Rachel Getting Married (2008) - full transcript

Kym Buchman has been in drug rehab for nine months, during which time she has been clean. She is released temporarily from the facility to attend her sister Rachel Buchman's wedding. During her release, Kym is staying at the family home, where the wedding is taking place. As such, it is like Grand Central Station for the duration of Kym's stay, which may not be the most conducive situation for her in constantly being exposed to the watching eyes of those who know and don't yet know her, but know of her situation. The reunion with her family members starts off well enough, but issues around Kym's release from rehab quickly surface. Kym and Rachel's father, Paul Buchman, wants to make sure that Kym is all right at all times, which to Kym feels instead like he doesn't trust her. Rachel slowly begins to resent Kym's situation taking over what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, some of which is directed by Kym, some of which isn't. One person present but largely not included in the last minute wedding planning work is Kym and Rachel's mother, Abby, from who Paul is divorced. The two have since married other people. Outwardly, Abby has been nurturing of Kym throughout her life. However, what is one of the key moments in Kym's drug induced life, and in their collective family's lives, may profoundly affect the wedding. Beyond how Kym's presence affects the wedding, the goings-on of the family during Kym's short stay may either bring them closer together or tear them apart.

I want my fucking Zippo now.

Walter, that is a behavior
that will get you...

Fuck you!

Are you making a choice?

Hold on.


Don't you get it yet, Waldo?

She's making a choice not
to give you your lighter

because you'll torch the
self-help library again.

My name's Walter.

Did you kill anybody recently?

Did you run anybody over
with your fucking car?

Is that them?

Yeah. Yes, finally.

You're not going to let her drive, are you?

Walter, you are only responsible for yourself.

This all your stuff?


So you never gave me your cell phone number.

It was a mistake.

I'm lucky I didn't get fired.
We've discussed this.

Hey. Here you are.

I thought you were
going to abandon me in rehab.

- It's 10:30. You're half an hour late.

I was just standing out
here with these lunatics.

Oh, my God, you look so great.

So do you, darling.

Can I take care of that?
Hi, Paul Buchman.

Rosa. We met last time you came up.

Yes, hi. Good to see you again.
- Hi.

Okay, let's go.
Let's go.

All right. Sure.
- Great.


Good luck to you.

Thank you.

Kym. Good luck to you.

Thank you.

All right.
Hey, where is everybody?

Hey, Carol.
- Hello, Kym.

Where is everybody?
Where's Rachel?

Oh, she's back at the house getting ready.

There is so much going on at
the house, I cannot tell you, dear.

And you know your sister's
doing everything herself.

My sister's bending the
environment to her will? Really?

There's no wedding planners
or anything like that.

It's just her

and Sidney and a whole lot of their
friends. And she is so thrilled

that you're coming home.

Now, do we have everything?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Can we just go?

Is there somebody that...

Anybody you need to say goodbye to?

God, no.

So are all of these energetic,
young wedding helpers

staying at the house?

Because after nine months of
constantly revolving cell mates

and crazy people and...

You weren't in a cell, Kym.

What? I was sort of looking forward
to a little privacy for once.

The only extra person at the house is Emma.

Oh, oh! Rachel and Emma.
- Yes.

Good God, how relaxing.

The only two people on the planet less
capable of delegating than Hannibal.

On the eve of a wedding.
Oh! Nachtmahr.


You don't know Nachtmahr?

Nachtmahr was a
nightmare so bad it's in German.

I see.

Rachel must be, like,
totally freaking out.

Is she too tense?

Are all of her latent food
issues rearing their heads?

Is she still hoarding Snickers
and Cool Whip under the bed

like when she was
in high school?

She never did put
that one to rest.

I don't think that's a
problem for her, darling.

No offense, Dad, but you never
thought that was a problem for her.

So I'm really looking
forward to seeing Mom.

You'll see your mom tonight and
Andrew at the rehearsal dinner.

Well, maybe I'll head over there,
to her house, after I see Rachel.

Well, I don't know.

Can we pull over, please?

I'm sorry, I feel nauseous,
and I need something to drink.

I have
a Diet Coke for you.

I prefer Pepsi
from the fountain.

Hey, didn't I
see you on Cops?


Hey, there's Olive.

Rented chairs,
tribes of people.


Hey, Dad, don't worry
about it. I'll get it.

Got it.

Hi, gentlemen.


Anyway, I'm sorry.
I just saw a ghost.

Is this too short?

Oh, my God!
You are just minute!


