Raja Vamsam (2021) - full transcript

Good morning everybody

The reason why I have invited you all is ..

It's been told that for the past 15 years,
our nature has changed a lot due to global warming

Due to climatic changes we are affected by earthquake, tsunami, life damage and material damage

We are leading an uncertain life fearing
What's going to happen next?

Moreover, people's mind have also changed
since the changes in nature occurred

The livelihood of humanity is deteriorating

If this continues, the future of humanity
will get destroyed

It's believed that the advancement in technology
is the cause for this damage

I got an idea here

The technology which we think has affected the nature..

Can't it be used to conserve our nature?

It's just my idea

I am not sure if this is possible

But I have faith in you people.

I wish to contribute something to the next generation

I am funding an amount of 5000Cr for this
and the time period is three months

Proposal details will be sent to your email id

The best presentation next week shall be
awarded the project

Good luck friends

So friends...

The reason why I wanted to meet you all is...

..to discuss on the 5000 Cr ASC meeting which took place today morning..

..the entire IT world is looking on us now
to know who's going to take the project

So, I have a plan

If all the four of us take this project
together and work

Our status, values and shares remain the same

Good idea!

We will work together

Are you all ok?


I am not okay with this

We haven't done any project together

We are now in this status based on our
individual talent and dexterity

So, according to me

I think this as an opportunity to prove ourselves

A year before we were in the 50th position,
today we are in the 4th position


Purely on teamwork

With the faith I have on my team,
I will try to takeover this project

Mr.Sivanesan, do you think you can takeover
this project and complete it alone?

Good luck to you friends

Leave it Danny,
Let him go

We have seen so many like him

We can't leave him like that

He has come from 50th place to 4th place
without anybody's support


He shouldn't win

We can steep to any level for it

We have to succeed in this

And it's the right time to achieve our goal

Do you all know my goal is wanting to be number one!

So guys..

From all branches of our company...

..shortlist the best software engineers and programmers

Select the best ones and ask them to head this project

But Sir..

The reason why our company moved
from 50th place to 4th place..

..is the master brain of our Chennai
branch engineers

We can give them this opportunity Sir

I am sure they will definitely do it

Yes Sir

He is right

Oh Lord Ganesha

This project should be a grand success

(Mobile ringing)

Sorry boss...

Unwanted call

Bye Boss


Why are you stopping me?




Is this the guy?

It's not him..

Send him

He's going at 7am like a mason's job

Brother..please stand aside

Wait dude

Hey.. What about him?

Does he look like working in a software company?

He look like he hails from a village

But the way he is wearing
the bag looks strange

Leave his bag

Look at his face

Typical village guy

Get lost

If he works in an IT firm,
it will shut down

That's the guy

Everybody has left except for the watchman

Hey... What are you doing?

Why? What happened?

You are bidding adieu to the victim

Start the vehicle

(Mobile ringing)

Brother.. heard you did a program?

Handover the disk

That's not a disk ..

That's hard disk

No matter what, give it to me


(Mobile ringing)


Can't you see he's asking you?

Handover the hard disk

Should I handover if he asks?

(Mobile ringing)

How dare you are checking your mobile
when I am talking to you!

Good morning everybody

It's a big dream of our young days
that has come through

We are looking for your valuable suggestions and ideas..

..for our global warming

Let's start the presentation now

Let's call upon Pearl Infosys first


Morning everybody

Hey...am talking to you

You are trying to pick your phone


Why haven't you called me since morning mom?

I will attend other calls
only after speaking to you

Got a slight headache

So slept for a while


How are you feeling now mom?

Did you tell dad?

This is a silly thing to tell him


What's the noise ?

Okay Mom

I am little busy here

Will call you later

You have kept it in this bag right?

Hey leave it

Give me the bag

Take it

Now we call upon KCS for the presentation

Good morning everybody

We lose the battle against air pollution

Against climate change

One tree less is one less green summer

Let me see how you catch me..

Come on


Now we call upon Macro for the presentation

Hey dude get up

Now we call upon VCL for
the presentation



With your kind permission

Our Product Head is on the way

So may be please postpone the session for another

Doesn't make it Raman

You didn't keep your word

And you are insulting this project,
You know that?

Everybody is waiting for me..

You want me to wait for your
company employee?

Punctuality is very important for me

I will give you two minutes..

Get your person

Thank you Sir

Excuse me Sir..

Another two minutes

Your presentation time is over

I am canceling your company presentation..

You may leave

We saw all the three presentations

And all the hard work you put in is
really commendable

Good work

Everything is over

Give me a little time to evaluate the pros and cons
of all these presentations

And then give you the verdict


(Crowd applauds)

Twenty five years as IT leaders..

Will we spare yesterday's bud?

Ladies and Gentleman ..

Please be seated


Sir Please Sir

Sir please take your seat

Sir please give some time to
explain my project

Please Sir


Go ahead

Thank you Sir

Thank You Sir

Sir I am going to explain my project
in tamil language

With your permission..
I will submit my project Sir

Nothing wrong Mr.Kannan

I like your simple and honest approach

What's happening there?

Go ahead

Thank you Sir

Sorry Mr.

Stop your presentation!

You didn't come here to sell your country sign

It is an international issue

So you should stop your emotional stupidity

Madam..I will give you a language converter

You can listen in your language

Kishore..Please share the
language converter

When I speak in tamil, you can listen
in your language

We will learn Hindi but
you will not learn Tamil

Take this

Have this Gayle's sister

Thank you


"A boy sharpened his pencil, trees collapsed"

When we listen to this poem

we can hear the applause sound

But we don't listen to the weeping of trees

We spend time to upload videos about Agriculture..

But we never even plant a weed

We talk about green revolution in english, tamil and hindi

I thank this initiative of AAC to save the
trees during this time

The storm which hit recently
affected six districts badly

But Gummidipoondi, next to Chennai didn't
see a drop of rain.

People are wandering like dogs for water

We have to do something about this

The first step to it is "Save trees"

Three can breathe from oxygen
released from one tree

But not even a single tree has been
planted by them

The more we destroy trees..

Oxygen depledes

Then nature will recede completely

Even with the latest technology in hand

We still look for a newspaper for updates

The papers used for these newspapers, books, magazines..

..worldwide contributes to the destruction of 3.5 to 7 billion trees

If we stop paper manufacturing..

Cutting of trees will stop totally

If we change from paper usage to digital..

We would need a server for it

We would need huge acres of land, thousands of workers

And crores of money

An alternative to this issue is our project

It's called Virtual storage

It will get stored in space like radio frequency

We do not need a big space, security or maintenance

Too good and brilliant!

A small room of 10X10 size is enough

No one can access this without our knowledge

We need not look elsewhere for informations

This virtual storage is undestroyable

If we begin to action on this

We can put an end to the practise of cutting trees for paper

Our motive wins

We will have a satisfaction that we..

..did something good for the earth we live in

Thanks to AAC for giving this oppurtunity

Thank you

(crowd applaudes)

Very good


After having seen all the four presentations

I have come to a conclusion

Infact I have made my decision

That Mr.Kannan and the company
VCL gets the contract

I would like to tell them that I will sign the contract

And give them a huge amount as advance


Hello Sir

By the way

She is Ms.Gayathri from Virginia

Gayathri ..

This is Mr.Kannan

One of our company team leads


Good day...


Good day..


Good day..

Hey..sit down

I wanted to get a water bottle

Why are you jumping for it?


Ms.Gayathri and her team will join you..

..from today and work with you in the AAC project

Wow.. Super dude

Sir..Please don't mistake me

My team is with me for a long time

And trustworthy

We do not know about the new team

We have taken this project under tough competition

Our work needs to be highly confidential

I am just thinking on it


I agree with your perception


They are highly talented people

That's why I am vouching them

Reliability is more important than talent

Until we gain their trust

They can work into some other project

Excuse me Mister

You have no right to doubt our credibility

How can you even comment on us?

When you do not know us,
how can you even judge us?


Stay calm


Look here..

We are not talking to you

We are talking to our CEO



Sorry Sir

We cannot accept her in our team


Come on

Hey dude...


Stop man

(Mobile ringing)


Have you got up my dear?

It was a long day..

Just getting up

I have got a good news for you

What's that ?

My heart is filled with happiness

I have found a bride for you

Her name is Anjali

Everyone likes her

They also like you

When you come home we will fix your engagement

What's your opinion?

Your wish is mine

If you tell me I will be there for engagement

My loving son

I am so happy dear

Come safely
Yes mom

Yeah Dad

Mom told me today morning

Will be there for the engagement

Thank God

Is it broken?


