Railway Platform (1955) - full transcript

While passing through Andher Nagri, a long-distance train comes to an unexpected halt. Passengers, including Kavi and unemployed Ram, who is traveling with his widowed mother and sister, Vimla, alight to inquire from the Station Master. They are told that due to railways lines being washed away, the train has been delayed for 24 hours. A businessman, Nasibchand, and his wife, quickly make their way to a nearby business, owned by Naina and her widowed father, and rent it for the day. Hoping to profit by selling food and water to stranded passengers, he hires passengers who can cook and draw water from the well and sell it to other passengers. Ram becomes the local hero when he rescues Naina from the well, and she falls in love with him. Little does she know that he will soon make plans to wed Rajkumari Indira - the runaway daughter of Raja Adiraj - a decision that will change everyone's lives - while others, including a Pandit and a thief, prepare to carry out their very own respective agendas.

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Through hamlets and settlements,
hills and vales, wanders a gypsy singing

To the accompaniment
of his heart's music

We journey but a
short while together

Our friendships bound by time

If we tarry today, we must prepare
for a journey on the morrow

The Fates sit, spreading
their snares at every step

Who will be left behind on
this journey of life, no one knows

Through hamlets and settlements,
hills and vales, wanders a gypsy singing

To the accompaniment
of his heart's music

Why is this world crazy
for wealth and riches?

Material riches must be left behind;
it cannot be carried into the afterlife

Through hamlets and settlements,
hills and vales, wanders a gypsy singing

To the accompaniment
of his heart's music

Aah, bravo, sir, bravo!
You speak the honest truth.

- Material wealth will remain here.
- You speak the truth, sir.

But, these days,
who believes in this?

When my daughter got engaged...

- her in-laws asked for Rs.5,000 as dowry.
- Good God!

- Vimala is awake!
- So what am I to do?

Where's the money coming from?
How will this wedding take place?

- We'll sell the house.
- Hmph! Sell the house!

Sir, they were very young
when their father died.

I sold all my jewelry
to educate him...

in the hope that our troubles would end.
But he hasn't got a job yet.

Now, if we sell our house,
where will we stay? On the road?

- That's true, sir.
- Don't worry, mother, everything will be okay.

- What will be okay?
- Yes, mother...

this world is filled with troubles.

- May God save us.
- Praise be to God.

- Hey, you keep falling over me!
- My dear, come over to this side.

- Can't I sit in my seat?
- Now you can rest peacefully, my dear.

Lie down... sleep...

- Sir, please move a little...
- What? Let me sleep. - Let me sit.

Thank you!
You did us a favor.

Dear sir, I'm definitely
older than you.

I'm sixty years old.

- And you must be 20? 22?
- He's 22. - 22 years old.

I'm a dhobhi (washerman)
by profession.

But I earn a monthly
income of Rs.200.

- And you have no job?
- None at all.

So I earn more than you, too.

So let me ask you one thing, friend.
How can you address me thus?

As it is, I gave your sister
some space...

and just because you've learned
a few words of English...

you have forgotten your culture?

- [Murmuring Lord Ram's name.]
- Ram, apologize to him.

- Go on... Apologize!
- It was a mistake, sir. Please forgive me.

Bless you, my son. This is the
influence of our culture. Bless you.

Bless you.
Hey, can't you sit properly?

- Ram! Hey, Ram!
- Hmm?

Go, have a look outside. Find out why
the train has been stationary for so long.

- Huh?
- The train has stopped here awhile.

- Get up! Get up, the train has stopped.
- The train has stopped? - Yes.

Yes, you!

My dear sir, Beauty is calling you!

- Tell me, memsaab!
- Can you tell me why the train has stopped?

A hen has laid eggs
on the railway tracks.

- The train will move when the eggs are removed.
- Why haven't they done so yet?

Wow, memsaab! How
intelligent you must be!

- You're very rude.
- Really? Wow!

You are quite impolite yourself,
and I'm the rude one?

You're mannerless!

Can Beauty ever be mannerless?

Memsaab! The world will always
total two and two to make four.

And that's why they are
miserable. Look here...

I add two and two and make it 22.
I'm happy and content.

He was saying
Beauty is mannerless.

- Oh, shut up!
- Memsaab also adds two and two to make four.

- Your highness! Your highness!
- What is it?

My liege, the princess is not in her room.
I found this letter on her bed.

I'm leaving this house forever.

I detest the groom you have
chosen for me.

I'm sorry I could not
obey your orders.

Your unfortunate lndira.

Hello? Hello? Controller?

- Station master speaking.
- Hey, master!

What's happened? Why has
the train stopped here?

Be patient.
I'll tell you the reason.

- Tell me.
- The train has stopped because... - Sir! Sir!

- Why has the train halted?
- That's what I was explaining...

- The train has stopped because...
- Hey, sir!

- Oh! - Why has the train stopped?
- Lala, that's just what I was explaining.

- The train has stopped because...
- Master!

Khansaab, why are you
blocking the way?

May I ask why the train
has halted here?

Sethji, that's just what I was
explaining to these people!

- The train has been stopped because...
- Station master!

- Yes, madam?
- Why has the train stopped?

Oh, oh... first of all, all of you
come together.

- Then I'll tell you.
- "Why has the train stopped?"

- Shut up!
- What're you doing?

- Masterji!
- What?

Listen to me...

- First, gather everyone together. Then I'll tell you.
- Alright.

I'll gather everyone around.
Please come here.

Listen, sir, don't interrupt.

- Of course!
- Khansaab, please hold the door.

- Uh? - Don't let anyone come in.
- Oh.

If anyone talks now, I'll not
say anything. [lndecipherable]

The fact is... that...

- at the next station...
- Station master!

- Oh ho ho... - Why has the train...
- Good lord! - What...

- Tell us quickly, master.
- Be quick!

- Oh, my! The train has
stopped because...

a river is in spate just before
the next station.

The railway tracks are
submerged in water.

So the train won't
proceed any further.

Station master, for how long will
the train be held up here?

For as long as the river
is in spate.

- And how long will that be?
- How can I answer that?

- Am I...?
- Excuse me, madam.

W... O...

R... K...


P... R...



- 24 hours?
- Oh, God! Damn it!

- Excuse me, young man? - Yes?
- You know how to send cables?

- Yes, I do.
- Hey, station master! - Yes?

- Will we have to stay here for a few days?
- Perhaps.

- 24 hours?
- Oh, damn it!

[lndecipherable] - It's the wedding
of my old friend's dog...

and I'm invited there. I've to
reach the venue by evening.

So what can I do?
What can I do?

- And then?
- I learned it for a job, but I didn't get the post.

- Very good, very good!
- Move back, excuse me, please...

Well, station master. I've to reach
Bombay by tomorrow morning.

It's the test match between
India and the West lndies.

- Did you know Lala Amarnath is the captain?
- No.

- You don't know?
- Certainly, no.

- No?
- No!

But for me, it's a job at stake.

How will I get the job
if I don't reach by tomorrow?

- Do you have a recommendation?
- Then, you won't get the job.

This is Andher Nagri. You can't get a
job here without a recommendation.

- Arre, yes, sir! This is indeed
'Andher Nagri' [Dark Kingdom].

Why else would
the train halt here?

Arre, Master!
Where shall we stay?

- On the platform?
- Yes, sir, yes!

What arrangements have you made
for us, first-class passengers?

- What?
- Isn't there a waiting room here?

- No, madam. - No?
- No, sir.

- Then where will we stay?
- You could stay in your own cabins.

- But the fans don't work there, nor is there any water.
- Yes!

Then, perhaps, you could
stay on the platform...

- like these people.
- On the platform?

- Oh, no! - On the platform!
- Excellent, my dear sir!

You've made us very happy today.

Rich and poor will stay together
for a day, at the very least.

- Why do you blabber so much?
- Why are you so angry, memsaab?

- You can stay just like us.
- Look, mister...

by a stroke of good fortune,
Life has been extremely kind to us.

We're deemed the best.

The luxuries of the world are
ours for the asking.

And so, we cannot stay
on the platform with you.


- Sir?
- Yes, madam?

- So what arrangements can be made for us?
- What?

- Station master saab, the arrangements
for the 'best' people will continue...

but tell us if there's any
provision for meals here?

No, young man. There's neither
a store at the station nor a well.

- Not even a well?
- No.

We have to stay here for 24 hours
and you can't even provide water?

- I'm very sorry!
- This really is Andher Nagri!

What do you mean? This place
is not a part of Andher Nagri.

No, madam. This is
the last station in this state.

And the King is our Sovereign.


- Station master saab?
- Yes?

Just as this state is named
Andher Nagri [Dark Kingdom]...

if the king is named 'Chaupat Raja'...
[confused/chaotic; an old Hindi idiom]...

- Excuse me, Station master saab.
- What is it?

What arrangements can be made
for our meals?

There's a shop about a furlong,
a furlong-and-a-half from here...

with a well on the premises. That's
where you will find something to eat.

