Railroad Tigers (2016) - full transcript

In December 1941, The railway from Tianjin to Nanjing in East China became a key military transportation route, heavily guarded by Japanese soldiers. Ma Yuan, a railroad worker and his group of freedom fighters find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks when they decide to ambush a heavily armed military train filled with desperately needed provisions. Unarmed and outnumbered, they must rely on their wits to battle an entire army.

Ok, kindergarden this way.

Come over here.

Ok, so were here today to
look at some more trains.

Who can tell me another colour other
than red and black that you can see.

So black, red, white.

What other colour can you see?


So we have red, black, white, silver...


Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!




Why're you here?

Can't you stop making trouble for us?


You! Get up!

You never take me on big missions.

I only wish we had big missions.

I am Feng Banxian,
magician of the snake box!


There's a snake in the box. Trust me?

Just you?

I grabbed it from
outside the train this instant.






Turn around.

Turn around!



Ya! Me! Te?!

Your dad!

You Chinese?

Uh... Hai.

Speak Chinese!


I'll give you two choices.

One, I drop you with this.

Two, you drop to the ground.

Drop! Not knock!

Drop? Knock?

What are you doing? Let me go!

You bloody idiot!

What are you doing?!


And I've just stepped off
the train to release it!

- See, an empty box! That fast!
- Wow!

That's how fast I am!

Patata latte!

Sit down!

Turn around.

Turn around!

Who brought you?

Aaaaah! Snake! Why is it back again?!

That's my trick, just don't worry.

Hey, pal.

Do me a favor and strip him down!

I didn't know you spoke Japanese, bro!

Today aloha.

Today aloha. How's your Chihuahua?

Tea or latte? Tea or latte?

Today aloha. How's your Chihuahua?

Tea or latte, tea or latte!

Potato latte! Hai!

Today aloha.

Potato latte!

That's the head...

The ear...

The eyes...

The tail.

These are the wings.

That's a flying tiger.

- Draw it just like that!
- Alright!

Whoa, that's a big fire.

This way.

♪ The evening sun is setting in the west ♪

♪ In the west...
Weishan Lake is peaceful and still

♪ I will go play my Chinese lute

♪ Singing a peaceful and lulling tune

♪ The road is leading me
all the way back home

♪ My home sits on Mount Liang Liang Liang ♪



Captain! Phone call for you.


Candied fruit.

Yes, sir.


Sir. Please come and look.

Get ready to deploy!

Deploy! Time to move out.


There's a problem.


Stop nagging! Fine! Fine!

Give me another one!

Yuan! Yuan!

Hey! What are you doing?


It's delicious!

Yuan, do you want pancakes?


I don't have enough for all of you.

Eat them while they're hot.

The one on top.

Share them amongst yourselves.

I saw the Station Master, something's wrong.

It's fine. This is delicious!

Get off the train! Now!

Something's not right.

Why are you smiling?

- I'm not, sir.
- Yes, you are!



Get lost! Why are you everywhere?

I'm sorry!

You don't have to turn.

Why can't you act serious for once!

It's that winged cat again.

Who did this?

- I didn't do it!
- Who are you?

What do you do?

I'm just a tailor.

Prove it.

What's there to prove?!

Wait! Relax!


He wasn't the one...

Stay back! Don't get off the train!

Good... morning! Have you... eaten... yet?

He's amazing!

He can hop on
and off trains in a flash!


Take him away.


What did you say?!

You're scaring me!

Who did this to you?

Answer me!

Don't look over.

Brother, what now?

It's fine. Just don't run

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Hey! Don't shoot!


Go get the duty logbook.

Yes, sir!

Sir! Captain! Commander!

What have we done wrong?

I'm sorry

I'm the foreman here

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Sir, don't hit him.

Don't hit anyone.

It hurts!

The duty logbook, sir!

What is his name?

What's your name?

I'm Ma Yuan.

He signed in this morning.

So did everyone else.

