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Born and brought up in an orphanage, it has always been Rajoo's dream of becoming a wealthy man, particularly a Prince of any region. His dreams land him in trouble when he misbehaves with Rajkumari Poonam, and is expelled from the orphanage. He seeks works as a masseur and goes to work with Prince Pratap Singh, who hires him, is so happy with his work, that he would like him to impersonate him and thus fulfill his dream of becoming a Prince. The only problem is that he has to insult and humiliate Princess Poonam, the very woman with whom he had misbehaved, and has fallen head-over-heels in love with her. The question remains, will his love of becoming a Prince overcome his true love for Poonam? The song "Rajoo ka hai ek khwab, Rajoo raja raja saab, raaj hai na taaj hai, phir bhi main raaj saab" continues to be popular even today.

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- Help me.
- Where will you go now?

I have found you after
such a long time!

She shouldn't be able to run away!

Who is this?

Thank you prince.

If you wouldn't come on time today..

I and you would never
be able to meet.

You called me and I arrived.

I risked my life and came to you.

My beautiful, my apple of the eye!

Oh! Prince!

You got up!







- Mr. Director..
- Yes.

I have been telling
you since so many..

Years to forget the dream
of being a king or a emperor.

This is an orphanage.
This isn't any royal palace.

You act as a king and create
a hullabaloo here.

Right now. You are fluttering
your eyelashes like a goat.

And you also know that I
will forgive you but..

No, Mr. Director, don't forgive him.

He had called me beautiful.

And he had kissed me too!

Mr. Director, he called me a wretch.

I will forgive you today.

But tomorrow, on the arrival
of the princess..

If you do any such antics,
I won't forgive you ever!

What did you say, Mr. Director?

Is a princess coming here?

Yes. To distribute clothes and
sweets amongst your orphans.

But beware, I repeat.

If you do any madness in her
presence I swear on all..

The orphans in India I will
kick you out in a snap!

Even I swear on all the
orphans of India..

I won't do anything like that
in the princess's presence.

If you say so, I won't
even look at her.

I will just play the
flute and sing songs.

Greetings, Princess.

He is the prince of Raipur.

He was free, therefore
I brought him along.

He is more than welcome, Princess..

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

"The one who would support,
we search for that arch."

"The one who would support,
we search for that arch."

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

"In your paths, we have
always called out."

"In your paths, we have
always called out."

"We have blessed you throughout
your life."

"We have blessed you throughout
your life."

"We search for the effects
of our blessings."

"We search for the effects
of our blessings."

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

"Happiness blooms in the
lucky people's gardens."

"Happiness blooms in the
lucky people's gardens."

"Sometimes, people get happiness
by searching."

"Sometimes, people get happiness
by searching."

"But we search unknowingly."

"But we search unknowingly."

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

"The one who would support,
we search for that arch."

"The one who would support,
we search for that arch."

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

"We search for the gaze
of some one merciful."

Raju, what did you do?

Princess, please forgive him!

You ask charity for these
insolent children?

He has gone crazy.

If he has gone mad, send
him to an asylum.

You are our only support.
Please forgive him!

Please have mercy on these orphans!
For God's sake!

Here is the tea, drink
it while it's hot.

Here, drink it.

- I don't want it.
- Why? - I don't have money.

That's it? I will give
you one slap now!

Do you talk about money
with a friend?

Am I dead, isn't it? Drink it!

Drink it. Come on.


Even I was chucked out of
the orphanage like you.

Did I starve?

Your matter was different.

And your matter! Why
don't you understand?

Even you have a beard and
moustache on your face.

So, what is my mistake if I
got a moustache and beard?

Your problem is that you didn't
get brains with the beard.

Good that the orphanage people
removed you.

You won't dream about being
a king the whole day.

You will do some work at least.
You will earn with your hands.

I will just get food to eat
twice if I earn with my ends.

- Do you want to eat six times in a day?
- No.

I want to become a king.

I know that. I know that, my dad!

And may the almighty make you one.

But till the time you become one..

Won't you work as something
or not to fill you stomach?

What work do I know?

Who will give me any iob?

Leave that responsibility to me.

I will arrange an excellent
job for you, okay?

- How many liters, sir?
- Ten.

Hey, hey what are you doing?
Are you sleeping?

You fool, you donkey!

Even water isn't pumped
out in Bombay..

Like how you have
squandered my petrol.

Take your uniform and
get lost from here.

Sir, you well has a lot of petrol.
But if you remove me..

I won't get a iob anywhere else.

And you shouldn't get
another job too!

- Sir..
- I said, get out.

I was calling you since when!

You weren't listening to me at all.

Were you dreaming about something?

- Should I tell you?
- Tell me.

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"There isn't any kingdom
or any crown."

"Even then, I am a respected king."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"The sad stories which
exist on my lips."

"I love them, they are my queens."

"They are my queens,
I can't be compared."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"So what if I am on the iourney."

"It's okay if I am not
on the destination."

"Okay, accepted, it is all right,
not on my heart."

"Not on my heart, there
is beauty in my sadness."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"Listen. There are sad
fables in my gatherings."

"The mischief of helplessness."

"The goblets of pain."

"The goblets of pain and
the liquor of tears."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"There isn't any kingdom
or any crown."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

"Raju has a dream, Raju, the king,
the respected king."

I explained to you so many times.

Why don't you understand?

Raju, you were born Raju
and you will stay Raju.

Whether you dream about being
a king or an emperor.

See, I will give you
a last chance now.

Yes, really.

And if you dream while
your work hours..

Then it is you and
your fate after that.

- It is enough for me now.
- Sir, brain fry..

- Bring some brain fry.
- Fry sir's brains.

Mr. D'Mello. This is our Raju.

I had talked about a boy yesterday.

Yes, Raju.

Do you know how to massage?


A body massage.

Some boys and girls are needed..

For training as masseurs
where Mr. D'Mello works.

The salary is one fifty
rupees, isn't it?

And tips on top of that.

Nobody gives anything less
that five or ten rupees.

The rich, the mill owners,
Britishers, kings...

Yes, kings and emperors.

They call us to their homes
and make us massage them.

And on top of that, they
give us big tips.

Is that the matter?

Even I will become a masseur,
I will surely become one.

Greetings, your maiesty..

Are you new?

Yes, D'Mello has sent me.

His maiesty is up.

His maiesty is upstairs.

And listen, the king likes to
be massaged in his sleep.

Have you brought the oils?

Yes? Yes.

- Do you see those stairs?
- Yes.

Go up.


- Go!
- Yes.

Your maiesty..

Your maiesty..

Your maiesty!

Who are you?

Who are you?

I am Raju, the masseur.

- Are you a masseur or a polisher?
- Yes? - Yes!

