Raja Vikramarka (2021) - full transcript

Raja Vikramarka is a newly recruit N.I.A. Officer who is getting accustomed with the nuances of his new job, has to handle his first major case due to ironic circumstances, during the course of which his life takes a drastic turn in all aspects.

Today I've ran out of patience,
better finish it in 5 mins.

Stop right there, rascal. Why is it you
every time? We'll pick the best of five.

Someday I'll become the commissioner of
people… then I'll get you all…

Hey, it's the police here!
-Get lost!

Hello... hello...

Hello… Yes, I'm here…

You asked me not to get
transferred to my village

instead asked me to go to Hyderabad
so that we can earn well.

But here I am not able to
understand their language

and they don't speak my language
even if they do understand it.

I'm going bonkers over here.

Look, my duty starts when I come here.

Stop watching those senseless
tv serials and take care of kids.

Also, reduce your TikTok videos.
Do you get it?

Where were you?

I had gone to get my breakfast.
By the way, who are you?

I've been staying here since last one week.

I'm not leaving this place.

If you don't trust me, you can see this…

What happened to this?

Kids in the colony
regularly play cricket and

one among them has
hit a brilliant six, sir!

Everybody in position?

Ramesh in position, sir.

Murthy in position, sir.

Bhaskar in position, sir.

Where is Vikram?
-I'm here, uncle. Near the tea shop.

Didn't you have one in the hotel?
-This one to digest the previous one.

Get me a green tea.

Please do you focus a little on the work
along with your binge eating!!

I'm a multitasker, uncle.

The person behind me is
pacing back and forth like

a contestant of Bigg
boss. I'm doubtful of him.

Him? Don't worry about him.

In Hyderabad, a man with a red handkerchief
tied to his knee indicates that he is....

He will finish his tea and start
his business, check out.

What? Have such businesses
started in Hyderabad as well?

How much do they pay on an hourly basis?

If you have a good
height and personality,

you might earn at least
10000 rupees per hour.

To hell with this government job.
I'm quitting it, uncle.

Sir, are you from CBI?
-No, I'm from NIA.

What's the difference between the two?

You've bribed your way into
the department, haven't you?

Both the sides have swollen, sir.

CBI conducts enquiries and
then arrests the accused.

NIA kills you right when the thought
of crime germinates in your mind.

Suspect entered!
-Get him!

Bhaskar, Bhaskar…
He is running away, Bhaskar.

Ya okay, Ramesh.
Don't lose him. I'm coming.

Murthy… Murthy, he is coming your way.

Ultimately they belong to
the police department, right?

They should be fit and fine with a
neat appearance.

These people are sporting stubble
like a criminal.

Here… this guy seems like
he hasn't bathed in a week.

Even you would spot the difference then.
We don't stand out, we blend in.

By the way, where do you
get the information from?

I can disclose it but I'd have
to kill you immediately.

Why are you so concerned
about my death, sir?

Look here, one of your guys has stopped.

Vikram, why aren't you running?

You can't catch Usain Bolt by chasing him.
You gotta cheat and trap him.

Hmm, you have planned for a grandiose
Diwali celebration!

-Hey, that packet is mine!

I'll give it back after finishing it.
-Will you sign it or not?

Why are you requesting him, uncle?
Let me try…

You can't kill me, you know?!

Is it your first time
in NIA? We don't

kill anyone, we
just play with them.

Do you know that poker game?
The three-card poker game?

Just like that, this is a six-hole game.

This is the queen.
Now, find the queen.

You might be thinking he'll
play Russian roulette with you.

He is an expert in loading the
bullet at his choice of turn.

If you escape the first shot,
I'll leave you.

No, no, no…
No, no, no… I will! I will!

You are an expert in scaring
people without any action.

He is not an Indian Citizen,
we might have had legal issues.

Now that he has signed it,
we can finish him.

Wait! I have more information.

He is faking it, you go on…

I met..
Guru Narayana….

Are you sure?
-Very sure. 100% sure.

When did you meet him?
-Few days ago. I sold weapons to him.

What is he planning?

He's planning to...

Sorry, uncle. It was accidental.

How can you be so negligent?

Why are you so arrogant?

He is not arrogant. He is reckless.

What is the difference, uncle?

After lighting a cracker, to hold it in
your hand is called arrogance.

But to hold it near his eye to check
whether it is lit or not is being reckless.

Sir, we will take care of the body.
You can go.

It is because of him.
I'll stay until this is sorted.

To grant freedom to his fellow
human is his dream…

The person at the end of the pointer
will pay for today's party.

Why are you wasting your time?

He has done the first
encounter, let him pay for it.

Do you call it an encounter?

My folks would call it an accident…

It is your first encounter
in any which way.

You handed me a gun after six months
and it blasted off without my permission.

I came to have tea to calm myself down
but he ate all my biscuits.

Now, you want me to throw a
party as well? I won't…

Hey, why are you so obsessed
with eating all the time?

Listen to me…

One minute…

-Excuse me, two samosas!

Yes, uncle.
- Samosa?

If the whole state is lived peacefully,
it is because of our HM, Mr. Chakravarthy.

He proved to everyone that
HM not only means

Home Minister but also an Honest Man.

This week's cover story is on him.

They just know about his
honesty as a Home Minister.

But I know about his dynamism
as a Police officer.

He was very aggressive.

He would search for problems
and solve them.

Even in those days, people would
sleep peacefully under his watch.

Guru Narayan, leader of
Warangal naxal team.

Under the guise of Naxalism, he carries
out his main business i.e. Extortion.

We were sent there on
deputation to stop Guru

Narayan and control
the law order situation.

Soon after I went there Chakravarthy
planned a shootout.

Many died in that shootout.

Guru Narayan was shot
four times but he managed

to escape along with a
few of his team members.

For the last 15 years, he has
been missing in action.

I heard his name for the first
time in so many years.

He has contacted one of his old contacts
and purchased weapons,

which means he is planning to
do something big.

Our priority is finding his past
whereabouts, current hiding and his motto.

His biggest enemy…

how shall we protect him?

It is crystal clear.
Call him and inform him to be alert.

How can I tell him?
You have shot the lone

witness in this case. We
can't proceed officially.

Don't be official. Isn't he your friend?

He is. But he is also the
Home Minister of a state.

I can't present a theory without
any concrete information…

Cool… You seem to have
a plan of action ready.

Guide us through
that, we'll follow it.

Simple… One of us
should become an

unofficial bodyguard
to the Home Minister.

Since we already know the criminal,

why don't we hunt him instead of awaiting
his arrival at the crime spot?

To catch a rat, we need not chase it.
We can bait it into a trap.

Who is that bait, uncle?

Hey, do not touch that speaker.

Holy cow, I won't go there.

For what you've
done, you are sure

to be suspended
for at least a month.

Spend that month here, that's it.

Why would you suspend me?
It was originally planned to encounter him…

Encounter after completion of confession
grants you a medal

and encounter in the middle of confession
grants you a suspension.

Where is his house?

Have you done all the arrangements.

It is unofficial and he is a Home Minister.
Why would he let me in?

He won't. And you need not go in as well.

What if I have to enter in
case of an emergency?

I have arranged someone
for that. Muddukrishna…

Agent Muddhukrishna.

Insurance agent.

He teaches dance
to Home Minister's

daughter in the evening,
you must join him.

Where can I meet him?

You need not search for him.

