Raja Rani (2013) - full transcript

John (Arya) and Regina (Nayanthara) are forced into wedlock against their wishes. Both undergo a rough patch initially in their marriage as they are not able to get over their past romances. Prior to their marriage, Regina was in love with Surya (Jai), while John romanced Keerthana (Nazriya). What leads to the Arya-Nayanthara wedding? How they forget their romantic past and finally come together forms the rest of the story.

♪ A KHomeny007 - TUT Presentation ♪

'In 3 more months John is
marrying Regina in this church'

'If anybody has any objections
contact me or the congregation...'

'...in written format'

'This is their 1st notice'

'Next week John and Regina
will be married in this august church'

'This is their 3rd notice'








Hi! I am Sebastian

Coming from France

Oh hi!
So sweet of you

I am sorry
I didn't get your name?

My name is Caroline

- That's nice
- Sarathy...!


Hey baby!

Dai, like a buffalo dashing across
the highway, why did you ruin...

...my chance of dating her?!

John is missing, da!

I've been looking for you
for past 1 hour

Then you should

Why me, black clay-pan?!

- 0resa...!
- Is that a Nigerian swear word?!

Sarathy, can't find John!

Did you check
in the bathroom?

He isn't there
with his wrists slit

Did you check
the 1st floor window?

He didn't escape with
a sari tied to the grill

Let's go to
the wine shop

Don't compel me too much
I'll stick to just 1 beer!

I'll bruise your face
black and blue!

I'm worried the wedding might stop
And you think I'm buying you a beer?!

Let's look for him
in the wine shop

What, da?

Where were you, da?

Went for a puff...why?

I didn't check outside, dude!



John and Regina are getting
married now in this church

If anyone has any objection or
reluctance to this marriage...

...address it now

If not, you'll never be able to

I thank the church

In front of this gathering, John,
do you agree to wed Regina?

I, John agree to take Regina
as my lawful wedded wife

Thank you

Regina, do you consent
to marrying John?

I, Regina take Surya-


My apologies to this
august assembly

I, Regina give my consent
to marry John

This august assembly accepts
your apology, thank you


"Honey...hug me...alright
hug me...hug me however tight"

"Hey baby, will you exit
from my heart please?"

"May someday to exist
in my life will you cease?"

"Like Tom and Jerry, love's epitome
Life is a rollercoaster ride syndrome"

"I stamped on a live wire of magnetism!"

"Marriages are made in Heaven
Whose pearls of wisdom?!"

Machi! Just married and
you are back to work?

How was it last night?!


Is your tooth
troubling you?

Shut up and work

Last night was my friend's wedding night
We discussed 'it' threadbare in 5th grade

Wonder what positions he'd have tried!
Knowing him, he'd have tried them all!!

Nothing happened!

Why, dude? Was it
just level 1 and 2?!

Didn't I just say
'nothing happened'?!

Dai, don't pull
a fast one on me!

When we, as kids, saw 'Jagan mohini'
the horror film, I was so scared

And you were drooling over
Hemamalini's lusty waistline!

Was last night

Will you just stick
to your work?

Don't waste my time

I'm not answerable to random
stray dogs I meet on the way!!

Dude, boss is on the way

Why is our boss appearing, when we
haven't rubbed Alauddin's lamp?

Yesterday marriage
Today why come?

Sir, profession is my 1st wife


You get Rs 5000
increment, okay?

I'll take it, thanks, sir

You spent 50 lakhs on your wedding
and you're not making it work

But you're working your butt off
for 5000 bucks in this office

John, yesterday night
what happened?

You'll not answer
random stray dogs

Now kindly answer
this spineless porcupine!

Sir, to random stray dog-

- Bumper hit, sir
- Funny guys!

Are you drunk?

What will you do?

I won't do anything
I'll just go to bed!

(Quiet sobs)

(song from a Tamil film)

(Louder sobs)

Sob-sob all the time

Are you some
bloody big shot?

Increasing the volume
as you please

If I stamp you, you'll end up
with splintered cartilages!

Shut up and sleep

'Nail she hammered into the coffin
In the few minutes she got in-between'

I feel real sleepy

Machi (friend) you called me
last night and blabbered something

Couldn't make
head or tail of it

- Just leave it, machi
- It's okay, tell me

You are in your house

Yes, I am

In the middle of the night,
if someone drunk, knocks at your door

And sleeps next to you,
how will you feel?

Will something like this
happen to anyone ever?

Of course, it does
To me!

Marriage is
give and take

Life is all about
making adjustments

I didn't want
such a marriage

Looks like you might
end up with a divorce!

No, machi

I agreed to this marriage
for my dad's sake

So divorce is out of question
I won't hurt him

But I don't like this life

He and his misshapen face!

But if you wish
you can help me

- Machi
- Hey, hi

I was just speaking to
our boss about your transfer

Yeah, I'm waiting for it

I don't like this place one bit

Regina, you should-

Don't try to convince me

U.S., Australia

Even Somalia!
I'm okay with it

I just want to
leave this place

That's it

"Hey baby, will you exit
from my heart please?"

"May someday to exist
in my life will you cease?"

"Like Tom and Jerry, love's epitome
Life is a rollercoaster ride syndrome"

"I stamped on a live wire of magnetism!"

"'Marriages are made in Heaven
Whose pearls of wisdom?!"

Take a hike!

Hey, watchman!

As if I will make
your life easy?!

"Hey baby, will you exit
from my heart please?"

"May someday to exist
in my life will you cease?"

"Like Tom and Jerry, love's epitome
Life is a rollercoaster ride syndrome"

"I stamped on a live wire of magnetism!"

"Marriages are made in Heaven
Whose pearls of wisdom?!"

Mr John!

(Loud protests)

Please be quiet

What does your husband
think of himself?

My pet dog Puppyma, will pee
only in the play ground, next street

But your husband has puked outside
my door to his mouth's content!

Daily at least 10 people
complain about him

ls your husband mentally challenged
like baby Anjali in the film 'An]ali'?

He's an expert at creating
problems in every flat!

I'll go to the police

My wife complained
of no water supply

Your husband
offers to set it right?

Isn't that wrong?!
You bet it is!

Middle of the night,
he knocks at my door...

...and asks me
for a glass of milk!

It is not the done thing, okay?

He wakes me up at midnight,
taps my head and says...

'Isn't your ground vacant
Can we play cricket?!'

He'll be beaten
black and blue

He's not 'honeymooned' as yet
And wants to know if I'm free!

Stupid fellow!

He asked me 'if you are
working night shifts here...'

...'who is substituting
for you at home?!'

We've poured
our heart out to her

Let's go

(Dog barking)

Dude, promise me
you'll never get married

Take your hands off me

How come all married men
repeat this same dialog?!

How will I fulfill
all my childhood dreams?!

Boss is right

This newly-wed and that old dog
are like a broken record!

I can't take this

Don't you believe me?

How many are drinking here
because of their wife's torture?

Raise your hands

(Unanimous consent)

It's true, dude

"Hey 'blue blood' baby
Why crave so yearningly?"

"Hey loony with a locked attitude
Why sleep single in solitude?"

“Slumped to a stupor, she made me numb
Dumped, she made me drink in a pub"

"She made me sleep on the club floor
Salt she rubbed on my wounds sore"

"My buddy Gaia told me,
dude, marriage is yucky!"

"I see through her disguise up close
Trusting her, I fell flat on my nose"

"She's queen of duplicity, red herring
Seems I'm destined to be celibacy-king"

"Girls are supported by the entire city
We guys can report to which authority?"

"She has entrusted 1 year warranty
But refuses a lifetime guarantee!"

Dude, police

Stop it

Why the hell are you
dancing at this hour?

We can't stand
female trouble at home

That's why
we are here, sir

That's exactly why
I'm on night duty too!

- Dude...?
- Enjoy!

"Home sweet home no longer commended
'Home away from home' wine shop instead"

"I have no peace of mind at home
That's why wine shop and streets I roam"


Excuse me
I'm talking to you!

Did I come to
the wrong house?


Midnight only!

Everyday you come home
sozzled...aren't you ashamed?

It's midnight and you are
in another man's house

Aren't you ashamed?!

You are torturing her too much

Has she spoken a word
to you since you got married?

What's in your mind?!


There's nothing
big in my mind

Let me show you

Want to snack on 'karasev'?

I don't like 'karasev'

Oh my God! Even this average face
doesn't like you, 'karasev'!

Who'll like you then?

Just disappear and die!

'Aiyaiyo! She doesn't like me'

It's dead and gone!

It's called 'karasev'
but no one can save it!

Don't talk
like a lunatic!

Won't your husband
be looking for you?

I'm not yet married!

1 minute, I'll help

Go straight to the 3rd floor

Knock all the doors

The door that does not open
That is your house!

Hey, I'm a good boy
I'm already home

That's very impressive, dude!

You are not married, right?

There's a girl here
Do you want to marry her?

Dude, this chic has et al sized
right and in the right place

No problem
I'll take care

1 minute
Disturbance, huh?

I warned you

We'll talk about this
tomorrow, leave now

Your friend just said it

Get lost!