Have to talk to dad immediately

Sir has not yet come


He is here

Will give him

Sir..Phone for you

brother here

Why are you on security's line?

Did mom speak to you

Yeah will be there for the engagement

What happened to your phone?

Battery is low

Will charge it and call you

(Telephone ringing)

Sir ...Your Uncle is on the line



I am your uncle speaking

Why are you calling to this line?

You are getting engaged tomorrow

Yes I know
I will be there

My phone battery got drained

Will speak later

Take this

Sir your brother is on the line



You are getting engaged

Yeah will be there for sure

Then why is your phone switched off?

Battery is low

Will charge it and call you
Take this

Sir..Phone for you

Who's that?

Brother-in-law... I am your sister-in-law speaking


How come on this phone?

She's my daughters friend

Oh.. daughter's friend?

I will be there a day before the engagement

Phone battery is low. Will speak later.

Sir..your elder sister

Hey Kanna ..have you started?

What's this sister?

Engagement dear

I Will come for sure

I will be there a day before the engagement

Phone battery is low
Will charge it and call you

Sir your uncle is on line

You mean uncle?
How did he get your number?

Hey Groom

How did you get this number?

When are you starting?

Will be there

Will be there for sure

I will be there a day before the engagement



Who is that ?

(Indistinct chatter)

Hey move..

We can't talk now

Please disconnect the phone


Settle in your places

I will be there a day before the engagement

I want everyone to switch off your phone

No one should touch their phones for the next two hours

Take this phone

Sir ..That's my phone

He was the one who bought it

What's happening?

Right from security to Janitor, you have shared all the numbers

One guy, Singam puli

My uncle

Made a video call when I was in the restroom

Felt ashamed

Why did you attend his call?

He's calling when he was in the restroom

I attended it by mistake


Are we working for you or for the company?

This is the essence of the family bond

You can't get angry over it

Get lost

It's fine if they call you by affection

Why are you getting pissed off?

Keep quiet



What is this?
(Mobile ringing)

I am getting continuous calls from your home

Some guy... Kattu puli..

Singam puli..


Made video call from rest room


You got it

I think he gets good signal there only

Sorry Sir

I will ensure no one calls you


Did you get a glimpse


Clear view I think..

What do you know about my family?

Oh big Ambani family?

Not Ambani family... loving family

Look here

Oh, is this your entire village


All are from my family

This is my prosperous village

Ours is the biggest family in the entire village

Big family doesn't mean a political family

A joint family consisting of 44 people living under the same roof

With love and bondage

I have 10 siblings, 5 sisters and 5 brothers

With their kids we are 44 of them

This is my uncle Kalyanasundaram

He loves me a lot

He made his mind to get married
only after I get married

And to cut his hair

Is this palm sugar?


Very tasty

Get into work

This is the best horoscope, I have ever seen

All ten matches fit

What next?

People fix the bride for 5 matches

Here we have ten matches

God has decided that my groom will
have his bride from this home only

Is it not mom?

Her face looks dull

She's like that always



This is my sister and uncle

That's their dear son

Kannan...likely to be your groom

Greetings grandma


Let's sit

This is my sister's son, Shanmugam and his wife "Lipstick Rani"


This is my sister's daughter Veeralakshmi and Sundaram

Greetings grandma


This is my sister's daughter Santhanalakshmi and Singampuli


This is my sister's son, Karthikeyan and his wife Divya

Greetings grandma


This is my sister's daughter, Subbulakshmi
and her hubby rhyming Rangan


This is my sister's elder daughter, Dhanalakshmi and her
hubby Oodhuvathi Sekar

Greetings Grandma


This is my sister's son, Kulla Pandi and
his wife Megala


This is my sister's daughter, Kizhinjana and her hubby Aaradiyaan

Hello Grandma


This is my sister's daughter Ramalakshmi

Greetings Grandma

This is Ramalakshmi's husband, Thoppadurai

This is my sister's daughter Neelaveni and that's the grandchild

Greetings Grandma

This is baby Jaya

This is baby Keerthana

This is baby Kanniga
Greetings Grandma


This is my sister's father-in-law, Kattalidurai

And his grandson

I don't know this person

Let me tell you...

Why are these fingers stuck

That's normal only

You go and get the bride ready

Let me get you some water


Grandma...they will bring the water


Oh my God

Sir..Your work is finished now

Come home, I shall pay you

Let me bid bye to her

Get lost


She is gone!

Hey you Kalyanam

If this granny goes out 400 families will bow to her

You showed her our 40 family members and finished her off

She's gone!

What do I do now?

Do one thing, our kith and kin are here..

You call their relatives too

And finish the final ceremony and come home

We are leaving

Listen to me

When a person suffers..

He needs relatives to support him

Hey Oodhuvathi... give me an idea

Get away from that place

Get up

Is he having piles?

What is he checking?
Did he poo?

She's holding my shirt

Remove your shirt and come

Are you trying to kiss her?

Let's leave before they come


They killed my mom!

So far you have had enough experiences

I can't imagine the circumstances,
If the granny had taken hold of my dhoti

Why are you guys looking dull?

Please open up your hearts and speak

We killed her with our wishes

Shut up you moron

Are you worried that the granny spoiled your wedding


My worry is, if Neelamegam learns about this

How will he reach us?

We have changed our route with our uncle heading us

He cannot find us

Let's look for a bride from a house with no granny


I was born and brought up from this place

So what?

Am I not aware of the routes you take?

He's been on all streets

Are you finding new routes?

Is he holding Pollachi map on hand?


Heard you guys killed a granny looking for your bride


She had a natural death

Then where's your shirt?

Who gave him the information?

He has many guys for it

Whatever happens at your place

I get the running commentary at my place

Instead of marrying my daughter

you are searching elsewhere

You guys will face more shame

Hey old man ..hear me well

Sir, It's custom for us to come and
ask for your daughter

You shouldn't beg us for it

Why shouldn't I ask?

I am also your relative

I am living just opposite to your home

I am also a wealthy guy

Owning a car and assets

Am I inferior to you?

We wished to marry our granny's granny to your grandpa's grandpa..

..our granny to your grandpa,

..our aunt to your uncle,

But nothing happened

How do you remember these details?

I sat all night and memorised it

Our family's motive is to get
both the daughters to you

Are you ashamed to talk like this?

Do you know my Lord Murugan has two wives?

When his father Lord Shiva didn't care, why should I?

Listen Neelamegam, I promise on my
tuft that I will get him married soon

Else I am not his uncle

I don't care if you are his uncle or not..

You cannot fix a bride without my permission in this entire surrounding

If anyone tries to do it..

What will be my move?

We will finish him

Mark my words, not only in this birth,

Your wish will never be fulfilled in any births

Why are you wasting time talking to him?

What else ?

Let's go home

That's good

Hey old man..

I will be your partner whatever happens

Don't get disappointed

Let's go

Keep distance from us..

Just leave


Sorry dude

So looking for a bride, you made a murder!

The welcome dolls at the marriage halls..

..will fit best to your family

Hey...who's this corona affected monkey in your family?

He's my elder sister's son

He's the one pushing for my marriage

Because he can marry only after I get married

Why don't you register in animals matrimony for him?

His name is Mayakannan

(Song playing from the movie
"Enga ooru pattukaran")


Don't worry, I will milk you without
causing any pain

Look..he's milking the cow without touching it

Don't act as if you're seeing it for the first time

Workers please sit down

We are continuing our acting as if we don't know

It's usual

Okay come on guys

Will you always pretend?

When will you milk for real?

Don't you know that it kicked me
When I touched it by mistake

Shut up

Now I understand, why you are still a bachelor?

Are you married?


You are ditching your brother

And roaming with his wife

Don't talk to me

He's so scared to touch a cow..

Then how come he'll be ready for marriage

I will take care of that

Have you given injection to the cow?
Not yet


The needle broke

Did you use the needle for yourself?

Blackji..have you bathed the buffalo?
Not yet bro

There was no water

Morning I saw someone bathing near the well

That was me bro

When a buffalo like you took a shower
can't you bathe these cows

You useless fellow



What is it?

Your family went to look for a bride for your uncle

Why have you joined them?

Hey... Those guys roam every week like a town bus

I am not interested

Will your father not get angry if you don't join?

Don't take his name

I will get angry

Why is it so ?

Is he behaving like a father?