As soon as someone enters this colony,

he comes searching for them
to sell his policies.

Take this.
-302, sir.

Yeah. Hello… My name is Krishna,
Muddhukrishna. Sir, insurance Agent.

Sir, Now a days...

Not needed. We are new to this city.

We own this house, a car and a family.

We are interested in all of your policies.

But I want a favour in return.

What can I do for you?

I have a relative who
has completed his

graduation. Get him
some job in your company.

That's a small issue. It'll be done.

Moreover, the influx has reduced
in the field of insurance. Call the boy?

Which group?
- Not groups, sir. Civil's…


Civics, sir.
Civics. Only that subject is

pending, he'll clear it in September.

Didn't you say he is a graduate?
-He is. But hasn't completed it yet.

Discontinued? It is a risk.
-I'll manage the certificates.

You will manage it?

Son, come to the office
along with those documents.

Sir, I liked the boy.

Very cooperative!

I can see that. I'll take your leave.

Sir? You didn't mention the salary.

I'll tell him.

I'm at the location which you sent.

Look to your right.
-There's a bank there.

Look up.

Is typing institute our office?

Stop your sarcasm and search properly.

Are you there? Did you find it?

Are you out of your senses?

Why are you standing
in the middle of the road?

Wait there. What is that glow?

Did you swallow
tubelight in your childhood?

Shut up and move aside.

What is this? You have been driving
without closing the bonnet.


Don’t I know that the bonnet
must be closed?

I was unaware that closing it
would stop the engine.

Open the bonnet and connect the link which
would've been unlinked.

Hmm… Come on…

It is blazing hot.
-That's why I asked you to do it.

Give me your dupatta…

No need. I have my sweater.

By the way, what is your name? Tell me.

Tell me. Just to keep me
engaged while I'm doing this.

If you won't tell, I'll keep
a name of choice.

- I was about to keep the same name!

Do you know who I am?
I am the Home Ministers' daughter.

And I am the unofficial
bodyguard of the Home Minister.

Tell stories according to your car bonnet.

I don't have any necessity to
tell stories to you. Do your work.

It's done, madam.

Do you want money for the service?

Me. Vikram…

This class is very important for you.

Since it is your first time, be attentive.

-Ok, sir.

Currently, all the policies are
made on the call.

But in our case, it is different.

On the call the client may listen to us,
not listen to us or hang up on us.

But in a live environment, we can mesmerize
them with our talk and convince them.

Just like every policy has 10 pros,
it also has 20 cons.

To manage them is our
job. We must tell them that

they would receive the
amount in case of death.

But we won't tell them death
under what circumstances.

Here's a presentation for the same.
Lights off, please.

Ok. Ok. Bye.

Why are your eyes swollen?
Did you sleep during the presentation?

No, Sir. I felt upset.


Why upset?

You are asking the reason.

You are such a talented person,
but you are stuck with these policies.

Isn't there any promotion? Sir…

Office politics!

No issues, there policy worth
10 crores, platinum policy.

If you could find
a client for that, I

would be in the post
that you want me to be.

Let's not discuss that.
Let's go, we have client meetings.

By the way, how will go?

I'll catch some bus or cab.

Why? You can come on my bike.

As you say, sir.

10 members, sir.
-10 members are not enough.

Sir is here…

Take care.
-Ok, sir.

Morning, sir.

Everything's fine?
-Fine, sir.

Where is commissioner sir?

He has gone out to address a small work.

What small works are there?

Next week the President is visiting
and security hasn't been finalized yet.

Who will answer the CM?

Hey, be on time. Don't be late.

I'm not as good as you think of me.

I know, sir.
No, no… I didn't mean that.

It'll be better if you hold
back such flimsy punches.

The girl is here, you may leave.

My uncle asked me to stay with you
and learn everything from you.

I'm teaching dance to that girl.

I'll dance too, sir.

That is the home of the Home Minister,
don't act smart, you'll be shot dead.

If you take me in, I'll give 10 policies.

I haven't achieved that feat in
4 years of my service.

I'm not you, sir.

I don't know.

Being an introvert, I could never ask.

You might as well pull off this feat.

Okay, let's go.

But be careful.

Wait, wait… stop.

I'll find that out, sir.

Ask him to come soon.
-Sure Sir.

It's making a lot of noise, dear.
Get a new one.

That's nothing, dad.
-What is nothing?

Why are you neglecting it?
It stopped in the middle of the road.

I helped it get started. Which car stops
functioning when the bonnet is closed?

It is the car in which
I and her mother had

our first drive. She
wouldn't change that.

It is from the era when my sir was born.
How can you expect it to be perfect?

The car is in good condition.

Anyways, why are you here?
-I know him, dear.

He wanted to learn to dance.
So I brought him along with me.

You said it was a private class,
have you started an institute here?

No, no… No such thing. Dance…

Leave him.

Let him teach.
Moreover, he helped my daughter.

Right sir.

You go.

Okay bye dear.
-Yes, sir.

Hey, hey…

Why are you being scared, sir?
The girl is pretty close to me…

It was not for you, I let you stay
due to my respect for the Master.

It's all a sham. She is actually
close to me. In the morning…

By the way, what will you do
learning dance at this age?

Do you want all the
limelight over yourself?

Won't you let a
budding talent grow?

Not only dance, but also teach
her some manners.

I thought he was a very good teacher.

Very disappointed with your behavior.

Madam, do you have any clothes for laundry?

Nothing, you can go.

Hello, one minute...
Wait, I'll give.

Get it properly washed
and ironed, you can

return it to me in
tomorrow's dance class.

What are you looking at?
This falls under madam's account.

Stain is a good thing.

Hey, wait.

Ready, sir.

I'll do it.

I don't have the heart to
watch you dance wearing

those anklet bells.
Observe her for a few days.

Okay then.

Come, dear.

Carry on, dear.

You, do.

Dear student,
-Sir, shall I start?

Please get that chair.

Put it near that door. Over there…

Wait, you can stay there.

Observing doesn't mean you stick
your eyeballs to her.

Sit down… Sit down…

We shall start the practice.

Let's stop today's practice, sir.
Let's do it in tomorrow's class.

Why? Why don't you want to practice?
You were doing good.

Your stares are irritating me.

Okay? When you perform on stage hundreds of
people will be watching as the audience!

But none of them will stare like you.

What do you mean?
-It means, you please get out.

Go man.

You don't want to see me watching you.
That's it, right? Carry on.

Come, dear.

It's mine.

Uncle, I'm busy, call you later.

They are reacting as if their performance
got spoilt due to this.

You don't have to stare me back.
Carry on with your dance.

Ready, master.

Who is the first greatest dancer
that you saw in your life?

My mother.

After her...

you must have seen many great dancers
and their performances.

Did that feeling ever get recreated?

This is that exact moment in my life.

Tell me.

What happened? Have you found out about
Guru Narayan's whereabouts?

Did you catch him already?

You are stationed there to follow my orders
and not to pass orders to me.

Your orders have only half the
information required.

You told about the shootout
on Guru Narayan, bullets

being fired, 10 people died
but Guru Narayan escaped.

You should also tell about the
one who got arrested during the shootout.

You are right. His name is…

Yeah. Where is he right now?

That is your duty to find out.

I'll find out about him, you listen to me.

Guru Narayan slipped into a
coma after being shot.

We are tracing his current location.

What do you mean? A
person who wakes up after 15

years in a coma would
want to kill a Home Minister…

He must have purchased some local
weapons to conduct some petty extortions.