Stop glaring

Close and go, dumbo
I meant the door!

(song from a Tamil film)

(Cricket commentary)

There's somebody sick here


- Sir, get in
- You go

I'll ask some family member
to come over to the hospital

Sir, it's an emergency case

Please come

Who accompanied the patient?

He did, doctor

What's her name?

It starts with R

But I don't know!

How old is she?

She must be-

She's this tall...!

I don't know, doctor

How are you related to her?


There's no point
talking beyond this

He's drunk

She's okay now

You can shift her
to the room

- Doctor
- Yeah, tell me

Her name is Regina
Age 26

How long have you
been married?

Around 10 days

Even if you don't
like her, it's okay

But she is your wife

At least be aware of
her medical details

In an emergency...!

I hope you understand

I've prescribed
some heavy dosage

Give her something to eat
before she takes the tablets

Take care, I will
see you tomorrow

How can he treat
his wife so indifferently!

1st take this, followed
by this, then that

Doctor's orders, not mine!

I can't do this

I can take only small sips

Go home
I'll eat and sleep

You eat
Then I'll leave

Doctor's orders

if you are not angry-

May I know if this has
happened before and when?


Doctor wanted me to find out

twice before

But why?


Hey! Mr Fender-bender!

Can I ride slowly?
I'm terrified

You are just rolling it
As if you're riding fast!!

Drunken driving
all around us, bro

We are stuck here and the entire
city is calling the New Year in

Look at our plight...we are
on the way to our office!

Our plight...?
'Yours' bro!

If I'm selected in the airlines
cabin crew interview...

...I'll zip zap zoom in mid air!

Pipe down, da

Look at this hooliganism!

The girls are even worse!!

Not girls...these are
crass, crude chicks!

Do you know how
a girl should be?


Should be...like her!

Happy New Year

What's this beer doing
in your hand while driving?

Should NOT be like her!


(Phone vibrating)

Machi! Dad is calling me
Shall I take the call?

Please don't
pick up the call

If we get caught, your phone
will be confiscated for a week!

What? I'm in that
she-devil's class

Tell me quickly
Was the flight delayed?

- Darling?
- I'll call you back, bye

I was the one-


I've told him never
to call me during class

All because of him!

'The number you have dialed
is temporarily not in use'

'For further assistance'-


Machi! Do you have
the Airvoice number?

What are you doing?

Can't see!

934-1 O


Nivitha...out now!

- What's your problem now?
- I want the Airvoice number

934109341 O

You could have told me this
from inside the class, silly!

Not bad, I like this
fresh air too!

'To learn more about
the offer, press 1'

Press 2

Press 3

Press 7

Press 9-

How long will you take
to pick up the phone!

Good morning, you are
talking to Airvoice Surya

How can I help you?

Ah...by not being a pain
in the wrong place!


Why did you take so long
to answer my call, da?!

Ma'am, I can continue to help only if
I know your name and phone number

I get the caller id
even in my small phone

You sit in front of a big
system, don't you get it?

No, I don't!

I'm new to this job

Please give me
your number

Tell me slowly
from the beginning




It's 36, you jackass!

Wonder who hired you?!

Will you tell me
from the beginning?

Without losing your cool

Are you Ms Rajini?


Please hold for 2 minutes

Will check and get back

He has put me on hold!

Don't know
what the problem is!

Not paid the bill

Thanks for waiting!

You've not paid
the phone bill

That's why your outgoing
calls have been cut

Pay the bill, your outgoing
will be released, okay?

I paid the bill yesterday

IS that So?

Paid in which area?


It's still not updated
in our system

Can you give me
your bill number?

Will I be loitering around with
the bill in my hand, you moron?!

Correct, madam
You are right!

You go to Adyar sim city,
find out what happened

They should be
able to help you, okay?

You stupid son-of--

Don't, ma'am

Don't bring my dad
into our figh-


Give me 2 hours

If I'm still unable to
resolve the problem...

...I'll pay and renew
your connection!

Okay, hang HP

May I know, how many stars
will you rate for this service?

I'm in a murderous mood to
hang you...just hang up

Thanks for calling!

Customer care can
be very irritating!

Are you happy
with the service?

- Bro...?
- Don't scratch my back

What happened?

Why are you crying?

Some random girl
on the phone...

...tore me to shreds

Hey, men should never cry

What you do now is-

I'm checking, just wait

Nagging me nonstop!
Get lost

Do you have her number?

Yes, I do

You have your phone with you?

Yes, bro

Call back and give her
a piece of your mind!


'Why is she here again?'

(Phone vibrates loudly)

I'm done for!


Hello, what do
you think of yourself?

Did you think
I'm meek and mousy?

Do you know
I'm a rowdy?

Hello...who are you?
What do you want?

You just called me
and tore me apart

Airvoice Surya!

I didn't scold you
Only your company!

So...will you malign
my father's character?

You better apologize, or else
things will take an ugly turn

I won't apologize

If you are a man, not meek
and mousy, meet me in person!

Okay sis, you are pardoned!!

You delete my number
and I will delete yours!

Let's move on...you don't
call me and I won't either!

Bye, thank you


What, sis?

If you are a man with guts
come in person

What's your problem?

Won't you let a guy
be in peace?

I've not had breakfast
since this morning

Saturday vow

I have loads of work to finish

I can't come running
if you click your fingers

I'm not a scaredy-cat

Sis, please leave me

Dai, if you are a man, come over!

Huh...? If you are
a man, come over


Don't disturb me

This company is totally
dependent only on me!


He keeps scratching me
in the same spot!

What, da?

That girl keeps hounding me
How do I tackle her?

Best option...!
Switch off your phone


He has switched off his phone

He'll get it from me

Hey, girls! Take out your phones

Call Airvoice customer care

If anyone by the name of Surya
picks up the phone, block him

Good morning, you are speaking
to Airvoice Deepak

What can I do for you?

You are speaking
to Airvoice Priyanka

How may I help you?


Good morning, you are
speaking to...

...Airvoice Kavya

Tell me, how may I help you?

Hey, did he pick up?

No, not him

He'll get caught for sure

Good afternoon, you are
speaking to Airvoice Kannan

Good evening, you are
speaking to Airvoice Surya

How may I help you?

I want only you, sir!

I'm Annakili here

Chrompet mason's wife

My husband got me a phone
in the festival discount sale offer

He charged
my phone for Rs 50

I don't know why but
you deducted that money

My husband got suspicious

And struck me
right on my neck

I was dumbstruck!

Then he called you to inquire
and what did you tell him?

'Your wife is having an affair'
is what you told him!

Dai, true to my conscience,
I'll ask you just 1 question

Go ahead, madam

Who am I having
an affair with?

1 minute, madam
I'll check and get back

Aiyaiyo!! Come to my
neighborhood and check

He chased me away
to my mother's house

Come and check there if you want

I'm not being 'kept' by anyone!

Please hold for a minute

Thanks for waiting

Madam, you've 'kept' a caller tune
That's why it was deducted

Hey, good-for-nothing oaf!

How dare you accuse me of
having an affair with a caller tune?!

If I'm soft with my words
I'm just a gutter

If I get offensive, it can stink
more than the river C0oum!

Hello, this is Bhuvana

Tell me, madam

Someone has been calling me
for past one week


He had full 'talk time'
So he was talking to me

Once he used up all his minutes
he asked me out to Mahabalipuram

We took to one another but
now he's not taking my calls!

If you call him from
customer care...

...he'll definitely
pick up the phone

If he does, we can
enjoy a trio talk!

What do you say?

Sorry, madam, we don't
provide such services

If you don't help me, I'll name you
as the father of my unborn baby!

What did you say your name was?


Yeah, I'll write your name and
hang myself outside the college!

Madam, my name is
not Surya, I'm lyappan


Brother, I'm Mahalakshmi
calling from F3 police station


I believe you took
a girl to Mahabalipuram!

That's not me,
someone else

Because you got her pregnant...

...she committed suicide
outside her college!

I felt very bad
seeing that pathetic sight

Commissioner is truly mad at you

He has given us
'shoot at sight' order for you!

If you surrender of your own accord
you can escape from 'encounter'

Sis...sis...! I'm not
that kind of a person


I'll check it out

Yov! My life is at stake
And you're having a gala time!

- What happened?
- All gone thanks to you!

We'll be dragged
to the police station

- Did you know that?
- Dai, sit down

You 'trash can' fellow!
I can't listen to you

Sit down
Just listen to me once

Sorry, dudes
Please sit down

Slightest pretext
they'll get up!

You got a personal call this morning
Now a customer care call

Both you said were problematic
What's the actual problem?!

This morning a girl called...

...and said her husband sent her
out of the house because of me

Then another girl called to say
I'm the father of her unborn baby!

Yov! That girl committed suicide

Policemen will arrest me anytime now

How will you help me?

Bro, please come with me
to the police station

I don't have anyone else
I'm sorry if I yelled at you

You are getting emotional
during office hours often

It's normal to receive
such calls in customer care

You're new to this job
That's why you are stunned!

Write a complaint letter and
give it to Mr Ramamurthi

- I'll do that
- Problem solved


Dai, why are you crying?

