Railroaded! (1947) - full transcript

Sexy beautician Clara Calhoun, who has a bookie operation in her back room, connives with her boyfriend, mob collector Duke Martin, to stage a robbery of the day's take. But the caper turns violent; a cop and Duke's partner are shot; and Duke arranges for innocent Steve Ryan, owner of the car they stole, to be framed. At first homicide detective Mickey Ferguson thinks Steve is guilty, despite his attraction to Steve's sister Rosie. And the suave but ruthless Duke won't hesitate to keep it that way with more of his perfumed bullets...

Clara. I positively
feel like a new woman.

How do you like it?
- Like it?

Honey, I just hope you get home safely.

Okay. Time to get your money
up on the eighth at Tanforan.

Call it, Marie. We're closing up.

Clara. I just picked me a sure shot.

Vera, you can lose your dough
just as easy tomorrow.

I thought the customer
was always right, Clara.

Since when? Ain't I got a right
to a date once in a while?

After all, I run this deal as a
convenience to people like you.

And believe me, it's a headache.

Alright, Clara. Goodnight.



Did you count the take for the week yet?
- Yeah. Almost five thousand.


Marie. See they close
the front door tight.

Yes. Sure.

No noise. You understand? No noise.

Get back in there.

[ Scream! ]

Drop it.


Listen. This is the Doc's house.
I'm going to leave you here, see.

He has to turn you in. But don't worry.
I'll pull strings and get you off.



You don't say anything, see. Just this.

The guy who was with you on the job.

Is the same guy that owns the truck.

Steve Ryan.

Steve Ryan. You understand?

You just stick to that.

If you don't. I'll get to you.

Yes, Duke. I understand. I'll do that.

[ Car horn ]

And that's all, eh?
Just the way it happened?


Now, what about the laundry truck?
What color was it?


And the two guys. One was dark.
The other had 'sandy hair' you said.

- Right.

They both had dark hair.
- How do you know?

I know.

I was there.
- Out like a fish most of the time.

Which one had sandy hair?

The one who shot the cop.

And you say?

They both had black hair.

Both dark.

It seems you were a little upset.

You're sure one of them had sandy hair?

What do you think I do
for a living, Captain?

Every day of my life the first thing
I do is look at a person's hair.

The one who shot the cop had sandy hair.

Mickey, will you ..

Okay, mind-reader.

And you didn't know either one of them?
Nobody you'd ever seen before?

Golly, no.

I got some more dope
on that O'Hara thing.

The truck was gray.

One of the men had sandy hair.

Broadcast to all cars.

"Car 15."

"Car 15."

"At the doctor's home."

"771 Ellenwood."

"A gunshot suspect."

Do you remember anything else?


If that's all then, Captain.
- Not quite.

Everybody in town seems to think that
betting on horses is good clean fun.

Except us.

We got a different viewpoint.

Because we've read a city ordinance that
says no to that sort of entertainment.


Take these ladies down to Bunco.
Sergeant Keating.

I suppose you think
iron bars can hold me?

They've worked out pretty good so far.

"All cars. Additional."

"On the beauty shop robbery."

"The truck was gray."

"One of the suspects has sandy hair.
That is all."

Alright, Mickey. It's your baby now.

I've got some extradition
stuff to work out.

You know, there may
be something in this.

A regulation navy scarf.
Initials and all.

You can pick them up
in any surplus store.

There were three million guys
in the navy including me.

It still was a pretty good navy.

The shotgun.

You can do a lot of damage
with a thing like this.

That's an FBI matter, isn't it?


We were rookies in the old 9th Precinct.


He broke me in.

Down on the waterfront.

He had a heart as big as a ..


Could be FBI.

But O'Hara was one of us.

You're not kidding.

Take this stuff down to the lab.

Get a receipt for it.
Chuck, you'd better work with him.

And check that gunshot call.
There may be something in it.


I don't have to tell you
to plug hard on this.

No, Mac. You don't have to tell me that.

It's too bad.

Yes, sir.

It's too bad.

You had a nice trade worked up.

A good spot.

A thing like a holdup ruins it.

I hate to lose it.

Yes. I hate to lose it.

'Women should be struck
regularly like gongs'.

That is from Oscar Wilde, Wilma.

Give it back to him.

Okay Calhoun, here it is.

You're out on bail. I'll fix the
gambling rap. That's a cinch.

But you're going to be a
witness at a murder trial.

I don't want any publicity.

If they cross-examine
you about your place.

It's your own.
You're an independent operator.

You never heard of Jackland Ainsworth.

I can't afford to have my
other spots jeopardised.

And the club here.
I worked hard to get this set up.

Okay, Jackland.

What happens to me?

Take a rest, baby.
You are sort-of warm right now anyway.

I'll be looking for a new slot for you.

What is your side of this?

Like every night.
I'm coming along to collect the take.

See a lot of cops around in prowl cars.

I figure it's just after the holdup.
So I keep on going.

Good. You did right.


You taking me home?

Sure. See you later, boss.