Your fingers should
work like you're..

Playing a piano while massaging.

Come on, play it.

- I don't know how to play a piano.
- You don't know?

It doesn't matter.

I will play your piano.

You will play it?

What else? Will my late
father play it?

- Remove it.
- Yes? - Undress.

Don't move! Don't move!

It's tickling me.

Please don't play my piano
more, your majesty.

Hey, where are you going?
You will here from today.

- Yes?
- Yes, I have laughed for the first time in my life.

I am very happy with you.
In lieu of this..

I am willing to fulfill
any of your desires.

Will you fulfill my desires?

The family of Raghus have
this legacy they may..

Sacrifice their life,
but not break their promise. Ask.

Please make me a king.

You want to become a king.
I will make you one.

What did you say? You
wish to become a king?

That isn't possible.
Kings are made..

- Kings are born.
- So please borne me too.

You asked me my wish, I told you.

But what do you think? Kings
and emperors are happy?

Never. Look at me.

I have this palace, wealth,
servants, everything but..

But all this has no worth to you.

Because you have all this but..

It's uncle's trunk call
from Rathodgad.

What does he want to say?

His grand daughter, the
princess Poonam who had..

Acted insolently with you he
is asking forgiveness for that.

She is forgiven.

He wants to ask forgiveness
from you.


Get up.. wait.. you go.

Let God be merciful, uncle,
I am Pratap Singh here.

Let God be merciful.
I came to know..

About your return from Tokyo.
And Poonam told me..

That you wrote her a letter
from Tokyo to Singapore.

And the letter that she wrote
to me as an answer..

If she'd written it to you,
you'd die of shame.

I know, son.

But the two of you never
met each other.

And I don't want to meet him too.

I am not interested in meeting her.

I don't want that the decision
made by the elders..

Should be undone because
of your differences.

- I want you to be married now.
- But I..

Listen.. Poonam is mature now.

- And the Prince of Arzpur..
- Has sent a proposal.

Uncle, you just accept his proposal.

That insolent girl won't get
another proposal like this.

I wish..

Poonam and you to meet each other..

And stay together for some days.

You will understand each other.

Maybe the bitterness between
you two will fade away.

- See..
- This is my order.

Reach the Oberoi, Srinagar on..

The evening of the first
of this coming month.

Poonam will meet you there.

May God be merciful!

Did you see that?

The kings and emperors have
to marry on orders too.

But I won't let this happen.

I will avenge this
insult with insult.


- You want to become a king, isn't it?
- Yes.

I will make you a king.

- You will make me one.
- Surely.

I will train you.

And I will send you to Kashmir..

As the Prince Pratap
Singh from Chandinagar.

- Are you telling the truth?
- Yes.

- I will introduce you to Princess Poonam there.
- You will?

Yes. And do you what
you have to do there?

Yes. I will fold my hands,
bow my head..

And thank her for meeting me.

No! You won't do anything like that.

You will insult her just like how
she insulted me in the letter.

But, your maiesty..

How can a poor orphan like
me insult a princess?

You won't be a poor
orphan at that time.

You will be His Maiesty
at that time.

Your wallet will be full of money.

You will have wonderful clothes.

You will have exquisite
cars and hero like hair.

Your maiesty..

Please look at this for a moment.

I am seeing.

Not me, sir. Here.

- Who is this?
- Recognize him.

What a change!

Yes, sir..

We will go to Srinagar with
Raju tomorrow morning.

Very good, sir.

- Arrange for two seats in an aeroplane.
- Yes, sir.

See, the princess will be coming.

I am sure, when she sees you.
She will think you to be..

The prince, ask forgivness
and tell you..

'Sorry, I didn't think while
writing that letter to you ♪

But you tell her..

Letter? Which letter? I
didn't get any letter.

And even if I would
have got any letter..

I must have thrown it into the
rubbish bin without reading it.

Is it okay?
Come on, tell me.

'Sorry, I wrote that letter
to you by mistake ♪

This feminine part is
for the princess.

You tell the masculine part,
the part after that.

Letter? Which letter?
I didn't get any letter.

'And even if I would have, I threw..

It in the rubbish bin
without reading it.

After that, you tell her.

Uncle told me that you are
beautiful, a maiden or fairy.

But okay, you are nothing special.

My Hong Kong secretary is
more beautiful than you.

But, when will I tell her all this?

As soon as she arrives,
in the launch.

Then, shall we move? She
must he arriving now.

Her insult will start
in such a way..

That when she arrives here,
I won't.. I mean you won't be..

There for her welcome,
but that cartoon prince.

The prince?

Yes, he is the prince
of a poor state.

He wishes to marry the princess
and become rich.

And he has come here
for that reason.

Please come.

Do you remember all that I told you?

Letter? What letter?
I didn't get any letter..

Not now. You have to say
it when she comes.

- Here, she comes.
- Letter, what letter?

Your Maiesty, Pratapsingh
of Chandigarh.

Her Maiesty Poonamdevi
of Rathoregarh.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Please have a seat.

You have a seat too.

- Oh, I am standing still.
- Have a seat.

I never met you before this.

But I think that I have
seen you somewhere.

Yes? My face..

Your maiesty, actually..

His maiesty's face is similar to
the film actor Shashi Kapoor.

It is possible that you
saw some old film of his.

When did you come back from foreign?

Letter? What letter? I
didn't get any letter.

And even if I did get it, I
threw it in the rubbish bin.

Which letter are you talking about?

Letter? What letter?
I didn't get any letter.

And even if I did get it, I
threw it in the rubbish bin.

What are you staring at?

I am seeing how beautiful you are.

Letter? What letter?
I didn't get any letter.

And even if I did get it,
I threw it in the rubbish bin.

All your luggage has
been settled, Poonam.

Your maiesty, His maiesty..

It seems that I have
seen you earlier.

We have met earlier.

Even I used to think the same.

But his face is similar to the
film actor Shashi Kapoor.

I had seen a movie of his.

What was it's name?

You are forgetting it, you
must have seen Hunterwalli.

It is a 'walli', isn't it?

Letter? What letter?
I didn't get any letter.

And if I did get one, I threw it in
the rubbish bin without reading.

Come on!

I clenched my teeth in anger.
I winked from above..

I kicked from below.
But you smiled..

And just stared at that Poonam!

Did I bring you to Kashmir for this?

But your maiesty, it is
the same princess..

Whether she is the same
or someone else..

Remember, if you don't insult her..

At tonight's party,
you will have to pay..

For your traveling,
boarding and food.

But, I won't be able to pay you
for that throughout my life.

Okay, your maiesty.

Tell me what I have to tell her.

I will tell it to her
face right away.

Very good.