Girls are calling
and torturing me

T9 Yollr phone?

Give me the number
We'll trace and take action

Sir, they are calling
customer care number

What to do, sir?

1st stop crying

Stop crying

Wipe those tears!

Dai, you are a new recruit
That's why you are shaken up

If you receive any such calls,
in future, divert them to me

I'll handle it

Will you talk to them?

Of course

You are my only savior, sir

Thank you, sir

What now?

Wanted to touch
your feet and thank you!

That's enough

What histrionicsl!

Good afternoon, you are
speaking to Airvoice Surya

How may I help you?

Did your wit become blunt
because I teased you, Gopal?!

'If you receive any such calls,
in future, divert them to me'

'I Will handle it'

Looks like he took
my word as gospel!

- Who's on the line?
- Who are you, sir?

I'm CEO of Airvoice
Ramamurthi here

What you are doing
is a huge blunder, dear

If you want to make
fun of a single individual...

...you must call
his personal number

You should not abuse
a public service center!

Sir, what does public
service center mean?

It means customer care

A hub to serve customers

If you can promptly
get me 4 ideal customers...

...it'll be very convenient

- Surya?
- Sir...?

You take 2 days off

I'll take 4 days off!

Did you switch on your phone?


- What is the time?
- 11:00 p.m

Turn it on

Why. bro?

Only guys will call girls after 10 p.m
and not the other way about!

Switch it on
without fear

- Do you think so?
- Certainly!

- I turned it on
- Cute boy!

Where are you off to?

I have some work
to do, bro

You don't even work
during the day

What will you do now?

That girl has texted me

What does she want?

It seems she is
waiting downs!

- Let's go down
- Bro, I won't come

You have a lion
as your chaperone!

I don't want to come
Please leave me

Let's check her out

Where...who is she?

Hey! Isn't she the chick we saw with
the beer bottle on New Year's day?

Yes, bro

'She'll definitely be
a crass, crude chick!'

It's time for your bro to
get into the battle field!

Come with me silently
and just watch how I play

If you look that side
you'll be scared

Come this way

In fact don't for any reason
peep out at any time...!

I'll go...talk...and
solve the problem

Then we can
go home together

No crying!

You're making me cry!!

Are you Surya?

If I was Surya, it will be
a different scene altogether!

What would you have done?

Sister, I'd have accepted, apologized,
fallen at your feet and fled the scene

- How funny!
- Okay, where is he?

Why are you glaring at me?

He's hiding over there!

Will he not come out?

He's a scaredy-cat, sis

So you are Mr Brave heart?!

No, I'm worse than him, sis

A slight misunderstanding
has happened...!

Dai, it seems it is
a misunderstanding

Mistake is on our side only

Dai, I believe the mistake
is on their side only

Come out!

Anything else, sis?

Dai, you shut up and scoot

I'll shut and scoot
from here for sure, sis

Hey Surya!

Listen, mistake is yours
You hadn't even paid the bill

I settled the bill for you

But coming like this to
my office is too much!

I actually came
to apologize

But aren't you the one who
yelled at me on New Year's night?

That's because you had
a beer bottle in your hand-


You look so decent

But, how could you
yell at a girl in public?

You also look
so cute and beautiful

Didn't you scold me?

I'm in a murderous rage against you

Just go

I'll start crying
if you threaten me

Why are you crying?

Wipe your eyes first

I'm not crying
My tear glands perspired!

I'll close my eyes

Before I open,
leave this place!

Shut your eyes

Has he left?

Look there

Haven't you left yet?

One small request
Do not drink beer

You'll get a paunch!

'Girls prefer innocent boys
to over smart boys!'

'I liked his innocence'

I'll let you know
once the line clears, madam

Your voice is very sweet

Oh! You are a man, huh?!

What...had fun
last night, eh?

I scolded and
sent her away

You scolded and
sent her...where?

Why are you teasing me?

I've decided not to
accompany you anywhere

Bro...? Okay
No need! 'Twaiiin'!

You are 'twaiin'ing ME?!

As if I won't get my chance
to settle your 'twain' score!

Wait, a momentous incident
is about to happen here

- Hello
- Is it Surya?

- Yeah
- I love you

She is calling and
saying she loves me

She has to come here, no?
She'll be trapped today

Bro, she usually
comes by this bus

- Are you sure?
- Yes, bro

She is getting down as if
she's oblivious of anything!

I believe you called him
and professed your love?

- Huh?
- No

Bro, bring that phone here

Show her

This is not my number

Bro, this isn't her number?

No, bro! Some unknown number

Dai, do you realize what
a soup you've landed me in?!

I'll try to cope in
my own endearing style

A slight misunderstanding
has happened

A small misunderstanding it seems

Actually mistake is ours

Oh, that too!

It seems they are to blame!

What else?

Sister, don't make fun of us

Dai, will you leave, only after
I tell you to shut up and scoot?

Sis, I'll leave now
Bye, younger sister!

Take care of your health, da

Some idiot tells you I called to
profess my love to you

But it didn't
occur to you, right?

Oh! So you called me?

♪ A KHomeny007 - TUT Presentation ♪


Hey, you'll find a Thenmozhi
or a Kanimozhi in your village

Go behind her
I'll not be right for you

Hello, I'm only scared of my dad

Otherwise, I love you

"Girl, raindrop so refreshing
from head to toe revitalizing"

"Who gave me these wings to fly?
My heart glides ahead in the sky"

"Lady, in your eyes I brim to flow
Lass, as your dreams I begin to glow"

"Hey my sweet potato...jaggery
don't smile to ensnare me"

"On the river bank, baby cow
don't sail paper boats in tow"

"Without meeting shall we take a stand
to get married and walk hand in hand?"

"Short and sweet meeting
Chat heart-to-heart fleeting"

"My eyes admonish so appealing"

"Even after summer shower
retreat for the year..."

"...raindrops on roadside trees hover"

"Tempest that thunders storming
Sun at night that ignites tempting"

"Thanks to you, my darling
I became a kite without a string"

"Sweetie, if I fall it will be
at your feet for eternity"

"Lady, in your eyes I brim to flow
Lass, as your dreams I begin to glow"

"Beautiful anklets tease and thrill
Gold bangles jingle to fulfill"

"Spark of light and your sweet talking
Sugarcane that's honeyed nectarine"

My daughter is pure gold

That's how I have
brought her up

"Will my tune awaken in you a song
a raga of your heart to beat along?"


My daughter has no vices

"Love walked in, brought fever along
Will you kiss me to make me strong?"

"Your angry gaze spins me into a daze
Encore please, so I can enjoy that phase?"

"You bewitch a man in totality
Your shadow too is xerox of your beauty"

"In the alcove of my eyes endlessly
you intoxicated me anew daily"

"You kindled a fire in my heart
Even if doused can never depart"

"Girl, center of my sphere
I danced to your tunes, dear"

"Like a cyclone blowing
you ravish me, darling"

Your results are out
tomorrow, right?


Are we 'made for each other'?

No couple can be born as
'made for each other' Surya

It's how you make
your life meaningful!

Some day our marriage
will happen in a church, no?

My father won't agree

Okay, let's get married
in a temple then

I'm saying my father
won't even agree to this wedding

Give me your hand

What does it matter
if no one accepts?!


You said you wanted to
tell me something urgent

I got selected in the airline
cabin crew interview, Regina

Wow! That's great

But, the training is
for 2 months in the U.S

Go and come back

After the training,
I might have to work there

What should I do now?

'What should I do now' means?

Okay, you break
the news in your house

I'll tell mine

Tell my folks?

You'll profess your love
in front of everyone

But you won't tell your parents
at home, you love me?

I told you clearly the other day
my father is my only fear factor

Otherwise, I love you

What da, trying
to ditch me, huh?


Hey, I just said it for fun


I'll tell my dad

He'll come and
speak to your dad


You are like a kid
Wipe your eyes

Go home without
any apprehensions


- Darling
- What?

Shall we go for a drive?

No da, I'm tired

I'm Quins up!

I'll buy you a beer

What, da...have you got
married to some guy?


Since you are buying me a beer
and softening the blow, so I thought

Hey, just chill
Then it's only love

Of course

Surya...is now working
in customer care

But he's selected for
airlines cabin crew position

Going to the U.S very soon

He's a very nice guy, dad

I like him very much

Then I'll like him too!

It doesn't matter whether
you like him or not

It's not that, dad

He's scared to disclose
our love to his dad

if you cou-

Okay, I'll take care

Sir, you are-

I'm James
MD of Tata Steel

Are you Muthuraman...?

Yes, sir
Please come in

Tell me, sir

If it's personal
we can discuss it here

If it's official,
we can go to the station

It's personal, sir

My daughter Regina
is studying MBA

Sir, did anyone kidnap her?

Oh, nothing of that sort

She's in love with
your son, Surya

Looks like he is
shy by nature

He's a little hesitant to tell you

Regina said he's going
to some U.S camp

That's why I wanted
to inform you beforehand

If you give your approval,
we can fix the marriage date too

I have no objection

My choice is whomever
my daughter loves, sir

Sir, you are from
an affluent family

When you've initiated
this marriage proposal...

