Raising the Bar (2016) - full transcript

16-year-old Kelly quits an elite gymnastics program in America and moves to Australia. To help out a new friend and show up an old rival , because a girl broke her leg Kelly re-enters competitive gymnastics, she'll have to find a way to move forward while also making amends with her past.

[gym vault clunks]

[soft thud]

[girl cheering]

Go, Kelly!

["A League Of Their Own"]

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh

ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Yeah yeah ♪

♪ When we're together

it's not hard to fly ♪

♪ And the bar never seems

too high ♪

♪ Whoa whoa ♪

♪ Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa ♪

♪ In a league of our own ♪

♪ When it seems our dreams

are out of reach ♪

♪ We chase them down

like gravity ♪

♪ Whoa whoa ♪

♪ Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa ♪

♪ In a league of our own ♪

- [male announcer]
- Another new perfect routine

from Kelly Johnson on the beam.

[female announcer]

Traditionally not even

her best apparatus

but she's on fire tonight.

♪ In a league of our own ♪

♪ We're coming back ♪

[crowd cheering]

♪ No no we're coming back ♪

♪ No one can stop us ♪

♪ We're coming back

no one ♪

♪ No one ♪

[male announcer]

Now, this could be a huge


Kelly Johnson could take

the entire competition.

♪ No one

We're coming back ♪

♪ In a league of our own

No one can stop us ♪

[male announcer]

Just the floor routine

to go now.

Kelly's best event.

♪ Ho oh oh oh oh ♪

♪ When it came to losing

we were undefeated ♪

♪ Took our chances

failed to pieces ♪

♪ Whoa whoa ♪

♪ Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa ♪

♪ In a league of our own ♪

♪ No one was ever there

to help us out ♪

♪ We were always

our own champions ♪

♪ Whoa whoa ♪

♪ Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa ♪

♪ In a league of our own ♪


- Did I mention
- Adelaide is one of the most

livable cities in the world?

Yeah, you did.

- Three times on the way
- to the airport

and then twice on the plane.

Trying too hard again, huh?

Just a little bit.

The beach where we'll be

living looks amazing.

We could learn to surf.

- I've always wanted
- to try surfing.

- It's gonna be great
- to spend more time with you...

without all

the other pressures.

You okay, honey?

Yeah... just like the last

three times you asked.

- -You're doing it again.
- -I know, I know.

I'm trying too hard.

It's okay. I love you for it.

I'm fine.

I just really wanna get the bags

and get to the apartment.


It shouldn't be long now.

- [baggage claim officer]
- Good news is, we found them.

Bad news is, they weren't

taken off the flight

during stopover, and they're on

their way to Melbourne.

The next flight back

isn't due to arrive

for a few hours.

- But I'll personally make sure
- that they deliver

to your residence

first thing in the morning.

Hi, welcome to Adelaide.

- -Finally.
- -Thank you.


Mom, we're in Australia.

They drive on the other side

of the road.

I knew that.

[car engine starts]

-Mom, left-hand side!



Whatever you do,

do not hit the kangaroos.

Hey, you missed me.

I'm Down Under, not vaulting up

and over anymore, so...

- [sighs]
- This is stupid.

Hey, it's Kelly.

You missed me. I'm Down Under,

so leave a message.

No likes, no friends...

nobody except--

- [Sarah]
- Kelly?


Well, at least

unpacking was easy.

How about we take in

the local sights?

Why not?

It's been a while since

it was just the two of us.

Let's go party.

We could learn to surf.


I've always wanted

to try surfing.


[pop song playing over tablet]

♪ No need to worry ♪

♪ 'Cause these are

just moments in time ♪

♪ So don't be

in such a hurry ♪

You are gonna tighten

your tie, right?

You gotta make a good impression

on your first day.

Yes, Mrs. Johnson.

It's a good school.

You'll make friends in no time,

I'm sure.

Okay. Come on.

Don't wanna be late.

[turns off music]

- [Sarah]
- Jacket.


Notice anything different

about what they're wearing?

Mom, seriously, on my first day?


So you're sure

you don't want me to come in?

Think I'll stick

with the wrong uniform

and skip the mom escort.

Don't wanna use up all my

embarrassment on the first day.

- I'll be working late
- at the hospital.

-You have the bus pass?


Uh, of course you do.

Have a good day, honey.

Like there is any chance

of that happening.

No. Mom, other, other side.

[car honking]


- -You must be Kelly.
- -Hi.

I'm Miss Saranti,

deputy principal.

- Let's get you
- to your first class

and do a quick tour as well.

Uh, yes, ma'am. Thank you.

You know, dear,

that's the wrong uniform.

That's the winter one,

although you just have

come from winter, haven't you?


Jessica, why aren't you

in class?

My mum went back to hospital,

and I missed the bus.

And I had to finish

copying these flyers.


Yes, I heard about your mum.

I'm sorry to hear that.

But if you're late, I need you

to be in class straight away.

Alright? You can do that later.

Please excuse me.

Girls, why aren't you in class?

That's the wrong uniform.

Thanks, I got the memo now.

American? Hm.

Gymnastics. You're... into that?

Yeah. The elite program here.

-Um, your mom not well?

-She's fine.

-Oh, I-I just--

-You were wrong. She's fine.

- [Saranti]
- Jess, this is Kelly.

Could you please escort her

to Miss Matzel's class?

And that will be enough

of that eye-rolling, thanks.

Yeah, so I got out of the car

I turned to wave...

and then I just,

I tripped on the step

my heel caught my skirt.

Oh, it was so embarrassing,

I went down flat on my face.

So it's like...

watching you vault

minus the sprained wrists?

I told you, that vault

was broken!

- [Miss Matzel]
- Enough, Nic!

Turn around, face the front.

Get your books out, too,

please, Nic.

Now, Nic.


- [Scotty]
- You okay, there?

Yeah, I'm fine, just, uh...

hanging out... with my bag.

Just relaxing. Getting comfy.

Okay. So there are two things.

- Great job of convincing me
- that's comfy

but it's probably not

and, second,

that's not your bag...

it's mine.

Hm, are you sure?

I mean, they all look the same.

Pretty sure.

It's got my name on it. See?

Oh, there.

Guess you really like that spot.

Now I've got a problem.

What? I, I, I didn't

take anything.

Good to know,

but that's not the problem.

The problem is you know my name

but I don't know yours.


Uh, it's, it's Kelly.

Kelly Johnson.