Jackland ain't so smart.
- And he never takes any raps.

Give him time. He's crowding his luck.

To get us out of this jam you must lay
off the bottle. You gotta use your head.

I got sense enough to know that.

You'd better have.

The police calls were okay.
It came in that one was sandy-haired.

Remind me to give you an ounce
of that for your birthday.

Marie, the dope, said they
were both black-haired.

Don't worry. I beat her down.
The cops believed me.

Marie, huh?

Your second mistake for tonight.

The screaming.
Then that cop pokes his big nose in.

It should have been an easy heist.
Ainsworth didn't know a thing.

Could have knocked
off more of his joints.

Duke, I didn't think it
would be like this.

I didn't think anyone would get killed.
- I didn't plan it this way either.

That Kowalski kid.
I should have plugged him.

He got soft. Figured he'd go any minute.

Somebody found him and called a Doc.

He'd better stick to his story about the
friend of his he's trying to frame.

Duke, honey.

I'm holding on to your
share for a while too.

Don't you trust me?

I like you if that's what you mean.


That's the house.
That's where Steve Ryan lives.

And then right at the end of
the picture the cops got him.

Gee, I felt sorry for him.
- A good picture, huh?

Yeah. I cried and everything.

But they had no right to do that.

Just because they had
the law on their side.

Well, maybe some guys need a going-over.

[ Door knocks ]

Good evening.

I thought the Ryans still lived here.

They still do.

You are not Rosie, are you?

I never thought you would
turn out to be so ..


Do you remember me?
- The moment I opened the door.

I thought you were a cop.

I am.

A full detective now.

Who is it?

Mickey Ferguson.
He used to live up in the next block.

Homicide squad.
- Very pretty but I'm not interested.

It's just procedure.

- Is Steve here?


If you don't mind,
I'll just step inside.

Come in. Join the family.

Thanks. I will.

Hello Steve.
- Hello, Mickey.

Hello, Mrs Ryan.
- Mickey.

It's been a long time.
- Yep.

A long time.

I'm here on a little business, Steve.

Raise your arms.

Is this the guy?
- Yep.

What's this all about?

What did you do tonight, Steve?

Worked in my shop in the garage.

From when to when?

After I got through work.

About seven until after nine.

When did you leave work?

I was late. Had trouble with the truck.

Then I parked behind the laundry
a little after six. Just like always.

I walked home.

Worked in my shop. That's all.

What's the deal?

Were you here tonight?

When he was in the shop?

We were at the show.

Did you ever see this before?

Yeah. It's my navy scarf.

I stencilled that myself.

Here's where the paint
run onto the stencil.

Where did you get it?

I always kept it in the truck.

A good actor, ain't he.

Hey, what's the score?

You'd better get your coat on, Steve.
We have a little running around to do.

I'd like to know what this is all about.

It's about a policeman who was
killed tonight in a holdup.

Wait a minute.

The guy who shot him
used this scarf as a mask.

Come on, let's go.
We have a lot work to do.

Let's go, bud.
- Take it easy.

Take your hands off him.

Sorry, sister.

I'm the impulsive type.

Steve didn't do it. I know he didn't.
He couldn't have done it.

If he didn't, we'll find it out, Rosie.

And if he did we'll find that out too.

He was here in his shop. He told you so.

You didn't see him.
Neither did your mother.

Who did?

I don't know but I'll find out.


You had nothing to do with it, Steve.

I know you didn't.
- Sure, mom.

Something is all fouled up.

Don't you worry. I'll be back soon.

I wouldn't wait up for
him if I were you.

I am sorry, Rosie.

Mrs Ryan.



It's going to be alright, mom.

Hi, Sarge.
- Hello, Burnsy.

How you doing?

Lots of latents.
But they're all blurred.

Is this the other one?

Is this your truck?

It's the one I drive, yeah.

Is it okay to open the door?
- Yeah, go ahead. I'm through with it.

Your buddy sure bled a lot.

My buddy?
- Yeah, innocence.

I thought you guys had a code and stuck
by each other when you got in trouble.

But you let your pal bleed to
death while you make a getaway.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Where did you get my truck?
- Where you left it.

In front of the doctor's house.

But I left it in the alley
behind the laundry.

Sure. We know.

Where's the gun, Steve?

What gun?

The gun you shot O'Hara with.
What did you do with it?

I had nothing to do with this.

He is right.

Why don't you just give us your
word and we'll let you go home?

How soon can I get those prints, Burnsy?

Going to work on it all night, Sarge.

Anything for a homicide.

I thought that's the way
you felt about it. Come on.

Those monkeys are all alike.

The minute they're
caught they go yellow.

The more I see of them
the more I like my dog.

At least he's got integrity.

Feel that?

No. I guess not.

Not conclusive, you know.

Not too reliable this powder test.

If you pick up a suspect right
away after he's fired a gun.

Before he can wash his hands sometimes
you get traces of powder and soot.

But then it is only confirmatory.
- I see.

Just something to hang
a few questions on, huh?