Unnecessarily you are worrying.

You've just heard about Guru Narayan
but I've seen him.

Stay alert.

Everything is fine over there?

Everything is fine.

But to find a good restaurant
I need to travel 5 kms.

Is there an option to rent a house there
and frequently visit the colony?

Right when I start to
think that you are a smart

person, you remind me
of how stupid you are.

Hang the phone…


Chanda Nagar.

Sign here.

Call the customer care and
they'll give you your claim number.

Forward that to me.



What is our plan for today's, sir?

We completed our monthly target.
Let's go to the office and chill.

The office is nearby itself. If you
don't mind, will you travel in the metro?

Why? We have a bike!

If I could take your bike.
It's a small personal work.

I'll complete it and join you.

You have personal chores too?
Okay, come fast.

Thank you, sir.

What happened?
Did someone closed the bonnet again?

It won't start now.
Come, I'll drop you.


Look here, Hyderabadi autos
are very dangerous.

They take you to the city
outskirts and rape you…

Why do you want to take risks?

What's the guarantee that
you are a good guy?!

An acquainted douchebag is better
than a stranger rascal. Hop on.

Please get on.

Excuse me, doesn't Home Minister's
daughter has any protocol?

The protocol is for the Home Minister
not for his daughter.

Agreed that you don't
have any protocol but

you must be having a
boyfriend already, right?

Why do you assume that
I don't have a boyfriend?

Because I'm the one who is
dropping you on the bike.

Anyway, it is too risky to date a
Home Minister's daughter.

Why aren't you speaking anything?
Hey, watch out…

It's ok. I'm very lucky.

Otherwise, the girl whom I met yesterday
won't hop on my bike today.

Once I fell between two trucks
but nothing happened to me.

Well, the trucks were stationary.

I should have opted for auto.

What if he misbehaves with you?

This torture is worse than that…


Here… Here…
Stop here, I'll get down.

Here? Why? I'll drop you at your block.
Sit tight.

Wait. I never even mentioned my college.

How do you know about my block?

Get down, I'll explain.


Okay, you can go.

You are getting initiated if someone else
is starting me, observing my addresses.

What are you planning?

Don't you get it even after
these many hints?


Let's not beat around the bush.

I'll straightaway come to the point.
I like you.

If you are interested,
come on a date with me.

If I couldn't impress you,
I won't ever bother you.

I don't trust your words.


I committed to the promise in
an overwhelmed state.

But in your case, it is difficult
to stick to my words.

You didn't answer me.

I have classes until evening 4'o'clock.

Classes until evening 4?
-Vikram… Vikram… Vikram…!!

Sir, if a girl says she has classes
until 4, what does she mean?

Was it to inform me about the timings?

Your complete sentences
bounce off my head…

how do you expect me to
understand your incomplete story?

Explain briefly.

Actually, I asked a girl out on a date.
She said she has classes until 4 and left.

Idiot, she meant you should pick her up
at 4 pm after her classes.

Is it?

Thank you, sir.

You came to this city just a few days
back and you found a date?

By God's grace…

I'm proud of you.

Thank you.

My dear agents, he is my student.

He came to this city
just a few days ago and

has already found a
girlfriend for himself.

This is the first and foremost
quality of an insurance agent.

He should be able to
mesmerise people with his talks

and get them sign up for
as many policies as possible.

By the way, Does that
girl own a house and a car?

Is she interested in any policy?

No idea about
house. But if we insure

her car, we will
surely go bankrupt, sir.

Then, leave it.

It's almost 4, I'll take your leave.

Go, go, go…

Sir, bless me.

All the best!
-Thank you, sir.

Vikram! Vikram! Don't
go in a cab, take my bike.

I'll take a metro to
today's dance class.

There'll be no dance class today, sir.

You don't want me to go today?

Even if you go, the girl
won't attend the class.

Why wouldn't she attend?
-I'm taking her on a date, sir.


By the way, what is your name?

Are you coming on a
date with me without

knowing my name? You
are quite ultra-modern.

Ok, stop it. I'll go back

No need.

This happens once in a blue moon.

Vikramarka… Raja Vikramarka.

It should be either
Vimramarka or Raja. Why

is it combined? Are you
a king of some empire?

It was actually just Vikramarka.

But my mother added Raja to it
to give a royal feeling.

Why are you taking me to
the city outskirts?

You are suspecting me a lot.
Can't think of anything positive?

Where are you taking me to?

Don't worry, you'll soon find out.

Oh, you are taking me to a temple.

Why? Were you expecting something raunchy?

I love this temple.

Do you know about the
Andhra Natyam dance form?


It's a rare dance form.

This temple held a lot
of those performances.

All the memorabilia regarding that
are still intact inside it.

But before my birth itself,
the archaeological department

locked it away under the act of
conservation of the monument.

I requested my father too,
to take me inside.

But he said, a Home
Minister's daughter entering

a closed temple will
create a big ruckus.

You don't have to request your dad.
Bribing the watchman will do the work.

My mother used to say that
she can see her mother in me…

Now I realise why.

Mother wanted me to be
trained in this dance form that

is why I have urged
Muddhukrishna sir to train me.

Also, I'm about to perform next month.

I know.


What else?

Why do you like me?
Convince me with your answer…

You look beautiful!

I have inherited that from my mother.

Ya, you are very
down to earth although

daughter of the
state Home Minister.

That has been taught by my father.

Mention one quality that is unique to me!

You love your father unconditionally,

it is said that the girls
who love their father

too much take good
care of their Husband.

If you won't give me the
keys, I'll go by walking but

don't tell me that even
this answer is unacceptable.

There are no other better qualities in you.

"I can’t explain happiness of
this first love"

"My beauty glows forever in your company"

"Let this sound remain so in my heartbeat"

"You never raise even your finger at me"

"No scale can now measure the glow in me"

" Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Oh dear! feel my love."

"Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Oh dear! feel my love."

"Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Oh dear! feel my love."

"Have you met me as a boon for me?"

"Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Have you met me as a boon for me?"

"Oh dear! feel my love."

You seem more interested in daydreaming
rather than getting policies done!

I feel like kissing Kaanthi.

Give me an idea, sir.

Come here, I etch it on your face.
He wants bloody ideas from me, rascal!

Super idea, sir.

"My smiles are rising high
like the sparklers"

Tell me what is it?

Come closer, I'll say it on your cheeks.

Let me repeat it, ok?

"You are the light fulfilling unfulfilled
dreams My eye sparkled"

"You filled my heart with
colours of blossom"

"Never leave me, dear"

"Oh dear! feel my love."

"After your acquaintance...
my life has drowned into your love"

"It is a feel, that can’t be expressed
Has overshadowed me now"

"Were you in me already?"

"Maybe you are in my breath
I’m seeing you today in reality "

"Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Oh dear! feel my love."

"Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Have you met me as a boon for me?"

"Acceptance (welcome to my heart)"

"Oh dear! feel my love."

Shall we start today's class, sir?

We shall… but before that,
I need you to clarify one doubt for me.

Please, ask.

Your looks can be considered
as above average but

until I gave you a job
you were good for nothing.

On their hand, the
girl is very beautiful

and dancer, her father
is the Home Minister.

How did you think that things
would work out between both of you?

You must have had some
sort of imagination, right?

Please explain
that to me, I've been

wracking my brains
on it for many days.

Do you watch football matches?
-Yes, I do.