Dude, where are you?

We're starting.


Well, I should go.

But it was nice to meet you,

Kelly. Kelly Johnson.

It's, it's nice

to meet you, too.

Scotty, Scotty...

I... don't know your last name.


Hey, you're the new girl.

- You know that's
- the wrong uniform

for this time of year, right?

Yup, I've heard.

I'm Nicola,

but everyone calls me Nic.

Hi, I'm Kelly.

Wait. Say that again.

What? I-I'm Kelly.

You're American!

Oh, I love your accent!

-Say more things.


Oh, just say more things,

so I can hear you talk.

Uh... apple pie?

-Uh... blizzard...


Pillow fight, banana...

-You're funny!


- -Um, this is my first day here.
- -Oh, really?

Well, well, where are you from?

Why are you here?

- Well, how long have you
- been here?

Why, why at the gymnastics...

Do you do gymnastics?

- -Uh...
- -Oh, it's so exciting.

- -I'm from Atlanta.
- -Mm-hmm.


Uh, I'm here with my mom

for a year.

- She's a surgeon
- at the City Hospital.

I, I do...

Well, I-I did gymnastics.

Oh, well, um,

if you don't do gymnastics

then... why be here?

Um, I'm just sorta used to

being in a gymnasium.

Kinda feels like home.

I don't really have

any friends, so...

Well, now you do.

So if you've done

lots of gymnastics before

maybe you could help me out

a bit then, yeah?

- -Help you out?
- -Yeah.

I wanna get good enough

to make the elite squad.

Well, you looked pretty good

on the trampoline. I mean...

Yeah, well,

until I fell on my face.

Well, my dad

is a gymnastics coach

- so I might be able
- to help a little bit.

Really, a coach?

Yeah, but let's not

get into that right now.

Okay. Sure.

[pop music playing]

Okay, spread your arms.

Like that? Is it better?

[indistinct chatter]

Okay. Ow! Ow!

[indistinct chatter]

Have a great day.

Oh, my... That's great.

Anyway, um, so what's the deal

- with the other girls
- on the team?

I think I met... Jess.

- -Jess?
- -Yeah.

Jess is basically a jerk.

You know what I mean?

- Jess is on a sports scholarship
- to Floruit.

She's a year older than us,

finishes school this year

and easily one of

the best gymnasts around here

and sort of the...

queen of her year.

- She lives just with her mother
- and grandmother

like, this tiny,

little place up north.

- Actually, I think everybody's
- a bit scared of her.

I mean, I am.

She's very motivated

to win a US gymnastics


'cause I think it's her only

chance to go to university.

- She won't be able
- to afford to go here.

'Cause you're from the US, you

two might have a lot in common.

Not my first impression.

Uh, I don't think she liked me

- within the first five seconds
- of meeting me.

Yeah, she can be pretty scary

when she wants to be...

which is always.

- She works part-time
- at a fish and chips shop

- and I went there once
- with my parents.

My dad made me ask her

for some vinegar.

It was so weird.

Oh, and she has a bit of history

- with one of the guy gymnasts,
- Scotty.

You perhaps saw him

training at the gym.

Then there's Ashley.

She envies Jess,

like, huge, like...

And is Jess' right-hand girl.

They've been friends for years,

but, really, they're frenemies.

Like, Ashley's a good gymnast

but she just doesn't have

Jess' talent

- so she can't quite get
- to be the head girl

so she has to settle

for the next best.

There's a bit of jealousy there.

I think I know what that's like.

Sam is an ex-rhythmic gymnast.

Um, stuck with it for years.

- She never really quite got
- the rhythmic stuff.

She just kept dropping the ball,

and getting tangled and...

Dropping the ball

and getting tangled?

Yeah, literally.

Like, great lines,

flexible, strong

but she couldn't quite grasp

the extra co-ordination needed.

- Her coach said
- she should try artistic.

- Sam's easy-going,
- like, always be nice

but she's in Jess' elite

little group nowadays and...

Oddly enough, she's turned into

a really good netballer,

as well.

Netball? What's that?

Oh, it's a way big hit.

It's like basketball

but you don't run with the ball.

Then what do you do with it?

Score goals, of course!

I'll take you to a game

at some stage.

Then there's the boys.

Justin, really good gymnast

doesn't attend Floruit.

- He was in an elite program,
- but quit.

He likes performing and singing.

He's pretty good, too.

He juggles doing gym,

singing and acting lessons

and I think he might even be

part of a band. Not sure.

I call him Biebs.





-Oh, right.

Makes sense. Got it.

Uh, what about the other guy?

Uh... Oh, Scotty.

Plays heaps of sports.

He's a Floruit.

Um, he's a little bit

shy for me.

Rich parents, too,

but he's a really nice guy.

- Jess and Scotty
- had a thing going for a while.

- -What?
- -Mm.

- [Nicola]
- Yeah, they broke up last year.

But I reckon she's still

sort of keen on him though.

But he doesn't like her

anymore, right?

I'm just asking so that I know

the lay of the land

and everything.

You did hear what I said

about Jess, yeah?

And for the record,

she broke it off.

She didn't want

any distractions.

Then there's Luke. He's cool.

Doesn't attend Floruit.

Um, Luke's brothers and sisters

have all been in gymnastics.

His sister

was an awesome gymnast

- but she's overseas,
- studying now...

- [Nicola]
- Kelly?

- -Hello?
- -Hi.

-Yeah, sorry. Here.

-Oh, my God.

Uh, hey, so what's,

what's your story?

-What are you all about?

-Oh. Best part, you see

- I was a trampolinist,
- but I wanted a change.

See, I always wanted

to do artistic gymnastics

- but because
- I've come into it late

- I don't really have the control
- like the others.

- That's why
- I'm in the seconds gym

trying to get

as much training as I can.

- Well, that's what
- Jess told me to do.

She keeps describing me as,

like, out of control

- which, I mean, I just don't get,
- like, what does she mean?


I can't imagine.


Hey, Kel. So how was your day?

You mean, besides wearing

the wrong uniform all day?

Was it that bad?

- [sighs]
- No.

I'm sorry.

There's just some posts online.

Do you want me to beat up

somebody for you?

It depends. How quickly can you

get to Atlanta and back?

Hey, you have that photo

from back home on there.

It's a nice shot.

- You used to have
- that other picture

- with your father
- coaching you at the gym

as your background.

- Always used to make me
- feel a bit jealous

when I saw that picture.