...why would I object?

I'm okay with this alliance

I just feel sad, my son
didn't inform me personally!

That is bec-

Otherwise I'm happy
Sir, you fix the marriage date

I'm glad, sir
I'll fix the date and call you

Also fix the funeral
date for the boy


When 2 lovers talk, they should
discuss but not take it forward

Instead, they tell
an elderly person...

...who shamelessly broaches it
to another elderly gentleman

This is unheard of in
our culture and our family!

If you wish to discuss more
on this subject...

...please come to the station

You can leave now


I think his dad watches
lot of soap operas on TV

He talks like those soap-dads!

Idiot! He talks about
family and culture

There is only
1 way to this


Darling, please tell me

Will you first go in for
a register marriage?


If you are okay with it
I'll make all the arrangements

If anyone objects, we can show
the marriage certificate, simple!

I'm okay with this idea

But he's a coward!

You have to take care of that

I can't tell Surya
'I love you'

'Can we go in for
a register marriage?'

That's your part

I warned you earlier
not to tell my father, no?

I knew he won't accept

But, you unnecessarily-

What to do now?


So tell me, what is
sir's bright brainwave?

Can we have
a register marriage?

Hey! Did you meet my father
on the way by any chance?


How come, you are so bold?

The day I expressed
my love to you...

...I knew our marriage
can happen only this way!

You messed it up
by telling my father

Do you have
the courage or not?

Seriously...is this Surya talking?!

Listen, I'll not tell my father
You don't tell yours either

Let's not tell our friends

Witnesses are ready

Let's get married
without telling anyone

When and if any hassles arise
we'll show our marriage certificate

Hey, sometimes decisions
taken by men can be right too!

"You transfixed me as a mesmerized maiden
My kohl lined eyes all love-laden"

"Soul mate, will this bond last to rejoice?
Silently I stand still, no words to voice"

"In all ways worthwhile
always you make me smile"

Madam, why are
you here at 7:00 a.m?

Registrar will come
only at 10:00 a.m

There's a wedding here
from 10 to 11 in the morning

Then, another wedding
from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m

One of these two
must be your wedding

Do you intend
waiting here till then?

He said he'll be here soon

In few more hours, it will be
real hot, wait under that tree, dear

I forgot all about you!

Didn't the bridegroom come?

My dear, nowadays 50% of the guys are
scared to express their love to the girls

Assuming they do, they are
scared to get their parents' consent

By mistake even if they reach
this marriage stage...

...they are apprehensive about
taking care of the girl for a lifetime!

These 3 categories
are most common

Even now, it is not
the end of the world

As usual, tell your parents
you went to a farewell party

Or it got late at a friend's place

Come up with a solid excuse
when you get back home

Nobody will know about this

Marry the person
your parents choose

Certainly your life
will be a contented one

Bye, madam

What, darling?

Krishna called me this morning

He told me you are waiting outside
Saidapet Registrar's office

I expected you to get
married and come home

Okay, get into the car

What song do you
want to listen?

Sorry, dad

Why sorry, darling?

You were the one
who gave me this idea

But I didn't even tell you

Why do you have
this long face?

Let's not go back home

Let's do something interesting

- Who are you?
- Where's Surya?

Who are you?

Call Surya

Will he come just because
you yell out his name?

He left ages back

Uncle, please
Don't play the fool

Why should I
pull your legs?

He has really gone

I'm feeling sleepy
Leave now

Listen, if you don't believe me
come to the police station tomorrow

Go to the airport, I'll send
a constable along with you

Check the flight manifesto

If Surya Muthuraman is not listed
in the passengers' list to USA, ask me

Lodge a complaint
I'll myself look for him

Now leave
Good night!

No shame at all!

Is U.S that far to go?

Usually, boys will go
in search of their girls

First time, girl's dad will go
in search of the boy!



Surya wouldn't have left

Without letting me know,
he wouldn't have left

Okay, stop crying

Murali, are you in the airport?

I need some information

Can you please check the manifesto
of all flights that left for U.S this morning

And see if anyone by name
Surya Muthuraman was on any flight

I'm telling you, certainly
he wouldn't have left!

No chance!

He wouldn't have gone

His father must have
threatened him-

Relax, dear

Yeah, tell me, Murali

Dad, Surya hasn't gone, right?


He left

Let go of him

For heaven's sake,
don't cry, Regina...please

I didn't cry even when
your mom passed away

But, when you cry,
I feel like crying too

No daddy,
I'll stop crying

You don't cry, dad

Sorry, dad

I won't cry

Let's do this

Let's keep driving
as far as you wish

When we both want to
go home, we'll drive back



'Will you go in for
a register marriage?'

'If you cry, I feel like
crying too, Regina!'

Send the scan immediately
to the Cardiology department

- ls any family member here?
- His daughter is here, doctor

Are you his daughter?

Very 1st cardiac attack

We have done a minor surgery

In another 10 days we will
shift him to the general ward

He is stable

Hello, Regina
This is lyappan here

Do you know
Surya's whereabouts?

How is your dad now?

Dad is much better

He has been
shifted to the room

Regina, I got a call
from the U.S camp...

...that Surya committed suicide

His father just left the country

Just a minute

Tell me, lyappan

I couldn't hear you inside

What happened to
Surya at the camp?

I got a call that Surya has
committed suicide at the U.S camp

His father just left the country

Surya's body has
arrived at the airport

They're taking the body to
their native town, Thiruthani

I'm also accompanying them

I wanted to keep you posted

Hey, who are you?

She's just recuperating

No sir, Regina and Surya were-

I'm unable to come
to terms with this

Just leave

Sorry, sir

If the person we love, leaves our world
doesn't mean it's the end of the world!

One day or the other according to
our wish-list our life will also change

It will, Regina

When your mom passed away
if I had also given up hope...

...who would have
been with you?

You must be
with me, Regina

Everything will be alright

Darling, come here

Why are you
looking so shabby?

Your beard...your shirt

I don't like you at all

I don't like you either

With a grumpy face all the time!

Have I ever asked you?

I'm feeling tired
I'll go to my room

What's your problem now?

Tell me

Nothing, dear

If I say something, it will
sound a cliche dad-dialog!

Or it'll seem like I am
blackmailing you emotionally

Both won't set
with my character!

I'll go to my room

Tell me what's bothering you

Simple! I want you
to get married

And be happy!

Okay, go shave

I'll agree to get married


Please shave, dad

I agree to get married

True love!

This is the 1st time I'm hearing
how much a girl loved her guy!

I'll ask for permission
at work and come back

It's okay, I'll ask
my friend to be with me

You go now

I'll go to work
and then call you

I don't have
your phone number

Can you give me?


I'm John speaking

I can't come to work today

Will you inform them
I'm taking off?

I'm not your colleague John


Tell me

Did you take your medicine?

I did

That's why I called


He is smiling like Lord Muruga
in the devotional film 'Kandhan karunai'?


What 'dai'?

Monday, sir

What 'Monday'?

Sorry, sir

What 'sorry'?

Only English word he knows...whatever
I say, he boomerangs me with 'what'?!

Sir, I was looking for you

What, John?

I've admitted
my wife in hospital

She said she'd manage
and sent me off to work

But my mind isn't working
And my limbs feel numb

If you give me 2 hours permission
I'll quickly visit her and be back, sir

- Take full day leave
- Thank you so much, sir

Sarathy 'sir'
See you 'sir'

Sir...sir, can I get
2 hours permission?


My neighbor wanted me
to get her some coconut

Then she changed her mind

But my mind isn't working
And my limbs feel numb

And I can't get aunty
out of my mind

If you give me permission
I'll buy it for her and get back

Work first

Can I go for
a test drive?


Thank you, chief

Funny guys!

You are as happy as
a puppy with 2 tails!

Have you killed your wife?!

What's wrong with you?

You're bouncing with joy

Whom are we seeing
after fibbing to our boss?

You won't tell me?

Okay, pull over
Let's drink some juice

- Thank you!
- What, da?

Did you drink the juice?

I just did

I thought of getting you
some juice on the way

- No, thanks
- Oh! Okay

First tell me whom we are
seeing and then go inside

Here he is

You're giving me
the cold shoulder

You're a Christian and praying to
a Hindu God without even knowing how!

Why are you confusing everyone
including the Gods? Answer me


Why didn't you call me?
One word and I'd have come

Doesn't matter

How much is the bill amount?

Rs 18,500, ma'am

- Here
- Excuse me

Whoever gives you a card
will you swipe it at once?

I thought he is
your husband

Who told you?

He was the one
who signed yesterday

Just because he signed,
does it make him my husband?!

I'm sorry

Can't I give?

Give what?
No, you cannot

You keep calling me as and when you like
to ask if I had juice, medicines...?

That too with such
proprietary, huh?

It so happened, I was
depressed yesterday

You asked me and I told you
Don't read more into it!

But you gave me
your phone number

My watchman also
has my number!

So, what?

Can I be equated
with the watchman?

Listen, John

If you take advantage of me,
1 more time and try to get closer...

