Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru (2019) - full transcript

Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru is the story of Raju who falls in love with Rani but is unable to express his emotions. Set in a beautiful village, watch as Raju and two of his friends deal with the toils and troubles of romance.


We should tell you a story today.

A story filled with revenge and vengeance.

A revenge that's hunting us since ages.

That's the first murder spot we have
planned to take out our enemy...

Last ten minutes!


-Just 2 minutes...

I have a slip to write from.

Who's that?

Chowdary, give me the bag.

Looks good? Is it Ok?

Tuck the shirt in.

No, it doesn't look good. Remove it...

Did you write any poem?

Then what will you tell her?

-I love you!
-Just that?

It's Ok. Go on...

Take this rose.

What's up?

Listening to FM.


-The balance will get deducted, idiot.
-Are you the one who pays?

[indistinct chatter]

What's Raju doing here?


Come on...


Tell her...

-She's going away.

Stop her.

[both]: Rani...

You idiots... Stop!

First attempt was a failure.

We planned the second, the very next day.

Both shirt and pants are Ok...

Even the underwear is Ok.
It's you what's not Ok.

We are done with the exams.

If you let her go this time... You can
do nothing about it ever again. Got it?

Take this.

-What will you say?
-I love you!

-What will you say?
-I love you!

-What will you say?
-I love--

-Go tell her that.


-Her father is there with her.
-[both]: Is it?

As if it's the only reason...

Shut up! It's not that
easy to propose a girl.

You shut up first.

Give that.

I would have shown you how it's
done, if I had a girl.

Is it? What kind of girl do you want, sir?

No specifications.
Being a girl is the only one.

-Then take a look at this.

Stop! Stop! Stop, Cheta!

It's not Cheta (dust pan).
It's Swetha.

Yeah, right. Chowdary wants to
tell you something. Let me get him.

-Come on.
-Leave me alone!

-Come on. Let's go.

-I shouldn't propose to her.

Come on.

Tell her. Go on.

-I shouldn't propose to her.
-Go on...


-I love you?

-Get lost.

Sorry, brother. I don't like all these.

Because I like Raja.

I promise,
they both forced me to propose you.

Please don't tell this to your father.

Hey! Wait for me!

[indistinct chatter]

Get on.

Here is your bag.

The bogie number is S9. Look out for it.

Happy journey! I'll come to visit you, Ok?

Be careful!


Oh my, God! People loved our narrative
and encouraged us with gifts and money.

May God bless them and their families.

Let's go back to our story...

Love... Letter...

To my dear...

-No no no... Strike off 'My'.

To dear Rani...

I like you.

-Like you.

-So much...

I like you a lot. Write that.

-I like you a lot...
-A lot...

'Like' means?

I liked her even before I knew
the meaning of 'Like', right?

-Shall I write the same?


You are such a good student!

And a great friend to all!

Such a divine smile!

What else?

With that small bindi
on your forehead...

Those large expressive eyes...

Your double braided hair...

How beautiful she looks! Just like a doll.

Yes, she looks like a cute doll.
What's next?

It's not right to like you so
much, without your knowledge...

But I feel so scared to tell you all this.

Feel so scared...

I don't know why...

I don't know if you'll like it...

So I am writing this letter, not being
able to tell this to you in person.

Yours Raja.


There's no mistake in you getting scared.

No girl will fall for you if the love
letter looks like this. They like poets...

Dear... Even the nightingale will go
mute, listening to your voice.

The peacock will stand
still, seeing you walk.

Like a smile on your lips...
Like a flower under your feet...

I'll live this life. Girls won't consider
you without all this decorative stuff.

Shut up!

She moved out of the village.

Nothing to worry about...

Her Majesty will definitely come back.

And His Highness will express his love.

There's no doubt about it.

She'll come this time.
And I'll propose right away.

[sarcastically]: Yes, she will.

-What are you talking?

-A? (What?)


Look, brother...

No true lover will wait
until the girl comes to him.

He will go in search of her.

The enemy left the village.

We need her whereabouts.

Who will give us the lead?

Who will?

He's always late!

What, sir? Where are you going?

Nowhere... I'll just come.

-Where to?
-Just here...

-You guys... Come here.
-Don't listen to him. Let's go.

Shut up, idiot! You guys come in.

Did you pass the exams?

Both of you?

For real?

Then what happened to our scoundrel?

He should prepare well for the
exams, right?

Did I pass the remaining
three without preparation?

Shut up, you fool!

How bad it seems,
if the President's son fails?

Who's President here?

