Raja Jani (1972) - full transcript

Rajmata's grand-daughter, Ratna, has been missing since the age of 12. Ten years later she still has her people looking for her, and celebrates her birthday every year. Rajkumar Singh and Diwan Gajendra Singh conspire to hoodwink the Rajmata by getting a street dancer, Shanoo, to take her place - with considerable success. Rajmata is delighted to have her darling back with her, and prepares to hand over the crown as well as the keys to a vast treasure to her. She does not know that she is trusting an impostor, who will soon be turning her newly acquired treasure over to Rajkumar and the Diwan, and at the same time marry Rajmata's nephew, Pratap Bahadur.

'Dear, o dear.'

'Dear, o dear.'

'Dear, o dear.'

'Come fast and meet me:
our youth is passing by.'

'Dear, o dear.'

'To correct my bad fate..'

'Your one signal is enough.'

'For a lover's heart to die..'

'Your little support is enough.'

'I will spend and sacrifice
my life for you.'

'Dear, o dear.'

'Dear, o dear.'

'With your picture in my eyes..'

'..I am looking for
you on roads.'

'In your street, your
crazy lover..'

'..is selling his
heart for cheap.'

'Make this deal. Take my
heart and give yours.'

'Dear, o dear.'

'Dear, o dear.'

Sit down, Imartilal.

Darling, why do you wait and
go hungry for me every day?

Eat the meal.

What wonderful Biryani! You
call it Jehangiri Biryani, right?

What good smell! Here, eat some.



Sir, you did not eat
properly today.

I had cooked very good food.

Yes, you had cooked
very good food.

That Jehangiri Biryani
was so good..

..it would have pleased
king Jehangir in heaven.

Go and eat some. - Don't know
what's wrong with my hunger.

Before going to sleep
I was very hungry.

And now after waking up I
feel my stomach is full.

Jai Ram Ji Ki (greetings),

You've done a favor
on Lord Ram..

..by calling him in the morning.

Now in Lord's name
give me a day off.

This drinking problem of yours..

Motilal, I drank a bit
too much last night.

Wow! Very good! You drink
to get a high every night.

In the morning you drink to
get out of the hang over.

And in the afternoon..
- Take the telephone.

Hallo. Greetings, Mr.
Diwan. I see.

Mr. Diwan is asking whether
he can come now.

Don't let such unlucky people..

..come here so early
in the morning.

Tell him I will meet
him at the hotel.

Mr. Diwan, sir is
busy with Pooja.

You don't need to come here. He
will meet you at the hotel.

Tell me what the news is.
- Well, the news is bad.

I know that. You never remember
me when it's good news.

Raja, we're running out of time.

The plan you'd showed me..

..if you won't complete that
scheme soon, we'll lose it.

Her Highness has prepared
the will.

If she won't find her
lost grand daughter..

..property worth crores of rupees
will go to the temple trust.

Couldn't you find any
girl whom we could..

..present and prove to her
as her grand daughter?

Raja, perhaps you don't
realize that..

..at the rate of 30% share,
you're going to get 2.5 crores.

What are you thinking?

- I am not thinking: I
am counting, Mr. Diwan.

That at the rate of 70% share,
how much are you going to get?

I will increase your share..

..first find out some
girl whom we can trust.

I know it is a matter
of few seconds..

..for you to make
a living man dead.

But I am to make a
dead person alive.

Won't I take some time?

I wish fate would bring me
across a girl whose age..

..is 20 years now, like the
dead princess Ratna would be.

And that girl should
have a beauty spot..

..below the neck, exactly
where princess Ratna had.

But such miracles don't happen..

..without the blessings
of deities.

The problem is that the deities
know how pious people we are.

You never stop joking.

But, Raja, this matter
is very serious.

Because Her Highness is above
70 years of age now.

She's like a dying flame.
Can die any moment.

Don't worry about the
life of Her Highness.

Wherever you might be, I wish
you a happy 19th birthday, child.

Come, Rajmata (Your Highness).

12 years have passed by, priest.

How many days do I have to
face this bad luck yet?

When will I find my
dear grand daughter?

Have patience, Rajmata.

The moment of union
is approaching..

..like the shooting
star in the sky.

Priest, you've been saying
these words for last 12 years.

When will that shooting
star reach the earth?

Why do you forget that
Mother Goddess..

..came herself to Rajmata's
dream and blessed her..

..with a boon that princess
will return soon.

The words of goddess
are always true.

Pratap is still a child,
Mr. Pratap.

We cannot expect him to
be as patient as me.

He is also waiting
for her like I am.

They used to play together
when they were kids.

That's why I like to
see Pratap around me.

O, what inauspicious
moment that was..

..when I left to Prayag
for the Kumbh bath.

But.. but how did
all that happen?

Mr. Khan! - Yes? - You must
be knowing about it.

You were with them till
the last moment.

Sir, it had been only 3 days
after Rajmata had reached Prayag.

Our old enemy Tejasingh..

..sent us a false telegram
saying she was ill.

As soon as we got the telegram..

..His Highness left
for Prayag by car..

..with the princess
and the queen.

I was also with them.

We were having a good
time on the way..

..listening to the sweet
words of the princess.

The goons have attacked us.

Sir, please leave with the
queen and the princess.

I'll handle these robbers.

Himmat Singh, you cannot save
yourself from Tejasingh today.

- Kesar!

Kesar! Kesar! Kesar! Kesar!
- Mommy!


You shameless dog! Come
out and face me!

Why are you hiding over there?

Come out in open if you dare.

Papa! Papa!

Papa! Papa! Papa!

Mr. Diwan!
- Yes?

Distribute these things to the
poor in the name of Ratna.

As you order, Rajmata.

'In this fun fair of the world,
there is a girl.'

'A lonely girl named Shanno.'

'In this fun fair of the world,
there is a girl.'

'A lonely girl named Shanno.'

'Her cheeks are pink.
Her gait is graceful.'

'O ladies and gentlemen,
she greets every one.'

'In this fun fair of the world,
there is a girl.'

'A lonely girl named Shanno.'

'Dear me! Dear me! Every
one makes a pass at her.'

'Dear me! Dear me! Who
should she look at?'

'Everyone is her lover.'

'Everyone is her lover.'

'She looks in everyone's eyes.
She smiles at all.'

'It is her task to entertain
every one.'

'In this fun fair of the world,
there is a girl.'

'A lonely girl named Shanno.'

'People say that her
words are magical.'

'People say that they want to
pass nights under her eyes.'

'People say that..'

'She takes everyone's sleep.
She robs everyone's peace.'

'She has become the talk
of the town these days.'

'In this fun fair of the world,
there is a girl.'

'A lonely girl named Shanno.'

'See, this has become
a very good play.'

'See this good play.'

'Each person has fallen
in love with her smile.'

'Each person loves her smile.'

'Some wait for her. Some don't
wake up from her dreams.'

'As if each crazy lover
had become her slave.'

'In this fun fair of the world,
there is a girl.'

'A lonely girl named Shanno.'

'Her cheeks are pink.
Her gait is graceful.'

'O ladies and gentlemen,
she greets every one.'

'In this fun fair of the world,
there is a girl.'

'A lonely girl named Shanno.'

May Lord make you all kings
richer than king Moghul!

Salaam! Salaam! Salaam!

Live long, you pretty girl.
- Salaam! Salaam!

Keep amusing our
hearts like this.

Here, Shanno.
- Thank you, sir.

She makes my heart jump.

Hey Shanno!
- Hallo, sir.

Will you take this money to
be my queen for one night?

l'd rather give you money.

What happened, wrestler?

Rascal! - Wait, you witch!
You tore a 100 rupees note?

Let go of me, mother.

I will tear his tummy if he
doesn't call me sister.

Where are you running?
Rascal! Scoundrel!

Now call me sister in
front of this public.

Or I'll send you to hell.

Call her sister fast, or you'll
have to call her granny.

Forgive me, sister.
I made a mistake.

Not like that. Bow down at my
feet. - Forgive me. - Run away!

You silly girl!

If you mess with every one,
we will have to beg.

They are our providers.
- They might be yours.

She's never traded her dignity,
and she never will.

Let all the public of the
city understand that.

Everyone has understood.

Come now or the police will
arrest us. - C'mon.

You're out of your senses, Raja.

You gave me a trunk
call to come..

..all way long and
see this circus?

You're dreaming to..

..present this illiterate,
harsh girl as princess Ratna?

Cheers! - You're forgetting,
Raja, that when Ratna was..

..8 years old, she spoke
English better than European kids.

This girl will also
speak, Mr. Diwan.

And will speak the same way
princess Ratna used to speak.

Can a crow become a swan?

