Rainbow (2022) - full transcript

Modern day Dorothy (Wizard of Oz inspiration) faces the challenges of being a teenager nowdays.






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[goat bleats in distance]

[dog barking]


[humming melodically]

[humming sensually]

♪ I feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

- [hair dryer tapping]
- ♪ I can feel it... ♪

[hair dryer whirring]

[powers off]

[peculiar ringing]

[sweetly] I'm gonna eat you!
Mm-hmm, that's right, I'm gonna eat you,

That's right, I'm gonna eat you! Mm!

You look delicious.


- [dog whines]
- Go!


- Papa!
- What?

I'm going to town with Toto.

When you gonna be back?

I don't know. I'll let you know.

Estrella and Róber
won't get here 'til Monday,

so it's just you and me for cake.

Got it.

Right, see you later.

- Let's go!
- [Toto barks]

[muezzin calling to prayer over speaker]

[goats bleating]

[wind gusting]

[Toto barks]

Come on! Come on!

[Toto barks]

[children playing]

[audio distorts and fades]

["Love Me for Real"
by Rim Kwaku Obeng and KASA plays]

[water balloons splash
rhythmically with music]

[skateboard scrapes rhythmically]

[music fades]

[laughing and chattering]

[construction noises whirring]

- [noises fade]
- [music resumes]

[hose spraying rhythmically with music]

[cement bags shake rhythmically]

[jackhammer pounds rhythmically]

[jump rope whips rhythmically]

♪ I'm not going to be with anybody
That's not going to be with me for real ♪

[street noises continue
to accompany music]

[pot clangs]

♪ ...not going to love anybody
That's not going to love me for real ♪

[man plays trumpet]

♪ I don't need you ♪

♪ Anything you want ♪

♪ I don't got no thing... ♪

[continues singing gibberish]

♪ Like it is, huh! ♪

♪ Tell 'em ♪

♪ Like it is ♪

- ♪ Anything you want ♪
- [ring tone chimes]

[street noises resume]

What's up?

[Papa] Dora, I don't have time
to pick up the cake.

Aw, shit, Papa, come on.

You can pick it up. It's in my name, okay?

- Fine, all right. I...
- Don't drop it.

Okay, bye.

[Dora] ♪ Anything you want ♪


♪ And I'm gonna get it so... uh ♪

♪ And I've got it going whoo ♪

[Toto whines]

[music plays faintly on speaker]

I'm here to pick up
a cake for Diego Galán.

Oh, you're Diego's daughter?

Jesus, you've got a lot bigger.


Where's the cake?

- I put it over there. [chuckles]
- Okay.

[whispers] Oh, my God,
look how big she is.

She looks a lot like her mother.

- But not at all like her father.
- Shut up or she'll hear you.


[in normal voice] Happy birthday!
Here it is.

- It's already paid for.
- Thank you.


[woman grunting]

[whimpers and groans]


- [kick thuds]
- [Toto whimpers]

What the fuck?

- [Toto whines]
- [sighs]

[car door closes]

What'd she do to you, Toto?

Fucking witch.

[engine starts]

Okay, drive.

[tense brooding music plays]

[device powering up]


- Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm.
- And now...

No. No.

Not this time, please.

No, you do this every year!

- No! No!
- Ah, yes!

- No!
- [kisses] One...

- No, let go! Ugh!
- Two...

- Let go!
- Three...

- Stop it!
- Four...

- Five! [laughs]
- [groans]

[Papa] The day you were born,
you really surprised us.

You were a little stinker
right from the start, eh?

You came feet-first, and...

they say that it's very lucky
if you're born that way.

That's why you're so lucky.


You were so...

so little and so...

so helpless, you know?

The day you were born,
you changed my life.


[spoon tapping]

I don't look like you.

People say that I look like my mother.

- [wind whistling]
- [shutters rattle]

Uh, yeah, you look a lot like her.

[Dora] Yeah.

You remember... that day...

a woman came to our house.

Uh, she was a friend, you said.

I was like 11 or 12.


You talked to her
for a long time at the door.

[shutters rattle]

You remember?

- Yeah, sure I do.
- [rattling continues]

That woman...

that was my mother, right?

[shutter bangs]

[inhales deeply]

How come you told me
she was just a friend?

[shutters rattling]

Because I thought it was better
than telling you that...

she was your mother
and she came here for money.

Huh. Yeah.

Yeah, sure.

[sighs] Papa, you lied to me.

You said you never saw her again.

Sit down, please.

[shutter banging]


- [sighs]
- [shutters continue]

I never saw her again, that's true.

You're lying.

- [rattling]
- [wind whistles]

I want to see her,
and know why she left us.

She left because she wasn't well
and she thought it was best for you.

I want her to tell me.
I want to understand.

Dora, even if I wanted to help
you find her, I wouldn't know how, okay?

Yes, you do. And I'm going.

That's not happening.

- [wind gusting]
- [windows clatter]

- [thunder rumbles]
- [crackling]

[lightning crashes]

- Dora!
- [door opens]


[thunder rumbles]

[Papa] Dora, come back!

[ethereal music playing]

[enchanting music plays]

[young woman] I'm going to sleep.

[mouthing silently]

[woman 1] Look, this is so you don't
leave fingerprints. You just pull,

and that's it.

Come on.

[woman 2 sighs] I thought I could do it,
but I can't, Coco. I can't.

[Coco] How many times
have we talked about this?

- I can't take it anymore.
- [woman 2] I just can't!

[Coco] Don't be silly, listen to me.

It's basically assisted euthanasia, hmm?

Why don't you just do it?

Maribel, God! He's my husband.


[sadly] Oh.
Suddenly, now you get sentimental?

[inhales sharply] I put up
with all sorts of things

for this son of a bitch.

You did as well.

It's our time now.

Now we...

have half our lives ahead of us.


Come on. Come on.

Come on!

I am not going to unplug him, Coco!

You make me so upset, you know that?


- Who's there?
- [young woman] Who are you?


the door was opened and...

uh, I'm looking for my mother.

I think she used to work here.

Who is this girl?

One of you two is my grandmother.

What do you mean?

Yes, I am.

[dramatic musical flourish plays]

Her grandmother?

Uh, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Did you call her?


tell me who this girl is.

[device beeping rapidly]

[EKG machine flat-lining]


[Coco] Rosita!

Call Félix.

[Rosita sobs]

- Don't touch anything.
- [Rosita] Oh, Mr. Arturo!

That's enough.
Don't make a scene. Come on.

- I don't like scenes.
- Let's go.

[Coco] Come on. The pain is mine to bear.

You should put together
a dark three-piece suit,

with a white shirt, black shoes,
and a black tie.

Go on, and get him ready.

Ai-ai-ai. [laughs]

[chuckles] So you're Dora.

Your mom's Pilar.


Did you...

did you know her?

Of course.

We came here when I was little.

It's my aunt Coco's house,

and your mom looked
after my cousin and me.

I remember this one time,
she let us smoke when we were nine or ten.


But when she got pregnant,
they kicked her out.

Uh, pregnant with me?

The baby supposedly died at birth,

but this is a house of witches,

so it's hard to know what's actually true.

But you know what the craziest thing is?



is true.

All of it.

You choose which truth to live in.

[breathes deeply]

Stay here.

[box lid closes]

Look, the last thing we heard
was that she worked here.

It's in Capital City.

[Coco] You're such a bitch! Unbelievable!

We're not talking about this now.
You're upset, it's understandable.

Come on, take a lorazepam.
There, that's it, relax...


You don't know what I'm capable of!

You bitch, with your duplicitous face!

You monk!
Your hair makes you look like a monk!

Please don't call me a monk, Coco.

- [young woman] You like 'em?
- Yeah, they're amazing.

Keep 'em.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Because I want you to wear them.

And because you're gonna need them.

You just make me so angry! [screams]


[stressful atonal music plays]

You pick it up, huh?

