.

Even scolded him
but he didn't heed.

I have changed my
contact numbers thrice.

But, he traced out that number
within a day and called again.

Earlier, they spoke casually.

Now, they say that
I'll be paid if I admit.

If I create any fuss,
they threaten to abduct me.

You could've informed the police.

"We'll clinch the deal,
till you don't approach the police".

"We'll be watching you".

"When we know that you
approached the police,

We'll abduct you on that day itself".

Even when I am talking with you,
I feel like someone is watching, sir.

Today is my birthday.

I don't have a mindset
to go to temple also.

I'm afraid, sir.

Aadhira, cool down.

Then, you said
you've all the numbers.

Message me all those.
I'll ask to track that.

To the core, don't go alone
anywhere at night. right?

You said, today is your birthday.

Here is my gift.

Sir, no.

It's okay, take it.

No, sir.
-take it.

Next week is my daughter's birthday.

I bought it for her.

You're also like my daughter.
Please take it.

Thank you, sir.

Will you use it?

-Sir, I'm Aadhira.

Tell me.

Sir, post meeting at Taj hotel,
in the evening,

I went to take
my car in parking lot.

They've put up a handkerchief
from behind.

I'm not aware of anything
after that.

After I woke up,
I knew it's the car boot.

They're abducting me somewhere.

Please, save me.

Don't hang up the call.
Keep talking.

Stay connected.
-okay, sir.

Do you know what vehicle is it?

I don't know anything, sir.

Just follow, what I say.

Don't do any other thing.
-okay, sir.

Sir, the car has halted.

Don't be panic.

Don't hang up the call.
Hide the phone.


-hello sir.

Where are you?

They've abducted me, sir.

Where are they now?


I locked the door, sir.

They're breaking it.

Is it upper floor?

What kind of dress
are you wearing?

What things are there
in the room?

Follow carefully, what I say.

Damn it.




To me?


Leave me.

Leave me.

She dares to escape...

Hey, take the hand.

Hey, I'm the next.

Hey, leave me.


Hey, go and check
who is that?

Leave me.

Leave me.

Leave me.

We've seen many girls.

It's not new to us.

Unnecessarily, you're barging in
and creating issue.

Am I creating issue?

You've abducted a girl
against her wish.

Isn't that wrong?

You show off your attitude
that you can do anything...

...as you belong to rich family.

Sir, are you going to file
a case on us…

…as we had abducted her?

We'll prove that
she is a slut.

Why do you invoke that girl
unnecessarily in this case?

Is it a different case?

In whatever category,
you file a case,

We'll be relieved of
that case in a day.

If you stand
head over heels also,

There is a case which you can't
come out for atleast a year.

Do you know that?

Okay, i'll tell you.

All these guys are
from rich families.

We've seized over twenty kilograms
of brown sugar here.

They've supplied all these
to the college students...

...and made them addicted.

As we were near, we encircled
them as soon as we got a tip-off.

We've informed to the
narcotics department.

We have attacked them
for self-defense.

Nothing happened.

We're going to hand over them.
That's all.

Sir, who are they?
Who are their parents?

Sir, have you informed their parents?

When will you produce them
in the court?

Sir, tell us.

Daddy, he is Akshay.

A very good guy.

I think friends have arrived.
Just a minute.

I introduced myself
to your daughter in Facebook.

And tracked her by
chatting in WhatsApp,

Everything just for you!

After one year of imprisonment,
I came out...

... and roamed behind your daughter
for a year without any other job,

Just for this day!

The pain we undergone
for a year, in the prison...

...you're going to undergo
that pain in this night.

It's a fault, if we abduct a girl
against her wish.

Now, your daughter likes me.

You filed a fake case on four of us,
to save some unknown girl.

Save your daughter from four
of us, today. if you can!

Daddy, these are Akshay's friends.

So, they're my friends too.

They'll take utmost care on me.

The pain we underwent
in the prison for a year...

..you're going to undergo
that in this night.

Tell me.
Hey, hang up the phone.

Ask the team to come.
-okay, sir.



Without watching the entire video,
you've come here.

Hello, who are you?

Listen to me carefully.

If you don't watch the video till the end,
then you don't know what's in that?


Your daughter is in the video,
but not in the home.