At that young age, that girl was
so polite, cultured and lovely.

..that every day people did
rites to cast off evil eyes.

Mr. Diwan, this girl will also
show etiquette. Leave that to me.

Just think if Ratna had
been alive today..

..would her face, complexion,
eyes look like this girl's or not?

Think till tomorrow. If you
find it ok, just call me up.

I'll come over. Bye.

Just answer this
before you leave.

Are you trying to gain the
wealth of Taragadh..

..through that girl
or are you planning..

..to get us into jail for life?

Don't insult me, Mr. Diwan.
My name is Raja.

And when Raja takes on a task,
it finishes before it starts.

Go to that kingdom relaxed.

And when I'll convince this
girl and make her princess Ratna..

..I will talk business to you.

It is impossible to make
this wild animal a human.

Nothing is impossible.

When you and me could turn
humans from monkeys..

..it is no big deal turning
this lovely animal to a princess.

I am crazy after you! Now eat
something from my hands.

No, not like that.

Live long! May you live
a thousand years!

Shanno darling, from
today onwards..

..my bungalow, this empire,
cars and servants are all yours.

From today you are my queen..
and I.. I am your slave.

Mother! Get up, mother. It's
time to leave from here.

Let's go home.
- Sit down!

We are not unfamiliar to him.

Let him jest with
you for some time.

Go and sit beside him.

But mother, he's talking of
his bungalow and empire.

Sir, go to bed now.

You'll feet completely ok when
you wake up next morning.

Sweetheart.. if you're here..
how can I feel sleepy?

If you come along, I can feel
sleepy. Come with me.

Back off, you dog!

Sister, send her
to my room fast.

I am losing this intoxication.

Bastard! You have the guts to
hit sir who owns a bungalow?

I will break your legs..
- Shame on you, mother!

That rascal was trying to
harass your daughter..

..in front of your eyes
and you kept watching?

Of course she would!

Your mother has taken
300 rupees from him.

Mother?! Being a mother you
traded your daughter's honor?

Your motherly love has died
for mere 300 rupees?

Don't talk rubbish to me.

Go in the room. And serve
the sir all night. Come on.

No, I will not do what
you want. Let go of me.

Father! Father, save Shanno.
- Leave your father. Go in.

Shanno may die, but she will
not sell her dignity.

C'mon! Go in.
- Where will you run? Go inside.

Now that's better! My darling,
come into my arms.

You've wounded my heart enough.

Sir.. sir.. Shanno is a very
decent girl. Have mercy on her.

Yes, I will show mercy.
First hug me.

Shanno, this distance
is not good now.

Sir, you are very rich.
God has given you a lot.

But Shanno is very poor. She
has nothing except her honor.

If her dignity is robed,
her life will be ruined.

So what if your life
is ruined once?

I will get you a life thousand
times better than this one.

First quench this thirst of
my heart and relieve it.

If you wish so, that's fine.

But at least let me fit my
blouse properly. - Yes.

Now that's sense.

What is all this? - I will
show you right now. Dog!

What are you doing?

You witch! Tried to act smart,
eh? - Leave me.

Come and hug me.
- Let me go!

Mr. Raja, that girl is very
smart. See, she injured me.

If this wound had been two inches
this side, I would have died.

Come inside. Why do you want
to die? We will die for you.

Come in.

Why are you scared? Come in.

Thank you very much, brother.
- Who are you calling brother?

You. Back off! She's my share.

You back off, too. You rascal!

Shanno can deal
with both of you.

If you try to play pranks on
me, I will tear off your belly.

Put away that dagger. We are
not poor: we have much money.

Here, take this as a token. -
Give that to mother and sister.

Move back!

Take the knife from her.

Let go of me.

Don't try to be smart.

My dear.

Here, take this. Take that, too.

Rascal! You bastard!

Come out here. - May Lord
always protect you, sir!

You saved the honor
of a girl today.

But how did you get into the
hands of these wicked people?

I was hanging outside the train.

Seeing me alone they
tried to harass me.

Don't, sir.

What do you do with such
a dangerous knife?

Nothing: Shanno cuts vegetables
and fruits with that.

Shanno? Who's Shanno? - Me. The
one standing opposite you.

That's my name.

Hey! There's blood on
this knife. How come?

Blood? No, sir, it is not
blood. It is tomatoes.

Shanno had cut and eaten
tomatoes last night.

Really? She's eaten tomatoes?
- Yes. - Ok, sit here.

But where is Shanno going
after eating tomatoes?

She.. where does this train go?
- To Mumbai.

Mumbai? Shanno also wants
to go to Mumbai.

Really? To meet whom?

Shanno has some relatives on
her father's side. To meet them.

Where do they live?

Well.. I don't know
their address.

If you don't know the address..

..where will you go at
2 o'clock in the night?

Will this train reach there
at 2 o'clock in the night?

Yes, it reaches at 2:15.

Do this. If you wish, you can
stay at my place till morning.

At your house? - Yes, if you
like it. And if you wish to.

I neither like it..
nor wish to. But..

Why do you want to kill me?

Who.. who are you?
- Your granny!

Open the door or I'll
cut you into pieces.

Imartilal, open the door.

Stay out, sir. I am fighting
death in here.

She's not death. She's
come with me.

Death.. come with you?

Open the door.

What's this?

Don't be scared, Shanno. He's
my servant, Imartilal.

Whether he's Imartilal
or Jalebilal..

..why was he locking Shanno
inside? Rascal!

Don't say bad words.
He was sleepy.

How would he know who you
are or where you came from?

Come in.

Shanno, you shouldn't feel bad.

Actually, Imartilal is my
butler, cook, servant and master.

He had been playing the role of
Laila in dramas for 9 years.

These days he's playing the
role of Majnu and I am his Laila.

But I don't understand
who this trouble is.

Imartilal, she is not a
trouble: her name is Shanno.

What you need to understand
is, get us the meal fast.

We are very hungry.

And Shanno.. you go to bed
quickly after having the meal.

So will this guest also sleep
over? - Do you mind it?

If the guest does not
mind that, why would I?

I was asking so that I
can make arrangements.

Shall I take a bed
outside the door?

Imartilal, you know
very well that..

..a guest is considered
like God in my house.

She'll sleep in the bedroom,
not outside.

Badru?! - No, the bedroom.
A place where guests sleep.

Come, I'll show you. Come.

This is a special room for
the guests to sleep in.

You can sleep peacefully
over here. - Alone?

Where are the wives of you men?

There are only men in
this house: no women.

If you're scared, you can
lock the door from inside.

Come and have the meal.

Come and have the meal.
- Yes.

Shanno, open the door
and have the meal.

You men can eat the meal.
Shanno is not hungry.

What are you doing?
- How can we trust her?

She might steal a few things
and vanish in the morning.

Ok, go and eat the meal.

Your mother has taken
300 rupees from him.

Being a mother you traded
your daughter's honor?

Your motherly love has died
for mere 300 rupees?

Don't talk rubbish to me.

Go in the room. And serve
the sir all night. Come on.

No, I will not do what
you want. Let go of me.

Hey! You haven't
gone to bed yet?

How will you? You've kept
all the doors open.

If this noise goes on all night,
you won't be able to sleep.

Why are you scared?

You don't need to be
afraid in this house.

Close this door from the
inside and go to sleep.

Eat, my dear. Don't feel shy.

Consider it your matrimonial
feast and eat everything.

Go away from here before
sir wakes up. Leave fast.

Is Shanno eating
with your money?

You are a servant: don't
argue with me.

Only sir, who has offered
me food, can order me.

Get me some strong tea.

Hey! Why did you serve the
poor girl on the floor?

The table wasn't big enough
to contain all these items.

She's already eaten much.

Look, Imartilal, we shouldn't
comment when someone is eating.

She didn't eat anything
last night out of fear.

Wouldn't you let her eat now?

Do you want anything else,
Shanno? - No.

Shanno has had a very good meal.

Ok, get ready: I'll drop you.
Where do your relatives live?

Shall Shanno tell you the truth?

So, were you lying last night?
- Yes, that was a big lie.

Shanno has no relatives
in this world.

You must be having someone.

You must have come
from somewhere.

And you will go somewhere.

Don't be afraid: tell
me the truth.

First.. make this
mad man go away.

Why feel shy of him?
He is a family man.

Imartilal, it is really sad..

This poor girl has no one
in the heaven either!

Go and make tea for me.

Yes, Shanno, tell me.

Sir, Shanno is from
a very decent family.

Yes, that's obvious!

And besides that, Shanno
is very pretty. - Really?

Can't you see that?

It was very dark at night.
I couldn't see properly.

What happened then?