- Nihal Chand?
- Yes, Naseeb Chand?

- What are these people doing?
- They're arguing.

The trader's ears are tingling.

You're an idiot!

Look, there's only
one shop here...

and only one well.
And trader?

Brilliant! Go quickly and
get my bag of money.

But of what use
is your money here?

- You fool, for business, of course.
- Business? - Yes.

Wow, my Lord, wow!

When you deign to be bountiful,
your benevolence is limitless.

You just doubled my profit.

Oh, my!

Oh, never mind, it's nothing.
This was a good omen.

What do you want? Gram dal,
puffed rice, savories, snacks, sweets?

- What do you want?
- What's that in those bags?

- Huh? Wheat, rice, millet...
- Alright, alright, that's enough.

- What do you want? - I want everything.
- Everything? Oh, my!

- Wait, let me call father.
- Okay.

Father, here! Hey, why are you
spoiling our goods?

- Spoiling? I'm only tasting...
- No such thing is allowed here.

- You will have to pay me 1 paisa.
- What? I'm here to do a lot of business...

A lot of business! I don't want
to trade with you. Pay up 1 paisa.

Pay up indeed! Here...
here you go, 1 paisa.

You think I'm stupid?

Here! One... two... three...

- [lndecipherable] - No!
- What is it, my dear?

Oh, sir! This shop
belongs to you?

- It belongs to God.
- How wonderful!

- Do you want to sell?
- Of course not!

I don't want to sell the shop.
It's my pride and joy.

- Heard that?
- Yes, I did.

And that's okay. It's not as if
I want it forever.

- I want it for one day.
- For one day?

It might go a few hours over that,
but I'll pay good money.

- Lots of money?
- Yes.

- Whose well is that?
- It belongs to us.

- Arre, Nihal Chand!
- I'm coming!

Come quickly.
The situation is warming up.

Coming, sir, coming!

Alright, does the well have water,
or is it dry?

Father, what sort of
a businessman is he?

Hey, sir, how can it be a well
if it has no water?

- It was a mistake.
- Yes, it was.

- Okay, this well, and the shop including its contents...
- Yes?

The well, the shop
with all its contents...

To rent these for
one day and one night...

- What should we offer, Nihal Chand?
- Er... Rs.150. - Rs.150?

- How much is that?
- 150 is 150.150.

- One phitee?
- No, no, no, Not 'one phitee'.

- Not one phitee. - Huh?
- One hundred and fifty.

- I think she's illiterate.
- One hundred and fifty. - You're right!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8... 20...
20... how many twenties?

- How many twenties?
- You do the Math, Nihal Chand.

- 7 twenties, sir.
- Ah. Oh.

- He seems smart.
- 7 twenties.

- 7 twenties? - Yes.
- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7...

- 7 twenties? - Yes.
- 7 twenties? - 7 twenties!

Oh my! Of course we'll rent
it to you! Give me the money!

- Ah, Nihal Chand... - Yes, sir?
- Count the money; I'll just be back.

- Hey, I'm giving you the amount, take it.
- Give me the money. - Here.

Nihal Chand!

- Get their thumb impressions on stamp paper.
- You're absolutely right.

1,2,3,4,5, and this is 6,
and this, 7.

Hey, sir, you need to
sign some papers.

Oh, yes, sir. I'm coming.

- Father! - Hmm?
- Shut the door.

- Where shall we hide it?
- Yes, where?

- Shut the window, father!
- Yes.

Father... open this!


- Mother! Mother...
- Uh?

That's the well, and there's food
too; so keep our belongings here.

- Hey, Dudhiya's mother...
- Give it here... [cross-talk]

[Cross-talk continues.]

Be quick, what are you
waiting for? Come quickly.

- Pass it here, pass it... slowly..
- Get down slowly...

Take care, sethji... your daughter is
tripping because she's over-burdened.

Hey, she may be your daughter!

She's my wife.

What ill-mannered louts! Laughing
at another man's wife!

I spent Rs.700
on the wedding; 700!

Come, my dear... come.

When man is a demon, then...

he can be bought
in the marketplace

Even man has been sold here
in exchange for wealth

- Bravo!
- Bravo! - Wow!

Mother, the seth is a crook...

but this child's parents
must be shot...

for entrusting this innocent girl
to this old fogey.

Don't say that, Ram.

Only the parents of a girl know
the difficulties. Come, Vimala.

Here, take this. It's okay,
I'll take it with me.

Nihal Chandji!

Oh, Nihal Chand!

- Yes, Naseeb Chandji.
- Where were you?

Please help with my luggage!

- I'm coming...
- Uh-huh.

Hey, why're you going there?

I'm going to help with
the baggage, Naseeb Chandji.

I'll help with
my wife's luggage.

You help with my luggage.

- Be careful, don't let it fall.
- It's very heavy. - Yes.

Bedding... hey,
what are you doing?

The box...

This bundle is very heavy.

Give it to me.

You must be tired, my dear.

Come, let me wait upon you.

I should be waiting upon you.

You really are [Goddess] Lakshmi!

- Oh my!
- Uh-oh.

- Er, what's your name?
- Naina.

Naina? Please take your
bhabhi [sister-in-law] inside.

Go, my dear.

You're a child!

- Father? Father...
- Yes?

She says God decides
your husband when you are born?

Yes, my dear.
That's true.

- Sir? - Huh?
- Where are we running off to?

- Let's unload our belongings here.
- Yes, let's do that.

- What about here?
- Okay. - Yes.

What are you staring at? Have you
brought the world with you?

- He'll come...
- He's sleeping in the compartment.

- Sit, sit...
- Ram, dear, please get some water for us to freshen up.

- Alright.

A fair damsel is bathing

A pure stream of cold water

caresses her silver limbs

- and one desires to embrace her...
- Bravo! - Bravo!

- Bravo! - Ah, wow!
- My God! What a shameless wretch? - lndeed.

- Listen to those obscene lyrics!
- Yes, indeed they are! Wretch! - Look here!

Embarrassed, the fair damsel
shrinks away

The stream offers its respects

as the fair damsel bathes

- What's this nonsense you're spouting?
- Huh?

- Nonsense?
- What's this if not nonsense?

It's poetry. Poetry in
praise of beauty.

You're the limit! You see a young
girl there and say, 'Beauty is calling.'

And here, you see a young woman
bathing and start reciting poetry?

I'm a worshipper of beauty.

Oh, so every time you see a
young, beautiful woman...

- you will recite poetry, will you?
- Perhaps.

So get out of here. Can't you see there
are mothers and sisters sitting there?

They are my mothers
and sisters too.

You don't recite obscene poetry
about mothers and sisters.

Come on, get up.
Get up!

Truly, you folks can only add
two and two to make four.

- If two and two don't make four, what's the answer?
- It can be 22.

And when you folks
understand this...

then this world will
always seem beautiful.

Mad fellow!

Er... some water?

Hey, what are you doing?

I didn't buy the store and the well
to give things away for free.

Sir, please give me the money
for the water.

- Money for the water?
- What else?

I gave you Rs.150 in cash.

I'm charging only
1 paise per glass...

but as the day progresses,
the cost of water will increase.

You'll sell water?


You'll sell water? Aren't you ashamed
to sell water in the black market?

Where's the shame in business?
I've given her Rs.150.

Shouldn't I recoup
my investment?

You dug this well so people
could quench their thirst.

But this seth is selling water.

These city slickers are impossible.

This was a big mistake, my dear.
Now, what do we do?

We don't need his money.
We'll return it.

Yes, alright.

Listen... I need
five or six men...

to wash vessels, sweep floors,
knead dough and draw water.

Whoever is willing to work,
they'll get food and water for free.

- I'm ready! - So am I.
- I'm ready too.

Ah, that's good!

Sir, if you will work, then
you will also get free water.

Hey, I'm not
your father's servant.

- If you can't work, then give me the money.
- Here's your money!

- What?
- We don't want to sell.

But you've already sold it.

But I'm returning your money.
Go away from here.

But... but I don't want
your money. Take it.

- Hey, aren't you going to get lost?
- No, I won't go.

I've made a deal. Aren't there
laws and justice?

- Does your father own the law?
- Not my father, no...

but her father did put his thumb
impression on stamp paper.

- So doesn't that mean it's legal?
- What's legal?

The law? It's the stamp paper,
court, magistrate...

Bravo, government! It's good
you made an airtight law...

or else, if there were three or
four others like him...

this poor man's business would have
shut down immediately.

You trick innocents into signing on
stamp paper, only to threaten them?

- You thieving scoundrel!
- Hey! - Ram!

Move aside!
What are you doing? Hey!

He's making arrangements to
go to jail; he's breaking the law.

I'll surely go to jail, but I'll break your
head so it will benefit all these folks.

So let 'all these people' speak. Why are
you the only one protesting? Come away.

He's a hot-blooded young man;
obviously, he's short-tempered.