Oh! Ow!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
I have pins all over me.

Yeah, I can feel.

Kym, could you not
smoke in here, please?

You look great.
- Oh, no, I'm so fat.

Well, rehab makes you fat.
It's all the vending machines.

No, stop it.
- No, you!

I would swear to God
that you were puking again.

Hi, Kym.
- Hi, Emma.

Seriously, you're so tiny,
it's like you're Asian.

So what's the deal?
Are you an actual shrink yet?

Even though you're
like 12 years old.

Rachel's taking psychology,
not psychiatry.

You know the
difference, right?

You should prescribe something
soothing for Emma, like Vicodin.

I will have my PhD
in a year and a half,

and psychologists don't
get prescription pads.

I think they do
in Guam, actually.

Could you please put that out?
Emma designed this dress,

and there's, like,
47 yards of fabric,

and it's going to go up
like the Hindenburg.

Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
It's going out.

Thank you, Kym.

Angela Paylin is
coming to the wedding.

Angela Paylin
is not coming.

- Yeah.

Oh, my God!

I ate so much cookie dough and did
so many whippits with Angela Paylin.

I know.

And she confessed to you her
secret Elvis Stojko fantasy.

How did you...
- What?

I spied on you.
- Elvis Stojko, the figure skater?

Oh, my God!

She had this fantasy where
she was wearing her hair up,

and these very serious...
- Very, very

professional glasses because...
- ... very serious.

She was an Olympic judge.

A world-renowned judge.
At the men's...

Skating final in the winter Olympics.
- In the winter Olympics.

And Elvis Stojko
was skating...

For the gold.

In the finals to
Could This Be Magic.

By Barry. Oh! By Barry!

And just when
Barry gets to...

# Now, now, now,
and hold on fast!

# Now, now,
and hold on fast! #

He skates over to the table
and he stops in front of her.

Their eyes lock and he
reaches for her hand.

And she takes it.
- Takes it.

Undoes her hair!
- Oh, my God.

And they skate as a pair
to the rest of the song.

Oh! And he gets disqualified.
- But he doesn't care!

But he doesn't care.
- Right. Oh, my God!

I'm going to go
downstairs and find Olive

and get some
unconditional love.

You look great.

Welcome home.

Thank you. Emma.

Speaking of dogs,

when am I going to meet
this fiance of yours, anyhow?

He went to pick up
some stuff with Kieran.

He'll be back.

I'm making hot dogs
and hungabungas.

Who wants what?

It's too hot.

I don't eat
gluten, Paul.

- May I have one, too?

Yeah. You don't
eat what, dear?


Where's Kym?

I'm in my dress.

You're in your dress?
Let me see it.

- No!

All right. Okay.

Come on, Olive.

What can I get
for you, Kymmie?

Actually, I'm late
for a meeting.

And I have to pee into a cup and
register as a general biohazard.

Okay, I'll
drive you, honey.

No, that's okay. Just tell
me which car I should use.

Well, honey...

Oh! Can I get a hungabunga, Paul?
- One hungabunga.

Can I get one, too?
- Two hungabungas.

Which car?

do me a favor now.

Excuse me.

I have my license.
- I know, dear.

You just wouldn't believe my insurance
right now, and I'm not that comfortable.

Can we figure
something else out?

Hi. Hi, I'm here
to pee into a cup.

She's here to
pee into a cup.

Someone will be
right with you.

Okay. There's a meeting
I have to get to.

The meetings are over
in the other building.

I know that.

Someone will be right
with you. Have a seat.

I'm an addict.


Only once.
- Sorry.

Only once, my dealer.

I was very hard up for cash.

I'm okay.

Thank you. Excuse me.

Anyway, I'm in from Hawaii.

This is my first time at this meeting.
- Thank you.

- Go right ahead.

I'm Steve. I'm an addict.

Hi, Steve.

Hi, Steve.
- Hey. This is my...

My first meeting, actually,
so I'm a little bit...

Hey. Thanks for coming, Steve.

"One. We admitted that we are
powerless over our addiction,

"that our lives had
become unmanageable.

"Two. We came to believe that a
power greater than ourselves..."

And whatever happened
to me, it took me away.

It just gave me hope
for one more day.

And that's how I live,
one day at a time.

You see, yesterday is gone
and tomorrow is not here.

The only thing I can do is what I can
do today to make tomorrow different.

There was a point, man, where
I thought I could do one more,

take another drink.

But it always
end up the same.

You know, one was too many and
a thousand was never enough.

