Rainbow Song (2006) - full transcript

Tomoya, a production assistant for a television company in Japan, hears the news with the rest of the crew that Aoi has been killed in an air crash in Death Valley, California. He reflects upon his friendship with this feisty young woman who left the country to broaden her horizons as an aspiring director. He took the job she left, and ironically they first met when he attempted to bribe her away from her job at a record store so that he could be near her co-worker, a girl he wished to date. Although considered a nuisance at first, Aoi finds him a bit of a kindred spirit and casts him in a leading role in her college student film, "The End of the World" which she has written and will direct. Aoi takes the leading role opposite Tomoya when her leading actress Kyoko refuses to do a kissing scene. The two continue to console each other about their lack of romantic relationships and job opportunities in an outwardly platonic manner, but underneath deeper currents are running. Aoi's younger sister Kana may be physically blind, but she sees some emotional aspects of life more clearly than the normally sighted people in her life.

It's Tomoya.

How've you been?
I felt like hearing your voice.

I'm sending you a photo of um...
like... a weird-looking rainbow.

It's kind of creepy.

Just kidding.
It's very pretty.

So how're you doing?
Same as usual for me.

Chapter One: Circum Horizontal Arc

Okay, lift me up.

Please hurry.

His manager overslept.

The singer's manager?

He's just taking the blame
for his star. So when?

10 o'clock.

10 o'clock!? Didn't you call him
this morning?



Come on down, Mr. Ozawa!

Please stand by.

What does "embryo" mean, anyway?

Beats me.

Stage name?

Sounds cool.

Oh, please.

It's a "fetus."


Unborn baby.


At least make some coffee!

Coming right up!

He's got a "fetus" face.

What kind of face is that?

You mean the manager.

Mr. Embryo is here!

Sorry we're late!

Good morning.

- Embryo reeks of liquor.
- How unprofessional.

Here's audio.

- From the top! - Sorry.

So why "Embryo"?

He says he wants to remain
immature forever.

How many shots left?

Tomoya! How many cuts left?


We'll never make it.

Night shoot, then?

Won't work.
How about tomorrow?

No way!
We didn't book him.

Ask his manager.

What's Embryo got tomorrow?

Some leftover recording but
we can make adjustments.

Help our budget, too.

We're committed to quality.

We appreciate that.

Don't be late, then.

Are we shooting or what?
It'll be dark soon.

They're discussing that.

They're discussing tomorrow.
Let's get back to today.

If you looked at the sky today,
you may have noticed...

a flattened rainbow called a
"circum-horizontal arc".

It's formed when the sun's rays
are reflected...

through ice crystals in clouds
5,000 meters up or higher.

It's a very rare phenomenon.

Now to the weather forecast.

A low pressure system is bringing
rain to the Kanto Plain tonight.

Rain, huh?

Are those batteries recharged?

Not yet.

- Don't wait to be told.
- Sorry.

- What's the forecast tomorrow?
- Rain.

Why you...

Don't be so nonchalant about it.
Do something.

About the rain?

Use your willpower.

- Hello?
- Hey, how've you been?

Among the fatalities of the plane
crash in California's Death Valley...

we've just learned there was a
Japanese national aboard.

Ms. Aoi Sato, age 25.

Dead? Who?


Aoi is dead.

- Hey, Higuchi?
- What?

Go confirm that.

The news!

We'll bring you more on the Death
Valley air crash as it develops.

This is great!
Very Embryo-like.

- Will it edit together?
- Don't ask me that.

Answer it.

Excuse me.


What a shame she had to die.
She was a good person.

It should've been someone else.

Like who?


I'll take over.
You've been fired.

Just kidding.
Higuchi wants you.


You know Aoi's address?


We're going there.
You drive.

Watch it!
The light's red!

I'm driving!


Close the door!

Hurry up!

Got a suit?

For a funeral?
No, I don't.

Charge it together.

I can pay.

Forget it.
You'll need those again.

Let wardrobe pay.

I don't think I can face her parents.

Do you know who encouraged her
to quit and go to America?

Not me.



Don't tell her parents.

Excuse us.


You came.

A friend from college.


- I'm Hattori.
- Higuchi.

