Raigekitai Shutsudô (1944) - full transcript

Wartime film dealing with a Japanese torpedo bomber squadron at war.Three IJN flyers Mikami (Susumu Fujita), Kawakami (Masayuki Mori) and Murakami (Akitake Kono) are good friends, and they ...

Torpedo Squadron Battle

In the central Pacific, part of our Combined Fleet

found the enemy fleet

and immediately attacked them.

The results of this battle:

three enemy aircraft carriers, two battleships,

two heavey cruisers and

one ship of unknown type

all destroyed.

one aircraft carrier and three cruisers damaged,

five destroyers, seven transport ships,

two unidentifed vessels damaged.

150 enemy aircraft shot down.

Losses on our part:

One battleship, two aircraft carriers, one cruiser damaged.

68 men sacrificed themselves in special attacks.

There are signs that the enemy has not yet received a decisive blow in the battle,

but has retreated to

our northern seas.

That is all.

So, the enemy has not received a decisive blow ?


I'm leaving now for the land base.

Very well, I will radio them that you're on your way.

Thank you.

What have you been doing?

Sorry, Sorry.

I was listening to the broadcast of yesterday's battle.

Try not to take chances. I rely on you.

It's been a long time since our last visit to a land base.

Tonight, we meet with our old squadron members.

B5N aircraft landing!



Give that to me.



Message received.


Murakami and his navigator should be here soon.


They should be here by now.

It's been a long time!
What brings you here?

We wanted a change of scenary.

From a big floating air base?


I see. Too noisy for you I guess.

You want to go get a drink?

Actually, we're here to do some research.

Why do you think we got here earlier than the others?

For that.

Mikami, still the same carefree person!

Three Kamis.

Three Kamis?

Didn't you notice?

Mikami, Murakami, Kawakami. It turns out
the three "Kamis", as they're known,

have their own special torpedo attack method.

These three?


"Meeting in Progress.
Do not enter"

Still, it was awful.

Really frustrating.

I did not think we had enough planes this time.

Now let's enjoy the long-awaited vacation.

I have Japanese sake.



Let's go over there.

This could never happen an aircraft carrier.

Drink Japanese sake all day long!

You said it.

Ships got new orders recently.

How's that?

You have to come to shore to get a drink.

Keep it down!

Sorry, sorry.


No, I do not want to drink any more.

Why so indignant?

So many good men were killed ...

When I think about it, I can't drink.

So what are you going to do?

What good does it do to get angry?

That is a bad habit.

Even if you're not okay,

you still need a rest. Drink.

In any case, I will not drink.

Look at him. You know what he looks like?

Like Hyottoko after he ate all those dried plums.

Hyottoko, gorged on dried plums!

By the way, you know what?

I've thought about when we go back to Tokyo,

how to better use of our new planes.

Will we have all the same problems as before?

The new aircraft will allow us to win?

Too late. Dead men don't come back.

What are you doing?

Snooping around like a beggar.

Calm down already.

My hand towel. I can't find it.

Blockhead. It's right here.

Lose something?


You're still such a simpleton.

What's all the noise!

I'll join you.

Mikami, you're a really lucky guy.

Commander, you know?

I met these two when I was in military school,
we went up to Mt. Furutaka,

And a bee landed on his cheek.

I told him: "Hey, you got a bee on your cheek!"

And he says, "Where?".

Typical reaction.

Lies! Lies!

Kawakami blatantly lies!

Do not believe him.

Who of us is lying?

In Shanghai, the two of us went to a movie, he said:

"What a great narrator!". When in fact, it was a talkie.

Come on, Kawakami! Stop it!

What's wrong with you, Murakami? Already, there are tears.

Like some old woman who caught a cold.

Here ...

Kawakami left for Tokyo to get new aircraft.

The rest of the carrier squadron is expected at the land base.

Now that everyone is here...

I think we should have the men enlarge the camp ...

a squadron from the aircraft carrier isn't used to sleeping on the ground.

Everyone is here.


At ease!

We will now begin training for night attacks.

After hard training,

you will have the opporturnity to repay the enemy from the previous battle!

You must complete your attack training at night,

the daytime is to relax.


Is that a bell ringing?

There's a church nearby.

There's not much to do on this island in the middle of nowhere.

Sorry that I didn't bring you any gifts from the ship.

We need to get out of this heat.

And what was it like on the ship ...

On the aircraft carrier it was just a nightmare.

Never a break from it, no matter what.

Well, nice to meet you.

Same here.

Pleased to meet you.

Is this Sunday?

Yes, probably.

It's not Sunday. The locals just love to sing,

always singing.