Yeah. I, I deleted that.

Not happy memories

at the moment.

Listen, Kel.

I know this trial separation

is hard on you...

but coming here is

a circuit breaker for all of us.

We needed it.

Yeah, I know.

I get it.

- Maybe you wanna
- go back with your dad.

Mom, no.

I wanna be here with you.


I made a friend today.


She's, she's really great.

She's funny. You'll like her.

That's great, honey. I knew

you would make friends quick.

I, uh...

met Nic at the gym.

I-I told her I would

help her out with gymnastics.

Define help out.

Well, I think I sorta told her

that I had done

a little bit of gymnastics

and I might have mentioned that

my dad was a gymnastics coach.

So I told her I could...

probably help her out

a little bit.


Wait one second.

My championship leotard?

I thought you might be

needing it again.

Thanks, Mom.

Okay, what is going on?

Every time you jump up, you have

a different arm movement.

I just go with the flow.

- You know, I wanna
- add to the move, you know?

I don't wanna be stuck

with a rod up my back.

I wanna be free.

Women's artistic gymnastics.


I mean, this whole sport

is about precision.

Doing the same move,

the same way, the right way

every single time.

You've gotta get serious.

You seem serious enough

for the both of us

and the rest of Floruit.

- -I have to work on that.
- -Okay.

How about you just watch me

for one second?

- -Okay?
- -Okay. Yeah.


-Just do exactly what I do.


- [Kelly]
- Okay.

Wow, you are good!

- Alright, now at the end
- of your move

try finishing it off nicely.

Present yourself.


-Oh! I am so sorry.

- Well, I should've been watching
- for spinning students.

So, do you gym?

Uh, yeah, I, I do.

-I mean, I, I used to.

-Her dad's a coach.

- Well, I might see you
- on the floor then.

Or maybe you won't see her

- and she will
- knock you down again.

-Thanks, Nic.

-Shh, don't distract me.

I'm practicing.

♪ Ah ah ♪

♪ Ah-ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ Ah ah ♪


♪ Ah-ah ah ah ah ♪


- Um, we're gonna have
- a little mini comp

against the boys,

and Jess isn't at training.

So how about joining?

- -Where's Jess?
- -Oh.

Family or work stuff, I think.

- -Sounds fun?
- -Yeah.

Let's go.

No, not you, just Kelly.


We need one extra. Just you.

- I don't think so.
- I think I'll pass.

No, no, no. You go, Kelly.

Yeah, you show them.

I mean, you really show them.

Let's go.

Go, Ash.

Whoo! Go, Kelly!

[all cheering]

Go, Kelly! Oh, my God!

You're amazing! You go, girl.


And the scores are

girls, 72.5

thanks to Kelly's 14

on her buzz.

Pretty good for someone

not competing, I might add.

Boys, 76.


-Come on!

Super impressive, Kelly.

- I'd like to have you
- on the team. You interested?

Thank you, I really

appreciate the offer

but I'm not looking

to compete right now.

Are you sure?

Y-you have so much talent.

I'm sure.

Nic is really desperate

to join the team, though.

I mean, she would benefit

from the better training

- and working
- with the other girls.

Well, Nic has improved a lot

- but I don't think
- she's quite ready

for a competition just yet.

Besides, Jess doesn't

want her in the team.

Jess? What does she have--

-Hey, great moves on the bar.

-Thank you.

- I'm a little bit
- out of practice, though.

If that's your out of practice,

I'd like to see you in practice.

- Come on, man.
- Is that your best line?

- Luke, you got
- that brown paper bag?

Might need it.

I keep forgetting

I need to get new friends.

-I like your accent.

-It's Canadian, yeah?

No, the mighty US of A.

-Thank you very much.

-Told you, didn't I?

Ah, US. I love the US.

What part of States you from?

- -Georgia.
- -Hm.

- -Hey, Mom?
- -Mm-hmm?

Do you remember Megan

from the US team?

That girl who laughed that time

the uneven bars collapsed.

Yup, I remember.

She was a tough competitor.

Never got the feeling she was

much of a friend, though.


-It doesn't matter.

What about Sophie and Elorie?

- [Sarah]
- They were great gymnasts.

Really nice girls.

I thought they were friends,

as well, aren't they?

I always liked them.


Yeah, me too.

Not so sure.

Mel just messaged.

We are officially entered

- into the National Teams comp
- in Melbourne!


You know, I sort of miss

the high of competing.

Yeah. I'd just like

to try it once and find out.

- [Kelly]
- Yeah.

So, um...

- how are you gonna
- pay for the trip?

- Well, that's why
- I've been working

and missing a few sessions.

I was not gonna miss this.

[pop music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

Kelly. Did you hear?

- We're going
- to the team Nationals.

Oh, yeah. Congratulations.

You guys must be really excited.

Well, you know how these

teams events work, right?

With only the top three scores

counted on each apparatus

it would really help

to have a fourth team member

to help drop our lower scores.

I'd really like you

on the team, Kelly.

Look, I, I really

appreciate the offer

but I'm just not looking

to compete right now.

- But if you need
- an extra team member

I don't see why Nic

can't join the team, right?

Nic is just not up to it.

W-what do you mean?

Have you even seen her lately?

Uh, she's improved

by leaps and bounds

like... literal

leaps and bounds.

No, I've not really

seen her lately

but Jess says she's not really

up to a National Team comp.

We need to strengthen the team,

not add a weak member.

Nic has been working so hard.

I think with just

a little bit of extra training

- she could really get
- to that next level--

Listen, if you change your mind,

please let me know.

You really shouldn't let

a talent like yours go to waste.

- [Kelly]
- I just don't get this control

- that Jess has over
- the rest of the team

and Coach Mel.

You literally can't hurt

the team's scores

- and they're still
- not letting you in.

- I'm just not good enough
- for the team yet.

- I mean, I get it
- from Mel's side

- because it's a really big deal
- here to have coached

- the girl who gets
- the US gymnastics scholarship.

So she's not gonna get

Jess offside.

Don't stress about it so much!

- You need to learn
- to relax a little.


Hey, remember when I said

I'd take you to a netball game?

Is that the basketball thing

where you can't

run with the basketball?

The netball.

How about coming

to the girls versus boys?

I don't know.

I'm okay. Thanks.

I guess Scotty would just

have to be disappointed.

-Yeah, now you wanna come.

-Okay, fine.