So, the girl is like a goal.

I'm the player.

Her father is the goalkeeper.

Oh wow!

There is one more
person who runs back and

forth with the whistle,
the referee. That's you.

Just because the
referee will blow the

whistle or the goalkeeper
will stop the goal,

the player doesn't stop his
attempt to score a goal.

This is the same thing.

Wow! What an analogy!!
One more thing… the one with whistle is…

-Ya, Referee.

He carries some red cards along with him.

Oh, that? That's a foul card. That means
the player has to go off the field.

Is it?

The analogy that you gave
perfectly suits our situation.

I too carry a foul card of your life.

Let's show this foul card to the
goalkeeper and await the player's fate.

Sir… wait… sir… Listen to me…
One word… Sir… wait…

Nothing has been done yet.
Do police need no facilities?


I need to talk to you.

No, no, no.
I'm not happy with your answer.

Wait for five minutes,
I'll send you off the field.

I can mesmerize people with
my talk, I'll escape.

But what about you?

Why will he harm me?

I came to this house but you were
the one who brought me here.

I asked her for a date but you were
the one who explained her answer.

I tried and you encouraged me.

Let me see the photo, that's me,
Kaanthi and you…

I mean, your bike. Nice photography.

I want all the stations
to be upgraded

within a month or else
you'll face my wrath.

Hang up!

What happened? Tell me, what happened?

Did you come here to ask for this?
Are you nuts? Get out!

Now, I don't need to.

What is his problem?

Sir, he will get a
promotion if someone

gets a 10 crore
worth policy done.

He was thinking if you'd
be interested in it…

Were you worried about this?

It's a good thing.

Ultimately, it will benefit my daughter…
I'll think about it.

Sir...sir...sir… You are a God to me!

My dream to become a manager
will be fulfilled because of you.

You should be the chief guest
at the opening of my new branch.

I won't leave you until you agree to it.



fix my appointment on that date.
-Okay, sir.

Also, get the room cleaned. It stinks.


If you hide like that, people
will observe it first.

I don't know whether you are
helping me or harming me.

Why do you worry, sir? If
required I'll give my life for your life.

No need.

Wait for another 15days.
After the performance,

I'll not appear in the
vicinity of this area.

Afterwards, you and that
girl can do whatever you want.

Sir…without you… how can we…

[classic Mega-star song
playing on the stereo]

[classic Mega-star song
playing on the stereo]

[classic Mega-star song
playing on the stereo]

Which group do you belong to?

What is your motive?

Why were you doing the
recce of Home Minister's house?

I'll tell you everything, leave me.

I'm a government employee as well.
I'm an NIA officer.

Tell me something that matches
your face value.

Wait, I'll show you my ID.

Can we trust him?

Show it.

I'm searching for the ID, wait.

What happened?

It's not there.

Wait, let me think.

Ya, I'll tell you a number.
Call that number.

Tell me.
-Uncle. It's me, Vikram.

No other idiot will call me at this time.
Tell me the matter.

Nothing, uncle. I met a police
officer here. He's very sharp.

You must refer him in the
next NIA selections.

Did you get caught?

Something like that.

It's routine for you. Show your ID.

Where is it to show? Those
idiots didn't pack my ID.

Video call me or
else they will kill me.

I'll do. You hang up.

Hi. What pant is that?

So, the police department has…

Don't insult me before other departments.

Explain the matter to them.
Meanwhile, I'll make an important call.

Hello, sir.

It's too late.

Good evening. Pizza hub.
What would you like to order?

One medium tandoori
chicken pizza with

extra onions and a
slice of garlic bread.

Okay. Shall I repeat the order, sir?

No. Cancel medium and send large.

Okay sir.

Sir, you are taking such a serious
matter very lightly.

This is not done, sir.
Listen to me… Vikram, stop him.

Where are you going? The large Pizza
will be wasted. -Get him here.

Sir is calling. Let's go to him.

Sir, it's my responsibility to deal
with any threat to the Home Minister.

I need to alert the entire government.

Your info will not only alert the
government but also Guru Narayan.

If we won't catch him this
time, we have to be alert

for the rest of our lives
anticipating his attack.

We have laid the trap, he will
come and fall in it.

You just be ready to nab him.

Didn't I tell you, uncle?
He's very sharp.

He can analyse the complexity
of the situation.

The whole plan seems
good but I am not getting why

is he flirting with the
Home Minister's daughter.

What is this?

It just happened organically.

She is my friend's daughter.

That is why you must speak
to my father-in-law…

I’ll whack you, rascal.

I asked you to meet Bhadram.
Did you do that?

I went to the jail that you
said. Bhadram was released

one year ago from that
prison. I'm tracing his address.

Take his help and get it done
quickly. Is that clear?

Bro, excuse me…

Uncle… It is tough to carry
on with a half salary.

If you can lift the suspension…

Won't you be seen?

Carry on.

Who knows what he did before
joining the department!

-Hi, sir.

Where are you? Why did you not
come to the office?

There was a robbery at my home, sir.
They broke all the locks, I'm fixing that.


Someone robbed a house that’s
opposite the Home minister?!!

Where is that bouncer
who was overreacting

to everything? What is he doing?

I don’t know what he
did back then but right

now, he is listening to
you talking on the phone.

This program was not
included in the schedule

that you had sent in
the last week, right?

Actually, this program is added by him.

Tell me one thing…

Did you accidentally shoot the Nigerian or
you and Guru Narayan are working together?

Come on, uncle. I'm unable to carry
out the duties of a single agent,

do you think I have the potential
to be a double agent?

Moreover, how will the rat know about
the bait? It should smell like that, right?

So? You would advertise it in the papers?

This is the right way. Now the rat
will come running towards the trap.

Do as you please. Go to that venue
and conduct a thorough recce.

If you miss Guru Narayan this time…


What happened?
-Bar fight.

You must have seen the
face of the other person.

It's okay, it's just a bruise.

Quick. It's getting late. Go.

Move a little left… slightly right.
More left!

How many people are stationed there?

Hey, Vikram. What are you doing there?
Come here and help us tie the banner.

Stupid fellow.

Why are you hanging out with him?
What if he finds out the truth?

What's there to find out?
I already told him.

Did you tell him everything?

I told him about your part as well.
I don't want others' credit.

Do you want to get me killed?

Sir, I'll give my life for your life.

Why didn't you tighten the security?

Yeah. If there is tight
security, how will he enter?

Police personnel
are also limited.

I've mixed our people in the crowd.

What does it mean?

It's the ancient
Padmavyuham technique.

It is easy to enter but
impossible to get out.

How's it?

In my childhood, there was an anchor on the
Doordarshan channel.

My mom would frighten me by
showing him whenever I refused to eat.

Now, it is sort of funny but in
those days he was terrifying.

I swear!


Hello, sir.
-Come along with me in my car.

Get the bike…

Come, dear.

You carry on dad, I'll follow you.

Why should she come alone?
The times aren't good…

She is not a child.
She'll come on her own.


Where are you going, dear?

Dad has been invited to
an inauguration ceremony, right?

Come get in. I'm going there as well.

Bloody hell.

Everyone is a villain in my love story.

Who is he? He looks suspicious…

No, uncle. He is an innocent guy.

He doesn't seem to be an innocent guy.
He looks like a schmuck.

What is difference?

To know nothing is innocence.

And the one who doesn't know that
he doesn't know anything is a schmuck.