- Mother, he's trying to loot everyone.
- Okay. Come!

Hey, am I trying to hoard water?
I'm only selling it!

Here, take your money.

Er... sir!

If you don't have money, and you don't
want to work, bring me something.

I want to do business.

Wow! "I want to
do business!" lndeed!

Sell water? That's
your business? Hmph!

- He'll sell well water? What sort of a business is this?
- Lala, water will be sold.

And sethji, so long as we tolerate this,
your business will prosper.

- Oh, wow! - it will prosper!
- Wow, indeed.

- What did he say?
- Huh? He spoke the truth.

- Hey, get lost! Go to the jungle with your lota.
- Oh, wow! Thank you, seth!

- Hmm, hmm... go without water!
- Uff oh!

- Memsaab! Memsaab!
- Yes, Mary?

- Give me money to buy water.
- Give you money to buy water?

- You have to buy water here.
- Water is being sold?

- Darling?
- Yes?

Look at her!
Water is being sold?

- Water is being sold?
- Yes, sir!

Why worry? If water is
being sold, we'll drink beer.

- Of course! - Yes!
- I've a lot of beer. - Hear, hear!

- You guys have beer and whisky, right?
- Yes!

Brilliant! Then we will have
a fabulous picnic!

- Er, isn't that so, Mrs. Kapoor?
- Yes! - Of course!

What a scoundrel your husband is,
my dear! He's selling water.

Why are you covering your ears?

Mother said I shouldn't listen
to any criticism of my husband.

- Where are you going, my dear?
- Look, father...

- if someone leaves our home still thirsty, that's not right.
- Of course not!

- So let me give that young man some water.
- Huh? - Okay, go.

Hey, girl!

Hey, I'm warning you,
don't take any water.

- I will take some.
- And I warn you not to ruin my business!

- Ruin your business!
- This water belongs to me.

Yours? I brought this water
from my house.

- I bought everything!
- Including everything that's in my house?

Yes, yes, yes! Don't break the law;
I'll send you to jail!

Send me to jail indeed! Let me tell you,
I will take this water. I will, I will...

[Screams] Oh, God!
The girl is dead!

Someone help her!
Oh, what shall I do?

- Oh, Nihal Chand! Come...
- My Naina! Naina!

Help! Someone, help!

- Help!
- Help! Someone, save the girl!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Save the girl!

[Confused shouts and exclamations.]

- Bhaiyya! [Brother!]
- Ram!

Ram! In the well!
Oh, Ram!

- [Shouts continue in the background.]
- My dear! My daughter!

[Muffled voices in the background.]

[Shouts continue.] Someone hold him.
Help him!

Ram! Someone help him!
Save him!

- Leave him!
- Help!

Hey, old man!
Are you listening?

[Muffled shouts and
exclamations continue.]

Oh, I'm dead!

- Oh, God!
- Praise the lord!

Throw a rope!

Quick! Bring a rope.

- Bring a rope!
- Quickly! Where's the rope? - Bring it here.

[Muffled shouts.]

- Here...
- Hey, you! Catch!

[Muffled shouts continue.]

Hold on tightly. Okay? I won't
save you if you slip again.

Excellent! Excellent!
Tightly, alright?

Tighter! [Lots of shouting
in the background.]


[Muffled discussion
in the background.]

Vimala! Look!
Look, Vimala!

- Careful! - Sir, sir... hold tight!
- Pull! Pull!

Think of God and pull strongly!

Well, my dear?
Feeling alright?

- Yes.
- Sister, it wasn't his fault.

- My dear, the gentleman is here.
- Huh?

Shouldn't you thank him?
He saved your life.


Thank him, my dear.

- No, no!
- Get up, my dear.

- Come, Ram, change your clothes.
- Let's go, mother.

Mother... please accept the hospitality
of this humble hut today.

No. Why would you
trouble yourself?

Even Lord Ram partook of a
forest dweller's offering of berries.

Alright. We'll come for dinner.

- Come, dear.
- Yes, mother.

Hey, do you know my brother's
name is also Ram?

And do you know why she
served Ram berries?

- Why?
- Because she was in love with Ram.

- How is she?
- Who?

- She...
- The bathing beauty?

You pretend to be a great lover.

'Beauty is calling to you',
'The fair damsel is bathing...'

but when the fair damsel fell
into the well, you could only yell.

- Why didn't you jump in?
- Perhaps it was my helplessness.

- And what's that?
- What can I say?

You look hale and hearty...

why don't you just admit
you're a coward?

Dudhiya's father...

we can manage without food for a day,
but how will we manage without water?

They have put a price
on water here.

My dear, we workers can always
subsist doing some job or the other.

Hey, is anyone there?

- Anyone there?
- Listen, brother, go do his bidding and earn some money.

Go... go quickly.

See? The seth hired
a few workers...

and some have taken up
odd jobs. Yes?

How are we affected?

It's these brown sahebs who
find themselves in trouble.

They are educated in English...

so they can neither work
as laborers...

nor do they possess
the wealth of the rich.

Like Trishanku [a mythological king],
they are left hanging helplessly.

- Hey, what are you saying?
- Ah, dear sir...


You cleverly used the term 'Trishanku'
to define the educated middle class.

Not grounded on earth,
nor soaring in the skies...

they only hover in between.

Yes, sir, they are indeed

[Indistinct conversation.]

- Come quickly, Danny.
- Take this luggage. - Here, sir.

- Yes?
- I'm Mr. Kapoor.

- You are...?
I'm Miss Singh, Sheela Singh.

Oh. Miss Sheela Singh,
will you come with us?

It'll be a great picnic.

- I'll come later.
- Do come.

Yes? Please. Please?

Come on!

Tell me, what does your
brother like to eat?

- He likes everything.
- Everything? - Yes.

Will he eat dal-baati? [Lentils and
hard bread.] - Yes. Why not?

Your brother is very nice.

Friend, has he ever saved
anyone's life before this?

Yes. Once, a fledgling had
fallen off its nest...

and he picked it up and
put it back.

Your brother is
truly compassionate.

Listen, Vimala, when I fell
into the well...

he said, "Hold me tight.

If you slip again,
I'll not rescue you."

So, Vimala, I held onto him
very tightly indeed.


Vimala, had it been anyone else...

would he have jumped in?

How could it have been anyone else?

You had to fall in, and
he had to rescue you.

It was preordained
by the Creator.


- Is anyone there?
- Yes, of course. You.

- Is anyone there?
- Go, dear sir... Beauty beckons again.

You're truly shameless.

What have I said
that's so shameless?

Go forth, fortunate one...

You're getting another chance
to serve Beauty.

Dear Romeo...

why don't you go yourself?

Would any young man
reject such an opportunity?

I have my reasons.

- Go.
- Mister, please!

My dear boy, for once, listen!

- Go. Why don't you?
- You're very persistent.


Anyone there?

Thank you.

- Where do you want to go?
- Over there.

Come, let me escort you.

So, ultimately, the 'best' people
can't survive without us.


Pick this up.

Your wealth is definitely
your strength...

yet you don't have the strength
to lift your own burden.

Why are you acting like you're
doing me a favor? Here, take this.

- What's this?
- Your wages.

- I didn't carry your luggage for wages.
- Then, why did you carry it?

- Because I felt sorry for you.
- I don't need your sympathy.


A couple of cars and a few pieces of silver
have made you arrogant, memsaab.

- Apologize!
- No!

Apologize, or else...

You're very fortunate, my friend...
very fortunate.

One beautiful damsel
is being saved by you...

the other is slapping you.

You persuade me to help
and then, mock me?

I told you...

I have my constraints.

- I'm very sorry.
- Never mind.

In this world, every powerful person
oppresses the weak.

It's not that.

- What did you...?
- Hey, girl! Hey!

What did you think...?

What do you think? You could
beat the gentleman? Huh?

Hey, look over there!
The girls are wrestling!

[Muffled exclamations and exhortations.]

C'mon, trouser-clad lady, cmon!

- Bravo, lady, bravo! - Eh?
- The trouser-clad lady will win!

- The lady wearing the skirt!
- No, the trouser-clad lady will win. - Want to bet?

A-ha, look at the two of them fight...
Wow! Look at the pair!

[Muffled encouragement, exclamations.]

The trouser-clad lady...
Look, look!

Punch her! I've placed
a bet on you, punch!

Sorry, madam. What can you do?
Our local talent is better.

What did you think?
You could slap my babuji?

Give me my five rupees.
Give it here!

You're a child.

Naina... Naina...

What does she think? She's wealthy?
I have seven twenties (Rs.140) too.

I have seven twenties. Really!

- You really have seven twenties?
- Yes.

How much do seven twenties make?

- This much!
- How innocent you are, Naina.

Alright, tell me...
you gave her a good beating?

- Yes, I did beat her up.
- But why?

Because she slapped babuji.

Er, Naina? Will you beat up
anyone who beats me?