♪ One two three four ♪


♪ Kick it up ♪

♪ Go go go go ♪

♪ Kick it up ♪


I'm over this.

Let's go. Come on.

♪ Go go go go ♪

Here, here, here.


- [Sam]
- Oh, my knee!

[indistinct chatter]

- [Ashley]
- Oh, Sam!


You okay?

What happened?

ACL complete tear.

I'll need a recon.

I'm out for 12 months!

Twelve months? Perfect.

That stuffs us up.



I mean, it's tragic for you

and for us.

You'll be back, though.

What about Nationals?

Um, no offense, but...

Well, Nic is ready and keen.

- I'll have another look
- at how she's going.

Nic? Not a chance.

- Psycho girl,
- she'll only weaken the team.

What about Kelly?

I mean, she honestly

is an awesome gymnast.

- -Kelly?
- -Yeah.

Who says she's any good?

- [together]
- We do.



I guess we need

a third member...

only if she's better than Nic.

Well, I've already tried

to get Kelly to join us.

- It might be better
- if one of you girls ask her.

A bit of peer pressure.

What? You've already asked her?

Jess, she's good.

Like really good.

She'd be good for the team.

Might even give you

some competition.

I reckon you ask her, Jess

- because she'd respect you
- the most.

So it would just work.

- [groans]
- Uh!

Alright. Fine.

Looked really bad to me.

ACL, I guess.

-That's terrible for Sam.

-I know.

Those injuries take forever

to recover from.

You know what this might mean.

Um, she'll have to have

a reconstruction?

No! Well...

Yes, but something else.

- They're a team member short
- for Nationals.

-They'll have to ask you!

-Oh, yeah!

Oh, that would be awesome

- but still, like,
- terrible for Sam

but I'd love to make the team!

I think you're about to.

-Hey, Sam, how are you?


Yeah, um, not so good.

I've... done my ACL,

so I need a reconstruction.

- That's awful, Sam.
- I'm really sorry.

Yeah, me too. You were doing

amazing in the game.

Yeah, well,

looks like that's over.

Maybe forever.

Hey, you know, I used to compete

against a girl who blew her ACL.

When she came back,

she kicked my butt on beam.

- -Really?
- -Really.

Okay, enough with story time.

Obviously, we need another

member for Nationals, so...

Kelly, you can join us.

What? You must be joking.

What about Nic?

No, I'm offering...

We are offering

Sam's spot to you.

No way! Nic is perfect!

She's improved a ton!

Ton. What's a ton?

We aren't even

talking about Nic.

- Are you saying
- you're not joining?

Look, I really appreciate

the offer

- but like I told
- Coach Mel already

I'm taking a break.

- Nic is perfect.
- You need a third team member.

-Don't be so stuck up!


No, not having this.

- You don't have to
- worry about it. It's fine.

[cell phone ringing]


-Are you okay?

-I'm fine.

-Are you sure?

- Because I'm stalking you
- online right now

and I just read some posts.

Who are Sophie and Elorie?

I mean...

And who is this Megan,

and what's her deal?

Hm. Megan.

Well... nothing really

surprises me from her.

She's my old gym rival.

Kind of like the Jess

of the United States

but without the warm charm.

But Sophie and Elorie, I mean

I thought they were my friends.

Especially Sophie,

I just thought she understood.

-Understood what?

-Forget it. It doesn't matter.


I mean, none of it's true,


But with Megan

my dad didn't select her

for the State team.

She had too much attitude,

thought she knew it all.

So she moved to another state

and... now she hates

my dad and me.

And then a bunch

of stuff happened

and then I moved to Australia

and apparently, all my friends

think I'm terrible.


I've seen you in action.

You are awesome!

Okay? Anyway, it doesn't matter.

Sam just told me that Ashley

has some friend of hers

joining the team.

- She trains in some other club
- and apparently

she's pretty good, too.

It's a pity, I...

I would've liked

to have gone to Nationals.

I might quit, I think.

There's no point.

What? No! Don't do that!

We have done so much,

and you have come so far!

Nic, you're gonna show everyone.

-We both are.


- Is this National Team comp
- the same one

that qualifies teams

for the Australian Invitational?

Yeah, the top four or five teams

- stand to compete
- in the Invitational

the next day, I think.

Okay, don't quit.

Meet me at the gym tomorrow.

I have a plan.

What are you two doing here?

The old Saranti's gym's

at the back.

And yet, here you are.

-Why don't you just get--

-Save it, Jess.

I've got an offer for the team.

We're not interested.

- Do you wanna
- go to Nationals or not?

Oh, haven't you heard?

We are going.

Well, you wanna catch

the judge's attention, right?

Impress to get

a US scholarship?

I'll compete with you.

Together, the team will have

a better chance of doing well...

but the only thing is

Nic is in too if I join.

-Wait, what?

-Still not interested.

What makes you think

we can do better with you?

Jess, Kelly could score

really well.

It could get us

to the top of the club teams.

How does that help me?

Look, I'm not interested

in a scholarship

but the team going to top ten

or even top five

will get attention for you.

I've been competing in big comps

since I learned how to walk.

The girls say you're the best.

So we'll have a one-on-one

apparatus comp.

You and me.

Any apparatus you choose.

If I win...

Nic and I are in.

And if we lose... we're out.

Go on, Jess. Nothing to lose.

You'll smash her.

What? No way!

Kelly is... in real trouble.

- Are you sure
- you wanna do this, Kelly?



You're on!


But if I win

and I decide

you're good enough...

you join the team...

without Nic.

Yes, come on, Jess. Let's go!

Smash it out, Jess.

Kip to the high bar

cast a handstand

giant, giant dismount.

Kelly is doing Jess' routine...

except it's perfect.

Ooh, my God!

Kelly, that was really amazing!


- [Mel]
- Okay, Jess

excellent score as per usual


But, Kelly, 43.

- Kelly and Nic,
- you're on the team!

Oh, my God! Yay!


Hate to admit it,

but impressive, Kelly.

No way are you doing that

to me, girl.

Well, what have you been up to?

Just working with Mel

before and after practice.

- Haven't trained
- in a while, gotta catch up.

Catch up to who? You're

the best girl on the team.

-Ten more seconds, girls.

-Let's go thirty.

- -What?
- -What?

I'm dying here.

You wanted to be here.

Ah, it burns!

- [Mel]
- Okay, relax.

- Thirty seconds relax
- and we go again?