Then you tell her in
everyone's presence.

That she is ugly. She is fat.
She is cross-eyed.

She has a flat nose.

But this is false.
She is very beautiful.

Whether she is beautiful
or some maiden.

- You will say what I told you to.
- Yes.

And listen. I will be
standing ahead of you.

I will be standing afar
and telling you..

When you have to smile,
laugh and show your teeth.

- And when you have to cry. Understood?
- Yes.

What I was saying was..


His maiesty..

His maiesty..

Listen, this is the chance
to insult her. Come on.

I apologize, we were
late while arriving.

Please have one..

Actually, Poonam is telling
you, please take one.

That's strange.

You stayed in foreign countries
all your life but..

The director told us to stay
away from intoxication.

The director..

The director?

He was speaking about my father.

His name was Sanchalak Singh.

He used to travel with him
in foreign countries.

Please come, we shall
have our dinner.

Bring a large one for His Maiesty.

Your Maiesty..

I am speaking to you.

A special drink for you.

Thank you.

So, I was telling you..

5th May always brings
something in my life.

Either something good,
or something bad.

- Like?
- Like I was born on 5th May.

It is so sad. It is so sad!

And the day when I got the news..

Of winning the derby,
the date was 5th May.

I sympathise with you, princess,
I really do.

And my parents expired in the
air crash on the 5th of May.

Is it so?

What letter? I didn't
get any letter.

Even if I did get it, I threw
it in the rubbish bin..

Letter.. letter.. letter..

Your Maiesty..

Let it be morning.

I will teach you such a lesson.

You will never forget it
throughout your life.

The keys..

Stand straight.

I will get the keys right away.

"There was a male bird
and a female bird."

"There was a male bird
and a female bird."

"Both of them existed
in the garden."

"Didn't know why the bird
used to shy like this."

"What did he know.."

Who is it?

Who is it?

His maiesty?

Princess? You here?
So late in the night?

What will the people say?

What are you doing here?
This is my room!

Go away from here.

- This is your room?
- Yes!

- I thought that it was my room!
- It's my room, go away!

Thief, catch him! Catch him!

Where is he? Where is he?

The thief has run away.

Why did he run away?

Anyway, it doesn't matter.

Go, and catch him.

Bring him and tie him to the wall.

I will shoot him!

- It's surely that thief's..
- Yes, it must be the thief's..

But why will the thief steal
removing his clothes?

I am sorry.

This suit doesn't belong
to the thief.

It belongs to his maiesty.
He left it here in haste.

Your gown.

It doesn't matter. It does happen.

Get up. Get up!

Let me congratulate you!
Get up! Get up!

I just made you his Maiesty.

But you turned out to be the best.

You insulted the princess
in such a way..

That she will keep weeping
all through her life.

I insulted her?

- Did you forget it? You were in her bed yesterday.
- Yes!

And when I went to
take your clothes..

And return her gown,
please don't ask!

She was in a proper state
due to embarrassment.

It seems that she hasn't come for
her morning walk in the garden.

She isn't to be seen anywhere,
not by a yard.

Hey, who is this?

Is it the princess?

It is not your princess,
it my heart's princess.

That same face, that same height.

That twirling movement, which I
searched for in Bangkok and Hong Kong..

Here, take this and you look too.

I insulted the princess? I did?

Princess, I am very sorry about
yesterday night's incident.

I don't want to hear anything
about yesterday night.

What is it?

Ask me what it isn't.

The king of Chandinagar is
standing in your presence.

My bud of Kashmir!

My sweet! I will sacrifice the
wealth of the world to you.

I will make myself a garland
around your neck.

Keep your hands to yourself
or I will slap you.


What about a slap, my beloved?

My Kashmiri carpet..

Even if you take my heart
away, I won't die.

We lovers are immortal!

Get aside.

If my father knows this,
he will kill you.

Father, do you mean my
to be father-in-law..

I am telling you, it is better
if you go away now.

Otherwise my father..

Father! Is your father
some God of death?

What did you say?

Please listen.


I don't want to hear anything.

Just look at me once.

You will see what
an honest man I am.

I understood your sincerity
last night.

Please forget yesterday
night, princess.

For yesterday night's meeting,
for everything.

"For yesterday night's meeting,
for everything."

"Please forgive me."

"Please forgive me."

"For yesterday night's meeting,
for everything."

"Please forgive me."

"Please forgive me."

"Don't look at the mirror,
look at my face."

"See my simple character and form."

"Am I not a honest and sincere man?"

"Am I not praiseworthy?"

"You give me iustice now!"

"You give me iustice now!"

"Please forgive me."

"Please forgive me."

"How can I dare to touch you?"

"How can I take your name?"

"That moth, happy go lucky
person was someone else."

"Please accept this
clean hearted one."

"Please listen to me, this
is my first mistake."

"Please forgive me."

"Please forgive me."

"It is accepted that the first
mistake is always forgiven."

"If you won't be merciful on me.."

"The world will call you
heartless and a torturer."

"What else should I say?
Please forgive me."

"What else should I say?
Please forgive me."

"Please forgive me."

"Please forgive me."

"For yesterday night's meeting,
for everything."

"Please forgive me."

"Please forgive me."

Why not?

Why can't you insult her?

When a person loves someone..

- He respects her, he doesn't insult her.
- What?

I think that I fell
in love with her..

When I saw her for the first time.

Your maiesty, I am grateful to you.

You may even kill me if you so wish.

But please don't ell me to say
anything against the princess.

I won't be able to do that.
I won't be able to hurt her.

You have taught me to smile.

You think that I like seeing
tears in your eyes? No.

I promise you, Poonam will be yours.


She is a princess..
And I am an orphan.

If love can be weighed against
gold and silver..

Would that be termed as love?


The princess hasn't forgiven
you till now, isn't it?


But she has invited the Kunwar
for the party tonight.

Doesn't matter.

Do as I tell you.

You'll see..

Not the Kunwar, but his Maiesty..

Will be with Poonam
at tonight's party.

Move, come on, come.

Think that I have won
half the battle.

The rest of war, I will
win at tonight's party.

But sir, I think that she
is fooling both of you.


I mean that she is trying
to fool the two of you.

She loves me..

See? It's her call already.

May God be merciful, Sir,
I am His majesty here.

Yes, tell me.

- That ADC of mine..
- Yes?

He has left my employ and ran away.

If he does come to you, don't
believe in anything that he says.

No, I won't speak to him.

- His ADC ran away from him.
- Why?

He must not have paid him,
don't talk rubbish.

That King isn't like me,
who can't pay his ADC.


Surely, there is something else.

May God be merciful.


- Oh sir, this worthless man has a request.
- Tell me.

Please keep me as your ADC.