Looks like a pappad on the menu

One day I will thrash him

From childhood he told me that I will be a landlord

And finally made me a cow lord

Be happy that he had not made you mann pigs

Is manning pigs a shame to you?

Those guys are the richest nowadays

(Song playing from "Enga ooru pattukaran")

(Mind voice)
(Looks like a film heroine)


Who is this?

She's the granddaughter of our labour Valliamma

She is clever in milking cows


She's like your sister

Let her decide on it

Shut up you Fraud broker

What a big vessel!

Hey you slipped the vessel

The milk fell over

This is a sign that our family failed today morning

What curse is this?

Where ever we go

We couldn't fix a girl for you

I am feeling very low dear

Why do you worry about this?

Your wish is to get me married

My wish is to get married and be with you

I want my children to grow with your love

All will be fine

Don't worry mom

Who is the next girl?

Her name is Soundarya

I expected

She's beautiful as her name

She's from the next village

Before you leave tomorrow

We will pay a visit to her place

Sure mom

Atleast will we able to finalise this girl

There are no granny's here..don't worry

These are my family

Will make a list of their names and give you

Remove your slippers and come inside

An entire village is here to see you

You are a lucky girl

Everything should happen in a good way

Hey the groom is looking smart

His moustache and smile is cute

Just saw him

Where is he working?

He's a team leader in an IT firm

IT is always fun

Party every weekend

Not only that..

As a team leader he should make good money

Life at Chennai, luxurious car

Will be fun with her hubby

Weekends will be full of fun

Tell me kid

My grandpa likes you a lot

Leave your grandpa..

What about the groom ?

Oh aunty..

My Kannan grandpa is going to marry this aunty

What is he blabbering?

Old man!

You didn't tell us you marrying an old man

Old lady marrying an old man

You are our granny too

Let me take the back seat so that
I don't confuse the girl

Daddy..one minute please

She's the best for us

I am okay mom

I want to have a private talk with the groom

Please tell them

No issues

We can speak here itself

We are all from the same family

Please forgive me

I am not interested in this marriage


This kid is calling him grandpa and me as granny

My friends are laughing at me

I am feeling ashamed

When I get married and go outside

I will be named as granny

Not only that..

I wanted to lead a private life in Chennai

I am not interested to be a part of a 40 member joint family

What is she saying?

She was happy when we brought this proposal

I am wondering
why is she talking like this?


So.. You felt ashamed for being
called as grandpa

He's my sister's grandson..

He has to call me that way only

Who are you to reject me?

I don't like you!

Appearance gets changed by age.
But the relationship doesn't!

In this world we can see fleet of birds
and herds of animals

But we humans have forgotten the
essence of joint families

The reason is selfishness

No matter who come and go in your life

We look only for blood relations

When we miss someone from our family

Tears roll down to prove the
strength of the family

To live with out that strength is like..

..to lead a nomad life in our own land

Both pain and life..

..can be felt only when we get hurt

To lead a life with such pain is hell

To live with my family is my boon

The wealth I leave behind is my family and relations only

I cannot lose them at any point

My family is important to me

Let's leave mom

What's all this

I don't need a marriage without you all


Neutral family

Live alone!

When you go with four relatives itself

Your marriage cannot be fixed easily

When you take 40 numbers ..unimaginable

You could have left everyone behind and taken one fellow

We tried that way too

(Song playing from the movie "vaidehi kathirundaal")

(Indistinct chatter)

(Cows mooing)

Why are these guys running?

Oh..he's here!

Why are you troubling the workers and the cows?

It's all because of you guys

I am still a bachelor

Listen to me

When the girls I fell in love got married

I am bidding then adieu.

Do you know why?

I have put on weight by waiting. Why?

All men of my age are into family

Why I am still single?

Hear me

My youth and feelings are known to these animals and plants

You dumb fellows don't get it


Why are you asking me that?

Will throw the cow dung on you

What's your problem?

You are my problem

You run after others to get them married

If you had married

I would have settled

Why are looking for a bride for the past three years?

It's not matching

What's his fault?

Will break your mouth

You are the main reason for it

What did I do?

You did nothing!

If you had married, we would've got married

The time has to come for it

Your time is over

See what I am going to do now

Here onwards we will not take the
entire family to see a bride

Three persons will go and come back as four

What do you say?

I have to get married quickly for his sake

What was that?

Listen to him

I will get you married soon

You will be a father in ten months

He'll resemble me
My dear sister's grandson

I am your grandson too

Ok dear

As per your wish

As you planned

Tomorrow we will take him

We three will go to fix a girl

Until then please control yourself

The cows are getting scared

Will stop today

If it doesn't work out tomorrow

Will start my show again

He's getting his girl
Don't miss this time

Come on

Let me bath today

You were willing to come today, weren't you?

Then why you seem to be dull?

Are you missing your big family?

We will succeed this time

Then we will invite everyone

You told me you haven't told anyone

Why is your sister standing here fully dressed?

It's not me

Please believe me

Tell me the truth

You told your mom

Yes uncle


We are going to see a bride

How can we leave mom?

Where was your mind yesterday?

Yesterday you accepted our plan

He's trying to hit me

How can you do this?

You crazy fellow!


I have to do all these for marriage

I am trying hard for this marriage


Mayakannan, You better know the truth

Information has passed from here to here

I understood you clearly

I am having my doubts on you

Did you share it with only your mom or anyone else?

I swear on you, I haven't told anyone else

I still have my doubts

Shut up

I am bearing with you

Were we brought up like that?

Your upbringing was nasty

I can see an antenna roaming

Why did you tell them?

We cannot leave our uncles behind..that's why

Why are you doing this?

Listen to me

I cannot leave my brother-in-law

So I called them too

What do you have to say to this?

What can I do?

You will never change

Let's hope no one is waiting in the next street

Move on

We obeyed you and stood here

Uncle, I think there's a procession going on

Let's take the next lane

Hey, it sounds like fathers voice,
Stop guys!

Who informed him?

He's standing like a speed breaker!

How cruel

These guys are coming where ever we go

In our family we are allowed to use only
the rest room in private

Rest with the crowd

Hey Mayakanna..

You planned to go and see the bride
without us

How is it possible in our family?

How's that possible?
You occupy the entire village

Okay ..why are you guys late?

Grandpa...who's this?

We enquired about that girl

She will not be a match to our family

Let's leave this proposal

If you roam around with this bear

You will never get married...
In all your births

Come on dear

Yes sister

As it is you are a rogue

Why do you mingle with them

Let them be in peace

I will tear you into pieces and eat you

Get lost

Look at him

Looking like a pencil in the sharpener!

What shall we do grandson?

We cannot do anything with this family

There's one thing we can do?

Let's start singing..

(song playing from the movie "vaidehi kathirundhal")

Dogs are chasing us...

Run fast

Dude..Shall I tell you a truth

You will never get married!

Atleast try to complete our project

You are living alone..

You will not know about a joint family

get lost

(Mobile ringing)

Hey Singampuli...

Are you his maternal uncle or mad uncle?

Always calling from the rest room


Kannan.. Can you come to my cabin?

Ok Sir

Please come immediately
Just coming Sir

Sir, what is the emergency?


Our Chairman's dream

All your efforts

Are all in vain

AAC project is going out of our hands

What are you saying?

Yes Kannan

The delivery period which was given as
three months earlier

..has been reduced to 30 days

With our limited resources

I don't think we will be able to complete this project

Why is it not possible?

How's this possible Kannan?

Sir.. Don't you believe in me?

Kannan I don't mean that way

You have earned a good reputation
for our company in many projects

I don't deny that

But this is a very short period

Think practically

We cannot take much pressure

(Mobile ringing)

Excuse me Sir

Yes mom


I am preparing your favorite dry fish curry

Will you come home for dinner?

I am in the office

Oh God

I thought you are on the way home

Once you reach in the morning

We shall fix your engagement

Don't miss your bus please

Okay, I will be there soon


Sorry Sir

It's okay

Sir, we have got 30 days

Now each of us work for eight hours a day

Let's double the working hours to sixteen hours

We can definitely make it

I am not sure to what extent
this is possible?

Definitely possible

If we leave our reluctance

Hesitation is the hurdle to success

Let's break it

We can face any issue easily

A person who was never the captain of Ranjit trophy..M S Dhoni

..was made the captain of the Indian cricket team

Dhoni was strongly recommended by the
experienced cricketer Sachin

If this has not happened..

He would have not won the World cup, a dream of 28 years


When you decide to play..
Play hard

Else Die hard

IT, Politics, Media, Sports all have one thing in common

Hard work!