Okay, you just need to calm down.
We'll control the situation.

That's what you want.
To get me out of the way, huh?

- Why would I want you out of the way?
- Well, don't worry.

- I'll get myself out of the way for you!
- What are you doing?

- Getting out of the way.
- Coco, drop the gun.

- That's what you want, isn't it?
- Coco, please, just put it down.

[Coco] I don't want to, you fucking liar.

- Put it down, it's not even loaded.
- Oh, it's not?

- Should we give it a try?
- Put it down!

- No, no, no! Auntie, no! Please! No!
- [Toto barks]

- Please!
- Let go!

- Fuck you!
- [gun fires]

[Toto barks]

[whimpers, gasps]

- [Dora gasps]
- [Maribel exclaims]



[Toto yaps]

- [gasps]
- [footsteps approaching]

[Maribel gasps]

What the hell? What happened?

It was an accident. Uh...

[Rosita gasps and sobs]

Arturo had already died,
that's why we called you.

Uh, we... we were arguing,
and the gun went off...

boom! And...

How are you going to explain
that the second-richest man in the country

just died mere minutes
before someone blew his face off?

- [Rosita sobbing]
- [sighs]

Either way, mm...

the girl pulled the trigger.

What are you saying?

They were talking about unplugging him.

- What?
- [Dora] I heard them.


This girl doesn't know
what she's talking about.

Who is this girl?

We don't know. She broke into the house.

She's my granddaughter.

Oh, well, I... I don't think
this was an accident, I'm telling you.


I mean,

this girl entered private property,

snuck into the house,

and with this pistol,

she shot my husband.

That's what occurred.

Well, maybe...

this girl is a murderer.

[stressful music intensifies]

- You're joking, right?
- No, sweetheart.

I'm not joking.

Go call the police.


[whimpers softly]

Go get her!

Yeah, okay, we will.

We're not running after her, Coco.
Just call the police.

Can you call?

[voice echoing] Murderer! Murderer!

Murderer! Murderer! Murderer!


[Diego] Dora, breakfast is ready.


Shit, Papa,

I had the weirdest dream.

I was at the Weizegs' house.

[Diego] Who are the Weizegs?

Papa... the Weizegs.



[laughing ominously]



[Toto whines]

[vehicle approaching]


There's no bus here.


There's no bus coming.

The wind knocked a pole down.

- And the road's closed.
- Okay.

Uh, thanks, I guess.

Are you a girl or a woman?


[engine revs]

["Mama" by Wekaforé playing]

- [zipper closes]
- [Toto whimpers mildly]

[singing in Spanish]

Come on, Toto.

Let's go, come on.

[in English] ♪ My mama say she love me
That's all I really need ♪

♪ Find room, find cousins
And get a little breeze ♪

♪ Maybe you should laugh sometime ♪

♪ Maybe you should love sometime ♪

[continues singing in Spanish]

Devastated, honey. Devastated.

But... [sighs] ...we had been preparing
for the anniversary party,

he was so excited.

And then, this happens.

In the end, nothing really matters.

Not money, not anything.

Well, it's worse having money.
We're always in the public eye.

Thanks, honey, thanks.

Yes, uh-huh. That's great.


I know, I know you're always there for me.

Send my love to your family.

Okay. Bye.

No more phone calls,
or we'll never finish this, okay?

- Ah, excuse me, detective.
- [chuckles softly]

Uh, where were we?

[sighs] It's okay.

- I... I was saying...
- Mm-hmm.

I just need to know what happened
so we can start the investigation.

So Arturo was already dead
when he was shot?

[tense sparse piano music plays]

Um, we don't really know
if he was dead or not.

Um, Maribel and I believe so.

But we're not doctors. Hmm?

- And what about the gun?
- That's what I can't figure out.

Because that weapon
was hidden there for ages

and I just don't know
how did that girl know?

It's just...

Anyway, everything was so fast
and I'm so confused, and... [inhales]

And I... I can't really...
I can't remember the story.

I don't know, I don't know,
I don't know what to say.

Anyway, she... she fled.

And someone who's innocent
wouldn't run in that situation.

[detective] Okay, so...

[Maribel sighs]

...the girl who shot him
is your granddaughter?

Well, who knows? [scoffs]

That's what the girl said.

But Maribel hasn't talked
to her daughter in years.

It's true.

She's my granddaughter.
The daughter of Pilar.

I always thought she had died at birth.

A couple summers ago,
her dad started bringing her to town.

And I guess people,

they started to say she was Pilar's.

I assumed they were just rumors.

Until last night.

That girl came looking for something.

She showed up with such an attitude,

thin and cocky.

Oh, Félix!

Hello, Antonio.

I'm sure you know she can't make
any statements without me present.

- Okay.
- Yes, yes.

The lady is very tired.

And we haven't slept all night.

And at her age...

Well, then we'll continue this
another time.

- Coco, my condolences.
- Mm-hmm.

- I'll do whatever's in my power to help.
- Thank you, Antonio.

Rosita! See him out.

I've been looking over the will,

and there's a couple of donations,
but that's it.

It's really very simple, Coco.

Since he didn't have any children,
you're the sole heir.

- Aren't you going to tell him?
- Tell me what?

Félix needs to know about it.

What do I need to know about?

[Coco] Mm.

I'm pregnant.

What do you mean, pregnant?

- [Coco chuckles]
- Mm-hmm.

You heard me.

Arturo didn't agree with this.

He said I was too old, can you believe it?

But I've been doing
some expensive fertilization treatments

for a while now,
with placenta from belugas,

with stem cells, and all that stuff.

And... here we are.

I'm at three months.

- [chuckles]
- [smacks lips] A miracle.

Oh, Toto, I think we're lost.

[Diego on recording] Dora, I was wrong,
all right? But you can't leave like this.

I mean, there's a better way. Shit.

I'm... I'm worried.

["Dust It Off" by The Dø plays]

I'm really worried. Let me help you, okay?

Tell me where you are, I'll come get you,
and we can do this together.

♪ Burning papers into ashes ♪

♪ What a season ♪

♪ How they fly high ♪

♪ From the ground up ♪

♪ There is yet another fountain ♪

Come on, Toto.

♪ Flowing over as the night falls ♪

♪ Keep dreaming ♪

♪ Awake ♪



- [whirring]
- [metal creaking]

[engine powering down]

Hey, hey! Hey, you! You, you!
[whispers] She can help me.

[normally] Shh! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
Lend me a hand. Come on!

[tapping metal]

Hey, come here, shit!

[chain rattles]

Aren't you gonna help me?
Aren't you gonna help?

- You bitch!
- [clangs]

No. No, no, no, no, no!

Sorry, sorry, sorry!
Sorry, we started off on the wrong foot.

Good morning, good afternoon,
please, you go first!

Uh, beautiful. Come on, please?
You're really so beautiful!

Yes, she's so beautiful!

Please, help me.

- Are you tied to that?
- Yeah. Yes, I'm tied!

[chain rattles]


Who did this?

The boss, that bastard! The bastard boss.

If I catch him, I'm gonna kill him!
Bastard, bastard,

bastard, bastard, bastard!

Okay, I'll go talk to him.

No! No, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no.




The... Get the k-k... [yells]

The... The k...

[groans] The key!

The what?

The key!

The key. The key.

Go take the key.

- What key?
- From the crane.

The crane. The crane.

It's in the crane, hurry!

- In the crane!
- Where?

In the crane. The boss,
the bastard boss. The key!

Shh! The key's there! It's right there.


Psst! Shh!


[man claps] C'mon, c'mon,
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

Come on, you've got this, honey. Come on.

You got this. Come on.

What's your name?

I'm Muñeco. Don't tell her.
Muñeco. Don't tell her!

- You already told her, idiot!
- Muñeco?

And you?

- I'm Dora.
- Dora.

Please do it.

Okay, fine.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. Come on, c'mon.

