Rain (1932) - full transcript

For residents on the idyllic South Seas island of Pago Pago, life is simple until a boat arrives carrying two couples, the Davidsons (who are missionaries), the MacPhails and a prostitute named Sadie Thompson. Davidson is more than just a religious zealot; he's a mad man. When the boat, which was en route to another port, is temporarily stranded on the island due to a possible Cholera outbreak on-board, Sadie spends her time "partying" with the American soldiers stationed on the island. Her behavior, however, is more than the Davidsons can stand and soon Mr. Davidson confronts Sadie about her evil ways and offers salvation. When Sadie rebels and the attempted redemption does not go as planned, Davidson arranges to have her sent back to San Francisco, where she fled some years ago due to mysterious personal issues. Davidson soon becomes unhinged and thus begins a series of surprising events which culminate in disaster.

[ Singing: ]

"When I was in civvies,
the Sergeant said to me."

"If you want to see heaven,
just sign up with me."

"Hey, hey, anchors aweigh."

"I'm booked for the South
Seas three years to a day."

"A day .. a day."

"He says in the South Seas
the wind never blows."

"The rain never rains,
and the snow never snows."

"Green, green, tropical green."

"All bathed in bright sunshine
so spotless and clean."

"And clean."

"And clean."

"He sails in the South Seas,
now you take your ease."

"You never get duties,
you do as you please."

"All day nothing but play."

"You're living in paradise
drawing your pay."

"Your pay .. your pay."

"The ships sail in and
the ships sail out."

And nothing can
happen in this breezy spot.

"Smile, smile, you tropical isle."

"We've heard enough
tales to last us a while."

Griggs and Hodgson, fall out.

Sergeant Williams,
take care of the patrol.

The Orduna is coming in.

If we don't get Horn to
the dock for cigarettes ..

These boys will tear down his store.

Hello, mama. How's it by you today?

Hello. You alright?

Kinda cheery this morning, ain't we?

All together now.
- Heave ho.

Now tell us, mama, where is the old man?

What do you want, huh?
- Cigarettes.

Cigarettes, no got here.

That's just it.
- Where is Horn?

Asleep, huh?

Well we'll have that bird on his feet
and down to the docks chop-chop pronto.

I think so, no.
- I think so, yes.

Go get him, boys.

What's the matter, mama?
The old man acting up again.

How you know?

What he say?

My husband is a very good man.

What's all this?

What's all this?
- Relax.

Where am I?


To be sure.

The Orduna is in, Joe.
- Well, what of it?

No corn, no sardines, no corned beef.

And no cigarettes.

On your feet, mate.

Fall in.

Wait, wait.

Much too early in the morning for me.

Wipe your chin.

Oh well, it's raining less than it was.

Let me see.

You want my passport, don't you.

My husband and I usually
use the same passport.

We have separate ones this time.

In case I should wish to visit the
other island while he's working.

I wonder why it must rain.

Doesn't it ever stop?
- Yes, ma'am.

A little more efficiency and we
wouldn't be kept waiting so long.

Wait just a minute.

There you are.

Thank you. Just put it down, please.

By the way officer, I was wondering:
what does Pago Pago mean?

I don't think it means
anything at all, sir.

Then it is certainly well-named.

Unusual weather, of course.

Of course.

What will it be like in Apia?

The usual.

Welcome to Pago Pago, Mr Davidson.

Thank you, but we're only
here for an hour or so.

We take the schooner
this afternoon for Apia.

Not this afternoon, I'm afraid.
- Oh?

Sorry, sir.

Thank you.

What's the matter, Alfred?
Has anything happened?

Unwelcome news. We cannot
sail for Apia this afternoon.

Not sail today? Why?

One of the sailors aboard the schooner
has come down with cholera.

It cannot start until it is certain that
none of the other crew are affected.

It may mean a delay of several days.

I think I'd prefer the cholera.

But where can we stay?

The general store.

There is Mister Horn now. Mister Horn ..

Well, upon my soul.

This is a treat.

How do you do, Mrs Davidson.
- Greetings, Mr Horn.

Our poor island is honored.

Doctor and Mrs Macphail - Mr Horn.

How do you do. You're leaving soon?

The schooner for Apia is delayed
on account of the Cholera.

We shall have to ask you to put us up.

That's tough luck.

For you folks, I mean.

Can nothing be done?

It may be possible I can persuade the
Governor to make an exception for us.

I'm going to see him now.

Hey, Joe.

If my guests will pardon
me for a few minutes.

They shall have my
personal escort to the hotel.

What's the matter, Joe?

If there is anything
I hate, it's reformers.

Ha .. so that's what's
the matter with them.


You'd better watch yourself while
that lovely couple is on the island.

They'd break your
back to save your soul.

What's his badge?

Investigator of Native Conditions.

A professional reformer.

He wields more influence
in the South Seas than ..

Than the sun, the planets and
the American government.

Ha .. the worst is yet to come.

Pearls of wisdom, boys.

Now look here.

You make take the
British lion by the tail.

You may twist it, you may jerk it.

You may yank it.
You may tie it in a big bow knot.

But dash it all, you can't
pull it up by the roots.

I say, can't you take a joke?

Hello lads, boys.

I want you to meet Thompson.

Sadie, meet the boys.


And this is Mr Horn.

Mr Horn, your climate is bummed.

Sorry, Sadie. It's the best we got.

I'm not blaming you.

Say, what's this about a delay? How long
am I booked for this boat, do you know?

Well, I've composed myself
for a two-week stay.

Well, that being the case, what can't be
helped, can't be helped, as they say.

That job in the field will keep alright,
Sadie, so I shouldn't worry about it.

I'm never worried, Elmer.

Make the best of things today
because it can't be worse tomorrow.

Besides .. I like the boys here.

Hello, Handsome.
When did you leave Kansas?

She got you that time, kid.

Shut up, you hyena.

He's very shy, Miss. Don't mind him.

Lay off sailor, or I'll
swab the deck with you.

Ah, don't hit him, Handsome.
I came from Kansas once myself.

As fast as I could hoof it.

How are you?


Very pleased to meet a lady.

Better look out, Miss.
He's liable to bite.

Sounds like they had too much oats.

Ah she is a one.

Lads, allow me to inform you
that Sadie is a bit of alright.

Say, you'll find some place for
Sadie to sleep won't you, Joe?

With pleasure.

And now shall we discuss
our sordid business matters?

Now then, you know how it is
when you're travelling a bit short.

You see, Sadie left
Honolulu a bit sudden like.

She's a good kid although
she's down on her luck a bit.

Now she can't pay over
a dollar a day for her room.

And you've got to take care
of her for that. Will you, Joe?

Yeah, I was telling the Quartermaster
here I'll board myself. I got a Bour ..

Some Bourbon with me and
besides, I don't eat so much.

Oh, that'll be alright.

Mrs Horn will take care of you.


Here's bubbles.

I hear life is terrible back
home in the States, now.

How so?

Everybody being made to behave.
- Yes.

We live in the day of
the new commandment:

"Thou shalt not enjoy thyself".

I saw it coming twenty years ago.

That's why I left Chicago.

I wanted peace.

And I found it, too.


You behold here the last
remnants of an earthly paradise.

That's my quarrel with reformers.

They won't let it alone.

Yes, I can readily see how a reformer
might feel a little out of place here.

Sort of like a schoolmarm
waking up in a harem.

Do you remember what we were
talking about the other night?

Have you told Dr Macphail yet?

You mean about marriage
customs and the moon-dancing?


What did he say?

