Rainbow: A Private Affair (2017) - full transcript

An Italian partisan torn between the resistance movement and his obsession with a young woman during World War II.


What do you want? Who are you looking for?

But you are one of Fulvia's friends,
I recognise you!

- Don't you recognise me, hey?
- Yes, yes.

I am so worn out, I have aged.


Fulvia has returned to Turin.

A year ago after you guys
started this war.

Yes, I know.

Didn't she show up again?
Did she write?

Can I look at the house once more?

It'll only take a couple of minutes.


21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27,

and 28! This is the 28th time we have played it.

- Do you like it?
- I love it, It makes me feel faint.

When it ends you feel that something
has really ended.

It is the same for you right?


(FULVIA) Enough now, hey?

"Wut-e-ring Heights".

Did I say properly in English?


Your books and your beautiful words
only make me cry.

The least you could do it cry too.

You are sad.

No, you are not really sad.

I don't know.

I don't want to get sad.

I am beautiful, right? And cheerful.


No, don't say anything.
I want to think for myself.

(FULVIA) Now go back to town.

- You'll come?
- Yes, tomorrow.

- We will meet?
- Absolutely not.

Why not?

Because you and I in the city ...

I do not know...
we are not in our 'centre'.

In our centre.

It's nice ... but I'll come back here.

- Ah, you'll have to.
- How soon?

In exactly one week.

A week is a century.

God damn (ENGLISH).

Did you swear?

You cursed!

(HOUSEKEEPER) Let's have some light.

(HOUSEKEEPER) Please take a seat.

I'm afraid that once this war is over,
Fulvia will never come back here.

No, she will come back.

(HOUSEKEEPER) I'm afraid not.

- Sorry, I messed up.
- Forget it, don't worry.

But I do.

But you partisans always outdoors,
how do you dry?

On the skin.

She will never come back to us.

She will go to the sea.

She is crazy about the sea.

She always talked about it.

No she will come back, I'm sure of it.


Miss Fulvia.

(WHISPER) Take it easy please,

we are at war,
I know it is forbidden to dance.

Yes, yes you are right. Sorry.


(HOUSEKEEPER) Signorino Giorgio
he was a real dancer.

Although, to be honest,
between you the two of you I preferred you.

Is he also partisan?

Yes, of another brigade though.

Why does you say you preferred me to him?

Signorino Giorgio made me uneasy.

With you, however, I was calm.

With Fulvia you talked for hours,
also in english, right?

Yes, that's right.

On the other hand, Signorino Giorgio ...

Instead what?

The last summer, that of '43 ...

She had already left, it seems to me.

Yes, yes, yes.

He came a little too often.

Almost always at night.

I eavesdropped and those two spoke little.

Then they came out ...

they began to return late, you see?

How late?

Sometimes even midnight.

And then?

And then what?

Fulvia and him ...

But nothing. Nothing, Signorino Milton.

I can't say
that they did anything bad.

For heaven's sake I couldn't say that,
in fact I shouldn't say anything at all.

I'd better go.

I'm starting to be afraid too.

Signorino Milton.

Will you partisans win in the end?

- Are you sure you will win?
- Sure.


For God's sake! [Ma Dio fascista!]

I think my spleen is going to burst!


(MILTON) Where is Frank? Frank!

- (MILTON) Where is Frank?
> Milton, do you have a cigarette?

> I have tobacco, but with all this
rain the cigarette papers are wet.

- Do you know where Frank is?
- No, I don't know where he is.


Where is Frank? The commander?

He's at the doctor's house to listen to
"Radio London", but he'll be back soon.

What's wrong with Milton?

It's that ...

he's a street killer!

We've come down at a hundred per hour
and I'm behind with my spleen bursting.

He's a student,
Students are all a bit "sensitive".

We farmers are more "grounded".

There's a girl involved.

A girl from the old life.

A girl?

He lost his mind for a girl,
today, here?

Just the perfect time to lose your mind
for a girl.

- Poor thing.
- It's rotten.


Frank, I need a permit.

I have to go down to the Giuliani brigade,
I have to talk to someone.

I know him?

Giorgio Clerici.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Come back when you can.

The black cockroaches
you and I know them well,

they will leave us alone for a while.

But when they attack us
don't leave me alone

with this troop of minors.

Have you seen the new ones?
You should take care of some of them.

Did you see them or not?


Are you OK?

Have you also got toothache
like the others for the last few days?

I'm sorry.

You and Giorgio are very good friends, I know.

We grew up together.

Go Go.
It's stopped raining, go.

(Look at me Fulvia.
You see what I'm doing and how I suffer.)

(I really need to know the truth.)

(FULVIA) You are ugly, Milton.

You have beautiful eyes ...

beautiful mouth ...

but ugly.