Sir, an old, bad man fell in
love with Shanno. Very badly.

Really? Very badly?
- Yes.

He didn't have hair on his
head, or teeth in his mouth..

..and no bones in his body.

And you know how old Shanno
is, sir. Only this much!

That rascal was really cunning.

He paid 500 rupees
twice to Shanno's..

..aunt's aunt and fixed
marriage with Shanno forcibly.

That's really bad.

Now Shanno was trapped.
What would she do?

So Shanno ran away
from her home.

But Shanno is very lucky
that she found you, sir.

Tell me, sir, where
will Shanno go now?

Directly to the police station!

Your problem with that old man
and aunt will be solved there.

Why are you interfering between
two decent persons?

You rascal!
- Please, keep quiet.

Shanno, your story
is really very sad.

But unfortunately l
cannot keep you here.

You will have to go somewhere.

I had given you shelter
for one night only.

Will it be a sin to give
shelter for two nights?

It might be.

Ok, don't give me shelter.

At least give Shanno a few
days time to think over.

Ok, you can think
over in a few days.

But before that you
think over, sir.

I have thought over, Imartilal.

Shanno will stay here
for another 3 - 4 days.

Listen: I am going
out on business.

Get her to bathe properly,
with some gel.

Yes, soap won't work on her.

Listen, sir. If you're going
out, please take me with you.

Or take the dagger
she has with you.

Imartilal, blow out
this cigarette.

Cigarette? I will blow
out this cigarette.

Sir is an awfully decent man.

Who are you? Man or woman?

Can't you see that in this
day light? You stupid man!

I am Shanno.

Why did you touch sir's clothes?

Take them off. Take
them off or I will..

Dog! You will make Shanno
take off the clothes?

My dear granny, I did not
mean what you're saying.

I was saying that
for your benefit.

What business does sir do?

- First put away that
Rampuri dagger.

My heart beats loud with fear.
- First tell me.

What would I say? Sir business
is to order me.

Sir's father used
to order my father.

And sir's grandfather used
to order my grandfather.

Now sir's kid will
order my kids.

Silly man, will the kids fall
down from the ceiling?

Where is the wife of sir?
- Are you some detective?

I've been answering
all your questions.

Now you tell me. What is going
on between you and sir?

- I'm in trouble!

What is going on?
- Well.. she.. well.. that..

He was asking me what is going
on between me and you.

Ran away out of fear! Silly man!

Look, I've brought some clothes
for you. - For me?

Yes, change these ones and
put on the ones you like.


Don't use bad words
in this house.

Which rascal is using bad words?

That silly man has brought
the clothes of men.

Might have brought for
himself. Rascal!

Shanno, don't use bad words.

Rascal is a bad word.

May Lord Hanuman save
from obstacles!

May he save me from you
for two more days!

Brother Imarti, listen to me.

I am not your brother! I am
the only child of my parents.

What a man you are! You feel
bad about a girl's words?

If I like you, what would
I call you? Uncle?

Why do you bother to call me?

Steal some more goods of
sir in the next two days.

And then be off.

Move aside! I want
to cut potatoes.

Listen to this wonderful

You are a devotee of Hanuman:
I am his devotee, too.

We will have a good bond.
Give me five.

Ok, I'll cut the potatoes
for you on that note.

You will neither cut
potatoes or my cards.

l understand very well your
tricks. Get out of here. C'mon.

And never step in
the kitchen again.

Go, man! Shanno does not need
to come in your kitchen.

Shanno has got a nice
mansion to live in.

Imarti! Imarti!

Order me, sir. Shanno
is at your service.

Where is Imarti? - To hell with
that rascal! He's an idler.

It's so late. And he's cut only
four potatoes since morning.

- Yes. You don't know, sir..

..he also steals and eats
food while cooking it.

And offers his half eaten
food to you. - Really?

Yes, just order me, sir.

Shanno will cook very good
food for you every day.

Will you move over there?
- Yes, sure. But where?

Where? Here.

Close your eyes. - Look, don't
play some prank with Shanno.

Close your eyes.

And think where you will
go after two days.

That rascal does not care
a damn for Shanno.

Shanno will still not go
anywhere. She will stay here.

Sir Imarti!
- Sir?

Bajarangabali, she's calling
Imarti sir. Protect me!

Tell me, Your Highness.

What's the matter? Why do your
words sound so sweet today?

This is terrible!
Is this justice?

There's a woman in the house,
and yet a man has to cook?

This is very embarrassing
for Shanno. Move aside..

What are you doing? You're
a guest here for a night.

Let me serve you. You will
be leaving next morning.

Then we won't be meeting again.

Is that so? Shanno will
not leave then.

Shanno will cook Dal, Bati
and Churma here from today.

You both can eat peacefully.

That's fine, my granny.

But sir will get you out of
this place tomorrow morning.

That's the problem.

Sir! Please, think
of some solution.

I am very good at
finding solutions.

But why would I tell a
stupid girl like you?

If it had been some pretty,
fashionable girl in your place..

You rascal! Drama man!

You don't know that..

..public in Pune used to
call me Chhappan Chhuri.

People used to fight with
knives for Shanno.

That's the problem. You use
daggers in every matter.

In such situations one
shouldn't use daggers..

..but the arrows of
one's sharp eyes.

Go, man! You're silly!

Shanno would have found
a solution long back.

But she's held back
by her decency.

By the way, what you're
saying is right.

If I want to stay in this house,
I will have to put up a show.

The fun starts now!

Bajarangabali, forgive me.

You didn't show some miracle
to get rid of that trouble.

So I had to do that miracle.

Sir will cut her braid tonight
and will throw her out.

And next morning I will offer
you Jalebis made from pure ghee.

Ok, I'll be off now.

I've booked a ticket
for the last show.



Who is it?


Shanno! Shanno! Why are
you sleeping here?

Shanno! Hey Shanno!

I see. So that's the matter?

'Come, come, come.'

'Come, come, come. Say
something. Listen something.'

'Come, come, come. Say
something. Listen something.'

'Why does the king keep a
distance from his queen?'

'Come, come, come. Say
something. Listen something.'

'The desires have stretched

'The guests in my heart
have robbed my heart.'

'The desires have stretched

'The guests in my heart
have robbed my heart.'

'Don't trade your heart for
mine. At least look into my eyes.'

'Come, come, come. Say
something. Listen something.'

'Come, come, come. Say
something. Listen something.'

'I will be lost in
a land of dreams.'

'Come, sweetheart. Or
I will fall asleep.'

'I will be lost in
a land of dreams.'

'Come, sweetheart. Or
I will fall asleep.'

'Come and settle in my eyes
before the dreams come.'

'Come, come, come. Say
something. Listen something.'

'Come, come, come. Say
something. Listen something.'

'Why does the king keep a
distance from his queen?'

'Come, come, come. Say
something. Listen something.'

'Come, come, come. Say
something. Listen something.'

'Say something. Listen

Wow! Very good, Shanno.
You sing really well.

Salaam, sir. Thank you.

You sing really well in Hindi.
Why didn't you sing before?

Well, Shanno sings English
songs very well, too.

Just order me.

From tomorrow I will sing
one song in the morning..

..and one song in the
evening every day.

From tomorrow?
- Yes.

But you are to leave
tomorrow, Shanno.

Am I to leave?

Rascal! Silly!
- What did you say?

You have such a nice,
big mansion.

Is Shanno going to rob it?

I will clean up your
house every day.

Clean it up?
- Yes.

Shanno is to go to jail
and be hanged now.

Hanged? Is this justice?

What sin has Shanno committed?

What sin have you committed?

Haven't you stabbed a man
with knife and run away?

l thought you were a poor girl
and gave you shelter in my house.

But you're still cheating me.

After running away
from your parents..

..you say you don't have
anyone in this world?

Don't mention my parents'
names to me.

Shanno will die, but
not go back to them.

I don't want to see their face.

- Why wouldn't you
see their face?

You don't know, sir.

My mother sold my dignity to
a sinner for mere 300 rupees.

Shanno danced in
the streets and..

..earned them 20
- 30 rupees everyday.

Why did they sell
Shanno honor then?

Can someone's honor be priced?

If Shanno hadn't hit that
rascal with knife..

..he would have injured
Shanno's honor.

Now you be the judge and decide.

If you order, Shanno
will give her life.

Shanno is not afraid to die.
She only fears to be hanged.

A person's neck stretches
long and drops like that.

How would I believe a liar?

I swear on Lord Hanuman.

What's this? Why do you
drag Lord between us?

Poor Lord Hanuman!

Don't cry: I know that
you're innocent.

But what do I do about the
police? How do I explain them?

Yes, I can save you
from being hanged.