Everyone's here.

The family's flying out this afternoon.

Apparently, she had
no external injuries.

They say she looks asleep.

Where's her father?


Thank you very much.

I'm Higuchi, Aoi's ex-boss.

Thank you for coming.



Did someone call a taxi?

No one?

When's the flight?


You'd better go then.

We'll drive you, if you'd like.
Take them, Kishida.


I'll go wake her mom.

And Kana.
Someone call Kana.

I'll fetch her.

Thank you.

Um, where is she?

Upstairs, far room.



Maybe you shouldn't go.

You don't know about her.

Yes, I do. Don't worry.


Remember me?

I'm Kishida, a friend of Aoi's.

I'll be driving you to the airport.

Let me get your shoes.

That's okay.
I can do it.

Excuse us.

We must be going.

Daddy, I don't want to go.

Let's just go home.

You don't want to meet Aoi?

No, I do not want.

No, if he is dead.

Mother doesn't want to go either.

This is what happens when family
almost all are women.

The ticket counter is over there.
Business class, right?




What is wrong?

Come with us, Kishida.

Come with us.


Come with me.

I can't.

Come meet my sister.

Why me?

What is wrong?
Are you afraid to fly?

You will be fine.

Who heard of this happening
twice to the same family?

We could fly everyday
and we'd be fine.

Don't you trust your father?

Hey, I know!

Let's all live on an airplane!

Then if it crashes...
we can all be with Aoi.

Chapter Two: Stalker Days

Kogure Records, hello.

Hold on. I'll see if we have
that one in stock.

Can I have your name and
telephone number?

Can I help you?

Um, are you guys hiring?

I can ask the manager for you.

Uh, no.

It's okay.

A friend of mine's looking for work.
Are you hiring?

Nope, Tell your friend
try somewhere else.




I'm tired.

- I am hungry.
- Me too.

We're being followed.

By whom?

A guy I saw in the store.


Darn it.

You know him?

Don't look.

Who is he?

I said don't look!

He must be weird.
Who the heck is he?


- Stalky?
- A stalker?

My stalker.

Yes, he was stalking me.

The whole thing really
creeps me out.

Need company?

I'm fine.

Call me if you need me.

Okay. See you.

Be Careful.

Excuse me.

Thanks earlier.

Ah Sure.

Do you...


... want a cup of coffee?

No thanks.

I wanted to thank you.

You did already.

I need your advice.

Why're you running?

Officer, I'm being stalked!

Come here!


For a statement.


Get back here!




Everyone, position!


Okay, we're rolling!

And... action!

It's a gas ...!

I can't breathe.


Thanks for yesterday.
You almost got me jailed.

Could you come back later?
- What?

I got a job at Tower Records.

Congratulations then.

How much do you get paid?

Per hour?

600 yen.

600 yen.


Don't move!
We'll take it from there!

Fill in for me, Ogata.




Why not move to work at Tower?

It pays better.

Wait, are we friends?
Who are you, anyway?

Can't you see we're filming here.


Ogata, please!

Can I pee first?

Aoi, don't move!
Just lie there!

Don't forget your place!

Can I go, too?

No, you can't.

I can't hold it!


Okay, we're rolling!

Someone missing, Aoi?

to toilet!

Well, get 'em back!

Need some help?

No, thank you.

Aoi, come on!


Okay ... here we go! Rolling!

And... action!

I can't see any gas!

Just keep moving!

Will you think about it?

We're rolling. Don't talk.

What is this?

So have you thought it over?

Touch me, and I'll scream.

I won't. But as I was saying...

What do you want?
I don't get you.

I just thought I'd help you
get a better salary.

I can take care of myself.
Go away.

As a bonus, I'll give you 10,000 yen!

What are you talking about?
I'm close to crying here.

10,000 bonus transfer!
Tower Records!

Why do you want me
at Tower so badly?

Just want.

Wait, I get it! You want to take my job
in the record store.

I should have known from the start.

Not exactly.

There's another girl at the store.

Maybe she'll take you up
on your offer.

I'd prefer it be you.

No, wait.
That won't work.

She's quitting soon.

Hey, that'll open up a position!
I'll ask the manager.

Okay? Good.