Well, he never says very much.

But I'm sure he thought
it was perfectly awful.

Now take these islanders, doctor.

They are naturally the happiest,
most contented people on earth.

They ask nothing of life.

Except to be allowed to eat ..

And sing .. and dance .. and sleep.

Thinking gives them a headache.

The trees and the sea gives
them all the food they want ..

So they don't have to fight.

They're satisfied with their
Gods of the wind and waves.

And along comes Mr Davidson
who tells them they are lost souls.

They've got to be saved
whether they want to be or not.

Too bad Man couldn't develop a soul
without losing the Garden of Eden.

You're a philosopher, doctor.

No. I just look out.

Did, old brother.

But I guess we both feel the joy.

And now.

Welcome to Villa Horn.

He's new here and besides,
his eyesight is bad.

Yeah, I know.

His is bad and yours is good.

But mine is better and
I'm taking Handsome.

You boys can pick up those packages
and tag along at the back if you like.

But don't get run over.

That's done it.

And the jackass said,
no, not now, it's too hot.

But in the cool of the
evening, I'll be there.

Moses on a mountain top.

So this is the sunny South Seas?

What a place.

Nothing but quiet and mud.

Farewell, pretty ones.


You ain't looked like that
since our first auto ride.

Take that stuff and put it
down anywhere, boys.

Well I guess my idea of me looking neat
and chipper when I get to Apia is shot.

Oh, I shouldn't worry about that, Sadie.

With all this heat, you'll soon
be as dry as a blotting pad.

Shikata ga nai, Shikata ga nai.

That's "I should worry"
in Jap', buttercup.

Mrs Macphail, tomorrow you and
must sew the mosquito netting.

Or the nights will be unendurable.

Why not sew them today? I have
no fancy for being eaten up tonight.

I prefer not to do any
sewing on the Sabbath.

It would be different if one
were indecently exposed.

By a tear in one's
clothing, for instance.

But under the circumstances it might
be a very bad example for the natives.

I suppose I'll find it pretty slow
down in Apia won't I, Grandpa?

Things ought to brighten up
considerable after you get there.

Oh, mister Horn!

Say lads, I thought you would have been
thirsty enough to locate it by instinct.

Here, I'll look. There's the
shy Kentucky refugee.

Who's got a corkscrew?

Here you are, Sadie.

Thanks, baldy.

Well boys, let's dip the beak.

Well now, ain't that a beautiful sight.

After you, lady.

I'll get a glass for you, Miss Thompson.
- What for? Down the hatch.

Now there is a lady after my own heart.

A friend of mine slipped me
that before I left Honolulu.

"Not that you need it, Sadie", said he.
- And right he was, Sadie.

You're not the type that
needs hooch to pep you up.

Nah, I was born hooched.

Willy, Willy. Look at this.

"The Wabash Blues".

Music and a nip of liquor.

That's what a rainy day is for, says I.

Can you dance, Handsome?

No, Miss Thompson.

I'm a club foot. I never
could twist my legs right.

Well, I'll learn you before
I leave. That's a threat.

The Quartermaster here is a great little
stepper. You watch him shake a shoe.

For one of his brains and
years .. you'd be surprised.

Come on Ethelbert, let's
show these island boys ..

How to dance the gig in Honolulu.

Righto. Let's have a go at it.

Here, park my cabbage.

Now, nothing too fancy now.
- Nope.

[ Music: loud ]

Slow down.

That's the stuff, matey.
Hit the high side.


Young woman.

What step you doing now, Bertie?

Young woman, have you no
respect for the Lord's day?


This is Sunday, young woman.
- Were you speaking to me?

I am simply reminding you
that this is the Sabbath.

The Sabbath? Let me see. Right you are.

I say this must stop.

Do you hear me?

I say ma'am, are not disturbing you?

Whether I am being disturbed
or not is of no consequence.

There are six days in the week
to dance, if you must dance.

Mr Horn, is this sort of
thing general in your store?

Well, it's a General Store, ma'am.

Oh, enough said.
Complaint is registered.

We'll go to my private suite
if you've no objection, Mr Horn.

No objection as far as I'm concerned.

Come on, Ethelbert.

Come on, boys. We're moving.

You bring the records, Handsome.
And you bring the hooch.

Drop in later if you feel like it,
Mr Horn. Always glad to see you.

Who is that young woman?

Her name ma'am is
"Thompson" as far as I know.

I mean, what is she?

I didn't enquire.

She was on the Orduna, wasn't she?

I am aware she was.

I am afraid Mr Davidson
will not like this at all.

I've argued it out with the Governor
but there is nothing to be done.

That means ten days here.

Two weeks, probably.

Well, I'm prepared for the worst.
I've taken rooms for us upstairs.

Two weeks with nothing to occupy us.

This enforced inactivity is
likely to prove wearisome.

The only thing to do is to apportion
out the day to different occupations.

Certain hours of the day
we will set aside for study.

And certain hours for .. exercise.

Rain or shine.

Then too, certain hours we'll go for ..


Recreation may be hard to find.
- Someone appears to have found it.

It's a person from the second class.

Exceedingly common.

Very flashily dressed.

In fact she looks rather .. fast to me.

Perhaps you noticed her on the boat?
- I met her.

Rather a good-natured girl on
her way to a position in Apia.

What kind of a girl?
- Oh, just an ordinary human being.

Not over-prosperous, I should say.

I think it is perfectly outrageous for
her to keep that music up, don't you?

If she wishes to play her own machine
it is not our right to interfere.

By the way, doctor.

You can visit the Naval hospital
tomorrow if it would interest you.

It's a busman's holiday, but I'll go.

[ Ship's horn ]

The Orduna must be going
out before her scheduled time.

I hate to see her go.

She seemed to be our
last link with home.

You'd better hurry,
or you're going to get licked.

Righto, Sadie. I'm sorry I can't
stay for lunch but I'm off.

But I hopes I'll see you again sometime,
as you're a good kid and I like you.

I tell you what you do. You write me a
nice, little loving postcard. Will you?

Righto .. a nice little postcard.

And once you write it,
just drop it in the ocean.

- Toodle-oo.

- Sayonara.

I'm off.

In the land of the Eskimo ..

Goodbye, Mr Davidson.

I got stranded on the Mary Jane.

And I guessed I never
will get home again.

Goodbye, Mr Davidson.

Goodbye, Mr Davidson.

Hello, Mr Davidson.

Better get aboard, Quartermaster.
As fast as you can.

Righto. Well, goodbye everybody.

Bye-bye folks.

The King's in wrong, but I'm in right.

The King stays out most every night.

And I start six months off.

Goodbye, Mr Davidson.

Come on, the tea is getting cold.

How long has this been going on?
- All morning.

Where did those marines come from?

They just appeared from
nowhere, in her wake.

If we're to have a fortnight
of this sort of thing ..

I don't know what we shall
all feel like at the end of it.

What's the matter, Alfred?

Of course. It just occurred to me.
The woman is out of Ibol?.

The thought came to me when I first
saw her but I didn't dare speak of it.

What is Ibol??

The .. plague spot of Honolulu.

That long-haired guy in there
just gave me the filthiest look.

What are you going to do, Alfred?

What do you expect me to do? I won't
have this house turned into a brothel.

I'm going to stop it.

There's a number of men in there.
Isn't it rather rash to go in now?

You know Mr Davidson very little.

If you think that fear
of physical danger ..

Is going to stop him in the
performance of his duties.

Stop! This has gone far enough!


Boys, the skids!

Get out of here!