But you will have to
live like a princess.

And this name of yours..
Shanno.. won't do.

Your name will be..
Ratna from today.

I will change your way of
talking, walking and lifestyle.

Then even your parents won't
be able to recognize you.

And people.. people will call
you a princess and salute you.

So, are you ready?

Shanno is ready to be..

..any one's granny to save
herself from hanging.

Ok, fine. Be off to your
room and go to sleep.

What did you say Shanno's
name would be?


Ratna! Ratna!


Hey! What's this?
My plan is flopped?

Bajarangabali, you
wasted my Jalebis.

Good morning, Ms. Ratna.

Tea is ready, princess.

What is Shanno supposed to say?
- My head!

What is your name? Don't you
recall what your name is?

- Ratna.

Listen: now order your servant
to present you a cup of tea.

Hey Imartilal!

Sir, what is this drama?

Imartilal, behave yourself in
the presence of Ms. Ratna.

Shut up!

Get me some Sindhi tea. Strong.

Ms. Ratna, neither strong,
nor Sindhi nor Beda.

Now you are a girl of a rich
family. So say it proudly.

Boy! Get me a cup of tea.

Tea.. get me a cup of boy.
- Oh no! Say it straight.

Boy, get me a cup of tea.

Boy, get me a cup of tea.
- Bravo! Very English!

Now drink this tea with such
style and pride as though..

..you were doing a favor to me,
Imrati and the whole lndia.

I know how to drink tea.

What is this?

This noise won't do. It is a
special trade mark of poverty.

Pouring in saucer, directly
in tummy, and fast to work.

Why do you need to hurry?

You are a rich girl.
Drink it leisurely.

Ratna is rich, but how can she
drink such hot tea from the cup?

Tell the servant then..
boy, cool it for me.

Boy, cool it a little for me.
- Not little. Say a bit.

A bit. - Little. - A bit.
- Little. - A bit.

A bit.. bit.. a little
- A bit..

Sir, a bit.
- That's what I am saying.

A bit, sir.
- Get out!

Boy, get me some water.

As you order, princess.

Get me a bit cold water. A bit?
- Good. Now start eating.

Knife in this hand:
fork in this hand.

Sir, keep her away from knives
and forks. - Shut up, lmrati.

How do I use the knife?
- Look at me.

Press with the fork, and
cut with the knife.

Now pick up with
fork and eat it.

Doesn't matter. I'll show you.

Look.. use your hands lightly.

Hold the knife slanted.
Press the food with fork.

And now cut with knife slowly.
And then eat.

What nice smell! - Yes, some
Kashmiri saffron is added to that.

Not from the hen:
from your body!

Fooling him very well.

The girl's hand should be here.
The other hand here.

And like that.

1, 2, 3, 4.

1, 2, 3, 4.

What happened? Why
are you laughing?

I feel ticklish.

Be serious.

Write A.
- A.

This is A. Now write B.
- B

Is this B? My foot! Looks
like railway signal!

This is B. Write C.
- C.

Fine. Write D.
- D.

Is this D? You've written
it wrong way.

'Forget ABCD. Look
into my eyes.'

'Look, don't break my heart.'

'It is a beautiful evening,
Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Forget ABCD. Look
into my eyes.'

'Look, don't break my heart.'

'It is a beautiful evening,
Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Smile a bit. Smile a bit.'

'Teach me the lesson of love.'

'Tell me how does one
love in English.'

'Tell me how does one love'

'Tell me how does one love'

'The weather is beautiful,
Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Forget it, dear.
Forget it, dear.'

'Forget this foreign language.'

'What's good about tennis?
Let's play hide and seek.'

'Let's play hide and seek.'

'The youth will not stay long,
Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Forget ABCD. Look
into my eyes.'

'Look, don't break my heart.'

'It is a beautiful evening,
Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'I know the reason.
I know the reason.'

'I know why I've become
your devotee.'

'We won't get along well.'

'You are a mister,
and I am a nomad.'

'You are a mister,
and I am a nomad.'

'I am fire and you are water,
Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Forget ABCD. Look
into my eyes.'

'Look, don't break my heart.'

'It is a beautiful evening,
Raja dear, Raja dear.'

'Raja, Raja, Raja, dear.'

Take this slap as..

..an auspicious moment
and go from here.

Sir hits really hard.

I've already been hit
with 12 dozen shoes.

You won't be able
to bear all that.

So if you wish your well being,
go away from here soon.

You are mad, Imarti!

You don't know that sir
considers Shanno as his wife.

Consider you his wife?

Yes, if he didn't take me as
his wife, why would he slap me?

Good morning, sir. You will get
this juice every morning now.

What are you doing here?

Imarti! - I've sent him to the
market to get vegetables.

Give me the bottle.
- No, I won't.

You've acted as you wished.

Because there was no woman to
handle this house earlier.

Now you will have to do
what I say. Got it?

And I won't be scared
of anyone now.

Lord, you won't be having a
more foolish devotee than me.

I unnecessarily tried to get
rid of that poor Shanno.

Shanno, who turned this hotel
to home and sir to a human.

We don't have much time. Shanno
is waiting at the dining room.

So let's talk business now.
- We've already talked over it.

You will be getting
30% share, and I 70%.

Cheers! - Wait a minute!
- What happened?

Mr. Diwan, looks like
you're memory..

..is getting washed
with growing age.

It was decided that we'll
make a deal when..

..I'll turn Shanno
to princess Ratna.

And now the matter is that we
will have a 50 - 50 share.

If you agree to that,
join hands.

Otherwise here's the ticket
for your flight.

Reach the airport at 3 o'clock.

But have you explained that
girl what she is supposed to do?

Is she ready?

Your task is to join
hands with me.

It is my task to tell
her and convince her.

Ok, partner. The deal is closed.

We are partners. 50
- 50.

Where have you brought me?

Who are these pictures of?

Strange! You've forgotten
your family?

Do you know her? Or have
you forgotten her, too?

This is your childhood picture.

You seem to be in a mood
to jest with me today.

This is not some joke, Ratna.

This is the last lesson, which
you will have to learn by heart.

Because after that
will be your exam.

If you pass that test..

..you will have plenty
of wealth at your feet.

And if by chance you fail that
test, both of us will have to..

..go jail.

You will be in women's cell,
and I in men's ward.

Now stop this fun. Your
joke is scaring me.

Stop being scared and
listen to me carefully.

She is Ratna, the heiress
of Taragadh empire.

When she was 7 years old,
she was going to..

..Prayag Raj by car with her
father, Himmat Singh..

..and her mother, Madam Kesar.

When they were passing
by the dense jungle..

..the family enemy of
the king, Tejasingh..

..attacked them and killed
the king and queen.

He carried the princess and
tried to run away on a horse.

At that time, a loyal
servant of the king..

..Juman Khan, fired
at Tejasingh.

Tejasingh was injured,
but he escaped.

But in that commotion..

..princess Ratna fell from his
hands in the sea and died.

But because Ratna's dead
body was not found..

..Rajmata still feels that her
grand daughter is alive..

..and will come back some
day or the other.

So you will have to remember
even the smallest points..

..of the princess' childhood.

And will have to keep in mind
each place and person..

..which might have been related
to princess Ratna's life.

I don't understand
what you mean.

I mean that if princess
Ratna was alive today..

..she would look
exactly like you.

So now you are to go to Rajmata
and prove to her..

..that you are her lost
grand daughter, Ratna.


No, no, Raja, I won't be able
to do this. No, I can't do this.

Use your brains before
talking, Shanno.

Raja is not used
to hearing 'No'.

So all that sympathy, that
love you had for me..

..was only a deception to
force me to do this fraud?

It is you who are deceiving me.

While indulging in the luxuries
offered by money..

..did you ever think for once
where that money came from?

And now when you have a
chance to earn money..

..you consider it fraud?

I say, what did you think
while enjoying..

..all this luxury in a
stranger's house for free?

I have done a mistake, Raja.
I was deceived.

l thought you also loved me.

Love? Don't even speak this
unlucky word in front of me again.

I've been cheated badly..

..in the name of decency,
sympathy and love.

These are traps with which a
clever hunter hunts his prey.

Enough, Raja! For God's
sake, stop it.

I didn't know I was being
prepared to be..

..sacrificed for wealth
in the name of love.

I will beg to feed myself..

..but I will never do
such a sinful job.

Ok, go back to that honorable
world of yours..

..where your parents had sold
your dignity for 300 rupees.

Where one day you
will have to sell..

..your youth for peanuts
to earn a living.

And one day you won't
get a buyer either.


This is Raja's house. Take
whatever you want and go away.

I had come empty handed:
I will go empty handed.