C'mon, c'mon. We're gonna do it.
We're the best! We're the best!






[scoffs] Toto.

- [barks]
- [toy squeaks]

Toto, come.


Come, Toto!

Come here, boy! Come, come! Let's go.


["Tocame el culo" by Rebe plays]

[singing in Spanish]

So I've cancelled our savings account.

And now, only your name
is on the list for parking.

I've changed the membership at the gym,
as well, because we had that package deal.

The individual one's in your name and...

and I canceled mine
because, well, I never went,

so it made no sense.

Well, I won't bother you anymore,

I know you hate getting messages
that are longer than a minute,

I know that, so...

all right.





- [turns key]
- [car chimes]


[electric engine accelerates]

- [brakes squeal]
- [groans]

[automated voice] System blocked.
Route not found.

- What the fuck is...
- System malfunction.

- This can't be happening.
- Lost highway.


[Dora] Excuse me!

Is this the right way to Las Palmeras?

I think that we're lost.

No, no, no. Come here. Come on.

What? Hey, hey, hey!

Show some respect, okay? Show some...

- Shh! No!
- Should I throw him off?

- I'll rip his head off.
- Shh. Shut up, don't move.

- [Toto whines]
- Now stay.

Hello. What are you doing?



I don't know. What are you doing here?

I came out to stretch my legs a bit.


And what's wrong?

- With me?
- Yeah.



No, because...
[chuckles] ...something is clearly wrong.


Even if I told you,
you... you wouldn't understand.

[dialogue imperceptible]

I think that you're searching
way too hard.

- But...
- Have you ever just stopped searching?

Don't you have to search?

- No.
- No?

Well, what do you do, then?

- Sometimes, things just come to you.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- How?


Oh! N-n-no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

No, no, no, no, no!

No! No!

[Toto whines]

- [grunts]
- [whimpers]

- No!
- [man] What was that about?

I mean, what was that about?

Come on, you can't
go around kissing strangers, you know?

You can't. Tell her you can't.

No, no, no, look, I'm a decent person,
but there are guys out there, and, uh...

- [snapping] Yeah.
- Okay, jeez, sorry, it's just...

I don't know, I saw you and it happened.
That's it. Shit, gimme a break.

She gave you the kiss of life.
The kiss of life.

Well, I'll get you to the bus stop
and then I'll continue on my way.

Cool, thanks.

You're going to Capital City.
What... What's there?

I, uh...

I'm looking for my mother.

Can I put the radio on?

- Yeah, of course. Yeah.
- [button clicks]

[announcer] And in other news,

Muñeco? Muñeco's... is his name, right?

Muñeco? Hey, can you put your seatbelt on?


[radio station changes]

- [man singing in Spanish]
- I love this song.

["Nunca Estoy" by C. Tangana plays]

[sings along in Spanish]

[improvises in English] ♪ It's something
I can handle, why you steal my freedom? ♪

♪ The outside is callin'
Don't you follow me too ♪

♪ The love I'm tryna find
Is just my own damn story ♪

♪ I'll come apart
Just tell me if you keep destroyin' ♪

- [singer on radio continues]
- [Dora mouthing]

[sings in Spanish] ♪ I've gotten skinny
From waiting for you ♪

[music stops]

[all laugh]

- [song continues]
- [vocalizing]

[Muñeco whoops]

Yo, shit!

- [women laugh]
- Shit!

Go, go, go, go!
That's the attitude we're looking for!

[continues vocalizing]

Keep it up! Go, go, go!

- Keep up the good work!
- [horn honks]

[all gasp]

Holy shit!


- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Sorry about what?

No, no. My fault.

[exhales heavily]

[peculiar ringing]

[Maribel] Watch that step.

[sparse tense piano music plays]


- Such a shame.
- Ma'am, it's not coming off.

Just leave it!

- I've got the luggage, ma'am.
- Very good.

They say that when you're pregnant,
you glow with a special light,

and obviously it's true. [laughs]


Eh, what's wrong with you?

I'm all right.
Nothing's ever wrong with me.

Well, don't give me that look,
or something might be.

Am I being threatened?

Oh, Maribel, Maribel.

[sighs and scoffs]

That girl has disturbed us so much, huh?

No wonder.

She's bringing up ghosts from the past.

But I wouldn't like a...

She doesn't know anything.

But you do.

And she's your blood.

You're my family.

You should know that by now.


You're sagging a little.

I'll get you some of my pills.

I'm sure you'll love it.

I have a bottle around here somewhere.

Where did I put it?

You always clean up after me.

You know what I was thinking?

We could go public about the pregnancy

the day of the birthday party.

Aren't we going to cancel it?

Why should we?


because of Arturo, yeah. Um, but...

What does that matter?

And besides,
we already sent "save the dates,"

and almost 300 confirmed.

It's next week though, Coco.

It'll clash with the funeral.

And we should cremate him, by the way.

It's so creepy

to bury a person without a head.

No, he has a head.

Just not a face, hmm?

And I think it'll be...

so very beautiful!

[inhales] After a death, comes a birth.

Ah, I just can't believe it.

Really, it's so perfect!

[dreamy music playing]

[Muñeco] Yeah, this is it.
This is it right here.

It says here the next one
comes in two hours.

And you're gonna sit here
and wait for two hours?

No. We could eat something?

Are you hungry?

I'm hungry, man. Man, I'm hungry!

[laughs] Hungry for being without hunger!

I could eat hunger! [flaps lips]


Well, I'll eat something with you,
and then I'll continue on my way.

[people chattering]

[Muñeco] Hungry! Hungry!

[car door closes]


Can we get...

something to eat?

Yes. You may sit down.


Thanks, thanks. Thanks.


[percussive music plays]

[upbeat music plays on speakers]

- [mic feeds back]
- Check, check, check, check.


There's a full moon tonight.

I'm going to the bathroom.

[musician] One, two, one, two.

[peculiar ringing]

[bass drums hits]

[snare drum hits twice]

[bass drum hits]

So, like, recently...

mmm, something strange
happens to me with music.

It's this feeling, it's...

Well, it's not a feeling, it's more...

more like...

Well, like music... [sighs softly]

...can make...

make me...

[music stops]

Well, anyway, it's nothing.

It's my problem.

[music continues faintly]

I'll be back.

Uh-huh. She's going to the bathroom.

[musician] We have visitors.


- Bathroom's in the back, right there.
- Okay.


[water running]

- Boo!
- [gasps] Shit.


- What?
- You scared me.

What's wrong?

Am I that ugly?

Look, I'm gonna make myself look good,

so you be careful with me.

Because tonight,

there's a full moon!



[can rattles]

[old man] What's that?

It's windshield cleaner.

It makes everything clear.

Crystal clear.

I don't feel anything.

[Muñeco laughs]


No? Whoo!

[upbeat music continues]

[peculiar ringing]

[taps rhythmically]

[musician vocalizing]

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ To my... enter this place ♪

♪ Won't show my face to you ♪


♪ Every time that you see me come in ♪

♪ Make you peek your slippers
Make you flash ♪

♪ On the line with your mommy ♪

♪ She say she want come next
Yeah, yeah, she... ♪

♪ As she come, then I shake a way ♪

[crowd] ♪ Ooh! ♪

- ♪ If you see, I make you look away ♪
- ♪ Ahh! ♪

♪ I come then I look away ♪

- ♪ Yes, selector ♪
- ♪ Yeah, I look away ♪

♪ Yes, selector ♪

♪ I look away, come, then I look away ♪

- ♪ Ahh ♪
- ♪ I look away, come, then I look away ♪

♪ I look away ♪

[crowd singing indisinctly]

You son of a bitch!

- How dare you do that gay shit here?
- Hey, man! What the fuck?

- Don't get mad. Don't get mad!
- How could I not be mad?

- Hey!
- How could I not be mad?!

- Come on.
- You're a fucking fairy, man!

- [moans mockingly]
- You're a fucking fairy.