We are ready for it!

Will do it!

Thank you Sir

(We are going to lose our AAC project)


(Time period is reduced to 30 days)

We worked it


(Sir we have got 30 days)

(Each of us work for eight hours a day)

(Let's double the working hours to sixteen hours)

(Definitely we can make it)



Tell me

Can we speak in private?

You wanted to say something..
Why are you silent?

Tell me please

You are getting engaged tomorrow right


How do you know that?

I am the girl who's supposed
to be engaged to you

Please don't go tomorrow



This is my uncle

We spent our childhood together

People used to laugh at me that I
caught his hand at age of twelve

I am very fond of him

He's responsible for me being so educated..
and to work as a team leader in a big company

But he's still into agriculture

My family was not ready to get me
married me to a farmer

So they fixed my marriage with you


We cannot fight against both of our families

I cannot lead a fake life with you
when I love him

We cannot stop this engagement

But you can do it for sure

Please help us

Please get up

Okay, I will take care of it


Will ensure no one knows about this

Be strong

(I have fixed a girl for you)

(Once you reach in the morning)

(We shall fix your engagement)

I am not sure what to do?

That girl's name should not get spoiled

At the same time I have to
stop the engagement

The project has to be completed

I am so confused thinking about this

I am also confused

What to choose? Either chips or pickle?

You don't want to booze at this state of mind too

It's our Chairman's dream project

He has offered it to us with trust

We need to honour his trust

At the same time I need to keep up the
promise. I gave her.

I am asking you for an idea to it


Why don't you go overseas stating
project related work?

They will ask me cancel the trip
and come home

Say them you are sick and stay back here

My entire family will be here

Oh..No need

We are already facing water scarcity

If your family comes here we need
to get out of city

Dude..got a brilliant idea

Find some girl and introduce her as your lover

How's it?

You won't know the circumstances I will have to face

Initially they will shout at you

Then finally, they will find an auspicious date
and get you married

Meanwhile we can complete your project

You can keep up your word

What do you say?

Is it okay to lie?

A lie which gives you happiness is better
than a truth that gives you pain

Oh.. I am talking like a poet

I don't have a choice


But who will accept to this?

Do you know any girl like that?

I know only those kind of girls

Let's see


We are 2K kids! That's why

My friend needs a favour

We need your help


Already the payment for our meetings at
ECR, Pondicherry and Farmhouse

Are still pending

Don't believe him Sir

I had to pay for his taxi charges

She's is charging me GST

Auditor is asking for bill

How can I ask her a bill?

You moron!

Why is he keeping for two?

I can't act like a girlfriend and cheat

You did that to me!

Don't act

I was your friend that time

Now I am someone's wife

I will have to consult him

Okay.. Just call and ask him

There's no need to call him
He's just listening

Who's listening?

It's him

Who's this?

My husband

Sir.... Your girlfriend can be my wife

But my wife can't be your girlfriend

Can she be his girlfriend?

Let's go

Waste fellows

No way

Just for one day

No way
Will pay you

Take this

Is that why you bought me coffee?

Hey Priya

Shall we ask Ritu?

She'll go to "Me too"

We don't go well together

If I ask her

Let us ask her


Only you


You want me to act as a girlfriend?

That too for Kannan

No chance

Why do you have react like this for that?


What's wrong with him?

It's not for him

He's asking for the sake of the project


How do I believe this?

I swear on you!

He's been tortured to get married


Do this help for us

If you act for just one day

We can stop this engagement

And complete the project by the deadline


Just because you're requesting
in the name of project

I will do it

She's fine

Are you happy?

Okay then

What's my payment?



What do you say?

Tell me what you are expecting

I should take one day leave

And it's out of the city

So..pay my one salary three times



You shouldn't take advantage of the situation

You mean him ?


He will buy a saree for Sunny Leone

One more condition

My safety is important to me

We will take care of it

Sister..everything is ready

Keep the saree inside the car
Hey keep some flowers with it



(Indistinct chatter)

Kutty... Keep this saree inside the car


Brother has arrived

He's on time

The groom is here!

Come on

Good day

Who's this?

Please forgive me

She is Gayathri

We are working in the same office

I love her sincerely

I have decided to marry her

What are you saying?

We have fixed a girl and going to
finalise the date of wedding

Now you are talking about your love

What do we answer to that family?

You have embarrassed us!

Is this what you do when you had been
celebrated as our favorite kid?

Won't the neighbours insult us now?

Are you not aware that all the members of the family..

..go by the words of the eldest person of the family?

How can you make a decision for yourself
and insult the family?

Don't you know why am I growing my hair?

Do you think I lack money to cut my hair?

We thought you will go by the choice
of our family and get married

After which my promise will be fulfilled
And then to get married

Do I look like a crazy fellow?

You have ditched all of us


Your father is not a big millionaire,
a politician or a landlord

But I have earned respect than
any other person in this village

Do you know why our family is praised?

Because we respect the women in our family

We went to many places looking for a bride for you

You accompanied us too

Why did you keep quiet all these times?

Now suddenly you are coming up with your love story

What do you mean?

Speak up!

What are you thinking ?

Answer him

Won't I answer if I knew what to say

You want to know why I kept quiet all these while?

Hear me now

We fell in love with each other recently

She is an orphan

She has no family

I brought her here to make her one among us

I wanted to introduce you..

..as her father..

..as her uncle..

..as her sister..

..as her aunt

And bring her many relationship's

My wish is always in vain

When you all don't like us..

We will leave


Let's leave

Before their mind changes


Brother-in-law.. One minute please

Who's that?

Expected this

When someone gets married, they usually come
with lots of desires and expectations

By God's grace all the daughter-in-laws of
this family are blessed

Even Gayathri would have come here with
such dreams and desires

Please don't disappoint her

Being the eldest daughter-in-law of this house,

I declare Gayathri is the daughter-in-law of this house

It's over

Our wish was to get Kannan married

Now he has come with his girlfriend

What's the point to get angry?

So let's accept Gayathri into our family

Don't accept mom

Gayathri...leave the thought that you are alone

Now I am your aunt, he is your uncle

Consider the others here as your kith and kin

You will also be our favorite kid like Kannan

When my aunt says a word
it's like the word from universe

What's your opinion?

Don't accept it dad

What do you want me to say?

The entire family has joined hands

The Goddess of this family is my wife

When she has accepted,
Who am I to deny?

Kanna..Will get you both married soon

I will talk to the concerned family and pacify them


Come on

Your payment is confirmed!

"An angel"

"In this world.."

"To become a kin.."

"What a blessing to have her.."

"Whoever she maybe.."

"She will be the root of our family.."

"With full of love.."

"A solution to the family's happiness..."

"The affection which shows love to all..."

"Love can be seen in her eyes.."

"Hard found treasure..."

"Will hold you safely with love..."

"Hard found treasure.."

"Will hold you safely with love.."

"An angel.."

"To become a kin..."

"What a blessing to have her..."

"Flowing like a waterfall..."

"She showers her innocence.."

"And dissolves our worries with her laughter..."

"She's transformed to a daughter..."

"She's giving her wings to fly in the air...."

"A soul trying to save the bond...."

"Our beloved we will never deviate from you...."

"You have stole our hearts with your love...."

"We will never miss you..."

"Hard found treasure..."

"Will hold you safely with love.."

"Hard found treasure.."

"Will hold you safely with love..."

A birthday gift from all of us

Have a look

Your marriage invitation was
ready three days back

Kannan told us that today is your birthday

That's why we saved it to give it today

Gayathri, You don't have to worry
that you are an orphan

We will be your parents always

A daughter is like a blessing

That's what we believe

You don't worry about anything

We are all with you

What's happening here?

I have no clue on it

I will take care

Happy birthday!

Thank you

Thank you

(humming an old song)

Give me some money to buy fuel

I can't pay in cash
I have paid it online

You can go fetch the fuel

You have faith on online mode

But not your uncle

Uncle please leave

Money is in the air..

Will pay online

Why didn't you get your sister married online?

Why did you get her married to me?

Don't blabber uncle!

Why is this coconut water so salty?

Everyone listened to us

But he had brought his girlfriend home

We need to make sure this
wedding doesn't happen

Shall I finish him off at the temple

Keep quiet

He is our groom

You can whip him well

But he should not get hurt

You can beat him well

But he should not get hurt

You can chop him

But he shouldn't bleed?
What your trying to say now?

We should not leave any evidence there

Then we will have to suffer

Do you know anyone like that?

