Raja Natwarlal (2014) - full transcript

A small-time con man seeks assistance from his mentor with the intention of settling scores with a gangster.

Come, gentlemen. Come here.
Find Deepika amongst the Nirupas.

And get double youe money.

lf there's money in your
pocket life becomes sweet.

Women and money, you can't have a long
distance relationship with either.

So come here my brother
from another mother.

Hello, good morning.
Would you like to play?

Deepika's waiting for you.

Hello, smart boy. Come here. Would
you like to play? lt's really easy.

You've to find Deepika
amongst the Nirupas.

How much would you like to bet?


Rs.100 .

He's made a wager of Rs. 100 .

Let's see if he's lucky or not.

Eyes on her! Eyes on her!

Otherwise she will slip through.

Keep watching!
Keep watching! Keep watching!

So where is she?

Here's double.

Tonight's drink will
be dedicated to you.

The one who dares to play gets lucky.

Would you like to increase the bet?

Come on, don't feel shy.

Come on.
- Fine. Rs. 500.

500...very good!

Keep watching! Keep watching!
Keep watching!

Eyes on her!

Otherwise she will slip through.
Keep watching!

Keep watching!
Keep watching!


You got mom..
Everyone's not so fortunate.

That's okay.

Show me the card.

Card. Show me the card.

Here, check them all.

Nice shoes, man.
Where did you get them from?

Fashion Street.

Got them on discount.


lt's nice.

Here. Another bet. Rs. 1000.

One close look at the
heroine made you bold, bro.

Would anyone else like to play?

Would you like to try your luck?

Rs. 3000.

There's a limit to this game.

What kind of a game has limits?

Let him play, what's your problem.

Keep watching!
Keep watching!

Keep watching!
Keep watching!

Eyes on her!

Keep watching!
Keep watching!

Eyes on her!

So where is she?

Fate is like a small kid.

She likes to play hide-and-seek.

Police! Police!


l'm an artist, you have to admit that.

Give some credit to me as well.

Making merry at
someone else's expense...

l learnt it from you, brother.

Shall we eat?

Come on.

''We'll have fun all day..''

''ln a wedding without the groom.''

''We'll dance all day to this tune.''

''Searching for yourself.''

''You know the cards of your life..''

''..lie in your own hands.''

''Be two's or three's
or be a king or queen.''

''Be five's or six's
or be a king or queen.''

Come here.

What's this bill?
l only had ice-cream.

And what's written in here?

Butter-chicken, butter-naan..

''No matter how much you've got,
it still seems less.''

''Money runs faster
even without limbs.''

''No matter how much you've got,
it still seems less.''

''The more you run,
the more it runs after you.''

The more you run after it,
the faster it runs away.''

''Money talks,
the world bows before it.''

''lt makes all things right.''

''Be two's or three's
or be a king or queen.''

''Be five's or six's
or be a king or queen.''

Here you go.

Raja. Listen up.

Buy something.

At least buy a cigarette.

Now you're selling cancer.

Should l tell your father?

You'll have to join
him in heaven for that.

What are you saying?


Oh, l almost forgot.

Your father had lent this to me.

Now whom do l give it to?

Give it to me, who else?


On one condition. From tomorrow,
you'll stop selling cigarettes..

..and start going to school.



Take this off.

Here, take the money.

Thank you.

O Benefactor Ram, charity is fine.

But what about tomorrow?

New trick, new exploit.

Now open your little
book of borrowings..

..add another 15,000
in my name and go home.

l'll follow soon.

Done serving humanity..

..now time to serve beauty, huh?


Here you go.

Careful. The debt's increasing.

You'll have to return it.

A debt is a debt.

Friendship is water and money is oil.

You never mix the two.


He's back to buy the
moon with loose change.

Give him bundles of 10 rupee notes.

Soon l'll bring enough..

.. that you will need
extra pair of hands to count.

l see.

Here. Get yourself a cup of tea.

''We met just yesterday,
then why do l feel.''

'' that it's been ages.''

''Now tell me...what you know..''

''How will l live without you?''

''The sanctuary of
your arms...feels so safe.''

''lt's a safe haven.''

''l want to stay here, in your refuge.''

''As long as l want to live.''

''l'll be yours.''

''The heart's adamant.''

''l'll be yours.''

''l am passionate about you.''

lf you want to sulk in the end,
why do you squander?

And why do you compete
with those rich men every day?

l always run short of money.

lf l had more,
l wouldn't let the fatso..

..even lay a sight on you.

l know...

...that's why l meet only you.

Others only want to touch me.

But you...

...want to protect me.

But still Raja,
learn to save some money.

Only those who don't
know how to earn save money.

Just watch, one day l'll
get you out of this place.

Greetings, Jamshed bhai.

Come, come, come, come.

The king's here after
squandering his wealth.

You squander all your money..

..in a place where
hunger isn't satiated.

What to do?
At least it cures the void in my heart.

Leave it.
- One?

Just one.

Forget the heart

What about the money
that you owe me?

Sometimes you should
manage it with a 'thank you'.

Stop pretending.
Sign here and give the order there.

Table no.3.

When l went there
to deliver the money..

..the boss was really pleased
and sent a girl with me.

l'll send her to you if you want.


We're to deliver eight million
at the office tomorrow, remember?

Eight million?

lt'll just be a bag.

We'll do it.

What's the problem?
- Nothing.

Check your gun properly.

Shall we leave?

Tomorrow morning at 9, Gorai office.

Come on.

So shall we play this big game?

You will never change.

Your clothes and morning breakfast.

Don't forget.

l won't say thank you.
l am like your son.

So...speak up.

How many times do l tell you?

ln sleight of hands...
there's less gain and less pain.

A big game means big danger.

lt's not our cup of tea.

Victor Singh Khan,
have you heard this name?

Victor Singh Khan?

Victor Singh Khan?

He could've named himself
Amar Akbar Anthony.

lt's a name bestowed on him
because of his accomplishments.

His name is Yogi.


His real name is Yogi,

These days he's living
as a recluse in Dharamshala.

He is an expert in
pulling off big games.

Bro, let's pull off a few big games..

..and become experts ourselves,
like Yogi.

You don't know them
or their background.

lt's a risk.

Only between risk and
challenge do we find chance.

Think good and good
things will happen.

Eight million in 40 minutes,
we're going to hit a jackpot.