No, no, no,
stay here under our tree.

You are not that ugly.
How can they say you're ugly?

How will you start your next letter?

- Fulvia damn?
- No.

Why? Will there be a new letter?


We can no longer do without it:

I to write them and you to receive them, right?

If you take another seven steps,
I will tell you the truth.

Of my love.

One two...

three, four, five ...


Help me climb up.

No, I'll do it alone.

(Over The Rainbow)

(MILTON) Georgio!

- But you are Milton!
- Jim.

Do you want to join our brigade?

No, I'm looking for Giorgio Clerici.

- Giorgio the beautiful!
- No, Giorgio.

George was ordered to go
with Sheriff and the others to the Manera crossroads.

The fascists are expected
that way.

If you want to meet him,
go to the cemetery.

But listen to me, go there now
before the mist arrives there too.

Milton, you are not well.

You have a face that is the colour of gas,
take care of yourself, it's better that way.

I know.

(GIORGIO) This is Fulvia, displaced
from Turin because of the bombings,

which at the end of the day
amused her, didn't they Fulvia?

And this, Fulvia,
is my closest friend.


I told you about him yesterday, remember?

Military Service together in Rome,
runaways together after the armistice.

a god in English.

Milton? But that's not your name
of baptism.

No, it was my English teacher
that called me Milton.

Then it stuck with me.

Better that way, I prefer Milton.

Giorgio! These taste awful!
If they have a taste at all.

I told you, it's my handiwork.

Throw it away.

You too Milton, throw it away.

- You want one of mine?
- Yours?

Mine. Me and my cousin, yesterday, we
made cigarettes until the evening.

Imagine that, Milton ...

with rose petals!


Liar, liar! Liar!

Is Giorgio with you?

- (SHERIFF) Are you Milton?
- Yes, I'm looking for Giorgio, wasn't he with you?

(SHERIFF) Sure, he'll be a bit behind.

(MILTON) Why did you split up?

(SHERIFF) After the fight,
with this fog we got lost.

We slipped into a mud pit.

It was a lake of mud and then
maybe we split up there.

(JACK) Big is big, isn't it? He knows
the street. He's not a child,

I wouldn't worry.

(MEO) I'll tell you how it went:

He split up from us
before the mud pit.

- (MILTON) Why?
- (MEO) He hates company.

(COBRA) Meo is right.
He eats alone,

he smokes the cigarettes his dad brings him
and smokes them in secret.

If the black cockroaches got him,
then he cannot put on his pyjamas in his cell.

True, before bedtime
a bit of talcum powder and pyjamas.

Milton, Giorgio is not like us.


Georgio! Georgio!

Now, you really lost good opportunity
to keep you mouth shut there, Cobra.

Remember the fear of the newcomers?
They always asked you and me:

how am I going to resist torture
if they catch me?

"I will speak, yes, I will speak."

Do you remember what Giorgio did
to give those kids courage?

Do you see?

It hurts like hell, but you can resist.

You missed a good opportunity
to shut up.

Why are you doing this to me?

I am a fighter ...
why are you doing this to me?

One of yours, they took
one of yours, the blond,

the son of Clerici.

- The fascists.
- (CROW) Where did they take him?

In the barracks, I think.

It's fucked up.

I can't think about his mother.

Are you sure it was Giorgio Clerici?

I'm sure.

He was the blond one, wasn't he?

I already knew what he looked like,

then he came to eat at home
about my neighbour, we talked,

it was all right.

I could have been wrong, what do you think?

to see him beaten.

Yes, yes.

If you are sure, hey?
Because there are so many blondes!

Now repeat all over again.
All over again!

His face was stained with blood,
but I recognised it anyway!

You are a madman!

he is a madman!

Now i've had enough of you

I'm going away.

My wife is pregnant,
she worries if she doesn't see me.

- Milton, they're reserved for tonight.
- I'll take half.


There is Giorgio's father.

You can't leave me alone, Milton,

he will want to save his son, he will want to know
if we can exchange him with a fascist.

I can't stay here
to talk to him on my own.

And then I've already done this part
before with Tom's brothers.

I do not feel like it.

You are his best friend,
he will want to talk to you.

Then tell him I'm going to find
an exchange for Giorgio.

But where are you going to look?

From Radiosa Aurora, they have one.

Forgive me, Sheriff, let me go.

Try not to get killed, Milton.

It will be interesting to be alive later.


- Milton, I've been expecting you.
- Yes.

- Come with me.
- Yes.

A moment.

Guys, Listen to me, the transmitter,
it must work, I don't know what's wrong,

- but fix it, please.
- All right.

Let's go.

If you arrived last night, he was yours.

When the boys take one,
I know immediately.

Sorry, he would have been a good exchange
for your friend.

