Raise a Glass to Love (2021) - full transcript

Follows aspiring Master Sommelier Jenna who returns to her family vineyard to study and is fascinated by the natural methods of the new winemaker, Marcelo.


Do you see the color?

It's ruby-red,

like your necklace.

That means
the sun was perfect this year.

It's ready.

Go tell your mother

that we're going to have
chicken tonight.

It will go so well
with our new wine.

Go, go.

Name all 44 wine villages
of Burgundy.

Chablis, Nuits, Macon...


I'm almost ready.

Calm down, sweetie.

It's only me.

Just wishing my best friend
good luck

on the most important

day of her life.

No pressure, right?

Promise me once you pass
your master sommelier exam,

you'll come home to visit.

We miss you
in little old Carington.

If I pass.

Hey, don't second-guess

- You got this.
- Thanks.

Oh! And guess who's awarding
badges this year?

Taylor Swift?


Jennifer Huether.

She's probably
the best-known woman

to ever become a master somm.

Anyway, I've got to run.

All right.
Call me later.

Okay. Love you. Bye.

Good morning.


Good morning, Miss Savern.

Glad to see you trying again.

Thank you.

It's an honor to be back.

Good luck.

Miss Savern,

you have 30 minutes

to identify
all six wines correctly.

Starting now.

This wine is clean,
crisp, fresh.

Light body, medium-light.

Flavors of slate, citrus,

unripe pear, hint of oak,

hint of salt.

Ocean air.

This is a Chardonnay
from France.

Burgundy, Chablis, Grand Cru.

Les Clos, 2016.

This wine is medium-bodied.
New World.

Flavors of lemongrass,
grapefruit, mango.

Sauvignon blanc
from Wairau Valley, 2019.

O Rosal, 2018, from Rias Baixas.

Saint-Julien, 2008,
from Bordeaux, France.

Zinfandel, Rutherford.

2018 from Napa Valley,
California, USA.


This wine is medium-heavy.


Notes of...

raspberry, plum...

lots of fruit.

It's a...


from San Rafael, Argentina.

Wait. Not Malbec.

Cabernet Sauvignon?

Uh, no, that's not final.

Ten seconds.


Cahors France, 2016?


Thank you, Miss Huether.

Ugh, I knew it was
the San Rafael Malbec,

and I second-guessed myself.

The master sommelier exam

is the most difficult test
in the world.

Lots of people
don't pass the first...

Or even second time.

Well, you did.

I can't believe
I have to wait another year

to try again.

Jenna, you don't have to be
a master somm to succeed.

Or for me to love you.

I do if I ever want to work

at a high-end restaurant
like Alluvial.

Just don't beat yourself up.

You know, statistically,

it's easier to become
an NBA player

than a master somm.

There's only 190 in the world.

Yeah, and only 27 women.

I really wanted
to be one of them.

On the bright side,

now that it's over,

you can put the cards away.

We can relax.

Look, you worked really hard.

You owe yourself a break.

I just got invited

to do a tasting
in Santa Barbara.

Be my date?



But I am going
to take the test again,

and I am going
to bring my books.

Of course.

I have sold 12 bottles
of the Fleur de Ciel tonight.

Excellent work as always, Edwin.

I have half a bottle left.

Would you like to try it?

Sure, I'll have a taste.

It's as much about
who you enjoy the wine with

as the vintage itself.

Now, this winemaker

has won best winery in the world
two years in a row.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.


What do you think?

It's slightly off-balance.

There's a hint of acidity.

Uh, "Wine Enthusiast"
gave this bottle 98 points.

I had to beg
just to get 10 cases.


I'm sure I'm just exhausted.

Who am I to argue
when so many people love it?

Um, I'm going to head home.


See ya.

- Bye, Edwin.
- Ciao.

Enjoy. Congratulations.

- Have a good day.
- Thanks.

Okay, Spanish wine.



- Hey, Dad.
- Well, let me guess.

Champagne, 1973.


nice guess,

but I am working on
Spanish wines right now.

You know, I heard

you were actually
taking some time off work.

Um, I wouldn't call it time off.

The test
is exactly a month away,

and I have a ton
of studying to do.

You got time
in all that studying

for a party?

Um, definitely not.

What if I told you

it was the 40th anniversary
surprise party

I'm planning for your mom?

Dad, that is wonderful!

Yes, I can definitely
make it home for the party.

Well, why don't you come up
for a couple of weeks before?

There's nothing
but peace and quiet up here.

It sounds really nice,

but I have my routine here,

and my books, and...

Also, the Carington Food
and Wine Festival is this week,

and the wine competition
is being judged

by Jennifer Huether.

Wait. You're kidding.

I know you too well

to kid about
something like that.

- So are you in?
- You know what?


This sounds like
just what I need.

Yeah, that's your mom calling.

I'll text you later.

All right. Love you.

Come on. Let's go.

Come on.

Hey, you.

Hey! What are you doing here?

I just thought
I'd stop by, see you.

That's sweet.

Yeah, find out what's selling.

Hey, guess what?

My dad wants me to come home

and help out with
their 40th wedding anniversary.

Yeah, may be good for you
to relax before the test.

Yeah, but I want you
to come, too.

And not the whole time.

a week?

To test you?

No. To relax.

And to test me...

What? Two weeks
is a long time to be away.

You know, I wish I could,
but, you know, the restaurant.

Okay. I understand.

But I will be there
for the party.

- Great.
- Okay.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

- I'll see you tonight.
- See you later. Bye.


Come on.
Let's go see who it is.

Hey, that's her!

Hi, Dad!


Hey, so good
to see you, sweetie.

So good to see you, too.

Look who it is.

Hey, Baxter.
Hi, buddy.

Oh, look at you.

- Oh, Dad!
- You look so great.

Hi, Mom.

I missed you.

She needs to breathe.
She needs to breathe.

Look at you.

My master sommelier.

We are so proud of you.

Not yet, Mom.
The exam is still a month away.

Oh, well, you will pass
this time.

Well, supposedly,
I did really well

with the theory and the service
parts of the exam.