You doesn't know whether
she is alive now or not.

If she is alive, because of
your foolish act,

There are chances of her
not being alive.

If you don't go home immediately...

The management is not responsible,
for the loss.


Sir, why did you call us?

No, nothing.

A simple matter.

I thought of discussing.

Nothing important.

We'll talk tomorrow morning.
-okay, sir.

-okay, sir.

Good night, sir.

He asked us to come.

But, left without saying anything.

Will there be any problem?
-unable to understand anything.

They'll take utmost care on me.

Just like you!



You forwarded it, right?

You would've done.

You can't wait for a minute
till the countdown gets over.

One year in prison, another one year
behind your daughter.

We were waiting for this day
for two years.

Then, an important order.

You shouldn't touch the TV remote.

Stop, freeze, forward...
you shouldn't do anything.

You must watch the entire video.

Because, you don't know
what will happen next in this video.

You don't know
what'll happen at the end.

Then, if you try your police intelligence
to save your daughter,

Then, it's not "effort is the
mother of good fortune".

It'll be a bad fortune!

You filed a narcotics case on us stating,
we made the students addicted.

Have you seen your daughter
induced by drugs?

You'll see today.

Do you know the name of it?

Magic mushroom.

If taken, it's more effective than weed.

If she takes one,
the effect will be high.

If taken two, the effect
will be deadly.

If she takes three, she won't be
aware of what's happening around her.

Will you see the magic spell of
this magic mushroom?

Dude, I have a rare item for you all.

What's that?

Magic Mushroom.

If we take this, a magic spell
happens in our body.

It will be like floating.

I want...

I want, dude.

Hey, I say it's a rare piece.

But, everyone is simply asking.

Let's do one thing.

We'll play a game.

I'll give a maximum of three.

What game?
-superb, we'll play.

Very simple.



I'm the winner.

My birthday gift for Kirthi.
-thank you.

Happy birthday!


Hey, it's you.

Birthday is for you.
-see him.

Happy birthday!


How is it?

Will you alone give her
birthday gift?

Won't I?
-give it.

My birthday gift for Kirthi.

I am feeling uneasy.

She has taken three.

She doesn't know
what will happen after this.

But, you'll know.

As you're going to watch it.

Sir's way of behaviour seems
to be abnormal, isn't it?

He was drunk heavily.

Not that, without any problem,
Why should he call us?

Sir, the stuff is over.

We'll get from sir's table.


Ravi, it's okay,
let's tell him tomorrow.


Get the bottle from sir's table, if any.
-okay, sir.

On seeing this, it's evident
that he was highly restless.

Not that much clear too, right?

Sir, it doesn't look like a hint.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Take it, dude.

Happy birthday!

We smeared a little.

But, you...

Hold her.

Hey, she is running.

Hey, catch her.

Catch her, dude.

Hold her, dude.

Why did you smear like this?

You did, right?

It's okay.
Take bath.

You must also take bath.

Go ahead, I'll come.

Your daughter is calling me
to bathe.

Shall I go?

She isn't aware of
what she's doing.

Hey, give me the camera.



Tell me, sir.

Nothing, I'll call you later.

Hey, dude.

Go inside.

Just wait.

Just wait.

She needs to remove her dress.

Then, when I enter,
the display will be perfect.

Now, she'll finish bathing.

Just wait.

Hey, you...

Where are you?




Hey, tell me.

Don't get tensed.

Already I instructed you
not to forward, freeze and stop.

You aren't listening.

Now, you made a call.

To whom?

To police?


What you watch is
the recorded video.

But, we're watching you "Live".

And listening too.

Every corner of your house
is fitted with the camera and mic.

I'll disconnect the call
and ring up later.

You are a police, right?

Try to find out
what's there and where they're?

Good, you have found out.

You would've understood now,
how close we're watching you.

Listen to me patiently.

Your daughter is unstable.

If anything ought to happen,
it would've happened long before.

As I said earlier, you'll undergo the pain
this night which we suffered for a year.

Just now it begun.

Still many sorts of torture
is awaiting you.

If you don't listen to me,
if you don't watch this video fully,

Then, you can't see your
daughter on the whole.


We're spying on you, whether
you watch this entire video.

Better, watch that video
from where you paused.

Enjoy the show.