Yeah. I believe so, more or less.

Hold your hand loosely.


Take a look.

I don't see a thing.

That is right. Nothing to see.

I told you it wasn't too reliable.

He could have washed his hands.

He would have anyway.

He probably got blood on his hand
when he pushed his pal out.

You're crazy.

I didn't have anything to do with this.

The same old story.
Nobody is ever guilty.

Have the suspect wait outside, Ferguson.
I have a couple of things to show you.

Take him out, will you Chubb.

The bullet that killed O'Hara.

A common type. 0.38 special.
Fired from a Dickson revolver.

Probably a very short-barrelled gun.
A belly gun.

Fairly new. In good shape.

It's a common type of cartridge.

Every cop in town and a lot
of other people use them.

That isn't all.

Sniff that.



Right. Absolutely.

Fastidious, huh?

Maybe a woman carries a gun for
him until he is ready to use it.

It could be.

Anyway. Don't lose it, doc.
It may be just the thing we need.

There's a lot of very nice people
running around loose, eh doc?

Yes, Mickey.

You know. There are only two kinds of
animals that make war on their own kind.

Rats and men.

And men are supposed
to be able to think.

I think you have something there, doc.

How bad is he, doc?

I doubt he's going to make it.

His lower jaw is shattered.

The bullet was deflected upward
and lodged at the base of his brain.

You could not get it out, huh?
- I didn't dare try.

Okay to get an identification from him?

What is his last temperature, nurse?
- Up six-tenths, doctor.

Make it awful short.
- Okay.

You know him?

What's his name?
- Kowalski.

Cowie Kowalski.

What happened to him?

Watch this closely, Chubb.

Was this your sidekick, Kowalski?

Now wait.

Be sure before you answer.

Is this your partner?

Listen, Kowalski.


If you mean yes just
move your right hand.

Is this your buddy?

Ryan here carried the 0.38.

He shot O'Hara.

You're a dirty liar.
What you trying to do, frame me?

Shut up. This is a hospital.

Tell them I beat you up for bothering
Rosie so now you get even.

Go on, tell 'em. Tell them, Cowie.

Tell them you lied.
Tell them I wasn't the one.

Cowie. Cowie.

Mrs Wills.
- I'm out here, dear.

Mrs Wills. Did you see Steve
working in his garage last night?

No I didn't. We had the Masons in to
play bridge and I didn't get a chance.

I went to all the neighbors
and nobody saw him.

Maybe he wasn't in there last night?
- He was if he said he was.

Of course, dear. Of course.
And it must be terrible for you.

Just awful but I am baking cookies ..
- Thank you, Mrs Wills.

Well I never.


I think it's enough to have cops
outside digging up my flowers ..

And poking through Steve's shop without
you messing everything up in here.

I explained to your mother.
This is authorisation.

What are you looking for?

A gun.

And about five thousand in cash.

You are mistaken.
Because Steve had nothing to do with it.

You see, we're not quite as
sure about it as you are.

Quite the otherwise.

Which is Steve's room?

Here's Steve's gun if
that's what you want.

Just .. the other way if you please.

Never point a gun at anyone
unless you mean to shoot him.

- I see what you mean.

Ah. Nambu. Japanese.

A souvenir?
- Uhuh.

Not what I am looking for.

I want a Dickson belly gun. A 0.38.

Oh? That's a shame.
I'll go out and buy you one.

Look, Rosie.

I'm just doing my job.

The job the city pays me to do.

I'm not paid to persecute people.

Also, I'm not paid to
let killers get away.

Facts. That's all I am interested in.

It just happens the facts have
led me here to your home.

Do you honestly think Steve would ..
- I don't know, Rosie.

I just don't know but believe me ..

I'll work just as hard to free him if
I turn up anything in his favor ..

As I will to send him up if he's guilty.

You know Steve. Do you really think ..

Feelings don't count in my racket.
Just evidence.

Right now the evidence
is all against Steve.

That's him. That's him alright.

He's the one who had
the 0.38 and shot the cop.

You're crazy.
I never saw you before in my life.

The other guy pulled the cloth off this
fellow's face. I got a good look at him.

I'd know him anywhere. He is the one.

How did you know it was a 0.38?

Well, I ..

That's what it said in the papers.

What do you say?

I'm not sure. I didn't see him
without the cloth on his face.

I thought he had black
hair like the other guy.

I'm just not sure.
- You're never sure about anything.

Thanks a lot. Don't leave town.
You'll be needed at the trial.

I wouldn't think of it, Captain.
Aren't you forgetting I'm out on bail?

Okay. Thanks.

What did you do with the gun, Ryan?
- I don't know anything about any gun.

5,000 bucks is a lot of dough.
How did you get rid of it?

I spent a thousand on beer.
Bought bubble-gum with the rest.

Take it easy, Steve.
- We're not playing games, kid.

Yeah. Not much.

You think it's a joke to kill a man?

No. Not even a cop.

You don't like cops, eh?