I got tired of starting
from square one again, man.

You know everything that
I built up with my family,

that I built up...

You know, and people helping
me and providing for me...

You know, you relapse, you
got to start all over again.

And, man, I got tired
of starting over again.

You know,
it was dramatic.

You know, there's a lot of,
you know...

It's ups and downs
and it's crazy, and then...

And just recently,
there's something, you know...

I can feel myself almost, like,
missing the drama sometimes.

Like, I'm...

It gets so
boring sometimes.

You know I used to say
I'm not an addict.

And it took me years
to say I was an addict.

Then I spent years, like...
That's all I was.

You know?
I was just an addict.

If you could just, kind of,
accept it as a fact,

just one fact among many.

That I can be that
and other things.

That's right.

Things that are
going to build you up

in the journey
that you're on.

All of us have felt
that way at some time.

But I want to encourage you.
You're doing well.

God, grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change
the things I can

and the wisdom to
know the difference.

And it says keep coming back,
'cause it works,

if you work it.

Well, thanks a lot.
I'll see you next time.

Carol, she's here.

Kymmie! I got a sandwich
for you, darling.

It's meat loaf.

Hi, dear.


Quite a ride, huh?
- Yep.

Meat loaf.

Look at that.

- Yummy.

- Wow. Thank you.

You're welcome.
- That's big.

I'm so glad you're
here, darling.

I'm so glad
you're back.

Did you think
I wasn't coming back?


I'll take Bill's bike.
- Kymberly!

Oh, hey!

Come meet Sidney.

This is my betrothed,
Sidney Williams.


- Hi.

And this
is best man, Kieran.


Hi, there.

How are you?
- Good.

How's your knee?

Shut up.

You want meat loaf?
My dad made meat loaf.

Nice to see you.

I think that we have
started a new tradition.

That's what I think, yeah.
- Yeah. What's that?

I think it's the best man
and the maid of honor

sneaking off
to get it on,

while the rest of the
wedding party very happily

and furiously plans
for the big event.


But I thought...

I thought that
was Emma's role.


The maid of honor.


I mean, I heard that
that was the plan.

I'm sure it is.

I might be wrong.
- No.

Do you love it?

I mean, the lilac's
fabulous, Emma.

She looks like a freesia.

Isn't it beautiful?
We should just cover your tattoo.


Nothing, nothing.
I just really like the gray.

Of course you do.

We're all wearing lilac.
It's coordinated. It's a wedding.

Okay, well, this is in the color
scheme, and it looks like a cloud.

It's fantastic.
- Exactly.

You know how I am.
I don't wear lilac.

It's good to
have a principle.

What? You wore a lilac sweater
with a cat face on the front of it

on the cover of
Seventeen magazine...

That was so cute!
... when I was at fat camp.

Yeah, they paid me, and I was
on horse tranquillizer, so...

You look good.

Why is Emma
the maid of honor?

Why am I not
the maid of honor?


What does that mean?

Because I wasn't entirely
sure when you were coming

or if you'd even make it.

What? I wasn't sure if you'd
have time for a fitting...

Bullshit. It's a sari.

You take a bolt of cloth and you wrap
it around yourself a bunch of times.

Jesus Christ,
I've been home for a day.

I can't get a straight
answer out of anybody.

What are you
talking about?

I'm talking about Dad offering
me food every two seconds.

You know, Dad offers
Irish hunger strikers food.

No. You know,
it's not even about the food.

He has to know
exactly where I am

at all times because he's never
resolved his own trust issues.

That's odd.
- You know what? Shut the fuck up!

Blow me!
- Okay.

Leave Dad alone.

I'd love to.
I want to, okay?

He won't let me.
I just...

I can feel him
watching me all the time.

And Carol,
and you guys, too.

Because we have nothing
better to think about.

You know,
everyone in the house

is looking at me like
I'm a visiting sociopath.

I mean, seriously, what
do you expect me to do,

burn the house down?

That was
a mattress fire.

That was not even at home.
It was at a sleepover.

Okay, you know what? Fine.
Fuck you both. You win.

I'm going to get "hazmat" tattooed
across my forehead for you people.

Will that make you happy?
- God, you're like a harpy!

Okay, is being my maid of
honor that important to you?

Because I didn't think
you gave a shit.

I'm sorry.

How could you
fucking say that to me?

Jesus. Emma.

Emma, would you be
horribly offended and hurt

if I asked you step down
as maid of honor?

For her? What?

Rachel, are you serious?
Is this what you want?