Are you leaving?

Go, but answer my
question first.

Had you come here to marry sir
or extort money from him?

Don't hurt me more, Imarti.

You don't know what
sir has told me.

I've heard every thing.

I thought you will do what I have
been unable to do all my life.

You might bring sir
on the right path.

But you don't love sir as
much as he loves money.

You haven't understood
your sir, Imarti.

He's not a human: he is..
- He is a deity.

Yes, one wouldn't find an angel
like him on this earth.

He is a king who has allowed
the poor to rule.

He's helped so many people.

He's bore darkness
in his own house..

..and lighted other
people's houses.

So what's wrong with
your sir now?

Nothing's wrong with him: it is
the Almighty who is asleep.

This world punished my sir for
his humanity and decency..

..and made him beg for a penny.

The person whom sir had given
thousands of rupees earlier..

..didn't help him a bit when
sir's mother fell ill.

The world wounded sir's
heart for money..

..but sir kept smiling
for every injury.

He used to forget his sorrows in
the company of a girl he loved.

But when that girl, too,
abandoned sir for money..

..sir's heart was broken.


How dare you enter?

You are also my childhood
friend, Mr. Lakhpat.

Have you forgotten me?
- Lakhpat, throw him out.

How did you dare to come in
without permission? Out!

Get out! Get out!

I will send you to jail.

You had the guts to insult
Lakhpat in my house?

Don't be tensed.

Your dear Lakhpat became a
millionaire on my support.

Talk about yourself.
- I don't want to talk to you.

But understand this well.

I won't let you ruin the
happiness of my life.

My dear, I was the happiness
of your life some day.

The joy of your life lay
at my feet some day.

But I never knew you
would be so foolish..

..to squander all your wealth
and become a beggar.

So what if I don't have
wealth any more?

These hands.. these
arms are the same..

..in which you desired
to spend all your life.

Come. These hands are still
ready to hug you. Come on.

Stay away!

I was crazy then.

And now you are crazy that
you still dream of me.

I am not dreaming of you.

Rather, I've woken from dreams..

..and am seeing your real self.

Go.. go.. I free you today.
You've opened my eyes.

You've shown me that money is
the greatest power on earth.

Money.. and only money!

But how shall this passion for
money be wiped from sir's mind?

My dear, a woman who loves
whole heartedly..

..can make his man forget
even the prostitutes.

Can't you make sir forget
his obsession for money?

You are right, Imarti. I was
off the path of my duty.

Have faith in me.

Till I get off this obsession
of money from sir's mind..

..and make him fall in love
with me, I will follow his orders.

I will fulfill all his wishes.

Be seated.

Sit down.

Rajmata is calling you.

Only you, sir.
- Please, sit down, princess.


Please, go with her.

Oh! Welcome.

Is your name Rajkumar (prince)?

Yes, that's my name, but
I'm not a real prince.

Who are you? - I am the
minister of this kingdom.

I received your letter. And
read it out to Rajmata.

She wants to ask
you a few points.

You didn't write anything about
yourself in the letter.

Who are you? Where do you live?

You might have heard about
king Ramsingh of Jidhongir.

Yes, I recall it.

Ramsingh had a small empire,
but his fame was wide spread.

I am his son, Rajkumar Singh.
I own a business in Mumbai.

And the girl, who you think
is princess Ratna..

..where did you meet her?

With your family enemy,
goon Tejasingh.

That sinner is still alive?

No more, Rajmata.

On the 3rd of this
month of Phagun..

..at 2 o'clock in the night..

..he got freedom from
his criminal life.

I see. But dealing in Mumbai..

..how did you reach the
valley of Chambal?

Perhaps you don't know, Mr.
Diwan, but Rajmata knows it well.

That my father and Tejasingh
were close friends.

If Tejasingh was alive, why did
he let princess Ratna live?

He had vowed to ruin Taragadh.

I find your story a bit unreal.

I haven't come here to take
favor from you, Mr. Diwan.

Rather, I've come to do a favor
to you out of humanity.

So watch your words.
- You mind your language!

Mr. Diwan!

You still haven't answered
my question.

If this girl was in the
custody of Tejasingh..

..how come she's alive?

Tejasingh was not a
professional goon.

He had a big empire of his own.

Forgive me for being
rude, Rajmata.

Your son, Himmat Singh, had
taken over his kingdom.

After revenging for that,
when he realized his sin..

..he looked after princess
Ratna just like his daughter.

He arranged for her education
in the valley of Chambal.

And when he was about to die..

..his caring for the princess
did not let him die.

Perhaps he thought of me then.

When I reached him,
he was dying.

Before dying he handed me
this responsibility..

..of getting the
princess to you.

Where is that girl? - In the
room outside, waiting to hug you.

If you allow, shall
I present her?

No! No, we've deceived
many a times.

I need some time to think over.

You will have to wait till
I decide something.

You will stay here
as the royal guest.

Please, let me know your
decision at the soonest.

Mr. Diwan, forgive me if
I've made some mistake.

Mr. Diwan, once again there is
turbulence in my heart and mind.

I don't know what to do.

I am in the same state, Rajmata.

My mind says that
this is impossible.

But my heart says, what if she
is really princess Ratna?

Mr. Diwan, I think we should
gather the people..

..who had seen Ratna in her
childhood and were close to her.

You, Dr. Nigam, the royal
priest, Juman Khan..

..tell every one to look
at that girl closely.

And then decide on it.

After every one decides, l
will declare my decision.


Mr. Diwan, what impolite people
have you gathered here?

They don't even stand up
to greet princess Ratna!

Please, sit down.
- Thank you, Highness.

Mr. Diwan, Rajmata doubts
my being Ratna.

So she won't come
down to meet me.

But I am sure I am
her grand daughter.

So present these flowers
to her on my behalf.

Padmini, take these
flowers to Rajmata.

Good morning, every body.
- Good morning.

You can freely ask me whatever
questions you want to ask.

l can pass through any test to
see a glimpse of my granny.

Hey! Juman Khan! You?

Why are you standing there?
Forgive me: I didn't see you.

I am alive today because of you.

I remember the whole incident.

How you tried to save
my late father!

Didn't you recognize me either?

How can that be, princess? Your
picture is carved in my eyes.

Juman Khan, sit down.

Child! Can I ask you a question?

Guruji, I won't mind it at all.

So, my question is..

But.. before that you will
have to answer my question.

Don't you remember
that you used to..

..call me Rutva when I was
a kid, and not child?

I remember that.

Priest, if you don't want to
call me with my pet name..

..call me with my real name.

All right. So, Ms. Ratna,
you might recall that..

..once your clothes were on
fire with the temple lamp.

That wasn't an accident.

The fire was stirred up due
to the pranks of Pratap.

My leg was burnt.

And Dr. Nigam had given
me some injection.

So, Dr. Nigam, do you
recall it? - Yes, yes.

But what surprises me is that..

..how do you remember your
childhood incidents so well.

Because I had nothing except
these memories to live on.

My memory of my childhood
was so alive..

..that every one used
to get amazed.

You can ask the tales
of my memory..

..to my English teacher,
Mr. Wilson.

Right, Mr. Wilson? How do
you do? - How do you do?

I am very happy to meet you
once again. - Thank you.

I never expected you would
recognize an old man like me.

Why not?

I'm impressed by you.

You've learnt every
lesson by heart.

To the extent that you didn't
forget to remember me.

How can I forget you?

You are that Mr. Pratap
whom I used to call..

..'Pattu' out of love and
'Diwan's boy' out of anger.

And when you used to call me
Ratna instead of princess..

..you were scolded.

Once your father, Mr. Diwan,
had also slapped you.

Right, Mr. Diwan?

These are matters which every
one in this palace knows.

Tell me which was
that wild animal..

..in the kingdom you were
not allowed to go near.

Father stopped me from
coming near you only!

Princess, that was
the mad elephant..

..Mangal, in the royal palace.

It is still alive, and
all of them know him.

You couldn't pass a day
without seeing him.

For that your father appointed
special servants who would..

..keep an eye on you and
wouldn't let you go near him.

So, father.. isn't that true?
- Very true.

This.. this one I don't recall.

Ok, you must recollect where
that dates tree is..

..from which we used to
eat the dates secretly.

From which well did we
used to catch frogs?

I told you..

..I don't remember such trifle
incidents of childhood.

Oh! But people used to be
amazed at your memory.

Ask Mr. Wilson about the
tales of your memory.

Shall I tell you why you don't
remember these small points?

Because you are not princess
Ratna, but some imposter.

You want to play with the
emotions of Rajmata..

..and seize the wealth
of this kingdom.

This is false! I am
not greedy of wealth.