When fate takes back,
it takes everything.

Please, please say yes.

l want big money and that too quickly.

Fate has given us
the right opportunity.

Zia will start respecting me again.


Just because your name's Raja..

..you think you're an emperor?

You want to build a Taj Mahal for her?

l'll build a bungalow.

For us. Us.

Say yes.

Say yes.



He didn't service it properly.

Take a look.
- Yes.

Everything is just the way it was.

Raja, this plan isn't right.

lf he checks closely, then..

A man checks closely
only if he's in doubt.

lt's only a matter of 15 minutes.

After that, God knows where we'll be.

Come on.

Look, it's around 8 million.

That's the trouble with you.

Remember, we'll be carrying 8 million.

l'm warning you because
your gun's always jammed.

You are..

What's wrong with this?

What happened?

Not opening?

Can l help?
- Sure.

lts auto. lt happens sometimes.

Must have fallen in the water.

Let's open with the key.




My mistake.


... it opened.

Great man.


This is no fun.
- Why?

We are living like dogs...

Running around all day,
and what do we get?


What if we disappear with this money?


lf we even touch this money,
they'll sever our arms.

What do you mean sever our hands?

You always think negatively.

Don't be so greedy.

We've nothing to do
with this black money.

We shouldn't care about this money.

All we should care
about is our commission.

Calm down!
Calm down!

We stole it from their car..

..and are even counting
it in their own car.

So that makes me an expert, right?
From the first game?

Like that..

What's his name? Yogi.

Now come on, take out your diary.

l'm going to clear all my debts today.


What's the hurry?

We can do this a few days later.

Few days later l might
need to borrow again.

l see.

l can borrow only after
l clear the old debts.

Now give me that hero smile.

- Say cheese.

No. - Say cheese. Say cheese.
- Fine.

That's more like it.
- Enough.

Sir, it's from lndia.

We then move into phase two..


there's been a small
incident in Mumbai.

Two petty thieves
have stolen 8 million.

''You promised to meet me at nine!''

''But you forgot...
didn't keep your word.''

''You promised to meet me at nine!''

''The heart yearns
more than these eyes.''

''l am breathing heavily.''

''l'm intoxicated by you my beloved.''

''Like my body's on fire.''

''My soft luscious lips...
are craving for you.''

''My soft luscious lips...
are craving for you.''

''The wrinkles on my lips..''

''The tussles of the night
don't fade away easily.''

''l wonder why.''

''Let's be one...break the bonds.''

''Forsake your work, and l'll believe.''

''From my eyes you slip into my heart.''

''l'll hold you so tight,
that you can't go.''

''And in return l'll take all.''

''My soft luscious
lips...are craving for you.''

''My soft luscious
lips...are craving for you.''

''l am not in my senses.''

''Come closer,
don't make me yearn.''

''l pray to be the only one for you.''

''ln the wake of the night..''

''All we think of is love.''

''And we do things...
we never did before.''

''l am out of my control.''

''l am little fun, a little crazy.''

''Everything that's mine is yours.''

ls it all here?
- Yes, sir.

''My soft luscious lips...
are craving for you.''

Look here. Eyes here.

Not at me. Here.

Come on.

You're the perfect wife material.

You just saved me my money.


The first ticket was for Mauritius,
second for Bangkok..

..and third for Kashmir.

You chose the third one.

But we'll go to all three places.

For our honeymoon.

Honeymoon! Raja..

lt's obvious, we'll get married first.

So when should we get married?

Don't joke, Raja.

l am not joking.

l want you to stop
dancing for others..

..and make me dance to your tunes.

How's the idea?

l'll go tell my brother that..

..you've agreed to marry me.

l'll be right back.

Pack your bags.

Pack your bags.

What now?

l'll be right back.

You go to bed.

lt was a mistake.

Here's the money.

Who's the other guy and where is he?

l just picked someone from the street.

He was a drunkard.

So you gave half the money
to an unknown drunkard?

Where's your partner?

l told you l don't have a partner.

What happened?

What happened?

What happened?

What happened?

Those people... they killed Raghav.

Who is it?

How dare you question Singh sir?

Open up!

Go inside.

Go inside.

Great! Great!

We heard that your lover-boy..

..squandered a lot
of money on you today.


l don't want a share of your earnings.

l want a share from your
imposter boyfriend's eight million.

What are you saying, sir?

Eight million?

Where will he get eight million?

He's just a small-time contractor.

What did you say? What is he?


Take the 'tractor'
out of the 'Contractor'.

What's left?


He's a con-man.

What is he?


You know that, don't you?

What did he do?

He pinched money from someone..

..who chops off people's head.

What's his name?

Varda Yadav..


Varda Yadav..

A hitman has been
contracted for both of them.

His partner's already dead.

Your boy will die too.

lf you want us to keep quiet then..
- No, sir.


You keep this.

Keep it.

l'll tell you when Raja comes here.

This is just a token.

We'll take everything he has.

Tell him that.

We're leaving.

We're leaving

We'll leave now.

l won't let anything happen to you.

We'll run away.


What no?

What 'NO'?

They...killed Raghav.

Didn't you hear what that Singh said?

The world isn't big
enough for cowards.

How far can we run?

What will we do?

What will we do?

l don't know.

l don't have an answer now.

You don't know?

Why don't you know?

Why don't you know?

You're no match for that Varda.

He'll kill you, crush you!

l have to go.

Where are you going? We've to go.

To the man who might
be able to help me.


We're leaving.
- Try to understand.

Wait for me.

l'll come back for you.

l love you.

- l love you.


Excuse me.


l am Raja (king).

Of which kingdom?

l want to meet Yogi.

Go ahead.

lf you're Yogi, then..

..l want to hire you for a big game.

This Yogi is no longer
the same old Yogi.

l want to extract
revenge from someone.

Then load a gun with bullets..

..and courage in your
heart and fire away.

l wouldn't have come to you..

..if that's how l wanted to kill him.

l want to keep him alive and kill him.

l'll pay you double your fee.

l've forsaken attachment
to worldly objects long ago.

Am l singing the national anthem...
that you're standing here?

Jai Hind!

'How many times have l told you?'

'Big game means bigger risk.'

'l want big money and that too quickly.'

'Eight million in 40 minutes,
we're going to hit a jackpot.'

'When fate takes back,
it takes everything.'

'lt's a risk.'