Okay, fine. Fine.
- Not really.

You can have it.
The crown is yours.

First runner-up.

Thank you, Emma,
thank you.

You know what?
- Everything is not about you, Kym.

No, it's not about me.
It's about sisterhood.

You're such a paragon of sisterhood.
Hooray for sisterhood!

You know what?
Sisterhood conquers all.

You know, I can really see rehab
has done wonders for you, Kym.

Fuck you.

Cousin Joe,
on leave, from Iraq.

I almost forgot him!

Come on and say... Ho-oh!


# Rachel, Rachel,
Rachel, Rachel

# Sidney, Sidney,
Sidney, Sidney

# Rachel, Rachel

# Sidney, Sidney

# Rachel
- # Sidney

# Rachel
- # Sidney

# Rachel
- # Sidney #

You know I tapped her on the shoulder.
I was like,

"How you doing?
My name's Dorian.

"I'd, you know,
like to talk to you."

And she was like,
"Good to meet you.

"Excuse me.
Can you move over?

"There's a beautiful guy
standing right behind you."

And it was Sid.


# We've got joy
like a fountain

# We've got joy
in our soul #

Thank you guys
for bringing us here.

Such a wonderful
occasion to be here

and be back amongst
family and friends.

You know, Paul,
you've been such

a great friend of
mine over the years.

It seems like yesterday
when I met you.

And we were at your house playing
music and discussing music.

Watching everyone grow up.
Rachel. Kym.

And now Rachel's
getting married.

Rachel getting married.


But we also need to honor
my little friend Ethan

who's gone on to another
plane now, you know.

But his spirit is here
and he lives in our heart

and pays no rent every day.

And he's watching over us.

Charlie Parker said,
"The music speaks louder than words."

So I'm going to play
a piece for you

that I've written
for this occasion.

It's called
Rachel loves Sidney.

That's the A-side.
The B-side is Sidney loves Rachel.

Excuse me for a second.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I don't know anyone at what is
obviously the loser end of the table.

Can I get to the masala?

You've known most of those
people since the eighth grade.

I don't think so.

You always pretend
you don't know people.

Watch my dress.

Is it 'cause
you owe them money?

I'm sorry, family members
only in this discussion.

Speaking of which,
where is Mom?

Where's our mother?

How can she not be here?

I haven't seen her
since I've been home.

She called a couple of times
and she said she's running late,

but she should be here soon.
- God.

Kieran, do you want
any of this saag paneer?

No, thanks.
Is there any krill?

I'm kidding.
Sorry, it's a joke.

It just went
over my head.

I can't believe Mom would be late
for my release back into the wild.

And here I was thinking
tonight was about Rachel.

Rach, I forgot to tell you.
Carol got the helium tanks.

The words Carol and
helium somehow just...

Hey, aren't there some
rules about helium tanks?

She would not have any idea
what to do with a helium tank.

I think that's only on public
property though, helium tanks.

Yeah, it's a
huge liability.

Helium tanks?

You're a lawyer?

Was, for five minutes.

Say something legal.


What do you do now?

Now I just help Sidney out with
the business side of his stuff.

Oh! Sweet.

Do you want me to call her?
- No, no.

There she is.
- Oh, my God! Mom!


Darling, hi.

Kym! Come here, honey.
- Thank you.

Did you get my note?
- Mmm-hmm.

- Yeah.

Let me look at you.
You're beautiful.

No, I'm fat.
Rehab makes you fat.

No, nonsense. You girls.

Is everything okay?
- Yes.

Mom, where have you been?

Everything's fine.
- Did you get the dates confused?

No, no, everything's
fine, honey.

Introduce me around.
- This is Sidney's family.

This is Carol-Jean.
This is my mom, Abby.


And this is her
husband, Andrew.

- John, Abby, my mom.


Don't you steal her.


Nice to meet you.

Thank you.
- And this is Grandma.



Mom, you look so great.

Really, you look amazing.

Honey, don't smoke. I don't think it's...
Can you smoke here?

Yeah, yeah, totally.
It's a private party.

This is the
best man, Kieran.

Nice to meet you.

Very nice to meet you.
I'm Kieran.

How's Grandma?
Is she still surly and irascible?

She's great. You know
Grandma. She sends her love.

Great, same.
- You want to sit?

Go put the cigarette out,
'cause I don't think it's fine.

- Just put it out.

Just put it out.
- Okay. It's going out.