Namaste, sir!

Sir. Welcome, sir.
Come in, come in…

Does dad know about your arrival?

No dear. There is a small surprise
planned for him.

You carry on, I'll join you later.

Thank God!

Muddu… Muddu… Muddu…

Who is it?
-He is the MD of this organisation.

Thanks for coming, sir.

It is for our Muddukrishna.


Morning, sir.

You said you both are in deep love?!

She didn't even respond when
I spoke ill of you.

You can't fathom her feelings.
Do you know what happened in the car?

Come upstairs, baby.

If possible, please help us but do not
cause obstructions in our love.


Tell me.

The Minister has entered the 4th floor.

Stay along with him.
Our guys will take care of everything.

Ok, sir.


I heard you prefer simplicity. Hence…

Yes, simplicity saves you a lot
of money and time.

My job is to cut the ribbon
and leave. Anything else?

Sir… Sir… Sir…

what about my policy?

I'll take it.
-Thank you, sir.

Everyone, in position?
-On our way, sir.

You, be in the crowd.
-Okay sir.

What is this for?
-Your duty is on the top floor.

I can take the stairs

You don't like obstructions right
this way you can go straight



Oh my God, this isn't halfway yet.

Have you reached the top floor?

Have you guys sent me in the lift to
reach the top floor in a jiffy?

You sound pretty hyped up!

Watching Superstar Krishna
films in my childhood and

Tom Cruise in my teens
inspired me to join this job.

But I never knew it would be this hard.

On top of that, my uncle is
planning all kinds of pranks on me.

I can't do it anymore.

You get the perks too, like getting
friendly with the Minister's daughter.

Oh! The information has leaked out!

Don't you know about
me? You ask me to clear

the haystack and
burn it to the ground.

Exactly! And in the process, you
burn the entire village.

That's it, sir.

Are you happy?
-I am very happy sir.

-Where are you?

Here the inauguration is done.

Are you here only?

You said, he's a rat but he
looks like a bandicoot!


What is all this?

You have let your guards down after
joining politics. But we can't.

You already know him, Vikram.
He has led this mission.

Oh? Very good.

Well handled.
-Thank you sir.

I never suspected you.

Me too, dad.

Where are you going?

I need to talk to him.

Local police are formally detaining him.

They will hand him over to us in two days.

We can talk to him in our language.
You carry on with your work.

How much?
-120 rupees, madam.

-Keep it.

Oh no!

She has broken it.


Don't talk. I'm angry at you.

Is this your R&D?

Actually… that was professional…

So, you have cheated me to save
my father's life, haven't you?

An idiot like me has
found a girl like you is

in itself a wonder. Why
would I even cheat you?

Moreover, I told you the
truth in our first meeting itself.

But you didn't trust me.

By the way, I need not come to your
house to oversee your father's security.

This was more than enough.

(Song playing on radio)

Kaanti, I can only talk pompously.
I don't know how to pretend to love.

Is that it? Or is there something else too?

Come here. I'll tell it on your forehead.

Okay, I will leave now.

Just after one peg?

Now that you have caught Guru Narayan...
you can stay here for a couple of days.

All credit goes to my team.
My job starts now.

Okay, if not for 2 days,
stay until tomorrow

and attend my daughter's
dance performance.

Okay, there is this program too…

Sir, you do this to open and this to close.
This lock is very simple.


So, is this what you do every day?

Are you observing your home?

You have placed a telescope pointed
to the Home Minister's Chamber.

You must be happy that it isn't
pointed towards your bedroom.

You are speaking to an NIA officer, keep
that in mind. We can do anything…

I must have heard it
umpteen number times but

still can't believe that
you are an NIA officer.

He held your father at point-blank range.
I saved him from a certain death. Got it?

That's why my love for you has
increased multifold.

Since my father turned towards politics,
I've always lived a life under fear.

Now, I don't have to.

It's all over. Tomorrow
I'll go to Mumbai,

close the case and will
be back in just 4 days.


Won't you attend my dance program tomorrow?

I'm the case lead…

Don't look at me like that…
I'll somehow manage uncle.

Uncle's call.

Hello, uncle... I was about to call
and you called right back.

So, are you having....?

Superiors always get the classy perks.

In my entire service, nobody has
found a more terrible way to praise me.

Anyway, I'm not going to Mumbai tomorrow.

Murthy will finish all
the paperwork and I'll

reach Mumbai the day
after tomorrow. Is that fine?

I'm your boss but you pass
on orders for me...

I don't know all that,
you asked me to catch Guru Narayan.

I caught him.

But, tomorrow I can't come.
Ok? Bye. Bye.



What is this? You transformed a
private function into a political function.

You watch the central area. Go. Go…

Have your seat.


do you see Muddukrishna over there?
-Yes sir.

Go and get him.
-Okay sir.

Sir is calling

this way.



Muddukrishna, why are you so upset
when it's your student's performance?

Moreover, you have been recently
promoted to a managerial position.

The Managerial position is a dream now.

Muddukrishna, you were
about to make a policy of

10 crores on the person
who has a life threat!

This is a scam planned by you
and Vikram, isn't it?

I don't know anything, sir.
It was all planned by Vikram.

He is the one who
appointed Vikram, sir.

Moreover, he would scold us
to learn the work from Vikram!

Never in your life will you be
promoted to the manager post.

So, is your company more focused
on policies than on lives?

Let him be.

I'll talk to your MD, you
focus the program.

Thank you, sir.

This is a big day for me.

I'm very nervous.

Say something…

Now we invite Ms. Kaanti

This is it.
Wish me luck

Here, don't come near
the stage and stare at me.

My concentration
would be disturbed.

Look at me from afar.

"Glowing baby in the earth’s lap"

"Janaka’s life is blessed a lot"

"To let the work to be done"

"Goddess Mahalakshmi took birth again"

"To better the world, to make people happy
is birth of Janaki"

"Oh great warrior, here is
your beloved Indira"

"She incarnated as a Sita for you
This beauty is been watching"

"Hey Lord Sriram, why don’t you
see and aim bow of Siva?"

"Hey Lord Sriram, why don’t you see?"

You stayed back to watch the program right?
What are you doing here?

Something is happening, uncle.

Something is fishy but we
don't know it yet.

What's happening?
We have caught Guru Narayan.

No, uncle.

He wanted us to catch him.

How do you know?

He wasn't resentful of his arrest,
that's ignorance,

but he didn't have the distress
of not killing his target.

Moreover, he went laughing
as if it was his plan that succeeded.

He isn't the rat, uncle.

He is the bait.

He used himself as bait and fooled us.

If what you are thinking is correct then
let's interrogate him from this angle.

No, uncle.

He won't give us that time.

What will happen once
Guru Narayan is caught?

Everyone will be relaxed.

That is his strength.

The inauguration was planned recently
but weapons were purchased long ago.

Does he really want to
kill the Home Minister?

Ravana! (The demon)

Ravana! (The demon)

"The pervert ruler of Lanka and the
cunning warrior to takeover Goddess Sita"

"Has he planned to do something evil?"

"Come on, move on!"


Hey, you aren’t qualified enough
to talk with me.

Ask him to come.

Home Minister’s daughter kidnapped
right in front of his eyes.

Police just watching the fun!

No information till time from
the kidnappers

If the Home Minister's
daughter is not safe...

Opposition parties are questioning
the situation of the common people.

Sir, what is your opinion on
your daughter's kidnapping?