I don't care a damn
for this empire.

What are you waiting for? Just
kick it off and get out of here.

I won't go. I will not go
without meeting my granny. Never!


Hey girl!

What is this drama
you're playing?

- Don't call me that.

Mr. Diwan, she might
be a fraud..

..but she's come as a
portrayal of my Ratna.

Give her in the name of
Ratna whatever she wants.

What do you want?

That's it! I've got what l
wanted. I wanted to see you once.

Now let me touch your feet.
- Don't you dare touch me!

Back off!

Mr. Diwan, offer her some
charity in the name of Ratna..

..and show her the way
out of the empire.

Keep your empire and
prize to yourself.

And here's the payment
of your hospitality.

Distribute whatever remains
from that to your servants.

Rajkumar! - Rajmata, all
of them are cheaters.

They want to prove the
princess false..

..as they want to
rob your kingdom.

But remember this. You will
cry on your bad luck one day.

C'mon, princess.

Wait, Rajkumar.

What is happening to you?
- Nothing.

Why are you coughing so badly?

You were ok a few minutes back.

Don't worry.

When I feel overwhelmed..
I start coughing.

How long have you
had this ailment?

Yes? Since childhood.


Doctor, it's been so many days.
Why isn't this cough cured?

She has an unusual allergy,
called psycho cough.

It gets cured on its
own with growing age.


Granny! - Ratna! My
dear Ratna. My child.

Hail princess Ratna!
Hail princess Ratna!

Praise princess Ratna!

Praise princess Ratna!

Praise princess Ratna!

May princess live long!
May princess live long!

Hey! She seems to be our Shanno.

Speak softly! If someone hears
that, we'll be killed.

You've gone mad. I tell
you she is Shanno.

Don't forget the duty of your
love in this palace, Shanno.

What were you talking
to yourself?

You haven't got over the habit
of following someone secretly.

I cannot get over
the things I love.

No matter if it's a
bad childhood habit.

Seeing their love today,
I recall their childhood.

Do you recall it?
- Yes.

Perhaps you were going
to meet Rajmata.

No, I've come at your service
after meeting her.

Where is she? Is she praying
in the temple?

No, she's left worshipping

..and has started
worshipping you.

She's given an off
to all cooks..

..and is preparing the
breakfast for you.

I thought I would
ask you about..

..my punishment in the
meanwhile. - Punishment?

Yes, after waiting for
you all my life..

..my eyes couldn't
recognize you.

What is my punishment for that?

The punishment for
your eyes is that..

..they should never look at me.

Have a bit of a mercy on me.

Change this punishment, and
sentence me to death instead.

How long will you chat? C'mon,
the breakfast is getting cold.

Come, Rajmata.
- Called me Rajmata again?

I won't talk to you. Pratap,
tell her..

..that I won't give her food.

I will let you go hungry all
day. - Ok, I will fast.

To hell with fasting. C'mon.

I've cooked all recipes myself.
- Come.

Come, child. You must
be very hungry.

We're late for the breakfast.
Sit down.

So much food? Are some
guests coming over?

Eat quietly whatever
is presented.

I have a bad headache.

I entered the kitchen
today after 12 years.

And I find there isn't anything
proper to cook.

There was no food or vessels. As
though the kitchen was robbed.

I've managed with whatever
was available.

But I scolded the
head cook badly.

Don't worry: every thing will
be ok by the afternoon.

You, too, sit down. Here.

Your Highness, Mr. Rajkumar
seeks your permission to meet you.

He's come at the right time.
Go and call him in.

Why are you looking at me?
Never make him wait.

Whenever he comes, bring
him straight to me.

Don't know what purpose
he's come here for.

I think he must have come to
ask your permission to go back.

Who can dare to go
from here so soon?

My dear child hasn't got the
official recognition yet.

Hallo, Pratap.
- Welcome, Rajkumar.

Greetings, Rajmata. - Live
long, my child. Live long.

Listen: a guest can arrive
at his own wish..

..but can leave only
when the host wishes.

Rajmata, I've just
packed my bags.

But I've so much work with you.
I want to talk to you.

Sit down and have breakfast.

Rajmata, you are elder:
l cannot refuse you.

But I had breakfast just now.
Please, be seated.

Fasting today for what?
- Sit down first: I'll tell you.

Today not only my fasting
day has started.

A new fasting year has started.

When my dear child was lost..

..and enemies said bad things
about that, I had vowed that..

..the day she is found, I will
start fasting for a year.

Hey! Why aren't you
eating anything?

Here, take this 'Navaratna

You haven't even tasted
this milk sweet. Have it.

How shall I eat all this?
- I'll tell you how.

Rajratan, where is the royal
sweetmeat of milk fat?

It's getting ready,
Your Highness.

Still getting ready?

If my child goes without eating
it, it will be useless.

This lethargy won't do.
Find yourself a new job.

Let me also see
the preparations.

Child, be seated.
I'll be right back.

You've given a new
life to Rajmata.

This is.. the kindness
of Mr. Rajkumar.

You are right.

To tell you the truth, if we
give away this entire empire..

..to you for what you've done,
it won't be enough.

Think before you say anything,
Mr. Pratap.

It is said that the
deities sometimes..

..fulfill the wishes
said as a joke.

No, Rajkumar..

Why do you bother, princess?

I am not joking, Mr. Rajkumar.
I am telling the truth.

This kingdom cannot repay
your favor. With Rajmata..

Pay less attention to
food and drinking.

Concentrate on your real task.

Win over Rajmata's trust..

..and gain the keys to royal
treasury from her.

Win over Rajmata's trust..

..and gain the keys to royal
treasury from her.

Win over Rajmata's trust..

..and gain the keys to royal
treasury from her.


What are you doing?

Watching you to my heart's
content. What else?

Go to sleep.
- But I had put you to bed..

Don't worry about my sleep.
l sleep very little.

When you were not here, I
couldn't sleep as I was anxious.

Now that you've come, l
can't sleep out of joy.

And I am a bit scared of sleep.

If I never wake up, how
will I see you happy?

Once I get you married, I will
sleep soundly for good.

I will never wake up then.
- Rajmata!

What? You called
me Rajmata again?

Let go of me. I won't
talk to you. Leave me.

If you lose courage half way..

..how will you reach
your destination?

You have a long way to go yet.

He will never change, Imarti.
I've done a big mistake.

Get this point. Crying
like this won't work.

You will have to show
some miracle.

I mean you will have to
make him feel jealous.

Only then you can move ahead.

I won't go out of your way till
you decide my fate today.

Get this point. Crying
like this won't work.

You will have to show
some miracle.

I mean you will have to
make him feel jealous.

Only then you can move ahead.

Our fates were decided
the same day..

..l returned here
after 12 years.

And you thought me to
be some imposter.

That means your love is
false and pretentious.

It was my true love, Ratna,
that I couldn't recognize you.

Your childhood picture was
so carved in my heart..

..that I couldn't recognize this
new, youthful picture of yours.

And I had come here with
this faith that..

..the whole world might
not recognize me..

..but my Pratap will be
overjoyed to see me.

He will come running
and will hug me.

Truly, Ratna?

Were you eager to see me after
a separation of 12 years?

Yes, you think I've come here..

..to gain this empire
of stone and cement?

This palace is like graveyard
for those who lose their love.

Enough, Ratna! Or my heart
will tear apart.

Ratna, allow me to
hug you today..

..and repent for
all my mistakes.

Forgive me, Ratna.

What are you doing?
Someone might see us.

Sir, why have you
called for the car?

Shall I get you the meal fast
if you're going somewhere?

Put the meal in the car. I want
to go to the water palace.

Water palace? I will
also come along.

I will feed you on the way..

..and will also pay
respects to goddess.

I've heard that some miracles
still happen there.

Yes, miracles happen. - Really?
Get ready then. - Fine.

Hallo. - This is Imarti
speaking. - Imarti?

Sir is going to water
palace right now.

Water palace? - I will signal
you by playing the horn twice.

This seems to be Pratap's car.
What is he doing here?

Must have come with some girl.
- Really?

Let us watch the fun.

What happened?
- Pressed by mistake.

'It's so much fun.'

'It's so much fun.'

'Our eyes are talking. Our
desires are burning.'

'It's so much fun.'

'Our eyes are talking. Our
desires are burning.'

'It's so much fun.'

'Earlier I had some complaints
against you.'

'That's why I didn't meet you.'

'Earlier I had some complaints
against you.'

'That's why I didn't meet you.'

'The season is changing.
I am changing, too.'

'Our wishes are blossoming.'

'It's so much fun.'

'Our eyes are talking. Our
desires are burning.'

'It's so much fun.'