'Please say yes. Please.'

'Now open your little
book of borrowings..'

'..and add 15,000 against
my name and go home.'

'l'll follow soon.
- Fine.'

'Your debt's increasing.'

'You'll have to return it.'

lf you don't help me, l'll kill you.

Then kill me tomorrow morning..

..in front of people.

At least you'll be famous.

l want to take revenge on
the person who killed my Raghav.

Raghav took care of
me like his own child.

He was my elder brother.

Varda killed him
and made me an orphan.

l am all alone on this path.

Help me.

Help me or else l'll kill you.

Help me..

Come on, get up.

You even denied that you were Yogi..

..so what made you change your mind?

My threat?

lt's neither because of
your charade nor your money.

And...l don't like pupils
who ask too many questions.

Remember that.

Great! So you have proclaimed
yourself as my teacher.

lf you don't accept
me as your teacher..

..then you'll never get my wisdom.

Pick up my bags,
lock the doors and follow me.

Will you keep ferrying
me around like a porter..

..or teach me something
about big games?

For a big game you need...patience.

lf you run after a butterfly,
you'll never catch it.

Sit in one place quietly,
and it'll land on your shoulder.

Fine, keep twisting the subject.

l know how to twist a lot of things.

You want to learn big games,
don't you?

Come on.

- Yes.

Give me a cigarette.

l can make this cigarette roll..

..without even touching it.

So you'll be showing me tricks?

Should l gather a crowd?
- No.

Eyes and concentration
on this cigarette.


Have you ever waved your hand..

..in front of the TV screen?

Your hair stand up.


That's called static electricity.


Static electricity.

Now watch the fun
of static electricity.

Look here.



The first rule of a big game..

..they should see what you
want them to see.

But will happen as you want.

Did you make this rule?


Mithilesh Kumar Shrivastav did.

Who is he?

He's the one who sold the Red Fort,
Taj Mahal..

..and the Parliament
along with all the MPs.

The great...Natwarlal.

We've to see if you're worthy
of playing big games or not.

Your test begins now..

So much money?

Oh, Lord.

We'll have to inform the police.

And the police will return
it to its rightful owner?

Mr. Honesty, we've found the cash.

Let's share it amongst us.

He's right, let's share it.

No, that would be stealing.

And whether anyone's
watching us or not..

..but my Lord's watching.

He will never forgive me.

Okay, l've an idea.

One of us will keep
this money for a few days.

lf no one comes claiming the money,
then it's ours.

What do you say?
- He's right.

Why one of you?

l've just met you.
l don't even know you.

And forgive me,
but you clearly look treacherous.

No, l'll keep it.

That anointment on your forehead..

..doesn't prove you're honest.

Neither you nor me..

You keep it.

How can we trust him?

For security sake..

..you give us Rs. 5000
each from your pocket.

Rs. 5000, in return of this..

l don't have Rs. 5000.
- See.

How much do you have?

l have Rs. 2000.

Rs. 2000?

lt's okay, its only security.

Rs. 1000 each.



This morning l left
with an empty pocket..

..and now l've Rs. 75,000 in front of me.

This is called fate.

He s**t it out.


Ask him what you want.


Hold on.

How do you know there's
exactly Rs. 75,000 in the box?

Come on.

You've ruined it,
now clean up the mess.

Hold on, l'll be right back.

Just a second.

You failed the first test.

When the game's big..

..then you should stick to the plan.

ln big games nothing changes
from start to end, get that.

Fine Teacher,
but you haven't told me yet..

..the reason behind your agreement.

Sorry, sorry, it was a mistake.

l won't ask again.

Come on.


Who is it?

Darling, you were supposed
to bring him to us.

You forgot?

What about our cut?

l told you l don't know where he is.

Witch, stop pretending.

Tell us. Tell us.

Come on.

Let her go, Salvi.

lf she doesn't know, she doesn't know.

But she can find out where's Raja.

Call him.

Call him, come on.

Put it on speaker.

Take her phone.

Give me your phone.

We'll trace him.

Then we'll definitely find him.

Thank you.

ls there a problem?

No, and her name's Zia.

Love and family...

...is not for people like us, get it?

Don't ever harbor any relation..

..that you can't break in an instant

Can you get this food for free?


l've built this health by
eating free food in big restaurants.


Let's see.

Hey, come here.

You failed the second time as well.

lf you hadn't tipped
off the waiter, then..

lf not me, someone else would have.

Confidence does make the game lively..

..but over-confidence gets you killed.

ln a big game,
you need to cover every angle.

You've to stay 10 steps ahead.

You could've have
taught me this rule..

..without getting me beaten up.
- No.

A lesson learned through
pain is always remembered.

Wisdom's fine, but do you have a plan?

First...we make a team.


Then we'll make a plan.

Hey, what's wrong with him?



Where is he going.

l see.

l see. That means your exile's over.
l'm coming.

What's he doing?

Hello, sir. House-keeping.

l am busy in a meeting.
We'll talk later.

Did she call again?
- Yes.





Who's the victim this time?

Varda Yadav.

The chairman of Yadav United Group.

He started with small
cheatings at the stock market.

Then he robbed the common man using..

.. influence,
greed, punishment and exploiting.

He settled down in Cape Town..

..before the government
could lay their eyes on him.

He comes to lndia silently..

..and meets only a handful of people.

Sharp, cynical and dangerous.

Owns millions,

but keeps account of every penny.

That means it's difficult
to bell this cat.

Every man has a weakness.

And Varda's human after all.

Call it his passion,
hobby or weakness.

This man has only one obsession,
and that's cricket.

He wanted to buy a team
at the first season of CL 20.

But he couldn't even get close..

..to the office of the
All lndia Cricket Association.

His dreams couldn't be fulfilled..

..because of his black-money.

So the poor guy buys
cricketer gloves..

..and bats at every auction.

And there's a similar
auction in Cape Town next week.

And it's biggest attraction is..

..the 2011 World Cup
final's winning ball.

And Varda will definitely go there.

And we'll take complete advantage..

..of Varda's madness.

We won't let him get
his hands on this ball.

That's the hook, our first step.

The ball's just the beginning.

But what's the entire plan?


ln the coming CL 20 World Cup..

..we'll sell a cricket
team to Varda for 100 crores..

..which never existed, and never will.

That's the plan.

Ask him to call me tomorrow.