- Yes, babuji.
- Why?

Er... because babuji saved me
from drowning.

But are you safe?

- What do you mean?
- It's your age.

At this age, people confuse death
with life, and vice versa.

- Hey, babuji... - Hmm?
- What does your friend mean?

Even your babuji cannot
understand what I say.

- Babuji? - Yes?
- She slapped you, didn't she? I really beat her up...

and I avenged you.

Naina? Why do you
take care of me like this?


- She's truly divine.
- Yes, she's very innocent.

I've lost my heart to you,
I belong to you

If I want to...
how can I say so?

I've lost my heart to you

Stranger though you are to me,
I feel so close to you

Every expression of your love
seems like a dream

I've lost my heart to you
I belong to you

If I want to...
how can I say so?

Oh, I've lost my heart to you

My gaze fell as I looked [at you]
and as they fell, I gazed at you

And our eyes met

Flowers seemed to bloom
as our hearts became one

Like paths that meet
their destination

I've lost my heart to you
I belong to you

If I want to...
how can I say so?

Oh, I've lost my heart to you

I'm beginning to feel
embarrassed by myself

[As] I began singing
to myself in quiet solitude

I've lost my heart to you
I belong to you

If I want to...
how can I say so?

Oh, I've lost my heart to you...

That was beautiful.

- Babuji? - Hmm?
- Do you find me beautiful?

Yes, Naina.

- you've worn a lot of jewelry today?
- Yes, babuji. - Why?

Because... yes, babuji...

- Er, does this jewelry belong to you?
- Yes, babuji.

- Hero!
- Huh?

Come on, hero.
I need to talk to you.

Come on!

How brazenly do these
city women approach the men!

- This is the culture today, Naina.
- Good God!

- Yes?
- Miss Sheela Singh...

Mr. Bhatia... Mrs. Donna...
Mrs. Bhatia...

Please sit down.
Where's my wife?

Yes, darling?


The one who saved the girl?

- Come, come. - You're welcome.
- My husband.

- How do you do, sir?
- Hello!

- Let's have some beer.
- No, thank you.

Hero? Beer?

- No, thank you.
- Will you have champagne? - No, thank you.

- You haven't had champagne?
- No.

- Hero? Whisky?
- Excuse me, I don't drink.

- You don't drink?
- No.

- Won't you have something? You don't drink any alcohol?
- No.

My wife drinks like a fish.


You truly are...

- an angel. Truly!
- You're God, Hero.

Hey, mister... get lost!

Mr. Kapoor, I didn't come here of
my own will. Your wife brought me here.

- But I'm telling you to go away.
- You don't own this place.

- Can't you see we first-class passengers are sitting here?
- Darling!

- First class passengers?
- No, darling! - Yes!

- I don't like it; I don't like him!
- Darling! - Go away!

- Go away!
- And if I don't?

Then I'll tell you how to leave.

- Do tell me. Quickly.
- Shall I do it? - Yes.



Darling! Get up.

- Shut up!
- But... nothing happened.

Where's my revolver?
Where's it? I'll shoot him.

- Mr. Kapoor? - Yes?
- Here, take this.

- Huh?
- Shoot him.

- Come!
- Mother, what's up with you?

You're always causing trouble.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Your mother and sister are accompanying
you, yet you're always getting into fights.

This is the third fight you've
got into since the morning.

But he hit me first, mother.

So what if he hit you? Who are you?
He's an important man.

So what if he's a rich man?
Are we indebted to him?

A-ha ha! Not a penny in
his pocket but such airs!

You couldn't stoop to request
them to give you a job.

- But you could get into fisticuffs.
- I can't humilate myself for a job, mother.

Really? Then what can you do?
You aren't even ashamed!

We sold everything to educate you
so you could find a job.

Not so you could wander unemployed
and get into fights.

- You know the reason.
- What's happened to you?

Stay there, father.
You're babuji...

- And I'm that man.
- What man?

That man.

And she...
she's my wife.

- What? Your wife?
- Yes. Yes, my wife.

- You are here... - Yes, yes.
- Now talk to her.

Hey! You're an
inconsequential person.

We're superior folk.
Why have you come here?

You will talk to my wife,
will you?

- I'll hit you.
- You will hit me?

- She hit me!
- Oh, God!

A curse on you!

You hit me quite hard.

- Does it hurt a lot?
- Yes...

It hurts a lot.

It hurts here, too.

I hurt here, too.

- Hey, old woman, give me the money.
- Give me water. - Pay me, first.

- Pay me the money. - Give me water.
- Okay, move on. Move.

- And what about you? - Give me water.
- First, pay the seth.

- I'll pay.
- Granny, you have to pay first.

- Look at that.
- Hey, come quickly.

- Buddhu!
- What is it, seth?

- Oh, okay.
- Hey, move it!

Bejewelled and made up...

she steps out...

Bejewelled and made up...

- she steps out...
- Miss... my throat is parched...

- please give me some water.
- Oh, my, I didn't bring this for you.

I brought it for my babuji.

Bejwelled and made up,
she stepped out...

- Are you blind?
- You're blind. Move aside!

- Hey, hey... babuji... please...
- Ram!

[Muffled exclamations and protests.]

- Ram! - Leave me, babuji. I'm suffocating.
- Babuji!

The seth sent me, babuji.
Please... let me go.

- Hey, babuji... babuji!
- Ram. Hey, Ram!

- Ram! - Let you go? I'll kill you!
- No, no!

- Babuji! - Ram! - Babuji...
- He's a bastard.

- Ram, let him go for my sake. Ram!
- Ram!

I beg you, Ram...
for my sake.

Calm down.


I wasn't destined
to feed my babuji.

It doesn't matter, Naina.
Don't cry.

Come on, get up.

- Hey, give seth the money.
- Take it out.

- I'll give you water once you've paid.
- Welcome.

Sethji, I have to bathe
the idol of God.

So... if you could
spare some water?

Hey, you should install that
idol somewhere, Pandit.

I'll personally bathe the idol.

What a religious man!
How generous of him!

Yes, brother, if a blackmarketeer
isn't charitable, then who would be?

- Good-bye.
- Bravo, sir!

[Muffled cross-talk.]

He's a jolly good fellow,
he's a jolly good fellow...

He's a jolly good fellow!

- Gentlemen!
- What is it?

The idol has to be bathed.
If you could donate something...

- Here!
- What's this? Liquor? Oh, God!

- Praise be! - Lord, have mercy.
- Here, pandit...

My dear panditji, do you really
want to bathe this idol, or...

is it that you're thirsty,
and you need money?

Censuring God?
God save you.

Ram, what's wrong with you?

We sold everything
to educate you...

but you don't work. You keep getting
into fights, and now you mock God?

Stop taunting me at
every opportunity, mother...

by saying you educated me.
You didn't do me a favor.

You've just earned my enimity.

If I weren't educated...

I wouldn't have the ability to think; I'd
have been happy like this washerman.

Education has enabled
my judgment.

And... may I ask
where's your God?

When everyone is dying of thirst
but the seth is selling water...

Where was your God when goons
attacked innocent Naina?

And... where's your God...

when you sold everything
you owned to educate me?

And I'm still unemployed?
Of what use is 'God'?

I say there's no God!
No God.

There's no God?

- Don't be sad, mother.
- Look at him... won't work, and...

He won't work, mother, because
there's no job available.

You know you worry
that he hasn't found a job?

How will Vimala be married off?
These questions trouble him as well.

But... trust me, mother...

if he finds a grain
of hope somewhere...

then he will regain
his faith in God.

And you will always see him happy
and content, mother.

Offer him solace
and hope, mother.



The hero is coming.

Excuse me.


- Babuji, uh...

What happened?


Go away!

You fight with your mother,
you abuse God...

- I won't go! So there!
- Uh oh...

Saving your life has
gotten me into trouble.

See, this was pre-ordained.

Was it also pre-ordained that you
would trouble me? Go away!

So what if your mother
slapped you?

Are you so grown up?
Come, make amends.

Look, mother is weeping.
Come, apologise... make amends.

Get up, won't you?
Come, apologise.

I salute Lord lshaana [Lord Shiva],
the highest form of Nirvaana

Present everywhere, his form embodying
the Brahman at the core of the Vedas

He's beyond the three gunas,
the vikalpas; he's free from all desires

The Lord who abides in
spiritual skies, I bow to him

Praise the Lord,
Glory to the Lord

Why, panditji! I see
you received alms. Bravo!

God is pleased with
sinners like him these days.

- Ram! - What's that?
- Sinner?

You are the sinner. Sethji is very
compassionate towards the Lord.

Bravo, panditji, bravo!
Here, take a few more coins.

- May you flourish.
- Hey, babuji...

these days, even God
can be appeased by flattery.

Which is why he sends
all the wealth Sethji's way.

You are right.

It's not the same God who once
listened to the common man's woes.

Even God has changed these days.

Look, O Man, at what's
happened to your God

How much has God changed...