We've been here since dawn.

That's right, we're all here.

You alright?

I'm fine. I'm fine.


Go hide the clothes in a few days.

Brother, we have guns that we've no use for

and clothes that we can't wear.

So why do we keep them?

For a big fire?

If it wasn't for Brother,

you'd be in the hands of the Japanese.

And you? If you'd aimed better
with that crate...

You're one to talk

I said get on the passenger car.

Not cargo.

So what? Careful!

When can we do something really big?

Talk less!

Brother, you don't even smoke.

Why do you always carry that pipe?

No reason.

How do I draw the tiger?
I couldn't get it right.

What is that?

Where the heck are they?!

The Captain wants to know where they are!

Let... let me ask the deities.


Please appear before me!

Looks like something big will happen today.

He says something big
will happen today.



Something major is going down!

Let's go see what's happening. Dahai!

Go eat your pancakes, brother.

- See you at the noodle shop.
- Okay.

You don't have to see me off. Really!

Lock him up!

I'll let myself out!
I'm not going that way!


- Hey, Ma Yuan. Visiting Auntie Qin again?
- Talk less!

I'm home, Mom.

The pancake smells great!

Dahai, help me out!

- I'm bleeding again.
- What's wrong?!

Come sit down!

What's wrong with the donkey?

It kicked me. So I drugged it,

It calms down a little.

Such bad luck today!
Daytime, beaten by the Japanese

I was beaten by Japanese too.

Were you kicked by a donkey at night?

Well, no...

How unlucky I am!

You are pretty unlucky.

Have some pancakes.

I thought you were all just messing around.

But now you've stirred up such big trouble.

It's nothing big, Mom. Right, brother?

I want to join small missions too, Dad!

This isn't right.

Dahai, you call me Brother and call her Mom.

What if I marry her.

Then will you call me Brother, or Dad?

Come on.

Xing'er, what about you?

Will you still call me Dad or...

What are you blabbering on about...

- Serious question!
- You always tell people to talk less,

but you talk the most.

Maybe, I'll drug you too one day.

Just put some in the pancakes.
The more, the better.

You think I won't do it?

You should mark the drugged one,
so you don't eat it.

You really think I won't do it?


May I hide out here?

Sorry, I'll go elsewhere.

Get in there!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Get him out.

Search thoroughly.

You again.

Why are you here?

Someone went over the wall!

You see, I'm a widow.

It would create gossip if he was seen here.

So he had to sneak in.

Sneak in?

That's right, he snuck in over the wall.

You've forgotten? You.

You. This morning. Hit me.

Blood. Pain.

So you're a sneaker.

Right, a sneaker.


We've found someone suspicious.

No wonder we're always
losing things in the cellar.

- You're stealing from me!
- Get him out of here!

I'm only borrowing!


Next house!

He's on fire!

- Get water!
- What do we do?

Are you okay? Say something!


I'm okay! The fire's out!

Everyone else was killed by the Japanese.

They all died but he alone survived?

Is he a deserter?

I doubt it.

Where have you hidden him?

At Auntie Qin's. They're taking care of him.

We'll move him to the cave later.

Fan Chuan. Here late.


Where have you been having fun?

- Kid...
- Yes, Boss.

Go feed the horse.


- Make sure it eats its fill.
- Alright.

That's a nice jacket.

I hate that.
Try giving attitude to the Japanese!

He really did fight the Japanese

I hear he's a sharpshooter.

Whatever. Why did they want
to blow up the bridge?

He didn't tell me

I don't get it.

They sacrificed all those men
to blow up our bridge?

The Japanese are there,
so it's their bridge. Get it?

How dare they! That's our home turf!

Take it outside.
Stop screaming about the Japanese here.

What'd you mean?

You heard me. All you guys do is talk.

That won't accomplish a thing!

How do you know we haven't?


Exactly, today we...

That's all you guys can do.

At least we're not cowards
like you, Fan Chuan.