Oh sure. I'm getting real
attached to you guys.

How long had you known Kowalski?

That guy is lying in his teeth.

Was lying.

He died?
- Yep.

Now you'll never know.

Now he can never tell you who it was.

He told us who it was.
- It's a lie. He was lying.

Why? Why should he lie?

He was badly hurt. You ran out on him.

No wonder he squealed.
- But I didn't.

Go on about Kowalski.

I knew Cowie since we were kids.

He was always no good.

Hanging around. Always hanging around.

Then he gets the idea
that Rosie is his girl.

He keeps bothering her
and pestering her.

I told him to go away.

When was it you saw him last?

That is, before you pulled the stickup.

I didn't pull any stickup.

The night before last.

He came around. Asking for Rosie.

She told him to stay away.

I told him again.

He got tough so I laid a couple on him.

Fine. I've been waiting for this.

We get thousands of suspects in here and
every one was framed. According to them.

Well, what else? Cowie hated my guts.

Holds out well, don't he.

Tell us again what you
did last night, kid.

I got through work shortly after six.

I parked the truck in the alley
at the back of the laundry.

Walked home and went in the house.

Mom and Sis were out at a show.

I went out and worked in
my shop until after nine.

Anybody come round while you were
in the shop? Any of the neighbors?

Yeah. We know.

We checked with the neighbors.
None of them could say they saw you.

Alright. Now I will tell
you what happened.

You swiped your own truck
from behind the laundry.

You picked up Kowalski.
You pulled the stickup.

You didn't figure on a cop butting in.

You shot O'Hara. You made your getaway.

Your partner was hurt so you left him in
the truck outside the doctor's office.

You ditched the money and the
gun and then you went home.

And that was your little
program last night.

How did you guess it?

Don't you think I was awful sharp?

I used my own truck and my
navy scarf with my initials on it.

Then I'm sitting at home eating beans
when you guys come in to pick me up.

Just how dumb do you think I am?

Awful dumb.

Or awful smart.

So smart you tried to make it so obvious
it was you that we'd eliminate you ..

Because we could not believe
anybody could be so stupid.

Look. I want a confession.

But I don't want a confession
that's thrown out of court ..

And fouls up this case and lets this
monkey off with a couple of years.

Only the gas chamber will satisfy me.

And O'Hara.


Let's start at the beginning
and go all over this.

What about the money and the truck?

The gun?


Just when you ought to keep
your head you start pickling it.

Duke, I can't help it.

I keep thinking about that cop.

Don't think about cops.
They ain't people.

That kid. That Kowalski.

He kicked off and the
cops are sold on Ryan.

They made a pretzel out of him.

We're good if you keep your head
and stick to your identification.

Look at you.
Chasing kites all over the place.

[ Door knocks ]

Go out there and get rid of them.


Are you Miss Calhoun?

I don't believe I've had the honor.

I am Steve Ryan's sister.

I believe you identified
him at the police station.

Oh yeah.

I guess I did see your
picture in the paper.

I came here to talk to you and
to your friend Miss Weston.

She is not here.

Well, where can I find her?

She's got a new job.
A good operator, Marie.

The Carlton Hotel.

She said both bandits had black hair.
She was sure of it.

Marie is never sure about anything.

Besides, she passed out.

But are you sure?

I think so.

Then you're not?

Yes, I am. I saw him.

I'd know him anywhere.

I know you're wrong.

My brother would not
do a thing like that.

Maybe somebody who looked
like him but not my brother.

Are you calling me a liar?

What do you want to do?
Convict an innocent boy?

You're making a big
mistake, Miss Calhoun.

But you haven't got the
courage to admit it.

Listen you. I know what I'm doing.

I saw his face plain and he's the one.

Then you are a liar.

You get out of here.
- You keep your hands off me.

Do you hear?

And I still say you're a liar.


Knock it off.

Did you have to tell her
where to find Marie?

Did you have to fight her
and get her suspicions up?

She likely thinks you're
covering up something.

Now I must sidetrack her.

Duke, I didn't give anything away.
- Shut up.

Pack some things.
You're going to hide out for a while.

What about the trial?

You'll be on hand.

Hurry up. Be ready when I get back.


Where are you going?

To straighten out Marie.

And the DA wants that gun.

He says he's got a circle
almost clean around the kid.

And he only needs the gun to close it.
- I can't find the gun.

We searched the Ryan house thoroughly.
We dug up the back yard.

We took the garage apart.
There's no gun.

Unless you want me to comb every
vacant lot in town and drag the river.

Well, get it out of Ryan.
- Yeah?

He sticks to his story.
You cannot shake him.

You can't prove anything he says
is true but he never varies it.

I .. I don't know, Mac. I'm beginning
to think we've got the wrong suspect.

Listen, boy. It is elementary.

The scarf. The truck.
His pal's dying declaration.

That's worth several
witnesses in any court.

And Clara Calhoun. She is very positive.
- Yeah.

She's a little too positive.

Get this straight, Mickey.