Please keep as an ADC to your ADC.

Tell me..

Why did the king remove you?

He didn't remove me,
I resigned myself.

He wishes me to be a wall between
you and the princess.

- A wall?
- Yes.

The princess that she has seen
the Chinese from China.

The Japanese from Japan and
the Africans from Africa.

She even saw the English
from England.

But she never saw a braver
and younger man than you.

Her maiesty, when you
dislike the Kunwar..

Why did you invite him
to the party tonight?

So that his maiesty gets
jealous and goes away.

Why don't you tell him
everything clearly?

If I do tell him everything

- Uncle will kill me. Understood?
- Yes.

Her maiesty..

Tell me?

The person who apologizes
after committing a mistake.

He is considered to be a great man.

But the man who forgives him
is considered greater.

If you accept these flowers,
I'll think that you forgave me.

Why don't you people have a seat?

Please come..

And the princess further says that..

Eating home cooked rural food..

You have such a
glow on your face..

She is burning due to that glow.

But I have never eaten
whatever you just said.

Your father must surely
have eaten it.

I have seen it with my own eyes.

But what does this
king want from you?

He wants me to separate
the two of you?

Yes. And do you know?

He has arranged for a
fancy dress show in..

The party tonight. He has
called everyone in it.

- Except you.
- I don't have time.

- I am going to the party tonight.
- I know that, sir.

But the show is before the party.

And the princess is
invited in that too.

And do you know further?

This is the king's trick.

I understood.

Please have it.

That's what I had come to tell you.

The princess is going there
as Princess Subhadra.

If you listen to me, become
Arjun and reach her room.

And just like Ariun had
eloped with Subhadra.

You elope with Poonam too.

And I can tell you surely,
you will..

Get the first, second and
third and the last prize.

But where will I get
Arjun's uniform?

Uniform? There is no dearth
of uniforms in this cold.

There are so many iobless
drama companies.

You dial just one number.

You will get the uniforms
of the whole Mahabharata.

I will dial it right away now..

You are such a good man..

The soul..

I forgot to place
my hand on myheart.

My soul is yearning. Subhadra,
the heart is not at peace.

Come beloved, let us go
where there is privacy.

What insolence is this?

I knew that my Subhadra
will be shy of people..

And society, she'll be scared
and not come to me.

But I will take her on my shoulders.

Don't call me Kunwar, call
me the son of Kunti, Arjun.

Please go away.

No! Not liquor, the elixir of gods!

I haven't seen an insolent
or shameless man than you.

But all this was done
by his Majesty's ADC.

I had told you not to pay attention
to anything he says.

Where is he? Where is he?

Where are you running?

You sinner, wretch!
You fooled Arjun!

He will show you the mace now!

Be ware!

The arrow from Ariun's
bow is released.

Where are you running?

Save me!

Are you inside?

Come on! Come out!

- Remove the wretch out, or else I will force you!
- What?

You haven't seen Ariun's mace!

And you haven't seen my axe!

No axe works in front
of Arjun's mace.

Iniustice! Iniustice!

You were to go to the partyy.

Not were, I am, going.

Come on, your maiesty.

Your maiesty..

Were you dreaming?

- Can I ask you something?
- Please do.

Did you see dreams too, ever?

Yes, I did. In my childhood.

Were they fulfilled?

Dreams are that which
can never be reality.

Your maiesty..


Did the Kunwar go?

Yes. He drank one and a
half bottle of scotch.

He broke the outside window,
broke a waiter's head.

And then left Kashmir.

I am free of one now.

Let me see.. But what should
I do of his majesty?

I will have to think something
to drive him away.

You won't have to think something
to drive me away.

- Your maiesty..
- You were right.

Dreams never turn into reality.

Then, how could my dream
turn into reality?

If I did commit any mistake
knowingly or..

Unknowingly please
forgive me for that.

The person who apologizes after
committing a mistake..

He is thought to be a great man.

But the man who forgives him
is thought to be greater.

You were right.

Dreams are never turned
into reality.

Then, how can my dreams come true?

If I committed any
mistake knowingly..

Or unknowingly, please
forgive me for that.

I will push, you start the car.

Maybe, it will get out.

I am sorry for yesterday
night's incident.

I thought about it all
through the night.

Yes, even I couldn't sleep at night.

I'd made a call to your
place in the morning too.

Yes, it was me who received it.

But, I was told that
you were sleeping.



I was sleeping at that time.
I am awake now.

Take God's name and turn the key.

The car will clear in
one single thrust.

Are you hurt?

I am all right, princess.

You were being so careful of it.

And it splattered all
over you in the end.

- Who?
- The muck.

What will happen now?

What will happen.

The one who made the muck has
made water to wash it to.

I will just make you dip once and
everything will be all right.

Please come.

The water is too cold. If I take
a dip I will have pneumonia.


The one who made the water
made the fire too.

We will sit in it's presence for
some time, all will be all right.

- No!
- See, do what I did.

Do what I did now, come on.

- Your maiesty..
- Yes?

Please say something.

What can I tell.

You are the one feeling the chill..

And you have given me the blanket.

- Here, please take this blanket.
- No!

I am not that selfish.

Then take half of it.

How can I do that?

Come here, please.


Not here, here..

I feel how selfish I have been..

You? No, not at all. You
were cold, isn't it?

You were feeling cold too.

But I think that I thought only
about myself before this.

But you..

But I will remember today, forever.

What all has happened this day.

Your car sticking in the
mud, my pushing it.

The car moving out, my
falling in the muck.

You supporting me.

Dipping in the cold water.

Sitting in the embrace
of the warm fire.

Hiding from each other
and yet, so close.

Do you know why all
this happened today?


Because today is 5th May.

And this day brings either
good or bad in your life.

"My beloved."

"From today, I name you this."

"My love.. my love.. my
beloved, my beloved."

"From today, I name you this."

"You gave me a message of
love under this pretext."

"My love.. my love.. my
beloved, my beloved."

"Give me an answer of my message."

"Why are you so silent?'"

"Why are you so silent?'"

"I am shying today. While
telling you something."

"I gave my eyes the
task of my lips."

"You gave me a message of
love under this pretext."

"My love.. my love.. my
beloved, my beloved."

"While speaking, you have
started to love me too."

"You have stolen my
sleep and peace."

"And you are accusing me silently."

"You gave me a message of
love under this pretext."

"My love.. my love.. my
beloved, my beloved."

"You made every ambition
of this heart restless."

"Don't say this, say,
every story of this heart."

"It gave a beautiful
result to this love."

"You gave me a message of
love under this pretext."

- "My love.. my love..
- My beloved, my beloved."

"My love.. my love.. my
beloved, my beloved."

Slowly, if father hears it..