The next time, I'll get sore.

They'll be no next time.

If you bust into a lady's room you ought
to get someone to introduce you, fellah.

Fall in, sweetheart.



I don't know what he'll do.

All I know is I wouldn't be in that
girl's shoes for anything in the world.

[ Ship's horn ]

Hello, Doc.
- Hello.

Been out for a walk?

About two steps.

Like walking through a hot pea soup.

What time of day is it?

Going on six.

A whole hour to put in before dinner.

Been to the hospital today?
- No.

Davidson's too busy.

Nothing left to do but
twiddle my thumbs.

Why twiddle?

Forced idleness makes them restive.

Back in Illinois where I was raised.

It was generally believed that a person
who stayed away from business ..

More than one working
day in every ten years ..

Was a loose, dangerous
and depraved character.

You don't see a bottle around
here anywhere do you, Doc?

Have a drink.

Not just now.

Well, the offer still holds.

There's more in the store.

Now what was I saying?

The subject I believe, was
the evil of too much work.

So it was.

There is a lot too much misdirected
energy in this world, doctor.

Are you speaking biographically
or autobiographically?


That was a mighty foolish
thing Davidson did.

That girl Sadie Thompson
wasn't doing any harm.

I see what you're getting at.

He's been after me for
letting her have a room.

It's your own house, isn't it?

Yes. But people like that
have got a lot of influence.

Once they get down on a trader ..

You might as well shut up shop and quit.

Surely he isn't asking you to turn
this poor girl out into the rain?

No, not exactly.

He knows there would be no place
for her to go except a native hut.

But I think she'd do better
to go to one than stay here.

Now that he's on to her.

Just what does he want you to do?

Well, he said he wanted to
be fair to her and to me.

But he wouldn't stand for any doings.

What do you think, Horn? Is she
out of Ibol?, that Honolulu place?

I don't know and I don't care.

What if she is.

We've all crossed thresholds
we don't brag about.

Hello, doctor.
- Good evening.

Evening, Joe.

My, the merry waters look
sure to carry on, aren't they.

Let's not mention the heat.

Just got around to getting myself
dressed and soon it's time to go to bed.

I've played solitaire all afternoon to
try and decide what to have for supper.

Tuna fish or beans.

And beans won.

Then I played beans against tamales.

Just for something to do,
and tamales got to win.

Got any canned tamales, Mr Horn?

I guess so. Poke around
until you find them.

Oh no hurry. Lots of time.

There's so much time lying
loose around this island.

Somebody ought to bottle it up and
send it back where they need some.

You don't mind do you, as
we're here all by ourselves ..

If I sit down and have a
skag with you boys?

Not at all.
- Have a drink.


You haven't seen that Marine Sergeant
around that I call "Handsome" have you?

No. He hasn't been around today.

Oh, it don't matter.

I just want to ask him something.

If you do see him, tell him to
drop round this evening, will you.

You know what I said to you last night?

As friend-to-friend, get me?

I'd go slow on company for a day or two.

I see.

Until Davidson gets over his
terrible experience, huh?

So you think I've been to
blame for what happened?

I ain't blaming anyone.

Pushing himself in on us that way.

What harm were we doing?
Just talking and singing.

Not a word or thought out of the way,
when bang goes the door and in he comes.

Knocking the phonograph over.

Here, I said. Quit that!

And then he began to ball us out.

The boys naturally thought he'd gone
crazy so they put the skids under him.

I know.

Anyway, I wouldn't attract his attention
any more than I had to just now.

Well, if it comes to that,
he'd better not attract mine.

I've never known anyone
like him, and I don't want to.


What kind of an egg is the Governor
of this place? Do you know?

The Governor?
- Yes. - Let's see.

Oh, a pretty good sort, I'd say. Why?

Oh nothing.

I just wanted to know. That's all.

The nerve of him.

Going to see the Governor about me.
Did you ever hear the like of it?

How do you know he went
to see him about you?

O'Hara told me.

He's reported O'Hara to
his office for the drinking.

I don't want that boy to get
into any trouble through me.

Oh, I guess O'Hara can
take care of himself.

Yeah? Well, so can I
if it comes to that.

Miss Thompson, I'd be careful.
- Of what?

I'd be careful for my own good.

You can't tell.

Give me strength.

How many times have I to tell you that
old bustard don't mean a thing to me.

If he minds his own
business, I'll mind mine.

And if he's looking for trouble,
I'll see that he gets it. That's all.

Mr Davidson's opinion
of people is never wrong.

Oh really?

We seem to hear the winds of
reform whistling down the chimney.

Whereas the low hussy
frolics off to buy her supper.

Where do you keep your
canned tamales, partner?

If there is any left, you'll find
them on that shelf by the door.

Anyway. There is no ill-feeling
between any of us, is there?

Well, I wouldn't say the
Doc has been exactly chatty.

Life just teems with quiet bonds.

Has Mr Davidson returned yet?
- Not yet, Mrs Davidson.

How is the headache? Any better?

Very little.

Ah ..

That girl. Miss Thompson.

I have an idea she's
sorry for what happened.

If she knew what she'd really
done, she'd be sorrier still.

Mr Davidson has a wonderful heart.

And no-one has ever
gone to him in trouble ..

Without being comforted.

But he has no mercy for sin.

Did you find your tamales, Sadie?
- Yep.

Don't look around. Here she comes now.

Yes, here I come now.
Why shouldn't I come now?

See here, let's settle this.

I'm paying for my own room
here. Isn't that so, Mr Horn?

That's so, Miss Thompson.

Will you kindly tell your guests then I
have as much right here as they have.

Now Miss Thompson, there isn't
anyone saying you haven't.

Don't look at her. Don't speak to her.

Nah, I wouldn't if I was you.

She is brazen.

- Don't.

You'll only harm yourself.

Oh, it's foolish I know.

But it is the first time I have ever had
words with a woman of .. that sort.

Well there is one comfort.

We shan't have to suffer this
sort of thing much longer.

Mr Davidson is attending to that.

Hello, Davidson.

Alfred, please change your wet clothes.

No. I shall be going out again probably.
- Again?

Oh Alfred, you must
try to get a little rest.

Alfred, you must.

My wife, like Martha.

Thou hast troubled thyself
about many things.

But mostly about me.

I do not know what I should ever
have done without my dear wife.

In the early days of our island work.

It was she who gave me the
strength and courage to go on.


Just before you got back,
that girl spoke to me.

She jeered and screamed at us.

What are you going to do about her?

Dinner ready bye and bye.

Strange how one's thoughts run to food
when there is nothing else to think of.

It happens there is a
great deal to think of.

This Thompson woman you
say spoke to you? - Yes.

She thrust herself in upon
us with low insults.

Well, the Governor tells me
the affair is no concern of his.

But if I find her incorrigible,
I shall see to it that he acts.

I'm afraid he has no backbone.

I suppose that means he won't
do exactly as you want.

Whatever it is you want him to do.

I only want him to do what is right.

There may be differences of
opinion as to what is right.

If a man had a gangrenous foot ..

Would you have patience with
anyone who hesitates to cut it off?

Gangrene is a matter of fact.
- And is not evil?

To me, this always seemed
a matter of opinion.

Anyway, the poor thing will only be
here until the boat for Apia goes.

And after she gets to Apia?
- I can't see how that concerns us.

That's where you and I differ, doctor.

I think it would be
best if I spoke to her.

But Alfred, why do you see her?

I cannot act until I have
given her every chance.

She will only insult you.

Let her insult me. Let her spit on me.