What's with the whip, Kelly?

No pain, no gain.

No, seriously,

you're smashing us, mate.

It's all I know.

Either all in or not at all.


Where did that come from?

- [Kelly]
- My dad, I guess.

- It's either
- total commitment or nothing.

Let's go again?

- [Mel]
- Okay.


and go.

- Nic, what is with the arms?
- We talked about this.

Yeah, well,

I just wanna be free.

Show some of my own style.

This is not freestyle dance

this is a major competition!


-Girls, you are too serious.

- [Nicola]
- Relax.

Start the music!

[pop music playing]

Look at her.

She's gonna drag us all down.

Never been to Melbourne

but I think

my luggage went there.

That's about as close I've got

to visiting so far, but...

- -What's it like?
- -Oh, much bigger than Adelaide.

- -Um, there's this--
- -How about we just focus

on winning comps, okay?

Some of us actually

want to do well.

- So maybe you could focus
- on the competitions

and not on everything else.

Chill, Jess.

We all wanna do well. We're all

focused and working hard.

I hope so. Because there's no

way I'm letting any dead weight

anchor us down in competitions.

You know what I mean?

Um, has she read

what I'm thinking she's read?

Their pages are public.

You read them, remember?

- Well, who cares?
- She's just being mean.

- Look, don't let her
- get you down, Kel.

- You're the best gymnast
- I've ever seen.

-You're gonna do great!

-We both are.

- You know, you might
- be disappointed

in your new best friend

once competition starts.

She's not all

she's cracked up to be.

Kelly? She's not my best friend.

Wait, what do you mean?

Just remember

you heard it here first.

We'll see when comps start

who has what it takes.

- [Nicola]
- Hey, Ash, you forgot to mention

- it's either raining
- or about to rain in Melbourne

all the time.

- Expecting to see
- Bella and Edward.

- Do you wanna see how many chips
- I can fit in my mouth?

No, not really.


Good, it's actually

not that many.

I would've embarrassed myself.

Now you should be embarrassed.

You made me.

- -Well...
- -I'll be back.

Come back when

you learn some manners.

Oh, gross...



You've managed to worm

your way on to the team

and bring your weirdo

little friend along, too.

But guess what, I've been doing

a bit of reading about you.

Yeah, I've noticed.

You're a lot of things, Jess,

but subtle isn't one of them.

It's true, isn't it?

You lose it

when it comes to competitions?

Okay, you don't know anything

about what happened.

That stuff you saw online

was just some jealous girl!

Not the first one.

And apparently, not the last.

I don't care what you do

on your own time, Kelly

but you had better not tank this

competition, not this time.

-Jess, it's just a sport!

-No, it's not!

It might be just a sport to you

but I've been working

my whole life

for an opportunity like this.

I haven't had everything

handed to me by my daddy.

I've earned this.

Don't you dare mess it up.

I haven't had anything

handed to me--

Oh, Kelly, I really don't care.

I just don't want my future

being dragged down

by another dead weight

anchor performance by you.

You've got it?


Hey, Kel...

She-she was with Jess.

What did you say to her?

Just some home truths.

What are you thinking?

We start our comps

tomorrow, Jess.

It's a team competition,

it's not just all about you.

The team does bad, you do bad.

Just get over yourself!


What happened back there?


I just...

What if Jess is right?

Right about what?

This is my first competition

on my own

without my dad.

- This is my chance
- to show everyone

- that I'm good enough
- to make it on my own

- without any sort
- of special treatment

but what if I'm not?

What if I just

drag the team down?

What are you talking about?

- You're the best gymnast
- on the team.

- You're just
- saying that because--

Because it's true!

But it doesn't matter

how much I believe in you

you gotta believe in yourself.

I'm sorry, I, I have to go.

- Hello and welcome
- to day three of the competition

to beautiful Melbourne where

it's really starting to hot up.

- -Kelly, can I talk to you--
- -Not now.

- -I just don't want you to--
- -Jess.

- I'm trying to focus
- on the competition.

- I don't need you
- in my head right now.

-Yeah, but that's what I'm--

-Don't worry.

I'll be doing my very best...

regardless of what you think.


So over the next few days,

we'll see who qualifies

for the annual Australian

International Invitational.

The Invitational which always

follows the club competition

where only the best and in-form

Australian competitors qualify.

- [Michelle]
- That's right, Dave, the first

international competition

of the year

which always attracts

the up-and-coming gymnasts

from Australia and overseas.

There are strong club teams

again this year

but we haven't had

a club team qualify

in the top five for years!

[crowd cheering]

[gym vault clunks]

[soft thud]

What were you saying

about the dead weight?



- [Michelle]
- Beautiful routine from Kelly.

Will she try and pull out

a big move in this last part?

- [Michelle]
- No, it's just a front layout

- and she struggled
- on the landing, Dave.

- [Dave]
- Still having a hard time

with that final pass, Michelle.

- But we've seen
- some great gymnastics

from Kelly today

and it's great to see her

back in competition.


Will you look at that?

That is amazing.

The Aerial Club Team...

Wait, we might qualify

for the Invitationals.

- [Michelle]
- A real nail-biter.

And all the more tense because

of that last-minute mistake

from Kelly Johnson

that might be...

- Aren't you gonna say,
- "I told you so"?

- I didn't come here to be right,
- I came here to win.


The scores will

now be totaled and we'll see...

Good work, though.


The scores

are coming through now.


First to qualify, as expected,

the young Aussie Starlets.

- Next is
- the New South Wales team.

Victoria are third.

Queensland team are in, too.

Aerial have been brave

in their performance.

That's amazing,

the Aerial Club Team

have qualified

for the Invitationals.

- [Michelle]
- That's the first time
in years, Dave

a club team has qualified.

Congratulations to Aerial

and all the qualifying teams.

Oh, my God!

- [Dave]
- That sets up some fantastic


for the Invitational.

- We'll see Kelly Johnson
- back competing

in a big competition again.

Look forward to that.


-Um, congratulations.

-Oh, thank you.

- -It was nice.
- -Thanks.

Good work.

- Oh, awesome result,
- each of you--

Oh, uh, Mom's here.

Sorry, g-gotta go.

Uh, talk later? Yeah?


-Oh, you stink.


No, man. You're alright.

- Hey, what was
- with the handshake?

Did she say something?

-I said, "Awesome result."

-Oh, mate, that would do it.

Maybe you should play

hard to get.