The one who won will be called so.
Not the one who lost.

Hey... A dead elephant is as costly
as a living one. Do you know that?

What did I not give him?

I got him admitted in the
same college as yours, right?

I bought him the same books you read.

But you both passed the exams.
What's wrong with this rascal?

How many bags of grains
did we harvest this year?

How many did Sattibabu
from the adjacent field harvest?

47 or 48.

-He used the same fertilizer, right?

-Did he use the same pesticides?

Then what's the reason for the extra bags?

What are you trying to prove?

The seed! It's the seed that's defective.

-Come on.

What... What the hell
are you talking about?

I am asking you...
What are you talking?

Is this the way you talk to your father?

You think the beard and the
mustache makes you a man?

You have no idea how to
talk to the elders anymore.

Can't you control your tongue? Scoundrel!

He gave me the right gift for giving
birth and taking good care of him.

Such an idiot!

How can I live after
all that he has said?

Tell me...

Me and my bloody life!
You have your lunch. Go on.

It's a China phone.

With double SIM and double speaker.

It's the only phone with 'Lady-voice'
option in all the villages around.

-It costs 100/- per minute.

Shut up! That's Ok...


If I find even a little scratch on
it, I'll kill you all.

Make it fast. I'll wait here.

-Show the number.
-What should I talk?

-Manage somehow.
-I feel so tensed.

Give it to me.

-Will you talk?
-God, decide fast!

Let's check if the option is working fine.

-Right. Give me a call.

[electronic beeping]

Go on.

[girl voice]: Hello!

Talk in normal tone.

-Move a little farther.


[girl-like voice]: Hello!

[girl-like voice]: Where is Rani studying?

Hey, it sounds perfect.

You sound just perfect.
You please talk to him. Please!

-I shouldn't talk.
-Go on.

I shouldn't talk!

-Give me the number.
-Please, no...

-Go on.

Just talk.

[phone ringing]


-Hello?-Who's this?



We are from Idea customer care.

-Tell me.
-Disconnect the call.

-Your balance is low, please do recharge.
-Disconnect the call.

-What the hell is that?
-I feel scared!

Get lost. Naidu, you talk to him. Please!

-Go on.
-Give me the number.



-Hello, uncle...-Who's this?

-I am Rani's friend, uncle.-Is it?

Is this a joke or what? You just
called and said it's customer care...

-He smelled it out!-What?

Who the hell are you?

You... Stop! Stop!


I will kill you. Stop!

Chowdary, push him off.


-Our first try failed.
-We tried again immediately.

-Swetha, please.
-No, I won't ask.

-Please, Swetha. Just for once.
-Why will I?

Ask him which city she's studying in.

Please. At least the college name.

Why will I help you? I like you, remember?

Damn! Swetha, just this one help. Please.

-Just the name of the college. Please.

Please Swetha!

Please Geetha, at least you ask him.

Please, Geetha... Just this help. Please!

-Please, Geetha.
-No. I fear her father a lot.

Nothing is going to happen, Geetha.
Trust me. Please help!

-Listen to me, Geetha.

Why are you feeling so tensed, Raja?

-We are here, right?

-What say, Naidu?
-Yes, Chowdary.


[rap song]

Swetha... Please!

-Just once...
-I won't go.

Geetha, just ask him which city and
which college. That's it... Stop!

-For Raja's sake.
-Why should I ask her father?


Please Geetha. Please go.

-I won't ask him.

-Just this one time, Swetha.
-For my sake...

-No. I won't go. I won't ask.

Please... Just for this one time.

♪Your memories started
murmuring in my ears.♪

♪My heart started taking a swing.♪

♪My heart won't take 'No' for an answer.♪

♪It keep thinking of
you, even in the dreams.♪

♪First love is really powerful...♪

-♪I know you knew it.♪
-Did he tell you?

Which city?

Which college?

-You are done?

Did you come for kerosene oil?

Hand me your cards.

[indistinct chatter]

-Did you skip a month?
-Yes, sir.

-I went out of the village on some work.

As if we are so free and only you
have all the work in the world.


Tell me.

-How are you?
-I am fine.

-How are you?
-I am fine too.

So what brings you here?

I haven't seen you after the results.

That's... Coaching for... EAMCET...

What rank did you score?


You father can buy half acre
of land with that number.

Such a lousy student you are! You are
in the same class as Rani, right?

Your rank is not even close to her
rank. What did you concentrate on?

You should think of your future, right?

Will you stop chattering? Please go
out, I'll call you one by one. Move!