She has an immortal soul.

And I must do all in
my power to save it.

Miss Thompson, I want to talk to you.

I'm eating my supper.

I'll wait until you're through.

Well I guess it is something
that can stand by if it's important.

Miss Thompson, I have
come to make you a gift.

The most precious
gift that life can offer.

You want to give me something?
- Yes, I want to give you something.

I guess I'm not following you.
- The gift I offer is free.

I don't know why I get all this
attention from you, Mr Davidson.

I guess you mean well.

I think I can worry along as I've been
worrying along these several years.

I go my own way and
don't ask any favors.

Those who have the key of
salvation offered them ..

And fail to open the
door must be destroyed.

I see what you mean.

But I won't get destroyed.

I'll always make out one way or another.

If that's all Mr Davidson, I'll
go on eating .. I'm hungry.

You are hungry for
the bread of the spirit.

You are thirsty for the
waters of eternal life.

You mean right by me
Mr Davidson, and I'm grateful.

Especially after what
happened the other day.

You know.

Just between ourselves.

I had a feeling you were meaning to
get me for that little trouble we had.

I felt awful bad about it and
I've been wanting to apologize.

I see you are mistaking me,
but I do not think wilfully.

They all said you were sore, but ..

I didn't think a man as big as you could
hold a grudge over a misunderstanding.

This is all beside the
point, Miss Thompson.

The thing that concerns me now, is that
you be given your chance before I act.

My chance for what?
- Your chance to be saved.

Oh, I'm alright.

Don't you worry about me a bit.

You see, I'm a happy-go-lucky
sort of a fellah.

It's true I'm broke now,
but that don't worry me.

I'll be alright as
soon as I get to Apia.

I got friends there.

Yes? What sort of friends?

Just friends.

A girl I used to work with lives there.

And some American boys
have opened up a sugar plant.

She wrote me I could
have a job as cashier.

I'm pretty quick at figures.

For some time you've lived
in Honolulu, haven't you?

What did you do there?

I had a job.
- What kind of a job?


Part of the time I had
sort-of a singing job.

My voice ain't so bad if
you don't listen too hard.

Before you went away to
Honolulu where were you?

Where'd I come from, you mean?
- Yes. Where did you come from?


I was born in Kennesaw, Kansas,
if that means anything.

Ma and Pa got the California fever ..

So they sold the farm and bought
a ranch just outside Los Angeles.

I was about fifteen then, I guess.

Then Ma died.

Pa and I didn't get along so well
so I went up to San Francisco.

I worked there up until the
time I went to Honolulu.

What made you go away to Honolulu?

I don't know.

I wanted a change, I suppose.
- Oh, you wanted a change.

Well, Sadie Thompson,
this gift I have to offer you.

What are you going to do about it?

Do about it?

I don't know.

I don't know what you're talking about.

See here.

I told you I wasn't asking
anything from anybody.

I can take care of myself.

Up or down, in jack or broke.
What's the odds?

Where every night takes me, that's
my resting place. That's my way.

Thank you though, for your interest.

Kind of you after what happened.

I'm mighty glad you're
not sore at me because ..

Well, I like to keep
friends with everybody.

Miss Thompson, I see I
must be patient with you.

I see I must try and make you
understand, my poor lost child.

What happened the other
day is of no importance.

Do you imagine what you or those sailors
said to me makes any difference?

You sure are all to the
good, Mr Davidson.

I want to say this.

Don't be afraid, because
I'll keep to myself.

I know oil and water don't mix.

Those ladies in your party won't even
know I'm under the same roof as them.

I'll be as quiet as a mouse.
Honest I will.


I don't want any more
black looks from them.

Oh no, you will get no more black
looks from them, my poor child.

They're only waiting for the moment
when they can be your friends.

To help you with your burden.

Oh no.

You don't know the
ladies like I know them.

You don't need a spyglass to see those
ladies and me will never be shipmates.

This is your chance, Sadie Thompson.

If you will accept your atonement
without resentment or grief ..

The way will be found for you.

I'll admit you've got me stalled.

What are you driving at?

What have I to atone for?

Your life.

Mr Davidson.

Why do you worry about me?

You've had your own soul and
trust, and you have failed.

It is my business to show
you the way to redeem it.

Haven't I anything to
say about myself then?

You can choose but one of two paths.

What's the second choice?


And who is going to "destruct" me?

The powers which find no place for evil.

And you? What are you going to do?

Only my duty.

Yeah, I know. You went to see the
Governor about me, didn't you.

Alright Miss Thompson, I have
been to see the Governor.

So all you said just now, about
letting bygones be bygones ..

Calling quits on that bust-up
we had was just a bluff?

Be silent!

Are you ready to put away your sins?
To live a righteous and decent life?

To pray for forgiveness. If you are not,
be it on your own head. - Hey!

I shall not let you go
to Apia, Sadie Thompson.

You are an evil woman,
you have lived an evil life.

You've come here to carry
your infamy to other places.

You're a liar!

Who do you think you are standing
there calling me names?

Do you deny that you
have escaped from Ibol??

I've listened to you
all I'm going to listen.

Now you listen to me. You just
told me I'd better be careful.

Well, you'd better be careful yourself.

Lay off me or I'll show you what
it means when I start to get mad.

It will be worse for you if you don't.

The devil in you is strong,
my poor Sadie Thompson.

Evil has claimed you as its own.

You take care of your own evil
and I'll take care of mine.

I know what you want.
You want another scalp.

Well you don't get mine.

You don't fool me.

You want to make me over your
way, do you. Well you just try it.

This is your last chance, Sadie
Thompson. Kneel with me and pray.

Let go of me!

Sadie Thompson, you are doomed.
- Oh, you make me laugh!


Young man.

I should not come here if I were you.


You are likely to get into more
trouble than you are in already.

This isn't my first year
away from home, ma'am.

I ain't been run over yet.

Do you know what kind of
a girl this Sadie Thompson is?

Yes, ma'am.

My advice to you is to keep
away from bad company.

Bad company present.

You will excuse us, won't you.

Mr Horn.

What's the matter?

You look low.
- Low?


It's this rain, I guess.

It makes me jumpy.

It makes me want to knock
my head against the wall.

It's worse when it don't rain.

When the sun comes out for a minute,
you think you're in a steam room.

You ought to try getting out for a walk.

I was out this morning.

I went to see that half-caste
family you told me about.

They slammed the door in my face so
fast you'd have thought I had smallpox.

Being an orphan is a wonderful thing.

Sadie, please.

Do you want to get me in a jam?
- Okay, Joe.

Thank you, Sadie.

Listen to it.

Don't it make you want to scream.

And when you do scream,
what good does it do you?

You haven't any strength left.

Feel hopeless.


Don't talk like that, Miss Sadie.

It don't sound like you.
- Oh forget it.

I've got the shakes, I guess.

I'll get over it.

You see.

I just had a run-in with that Davidson.

Yeah? What about?

He's not going to let me
go to Apia, so he says.

And anyone can see
with two glass eyes ..

That this side of the equator,
he's in right and I'm in wrong.

The only thing I can't figure out is
what devil's trick he'll use to stop me.

I don't see what he can do.
- No. Neither do I.

And we don't say it
with bells, either of us.

You know, there is something about
that old crow that isn't human.



I guess it's his eyes.

They seem to look right into you
and know what you're thinking.

Something tells me I'm going
to need friends soon, Handsome.

Far from home.

You just keep your chin up.
It will be alright.

Yeah, but it is not
knowing what's going on.

Being here alone.


I feel about so big.