Okay, so I just got

a list of the teams

we will be competing against.

Uh, the Aussie teams

which qualified, of course.

Plus... France, UK

Germany, New Zealand

and the United States.

Well... we've done, like,

huge just to get here.

- -Yeah.
- -So...

- It doesn't really matter
- what happens.



Why do you sound like

you're giving up?

Just because they're

international gymnasts?

They're just like us.

Ashley, I have never seen you

- look that amazing
- on the beam before.

And, Nic, this is

your first competition

and you advanced.

I mean, we're only point two

behind the best Australian team.

We're gonna do

even better tomorrow.



Is it just me,

or did it suddenly

get all inspirational in here?


Wow, you're really determined.

It's more bravado

than confidence, trust me.

I think it worked.

Well, I mean, I guess

I'm still a little nervous about

competing against Megan,

and my old team

but this is my chance

to show them

that they're wrong about me.

And that's exactly

what I'm gonna do.

This is a different story

from last night.

What changed?

Well, a little pep talk

with a friend.

He told me to believe in myself

so... I'm trying it out.

Well, this friend of yours...

he sounds really... awesome

and, uh, handsome.

-Hm, no, he's not.


Which one is Megan?

You can tell by the dagger

shooting out of her eyes

into the back of my head.


You taught her well, Kelly.

Megan, you've been warned.

Now cut it out.



Wait, what?

I guess she really appreciates

him telling her to cut it out.

W-w-what are you doing here?

I didn't know you were coming.

- Well, I could say the same
- for you.

Yeah, last minute replacement

for Tara.

- She couldn't be here
- till Saturday night

so they asked me to step in.

- Sorry, I didn't get
- a chance to tell you.

I, I thought I'd call

and surprise you

while I was Down Under.

Uh, guys,

this is my dad, Pete.

This is Coach Mel, Nic,

Jess and Ashley.

My Aerial gym team.

Delighted to meet you all.

I didn't know you were



You guys qualified

for International.

Hey, congrats.

That's my girl.

Well, we're about done.

So the floor and the equipments'

all yours.

Uh, but you must wanna

catch up with Kel.

- Uh, you know, actually,
- I'll just, uh...

I think I'll go back...

with you guys.

Are you sure?

I can drop you off

at the hotel, Kels.

- Why don't you stay?
- We can catch up.

I-I don't wanna distract

you guys from practice.

Team comes first, yeah.

We can catch up later

after training then.

Okay. You guys ready?

Alright, bye.

Good luck tomorrow, anchor.

Oh, sorry, did I say "anchor"?

I meant dead weight,

daddy's girl.

See you on the floor.

It's alright.

What is she going on about?

That's Megan. We used to compete

together back home.

- My last two comps
- weren't that good

so she always liked to blame me

for the team's poor results.

Even though she always

seems to forget

- that if she hadn't
- stepped out of bounds so much

we still would've placed.

Sorry to mention it, but...

it looked weird

with your dad back there.

Yeah, I actually didn't tell him

I was doing gymnastics again.


Um, he always used to push me

- to try new things
- in competitions

that I wasn't really ready for.

It was a really big issue

between him and my mom.

- She thought that he was putting
- too much pressure on me.

He thought she wasn't pushing me

to my full potential.

And they fought about it

all the time.

And then, eventually, when I

blew a really big tumbling pass

in my last competition,

they had a huge fight.

And... the next week

- they told me they were
- separating.

- [Ashley]
- Oh, God.

So... I don't know

I just didn't really

wanna open it back up again.

- And besides,
- I wanna prove that

I can do this without him.

And show Megan and everyone

- that I deserve
- that spot on the team

and that it wasn't

just favoritism.

But I guess, it's just

sort of awkward now.

Well, the good thing is,

you did it. You showed them.

We wouldn't have even qualified

for the Invitational

without your performance.

Um, and your awesome vaults,


I mean, you've got so much air

- I thought you were
- gonna fly in the stands.

You know what, guys?

- I don't even care
- what this Megan thinks.

Alright? We're all going

to smash it out tomorrow.

We'll make her regret ever

taking a trip Down Under.


I thought she did really well.


-Yeah, I guess she looked okay.

I mean, she did alright

in that stupid club comp

but she'll freak out like before

and tank it

in the big comp tomorrow.

Trust me, I mean, she just

doesn't have what it takes

and it'll be like last year,

all over again.

Well, she was going through

a lot back then.

She's just not tough enough.

- I mean, daddy can't
- save her this time

and she'll crash and burn.

I'm calling it.

Kelly did confide in me

how hard it was for her

in those final comps

before she quit.

Her parents were fighting

all the time.

She couldn't focus.

With her dad as coach,

the pressure on her

must've been huge.

I mean, I feel really

sorry for her now.

She did awesome yesterday.

- Just our luck to get caught
- in a cross fight

between Kelly and Megan.

If we lose to a club team,

even if Kelly is in it

we'll be a complete

laughing stock.



- [Sarah]
- Kel?

Kelly, honey, what's wrong?

I don't think this

was a good idea.

What, the competition?

The competition,

competing without Dad.

Megan, all of it.

Isn't this what you wanted?

To win without your dad?

Mom, Dad's here.

Your father's here?

He said he was a last-minute

replacement for Tara.

- I saw him today.
- I had no idea what to say.

It was so weird.

- I just wanted to help Nic
- get on the team before she quit

and then,

with Megan pushing my buttons

I just thought I could

prove something to myself

and... to Dad, too.

Isn't that what you're doing?

Mom, I just, I just feel

the pressure of it all now.

Especially with Dad here,

it just... feels so wrong.

Honey, I-I know you're upset.

But what feels so wrong?

I know it was my fault

you and Dad separated.

What? What?

Is that what you think?

Dad was mad

because I was messing up.

And then you were mad

because he was mad.

All because...

I couldn't do the moves

- that I should've been
- able to do.

So I thought if I quit,

you and Dad would stop fighting

and now I'm back to competing.

Kelly, Kelly,

honey, listen to me.

What happened between your

father and me is not your fault.

We were fighting

about everything.

Not just you

and the competitions.

Look at me.

With the pressure at my job

and the pressure on your dad

to win the competitions

we just lost sight

of each other.

It was not because of you.

What you've just achieved

here is amazing.

To come back, to compete

after all that time away

and with barely any time

to prepare.

And you did it on your own.

On your own terms.

I'm so proud of you, honey.