'After settling in your eyes
and on this path of love.'

'After settling in your eyes
and on this path of love.'

'I sometimes balance, and
sometimes fall down.'

'Our wishes are blossoming.'

'It's so much fun.'

'Our eyes are talking. Our
desires are burning.'

'It's so much fun.'

Congratulations, Rajmata.

The government has granted

..to the princess to become
the official heiress.

Jagdamba! It's your mercy!

Mr. Diwan, you've fulfilled
your duty.

Send the royal priest to me.

And order all the officers
of the palace..

..to arrange for a celebration.

I want to see such a
celebration in this palace..

..after seeing which God
would show me his heaven.

As you order, Rajmata.

C'mon. Quick.

This way. Very good. Good.

Father! Forgive me, father.

I want to tell you something
important in privacy.

Pratap, you've gone mad.

How can I leave the
preparations for celebration?

Perhaps the news I've got
will stop this celebration.


Will you tell me what
the matter is?

The matter is not to be told,
but to be shown. Come on.

What's going on here?

Salaam, sir.
- Salaam, sir.

Who are these people?

Ask them yourself.

Tell him who you are.
- Tell him: don't be afraid.

Sir, we are no one. We
are simple acrobats.

We are your servants, sir.

We are very grateful that
you made our girl, Shanno..

..a princess of
the royal palace.

Shanno? Princess? What rubbish
are you talking?

We've not come to take
back Shanno, sir.

We've come only to
ask for your mercy.

The matter is.. since our
Shanno has gone away..

..we've been in a bad state:
we've become beggars.

We are dying of hunger, sir.

You mean the princess is your
daughter, Shanno? - Yes, yes.

Himmatsingh! Bahadursingh!

Take away these mad people.
- No, sir.

Lock them in jail. - Have mercy,
sir. We don't want any thing.

We don't want anything from you.

Who are these wicked people?

Where did you get them at
this sensitive occasion?

Father, these wicked people..

..are the real parents
of the false princess.

And to send them to jail
without hearing their story..

..can only mean that you, too,
with Raja know very well..

..that this princess
is an imposter.

Yes, father, I know every thing.

But the involvement of Raja in
your plan can be your weak point.

It can ruin your
plan any moment.

When you know so much,
mister, you might..

..also be knowing that I am
doing this for your welfare.

But, father, this plan will
work for my welfare..

..only if you remove Raja
out of my way for good.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
attention please.

Please, be seated
at your places.

The auspicious moment
has come when Rajmata..

..with the government
permission is going to..

..coronate princess Ratna on
the royal throne of Taragadh.

And according to the
years old tradition..

..she will make princess the
owner of the royal treasury..

..and will hand her the
treasure key herself.

Here, child. It is your trust.

Ladies and Gentlemen..

..now Her Highness of Taragadh..

..wants to announce an
important order to you all.

This is the moment for
which I've been alive.

I don't have the right words
to express my joy.

I only want to say that..

..today I want to free myself
from my last duty.

I want to hand over the royal
throne to your new princess..

..and want to get her married.

So I've fixed her marriage with
Pratap, the son of Mr. Diwan.

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'The moment of doom has come.'

'My eyes are filled
with tears of joy.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'The moment of doom has come.'

'My eyes are filled
with tears of joy.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'Wait a bit. Won't you see
this drama of mine?'

'Wait a bit. Won't you see
this drama of mine?'

'Why do you turn away? Won't
you see this scene?'

'Somewhere some hearts
are broken.'

'Somewhere the clarinets
are played.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'The moment of doom has come.'

'My eyes are filled
with tears of joy.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'I won't say that it is you
who broke the promise.'

'I won't say that it is you
who broke the promise.'

'But o companion, the place
where you left my company..'

'Is it a road or the
destination? I couldn't get it.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'The moment of doom has come.'

'My eyes are filled
with tears of joy.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

'Congratulations to
you for this day.'

Can I come in?

Today I've completed your
orders. See this.

Now you will surely allow me
to come near you, won't you?

I'm so silly! Why do I need
anyone's permission now?

I have really become
princess Ratna now.

I am the master of this
kingdom, this palace and house.

Oh yes! Here, take your trust.
The key to the treasure.

After teaching me manners
and etiquette..

..have you forgotten
them yourself?

When a lady enters, a
man should stand up.

Forgive me, princess.

Today was such a joyful day..

..I've drunk a bit too much.

If I can come back
to my senses..

..I will stand up
to welcome you.

You are right. Such an
auspicious day won't be back.

I am not drunk, but I feel
the whole world is dancing.

But why did you leave the
celebration and come here?

You didn't even congratulate
me for the wedding.

Whatever I've got in this
life is your mercy.

You made a mere street dancer
a damsel of heavens.

See this. Diamonds and rubies
worth 2.5 lakhs..

..are studded only
in my clothes!

If I get a 100 lives again,
I won't be..

..able to repay your favors.

I had come to bow to you and
ask your permission to leave.

I have a request.

You won't go from here before
getting me married.

Promise me that.

We will talk about
promises later.

First tell me who decided
upon this marriage?

Why should you care about that?

Who else will care about
your wedding if not me?

Whatever you've got
till now is my mercy.

That old account of
ours is settled now.

I've got you the pleasures of
life that you wanted from me.


Now I am the master of my wish.

I love Pratap, and I am
marrying him at my wish.

I was also under that
impression, but that is false.

No, it is true. It is true.
I love Pratap.

Shanno, answer me straight.
Who has attacked on my back?

Say that Pratap and his father
have cheated me. - Let go of me.

Do not touch.

Now I am nobody of yours.
You have no right on me.

I have no right.
I have no right.


- Raja!

Shanno, you are my life.

You are some virtue
of my past life..

..who has come to improve
this life of mine.

Your love is the greatest
wealth for me.

Then leave this sinful world
of money for Shanno.

There can be no greater
wealth than love.

Raja, take Shanno
to some place..

..where we won't be separated.

Raja, I will be choked
here. Get me out..

..of here today, right now.

Yes, Shanno, but it is difficult
for us to leave together.

Do this. Get back to the palace.

I will come to the backdoor
of the palace by car.

You come over there.
- I am scared, Raja.

Don't part me from you now.

Hurry up, Shanno.

Our fate is going to be decided
in these few moments.


Shanno, we are running short
of time. Go quickly.

What are you getting
ready for, partner?

What do you intend to do?

My intentions are always
dangerous, partner.

That's why I always stay alert.

See, I've come on the right
time. Or I wouldn't have met you.

But where are you planning
to go at this late hour?

I was just coming to meet you.
To clear our accounts.

That is a family matter.
We can clear it any time.

Today is a night of celebration.
But I see you're a bit upset.

I am always in a good mood.
But you are really lucky.

Mr. Diwan, you've really
got a new life.

So we will surely celebrate
for your safety. - New life?

And in this new life, I've
become the father in law..

..of Taragadh from its
accountant. Right?

It is a long matter, and
I have very little time.

Yet I will drink with
you for the last time..

..and explain you the matter.

Partner, you know that..

..in this world of honest
people and money lenders..

..honesty has remained only
with thieves like us.

So the consequence of dishonesty
in our world is very bad.

You are saying the same matter
I had come to explain you.

That means you have understood
your end very well.

The end of every human
is death, partner.

But my problem is that I
will have stay alive now.

I had been playing
with the life of..

..an innocent girl for
my greed of money.

I've lost my life to her love.

Otherwise I had decided..

..to kill you both cheaters
tonight and surrender to law.

Don't lose your senses like a
gambler who has lost the game.

Your plan has over turned.

But I can still forgive you
and provide you for life.

That girl worth two pennies..

Dog! Don't insult the girl..

..because of whose love
you are alive till date.

Now if you try and scream,
I will kill you.

Hands up!

One shouldn't mess
with a crocodile..

..if one wants to live in water.

I am a dog?

My name is Diwan Gajendrasingh.

You're still a child.

Say cheers!

C'mon, Raja.

You've come?

Come on. Come on. - Let go of
me. You scoundrel! Let go.

Come on. - Let go of me.
You scoundrel! Let go.

Come in, princess. I've got you
here to let you meet your Raja.

Look there.


Mr. Diwan, forgive Raja.
I am your criminal.

Do not punish him.

If you want to take life,
take mine. Let him go.

l beg of you. - No, no.. why do
you embarrass me, princess?

I am your servant.

And Raja's life or death
is in your hands now.

In my hands? - Yes, if you want
Raja to live, you will..

..have to continue being the
princess and marry Pratap.

No, Shanno, don't ruin
your life for me.


No, no! Don't take Raja's life.

I agree to all your conditions.

