Railway Heroes (2021) - full transcript

The historical story of an enemy fighting the wits and courage of an extraordinary brave group of ordinary heroes known as the "Lunan Railway Brigade" who desperately fight to defend their homeland.

The Jin-Pu Railway was built in 1908

by Germany and Britain as a joint tender.

It ran from Tianjin in the North

to Nanjing Pukou in the South.

In 1938, the Japanese army
took control of the Jin-Pu line.

China's vital link between North and South

became the enemy's

chief conveyor belt for looted resources,

weaponry and ammunition.

Stay alert.

What's going on?

Manchu-Rail Investigation Bureau

Kill The Japanese Invaders

Sir, we arrive at Lincheng
in five minutes.


Who is it?


Lin Cheng Station

Hands off the firearms.

We're only 5km from the station.

If a gun goes off we'll be exposed.

Who are you?

Military police.

I'm here on a mission.

Show your ID.

Pay attention!

Step aside!

Turn around.

Bear with me.

Foreman Hong, have you eaten?

I'm really sorry.

Are you hurt?

Hello, Yan.

Good morning.

Hello Sister.

Want some green bean cakes?

Oh, yes!

Anything for a snack!

Share them with your brother.

Let's go, Let's go home.

Let's go.

Tell mom.

“Forge an East Asian New Order.”



German screw nuts don't fit
Japanese trains.

Follow this.

Re-tool it to add 1cm space on either end.

I see. I'll do what you say.

Give it a try.


We're done for!

The Japanese said,

all the army rations

were gone.

The cargo's loaders

were all rounded up.

Tell me slowly.

What else have you heard?

They blamed the Porter Corps.

Army rations were stored in a single car.

The other cars were all left alone.

Use this as a model.


Tell your men

to assemble at the training grounds.


Captain Iwai has ordered

all staff in the factory,

on hearing the broadcast,

to assemble at the training grounds.



I promise

to take you back to

your hometown in Kagoshima.

I swear I'll catch the culprit.

A moment of silence.

Right turn.

Lowly thieves deserve

nothing less than death.

Time's up.

Captain Iwai said:

Crimes cannot

go unpunished.

An eye for an eye.

A tooth for a tooth.

Time's up.



Halt! Stand back.

Stand back.

Stand back.

Keep going.


Never seen a dead body?

We carry furs of silver,
red and blue foxes.

Foxes are highly sentient.

To catch them with fur unmarred

requires great skill.

How much is it?

It's very reasonable.

Look at the quality.

Excuse me for a minute, sir.


Welcome back.


What an honor to see you again.

Mr. Wan.

I almost forgot your new alias.

I first beheld you

at the cadets graduation ceremony.

Three years have passed.

You're as dynamic as ever.

The murdered men were spies

planted by Manchu-Rail in Lincheng.

They had their share of enemies.

Come to think of it…

I have a minion

who lives on Xing'an St, near the station.

That night, he heard sounds of gunfire.

Military Police was on a chase.

He heard someone climb over a wall

and enter someone's backyard.

He heard the house owner ask:

Who is it?

The answer was:

I'm one of the rail corps.

Japanese are hounding me.

Please give me shelter.

Guess what?

Within seconds,

with a creak,

the door opened.

No, sir.

It's all I know.

Good work.

Earned yourself a merit.

You deserve a reward.

You are too gracious.

It's the least I can do.

Keep up the good work.

In a few days' time

this fur shop

will be yours.

I haven't done enough

to deserve it.

How unworthy I am!

Tomorrow at 21:00,

a train from Lianyun Harbor
will make an unscheduled stop here.

Without my order,

no one can leave the premises.

Yes, sir.

You asked for me, Station Master?

Hey, Lao Wang.

Go find out

which train arrives at 21:00 tomorrow.

Order it to arrive 20 minutes later.

Yes, Station Master.

Drink less.

Oh no.

It's for you.

Umai (yummy)



Grilled chicken.

Greeel chimkin…

Grilled chicken.

Greeel chimkin…

Sugoi! (awesome)

Sugoi! (awesome)

Cheers, Lao Wang.

Dozo (enjoy)

Let's have a drink tonight

A Chinese proverb says:

A good companion deserves a 1000 toasts.