The father of the bride
and the father of the groom

are not supposed
to do anything

but grin like jack-o'- lanterns
and write checks,

and I think that's what we've been
doing, John, you and I, yeah? Right?

Williams' family.
Carol-Jean and John.

Beautiful sister Kyrah.

And of course,
Grand Mama Herreast.

And Specialist
Joseph Gonzales.

As the good doctor said to
start us off with the meal,

we're glad that
you're out of harm's way,

and we want you
home for good.

Happy to be home.
Thank you.

Williams' family,
welcome to Connecticut

and its complicated
tax structure.

We just met.

I just want you to know
how blessed we are to be

joining forces with you,
and we've just met,

but I'm going to tell you,
we love you.

Well, I have known
Sidney for...

What is it?
Fifteen, 20, 20...

Most of my life,
most of my life.

He's been
a great friend.

He's been with me
through thick and thin.


I'll tell you, sometimes it's gotten
very, very thin.

But he stood by me
through all of it and...

My friend,
it is a pleasure and an honor

to be able to stand by you
on this profound occasion.

I love you, and you couldn't
have done any better here.


We are gathered here to
celebrate love pure and simple.

Rachel is pure.
Sidney is simple.

May the two of you live and
love for as long as you want,

but never want for as long as you live.
And most importantly,

may all of your ups and downs
come only in the bedroom.

You're paying
for that, Emma.

I can't believe
I just did that.

Be careful, be careful.
- Don't cut yourself.

I want to make a toast
to the happy couple

'cause I want to come
visit you in Hawaii.

And, Sidney, what's the
name of that place again?

It's Hunuku-ook,

Yeah, what they said.

So I've known the bride her entire life.

Not biblically speaking.

Except for that time
we French-kissed

at Evan Yasky's party
in ninth grade.


Film. I want film.
- It was a dare, you know.

So commence
embarrassing story.

Wait, that wasn't it?

So do you remember when I was teaching
you how to drive in the Wagoneer,

and you sideswiped that taxi
and knocked off his side mirror?

No, I have no recollection
of that whatsoever.

Well, well, well, I would
like to share with everyone

that Miss Rachel,

before she had her license or
knew anything about how to drive,

managed to out-maneuver an
irate, screaming cab driver

all the way across 96th Street
to the East River,

handily avoiding two EMT
guys loading an old lady

onto a gurney
or something.

And then she got the number
of one of the EMT guys

and went out
with him twice.

Yeah, that I did do.
Three. Three times.

Hey, Rach, was that the
guy with the peroxide hair?

So, anyway, when the cab driver
finally caught up with us,

she talked him down from his
Middle-Eastern fury in like...

Such a nice man!

In like, you know, pretend
Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, I don't know.

And then she uses his radio
thing to call his dispatcher

and recommend him for a
commendation because she's so sweet.

So here's to
a woman who can

drive fast, pick up a paramedic,
make up foreign languages

and still get you
home in one piece.

And, Sidney,
you're a lucky bastard.

Hear, hear.

I prayed for you, Rachel.
I prayed for you.

I knew you'd come,
and here you are,

and we are one,
all of us.

And this is how
it is in Heaven.

Just like this.


And I'm so glad we're having
a rehearsal on it now.

Yes, it's the
little princess.

Here's to you, Sid.
I love you to pieces.

You're the best brother
anybody can ask for.

I want to give thanks.

I've known Rachel
since kindergarten,

not quite her entire
life, Emma, but...

So you win. But...

I just...
I'm so grateful

to be your bridesmaid and be
a part of this moment and...

Don't look at me
like that.

Hello. Hello.


Relax, it's seltzer.


I'm Shiva the destroyer and your
harbinger of doom for this evening.

I would like to thank you all
for coming and welcome you.

Even though I haven't seen most of you
since my latest stretch in the big house.

But you all look fabulous.

So during the 20 minutes or so
that I was not in the hole for

making a shiv out
of my toothbrush,

I actually did participate

in the infamous
12-step program.

Twelve steps.


Still waiting for
the change part.

So... But, you know,
as they say,

the relapse is an almost
inevitable part of recovery.

So I get high marks
in that mode.


I... Well, as more
of you know than are likely to admit,

one of the steps,
actual steps,

is about making amends.

So, I did a lot of
apologizing to people.

Some of whom
barely remembered me,

most of whom barely
remembered anything.

And I apologized for,

you know, like,
bouncing a check,

or passing out
in their bathtub or flooding their

house and, you know,
just basically for involving them in

sordid activities that they were
desperately trying to forget. I

had to call this
one girl who was, I think, 14,

but she couldn't come to
the phone actually because

her mom had taken out
a restraining order, but...