It's great to have a love of singing with your religion.

At first, I took no notice of them.

But, little by little, I've come to understand them.

For example, even if the missionary is gone,

they keep singing the same songs.

They are a very close-knit community.

I'm sorry to interrupt your midday sleep.

If you have any problems, come see me.

Enough sitting around.

Although I would like to be sitting on a tatami with crossed legs.

Weill, if you it's a tatami you want...

Yes, I was joking.

There is a old lady who runs a dining room.



Would you like to go there now?

If it's not too much trouble.

Isn't this better?

Like being home, you can even cry.

You came here after the University?

Yes, I studied law.

I am still a student, I heard your name.

Would you believe!

What is this place?

Don't you know?

This place is famous.


Like the poetry?

You mean like this?

I had no idea. Wow.

I'm sorry for the wait.

I made you some siruko.

I humbly ask that you try it.


Siruko soup ... now I can cry.

As you know, there is no sugar.

Most places in the South Seas there is no sugar.

That's how it is.

By the way, do not hesitate to kill Americans!

Really, destroy these reptiles so not even their spirits remain on the earth!

Grandma, I see you have a fighting spirit?

You know what else! Next year she will be 60 and still works here!

How can I run away now?

Actually, I like this place.

But for now, I'm not going to die.

Not until I can kill a couple of those American reptiles myself!

What's the matter with you?

Probably you are listening to me and thinking "What is she carrying on about?"

When you're finished, you can ask for more.

Delicious. I might just burst into tears.

1st Squadron

Scheduled for reconnaissance operations.


Maybe wait a bit?

It seems that no other take-offs are planned.

Reconnaissance operations?


Night training, day training and reconnaissance - too much.

Still, I should go check for the presence of the enemy.

Do you know how to play bridge?

A little.

Long ago, no one did.

Bring us some cards!

You and Murakami play together.


Whatever the commander says.


From time to time Mikami will doze off in the middle of the match.

All the while yawning?

And you're just a master of slumber.

As it is called, bottomless, great ...


Kawakami quipped that he could teach a dog how to sleep more.

So true.

This is where we do the torpedo setup.

Just one such can bring great destruction.

Here we must be very precise.

If properly set up, a torpedo will ride on the waves.

Or Whack! - and gets stuck on the bottom in the sand.

Difficult job.

How's the game going?

Already the fifth inning.

A direct hit! Keep your eye on the ball! Strike!

Idiot! Are you blind?

Everyone line up!

Air raid!

Let's hurry.

Let me take a plane.

Forget it.

Please, allow me to take the plane.

- Fine, go. - Thank you very much!

I get to go!


Fighters are not like a torpedo plane squadron.

We spend our time fighting enemy aircraft.

Enemy bombers. 130 degrees, at an altitude of 3,000. Distance - 10,000

Head in that direction!

You secured the documents?


Let's take cover. It's dangerous out here.

Everyone in the shelter!

Enemy formattion moving southwest over the eastern cape.


Yes. Acuna!

When did you got here?

I got here last week.

Yes, I know.

I've been here for a long time.

If so, why didn't you come see me before now?

Enemy forces attacking. Enemies on the starboard side.

Why the beard?

I think you look the same as when I saw you last time.

Did you follow me here?

You work here settinup up torpedoes?


Those torpedoes are great.

What are you talking about!

Yes, I just have worry about one torpedo.

You have to knock out an entire enemy ship,
even if your spotter can't see straight.

What are you talking about?


- Read it.

Enemy fleet 400 miles at 130 degrees.

Fighting with enemy aircraft. End.


Enemy forces in our area.

-Damn it! -Mikami, now we have to try.

Attack on our base coming in from the west coast.

It sounds like 250 kilogram bombs.

As I recall,

we were speaking about the spirit of a torpedo attack.

no matter how frightening the enemy guns,

a torpedo, in the blink of an eye, pierces the enemy ship sending it to the bottom.

or rather, it doesn't even pierce the ship

but crushes it.

In short,

nothing more powerful than a torpedo exists, in my opinion.

Commander, what do you think on this subject?

Well, I'm not sure ...


Does something specific bother you?

Sort of.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about Japanese fighting spirit.

As found in our songs, old stories and poetry.

For example, in the songs of the Meiji Restoration.

Other songs of the world can not compare with them.

If you look at the when it started,

it was the easiest time in history.

But this millenium reveres the same values as before.

genuine Japanese values, correctness, beauty.

These things come to the fore.

Where we express our our spiritual strength.

Our true Japanese character.

Does this same spirit manifest itself in torpedo attacks?

What do you think?