- [light crashes]
- Huh? Hey!



- [man screams]
- Muñeco, stop!

- He bit me! He fucking bit me!
- [old man] Hey, stop it!

[Dora] Hey, what are you doing?
Come on, let's go!

Let me go! Get off me! Get off me!


- Go get him!
- [old man] Hurry up, Muñeco!

- [laughing] So come get me!
- [Dora] Leave him alone!

- Let's go, come on, get in!
- [man] Get off me!

[musician] Bye-bye! Bye!

Hey! Don't let him leave!
I said go get him!

- Hey! Hey! Get back here!
- [Muñeco] We made a mess, huh?

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

[Dora] Is everyone okay?

- [all] Yeah.
- [Muñeco] Yes, yes, yes, yeah.

- [musician] I'm fine. It's all good.
- Who was that?

- That was my brother.
- What?

[laughs] I pulled a Tyson on your brother.

I'll eat him!

You can't go back there.
N-n-no way, he can't!

- You... You can't.
- Nah.

[laughs] This is what we need,
we need this!

- [sprays]
- Drink it in.

- [coughs]
- How's that?

What is that?!

- Ah!
- That stuff? Well, that's a drug.

Some drug that he takes,
but it doesn't do anything for me.

[spacey rhythmic music playing]

Look, look! Hey, hey! L-look, look!

Look, look! [breathes heavily]

Whoa! [chuckles]

[Dora laughs]

- Are you guys seeing that?
- Yes, of course.

[Dora] Oh...


Hey, hey!

- I'm not doing anything!
- Whoa!

- What was that?
- Whoa!

I don't know. Wait, wait, look!

- [Dora] Oh!
- [Muñeco] Whoa!

[all exclaim]

[all] Whoa!

- Whoo-hoo!
- [old man and Dora gasp]

[music intensifies rhythmically]

Whoa! [chuckles softly]

[Dora] Hey, look!

[Muñeco laughing] Whoa! Wow.

[old man] Whoa.


- [old man gasps]
- [Dora] Oh!

[Muñeco] Isn't that M-M...

- [all laugh softly]
- [old man] Hi.

That's Mi...


Hey, that was him! It was him!

[celestial whooshing]

[cooing and giggling]

- Aw...
- [musician] So cute!

[continues giggling]

[all] Aw!

- [shrieks]
- [all scream]

[music intensifies]

[all exclaim]

Hey! [yelps]

[all yell]

[all laugh and cheer]

[crashing and rumbling]

- Stop the car.
- I can't.

- Stop!
- I can't!

- Stop it!
- Stop the car!

- I can't stop it!
- Yes, you can! Stop the car!

- I can't.
- [Dora] Just stop it!

[all groan]

[all gasp]

[Muñeco laughing]

[Dora] What's that? Is it water?

[Muñeco laughs]

- [Dora] It's water!
- [all] Water!

[pulsing electronic music continues]


[Toto yaps and whines]

[humming melodically]

Well, well, well.

Take a look at who's up.

Mr. Bubalú!

What's up?

- You partied hard yesterday, huh?
- [groans] Good morning.

- [laughs]
- Oh, boy.

Yeah, we were out of control.

[Dora laughs] Totally.

[old man] Shit.

But it's all good.

- Mm-hmm.
- [sighs]


One night of fun doesn't change anything.

But it was fun.


[gentle droning music plays]

- [inhales deeply]
- [Toto whines]

[Dora] Papa...

I'm all right.


So don't worry.

I'm, uh...


- [old man] I'll get a water.
- You want something to eat?

[Muñeco] Toto, you want a stick?

Hmm? Stick? Stick?

Stick? Water.

Hey, you don't want the stick?


The flowers with their stems
and their leaves, no filling.

[tense sparse piano music plays]

Two hundred bouquets of each.

Yeah, let me know. Bye.

- Hmm.
- Oh, come here!

[laughs] Oh, your little paw!

Maribel, did they call?



They haven't found her?


I was thinking
that we might need to forget the cops

and handle it on our own.

What do you mean?

Just that. Handle it ourselves.

Should I spell it out?

- Coco.
- What?

Please don't.

You see? [sighs] I just can't trust you.

You say you're family, but that's a lie.

[Maribel] Don't start. Don't go there.

Go where?

Don't say things
that later you might regret.

That I might regret?

[chuckles softly] Sit down.

I said sit.

Do you want some?

No. I'm not hungry.

Ah, you're not hangry.

Well, look, if anyone
should be angry, it's me, huh?

But I... I really don't care
if you knew that she was alive,

if you brought her here or you didn't.

I forgive you, Maribel.

I forgive you
if you really want to be forgiven.

And in that case,

you have to stand by me

and help me find her.

And put a stop to this tension
that makes my stomach turn

and has me overwhelmed.

It's your choice.

Either you stay with me,

and we take over the company,
the house, and everything else, or...

you rent a tiny place,

and you can take the bus
once a month to prison

to visit your granddaughter.


You choose.

Go on.



- [car door closes]
- [honks]

Hey. Hey! Hey! Whoa!


Come back!

- [Dora] James Brown.
- [old man] Freddie Mercury.

- [Dora] Madonna.
- [old man] Rocío Jurado.

- [Dora] Raphael.
- [old man] Raphael.

- [Dora] Raphael!
- [old man] Ah...

Um... Aretha Franklin.


- [Dora chuckles]
- Shakira.

[musician chuckles]

- [Dora] Amy Winehouse.
- [old man] José Feliciano.

- [Dora] Lola Flores.
- [old man] Chet Baker.

- [Dora] Uh, The Clash.
- Tina Turner.

- [Dora] Stevie Wonder.
- The Rolling Stones.

Oh, and thanks.

For... For taking us.

Oh, it's nothing.



We've come this far,
it's really no big deal.

- Hmm.
- Then I'll continue on my way.

What are you gonna say to your mother?

[Dora] I don't know.

[sighs] I'm kinda nervous.

- [old man] In here?
- [Dora] Yeah, here.

I mean, I think so.

Your mother works here?

I don't know.

It looks like a whorehouse.

- Come on!
- Well, it does!

- [old man] Should we come with you?
- [Dora] No, no.

Well, whatever you want.

[snaps fingers]

[folk duo playing "La Bruja"]

Hello. There's four of you, right?
Come with me.

Follow me.

[singing in Spanish]

- How many cards are you playing?
- [Dora] Uh...

You have to play to drink here.
If you don't, you gotta go.

So, how many do you want?

There's four of you, so four?
One for everyone.

- Is it okay to pay with a card?
- Of course, hon.

Sure. What can I bring you?

- Just a bottle of water.
- And another for me.

- Pineapple juice, please.
- Two!

That's 48.

[card reader beeps]

Here. There you go.

[in Spanish] ♪ The witch snatched me
On the spot ♪

♪ She took me to her lair ♪

♪ She turned me into a flowerpot ♪

♪ She gave me some fare ♪

♪ "Now tell me, now tell me,
Now tell me, good sir" ♪

♪ "How many little creatures
Did you suck on yesterday?"

♪ "Not a one, ma'am
None at all, I don't know" ♪

♪ I was just planning on sucking on you ♪


[song continues]

- Okay, come on. We're starting bingo.
- Should we play?

- Let's do it.
- I don't know. I guess.

- [bingo caller continues indistinctly]
- Bingo?


A bonus for 3,000 is under ball 40.

Here we go!

You got this.

[caller] Nineteen. One, nine.

I need luck, come on.

[softly] Nine.

[caller] Eighty-six. Eight, six.

- Forty-eight. Four, eight.
- Okay, excuse me.

This is for you.

[chattering indistinctly]

[caller] Fifty-three. Five, three.

Twenty-one. Two, one.

- All right, thanks. Good luck.
- Thirteen. One, three.

- Excuse me.
- [waitress] Yeah?

Pilar Barros?
Do you know if she works here?