I'm not trying to eager-beaver
a man into the gas chamber.

I knew O'Hara well and so did you.
Someone has to pay for him.

But that someone has
to be the guilty party.


And I am beginning to get
a little shaky on Ryan.

To me, he is it. It adds up.

What do you want,
photographs of the holdup?

Why, this ..

His sister is pretty, isn't she.

That is no lie.

Now wait, Mac.
Don't jump to conclusions.

I just got a feeling
something is haywire.

You turn over your
dope to the DA's office.

I need you on that Baxter bombing.

That other witness, Marie Weston.
She insisted the killer had dark hair.

Did you hear me about the Baxter case?

Look, Mac. Two days.
- No. I need you too bad here.

You can work on this when
you're off-duty if you want to.

Alright. I will.

Thanks a lot, Captain.
- Don't mention it, Sergeant.

And don't foul up the DA's case.

He is very anxious to
get a quick conviction.

Thank you.

Are you still here, dear?

My, but you are patient.

I simply have to see Miss Weston.

She didn't impress me as the
reliable type when I hired her.

Hello Rosie.

Are you looking for Marie Weston too?
- Yep.

Well, she didn't come
to work this morning.

I waited since the shop opened.

That probably means
she won't come in at all.

Do you know where she lives?
- Yes. I've been there. No dice.

Drive you home?

I don't want to put you to any trouble.

It's no trouble. It's on the way.

I kinda like this.

Glad you decided to
let me take you home.

You can come and see
me any time you want to.

Just come out and
search our house again.

Look, Rosie. I was just doing my job.

Yes, I know.

Men are so smug about 'duty'.

What about Steve?

Of course you could plant the gun
in our yard and then dig it up again.

I don't know what to think now.

I'm not so sure that Steve is guilty.

Are you serious?

I couldn't take a joke
at a time like this.

I'm not joking, Rosie.

Maybe I'll have some news for you soon.

Then maybe I'll be glad to see you.

Thanks for the lift.

Hello Rosa.

Hello mom. Anything new?

Yes. There was a call.

A mister ..

Martin. At the Club Bombay
wants you to call him.

Who's he, Rosa?

I never heard of him.

Listen to this.

'You are not permitted to kill
a woman who has injured you'.

'But nothing forbids you to reflect
that she is growing older every minute'.

'You are avenged one thousand four
hundred and forty times a day'.

That is pretty good, eh Wilma?

Pick the book you love best ducky
and I'll see it's put in your coffin.

How is the roulette going this evening?


The dame that lost 900 and took
the pills came around okay.

Good. Give her back
a hundred for car fare.

I could go to the coast for that.
- I don't want any squawks.

Did you find Clara Calhoun yet?


I'm opening a new bookie spot in
Brady Heights and I can use Calhoun.

She is a good operator.

What's the matter, gate-mouth?
She give you the brush?

The name is Duke.

You petrify me.

Grow up, sonny-boy.

You can't settle everything
with a gun, you know.

Some people you must get along with.
- I thought she was your babyface.

Jackland, I don't like
dames talking like that.

Wilma is not a dame. Wilma is a lady.

Aren't you, Wilma?

Find Calhoun for me, Duke.
I want to open next Monday.

Okay. She'll probably show
up in time for the trial.

Where you going, sonny?
- A date with a dish.

Certain things give me the creeps.
Like snakes and lizards and Duke Martin.

Duke is an artist, buttercup.

And occasionally.

I need an artist.

Se?or Martin.
I was just going to call you.

Miss Rosa Ryan?

Mr Martin?

What will you have to drink?

I don't think I care to ..
- Yes you would.

Bring the lady a Manhattan.
- Si, Se?or Martin.

Thank you, Mr Martin.


No. I didn't come here to dance.

You said you want to talk ..
- This is part of it, baby.

You are beautiful, you know.

Too beautiful.

Is that why you asked me to come?
- Don't interrupt.

You're too beautiful to have
a brother in the spot he's in.

What do you know about my brother?

How do you know about him?

I read the papers.

I also have other sources.

I also don't like questions.
Even from someone as pretty as you.

I am sorry. I just ..
- Okay.

You know.

I don't think your brother is guilty.

My personal opinion, you understand.
I just don't think he is the guy.

Everybody else seems to think he is.

Except mom and me.

And me makes three.

You know, in this business ..
- Do you own this place?

The manager.

You know, in this racket you
meet a lot of characters.

Some are good, some are bad.

Some are right guys. Some are wrong.

Okay. You learn what
they want you to learn.

Sometimes you learn what
they don't want you to learn.

A character pulls a job.

A lot of the guys may know about it
but the cops may never know about it.

It goes around the grapevine, see.

But it never gets upstairs.

If you know what I mean.

Yes. I think I do.

And you have no idea
where Miss Calhoun went?

No. I haven't, sir.

She left no forwarding address.

She said the holdup distressed her so
terribly she had to go away for a rest.

She left this box here with me and
said she would come back for it later.

Now, Mrs Atkins.