Hmm, let me think about it.

Bingo. It's about her, right?

No, it isn't.

You want to work with her.

Well, that's part of it.

Nope, that's all of it.

Why should I quit my job for that?

You're unbelievable.
You've got serious issues.

Is it possible?

Absolutely not.

Sorry, but can you disappear now?

Hey, wait!

Because of you, I wasted my time!


Get out of here!

Go ahead.

I'll pay.

Train station.

To the station, please.

Where do you live?

Like I'm going to tell you.

Follow her!


Just have a cup of coffee with him.

No thanks. Not with Stalky.

Just once.

No way.




What'd she say?

One o'clock this Saturday
at the Polka coffee shop.

I won't forget it.
I'll be your friend forever.

That's not necessary.
Just pay me 10,000 yen.


Wait, I have something special.

Give me your finger.

My finger?

What's this?

With this, you don't need a wallet.

10,000 yen.

Is she running late?

She's not coming.

I lied to you.
I couldn't convince her.

This is yours.

You wouldn't believe how expensive
it is to make a movie.

I almost wanted to use the money

I wanted to buy film with it.
But my conscience wouldn't let me.


Forget about her.

She doesn't like you.

She wants you to stay away.

You shouldn't stalk people.

Promise me you'll stop.

I promise.



Listen to me.

About what?

She approached me first.

She followed me everywhere...
even got my telephone number.

She stalked me for a year.

Eventually, I developed
feelings for her.

Instead of telling her off...

we went out three times.

Then she dumped me.

And then you followed her.

That's wild. Can I turn that
into a movie?

It's not funny.

Why do I have such bad luck
with women?

Women are a mystery.
How do they think?

Blame me
I just live my life.

I didn't mean you.

You make it sound like I'm not
a woman. Now I'm upset.

Anyway, That's life.

Take this, will you?

As an apology.

I don't want it.

Make a good movie with it.

You can't make a movie on that.

OK, I will accept.

What's that?

Weird looking rainbow.

It's pretty, though.

Chapter Three: The Kodak Girl

Hey... read this.

Tell me what you think.

You wrote it?

Love story?

Not exactly.

Forget that. Just start reading.

Not finished.
You're slow.




Very unique.

Is that all?

It was scary.

What? Are you a kid or what?
You're playing the lead.

Who says?

Here. Go memorize your lines.

No way.

Come on. I know you want to.

Good morning!

Okay, introduction!

Scene 11, take 3!

And... action!

I still can't believe the world
is ending in a week.

Everyone seems so calm.

So, what can we do ...

If we knew that 10%... I mean, 100%...

Cut! You haven't learned your lines!?

I did but...

It's just nerves.

If we knew that 10 percent
might survive...

We're all going to panic ...

But everyone's going to die.

Keep it up.

A giant meteor, though?
It's like science fiction.


What's so funny?
Pull it together.


Wait a minute.


It's hard for me, too.
She's a tough director.


Let's take it again.


They say the meteor is visible
from Antarctica now.

My last job in life will be
to capture it on camera.


My last job...

"In life."

My last job in life...



The meteor is visible
from Antarctica now.

My last job in life will be
to capture it on camera.

When are you coming back?

The night before the end.

Much better.


That was great.

It's a wrap.

Why such an old camera?
Why not video?

Because. I like it.



What's that?

I like Kodak color.

Red, green, blue.
You know?

Not really.

Kyoko was on fire today.

Yeah but her accent came through.

- Where's she from?
- Akita Prefecture.

An "Akita beauty," huh?

From ground zero.

Excuse me?

She's from the town where
the phrase originated.

If you're not from there,
you're a fake.

Sounds snobbish to me.

It's their only source of pride.

Did she say that?

Yeah, she said there's nothing
except tons of snow in winter.

Beautiful girls are their sole asset.
But I guess that's enough.


Why, you interested?

Just curious.

Why don't you ask her?

I said I'm just curious.

Tell me something.

Guys will pretty much go out with
any girl who looks good.

But what do women look for?

You sometimes see girls with
fat and balding guys...

and you wonder what
they see in them.

How's that work?

How should I know?

Well, what line would work on you?

I couldn't tell you...
until it happened.