I have a brother at Coimbatore

Where's he now?

He's serving life sentence in jail

In jail?

Get lost

We have guys in Coimbatore..

If you ask for fingers they'll
chop their heads

Why are they deaf?


They are so cruel

They will handle this neatly

Tough guys will be stupid only

But I want the work to be completed

Ask them to come immediately

(Folk music playing)

(Indistinct announcements)

We have our prayers to offer for Kannan's marriage

Where were you?

Why so late?

Was just nearby


Pray to the God

Who's that?

My friend

Let me have a word

Let's go

Hello brother


How are you?

I am fine

Looks like someone flew away


We should start the pooja
immediately after pongal

Mom.. My friend

Come on dance..

Grandma is calling you

Move aside please

Come on

You should not go anywhere
until we finish the pooja

Gayathri...look there

What's this?

I thought he will be into pieces

But he looks like a mass


Don't get scared

It's holy ash

I performed pooja in your names

God bless you

Take this aunty

Please share with others

Hello brother

I am considering you as one among my family

I am okay if you don't show me love

But please don't show enmity

It will not only ruin this life

But will ruin us forever

Just thought of sharing my thoughts

See you Sir

Hello brother

Sorry we missed the early morning bus

That's why we are late

If you tell us whom to beat

We will finish our lunch and complete the work

We are very hungry

Beat these guys

(Indistinct chatter)

Run away ..

Missed the bus...

Stupid selection!


What's happening here?

You told me just a day

Won't you keep up your word?

Listen to me

Let me make it clear

I am here to act as your girlfriend
only for money

I cannot imagine in reality

Nothing is going to happen as you think

I will not let it happen

Don't worry

The project's deadline is going through my mind

Already they were worried about my marriage

Nothing worked out

I cannot go and talk about us now

My entire family will get upset

Just be patient

I will handle it

Let me tell you once gain

They have fixed the date and started
the wedding preparation

If you keep delaying we both will be in danger

Take care

Oh God!

You are not lovers!

You have deceived your family

What happens if Neelamegam comes to know about this?

It's stored in the pen drive


You must be very lucky to marry my brother-in-law

The entire village is going to boast around
about your wedding

Everyone is going to celebrate you


Stop it

Hey Neelamegam..
What's your problem?

When you are feeling bored you
just walk into our house

If you go uninvited to a house you are...

(Dog barking mimicry)

This is it

I know it buddy

You are boasting around that
you have brought a gem to this house

Yeah that's true

Will kill you

What a noise you guys make?

I even thought to sell my house to
get rid of the noise you make

Do you know who this girl is?


Which caste she belongs to?

Her Religion?

We don't need that

Her whereabouts?

You think you get him married to an orphan

I am here to tell you a truth

They are not real lovers

They are faking

They have been fooling you all these days

Since we didn't fix your daughter

Are you trying to make a mess here?

Just stop it and get away

What is this Kanna?

We have two days left for the wedding

What is he blabbering?

Why aren't you talking?

Say something...

Not sure what proof is he having

What do I say

How will he talk?

Listen to me

I will answer you

I have a proof

Bro... Play the video

Let them enjoy with the family

Don't get scared

It's a family movie

(scene playing from movie "Winner")


This director's movie is full of humour

Are you crazy?

What picture are you playing?

How's this possible?

Old man is starring us

The entire family is starring at us

You useless fellow

I think the pendrive got changed

Will find it out before the wedding

Why are you casting a comedy movie after talking so seriously

Whatever you do you cannot stop this wedding

Neelamegam..People usually give blessings to any marriage

But the people of this village consider our
family as a blessing to the couples

Our heritage is a lesson to the next generation

Don't show your drama here

Hey just wait

Movie got swapped

Will come back with the original

As if he is from tamilrockers

Getting to new releases

We have the wedding in two days

Bring a plate and serve your entire family

Give your blessings

Once you hear the drum beats..

Come and enjoy the feast


Man proposes, God disposes

Tomorrow is the wedding

Why don't you think something?

How about Maldives?

For what?

For your honeymoon

You stupid

Looks like that's going to happen

Poor girl

I can't deceive her

We have just five hours left

We have to decide something quickly

What are you doing here?

With out finding ways to stop the wedding

You guys are having fun here

We are thinking on it only

Do one thing

Write a letter that we both are having problems

And go away from here


What are you saying?

I haven't played any fool
with my family so far

But now I can't go to them and
say we just faked this

Their hearts will break

If you write this letter now

They will feel bad

But I can pacify them

We have seen many girls for my marriage

But nothing happened

They will take it the same way


You transfer my balance money

I shall leave

She is particular about her money

Hey.. Transfer quickly

Initiate the transfer

Why should I pay for your romance

Will pay you.. Send it now

You are developing the company well

Check it now


Thank you

Please get her to the bus
Before anyone finds her

Yeah.. She might come back again

Bye Kannan

(Bus honking sound)

Hey bus has arrived

Get in quickly

Thank you

Your water bottle and biscuits are here

Good bye

Please go


We have to sell our property to maintain her

Bring the bride

He's asking something

What do you want?

Bring the bride

She's never going to come!

You recite the mantras for the
payment you received

Take this swamy

Why are you so dark?

I am like my dad


Once you tie the knot

I cut my hair short

Next it's my wedding

I have ordered for scissors already

She's gone now

Why are you still sad?

I am happy that she went away

But my family will be unhappy to learn that
she had eloped

That's why I am sad

It's ok

That's why Thiruvalluvar had told that

You can lie for a good cause

Is that so?

He didn't tell you

I think he's going to call the bride again

Time is flying

Get the bride

He said it

Where's the bride?

Oh my elder daughter

Go and get the bride

Swami.. What's the time?

It's time to call for the second time

Please say it

Time is flying

Get the bride

Kannan.... You don't worry

She will be here



She'll be here it seems

Oh I see!

Everything is going as per our plan now

What if Neelamegam brings his daughter suddenly and gets you married?


Please shut your mouth

He might come with his two daughters

If you are not interested, I will marry then

Lakshmi..it's getting late

Oodhuvathi, Where's your daughter?

Hmm... Climax has approached

People are getting excited

Why don't you keep a serious look on your face?

Just a little

It's enough

Auspicious time is getting over

Three more minutes left

Where's the bride?

Can someone check?

No problem uncle

We will go and bring them

Now these guys have gone..

Wonder what's going to happen?

Why are you so serious?

I am worried about my parents

Did you check everywhere?

What are you guys gossiping here?

The priest is shouting there..

Get the bride

Call the bride

Please don't shout

She's missing!


All of you can go and look around

Excitement is not enough

She's not in this room!

Did Gayathri come here?

No Sir

Check that room


What's this?

She is not found anywhere

Checked everywhere

Auspicious time is getting over

Check on that side

It's getting late..

We have got just two more minutes

Bring the bride

Lakshmi..I don't know what's happening?

The bride won't come!

May be you can bring one

How come she's here?

I don't know!

I got her into a bus

I think she got down midway and
coming up dressed

Come soon dear

We got 30 seconds more

Come on


How did you hold my hand?

Come dear

Hey you...


He looks shocked!

I got her on the right time

Four seconds more..

Tie three knots

You tie the first knot

The other two by relations

As usual


Why did you come here?

You left with your settlement

Why are you sitting here now?

We got terrified some time back

Till you got me into the bus,
It was your plan

Rest is mine

I am going to kill you

Groom...Tie the mangalsutra

I will never marry you!

Kanna.. Why are you getting up?

In our tradition we should not stand
while tying the mangalsutra

We need to sit

No dad

Listen to me...

Please listen to me

Mom..The time is good from 9.30 pm to 11.00 pm

We can fix the first night at that time

Why are you looking sad on this good day

Am worried if the cat will drink the milk kept for the night


There are monkeys around the village

What if they get inside the room and mess around with the flowers and fruits

Oh god

What if the bed breaks when they are together

Why are you talking rubbish

What if the fan stops in the middle of the night

I am going to beat you

What if they cancel the first night due to our fight

I will beat you to death

So much is happening around,

Look at my aunty
Still looking where the stars are

All are innocent guys

Kannan is not in his room

Why are these guys acting strange



Can you see any difference?


I know you are brilliant

Today morning Kannan got married


Today is his first night, right

Yes indeed

The bed is empty

The girl is alone

Where's Kannan?

Where's he?

You are repeating what I said

Kannan is missing!

Kannan is missing!


Are you trying to fool me with her?
I will thrash you

Look here

I am also very angry with her

Let's have a drink
And think what we can do about her

Come on

Hey darling..