What are you here for?


About Rani...

About Rani?

Do you know what course she joined?

Integrated engineering.

No one in our group of villages
ever joined such a course. Right?

No. There's no facility near
that can teach such a course.

Then which city did you find it in?

Her grandmother's city.

Which college?

Very prestigious college.

I shouldn't say so, but as she's
a bright student, she got in.

They won't even let you enter the campus.


-Give me your phone number.
-I don't have one.

-I don't have a phone.

As if I have one.
I'll call you from the coin-box.

At least give me your home number.

Please Geetha!

It's just your number
I am asking for, right?

-Let's not risk too much.
-Shut up and come with me.

-Nothing will happen...

[both]: No!

-We feel scared. Bye!

-Please no.
-Let us go.

Nothing is going to happen.



Who's that?

What do you want?

Kerosene oil...

Where's the tin?



What? Should I fill it in your mouths?

Where's your card?


Where is the card?

Such fools you are!

How do you think you'll take
it without a card or a tin?

Get lost. Go get them first.


You are the RMP's son, right?

So you three are in the
same class as our Rani.


Have you just planned to roam all the
time, or do you want to join a college?

By the grace of God,
I don't have a son like you idiots.

Thank God!

That's Ok... Tell me this.

Do you know what my daughter is doing?

Integrated engineering.

Do you know which city she's studying in?

In her grandmother's city.

Do you know which college
she's studying in?

A prestigious one.

Tell me...

What are your EAMCET ranks?

Do you know which city she's studying in?

In her grandmother's city.

Do you know which college
she's studying in?

A prestigious one.

[phone rings]



Who's this?

It's me, Geetha.

Is Naidu there?

Who's that?

-It's me...

Oh, tell me Geetha.

What's this Raja?

You never look at me,
no matter who much I stare at you.

You won't answer when I call you.

You won't answer my phone calls too.

You won't consider me,
no matter how many times I propose to you.

Even after all this,
I am saying this one more time.

I love you, Raja.

All the villagers live
in a well this small...

And think of this as a huge ocean.

They feel that they are
large whales or something.

Do you know how large our world is?

Do you know the total number
of countries in this world?

Number of states?

At least do you know the number
of districts in our state?

Who's our MP?

Our MLA?

But you know our village
President, right?

Go serve at his feet.

You will never grow out of all this.

Stop watching all these daily serials...

And start watching NEWS
at least now and then.

Go, mind your work.

Also, ask your father
to watch some NEWS.

Chowdary sir...

-Chowdary sir...

Your Naidu got trashed in the ground.
Badly trashed!

Days started melting
down, waiting for Rani.

It's been more than two years,
but she never visited the village.

Why do you keep following me like a dog?

Why do you talk so hurtfully, Raja?

I like you.

But I don't.

I only like Rani.

How many more years will you wait for her?

-She'll never come back.

As if she's the only beauty in this world.
There are many other--



[boys playing in the ground]

Raja... Hey...

Rani haven't shown up yet?

-What did you say?
-What? I just said, 'Hey Raja'.

-After that.
-I asked if Rani hasn't shown up.


-What happened?

-I'll teach you a lesson.
-[both]: What happened?

What happened?

-What did he say?
-He said, 'Hey'.

[both]: What?

-He said, 'Hey Raja'.
-[both]: He said, 'Hey Raja'?


-She'll never come back.

The frustration that emerged out of our
enemy's missing hasn't stopped there.

It kept on piling up day by day.

[low tone]: What happened?

Did he hit you?


[boys cheering]

[announcer]: Sirapuram Youth
is about to win the tournament.

The match got so tensed,
as this is the last wicket.

[boys continues to cheer]

Come on... Come on...

They are hitting nothing
less than a 6 or a 4.

Pass the ball.




-What just happened?
-The looser went down...

[boys continues to insult]

-That's a 'Not out'.

-That's a 'Not out'.
-No. You can't overrule the umpire.

That's a 'Not out'.

That's a 'Not out'.

That's a 'Not out'.

Leave me. That's a 'Not out'.

Not out!

-Stop jumping!
-Should we pay any fee?

What fee? It's his own son who trashed us.

Stop moving away.

Stupid! Useless scoundrel!

If you keep on hitting
people and I keep treating them...

People will think that
this is our new business plan.

It's 22 years that I have been living
here and no one ever blamed me.

You just keep trashing
all who come your way?

You won't even leave your best friends?

And you...
When will you ever go to college?

Such a lousy college that only
expects students during the exams!