Forty-three. Four, three.

Forty-three, kid. You missed it.

Fifty-nine. Five, nine.

[waitress speaks indistinctly]

- I don't get it.
- Eighty-five. Eight, five.

Eighty-nine. Eight, nine.


- Who are you looking for?
- Seventy.

- Seven, zero.
- Um...

- Pilar Barros.
- Thirty-four. Three, four.

I heard that she works here.

So what do you want?
You're not with the police, right?

Um, no.

I'm her daughter.

[bartender] Fuck me!

- Well, that's unexpected.
- Forty-nine...

[Muñeco] Hey! Line, line!

Line! Whoo-ah!

- Right here!
- Someone called line.

Me, me, me! Line!

[man] Mierda.

The line... is not correct.

All these numbers are wrong.

Pay attention to the line.

So does she work here or no?

She did work here,
but she left over a year ago.

[caller] Seventy-six. Seven...

Okay, do you have, like, a phone number
or address where I can contact her?

Your mother's suffered a lot.
Just leave her alone.

[caller] Seventeen. One, seven.

Someone called line.

Shh, shh!

Come here. Okay, come on. Come here.


I can try to find her.

You're all staying here
at the motel tonight, right?

Uh, yeah.

If I find anything, I'll let you know.

Hmm? Go on, good luck with bingo.

Thank you.

She's not here.

She doesn't work here.

[caller] Forty-two. Four, two.

Twenty, you're only missing 20.

- No, I've got two missing.
- Mmm. Two.

We'll stay at the motel if I win.
On me, okay?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

[caller] Eighty-six. Eight, six.

[line ringing]

- [line picks up]
- Listen, they're asking about her.

- Eighty-three. Eight, three.
- Yeah.

[chuckles] Only one left!

- [Muñeco] Hey, hey, hey!
- Gimme 20!

Twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty!
Twenty's gonna win, come on! Twenty...

[caller] Sixty-six. Six, six.

- Let's go, 20. Come on, come on.
- [Muñeco grunts]

- Seventy-seven. Seven, seven.
- Come on, come on.

Twenty, two, zero.

- [Dora] Yes!
- Bingo! Hey, hey, bingo!

- Well, well, well, bravo, bravo!
- Bingo! Hey, hey, hey!

- Bingo!
- Someone called bingo.

- [clapping]
- Yeah, I, uh... I'm really lucky.

I was born feet first.

And that's a bingo.

[Dora] It's not a five-star hotel,
but it'll do.

- [old man] It beats sleeping in the car.
- [Dora] Yeah.

[old man] Room 156.

[Dora] Uh...

[old man] There it is.

Uh, who's sleeping where?

[Dora] I mean...

Guess he's with you.

And you're with me.

Ah, we're sleeping together?


Good night!

Well, well, well.


Do you mind if I sleep on, uh, this bed?

It's... It's just closer to the door,
it's... it's my routine.

I don't care. I-I-I don't care.
I don' t care.

Toto, look. Look, Toto.


Hey, you mind if I go pee-pee?

[chuckles] No, of course not.
You don't have to ask permission.

No, no! Hey, hey, don't!
What... What are you doing?

- [laughs]
- [yells] What are you doing?

Hey! Hey!

[muffled] What the fuck are you doing?

- What do you think you're doing?
- [both laugh]

- That's Jose Luis, right?
- Ooh!

Don't you get it, huh?!

Jesus Christ, what is this?

What's wrong with your brain?
What the fuck?

[sobs] I mean it.
What's wrong with you? I can't do this!

I can't! I can't take it anymore!

I can't do it, I can't do it! I can't!

Forgive me.

I'm not like this.

I'm not, and I don't know what's wrong.

It's been about a year that I...

I haven't been myself.

A year? No, more than that.

Before the divorce,
I was already... I wasn't there.

And my wife, Mamen, used to say that...

that I looked like a ghost.

And she didn't feel loved.

I've never loved anyone but her.

But she didn't feel it.

Mm, well...

how do I make her feel it?

Hey, Papa.

- [shower runs]
- [musician vocalizing]

[static crackles]

We do things to try, uh,

to find the meaning in all of this, right?

The... The university degrees,
the family, uh...

[Muñeco] Mm.

And... And you think that...

that going on vacation will ease the pain,

but it doesn't at all.


You gotta be happy, right?

Because you can't be sad.

And, "You have it all,
so what's wrong with you?"

"You have everything,
everything's great." Sure.

"Live in the present."
Well, how do you do that?

How do you do it? How, I mean...

I do everything that...
that society dictates to make it better.

I meditate, I do acupuncture,
I go to therapy, I swim, and...

I... I've bought creams, I've tried it all.

I've tried everything there is,

but there's no meaning still,
and no one's okay.

Everyone smiles,
but they're all just faking it.

[mock laughs] No, it's all bullshit.

Living isn't easy.

You should try lithium.

- Huh? What do I need to try?
- Lithium.

You won't want to die on lithium.


[snaps fingers] You're not well in here.

But, hey, we're not doing
too well up here.

Everyone's got their issues.

Whew! So fresh!

[sighs happily] Just look
how fresh I am, girl!

You gonna go back to your brother?

Pshht. No.

Mm, it wasn't the first time.

It's just...

I'm just like this.

And he... he's not.

He's... He... He's really scared.

And I'm scared, too, but I...

I don't let the fear control me.

I think fear is bullshit.

[chuckles] That's true.

So, what are you gonna do?

I'm not sure.

And you?

I don't really know.

- ["Bruja" by Arca plays]
- ♪ Oh, shit ♪

[both laugh]

♪ Hissy fit, throw it up, bitch
Bounce back, get it wet ♪

♪ Hit it, rip it, stroke
Tranny coming hard ♪

♪ Till my chochi pulses raw
Oh my God ♪

♪ Qué estrambótica, disco house, baby ♪

♪ Hush it while I lick
My bloody claws, grrr ♪

♪ Cuddly fur, sharpened paws ♪

♪ Did I stutter? Hear me roar
While I'm shitting on the pavement ♪

♪ Wow, how? Throw the towel ♪

♪ Ay, qué estrambótica, ja, boba, ja!
¿Y tú qué mira'? ♪

[announcer] Silver Kiss.

[jars rattle gently]


[tense ethereal music plays]

Maribel? [gasps]



Want some?

I don't like tobacco.

[musician sighs]

When I was little I did,
because I wanted a deeper voice, but...

now, I don't.

[chuckles] You know what
I always wanted to have?


Titties! [laughs]

Like... Like yours, you know?

I mean, can I...?

[TV plays indistinctly]

- Can I... touch them?
- Sure.

Ooh! Mmm!

[laughs] I love these!

- Yeah, they're so...
- [chuckles] Okay, stop.

It's a little weird.

Sorry. [groans]

No, sorry, it's just that, um,

it's a little weird
because, um, I like it.

Once, my friend,

as a joke, she touched my tits.

And well, I didn't, uh...

and... [sighs]

Hmm, I don't know.

- I... I don't know.
- [both laugh]

It was like...

I don't know.

I also have a friend who...

it's, mm...

pretty hot.

I can't even tell you.

[both chuckle]

But, sometimes, I don't know.

Well, can I...

try, mmm...

to like, well, see if...

I wanna see, um, you know...

Does it bother you?

Mmm, no, no. [chuckles] No.

- No?
- No.

- You should tell me if it does, though.
- No, no, no. No, uh, do it again.

- Do it again?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Just, I mean, to see if...

- if something happens.
- [both laugh]

Uh... [chuckles] Uh...

And does it... does it bother you?

- No.
- No?


Okay. [clears throat]

You know what's even stronger than fear?


Well, curiosity.


[dramatic musical flourish plays]

Here you go.

The doctor should be here soon.

[Maribel sighs]

It's cold.

[tense sparse music plays]


Fix Miss Coco another tea.

This is all your fault.
You know that, right?