You came to the office.

But, you left without
conveying anything.

When called, then also
you didn't say anything.

That's why, came to meet you.

You opened the door immediately.

Didn't you sleep, sir?

I was drinking.

Shall I get a peg, sir.

Sir, why are you still drinking?

Are you upset about
your daughter going abroad?

Where is she? sleeping upstairs?

Be seated.

Sir, I'll leave.

Good night, sir.

The police came and left.

Now, what you do...

Without closing your eyes,
you must watch the entire video.

How was the tension?

You're tensed just for this?

We're yet to start
the main game.

We know well.

Anyway, we'll get caught.

Is there need of any other
evidence than this video?

But, we aren't concerned about that.

You tried to teach us
a lesson by imprisoning...

So, you must be taught
a lesson by us.

That's our intention.

You must know that
you'll be electrocuted,

When you come in contact
with electricity.

Because of you, the electrocution
is passed to your daughter.

Shall we begin the main game?


The mushroom you gave
was superb.

Will you give me one more?


If I give you the mushroom,
what'll you give me in return?

What to be given?

A Kiss.

Not like this.

Then, how?


What happened?

I asked you for mushroom.

What are you doing?

You want mushroom, right?

Jerald sir,

Where are you?

I'm still on the road
near sir's house.

If you stay there,
that might be a problem to him.

Move on.

Okay, sir.

Hey, dude.

Didn't you bathe?

She took bath.
That's enough.

Hey, dude.
Do you have the pack?

I have.

For us?

I have four packets, count of 12.

Isn't it enough?
-Superb, dude.

That's enough.

Dude, a doubt.

What, if that's not enough?

She'll die.

Dude, it's okay, you go first.

It's ever the same.

Superb, dude.

Then what, the bottle itself
pointed at you.

You have to do the puja at first.

Leave, dude.

Okay, I'll leave.

Decide who is the next?

I'm going.

Will you watch?

No, it won't be good.

Dude, she is very young.

Don't show up your heroic adventures.

Behave carefully.

Is it only for me?

Don't you behave carefully?
-everyone will be careful, together.

Hey, dude.
Have you done?

He has come.



Come on...come on...
It's awesome.

My dear...

My dear...

He has come.
-come on, dude.

It's of next level.

Dude, he had rocked.








Do you wish to see
your daughter?


You didn't expect this twist,
isn't it?

You don't understand
how she came in, right?

When your daughter
was taking bath.

But, you would've understood
why she came inside?

She is the starting point, right?

How it's possible without her?

What happened to her,
will happen to your daughter next.

Why he has sent to different
mobiles instead of one?

He would've sent the numbers purposely
to different mobiles, to see them separately.

7582 16, will that be case file?

7582 space 16.

Right, it's 2016.


Look for the case file 7582
of the year 2016.

Okay, sir.

Upon tracking his call list,

It's clear that all the calls
are internet calls.

All calls are enrouted
through Russia.

So, we can't trace out
the incoming calls.

What? Are you tensed
as the video was off?

Take the remote and
change to AV2.

Click the Live TV link in that.

You watched us playing so far.

Now, we both will play together.

Because, so far the video
you watched was recorded.

That's happened.

Now, what you're going to
watch is "Live".

This is happening.

If you miss anything,
you can't rewind that.

What you missed is missed only.

So, don't switch off the TV
for any reason.

You're not tied up.

Your house is opened.

You've the phone.

You're going to watch "Live" now.

You are a police, right?

Try to save your daughter,
If you can.

We'll see later whether
you'll save her.

First, you watch the "Live" show.

Why are you here at this time?

I'll take her now itself.

If you don't bring her
tomorrow morning on time...

...then, it'll be a problem.

I'll bring her.

Is it like how you came
for the celebration?

Where is she?



She is sleeping.

I'm telling you,
I'll bring her.

I can't believe you.

I'll take her with me.



I won't send her.

Then, I'll not go.


Why TV is on at this time?

You're dressed up,
and wearing socks too.

I switched on the TV
as I shouldn't fall asleep.

What, a TV is being played
inside another TV?

First, you leave.
I'll bring her.


My boyfriend.


I'm call taxi driver speaking, madam.

Just wait for sometime.

There's no waiting norms
in call taxis, madam.