Like a kid feels in a bad dream.

Things coming at you.
You yelling for help.

Nobody hears you.

Well any time you call for help,
I'm right here. Don't you forget that.

Thanks, Handsome.

Say, look here.

If something should go wrong.

That is .. about you getting to Apia.

What will you do?

You might as well make plans.

What will I do?

You mean, you're afraid
something will go wrong?

Oh, no. But if that old nose-pusher
gets around the Governor somehow.

And they do stop you somehow.

What will you do?

I don't know.

Go back to the States, I suppose?


There is no way they could
make me go back, is there?

I don't see how, unless you want to.

Well, I don't want to
go back to the States.

Yet awhile.

Might not be bad to run
back and see your folks.

I haven't any folks.

Going back to the States
doesn't mean anything to me.

It don't to me neither.

Why, what's the matter, Miss Sadie?

I won't go back!
They can't make me, can they?

You don't want to go to Honolulu
either, I suppose? - No.

You could go to Sidney.


Why would I do that?
- Work is easy to get.

Living is cheap, they say.

I'd head that way instead
of Apia if I were you.

You think I'd do better there?

You'd never get much
of anywhere in Apia.

Worst spot in the world, they say.

And hot, holy bilge-water.

I never thought of Sidney.

Can I get there from here?
- There's a boat, twice a month.

I'm headed that way just as soon
as I've shed these hash marks.

That will be a month and three days.

What you going to do there, Handsome?
- Going into the building business.

An old shipmate of mine has
a place and wants a partner.

These three years left he's been at me
to get a discharge and come in with him.

You'd like Lefty.

Me and him joined the service
same time twelve years ago.

I'm glad you're fixed, Handsome.

You ought to do fine.
- You know.

Two times, Lefty and me joined on.

When it comes to number
three .. nix says he.

"Guess what I'm going to do" says Lefty.

Well, I knew without guessing.

So I stood up with him and the bride.

And they shoved off to Sidney
with me throwing the rice.

I'll bet you'll be glad to see him.

If you should go to Sidney.

Lefty and Maggie will put
you right about what to do.

Yeah? And can't I just hear Lefty's wife
yelping with joy at the sight of me.

You haven't any cause
to worry about Maggie.

You two would get along swell.

Baby boy, I know females.

You don't.

I got an idea what's on your mind.

But Maggie ain't the kind
of a dame you mean.

She's square from the toes up.

A funny thing.

Them that kick highest always
seem to settle down hardest.

You mean this Maggie was sort-of
gay before Lefty came along?

Lefty met her in Honolulu.

They were both nuts over each
other right from the start.

It never mattered to either of
them that they met in Ibol?.

In Ibol??


Knowing the worst to begin with
isn't always the worst way to begin.

Of course.

If there is some reason
why you're set for Apia.


If there is someone you're
wanting to see there ..

I .. I wouldn't want to persuade you.

Ha .. I'm not looking forward
to Apia with any wild joy.

Then there is another thing.
If you go to Sidney now.

I'll be over inside a few weeks.

Not that that might mean
so much to you, maybe.

I haven't so many friends, Handsome.
But I can do with one more.

You know, you're an awful
funny fellow, Handsome.

I guess I'm the dumbo king alright.

Have they any kids?


Those friends of yours in Sidney.

Oh .. I was thinking of something else.

Yep .. two.

How about it?

Huh? How about what?

Changing your route and
going to Sidney instead.

Sure. Why not.

I guess no-one can stop
me from doing that.

What a Simp' I was getting
the wind up all over nothing.

There I was jumping with the
shakes and nervous as a witch ..

Because that dismal bum
wouldn't let me go to Apia.

Well Apia, my foot. It's Sidney for me.

What do you want?
- Letter.

You may go.

It's for you.

For me?

Who is writing me a letter?

It's from the Governor's office.

You'd better open it.

What's the matter?

I won't go back! They can't make me.

There is reasons.

I've got some rights, haven't I?
- What's the matter?

The Governor has ordered
me back to San Francisco.

Now don't get nervous.
I'll tell you what you do.

Go see the Governor. Ask him to let you
stay here until the Sidney boat leaves.

Only be 3 or 4 more days.
- He'll see me?

Hurry, before he goes to supper. Only
a few steps. You want me to go with you?

Yeah, wait. I'll get my coat.

So, you're back are you.
You low-down skunk!

What have you been telling
the Governor about me?

I've been hoping to have another
talk with you, Miss Thompson.

Why you miserable snail-snatcher.

I wouldn't talk to you if you and me
were the only two people left on earth.

Why, you're so doggone mean it
makes me sick even to look at you.

That's what I think of you.

Coming to me with all that guff
you spilled about salvation.

Then going and having
me deported on top of it.

Why you low ..
- Sadie!

I am wholly indifferent to the abuse
you think fit to heap upon me.

Telling that Governor a lot
of filthy lies about me.

And now this comes.
I've got to beat it on the next boat.

You can hardly expect him to let
you stay under the circumstances.

What did the Governor know or care until
you went and put your hooks into me?

It's you that did it. You did it all.
- I will not deceive you, Miss Thompson.

I urged the Governor to take the only
steps consistent with his obligations.

Well, why couldn't you let me be?
Was I doing you any harm?

You may rest assured, if you had been
I would be the last one to resent it.

You don't think I want to stay
in this rain-hole, do you?

You're being given every
opportunity of getting out.

Come on Sadie, don't say any more.
- You. I know your kind.

You dirty, two-faced mutt.

I bet when you were a kid you
caught flies and tore their wings off.

I bet you stuck pins in frogs to see 'em
wiggle and flap and read 'em a lecture.

I know you!

Why, you'd tear the heart out of your
grandma if she didn't think your way.

And tell her you were saving her soul.
You're something incredible!

You will be glad to hear that
the Governor has acted at last.

He's a weak man.

For days he has shilly-shallied,
saying it was none of his concern.

I can readily see why.

How did you convince him?

I finally had to speak
straight from the shoulder.

The foundation that I represent in
Washington is not without influence.

Miss Thompson will sail on
the next boat that goes.

How soon will that be?

The Golden Gate is due here
from Sidney next Tuesday.

She will sail on that.

Four days more.

Are you ready?

Well .. that's settled Sadie
Thompson's hash, I guess.

Mrs Davidson tells me she
hasn't closed her eyes ..

Ever since that girl came to
live under the same roof as her.

The founder of her religion
wasn't so squeamish.

Don't joke about such
things please, Robert.

Excuse me, Doc.
Miss Thompson isn't feeling well.

Will you see her for a moment?
- Certainly.

She's right out here.

Sorry you're not feeling well.

I'm well enough. Not really sick.

O'Hara said that just
because I had to see you.

Yes, Miss Thompson?

I got to get back for inspection now.

I'll see you later.

Keep your chin up.
- Thanks, Handsome.

Lucky meeting you, Serge.
- What's up?

Hey, what have you been doing, lately?

You're booked for the Brig.
- That's right, Serge.

Fall in.


I don't know exactly what I can do.

I thought you could ask him if he'd
let me wait and go to Sidney instead.

It's only 3 or 4 days longer.

I'll ask him.

Tell him I can get work
in Sidney. Straight stuff.

Tell him I just can't go back to
San Francisco now. There is reasons.

Will you, please?

I'll do what I can.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh, Davidson.

What is it, doctor?

I want to speak to you about
something. Shall I come up?

No, I'll come right down.

Tell him I ask his pardon.
Tell him I'm sorry.

Better get into your room
now, Miss Thompson.