We're drinking buddies forever.

Drink up, Station Master.

Work harder.

Got it.

Work harder. Drink less.

Station Master Tanimoto.

Excuse me, can you take a look at this?

Damn it.

Filthy dog.

What the hell…

Come again?

Come over.

Over here.

I can have you sent down
to the coalmine, get it?

Got it. I know

you have more clout than

Station Master Tanimoto.

I take your word for it.



Lao Wang.

Let's go.

Do your job.

Since we dispatched
the spies of Tomishige,

Japanese have been on the rampage.

More people will die if we retaliate.

I can't hold back anymore.

You've got to.

We stood by and watched the bastards

butcher our brothers

like they were livestock.

The station is run by just 20 Japanese.

We can easily wipe them out.

Let's wipe them out,


We must have self-discipline.

Don't lose sight of the big picture.

Keep your eyes on the road

Or you'll overturn the cart.

Our brothers in Porter Corps died for us.

They'll be avenged one day.

I heard the shift leader say

those three spies came from Manchuria.

Here comes our political instructor.

Instructor Li,

come over and sit here.

Have a seat please.

Are you all well?

Come sit here, Instructor Li.

What made you brave the blizzard

to come and see us?

When I passed by the bathhouse today,

I heard the Porter Corps were executed.

I've told our comrades to give

part of our winter provisions

to families of the deceased.

I obtained funds from the Apparat.

Please pass the money to them.

We found this at Tomishige Corp,
that night.

See if it is useful to us.

Mantie Railway Research Department

This is priceless news.

I'll inform the Apparat right away.

Get it translated.

Today I came here

to relay an urgent mission.

Our men up in the mountain
found out that last night,

an enemy military cargo ship

docked at Lianyun Harbor.

The cargo included supplies of

aspirin, penicillin

and bandages.

Our mountain troops need them

for comrades injured on the 20th, in

Chiang Kai-shek's Encirclement Campaign.

Let's find a way to

seize those medical supplies.

Read this.

Could the supplies

be transported by this train?

Arrival: 21:00.

Departure: 21:20.

Must be this train.

But which car is carrying the supplies?

At least we know the time of arrival.

Once the train stops, it allows

20 minutes for loading and unloading.

There's no time to identify the right car.

We just have to try our luck.

Who are you?

Mr. Wan summoned me.

Iwai, you look well.

When did we last meet?

Since I graduated from the Academy,

it's been seven years, Sir.

I'm looking into our
secret agents' deaths.

I didn't want to stand out at the station.

I'll arrange security for you.

We'll gather intelligence from here.

I've put Tang in charge here.

I'll do my best.

Tomorrow I'll go to the station.

Yes, sir.

It's getting late.

You're dismissed.

Yes, sir.

What's wrong with you? Asking to die?

Move faster!


Station Master?

How are the repairs going?

These discarded spare parts came from

over 130 factories around the world.

To find the right match

takes quite some time.

As you can see

I don't have enough technicians

working for me.

The damaged machinery

must be repaired quickly.

No more delays.

I leave it to you.

Understood. We're doing our best.

See you, Station Master.


At ease.

Kill The Japanese Invaders

Your turn next if you let your guard down.

Sir, I will heed your advice.

I walked around town.

Troops are heavily stationed at the exits.

Better to keep a close eye
on the railroad.

Yes, sir.

Your office is ready, sir.

I work from here.

The sun rises with a purple glow.

Uncle Wang. Are you on shift?

Little rascal.


have some chestnuts.

Smells good.

Thank you, uncle.

Say dad.

my kettle's boiling.

Got to go.

You little rascal.

So stubborn.



Don't rush, do it with care.

Don't be all thumbs!

Disinfect the wounds properly.

Yes, ma'am.

Bear with it for a bit.

Matron, come over here please.

The train is coming.

It's coming.

Load your guns.

Wait for my signal.

Yesterday, during loading and unloading.

No Chinese left the platform.

I can vouch for it.

The operation only took 20 minutes.

How could they know the cargo's location?

There wasn't enough time.

I appointed the escorts myself.

None of them were Chinese.

The cunning enemy may be

hiding in plain sight.



did you have a good nap?

Feel more relaxed now?

A Japanese came to our station today.