I just still need
to master the tasting.

You'll get there this time.

Hey, guess who I saw
at the post office today?


Allison, and she is
so excited to see you.

I can't wait to see her.

There are so many people
on the lawn.

Well, that's our new winemaker.

He's made some good changes.


You think he could fix
the sign on the front gate?

We have been working
very hard on the land.

Why don't you let me
show you around?

Go, go.

Do you milk those?

They eat weeds.
They eat all kinds of things.


Dad, I can't believe you planted

a whole new section on the hill.

Grandma Ellie
never wanted to plant here.

It's so dry,

with fire season coming.

It's all about drainage.

Marcelo is into
doing everything...


I don't know.

Aidan thinks
natural wines are a fad.

Everyone around here's
going organic.

No pesticides.

Well, they don't sell as well
or keep as long

as traditional wines.

They're a lot more expensive
to produce.

Plus, they tend to be a bit...


Why don't you tell me
what you really think, honey?

Come on. Let's go.




Oh, no. Dad, look. Aphids.


You have to be careful.

I wouldn't worry about it.

I'm sure Marcelo's got a plan.

How have the reviews been?


He's really lived up
to his reputation.

And what reputation is that?

Well, he saved
a vineyard in France.

The vines had all
burned up in a drought.

He incorporated

an irrigation technique
from Germany

that basically brought

the whole operation
back to life.

Huh. Impressive.

Marcelo's worked
all over the world.

We're really lucky to have him.

Come on. Let's go look
at the new cellar.

Marcelo, Marcelo...

Hey, good morning, sweetheart.

Hey, Dad.

I need a favor.

Your mom thinks

I'm working the tasting room
this afternoon,

but I have to run into town

and talk to the caterer
about the party.

So, um, can you work
the tasting room today?

You can bring your book
if you want.


It'll be like the good old days.

Aw, we wish.

Thanks, kiddo.

You bet.

- See you later, Dad.
- Yeah.


Welcome to Savern Vineyards.

Buenos tardes.
Good afternoon.

Oh, buenos tardes.

Are you here for a tasting?

Today, we're showing
our 2019 pinot noir.

I could give you
a tasting lesson.



The first thing you want to do
is look at the color.

What do you see?

Uh, red.

Yes, correct. Red.

Let's try to get
a little more specific.

Would you say it's more like
a bright poinsettia

or a soft carnation?

Actually, it reminds me
of the ceibo flower.

The one that grows back home
where I'm from.

Where's home?


Oh, they make fabulous wines
in Argentina.

I heard.

I'll have to find
a picture of that flower.

I can always use
more descriptors.

What... what region are you from?

Mendoza region,
a little town near the...

The Andes.

You know your geography.

You can't be a wine connoisseur
if you don't.

I need to learn more
about those famous Malbecs.

Well, the best way to learn
is to go there.

You should go.

I should.

I actually grew up here,

learning from my grandmother.

Ellie Savern.

This is her vineyard.

She was one of the first
female winemakers in the region.

That's quite a legacy.

So do you plan
to follow in her footsteps?


I hope to, yes.

I'm actually a sommelier.


Now we have to smell.

Close your eyes.


now that we've let in
the aroma of...

do you smell plums?




We're selling
our vintage reserve pinot

for $45 a bottle.

Are you interested?


I've got to get back to work,


but it was very nice
to meet you.

Oh, yes.

Good to meet you, too.
I'm Jenna.

I'm Marcelo Castillo.

I'm actually the head winemaker
here at Savern.

And I'm sure I'll be...

I'll be seeing you soon.


Sales haven't been this high
since Grandma Ellie passed away.

I wanted Marcelo to enter
the Carington Wine Competition,

but he doesn't believe in them.

A winemaker who doesn't believe
in competitions?

Oh, don't give me that look.

He's very talented,
and that's what matters most.

I see.

Hey, look who I found
coming up the driveway.

Jenna, this is Marcelo Castillo.

Mucho gusto.

We actually met.

Sort of.

He came by when I was working
the tasting room.

I thought your father
was handling the tastings today.

Oh, I was.

She just stopped by
for a little visit, you know?


Well, Marcelo,

I'm sure you and Jenna
will have a lot to discuss.

She's a master sommelier,
you know.

Not yet.

Honey, there may be something
burning in the kitchen.

Oh, my chicken.

I'll be right back.

Dinner is in five minutes.

Uh, can I help you, Mom?

I am sure it's fine!

Hey. Uh...


I apologize for not
introducing myself earlier.

You kept going,

and I didn't want to stop you.

Well, you could have.

You were really
enjoying that wine.

It was...

a kind of nice bottle.

For a natural wine.

I know, I heard from your dad.

You're not the first to doubt.

The problem is,

if something goes wrong,

there's no way to fix it.

You say problem,
I say challenge.

But you know all about that.

The exam. Yes.

Your parents
are really proud of you.

It's really
an impressive undertaking.

It's only impressive if I pass.

And if you pass,

what do you plan to do?

My boyfriend owns

a three-Michelin-star restaurant
in San Francisco,

and I would love
to get my foot in the door

having real influence
curating wines for restaurants.

And you're taking the exam
to work in a restaurant?

You get a significant
pay increase.

And it's
a very prestigious position.

And very competitive,
especially for women.

I see.


my grandmother...

always wanted
to be a master somm.

But she never had time
for all the studying.

Well, also, running this winery,



I guess I'm here trying to do
what she couldn't.

I see.

Well, I'm certain that you have
great things ahead of you,

Miss Savern.



Nice to meet you again,

and goodnight.




Lucia, meet
my best friend, Jenna.

Hi, Jenna.

I've heard so much about you.

Lucia is amazing.

I couldn't run this place
without her.

It is so nice to meet you.

What are you ladies working on?

These are ginger-walnut scones.

Try one.

We're doing
all the sweets and treats

this year
for the town fair on Saturday.

You'd better come.

These are delicious.

Of course, I will be there.

Oh, here.

What's this?

My dad insists on paying you
for the anniversary cake.

Don't be silly.

I practically grew up
in your vineyard.