Speak respectfully, you devil!

He visits not the houses of the poor
preferring to be a guest of the rich

- That's fine, my Lord...
- How much has God changed!

God is only pleased with
the devotion of men...

in whose houses
[the Goddess of] wealth resides

They, whose profession
is profiteering

They are the ones who please
the Lord of Brij [Lord Krishna]

He gives us hunger
and unemployment...

while he bestows
blessings on them

How much has God changed!

Look, O Man, at what's
happened to your God

How much has God changed!

Listening to this sinner's taunts...

please don't change
your residence

My Lord, my God, we have
a long, loving relationship

I am a satchel
you're a treasure trove

Please continue to fill
your devotee's lap with alms

Praise be to you, \nmy Lord God...

How much has God changed!

The rich are like mosquitoes

They build temples of gold

in which the Gods reside

'Perfect', says the
traveling entertainer

Get lost, monkey!

Wealth has become more powerful
than religion in this world

How much has God changed!

Look, O Man, at what's
happened to your God

How much has God changed!

He visits not the houses of the poor
preferring to be a guest of the rich

How much has God changed!

Praise the Lord!
Glory to God!

- Oh, God!
- Ram, go away from here!

- Folks, please leave.
- The old man has fainted. - Oh, God!

Dear God, please forgive my son!

- Forgive him, O God!
- Forgiveness? Never!

The wheels of God's justice
grind extremely slowly...

but they grind exceedingly fine.

The wheels of God's justice
grind extremely slowly...

but they grind exceedingly fine.

- No, no, panditji... show mercy.
- God!

It doesn't matter if the wheels
grind rough, just do it quickly!

Oh, sethji, he's young...
but a child...

- Alright. Bring the offering.
- Offering?

Forgive him, my Lord.

- Here.
- Put it there.

- Forgive him...
- Oh God...

please be merciful to my babuji.

- Listen... - Yes?
- They are troubling me...

- Who's troubling you?
- Some young layabouts.

Would you accompany me to the well?
I would like a drink.

- I'll pay you...
- No, my dear. What's this talk of money?

Come with me and wait here.
I'll ask for water.

- Thanks.
- Come.

- Where are you going?
- You see that girl sitting next to mother?

I've to bring her some water
and puris [fried bread].

Why should you?
She had slapped babuji.

But mother said so.

Come with me?

My dear, you're
honorable folk...

and your father must be
a very respected man.

I have a son... he's
educated but jobless.

Please get him a job
somewhere, my dear.

- I'll try.
- Oh, if you try, then I'm sure it'll be done.

Much obliged, my dear.

[Muffled conversation.]

- Give me a puri. - Give me puris.
- How many do you want?

- 16. - Give me Rs.4.
- Four rupees? Good lord!

Go away. You argue too much.
[Muffled demands for food.]

- You have to give me puris.
- What puris? - Be quick about it. Quick!

[Muffled crosstalk continues
as food is being sold.]

[Demands for food
and water continue.]

- Give me water.
- Give me the money.

- People are beginning to fight.
- Here. - Ah.

- Fill it.
- Tell the seth.

No, no. I...

- am not hungry.
- Why, my dear? Eat a little.

- No, I'm not hungry.
- A little...

She must really not
be hungry, mother...

- or she would definitely have eaten.
- Oh, alright.

Material wealth will
be left behind...

[when you die] You cannot
take it with you

Babuji... babuji...

That girl? The one who
slapped you?

She's sitting beside mother.

they bought puris for Rs.4
and water worth Re.1 for her.

Mother's calling you.

- I don't like her at all.
- I don't like her either.

- Really? - Really!
- That's alright, then.

- I'd like just the water...
- Give her the water, Vimala.

- Thank you.
- So, my dear...

don't forget the matter
of Ram's employment.

- I'll be much obliged. Ram, your job...
- Drop that glass!

You're rich, aren't you? Go, sit
beside the wealthy people!

Why have you come here? Go!

That you would demean yourself
so I would get a job, mother...

I cannot bear it.

I cannot bear it, mother.

I'd rather die hungry
than be disgraced.


That's enough. You're right...

Why should I stoop before someone?
Am I less worthy? Huh?

Come, eat something.
My dear son, come, sit.

Er, um, Vimala...
where are the puris?

- Mr. Poet, please come.
- How can I eat with you, mother?

- I'll feed you.
- Yes, of course. Here.

Give her the puris.

First drink water...

Enough? Come on...
I'll feed you, okay?

The princess of Andher Nagri...
Miss lndira?

Thief! Thief!

- Catch him! Catch him!
- Thief! Thief!

Thief... thief... Catch him!

Ha! You will run, will you?
Why, the crook!

- What did you think? - It's alright
- Where're you going? - Come on. - Come.

Give him two slaps
on my behalf too.

Stop it! Why are you
beating me?

I picked one pocket, and you folks
began to beat me up.

This fat cat openly loots you, and
none of you raise any objections.

My dear sir, he
robs us legally...

while you break the law.

You'll be beaten up while
he gets away scot-free.

Bravo, Andher Nagri!

Andher Nagri...

And a confused ruler...

The city of darkness and a confused ruler

Where vegetables and
cashew nuts cost the same

Where cashew nuts cost the same

The king rears some
elephants and horses

He has neither thought nor worry,
he lives in a palace after all

In his kingdom, under his rule,
we pay with our lives

As profiteers loot us openly
with both hands

Cashew nuts cost
the same as vegetables

Where cashew nuts
cost the same...

If you don't mind, dear sir,
kindly listen to my request

Where have you come from?
To which caste do you belong?

Don't ask him his lineage,
my friend, don't ask him his clan

Don't ask him how he
whiles away night and day

Whichever land or community
he belongs to...

Black or white,
their breed is the same

Different on the outside,
yet they are similar inside

Their clan is gold, their lineage silver,
and money their religion

Money is their religion

Be quiet!

Listen to me, my friends,
listen to me

May the profiteers be damned

Me, I'm but the world's steward,
I'm everyone's servitor

If you're thirsty, pay me,
get your water

If I didn't fry puris here,
you would all be eating grass

My wares are cheap,
my wares are fresh

Get lost and try your wiles
on someone else

We know, we recognize
each and every guile

You sell water to earn reward
for your virtues; bravo!

Get lost, go away…

The city of darkness
and a confused ruler

Listen to me, my friends,
stop this altercation

Everything is for sale in this world

The grocers sell flour, lentils and rice

While doctors and physicians
sell herbs and tinctures...

the powerful sell
their strength to the world...

and the Sardars sell their heads

The protectors of peace
sell dangerous weapons to tribes

So if I sell water,
why is there this brouhaha?

The city of darkness
and a confused ruler

Where vegetables and
cashew nuts cost the same

Where cashew nuts cost the same

Be careful!
Don't break official property,

- Where's the station master?
- Master? I'll get him.

It seems like you're
very angry with me.

Look, memsaab... you're
under a misapprehension.

I wasn't insulting His Majesty.
I was only painting an accurate picture.

You talk a lot, mister.

You're right. A poor man wags
his tongue; the rich use their fists.

- You remember, don't you?
- You haven't seen anything yet.

- You might see that in action.
- Meaning?

You will understand the meaning
only when you're handcuffed...

and put in jail.

Hey, brilliant, memsaab.
Thank you!

My mother is already upset with me
because I'm unemployed...

and I'm tired of
being jobless, too.

I'll at least get two square
meals a day in jail.

- You'll have to grind the flour.
- That's even better.

I'll get a job as well.

if you could, please
do me this favor.

- Is this any place to put a chair?
- I put it there; how did it cget here?

- Take it away. - Yes, sir.
- It's this gentleman's fault.

- He takes His Majesty's portrait so he can insult him.
- What's this, mister?

- Where were you then?
- Ma'am.. me? I... I...I

- I...
- You make threats as if you are the princess.

- Sir, the signal...
- Eh? Oh, alright.

R - E - W - A - R - D

Reward - 1 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0.
A reward of Rs.10,000!

- The princess is missing?
- How did you know?

Memsaab? Memsaab, you had
asked for me, hadn't you?

Hey! Why, young man,
what's the matter?

Sir, if the princess is found,
we'll get Rs.10,000.

You're crazy. Why would
the princess come to the jungle?

If I find the princess,
then I'll get Rs.10,000.

Show me where the princess is...

and get me 10,000 rupees...

- Give me Rs.10,000...
- it seems like he's gone mad.

Gazing into each other's eyes...

- Mother, give me Rs.2.
- Eh? Why do you need it?

I'll change that Rs.2 into
Rs.10,000, mother. Be quick.

- Wow! - And how will you turn it into Rs.10,000?
- 10,000?

Don't tell anyone.
Be quick, mother.

But, son, I had only Rs.5,
and that's been spent.

- Spent?
- Yes.

Okay, mother. I'll make arrangements.

Listen, says Kabir,
when you gaze at each other...