Cancel this call taxi service
and book for another one.

What, If I don't get
another one?

What can I do for that?

Either cancel the service
or come soon.

I'll come.

If she is not there at 8 a.m,



Sir, these guys are the reason
for the problem.

Then, 366A?

That is IPC...

Procuration of minor girl.

To abuse the minor girls,
either by taking or by abducting.

It's clear, sir.

Because of these four guys,

Sir's daughter is in problem.

Not only that, they're monitoring
sir through the camera.

Even, they've locked
that girl somewhere.

We don't have phone number…

…or any hint to trace
these four guys.

If so, he would've conveyed
that to us first.

Even the internet calls
are made through hotspot...

...instead of mobile and broadband.

Sir's daughter and that four guys...

...mobile numbers must be traced out,

Immediately, we must find out who
their family members are...

...and their whereabouts too.

Sure, sir.


Has my mother-in-law left?

I didn't let you
to get caught by her.

I'm not that bad.

Okay, shall we start our job?

You weren't able to find us,
when we sneaked into your house.

It'll be impossible for you to
trace this place.

Shall we play a new game?

I'll join.

Okay, your daddy is watching you.

Say "hi" to him.

Hi, daddy.

I'm going to play a new game.

Wish me all the best.

That fawn isn't aware that
it is encircled by four lions...

...and started playing with them.

I asked you to wish me best of luck.
But, you say something.


Hey, she understands
sign language.

Don't know what he said?

Whatever he said,
she can't understand.

She is unstable.

If she was, will she stay with us,
without questioning,

When she is about to leave
to Canada at morning.

But, watch her closely.

The mobile number of those
four guys and sir's daughter number...

...is switched off for a long time.

Prior four hours, Ashwin's mobile
was switched on.

But, receiving area cell tower
indicates the location of sir's house.

He got a call from the criminal,
who slit his neck at evening.

Upon inquiring, it's revealed that he
was given five lakh rupees...

...and was asked to act like
slitting the neck.

He wasn't aware of anything else.

Among the four, one of the guy's parents
are settled in abroad,

Another guy's father is in Delhi.

The other guy's parents
reside in Bangalore.

One of those guy's father
is in pub right now.

Then, he is our target.

Sir, It'll be morning in a short time.

Dude, come here.

Just watch this.

Hey, it's gone.

Hey, check it.

Will it get connected or not?

Hey, wait for a minute.

Hey, hurry up.

What! he has slept.

He won't wake up
if he falls asleep.

Hey, he is sleeping.

Is there any changes
in her behaviour?

No change at all.

Hey, come, let's go.

That fawn isn't aware that
it is encircled by four lions...

...and started playing with them.

Dude, no.

Listen to me.

That girl was different.

This girl is in love with you.
You acted as if you too love her.

Hey, you go first.

We'll see later.

Shall we play a new game?

What game?

Come, I'll tell you.



What happened?


Businessman Govindarajan met with an accident
and was seriously injured.

He is admitted in a private hospital
and his condition is critical.

I must go.

I must go, please.

They would've tried my number,
it might not be reachable.

I must go, please.
Hey, tell him.


Okay, go.

Don't switch on the phone here.

Switch on after reaching
the hospital and seeing your father.


Accident case.
-ICU first floor, sir.

Did he tell anything?

Sir told to create a fake news
and flash it in TV...

...as that guy's father
met with an accident.

It's sir.

He told to come home
as a back up with jammer.

Hey, hurry up.


Come fast.

CCTV camera is fixed
everywhere in the house.

They're watching my activities
through that camera.

We must leave from here
as soon as possible.

Come, quick.
-okay, sir.

What's this?

Sir, it's a mini wireless
video transmitter and receiver.

It'll cover upto
hundred kilometres of radius.

You mean, hundred kilometres?
-yes, sir.


Cover twenty seconds footage
in the mobile...

...in the same angle
of coverage as CCTV.

Be quick.

Okay, sir.


The maximum time difference
is only two hours...

...after they left from home
and for "Live Relay".

If we count upon city traffic,

Upto Minjur at North,

Gudavanchery at South,

Annanur at West and

Thiruvidanthai at East.

They can't go beyond this.

So, we have to search at the
maximum radius of sixty kilometres.

He is not revealing anything
though he has been hit hard.