And I broke the swing, remember?

Well, that's because
I pushed you too hard.

Your dad's the greatest.

He definitely deserves
a free cake.

So generous of you.

Thank you.

Hey, have you met
my parents' new winemaker?

- Marcelo?
- Yeah.

He's not that new.
You just haven't been around.

He came into
the tasting room yesterday

when I was working

and pretended to be
a random customer.

I was going through
my entire lesson.

He didn't say a thing
till the end.

I wouldn't overthink it.

He probably just didn't want

to interrupt you
in your element.

By the way, how's Aidan?

He's good.

He's busy at the restaurant,
but he'll be here for the party.

Well, I can't wait
for you to meet Derek.


Wait, the journalist?

Is he officially
your boyfriend now?

- Yeah, he is.
- Ooh!

He just doesn't know it yet.


Hey. You still studying?

Of course.

Jenna, you've been studying that

for three years now.

Maybe just trust yourself, huh?

Easier said than done, Dad.

Why don't you help Marcelo

figure out the wine pairings
for the anniversary party?

Uh, the two of us?

I can do it on my own.

Well, it'll be
more fun together.

As long as you get rid
of the flashcards.

Excuse me?
What's wrong with flashcards?



I just think

you can't really learn
about wine from flashcards.

You've got to get
your hands dirty from the land.

Unfortunately, "the land"
isn't going to teach me

about the appellation
d'origine contrôlée.

The what?

I'm kidding.

I know what the French
certification system is.

I lived in Provence
for three years.


Listen, if you still
want my help,

I can be free this afternoon.

Thanks, Marcelo.

That was pretty good.

Bye, Dad.

"The what?"


"The what?"

What's all this?

I thought we were meeting
in the tasting room.

It's a nice evening.

I thought I'd set up
a tasting outside.

Thank you for doing this.

Oh, my pleasure.

So, um...

how did you end up at Savern?

I always wanted
to live in California,

and I saw the position online.

But we weren't
an organic vineyard.

Well, I convinced your father
to make the transition.

I believe that
a sustainable vineyard

is a vineyard with a future.

So what are you going to do
about the aphids on the vines?

Am I the one taking the exam?

You're making a lot of changes.

I want to make sure my parents
are in good hands.

I completely understand.

Here, let's practice.


Lots of herbs, pop of citrus.

Grüner Veltliner from Austria.

That's correct.

And what would
this go well with?

Blue cheese and pear salad?

Sounds great.

- Great.
- Yeah.

So, um...

what town are you from

in Mendoza
with the ceibo flower?

I grew up on a vineyard

in a little town called Olivia.

You know my grandmother's
middle name was Olivia?

No, I had no idea. Wow.

Yeah, anyway, unfortunately,
we lost the vineyard.

I can't imagine

what it would be like
to lose this place.

Home isn't easily replaced.

You're lucky.

Next pour?



Rioja, Spain.


Very good.

You know, I love Spanish wines.

You know,
there's this little bar

called Casa de Guardia
in Málaga.

Where Picasso used to drink.

He was born there.

How did you know
I was going to say that?

I studied it.

I think this would go well
with the grilled veggies.

So, um...

why do you move around so much?

Well, I...

I love to travel.

It is the perfect way

to learn about
a country's history

while perfecting
the craft of winemaking.

That sounds a little
like a canned response.

Does it?

Well, maybe
I just haven't figured out

where I want to settle down yet.

Okay, last one.


This is incredible.

Um, black currant, plums...

Is that cardamom?

This would be too expensive
to serve at the party.


What? Is this a Malb...

Why do I always mess up Malbec?

I am never going to pass.

Don't panic, don't panic.

Um, just close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Grab a glass.

What do you sense,

the way
your grandmother, Olivia,

taught you?

Tree leaves in the breeze.

Raspberries and plums
on a warm day.

This is from Savern Vineyards,
isn't it?

Meet our Special Reserve
Organic Malbec.

A hundred percent natural.


Well done.

Aidan, this wine needs to be
on the menu at Alluvial.

It's like a Châteauneuf-du-Pape,
only fruitier.

Uh, yeah, Jenna,
I think you might be biased.

What do you mean?

Well, it's
your grandma's winery.

Besides, you know,

I couldn't possibly put
anything on the menu

that hasn't won an award.

I know. I just...


I'm excited.
It's so good.

Uh, look, Jenna.
I've got to be on the floor.

Can I call you later?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, sure.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.


Hey, I'll make this quick.

Town fair, 20 minutes,
you and me, fun.

Alli, I can't.
I'm studying.

Have you gotten your parents

a gift
for their anniversary yet?

Uh, no. I haven't.

Um, good point.

Okay. I guess
I can meet you at the fair

and look for something there.

But just for an hour.
No more. Okay?

One hour.

Sounds good to me.

See you there. Bye.

It is a beautiful day.

It is. Oh, look.

The dunk tank awaits.

Um, that's a no.

How about apple bobbing?

How about none of the above?

You're just afraid
I'm going to beat your record.

What was that, like, 40 apples?

42, actually.

And you will never beat me.

Ah, my parents have been married
for 40 years.

What could I possibly get them
that they don't already have?

Well, I'm sure
we'll find something.

There's so much good stuff here.

Wait. Have I told you
about her?

Yeah, I think once or twice
or a hundred times.

She's the master somm

who brought fine wine

into the world
of entertainment and sports.

She really made a name
for herself.

If she can do it, you can, too.

Come on.

- Good find.
- Thanks.

Hey, look who it is.

- Hey!
- Hey.

Are you gift shopping as well?

Just for myself.

That's nice.

Yeah, I'm looking for something

to send home to my sister
and nieces in Buenos Aires.

Aw, that's so sweet.

I'm looking for
my parents' anniversary.

I think I saw something earlier
that your parents might like.

Oh, great.

- Let's check it out.
- Yeah.

- This would make a great sign.
- That would make a perfect sign.


This is delicious.

Jenna Savern,
is that really you?

Hey, hi.

How are you?

Oh, I'm just the chairwoman
of this shindig,

just that little thing.

