Raise the Red Lantern (1991) - full transcript

China in the 1920's. After her father's death, nineteen year old Songlian is forced to marry Chen Zuoqian, the lord of a powerful family. Fifty year old Chen has already three wives, each of them living in separate houses within the great castle. The competition between the wives is tough, as their master's attention carries power, status and privilege. Each night Chen must decide with which wife to spend the night and a red lantern is lit in front of the house of his choice. And each wife schemes and plots to make sure it's hers. However, things get out of hand...



You've been talking for three days.

I've thought it over.

Alright, I'll get married.

Good! To what sort of man?

What sort of man? Is it up to me?

You always speak of money.

Why not marry a rich man?

Marry a rich man and you'll
only be his concubine.

Let me be a concubine.

Isn't that a woman's fate?

Miss, looking for someone?

I'm Songlian.

We met once, remember?

It's our Fourth Mistress! Please wait...

We sent the bridal sedan for you.
Didn't it arrive?

I walked here myself.

- Let me carry it.
- I can manage.

Wait here. I'll go take a look.

Who are you?

Fourth Mistress, please come in.

So the Fourth Mistress is you!

Yes, I'm the Fourth Mistress!

Bring my suitcase inside.

This is where you will live.

My name is Chen Baishun, the housekeeper.
I am at your service.

Why are there so many red lanterns?

Because you're coming!

Fourth Mistress,
this is part of our family custom.

I'm here to serve you.

You'll get used to it.

Fourth Mistress. We're here to do your
hair and help you change.

Master, congratulations on your wedding!

How was the foot massage?

A woman's feet are very important.

When they're comfortable
she is healthier...

and better able to serve her man.

Pick up that lantern.

Yes, that one.


Look up.

Educated girls are different.

Let's undress and come to bed.

Put out the lights.

What? I have all these lanterns
so I can see.

I like it bright and formal.

Who's there?

Third Mistress is sick.
She wants you to come.

I'm in bed.

It's an emergency.

She said you must come.

It can wait till tomorrow.

If something serious happens to her,

we'll be blamed.

Damn it! What is she up to?

I'll have to go see.
Or she won't let me sleep tonight.

The Master is leaving?
Going to the third house?


Light the lanterns at the third house!

Fourth Mistress...

Fourth Mistress...

Fourth Mistress. According to our custom,

I should bring you
to visit the other three mistresses.

You can take your breakfast later.

It's our custom to have all
meetings and meals here.

The Chen family's customs
go back many generations.

It is important that you observe them.

Kowtow to our ancestors.

First, go to greet the master at
the Third Mistress' house.

It seems they're still asleep.

We'll come back.

First Mistress,
the Fourth Mistress is here to visit.

Big sister.

How old are you?


I heard you went to university.

For six months.

It's good you're educated.

You'll get used to living here.

Get on well with your sisters.

Serve the master well.

You can go now.

Such sins, such sins...

What is she, about 100 years old? Ancient!

Second Mistress,
the Fourth Mistress has come to visit.

Fourth sister is here. Come in!

Second sister.

Do come in.

What a pretty face! What is your name?


A pretty name, too.

I'm Zhuoyun. Just call me by my name.

You look like a student.

I was at university for six months.

Why did you leave?

My father died.
The family couldn't afford it.

How old was your father?


So young!

Life is so unpredictable.

Tea, Fourth Mistress.

Fourth sister, please have some tea.

Where are you from?


They grow tea there.

My father was in the tea business.

His shop closed down.

Your mother let you marry someone
from so far away?

She's my stepmother.

I see.

So how was the foot massage last night?

Is it the same for you every night, sister?


You can't have it whenever you wish.

Where the master spends the night,

that mistress gets a foot massage
and lighted lanterns.

With a new wife as young
and pretty as you,

I'm afraid I won't be enjoying
these privileges for some time.

But don't underestimate this.

If you can manage to have a
foot massage everyday,

you'll soon be running this household.

Yizhen, come meet your Fourth Aunt.

Fourth Aunt!

Useless me, I only have a daughter.

Second Mistress, it's getting late.

We must visit the Third Mistress.

Sorry, I just keep talking.