Sir, l've brought a
collector's edition bat.

You'll love it.

Sir Don Bradman's bat.

ln the first test
of 1937 of the Ashes..

..Sir Don made a
century with this bat.

Anyone could've paid me
a handsome price for this bat..

..but l thought you have
the first right on this masterpiece.

Because...you're the best
assessor for such things, sir.


Sir, only for you...five million only.


Excellent, sir.

Sit, sit.

l've Bradman's bat, Walia.

ln the 1st test of
1937's Ashes series..

..Sir Bradman made 37
runs in the first innings.

And zero in the second innings.


His bat weighed...

...two pounds...

...four ounces.

lt's not just my hobby..

..l have complete
knowledge about it.

Do you know how he dared..

..to come here and
sell me this fake bat?

Because everyone in the market knows..

..that someone's pinched
Varda Yadav's pocket.

And is still alive.

The first one's dead.

And the second one?

The other one has left the city,
l'll deal with it.

You kill him.

You find him and you kill him.

Where are you going?
- To play football.

To his problem.

Love, family, affection..

lt's a sea of fire,
and one has to drown to get across.

You can drown,
but l will not help you if you do.

l'll watch you from
the shore and enjoy.

Where were you?

Why didn't you tell me?

l called you so many times.

You didn't even answer my calls.

Forgive me.

l'll explain everything
to you at the right time.

Hey, come here.

l'll come back to you soon.

l promise.

Where's the girl that was dancing?


Singh was here, Raja.

He's looking for you like a madman.

He'll trace you out from anywhere.

Did he do anything to you?

l cannot leave you here. Come on.

Where...where are we going?
- l'll tell you.

Both the girl and
the boy have disappeared.

Sir, that Raja has switched
off his phone and taken off.

And that fraudster Bengali
Bose is with him too.

And that girl, the queen of bars Zia.

She took off too.

But she took a different flight.

But all of them have
gone to the same place.

Cape Town.

We can't afford
rickshaws in this town.

And they took a flight to Cape Town?


lsn't Varda also there?
- Yes, sir.

Something's cooking.

Don't let your pain show.

Turn it into your strength.

l don't want to forget this pain.

You won't understand.

l agreed to come here, because..

..l wanted to see my
brother's murderer in person.

Raghav was my brother.

Don't fall prey to your emotions.

The calmer you are..

..the sweeter will be the revenge.

Come on...

...it's time.


Our first beauty is Sehwag's bat,
which has been autographed by him.

Bidding starts at 10,000 dollars.

Do l hear 15?

15,000 dollars, ladies and gentlemen.

Do l hear 20?

20,000 dollars.
- 25,000.


Hello...l am Viraj Shah from Africa.

Do l hear 30, ladies and gentlemen?

30,000 dollars.


35,000 dollars, ladies and gentlemen.

40,000 dollars.

40,000 once.

40,000 twice.

40,000 thrice.

Sold to the gentleman
in the blue suit.

You know...Sehwag is my friend.

Whenever he comes to Africa..

..he leaves behind
five-six such pieces.


l am happy for you.

Congrats. Congrats.


Who is this?

Who? You've gone there to pull a con.

No, no, sir...l'm here with Raja..
- Settle down?

Raja's out there to
play a game with Varda.

With his con-group.

Didn't he tell you?

That's why he put you
on a different flight.

He must have told you something.

Tell me or it won't take
me long to kill you two.

How do l look?

l thought since we're in Cape Town..

..we'll live in style.

Come in.

So you freshen up.

Order some food if you like.

And yes, like l said
l've a friend in Cape Town.

l just need to go meet him.

Just for a few hours.

l'll be..
- Which friend?

What's his name?

Where does he live?

How many times are you
going to lie to me, Raja?

l know everything.

Mumbai's dangerous.

We'll start afresh in Cape Town.

So is this your new beginning?

You've come here to take
revenge on Varda Yadav.

Zia, you would've never come
here if l had told you the truth.

And there was threat
to your life in Mumbai.

Yes, l want revenge from Varda.

Because he snatched
my brother from me.

You've lost your mind.

What if he recognizes you?

Zia, he's never seen me so
how can he possibly recognize me?

Nothing will happen to me, l promise.

This plan..

l've to go..
- What plan? What plan?

What plan are you talking about?

Cancel all your plans now!
- Nothing can be done now.

We're so close.

l can't cancel it now.
l have to go.

l won't let you go anywhere.

Zia, don't be stubborn.

Raja, you're going back with me now.

You won't listen this way.
- Listen to me.




Our next item is Zaheer Khan's shoes.

Bidding starts at 20,000 dollars.


25,000 dollars, ladies and gentlemen.

Do l hear 30,000 dollars?

25,000 going once.

25,000 going twice.

l hear 30,000 dollars!

Do l hear a raise?

30,000 once.

30,000 twice.

30,000 thrice.

Sold to the gentleman
in the blue suit, again.

That's called getting the boot.

That too worth 2 million.

Your boss might have money..

..but he has no brains!

Just give me a moment.
- Sure.


There's a problem.

The police are here, talk to them.

Yes, this is the crime branch.

The World Cup winning ball..

..which you're auctioning
in Cape Town is fake.

What? Are you sure?

lt's confirmed news.

Some imposters have replaced
the real ball with a fake one.

Stop the auction immediately.

Now the item you all
have been waiting for.

The prized World
Cup Final winning ball.

Ladies and gentlemen,
due to unforeseen circumstances..

..we're taking the ball off the bid.

This concludes the auction.

Thank you.

Like l said, sir.

l'll get it off the
auction and get it for you.

Sir, that's the..

Not yet.

You're displaying it so openly.

At least you should've
brought it in a bag.

Take the ball.

Pay him.
- You'll get it.

Sorry, sir.

Remember one thing clearly.

You won't tell Varda anything
about the cricket team.

And say only what you've been taught.

Don't fail like you
did in your first test.

Don't talk too much and expose us.

lf you remind me of that,
l'll forget everything.


Varda Yadav!

Mithilesh Kumar.

How did you get the ball?



Varda sir, l've many
friends on the cricket board.


Excuse me.

What are you doing here?
- Raja, come with me to the room right now.

l am in a meeting.
l can't come now.

Raja, you don't know.

The man you're targeting,
he's no ordinary guy.

He's Varda Yadav.