So you're saying that given the right
words, even I'm a possibility.

It's just an example.

I need a different example.

My image of you as a stalker
is still too vivid.

I want to go to that city.

I'm telling you ..

People who judge only by appearance
is the worst

They sure are.

I meant you.

Hold this.

Would you ask her what
she thinks of me?

What am l, your own
personal matchmaker?

No, of course not!

You sure like taking advantage
of people.

You got me all wrong.

Write her a letter.

- A love letter.

Girls really fall for those.

You're the "retro" type, aren't you?

What's that mean?

But you may be right.
For an Akita beauty...

a letter just might work.

And I know just the person to write it.

You write screenplays.
Letters must be easy.


- Come on.
- No.


Would you want a ghost-written letter?

Out like a light.

He's writing it.

"I've had a wonderful time making
this movie with you."

"In fact, I fell in love with
your eyes." How bogus.

"It's not an Akita beauty that
I've grown fond of..."

"but a woman who just happens
to be one."

This won't do.
I'd better do it.

In this cut, you run toward each other.

And then you embrace.

Stare into each other eyes and smack!
Got it?

Excuse me but...

what's "smack"?

"Smack" means you know, kiss.

For real?

Of course.

I can't.

Why not?


I' m fine with it.
I mean, I'll try my best.

Not with him?

No, that's not it.

She doesn't want to.


You're an actress.
It's just a stage kiss.

I know but...

Okay, let's shoot it.

And... action!

Take this seriously!

What's so funny?

Go again.

Aoi... she's crying.

You'd better do it, Aoi.

One scene?

No, everything.

We're on a budget.

I'll put up 2,000 yen.

I'll put up 3,000.

A pittance.

You put up the rest.
It's your film.

That's right.

We're rolling!

And... action!



Film's out!


How's it look?

Okay from here!

That's it! It's a wrap!

- Thanks a lot.
- Thanks.

Kyoko, hey slow down.

This tastes great!

You don't turn red, though.


Where's Aoi?

Over there.

That was fun, wasn't it?

Do you have a girlfriend?


I'll go out with you.

But what about Aoi?

What about her?

You're so close.

It's not like that at all.

Really? All this time I thought
you liked her.


But she likes you, right?

Not a chance.

Well then as of today,
we're an item.


Stop it! It's not his fault!

Not his fault? He kissed you!

I was just kidding around!

What's going on?

You're making a scene!

You okay, Kishida?

Why're you worrying about him?

You'd better control yourself!

Hold still!

Don't move.

Hey, are you free right now?


Don't be so cold.

It's the truth. I have a date.

No way. With who?

My boyfriend.

You have one?

I lied.
I'm seeing my sister.

Your sister?

To the Atago Shrine festival.

Really? I was going to ask you to that.

You were not.

I was. Let's go together.

Be considerate. Don't come.

Why not?

My sister's extremely shy.

People scare her.


She's blind.

So please...

don't come.

What about this?


Promise you won't speak to her.

Chapter Four: The Sister

Lots and lots.
Over there, too.

What else?

A cotton candy stand.


This way.

Goldfish scooping!

I want to try.

One scoop, please.

Take it.

You're good.

She's a pro at this.

I can see that.

That's amazing.

I want some shave ice.

What, again?
Where was that stand?

It's behind us.

I'll wait here. I'm tired.

What? Okay, don't run off.

Don't move.

She'll do anything I ask today.

Maybe it's because you're with her.

Mr. Kishida?

Mr. Kishida, right?

How long have you known?

- From the start.
- Really?

How do you do? I'm Aoi's sister,
Kana Sato.

Won't you sit?

You were amazing with those goldfish...
at everything, really.

What color are they?

Your fish?

Red, red-white and black.

No white?

I'm afraid not.

I wanted a white one.

Can you sense colors?

Yeah, although I've never seen them.

Red is the color of blood and roses.

Blue is the sky and sea.

White are clouds, sugar, salt...

what else?

White? There's snow.

Black is night.

And ants. Crows, too.

- Rainbows have seven colors, right?
- Right.

Red, blue, yellow, green.

What's left?

Red, blue, yellow, green and...
what else?

My mind's a blank.

Not brown.