Of course you must meet
the Third Mistress.

She was a famous opera singer.

She sings well and is pretty too.

But she can be so difficult.

Last night was your wedding.

How could she have asked for the master?

So impolite to you!

Wasn't she sick?

Sick? She's just spoiled!

Has the master left?

Just now.
They're putting out the lanterns.

Let's meet the Third Mistress.

Third Mistress says she isn't feeling well

and says she'll meet you another day.

Third Mistress' son, Feilan.

Same age as Miss Yizhen.

Come meet your Fourth Aunt.

Fourth Aunt!

Fourth Mistress...

Fourth Mistress,

this is Yan'er.

Master says she'll be your maid.

She'll look after you from now on.

She'll be at your service.

Yan'er, greet the Fourth Mistress.

Fourth Mistress.

I've seen her before.
Bad tempered, isn't she?

No, she's a good girl.
Quick and hardworking too.

She's been here for several years.

No lice in her hair, are there?
I hate lice.

Let the Fourth Mistress take a look.

Kneel down. Let's look at your hair.

What is that smell? Go wash your hair!

Didn't you hear?

I only washed it yesterday.

And wash the clothes
I just took off while you're at it.

Go, quickly!

Or the Fourth Mistress will be upset. Go!



Why haven't you washed your hair?

You can't be like this.

The master favors you.
Doesn't mean he'd choose you as a wife.

Even if the master didn't marry this time
you wouldn't be the mistress.

You were born to be a servant.

Serve the Fourth Mistress well!

Don't waste your time dreaming!

And don't forget to wash your hair!

Where is Meishan?

The Third Mistress is coming.

Doctor Gao is writing her a prescription.

Here comes third sister.

Third sister, this is our fourth sister.

You haven't met, have you?

Third sister.

Songlian is new here.
Take good care of her.

From now on, you sisters must
get on well with each other.

Let's eat.

Why aren't you eating?

I don't like meat.

What vegetable dishes do we have today?

Master, today we have...

fragrant mushrooms,
chrysanthemum moss hair, bird's nest,

thrice-fried mushroom,
five-color vegetables,

vegetarian hot-pot and
also heart of cactus.

According to custom,

the one with lighted lanterns
can have whatever she likes.

What would you like?

I want spinach and tofu.

Bring some spinach and tofu.

Also some young bean sprouts.

Fourth Mistress...

Master asks you to wait at
the door for instructions.

What instructions?

Please wait outside.

The master may have instructions
before he retires.

But why do we have to wait outside?

It's another old family custom.

All the other mistresses are there.

Why wasn't I told before?

Not for nine days after the wedding.

This is your tenth day.

Light the lanterns at the fourth house!


Lighted lanterns, foot massages.
Do you like it here?

After a few days, you won't want to leave.

Who is it?

The Third Mistress says she's sick again.

She wants the master to come over.

The third sister is asking for you again.
You must go.

Meishan is so spoiled!

Go, don't come to me again.

I don't mean to go.

Tell the Third Mistress
I won't see her tonight!

What am I to tell her?

Nonsense! What's there you can't tell?

Tell her I'll see her tomorrow!

- Who's singing? Third sister?
- Yes.

She was sick last night,

but she's singing at this hour.

She won't let us sleep.

She sings when she's happy,
cries when she's upset.

That bitch! Never mind her!

Third sister, have you recovered?

Did I wake you from your sweet dreams?

Yes, you did.

Good, or you'll sleep till you're silly.

Silly, hardly!
I came up to hear third sister sing.

Do continue.

You want to listen,

but I don't feel like singing anymore.

You went to hear Meishan sing?

I've spoiled her.

When she's angry,
she even curses my ancestors.


I must teach her a lesson.

What is it? Are you angry?

Don't be childish.

I'll take you to Wumei Lane
today to eat dumplings.

Didn't you say you liked
the dumplings there?

You really don't want me to stay?

There are others desperate for
a foot massage, you know.

The master has left!
Blow out the lanterns!

Light the lanterns at the third house!





Can't you walk faster?

Go away if you don't like working for me.

Don't think because the master touched you,
you can behave this way.

Always pulling a long face!

No, I wouldn't dare.