Why, is your father
cooking food inside?

No. He is cutting wood over there.

Let him cut the wood,
I will cut him too.

How did you come to know my name?

I asked your name everywhere.

I searched for you everywhere.

I risked my life and came
from the Hotel Oberoi.

I will make you my queen today.

- Sir, can I ask you something?
- Ask.

Are you really a King?

- Do I seem to be..
- Slowly..

You don't believe me? Come with me.

I will show you who I am. Come on.

Tell me.

- Won't you be my queen Victoria?
- What?

- Won't you be the queen of my Chandipur?
- Yes.

Won't you be the mother
of my children?


You are my cuckoo.

You are the first girl
who said yes and yes.

No! No!

Hey, what kind of a girl are you?

You say yes and then you say no.

Did you see some wild hog?

You pig!

Where are you going?!

Please, please sit down.

We will sit there.

Your maiesty..

Please don't call me by that name.

But I don't like this
Pratap Singh name.

Even I don't like it.

Then, what should I address you as?

Okay, Mr. Raju. Please tell
me something about kingdom.

- My kingdom?
- Yes. Chandipur.

Tell me, what must be
the population there?

It must be something like
the whole of India.

It shouldn't have been that much.

I was thinking that I'd
visit there some day.

How must be the weather there now?

- The weather?
- It will not be better than Kashmir.

I mean, we will have to wait here.

Come on, let us go to the temple.

Do you want me not to
come to your kingdom?

- No, it is nothing like that.
- Then, what is it?

Tell me the truth,
what is the matter?

Why don't you tell me?
Please tell me.

Truth is beautiful!
Truth is beautiful!

It is good that you awoke.

Yes, but I was late in getting up.

I thought about visiting
the Dal lake tonight.

I wish to tell you something.

It seems that I wish to
tell you something too.

Please come then..

Your maiesty, why are you so

Because I awoke you from sleep?

No. That was very good.

Why are you so glum then?

You should be happy today too.

Why? What is so special today?

Not today. Uncle is coming tomorrow.

Do you know?

When I told him about you over..

The trunk call he was very happy.

What did you tell him about me?

I told him that I liked
my Majesty a lot.

When I have awakened..

- Should I ask you something?
- Please do.

- If I weren't a king..
- Why would you not be one?


Think that I would be a poor
farmer a normal clerk..

Or an orphan, would you talk
about me to your uncle?

Because then, the two of
us would never have met.

And if.. I remembered something.

On uncle's saying, we had
gone to an orphanage once.

An orphan had hugged me there.

I felt like having him shot down.

What's funnier is that,
he looks similar to you.

But so what if he looked similar?

A person should be worth something
to fall in love.

- Isn't it?
- Yes. But please tell me.

What if that orphan would
fall in love with you?

Maybe, he would be forced
to commit suicide.

You know..

You know that a man can't
exist only on love.

Respect, dignity and wealth,
even that is needed, isn't it?

I think you are right.

But how are we concerned
with all this?

How are we concerned with all this?

Your Maiesty..


His Maiesty..

If you are the king, who was he?

He was an orphan, but he
dreamt of being a king.

I took advantage of this madness.

And I brought him here, so that I..

Could avenge the insult that
you gave me in that letter.


He couldn't insult you.

Because he fell in love with you.

But.. but why did he leave?

Because he was afraid
that after you..

Know the truth, he would
fall in his own eyes..

After looking at the hatred
for him in your eyes.

Before leaving, he told
me to tell the princess..

That he was the same orphan
who'd embraced her once..

And you'd felt like
shooting him down.

He was a conman and in disguise.

He wanted to achieve happiness
y fooling others.

But, when he found out
about uncle arriving..

He thought that leaving
was the best.

He wanted you to hate him
and forget him forever.


The truth is..

His only fault is that
he was an orphan..

And he fell in love
with a princess.

Whether you can forget him or not..

But please forgive
him for certain.

"The happiness blooms
in the garden of luck."

"The happiness blooms
in the garden of luck."

"Some people achieve happiness
by searching."

"Some people achieve happiness
by searching."

"But we search unknowingly."

"But we search unknowingly."

"We look for someone merciful."

"We look for someone merciful."

"The one who'd support us,
w search for that arch!"

"The one who'd support us,
w search for that arch!"

"We look for someone merciful."

"We look for someone merciful."

O beloved!

Without you, o beloved!

O beloved!

Without you, o beloved!

My heart burns, it misses you.

Every flower, every path,
every house.

O beloved!

Without you, o beloved!

My eyes have started yearning.

They have started shedding
tears in your loss.

My eyes have started yearning.

They have started shedding
tears in your loss.

They cry all through the night,
they cry with me.

Every flower, every path,
every house.

O beloved!

Without you, o beloved!

My heart burns, it misses you.

Every flower, every path,
every house.

O beloved!

Without you, o beloved!

The shadows of your memories
are scattered.

The clouds of your dreams
are being settled.

The shadows of your memories
are scattered.

The clouds of your dreams
are being settled.

Where should I go,
me the crazy girl?

Everywhere, people are
talking about you.

O beloved!

Without you, o beloved!

My heart burns, it misses you.

Every flower, every path,
every house.

O beloved!

Without you, o beloved!

I won't come, you
came to know that.

I won't leave this whole world.

I won't come, you
came to know that.

I won't leave this whole world.

You didn't see me and call me.

I would have walked away
to you, kicking.

Every flower, every
path, every house.

O beloved!

Without you, o beloved!

My heart burns, it misses you.

Every flower, every path,
every house.

O beloved!

Without you, o beloved!

I was told over the
trunk call that..

She wanted to marry you, and
you wanted to marry her.

But what do I see when I come here?

She is lying in her room crying.
You are drinking beer here.

What is the matter after all?


This isn't iowar and neither
jowar pancake.

This is called as romance, or love.

You didn't understand?

You didn't understand?

What madness is this?

Listen to me, uncle..

Where are you going
o mustached uncle?

Sing, dance and have fun.

Move away, you insolent
crazy donkey.

What will the world say if they see?

They will say that you
son-in-law loves you.

What a way His Maiesty found out
to clear himself from his path.

Princess, are you still thinking
about that crazy man?

Whether she is thinking of
that crazy man or not..

But I won't allow this
marriage to take place.

Not only is he insolent and
stupid, he is crazy too.

He pressed his cigarette
in my breakfast omelet.

I thought that it must
have been his mistake.

But today, he started playing
with my moustaches.

And he put his arm
over my waist and..

Started dancing like I was
a sixteen year old girl.

You simple and cute mustached uncle!

No! Never!

This mad man will never
become my son-in-law.

- Did you hear that, Poonam?
- Yes.