What's the matter, poet?
What's published here?

Nothing of importance, mother.
Remember that girl?

- The girl you served puris? - Yes, yes.
- She's the princess of this state.

- Wow! Princess! - Shh!
- Princess?

Didn't you see, mother, how happy Ram
was at the thought of earning money?

Dear God, if we get
this 10,000...

all my troubles will end. Poet,
all my troubles will end.

Dear God...

- Hey, sethji, please listen...
[Muffled conversation]

[Muffled conversations continue.]

- Sethji, I need Rs.2.
- Why?

Shall I leave?
I've had enough.

Alright, sethji, 30 for you,
70 for me.

40 for me, 60 for you.

- Deal? - Yes, deal.
- Great!

- Then give me Rs.2.
- Rs.2?

- Where's the surety for my money?
- But, but... we are partners.

So what if we're partners? What if
you run away with the money?

Alright, alright. This is
my watch. Here, take this.

- A-ha! That's more like it.
- Now give me Rs.2.

Here you go; Re.1,
and 4 - 8 - 12, and 14.

- One rupee and 14 annas.
- We'd struck a deal for Rs.2!

Arre, the 2 annas goes towards
interest. Stop troubling me.

Look here... what
are you dreaming of?

Take a look at my artistry.

I paid Rs.2 for something
worth Rs.100.

Here, let me bind it
on your wrist.

Eh? Oh, I got it
all wrong...

this is a pocket watch.
Here, keep it safe.


Find me the princess...

Ensure I get Rs.10,000...
find me the princess...

If someone's belongings
have gone missing...

If someone's belongings
have gone missing...

tell me, and I'll return it.

- If someone's belongings...
- Hey, mister!

Get lost!
Why are you troubling us?

I'm singing a song, memsaab.

If you don't like it, then close
the window. I'll continue to sing.

If someone's belongings
have gone missing...

Memsaab, your spectacles. I found
your spectacles. Ohh... my arm!

- Ooh, ooh... my arm!
- Does it hurt a lot? - It's broken!

- I'm sorry!
- What happens to you, memsaab?

- I'd come to return your spectacles.
- Please forgive me.

Huh? Forgive you?

You're forgiven.

Er... please forgive me too.

What're you saying?

Oh, why are they delaying us?

[People clamoring for
food and water.]

[The clamor continues.]

- Ah, where are the puris? - Hey, give 8 puris.
- 8 puris. Do you have money?

- Demanding 8 puris! - Why don't you give me the puris?
- What's the problem?

Doesn't have the money
and demands puris!

You have my watch...

- Yes, I do have your watch.
- So give me puris in exchange.

- I'll charge you interest.
- Take it.

- Four annas per rupee.
- Agreed.

What're you doing?
Quickly pack 8 puris.

[Passengers clamor
impatiently for food.]

- Here, give me the puris.
- Your bill is Rs.4 and 8 annas.

[The clamor intensifes as people
continue to demand food.]

[Indistinct conversations continue.]

Oh, my! Do the men in your city
eat food left over by women?

[The clamor continues
in the background.]

Shall I bring some more?

- Will you also eat?
- No, thank you.

I've never enjoyed the food at home
as much as I did this meal.

Well, you're definitely hungry.

Did you notice that the
enjoyment of food...

has nothing to do with food.

It depends on hunger.

God has given the wealthy
plenty of food to eat...

but he gave hunger to the poor
so they could enjoy their food.

- God's ways are strange.
- Here, take this.


- Babuji? - Hmm?
- Have you settled your differences with that girl?

- Yes, Naina.
- But, babuji, she slapped you.

- It's okay, Naina. You don't understand.
- Babuji...

- What's the matter? Tell me...
- Don't trouble me, Naina.

- Now I'll drink some water.
- Come on.

- Give the money to sethji. - Water.
- Give sethji the money.

- Give me water. - Yes, sir.
- Hey, what are you doing?

You're dirtying the glass.
Drink out of your cupped palms.

- From my palms?
- Yes, of course. Like this...

Not like that.
Look here... like this.

Hey, move aside. Let me
get some water too.

- Hey, drink quickly and move aside. There's a line of customers.
- Okay.

- Er, ladle some water, please.
- Ladle it out quickly.

- She's not drinking water. She's biting babuji's hands.
- Naina!

What did I do that
babuji yelled at me?

She wasn't drinking water.
She was biting babuji's hands.

You're very innocent.

Why has babuji changed so much?

- Money is very important, Naina.
- What?

Your babuji wants money.

- Will that girl give babuji money?
- Perhaps.

Er... 715.

15+10 = 25+10 = 35
+ 5 = 40+5 = 45+5 = 50.

Seven hundred and fifty!

Hey, you've landed a goldmine.

Arre, excellent!
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5.

These five coins as profit
and where's the watch?

Aha! This watch is
worth Rs.100.

A profit of Rs.105 during the day,
and the night is yet to come.

Arre, truth to tell, you are Lakshmi,
the veritable Goddess of wealth.

Bravo, you're blessed
with good fortune.

I really did well
with my third wife.

- Hide this watch. Hey!
- Hey!

- This watch belongs to babuji.
- It's mine. I paid good money for it.

'Belongs to babuji' indeed!

Here, my dear. Keep it.

- I can't walk any more.
- Shall I pick you up?

- Can you pick me up?
- Of course! - Go ahead.


- Ooh, re re re!
- Thank you!

- Does it hurt?
- Yes.

- Why does this girl keep following you around?
- I'll be right back.

What is it, Naina? Why are you
following me around?

- Nothing at all. I...
- Tell me quickly. What is it you want to say?

I've brought this...
this money.

- There are seven twenties.
- Go away, Naina. I don't want it.

You don't want it? But you've
given your watch to the seth.

- That's different, Naina.
- What's different?

The poet said that girl
gives you money.

Please take it from me.
You didn't like that girl before.

Don't trouble me, Naina.
Now go away.

Babuji... do you
like that girl now?

You're irritating me with your
innumerable questions, Naina.

Go away from here.
Please go!

- You look very happy, my friend.
- Hey, poet!

Let me share some good news.
The princess...

she... me... [whistles]

I suspected that
a long time ago.

- Really?
- Now may I share some good news?

- Yes, of course.
- Naina is in love with you.

Arre... are you comparing Naina
to the princess?

Where am I drawing comparisons?
I'm only trying to say...

that Naina is far better than
the princess in every way.

For you, perhaps.

- But for me, she's royalty, and Naina is redundant.
- Yes, she is.

It's my good fortune, my friend,
that the princess loves me.

Why do you consider this
good fortune?

Arre... I'll get a job, my sister can be
married off, all our troubles will vanish.

Are you falling in love
or making a deal?

Where's the deal in this?
You can see...

that money is life, money means respect,
it means everything.

So you added two and two
to make four again.

Ram... there's something lacking
in the princess's love...

while Naina's love shines
with purity.

- Sacrifice.
- If one had to sacrifice, my friend...

then one may as well
scale the Himalayas.

This world belongs to the rich.
One needs money here, my friend.

So you love the princess
because she's wealthy.

And you reject Naina's love
because she's poor?

But remember, Ram, the poor
will triumph one day.

That will be a great day, my friend,
and I'll be extremely happy.

- You're very late.
- Yes.

- Come... let's go away from here.
- Where?

- Let's go somewhere else.
- Mmmm...

- Babuji refused to take money from me.
- Yes, Naina.

I'd taken seven twenties.

Silly girl, how much do
seven twenties amount to?

He needs thousands of twenties.

How much does one thousand
twenties amount to?

A lot... and that girl
can give him that.

So... so babuji will
never be mine.

- He... that girl...
- Yes, Naina.

Even love can be
bartered these days.

Where two loving hearts are...

weighed against gold and silver

Tears are of no use there...

nor are sighs...

Through hamlets and settlements,
hills and vales, wanders a gypsy singing

To the accompaniment
of his heart's music

At long last, love has also become
a business in the bazaars of the world

And there arose a wall of silver
between your heart and his

Through hamlets and settlements,
hills and vales, wanders a gypsy singing

To the accompaniment
of his heart's music

Those like us are not destined
to know the blessings of affection

The One who created us is
not God but stone

Through hamlets and settlements,
hills and vales, wanders a gypsy singing

To the accompaniment
of his heart's music

Seeing this desolate edifice,
the poet's heart beats joyously

- Bravo!
- The house of God is as empty and ruined as we are

Bravo, Mr. Poet, bravo!

- Bravo! - Bravo!
- The poet speaks but the truth. - Bravo!

Look, O God, how these atheists
destroy your house.

I speak the truth, Murari [Krishna], if
the train were to run within 24 hours...

then I'll build you a grand temple here.
A grand temple.

- What do you say, panditji? - Excellent.
- Panditji, pay attention...

Oh, God... please listen
to the sethji's pleas.

- Ensure a new dwelling for yourself.
- What are you saying, Mr. Poet?