...it'll turn real nasty!

You give it
I'll wait outside

Hey, Regina

What's her problem?

What's wrong with her?

Leave it, dude

Tell me how to hook her!

I'm there for you
Crying like a kid!

Dude, no one saw this, right?

Other than the 100 people here,
nobody saw, dude

When was the 1st time
you cried, dude?

Dai, forget it

Dai, when did you first cry?

Dude, at least let me
drink in peace!

Dude, when was
the first time you cried?


Do you know when was
the 1st time he cried?


It's midnight and
everyone will be fast asleep

Hmm...you know
it is midnight, no?

Were you concerned
where your husband is?

Doyo ukn owwhe nwas
the 1st ti mehe cried?!!

Mrs. John, don't we look
like human beings to you!

Whether there's trouble or not outside
the Govt wine shop in the next street...

...daaaaily there's trouble
at your doorstep here

Sorry, Mr Venkatadhiri
He'll leave now

Why are you letting
drunkards inside your house?


Hey, who is a drunkard?

No panic

If somebody sees us,
we'll be caught

- Get inside
- Come in

Hmmm...you'll be caught?

Who's this
'Thai massage'?

Is she your wife?

I sent my wife this morning
to her parents' home

This is my secretary

Stolen accessory!

And you can
call the cops?

If I call, won't you
be caught in a raid?

Now, go inside and flip that
old newspaper quietly!

Hey! Sarathy...!

He's the secretary
of the flats here

Secretary...but he has fallen flat for
his secretary inside, can't you see that?

You'll respect guys like him
but my friend John...?

How did that guy
address you?

Tell me

Mrs John!

Okay, are you aware
you are married?

Some guy will ditch you

Knowing this, some other guy
will be willing to marry you

And you'll humiliate him

You are at fault

Listen, Regina

After getting married, he must buy
jasmine and sweets daily for you

Instead, he buys 3rd rate liquor
and comes to see me!

Because you are at fault

In 3 months, instead of you puking
because you are pregnant...

...he's throwing up daily
after drinking himself numb


Let me tell you something

If women don't give in...

...men will give money
and give in to their desires

Don't make my friend go astray

Don't blabber like a lunatic

If you are truly a good friend,
you won't let him also drink

Neither will you drink and make an ass
of yourself at your friend's door step

How can a friend be
classified good and bad?

'Friend' means good!

Do you know when was
the 1st time he cried?

Oh God! I don't know
Enlighten me

He cried the 1st time he loved...!

Now he's in love
and he is crying!

I don't understand

I have to say it properly


He is following me

Looks crazy

Hey abroad! You dare try to hook
one of the girls from our area

Natural to drool over
good looking chicks!

Where are you from?


When we ask him
which city he is from...

...he tells us
a girl's name!

Out...you go

Coffee-powder face...go

Look how he exited


Coffee powder has
brought his cronies, da

It seems you hit my friend

We should never
fight over figures, boss

Old dialog!

Hey! Tell him the meaning
of 'figure', dude

Then you don't
want a fight?


Hey! Monstrous monkey!

In the girls roaming here
how does that figure look?

Awesome, right?

Imagine the same figure
on a Sunday morning...

...from 8:00 to 9:00
at home in her nighty?

1 cappuccino, please

Ma...give me coffee

Now do you realize?

Even the girl who sells flowers
has her eyebrows tweezed

If you close all beauty parlors
for a month, you'll see

Original pieces will be
ordinary and out of shape

It's all make-up


Now tell me, should we
fight over a 'figure'?

Okay, boss


He was bang on!


1 minute, da

We should never
fight for a figure

But we can
fight for a friend!


'God is on our-'

I got tickets for
Super star's film, da

But that stuffed-nose chap
said house-full for a week

And he made such a scene
saying we won't get tickets

We got, da
Raj theater at Saidapet

I'll be there in
5 minutes to pick you up

I have to only 'brief' myself
I'll be ready in a jiffy

Don't come empty handed
At least manage 500 bucks

Won't I give you
if I had the money?

Why do you keep saying this
like a broken record?!

- Get lost!
- My bad time!

Uncle, I need to watch Super star's film
Give me a 500 rupee note

- What did you want?
- Rs 500

Why do you breathe down my neck
like a dog sniffing an auto's tyre?!

I'm myself suffering not able to
pay up my household bills

And you want
to watch a film!

Try having a family of your own
Only then you'll know

You also watch a film with your friend,
then you'll know how expensive it is, da

You just called me 'da' with disrespect!

Sorry, uncle, didn't brush my teeth
So the words just slipped out

- Here it is
- Thank you

I need to get
my brokerage commission

Collect the cheque before 10:30 a.m
from Mr Narayanan in this address

Otherwise he'll go out of town
and I'll be roaming around here

I have an important job to do


Uncle, morning


Come, da

Go with him and
get the cheque

You know the address?

Go down Adyar bridge and turn
right at the Ganesha temple

Uncle, switch off
your navigator mouth

I'll take care of everything


Sorry, I forgot

Off you 9°

Hey Dhana...see you

Am I the errands boy
for your uncle?

Why should we get
the cheque for him?

If it's a hassle
drop me at the signal

I'll take a bus
and collect the cheque

You can happily
watch the film alone

When have I watched
a film without you, da?

- Where should we go?
- Besant nagar

Will you get the cheque
within 10 minutes'?

I will...l will

I'm doing this only for you
Not for that useless dog


ls Narayanan sir there?


Vettukili's SOH

Don't laugh

It's a God's name
You'll be duly punished

Come inside

Sit down

He's bathing

You are dead if I don't get to
see the film from the title card

Spray of water
is getting louder

Final touch...!

He's rinsing himself I think

1 coffe-

Where are you going?


Are you planning to make coffee
for her? Just sit down

Look at these girls
Only when they come out...

...they show off their I-phone
and ask for apple juice

Inside the 4 walls
of their home...

...look how they dance
even the funeral march

Sir, good morning
Vettukili's son

You both look
so shifty-eyed

Will you hand over
the cheque in 1 piece?

We'll hand it over correctly

You still have lather popping out of
your ears, please go and shower properly

See you

You're flashing your gleaming
teeth like the cow in a milk ad?

We'll be late for the film

Dai! Super star

Throw...throw, they'll show
Super star's face now

Super staaaar...!


Can't stand the ruckus and
romping these boys revel in...!

Look who is talking?!

Super star...!

Get up and scream, da

Super staaaar...!
You are the best

Looks like a cheque




Sit down, da

I won't sit, da

I'm Vettu-kili

Whatever grasshopper
I'll make soup out of it!

How dare you
hit my husband?

Why just hit? I'll even
stamp him senseless

Who the hell are you?


- Uncle!
- My nephew

What will I do?

You stepped out like a king!

Should I see you now like this?

Has your uncle hung himself
unable to bear the disgrace?

That useless oaf
won't resort to all that!

How well he took care of you


Aunt, what happened?

Go in and see the state
your uncle is in

Uncs, you are sitting
like Harbhaian Singh?

Will anyone hit his uncle
stretching his hand like that?

If you sit in the front row
that's what anyone would do

What's all this
about a row?

I was sitting in the bus
in the front row

And my head hit a rod
swelling up like this

But you were riding
your Bullet bike?

Stop your wise cracks!

Look how cleverly
that hog is covering up?!

I don't even have the liberty
to cry in this house!

Only if I think of your aunt
my limbs quake and shake!

Must be a neurological disorder
Swallow a Neurobion tablet

A phone with a battery
that is low in charge...

...yearns for a dual sim card!

Don't talk rubbish!

If your aunt gets to know this
she will hang herself, da

Tell him, please


You've touched
an emotional chord

Still...if you want
my lips to be zipped...!

Young blood...spend it as you like

See, how well I managed
a sticky situation?

Uncle, even I'm 'young blood'!

You too spend it as you like

Sarathy...that cheque?

I'll give you 2
where it hurts most!

Like a dog on heat
you roam around the city, no?

Collect it yourself

You should give him respect
Whatever it is, he is 'family' da

Uncle, I'll be here at 6:00 a.m

I'll take Sarathy with me
and get the cheque for you

I'm doing this
only for you

Not for this useless dog!

Bye, da

How irresponsible can you be!

I told you, I'll be
here at 6:00 a.m

- To go where?
- Just come

I'm yet to wear
my inner wear!

You look handsome only now


I've finished all my work
I'll come in the evening

Like a bomb squad
you dragged me here?!

At Iaaaast! For a whole week I've been
hunting for a drainage cleaner...no luck

You came yesterday and look how
promptly you've brought the right man

Strip your lungi
and follow me

I told you I'm not fully dressed!

Hold this, follow me
Drain is a few houses away

Hey! What the hell?!

Hello...he is Vettukili's son!
Not a drainage cleaner

Aiyo! I mistook him because
he was in a lungi...sorry

Everyone in Kerala is
loitering around in a lungi

Are they all drainage cleaners?
You brainless bimbo!

- All because of you!!
- Sorry, dude

Have you brushed
your teeth already?

Did you drag me all the way
just to see her 'close-up' smile?!