Don't do this, Coco.

And it ended with a miscarriage,
so nice job.


- This is nonsense.
- Nonsense?

Do you really believe
that losing a child is nonsense?


Coco, do you know why you miscarried?

Because you're nearly 80 years old!

You are the one who's 80 years old,
you fucking bitch!


How dare you blame me for all this?

After all I've done for you.

All you've done for me? Huh?

- What have you done for me?
- Everything, Coco!

I gave up my daughter.

You gave up your daughter
because you were totally broke.

Do you really believe

that I've been with you
this entire time for the money?

Haven't you?

It's over.

That's right, that's right. Go on!

- Go! Leave, leave! Get out!
- Of course, I'm leaving.

- I'm leaving right now.
- Go. So then just leave!

- Do it!
- I'm actually gonna leave for real.

There's the door!
Leave and don't fucking come back!

Go on!

I'll be fine without you,
I don't need you at all, for nothing!

Look, look, look, look how great I am!
I'm so happy you left!

I don't fucking care,
I don't give a shit, just fucking leave!

[gasps] She's gone.

She's gone.

She's gone.

[water running]

[news anchor] New information
about the death of businessman

Arturo Weizeg confirms the hypothesis
that his cause of death was not natural.

According to police sources,
the main suspect is Dora Galán,

a young woman we still don't...

Muñeco. Muñeco!

- Muñeco. Muñeco!
- What? What, what, what?

...last week on Tuesday,

but the cause of death
was not revealed to the public.

[phone ringing]

[grunts softly]

[phone continues ringing]

- Hello?
- [woman] Hello.

You're Pilar's daughter, right?

This is Valle, from the bar.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

What is it?

[Valle] Look,

I found your mother.

Pure luck, but I found her.

Are you there?

Yes, I'm here.

- You have something to write with?
- Uh...

Yeah, go ahead.

Write this down.

- Pasaje de los Monos, 25.
- Mm-hmm.

It's in Chinatown, in Capital City.


She'll be there today, at noon.


- Um, one more thing.
- [line disconnects]

[dial tone pulses]

[Toto growls]

- Shhh!
- [whines]

Toto, shhh. Come here.


Holy shit!

- [purring]
- [Dora gasps]

[curious music plays]

- [Toto growls]
- [lion purrs]

[Dora breathing heavily]

[Toto barking]


- [panting]
- [Toto continues barking]


There's a lion in my room!

A what?

- [Muñeco] A lion?
- Mm-hmm.

Holy shit, that's awesome!


There's nothing here.

There's no lion here.

- What?
- Are you sure it was a lion?

- Yeah, I swear, there was a fucking lion!
- It's got a lion smell.

Maybe you were dreaming?

No. No, no, no.

- I saw it.
- [Jose Luis] Where's Akin?

[car doors close outside]

Akin must have left before I woke up.

[car door closes]

Oh, fuck!

Pigs, pigs! It's the pigs, pigs.
The pigs, the pigs, the pigs.

We saw it on the news, Dora.

They're after you.

- You took out that rich old guy, right?
- No, I didn't do anything.

I don't know what to do.

I don't want to get you guys in trouble.

Let's go.

["McFly" by CA7RIEL playing]

[Muñeco] Pigs are coming,
pigs are coming. Let's go, let's go!


The pigs are making me
think of bacon, but we gotta go!

[mutters] Let's go, let's go, let's go.

[Muñeco mutters indistinctly]

[CA7RIEL sings in Spanish]

Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!

Come on, come on!

This way, this way, this way!
Come on, you first. Let's go, right there.

[Muñeco] Give me! Give me Toto!

Hurry! Come on, jump up!

[Dora] Come on, let's go, let's go!

[muttering] Yeah, and it was just like...
like the one my...

[chuckles] Like my grandma had,
rest her sweet soul.

[lion snorts]

[lion breathing heavily]

[ethereal music playing]

[lion snorting]

[peculiar ringing]

[Muñeco humming rhythmically]

[garage rock music plays]

[Muñeco muttering] We got bugs.
And we got... lots of beetles.

Oh, wow!

["Intro" by CA7RIEL plays]

[Muñeco] Are we there yet?

[Dora] This way.

This way.

[Muñeco] Hello.

[Dora] I guess it has to be here.

You're Dora, right?

Yeah... Yes.

Follow me, she's waiting for you.

[workers chattering loudly]

["Intro" by CA7RIEL continues]


[workers stop talking]

[croaks deeply]

Get in.

In here?

All right.

[music intensifies]



What are you doing here? Where's Pilar?

Your mother's not here, hon.

We don't know where she is.

She doesn't want to see me either.

Oh, my God.

- You look just like her...
- What do you want?

Why'd you make me come here?

[Mirabel sighs]

I want to help you, Dora.

Your life's in danger.

Coco could do anything.

What's her problem with me?

Why is she accusing me?

It's a long story.
I'll tell you if you want, sit down.

[lighter flicks]


Sixteen years ago,

the day you were born,
changed... everything.

Coco found out about you,

and, well, she...

she lost her composure.

She became aggressive and violent.

[Coco] Hey!

[Maribel] She was out of her mind.

Pilar disappeared that day.

I don't get it.

I mean, she was young, she got pregnant.

What's that got to do with Coco?

Your mother blames it on me.

Because everyone knows
that mothers are to blame for everything.


I'm guilty of raising her
to not question the men in her life.

I'm guilty of allowing Arturo,

a filthy, disgusting old man,

to abuse her until he got her pregnant.

[tense music plays]

I'm guilty of turning a blind eye,

and of keeping quiet,

because I thought if my mother
and I had been through it as well,

it was normal.

So normal...

that the one I felt bad for was Coco.

I felt sorry
to the point that I understood

her punching my Pilar's belly

so she would miscarry.

I've forgiven so many things.

So many things...

[inhales sharply]

But not anymore.

It's over.

But just look at you.

Now everything is fine.

It was all for a reason.

Destiny wanted that baby to be here.

[chuckles] And you're here.

As a child,
when I saw the news on television,

I always thought I wouldn't be able
to endure all the evil in this world.

But you get used to it.

That's being an adult.

You're his only child.

You'll inherit a lot.

I'll make you the richest
and most powerful girl

this country's ever seen.

[audio distorts] You'll see.
You're my miracle girl.

You'll be living like a princess...

- [doors rattle distantly]
- [footsteps echoing]

[audio distorts] Hey, kiddo? Dora?


- No, no, no!
- Dora?

Tell us what happened.

[Muñeco] The pigs
are still looking for you.

[footsteps echoing dramatically]



- [audio returns to normal]
- [people chattering]


[playing "Storm" from Vivaldi's Summer]

[bicycle bell rings]

[vendor] Hey, cops! Cops, cops!

- [cop] Hey! Hey, stop!
- Cops!

- Stop right now! Police!
- [Muñeco laughs]

- [laughs]
- [Toto barks]

[siren wails]

[man] Run, run! They've seen us!

[Muñeco grunts]


[cop] Hey! Stop that man!

- Watch out!
- [cop] Hey, stop right there! Police!

[cop] Stop!

[woman exclaims]

[coins jangle]

Get on the ground!

- Whoo-hoo-hoo!
- Freeze, police!

[Muñeco] Whoa, what a machine!
Look at him!


[Muñeco laughs] Yeah, yeah!

[women all speak indistinctly]

[all arguing]

[all yelling]

Hey, there's that guy! Look at him go!

You can't catch him!

Look at him go.

Freeze, police!

Come here!

- Freeze!
- Hey!

Gotcha! Get him!

- Dora Galán, right?
- Yeah.

Come with me. You're under arrest.


[tense music plays]

[gate slams shut]

[siren wails in distance]

[gate slams in distance]

[Diego] Hey, I'm here for my daughter.

We're just waiting
for the commissioner to sign.

He's almost here.

That is the father of the girl
who murdered Arturo Weizeg.