We are already
fighting for our lives...

If the train is stationary
for another 24 hours...

you will only find
our corpses here.

So what, my friend?
We manage to survive somehow...

at least, God will
have a new dwelling!

A-ha-ha! I've seen only one
sensible man on this train...

God, we are all fools.

Please listen to the sethji's promises
and get your dwelling built.

A-ha-ha... Everyone, say
'Glory to... Seth Naseeb Chand.'

Come on... say 'Glory to
Seth Naseeb Chand!'

Chant, chant the name
of Lord Ram

Chant the name of Lord Ram

Please hold my hand, Lord Ram...

Chant, chant the name
of Lord Ram...

Ram... Ram... Ram... Ram...

We are all your devotees

Your visage is beautiful

You have enshrined yourself
in my heart, O Ram

I've escaped this world

I've even lost myself

When I enshrined you
in my heart, O Ram

You've enshrined yourself
in my heart, O Ram

Please hold my hand
in yours, O Ram

Chant, chant the name
of Lord Ram...

Chant, chant the name
of Lord Ram...

Ram... Ram... Ram... Ram...

I'm destroyed by love

I'm a grieving woman

Please don't turn your face
away from me

It's a beautiful evening
You can't be sorrowful

Let's be merry and dance

These edicts of love...

These moonlit nights

Lest they be lost somewhere,
go missing somewhere

Do share the secrets
of your heart

Forget your sorrows,
lose yourself in her eyes

Let's be merry and dance

It's a beautiful evening.
You can't be sorrowful

Let's be merry and dance

Chant, chant the name
of Lord Ram

It's a beautiful evening.
You can't be sorrowful

Let's be merry and dance

I don't like you dancing with others.

Cruel one, you first punish me
and then mention my transgression?

Anyway, it's all for the best.
At least, now I know you love me.

Look here... see how hard
you slapped me?

- It's past three.
- Why are you looking at the time?

The night is passing.

I didn't realize it.

- Ram? - Hmm...?
- You won't desert me, will you?

- Me?
- Yes.

I'll never leave you.
But... you?

I'll never leave you.


May I say something?
You won't be upset?

Then don't say it.

It has to be said.

Really? Then say it quickly.

I'm afraid... you may
misunderstand me.

Then say something else.

I know you're the princess.

I've sent a telegram
to His Majesty.

- What did you do?
- Please don't misunderstand. I needed the money.

- For money?
- We weren't involved with each other then.

- He might arrive any time?
- Yes.

You shaped my dreams, and now you've
broken them. What do we do now?

How could I have known
I would be so fortunate...

that a princess would
fall in love with me?

Ram, let's run away!

- Where?
- We can quickly cross the borders of this kingdom.

- But my mother and sister?
- We can take them with us.

Where can we flee to?
I don't even have a job.

I cannot get my sister married.
I have nothing.

Except hunger, penury,
joblessness and failure.

What right do I have to love?

You love me...

and perhaps even I can't
live without you.

But where will this end?

Separation? Failure?

Nothing else.

Please coax her. All her hopes
will be fulfilled.

Your sister's wedding will take place.
You will get a job.

- Isn't that okay?
- Yes. Come on.


What're you doing?

A sorrowing person only
seeks solace in God.


The Creator writes our destiny
at birth, doesn't he?

Yes, Naina.

Then why is our life
so sorrowful?

It's your fault, Naina.

- My fault?
- Yes.

You love someone and
wish it to requited, don't you?

- Then what do I do?
- Do your duty.

Don't expect results.

How is that possible?

It's possible, Naina.

Try to convince yourself.

No... I can't do that.

True love demands
sacrifice, Naina.

No... no... no...

You go. I'll make arrangements.

- I'll go.
- Where to, Naina?

He's coming. And that girl...
with babuji...

- I can't bear it!
- Don't be weak, Naina.

- I'll start crying, poet.
- Didn't you say...

that the Creator writes
your destiny at birth?

Try to understand it, Naina.

- What do you want from me?
- Sacrifice, Naina.

Or your love will weaken.

Really? Please hide me if I cry.

I don't want babuji
to see my tears.

- Okay, my dear.
- Hey, it's 3 A.M. and you two are still awake?

You're awake too.
The only difference is...

some pass the night in joy, while
others grieve their way through it.

Poet, you're always taunting me.

Do I taunt you, Ram?

Okay, poet. Please come here...
I want to discuss something.

What's so important that you
have to conceal it from Naina?

- Come on, tell.
- The fact is, poet, that...

lndira and I have decided
to get married.

- When?
- Immediately!

You're... you're getting married?

This is good news.
This is very good news.

- Isn't it, poet?
- Go on, Ram. Get your mother's permission at least.

Go on, then. Get your
mother's permission.

- Go.
- I'm very happy...

- very happy.
- Naina!


- Mother! - Huh?
- Mother...

- Why are you troubling me, Ram?
- Mother, I'm going to be a king.

What? Are you insane?

- What's the matter?
- You know the princess? She wants to marry me.

- Huh? - What?
- Really? - Yes.

- Ram? - Yes?
- Are you really going to be king?

Yes, mother. And after that,
we will own bungalows and cars...

No, no. I'm dreaming.

- Dream? - Hmm...
- Just listen! - Mother!

- Mother, get up! - It's not a dream, it's true.
- We will own cars...

- bungalows...
- Yes, mother, so please give me permission.

Yes, of course.
You have my permission.

- So shall I make arrangements for the
wedding?- Yes, of course. Of course.

- So get up. Do it quickly.
- What do I do?

- Preparations for the wedding.
- Yes, son, that will be after we reach home?

No, mother. The wedding will
take place right here, right now.

- The wedding will take place here?
- Yes. - How's that possible, son?

You haven't eloped
with the girl, have you?

You will be the bridegroom,
the wedding procession will proceed...

the girl's father will give away the
bride... where will the procession go to?

The procession will come to my house.
My father will give away the bride.

- The wedding will take place at my house.
- Naina!

Poet... you said so yourself...

At least the procession
will arrive at my doorstep...

my father will
give away the bride

- even if that's not me.
- Naina...

Alright... Naina...

Take Vimala with you
and get lndira ready.

Go, Naina. Go on then.

Remember one thing, my friend...

When you sit in a car,
and your vehicle sports a red light...

and there's a police cordon
to ensure your security...

don't ever forget that you are
one among us Trishankus.


Don't be worried.

I haven't come to fight.

I've come to get you ready
for the wedding.

Come, Vimala.

- Did mother agree?
- When did mother refuse?

Come on, dear.
Get ready quickly.

- Where should I come?
- To my hut.

So the wedding will
take place at your home?

I know my hut is not
worthy of you...

- but even so...
- No, not at all, Naina.

It's not that at all.
But... the incovenience...

lnconvenience? [Sighs]

If babuji gets married
in my hut...

it would be a blessing.

How can it be a trouble?
Look, Vimala...

- see what she's saying.
- Yes, absolutely...

Naina is very happy about
my brother's wedding.

How could I not be happy about
babuji's wedding, you silly girl?

Come on. Get ready quickly.

- Which outfit will you wear for the wedding?
- You choose.

You choose, Vimala.

- This is beautiful.
- I prefer this one.

Good. Why don't
both of you wear these?

- What?
- Yes, of course. Please wear them.

- You wear it, Vimala, and...
- And you?

These clothes won't suit
the likes of us.

Not at all, Naina.
You will look beautiful in them.

- Please wear them.
- No.

- Won't you listen to me?
- No...

- Listen... please don't break my heart.
- Okay.

Go on, then.
Change your clothes.

- Here, poet.
- Mother, there's sand mixed in this.

- Huh?
- Yes, mother.

- There's sand.
- Spit it out.

Don't eat this.
There's sand in it.

I picked one pocket and you
collectively beat me up.

That fat seth is feeding you sand,
and yet you all say nothing.

- Friends, what do you say? Come on!
- Yes, come on!

- Come on! - Quickly!
- Get ready, seth, to be beaten.

[The mob begins to shout.]

[Shouting continues.]

- Nihal Chand?
- Yes, Naseeb Chand?

- What's all the furore about?
- Oh, something or the other, no doubt.

- These people are looking for a fight.
- Really?

Then you run away
from here. Run!

You too... run! Run!

- Hey, Nihal Chand!
- Yes, Naseeb Chandji...

I can see the mob
coming this way.

That's a problem.
Oh, God, run!

- Where are the guys we hired?
- I'll just call them.

- I'll call them.
- No, you stay.

- Sethji, I'll just call them.
- Has your father gone to call them too?

Hey, Nihal Chand, please stay!

Oh, God, I'm in trouble.

Thief! Thief! Thief!

Poet, Ram is sure to be
taking part in this fight.

No, mother. Ram has been ensnared
by the coils of wealth.

He must be very content now.

[Shouts come nearer.]

[The melee continues.]

What's the matter?
What's the...?