Swallow this. Go sit there.

It's not right to leave you so free.

I should do something about it.
Can't keep filling all that you dig up.

See, Naidu...

As important as a sword
in the battlefield...

-Morning, Chowdary sir.
-Morning morning...

You and your bloody wishes!

You wish us every morning,
but vote for them instead.


Look, Naidu...

As important as a sword
in the battlefield...

Protection is that important.

-Go get one.
-I feel scared, Chowdary.

You silly fellow.
One shouldn't be scared. Go get it.

There's no much need for it anyway.
We are just going to make out a little.

What? As if you can stop with
just 'making out a little'.

Let's say there is a cracker in my hand...

And a burning matchstick.

Will it stop in the middle?

No one can stop it!

Go say, 'I need a packet'. He'll get it.

He'll ask for the flavour.

-What flavor do you like?
-What do they have?

Vanilla, Banana, Mint, Strawberry...

I like strawberry.

Ask him for the same.

He'll hand it to you.

You keep it in your pocket and come back.
It's that simple.

-That's it?

How do you know all this?

Had a long history...

Go get them.

Why don't you bring it for me?

I shouldn't go.

There's already a lot of rumors on me.
You go get them.

-No need.

I don't need them.

-No need.


-Just go!
-I said no need.

Need a packet.

What packet?

-Just a second.
-Attend him first.

-What do you want?
-Zandu balm.



Actually it's not for me.


[low tone]: Condom packet.


Let's go. Move...


Where are you going?

-Will come back in 15 minutes.

No hurries. Close the entire
business and then come out. Ok?

Where is he going?

To the haystack.

What for?

Come on...


Look at me.


There's no one around here.

Why did you come at all?


We talked about everything, right?

Not everything...

-Just a few.
-Whatever the number might be...

We have to start first, right?

Now my mood went off!

What should I do to help?

Kiss me.

-Is it so?


-What happened?
-Geetha, you go home.

What happened?

Where did they go?

He took Naidu away.

Oh, God!

You have no idea how hard I
worked to make him buy protection.

I encouraged him. Motivated--

How can anyone take his
lover into the bushes?

What did you say?

No one down the
history ever did so?

-As if I am the very first guy.
-Shut up!

You should feel ashamed of what you did.

Why should I?

A boy entering the bushes,
will come out as a man.

Think about the girl... What if
someone sees her in such situation?

Nothing even happened to
call it a 'Situation'.


Nothing happened?

Not at all. Come here... Come on.

Put your hands on my hips. Go on...

She kept jumping away
from me all the time.

No matter how much I tried.

I felt irritated and
started walking away...

She caught me by my hand.

So I took it as a sign and
closed on to her, to kiss...

That's it! This idiot came
in and dragged me out.

-Damn you!
-Oh my, God!

I thought, you at least
made out a little.

-Absolutely nothing.

Such shameless idiots
you have turned into!

See Mr. Single Status...

You can never understand the
pain of maintaining a GF.

What pain are you referring to?

-Sexual frustration?

Once people get to know
that we are with a girl.

Every idiot starts asking,
'So you guys did it'?

If we say 'No', he will look down on us.

If we say 'Yes', he will ask for a number.

We should give him a
record-breaking number.

Then he'll ask for the duration.

Should give another
record-breaking number.

To fill all those answers, we should
at least be a little experienced...


-Yes, we should.
-Will slap you across your faces...

You'll understand if
you have a girlfriend.

Even if Rani is here with me,
I'll never take her into the bushes.

That's true!

You need to propose her,
before even talking about the bushes.

Look, don't get frustrated.

You know, right? I am waiting for
Rani to come so that I can propose.

Yes, you are waiting. But you need
to tell her when she comes, right?

You need to tell her...

-She won't come.
-Will you propose if she comes?

Will you propose if she comes?

-She won't come.
-We'll make her come. Will you propose then?

We'll get her.
Do you have the guts to propose?

What? Speak out.

Do you have the guts?

So it's a challenge then?




Ok then. Challenge.

It took us one whole week
to prepare the perfect plan.

We brainstormed until our heads exploded.

Plans... Master plans...

Our only aim is re-entry of the enemy.

Hey, I got an idea.


What's that?


Is that a ship?

Oh, it's a bike!

Another bike...

Is that a bomb?



Will he come this way?

He will.

-Will he be alone?
-He will be.

There he is.

He's almost here.

It's not starting. Give it a push.

Get it into gear.

Hop on.

Take a u-turn.



Why is he not making any sound?

Is he dead or what?