You won't say a word to anyone
about my having been here.

No, sir. Not a word to anyone.

You know, landladies have to
keep secrets too sometimes.

Is Mr Martin in?
- He is here.

But he is busy now, sir.


Too busy.

A cigarette?

Not right now. Thanks.

I got a tip on the holdup.

Please tell me.
- Shut up.

Did you ever hunt for gophers?

Good target practice.

They live in a hole in the ground.
Very scared. Always hiding out.


If a gopher pokes his head
out to nibble some grass.

Or make one little step.

Or let his shadow fall.


You know what I mean?


The same with this deal. Everything I
say keep it very quiet. If you don't ..

No gopher.

I will, Mr Martin.

I am sorry, sir. But I cannot
seat you without a reservation.

There is my reservation.

Hello duke.
- Hi.

Well, Mr Ferguson.

I see you know Mr Martin.
- Yeah.

Our tracks cross from time to time.

Several years ago that was.

How are things these days?
- On a cloud. What do you mean?


Mind if I sit down?


I am sorry, Miss Ryan.

But business before pleasure.

You know, it's too bad that you
cannot arrange a 48-hour day.

A friend of yours has disappeared.

Yeah? I got a lot of friends.

Clara Calhoun.


I got to find her. She is a
witness in her brother's trial.


Where is she?

There's a cop for you.
A conversation means a lot of questions.

How should I know? I gave her
the brush about six months ago.

What if I say you are wrong?

That is your pitch.

Tangle with the cops once
and they never forget it.

And they never let you forget it.

I think you're right, Mr martin.

Sure. Everybody is good inside.

We have nothing else to do so we
go out and find people to frame.

It's true.

He dug up our yard and searched our
house to get something to convict Steve.

His scarf, his truck. He did anything he
could to put Steve where he is now.

Why don't you leave me alone?

Haven't you done enough harm?

I had no idea you were here.

I came here to see your 'friend'.

Now, you want me to take you home?


I should say not. I'm enjoying myself.

Why don't you leave the lady alone?
She is my guest.

Go and peddle your troubles
to the fire department.

What are you up to, Martin?

You see?


Rosie, if you need any rat
poison in a hurry let me know.

How do you like that guy?

You know him well, huh?

I ought to. He makes his
living searching our house.

He kinda goes for you, huh?

Does he?

You're a dame, aren't you?

Please, I do not like that word.

Alright. Gal.

Maybe he does. That's his business.

I'll take that cigarette now.

So you hate cops, huh?

You bet I do.

Maybe you do and maybe you don't.

I ain't sure.

Look, what do you want me to do?
Go and shoot one to prove it to you?

Take it easy, butch.
That would only annoy them.

He said something about Clara Calhoun.

Was he right?

Did she disappear?
- Can't you talk without questions?


How should I know?

About that tip.

I think I will leave that up to you.

That is the way it's got to be.


Thanks a lot, Duke.

And call me the minute
you find out anything.

We got a date for tomorrow night?
- We have.

Wait a minute.

Better give me your phone number.

Gladstone 8-0-0-1.


You'll do your best, won't you Duke.
- Sure. For you baby, anything.

Oh, Missy. You scared me.

That was a good act you put on tonight.

It wasn't exactly an act.
- No?

Well .. partly.

I saw Duke hated you and ..

I had to keep his confidence.

Are you dreaming?

His kind never trusts anybody.
Not even themselves.

He trusts me.
- Yeah?

You don't know much about this guy.

There's your pal.

A nice record, huh?

Will you stop playing with dynamite?

If he ever turns on you ..
- He promised he'd help Steve.

How is it going to help Steve if we
find you in a ditch some night?

Look, Rosie. I don't want
anything to happen to you.

I'd do anything to help Steve. Anything.

I don't care what happens to me.


I guess that puts us on
opposite sides of the fence.

Haven't we always been?

Maybe so.

I had some news for you tonight but ..

Under the circumstances I
guess it had better wait.

Goodnight, Rosie.


She evidently held the
purse in front of her.

The last gesture of protection.

The bullet went through
it and through her.

Did you get the slug?

No. No bullet.

No laundry marks on her clothing.
No labels.

How did you get such
a quick identification?

The FBI.

She worked in a defense
plant during the war.

Her ankles were deeply creased.
A piece of wire around one of them.

She was weighted and
thrown in the river.

A fisherman's anchor broke
the wire and up she came.

Not much evidence to go on.
- No.

Did she have a record?

No record.

She was a witness in the O'Hara case.

I guess somebody
didn't like her attitude.

Put that thing away, Duke.

Put it away!

Nerves, kid. Nerves.



You don't love me no more, do you?

Yeah, yeah. I love you.

Why did you say that?
You're giving me a bad time.

Cracking up and drinking like a fish.

If people give me a bad time I've got
an easier way of taking care of them.


Where's Marie?

People should not scream.

Duke, I cannot stand it here.

I'm going nuts.

Get me some decent clothes so I can ..

So you can go to a bar
and shoot your mouth off?