What song are you going to sing for tomorrow?

My song is incomplete without you two

What song is that?

"Hey Dear, I am struggling with your thoughts"

"Booze and dance because of your thoughts"

"Hey Dear, I am struggling with your thoughts"

"Booze and dance because of your thoughts"

"You are a gentle breeze"

"Who changed my mindset …"

"I realized you well …
When you disconnected my phone call ….."

Here we are struggling with one women

You are enjoying with two is it?

Will kill you..
Just drink and get lost


Shall I sing the first few lines please..

We have tried hard to teach him dance
We will take care

Will kill you

"Hey Dear, I am struggling with your thoughts"

"Booze and dance because of your thoughts"

"Hey Dear, I am struggling with your thoughts"

"Booze and dance because of your thoughts"

"You are a gentle breeze"

"Who changed my mindset …"

"I realized you well …
When you disconnected my phone call ….."

"I am freeky guy…
became ridiculous to everyone now…"

"All because of her dear.."

"My laughter is gone..
Became so angry.."

"That fake lady tortures me a lot dear…."

"No one harms others knowingly…"

"But one needs to suffer if taken by himself"

"What happens if this goes on …."

"One more drink closes the whole story …."

"Oh dear...."

Marriage got over

Today first night will get over

From tomorrow I thought of looking for my bride

Then planned my first night tomorrow

I am always kept in panic

Where were you guys?

To the bar

Do you know what day is today?

It's ok..I am here

Uncle come here

You are looking different

I am in great tension

Oh you have cut your head

Cut my head?

How will I survive then?

I have just cut my hair

He's talking about that only

You shut up

Look here

You are married now

My vow is done

So next is my marriage

You are not married yet?

I am still a bachelor

It will not happen

Your expiry date has crossed

Basically I am a bachelor

I have not enjoyed the pleasures of life

I am also a bachelor

Both of us are bachelors

But he is married

What is the day today?

His wedding day

It's his first night today

When you know it why are you asking me?

Knowing it's his first night

Why did you guys take him away?

We were taking him lessons for it

Taking lessons?

You have got videos in tik tok..
You can learn from it

Why didn't you guys take him a tour to temples

and teach him through the sculptures

Good idea

Let's go

From this minute, you should not disturb him for 60 days

A long first night


No issues

You can think later and send me through whatsapp

I will bring Santhanam and talk to you

Come on..

All the best

You two guys are spoiling him

Get lost

I think that yellow saree is drunk

She's starring at us


Where are you hiding?

She's capable of hiding here

How dare you play your game with me?

You can't believe her

She might hide inside anything


Come outside

I sent you with full settlement

Why did you come back and marry me?

My life is gone

I married a fraudster

My family will not believe me, if I say the truth about you

What are your plans?

Tell me

What are you doing inside the bathroom?

I was yelling all alone?

Where would have she gone?

Why is he speaking for such a long time?

What are you doing here?

I haven't witnessed first night

Moreover your relatives told me
you are well versed

Get lost

Gayathri is missing!

Gayathri is missing?

Is Gayathri missing?


What's happening here?

Kanna..I just gave her the milk jug

I even saw her

I just saw her

She just went now

You have gathered the family!

Dude..She wouldn't have gone missing

She would have ran away
with the 500 sovereign jewels

How can you miss someone inside the first night room


Grandma.. did you see Gayathri anywhere?

Did you find her?


She's not found anywhere!

She's missing!

She's not here too!

Where did she go at this night time?

So confusing

Come let's look

My vision is bad during the day

What will I look at the night time?

We have searched all the streets
and lanes in the village

Where would have she gone?

What happened brother?

I doubt whether Neelamegam would
have taken her away

In rage, that we did not marry his daughter

He could have done this

Come on..

I am going to vent my complete anger today

Hey Neelamegam

Come outside

Where have you hidden my daughter-in-law?

Come outside

You will loose your dignity..come out

Look there..

Hey dude...

Neelamegam had been talking about White gold all these while

I think he was mentioning about your wife not his daughter

Look at the gold

She's loaded with gold

There's a jewellery store on her neck


Neelamegam has added his jewels to our jewels over her

We must stop her from running away with it


What are you guys looking at?

This is my daughter

I saw the wedding video

When Kannan was tying the mangalsutra

I saw tears rolling from her eyes

I learnt that she's really an orphan

At that moment, I decided that she's my daughter

Really confusing..

I wanted to daughters to get married to you

But that didn't happen

So I accepted his wife as my daughter

Crazy fellows

Right from lighting the lamp....

...to manage the house hold
I will bear all the requirements for her

List them


500 sovereigns of gold jewels,

50 acres of coconut farmhouse,

Two trucks full of household items

Two kuthuvillakku to light at home

Along with the girl it makes three

Hundred silk sarees,

Six sets of necklace


you have married our daughter

Somehow our family motive is fulfilled


Hey Uncle..

If our daughter gets hurt..

Do you know 307?

Is that your high school marks?

Be careful with our daughter

Hey ..he's our partner


What is that 307 and 408?

Thinking yourself as Ramjeth Malani

You studied 4th grade for three times

Be quiet

Sorry uncle..
I didn't mean you

Neelamegam..I didn't know that you are such big hearted

I am happy that you have accepted my daughter-in-law as your daughter

I am aware of how to keep my daughter-in-law happy

Come dear

One minute

Please bless me daddy

God bless you

I am sure she's going to run away

What an acting

Your father is believing him

I think Neelamegam is planning something behind

I also feel the same way

Oh ok

Bye daddy

Ok dear

Come on


We all felt such pain when we missed you for that half an hour


Don't I deserve to be your mother

Definitely not

Then why did you leave us and go there?


You belong to this family

Kannan's better half

We cannot bear if you are in any trouble

What's this dude?

It's like watching a bunch of family movies at a time

Neelamegam gave loads of jewels in the name of daughter bond

Here there's a war of love and affection

I am sure of one thing

We can bring you both apart

But we cannot separate her from your family

She has planned something very big

We can't bear this anymore

We are leaving

Leave us

Look...Don't forget the project work in this tension

Come to Chennai as soon as possible


What are you thinking in your mind?

Why did you return back?

Are you planning to steal the entire wealth?

You have added Neelamegam's jewels too

Crazy fellow

Don't scold by dad


Whatever you think it's not going to happen

I will not leave you

Why are you shouting?

Shall I disclose what you have done till now?

Shut up

Go get some sleep


Thinking of running away with
everything once I sleep

That will not happen

I will sit here throughout

Let me see how you get away

Okay then
You stay awake

Let me sleep
Good night

(Don't fall asleep)

(Thank God)

(Jewels are still there)


Jewels are missing!


Open the door


Kalyanasundaram got arrested by police!


Daddy got arrested by police?

He's also your daddy?

My grandpa

(Thought of getting married and enjoying my life)

(Now got stuck between the bars)

(My youth went for a toss in their beating)

(What did I do?)

Why is Kalyanasundaram in this stage?

(So you guys have gathered)

He will give away his life

He cannot bear this shame


When he is made to sit with his underwear..
How will he survive

He will hang himself when he comes out

No way

He will take poison

(I am basically innocent)

I don't think he has that much courage

You wait and watch

When he goes to bathe,
he might slip in and die

(What's the fun in my death)

Any how, Kalyanasundaram's death is confirmed

(Is this what is meant by killing with words?)


I am very tired of your beatings

Kindly wake me before you shut down

I need some rest

Get up!

Is this your mother-in-law's place to take rest?

Not a drop of blood,

Not a scratch

But the parts inside are dancing

Will go near him and trick him

I obeyed you and stood up

Can you please answer my question?
Tell me

Why have you brought me to the Police station?

When someone gets killed, won't we arrest?

I am aware of that

Why did you arrest me?

You are the murderer!

Then my judgment is correct

What's that?

You have got the wrong person


Who is this?

Looks like a relative of Kajal agarwal

He's the one who gave complaint

What's this Sir?

Look at his face
and mine

Do you see any relation between us?

That's the relation man


Why are you allowing an accused to talk like this?


Deepak agarwal


Don't press hard
Its wounded

Bad smell


Four months back..

You had come to Neikaranpatty looking for a bride right?


You brought forty members from your family

And killed my granny by wishing them

Forty people and Neikaranpatty..

You just told we were forty people..

Among the forty how did you make out that I am responsible?

American brain

What a sharp brain!

I have evidence man

Does this shirt belong to you?



The same bad smell

I knew it

Take it..