And I know your dad

will be, too.

You need to make decisions

that are right for you,

not for me

and not for your dad.

What's right for you.



[upbeat music]

This is Jordyn Wieber,

reporting live

from the Australian


The Australian Invitational

is always scheduled outside

of the main competition season

- to let the young,
- up-and-coming gymnasts

have their first taste

of international competition.


- I'm here with Lauren Bell,
- whose sister Sophie

is competing

with the US team here.

- Are you excited to be here
- with your sister?

I'm so excited. I can't wait to

compete here one day, too.

He's cute.

Did your daddy

help you get him, too?

You know what, Megan?

I used to think

if I was good enough

if I won enough comps,

you would like me

and we could be friends.

- But you know
- what I realized?

That you're not good enough?

No. That I just don't care.

You might be a good gymnast,

but you are not a good person.

At least I'm a good gymnast.

You can't even say that.

- We'll see what the scores are
- at the end of the day.

Yeah, you can check out my site.

I'll post some photos of me

and my gold medal.

You can touch the screen.

- That's the closest
- you're gonna get to one.

[crowd cheering]


Three, two, one, Aerial!

- [male announcer]
- Welcome the team

from the United States

of America.

[crowd cheering]

Put your hands together,

our team

all the way from France.


Please welcome our team

from Germany!


Gymnasts, please march to

your first apparatus

and present yourselves

to the judges.


That's the presentation out of

the way. Now the competition.

And this will be a fascinating

competition to watch.

The small time Aerial team

with ex-American

junior champion Kelly Johnson

on the same rotation

as the American team

- with some of her
- former teammates.


As this is a teams' event,

they'll have to put up

three outstanding gymnastic

routines on each apparatus.

We saw Jess Watkins score

very well yesterday.

- There are college scouts
- out here

and they'll be

watching her today.

We also saw good performances

from both Nicola Mathews

and Ashley Bryant.


Of course, Kelly had that final

floor-routine disaster

with her father coaching her

in the US Junior Nationals

last season.

And with that big stumble



The stakes are high.

All these girls are looking

to impress, to be included

to make the final training team

for the Olympics.

[upbeat music]

[crowd cheering]

Beautiful, alright.


An elegant vault

from Megan McCormack.

That's enough to put her

in the lead

with Kelly Johnson up next.

These girls are on fire today.

Just a few moments ago,

we saw Megan edge out

Kelly's score on the beam.

Let's see if Kelly

can get that lead back.


Wow, that was beautiful.

Fantastic vault.

- [Dave]
- Yeah, that'll do it, Michelle.

Definitely good enough

to outscore Megan in the vault.


The competition here today

is intense.

This battle between

Kelly and Megan

is setting the standard

for every gymnast who follows.

They're laying down a benchmark

and everyone is trying

to keep up with them.

It's exhilarating.

No one wants to lose

to the small time club Aerial

but these girls

are so focused on making

every step a winner.


The teams are just making their

last rotational change now

which brings Team USA

and Aerial on to the floor

to finish the competition.

- -Whoo!
- -Come on.

Ashley Bryant from Aerial

- put in a great routine
- yesterday.

Her teammates will be hoping

she nails it again today.


Oh, no! Ashley's had a big


She'll struggle

to recover from that.

Some nice moves from Ashley

but another stumble

on the landing.


I'm so sorry.

It's not so bad, girls.

Jess' routine and score

was awesome.

That keeps us in touch with the

podium finish and the Americans.


Michelle, we've seen the floor

is not Nicola's best event.

She's gonna have to be

at the top of her game

if she wants to keep Aerial

in contention here.


So no pressure.

[exhales sharply]

Run up and fly away.


But remember, only

the top three scores count.

Okay, you know

what your problem is?

No, what? Tell me.

Remember everything I told you

about taking it seriously?


- -Forget it.
- -What?

- You've already done the part,
- you've taken it seriously.

You've put in the work.

It's time to relax

and have a little fun.

- This is your first
- real competition, Nic.

Enjoy it.

-You'll do great.



Aerial can still medal if

Nicola and Kelly do well here.

Come on, Nic!

[upbeat music]

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

- [Dave]
- This is much more consistent

- than what we saw
- in the club competition.


She's adding her own

unique twist

to the routine.

If she keeps this up

Aerial will be

in a great position.

♪ Feel it feel it

feel it feel it ♪

♪ Feel it feel it

feel it feel it ♪

♪ Feel it feel it

feel it feel it ♪

♪ Feel it feel it

feel it feel it ♪

♪ Feel it feel it

feel it feel it ♪

[crowd cheering]


Outstanding performance

from Nicola.

That's just what Aerial needed.

A great score from her.

Nic, Nic, Nic, Nic.

That was amazing.

I-I-I've never ever ever

seen you do something like that.

Did you have fun or what?

Oh, it was, it was awesome.

I-I can't...

-Good routine, Nic.

-What was that?

I'm... glad you're here.



Just looking over and...

All the red flags are up

apart from the floor.

So these two routines will be

the last for the competition.

- [Dave]
- The scores are close here.

The Americans

are comfortably in front

with just Megan McCormack

to perform.

One mistake, though,

could change everything.


Dave, I feel certain

Megan will put in

a very conservative routine

here to play it safe

and protect her

and the team's lead.

[upbeat music]



Megan would recall

Kelly's fall on the floor

at their last competition

costing her team gold

or any chance of the medal.


Even her final pass is just

a very clean front sault.

The American's definitely

taking no risks here.



Megan and her team

will feel certain

- Kelly won't be
- able to come up with anything

to threaten their lead.

[exhales sharply]


Huge pressure on Kelly now

to try and get Aerial

back into medal contention.

Whoo! Come on, Kelly!

[upbeat music]

[crowd cheering]

[crowd cheering]


A beautiful start

with the compulsories, Dave.

She knows what she has to do

here and she's... Oh, no.

- [Dave]
- Oh, that's a heart-breaker,


To lose points

on a simple move like that.


I think she just cost her team

any chance of a medal, Dave.

She just has a final

tumbling pass left.

I don't think that will

earn her enough points

to make up for that error.

Come on.


[crowd cheering]


Wow, oh, wow!

That was beautiful. Amazing.


A double Arabian! That skill is

worth an extra half a point

on her score. This wasn't a

planned part of the routine.

A double Arabian,

that's a half twist

with a double front somersault.


She must have added it to make

up for that error, Michelle.

This was the move that cost

- Kelly's team the gold
- last year.

And this year,

it may be just what wins it

for her and the team.

Michelle, just waiting

on the final places.

Aerial has won silver!

The small Aerial club

have taken the silver.

-Silver? We took silver?

-But it's not gold.

- We weren't even supposed
- to be good enough

- to get into the Invitationals.
- We just medaled!



Aerial with Kelly's

stunning performance

have taken the silver

by the smallest of margins.


Hey, what's with that look?

She just took gold.

Look at the individual


[crowd cheering]


Good work, Kel.

Glad we had that pep talk

about being an anchor.

Oh, you call that a pep talk?

It worked, didn't it?

[crowd applauding]

Hey, what's going on?

Uh, somebody might have

mentioned to the US coaches

that their star gymnast

was a cyber-bully.

I hear there's a pretty strict

policy on that sort of thing.



That concludes

the medal presentation.


to all the girls.


♪ No one can stop us ♪

♪ No one can stop us ♪

♪ We're in a league

of our own ♪


♪ No one can stop us ♪

♪ We're coming back ♪

♪ No no ♪

♪ We're coming back ♪

♪ No one can stop us ♪

Finishing with

a double Arabian. Wow!

- I know, I convinced
- Coach Mel to help me with it

- before and after practice,
- but I can't believe I did it.

It felt so cool.

Oh, I'm super proud

of you, honey.

I think somebody else

wants to talk to you.

Okay, hold this.


Girl so can work him out.

It's fine.

You don't have to say it.

Say what?

You were right, Scotty.

I just had to believe

in myself, Scotty.

Go on a date with me, Scotty.



- -He's asking her out.
- -Wait.

-Okay, what?


I'll go on a date with you.

Saturday night,

dinner and a movie.

-Wear something nice.

-Oh, so cute.

Well, that went well.


- -He's really nice.
- -Thank you.

[knock at door]


Dad, Tara, hey.

Tara wanted to speak to you

and Jess actually

before she flies out.

Jess... nice to meet you.

I was very impressed

with your performance today.

-You're a senior, right?

-Yeah, yep.

- Now, I don't know if Kelly
- told you or not

but I am the head coach

at California State College.

And I would like to offer you...

a full scholarship

for next year.


Are you interested?


Oh... Okay.


- I think you can
- take that as a yes.


Now, Kelly...

Look, I want you to come back

to the States.

- And-and join our team training
- for the Olympics.

You have a real shot at it.

What do you say? Hm?



Kels, what's up?

Did you get Tara to ask me?

Oh, well, Tara asked me

if I thought

- you were up to coming back,
- and I said yes.

But it's Tara

who wants you on the team.

With you as assistant coach?

Well, that's the plan.

This has been what you've been

working towards all your life.

This is your dream.

No... it's not.

Dad, I love gymnastics,

and I love you

but... not together.

What do you mean?

I don't want a dad

who is a tutor or a coach.

I just want a dad who's a dad.

But this is the Olympics.

It's your dream.

No, Dad, it's not,

it's your dream.

But... this is what you've said

you've always wanted.

Yeah, and it was,

but it's not... now.

And it hasn't been for a while.

And if you would've have been

my dad and not my coach

you would've noticed that.

[exhales sharply]

Kelly, now, I only want

what's best for you.

So if this isn't what you want,

then that's okay.

I've been concentrating

on being a coach.

You know, chasing the dream.

I think I've forgotten

how to be a dad and a husband.

I don't wanna be

without you or your mom.

So are we okay?

We're better than okay.

What about your mom?

You think she might be up to

talking to me again?

That might take

a little more work.

But if I've learned anything

from my gymnastics coach

it's that if you love something,

it's worth the work.

You know, now with Jess gone,

that'd make you head girl.

-It could be alright.


So what happened?

Um, well, she sort of offered me

a shot at the Olympics

- to go back
- and train with the team.

That's awesome.

Kel, you're not gonna go,

are you?

Are you mad that I'm not going?

Of course not.

But are you sure

this is what you want?

- This is a huge opportunity,
- Kelly.

You worked so hard for it.

I just feel like I found myself.

I have nothing to prove.

I just want some time for me.

And I wanna have

a mom and dad again.

Oh, Kelly.

-I love you.

-I love you, too.

-Hi, I'm Scotty.


- [Kelly]
- Good day! You've missed me.

Havin' a ball Down Under.

Leave a message.


♪ When you're out there

and they all stare ♪

♪ Acting like they don't care ♪

♪ If you make it

if you break it ♪

♪ Or throw it to the moon ♪

♪ You feel your heart beating ♪

♪ At the speed of light ♪

♪ Ready ♪

♪ Set ♪

♪ Just fall ♪

♪ Just thinking flipping ♪

♪ Go on and double twist it ♪

♪ From the top bring it on ♪

♪ Go for the gold to go home ♪

♪ We are unbreakable ♪

♪ In it to win it

In it to win it ♪

♪ Never fading

when the lights go out ♪

♪ Out ♪

♪ They'll steal your thunder ♪

♪ Put it in a jar

hide it somewhere far ♪

♪ So you'll never rediscover ♪

♪ The beat of your own drum ♪

♪ Just remember

it's your drum ♪

♪ They can't steal it ♪

♪ So don't roll ♪

♪ Just thinking flipping ♪

♪ Go on and double twist it ♪

♪ From the top bring it on ♪

♪ Go for the gold to go home ♪

♪ We are unbreakable ♪

♪ In it to win it

In it to win it ♪

♪ Never fading

when the lights go out ♪

♪ We are unbreakable ♪

♪ In it to win it

In it to win it ♪

♪ Never fading

when the lights go out ♪

♪ Out ♪

♪ We are unbreakable ♪

♪ In it to win it

In it to win it ♪

♪ Never fading

when the lights go out ♪

♪ Out ♪

♪ All that you hear ♪

♪ All the voices telling you

you can't ♪

♪ See you got your wings ♪

♪ Show them while you can ♪

♪ Oh we're unbreakable ♪

♪ We are unbreakable ♪

♪ In it to win it

In it to win it ♪

♪ Never fading

when the lights go out ♪

♪ Out ♪

♪ We are unbreakable ♪

♪ In it to win it

In it to win it ♪

♪ Never fading

when the lights go out ♪

♪ Out ♪

♪ We are unbreakable ♪

♪ In it to win it

In it to win it ♪