What'd you say?

Actually Fan Chuan is right. Bill please!

Zhu, let's go.

Have you heard?
Fan Chuan was a warlord's bodyguard.

Ma Yuan! Get down here.

What's up?

Listen, stop causing trouble for me, okay?

Just one more job. We're done.

Don't push me.
I don't want to be forced to rat you out.


Welcome madam.





What're they saying?

It's Japanese!

Long life!


Why're there so many soldiers?

They must be reinforcements for the bridge

I'm feeling much better. Can I leave now?

This injury will take
at least ten more days to heal.

Ten days?! If I don't blow
the bridge in four days...

Then what?

You wouldn't understand.

Just pretend we've never met.
And let me go okay?

I don't want to fight anymore. I miss home.

I miss mom!

I miss mom!

Fine! I just can't stand crying.

I miss my mom, too.

She was also killed by the Japanese

I didn't even get to see her one last time.

Alright. Stop crying

I can't stop you. Just leave.

How do I leave?

How would he leave?

By train.

The train is here!

- Get ready!
- Shoot!

Don't be scared.

Lower us!

Thanks. You guys can go.

Dahai, you go first.

Go ahead.

It is going to snow... Let me send you off.

It's not easy to be a soldier.
When you get home...

Brother, I was lying
when I said I was going home

I'm actually going back.

That bridge, must be blown up.

Tell me, why do you have
to blow the bridge?

It's for the war effort.
You wouldn't understand.

People like you don't do big things, right?

Fine. Your leg injury isn't that bad.

Get off the train when it stops.

It's stopping.

The Japanese are
inspecting the train. Run!

I told you to leave!
Now we're both stuck!

Don't worry,
there are plenty of places to hide. Hurry!

They're here for me

I'll deal with them.

Leave! It's an order!

- One more favor!
- Go ahead!

Search thoroughly!

If I don't make it, find my platoon.

Tell them that I failed.

And tell them to blow the
bridge in three days.

Also, I'm not a deserter.

Of course not. Where's your platoon?

Search up there!

Hurry. There's no time.

Remember what I said.

The bridge must be destroyed.

What's up? Brother?

Come and see!

Off on another big mission, Brother?


Dad, that soldier from the Eighth...

He should be home now, right?

What do we do now?

Yeah. Tell us something

I'm skipping work today

I'm going to your mother's grave.

Don't worry.

Although we have reinforcements.

We should remain cautious.

Even the Eighth
couldn't blow up the bridge.


Who else can can do it?

You keep saying that I
won't do anything big

I'll show them what I can do in a few days.

Maybe, I'll finally avenge you.


What are you doing?

What are you doing?

We're doing whatever you're doing, Brother.

- Shoot!
- Dad,

- I know...
- Talk less!

Don't tell me that
you're going to blow up that bridge.

You're right. I am going to blow it up.

See? I told you so.

We're going to do something big!

Let's do it then!

An entire Eighth Route Army couldn't do it.

Can people like us do it?

Him? Him? And Me? How can we?!

Did I say that you're doing it with me?

We're a team!

We do everything as one!

- We eat together, we...
- Quiet!

I was going to ask you guys

I can't get to the Eighth.

So we have to do this for him.

That's great! Let's do it!

Hold on! Know how much
explosives do we need?

I know where we can find some.

In the armory at Shagou Station.

Station Master Huang mumbled
while I was fitting him.

He said there's a load of explosive packs.

We'll do it tomorrow!


How do we blow a bridge with explosives?

Easy. We just throw them at the bridge.

Duang! Duang! It explodes!



Fan Chuan.

Here. Noodles up!

I asked for an large bowl with extra meat.

Can you afford it?

I got it from the Japanese.

Fan Chuan.

What's up?

You've fought in the war right?

How'd you detonate a
Japanese explosive pack?

- Just throw it.
- Throw it!

- Throw it.
- Throw it!

That will never work.