That's amazing.
They're very lucky to have you.

How long has it been?

I heard you're a master somm
in San Francisco

and you have a boyfriend.

Do I hear wedding bells?

What's his name?

Uh, well, his name is Aidan,

and he owns a restaurant.

Your mom told me
all about your accomplishments.

She is so proud of you.

And I can't believe

that Carington has its very own
master sommelier.

Actually, I take the exam
at the end of the month,

so not yet.

Oh, Jenna was a star
in fourth grade,

and she just keeps climbing.

So I guess you know
our winemaker, Marcelo.

We're old friends.

He keeps my horses in shape.

Yeah, I ride a bit.

Reminds me of home.

Philippe misses you.

I miss Philippe.

The horse.

I figured.

And before you ask,
I don't ride.

Jenna, you're still not over

that little accident
you had so many years ago?

Uh, no, no.

Still have the scar, see?


I don't see anything.

Me neither.

Okay, okay, well,

maybe the scars
are on my psyche,

but they are there.

Well, anyway, I am trying
to get Marcelo

to enter the Savern wines
in the festival,

but he keeps telling me no.


Yeah, I'm not interested
in titles and contests.

Well, you still have
a few days to sign up.

Oh, could you help me?

This afternoon
is the apple-bobbing contest,

and, believe it or not,
we're short on apples.

I could use a few extra hands
over at the Davrow Orchard.

I'd love to,

but I've got to go meet
my boyfriend, Derek.

And I really have to
get back home to study.

Come on, Jenna.

We have to help Peggy.

- You have to help Peggy.
- I don't have...

Yes. You can study tomorrow.

Thank you, thank you.

How often do you get home
to Argentina?

Not as often as I'd like.

A couple of years
in between jobs,

when I'm not working.

What's it like there?

It's beautiful.


You know,
it's kind of sad for me

because I really miss
the people.

And we used to have
these huge dinners at home

with my whole family.

Everyone's cooking and laughing

and drinking the wine
that we prepared ourselves.

It was the happiest time
of my life, really.

So what happened?

Well, I learned
everything I know about wine

from my father,

working the vines with him.

And, you know,

he just built our vineyard
from the ground up.

I mean, from the bees,

to the earth,

to the flowers he cultivated.

And our wine caught the eye
of this big distributor,

who, well, forced us to sell.

And my father passed
shortly after,

and the wine
never tasted the same.

I'm so sorry.


I think we have enough.

I think we do.

- Should we head back?
- Yeah.

- Success.
- Success.

Thank you so much!

No problem.

One of our participants
just backed out.

Jenna, can you bob?

You were so good
when you were a kid.

I'll do it.
I'll do it.

Thank you.

Right this way.


You're gonna be a natural.

I'm excited for this.
I can't wait.

I'm not excited.

Go, Marcelo, go!



Just get in there.

- Whoo!
- You got it, you got it!

Front and center.

Oh, yeah, what the heck?

Yes, Lily is cleaning up.

Go, Lily!

Give it up for our champion.

Once again, Lily Prescott!

Congratulations, Lily.

You were the best.

I know.

And for you, sir...

She cheated, and I let her win.

That's for you.

Oh, wow, for me?

Thank you so much.

I will treasure this forever.

No shame in second place.

Listen, Peggy, can I have

some of those apples
to take home?

Of course.
You've earned it.

Oh, and I should have told you.

That girl wins every year.

Okay, I'll see you
both later, okay?

Thank you, Marcelo.

And have fun at the fair.


Peggy. Peggy.

What is the deadline
to enter the wine competition?



I could smell that
from down the road.

Oh, well,
Allison gave me her recipe,

and I wanted to put
Peggy's apples to the test.

My kitchen was a disaster area,

and your mom let me use her oven

as long as I save them a piece.

Have you had dinner?

No, but I have to have
some of that pie.

Right now.

Yes, you do.

Ooh, it smells so good.


You know what this needs?

A scoop of vanilla ice cream

with, like,
sherry poured over top.

Now you're talking
like a master somm.

This... all this has been
really helpful.

Well, that's because for me,

wine is more about experiences

than facts.

The master somm at Alluvial
said something similar once.

What is it about that place?

That is so special for you?

Aidan, my boyfriend,

poured his whole self
into that place.

Just like
what my parents have here.


it's his love, and...

I don't know.

I want to be a part of it.

If I could work there with him,


I mean, that would be...

the dream.

I... I still...

I'm not sure
if I have what it takes.


Jenna, you do.

You are so talented.

You can do anything you want.

You just have to trust
your instinct.

You're ready.

What are you making?

This is the centerpiece

for my parents'
anniversary party.

It looks nice.

Okay, like I was saying,

you know I would never ask you

to carry
one of my parents' wines

if I didn't think
it was perfect for Alluvial.

Well, it's...


Let's see how it does
in the wine competition.

Well, maybe when you're here
for the party,

you could take a bottle back
for Edwin to try.

You know,
I'd feel more comfortable

if it had some credentials.

Or if I had more credentials?

No, Jenna.

I know you're an advanced somm.

That's not what I'm saying.

What are you saying?

Just see how it does
in the competition.

I miss you.


I know things have been
difficult for us lately,

but you've just been
busy studying.

To be honest,

I can't wait for it to be over
so we can just be us again.



Marcelo, I want to talk to you
about something.

Jenna, you were asking me
about my plan for aphids.


- Wait. Ladybugs?
- Yeah.

They're good luck,
but also, they eat pests.

Help me introduce my friends
to their new home.

Yeah, um, I want to enter us

in the Carington
Wine Competition.

Yeah, but I think
it's too late to sign up.

I entered us.

I'm sorry.
I had to.


If you believe in your methods,

you should stand behind them.

I think the wine
speaks for itself.


You're scared.


Look, I'm...

I'm scared, too,

that I'm going
to fail the test again.

But that is no reason
not to try.

Are you going
to help me with that?


Once the owners start thinking
about competitions,

all they care about
is pleasing the critics.

And then the wine just loses

all integrity and purpose
for me.