- She's our friend...
- What are you saying?

- She didn't kill anyone.
- No! [clicks tongue]


You're her father, right? We got
the footage from the security cameras,

and they confirm that it was an accident.

[sighs in relief]

She's gonna be released immediately.

- The commissioner's here...
- She'll be right out.

[gate buzzes]

[Muñeco] Oh, there she is.

- [gate clangs]
- [Toto whines]

[Dora] Toto!

- Hello.
- [gate buzzes]

[Diego] Let's go, Dora.

Thank you.

[seat belts click]

[engine starts]

[brakes squeak gently]

You're not my dad.

Dora! [echoing]

[train rumbles]

Dora! [echoing]

[Felix] Following confirmation
from the judge,

and thanks to the DNA test which proved

that Dora Galán
is the daughter of the deceased,

the inheritance
of Mr. Arturo Weizeg Molina

will be divided as follows.

Two thirds will go
to his only daughter, Miss Dora Galán,

of which half belongs to Miss Coco Cabrera

until Ms. Galán is 18.

The last third of the disposable portion

is awarded in the will
to Miss Coco Cabrera.

This means that, technically,

both Dora Galán and Coco Cabrera

are the sole shareholders
of the W business conglomerate.

[doorbell rings]

Who's there?

[door opens]

Who is it?

It's Mrs. Maribel.

She's here to pick up her things.


I'll get ready
and she can come up in five minutes.

[tense music plays]

[softly] She's a lot more calm
today than yesterday.

[Coco] Oh, you're here.

Come in, Maribel, come in. [chuckles]

Are you gonna take that?

It's mine.

- It's not yours.
- Yes.

- I bought it the summer we went to Rome.
- But I chose it.

I bought it with my money.

All right, I won't fight over a plate.

You... can take it.

I mean, it's yours.


you might not care, but, um...

I've had a horrible couple of days.


Without you,

I didn't know which pills to take,

or when.


You betrayed me.

You left me no other choice.

I know.

I've been unfair with you.

But, um...

now that I've been, well, alone,

you know, really alone,

um, I've realized I need you.

Oh, Coco.

It's just so difficult
to find qualified staff these days...

- What?
- I'm just joking.

[chuckles] It's just...

I'm very embarrassed
to say what I have to say.

I want you back,

I want another chance.

Can we start over?

[Coco] Mmm?

You're incredible, Coco.

And... And with Dora if you want.

Uh, after all, I mean,

she's Arturo's daughter,

and she's your blood, huh?

Um, with time,

maybe she can be
like the daughter that we both lost.



What do you want, Maribel?
Do you want me to get on my knees?

Eh? [sobs]

Look at me! What do you see?

An old woman who needs to be looked after.

No, Coco, you're not.

- [sobs]
- Oh, God. Please, don't. You're not.

That's not what you are, Coco, you're not.

Just relax, okay? That's it. That's it.

- Maribel, Maribel, Maribel...
- You're okay, that's it.

[eerie music plays]

["Call Me (Spanish Version)"
by Blondie playing]

[head waiter] Why are you standing around?

I want all those trays
in the hall, right now!

- [dishes clatter]
- Ingrid!

Get out of here!
I don't want to see you in here!

[dialogue imperceptible]

[phone rings]

What do you want now?

Hey, be careful.

- [pops]
- [all laugh and cheer]

Oh, welcome! You guys made it! What's up?

[dialogue imperceptible]

- Oh...
- They're friends of mine.

Uh-huh. And how do you like Spain?

I love it so much, of course.

Love it better with her!

[cameras clicking]

Yeah, I agree! Look, she's giggling!

I have arrived, my friends!

[dialogue imperceptible]

[all scream and groan]

[Muñeco] Yuck!

- Yeah, another one. Yep.
- Another.

Yeah. Well, look what I'm doing. Wait.

These are horrible.

- [puffs]
- [inhales]

[dialogue imperceptible]

Come on, Dora. Let's dance!

Uh. Hello!

Is the girl here yet?

No, she has not come yet, no.

She better not screw this up, huh?

- ♪ Call me ♪
- ♪ Call me ♪

♪ Call me ♪

♪ Call me, ooh, oh ♪

♪ Call me, uh-huh ♪

♪ Call me... ♪

[host] Hello. Your name?

[woman replies indistinctly]

[host] Yes.

Great, go ahead.

Name please?

Dora Gal... Dora Weizeg.

Oh, wow! Of course, sorry.

And you are?

Don't tell her. Muñeco. Muñeco.

- They're with me.
- Oh.

It's just, um, they need
to be on the list.

Yeah, but they're with me.

It's just, if they're not on the list,
I can't let them in.

- Well, just go in and talk to someone.
- Yeah.


All right, let's see, sweetie.

Was I on the list?

- Mmm, no.
- No.

And didn't you just let me in?

Yeah, but you are... Mmm?

Yeah, you're damn right I am.

And these two are with me, period.

Uh, hey, can you please
have Melania come over here?

So, look.

It's not that hard.

I'm the daughter of Arturo Weizeg,

and I'm here, plus two.
Why don't I write it down?

"Dora Weizeg, plus two."

And then, you cross it out.

- [Muñeco] Uh...
- Easy.

- Let's go.
- [Muñeco] Shit.


There's a lot of money here.

Where have you been? Coco is waiting.

Come on!

Let's go!

Get off.

Ah, here's the girl. Come here.

Hey. Come on.

- [flash firing]
- [Coco chuckles]

[photographer] Just be natural.
Don't pose. Talk to each other.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

A singer.

Well, look, if you have a dream,

and you fight and you fight
and you fight to achieve your goals,

you still probably won't.

- Did no one tell you?
- [photographer] Okay, got it.

Ugh, that girl has no manners.

- [live band plays]
- ♪ Smile if your heart is aching ♪

♪ Smile even though it's breaking ♪

♪ If there are clouds in the sky ♪

♪ You'll get by ♪

♪ If you smile
Through your pain and sorrow ♪

♪ Smile and maybe tomorrow ♪

♪ You'll see the sun
Come shining through ♪

♪ For you ♪

♪ Light up your face with gladness... ♪

Hey, loser. Help me with this bag,
please, it's super heavy.

- [chuckles] Okay.
- Help me put it over there.

- [Muñeco] Oh, it's pretty heavy.
- [clattering]

- [laughs]
- What the hell was that?

Clean it up!

- No, it's okay. You can pet him.
- Toto!

- Yes, yes, yes. Toto, his name is Toto.
- Aww, how sweet!

- That's right, Toto!
- What a handsome boy!

♪ You just might ♪

I gotta say,
it's nice talking to someone real.

- That's right.
- All these decadent rich people?

- They're really getting on my tits.
- Total posers, posers.

[band continues faintly]

How's it going, girl? You okay?

I don't know.

I should be enjoying
all of this shit and I guess...

Is this what was waiting
at the end of the road?


This isn't the end.

But I want to tell you,
at the end of the road there's nothing.


Everybody lies.

My father...


you're forgetting what I said.

Everything is true.

For instance, your father is Diego.

Your father is Arturo.

All of it is true.

You just need to choose
which truth you want to live in.

[tense music plays]

- [mic feeds back]
- Check? Good evening.

I'm sorry to interrupt the party,
but the time has come for a toast.

And I'd like to give a warm welcome
to the person

who is responsible
for all of us being here today...

Coco Cabrera.

[guests applaud and cheer]

Thank you. [chuckles] Thank you so much.

It's a pleasure to have
so many friends at my home.

It's often said that behind a great man,
there's a great woman.

But not here.

Behind Arturo,

there were two women.

What a surprise, huh?


You know, Arturo was
always surprising people. [chuckles]

And I was never bored with him. Not once!

I thank him for that.

Ah, in any case,

thank you, Arturo.


Come here, kid!

Here you are.

So now, the two of us are here.

Two women on the board of directors.