Oh. Then...

Figure it out yourself.

Listen. We can't beat the Japanese.

I fought for a warlord.
That's pretty awesome, right?

And we still lost.

With so few of you,

don't even bother.

Count me in, Brother. I'm not a coward.

Dahai, I want to join your next big mission.

Something's bothering you inside.

You can't even hide it.

About us...

when are we going to get hitched?

Later. A little longer.

Hey, get out of here.

Hurry up.

He beats me.



Hey, there's a ladder here.

That's mine. I'm sending
the ducks to you sir!

Hey, what are you doing?

What do we do?

Go up.


Drop two packs.

Why do you drop so many?

How are you going to go up if not?
There's one left.

Take it.

All that work, and you stole one pack?!

You try it then!

If I was there...

- Forget it. You can't even climb up to the roof.
- Talk less!

Assembly! Go chase the train.

You, over there!

You, over there!

Go check it out.

So many Japanese!

Don't worry. We're safe here.

- Not safe.
- Are they here for us?

You take the pack. You three to the front.

Let's go

I'll go first. You guys follow me.


You. You go first!

What do we do now?!

How would I know?!

The explosive!


Hey, there's flour here!


You idiot!

Okay, we're done.

See how many you've left.

Be careful!

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

Where are you going?


How do you use the explosives?

Just light it up.

Go, go, go!

Hide, Dakui!

Nice flour. I can make Brother
some buns tonight.

Put that down!

Where is he?

That's a really big explosion!

That was close.

Soon, we'll be the rulers of this place.

What do you mean?

The battle in China is growing.

In a few days, we'll,
have an unending chain...

of supplies to the front line.

Did something
unusual happen today?

Did anyone miss work today?

Did anyone miss work?

No cargo truck today,

- so there's not many people...
- Why are You smiling?

I'm sorry.

Kameda, you're responsible
for the lost explosives.

What the heck is this?

This is the only thing I could find.

Let's start.

This is going to hurt.

Don't be a coward!

My hand!

It hurts!


We can't blow up the bridge!

Why not?

It's rare we get to do something so big.

Don't you want revenge?

Of course I want revenge.

But blowing up the bridge isn't revenge.

- Yes it is revenge!
- Stop!

First, they know their explosives
have been stolen.

They're out for blood,
so we must be careful.

Second, if they know...

the explosives were for blowing the bridge.

It'll make it more difficult. Third...

So what?

We just let Daguo
and the soldiers die in vain?!

In vain?!

What's the third thing?


The third thing!


Come here!

What's going on?

Erpang's butcher knife!

Knives, rods, chains. All solid.

Come take a look at this!

I'll kick! Go!

Come on!

Go Away!

- It's okay.
- Get off me!

They are not local!

Are you okay?

I'll kill you with spice!


So many Japanese soldiers.

Brother, run!

Stop. Don't move!

Keep searching!

- We've found him!
- That's him!

Arrest them.

That looks painful. What'll we do?

Can we get through this without any pain?

I wish.

Let's give it try.

You two look alike.

He says you two look quite alike.


- What I want to know is...
- Alike? I'm much more handsome.

You're more handsome?

I was more handsome than you
when I was your age.

Did you see me when I was young?

Of course not.

- How is that possible?
- Wasn't that decades ago?

I wiped your butt when you were little!

What do you think?

Look at his nose!

- What's wrong with my nose?
- It's too big!

What's wrong with a big nose?
Your's is too small!

A big nostril collects dirt easily.

- Tiny nose can hardly breathe.
- Shut up!

What'd they say?



Stop rambling!

I don't understand.

Get a Chinese, Captain.

We don't understand him.

We... Don't... Understand...

What are they saying?

They got themselves in trouble.

My dad says you're an amazing sharpshooter.

Please help him

I'm not a sharpshooter.

Look at these!

Do they look like they can shoot?

They do.

If I was a sharpshooter,
then why am I here?