Move, move!

Did you find out who is the kidnapper?

Is there an opposition hand
behind this kidnapping?


What’s your answer to the public, sir?

You couldn’t save your
daughter when kidnapped in

front of your eyes and how
will you save the state now?

If there is anything I earned with 8 years
indepartment and 12 years in politics,

it is the confidence and courage
public have on me.

I didn’t expect that to be gone
with just one incident.

I’ll earn it back soon again.

Sir, please answer!

Sir, please...

Is it him?

This way.

He is the one who supplies
weapons to all the Naxals here.


They need your help.

Which place?

What do you need?
-Allagadda MLA to be…

-He is our enemy

It will cost one Million.


Brother, it's a good deal and we can do it.

A cunning fox with a mask joined
the protest...

Fulfils its hunger.

Are you writing stories about me?

Writing truth into stories

You are looting wealth and not
distributing to public.

You are killing for money and
are saying protest.

Innocents are coming into protest
thinking as a war.

Should they die for your selfishness?

Ninety percent deaths
on earth take place for selfishness.

Either a comrade writing stories like you
or a Khaki saying cooked up stories...

can do nothing to me.

Not just moustache but even the
head should be bent coming to me.

Bend it down

Mahendra, let’s kill him even in public.

I need him alive.

They are more in number, bro.

Let’s first escape

He is there, sir

You want my life, right?

Kill me

When I was unknown to public for 15 years,

you grew in public’s thoughts for 15 years

I don’t need your life

but your downfall.

What you wished took place, right?

Leave my daughter

Not enough!

Take me by yourself and get
your daughter freed.

You shouldn’t be a great man
even in public’s memories.

They shouldn’t remember the good done
for so long by listening to your name,

but selfishness for letting a
criminal go for daughter.

Media is eager to showcase your problem
for their TRP purpose.

Whoever says we have trust on you.

I’ll take care that no
problem arises either from

state or central for
whichever decision you take.

Thank you, sir

What shall we do?

Not that my name gets spoilt
or I lose this post.

He won’t stop with this if he is left out.

He does something more.

Even to do him something,
Kanthi should be with us.

You first agree for the exchange.

Yes sir, we don’t have any
other option too.

Ok till the exchange...

but why did he ask you to come?

He said my name should be ruined, right?

That happens even if you don’t come, sir.

Then what’s the need for Sir
to definitely come?

Did he do any plan to kill?

Killing is not his motto.

He showed you can’t do anything by
kidnapping Kanthi in front of you.

He targeted the faith of public
on you by making this deal even now.

There would be some reason
even to come there.

What else do I have to lose after
I’ve lost the faith public has over me?



Yes, Uncle!

What’d be a greater
achievement for Guru Narayan

than to kill your daughter
in front of your eyes?

Nothing should happen to Kanthi
at any cost. Be alert!

Mahendra, say whatever but shouldn’t
leave that Guru Narayana

I will not leave him even if you said, Sir.


Take care of Kanthi.

I said not to eat my goat, right?

I asked not to mess with my tiger, right?

Ok, I won’t mess with your tiger and
you don’t look at my goat.

Then why should you play, guys?

This Bhadram moves around,
but says nothing.

We are aged and Police are coming tomorrow.

If some mess happens, forget about
opposing but can we at least run away?

I spoke for alternatives as you cannot do.

You just take care of that girl.

Hey, 500 is less. Do you have it?

I just have only 500

Money will come once brother is back

Hey, be far away without
handcuffs on my hands.

There are days I killed squeezing
the neck with my palm.

You be careful when there
is a gun in hands.

There are days I killed
shooting by mistake.

-Why have you called, sir?

Are there any policies we get for
killing and not for dying?

Hey, won’t you stop with manager’s post?
Will you finish me completely?

No boss, what I wish to say is…
-Never call me again, I beg you. Hang up!

What’re you staring at? Oh, this!

This is iPhone invented by a great
man named Steve Jobs.

He is no more now.

Many things happened after
you got on the bed.

You know, our YSR is no more.
He passed away

Our state now is… Ok, you were on bed
for so many years, right? How...?

Vikram, no! Leave!

Vikram, no!

What is happening inside?
-Sir, Vikram is losing control

Ask him to come and get into the car

Hey Ganapathi!

If they brought vehicle just
for walkie talkie.

what’d they have planned to
take our dead bodies?

They feel a waste of bullet shooting us.
me and waste of petrol to carry our bodies.

Exchange of both at the same place?

No, uncle!

We’ll send Guru Narayan that
way and you send the girl this way.

You first send brother and we
will send the girl later.

What is the guarantee that you’d send
once Guru Narayan comes?

How can we believe that you don’t
attack after getting the girl?

Hey, they are Police and will
shoot if you talk like this.

Ok, send even Home Minister
along with brother.

He ruined it

No, I won’t agree for this.

I’ll accept

There’s great risk in this, not possible

Uncle, listen to me. We can’t
make them agree with talks

I know Chakravarthy
from 25 years.

He won’t like to leave Guru
Narayan if he goes along

Sir, I too will go with Minister sir
and see to that nothing happens

One of our person comes as security

I beg you man, agree


All set?


Send Kanthi


Are you being careful that
I’ll kill your daughter?

You may stop today...

but can never sleep at peace any day.

Wait for me.


Sir, no!

Hey! Sir, please!








Come on, brother!

Brother, come fast



He’ll come in two minutes. Let’s wait

You woke up after 15 years and
do you need all these now?

Fine, why so much of planning?

Come with me and I’ll
directly make you stand at

the Home Minister and
you take my gun and shoot

After 12 years of forest life
and one year of exile...

Pandavas did not wish for Kaurava’s death.

But their defeat.

Hello, my dear old friend!

That Nigerian is caught.

NIA people are waiting to catch you

Security will be very tight
if Home Minister comes for

the dance performance
and no need to tell about now.

Leave it, we shall plan this later.

Will we get such a chance again?

Even if I have one chance to take revenge
on Chakravarthy, I won’t leave that.

And now I just have one chance.

Should I leave it?

But they are searching for you.

War is on only till King isn’t caught.

Do as I say.

Vikram got to know that we
will kill the girl.

He’s doing something as and
when we think what he can do.

Everyone’s concentration now
will be on the girl.

I spoke to Bhadram. You escape somehow.

I don’t know about everyone.

But Chakravarthy will not leave me.

I’ll shoot if needed.

Shoot, but don’t kill.

Liver injury sir, there’s very
little we can do.

Why did you actually fire?
-Not to miss Guru Narayan.

I was saying not to,
-You are not my boss, but Home Minister.

I must follow only his orders. But still,
you said he won’t kill Home Minister right?

Go and look into the other work.

It is all because of me, Uncle.

All agreed for this deal just
because of me.

You keep saying I burn
our own house, right?

I’ve burnt, uncle.


Sir has asked you to come in.

Guru Narayan!

I killed him, sir.

I gave word to Kanthi that
I’ll save you, sir.

But, I don’t understand how to face her.

Dying means not to lose life...

but not to fulfil the word
given to public.

You kept me alive in public
by killing Guru Narayan.

Thank you.

This is not the time to ask.

But for me, other time…

Can I marry your daughter?

What is so much of urgency
asking to come giving up even CM meeting?

A boy likes me, dad.
I too like him.

You keep saying, liking
and matching are different

and life is good only
when both are the same.

How to know that he is correct for me?