God! You morons...

He's alive...

Your Highness...


-Your father-in-law...
-What happened to him?

-He's in those bushes...

Hey! Stop...


Those morons...

Someone will hit them too.

They will also suffer like me one day.

Once the reports are here,
let's start the medication.


I have known your father for 10 years.
Such a kind man he is.

Hey... Tell him.

[both]: Go on.


You should take rest for at least 20 days.

-20 days?
-It's a little too dangerous to move.

God! I can't stay put for so long.

People keep coming for ration all day.

I can't handle them, staying in bed.

Give me any number of injections you want.
But I need to be normal.

No, you need to be really careful.
To take care of you...

There should be at least
one person with you.

It's been 10 years since
my wife passed away.

I never thought of marrying again...

[breaking sentence]: No no.
It would be helpful if Rani is here.


-I made her stay there for 3 years--
-Three and a half...

Right right... You are classmates, yes.

-Three and a half years. That inti...
-Integrated engineering.

Integrated engineering.
It's a very worthy course.

And it's a prestigious college.
Do you know in which city?

In her grandmother's city.

So let's not disturb her.
You settle this somehow.


The reports are here.

So fast!


Let me...

-How much is it?


-How much is that?


Water in lungs. Stones in kidneys.

What's all this?
I just met with an accident, right?

How did all this happen?

You have them already.

They just got detected now.

Don't worry, uncle.

We can't say that the reports
come out right all the time.

I'll take care of it.


It's better you call Rani,
so that she can take care of you.

Come on.

Leave all this...

We won from our side.
Tell us what you are going to do.

I agree that you guys helped a lot.

That's what we are.

So much thinking and planning.

So many clever plots!

We used up all that we have got.

Silly old man...

We haven't even hit him yet... He just
drove into the bushes all by himself.

This bad deed is yours to pay for.

-What did I do?
-You do nothing.

That's what we feel bad about.

We make her come back,
using all this planning.

But I doubt if you'll
ever go and talk to her.

Guys, please stop!

-I'll do whatever that had to be done.
-What about our challenge?

I mean, if you can help me a
little with my challenge too...

-I will also win.
-What kind of help?

-Should we go tell her about your love?

Why would I say that?

That's really a very...

-Important thing in my life...
-[both]: Damn!

But... How to tell...

What to tell...

See Your Highness...

Don't think too much.

Tomorrow... 6:30, early in the morning...

Let's go to the bus stand.

And keep waiting.

Do you know how much I
have been waiting for you?

For you to come see me...

I too waited a lot.

I always wanted to come.

Every day... Every minute...

But you never told me where to find you.

I tried a lot...

For your address...
For your college name...

You phone number...
Your Facebook id...

For one little hint to get to you.

But I found none.

I am right in front of you now, Raja.

Tell me.

-Tell her.
-Come on.

-Tell her. You can.
-Come on, tell her.

Shut up! Stop!

Why are you even there?

No need of you guys. I'll go alone.

God! Go...

Hello, remember this...

If you don't propose to her tomorrow...

I'll tell her that you are the one
behind the accident. And you'll be done.

Why so hurry, you idiot?
Won't you let us get down?

She can't even wait for me to get off.




How are you?

Are you doing good?

I came for you.

Your dad sent me to pick you up.

Thank you.

My grandmother is also here.

Can't you wait until I get down?

You can't stand still at all!

Will your father start
walking if you go early?


This is Raja. My classmate.

He's here to take us home.

I'll get the bike.

You should have told me, right?
You got down alone.

How can we all go on that bike?

Listen, this bike won't work.
Call an auto for us, we'll go home.

Grandma, you get on this scooter.

-How are you?

-Yeah. Are you doing good?

Yeah, he's also doing good.

Come, let's go.

-What's your caste?


Sit carefully.


If you fail to do as you said...

Careful Rani...

Bring them in.


Did you tell her?

You idiot!


What's this dear?

Nothing happened to me.
It's just a small sprain.

No no... Don't cry.

Are you feeling better now?

He won't talk. He hates us.

Uncle hates her...

I went into the bushes that day.

Right then, Raja came and brought me home.
He also treated me well.


-Some for me.

What lords?

You keep roaming around that
dealer's house 24/7 these days.

Matter of love?

-What love?
-Shut up, you donkey.

Will it lead to marriage?
Or it's just 'English love'?

Speak out, idiot!

The dealer is already a complicated man.

If it's what I think it
is, I'll at least pamper him slowly.

We also have the caste problem, right?