We'll get another one
of these cockroaches.

The network was reactivated last night.
We will ask all the zone controllers.

Hector, you have a cockroach
to exchange?

Hector! Hector, can you hear me?

No, I don't hear you!


No! I told you, yesterday we
traded him for one of ours!

I can not hear you!


Armellin? Armellin, where are you?

Outside you cannot see anything,
a universal mist.

(ARMELLIN) It ​​is pointless going out.

We'll get some by Sunday
at least two, guaranteed.

In here we are stuck
like sardines.

Imagine a sea of ​​milk
with tongues,

of the sterns, which seek
to enter our shed.


Yoris, are you there?

(WHISPER) We have lost contact.

They are surrounding us.

Can you hear me?

We will make a sortie.

< But have you counted them?

You still have time.

Climb up there, after the downpour,
you can still make it up there.

Meanwhile I will pray for you wretches,

with my knees on this same point.

We come from the Membo valley,
a hell. Water, water.

Our garrison resists,
but there are too many cockroaches.

They appear, disappear,
they kill in retaliation,

haystacks, peasant houses burn.

It's not hell, it's ten times worse.

But yesterday they ran away,
we bit his arse,

we even caught one.
He is up in Membo.

Which is the fastest road to Membo?

The fastest way is the one that passes
from the bridge of your town.

It is full of cockroaches,
take the route through the beech forest.

You haven't got long, the cockroach
prisoner up there is on borrowed time.



- Milton.
- No, no.


We went to high school together.


Here my name is Orazio.

Orazio. I have to meet Paco right away.

I haven't got much time ... Orazio.

Yes, come with me ... Amleto.

- Wasn't his name Milton?
- Yes.

In high school he had got it into his head
to play Hamlet.

- In English though, he wanted to do it in English.
- A disaster!

That black cockroach
is in our hands.

He is a killer of partisans,
a sadist.

But he's even more of a fool.

He's convinced of that he is a drummer
specialised on jazz.

Now he's putting on some kind of show. Look.



(MILTON) Paco, that cockroach is mine.


- Paco!
- He can't hear you.

The explosion of a grenade
has deafened him.

If we shout, he hears us. Paco!

Milton! welcome to my home.

I know why you are up here.

- I'm running out of time, Paco.
- And no...

(SCREAM) I'm running out of time!

It's for Giorgio, right?
No. No, I can't help you.

No, no, no, I don't understand!
That cockroach is mine!

(PACO) Yes, yes, he's yours,
a thousand times yours.

He's no good to you.
His people don't want him back.

We tried for a ransom.
"Keep him" they replied.

"He is a beast". Nobody needs him.

I'm sorry Milton,
you don't even need him.

Sorry. Sorry!





(MILTON) Concetta.

I knew you were coming.

You're looking for the swap for that boy
who had the bad luck this morning.

Giorgio, right?

Tomorrow morning I go down to the village to pick up
a cockroach with my own hands.

But you have to eat.

I have nothing to give you.

How nothing? An egg!

A thousand calories.

You who are educated, tell me when it will end?

When will we be able to say: it's over.

In May.


Yes, after the winter.


It has always been my month, Milton.

We went to dance in the village.

If you are going down to town
you will need your laundry.

I have kept them well for you.

We bought this together
Giorgio and I.

Me in brown, him in English style.

And it immediately suited him.

I don't cross the ocean.
I have to leave, but I will return.

I have a father and a mother too
or do you think not?


Fulvia, I can't wait see you,

to think of you, alone.

But the British won't bomb
this train?

The British only fly at night,
at the moment.

And your journey anyway
it's all in the tunnel.

Don't leave.

When I arrive at the villa
I want to find a letter from you,

I have to find it, do you understand me?

- What letter do you want?
- One of your letters.

You have such a way with words!

How will you start it? How?

I'll start the next one
with:"Fulvia, splendore".


(MILTON) "Fulvia splendore,

I write to you in the circle of light
of my useless blue light bulb,

like that of your train
in the tunnel.

What would I give to watch you as you read
my translation of 'Wuthering Heights'.

I know this story mixes well
with your thoughts.

Yesterday you looked at me strage.

"You know that you look like the protagonist",
you told me.

that fiend Heathcliff.

I wish, Fulvia, I would like to.

I wish you would shout my name

as she shouts that of Heathcliff
in the heath.

Have a good trip, Fulvia.

But returns unchanged in May,
to the appointment with me and Giorgio. "

> (CONCETTA) The black pigs will torture him,

they will beat up
that beautiful face,

that nose.

> But perhaps they have already killed him.

> In the same way we kill a rabbit.


What did you say?

I didn't speak.

You spoke, yes.

I do not think so.

Did you say something...

that you are not good.