I was born without a face anyway!

Why did you come to me?

Tired of your new wife already?

What's so good about my place?

She's mad at me.

Of course it's good here.

You are gentle and you'll sing for me.

Well done!

The more you sing,
the better it gets. Again!

Fourth sister!

Fourth sister, come down here!

I've something to say to you.

Fourth sister.

Why wandering alone?

Come down.

I'm looking for you.

Second sister.

You don't look well.

No more lighted lanterns
and foot massages.

Are you unhappy?

I don't care. I like being alone.

You don't want to be alone in this family.

No foot massages for a few days,

and the servants don't
treat you the same way.

The master can come and go as he pleases.

Doesn't he find these customs troublesome?

Lighting lanterns is an old family custom.

It was like this when I arrived.

This is silk from Suzhou.
Have some dresses made with it.

Second sister, I don't deserve this.

- I should be giving you gifts.
- Nonsense.

I thought of this silk
when I first saw you.

I wouldn't give it to that singer,

even if she paid for it.

Did you see how self-satisfied
she was just now?

What is that small room for up above?

It's locked with a big chain.

That house of death?

Don't go there.
Several people have died there.

Deaths? Who were they?

Women from past generations.
They hanged themselves there.

Don't ask about this.
Nobody here wants to talk about it.

Visit me when you have time.
Don't go there again.

The master's out.

He said you shouldn't wait for him.

Let's eat then.

Why is there no spinach and tofu?

There are too many vegetable
dishes already.

Go, bring some pork steamed
in lotus leaves.


Why so many meat dishes today?

The third house had lighted
lanterns yesterday.

Didn't the master remarry recently?

Who knows about these things?

It's up to him.

The house with lighted lanterns
sets the menu.

We just follow orders.

Who is it?


Why are you sneaking around like that?

Third Mistress asks you
over to play mahjong.

Me, play mahjong? What an idea!

I won't go.

Fourth sister...

Fourth sister...

Fourth sister, we need one more player.

I don't like mahjong.

Come on. Don't stay in your house all day.

Still angry about the spinach and tofu?

I couldn't care less.

Good. I knew fourth sister wasn't petty.

Don't like losing your money to me too?

Don't worry. I'll let you win.

Since you put it that way, then I must go.

But no need to let me win.

Who knows how the game will end?


This is Doctor Gao, a regular visitor.
He is our family doctor.

His friend, Mr. Wang.

This is our Fourth Mistress.
She is new here. Take a seat.

Please sit down.

Let's start.

Our Fourth Mistress was a
university student.

Unlike me, I'm only an opera singer.

She plays to win today.

Both of you should be careful.

Come, it's just a game.

Third sister's house is
decorated like a stage.

No one can forget their past.

The Master's back.

I wasn't notified to welcome you.

I just came in.

The Master must be tired.

Where is she?

Playing mahjong with the Third Mistress.

I'll call her.

Never mind.

Why can't she stay in her own house?

Light the lanterns at the second house.

The master's back. He couldn't find you

and went to the second house.

Nevermind. Let's play.

Fourth sister,
you have done Zhuoyun a favour.

She is so lonely.

Lend her the master for one night.

If you lose money, have her pay you back.
Then you're even.

I heard the Fourth Mistress
didn't finish university. Why?

What's the use?

I'm just one of the master's robes.

He can wear it or he can take it off.


I want to give you a son.

Seeing the bill of divorcement

Was like being stabbed

By a knife...

Meishan was famous for singing this opera.

That was years ago.

The Stele Pavilion was

More than a rain shelter

It was the sprout of misfortune

There comes one young man

Speechless we were

Sitting through the night

This place feels a bit haunted.

Haunted? Nonsense!

That room on the roof.

Oh, that place.

Two people hanged themselves there,
that's all.


Needless to say.

They were having illicit affairs.

Who were they?

Nobody you know.
Two women from past generations.


Don't talk nonsense!

What is it now?

She's peeping at us.

- Who?
- Yan'er.

What's there to look at?
She can't see anything anyway.

You're always on her side.

I can smell her miles away.

- Who is it?
- Master.

What is it?

It's time to eat.