How can we know? Is your son
doing everything after consulting us?

Stop, Mr. President of all idiots.

I doubt that one day he'll take your
bloody advice and elope with her.

I'll tear your skin off,
if you do anything that stupid.

Got it?

Bring her home if you want to. Understood?

Bring some salt.

See, one should feed and
take care of his wife.

You can't depend on your parents forever.

I won't even lend you the salt.

Why try to educate us, sir?

I'll call your son.
You talk to him directly.

I will. When the time comes, I'll talk
to him after trashing him properly.

Get him one more dosa.

[low tone]: His mom thinks that
he's innocent. She has no idea!

Roaming around a girl and being
innocent are two different things.

Even Gods went to war for women.

Is it?

You are a politician, right?
You are bound to talk stuff like that.

Eat... Go on...

What about you, criminal cat! Huh?

These days,
I keep learning about you too.

Sit. Sit down and eat.

Call me once you are done. I'll come.

How many more years
will you wait for Rani?

She won't come back.

What happened?

What happened? Why are you laughing?


Hey! Chowdary, tell me.
Why are you laughing?

-You dropped Rani at Geetha's house!

We mean, you dropped her
all by yourself, right?



Give it to me.

Hey, give me the phone.

Come on... Hey, Naidu. Stop!

Naidu, stop!

Give me that bloody phone.

Stop, Naidu!

Hey, stop!

Chowdary, stop!


Leave me. It's his plan entirely.

Don't act smart. I'll kill you.

Why is he running like that?
What happened?

There is an exam he should pass.

He's not cracking it on his own and
running away if we try to hand him chits.

Damn! You concentrate on your exams first.
Why do you care about them?

Helping other...
As if he passed all the exams!

-What 'No'?

Call her and tell her not to.

Call her and tell her not to.

-Call her, please.

Please, tell her not to.

You won't tell her anyways.
At least let Geetha tell her.

Call her...

I can't help if it's already too late.

Are you free tomorrow?

I vowed something to God long back
and never found time to pay it.

I need to go to the temple tomorrow.

Yeah, Ok.

For the stream of thoughts
that flow inside the heart...

And for the war that
happens inside a being...

Even the Lord is no exception.

Then what is it really? Fear? Or doubt?

The Lord who rules over all
the universes... Is he in fear?


Rather than winning over
all the existence...

It's more difficult to win
the cosmic heart of a woman.

Even then...

He wanted to express his
feelings to Mother Goddess.

The Lord decided on it very strongly.

[religious chants on dreams coming true]


What did you pray for, Raja?

Did you ask the God
anything for your future?

I heard that you don't
like this profession.

You are doing this as your
father forced you to... Is it so?

Who told you?

Geetha did.

Chowdary loves politics.
Naidu loves business.

What do you love?

What else did Geetha say?

A lot...

That Swetha irritated you all the time...

Don't you like Swetha?

Geetha said nothing else?

What else?

Nothing that I can remember.

Why are you standing in the sun?
Would have gone inside.

[both]: We'll come.

-Come on.
-Yeah, we will.

Whose car is this?

Some relatives.

Did she ask you anything?

At least, did you open up to her?

-Come in.
-I won't.

-Come on...
-No. You go.

I took a left seeing them come close...
That's it...

Here she is.

We are just talking about you.

-Brother-in-law? When did you come?
-Just now.

-Doing good?

-Aunty isn't here?
-No. Where are you coming from?

-From the temple.
-They will never respect humans.

-Bloody morons!
-Where is the temple?

It's in our village itself.

Uncle is just saying...
It seems you applied for a long leave.

Santhu... That's Raja. My doctor.

He is the one who treated me.

Raja... That's my sister's son.

He's also a doctor.

-Teeth doctor.
-He mean 'Dentist'.

-I am Santhosh.

Did you tell him anything
about the reports?

No. Why do you ask?

They are not yours.
The reports got mixed up.

We trashed the boy in the lab.

Don't tell him anything about it.

He'll get panicked.

I planned to bring along mom and dad.
But they got busy.

-You are from around here?

-How long did you practice?
-Who's he?

-From the last few months.
-Her aunt's son.

-You won't talk to him?

-Do they hate you?
-No. I hate them.

-How long will he stay?
-Who knows?

When will he come and when will he leave!
They inform no one.

Planning-less fools!


We thought the enemy is here
and it will be an easy kill.

But we are losing hope
with every passing day.

You just come to Hyderabad.
I'll take care of everything.

There's no need for
joining any course at all.

I have a lot of patients
from the Software field.