I'd be doing big things.

The Tigers are doing big things!

Well, I have my little
business to take care of.

Get someone else.

Go! Go!

What if they won't talk?



Speak Chinese.

We have a saying...

A wise man doesn't join a hopeless fight.

Exactly! Since you know what I mean...

Talk less!

You don't want to get beaten, right?

- Of course not.
- Good to know. So...

Hey, tell them...

That's all I can do to help you.

Well... they've revealed everything.

They admit that...

they stole the explosives.

They admit to
stealing the explosives.



To fry fish! Frying fish with explosives!

They fry fish with explosives.



To make them more crispy and delicious.

There's a saying...
every movement needs a pioneer.

Different lands have different customs.

You'd be lost everywhere
if you didn't go anywhere.


I'm sorry

I'm so sorry.

It's not my fault that you don't get it.
Why hit me?


You keep saying "shoot" all day

but why didn't you do any reconnaissance?

Stop arguing!

Arguing doesn't solve a thing!

I'll ask Auntie Qin for a solution.

They're lying.
Let's have some fun with them.

What do you mean?

These hicks all have simple minds.

They will definitely
attempt a rescue.

We have our soldiers everywhere!

They wouldn't dare to

I'll bring a few soldiers with me,

and wipe them all out tomorrow.

Don't underestimate them.

No one can defeat me.

Certainly not hicks.


Listen up.

These two stole from the Imperial Army.

In two hours, they'll be
taken away by train...

to face judgment at the next station!

These two stole from the Imperial Army...

What're they doing?

In two hours,

They want to see if anyone will rescue us,

I hope our guys won't see us.

How do we stop them, Brother?

We can't stop them.



What happened?

You Tigers...

You aren't going to give up
until you go too far.

Excuse me.


Sir! Captain!

Please let me through.
I'm giving them some food!

What did they say?

They just want to give them food.

- Let her through.
- Let her through!

It's you. Sneaking around again?

What is this?


How dare you put our flag on them!

What flag? It's just a red dot.

That's our national flag!

It's just a red dot. It's auspicious!

The dot on your flag is bigger.

What did she say?

She says it's
an auspicious pattern.

That's scallion

I love your pancakes.

What did he say?

He says he wants to eat badly.

Please let them have it.

Don't eat that. Give it to him!

I made it for him.

Tell them to leave.

Get out of here!

If your friends
come to rescue you...

If your friends come to rescue you...

They'll all be captured

they'll all be captured.

If they don't,

If they don't,

then they're
not really your friends

then they're not really your friends.

The Captain says that woman treats you well.

Auntie Qin is truly a great woman.

Talk less!

How much of the drug did you use?


It ought to be.

I gave him a bigger dose than the donkey!

You're so greedy!

There are two pancakes.
You should give him one.

What did he say?


Tell him that it's delicious.

He really is a bit greedy.



You are all excellent marksmen.

When the enemy approaches,

fire on my order.

Wait for the order.

Don't fire until you hear it.

Yes, sir!

They're all Japanese

I'm sorry.

Load up and stand by!

Yes, sir!

Captain, they're here.

How many Japanese inside?

Sir! What do we do?



Captain! Captain!

Don't move!

Please give the order to fire! Sir!



Talk less!

Thank you all.

Good work, Fan Chuan.

Are you one of us now?


Your little band doesn't look proper.

How are we not proper?

- We have hats like you do!
- Talk less!

I'll consider it.

No one knows this place. We'll hide here.

I didn't badmouth you.
They were talking that...

the prisoner train was ambushed

I know you have nothing to do with it

I was just blending in with the crowd

I didn't say you're one of them, I swear.

Enough. Take this money.

What is this?

Auntie Qin will know.

Go buy two pancakes, with this money.

No, no, no. I can't take your money...

Why're you standing there?!

I'm sorry!

Get out of here!


Arrest him!

What's the point of hiding
these worn clothes?

Fan Chuan. You in or out?