The Fourth Mistress'
spinach and tofu is ready.

The other mistresses are waiting.

I'm not going. Ask them to bring it here.

That's not right.

We should go or they'll talk.


What do I care if they talk?

I'll have to eat here!

Alright, we'll eat here.

Go, tell them to bring the food here.

The master asks that you go ahead.
He isn't coming.

The food will be taken to
the Fourth Mistress' room.

We don't have this custom here.

Is this not the Fourth Mistress' idea?

Third sister, don't be angry. Let's eat.

Big sister, let me make this clear.

If my lanterns are lit,

I want my food brought to me too.

That's nonsense.

Are you also being silly?

How does that make our big sister feel?

What do I matter?

I'm just an old woman.

Some day,
this family will perish in your hands.

Who is playing the flute?

Our young master.
He came back this morning.

Feipu, son of the First Mistress?

I heard he's always away.

He's very busy.

He's leaving in the morning

to travel on business to Yunnan.

Are you Songlian?

You shouldn't address your senior by name.

How should I address you? Fourth Mistress?

Did the music bring you here?

Go on, don't let me stop you.

Can you play too?


Feipu, come down here.

My mother wants me.

I should go.



Come here.

Did you open my suitcase?

Yes, to tidy up your clothes.

Did you see a flute inside?

Flute? No. Only men play the flute.

You stole it.

Fourth Mistress,
don't accuse me for no reason.

Why would I want to steal it?

You're always sneaking around.
Stop pretending.

Don't blame it on me.

Ask the master and other mistresses.

Have I ever stolen anything?

Fourth Mistress,
I really didn't take your flute!

Fourth Mistress,

I didn't!

Fourth Mistress, I didn't!

Didn't you listen?
I really didn't take it!

Fourth Mistress, don't go in!
I really didn't take your flute!

Then what are you afraid of?

I must take a look!

Fourth Mistress!

How dare you light lanterns here!

You're only a servant!

Don't you know the rules here?

Do you know what could happen to you?

I beg you, Fourth Mistress.
Don't tell anyone.

Alright, then give me back my flute.

Fourth Mistress,
I really didn't take your flute.

I really didn't.

Fourth Mistress...


You've put a curse on me!

You've put a curse on me!

You want me to die!

Don't cry.

I shouldn't treat you this way.

Let's get over this.

I'll forget what you did.


you can't read or write.

Tell me.

Who wrote my name for you?

I won't tell.

I can't tell.

Don't be afraid.

Tell me who wrote it.

I'll keep your secret about the lanterns.

Is it the First Mistress?

Then it must be the Third Mistress,

The Second Mistress? Zhuoyun?

Is it Zhuoyun?


What happened?

Who are you mad at now?

Where did you put my flute?

I didn't want it to distract you.
I took it away.

Who gave it to you?

It belonged to my father.

Sorry for being suspicious.

I thought it was one of the boys
at the university.

Where is it? Give it back.

What a shame.

I had it burnt.


It's alright.

It's only a flute.

I'll tell them
to buy you several good ones.

I hate it when people
pull a long face to me.

Why not go to Zhuoyun?

She always has a smile on.

I'm going!

Light the lanterns at the second house!

Fourth sister!

Fourth sister,

Yan'er said you weren't well.

It looks fine.

Are you really sick, or just angry?

What brought you here?

Get up and give me a haircut.


I don't know how.

Ask the other sisters.

How can they?

You're better. You went to university.

I want you to cut my hair.

Get up! Come!

Get up, come on.

Come on!

Why do you suddenly want a haircut?

Didn't the master spend the night
with me last night?

I told him I was getting old.

Guess what he said?

He said I'd look younger with short hair.

Since he said that,

I must cut my hair.

Go ahead, cut!

I've never done this before.
You may get hurt.

Don't worry. Go ahead.


My ear!

My ear!

My ear!

What happened, Second Mistress?

My ear!

My ear!

Go away!

What are you looking at? Fetch a doctor!

Third sister, what's so funny?

If I hated someone,
I'd cut her ear off too.

I'd cut all of it off.

What do you mean?

You think I did it deliberately?

Who knows?

Zhuoyun has a Buddha's face
and a scorpion's heart.