Two women willing to fight

and as equals,

to lead the company,

and inject into our culture feminism,

youth, empowerment, and resilience.

- Gross.
- I'm sorry?

Well, we won't keep you anymore.

Let's have a toast and continue the party.

With this toast, we mark
the beginning of a new era.

Welcome to the family, Dora.

[chuckles softly]

Well, drink it.

[peculiar ringing]

Come on, drink it. Come on.

[people gasp]

- Oh!
- [nervous laughter]

[glass shatters]

Well, uh, she's still young.

Uh, she's just a bit nervous,

but I'll talk to her.

She still doesn't really know
how we do things here. [chuckles]

- Come on, let's have some fun!
- [people laugh]

- [Coco] Everyone get up, dance and drink.
- [cheering]

[Coco] Because this is a party!

[Coco] Oh yes, I knew him well.

- [woman] Congrats, Coco.
- Thank you very much!

[plays upbeat tune]

♪ You know I can't stand on the rain ♪

♪ You know I can feel it the same ♪

♪ 'Cause you know
I cannot stand on the rain ♪

♪ The rain ♪

[deep rumbling]

[dishes rattling]

[piano plays note]

- [piano plays note]
- [woman gasps]

[Dora continues playing]

[claps percussively]

[people exclaim]

[people laugh]

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

[people continue to laugh and join in]

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

[tapping glass percussively]

♪ You know I can feel it ♪


- ♪ I can feel it, I can feel it ♪
- ♪ You know I can feel it ♪

- [people join harmonically]
- ♪ You know I can feel it! ♪

♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it! ♪

[breathes rhythmically]

- ♪ I can feel it, I... ♪
- ♪ You know I can feel it ♪

- [band joins]
- ♪ You know I can feel it! ♪

[Dora continues breathing rhythmically]

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it, I... ♪

[backup singers continue]

[peculiar ringing]

[breathes heavily]

[people gasp and exclaim]

♪ 'Cause you know I can't stand ♪

♪ You know I can make it ♪

[singers] ♪ Feel like I can make it ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I can feel it ♪

♪ If you need this ♪

♪ You gonna have to shake it, mama ♪

♪ When you hear the music under the way ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Tell me what you really want me
To say-ay-ay-ay, yeah ♪

♪ Feels control the... ♪

- [Dora vocalizing]
- [people cheer]

♪ All right, come on, baby ♪

♪ If you feel ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Come on, baby! ♪

♪ Say it with me one more time ♪

♪ Ooh, I can't stand the rain ♪

♪ Come on, baby, if you feel ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Whoo-hoo, ooh ♪

♪ Yeah! ♪

- [groans]
- [peculiar ringing]

[mouthing silently]

[Dora] ♪ Oh! ♪

[music stops]

[guest] Yeah! Fuck yeah!

Let's go!

[music resumes]

[people cheer]

- [Muñeco] Is she leaving?
- Let her go.

[woman] ♪ Hey, yeah, yeah yeah-ay ♪



[tense music plays]

[Toto barks and growls]

[Toto whimpers]

[lion growls]

[people screaming]

[screaming continues]

- [guest 1] What's going on? What happened?
- [guest 2] Did you see?

[guests chattering nervously]

[guests chatter nervously]

- Hey! Hey.
- Muñeco.


And now what?

[sad piano music plays]



[Muñeco sobs]

Good luck, my friend.

Take care, all right?

I can take you in my car.

And then I'll continue on my way.

[Ingrid laughs]

["Fly Me To The Moon"
by Bobby Womack plays]

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Fly me to the moon ♪

[lion purrs]

♪ And let me play ♪

♪ Among the stars... ♪

[Dora] Papa, it's me.

I, uh...

I guess you must be sleeping,
because it's really late, but...

I wanted to tell you that...

that I really love you.

And that's it.

[Dora inhales sharply]

And, uh, now...

I want to be back home.

With my father.

♪ In other words, darling ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ Oh... ♪

[electricity crackles]

[peculiar ringing]

♪ Fill my heart with song ♪

♪ I wanna sing to you, darling ♪

♪ Forevermore ♪

[song continues faintly on speaker]

- Good morning.
- [waitress] Good morning.

- Just a latte.
- Coming right up.

Here we are.


And the sugar is right there, okay?

What happened?

Did you... have a long night?

- [sadly] Mm-hmm.
- Mmm.


[birds chirping distantly]


♪ You ♪

♪ Are all that I long for ♪

♪ Whoa, oh ♪

♪ All that I long for ♪

♪ Worship and adore ♪

♪ In other words ♪

♪ All I have ♪

♪ In other words, darling ♪

♪ I love you ♪


♪ Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly ♪

[percussion plays]

- [Paco León in Spanish] Hey, we're ready.
- [Dora in Spanish] We're recording.

[Dora] Should I start or what?

[Dora in English]
♪ You know I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

- [singers] ♪ I can feel it ♪
- ♪ You know I can feel it ♪

[singers] ♪ I can feel it, I... ♪

[Dora] ♪ You know I can feel it ♪

[backup singers continue harmonizing]

[Dora] ♪ You know I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

- [band accompanies]
- ♪ You know I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it, huh! ♪

♪ You know I can feel it ♪

♪ You know I can feel it, I... ♪

[singers] ♪ I can... feel it ♪

- ♪ Feel it ♪
- [Dora] ♪ Huh! ♪

♪ 'Cause you know I can't stand ♪

[singers] ♪ You know I cannot stand ♪

[Dora] ♪ You know I can make it ♪

[singers] ♪ You know I can make it ♪

[Dora] ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ And I can feel it ♪

♪ If you need this ♪

♪ You gon' have to shake it, mama ♪

♪ When you hear that music under the way ♪

♪ Huh! ♪

♪ Tell me what you really want me
To say-ay-ay-ay, yeah ♪

♪ Feels control the... ♪

- [singer] ♪Whoo ♪
- [Dora] ♪ Huh! ♪

[people vocalizing and scatting]

♪ I'm not going to be with anybody ♪

♪ That's not going to be with me forever ♪

[musicians cheering]

♪ Ah, I'm not going to be with anybody ♪

♪ That's not going
To be with me for real ♪

[musicians whoop and cheer]

[Wekaforé] ♪ Look away ♪

♪ Say I come then I look away ♪

♪ See your mama the other day ♪

♪ She want come, make her shake a way ♪

♪ I suck a way, they wanna check my way ♪

- ♪ You know, take my way ♪
- [singers] ♪ Ooh, aah ♪

- ♪ So I look away ♪
- ♪ Ooh ♪

- ♪ I look away, I look away ♪
- ♪ Aah ♪

♪ I look away, come back ♪

- ♪ Look away, look away, I come back ♪
- [singers continue]

♪ Look away then me a come back ♪

♪ They wan' make a comeback
Me a no fi tun back ♪

[kisses teeth]

- ♪ I look away, come back ♪
- [singers] ♪ Me a come ♪

- ♪ Ah, me a come ♪
- [Wekaforé] ♪ Come back ♪

- [singers] ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ Come back ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away, I come back ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away, I come back ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away, a comeback ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look, a way to come back ♪

♪ I look a, I look a way to come back ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away-ay ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away ♪

- ♪ Ah me a come ♪
- ♪ I look away, come back ♪

- [singers breathe rhythmically]
- ♪ I look away, come back ♪

♪ I look away, come back ♪

♪ I look away ♪

♪ I look away ♪

♪ I look away ♪

♪ I look away ♪

♪ I look away ♪

♪ I look away, come back ♪

♪ I look away, come back ♪

♪ I look away, come back ♪

♪ I look away, come back ♪

♪ Come back ♪

[musicians laughing]

[Dora vocalizing
to the tune of "Nunca Estoy"]

[singers join]

[music stops]

- [people laugh and cheer]
- [applauding]

[people speaking Spanish]

[musician] Rainbow! [chuckles]

[Dora speaks Spanish]