He struts like he's quite high-ranking.

Even Iwai turns all deferential.

I asked around.

Heard he came from Manchuria.

Maybe he's after us?

Let the bastards come for me.

They'll fall under my blade.


Who is it?

Brother, we're from the Rail Corps.

Japanese are hounding us.

Sir, I took care of three households.

Go check the next street up.

Yes, sir.

In China,

a shot across the bows is called

shake the hill to scare the tiger.

The Imperial Army's policy

on reluctant informants,

those who harbor conspirators,

racketeers, or

sympathizers of the resistance

is zero tolerance.

When you give typhoid shots,

don't forget to

shake well before using.

Use this as first aid for patients
with serious allergies.

Alright, get ready.

Yes, ma'am.

Hold still

It's done.

Roll up your sleeves.

Cut it out!

Don't cut in line.

Stay still.

Look at this.

Go check inside.

Get up.

It's a work tool.

I made it myself.

Good day, Fujiwara-sensei.

Thank you, Sir.

Thank you.

You have an eye infection.

Take some antibiotics.

Thank you.

“Watch out for the mole.”


Yes, Station Master.

Get someone to take tomorrow's shift.

I'm taking you to Lianyun Harbor.

It's an important assignment.


I'll reshuffle the shifts.

Good job.

Good job.


My mother is from Saitama.


Please have some.

Lao Wang,

for you.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

Lian Yun Port Station

We're at your disposal, sir.

This way please.

Our armored patrol vehicle

is powered by gas engine.

Why did you come on board?

At the Station Master's service.

Guess what…

Little rascal.

Sit down and chat with me.

A rare treat!

Call me dad.

Sit down.

Stubborn rascal.

Thank you.


let's halve this.

Son, nice of you

to share.


What a fine penknife.

I want a closer look.

If you call me dad

not only can you look,

the knife is yours.


Of course.


You're humoring me.

You tricked me.

It's not the time yet.

What did your father do?

He was

a coal miner.

Early this year, a gas explosion

buried him alive in the mine.

His body was not found.

What other family do you have?

I grew up without a mother.

My brother still works in the mine.

I sometimes wonder

if the coal I shove everyday

was dug by my dad

or my brother.

They gave their lives for it.

Tomishige Corp

Sir, Iwai reports.

Weapons just arrived from Lianyu Harbor.

I've examined them. Here's the inventory.

When is the train leaving?

Tonight at 22:00.

Tonight at 22:00, Car NO.3.

Staff at Ling Cheng Station
of Shandong Province

How long has Lao Wang worked here?

Before I reported for duty here,

he worked for the Germans.

As train dispatcher, he's an old hand.

He's from around here.

Single, with no kin at all.

He even sleeps at the station,

and helps out as an interpreter.

He loves his drink, but can be counted on.




Have some.


Hong, my mate!


Got a light?

Here, take one.

Guy who just came is a handful.


it's freezing outside.

Got to keep your legs warm.


lets grab a drink later.

I'm off.


What's up?


Brother Hong.

Have you come to see me?

No, I'm visiting relatives,

and passed by here.

Got a light?


Pick it up.

Let me have a look.

That's a lot of money.

A windfall?

A family crisis happened.

I had to borrow money.


Are these a traitor's perks?

Watch what you say.


Come here.

Here's all the ammo we got.

Make the most of them.

There'll be high end weapons on the train.

A hard target.

Bring it on!

The enemy deployed armored patrol vehicles

and added patrol points along the railway.

We must move our bases of action.

Qi Lu, Lin Dong, Gao Fei,

get on the train with me.

Ming, Liang:
liaise with our mountain base.

Are you ready?


Yes, sir.

Unload the goods.

Get moving.

Pay attention.

You guys, hurry.

Hurry up.

Go no further.

I have to see a friend.

I want to see him.

Go no further.

Operation Office

Gao Fei.

Xiaolin, retreat!

Retreat now!

Qi Lu!

My brother.


I'm here.

Dear brother.

Look out. There are more of them.

Search everywhere.

Yes, sir.

Don't move.

He's dead already

A body is found.

I found one too.

There must be others.

Keep searching.

We found three bodies.

Identity unknown.

This way, sir.


we found this on him.

I recognize it.