- Purple.
- Right.

- Orange. NAME?

You win at colors.

And goldfish, too.

What can I win at?

Where's Kana?

Comfort Room.

Why'd you let her go alone?

She wanted to.

You spoke?

It seemed like she wanted to.

What's the matter with you?

You're useless!


She's gone. What do we do?

Have you seen a 1 6-year-old
girl with a white stick?

With hydrangea print.


She can't see. She must be lost.

Okay, calm down.


Where'd you go?
You weren't at the comfort room.

It was crowded so I went to another.

You had me so worried!

Pipe down. You're embarrassing me.

Well, I'm glad.
Be careful now.

Sorry to trouble you.

- What's up?
- Cleaning. Give me a hand.


You need these?

Let me see.




Find a job yet?

No luck. How about you?

No luck.

Nobody has.
Where'd you apply?

Oh, the usual.
Banks, securities...

What about movies?

Make movies.


Because... it's your dream.

My dream, huh?

It'd be a waste.

That's easy to say about
other people's lives.

What's your dream then?

My dream?
Let me think...

See, you don't know.
Neither do l.

Film was just a hobby.

I wonder where we'll all be in 10 years.



Let's watch this...
"The End of the World."

All right.

Day in and day out, buried in snow,
the sake brewers toil at their trade.

You wrote the narration?


It's not bad for a first-time effort.


I have some personal pointers but...

Like what?

Never mind.
Very nice work. Really.

Chapter Five: Broken Heart

You thought it enough to put
the camera in front of people...

and just let it roll.

Why say "day in, day out"?

That's how it was.

How it was? Reality?


Reality filtered through you.

You saw the brewers' daily
regimen as monotonous.

"Don't they get bored?"

Hence the phrase, "day in and day out."

You've nothing to say to people
until you've seen the world.

Give me a refill.

You have plenty of time, you know.

Travel the world a bit,
then become a director.

That's easier said than done.

Quit this job.

See the world!

Come on.

See the world!

I've given it a lot of thought and...
I'm going to quit the company.


To see the world, just like you said.

- Remember?
- Yes, yes, I remember.

You don't.

The time we went out for
a few drinks, right?

I remember most of it.
What do you plan to do?

You said you had a friend in L. A.

Right! Actually, he's kind of
a friend of a friend.

Yeah, I can hook you up.

You sure?

Of course. It's just this
comes so suddenly.

Does your family approve?

Well, my mom cried a little.
But they all consented in the end.

You're serious.

I guess.

I see.

Well, it's your decision.

Who can we find to take your place?

What about Maeda-kun?

No, he's not ready.
He misinterprets everything, too.

And who would replace him?
Well, that's not your problem.

I'm sorry to cause trouble.

No, I'm to blame for suggesting it.

Not that it's a bad thing.
It's a good thing.

Go for it.

I will.

We'll talk more later.

Thank you.


You're the first to take my
advice seriously.

Thanks and... good luck.

Hey, Kishida? It's me.
How've you been?

How's Hattori?

Don't know.
Haven't seen him.

And Kyoko?

Haven't seen her, either.

People go off in their own direction
after graduation, I guess. How sad.

Call once in a while then.

Work's so busy.
I hardly sleep.

I enjoy my job, though.

I'll probably slave part-time
for life.

Well, shape up. You've lost
your aura.

Never had one.

Yes, you did.

- I did? - Yeah.

When you were a restless stalker.


I guess you're nowhere if
you're not in love.

I lost the motivation.

Well cheer up.

Why do people need jobs anyway?

To live, maybe?

Hey, why don't you work at my company?

There's a position opening up.


Small time TV production.


This map's all wrong!
We'll never get there!



What am I supposed to do?

Mingle and enjoy yourself.

Don't drink too much, though.
We're working.

How's work?

It's tough, to be honest.

Don't quit on me.


Good evening and welcome to
the Speed Date Cafe.

I'm pleased to see such a big turnout.

Let me begin by explaining the rules.

You get one minute...

to talk to women seated in booths.


Back there.

Introduce yourself, your interests...

whatever suits your fancy.


When the bell rings, men please
move one table over.

Right this way.

And begin another opportunity
for romance.