But anyway...

So I spent a lot of time... The
point is, I spent a lot of time

apologizing to people who were
pretty much perfect strangers.

So, I would very much
like to take this opportunity

to not only congratulate
my extraordinary sister,

the future explorer in matters
of the mind, thank you very much,

and her adorable,
impending husband

on the occasion of their
unprecedented nuptials,

but also, to apologize to said
extraordinary sister,

future explorer in
matters of the mind, for

what? I don't know.

And I really mean
that, Rach. You've...

I've been a nightmare,
you've been a saint,

and I'm really just so damn
glad to be here with you

and Sidney's family
and our family and just...

Everyone's together
and I'm just...

It's really great.
So I am hereby

raising my seltzer
to my laudatory sister

and herewith
making amends.

Sidney, you are robbing
our dysfunctional family

of one of its most
vital ingredients,

and its only member
still willing to lend me money.

So, boo on you.
That's not true.

Anyway, enjoy Hawaii.


One, two, one, two.

Yo, Sidney, who I met hanging out
in Kingston, Jamaica,

while we were
at House of Leo,

and Stone Love was
playing that night.

Those big speakers pounding,
all that Jamaican dub was pumping,

clouds of those
medicinal herbs were floating.

Man. Was a lot
of fun, my man.

It was great meeting you, hanging out
with you, becoming friends with you,

seeing all the amazing things
that you're doing musically.

All I want to say
to you guys is,

may you both
live to be 100.

And me, 100,
but minus a day,

so I'll never know beautiful
people like you have passed away.

Do your thing, baby.

I felt that.
I felt that.

You drank it
and I felt it.

I know.

Wow! Sidney has always
nurtured me and supported me

no matter what
he's been through.

How much do
you owe him?

How much money do you owe him?

In lira, it's billions.

Everyone's saying so much
love and beautiful words

and amazing stuff, and...

This is not an award.
- I know, I'm not even using it.

You're like
accepting an award here.

That's what it's about,
you know, there's nothing more.

Everything else,
just destroy it.

Just destroy it.

Because without love...
You know?

Hello, Olive.

I know it.
It's in my head.

Oh, God,
I am exhausted.

Is there
any watermelon?

Let me see.

Nice apology.


Nice apology.

I was toasting you
and I was making amends.

It's one of the steps.
It's important.

I know what the steps are.
I learned them in school,

and I visited you in
various facilities, Kym.

Oh, God.

Dad? What?

"Amends. Noun, usually followed
by 'for,' off-set a disability

"or frustration by development
in another direction."

Mmm-hmm. Yes.

But you've never
said anything to me

that's remotely

yet all of sudden at my wedding
dinner in front of everybody,

you decide to grace us all
with your development.

I just got home.

"Gee. Hey, everybody
and guests,

"just in case you might be thinking
about something else for five minutes,

"like, I don't know, my sister's
wedding, they just cut me loose.

"I'm a loose cannon!
Hey! Anybody up forsome rehab humor?

"Because I'm really, really fine
with acknowledging my disease.

"Hey, and now watch me be really selfless
and weave a lovely blanket apology

"to my sister for being
just a tad out of her loop."

You are so cynical.
- Rachel, enough.

Rachel, she is making
an effort here.

Oh! An effort, is that what that was?
Because I think she presumes

that since everything has always
revolved around her disease,

that everything else is going
to revolve around her recovery.

That's what I think.

Rachel, she just got home.


I had no idea you
were so angry, Doctor.

I'm not.

Oh, my God.

Kymmie, your sister has got
a lot on her plate right now.

She is uptight about...
- I'm not uptight, Dad!

She's meeting Sidney's folks
for the first time, menus,

there's all this live music,
you're home. There's...

It's just that there are a
thousand things to worry about.

Absolutely. A wedding will take
everything out of you. I'll tell you that.

Yeah, and that's why it would
be so lovely if we could all...

You know, you people
really need to purge.

You really should go to a
Nar-Anon or something. It's...

Now, Kym, come on, baby.
Oh, my Lord.

We've been to Nar-Anon.
You know that.

Wait, wait a second.
You people?

You mean, your family?
The people in this room?

Yes. All of you people living
in this little world of judgment

and paranoia
and mistrust.

I can feel it all the time.
It's like...

At the slightest sign
of ingratitude or

absence of atonement, it's like the
fucking Salem witch trials around here.