Your maiesty, till when you
search for that crazy man?

Till the time I don't meet him.

Bring two bread and butter.
Bring to hard bread and butter.

Fry sir's heart. Two coco colas,
quickly, give water there.

Here you are. Quickly, very good.

Sir, your tea?

What are you doing?

I had vowed to Sai Baba that the..

Day you work for a whole week..

I will put one and a quarter
rupee on your head.

You are taking vows
and I'm thinking..

Of leaving my iob
and going somewhere.

That same talk again.

If you don't work, where
you eat and drink from?

How will you survive?

Who wants to survive?

What is such a great apocalypse?

If you'd ever be kicked in
love, you'd understand.

Now, for me, eating, drinking,
sleeping, waking and living.

All of it is useless now.

I don't understand what
I should do now.

Should I tell you?

You go back.

She is a princess, it won't be
difficult to search for her.

It won't be difficult to find her.
But with what face should I go?

She must hate even my name now.

But it's possible that hearing
your problem she must..

Be yearning for you. And
as soon as she sees you..

She marries you and makes
you a king of her kingdom.

I became a king and saw it once.

I don't have an ambition
to become it once again.

Yes, if she was a commoner and..

She'd make me the king
of her heat, I swear..

But the truth is that..

That neither is she
a commoner and nor..

Do I want to become a king
due to someone's alms.

Hot water.

Hot water.

- Should I bring cold water?
- I don't want anything.

I should leave all these perks and..

- Practice living like a commoner.
- But why?

Because the person with whom..

I want to spend my life
with is a commoner.


I thought that it was
a joke and it was over.

This ioke will end with
the end of life now.

You forgot the challan here.

- Who is it?
- The gas man.

You came so late.

- Where do I have to make the connection?
- Inside.

Hey, have you come for the
connection or to stare at girls?

Connect it and go.


I am not a princess.

Then how did you recognize me?

I am Poonam, who met you in Kashmir.


But Poonam and the princess
are one and the same.

No, I am not a princess.

Just like you were sent
as a king there..

Just like that I was sent
there as a princess.


Poonam's eyes were blue,
that's it, isn't it?

See. These are the contact
lenses which..

I wore to become the princess.

Please believe me, Raju.

Just like you, even my
life was played with..

Taking advantage of my poverty.

I was made a princess for a few
days and was told to fake a drama.

But that drama and the
game became bondage.

I fell in love with you, Raju.

And I couldn't tell you the truth.

Because I was afraid that
you shouldn't hate me.

Don't suspect me like this, Raju.

Even you'd lied to me.
You met me as a king.

Your faked your false love.
You promised me life together.

But before I could tell
you everything..

You disappeared all of a sudden.

You didn't even turn
back once and see.

Those promises just
went on as talks.

And me.. I had gone crazy.

I searched around everywhere
in Bombay.

But I couldn't find you.

And when I met you, your
eyes are accusing me.

Won't you forget me for this..

Small lie and this drama?

There isn't anything
to forgive in this.

The both of us are equally guilty
for whatever happened.

We both are equally at fault

But what occurred, if it hadn't..

The two of us wouldn't
have met like this.

There isn't any wall
between us today.

I am a common man and you
are my common queen.

"You are the peacock
of the jungle I am.."

"The peacock of the garden,
we play hide and seek."

"Come, we will talk a bit."

"We will talk and we will meet."

"My name is Chandni,
your name is Chakor.."

"And playing hide and seek."

"Playing hide and seek,
we will talk a bit."

"We stay in the Love land."

"How are we connected
to this world?'"

"I am the wild cloud."

"You are the nice breeze."

"Subtly, you say these
legends of love."

"Like the flowers of spring
speak to the cuckoo."

"If someone hears it, there
will be a hullabaloo."

"I will settler in your hair."

"Breaking all the bondages."

"I will settle in your eyes
leaving the whole world."

"If this breath stops."

"If this breath stops, this
love shouldn't stop."

Bring two breads and butter.

Bring two coca
- colas.

Fry sir's brain here.

Why do these people put their
fingers in the water?

Because the tea is very hot.
If they put their fingers..

In the tea, they will
burn their fingers.

I meant to say..

Why are these people so unhygienic?

See. This cup is broken.
There can be germs in it too.

Why? Have you become
a princess again?

I didn't become one.

But I have acted as one for
so many days, isn't it?

It is better if you forget
it as soon as possible.

- Otherwise, if you come to my house and..
- Your house?

That will be done too.

Poonam, I was thinking..

To make a small house quickly.

In which you and I stay together
forever and ever.

You are thinking where
will I get money..

From to make a house
from, isn't it?

- No.
- Liar!

Crazy girl. Your Raju maybe
poor and illiterate.

But he certainly knows that
a house is needed to marry.

And to make a house,
money is needed.

And to make money, a iob is needed.

I have decided to work in
three places from tomorrow.

- Three places?
- Yes, in the day, night and.. - Amrapali.

- So when will you meet me?
- In the middle.

- What must be the time now?
- Whatever was yesterday.

I think that I am late.

Therefore I am thinking
of making a house.

There shouldn't be any time
problem or any darkness.

"We will make a beautiful
boat house."

"In which, our family will stay!"

"A family.."

Another small flower for you.


Will you father chase
us even after marriage?

I mean, will he stay
with us forcibly?

You have spoken to my father
about marriage, isn't it?

That's it. We can't talk anything.

My tongue wavers when
I go to your father.

- Not only tongue..
- Who is it?

Looking at me, your body
shakes and trembles.

- What can I do? You look like that.
- What did you say?

See, if you wish to
marry my daughter..

You will have to
be strong like me.

I am very strong from inside.

I seem to be like this to
you from the outside.

But I want someone
same outside and..

Inside for my daughter,

Your stance should be like iron.

Your chest should be like
a mace. Understood?

- Yes. I did! I will try to be strong! Strong!
- Very good.

Forty four.. forty five.. very good.

Forty six.. forty seven..
Wow.. forty eight!

Forty nine.. sixty..

- Seventy.. eighty..
- Wait.

You are doing some mistake.

There is no mistake, father-in-law,
you see. See

- Ninety.
- Ninety. - Hundred. - Hundred.

One hundred and ten. One
hundred and twenty.

You con man.

What are you doing?

- You are doing something wrong in the counting.
- Why?

You are counting everything wrong.

- It will be done again.
- What will be done again?

- You will have to exercise again.
- Again? - Yes.

- But where has he gone?
- To earn money.

- He has to make a house, isn't it?
- May such a house burn!

He works all through the day.
What if something happens to him?

- Someone called Raju..
- What happened to Raju?

See there.

- What happened to him?
- Doctor said that he needs some sleep.