Well doctor, what can I do for you?

It's about Miss Thompson.

The Governor has told her
that if you have no objection ..

He will allow her to remain here until
she can take the boat for Sidney.

I'm sorry, doctor. But it is
useless to discuss the matter.

It appears the girl has reasons for not
wanting to return to San Francisco.

I don't see that it makes any difference
if she goes to Sidney instead.

It's only a matter of a few days.

Well, you mean this interference
for the best, but my mind is made up.

You want to know what I think?
I think you're harsh and tyrannical.

I'm terribly sorry you should
think that of me, doctor.

Believe me, my heart bleeds for
that unfortunate young woman.

But I cannot find it in my
conscience to change my decision.

However if the Governor wishes
to do so on his own account.

That is his business.
- He won't.

And you know why.

Please don't bear any malice towards me
because I cannot accede to your wish.

I respect very much, Dr Macphail.

And I should be sorry indeed
if you thought ill of me.

I've no doubt you have a sufficiently
good opinion of yourself ..

To bear mine with equanimity.

I'm sorry.

Don't give up hope, Miss Thompson.

I think it's a shame the
way they're treating you.

I'll go and see the Governor myself.

Will you?

Will you now?
- Now.

Oh you're awful good. Awful good.

You don't know what
this means to me, doctor.

Don't cry, Miss Thompson.
I think I can do something.

God bless you.

Let me tell you something.

Mr Davidson is one of them big Atua.

What's that?

What are you saying?

All the same, I know. He big Atua.

What's she saying?

What were you saying, Ameena?

All the same, I know.

He big Atua.

A witchdoctor.

A species of wizard, you perceive.

Knew everything, saw everything.

Lives by the power of God.

A real goat charm had no charms for him.

When hungry, he simply ferreted
out a devil and ate him up for tea.

Ah, cut it!

That kind of talk gives me the willies.

Let me have a drink will you, Joe.

That's Davidson up there isn't it?

Sounds like his voice.
- What's he saying?

He said: "Amen".

Either that stuff is
jinxed or I am, Horn.

I can't seem to feel it.

Maybe the Atua is after me.

What is it the old thing does?

Sees everything.

Knows everything.

You know.

That's the kind of an eye
Davidson has alright.

He looks right into you.
He knows what you're trying to hide.

I guess it wouldn't be any use to try
and hide much from him, would it.

Not much.

What did he say?

I'm sorry, Miss Thompson.

That's alright.

Thanks, just the same.

I'm sorry for what I said to you today.

For everything that's happened,
I ask a pardon.

I guess my back is broad enough
to bear a few hard words.

You got me beat.

I'm all in.

Oh don't make me go back
to San Francisco, please.

I'll go anywhere else you say.

Why don't you want to go back there?

My folks live there.

I guess I don't want them
to see me like this.

I understood you had no people.

I got a father.

But you told me yourself your
father did not live in San Francisco.

That's not the reason, Miss Thompson.

What's the reason you
don't want to go back there?

I told you.
- No, no. You haven't told me.


It's this way.

I'm trying to go straight now.

If I go back there, I can't go straight.

What will prevent you from going
straight if you really want to?

There is a man back
there who won't let me.

Why won't he let you?

He just won't.

You see.

It's this way.

I'm scared of him getting me again.

Who is this man?

Well ..

A sort of a politician.

And you fear his influence, eh?
- Yes. Yes, that's it.

You see, he's bad and I'm scared of him.

Does he need to know
that you have returned?

Oh, he'll know.

Miss Thompson,
San Francisco is a big place.

It should not be difficult for you to
keep out of his way if you want to.

Well .. I'll have to get help
once I get back and ..

The only people that will
help me are in with him.

If you earnestly
desire to go straight ..

It will not be necessary for you to
go to your former friends for help.

My foundation will help you
until you are on your feet.

This man you fear need never
know that you were in the city.

Oh he'll know. All the boat
coming in are being watched.

You mean to tell me that every boat
coming into port will be watched ..

On the chance that you are on it?


Come, Miss Thompson.
These evasions are getting you nowhere.

Why are you afraid to
return to San Francisco?

I told you. Because I
can't go straight there.

Can I tell you why you're
afraid to go back?

This "politician" you fear is
a politician in a uniform.

He wears a badge.

What you fear is the Penitentiary.

Oh don't send me back, please.
I'll be good. Honest I will.

Is that it, the Penitentiary?
- But I was framed.

I got away before they caught me.

Gee, they'll nab me the
minute I get off that boat.

It will be three years
for me. Three years.

Oh give me a chance,
will you? Just one chance.

I'm going to give you the finest
chance you've ever had.

I don't have to go back, you mean?
- Yes, you will have to go back.

You will sail for San Francisco
Tuesday, as the Governor has ordered.

If you are truly repentant,
you will accept this punishment.

You will offer it as the
atonement for your sins.

When you want me, Sadie
Thompson, call me. I will come.

At any hour of the day or night,
when you need me I will come.

I shall be waiting for your call.

Mr Davidson.

Wait a minute.

You're right, Mr Davidson.

I am bad.

But I want to be good,
only I don't know how.

So, I tell you what.

You let me stay here with you.
And then you can tell me what to do.

And no matter what it is,
I'll do it for you.

You can't stay here. You've got to go
back. You've got to serve your time.

You mean to say ..?

If I repent and want to be good.

I still have to go to the Penitentiary?

Yes. You've got to go.


You send me back there
and that's my finish.

No. It will be your beginning.

But I was framed, I tell you.

Innocent or guilty, you have
got to serve your sentence.

It is the only way you can
prove you are worthy of mercy.

Innocent or guilty?

What are you talking about?

Where's your mercy?

Ah no ..

I guess that repenting stuff is off.

Was it every "on", Miss Thompson?

Whether it was or not, it's off now.

You've got to go back to San Francisco.

Straight orders from your
private heaven, huh?

Oh no, Mr Davidson.

Your God and me could
never be shipmates.

And the next time you talk to him,
you can tell him this from me:

That Sadie Thompson
is on her way to hell!


This has gone far enough.

Oh no, it hasn't gone far enough.

You've told me what's wrong with me.
Now I'll tell you what's wrong with you.

You keep yelling at me to be
punished, to go back and suffer.

How do you know how I've suffered?

You don't know, you don't
care, and you don't even ask.

And you call yourself a Christian?

Why, you're nothing but a miserable
witch-finder, that's what you are.

You believe in torture.

You know you're big and you know you're
strong and you got the law on your side.

And the power to hang me. Alright!

But I've got the power to
stand here and say to you:

Hang me and be damned to you!

Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory.

For ever and ever.

Oh Lord, here Thou my
prayers for this lost sister.

Close Thy ears to a wild
and heedless world.

Our Father who art in heaven.

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on
earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory.

For ever and ever.


Our Father who art in heaven.

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on
earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory.

For ever and ever.


Our Father who art in heaven.

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on
earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive those that trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation.

But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom.

The power and the glory.

For ever and ever.


You got my clothes?

Everything is here.
- I'll be out in a few minutes.

"Everything goeth,
everything returneth."

"Eternally rolleth the
wheel of existence."

"Everything dieth."

"Everything blossometh forth again."

"Eternally runneth on
the year of existence."

"Thus spake Zarathustra."

Ah, good old Nietzsche.

Be quiet, Joe.

What do you mean?

Tomorrow, she goeth.

Thus endeth that episode.

I expect we'd better go back.
I have a feeling something is wrong.

But the ..