I believe in what
you are creating right now.

I don't need attention.

Marcelo, please.

Do this for me.

For my family.

This is the only way

we can get your wine

It deserves
to be in restaurants...

Why is that so important?

Can't it just be

an amazing wine that we make
for our friends and family

and people who actually love it,

from our hearts?

Well, why not share
what's in your heart

with the world?

You have a gift, Marcelo.




I want to apologize.

For yesterday.
I overstepped,

entering the competition
against your wishes.

I thought I was doing
what was best for my family,


I'm sorry.

How can I make it up to you?

Meet me out front in an hour.

And bring your boots.

Oh, no.
No, no, no.

Wait. Is this
what I think it is?


Here we are.


Hey, Peggy.

- Peggy.
- Come.

What are we doing here?

You'll see.

Honestly, no,
I don't like horses, remember?

I'm proud of you, Jenna.


I've been telling you all along

that you need
to get back on that horse

and have fun again.

Uh, what's happening here?

Didn't you want
to make it up to me?

A horse r... No. No.

I think I've changed my mind.

Marcelo, you can go.

I'm going to stay here.
I'm going to watch.

- I'm watching.
- No. Your stallion awaits.

Uh, is it really a stallion?

He's not a stallion.

He's a gelding.

It's a horse.

And he's your friend.
Come on.

He's not my friend.

Come on.
Here we go.

Okay, so this is Philippe.

Hi, Philippe.

Okay, uh, no.
I can't. I can't.

- Oh, yes, you can.
- I'm not doing this.

Yes, I'm going to help you up.

This way.

So you put your hand here.



Yes, and your foot.
That's right.

- You got it.
- You got it.

You got it.

You're a pro.



All right, Philippe.
Be my friend.

Thank you.
You ready?

Okay. Oh!

- Have a good ride.
- Thank you, Peggy.

- Peggy.
- You got this.

Okay, okay.
Not so fast, not so fast.

Come on, we're barely trotting.

Okay, just tighten your reins.

- Wait, wait, wait.
- There you go.

It's so bumpy.
Okay, wait, wait.

Where did you learn
to ride like this?

Please, talk to me.

Okay, when I was a kid
in Argentina, I love horses.

Always have.

My uncle had a ranch
in La Pampa,

and sometimes, we'd find
the occasional caballo criollo.

What... what is that?

Criollo is the wild horse
of Argentina.

They're like Ferraris of horses.

And, yeah,

we'd round them up

and bring them to the ranch
and break them in.


You used to break in
wild horses?

That's right.

Of course you did.

Wow, look.
It's so beautiful.

What vineyard is this?

Noni Vineyards.

You grew up here

and you don't know
these little places?

Well, I was off...

Well, first to UC Davis,

and then to Paris for a year.

I've been in the restaurant
industry ever since.


And then I even took a job
at a wine shop to study more.

So I've been busy, okay?

- I've been busy.
- All right.

Oh, wow.

Do you see this grape?

This is called "carménère".

This is exactly the grape
that we had in our vineyard.

Of course.

Yeah. We're further east,
so it's fresher and cooler.

Wow. The same one.

You really should own
your own vineyard.

I would love to someday.

Well, what about this one?
It'd be perfect for you.

Even the bees are here.

So can we be done?
Are we done now?

- Get me off?
- Let's keep going.

- Wait. Really?
- Come on.

Okay, Philippe.

Come on.
You're doing great.

- Oh!
- Yes, that's it.

So what do you think?

Am I forgiven?




I'm very proud of you.

You were very brave
trying horseback riding again.


And you should get some sleep.

We are starting early tomorrow.



The festival picnic, remember?

Yes, we told Allison
we'd help her set up.

Yes, right.

I'll pick you up at 8:00.

- Okay.
- Okay?

Great. Good night.

Good night.

So my last day will be Friday.

Do you really
have to leave immediately?

The opportunity to work in Paris

doesn't come around every day.


I'd like to make
a recommendation

for my replacement.

Please. Of course.

You know how much
I trust your judgment.



She has a real sense for wine.

She picks up on notes
even I miss.

Talent like that
shouldn't be ignored.

I'll certainly consider it.

- It's been a pleasure.
- Take care.

Wait. Edwin quit?

Oh, gosh.
I'm so sorry.

Are you looking
for a replacement?


Wait, Aidan?

Aid... Hello?


Um, okay.

I guess we got cut off.

Yeah, it's a bad patch
for cell service here.

Everything okay?

Um, yeah.

The head sommelier at Alluvial
just quit,

and now Aidan's stressing

about whether
he can take time off

to come to the party.

That's not for another week.

I'm sure he can have it
figured out by then.

That's the job you wanted,
isn't it?


- Yeah, it is.
- Yeah.

How long have you guys
been together?

Three years.

That's serious.

It's everything I want
in a relationship.

He's smart.

He's driven.

He knows everything about wine.

Then it should be
an easy search.

He's got the answer
right in front of him.

Is there...

anyone special in your life?

A long time ago.

In Germany.


She wanted me to stay,
and I wasn't ready.

Sometimes, I wonder
if that was a mistake.

But I don't know.

It didn't feel like...


Oh, no.

- What's going on?
- Well, where's Lucia?

She's sick,

today of all days.

I've been such a mess
all morning.

I've been trying
to finish baking and packing

all by myself.

And the last batch just burned.

Okay, we're here to help.

Look at this!

I'm beyond help!

Okay, Marcelo and I
will head to the fair

- and set up your table.
- Yeah.

You can stay here
and keep baking.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Yeah, yeah, sure.

The cupcakes!

Good afternoon, ladies.

This is
our late-harvest Zinfandel.

It's made right here
in Carington.

It has nice notes
of hazelnut flavor

with a hint of cherry
and cinnamon.

It pairs perfectly

with Allison's
chocolate cupcakes.

Oh, I love it.

You can really
taste the cinnamon.

Did you know
it's a natural wine?

It's perfect.

Good. Enjoy.

Okay, okay.



Hey, you're really good
with the kids.

I'm not.

I just pretend
to be their coach.