Okay, thank you for
bringing him here.

Raju, get up. How long
will you sleep now?

- What must be the time now?
- Whatever it was yesterday at this time.

- Then I should go to work.
- You aren't working today.

I don't have to go to work,
I have to see the flat.

The flat won't run away.
Take it tomorrow.


I have go to Shivdasani, the
house agent to see the flat.

Look at this. Look at this.

- I have brought so much money.
- So much money?

- Where did you get them from?
- Yes, come on.

Sir, did you see the sitting room
there? This is the bedroom.

- Can we not sleep here?
- It is a big room.

It is 15 by 12
- What is it of?

Raju, don't ioke.

Please come, come.

And see this. Sir, look at this.
This is the bathroom.

The water is for twenty
four hours, isn't it?

Twenty four hours.


I am sorry. I thought that
this was for some fountain.

It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.

Please come, sister.

- I am wet.
- What you are wet?

- Sir, you are taking the flat for yourself, isn't it?
- Yes.

- Do you like the house?
- It is good. - It is good.

What will be the rent?

It is no big deal. Three months
advance rent, one month running.

And commission for two months.

All in all one thousand seven
hundred and ninety rupees.

And you must know the
'turban' charges too.

But I didn't come here to take any
'turbans'. I came here to take flats.

One doesn't have to take,
but give turbans in Bombay.

The rate is sixteen thousand rupees.

All in one seventeen thousand,
seven hundred and ninety rupees.

Sir, this isn't the bedroom.

- Three hundred and eighty rupees.
- Bring it.

Three hundred and eighty and this.

All in all, one thousand,
two hundred and seventy.

But one needs sixteen thousand..

Seven hundred and ninety rupees.

I have an idea. There is an
old woman staying next to it.

She has a room empty there.

I will tell her, that the two of
you wish to make a room there.

- Room?
- Room.. A hut.

You call it a bungalow if you wish.
Come on, I'll show you.

- Father.. O father..
- Yes?

Please accept this proposal.

He loves me a lot.

I love him too.

I wish him to marry you.

But I want him to be strong.

I told him to carry the wood.
He said that he couldn't.

You are a strange man.

What is the connection to
the wood to our marriage?

What can I tell you now? There
is a deep connection.

The person who can't
carry the wood..

How will he carry my daughter?

- He will carry it.
- What happened to your voice?

Father, see behind.

I will carry the wood as
well as your daughter.

- The wood?
- Father!

Hey, he was here, where
did he run away?

Hey! You kept the wood by the tree!


Hey, girl! Hey, girl.

- I am calling you.
- But why?

- Who are you?
- Why do you want to know?

- Will you come with me?
- Aren't you ashamed?

You must be having a
daughter of my age.

And he has come to take me away.

Listen, daughter. You are wrong.

I don't have a daughter of your
age, but a grand daughter.

Come with me.

I wish to see the two
of you together.

No! Didn't I tell you?
I won't come with you.

What will the other people say
if I go in such a huge car?

Okay, listen. I will
bring a taxi for you.

Whether you bring a taxi or a
cycle, I won't come with you.

Okay, show me your house. I will
bring my grand daughter here.

- Okay, I will come with you.
- Very good. Come on.

- Sit down. Not here.
- Okay.

- What is your name?
- Jayshree.

- Is Malti the name of the prince?
- No.

Come here.

- Even you were surprised, isn't it?
- Yes.

This isn't Poonam, this is Jayshree.

Even I was thinking how
could that be possible?

There is a princess upstairs
and downstairs too.

- Do the two of us look so similar?
- Yes.

Go, go and bring the
princess downstairs.

- Where is Poonam?
- She is in her room.

Go and bring her downstairs.

Wait, I will come there too.

Stay here till I come back.

- If you say, I will stay here forever.
- Okay.

What? I will think about that later.

Where is Poonam?

She is having her bath,
Your Highness.

But the door is open.

What about the door?
I will close it.

But there isn't any
noise from inside.

I can hear the sound.

The princess is singing
beneath the shower.

- She is singing and only you can hear it?
- Yes.

What has happened to you, uncle?

You could have knocked.
You could have called me.

I thought that you
weren't downstairs.

Anyway, that girl who
resembles you has come.

Okay, you go downstairs.
I will dress up and come.

- What will happen now?
- You don't worry.

Princess, your eyes..

Where is the girl?

Sir, she is outside.

Didn't you stop her?

I stopped her a lot, but
she didn't listen.

Why didn't you follow her?

My father told me when
I was a child..

That honest boys like
me don't chase girls.

Can I take this flower?

Yes, take it. But go inside now.

Sir, it is Kunwar's call.

Okay, Kunwar's call.

- The princess has called her upstairs.
- Okay.

Okay, I will come upstairs too.

Please come.

You go to Vile Parle right now.
Raju must have come there.

- I didn't tell him before coming here.
- But uncle..

Don't worry about him.
I will change my clothes..

And tell him that the
girl met me and left.

Where did that girl go?

She met me and went away.

You were right. She actually
looks like me.

I wanted to see the
two of you together.

Therefore I brought her here,
and you didn't stop her?

Meet her some day later. Malti
has gone to leave her.

She will see where she lives.

Can I go now?

- I have a Social welfare Organization meeting.
- Go.

Did you see any girl go with Malti?

No, sir. Malti went alone from here.

It's good that uncle didn't
know about this.

But for how long will
you hide this from him?

I am thinking till when
will I hide it from Raju?

I will have to tell him
some day or the other.

That I am the princess.

Are you ready to marry her even
after knowing all this?

Everyone does such
mistakes in youth.

Then, there is only one way out.

Poonam shouldn't find out
that we know about her.

Before any negative word
comes out of her lips..

I will fix her marriage
proposal with you.

You are right, uncle.


- Set this somewhere.
- Just a minute.

Two bodies and one soul,
Like you and I. Isn't it, Poonam?

What happened?

- See, look at this.
- So what? It was made of clay.

We will get a new one. Come with me.

I will show you something.
Look at this.

- But these are flowers of plastic.
- They are beautiful, isn't it?

But they are fake. Poonam, there..

Is no need of any falsehood
in this house.

The base of this house has
been put on love and truth.

And these things are the
pride of this house.

And beauty.

Do you remember, Poonam?

I was scared of listening
the 'Truth is beautiful'..

Hymn in Kashmir once. But today..

I am seeing you as the form
of hymn in front of me.

And I..

What happened to you?

Nothing. I am late.
I have to go now.

The house is ready now.
Why don't you come here to stay?

Women don't stay in the to be
husband's house before marriage.

So what are we waiting for?
There is a temple nearby.

- We will go and marry there right away.
- Not today. - Tomorrow?