Other dances are about to begin.

You ought to be here to prevent them.

That girl and her salvation are more
important to me now than anything else.

We've got to go.

If you're not stopping this, Davidson, I
personally want to see it through.


Perhaps doctor, you wouldn't
mind escorting the ladies home.

I must go.

How is she?

Not so good.

Has she wondered why
I haven't been around?


Didn't you tell her, you old pelican,
that they had me in the Brig?

Nope. She didn't ask.

She didn't ask?
- Nope.

She didn't even inquire about you.

I'm asking because the last time I
seen her we were pretty good friends.

You don't suppose do you, that she had
time to think of you or anything else?

With Davidson getting her ready
to go back to San Francisco.

What's he been doing to her?




Got her beached with
the psalms stuff, huh?

Beached and delirious, I'd say.

He took pretty good care to get rid
of me before he started, didn't he?

Well, I'll beat him to it, tonight.

How did you get out?

Walked out.

What you doing, O'Hara?

You arouse my curiosity.

If I was you I'd ease off to bed with
the old lady and not have any curiosity.

Oh .. you would, would you.

And why would you do that?

I'd do that so as I wouldn't be blamed
for anything in case anything happened.

Sounds like another row starting.

The most unlucky day of my life,
the day that Orduna came into port.


Lock up.

I like my comforts.

For five days now.

This whole household has centred
on that poor Thompson girl in there.

With Davidson and Old Nick
wrestling for her soul.

It's got me nervous.

Cheer up. It won't center
around her much longer.

What do you know about it?
Safe in the Brig all week.

There hasn't been such a casting-out of
devils since the first chapter of Exodus.

The last vestige of mortal sin
lurking in that poor critter's heart ..

Has been torn out.

Sadie Thompson, who blew
into my hotel a week ago.

Isn't anymore.

Wait until you see her.

You aren't keeping anything
from me, are you Joe?

Wait until you see her, I say.

She's like a victim they've got trussed
up to sacrifice to some bloody idol.


It'll make you sick to look at her.

Get her out to me.
I'll tend to the rest of this.


My mind is blank save for one thing.

Tomorrow, Miss Sadie Thompson
will be on the high seas.

You bet she'll be.

Miss Thompson, you're wanted.
- Alright.


You look awful sick.

I was wondering whether
I'd see you before I left.

You've been awful kind.

I'll never forget.

I want to thank you.

Look here, Sadie.

How long will it take you to get packed?

I'm pretty well packed now.
- That's good.

Griggs and Hodgson
will be along any minute.

They'll tote your bags.

You hurry up now and get
dressed as fast as you can.

Get dressed?

You're leaving this place tonight.

My boat don't leave
until tomorrow morning.

Your boat is leaving tonight.

And I'm going to see you get aboard it.

I must wait for Mr Davidson.

He's going to see me onboard.

Mr Davidson isn't going to see you off.

He isn't?

What's happened?

Where is he?

You're not going to San Francisco.
That's what's happened.

You are leaving here in a few minutes
for the Samarkan Islands on a junk.

You'll wait there until the Sidney boat
arrives. Then you're going to Sidney.

But .. what do you suppose
Mr Davidson would say?

If he came back and found me gone?

You know the old
shouter better than I do.

I don't mind admitting ..

The sight of his face at that moment
would slip me considerable quiet fun.

You've had a pretty bad time
these last few days, I guess.

Just forget it.

It's mighty sweet and fine of you ..

To go to all this trouble for me.

Fine? Fine, nothing.

This ain't one small bit of what I'd
like to do for you if I got the chance.

You know.

You're doing this.

Sort-of makes me want to cry.

But ..
- But what?

I can't do it.

Why can't you do it?

I'm going through with what
I've got to go through with.

Are you afraid of Davidson?

He'll never get hold of
you again. I'll see to that.

No, that isn't it.

It will be awfully hard for me to make
you understand what's come over me.

I can't understand it myself,
except that it's happened.

Sadie .. this sort of thing
don't make you happy.

You don't realize it ain't yourself.

You got to forget Mr Davidson .. and ..

And come with me.

No, I couldn't.

I couldn't.

You don't know what you're saying.

You haven't any idea what you're saying.

They're not going to send you back
there with no-one to take care of you.

In Sidney in a couple of weeks ..

You'll have me.

Remember what I told you
about Lefty and Maggie?

I won't listen. I won't listen.

What's to hinder you repenting in
Sidney as well as in San Francisco?

If you got to repent.

Oh, you don't understand.

I've got to go back.

And be punished for what I've been.

What's that you're saying?

When I get back to
San Francisco, Handsome.

I've got to go to the
Penitentiary for 3 years.


Mr Davidson says.

It doesn't make any difference.

Whether I was innocent or guilty.

Of what they framed me for.

He says.

It's the only way of
letting me square myself.

He says.

I've got to accept an unjust punishment.

By a man.

As a sacrifice for my sins.

You listen to me. Get into your room and
get your clothes on as fast as you can.

Let go of me. Let go.

Don't you dare do that again.

I want you to go away.
Do you hear? Go away.

Sadie, Sadie.
- I mean it.

Go away.
- Sadie, listen please.

Oh Handsome, why can't you let me alone?

Here are the boys, Sadie.

Come to say goodbye to you.
- No.

They're going to put your things
aboard the junk for you. - No, no.

Why doesn't Mr Davidson come?

Where is he?

Where is he?

See if she's got a coat in that room.
That old fool has got her tranced.

We're taking her whether
she wants to go or not.

Oh, they're taking my things.

They mustn't take my things.

Sadie, don't. Someone will hear you.
- Let me go.

Go away.

Oh Handsome, why can't you let me be?

Don't you see, Sadie.
You ain't yourself.

I am .. I am myself.

That's what I've been
trying to tell you.

Mr Davidson is a holy man.

He's different from you and me.

He's made me different.

I've been born all over again, Handsome.

Can't you see?

Yes, I see. And I see something else.

Remember I told you if you ever
needed a friend I'd be here?

Well, you need a friend right now.

You're not going to San Francisco.

You're going to Sidney.


Out there you got your
whole life before you.

We'll go away where this rain
or anything else can't bother us.

Just you and me.

Like Lefty and Maggie.


You'll be Mrs Tim O'Hara.

It's Sidney and us.

The whole works against
the Penitentiary.

And I'm taking you whether
you want to go or not. - No.

No, you mustn't. You mustn't.

I'm saved I tell you.
You'll send me to hell.

Mr Davidson .. Mr David ..

It seems I got here just about in time.

All evening I had a peculiar
feeling you were in danger.

Sadie, don't pay any attention to him.

I'm sorry for you, O'Hara. What you
are trying to do is a serious offence.

What you're trying to do
would make a hyena cry.

You are trying to abduct Sadie Thompson.
You've attempted to defeat the law.

And it's likely to go hard with you.
- That's my lookout.

What kind of a man are you anyway?
Picking on this poor kid here?

Getting her so she's half crazy.

Saving her so she can back to prison.

You are one choice specimen,
Davidson. I'll say that for you.

They don't make your kind every day.

You've a headstrong manner, O'Hara.

You are breaking barracks and
attempting a high-handed crime.

You defy the authority of state and God.

You cannot go on the way you are going
and I shall see to it that you do not.

Begging you pardon, might I ask
what you're going to do about it?

Go back to barracks as fast as you can.

Report here to me tomorrow
after Miss Thompson has gone.

Ha. Where do you get these ideas anyway?

If it's good advice you
want to ladle out, keep it.