At ease.

Sir, the headcount is done.

These two didn't come to work.

Where does this man live?

The railway shed east of the tracks.

Didn't show up for work today.

Hong, the foreman…


I'll hunt him down myself.

Have you just started work at the station?

You're not a local?

I'm from Hangzhou.

So you came all the way here?

I got transferred from Jinan Hospital.

You are so lucky

it was a penetrating wound

and didn't hurt the ribs.

Thank you.

Sorry I caused you trouble.


do me one more favor.

Pass this to Chang Liang of Maintenance.

Tell him to meet me at the old place.



Watch out.

He's Qi Lu's younger brother Shun.

I'm Chang Liang.

He's my elder brother Ming.

Have some.


That Fujiwara

has ordered a full-scale search.

Your photos are posted all over the city.

Yan went to the factory to find me

but the Japanese supervisor took notice.

Now there's no going back for her.

Shun, I heard you work at an
arsenal in Hubei.

The factory is relocating west.

So he's got his first break
in seven years.

He came home just in time

for his brother's funeral.


count me in.

I want to join your gang

and kill the Japanese.

If anything happens to you

how can I face your brother in heaven?

This time,

I'm back for good.

No way!

Hello, Mr. Wang.

Good evening.

Good evening.

I've been told

you're the station's old hand.

You must know everyone around here.

Most of them.

But not everyone.

I'm new here.

Still feeling my way around.

If there's anything I don't know

I will

ask for your help.

Feel free to ask


I'm gonna walk around.

Take care,

Mr. Wang.

Unless you hit a vital organ,

this gun lacks the fire power

to be a killing machine.

This model

is too lame.

Do you mean

you need scout daggers?

Get me some decent rifles.

I'll show you how to use 'em

to hit more enemy targets.

Trust me.

I was a firearms inspector in Hanyang.

I performed quality check on every weapon.

If nothing else,

I know a thing or two about guns.

Last year, we seized these

when we intercepted a military train.

The long barrows are a bit clumsy,

so we didn't use them.

They're great models.

The American Springfield.

Caliber 7.62mm

with built-in magazine,

high velocity and range.

Each bullet can fly 500m per second.

Why would Japanese use American guns?

Probably for sniping.

If we install a telescopic sight,

we can pick off any target
within a 500m radius.

See this device?

It's for measuring distance.

How about

you show us what you've got.


find me a quiet spot to try them out.


Let's test

their fire power.

It's almost New Year.

The sound of firecrackers is everywhere.

No one can hear us shoot.

Wow, awesome!

Good shot!


we can keep this one.

I'll remodel the rest.

Then you all get new weapons.


You know best.

Instructor Li.

You seem to come with an urgent message.

Last night, we intercepted
an encrypted telegram.

Tomorrow, a military train
will stop at Lin Cheng.

The news was verified at Lianyun Harbor.

The arms

will be sent to the battle front.

Intercept it?

Blow it up!

The supply includes 100 canons,

firearms and ammunition.

Destination is

Fanchang in Anhui province.

Fanchang county?

Commander Tan Zhenlin

is battling the Japanese there!

If the enemy gets fortifications

it'd be disastrous.

We've been ordered to

sabotage the train at all costs.

Now that I'm here

I'm not going back.

Go see Lao Wang and ask him

For an exact schedule of

the train's arrival and route diversion.

Someone will get touch with him.


Let me join you on the mission.

Take me to see Hong.

“I want to join the
Chinese Communist Party.”

By sawing off the barrel,
the rifling is gone.

We lose some precision and range.

But if we shoot a close target

with these bullets

firepower is maximized.

Today I received a telegram.

An army train diverted

to Anhui will stopover at Lincheng.

We've been ordered to go on high alert.

The arms are bound
for our main battlefield.

I'll ride along to stand guard.

Once the mission is completed,

I'll leave on the same train.

Afterward, things will calm down
at this station.


we are at your service.


Pick 15 of your best men
as freight security.

Equip them with the best weapons.

Tell our troops to prepare for combat.

It's time

for the endgame.

Qi Lu, Gao Fei, Lin Dong

had before their untimely deaths,

formally applied to join the Party.

Their conduct was exemplary.

They sacrificed themselves

for the Party and the people's welfare.