- Not tomorrow too.
- Then surely, day after tomorrow.

The sun will rise there and
I will mount the horse.

- Okay, I will go now.
- No, wait. I will come too.

Why? Why don't you stay here?

No, Poonam. A house is
made by a housewife.

This house will settle when
you come here as a housewife.

You will surely have to come
to my marriage party.

I promise you, I will surely come
to your marriage reception.

Poor people just have a marriage,
no receptions.

That is just Raju..

So do you think that I'll stay a
princess, marrying a poor man?


After marriage, just
like how all girls..

Leave their parent's
house and go..

To their in-law's house
like that, I will go too.

We have made a small house too.

Then, call him tonight too.

No, I can't call him.

He doesn't know that I
am a princess till now.

But till when will you
hide this from him?

After tonight's party.
I will speak to uncle.

I don't want this kingdom,
money or wealth.

And then..

I will really become a common
woman and go to my Raju.

May God keep you two happy.

But be sure to come
to my party tonight.

Yes, I will surely come.

Yes, Mr. D'Mello told
me that tonight..

There is a party of Mr.
D'Mello's wedding.

Were you not invited?

No, but I will surely go.
To congratulate him.

Excuse me. Could you tell
me where Poonam lives?

- Poonam?
- Yes, the one who lives here.

Oh! Those artistes!

They don't live here. They
come here for an hour.

They don't live here,
just come here?

Then they go too.

One comes in a shiny and gaudy
saree and blue eyes.

And goes in a cheap
saree and black eyes.

And another comes in young,
and goes out old.

When all of you are present here.

Who have our and the princess's..

Happiness close to their heart.

I wish to give you this good news.

I wish to announce the engagement..

Of my grand daughter, Princess

Poonam and the Prince Bhadrasing

Your maiesty..

Congratulations on your engagement.

May God keep the house rich and..

Prosperous in which
you go as a bride.

I didn't know..

Or else I would have brought
a few flowers for you.

You didn't get flowers?
It doesn't matter.

Just sing us a song as blossoming
like the flowers.

You sing very well, your maiesty.

His maiesty was a dream,
which was broken.

But, if the kings and
queens are happy..

By ioking about Raju's feelings,
Raju will sing.

On this auspicious occasion,
our special..

Guest, Raia will sing
you a song of happiness.

"The people who have thorns
in their fate."

"Shouldn't dream
about flower buds."

"Buds are the glory of palaces and.."

"Thorns are the glory of
the traveling paths."

"Raju had a dream, Raju
the king, the emperor."

"I didn't have a kingdom or a crown."

"But even then, I was a king."

"I was immature and illiterate."

"I saw faces, but I didn't see.." ♪

"But I didn't see the disguises
of disloyalty."

"I wouldn't be able to touch
even the dirt at her feet."

"Why did I love her? I am
just a single flower."

"I am just a single flower, she
was a rose of the spring."

"Congratulations to you, procession
come to your house."

"I talked about sadness by mistake."

"I talked about sadness,
please forgive me."

From where have to learnt to walk..

Away from the guests and
of respected houses?

Don't you think anything
about their respect?

I think about your respect
with their respect too.

Therefore I came away
from there silently.

Otherwise, how you announced

Without asking me, even
I would announce something.

I don't accept this engagement.

- It is against my wishes.
- This is my decision.

And you know that my decisions
don't change.

Then how did you change
your decision..

- About my marriage to Raia?
- He wasn't worth it.

And what do you think? Is
this Kunwar worth it?

He knows that I love Raju.
He wishes to marry me..

Just because I am the
heir to this kingdom.

But listen to this.

I don't have any relation to that
kingdom, will and wealth.

Do you know what you are saying?

I am talking about leaving
the love and wealth..

Of my house and going
to my in-law's house.

In-law's house?

Can that orphan's house
be your in-law's house?

I and Raju have made that house.

Truth is it's base.
Love are it's walls.

Sacrifice for each
other is it's roof.

And peace of mind
is it's decoration.

You tell me now.

If that house is not worthy
to be my in-law's place..

Is his house worthy of being one?

He doesn't await me,
he awaits my wealth.

Wealth goes to the rich people.

And princesses marry kings.

Just like kings and queens
are history now..

Just like that, these status
things are just antique.

Just like the kings of yesterday
can't order anyone..

Just like that, today, every
man is king of his heart.

I am not trying to explain
it to you as a king..

But as an old father at this time.

If a father doesn't
order his daughter..

And tries to fill happiness
in her life..

The father's dignity doesn't
fall low in that.

You aren't grandpa's grand
daughter. You are my fiancé too.

- Let go of my hand.
- Never.


- Princess. What are you doing?
- I told you.

This ioke will end with
the end of life now.

- Princess..
- Malti..

- You can't do this.
- Go away from here, your highness.

- No!
- For God's sake, go away from here.

No, you can't burn this house.

I have left everything I had for it.

You wish to make lies
into truth again?

I hate everything that is lies.

I hate this house, this
relation, this Raju.

Who forgot himself in
search of happiness.

And he became something else.

Today, let Raju and his
ambitions burn to ashes!

No. This is my house!

This is my Raju!

Raju and me had the same ambition.

No, Raju was orphan and alone.

He didn't have any happiness,
love or any house.

You have a house, you have a fiancé.

Raju, please try to understand.

Tonight's party, and your
arrival all of a sudden.

It played with my life.

The dreams which I was
trying to save..

The love for which I
was ready to lie too..

That was wiped within a moment.

You said everything without
listening to me.

And before I could speak,
you said everything.

Raju, look into my heart.

It isn't a Princess's heart. It
is a human's and a woman's.

You want fake, princess.
Please go away from here.


I have wiped every fake
thing of the princess.

Just thinking that this
house will be my life.

A house belongs to a woman.

And you don't have any right
to blot this house as fake.

- This house's base was kept on lies.
- No!

This house is my truth.
This is my support.

I will burn to ashes with
my husband any my house.

This is my fire test now.
Let me burn into ashes.

- Your highness..
- Call me Poonam.. Just Poonam.

I am your's. Just your's.

I am the truth of your love.

I am the decoration of your house.

Believe me, please believe me.




Believe me, Raju..

- Poonam..
- Raju.

Are you hurt? Are you all right?

I lost to you two.

Now, please come with me.


We will settle our house here now.

But, your kingdom and your wealth..

Distribute it amongst the orphans.

I have got a huge wealth here.

Come on, Raju. We will save
our house. Come on.

"The thread of breaths may break."

"He thread of love won't break."

"Come on, we will hide and
speak a bit about love."

"We will speak about love.
We will meet each other."

"I am the peacock of the iungle,
you are the peahen."

"Come, on, we will hide
and talk about love."