Since your mother died twelve years ago...

I fear everyday whether I’m filling
her absence in your life or not.

That pain has completely vanished now
with the question you asked.

Who is a better judge than you to find
if he is correct for you or not?

All the best!

I wanted to talk with you
after the dance performance.

I will definitely save Kanthi, sir.

Rama was born for a reason.

Reason for that is not just to save Sita,

but even to finish the evil.

Don’t forget that.

"Time turned into a sea and
not showing the direction to cross"

"Life vanished and is sitting on the
edges of the shore"

"Fate left me alone not knowing
the answer to question"

"Won’t the issues settle down
even after hearts wept?"

"Time waiting to hiss behind the fate"

"Breeze jumped in to suppress it down"

"For the shadows finding
traces by cutting the land"

"Dark night should give a
blow with the fire"

Hanuman burnt Lanka, but
didn’t let anything happen to Asokavana.

Not just burning, but you
also know how to save.

Sir, we sent all the dead to mortuary
along with Guru Narayan.

Few have escaped and your man is
enquiring the only guy caught.

Even this is the same, six cards play!

Shut up and listen to what I’m saying

I’m given a task
for the first time after

I joined in the job to
save Home Minister.

He died ten minutes back in
this same hospital.

I don’t even know where the
love of my life is...

I shot and killed the only
guy knowing that.

You are the one and only option I have.

If you have got no information,

My nerves are bursting with anger.

I wish to punch you
so hard to smash your

bones hanging you in
reverse like a boxing bag.

You don’t need to be alive for that.

Now I need to know.
Should I press the trigger or not?

No, I’ll tell

Dhoolpet Basheer got a
call asking to need four men.

I know nothing more, bro.

Say the number?

Hey, he seems to be dying
-Let him die.

Sir, sir!


Hello, number is traced.

Go straight and take second left.

Go into the street coming on your left.

That Basheer was a big goon once.

He got into construction using
the political influence

He supplies goons taking money.

He’ll be in front of you,
if you cross the road.

Is there a photo?

Ten years back charge sheet and
it is not in database.

Still, he is in front of you right?

There are a hundred here.

Hundred people!

Murthy has been to archives,
wait till we get the photo.

We don’t have the time now.

You call to his phone, whosever
mobile rings he is Basheer.

Take bro, this is Basheer bro’s party.
Come on, take it.

If he overacts too much, inform me.

What happened?
-It is switched off

Hey, come here.
Charge bro’s phone, go

Hey, who are you?

I never saw you here.

Why don’t you say when asked?
-Come bro, let’s go and eat.

This old idiot has no time to drink, damn!

Come on bro, move -Move!

Vikram, listen to me.
You are alone and don’t take risk.

We shall proceed legally informing uncle.

Just tell me how he looks.
I’ll take care of the rest

NIA, I should see archives.

Whatever you need…
-All is ready up stairs, you can go


Come on... move.


Come on, move

Bro, I’ll leave if I click a photo

You wait. You get a photo as
and when brother comes.


Bro, where is brother?
-He just went upstairs

What about the work you went for?
-It all became a mess, bro



Give it to him.

Hey, what are you seeing?

Does the camera work?
-It’s working, bro

Brother comes in two minutes
and photos should be great.

Mainly, I should be looking great.
Did you understand?

Ok bro.

How long to search for the photo, man?

I think it may take some time.

Please take, bro

Bro, come fast. You should take a
photo and go out.


Come on guys, all of you
move for the photo.

Come on, man.

I don’t think he’d come out unless
some guys beaten up.

Oh no, Basheer bro!

-Got the photo, shall I send it?

Put it in manhole, idiot...

Hold him.

How did he fall like that?

Where is that Rathnam?

Take care of bro, first

Slow, slowly bro
Slowly! Carefully!

Slowly! Carefully

Patient need some air, send everyone out.

Move, move bro

Come on, go out.

Fast, move out faster.

Ok, fine!

Why is he in sending us out like a Doctor

He is a Doctor

Otherwise, how will he know
patient needs air?

I have no patience at all. Say
without frustrating me -About what, bro?

Who asked to send?

They said to need four men and they
put money in account for four and I sent.

Tell me the details about them.


I thought to see the phone and say, bro

Say and do that


Hey, I’m sending details. Do the enquiry

I’ll do it, but you first be careful.

What now? You gave an injection
and none should disturb for an hour, right?

Yes, that’s all!

That’s it!

None should disturb him.

Hello, welcome to HMTV across the table

What happened today is a
great loss for the public of state.

Senior journalist Mr parasuram
is with us to say about

people’s leader and our demised
Home Minister Chakravarthy


We also have NIA officer, Mr Mahendra
to say what happened at the shootout.

We thought brother would come and
give money. What about us now?

Why us here after brother is gone?

Looking at his anger, he seems to
kill is some time.

Let’s vanish the dead body and leave.

I got the account details, right?
What happened?

One Lakh was deposited yesterday evening,
that too in account pay.

I got the CCTV footage, have a look.

This guy is Bhadram.

You did firing in shootout, right?
No idea if he is alive or dead

What happened with the phone?

I tried to trace, it is
an untraceable number.

Russian technology, using
multi-level remapping…

I need to talk to him right now.

I’ll connect for once using back tracking
I can’t do anything if it gets cut.

( Indistinctive voice in TV )

Do you say it as failure of NIA
for the incident happening today?

-Let’s take a break before he says

Let’s meet again after the break.
Keep watching HMTV!

You’d have got the phone if you
waited for two minutes.

Maybe you are trying hard to
know where she is.

Leave Kanthi

Maybe I was twelve
years then I went to play.

When I saw, He
was covered in blood.

I met every Doctor I knew.
None cared about my pain.

They understood when gun was shown

They said my brother was alive
and no idea when would he open his eyes.

I lived every day thinking he would
open his eyes at least today.

We wished to see the end just
for sending into coma.

You killed right in front of our eyes,
what shall we do to you?

You said to leave her, right?
I’ll leave her.

I’ll leave after you listen to
her final death cry.


Hey, it won’t connect again.

What, no signal even in NIA office?
-It is there, but I cut it myself.

What is his courage?

He is cutting call even when I
said you are dying.

It is wrong to leave him 15 years ago and
who sent Home Minister again for exchange?




Kanthi, don’t fear.

Cut the phone now, idiot.

This definitely is your failure
-Excuse me, this is live programme.


Why are you here?
-I got to talk about an important matter

All of you know that Home Minister’s
daughter is kidnapped two days back.

Unfortunately, he died this morning.

I wish to say one
thing to the kidnappers

There is ten crore
rupees policy on his name.

You can give the girl and take that money.

What is that, sir? Do you give money
being afraid of the kidnappers?

He didn’t care even
for his life to catch a

criminal and can’t we
even do this for him?

Nothing is important to us now
than to save that girl.

Hey, stop the dirty nonsense.

I won’t stay calm if anything
happens to her.

What are you talking?

Have you gone mad?
-I just got enlightened

This is brother’s revenge
-We were with you so long for the same.

You got news that your wife wasn’t well.
What could you do?

And what we get this money?
-What if they kill, saying money?

Are we alive now?
-Have you gone crazy?

First I will kill you...

They accompanied brother till the end.
Get them paid, Chinna

You talk whatever you feel to?
That is ten crore rupees.

He said to kill in a minute
and I thought for half a minute.

Do you have a
better idea than this?