I'm in!

I'm with you all the way.

- That's more like it! Do it together!
- Shoot!

But I have one condition.

Condition? A businessman!

Fan Chuan, we have no money.

Say it!

Don't treat me like an outsider.

I didn't mean it like that.

You ruthless shrew!

I really don't know anything... so painful.


I didn't see anything.

Stop! I'll talk! They're at Weishan Lake!

♪ The evening sun is setting in the west ♪

♪ Weishan Lake is peaceful and still

♪ I will go... ♪

Brother, your key is too low

I'm not too low. He was high!

He was too low.
I think Brother is singing it good.

You're clearly singing too low

I'm too low?

Or you're too high

I choose the key so I'm right.
He sang too low.

My key's correct. Peaceful and still.

- Brother's correct.
- But I set the key.

Then you set the wrong key!

Start it again.

♪ The evening... ♪

See? Too high!

Peaceful and still.

Brother! It's the Japanese!

How many bullets do we have left?

I can kill one with each...

Get down!

Give me the gun.

You want to fight your way out?

We can't do that now.

There's only one way out. Move.

They're gone...

Found them?


- Where are they?
- Hai!

Where are your guns?







Where are they?!

You idiot!!

Hanzhuang Bridge is a major route.

The Japanese need it to send supplies
to the front line

I think that's why the Eighth
wants to blow it up.

They want to cut their supplies.

Be careful.

Fan Chuan. In the, 36 stratagems.
What's this called?

"Taking the fuel."

It doesn't matter now.

The Eighth says the bridge must be
destroyed by tomorrow.

You haven't told us why
you decided to join us.

Would you let people call you a coward?

Auntie Qin told me to bring him.

Huang gave it to me before he was arrested.

What's that traitor up to?

He asked me to buy pancakes from Auntie Qin

I can't see it.

What does it say?

A supply train is
crossing Hanzhuang Bridge tomorrow.

What does that mean?

Supply train... we have our explosives!

Can we trust that traitor's words?

That traitor sent the Japanese
to the island for us.

And now he let us go!

What is he up to?

Means he changes sides
whenever it suits him

I've seen people like him

I believe him this time.

Either way, this is our only chance.

Ask your spirits! Where are they hiding?

There'll be many Japanese
on that train tomorrow.

We're outnumbered.

We need more men

I'll go!

Me, too!

Not you.

Abracadabra... something
big is happening soon.

Ow, that hurts!

My leg!



I've waited for this too long!

So we'll leave it to you?

Sure. Don't worry.

Listen, everyone.

If we really are blowing up the bridge.

We won't make it back.

Do you understand me?

If anyone wants to back out,

say it now.


Yes! Let's do it!

The Tigers aren't cowards!

We'd rather die than be slaves.

For our country!

We all have a duty!

Silence! Let Brother speak!

Brother, what'd you say?

Right! Brother.

You should say something wise!

Talk less!

Eat up before fighting the Japanese.

Make it home alive...

and you can eat pancakes
all you want. Okay?

You hear me?

Say, Brother. Why do you carry that
pipe with you?

He used to smoke, but not anymore.

He misses the taste.

The truth is,

years ago, my father was smoking this...

when the Japanese shot him.

Later, my wife was killed by the Japanese,

while loading the tobacco for me.

I don't smoke now.

But, I'll remember my grudge.

Sing a song, Dahai.

No way. They keep saying that I'm off-key.

You do go off-key...

I don't!

Never mind.

What's the plan tomorrow?


Tomorrow when the train
leaves Shagou Station.

We hop aboard.

First, find the explosives.

They should be in a closed cargo hold.

The Japanese will inspect the train
at Zaozhuang Station.

We'll hide, making our move
as the train leaves!

The train mustn't stop
under any circumstance.

We'll stop the train
in the middle of the bridge.

Wrap the explosives
around the bridge pillars.

When they explode. The bridge will collapse.

You understand?