On such rare moments as
I think, I think for myself.

Well, this is not helping your
case. Watch what you say.

I'm here to watch out that Sadie
don't make any fool breaks.

You got to do some settling with
me before she does any sailing.

You're wrong.

I know what I'm doing.

I'm sorry, but I see clear.

You see clear?

Why, he's got you
so it's like you don't.

I see what you don't.

What's happened to me
don't happen to everybody.

I was nothing.

I was nobody.

Now I'm somebody.

I'm somebody.

It's a wonderful thing, to know
you've been made of some account.

The only thing I can't see is ..

How it's happened to me.

Is .. is that the way it is, Sadie?


What do you want me to do?

I don't want you to do anything.


Just don't say anything more.


I'll tell the boys to
bring your things back.


If you and me never
see each other again.

I want to say this.

I'll never forget you.


If you'd like ..

I'll come back tomorrow and put
your things aboard the boat for you.

If you want me to.

Don't blame O'Hara, Mr Davidson.

It was all my fault.

No my poor child, it was not your fault.

In the last few days you've become
very close and dear to God.

He has tested you and found you true.

Tonight he sent the devil to tempt
you, but you thrust away the devil.

Once, your soul lay like a stagnant pool
in the lowest pit of the deepest valley.

But tonight it has lifted to the sun.

Cleansed, glorified
as the rain of heaven.

When you're here.

Everything is clear.

Everything is alright.

But .. when you are away.

I'm afraid.

I get to thinking of
how wicked I used to be.


I just can't believe it's all forgiven.

The days aren't so bad but ..

It's the nights.

Then I began to think and wonder.

If they are bad now.

What are they going to be like ..

When you can't come to me anymore?

When I'm alone?

When you are alone ..

My strength will come to you through
prayers which will always be on my lips.

Little by little, you yourself
will grow stronger .. surer.

Presently the time will come when
sin and terror will be powerless ..

To penetrate the great love that
God has wrapped around you.

Then will you be redeemed.

The kingdom and the glory will be yours.



When you talk like that.

I'm not afraid.

That old life I led.

It don't belong to me at all.

It wasn't me.

It was someone else.

When I feel like that, Mr Davidson.

Does it mean I'm redeemed?

Yes, Sadie.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for
you. You will need all your strength.

You must try and get some sleep now.

Tomorrow .. but ..

If I wake up tonight.

And get afraid?

Can I call you?

When I hear you call, I will come.

I'm very tired.

Hello Horn. You still up?

Yep. Reading.

Want anything?
- No. I'm off to bed.

There is an uncanny concentration
about the rain tonight.

Perhaps. Everybody in?

Davidson is still out. Can't sleep.

Can't sleep, eh?

He has uneasy dreams, his wife ..

Tells me.

- Goodnight.

"Everything goeth,
everything returneth."

"So rolleth the wheel of existence."

"Everything dieth."

"Everything blossometh forth again."

"So runneth the year of existence."

"Thus spake Zarathustra."

[ Drum beats. Quiet ]

Mr Davidson.

Oh, Miss Thompson. What are you up for?

I couldn't sleep.

This rain and those drums.

And then .. thinking about tomorrow.

I don't seem to be able to
do much by myself, do I.

Not yet maybe. But every prayer
is going to make you stronger.

This time tomorrow, I'll be on the sea.

I don't suppose we'll ever meet again.

Not in this life, Sadie. Probably.

I'll be in prison three years.

That's a long time.

What will I do when I come out?

What will I be?

For hours and hours I've been wondering.

Out there in the rain,
I walked and wondered, too.

The darkness was full of eyes.

I saw things I never saw before.

I looked into the awful
groves of Astaroth herself.

Sadie, you don't have to
go back to San Francisco.

What do you mean?
- Just that.

Didn't you tell me I had
to make a sacrifice?

Yes, but I repeat. You don't have
to go back unless you truly want to.

But I do want to.

I haven't got anything else to offer.

It's the only thing I've got to give.
And I want to give it.

I thank thee. I thank thee.

Why do you say that, Mr Davidson?

Because you said what I knew you'd say.

My every prayer has been answered.

I prayed that there might come into
your heart so passionate a desire ..

For this punishment which you now lay
as an offering at your redeemer's feet.

That even if I offered to let
you go, you would refuse.

I hope I'll be strong enough
to go through with it right.

From now on, you will be strong.

There is to be no more fear.



You will be one of the
daughters of the King.

That's what you are now, Sadie.
One of the daughters of the King.



I think I'll go now.

And try to get some sleep.

[ Drum beats. Louder ]

[ Drum beats. Very loud ]






It's Davidson.
- He isn't dead, is he?

His throat is cut. He's been dead
for several hours. Suicide.

I must tell Mrs Davidson.
- No, I'll go back and tell her.

I hate to do it, but I guess
she knows something already.

She heard the boys calling for you.
- Better hurry.

I wonder why he did it.

[ Jazz music. Loud ]

[ Jazz music. Loud ]


Where is Miss Thompson?
- How did you know about it?

One of the boys told me. I came here as
fast as I could in case Sadie needed me.

You don't think ..

There's no chance Sadie
is mixed up in this is there?

No. He did it himself.

I hope they don't bring him in here.

I don't like men that die that way.

They don't rest easy.
- Wait a minute.

Pretty cool, I'd say.
- Yeah.

Well anyway, I'm glad I
didn't have to tell her.

I wonder how she'll take it.

I wonder ..

[ Jazz music. ]

Listen to that.

See? She don't know yet.

Then .. why is she playing ..?

One of us should go in and
tell her what's happened.

She hasn't touched that phonograph
since Davidson went after her.

What's she playing it now for?

I don't know.
- Look here.

Last night she was frightened
about going back to San Francisco.

Why is she playing that thing
the first thing this morning?

When at noon, she's going on
a journey she's afraid to make.


How should I know?

What do you infer?
- I'm not inferring.

Who is going to tell her? You?

It will come better from you.

Oh, alright.

Miss Thompson?
- Yeah? What is it?

Let me in. It's Horn.

Oh no you don't. Stay where
you are. I'll be out in a minute.

It's very important, Miss Thompson.
- Okay, coming right out.

Hello Horn. What's going on?

Hello Handsome.
What are you doing up so early?


Surprised to see me all dolled up, huh?

Well, why not?

I had to put on my best this gay
and glorious morning, didn't I.

Besides, I'm radiant .. beautiful.

You didn't know that, did you.

I could hardly believe my eyes
when I saw that sun this morning.

Do I feel fine?

I do!

I'd race you down to the beach
if it wasn't for these pesky heels.

Sadie, turn off that phonograph.

- They'll be back any minute.

- Mrs Davidson.

And why should I turn off the phonograph
because Mrs Davidson is coming back?

I'm not concerned with
what Mrs Davidson thinks.

Or for that matter, with what
Mister Davidson thinks.

My advice to him is to pin on
his wings and fly in the air.

Joe, turn off that phonograph.
- Stay out of my room.

That phonograph stays on.

Sadie, something has happened.
- You bet something has happened.

You men.


Sadie .. Davidson has killed himself.


They found him on the beach this
morning. He's got his throat cut.

Then I can forgive him.

I thought the joke was all on me.

But I see it wasn't.



[ Music stops ]

No offence to you and that
last crack I made, Handsome.

0h, that's alright.

I'm going to Sidney with you.

If the invitation still holds good.

Let's go.

I understand, Miss Thompson.

I'm sorry for him.

And I'm sorry for you.

I'm sorry.

For everybody in the world, I guess.