You think they would readily come
when you say money?

You are getting Two
lakhs salary and took

three BP tablets
when I said ten crores.

They are in the forest from 20 years.
Won’t they have the greed?

So, you say this will work out.

It is hard to search for
a bow in the dark and

how if you ask do the
arrow hit the target?

Can’t say anything unless this phone rings.

Think it has rung, what next?

Bloody, am I alone in NIA?
You too think now.

What are you too, man?
They won’t give money.

Ok, you go and make them give.
You are a police, right?


Fine, call to that Basheer’s
number waiting for an hour.

What’s happening here?

Rash driving, sir. He dashed our police van

He is also drunk, sir

He is escaping when asked to come
to the station, sir.

I’m a celebrity, sir. I’ll have problem
if my face is shown in TV.

Fine, cover his face with a mask.

Make him sit at the station
without clothes until morning.

Ok, sir.

Whose money is here for you to promise
paying ten crores and right away?

Boss, I’m already high in craze.
Your cheek will blast if I slap now.

You must deal coolly with a guy in anger.

What to do sir, that’s madness for me

Yours is not madness, but a craze

You need the difference?

It is madness when you tear your shirt
seeing your favourite hero on screen.

It is a craze if you tear
away the screen.

I’ll talk to your MD, you see
the way to give money.

Sir, also talk to the kidnappers
and ask for some time, please.

We should get the phone
for whatever, right?

What about you, man?
-Nothing, sir

Call him.

Hello Basheer Bhai, Police are
coming to catch you. Run away!

Did you leave that fat idiot
at the hospital?

Hello Basheer bro! Hello!

You are late by an hour. Cut the call

It is busy.
-Call again

Why is the silence in this tension?
Anybody start talking

It’d be better if you first give money
and take the girl, comrade.

They pay money only if she comes
and signs, comrade.

Hey, no money nothing.
First say, where is the girl?

I didn’t like this comrade.

Can’t you be silent?

I think our guy got set.
Come on, call him.

Sir, ask if it is ok with half
the amount paid?


Hey, we know your names and faces.
What will you do by hiding your voices?

Stop that nuisance first


Where do we come?

Old metal yard

Where is that?

-Behind Medchal godowns
How to come there?

There is a Y junction after crossing
Medchal town and you must take left there.

Ok, we turned.

There’s a police outpost
half Kilometer away from there

-Hey, we won’t come
into all those police stations

Not a station, man! It is the outpost.
Third gate on left after crossing that

Ok fine, we are starting and you
come with money.

Do we move around with
ten crores in hand, idiot?

You come tomorrow
and that too after 10 AM.


Arrange even car along with money for us.

Is it enough? Or you need a double
cot bed and mattress, sir?

Are we any getting you married by
paying the dowry, idiot?

I didn’t like even this comrade.

Comrade, we’ll give everything you
asked for. Let us talk to Kanthi once.

You are correct, comrade.


You go and look into that money matter
-Ok, sir



Weeping doesn’t suit you, Vikram.

I couldn’t do anything, Kanthi

Dad lived all his life for
what he believed in It’s

a matter of pride for
him to die for the people.

Did you both father and daughter
study in same school to talk similarly?

You got kidnapped and are you
giving me the courage?

You have the fear about what happens to me
and I’ve the courage having you.

Still, what Vikramarka doing
a mess over TV?

I’m in NIA and I can do anything.

Do one more thing for me.

Show the guy who hit me today,
before killing him.

Sir, should I put tracking device
along with money.


The guy speaking first
and now is not the same.

He’d do anything for revenge.

Let’s first save the girl.
No problem even if we lose money.

Once we get the girl, take her
immediately to safe house.


What happening there?
Do as per rules

I’ll take care, sir.

I’ll take care.
Ok sir, thank you

Police suspect the NIA was
behind the Old city murder.

Within hours of the Home Minister's death,
this murder was now the talk of the town.

Call from Delhi...

asking not to do anything without
involving the local police

Whatever you do, do it under him.

We should take Vikram for enquiry, sir.

One girl and one bullet,
work should be done in simple

manner and that too after
our guys receive money.

There is just one girl there
and why is the photo?

If what you said is so easy,
they won’t give the money I asked for.

Don’t teach me my job.

See to that our guys don’t get caught
and I’ll take care of the rest.

I’m both the hero and villain
for tomorrow’s story.

"I know I was wrong but now I am right "

"I walk from the darkness into the light "

"I promised myself I'll never lose sight "

"Imma break out imma put up a fight "

"Pushed to a corner locked in a cage "

"The silence is building me up to a rage "

"Once I get free then you will see "

"Ain't nobody ever gonna mess with me"

"Risk runs away with effort once
Raja sir comes out"

"Fun ride is confirmed when
Raja sir comes for hunting"

"It is a wow, your style doesn’t
come down even by an inch"

"It is a wow, no tension is seen at all"

"Hiding spy’s trace has shaken"

"He’s the man never
getting tired or worried"

"He’s taken the path out as a
lightning and turn"

"Risk runs away with effort
once Raja sir comes out"

"Fun ride is confirmed when
Raja sir comes for hunting"

Uncle, sniper!

How did he suddenly come?

You did the recci, right?
Why do you ask me?

Sir, how come Vikram is here?

He got caught to militants
in the morning at Kashmir

and came to Delhi for
watching the second show.

Who can stop him?

Do you have a clear shot?

Not really.

Wait, he may get alert if you miss.

What if Kanthi comes into
his line of fire by then?

Hey, one of you bring the money.

They won’t harm Kanthi till
they get the money.

You overlap and bring it.
I’ll take him into range by then

What can be done after coming till here?
Bag is heavy, I can’t carry.

I’ll go an give, wait sir!
-Hey Muddukrishna!

Sir! Sir!

He keeps blaming you,
but he does everything.

Sir, I’ll give backup to Vikram.

Untie her.

Untie the ropes.

Sign on this, dear.


Take it now.

Come, dear

-He’s counting, right?

Sir, will he count the total amount?

It’ll be morning if you count
each and every bundle.

We got it from bank
and it’ll be correct.

What about the car?

You took ten crores and
can’t you buy a car?

We got it



You guys leave.


Sir, are you ok?
-Take her first to the safe house.

Ok sir, fine!
Come on!


-I am okay, nothing to worry.


Boss, all is well right?

When was I shot and
when did you come, rascal?

Added is this consoling again.

Boss, you have the insurance, right?

When said to save with life,
I didn’t expect it was mine.

Call for ambulance, I won’t be seen
again in life -It is coming


There is no fuel in the car.

You asked for car and not
the fuel, comrade.

You should kill when you decide to kill.

It will be so if you say you should see
and you should listen.

How did you know?
-God came in dreams and said.

Why didn’t you arrest when
you came to know?

There’s a nick name to this
place in the agency


It is here to finish anybody unofficially.

And moreover...

Who will take revenge
for hitting me, rascal?

Made for each other.

Careful, uncle would again say suspension
if something happens to that.

I should say why was I killing
before killing, right?

You shouldn’t have shot my brother.

You should know why you are
dying before dying, right?

You shouldn’t have hit her.

You prepared a great sketch
listening to just a small music bit.

What’s the logic in this?
It is just my luck and your bad time.

That’s all!

"So many tactics in his haunting eyes"

"He dare to question ogre"

"Don't know, how does he see
the upcoming destruction?"

"He executes his plans beforehand
and stops the destruction."