On behalf of the organization,

I posthumously induct

Comrades Qi, Gao and Lin

into the Chinese Communist Party.

The Party Apparat has decided that

Comrades Chang Liang

and Chang Ming,

are allowed to join the Party.

I will officiate your formal induction

Let us begin with the Oath.

Yes, sir.

I pledge

I pledge

my whole life to the Communist Cause.

my whole life to the Communist Cause.

The Party's benefit is above all else.

The Party's benefit is above all else.

Strictly observe Party discipline.

Strictly observe Party discipline.

Overcome any difficulty.

Overcome any difficulty.

Permanently work for the Party.

Permanently work for the Party.

Keep the Party's secrets

Keep the Party's secrets

Never give up.

Never give up.

Attention: Assembly!

As of now,

without Capt. Iwai's orders,

no one is allowed to leave the platform.

Station Master.


tonight at 18:00,

a special train has been

diverted to the Anhui Line.

Order the other trains

to delay arrival by 30 minutes

Yes, Station Master.

I'll see to it.

Have some.

That's all.

Yes, sir.

Hirokazu Fujiwara

entered Tokko
(Special Higher Police) at 18.

He is high up in Manchu-Rail
Investigation Bureau.

The three agents you shot

were his right-hand men.

Thanks for saving me.

Our mountain troops need you.

For decades, I've kept this wheel

as a lucky charm.

It's yours now.


Stay alive!

We must all survive.


no one but Wang is allowed

to leave the premises today.

Why not?

Leave it

to me.


How come you're here?


It's yours now.


Sharp as a scalpel.

Won't you miss it?

The time has come.

No one can go out.

I want to buy booze.


I need a drink.

I need a drink.


Dispatcher Wang is one of us.


remember your shift.

Don't stay out too long.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Station Master,

Lao Wang.

Come over at 6 o'clock tonight.

I have friends over

for drinks.

Save yourself a spot.

6 o'clock.

6 o'clock.

A bottle of wine.

Tail him.

Yes, mister.


Column right. March.

I repeat:

Stand guard over all
sections of the train.

Without my command,

no one can exit this car.


Yes, sir.

Take a photo of us.

Yes, sir.


How dare you!

Get on the train.

Take him with us.



Little rascal.

Call me Dad.

The sun has risen.


They stepped up patrols along the tracks

We get on, distract the enemy, retreat.

Keep this in mind.

Meet in the woods on the western slope.


seize the locomotive with some comrades.

Ming and Liang,

lead an attack from the rear.

I'll plant explosives in the mid-section.

All teams stand by.

Take care.


I heard you drink like a fish.


It's a good cover up

in front of Japanese.

How else can I kowtow

or chuckle along with them?


In China,

this is served at Hell's gates.

You first.

For you.


For years, you've kept up your ruse

without getting caught.

You're quite something.

Tell me your story.

Want to hear a story?

Here you go.

There was once a man named Wang,

whose home was robbed.

The robber said:

Lao Wang, tell me a story.

Wang said:

I'll tell you in hell.

What kind of robber

breaks into a house, and

asks the owner to tell him a story?

How disgraceful!

Imperial Japan

is forging a New Order

for the Asian Co-prosperity Sphere.

We offer you the good life.

How could you

regard us as robbers?

Is invading our country

your New Order?

Can slaughter and pillage

bring Co-prosperity?

Why does a wolf

wear sheep's clothing?

Is that why

you lot use this

against us?

An eye for an eye.

An eye for an eye, huh?


wait and see

who's the last man standing.

It's a deal.

One of us will drink the infernal wine.


Move over.

Move over! Idiot!

Enjoy this send-off

while we kill all your loved ones.

You can rot in hell.

Look out! Stay focused.

Who's here?

Hurry, move!

Damn it!

Stay calm.

Stand by the doors.


Why are you standing here?

Get the locomotive working.

Yes, sir.

Take cover!

Add more coal!

Hurry up!

More coal! Speed up!

How dare you disobey me!

We've met before.

I've been lying in wait for you.

Can you stand up for a toast?



Blast him to hell!

You can't

hijack my train!


that shot

was payback for you.

The sun

has risen.

Go for it!


My mates,

lay out the wine.

we're on our way.