Where are you from?

Washington DC

Living next to Trump's house

People find a lot of evidences in a murder

He has found a shirt and its smell as evidence

What a Dog brain

Thank you



Hello... Why have you arrested my daddy?


Why have you arrested my uncle?

He has done a murder

He fears to go to a funeral

How can he murder?

Help me!

My Grandmom..

Raised me

I love her

He made me witness her death in skype

Forty guys came..

Gave respect

She's gone

He told me same thing in a different modulation

I have to go the Airport

I have got no time for all this

Arrest him!

What are you doing?

Even if we hadn't gone

She would have passed away the next day

It's been four months since this happened

Why have you complained now?


I am a busy project executive

I found time now

Came down

Gave complaint

Got him arrested


Do you consider this as a case?

And you got him arrested for that

If you want to talk anything
Then talk to my head

Hey stop

Don't speak and make this worse

Hey Constable..

Send him home

Yes Sir

After thrashing me well

Now sending me home


Your shirt

Don't pick it up

Be quiet

Give it to me uncle

He's not bleeding..

My dear..

I told you that he will come unhurt

I swear on you..I told him

(He's lying)

But why is he limping?

He's got beaten badly

He got released from murder case

What did you tell him?

The truth!


Thank you!

Oh come on daddy

Come on
Lets go home

Come on uncle

You look nice in this dress

(Are you my relatives?
You are coming after an hour)

Hey stop!

Why did you call him as daddy?

What is he to you?

My uncle

Then what?

If he's your uncle
Hes my dad


That's you!


Coming friday we have fixed the mangalsutra ceremony

I have to planned it in a grand manner
than the wedding

Until then..

I don't want you to go outside after sunset

Don't get into any office related work

Please keep it aside for sometime

This function has to go well

We should not invite our relatives
through phone call

We have invite them in person

That's the respect we give to them

Then only they will come




Why did you touch my laptop?

I was preparing for my project


Someone is trying to access our project file

What are you saying?

I received a mail alert

Only you and our CEO have its access

Who else can access it?

Check if there's any new application on your laptop

Let me check it


You know it's such an important project

How can you be so careless?

Family is important

But this project is even more important

Please be careful


What did you do?

There was a prompt message to say "yes"

So I accepted it

If it prompts, will you accept it ?

I will slap you

I will buy you a new laptop for your project

Don't use my laptop


It's the hacker

What happened?

Cheers buddy!

Hi Ronnie


We hacked their project file

But they found out at the last minute

And blocked it


However we try, we are unable to gain access

If we take more risk,

There are chances for them to find us out


Very sorry Sir



How could he do this man?

Somewhere it's going wrong


We can't be patient anymore

(I was happy before I saw you)

(Once I saw you both, my happiness ruined)


Sorry da

I have no courage to face you both
before I die

You told me that your father will not accept our love

And you felt to end our life

But I have made my decision

What's that?

To die!


Did my guys give you the poison?

Yes, they gave me.

Do you have any objection to end your life with me?

Why are you talking like this?

It's a gift which me and my sisiter have got

What will we do in this world without you?

Are you ready?

Waiting dear


Take the bottle


One One One One....


Two Two Two Two....


Three Three Three...

My cows have more affection towards me
than these buffaloes

What's the noise?

It's an echo..

Drink it

We love you dear

Oh..a Romeo and Juliet love..

Drinking poison

Have you finished


Taste the pickle

Okay dear

After drinking the poison,

How much time will I take to die?

Doctor told within twenty minutes

I am worried that I have to wait that long


Are you planning to abduct all my belongings?

Already I have abducted many companies

Last wish

I am leaving

Are you not coming?

Will come for your funeral


Will bring the garland and drums too

(Old house and oldies inside)


Come here

Yes Mayakanna..

Have these

Thank you


Atleast you get married at the right time

(In chorus)

We all know that!

Mischevious kids

All updated


One useless fellow in one house is a crime

Here two useless guys are seated


If you had done my marriage

My kids would have been playing with them

A time will come for marriage

Why are you in a hurry?

Go and play hide and seek with the kids

Look at his answer

Can you see any difference in my face?

I can't see it myself

Got lot of work

Please go

Share this chocolate without fighting

Look at him

They have spoken only two dialogues

That too concerning me

Go and get it from your dad


What dear?

My friends are asking me about you

Please can we take a selfie?

Why are you always carrying a long face as if you are going to die

Just smile

That's what going to happen


Are you both in love with anyone?

What are you asking?

We are from a big family..

Our tradition, Heritage

How can we fall in love?

This is not a home

Old age home

They will make you get old and not get you married

Don't trust them

If you find any guys walking across the street,

Catch them and get married

Move on

Please be happy

(song playing in background)

What is this situational song?


Won't you mind your step?

Are you blind?

It's been ten minutes since my
vision got blurred

Why do you take alcohol like this?

Is there milk leftover in the can?

For what?

Save it for tomorrow for my funeral

Get lost

You should have been killed when you
were young by giving pesticide

That's has been always your habit

Why are you not walking steadily?

In some time everybody will lose their steadiness

Please leave mom

Please go "Agni Natchatram"

First cut your hair

Then only your brain will work


Why are you looking so tired?

Did you have anything for breakfast?

You are the only person in this house...

..who can talk everything in a serious manner

You cannot tolerate if I tell you

Please leave "Jennifer"

Hey grandson..
Can you get my trousers?


How many childrens you got?

One son is alive and the other three died, once they were born

When it's dead..

Why do you need a trouser?

Cover yourself with the paper and sit quietly

Who stamped on my dad?

Oh it's a centipede!

Hey Kanna..

I have tried a new curry

Can you please taste it?

Your curry must be more poisonous than the poison I drank

Where's the antenna which hangs around this house?

Whom are you asking for?

Your hubby

He has just gone upstairs

In next half an hour

I will also go there

Pour this curry into his mouth



Atleast when you come to my death

Please remove your make up

You buffalo

Atleast do this for me

Who's this Yesudas singing?


What is it?

My grandson

Whatever I say

No one is believing me in this house

But you are the only one who believes me

Yes dear

I am going to confess to you now

Please go on

I am drunk since this morning

Your reaction is not nice

How dare you do this?

And tell me

Living in a joint family..

How can you drink on empty stomach in the morning

What a shame you bring to this family!

I drink only in the evening

You are the role model to the next generation

Don't become a fool model

I have kept a bottle for you near that sack

Please take it grandpa


Take the garlic pickle

Thanks grandson

I am sorry for hitting you

Insane fellows

I am telling about the poison

He's hitting me drinking alcohol


Can someone come out of this family?

Oh God

This guy has no work

Coming here always

When a postman comes to deliver letters

They collect it as a family

Wait they will come

Let me talk to him on my last moments

I will also join you

Why are you shouting here?


Ask him to come?

Whom are you referring?


Why him?

Mayakannan ..

Come out

There's always a crowd for everything in this family

What has he done?

Move aside

Yes Neelamegam

Why did you slap him?

How can he love both my daughters?

Believing his words,

They both drank poison

He is responsible for everything

I am going to kill and bury him under the earth

Don't bury him, he will come out

Set him on fire

We should not let our family member down

Please keep quiet


Is he telling the truth?

He's slapping me since it's the truth

Since the day I entered this house

I myself hasn't seen those girls

How did you see them?

Even I haven't seen them

That's why we bury him

I wanted to find out how he's
learning all our family matters

So I went inside his compound

There I met those two girls

They liked me

I liked them both

Knowing he'll not accept for our marriage

We three drank poison at the same time

You have done this to take revenge on me

Hear me now

I will not marry my daughters to you

Grandpa ..say something


Why are you panicking?

The young ones are in love

Why don't we acknowledge them?

Doesn't he know that getting married to him
is like attempting to suicide

Did I say anything wrong?

Please listen to me

Send your daughters to our home

I will take care of them well

If you take care..

You want me to sit outside or what?

Just stop it


You had been wanting to make relationship
with us since many generations..

My uncle started his lecture

Now it has happened on its own

Please get him married to him

He will take care


Nothing has happened to me?


I will not listen to anyone in this house

I am accepting only because of your word

Because you are good hearted

I will get my daughters married to him

Thanks uncle


Please choose an auspicious date
and let me know

Let's start preparing for marriage



From now onwards you are the new groom

You shouldn't step aside this house

Shouldn't drive two-wheeler

Eat well and take care of your health

You want to be like you

What a humour!

Please go

Eat this and be happy

What are you giving me?