Carriage rides!

Last call for carriage rides!

We should go.

We? Me? No.

Oh, no, no, no.
I'm good.

No. No, no, no.



That was a long day.


And you were great
in the wine service.

Great. I mean, your passion
really comes through

when you talk to people.


You know what?

The land I showed you
on the horse ride?

- Yeah?
- It's for sale.

Wait. It is?


Well, are you going to buy it?


I don't think I could afford it.

I mean, not yet.

I send money home every month

to my mom and my sister
in Argentina,

so it would be difficult.

What about investors?

Or maybe a partner?

I mean...

I guess...

it wouldn't be a bad idea,

but it has to be
the right partner.


Well, I think
you should go for it.

If it's your dream.

That's the thing about America.

Everyone says
go after your dreams,

but very few people actually do.

Except you.

Well, we'll see how that goes.

Oh, are you cold?

No, it's fine.

It's just a breeze off the...

- Here, there you go.
- Lake.

That's nice.
Thank you.

Ask me about the viscosity
of alcohol dynamics.

Actually, can we pick this up
tomorrow, please?

Yeah, okay.

Um, hey, how's it going
with replacing Edwin?


You know, I'm interviewing
new people every day.

Actually, Jeremy Kemp's
coming in

for a second interview.

Is he any good?

Uh, he's very dry...


But he knows his wine.

Of course.

He's a master somm.


How soon do you need someone?

As soon as possible.

It's not easy
running the restaurant

and being the somm
at the same time.

I was thinking
after I took the exam,

maybe you would consider...

Jenna, can I talk to you
for a minute?


Hey. Hi, Aidan.

Sorry to interrupt.

Uh, hi, Mike.

No, no, it's fine.

I'll talk to you later?

Yeah. Of course.

Bye, hon'.

Listen, I need your help
to get Mom out of the house

so I can bring in
some tables and chairs

in behind the cellar.

There's a candle-making thing
over at the fair.

Could you take her to that?

Sure, Dad.
Of course.

You're great.

I think maybe
I should stick to wine.

Well, being master sommelier
is talent enough.

But I'm not, though.

I'm not.

Mom, you know I've already
failed this test before.


And you acting like
it's already over and done with

just makes me even more nervous.

Especially when you keep
telling people about it.

I suppose
I've gotten ahead of myself,

bragging about my daughter, yes.

Look, I'm sorry.
I just...

I don't want to let you down.


you could never,
ever let me down.

I'll stop talking about it.

Thanks, Mom.


You know, your father's
and my anniversary

is coming up.

Ah, yes, that is...

just around the corner,
isn't it?


Well, I'm starting to worry

your father's forgotten
all about it.


Mom thinks you forgot
about your anniversary.

I was going to take her
out to dinner on Friday night.

Okay, so what's your plan
for her on Saturday

while we're setting up?

Just send her
to the fair, I guess?


You should take her
to the Sea Ranch

overnight on Friday.

Don't you need
my help for the setup?

What we need

is for Mom
to get out of the house

and not suspect anything.

Marcelo and I
can handle it here.

All right.
It's a good idea.


Also, are you familiar
with Noni Vineyard?

Oh, sure.

That's my friend
Gil Crowley's place.

I went to UC Davis with him.

He named it after his daughter.


It's been on the market
for a while.

Are you interested
in buying a vineyard?

Oh, no, it's not for me.

- It's...
- Jenna!


Be right back, Dad.

- Hey.
- Hey.

We were just talking about you.


Before you say anything,
I have a surprise for you.

Can you come?

- Now?
- Yeah, okay.


Hey, my dad knows the guy

who owns that vineyard
that we saw.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Have you ever had
Argentinean food?


No! Not homemade.

Oh, señorita.

Okay, it'll be ready
in a moment.



Oh, it smells amazing.

I have not been in
the winemaker's cabin since...

since my grandma passed away.

Well, your dad offered
to find me a place in town,

but I usually rather live
in the land I'm working.

I see you've made a few updates.


Only the essentials.

You kept
my grandmother's paintings out.

I like them.

Oh, she was so gifted.

- Aah!
- Oh, wait.

- Can I help you?
- Sorry, sorry.

Please, let me help you.
I can...

I'm okay, thanks.

Sit, please.

- I...
- Okay.

Okay, these are empanadas.

Oh, they look perfect.


And wait for it.

We've got churrasco.

Okay. Oh...


which is...

gaucho-style steak.

And you must...

have a little bit of this.

What is it?


But classic style. Verde.


That is incredible.
I must have the recipe.

Well, the recipe

is actually watching my father
on the outdoor grill

when I was a kid.

But really, it's parsley.

Fresh parsley.


Okay, parsley's
the secret weapon.

Yes. Finely chopped.


And for tonight's pairing,
guess the wine?

Yes, yes.

Of course.
I'd love to.

Yes, and I promise

it goes really well
with the meal.

All right.



High tannins.
Cool, crisp.

This is a Malbec from the Andes.

It's very earthy.

Wait, I think
that's the parsley.

Maipú region.

Bodega Zucconda.


So close.


This is actually
from my family's vineyard.

Río Córdoba, 2002.

That was a very special year.

Only a few bottles of it remain.

But that year,

the cool air and the wind

just helped the grapes produce
this incredible wine...

Our best ever, really.

And this bottle travels with me
everywhere I go.

So, wait,
you opened this bottle...

just for me?

I can't think of anyone else
I'd rather share it with.

Well, because...

you appreciate it.

I do.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Eat.
- Okay.

Oh, I'm so full.

That was the best meal
I've had my whole life.


What about three Michelin stars?

That's not everything.

Well, I want
to show you something.

I was cleaning the cupboard,

and I found this.

Tell me, is this you
as a little girl?

Yes. Yes, it is.

My grandma
must have painted this.

I've never seen this before.

Well, you know what?

It would make
a great anniversary present.

Are you sure?
That's so thoughtful of you.


You got it.



- What?
- Hey, be careful.

Don't float away.

Ah, Aidan.


So when do you get here?

Jenna, I'm so sorry.