So without further ado,
let the speed dating begin.

I'm a Goth. Not just outwardly
but inside as well.

Know what a "Goth" is?

- "Goff"? - "Goth."

Move to the next booth.

Do you like the sea?

No, I don't.

This is "Coo-chan"
How do you do?

Excuse me, please.

What is this place?

I'm so sorry.

Can l...

borrow your cell phone?


Who're you calling?

My own heart.

Who among you wishes to win
this lady's heart?

Who will she choose?

Will they really go out?

We have a winning couple!


you in the scarf.


Who among you wishes to win
this lady's heart?

I'm sorry. But we have pocket tissues
as a parting gift.

Wow, how embarrassing.

The Lolita-Goth girl, please.

You have a boyfriend?


We're a pathetic pair.

Yes, we are.

Should we date, then?

We match up well, I think.

You do?

I do. So what's missing, I wonder?

Here, face me.

You're drunk.

I couldn't do this if I weren't.

Maybe it's the alcohol but...

I don't sense femininity.

But this is enough for many
people to get married.


Shall we try marriage?

I'm kidding.

Who proposes as a joke?

Take it back, you jerk!

Take it easy.

If no one ever proposes to me,
I'll have to live with yours.

But you didn't think of that, did you!?

You just enjoy screwing up
people's lives!

Just who the hell are you?
Who are you?

What are you?

I'm sorry. I apologize!

What's your problem?

You make me hate myself.

Don't apologize, all right?

You took away my first kiss, too!

I feel like dying.


You again?
We have a shoot today!


Don't give me excuses!

You're pathetic!

Get it together!

- Got it?
- Yes.


Excuse me.


Do you have a minute?

I appreciate your hiring me but...

I'm afraid it's not working out.

You want to quit?

Does Aoi know?

No. Should she?

I think so. You're her replacement.

She quit to let you in.

She couldn't stand to see you
down on your luck.

So she gave up her own job.

It's only been a month.

Aoi leaves at the end of the month.

Still want to quit, Kishida?

You're mad?

Why didn't you tell me?

About what?

That you're quitting.

Yeah, I am.

Because of me?

To give me work?


I didn't ask for that.

Who told you that story?

Wait, Higuchi?

I wouldn't quit to give you a job.

My quitting simply means an entry
level job opens up.

I suggested you.

I've decided to expand my horizons...

move to L. A.


Los Angeles... Amerika.

America? That far?


I'll go wherever my dream leads me.

Or something.

Plus ...

I had my heart broken.

Broken hearted?

That's right.

I have to leave Japan.

Isn't that extreme?

I'm a weak person, really.

No, you're not.

Yes, I am.

If he were to ask me to stay,
I probably would.

If he wanted me by him...

I'd stay by him, I'm sure.

Who is it... that broke your heart?

I won't say.

Stay in Japan.

"In Japan", huh?

Pretty vague.

I was planning to quit this job.

But I'll stick it out...
do my best.

You too, okay?


Do you remember me?

I'm sorry.

Of course not.
Why should you?

Can I borrow your cell phone?



Chapter Six: The Girlfriend

From the speed date party!

You remember?


I'm glad.

What can I do for you?

Nothing, really.
I just felt like seeing you.

Is that okay?

Yes. I'm just a little surprised.

Can I ask your age?

My age? 24.
How about you?

You mustn't ask that.
Not of a woman.

Yes, of course.

26. You don't like older women?

No, absolutely not.

Here's the storyboard.

Where's the additional storyboard?

I told you to copy it.

You can't even make copies?

What're you doing here?

I have an early flight tomorrow.
Can I stay the night?

How'd you find me?

You told me, remember?


You didn't?

No, I didn't.

You sure?

Hey, what time's your flight?

Oh, forget it.

I'm not going.

Can I sleep a little longer?


But I have to go to work.

I understand.

I'm home.

Welcome back.

It's not my birthday.

Wait, is it yours?


Here's a present.

Who's birthday is it, then?

That's a secret.

Isn't it adorable?
It's heart-shaped.

Guess what. I'm pregnant.


I found out yesterday.

Why didn't you say so?

Don't you want it?

Did I say that?

I told my parents today.
They were thrilled.