I keep looking at these four walls.

I keep thinking about that
poor kid being framed.

Maybe you'd rather I took the rap?

No, Duke. No.

But you said it would be easy.

You said we'd get the
money and go to Florida.

Look, the kid is set for the gas chamber
and his nosy sister's where I want her.

And Ferguson is running around
in circles like a bloodhound.

You got just one job to do.

Pull yourself together for the trial so
you don't go to pieces on the stand.

Look, baby.
I'll take you out of here soon.

We'll go away together to South America.

Just you and me and a wad of dough.

You'd like that wouldn't you?
- Yeah.

I got just one big killing to do first.

Jackland has got a
bad Saturday night habit.

The dough from the bookie shops ..

And the gambling take from the club is
counted in his office on Saturday night.

A happy guy.

Thirty, forty grand.

It gets on my mind.

Think what that means in South America.
- Don't Duke. Don't.

You don't like this big idea?
- It would only mean more trouble.

You don't like this big idea.

Okay, Duke.



Food. No liquor.

I got to get back to the club.
Don't call me there no more.

Look what you're doing.
Ruining my cake.

It isn't for you anyway.

Sometimes people put guns in cakes.

How stupid.

Who could eat a cake with a gun in it?

Okay, lady.

Hello mum. Hi, Rosie.
- Hello Steve.

I'll be going, Steve. If you think of
anything new, have the jailer call me.


Are you alright?
- Sure.

What did he want?

He was giving me the old business.
About being on my side.

I think he is, Steve.
- No. It's a trick they use.

They play up to you and then try to
find out things to use against you.

I know. But this time I think
he's really on our side.

Then he's the only one
around here who is.

Sis. You aren't falling
for that cop, are you?

Mickey. Here's the dope you
wanted on Clara Calhoun.

That is where she is living now.
- Thanks, Chubb. That's swell.

Look. What's the idea of all this
homework? Don't you have any fun?

Calhoun told her story.
She'll tell it in court.

I don't believe her story.
Why did she move to a hideout?

The poor kid is just shy.
She hates publicity.

Yeah. I know. That's what she told her
landlady. I don't believe that either.

Did Duke Martin ever
show up at this address?

Nobody has ever seen him.

What makes you think she's
mixed up with Duke?

No dame keeps a framed picture of a guy
unless she is carrying a torch for him.

If that's so, would she tell you
what she knows about him?

You don't think they trust
each other, do you?

It's my guess they both know
Steve Ryan did not kill O'Hara.

Now is the time to turn the heat on.
That is elementary.


740 Marine Avenue.
- Right.


So you gave her the brush-off
six months ago, huh?

Gave who the brush-off?

Clara Calhoun.

Make up with her again?

I'm still working on that pitch.

This is where she lives.

You've been here before.

I was glad to know she is still alive.

If we find her in the river like Marie
we'll know who to get in touch with.

Alright driver. Let's go.

Okay, Hold it, driver.


Pull up, will you.


How did that copper find
out you were here?

What copper?

Don't give me that.

I met him coming out of the building.
What did you tell him?

I didn't see anyone.
There was no copper here.

Haven't you learned not to lie to me?

Duke, I swear to you I'm not lying.

I don't know who you're talking about.

Mickey Ferguson.
The guy on the O'Hara case.

Why did he come here
if it wasn't to see you?

But he didn't see me.

How did he know you were
here if you didn't tip him off?

He could have tailed you, couldn't he?

Nobody tails me.

Not tonight maybe. But some other time.

I don't know how he found out.

But I know I didn't tell him nothing.

How do I know you're telling the truth?

I am, Duke. Believe me.
I wouldn't cross you.

Haven't I proved that?

Haven't I shown how much I love you?

Don't give me that 'love' stuff.

Well, what if he does know where I am?

I got to show up at the trial, don't I?


What can you do about that?

I don't know yet.

When I make up my mind
you'll hear from me.

[ Door knocks ]

What do you want?

Haven't you caused me enough trouble?

Get out of here.

You'd better listen to me first.

I don't want to hear
anything you have to say.

A lot of crust you've got.

Look. I'm sorry if I got
you in bad with Duke.

But it's my guess all you ever
got from that guy is trouble.

If you stick to him that
is all you ever get.

Until the payoff comes.
And that won't be pretty.

Why don't you mind your own business?

I think you've been lying about
the guy who shot O'Hara.

But I'd rather hear you lie some more
at the trial than not to show up at all.

What do you mean?

You can call me any time you want to.
I'm in the phone book.

Call you?

If you don't get me at the
apartment, try this number:

Gladstone 8-0-0-1.

Keep it.

They ..

They found Marie in the river.

She had been shot.

I saw her at the morgue.

I'd hate to see that happen to you.

Duke, why don't you
tell me the surprise?

Always got the eagers, ain't you?

Ain't those monkeys got a home?

You with the fingers. Go home.

Mr Martin, I haven't
finished playing requests.

Go home. Sorry kids. It's after closing.