You mix sand in our food, and
then ask, 'What's the matter?'

- Hey, please listen to me...
- Alright. Tell us.

- Please... listen to me...
- Go on, speak up.

- Man is made up of dust, is he not?
- Yes, he is.

- Is he not? - Yes.
- Isn't he?

Then if some dust goes into your
stomachs, what's the problem?

- Really?
- Then, friends, let's consign him to dust, too.

[Exclamations and pleas
continue unabated.]

[Shouts continue.]

They're beating him!

Beating me?
I'm already dead.


They're beating him...
they're beating him...

- [- Beat him! - Beat him!
- Move!]

- Beat him!
- I'm dead...

You beat me so pitilessly.

Get lost, or you will
get some more!

Why are you crying?

Did you think I was
getting beaten up?

- Yes...
- Arre, you might think me an old man...

but it's my ill-fortune.

Had you been there, you would
have seen my prowess.

I gave two of them...

It's alright.
I got hit there.

Why is there so much blood?

As if that's my blood, my dear.

Their blood is mixed with mine.

Well, I did suffer one punch
to save my earnings.

See here... I didn't give up
my earnings during the tussle.

You're worried about the money;
I'm worried about you.

Arre... what are you saying?

You may lose your life
but never your wealth.

See here... look...
how much I've earned.

I've to be treated with
turmeric and hot milk.

Go, bring me some
turmeric. Quickly.

And some hot water.

Make arrangements, please.

We are alike.

- What's the difference?
- Destiny.

One is wealthy,
the other is middle-class...

and Naina is poor.

Really? These lines were
drawn by the Creator...

Not the Creator, Naina. He made
the three of you alike.

Man divided you
into rich and poor.


Anyway... let's go.

My friend... your...

palanquin will be lifted
by the bearers

My friend, the bearers will
soon lift your palanquin

Your beloved is waiting
by the door

My friend, the bearers will
soon lift your palanquin

Today, the bridegroom
of your dreams...

brings your wedding procession

From the veil that masks
your shyness, remove...

your hennaed hands

Get dressed in all your splendor

for your palanquin will
soon be lifted by bearers

My friend, your palanquin will
soon be lifted by bearers

You are now united
to the one you belong

You have achieved your desires

We are strangers

Who will remember us?

Give us a thought

for your palanquin will
soon be lifted by bearers

My friend, your palanquin will
soon be lifted by bearers

Your beloved is waiting
by the door

My friend, your palanquin will
soon be lifted by bearers

- Okay, panditji, please begin.
- Yes, of course.

[Priest chanting wedding hymns.]

[The hymns continue...]

His Majesty wishes to bless you
before he leaves. Please come.

Please don't stop me.
Let me go.

His Gracious Majesty would
like to meet you first.


Oh, my daughter, I'm overjoyed
at meeting you again.

The same joy that a hunter feels
in catching a bird that escaped?

Oh? So you're angry with me?

I should be angry with you...

that you cared not for our honor
and quietly left the palace.

And now to save your honor...

I've come away from my wedding
mandap with your soldiers.

So you were getting married?


Or I would have been deprived
of the greatest joy of my life.

I wouldn't have been able to be a part
of my only daughter's wedding.

Then, please come and
give us your blessings.

But my dear, at least tell us...

upon whom am I bestowing
my most beloved daughter?

- What do you want to know?
- What's his name?

- Ram. - Ram?
- Yes.

The telegram that was sent to us?
I think it was the same name.

- Yes.
- Hmm... so you know that he sent the cable?

- Yes.
- Why did he send it?

- We weren't in love.
- Understood.

So he fell in love with you when
he learned you were a princess?

- What are you trying to say?
- That...

does he love you
or the princess?

I understand your meaning very well.

You think he loves
my wealth, not me.

You're insulting
your own daughter.

I'm not insulting you,
my dear. I think...

youth is often overcome
by emotion...

while old age proceeds with caution.

- If you agree, may I call him in and ask?
- Without a doubt.

But listen... if you try to
coerce him by threatening him...

you'll only find my corpse.

Why would I make threats?

If you don't believe me...

you may stand outside
the window and listen.

- You can see your Ram's true self.
- Your suspicions will be proved wrong.

And I'll truly be happy.


Come in.

Come, sit. Please... sit down.

Your name is Ram, isn't it?


You did us a great kindness
in sending us the cable.

- Not at all.
- We got the princess back due to your help.

- Here's your reward.
- Please don't embarrass me.

I don't understand the reason
for this refusal.

Sir, now I need your blessings.

I need a father's benevolence.

Oh. I made a huge mistake.

You must have grabbed
many rich rewards before this.

What's a mere Rs.10,000!

Excuse me...
what do you mean?

Only that the richest reward
in the world is love.

Anyway, Ram, tell me...
what do you do?

Nothing, as of now...

but I hope to get a job soon.

And if you do get one,
how much will you...

I mean... do you have any idea
about the salary?

Around 50-70 rupees monthly.

Hmm... but it will be difficult
to subsist on this.

And then... you're getting
married to a princess.

She spends this amount
daily on flowers.

Don't be offended, Ram...

I'm saying this
for your own good.

Alright, Ram...
if, after marriage...

I give you a decent allowance...

and arrange for a bungalow,
a car, etc...

you wouldn't mind, would you?

- Excuse me?
- You would mind?

Well... why would I mind?

I've to look after the princess's
comfort, after all.

Actually, we have to look after
your comfort too.

- Am I not right?
- Yes.

Let me ask you, there's no doubt
you love the princess very much.

- More than anything in the world, perhaps.
- Without a doubt!

- But not when you sent us the cable?
- No.

You are a decent young man,
from a respectable family.

Just once... for humanity's
sake, tell me...

when you enshrined the princess
in your heart...

was she a mere woman?
Or a princess?

- Er...
- I want to ask just this one question...

when you looked at her
with love in your eyes...

did you only see her face?

Or did you see the
name, wealth, fame...

and all the comforts of the world
connected to her birth?

Don't deceive yourself, Ram.

Don't deceive the princess
who lives only for your love.

Tell me truthfully.
Before you fell in love...

didn't you consider the
princess's wealth at all?

- Why don't you answer?
- I'd thought of it.

Thank you. You've awakened
my conscience.

Here. Take this.
It's what you love.

Yes. I love money.

But tell me, don't you
love money as well?

You want wealth
to remain with you...

so you can be considered
worthy and honorable.

And I'll always be called
unworthy, helpless and poor.

Why, I ask you? In what way
am I less worthy than you?

I'm a human being like you;
I'm as educated as you are.

You need wealth for your luxuries, for
your comfort, to throw away...

but I need it for
two square meals.

Is that a crime? I would definitely
have taken this money...

but it smells of privilege
and hatred.

- Such filthy...
- Oh!

Chant, chant the name of Ram...

Please take my hand, Lord Ram...

- Ram...
- Goddess!

You even forgot my name, babuji?
I'm Naina.

I couldn't recognize
your love for me.

I live in a house, yet I began
to dream of palaces.

That was my mistake.
Now I've come to you.

If you couldn't reach the palace
from your house...

then don't come to
the hut either, babu.

- Won't you accept me either, Naina?
- Don't say that, babuji.

- I'm not worthy of you, - Where will
he find someone worthier than you?

Look, Ram... the poor
triumphed, didn't they?

Anyway, when the poor and
the middle-class have united...

the rich will also come.

Naina, you're getting
the fruits of your sacrifice.

Come along; it's time
for the train to leave.

- Let your wedding take place here.
- But... my father?

- I'll get him to agree.
- And I... my mother...

I'll bring her with me too.
Come on, get up.

- Babu saheb...
- Eh?

You called me a thief.

But you turned out to be
a bigger thief, eh?

You're taking away that
poor old man's life savings.

It's alright.

Naina, will you listen to me?

You won't refuse, will you?

Don't refuse, Naina.

I see tears of repentance
in sethji's eyes.

Here, these are my
total earnings from here.

Sethji, are you really taking out
the total amount?

I'm making amends for my lapse.

Listen, friends, this money
belongs to you.

And I'm giving it, on your behalf, to
this young girl as a wedding present.

- No, sethji.
- You keep quiet.

You're a greedy man.

You left this Goddess to
run behind a wealthy woman.

Sethji, but why did you
conduct this business?

Ah, greed raised its ugly head.

Greed is an ugly thing.
Look at this old man...

he sold his shop and well
out of greed.

And him? You know
very well how he is.

And these wealthy folk..
The wealthy folk...

- they want to sit in First Class.
- Shut up!

- Shut up!
- Who said 'shut up'?

Sethji, if everyone in the country
rejected greed...

- how wonderful would it be.
- Yes, absolutely!

Board quickly, the train
will leave soon.

Fools they are that worry about
wealth and riches

For heaven lies in that abode
where two loving hearts reside

Through hamlets and settlements,
hills and vales wanders a gypsy singing

To the accompaniment
of his heart's music