But what will happen to you?

Duang! Into the air. Mission accomplished.


Why're you here?

I have to be with you all!

Get off the train before we blow the bridge.


Give me that.

Blow it!

Let's go.

- Go away!
- Sir! I can't move them

I'm sorry, sir!

Cargo holds, front and back.

Who's going to check them?

I'll check the back

I'll bet that they're in the front. I'll go.

Go to the back,

You're clumsy. I'll check the front.

Zhu, you stand guard

I'll take the cab.

The rest of you, hide.
Wail till we leave the station.




Sir! Your orders?

Who said the explosives would be here?

Sit down!

Go ahead, sir!

Rock, paper, scissors!

Again! Rock, paper, scissors!

Sit down!

Be seated!

Rock, paper, scissors!

Why are you crying?

I'm so moved,
but bad things happen when I smile.

Everything good?

Everything's fine, sir.

Are you sure?

Of course.
I'll commit seppuku otherwise.

That's gonna hurt.

This is no time for jokes!

Open the door.

Stand up!

What are you wearing underneath?

Same as you

I'm serious.

Close the door.

Close the door!

Raise your hands!

What's going on here, sir?

She was being rude.

He's a fraud.



Where's Yuko?

She's still on the train.

Give me a smile.

Don't move!


Give me a smile.

There it is!

I told you not to move.

Don't move! I'll shoot anyone that moves!

I'll shoot anyone that moves!

Squad, engage!

If you hadn't come,

I'd have shown them my shooting skills!

Go where?


Don't push!

Got the explosives?

Zhu. Get on top of the last carriages!

Don't let them attack.

- Everyone...
- Watch out!

Everyone what?

I've forgotten.

Block the side door, Brother.
Don't let them out.

You go help Sanlaizi.


The rest of you, help me with the cannon

I don't know how to fire a cannon!

- I do!
- Where's the ammo?

Over there, under that cloth. Go!

I have bullets in my bag. Get them!

♪ December moon,
what flowers will you bloom! ♪

♪ December flowers will bloom... ♪

You almost hit me!

- Hurry!
- Dad, I'm useful!

Talk less! Hurry!

Come help us, Brother!

I'm busy too!

Where should I put this?

Blow them away!

Place it aside. Don't rush!

What are you doing?

I'm aiming.

Lift the cannon.

One, two, three! Go!

Wait! What are you doing?

- Push it in.
- Good! One, two, three!

This isn't the proper way!

We don't do things the proper way! Push!


- What?
- Fire!

Get away!


- How?
- Pull it back hard!

What is going on?!

That was a pretty good idea, right?

This is definitely not proper...

- Again!
- Yes!

Fire again. I'll help the others.

And me?

Keep covering your ears.

Be careful.

Explosives there?

A lot!

Set one off!


Fire in the hole!

Watch out!

Get away!

That really hurts...


Darn it!

Alright then let's play.

It's those hicks!

Guys, leave it to me.

Blow him away!

I may have lost to you years ago...

You hicks!

But I'll get you today.


Watch out!

That really hurts.


Are you hurt?

How many of these do we have to tie up?

The more the better!

I'll pay you back some day.

Talk less!

It hurts!

Don't let the train stop, Rui!

Dahai, don't you think
that Xing'er likes me?

Where did that come from?

The train can't stop! The train can't stop!

This is easy and boring.

Come on!

I'll show you what a proper solder...

can do!

- Shoot!
- Good work!

What's that?

Fan Chuan.

Look what we found!

Quick! Give me!

Brother, the boiler is leaking.


Zhuzi's fallen off the train!


What are they saying?

They're asking us to surrender

I'll shoot the one talking.
You take the other.

Wait, that's too risky.

He's right behind Xing'er.

Aren't you a sharpshooter?

No sharpshooter can curve a bullet.

Come back, Dahai

I'm coming, Xing'er.

- Xing'er.
- Stay back!