The man you've targeted
is no ordinary guy.

He's Varda Yadav.


No need to look around.

Everyone will disperse on
hearing the gunshot.

She was scared because she knows..

..l'm doing this job
for Africa's tycoon Viraj Shah.

He wants to ruin you
by taking the ball, sir.

He will ruin me?

By taking the ball?

Call the auction committee, Walia.

Sir, please don't do that.

Losing this ball is
a very small loss for you.

But if you call the committee, then..

Sir, please.


Then an important deal of mine
with Viraj will get cancelled.

lmportant deal?


l can't tell you sir. lt's top secret.

l am sorry.

Sir, please sir.
Please don't call them. l beg you.

Please sir.

Sir.. Fine l'll tell you.

Hang up. Hang up the phone.

The cricket board is
launching a new team in CL20.

And l'll make Viraj its owner.

The owner of a CL T20 team...
a drunk Gujarati?

Forget it Walia.

Give him my best regards.

Go on.


Why did you let him go?

Have l ever done anything
without reason, Walia?

Keep an eye on both him and the girl.

l am perfectly fine

l've handled Varda.

But please be with me.

Because l can't fight
so many battles together.

And give me a smile.

You look really ugly when you cry.

Shall we?

''Fill every page of
love...with your heart.''

''Make every moment
today...better than yesterday.''

''After meeting you,
l found my myself.''

''l learnt loyalty from you.''

''You were the one
who taught me...to dream.''

''Sometimes spiritual, sometimes romantic...
that's how you make me feel.''

''Sometimes spiritual, sometimes romantic...
that's how you make me feel.''

There's no need to keep an eye on him.

He's enjoying the
safari with that girl.

''You're like my thoughts.''

''And l am like your feelings.''

''My wish is to fulfill
all my promises.''

''How do l express
how much l love you?''

''l was always yours,
still am and will always be.''

''lf God hears my prayers, all l'll wish for...
is that l never separate from you.''

''Sometimes spiritual..''

''Fill every page of love...
with your heart.''

''Make every moment
today...better than yesterday.''

Raja, let's get married.

A small hint..

..and a girl thinks she's got lucky.

Next time you think
of getting married then..

..forget about it

You're the only one l have.

Varda's men were after us.

So l was just trying
to shake them off my tail.

Why...why bring her along?

Because the police are after her.


How did the police get involved?

lnspector Singh.

After that night he's after
those four million rupees.

And now Zia's life is in danger.

And now she will
pose as a threat to us.

l've told you before that
you can't win battles..

..with wives and girlfriends in tow.

You have a good time.

You can stick to kissing..

..avenging Raghav's
death isn't your cup of tea.

Don't talk about Raghav.

He is the one who taught
me to abide by relations.

You took so long to even
disclose your relation with him.

l am sorry for wasting
everyone's time.

Forget about Varda..

.. he can't even fool us.

l provoked him the right way.

The fish has taken the bait.

Varda called sometime back.

Look into my eyes and say it.

Bad idea.

l normally lie that way.

Varda's called me tomorrow morning.

l am guessing he wouldn't
have called me for breakfast.

Let's assume it's true..

..but still, you made a
mistake by bringing the girl here.

And you'll have to rectify it.

l've handled them for now.

l told them that Varda had called.

So did Varda call?


Enough, Raja.

l can't take this anymore.

ln order to achieve your retribution..

..you must put an
end to this relationship.

Till today l've only
borrowed from people.

Now it's time to give back.

lt's time to payback Raghav.

Because only the body
gets distroyed on the pyre..

..not the debts.

But today you've to choose
between me or this job.

Okay, go ahead.

Just fire them Walia.

Labor commission...

We'll take care of
them with a commission.

He's reached till here...for a safari?

How dare he?

Tell the security
to show him in politely.

There's a front gate
in this house as well.

Big entries are never
made by the front gate sir.

l wanted to meet you without waiting.

l got it for Viraj, but took it back.

l can get you the
cricket team as well.

You've changed sides overnight.

Sir...he can stab us
in the back as well.

One has to backstab a few
people on the path to success.

Whom to stab, and whom to spare..

..that's the catch.



Tell me the process.

The cricket board is
launching a new team in CL 20.

lmportant people
are going to bid for it.

From getting you on that list..

..to getting you the team,
l can do everything with a snap.

Whom do you know in AlCA?

Shiraz Patel from
the governing council.

l never heard that name before.

Let's check.

Are you really...?

You've already lost millions in
an effort to own a team once before.

How can this rookie get us a team?

When the rookie arrives
at the 16th position..

..it becomes the minister.

Let's see...

...how far he gets us.

Fix a meeting with Shiraz Patel.

Day after tomorrow at 10am,
in the AlCA office.

Sir, it's an unofficial meeting.

We might not be able
to do it in the office.

lf we can't...

...then no deal.

Okay, sir...l'll try.

No...call him now, right now.


- Yes, Patel sir.

How are you?

l want to introduce
you to a new party.

ls he in front of you?

Forget about Viraj.

This party's better.

So how about day after
tomorrow morning at your office.

No, not day after tomorrow.

Not day after tomorrow, it's too soon.

Delay him by two-three days.

Hold on.

He says Viraj's offering 10 million.

He never listens.

lf you can offer 10.5..
- Done.

Have you sworn never
to think before speaking?

Done, sir.

So day after tomorrow,
sharp at 10 am in your office.

Okay. Done.



He s**s wherever he finds a good spot.


He's never learnt to listen.

Always putting us in trouble.

Day after tomorrow..

How can we arrange a meeting at such
a short notice in the AlCA office?

l don't know.

Sometimes l feel like letting him die.

But then l feel...

...he's one of us.

We'll have to find a way.

No one's heard about Mithilesh Kumar.

A real fixer is never
seen or heard of.

We stay behind the curtain.

lf you waste my time..

..then you won't be worth anything.

Neither behind nor
in front of the curtain.

Good morning, AlCA.
- Hello, can l speak to Mr. Guha please?

Calling from Times of lndia.

Sure, please hold the line.

Good morning, AlCA.
Can l speak to Aniket Banerjee please?

Yes, please hold the line.

Good morning, AlCA.

Hi, can l speak to Nikhil Shirodkar.

Sorry, Shirodkar sir has
left for Chennai today.

Oh ho..

Thank you.

lt's done.