I told you we were late, lazy buffalo!

Who are you?

You forgot...yesterday...ringa-ringa
cheque...Naryanan sir...?

Oh! You came to see him?
He's back only next week

I'm late for work, bye

Hey! You haven't locked
your door properly


All that's intact...if you could tell me
your name and office address...

...when I'm free
I could drop by

But you are always free, dude

Brother...l already have a guy

I realize you are trying for me
But I'm not the one for you

Why did you
call me 'brother'?

Sometimes truth is bitter, brother

- Bye
- Okay

Bye, brother

Brother, sister is
going all by herself

She might be
teased on the way

Why don't you act
as her chaperone?

Why are you flashing
your teeth at me?

Look down, honey


Look out of the bus
and down, honey

Look how good I am
as Hercule Poirot!

Don't flatter yourself too soon

There are 40 branches in Madras!

How...40 branches?

If a mobile eatery chap can own
4 to 5 branches selling chicken fritters...

...can't such a big corporate
company have 40 branches?

How do we find out? We don't
have friends who are geeks...?!

I found out she works in
Sholinganallur in Techie park, dude

Japs are experts in all fields
Look at this moron's brain

But now we must zero in
on someone in the branch, right?


That sounds like a dinosaur
with a severe cold!

I've hooked a figure there
Just in case!

I'll brief her tonight
Talk to her tomorrow

Will you brief her...or
de-brief yourself?!


They come in different colors,
like scattered 'lizard-egg candies'

Now I know why boys rush into
jobs at software companies!

You go gaga over this

If you see my Sembanellaalay
you'll be knocked down flat!

Hey Udumbay

You centipede! You must be blessed
with a lucky mole as big as a doughnut!

Nothing of that sort

Tough to identify
with your tanned skin!

- Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
- Shut up you two

Where's your girl?


This foreign weirdo is your girl

To date this creature
you crossed the 7 seas?


Don't say such things
Then she won't help us

She's here


Who is John here?

One who is a hand-span
taller than us is John!

How can I help you, John?

Usually boys will want to find out
where a girl lives, knowing her name

I'm a little 'vice-versa'

I know her address
but not her name

Give me her details

She lives in Besant nagar

Which means
4 buses for that area

If 1 bus takes 10 girls...okay
I'll tell you within a week

Are we giving you a dress
for dry-cleaning...?

You want a week's time?

Can't you do it sooner?

Dude, we can get it faster
from the milk man in that area

And you are pleading
with this pursed-lip female?!

You dare call me purse-lipped!

2 chimpanzees are fighting

You won't get a better chance
than this...dump her immediately

This is love...unite us, da

I can't waste time
on King Kong love



Look...he's acknowledging

Why am I even bothered?
Let him go to hell

We should stick to
our own business, right?

Good boy!

In what way is that dog
better than me...?

Quick way to reach her heart
is through that dog...!

"Come in front of me, 0 my darling!"



Milk biki...?


I should have guessed!




Uncle not in town
He'll be back only next week

- What?
- My cheque...?

So...will you hound me
wherever I go...?

I'll follow you until
you give it to me

When will you
give me the cheque?

I'll get it for you tomorrow
But don't embarrass me like this

Now, just go, please

Thank you, please!

- Cheque?
- Get lost!

Excuse me

God...l swear!!
I'll get it for you

Don't hassle me
like a money lender

Get lost

Okay, it seems we will get
the cheque next week, dude

Did you find out?

I've narrowed it
down to 4 names

I'll tell you in 2 days

Another 2 days?

John, it's not that easy
to find a girl's name!

I don't need your help...go

What do you
think of yourself?

You keep hounding me

Why are you here now?

First, stop flashing
your 'close-up' smile!

I came only to lift her

On your feet now

Don't be a drama king
Your intentions are very clear


Please don't call me that
I can't sleep at night then

Sometimes truth is bitter, brother

I told you, didn't I?
I have a boy friend

Don't pull my legs

You don't believe me, right?

That blue shirt over there
His name is Bushan

I'm in love with him
for 3 years sincerely

I have shamelessly
professed my love twice

But he has
not reciprocated

My fate!

Isn't he a cool cat!

My darling!!

Generally, girls should only
follow boys and hook them

Not the other way round

We can write this on
the back of an auto-rickshaw?

Turn around, I'll write
Pain in the wrong place!

Don't take me for a ride

You look sooooper
He's like a scary monster!

♪ A KHomeny007 - TUT Presentation ♪

He can't get away with it

You still don't believe me, right?

No chance at all
Don't irritate me even more



What's your name?


He's John
My brother

Hey John...!

Take a hike!

He's Bushan
My boy friend

Why do you yell out 'brother'?

And whisper 'boyfriend'?

Generally girls don't acknowledge
their boyfriends in public!

Why...you can always
get another one?

I'm available

You and your jammed-face!

- Keerthana...?
- Yeah, Bushu?

Come to my cabin, we have
to send that mail immediately

- Come soon
- Coming

He wants me in his cabin

See you, brother

Now we know her name
Keerthana it seems

Hey Keerthana!

I missed your
mobile number

Give me your number

'Oh! You are
so smart, huh?'

I'll text it to you myself

I've changed my number

New number, that's why


Keerthana, I'm telling you it's urgent
And you keep wasting my time now

Take my stuff to the cabin

Keerthu's number is
01:50:29,832 --> 01:50:31,129

Add a +91 before it

Come on, there's work to be done
What are you doing here?

Thanks, boss

Like a gorilla gorging on guava!

Don't embarrass me in public

Eat decently

Dude...long time no see?

She gave me her phone number

Then...make your move

She introduced Bushan to me

- Purushan (husband)?!
- Her boy friend Bushan

Do you know why she is
pushing you away now?

That's what puzzles me

Because she doesn't want you

Why are you grabbing my shirt?

Grab her husband's shirt

- Bushan...!
- Both are same

How many films you've seen
directed by Selvaraghavan?

Chase him away
and fill in the space

We'll help your love

- What do you say?
- Yea!

- You?
- Correct, dude

Look how Africa and Japan
are signing the same treaty!

Dude, he is Bushan

He looks like
a 'bow-buggly'

What gun timing!
He's asking to be smashed

What is my excuse to hit him?

If you're spoiling for a fight
there can be only 2 reasons!

If he looks at you and says
'Hey! John' hit him to the right

If he says 'Hi da!' punch him
to the left for calling you 'da'

How can we break our own rule
of not fighting for a girl?

True, rule is don't fight for a girl
But you can fight for your life!

I'm not convinced, dude


"This used to be my-"

"This used to be
my play ground"


"This used to be
my pride, John!"

Hit him

Dude! Don't dare touch us

What do you mean 'dude'?

You finish your business
I'll wait for you near the car



Calling her to your cabin, eh?

Works in a software company and
'Uncle Scrooge'! Carries only 500 bucks

Keep it for booze tonight

He's 2-timing, da

He has another photo here

You're 2-timing, huh?

Wait...wait, dude

He's trying to say something

Looks like a piece of chalk
and you'll sing like Madonna, huh?

(Garbled sound)

His chin is slightly
cork-screwed, that's why

Speak up clearly now

Photo is my wife

Keerthu is my wife's best friend


Why is he saying wife's sister...?

You mustn't cry

What do you prefer?
Cone ice or Popsicle?

0kaaay...you must not
complain to your mom at home

Or bring someone
to threaten us

Good boy...go

Dude, why did you hit
a dumb herbivore like that?

Are you happy now?

I'm very happy

Come on, let's play

Throw the ball


Are you a scumbag?

Why do you use me
as an excuse to start a fight?!

I don't like you one bit

That's why I lied to you...so what?

Isn't this why you
hounded me like a dog?

Don't ever set eyes on me again

Dai! Cheque...don't tear it again

Tell me how to hook her, dude

Tell me...!


Don't cry now

Do I have a choice?

Am la drunkard...?

Am I an alcoholic?


Then what...are you
a kulfi-ice seller?

Just drink

She made me step
into a wine shop!

Why should she keep
her uncle's cheque in her bag...

...and make you
run behind her?

Use your brain cells


When he isn't her boy friend
why show a nincompoop...

...and claim he's her boy friend

On top of everything

Why call you so?

You have to think...deeply

What should I do now?

That's the right question
my precious friend!

First drink this

Listen to what it says and
follow instructions implicitly

It's not giving any clue

Keep it in your ear
It will whisper to you

Don't let go of her, dude
Create a ruckus at her doorstep!

It is asking me to create
a ruckus in front of her house

Yes! Now obey faithfully

Leave now...on your march!

Dude, I don't know
any swear words at all

That's easy

All you have to do is
keep repeating it

You'll automatically decipher it!

Follow my instructions faithfully

I'll compose more words
on the way for you

Stop...don't you know
Keerthana's house?

You leave, there's a huge
uprising about to happen

Brother...come here

You can play ball later

Come here

Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever had your nose cut?!

I've been royally snubbed
after falling in love, brother

Why do girls exist
in this world, brother?

But I've told the girl I love
'you are my whole world'


If a girl cries, it means
she's taking you for a ride

If a guy cries, it means he has
been taken for a ride, bro!