She's the true wicked one.

You think I'm against you.

She's the one I hate most.

I'm no match for her.

Perhaps you can do better.

I thought so when I first saw you.

Do you know about our giving birth?

We both became pregnant
about the same time.

When I was three months along...

she slipped some medicine into my food.

I was lucky and didn't have a miscarriage.

When we were due,

she wanted to have her baby first...

and ordered expensive injections
to speed up the delivery.

She was in great pain.

In the end, I was lucky...

and had Feilan first, a boy.

Her efforts didn't pay off.

She only had Yizhen, a cheap little girl.

And she was born three hours after Feilan.

Fourth sister, you're new here.

The master isn't tired of you yet.

As time passes,

if you don't give him a son...

there will be hard times ahead.

You may be a student

and I'm only an opera singer.

But our fate is the same.

What happened?


You spent only one night with me

and fourth sister
already hates me so much.

She almost killed me.

Doctor Gao said

the scissors just missed my artery.

That serious?

It's your fault.
You said I'd look younger with a haircut.

That gave her the idea.

You sisters shouldn't be like this.

I'll stay with you for a few nights.

Light the lanterns at the second house!

The Fourth Mistress is here.

Fourth sister, you've come.

Second sister!

Do sit down.

How are you doing?

Doctor Gao said it wasn't serious.

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it to happen.

You're thinking too much.
Who said you did?

We sisters are friends.

Don't think about it.

It's funny. I should thank you.

If not for you,

the master wouldn't have
stayed with me these days.

Softer, Aunt Cao.

If you're alright, I'll be going.

Thanks for coming, take care.



What is it, Fourth Mistress?

Where were you?

Come massage my feet.


I don't know how.

You will do as I say.


I said softer, didn't you hear?

I said I didn't know how.

If you can, get Aunt Cao to do it for you.

Leave it if you don't know how.

Whether I can, just you wait and see.

Is she really pregnant?


Fourth Mistress hasn't been
looking well lately.

Congratulations, Master.
You'll have another son.

Congratulations Master.
According to custom, from today

the lanterns in this house

will be lit day and night.

Yes, day and night.
As a symbol of longevity.

Go light the lanterns!

Fourth Mistress...

Fourth Mistress...
drink this lotus seed soup.

Aunt Cao,

someone said I couldn't
get you to serve me.

Who said this about our Fourth Mistress?

You're very precious to us now.

Call me anytime and I'll come.

First Mistress, I'm bringing the
Fourth Mistress her food.

Big sister,

did you do this when you were
pregnant with master Feipu?

Just have your meal.

Third sister is truly a singer.

Even her laughter sounds like music.

But that's nothing.

If fourth sister has a son...

someone will be very unhappy.

All of this food
can't shut both of you up!

Master asks the Second Mistress

to go to the fourth house after lunch.


The Fourth Mistress isn't feeling well.

Master wants you
to give her a back massage.

How does she know I can massage?

That goes without saying.

Of course the master told her.

Is it the master's idea?

It's his order.

Second sister, you must go.

Show us
how you take good care of the master.

It'll serve you well.

If you massage fourth sister well,

won't the master be pleased?

How is it?

Feeling better?

Much better.

Softer, second sister.

Right, just like this.

It can't be! Are you sure it's blood?

It looks like it.



Yes, Fourth Mistress.

What are you up to?

Have you seen my white pants?

I washed them.

Washed them?

How happily they dance
and sing in the sky

Lush are the mountain flowers
and the trees high and low

Locked in a golden cage I pine away

Let me return to the forest
to sing my carefree songs

Good, the next poem.

The moon goes down,
crows cry under the frosty sky

Dimly lit fishing boats
beneath maples... sadly lie

Beyond the Gusu walls
stands the Temple of Cold Hill

Ringing bells reach my boat,
breaking the midnight still

Well done!

Master, the Second Mistress
wishes to see you.


Fourth sister seems very tired lately.

When I was pregnant

I nearly had a miscarriage
and didn't even know it.

You should ask Doctor Gao to come.

Thank you for reminding me.

Tomorrow, ask Doctor Gao
to visit the Fourth Mistress.