I have to tell you something.

What's wrong?

Are you all right?

I was really hoping

I'd be able to find
the right person for today.

But I've been scrambling
all week,

so I've decided...

I can't come to the party.

I'm so sorry.

I mean, I've made offers,

but so far, no one's accepted.

I really thought
I could make it down in time,

but I just can't leave
the restaurant right now.

So you're not coming?


It's fine.
I'll see you when I get back.

Okay. Bye.

You okay?

Do you want to talk?

The sommelier position
has been open for a week,

and Aidan didn't even think
to interview me.

It's like
I'm not even in the running.

I'm sorry, Jenna.

Who knows when an opening
like this could happen again?

Maybe you can work
at another restaurant?

Is there something
he doesn't see in me?



- Hey.
- Hey.

Blanc de blanc?


[{Allison] Jenna!

- Hi!
- Hey, welcome.

I've got the cake in the car.
Where should I put it?


The cake will go right here.

I've got the you-know-what.

Ah, perfect.


They're five minutes away.

Okay, everyone.
They're five minutes away.

Get ready to hide.

Okay, let's do this.


Come on this way.


Happy 40th.

You pulled it off, Dad.

You, Mike, and you!

Thank Marcelo.
He helped so much, Mom.

Happy anniversary!

Cheers to Mom and Dad!


I would just like to say

thank you to all of you

for sharing
this magical night with us.

It's good to know

that after 40 years of marriage,

we're still
surprising each other.

I would also like to say

a special thank you
to our daughter, Jenna,

of whom I am so proud.

It just means
the world to me, sweetie.


- Me?
- Speech!


Thank you.
Thank you, everyone.

Mom and Dad,

you have been an inspiration
to me throughout my life.

You've shared
your passion for wine with me.

You've always encouraged me
to follow my own path.

Most importantly,

you've shown me

how a foundation of love
makes everything possible.

You've taught me
what real love looks like,


I'm forever grateful
to both of you for that.

Thank you.

And I know
that you've been making

a lot of changes around here,

but there was one thing
I noticed

still needed
a little sprucing up.



It's a new sign
for the front gate,

with the date

that Grandma and Grandpa

first opened the doors
at Savern Vineyards.

Oh, it's beautiful, Jenna.

Mom and Dad,

I know Grandma Ellie
would be so proud

of everything you've done here.

Well, we just love
what we get to do,

and doing it together.

Oh, and we have
one more surprise.


That looks nice.

Oh, Jenna.

We thought
this was lost years ago.

Marcelo found it.

He fixed the frame.

Thank you, Jenna.

I love you.

Glad you love it.

I'm so glad you love it.

One more day left in Carington.

Ready to go back?

I'm going to miss
the sense of community here.

That's for sure.

I'm going to miss you.

You know, I'm not too far away.

I know.

This cake is amazing.

Pumpkin spice
makes everything better.

What about pumpkin spice wine?

Okay, maybe not everything.


Want to dance?


As long as you're okay with...

Please don't do that
in front of people again.

Come on.
It's too late.

- Let's go.
- All right.

You know...

dancing always makes me
feel better.


Are you nervous
for the competition tomorrow?



It's good.

It's good for you.

You know, I was thinking

that the wine...

could be called...

"The Heart",

because you poured
your whole heart into it.

El Corazón.

Even better.

To honor where you're from.

I like it,

but how about
"Maestra del Corazón"?


of the Heart".

To honor you.

A little bird told me
you were upset.

Don't worry about me.

Of course,
I'm worried about you.

You're my little girl.

What happened with Aidan?

His sommelier quit.

He needs to hire a new one,

but they only hire master somms
at Alluvial, so...

Well, you're going to be one
in a few weeks.

Well, everyone thinks so.

Except Aidan.

What do you think?


I don't know.


come and sit down for a minute.

I'm going to tell you something
your grandmother told me.

A relationship
is like a vineyard.

You plant it, you water it,

you nurture it...

but you only get out of it
what you put in.

But it takes love
for it to thrive.

We've been together so long,


I thought I loved him.


how does he not know
how much this means to me?

If that is your dream,

maybe you should be
in on it together.

Here you are.

Thank you.



Hey, sweetie.

- How are you doing?
- Oh, hey.

What are you doing here?

I came to support you.

- Um...
- Aidan.

Nice to meet you.

Oh, I've heard
great things about your wine.

I've heard great things
about your restaurant.

I... I thought
you weren't coming.


You're holding up the line.

We will talk later.
Try this, please.

It's... it's Marcelo's wine.


What do you think?

It's, uh...

definitely unique.

This wine is going to be
the next big thing.

I'm sure it will be.

All participants
in the wine competition,

please report to the main stage.

We will start in five minutes.

I guess we'll find out.

I'll see you over there.

Welcome to the main event...

The Carington Wine Competition.

This event has grown
from a small local festival

to a premier wine competition,

showcasing some of the best wine
in the Sonoma and Napa regions.

The judges have informed me

that they have selected
their winners

with great difficulty.

Every one of you

has created something
with passion and heart.

And for that alone,
you should all be celebrated.

So, without further ado,

third place

in the Harvest Festival
Wine Competition

goes to...

the Princess Pinot Noir,
Chateau d'Entremont.

Yeah. That's okay.
That's okay.

And second place goes to...

the Firecracker Merlot,

Zellar Creek.

And first place...

Oh, from our very own town
of Carington, California...

Apple of Eden Cabernet
from Davrow Farms!

to all our participants,

and would representatives

from each
of our winning vineyards

please come on up to the stage?

Everyone else,

enjoy the rest
of your afternoon.

Keep drinking wine.


I can't believe it.

I really thought
we were going to win.

You okay?


better than I thought
I would be.

I'm really glad we did this.

You are?


Hello, I'm Jennifer.


Ah, hello.

I'm Jenna Savern.

It is an honor to meet you.

Jennifer, hi.

Aidan Parker.

You've been to my restaurant
in San Francisco.


Oh, of course.


And you must be
Marcelo Castillo.

Yeah. A pleasure to meet you.