Aren't you happy?

Sure. It just hasn't sunk in yet.

My mother told me men
always react this way.

You work in television?

Chizuru tells us how hard it is.

But you'll be quitting soon?

No, who told you that?

Too bad about the pregnancy.

Children should be
conceived after marriage.

Yes, next time I will.

I haven't told him yet.

You haven't?

I'm not pregnant. It was a mistake.

What kind of wife fails to inform
her husband?

A "year of the sheep" trait.

Chizuru's "year of the snake".


Oh, your mom's a "sheep".

You're so forgetful, dear.

I'm a "sheep".

What a coincidence!

You seem sheep-ish,
come to think of it.

3 years younger than Chizuru.

2 years, dear.

Older women make better wives.
Take it from me.

We're 7 years apart and she
pampers me constantly.

Tomoya doesn't care about age.

Not in the least.

Why didn't you tell me first?

About what?

That you aren't pregnant.

Family comes first with
things like that.

Does it?

Yes, it does.

Everyone consults family first
about the important things.

Not in your family?

I don't consult my family
about anything.

They'd just complain.

I see.

Are you upset?

A little.

You run ahead of me a lot.

I can't always keep up.

Do you hate that about me?

No, I don't hate that.

I just wish we'd talk first.

And not move so fast.


Kishida's residence?

Package for you, C. O. D.

That'll be 1,400 yen.

Could you hold on?

Thank you.


What're you looking at?

Are you 34 years old?

Your driver's license.

Oh this. It's a mistake.



Can I confirm that?

What does that mean?
Confirm what?

Don't you trust me?

I want to but...

I thought...

you didn't care about age.

I don't.

Is 34 too old?

Then it's true?

No but it would just be sad if your

feelings changed because of age.

I'll be 34 someday.

Will you stop loving me then?

How old are you now?

I told you. I'm 26.

You wouldn't lie, would you?

Only if it prevented things
from changing.


What things?

Like marriage.

If you're really 34...

then your whole family lied to me.

I couldn't marry into a family like that.

What does family matter?
This is between you and me.

Promise me nothing will change.

Then I'll tell you the truth.

The pregnancy was a lie, too?

Promise first. Then I'll tell you.

I can't do that.

Don't say anything.
Just leave.

I'm 26. It's the truth.

You look 34.


I'm 34.


Would you have seen me if you knew?

... if you find out?

If you know that I'm a widow?


I didn't know that either.

Take care.

It's Tomoya.

How've you been?
I felt like hearing your voice.

I'm sending you a photo of um...
Like... a weird-looking rainbow.

It's kind of creepy.

Just kidding.
It's very pretty.

What else?

How are you?
Same as usual for me.

Do you remember this rainbow?

They're here.

Welcome back.

Thank you for coming.

How was it?

Very sunny and hot.
I wore these the whole time.

The arrangements are all made.

Everyone's awaiting Aoi's return.

Chapter Seven: The End of the World

Aoi made a documentary about
sake brewers in Niigata.

It needed some polish
but it showed her talent.

She had potential for greatness.

I'm taking my leave now.
What about you?

Yes, we'd best get going.


What is it?

I found it!

"The End of the World."

Really? Let's watch it!


Aoi's movie!

The fabled movie starring
Kishida here?

You know of it?

She wouldn't let me see it.

- Here's your chance.
- Yes.

I'll be leaving.

Come on. You're the star!

But work...

Forget that. You're my driver.

Aoi plays the heroine.

Not Kyoko?

I was fired.

You quit.

Well, there was a kiss scene!

A kiss scene?

How nostalgic. Can I keep this?


I put up half the money!

Wow, a ZC1000!

Do you know it?

Where'd you get it?

Yahoo auction.


Is it special?

It's the king... except you can't
use Kodak film with it.

- You prefer Kodak?
- Yes.

Aoi liked Kodak, too.

Kodachrome 40!

What a blast from the past!
But this is Fujica.

Aoi used Kodak film in this.

Impossible. It doesn't fit.

She switched cartridges.

No way!

Easy double exposure!

Kodachrome 40 in a ZC1000?
That's unbeatable!

You said it!

You made movies, too?