We are here for pest control in
Mr. Shirodkar sir's office.

Let's see..

But l don't see any appointment
or entry in your name..

Fine, you can call Shirodkar sir.

Disturb him.

Fine, tell me where do l need to sign?

Name and signature.

- Patel, sir.

We're arriving in five minutes.

Ma'am, courier for Kamal Sinha.

But there's no one here by that name.

But, ma'am, the address is right.

The address is right,
but the name's wrong.

Please check it once.

l'm telling you..

Madam, l'll have to come back again.

Please take a look once again, please.

Fine, what name did you say?

Kamal Sinha.

Sinha. Sinha. Sinha.

- That's Raman Sharma.

- That's Kamal Qureshi.

This way.

Shiraz sir, how are you?

Varda sir, this is Shiraz.

You go. Go on.

You give me a day's ultimatum..

..and ask me to fix a meeting here?

Sir, l knew you would manage.
- l see.

And how do l manage Viraj?

Sir, we're paying extra.
- That's fine.

But it's not about the money.

Actually, this time the team owner is being
chosen from amongst the top people.

Who could be bigger than Varda sir?

Think, understand..

Yes, that's true.

You've never recommended
any ordinary person.

Fine, l'll talk to Mr. Sehgal.

You will?

He doesn't have time. Talk to him now.

you always force me to do things.

Yes, Shiraz.

Mr. Sehgal.

How about a bidder from South Africa?

l think that's a very good idea,
Shiraz. Welcome them.

So Mr. Varda Yadav is interested.

Wait, did you say Varda Yadav?

That tall, lanky fellow.

No, no, no,
he's a third class fraud man.

His fortune is illegitimate.

He's already been rejected
once because of his reputation.

l guess this time
he's trying through you.

l know...gift him a
stump on our behalf..

..and tell him to stick
it wherever he wants.


But Mr. Sehgal,
Mr. Yadav's profile has changed.

Still, l'll check everything.

l can't trust him,
Shiraz, but anyway..

..check his bank statements
and tax returns thoroughly.

Make no mistakes, okay.
- Yes sir.

And one second..

Did you talk to the
Videotronic's people?

Sir, can l call you later about this?

Thank you, sir.

At least provide
us with your financials.

l'll think about it.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Shirodkar sir.

There's pest-control
going on in your office.

l see?
- Yes.

l'll go get my diary.

Sorry, sorry..


There was a notice outside.

Didn't you read?

What is this?
ls this an office or a public toilet?

Everyone's just barging in here.

This is not the way to work.

This is not the way to work.


You bloody traitor! Wait.

Bloody cheater. Come out.

Come on.

Bloody ba****d. come out.

Come out bloody traitor...come out.

Wasn't that a bit too much?


The last part.
Running after the car.

l guess l'm getting
influenced by Raja.

ln the process of teaching him,
l am also learning from him.

Fantastic! Fantastic! Progress.

Foreign travel and return.

Darling, you promised to
tell me everything in three days..

..and left on a honeymoon with him.

But l am not angry.

Now tell me what's going on there.

l don't know.

l see...you got divorced?

Okay, we won't speak to her anymore.

Take this.

Now...call Varda.

And tell him that the
Raja he's looking for..

..is in his own city.

And he's trying to swindle him.

No. Please, no.

Don't call Varda.

l'll tell you anything and
everything l learn about Raja.

But Raja shouldn't get harmed.

Mithlesh Kumar Shrivastav.


Whenever l make a cheque,
l always think..

..twice if l am being swidled.

Take my advice.

You can forget the people
who have stuck by you in your pain..

..but never forget
those who caused it.

l never forget either, sir.

By the way, where did you
say that fool was a tycoon of?



Send Jagan to Liberia.

l want a complete
biography of Viraj Shah.


Call up Hazari from Videotronics.



- Varda sir.

What made you call me today?


l just got news that you're
bidding for the CL 20 team.

Which team?

Ahmedabad team.

CL 20's Ahmedabad team?

Yes, sorry.

Varda sir, l am sorry.
l cannot discuss this with you.

But why are you asking?

Sorry, l can't discuss that either.

Thank you.

He said everything
without saying anything.

Prepare all the documents.

And divert all funds to a new account.

Varda sir.

Don't break your own rules
for your love of cricket.

Cricket isn't an obsession
Walia, it's a medium.

And l am obsessed about..

..what l'll achieve through Cricket.

Viraj's bid is 490 crores.

So yours should be 500, sir.

And day after tomorrow,
you will have to..

..give a banker's cheque worth
100 crores in the name of AlCA.

And then, two days later..

..you will be the owner of a new team.

Okay, sir. See you.

The fish has taken the bait.


Now Varda will attend
our fake auction.

And hand us a cheque worth 100 crores,
that too with a smile.

Now there's no room
for any mistake, okay?


l know l said...
that l'll stay away from you.

l tried also but..

Can we meet?

Yes.. Yes, l am coming.

''We met just yesterday,
then why do l feel.''

''that its been ages.''

''Now tell me...what you know..''

''How will l live without you?''

''The sanctuary of
your arms...feels so safe.''

''lt's a safe haven.''

''l want to stay here, in your refuge.''

''As long as l want to live.''

''l'll be yours.''

''The heart's adamant.''

''l'll be yours.''

''l am passionate about you.''

''Hide my dreams in your eyes.''

''Don't let the world shatter them.''

''And then shape my
fate in any way you like.''

''You are my courage.''

''You're the reward of my love.''

''l can never live without you.''

''l'll be yours.''

''The heart's adamant.''

''l'll be yours.''

''l am passionate about you.''

What are you thinking?

l wish there was a way..

..to separate your past from you.

That night it wasn't
just Raghav who died.

We died too.

lf those events hadn't
occurred that night..

..then we would be living
our life on our own terms.

We will...

...it's just a matter of two days.

But what are you going to do?

Two days later there's a fake auction.

We're going to sell Varda
a team for a 100 crores..

..which doesn't even exist.

And for that, Varda will give us a
banker's cheque for a 100 crores.


Sir, let's tell Varda.

And anyway, we'll get rewarded.


This game's become worth 100 crores.

Let them do the hard work.

We'll reap the reward.

But, sir...what good is a
100 crore banker's cheque to us?

Banker's cheque is as good as cash.

Whoever makes the deposit,
gets the cash.

But sir,
it will be in the name of AlCA.