Are you happy now?


Your love will not have any
issues here afterwards

In case you have any issue I will take care of it

I know

You will go to any extent for saving other's love


I just remember

I drank poison in the morning

Don't joke..


No one is believing me

We three drank poison together

Why poison hasn't shown its effect on me

Let me check with a doctor

(Indistinct chatter)




What are you saying?


I am coming now

What Kanna?

What happened?

Our Raji is in labor

It's bit complicated

Let me bring the doctor

You all leave..

I will be there

(Indistinct chatter)

Where are you?
Start the vehicle

My daughter cannot bear pain.

Oh God! Come on! Quick..

Raji is in danger

What are doing here with the feast

Who is Raji?

She's the eldest daughter-in-law of this family

Don't you know Raji


I am coming

Please go

She doesn't know who is Raji?

Hey stop

I am coming

Raji is suffering in pain

Come soon

Raji is suffering in pain

(Indistinct chatter)


Please stay away

Don't stand closer

It might get scared

Is Raji a cow?

The entire family panicked for a cow?


Don't call it as a cow

It's also a member of our family

The one standing there is Dhanalakshmi

That's my elder sister's name

This Padma is named after my brother's daughter

She's named after our eldest sister Raji

They are one among our family

Got it?

Did you check where is he?

He has come

Mom..Kannan has come

Come Sir

Please check quickly

One of you hold the nose rope tightly

You go and get a bucketful of water

Get a soap

Get my gloves

Yes doctor

Bend its tail and hold it

Water is here

Hold the nose rope tightly


Please save my baby

Mom, Get the sack

Uncle, Hold the sack

Hold it slowly

Thank God


Gayathri..come here

Mummy..Please name this baby as usual

A new life has come when Gayathri
has come to our home

Will name her Gayathri

Everyone is here

I am so happy

In our family,

We have registered a property for each
of our daughter-in-laws

We have decided to register all of this property on Gayathri's name

What do you mean by everything?

If anyone is having any objections?

Please speak


Shut up


When you and daddy take any decision
It will be correct

What do we have to say about it?

Gayathri is more of a daughter to this family


We are all fond of Kannan

If all these properties are given to her

We all feel happy about it

How can you decide that?

I am taking care of this entire cow farm

Are you my dad?

Talk to them

She's our daughter-in-law

We have to look after her

Will she accompany me to a movie?


She's Kannan's wife

When you give her properties..

..what about my wife?

You ate all the cow foods

If I was served food, why would I eat them?

Why do you have to ask our acceptance about this?

Let us know where should we sign

What is it teacher?

We all will sign together

Jennifer teacher..

Will kill your husband

Then what's next?

We will sign before the auspicious time ends

You place the first signature

Don't trust them and sign

You will be made to stand alone in the streets and beg

Listen to me grandpa

To whom are you giving your property?

Thank God!

Why are you behaving like this?

What stupid thing are you doing?

She's not my lover!

What are you saying?

Ohh !

She came to act as my girlfriend for money


How can you talk like this after your marriage?

Now she's your wife

Don't blabber like this


She billed me for massaging
your leg when you got hurt

Money is her motive

She is collecting money from me
for every moment she's here

She married me to steal the entire wealth from us


Money is her world!

Money is her life!

She will do anything for money


Enough..Stop it!

Don't speak up any further

I am not a cheap person who
does anything for money

What do you know about me?

Your company's chairman..

..is my dad

You gave your best to win the project

That was the day his dream came true

I saw the reason for his life...

..in his eyes



My father was very happy

You know one thing

Now our company's status and
share values have gone up

We are number one after winning this AAC project


I am on my way to achieve my aim

Yes..You are


I had longed for it since childhood

At this point, Why don't you be supportive to me?

Sorry..Sorry dad

Please take care of this yourself..okay

When we raise our status

Earn a lot

No matter what heights we reach

It's only you and me left

We do not have anyone for us

Only us

After you mom left,

Am I taking good care of you as a father?


I know that we do not have anyone for us

But I do not feel it always

To be honest,
For my happy life until now..

You are the only reason for it


Thank you

Have fun


I will be fine

What happened?

Nothing Sir



What happened?

Why are you driving like this?

Car is not in my control Sir

Don't blabber!

Then in whose control is the vehicle?

I don't know Sir

Try to stop the car

Brake is locked Sir

Stop the car!

I am unable to use the brake

Why are you rolling this down?

Not me sir!

Sir, The vehicle is completely
out of my control?

Try to pump the brake

Its completely locked Sir

Sir..It's moving fast inspite of
not giving the accelerator

(Indistinct chatter)

We are the kings!

The competitors tried to murder my
dad in a car accident


My father's is battling for his life in coma

Now he's at the hospital

Though I had everything in life..

I was still an orphan

Sorry dear

I do not know how to console you

Your father was your mother, teacher and friend

You should know one thing

Your father's ultimate dream project has just begun

It's still in the initial stage

To complete it successfully...

We need your father in that place

Or someone equally capable
like him should be there

Are we going to make his dream into reality

Or leave his dream as a dream

We do not know

I have pressure from others

Please give it to us confidently

We can do it

She's here

(When we were about to lose the project)

(The confidence you gave)

(I got the hope that my father's dream
will come true)

(That's when I took charge as The Chairman)

(Since I had life threats)

(I disguised myself and joined as a
worker in my company)

Thank you so much for this opportunity

(I was closely watching the effort you took
to complete the project in a month's time)

(And at the same time the pain you went through
to ensure your family was happy)

That's why..

I accepted to act as your girl friend when you asked me

For my good and my dad's dream

..knowing that your family will get insulted

You were ready to stop the marriage

I did not want that to happen to you and your family

I came back

I was an orphan..

I saw your joint family here

I felt very happy

I was surprised to see this kind of family
at these times

In the name of neutral family,

People are living as separate islands

For the sake of survival,

Running for the sake of family

The truth is, we run away our families

In order to feed their family and children..

Leaving them behind

People go to different places to work
Even missing their family time

We wish to feed our children's good food

But we fail to feed our parents

But at your home

You are all affectionate with each other

You adjust for each other

You gave my name to a new born calf

I wanted to live in this house
with all of you Is that wrong?

Those who do not have parents are not orphans

According to me...

..those who don't receive love are orphans

After coming here I do not
feel in such a way

Now I have people to care about me
and love me I feel very happy about it now

Despite my lonely life..

I learnt the essence of a joint family here

I started loving you and your family

That's why I married you

Not for the sake of money

How can you think about me so cheaply?


Oh ...Mom..

(Indistinct chatter)


I had hidden everything from you

Please forgive me

This never happens in our family

To get back our happiness

We need to get back our lakshmi...

Whatever happened..

She's now your wife

My daughter-in-law

Please pacify her somehow and bring her back home

"Where did the feather fly.."

"where did you hide, with an aching heart.."

"Where did the feather fly.."

"Struggled a lot, where did you hide.."

"Hurt by your love..
Gone unseen distances.."

"When the desire to live may..
Disappear as seen.."

"Where did the feather fly.."

"where did you hide, with an aching heart.."

(Gun shots fired)


Did you find Gayathri?

Still looking for her

Will you bring her back?

Yes definitely!

We are all waiting

Mom..Gayathri is your daughter-in-law

I will be home with her

Whom are you yelling at?

Just go!

Won't you drive properly?

Take off your hand

You came in the wrong way

Who took the wrong way?

Leave me

You should drive properly

Is this your father's road?

What bother's you if I take the one way route

Sir ..Sir..sorry

He came in the wrong way and talking rudely

Will kill him

Let me ask sorry on his behalf

Hey..Drive properly and go home


Dig a pit in the factory

Will have to bury her

"Congratulations to your times.."

"Everything is the essence of pleasure.."

"Without seeing you..
without hearing you.."

"The souls are darkened and darkened.."

"The burdens of your love in my heart.."

"Moisture that never hurts.."

"In the relationship you need..
Throughout my births..."

"My love, please come back..."

"Where did the feather fly.."

"where did you hide, with an aching heart.."

"Where did the feather fly.."

With my 43 years of experience,

We were in the number one position for 25 years

It was our kingdom!

Your father destroyed it over night

Do you think you can submit
the project file crossing us

We have destroyed the project file at two places

The final one lies with you

Do you know us?

We are corporate criminals!

But now..

Your dad is in the first position

He is ruling

Did we allow you to enjoy

Or allow you to live

Tell me the password

Tell me


The project is successfully completed by VCL

Now we call upon the VCL Chairman on stage