The Japanese nation is definitely superior to all others.

Every member of the nation ...

is already conscious of this.

Our spirit is as strong as a torpedo.

In other words, if all 100 million were as you,

Many hearts beating as one.

I think you must ram with the torpedo

and die with it.

What? Hey! Everything okay?

Yes! No damage.


Robust design only a bit shaken.

Enemy formation escaping to the northeast.

Okay. We can leave.

Come on.

This is the fifth time!

Come on!

Alert! A plane is on fire!

Alert! A plane is on fire!

Damn it!

My plane ...

Well, it's war. War after all!

There's nothing you can do.

Number 0-1-5, aircraft landing!


Over here.

Hey, Mikami!

I saw your plane. It was really burning.

That's for sure.



I don't have an airplane, so let me fly with you.

If you do not take me, I could not deal with it.

Wait a little.


Soon there will new planes and you will train on them.

Yes, sir.

No aircraft is for you only.

Yes, sir!

The new aircraft will be here soon.

Wait a little.

I'm back.

We were chased by enemy fighters.

How did everything else go?

I would not say it was easy.

Well ... all right?

- Our airplanes then? - Yes.

New planes won't be available.

They will not give them to us?

Not really. But I hope they will.

Hey, Murakami.

I went to your house.


Why waste time there? You should have taken care of the planes!

Don't get angry.

Kawakami was just checking up on your family.

- Right? - Well yes!

Hey, Murakami, I have a souvenir for you.

Yes, actually, nothing special.

When I went, it was dinner time.

I came in the evening.

And your son ...

What is the name of the fifth child ...?


Well yes. And Yoshio asked for another helping.

And then your wife says, "Hold on"

"You need to wait until we win the war."

And Yoshio says:

"Okay. I'll eat three servings, until we win."

"And when we defeat the Americans, I will eat five servings!"

Stop with this.

I will show that we can fight perfectly well with our current aircraft!

With three planes or with one, I will show you what we can do!

What is he ...

This is the whole story?


Something else.

Headquarters gave me a movie about how the homefront is supporting the war.

Really? Thanks.

Young men rejoice!

What? What?

A movie!

"Native places"

I been hoping for something like this!

It's great that we could arrange a viewing.

Dawn above the village of Takachiho, rising like the idea of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

My old village, from the time of the gods, never leaves my thoughts.

We will visit the area of Kyushu.

We start with the coal mines in Northern Kyushu.

This area is famous for its songs and dances.

When women see off to war their sons, husbands or brothers,

they perform this dance.

If you did not know about this dance before,you wouldn't understand what it signifies.

There! That's her!

Look! Look!


It's Mom!

Air raid!

Everyone to the shelters!

Attention! Everyone to the shelters.

Guards! To your posts!

Firefighting squad, get ready!

The enemy was chased away but he attacks again?

And at the worst possible moment.

All I know is that I saw my mother.

My mom was in the movie.

Perhaps she was dancing and thinking of you?

She's gone gray.

Headquarters needs to give us those planes

Explosions very close.

Where are you going?

I'm worried about the control room.

You cannot! Too dangerous!

I'm leaving!

Come back! Come back!

Although the body is burned ... I have done my duty!

I apologize!

I want to go see my mother.

I guess I'm going to die.


You'll not die!

All planes are ready to leave.

Including the other squadron?

As a result of the attack, they're pulling out all the aircraft left.

So if the enemy comes back, we have nothing left here.

I do not know what what good it will do if the new planes ever arrives.

What nonsense!

We are able for flight but we need planes.

We need new aircraft.

They're not going to give us any!


We'll have to fight with whatever we have.

You yourself said so.

That even one plane will give them a bashing.

This is going to be difficult.

Isn't this sad?

So be it. Let's wait.

I've waited a long time.

It is hard for someone who does not fly to understand.

Well, nothing more can be done. Be patient!

You're up!

Already, you can walk?

I just heard the sound of planes.

Yes. They're leaving.

Are the airplanes being flown to another location?

Why would they do that?

You're at the hospital. You're supposed to take it easy.

Air raid!

Everyone go to the shelters!

Estimated 30 enemy aircraft approaching.

Damn it! They're back!

What about our planes?

- We do not any. - None?

We have to wait for new ones.

Really! ...

Well, get better soon!

Everyone in the shelters!

I don't need you.

Watch out.

No need, no need.

Sir! Sir!

Just look what those reptiles have done?

And not only here,

In the Tama home two Chinese lie dead!

I see.

Was one of these American devils captured?

His parachute caught on the trees after he bailed out.

Locals beat him some but we took him prisoner.