Okay, Wino.

Tell the lady.

I takes the truck from the alley.

Picks up Kowalski.
- Name?

His Moniker is Cowie.
He has the navy scarves.

We go to Clara's joint's back door.

Cowie has the shotgun.
Me the Dickson. A 0.38.

We go in. Clara is counting the dough.

We draw down our guns
on her and the other one.

- Marie.

Cowie checks the front.
I take the bookie dough.

Marie screams.
I hear the shotgun go off.

I poke my head around.
There's a copper at the front door.

He shoots Cowie.

I plugged the cop.

Then we make the getaway.

Cowie is hurt bad.

I ditch him.

And the truck in front of a doc's home.

The gun?

I pitched that in the drink.

The dough?
- The dough I spent.

He is the one. Duke, this is wonderful.

He sounds great, don't he?
- You don't know what it means to me.

Call the police right away.
- Wait, baby.

This will cost you a little dough.
- Why?

I'll get it on my insurance.

300 bucks. It took a lot of time
and effort to dig him up.

Okay. But call the police.

Take it easy, baby. Here's the pitch.

Meet me here tomorrow night.
We pick up Wino.

Go to the Daily Star
and you turn him in.

The paper has got a great
Sunday morning spread.

'Accused kid sister
finds the real killer'.

'Sets her brother free and
makes fools of the cops'.

Why can't we call them now?

Take it easy, Butch.
A few things I must think over first.

And keep this to yourself.
Or no gopher. Remember?

Here. Bring my car around the front.
I'll drive you home.


I don't want nothing to go haywire
and the cops pin this on me for real.

How can they? You were in Kansas City.
You got 14-carat proof.

Yeah. That's right, Duke.

I don't get this whole deal.
- You don't have to.

Go to the station. Turn yourself in.

The cops give you 3 days and set
you free. And you get 50 bucks.

Enough to buy yourself
a car-load of wine.

Fifty livres.

Don't cross me. I'm playing a joke on
the dame. Giving her a fancy run around.

Duke. Who pulled the Calhoun heist?

The kid the cops got on ice.
Her brother, Steve Ryan.


My, don't we look lovely.


We got your boyfriend in this morning.

Mr Martin?
- Yeah.

Don't worry. We turned him loose again.

Couldn't get anything out
of him about Clara Calhoun.

We did not want to keep you two apart.


How come he's taken such a
sudden interest in you anyway?

Is there anything strange in that?
- I don't know.

Where will you be, dear?

Club Bombay. I think.

See you later.

Who is this Mr Martin?

He's the kind they build jails for.


Give me Gladstone 8-0-0-1.

"Deposit ten cents for
five minutes please."


Hello. This is Clara Calhoun.

I've been thinking about what you
said the other night at my apartment.

I was lying about what
happened at the holdup.

Marie was right.

Both bandits have black hair.

Would you sign a statement
to that effect?


I can't let that kid go
to the gas chamber.

Alright. We'll give you protection then.
Where are you now?

I'm calling from the
drugstore on the corner.

Can you meet me at my apartment?



Operator, I've been cut off.

I was talking to Gladstone 8-0-0-1.

Hello. We were cut off.

Yes I know. Where shall I meet you?

Your apartment.

Alright. I'll be there as soon as
I can make it. Twenty minutes.



[ Gunshot! ]


Anybody got a phone?
- Yes. I have.

- Yeah?

Everybody gone home?


Wilma has gone too, huh?
- Yes.

Where you been?

Folding parachutes.


A funny man, eh?

A big take, huh?

The best in weeks.

That big handicap was made in heaven.

Where's Rosie?

She said she would be
back in twenty minutes.

She said she had a date with you.

How long ago did she go?

About fifteen minutes.

Did I ever tell you about
the guy I killed in Detroit?


I worked for him.
He didn't treat me right.

We were just talking like this.
Like you and me are.

You know?

Take a look.

The bullet on the left killed
O'Hara and on the right Calhoun.

The same gun.

The same perfume. Here.
Keep this as evidence.

Call MacTaggart, will you Doc?
I want a raiding squad, Club Bombay.



Oh. Duke.

Say, we'd better hurry and pick up
that man and get to the newspaper.

Where have you been?

Home. To get the money in my coat.

That's your story.
What about Calhoun?

She had your phone number.
I heard her talking to you.

Duke, what's the matter with you?

You double-crossed me, huh?

Nobody makes a sucker out of me.

Okay. That is six.

Drop your gun and come on out.

[ Gunshot! ]

Rosie. Rosie.


One of you boys call an ambulance.

Hello, Mac.

Oh. There's your guy who killed O'Hara.

Here he is.

Hi, mom. Gee, it's good to be home.

Welcome home, Steve.

Come on into the kitchen everybody.
We're having a party.

Isn't it wonderful to
have him home again.

Well, come on.
- Wait a minute.

I want to know something first.

Have you changed your mind
about cops just a little?

Well, I suppose you have
to make a living somehow.

Yes. I think I've changed my mind.