Did you traced out the
phone number of that modelling girl?

It's switched off, sir.

GPS watch?

Not working, sir.



Hey, why do you hold me?

Leave me.




What've you done to my son?

Do you know who I am?

No one will be alive.

I'll kill you all.


You won't tell, right?







I'll tell.


Hey, come here.


What we're watching
is a recorded video.

The CCTV camera is disconnected
and connected to the laptop.


He has shown his police intelligence!


Call Pravin from internet.


They've trapped smartly.

We have wasted more time,
to make him tensed.

Now, they've made us tensed.

Definitely, they must be coming
in search of us.

I must finish her before that.

You be ready.

Hey, open the door.

Hey, what happened?

Catch her.

Catch her.

Catch her.

Catch her.
Hold her legs.

Hold her.

Don't leave her, dude.

Hold her.

Where are you running?
-catch her.

Hey, suppress...

Catch her, dude.

Take her away, dude.

Leave her.

Leave her.

Leave her.


Pull her.

What happened?

Sir, this door is not opening.


Don't be tensed, sir.

If anything had happened, they would've
left your daughter and escaped.

Sir, internet was
active till ten minutes before.

Knowing that we'll trace them,
they wantedly left the laptop and hotspot.

Sir, definitely they wouldn't have
gone far.

They must be in the surroundings.

We can catch them,
if we go.

Has the cops been alerted
in these left and right routes?

Yes, sir.

All the vehicles are stopped
with barricades and checking.

They can't escape.

We would've been informed
if they were caught.

In the map, it shows a mud road
to the forest.

Go in that way.


Yes, sir.

Nothing... nothing..

Sir, Save that girl.

Sir, Save that girl.


Be with this girl for safety.
-yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Jerald, she might be attacked
from outside.

You too be with them, outside.
-okay sir.

Drop it.

Drop it.



Boys, what to do?

Kill them, sir!

Please, sir

You spoke throughout the night.

I was listening.

Now, I'll speak.

Abducting you from the hospital,

Abducting your father from the bar,

No evidence for these incidents.

It's not the police department's
gun used to shoot your father.

To be frank, it's not the police
which shot him.

I took this decision after consulting
the Minister and the Commissioner.

In India, 400 people are reported
missing every day.

In today's count,
four of you will be there.

After you go missing,

Your parents will be
searching you.

Similarly, the police department
will also be searching you.

But, you won't be found.

Because, you are going to be
buried in this earth.

After hundreds of years,
if the archeological department digs...

...for anything, may be
they'll find then.

When you were imprisoned earlier,
you came out free.


Has the vehicle arrived?
-yes, sir.

Get them both to the hospital.
-okay, sir.

I informed the doctor.

Ensure that the matter
doesn't leak out.

Okay, sir.

Okay, sir.
- go...


The vehicle in which we brought
the guy from the hospital...

...and the vehicle we saw at night,
-okay sir.

Take both that vehicles to Chinthadripet.
-yes, sir.

Dismantle thoroughly,
even the nuts and the bolts.

No one must know.
-yes, sir.

-thank you, sir.



Then, "This is a forest area"
-yes sir.

"Comes under the control of
the forest department"

Right, sir.

"Tresspassers will be prosecuted."
Caution by the police department.

Write a signboard, tie a ribbon
and seal everything.

Okay, sir.

I don't know whether a thanks
is enough for your help.

But, until I'm alive,
I'll never forget you.

Sometimes, in our life,
many disgusting incidents will happen.

If we keep them in mind,
the entire life will become a hell.

In your life's calendar,
think there was no yesterday.

Then, to anyone or for anything,
you must not share this matter.

Because, in our society
only the victims are still victimised.


You must not share anything
with your mom, okay?


You said that you'll leave
her exactly at 8 a.m.

Now, the time is 8.10.

She'll be there exactly at 9.

I know your timing...

If the flight is missed...

Okay, your things is in the vehicle.

We'll go straight away to the airport.




There is an age for everything.

Likewise, there is an age and
maturity to fall in love.

To fall in love is not a fault.

You must not fall in love
with a wrong person.

Similarly, even in WhatsApp, Facebook,
internet and computer...

...in everything there are good things.

But, more than that, there are
chances of learning bad things too.