- I'm a cameraman.
- Me, too.

- Ex-cameraman.
- Me, too.

A kindred spirit!

I idolized Miyagawa.

My mentor was Narushima.

Everyone ready?

Here we go.

The year 20XX

A giant meteor has struck Earth...

vaporizing all of humanity.

This is about...

the last seven days...

of the world.

I still can't believe the world
is ending in a week.

Everyone seems so calm.

I can't say I blame them.

They realize their last days should
be spent doing what they love most.

But a giant meteor?
It's like science fiction.

Evening, listeners!

One week until the end of the world.

How will you spend it?

Have fun, eat up, make love
to your heart's content.

Still, what could be better...

than greeting the end
with loved ones.

There's comfort in knowing
you're not alone.

Seven days before...

the end of the world


The meteor's already visible
from there.

My last job in life will be
to capture it on camera.

What difference will that make?
The world ends in 6 days.

Let's be together.

Don't worry. I'll get the shot and
be back by the last evening.

You'll be the first I show it to.

Don't look so sad.


Six days before...

the end of the world

Mrs. Kobayakawa?

Nice to see you.

I'm certain your husband is waiting

anxiously to greet you in heaven.

Five more days.

Five days before...

the end of the world

"l made it to Showa base camp."

"How're things back home?
It's freezing here!"

"l miss Tokyo's stifling heat
and Miyuki's nagging."


Why go there, then?

Four days before...

the end of the world

Seeing Makoto trying to express
himself one last time...

makes me feel like I'm missing
out on my chance, too.

Miyuki, you express yourself by
living life to its fullest.

Don't force it. Just wait for
Makoto's return with me.

Three days before...

the end of the world

I don't remember.

Did I play here that much?

Every single day.


Thank God you woke up.

What happened?

You fainted... from the heat.

I had a strange dream.

What kind of dream?

I can't remember.

Two days before...

the end of the world

I don't remember playing
here at all.

The day before...

the end of the world

Hundreds of end-of-the-world
parties are going on!

Mom, the plane will be late.

He won't make it back tonight.

He'll be here tomorrow.

It's no use. The world's
ending tomorrow.

"What is there to fear with
loved ones by your side?"

But he's not... and I'm petrified.

I don't want to die this way.

I don't want to die.

I want us to live together.

The end of the world

Where are you going?

To meet Makoto.


It's the last day.
Grant me this freedom.

Hurry back, Makoto!

Hurry back!






Time of death, 9:05 am.

What ended... was just me.

Final Chapter: Iris - Rainbow Song

Who is it?

Tomoya Kishida.


How are you?

I've brought Aoi's things from work.

I was asked to bring them.

Thank you.

Your parents?

They're out.

I want you to have this.

Is this Aoi's?

She got it.


I sent her a photo of a rainbow.

A weird looking rainbow.

Flat and straight.

Your voice is on there, too.

You're right.

It's Tomoya.

I felt like hearing your voice.

Yours was probably
the last voice she heard.

Take this if you want.

That's okay. I can't accept this.

She has lots of books, too.

And DVDs.

Take what you like.

Thank you but...

What is this?

Oh, this.


You know Ms. Asakura?


I had a little crush on her.

I asked Aoi to write
a love letter for me.

She wrote it after all.

What's it say?

It's too embarrassing.

I want to hear it.

"Dear Kyoko... please excuse
me writing you a letter."

"But with so many people around,
it's hard to approach you."

"You're always so radiant that
I get energy just seeing you."

"It's amazing."

"Let me re-introduce myself."

"I'm Tomoya Kishida."

"I've few redeeming traits but
I'd go all out if I need to."

"l think."

"l have a weakness for pretty girls."

"I've been called indecisive."

"lf dumped, I transform into
a stalker. So beware."

"Once I do, I'm tenacious."

"I'll follow you anywhere."

This is terrible.

Is that it?

I think so.

I'm glad Kyoko didn't get it.

"l love your indecisiveness..."

"your lack of nerve..."

"your utter helplessness..."

"your slow grasp of things."

"But mostly...
I love your smile."

What you mean is Kishida-san?

She was in love with you.

How silly...

you both were.

Rainbow Song (Niji no Megami)