What good is that to us?

lf Raja can open a fake account,
so can we.

Now this girl will
tell us when and where.

We'll stage a fake
raid on this fake auction.

But it will look real.

But before getting
to the police station..

..the cheque will disappear.

We'll keep Raja safe
as long as the game's on.

After that.. Finish!

l am missing Raghav today.

lf he had been here..

Was he your student too?

Not just my student,
he was also my target.

First target.

He was around 9-10 years old,
and l was 1 4-15.

l sold him a black-n-white TV..

..saying that it's a color TV.

Very sweet boy.

Very sweet.

l thought one day
l'd return his money.

But l never got the chance.

Then why did you two part ways.

First...find this Mithilesh Kumar.

Varda's handed you a bomb..

..and if this doesn't clear,
it will explode on or faces.


You're working with Yogi?

l know he's his elder brother.

But do you know why
Raghav hid this fact..

..that he had a brother?

That Yogi's a big cheat.

He'll change colors in the end.

A man who couldn't
be loyal to his own brother..

..can never be loyal to anyone.

What happened between them?


Where's Raja?

l don't know. He looked worried.

He was saying he had
to find out something.

He's gone to Raghav's place.



What took you so long?

And how did you get hurt?

There are few more wounds.

lt was Varda's hitman!

Varda's hitman?

He saw you?

Earlier on, l listened to my heart,
instead of the head.

l won't do it now.

This game ends here.

lt's over.

How long have you been planning
to leave me at the verge?

What? What?

That's your nature.

Leaving your kin
when you're needed most.

That's what you did
with Raghav as well.

That's why you get uncomfortable
every time you hear his name.

You sent your brother
behind bars to save yourself.

And when you couldn't find peace..

..you ran off to a Dharamshala
to atone for your sins.

How long will you keep
running from this truth?

l am not running from any truth.

Raghav broke the rules of the game.

He had to pay the price.

You've broken the rules as well..

..and you will have
to pay the price too.

l can severe ties,
but can never break rules of the game.

You can think what you want.

For me this game's over.

The game ends only when you play it..

..not if you quit in between.

l'm indebted to Raghav...
just like you are.

Life's giving you another opportunity,
don't blow it.

Or you will regret it.

l will go there tomorrow.

With or without you.

- Cheque.

Today l'll achieve my goal..

And our dreams.

Raja, no matter what happens.

l am always with you.


Sir, he just told me.

The auction is at 11 :30 am
at the Clarkson's Ballroom.

But, sir...Raja should be unharmed.


Come on.

Overtake, and take us to Clarkson's.

The first bid is..

Keep this here.

ls the lighting proper?

Did you check everything?
Wear your coat, we don't have time.

- Your tie.

Check your ties. Everyone.



All set? With confidence. Confidence.


Sir, in this auction,
the AlCA president..

Sahil Sehgal isn't present?

He suddenly fell ill.

SMS from Patel sir.

And now l would like to request

Mr Shiraz Patel, the honorary joint secretary of

to start opening the bids.

l am proud to say, that this year..

..the CL 20 didn't just get better..

..but also bigger
with the Ahmedabad team.

Without wasting anymore
time l'll open the bids.

The 3rd offer is from MKB Group,
485 crores.

l don't see anyone from Videotronics.

Sir, they aren't bidding today.
- Why?

Patel sir must have done something.

4th bid is from Mr. Varda Yadav.

Yadav United Group.

And his offer is for 500 crores.

And the last bid is by Mr. Viraj Shah.


And his offer is for 490 crores.

So the new owner
of the Ahmedabad team..

..is Mr. Varda Yadav.

Sir, there's no one by the
name of Viraj Shah in Liberia.

l would like to request
Mr. Varda Yadav to come on stage.

There is no Viraj Shah in Liberia.

Sir, l'd said Libya not Liberia.

Mr. Yadav, please.

They're calling you.

l clearly heard, you said Liberia.

Liberia, Libya,
what difference does it make?

Ahmedabad team's new owner, Mr. Yadav.

Please, sir, otherwise Viraj
will become the team's owner.

Later you can take his address
when you congratulate him.

Please, sir.

The new owner of Ahmedabad team,
Mr. Varda Yadav, please join me on stage.

Congratulations, Mr. Yadav.

The 1st installment cheque, Mr. Yadav.

Guard the doors.


Catch him!

Varda sir.

No one's selling any team here.

This is a fake auction.
You're being fooled.

Hand over the cheque. Come on.
- l don't have it, he does.

Do you have the cheque?
- Yes.

Where's the cheque?

Where's the cheque?

Where's my cheque?
- Varda sir.

Catch everyone.
- Where's my cheque?

l'll handle him.

Excuse me, sir.

What happened, sir?
- Hello.

You don't know what
you've gotten yourself into.


Sir, they've all disappeared.

l can't believe this.

Sir, don't worry. This is my area, sir.
- You couldn't catch even one?

l'll find all of them.

Were they doing a magic show inside?

Sir, l'll find them, this is my area.


40 people were inside.

You...weren't you inside?

Be honest or l'll kill you.

Excuse me.
- Weren't you in there?

You were in there.

Where is my cheque?

What cheque, sir? What cheque?

There were 40 people inside.

l'll buy this bloody hotel,
do you understand?

Stop him.

Stop him.

Shut him up.

Sir, please.

Cancel the cheque.


The cheque can't be cancelled.

lt's a banker's cheque you fool,
it can't be cancelled.

l don't even know in which branch..

..of which bank has it been put into.

The phone's ringing.

lt's yours.

Salvi, ask him to shut up.

Hello, Mr. Varda Yadav.
- Yes, speaking.

l am speaking from HDMC bank.

This is a confirmation call.

Did you issue a banker's
cheque for 100 crores?

Yes... please hold that cheque.

Look, sir, this is a case of cheating.
- Cheating?

Someone cheated me.

But you issued this, didn't you?
- lt's a fraud, sir. Please.

Okay, can you come to our branch?
- Yes, l'll be there.

Where's your branch?
- Colaba.

Yes, l'll be right there.

Where's the branch manager?


Varda Yadav.

Yes sir, please have a seat.

Sir, l think we've lost the cheque.

What will we do now?

Don't worry, Salvi.

That millionaire Varda's on our side.

We'll definitely do something.
Open the door.

Raja, you rascal.