Why bother?

Why didn't they kill him?

Maybe because he has blue eyes?

And his hair was blonde I suppose?

Please sir, let me kill him!

Let me kill him!

I'm going to kill him!

He's already injured ...

Well, let me finish him off!

Let me kill him!

Here, look!

As a Japanese, I'm not just talking! Just look at the ruined shrine!

Let me kill him! Let me kill him, sir!



- Take him. - Yes sir!



Well, salute!


Find out more about this man.


They have a lot of planes and many ships.

Many weapons and soldiers.

We are inferior in quantity.

Now, they bring new weapons.

After the Civil War, their country grew markedly stronger.

It is unreasonable to think that America could win this war!

And if it loses, the world will have changed.

That's what I say.

We are now in a situation where top-notch pilots ...

instead of flying, are hauling firewood.

It's ridiculous.

Hey, Yasuda.

Our soldiers are ready to sacrifice their one life to destroy 10 enemy.

There is no other way to win this war.

The main weakness of the enemy is their fear of losing their lifes.

Therefore, our torpedo attacks against them are very effective.

Whether a transport ship, a battleship, or aircraft carrier,

we have enough torpedoes to blow them all up.

The is our advantage.

Isn't that true, Yasuda?

Sure. Right!

What a fool I was.

Can you believe the insolence of that prisoner?

The commander will arrive today with the new planes.

That was unexpected.

While waiting for new aircraft,

I've been thinking about new military operations.

Well, what do you know?

Satisfied now?


You should be.

Now we can attack the enemy, can't we?

Lookouts report: 100 enemy bombers approaching.

130 degrees. Altitude - 4500. Distance - 20 km. Approaching our base.

Falling. It's falling!

He did it!

Another one! Another one!

Withdrawing to the northeast!

I counted 81 aircraft

In gratitude for our taking revenge upon the enemy,

they brought us treats.

Japan - number one!

Purple clouds reflected in our wings ...

The greatness of the our Empire

soars on wings

recalling with nostalgia the glories of Okehazama

The victory at Pearl Harbor is all because of our excellent torpedoes!


Don't you think, Kawakami?

Excited, aren't you?

How about you?

Commander, have another one.

Well, okay.



...laughter is heard from the crimson flame of an airplane ...


Message from our search planes.

Enemy contact?

Yes, there is an enemy fleet east of the Philippines. We must attack immediately.

Let's go.

Now the decisive battle.

...under the spray of the surging waves, and at the depths of the sea,

in the rain and hail, and under fire the torpedo squadron presses home the attack.

The enemy takes flight, fearing our violent attacks.

You cannot escape, you cannot hide,

We overtake you as wind and lightning, and after loading the gun,

we launch our fast torpedo into the heart of the enemy ship,

suddenly raising the water column.

Believe the enemy will attack the center of the Philippine Islands.
Enemy carrier escorted by 12 ships.

Move toward the enemy fleet and attack.

Land based aircraft and carrier aircraft to attack together.

All carrier aircraft return immediately to ship.

It's time we got back to the carrier.

You've really helped us, sir. We go now to destroy the enemy.

You have a hard job in front of you.

We're all counting on you.

See you around.

I can't!

Go ahead, keep them.

Hey, Murakami.

Don't hurry too much, okay?

It's time.


You've done all you could.

But knowing him like I do, he'll do whatever needs to be done.

No matter what anybody else says.

Intelligence has learned the location of the enemy forces.

150 degrees, 450 miles. 1-5-0 degrees

Squadrons assemble! Squadrons assemble!


You must punch the enemy ships with your own body!

And think about nothing else.

That's all.

Man aircraft!

Fufillling the destruction of the enemy

Afte departure from the aircraft carrier, they were joined by squadrons from the land base.

Because I attack first, I'll draw off the enemy fire,

the rest of you must take careful aim on the enemy ships.

That's all.

To your aircraft!

"From the commander of the aircraft carrier: Contact with enemy fleet lost, begin search."

At dusk, a scout plane finally saw the enemy.

Squadron, attack!

Ready ...


Ready ...


Ready ...


Ready ...


Aircraft from the land base arrived after dark.


Ready ...


Final attack!

Message from our pilots:

Most of the enemy ships have been destroyed.

Our planes has suffered heavy losses.

They did their duty.

In addition to the leader's aircraft from the land base,

43 more sacrificed themselves in special attacks.

As for our carrier,

The torpedo squadron commander failed to return,

killed in battle.


They all did their duty.

We were fortunate that the new aircraft arrived in time.

And you ...

thank all those back in Japan.

Yes, sir.

The End