Yes, Master.

Doctor Gao has finished?


Thank you, doctor.

Where is the master? I must speak to him.

Please follow me.

Doctor Gao.

You're here.

Third Mistress.

Are you feeling better
after taking my medicine?

Much better.
But I can't sleep well at night.

When I've time,
I'll change the prescription.

That'd be good.

How is fourth sister?

I can't explain now. I'll tell you later.

Doctor Gao!

Second Mistress!

How is fourth sister? Not serious, is it?

I've got to see the master first.

Sorry for troubling you, doctor.

- Not at all.
- Please take a seat.

Please have some tea.

How is fourth sister, Doctor Gao?

I don't know if I should be frank.

Go, leave us alone.

Is anything wrong with Songlian?

Master Chen,
the Fourth Mistress isn't pregnant.

What? Is it true?

I checked carefully.

She isn't pregnant.

This is insane!

Did you take me as a fool?

Tell me, why did you lie?

Explain! Why did you lie?

This is over the top!

Don't you know in the Chen family

there are centuries-old rules!

How dare you!

- Cover the lanterns.
- What did you say, Master?

Cover the lanterns!

Cover the lanterns!


Why did Doctor Gao come all of a sudden?

Where are my white pants?

I'll fetch them.

A servant secretly
lighting lanterns in her room!

Who let you put lanterns here?

Who do you think you are?

Have you no respect for the mistresses?

Does this family have rules or not?

Fourth sister, please calm down.

Let's not be harsh on the servants.

No, this is one of the house rules.

Rules are rules,

but everyone can make mistakes.

Let me remind you that they've
just covered your lanterns.

But I am still a mistress.

I must say,

mistresses are mistresses!
Maids are maids!

Big sister, while the master is away,

in front of everyone here,

you be the judge.

I broke a rule and they
covered my lanterns.

What happens if a servant breaks the rule?

What is to be done?

Follow the old custom!

The First Mistress said

you could get up if you apologize.

Why not just apologize?

Why do this?

Have her drink this hot ginger tea.

It'll make her sweat.

Has the doctor come?

Medication hasn't helped.
She seems quite seriously ill.

The master's back.

He said we should
send her to the hospital.

Never thought the Fourth Mistress
would be such a bully.

Yan'er shouldn't have offended her.

- Housekeeper.
- Yes, Master.

Get her good medicine.
Never mind the money.

Or people will say we mistreat our servants.

Yes, Master.

Light the lanterns at the second house!

Fourth sister,

what are you doing here so early?

I've come to listen to third sister sing.

You sing so well.

Good or bad, it's all play-acting.

If you play well, you fool the others.

If you play badly,
you can only fool yourself.

If you can't even fool yourself,

you can fool the ghosts.

People breathe, ghosts cannot.
That's the only difference.

People are ghosts, and ghosts are people.

Fourth sister,
don't mind me for saying this.

You shouldn't have made
such a fuss about Yan'er.

Just let her light lanterns
if she wants.

She's only dreaming of
becoming a mistress.

She's only a scapegoat.
I was after someone else.

That's right.

She's only a maid.
What could she have done?

Someone is behind her.

Look how pleased Zhuoyun was last night.

She thinks she's so smart.
I'll take care of her soon!

Whether the lanterns are lighted,
blown out, or covered,

what do I care?

What do people amount to in this house?

They're like dogs, cats or rats.

But certainly not people.

Here I'm thinking,

isn't it better to hang
yourself in that room?

Fourth sister, don't talk about dying.

Whatever people are like,
just go on living.

Don't be so unhappy.

Look at me. I always keep myself amused.

Of course you can make yourself happy.

You've got Doctor Gao.

What do you mean by that?


I should thank him for coming to see me.

Don't joke about this.

If you tell anyone,

you'll have me to deal with.

I will be frank,
I'm meeting him soon.

What can you people do to me?

Fourth Mistress...

Fourth Mistress...

You frightened me.

I thought nobody was here.

Master asked me to serve you from now on,

saying that we're not hiring another maid,

which is good.

I may be old, but I'm experienced.

Not like those young girls.

Get me some wine.

What was that?
I didn't hear you, Fourth Mistress.