- Dahai.
- Come back here too, Sanlaizi!

Just listen to me and stay over there.

A tiger? Are there wings on that?

What'll we do?

I don't have any experience with this.

Run, Xing'er!

Just leave them to me!

Everyone back off!

I'm not afraid, Dad!

It's okay.

Time to go. You promised.

I want to be with you all to the end!

We'll be back soon.




What are you doing?



Don't let her go!

The boiler's leaking.
We might not make it to the bridge.

Get your weapons, boys!


The train is stopping, Brother.

We've nowhere to retreat.

We'll fight them!




This rifle is no fun.

- How about this one?
- Great!

This is awesome!


Someone's joining the party

I'm back, you hicks!

Watch me. I'll blow him away with the tank.

What do we do now?

We still have our cannon.

Now what?

You want to beat me?

This is bad. We're running out of ammo.

Not blown up yet? No way.


Aren't the explosives over there?

We'll each take one pack
and charge at them, maybe...

It's useless. We won't make it past them.

We were so close!

Looks like our big mission is set to fail.

I started this mission,

so I'll see this through.

You guys still have a chance to flee.

Talk less!

You're not the only member of the Tigers.

None of us are running.

We may not be proper soldiers,

but we do just fine against the Japanese.

Tell us. What to do!


I don't think we can take them head on.

How does the 36 Strategems go?

How would I know
which one you're talking about?!

We will hide!

You'll never beat me.
Not in a million years!

Switch the tracks!

I'll block the train.

Got it!

- What are you doing?
- Your dad said don't let go!

Let me go!

You got a death wish?

Search the train!

I speak Chinese!

I'll say it clearly this time.

You have two choices.

One, I knock you both out.



Who's on the train?

Put your backs into it!

It won't budge!


- Why are we pulling that?
- Talk less!

Move! Hurry.

Why won't you go away?!

Can't stop it now.

What is he doing?

We've got nothing, sir!

We've got nothing, sir!

We've got nothing, sir!

Found them?

No, sir.

Search again!

Yes, sir!

Back away! Back away!

Back away!

Don't move!

You hicks!

Back away!




Who's driving that train?

It must be Rui.

We're the only ones left!

Keep them back.
I'm going to set off the explosives.

Hurry! We can't hold them off for long.


Talk less!


We can't hold them any longer.

Why won't that Japanese die?!

I have you now.

I have you now.

Are you going to shoot or what?
Can you do this?

They're too close. I'll hit both of them.

Hold your fire!

I'll get him myself.

Brother, looks like our mission has failed

I'm sorry I couldn't hold them.

We've failed Daguo and the Eighth.

We'll start with you.

What's going on?!


Fire! Kill them all!

Go, all of you!

Kill them all!

All of you, go!

Don't worry about those guys...

I can handle them myself

I'll kill you!

That hurts!


You hicks...

Tiger. Come on, time to go.

Can this be our secret?

Sure, no problem.

Did they all go to heaven?


they all joined
the Eighth Route Army afterwards,

and protected our country.

What about the injured soldier?

Did he go to heaven?

That's another story.
Do you want to hear it?


Okay, I'll tell you.

Sorry, my hat fell off.

Hit me? You hit me?!

I forgot my lines... Sorry.

Running around... And I... I...

I'm Dahai, he's Daguo, and you are?

I'm Daguo.

What's your character's name?

I'm Dahai, he's Daguo...

What's your name?

I'm Ma Yun... Ma Yuan.

Again. I almost fell off

I almost...

You want me to do it again?

Sorry, sorry...

I don't know how to draw it.

It's so cold that I can't speak. Again!

there are no Howards.


You said your mother killed you.

You said your mother killed you!

Wait, I sang the wrong song.

The evening... I've forgotten.

The evening sun...

♪ The evening sun is setting in the west ♪

♪ The evening sun is setting in the west ♪

What lake?

Weishan Lake! Again.

They're at Weishan Lake!