I should just use again. I should.
- Don't even start that.

Don't even start.
- Wait, wait, wait.

Kym. Kym, look at me.

Nobody can make you feel any
kind of way unless you let them.

Period. The end.

Thank you, Carol,

but you people
are my family.

I mean, you make me feel like
shit a hundred times a day.

You know what, Rach?
You try living under Dad's

constant monitoring
for five minutes,

tell me how
you like it.

What constant monitoring?

- Oh, my God! Are you serious?

"Carol, Carol,
where is she?"

"Don't sleep here,
sleep here.

"Eat this. You know,
I'll drive you."

Dad, really, honestly,
you're kind of obsessed.

Oh, my God.
That's hardly news.

I mean, you may not know this, Kym.
No, sure you do.

I mean, the only way to engage
Dad in any meaningful communication

is to start the
conversation with your name.

"Have you heard from Kym?
How's Kym?" It resuscitates him.

It jars him into the moment,
like an alarm.

Rachel, that is not true. It is totally unfair.
- What? She's even worse, Dad!

"Dad, you're never going to believe this,
but that check you sent me

"never showed up,
and my landlord hates me."

"Dad, can somebody meet me
downstairs with cab fare?

"And you're never
going to believe this

"but I lost my wallet
and my checkbook got stolen.

"I got to go to the emergency
room, and everybody hates me."

You know what, Rachel?
It really sounds like you have

some serious paternal/sibling
issues to work through.

Are you kidding?

The two of you are like
a double helix of crises.

Oh, shut up, shut up.
- I mean, in the language of psychology,

one could say you both suffer
from acute boundary issues.

- It is very nice that you're getting your PhD.

Oh, God!
- Don't be patronizing!

I'm sorry,
but it's not...

It's ugly, honey.
It's not becoming to you.

Well, how come she gets to spout
off about paternal/sibling issues,

but God forbid I should even
reference the boundary thing,

even though I actually know
what I'm talking about.

By the way,
I'm not in crisis.

I haven't been in
crisis in a year.

You just got out of rehab!

Oh, my God!

Why is this so difficult
for you to understand?

Rehabilitation, crisis.

You should really
learn the difference.

No, it's like
you're not happy

unless I'm in some kind
of a desperate situation.

You have no idea what to do
with me unless I'm in crisis.

Why am I the only one
willing to say this shit?

You are so much more
evolved in your suffering.

I'm not... Who is
talking about that?

Your suffering is not the most
important thing to everybody.

Who is saying it is?
I have a life. I'm in school.

I'm getting married. I'm...


I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant?
You're pregnant now?

Are you serious?
- Oh, my God!

- Oh, my God!

That is so unfair!

So unfair!

When did you
find out about this?

Roughly about the day before
we decided to get married.

I can barely
believe this myself!

How far? How along?
You know?

I mean,
how pregnant are you?

Did you tell
your mother?

Yeah. We told her at dinner.
- Good. Okay, good.

She was so happy.
- Dad, stop. Can you just stop?

Please. Seriously.
Fuck me!

Rachel, I'm sorry, Dad,

but you can't drop a
tectonic bit of information

into a completely separate
conversation, Rachel. You can't do that.

Kym, you're going to have a niece.
- Or nephew.

I know. Oh, God. Yeah, I'm
excited for you. But you can't

tell me when we're
talking like this, Rach.

It's a total set-up.
It's not fair.


God. I am so fucking exhausted.

Oh, God.

Dad, will you tell her
I'm happy for her?

She won't talk to me.

I'm really tired.

I think I'm going to
head up to bed. Sidney?

Yeah. That's a great idea.
- You're leaving now,

in the middle of this conversation?
- Yes.

Kymmie, she's pregnant
and she's exhausted, baby.

Okay. Okay, fine.
Fair enough.

Thank you so much for
telling me about Hawaii.

Congratulations, Sid.
- Thanks.

Rachel, I cannot tell you
how happy I am.

Do you guys
want anything?

Do you want a sandwich
or anything?

You guys must be hungry.

You got aloo gobi,
there's cold saagwala.

I really am
pretty sleepy, Dad.

You really are pretty everything!

And you, too!

Holy cow.
This has been one hell of a day. I think...

If you don't mind,
sweetie, I'm just going...

- I mean, my God.

I'm just going
to go to bed.

I'll be right up, dear.

I just want to load the dishwasher.
- Grandpa.

That's me.

Thanks for taking that.