There's still time for that.

Time? It runs faster than we think.


It's being so difficult to walk.
Give that to him.




What do you do?

I completed my degree.

But few subjects are still remaining.

That's why... I am waiting
for the village council elections.

One day... I'll be the village head.

So you all are one and the same?

Politics, Movies, Caste feelings...

You never think of getting
educated and bagging a job?

-What about you?

Your village have a PG college too?

Which class are your
kids studying in?

Hey, I am not married yet.

I used to play with Rani right
here, when we were kids.

You used to babysit her?

No no. We are of the same age.

Rani, we have a huge
doubt since so long ago.

What's such a huge doubt?

What city your grandmother lives in?

What's the name of that
prestigious college?

What happened?

Nothing. I have been controlling
for a long time now.

[in slang]: Your language
have this crazy slang...

[in slang]: We know no slang at all.
So funny!

[in slang]: Ok, you wanted to go get
some certificate, right? Let's go.

What certificate?

I have to go to the MRO office
for my birth-certificate.

Raja is taking the same route.
Ask him to drop you.

Why to go on a bike?
Let's go in my car. Come on.

Why is he here in the first place?

To pay his condolence to his
uncle meeting with an accident.

What should he do?

Eat and drink all that is offered
and leave the very next day.

Then why didn't he leave?

It's been a week.

It's Ok if he stays long.
But is he sitting still?


He's giving her a knife to chop the onions.

He's supplying pan for
her to prepare dosa.

He's handing her the
broom to clean the house.

And putting curry in
her plate as she eats.

-Why should all this bother us?
-How can you say so?

What is he talking?

How is your lover's
brother-in-law related to you?


How else? He will be your villain.

Hello, RMP sir.

Doing good?


My daughter has some
work in the MRO office.

It made me finally step out of the house.

Yes, of course... How's your leg now?

It's all good now.
Just because of your son.

-Really happy.
-Yeah... He's also a doctor.

My sister's son. He's well educated.

Not just RMP.

My son-in-law.

Ok then... Take care of your health.

Ok. Let's go.

What's with your dad's expression?

Seems so deep!


I am telling you.
I doubt that brother-in-law fellow.

I too have the same doubt.

What doubt?

You should be clear about the
doubt, right?

It's not us who have to be clear.
It's you.

Why do you keep nagging me all the time?

You are being obsessed with it.

Ok, sir. Ok... As we are that foolish...

You stay calm and all.
We'll take care of it.


We will. Come on.

-Let's be in our limits.

-Naidu stop!


Chowdary, stop!

-Hey, stop!

You idiots!

He haven't come with a clean heart.
I knew this from the beginning.

-Why do you feel so bad?
-What else should I feel?

She's studying, right!
Why get her married now?

Yeah... I know about my
daughter's education.

Of course, she's your daughter. That's
why you decided to get her married to him.

Who will recognize our
contribution in her life?

Stop your useless discussion.

Of course,
we seem useless to you now.

I lost my respect right
when my daughter died.

How else will you look at us now?
This is the fate written for us!

Your fate is to point at us.
Our fate is to take the blame.

As if I am getting her
married to a fool!

He's related, settled and a nice guy.
He's a doctor for god sake.

Right! For a girl who's
just 15 years old...

And to that 30 year old fellow...
It's a nice match. Get them married.

Will you stop at that?


-Screaming to the entire village.
-Calm down, dad.

Ask her to stop first. What's all this?

Yes! We don't know how to treat a human.

Why should I even care?
I'll die soon anyway.


Am I not the one to decide
about your marriage?

Of course it's your decision, dad.


I'll get married once I
am done with my studies.

Hey, it won't be a problem Rani.

You can study after marriage.
I take full responsibility for that.

Yes. He will get you educated.

He came flying like a vulture. Scoundrel!

Will you please stop!

Why will she call you for nothing?

You should have told her
that you love her, right?

She said 'No' to marriage
for the sake of education.

Won't she say no to love,
just for the same reason?

Should have told her that you'll marry
her after she's done with her studies.

He asked her to study after marriage.

Should I ask her to study
while being in love?

Leave it!

We won't be talking all this if you have
proposed to her when the time is right.

Yes. I can't do it.

I can't express my love.

This is what they call
'Fear of rejection'.



It grows along with love.

It's not really tough to
tell her that I like her.

But to take the rejection...

One need a lot of courage.

I don't have that kind of courage.

Don't recite drama dialogues.

Take it the way you want to.

But everything should happen
according to Rani's wish.