I wanted to come
and speak to you personally.

I tried your wine today,

and it was fantastic.

It was daring.

It was original

and creative.

Thank you.

You know, not all of the judges

are on board with organic wine,

but I really think
you're on to something.


And if, on the off chance,

you'd like to move to Australia,

there's a position open
at our estate in Yarra Valley.

This is my personal number.

Don't take too long
to think about it.

Thank you.


Wait, this is
better than winning.

Jennifer Huether
wants to work with you.

In Australia.

I know.

Hey, you should go
talk to her now.

No, no. She's...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This is your moment.

You should go. Now.
There. Go, go, go, go.

Um, Miss Huether?

Oh, you can call me Jennifer.

Okay, um, Jennifer.

I'm taking
my master sommelier exam

in two weeks,

and I wanted to ask
if you had any advice.

I'm a huge admirer.

I think, really,

the best advice I could give you

is to go ready,
prepared and open,

and really present.

Put your fears aside

and be there and enjoy it.

Not many women
make it as far as you do.

We need to stick together
and push each other forward.

Go get 'em, Jenna.

Aidan, can we talk for a minute?

Yeah, sure.

So what really
brought you here today?

Your dad called me.

I'm sorry.

Missing the party
was a huge mistake.

I don't know how
I'm going to make it up to you,

but I hope I can.

Aidan, I want to be
considered for the job.

I'm ready.

If you needed proof
that my palate was good,


now you have it.

I shouldn't have doubted you.


You could've trusted me.

In two weeks,

there's a very good chance
I will be a master sommelier,

but either way...

I want the job.

To Marcelo, the man of the hour.


I haven't accepted
the position yet.

Oh, well, don't hold back
on our account.

You have taken our vineyard
to the next level,

and we couldn't be
more grateful.

I'll drink to that.





And to Jenna,

our new head sommelier
at Alluvial.

- Wow.
- Congratulations.


Oh, my gosh, thank you.


- That's wonderful.
- Thank you!

Jenna, that's amazing.

You deserve it.

Okay, I'm going to let you
celebrate as a family.

I have things...

in the morning in the vineyard,

so thank you.

Of course.

You probably need
to get some rest.

Goodnight, everyone.


I'll be right back.



I, um...

I just wanted to say
thank you...

for everything.

Are you really
going to Australia?

It's a fantastic opportunity.

I learned a lot from you.

I learned a lot from you, too.

I'm going to miss you.


I'll miss you, too.

Oh, would you take table four?

Good evening.

And here we are.

The Maestra del Corazón.

Is it good?



I'd never steer you wrong.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Oh, hey.

Remember to upsell,

and we've got
that Rioja Gran Reserva.

Which I love,

but it wouldn't go
with the meals they ordered.

Fair enough.


Just a reminder.

I'm leaving early tonight
to study.

Uh, but you're still
coming in tomorrow?

We just booked a reservation
for a party of 10.

The day before the test?

Jenna, we're overbooked, okay?

I need my somm.

I'll be here first thing.


Enjoy your night off.


Hey, you.
How's the restaurant?

Um, it's fine.

Just fine?

Hey, have you...

have you heard
from Marcelo recently?

Well, he's moving to Australia.

He took the job?

That's great.

That's, um, that's really great.

You need to call him.

It's okay.

- Jenna!
- I will call you after the test.

All right.

Crossing my fingers.

Fingers and toes.

Thanks. Okay.


Uh... what's all this?

This is our new pinot noir.

Never heard of it.

Oh, it's going to make
a huge splash,

and we're the first to serve it.

Don't I have a say in this?

Well, I thought it was my job
to make the wine list.

I just want to be sure

you're doing what's best
for the restaurant.

I am here, aren't I?

The day before
the biggest exam of my life.

You know you have your job
either way, right?

And hasn't it always been
your goal to work here?



Maybe it was my goal
at one point

to work
at a prestigious restaurant.

But I think...

I'm learning to dream bigger.

I don't understand.

I want something
that feels like...

like what my parents have.

Two people in love,

building something together
as equals.

But you have never
believed in me.

I am not taking this test
to impress you.

I'm taking it for me.

It kind of feels like
we're breaking up.

I do love you, Aidan.

But I think maybe

we've always had
different dreams.

I'm so sorry.


Good luck on the test.

Well, I guess this is it.

We're sad to see you go.

But you really set us
on the right path.

Thank you.

You sure did.

We are going
to miss you, Marcelo.

I'll miss you.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Flight 817 from Miami

now arriving at gate B7.

Welcome back, Miss Savern.

How are you feeling?

Excited to be back, thank you.

You have 30 minutes
to identify all six wines.

Good luck.

This smells like the ocean
on a foggy morning.


Santorini, Greece.


Flavors of stardust apple
and slate.


Finger Lakes,
New York, USA, 2019.

Miss Savern,
do you have an answer?



It's perfectly balanced.

This is a high-altitude
natural Tannat

from Mendoza,




I'm proud to welcome you
as a fellow master sommelier.

Congratulations, Jenna.

Thank you so much.

Sorry. Sorry, sorry.

I'm sorry.

You're here!

I thought...

I couldn't miss your big moment.

Ceibo flowers?


You really can find
anything in this city.

They match my new pin.

It looks good on you.

Your grandmother
would be so proud.

Let's get out of here.


I have something to tell you.

Okay, I spoke
to your dad's friend, Gil,

and he's willing
to sell me his vineyard.

Yeah, I would
have to take out a loan,

and he said he's been waiting
to sell to the right person.

And you would do that
over moving to Australia?

I was hoping to have
a master sommelier by my side.

- But if it's a lot of pressure...
- No, no, no.

- No.
- No?

Tell me everything.

We would be equals.


I'd make the wine,
you'd handle the business.

Of course, you'd have a say
in every decision we make.

Every decision, every plan,

We'd make it together.

Home is not a place.

It's a...


And for me,
I think it's a person, too.


you're my home.

I want you to come with me.


- Yes?
- Yes!


It sounds like a dream.

Te quiero, Jenna.

I love you.

Te quiero, Marcelo.