Bring me some wine.

Today is my birthday.

Your birthday?

How old are you?


Why didn't you say so earlier?

Let's celebrate.

I'll get the wine.

The wine is here, Fourth Mistress.

Why are you looking at me that way?

Yan'er is dead.

She died in the hospital.


I don't know.

They said she died calling your name.

Why? Did she think I killed her?

I'm only repeating what they said.

She can't blame you. It's her destiny.

Where is she now?

Her family took the body
back to the village.

They were all crying. It was very sad.

Why cry?

It's better dead than alive and suffering.

She's lucky to have died.

Fourth Mistress, stop drinking!
You're drunk!

I am not drunk.
I'm happy today. It's my birthday.

My twentieth birthday.

Young Master, you're back?

Please talk to the Fourth Mistress.

She's drunk!

You're back, Young Master.

Why are you drinking?

Sit down.

I'm celebrating my birthday.

Have a drink. Congratulate me.

Alright, I'll have some.

May you live a long life.

Nonsense! I don't want to live that long.

Save such wishes for your father.

I heard what happened.

You're so foolish.

How long could you lie
about being pregnant?

Foolish? I'm not foolish.

I had it planned. At first it was a lie.

But if the master stayed with me,

soon it would be true.

I was planning this,
but they were plotting against me.

Everyone is plotting against each other.

What is the meaning of all this?

This is from Yunnan.

Take it as your birthday gift.


Only women give this to men.

Not the other way around.

You don't want it? Never mind.
Someone gave it to me.

Nice, you hypocrite.

Which woman gave it to you?

If I took it, won't my hands be soiled?

I was just fooling. I wasn't really
going to let you have it.

Fooling? I'm used to being fooled.

Everyone is fooling me.

And now you?

Get out.

Get out of here!


I'm going.

Master! Master!

Fourth Mistress...

- Why is she drinking?
- I didn't drink!

She wants to drink.

Ask the First Mistress for
medicine to sober her up!

Don't. Don't go to that old witch!

Don't go to that old witch!

Look at you!

You have no shame!

What's there to be ashamed of?
What do I have?

The master likes you.

Meishan has gone to meet
her dear Doctor Gao.

What do I have? I have nothing!

Where is Meishan?

She's meeting the good-looking doctor.

What do I have? Nothing!

When did the Third Mistress go out?

I don't know.

What am I afraid of? Nothing!

Big sister!

The medicine is here. Make her drink it.

I won't! I'm not drunk!

Don't just stand there!

Hold that crazy woman!

Hold her down! Quick!

Get out!

Get out!

Let her scream!
Let her make a fool of herself!

The master's away and she's
turned the house upside down!

Fourth sister, are you sober now?

I'm glad you told me yesterday.

Or there would be such a scandal!

It's cold here. Go back to your room.

What happened?

The Third Mistress and Doctor Gao
were caught in a hotel in town

by Second Mistress and her men.

When the Second Mistress
had the door opened

they were still in bed.

Such sin!

Did the Second Mistress say I told her?

Yes, Fourth Mistress.

You told her when you
were drunk yesterday.

I was so shocked.

I said it?

Could it be?

You did.

I wondered why you told her.

Is it that you hate the doctor?

You drank a lot yesterday.
You can't remember.

What will happen to the third sister?

They've gone to fetch the master.

What must happen... will happen.

Go and rest. Or you'll catch cold.

Such heavy snow!

Hope it brings a good year next.


Murderers! Murderers!



The master is here.

- Master.
- Master.

The Master is back.

What did you see?

You murderers!

Meishan is dead. You murderers!


What did you see?

You didn't see a thing!

Murderers! You murderers!

You're mad.

You've gone mad.


Murderers... You murderers!



Housekeeper! The lanterns are lit!

What happened?

The lanterns in the third house are lit!

Someone has lit the lanterns
at the Third Mistress' house!

- What... What? Where?
- It's haunted!

It's the Third Mistress' ghost!

The Third Mistress is singing!

It's haunted!

The housekeeper congratulates
the Fifth Mistress on her wedding.

Who is that?

She was our Fourth Mistress.
She has gone mad.