Why are you crying?

Did Julie take you
for a ride too?

Julie and Keerthana are
2 peas in the same pod, brother

Don't share this
with Keerthana, Caesar!

Dirty fellow!

Come inside

If you don't come in now
you can be with him forever

What audacity!

Dogs of the same kind
share the same mind!

Let me see you get out

Where are you
dragging me to?

Duuuuude! I composed
special swear words for you!

- Who is this?
- Who are you?

I'm Keerthana speaking

Wow! It's 3:00 a.m and
Keerthana has your phone

Sorry for the disturbance

You dumb-ass! He is drunk and
sprawled in front of my house

Come and take him

I understand

But...who will take me home?

Maybe I'm the dumbo!!

'What are you doing now?'


'We are late for the movie'

'The boys who
came this morning'

'I believe that cheque got torn'

'If they come again
give this to them'

'I'm out of town
for a week'


'Uncle will be back
only next week'

'Get lost!'

'Leave now'


Come on, guys

Lift...lift him up


Watch your step

He must have got drunk

And then landed here
because it looked familiar

Don't hold it against him


Ask him to come and
meet me at 5:00 p.m

- Where?
- He knows


Good morning, dude

You can take it back
It's evening now

Do you know all
the 'John-foolery' you did?!

We went, drank and
got back into bed

I carried you back
into your bed, da!

What was I up to then?

Whole night you were
in that girl's house and-

Dude, I didn't
cross my limit-

Don't go overboard

She had tied you
next to her Caesar

I untied you and
brought you back

She said she wants to
meet you at 5:00 p.m

How can I go
without you, dude?

Let's go


On normal days, she'll bug you
with her 'brother' dialog

She's angry now, to top it all
I'm sure she'll call you 'father'!


Why grab my shirt?!

Don't drag me indecently
in front of all these girls

Sorry, sister!

The day you told me
you've got a boy friend...

...I should have
stepped away

My fault

I'm extremely sorry, sister

Let's go, dude

Heyyy! What's happening?

I can't take this

I'm 'sister' to you now, huh?

You'll follow me
like a lost puppy

You'll hit the chap
I claim as my 'boy-friend'

You'll flash all your
32 teeth and smile

After all this, you will
call me 'sister', huh?

You are no better! You'll let your
uncle's cheque sleep in your bag

You'll get mad if I talk
to some other girl

To add to this list, you've lied
to me, you have a boy friend

If after all that you did
you can call me 'brother'...

...why can't I give you
a taste of your own medicine?!

Hit him with that glass

Hold this

Do you want
something bigger?

Let me hunt

"0day...oday...oday oh!"

"Oday...0day...oday oh!
With you run...run away!"

Will this do?

Before I could raise my head
you are stuck to each other...

...like a mini van banging
into a stationary lorry

Sweetheart, get me the cheque

Get lost

"Mr love-bro, that's me
My heart's a wee bit wacky"

"Ah! Something in you snazzy
Tell me...do you love me?"

"South, west, east...to me
all directions topsy-turvy"

"Flat out...love knocked me
To admit love why this quandary?"

"if I'm called 'Mr Love' by everybody
don't take it too literally"

"Don't dismiss me
as a 'missed call' disdainfully"

"0day...oday...oday oh!"

"Oday...0day...oday oh!
With you run...run away...oho!"

"Miss Brave-heart, glowing
For 183 days, I'm following"

"Heart changed to love-flowing
on my bended knees I'm going"

"With this love-glutton being
only glances borrowing"

"Thank God no blues incoming
Now at last love outgoing"

"Equal half...or devil's avatar?"

"Sweet as sugar
but savage monster"

"0day...oday...oday oh!"

"Oday...0day...oday oh!
Run...run...run away...lo"

"Hey bambini...!"


"Prince Charming"

"Princess Fascinating"

"My princess so captivating"

"When memory everlasting
neurons merrily enjoying"

"lnto wide-awake eyes lancing
porcelain cheeks shadow-dancing"

"In the soul song a-hearing
Love in a milk-feeder nurturing"

"Long friendship recharging
As breath in the lungs regulating"

"Don't scream or scorch me
incorrigible...creatures are we"

"Mr love-bro, that's me
My heart's a little loony"

"Ah! Something in you classy
Tell me...do you love me?"

"South, west, east...to me
all directions topsy-turvy"

"Flat out...love knocked me
To admit love what's your difficulty?"

"if I'm called 'Mr Love' by this city
don't take it as reality"

"Don't dismiss me
as a 'missed call' derisively“

"0day...oday...oday oh!"

"Oday...0day...oday oh!
With you run...run away!"

What do you like?


Tell me

You are the reason for it

How about a beer?




- What?
- My birthday

Happy birthday

Thank you, brother


John, my granny
used to say

If you look at the full moon and
lie on your mom's lap and wish...

...it will come true
Have you heard of it?

- Huhmm!
- Get lost

Who should consent
for you to marry me?

My parents and
Sarathy, that's all

But I don't have
to ask anyone

Just my consent is enough

Why won't you
ask your parents?

Only if they are alive!

No sympathy, please

My parents died
when I was really young

I grew up in
an orphanage

I got a scholarship

Then a good job...life went on

I just felt like sharing
a slice of me with you

But John...

If our loved ones leave our world
doesn't mean it's the end of the world!

Some day, according to
our wish-list our life will change

It has changed for me

You think and
let me know

I've never slept
on my mother's lap

Shall I?

I told you I'm in a meeting

Then why do you
plague me with calls?

Okay, let's go

Meeting...don't you understand?

Okay, shall I bring my bag then?

Why did you bring me here?

Isn't it your birthday?

Go in and pray

You also come with me

I don't want to come, you go

Get lost!

Changed your mind?

Even I don't have to
wait for anyone's consent

I decided on the day
I professed my love to you

You are my wife

Let's wait for a while

As soon as I get a job
I'll myself tell my mom

Till then make sure
you don't tell Sarathy


Actually it's our wedding night

I'd have agreed to spend the night
with you even before we got married!

Not like that...now that I'm married
I have more responsibilities

I need a job and
a home of our own

And I also need
a lifetime to love you!

Thinking of all this, I don't
know if I can sleep tonight!

But I'll sleep
peacefully tonight

I used to lie awake half the night,
thinking who is there for me!

Now you are here
as my 'equal half'!

How can you
go away like this?

Brother...your wife will be on your
bike hugging you tight tomorrow

Then you can ask her for this kiss,
now your wife is off to sleep

Ice cream

What do you want?

- Beer
- Slap you!

You have to ride your bike, no?

Tell me

1 minute

Good afternoon

My name is Sarathy
I hope you remember me

Whose number is this?

As if you are
picking my calls!

I am with Keerthana
I'll talk to you later

Honking with your mouth to give
the impression you're driving

Talking in a husky voice
as if you are in a meeting

Copyright for all these tactics
belong to me, so don't fool me

Talk to Sarathy
He doesn't believe me

Hello, bro

How are you, dear?

I am good

Where are you off to?

Just down East coast road

Why this sudden outing?

Newly weds
1st time outing


We didn't know where
to go...so just like that

You are married?!

In the temple, yesterday

He told me not to tell you


Let me talk to him

He wants to talk to you


I'll get the ice cream for us
Eat whatever flavor I choose

Tell me, dude

Are you a human being?

- She was just kidding
- Just shut up

- Brother...?!
- Crazy female!

You can't turn back the clock, da
No use coming to this spot every year

There's life after this, da

Go away

Go and tell them I am not
interested in this wedding

Why don't you?
It's your wedding

Tell your parents everything
and live in your past lifelong

You can't do that...right?

Either you be happy
or make them happy

You know you can't be happy

Why make them miserable?


John, if you think there is
no life after losing your love...

...no one will be alive
after 25 years, da

Only you and I know
you were married

Please, da

Half the people do not marry
according to their wish...

...but still, don't they live?

When you want to really live,
you can start your life then

To what extent a boy
has loved a girl...!

The fact you've told me this...

...please do not tell John

Even if I'm not drunk...

...I'll forget whatever
I spoke in the morning

And I am so drunk now
You don't have to worry

Let me tell you this
before I go

If a man drinks
after falling in love

...it is love-failure

If he drinks after he is married

...his whole life is a failure

Take care

John is in the car

I'll put him on his bed and leave

Sorry, Regina

If the one we love most dearly
leaves us and this world...

...it doesn't mean it is
the end of the world!

Someday, according to our
wish-list, our life will also change

It is changed for me

I'll wait till it changes for you

Church Father!
Ask me now

In front of this gathering, John,
do you agree to wed Regina?

Double okay



You smile so beautifully in my dream

Why don't you smile
in real life?

Get up, dear

I've made
coffee for you

John...do you wake up
late in the mornings?

He is always a late-riser

Only I know what I go through
sending him to work...!


Shower quickly
Dad is waiting

Let's all eat together

Why do you keep
looking at me?

Dad is waiting, no?

You need to be pampered
Come out double quick

Isn't she going overboard
on her drama queen act?!