Love... Marriage...

Him... Me... Everything!

All these days, our enemy is a young girl.

We hesitated to kill her.

But today you replaced her.

His son-in-law should die...

And that should calm us down.

Rest in peace.

-Will slash him from the front.
-Will kill from behind.

I'll cut his tongue.

-It's not me.
-What are you talking about?

[both]: What are you talking?

I am not the one.
I am not his son-in-law.

-[both]: No?
-No. That's not me.

-It's not you?
-Not me.

Are you telling the truth?


-It's a lie.
-What's true and what's not?

It's true that uncle
forced me to marry Rani.

But me agreeing for it is a lie.

[both]: You didn't agree for it?

No! No!

-I said 'No'.

There are biological reasons.

Not to marry blood relatives...

Consanguineous marriage is
associated with an increased risk...

For congenital malformations.

And autosomal recessive diseases--

Hey! Put it in a single sentence.
That too in Telugu.

I need some water.

Please leave me, sir.

Please, sir.

Please! I am innocent, sir.

Please leave me, sir.

Give it to him.

Go on.

Tell us now.

It's not healthy to marry blood relatives.

That's why I said 'No' to my uncle.

Should we believe him?

No. I will kill him.

We should believe our fellow humans.

He knows our story now.
What if he rats us out?


What should we do now?

Let's bury him right
here and sow a plant in his name.

Mother promise, sir!
I will disappear out of your lives.

Leave me, sir.


It's Ok. Let's leave him this time.

If he acts smart,
let's hunt him down and slash him.

Please leave me, sir.

Lucky boy!


Let's not interfere anymore.

It's so easy to ask him to propose
and get angry when he fails to do so.

Only when we can love as truly as he
does, we'll understand his fear and pain.

There are many stories
on those who proposed.

This is the story of the one who can't.

People become so foolish right
when they need to be really smart!

You kept praising him
through the day and night.

He made her think of
marriage and suddenly disappeared.

Nerveless tongues and orderless brains.

As if I don't know about you guys.

You all are the same. It's in the blood.

Our bad time that you got
the right chance to blame us.

It's not yours. It's our bad time.

My daughter suffered with you.

And she would have been
suffering with your son-in-law.

Bloody doctor! 'He came in huge cars'.

'He clean big teeth'.
This is what you said, right!

It didn't even last for three days.

Dear mother-in-law... I beg you to stop!

I feel bad for your old man!

Yeah. That very old man has many
hopes for his granddaughter's marriage.

But what did you do?
You almost got her married to a fool.

That's your level.
Everyone knows about it.

We should have it written in our fate.

His Highness should step off
the throne to marry our Rani.

Rani... Did I make a mistake?

-No, dad!

It all started with this accident.

I don't even want to call you here.

Your studies will get disturbed.

Your dad disturbed your studies and
made you take all this suffering, right?

No no... I'll get the tickets booked.

You pack your bags.
Go back to your college, Ok?

You should study well, Ok?

What? Did you have your dinner?

-I did.

When I sit on the cement
slab in front of the house...

The people who pass by...

They say, 'We keep seeing your
son at their house all day'.

Yeah. Even I observed.

You are leaving early in the morning
and coming back in the night.

-Dad that's...
-No no.

I don't mean that you did the wrong thing.

No matter how good a son is,
a father will see him only as a fool.

Because at your age,
we too are as foolish as you are now.

But you have been so
consistent about that girl!

Just as consistent as you'll be when
you do something your mom asks you to.

I saw the girl.

She's beautiful!

Very beautiful!

What's with that dealer?

He points at the driver and
says that he's his son-in-law.

I feel bad.

So bad.

Shall I go sit with him and talk?

Why not?

Rani doesn't like any of it, dad.


She don't like you?

I can't say.

You haven't asked her?

Say something!

She's leaving tomorrow.
I have to drop her at the bus stop.

See you!

Thanks Raja.

You have been the same
since our childhood.

You only speak with your eyes.

You used to talk normally
with everyone else.

But never with me.

After leaving you with
a goodbye back then...

It took me three and
half years to come back.

At that time,
it felt like I am going away from you.

But this time...

It feels like losing you.

I'll leave...

Rani, it's raining.

Get inside!

What happened?

Every single time you came close
to me and stopped...

Those words you wanted to tell me...

I heard them Raja.

But I never knew how to answer back.

I am just like you.

I only know how to love.

I have no idea how to express.

Even then, I picked up the courage to walk
to you and stopped right in front of you.

Can't you hear me?

Come back soon.