You think you're a conman.

Who tipped you off?

Sir, tell the lover-boy.

The sweetheart you
squander your money on..

..she tipped us off.


Here's your cheque.
l've got it cancelled.

One more thing.

You gave them your bank papers,
didn't you?

This means your financial
details have been leaked.

My advice is that you
freeze all your accounts.

Where are you, you baboon?

Tell us.

l should've killed you long ago.

He was the second partner of the two.

Murder in front of the police.

What is all this?

ls he with you?

Dispose off the body...
you will get your reward.

Nothing happened here, get it?

Lock it.

What about the cheque?

What happened to the
100 crore banker's cheque.

Varda got hold of it.

Here you go.

Come here.

Varda isn't destined to lose,
he didn't know that.

Tried to kill me?


Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.

There's a problem in checking out.

Your credit card's being declined.

Yes, so..
Walia, handle him.

What happened?

There's a problem.



So we won?

lt's not a small win.

We got all the money, 1500 crores..

lt's all ours.


There's no difference in
making a 10 rupee cigarette roll..

..or swindling 1500 crores.

Behind every fraud,
every con there are three steps.

First step is claim.

'l can make this cigarette
roll without touching it.'

'l can get you the cricket team.'

Something that sounds impossible.

But the heart says.


'Cricket board is launching
a new team in CL 20.'

'From getting your
name on that list..'

'..to getting you the team,
l can do that with a snap.'

And this is what attracts the prey.

'Whom do you know in the AlCA office?'

'Shiraz Patel from
the governing council.'

Second step is story.

Tell your prey a story
which he's convinced of.

'Have you ever waved your
hand in front of the TV screen?'

'Your hair stand up.'

'lt's called static electricity.'

'Mr. Sehgal,
how about a bidder from South Africa?'

And he can't think of
anything beyond the story.

And even if he's suspicious,
he doesn't pay any heed it.


'Varda sir, l am sorry.'

'l cannot discuss this with you.'

'He said everything
without saying a word.'

'Prepare all the documents..'

'..and transfer all
the funds in a new account.'

'Your Raja is out there
playing games with Varda.'

'Why did you have to bring her along?'

'Because the police are after her.'

But this is a big game.

Anything can happen here.

So, you need to think 10 steps ahead,
and keep an eye on every move, every angle.

'You made a big mistake
bringing the girl here.'

'So you will have to rectify it.'

'lnvolve Zia in our plan.'

'You will have to choose
between me or this job.'

'There's another way.'

'The police are after Zia,
and we need the police.'

'lnspector Singh will meet
you in Mumbai to find out our plan.'

'And you will tell him the plan.'

'But l will tell you
how much to reveal, and when.'

'Can we meet?'

'Yes, l am coming.'

'Day after tomorrow
there's a fake auction.'

'We're going to sell Varda
a team for 100 crores..'

'..which doesn't exist.'

The police are right where we wanted.

You never know when, and where..

...someone might come in handy.

'Brother, l was saying..
- Don't advocate for him.'

'First ask him how he'll
take care of the hitman.'

'lf l can handle you,
l can handle anyone.'

3rd and final step.

A fantastic trap... where
you divert the prey's attention..

..to show him what's
not really going to happen.

And the prey will never
see what's really happening.

Congratulations, Mr. Yadav.

Varda only saw that this
was a game for 100 crores.


'Where's my cheque?'

'This is a cheating case.'

'Can you come to our branch?
- l'll be right there.'

'So he arrived at the fake bank
to stop payment on his cheque.'

'Here's your cheque.
l've got it cancelled.'

'And breathed a sigh of relief.'

'Please freeze all your accounts.'

'But if l freeze them,
then how will l do business?

'Then change the passwords
of your bank accounts..'

'..shares and stock accounts.'


'Give me the laptop.'

Varda's mind was on the team..

..and our eyes were
on his bank account.

But before he could breathe again..

..we siphoned his 1500
crores to our account.

As easy...as a blow.

- Mr. Varda Yadav?

Yes, Varda here.

Sir, this is Neha
calling from HDMC bank.

l just wanted to confirm..

..did you transfer 1500
crores to 15 different accounts?

Yes, l did.

Any problem?
- No, sir, it's just a confirmation call.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

The...the stocks and shares..

Sir. They are all gone.

How is it possible, Walia?

l am Varda Yadav.

Varda Yadav is destined...

Walia, l am Varda..

lt's not possible.

We do have our factories, don't we?

My shares and stocks.

l am not destined to lose.

How are you?

Here's the list of people..

..whose hard-earned
money Varda used..

..to erect his illegitimate empire.

They will all get their money
with interest back by this week.

First game...

...and you got hold of 1500 crores.

And you've even been declared dead.

You're the new Natwarlal of new lndia.

This wasn't possible without you.


This is your victory.

l abandoned Raghav
even when he was alive.

You held on to him
even after he was dead.

By the way, your rule of
not making any relations is wrong.

l made this relation, didn't l?


So shall we go home?


Now you have a reason
and the money to go home.

Only reason.

That's all l wanted.

Why? What happened to the money?

Spent it.

Spent it?

So what now?

New trick, new ploy...

...with another Varda.

This one.

l'll be right back, complete this.

''Will you date me, O single girl?''

''Will you have an affair with me,
O single girl?''

''l'll take you to Khandala for free.''

''Even inscribe 'Love You'
on a locket.''

''You can show it to everyone.''

''Come to me now..''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your... Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Move to the side now.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your... Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Move to the side now.''

''We'll go to a movie on Sunday.''

''We'll go for a bike ride too.''

''You can bunk college like me
if you say yes to me.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your... Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Move to the side now.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your... Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Move to the side now.''

''We'll use a single straw
and drink from the same coconut.''

''Drink from the same coconut.''

''We'll chat on the phone
late at nights and feel relieved.

''And feel relieved.''

''Will you give me your number,
O single girl?''

''Will you take my number,
O single girl?''

''l'll top-up your phone for free.''

''The ATM's in my pocket.''

''l'm all yours, so you be mine.''

''You can leave your friends.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your collar collar.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Move to the side now.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your collar collar collar back.''

''Back. Back. Back. Back. Back. Yeah.''



Three... Three... Three...four.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your collar collar...''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Move to the side now.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Flip your collar back.''

''Back. Back. Back. Back.
Back. Yeah.''

''Flip it man.''