As usual, you forgot
to take your towel in

All our neighbors have come
Your friend Sarathy is also here

They want to talk
to you it seems

Don't keep them
waiting for too long

She's got some
ace up her sleeve

Panchayat confirmed!

- Happy birthday, uncle!
- Happy birthday, John!

- Happy birthday, dude
- Happy birthday

Why are you staring?
Cut the cake...surprise for you

Happy birthday, dear John

Cut it, dude

Why should I cut it?

Let's celebrate
without cutting the cake

- Okay, dude?
- Why?

How do we eat
if you don't cut it?

Get a ladle and scoop it up
like 'sweet pongal' in the temple

Cut it, man

Cut the cake

Isn't everyone waiting?

Go ahead...cut

What is this, dear?
Happy birthday, John!

John, don't open this
in front of everyone

It's something I searched
and got specially for you

See it when you're alone

Dad, let's all take a snap

1 photo, please

Don't hesitate

Come closer

ls your official Mrs back or is it
still your office miss in action-

This is my daughter

Happily married, John?
Waking up late everyday

Going late for work

Happy man, huh?

Nothing like that, uncle

John, has my daughter
ever bought beer for you?

Why, uncle?
Does your daughter drink?

Would you prefer if she drank
vodka, so you could join in?


That's not it, Sarathy

Whenever she wants
something from me...

...she bribes me with a beer
That's why I asked

You'll decently stop with 1 beer

But our man
needs an entire case!

Will you shut up, please?

Has my daughter never
bought you beer then?

No, uncle

He's trying to subtly
ask you for a beer?

Yo...you should open the gift


But she was emphatic you must
open it only when you're alone

Sorry, uncle
I forgot

Bloody gift!


Go outside and play

I have never been unfaithful
to my wife even in my mind!

Did you see the gift?

I saw it, uncle

So did I...!

- Darling?
- Yes, darling

I'm going to Germany
for 3 months on a project


I'll definitely come home
when I get back here

- Okay, dad
- Bye

I'll come down

I'll see you

- I'll come down too, uncle
- No, it's not a problem

Thanks, John


You're happy, aren't you?

How can I not be?
You saw for yourself, didn't you?


It's okay if you act
out of love for me

But why is John also acting?!

Regina, this is your house

This is your life

- Dad, you've misunderstoo-
- Don't say anything

Just think about it carefully

Bye, Regi

Dude, what's up with her?

In the hospital she didn't want
to accept me as her husband

And now?

Why are you so tensed?

She's 'Drama queen' personified
in front of her father, dude

You've forgotten your towel,
drink coffee, cut the cake...!

Have you told her
you love her?

You haven't, right?

Then why do you
expect her to say it?

That's how a normal
couple behave, da

She doesn't like
living with me, bro

Did she say that to you?

Don't you understand as yet?

She wants a divorce from me


What problem?
What divorce?

Nothing, sir
Small family problem

We'll take care, sir
You go, sir

What family problem?
Evening come to my home

We will discuss

Why should we talk about
our family problem at his house?

I've been searching for you
everywhere and you're here!

Just a little confused


Sometimes things we accept are
too difficult to be expressed, no?

I don't get you

At least I only heard
he passed away!

He watched her die
in front of his eyes!!

If he's ready to change himself
to lead a new life, all over again...

...why can't I?

"m happy for ygu


...you've got the transfer
you applied for to Australia

2 years

It's your call now

I'll send you the ticket

Think about it

Good evening, guys
I got stuck in traffic

Wait for 2 minutes

Hi, honey!
I am home!

He howls like a wolf!

Doesn't the servant also
resemble our managing director?

You're right, dude

I am your boss Henry
Can't you recognise me?

Sorry, sir


You went up as Mr Henry
like an anchor in a reality show

Now you come down in a lungi
looking like a guava seller

This is the original me
Do I look local enough?

What are you saying?

We could force feed 300 kids
by showing them your scary face

- No, dude?
- He's our boss, da

I meant such a local face

- Funny guys!
- No shame

Shanthi, is my fried fish
from Vyasarpadi ready?

This is my favorite item

The maid?

The fish, you idiot

Help yourself

Sir, you called us home

I was a chain snatcher


- Sir...?
- Gold chain

I failed 10th grade twice because
lessons never got into my head

Even lice will slide off your head
How will lessons sink in?

Wait, let me finish

I'd go to Besant Nagar
to steal chains

Once as I was snatching a chain
I saw the girl's face

And instantly I got trapped

By the police?

Listen, man
The girl trapped me!

Those days, I didn't even know
how to say 'I love you'

I told her 'I like you a lot'

You know what she said?

'Take your hands off my chain
Pass 10th grade and we'll see'

I passed 10th grade
I went and met her

She said, 'Finish your MBA...'

'Then I'll marry you'

I somehow finished that too
and went and saw her again

They got us married

That's when I found out
her dad owned our store


He gave me his girl
on a golden platter...

...as well as his
office keys to me

Why I'm sharing all this is...

...my life started the day
I told her I loved her

When you profess your love loudly,
your life will start too

Don't bottle up your feelings
That doesn't get you anywhere

Hope you heard that!

Drink some alcohol

Sir...my wife doesn't like it

Super! John, your life
has just started, you can go


Sir, I'm not yet married

Can I...ah...?


Your life and wife
will never start

Madam isn't picking up the phone

- Try again
- I can't

Sir, someone from
madam's office

What is it?

I need to give ma'am this cover

I'll give it to her



'U.S, Australia, even if it is
Somalia, I'm okay with it'

'I just want to leave
this place, that's all

You didn't drink today?

I thought you don't
like it if I drink...!

You want a beer?

'When my daughter wants
something from me...'

'...she'll always
bribe me with a beer'

'She wants a divorce, da'

How do I start?


You want a divorce from me, right?

You don't like being with me?

I'll give it to you

It's not that

I'm going to Australia

From this morning I was
wondering how to tell you

I went to the shop myself
and bought you the beer

It's nothing
You drink

"Eye and eyelid...parts of a whole
Now severing...out of control"

"When idea dawns of you and me as we
just then dream dissolves abruptly"

"Will the sun shine to renew
the path covered with dew?"

"Tender words, can you hear
spoken by your heart, dear?"

Did you want to say
something else and...

...did I jump to
wrong conclu-

You were right...l was
the one wrong in thinking-

Into my soul you percolated
Drop by drop you relocated"

Will you drop me at the airport
tomorrow, or shall I-

Why are you angry?

When I'm even giving you
a divorce...won't I drop you?

Good night

"lnto my heart you pervaded
In units of time you saturated"

I can do it myself


Did you pack
all your tablets?



Did you tell her?

I didn't...she left

Me and you, you and me
Everything is over, that's all

Listen! Dai-

Yov! Move your car

Move, man

What the hell's your problem, da?

- John...?
- Regina?

- Where are you?
- In the parking lot

Will you come up to
the entrance, please?

I'll be there

Tell me

Upstairs...at the immigration counter



Excuse me, will you leave way
for the next person in the line?

Next please


Don't cry
I'll talk to him



Tell me

You know Regina, don't you?

When you were working
in customer care...

...on a wrong call
you both got connected

You went to the US and she got
the news you committed suicid-

Who are you?


Who are you to her?

Her husband

I'm married, sir

As soon as I saw her...

...do you expect me to ask
'Hi Regina, shall we get married?'

I don't mind
sharing this with you

My dad clobbered me
and sent me off to USA

I flew with fear in my heart

I thought that was the end
of my life and love

After all 'love-failures'
there is life, brother

There is a good life
waiting for everyone

I agree, I miss her
What can I do about-

I know very well
she cannot forget me

That's why I asked my friend
to tell her I am dead

I don't know if everyone
is lucky enough...

...to marry the person they love

But the one you marry...

...you can definitely
fall in love with

Sir, if you don't mind
I can talk to your wife

Get on with your life

He just walked away
as I was talking to him

Do you think
you are a hero?

He is dead, right?

Till now you've never heard
what I wanted to say, right?

You'll get it all wrong
and act on it stupidly

I wanted to open
my heart to you, that night

And you asked
if I wanted a divorce!

Today I told you
I saw Surya

You fall at his feet shamelessly

Who will think of reuniting?

You and I can
never be compatible

If only you had opened
this gift that night...

...we wouldn't be
standing here like this

'Don't open this
in front of everyone'

'It's something I searched
and got specially for you'

Regina...wait for me

Get lost!

There will be some village bumpkin
Kanimozhi or Thenmozhi waiting for you

Go behind her
and woo her

I'm not the right girl for you


I'm not scared of my dad

I love you

Brother...l already have a guy!

You take care of the cooking
I'll go see who is at the door

Hi...is John in?


How many times
have I told you...

...not to call him home?

If you ask him to stay for dinner
I'll make mincemeat out of you!

Who has come?

What's up, dude?

I'm getting married

You must be there

Where are you going?

She has made
biriyani for you

Stay for dinner
Or else she'll be angry

How, dude?

Even if Mr Big-shot to
the outside world...

...you are Mr Broomstick at home!

My best friend, da!

♪ A KHomeny007 - TUT Presentation ♪