I will kill these dogs.
- Shut up!

Stop blabbering or I will
cut off your tongue.

You, too, listen carefully. lf
you say a word against me..

..that word will become the
order to Raja's death. Got it?

No, child, no. Behave yourself.
She is our princess.

Princess, we don't have much
time. Go back to the palace.

It is necessary that you reach
back before Rajmata wakes up.

Come. Please, come.

- It's me.

I've come to put
the jug of water.

Revered madam, I had not
come to deceive you..

..but rather to save
you from deception.

This cruel world had turned
a human into a demon.

But my heart considered
him as my lord.

He had come to rob your wealth..

..by presenting me as
your grandchild, Ratna.

And I had come to
fulfill my duty..

..by bringing him back
on the right path.

Staying under the shadow
of a goddess like you..

..my wish is fulfilled.

I am going back.

Your sinful devotee, Shanno.

Ratna! Ratna!

What's the hurry, eh?

No, no!

Go to your room.

Shanno, now is the moment
of your true test.

Now you are to save the
life of your Raja..

..and also protect the trust
of that holy madam.

Why are you so sad on such
an auspicious day, child?

Child, you don't look happy.

You're surely hiding
something from me.

Look at me. Tell me
what the matter is.

Tell me frankly.

You are under my oath.

Granny, I think you've
forgotten to give a prize..

..to the one who's brought
so much joy to the palace.

But swear on me that you
won't tell him my name.

Or he'll feel bad.

Don't worry about what I
am to do or not to do.

Tell me truly, are you happy
with this marriage or not?

If you lie, you
will see me dead.


Yes, Your Highness,
tell us the truth.

We've been serving your family
for 7 generations now..

..and we consider it our duty
to give our life for your joy.

Now convince Rajmata
in front of me..

..that you are happy
with this marriage.

Granny, I am happy.

I am very happy.

Mr. Diwan, where is Rajkumar?

Haven't seen him for long.

We will start the ceremony
only after he comes.

His presence is very important.

Yes.. yes.. as you order.


The princess and Rajmata
are calling Mr. Rajkumar.

Tell him to come in.

Yes sir.

Sir, Mr. Rajkumar is here.

Greetings, Rajmata.
- Come, Rajkumar.

Why are you away from us
in these moments of joy?

We've received this happiness
because of you, and you're away?

Look, Mr. Diwan, don't let him
go out of palace for a minute.

Arrange for him to stay here.
I have much work with him.

As you order, Your Highness.

Every one is eager
for the ceremony.

Please, come.

- It's me.

Who me? Tell me the name.

It's me, Raja. Your Shanno.
Open the door.

I don't understand
how they freed you.

I am unable to believe that
it's really you standing here.

What trick are they playing?

Why don't you answer? Why
don't you speak, Raja?

No, no.

You are not Raja.

Who are you?

Go straight back to
your room, princess!

Let go of me, you scoundrel.

Don't try and play some
game with Mr. Diwan.

You don't yet know Mr. Diwan.

He had prepared me even before
he called Raja here.

And remember this: I will
be watching you..

..all the time in the palace.

Water! Water!

Here, drink water.

Let go of him.

What have you done?

Mr. Diwan had said that
this man should..

..remain alive till the
princess got married.

Open the door quickly.
- Why would I let him die?






Have courage, Punno.

Have courage, Punno.

Have courage, Punno.

C'mon, let's go from
here quickly.

C'mon, Punno. Have courage.

Hurry up.



Kherati! I think
I won't live now.

This is the punishment
of my sins.

Go to Rajmata fast
and inform her..

..that Shanno is the
real princess.

What? So Shanno is
not your daughter?

No.. no.. that's what we tried
to tell Diwan many times.

Sir! Have mercy!

We are telling the truth, sir.
We haven't met anyone.

We haven't told anything to
any one. We swear on God.

Yes, sir. That girl
is not our daughter.

She's not your daughter?
- No.

Then whose daughter is she?

We've not been able to
know that till date.

That's why we've safely kept..

..her childhood clothes
and amulets till now.

Here, sir. See this.
- See this.

This one.

And.. here's the amulet.

These clothes and amulet are of
Ratna. When had you found her?

12 years back.

We were going on some business
at the Kumbha fair.

We saw a girl being carried
away in a river. So we saved her.

Yes, she was unconscious.

When she regained

..she could not recollect
her name or address.

We brought her up as our child.
That's our only fault.

And.. I've got this punishment
instead of a prize.

Punno! Punno!

There they are.

Imarti, you both get out of
here through the jungle.

I will handle them.

This is Rajmata's room.

Kamalsingh, I'll be
back in a while.

Look after Rajmata, and
don't let anyone go in.

Who are you?

Raja, bless you.

Rajmata has especially called
me here to bless you.

Rajmata told me that all this
was possible because of you.


Sage, what is your name?

Child, do sages have names?

But if you still want to know,
my name is Raja.

Who is it? - It's me, Lalsingh.
Mr. Jalimsingh, open the door.

There's some bad news.

What happened?
- A terrible thing has happened.

lnform Mr. Diwan that Raja
has escaped from the jail.

Really? Go back to your place.

I will inform him right now.
- Ok.

Terrible news, Mr. Diwan!
Raja has escaped.

He can enter the
palace any time.

How could he escape? Where were
our guards, you rascal?

You don't need to be tensed,
father. Don't worry.

The whole palace is in the
custody of our guards.

If he dares step in, he
will call on his death.

The princess and Rajmata are
both locked in their rooms.

Take out all the treasure from..

..the royal treasury
and take it over.

Jalimsingh, I had ordered you..

..not to leave Rajmata
for a minute.

Go there now! - Sir, it was
necessary to inform you..

Go now!


Yes, there.

That is the royal treasure!
- Pratap, give the keys to me.

Let me open the treasure
doors myself.

Let me fulfill this
wish of my life.

Ok, father, ok. You
open the door.

This is a bogus key. This girl
is a cheater. - Cheater? - Yes.

Where is the real key?
- Tell us.


The real key is with me.

That is not the key to
the royal treasure.

It is the key to disclose..

..the dishonesty of
the royal officers.

l suspected that..

..Ratna was trapped in the
net of some traitors.

But I never expected
that those traitors..

..would be you father and son.

Ok, now that you've known the
truth, give us the real keys.

Stay away! Don't think I'll
be scared of dogs like you.

Beware! Come back to your
senses, old woman!

Your life or death
is in our hands.

If you care for your life,
give me the key.

Arrest these two traitors.

Why are you looking at me?

Didn't you hear what I ordered?

Oldie, do you now realize who is
the real master of your estate?

Listen, old woman. lf
you don't want to see..

..your grand daughter dead,
give us the real key.

Rajmata, don't give the
key to this murderer.

I am not your real Ratna.

I am also a cheater like these
sinners. Let me die.

That will be my punishment.
Let me die.

The grand daughter for whom..

..you were guarding the
treasure is also false.

Your grand daughter is dead.

Even if God comes and
tells me that Ratna..

..is not my grand daughter,
I won't believe it.

My belief cannot cheat me.

l can give away all
my wealth for Ratna.

Here, take the keys.
Rob the treasure.

But don't touch my dear Ratna
with your dirty hands.

Boy! O Boy! Our life long
mission is fulfilled!

It's all ours!

Rob it!

- Here's your Jalimsingh.

I am Insaafsingh, partner.


So, Diwan, where
have you hidden..

..the evidences that prove her
to be the real princess?

So your death has
dragged you here?

No, Pratap!

Don't give him such
an easy death.

Dare confront us?

Peel off his skin, father.

Now I will decide your fate.

Shoot him, Pratap.

This will be better for you.

Bastards! Throw away the swords!


I will kill you.

See the result of the greed for
money which had blinded you.

Open the door, Rajmata.
I am Juman Khan.

What are you still waiting for
after killing your own son?

It's not too late. Bow down to
Rajmata and repent for your sins.

Now tell Rajmata that you've
been cheating her..

..by hiding the real evidences.

Yes, Rajmata, she is
the real princess.

Forgive me.

Rajmata, I had promised you
that if you give me some time..

..I will peel off the skin of
these two traitors for you.

Now these sinners
are at your feet.

Princess, God has got you
to your destination.

May you be happy!

Rajmata, this sinner
wants to bow down..

..and receive his punishment.
Don't touch..

No, Raja, you've done no sin.
You are not a sinner.

You are the lord of my Ratna.

She told me everything
in that letter.

That is why I trusted you and
let you sit in the royal treasury.

'Dear, o dear.'

'Dear, o dear.'

'Come fast and meet me:
our youth is passing by.'

'Dear, o dear.'

'Come fast and meet me: