Raising Colors (2018) - full transcript

Laure, 23 years old, suddenly decides to join the French Navy.

Rehearsals going OK?

Very well.

- When's the premiere?
- Soon.

What on earth got into you?

It's true that we wouldn't have...

It's not what we'd imagined...
but why not?

Is that all you can say?

Well, I for one
find it very worrying.

Don't exaggerate.
She may very well be fine.

You never went.
You were deaf at 18.

What do you want?

To be useful?
To change things?


Let me speak.

So take care of the homeless
or refugees!

Give French lessons,
join the Greens!

That's how you can
serve your country!


Please calm down!

Don't say that
or I'll scream.

I don't want my daughter
to go wrong. Understand?

So, you think that's funny?

Well, I don't!

You won't have anything
to laugh about soon, Philippe.

You've know idea
what she gets up to.

- You can go there.
- Thanks.

23 years old, 1,63 m, 48 kilos.

No weight problem?

You speak Russian?

And English.
A double masters at the Sorbonne.

You speak Russian?


"Yes, Commander."

Yes, Commander.

Interpreter College,
Political Science...

Are you the type
who'll try everything?

You haven't done
your initial training.

I was told that I should
report here first.

You'll take care of the tour
of the establishment, OK?

Very well, Commander.

Here's your boarding pass...

...while we wait
for your DDE clearance.


Yes, Commander.

That will be all.


I can carry my bag,
you know.

I know.

This will be your office.

The DDE office is opposite.

The DDE is in charge of studies.

He's number 2 in the establishment
after the big chief.

He's the one you'll deal with.

Commander Riviere.

I have to take you to DEB
to get kitted out.



Just what is your job?

Navigation training assistant.

I'm an officer, but I am awaiting
my assignment to Forfusco...

...the Naval Commando Force.

Look good, don't they?

It's the green beret
that I want...

...like them.

Gervais, you wanna get laid,
or become a commando?!


This is your uniform.

Skirt or trousers...

Depending on the mood
of the DDE.

- All OK?
- All OK.

Alright then...

- See you.
- See you.

Right hand, girl.

Welcome aboard,
Cadet Officer Baer.

Thank you. Yes, I have a soft spot
for President Mitterrand.

Otherwise, nothing special.

Updating the website...

...with a souvenir photo,
if something special happens.

And an article from time to time
for the school magazine.

This is it.
It's this month's.

It was devoted to retraining...

...with my personal touch.
A present for you.

Thank you.

You'll also have to write
lots of memos for the DDE.

They need to be concise,
to the point. No embellishing.

He doesn't like it
when things overflow.

As you were.

How's it going?


Pages of instructions
and organisation charts galore.

Just for my ratification.

I've been asked to write
an account of the first BFMC.

You know?

A bit, yeah.

The creation of the first
naval commando battalion.

Are you replacing Desmarest?


Why did you get involved?

Well, I'd had enough of studying...

...so I sent my CV
around different places...

...and the Navy said yes
straight away.

I jumped in without really knowing
what I was getting myself into.

You'll find that out very quickly.

The navy is recruiting hard.
All profiles are of interest.

You speak Russian.
Makes you a big asset.

You speak Russian?


Yes, of course!

Well, I must be going.
See you.

See you.

- You don't want your chips?
- No, help yourself.


Come on, speed it up!

Come on!


Faster! Faster!

Come on... move it!

Speed it up!

Aim for the top.

Both arms.

Come on you slobs!

No... fuck it...

Where the fuck are they?

Flag ceremony in 5 minutes.

Flag ceremony...


Address the flag.

Raise the flag.

In your roles as recruits
or naval officers...

...you must never forget...

...that it is essential...

...that you are able to accept orders...

...as part and parcel
of our environment...

...of valour and discipline.


Understood, Commander!

-Valour and discipline.

Right, Marchaudon?

Yes, Commander.

I hear you.

Valour and discipline...

The best way to influence,
is by example.

Step forward.

You look like a choirboy,

Accept as an honour, the 40 push-ups
you'll be giving away...

...for your comrade,
for her lateness.

It will do you good.

You have one minute.


"The military state demands,
in every circumstance,

"the spirit of sacrifice."

Article 1
of the General Military Statute.


I'm listening.

No problem, Commander.

You don't like me?

I don't like you either.

That'll do, Marchaudon.

Company... fall out!

Left turn.

First row, break rank!

A problem, Lieutenant?

With all due respect, I'm the one
who should have been sanctioned.

A sanction for being late
is 40 push-ups.


The 177 Frenchmen of D-Day.

Volunteers among the volunteers.

Don't worry. He'll validate
your boarding card.

If Riviere catches you smoking, girl,
you run a huge risk.

But if you can prove
you're green beret material...

...then you get
a marriage proposal.

You're nuts.

What's his life like,
do you think?

Obviously shithouse.

25 years of service
takes it out of you.

That type reveals nothing.

What will you do
on your first furlough?

Get some personal life back?


You got a guy?


Is he cute?


Well I'll leave you
to your labours.

See you.



It was really fantastic.

This evening particularly.

There was more tension
in the last scene...

and you were amazing.

Was it weak yesterday?

Not at all...
just different.

Each evening has
its own peculiarity.


Now you tell me about it.

It's gone well.

Are they feeding you properly?
Haven't you lost weight?


Let me see.


It worries me.
I'm sure you're not eating properly.

I'll bet the food's terrible.

It's very good.

So now my daughter's
become militaristic

I've given birth to a militarist.


The creation of the first
naval commando battalion.

"Volunteers among volunteers"...
that's how I start.

- What is it?
- Nothing. Go on.

It's because of a brave man,
Philippe Kieffer...

...that the first BFMC was created.

What's BFMC?

The naval commando battalion.
I just told you.

You just told me, did you?!

In April and May 1942,
Kieffer's men...

...went through a 6-week
training course.

Stop it! I can't concentrate.

Carry on.

6-week course...

A primary objective....

Excuse me... this is in my way!

This course has the aim of...

only keeping those who are able
to be part of an elite body.

- You're the one with the elite body.
- You're nuts.

The primary objective,
to become commandos...

and liberate France.

I really want to
liberate France, too.

In March 1944
they are given orders...

...to train in landing operations...

...together with the British
4th Commandos at Bexhill.

Everything suggests that D-Day
is approaching.

...allowing for the attack.

After clearing Ouistreham
of the enemy...

...the BFMC joined forces
with the 4th Commandos...

...at the children's summer camp there.

They moved in the direction
of Colleville-sur-Orne...

...crossing Saint-Aubin-d'Arquenay
and reaching Benouville...

...whilst being under constant
German sniper-fire.

After a long day and night...

...the 1st BFMC had suffered 15 dead
and 36 wounded.

Now began...

...the Battle of Normandy.

The Battle of Normandy
starts for him.

The Battle of Normandy...

It continued for 80 days.

- Notice?
- What?

You ate a peanut.

How did the presentation go?

He left before the end.

The formidable Commander Riviere.

To get 300,
about 900 are selected.

Alright, I'm going to get drunk
with Apple Brut. You?

Same as you.

At ease.

See me tomorrow
for your ratification.

8am sharp.
Regulation uniform.

Try to be punctual, this time.

Understood, Commander.


Ratification at 8 tomorrow.


What does it mean by
"regulation uniform"?

- It means "starkers", girl.
- You're nuts.

Cadet Officer Baer.
At your command, Commander.

Come in.

Cadet Officer Baer.
At your command, Commander.

At ease.

A Beret ceremony is planned
next Friday in Brest...

...after the flag presentation
of the Petty Officers School.

In your role as a tradition-officer,
you'll cover the event.

Photos, report,
record of speeches.



Uniform 22.

Blue outfit.

Skirt or trousers?



Your ratification.

Any questions?

For my initial training,
it would be useful...

Very useful, certainly.

We'll look at that later.

You may go.


Yes, it's OK.

A bit of a cold.


OK. I'll call you tomorrow.

Me too.


Get a move on.

Retrieve your weapons
on arrival.

Did you check with the medic?

It's alright, Commander.

The weak will perish,
the strong will remain.

I'm Albertini.

Call me by my first name...
Chief Petty Officer.

Thank you,
Chief Petty Officer.

I met Patrick the lady-killer
again the other day.


We had a good laugh

He went on about that nurse again.

Ah... The Monk...!

You talk too much.

Perhaps you know her.


You stop me if I lie.

We're in Afghanistan.
We've sat on our arses for 4 months.

We're all bored stiff.
Morale is rock-bottom.

To cheer us up,
despite the curfew...

...the chief takes us to a sort of
club near the American base.

There's this magnificent
brunette there...

She was poured into a red dress.

She wasn't a hustler.
No, a nurse.

So there she is...
coming up to us...

and asked Yann for a dance.
Just like that.

Do I lie?


It's like 3am when the girl
asks us to take her home...

...because her friends had left.

And you know what?
He takes me along with him.

Here's me in the front seat
of an old pickup.

The Monk and Hot-Lips
are in the back seat...

...necking all the way
to the US base.

The girl gets out.

And then she leans
in the door...

...with fiery eyes,
and says to him...

I'll never forget this...

"We can't finish up
like this."

So what did The Monk say?

He said "Bonsoir."

"Bonsoir." In French, mind you.

After 4 months...

...a sex-bomb for the taking
and he doesn't touch it.

Good old Yann...

Your nickname really suits you.

Even the little girl's smiling.

She's nice, that one...

A pretty smile.

What's your name?

Baer. Cadet Officer Baer.

Your nickname?

La Miss.

Order... arms!

Since the first allied raids
on Normandy...

...the commandos have been landing
on the beaches of the world...

...to achieve victory,
and win peace.

It's your turn now.

There were 26 of you
at the beginning of March.

This morning, there are 5.

With will and determination...

...you've successfully surmounted
the 7 weeks of training...

...bringing you to this place
here, today.

You are now aware
that nothing is impossible.

Here is your beret.

You can be proud of it.

Be worthy of it.

Commando-course 129...
stay vigilant.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

I mustn't push it
too deep.

You look like a leader.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

Can I help you?

Thank you.

Very good of you.

Where are the toilets?

Through there. I'll go with you.

What did you say?

A double masters.
English and Russian.

You remind me
of my grand-daughter.


I promised Leon to take him
at the Museum of Tradition.

I'm struggling to get back.

Have a good trip, Monk.

Take care, eh?

Well, gentlemen...

Your training starts
on Monday.

The Naval Academy is vetting candidates
for an officer's internship.

Aim to be top-rated.

You leave tomorrow morning
at 9.07 am at Lorient station.

TGV 47-79.

You come back in a fortnight.

And my current filing work?

Paperwork, lieutenant.
Nothing insurmountable.

A pen-pusher job.

I think we manage without you.

Any problems?

Not at all, Commander.



Are you the chick
from the commando school?


What do you do there?

Tradition Officer.

That must piss you off.

What's your goal?

Career officer?

Don't know.

Your contract is only renewed once.

After that, you're out.

Unless she passes
as a career officer.

She'd better prove herself.
Especially with the commandos.

What I want...

...is to attain captain's rank,
and then my own ship.

In your dreams.

Wanna bet?


What's your name?

Baer. Cadet Officer Baer.

Like the actress?


To be a sailor is to be
part of a crew...

of a community...

...with whom we overcome
storms and adversity...

...with whom we share failure
and sorrow, joy and success.

The dedicated sailor accepts
the uncertainty of tomorrow...

I'm getting my period.

It's a drag.

It seems that when several girls
get together...

...if one gets her period,
the others do too.

Women in harems
have their periods at the same time.

No matter.


It's called the McClintock effect
of menstrual synchrony.

Women's cycles tend to synchronise,
in group situations.

My gyno told me.

Did you pass them on to me?

If you don't want to
have your period anymore...

...take the pill regularly.

Reveille is at 6am.

Assembly at the call board
for the final grading.

Those best-rated will get an assessment
from the admiral...

...which will be given to them
by their superior officer.

And the least-rated will have to
striptease at La Potiniere.

This joint is the pits.

Nothing more than a whore-bar.

She's not a whore.

Just a chick flashing her bum
to the world. So what?

You don’t show your bum
very much.

Why do you never show it?

Come on, show us
a bit of bum, Miss!

Stop! Get off me!

Stop it!

Come in.

Reporting, Commander.

You've been highly rated.

I did the best I could.

By celebrating
in a whore bar?

Revealing a weakness to someone
can end up sinking you.

Have you been to the sick bay?

Yes, Commander.

You have been
to the sick bay.

No, Commander.

I'm waiting for your report
on the petty-officers' ceremony.

3 pages, no more, no less.


You may go.

You can go, Lieutenant.

What is it?


Looks like lipstick.
It's sexy.

Don't be silly.
It's Mercurochrome.

I met someone.

- Great! Where?
- At the 'Cactus'.

It's a little bar
near the docks.

In my bed
I put cactus...

In my underpants
I put cactus...


Next week it's karaoke.
Come along.

I need to stay away
from bars.

So I'll introduce you.




Riviere gave the green light for me
to start the next evaluation course.

If I pass that, I'll be eligible
for commando training.

- You'll become a wild-boy?
- Yep.

You want to enroll?


There are no men or women
in the forces.

Only soldiers. OK?

Commando operational support,
my girl.

The co-internship is open
to all specialties.

Radio, medic...


If you get through
the first two weeks...

...you can be assigned
to operational support.

Commando support
during missions, my girl.

Riviere decides on applications?

No, the supremo.

But Riviere has to give
a favourable opinion.

Careful, though.
It's hard-going.

It's reserved for men.
No women can participate.

There are no men or women
in the armed forces.

Only soldiers.


I'm fluent in English and Russian.
I want to apply.

The course is only for men.

Any other questions?

I'm waiting on your report.

- Give me a chance.
- Chance has nothing to do with it.

You may go.

What are you waiting for?

Are you going to
burst into tears?

I never cry.


That's an order.

3 pages. No more, no less.

You seem eager to demonstrate
your linguistic talents.

So translate it into English.
It can always be used.


And wash your face.

- Can I sit here?
- Sure. Go ahead,

- Not eating?
- No, not very hungry.

Can I take your tomatoes?


Who smokes here?

Raise your hand.

Who smokes here?
Raise your hand.

Nobody smokes here.

Understood, Commander.

Right, Cadet Officer Baer?

Yes, Commander.

I'm listening.

Nobody smokes here, Commander.


Step forward.

The rest of you, dismiss!

She's good for her
40 push-ups, Miss.

In short strides, forward.

I can do them, Commander.

I can do them.

That's an order.

Oh, it's The Monk.

The translation of my report.
3 pages, no more, no less.

What are you trying to prove?

You want to play being a guy?
Is that it?

Take advantage of your next furlough
to try doing it.

That'd be best for you.


Want to drink something else?

I dunno. You?


Come outside for a smoke?

Were you told to stop smoking?

It's not good for the heart.

That's true.

Your mother was right...

You've become a real soldier.


...and cold.

But still just as beautiful.

Maybe even more beautiful.


We say "sailor" in the Navy,
not "soldier".


And I'm not hard.

You're not soft, though.

Did you ask your father
for the prescription?

Did you ask me here
just to split up with me?

Is it over, with us?

It's not good for the heart either,
taking the pill all the time, you know.

Who dares to say...

that he can teach me

Or show me...

what to do to be great?

Who can change what is part

of my blood?

Life teaches me nothing...

I just wanted to talk a bit...

Choose my own speed...

Life teaches me nothing...

I would so like to hold on...

Find my own way...

Find my own way...

But I am not able...

I do not know...

And here I stand...

Laws no longer make men

But some men make the law

I am not able...

I do not know...

And here I stand...



It seems to have
been clear to me.

Enjoy yourself.

Come on... claw it like a cat!

Try to project yourself
using both legs!

If you leap higher, you can
get over with your elbows.

The one on the test course
is much higher.

So no excuses with this one...

It's just an appetizer.

Speed it up!


Head back to camp.

Fuck it!

At the ministry, next Monday.
Inter-allied meeting.

My English sometimes
plays tricks on me.

You'll come with me.

That is, if your nocturnal hobbies...

...don't interfere with
your duties as an officer.

You smell like cigarettes.

Blue uniform 22.


The chief gave me his OK.

I start training tomorrow.

Without a run-up...

The wall.

Without a run-up,
or not at all.

Understood, Commander.

Speed it up!

Keep in line!

Pause here.

Grip with your feet.

Don't pause.

Grip with your feet

Dumont, don't pause.


Grip with your feet.

Miss, your turn.
Don't pause.


Seize that rope!
Seize it!

Grip with your feet!

Speed it up!

Speed it up!


Miss, grab the rope.

Faster, Miss!

You've run out of time!

Leave call!

Leave call!

Speed it up!

Come on, speed it up!

Flat on the ground!


On your feet!

About turn!

Flat on the ground!

On your feet!

Cold is in the brain.

Pain is in the brain.

Feeling bad?

Pain is in the brain.


You cold?

A bit.

A bit lower.


Some people are lucky.

Don't take advantage of it, Dumont.

You run no risk with me, girl!

You're nuts.

All fall in!

Kits ready!

Gotta go, girl.

Come up the caving ladder!

Hurry it up!
You've already lost time.

Come on, Miss!

Good to go?

Gotta go up there.

Come on, Miss.



You've already lost time.

That's fine.

Dumont, first try.

That's fine.

Miss, first try.

Pull yourself together...
Murder that fucking wall!

What the hell's she doing?

Without a run-up?

Without a run-up,
or not at all.


Yes, girl.

Cadet Officer Baer
reporting, Commander.

As Deputy Commander, I can tell you
what has been approved.

Seems your dependable.

Dependable and persevering
from what I read.

"A fearless subject,
in the face of adversity...

"seems to know how
to impose her will.

"Favorable opinion.

"Internship validated."

Clean and precise.
Just like him.

You'll join Ponchardier...

as Operational Support Commando.

That's what you wanted,
isn't it?

Is he on leave?

You could say that.

He's not here by choice.

It's also an act of bravery
to be admired.

Always so unpredictable.

He quit... just like that?

Just like that, yes

The formidable Commander Riviere.


You ask too many questions.

Rest assured...
We'll miss him greatly.

Show them what you're capable of.



Understood, Commander.

Who dares to say

that he can teach me

Or show me...

what to do to be great?

Who can change what is part

of my blood?

Who has the right
to forbid me to be alive?

On which side are the good guys,
and the bad?

Their gospels made me
a non-believer

Life teaches me nothing

I just wanted to talk a bit

Choose my own speed

Life teaches me nothing

I would so like to hold on

Find my own way

Find my own way

But that I can't do

I do not know how

And here I stand

Has the chief briefed you?

He just gave me
my 2 covers.


So what's happening?

Rescue of a European
held by Chechens.

- Fuck!
- I'm leading the mission.

I asked for a Russian-speaking
interpreter for support.

There was only you.

Any problem?

Any problem?

No problem.

You stay in support.

We're French army marines!


Antoine and Jo, freeze.
Girl, you follow me.


What did he say?

He said to lay down our arms.

Put your gun down!

The girl isn't armed.

What did he say?

He wants to see you and know
your name and number.

OK. You see the Glock
at my back?

Walk behind me.

As soon as you're close enough,
grab it and plug him.

- I can't do this.
- You aim for his head.

Over to you...

I can't, I tell you.

And The Monk...
do you know why he quit?

Go on... tell me... Why?

He knows about us.


He knows.


So plug him!

Shut your trap!

Shut up!

Do you know what The Monk says?

Well done.

I knew you'd be tops.

So who's The Monk?

No one.

My little soldier!

"Sailor". You say "sailor" in the Navy.

How did you know that?

A asked about it.

- You look beautiful, my pet.
- Oh yes.

Mrs Baer, would you come
for a photo?

But of course.

As soon as there's any noise,
I can't hear anything.

Is she good in her new play?

Not bad.

Only "not bad"?
Doesn't sound like you.

- What do I sound like?
- Usually, a bit more...

A bit more what?


Will you wait for me here?

A problem, Lieutenant?

Np problem, Commander.

Can I ask you a question?

You can try.


I was looking for you

We going?

Any other questions, Lieutenant?

No questions, Commander.

We going?



Subtitles by FatPlank for KG