I'll see you in the morning.
- Night, night. Sweet dreams.

You know, I hope it was okay that
we told Mom at dinner about the baby.

Of course it was, lamb chop.
You should tell her.

I'm just so happy 'cause
I'm going to be a granddaddy.

I wish Ethan were here.

You what?

I wish Ethan were here.

I know, sweetheart.
Me, too. Me, too.

Take that woman.

You got it.

Just let me know if you
need a hand with any of that.

Get out of here, Sid.

Oh, gosh.
Look at that. How exquisite.

Isn't that pretty?
- I can't borrow this.

What do you carry in here?

A vital organ?
A tiny spleen?

It's divine, really.

You know, Rachel, you really have to
take care of yourself now, you know?

You have to eat properly.
You have to get enough rest.

I will, Mom.

How's everything at the house?
Is it all right?

- Yeah? How's Sidney?

Good, good.

What about his friend?
What's his name?

- Right.

He was a big hit,
wasn't he?

Is your sister
behaving herself?

I'm not exactly sure
what that means.

Well, she needs
a lot of acknowledgment.

You think?

Come on.

It can't be easy.

Everybody knowing
your troubles like that.

Stop fretting.

Mom, does it
bother you at all,

Carol doing so much
stuff for the wedding?

No. I'm thrilled to
be doing the flowers.

Come on. You know
how much that means to me.

And they're going
to be exquisite.

I bet.
- That's just enough.

But I mean, you could
do whatever you want.

I mean, the flowers are going to
be great, and so are you, and...

If you wanted to do
anything else I would...

Oh! Thank you, sweetheart.
No, I don't.

Can you see me?
I'd be one of those

women, you know, like,
the insane wedding mother,

you know, the
hors d'oeuvres, and...

Come on, those little
hot dogs? It's not me.

It's going
to be perfect.

Everything is going
to be so beautiful.

And even your sister is going to
have a good time. It's all great.

And I'm going to be a
grandmother! So hooray!


Here's Grandma's ring.
Let's try this.

Try it on.

I hope it's a boy.

Just as long as it's
healthy, that's what you say.

Hi, I'm Kym.
I'm an addict.

Hi, Kym.

I am nine months clean.

When I was 16, I was
babysitting my little brother.

And I was...

I had taken all these Percocet
and I was unbelievably high.

And I...

We'd driven over to
the park on Lakeshore.

And he was
in his red socks,

just running around in
these piles of leaves.

And he would bury me,

and I would bury him
in the leaves.

And he was pretending
that he was a train.

And so, he was charging through
the leaves, making tracks.

And I was the caboose and I was...
So he kept saying,

"Coal, caboose!
Coal, caboose!"


We were...

It was time to go
and I was driving home.


I lost control of the car

and drove off the bridge.

And the car
went into the lake.

And I couldn't get him
out of his car seat.

And he drowned.

And I struggle
with God so much

because I can't
forgive myself.

And I don't really
want to right now.

I can live with it, but
I can't forgive myself.

And sometimes, I don't
want to believe in a god

that could forgive me.

But I do want
to be sober.

I'm alive
and I'm present,

and there's nothing
controlling me.

If I hurt someone,
I hurt someone.

I can apologize and they
can forgive me or not.

But I can change.

And I just wanted
to share that and say,

congratulations that
God makes you look up.

I'm so happy for you.

But if he doesn't,
come here.

That's all. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing.

Where's you, Emma?

Emma, where's you?
- I'm right here.

It's really raining.

Oh! That's today.

It's going to be fine.


It's going to be totally,
totally, totally fine.

All right.

This is what you've
got, Emma? So far?

I'm fine. That is
kind of perfect.

There's six of each, right?

Except for me.
- I'm the telephone.

Hey, Rachel!
Check it out!

Oh, my God!

Oh! It's up.

It's going to have
walls around it as well.


You guys, there's
too many at this table.

- There's too many.

Carol, they're back!

Are you guys hungry?

I made a salad nicoise.
It's got tuna.

I was just thinking
salad nicoise.

Dad, can we focus on
what we were doing?

Of course. I'm sorry.


The Rosenzwiegs. Could we put
the Rosenzwiegs far from me?

Dad, they're
your friends.

They are not
my friends, darling.

They've just lived next
door to us for 10,000 years.

I am this lovely face
right over here.

That is a perfect
place to put me in.

Where are you putting me?
In the stockade?

Kym, stop it, you're
at the family table.

Listen, just don't sit me
next to Michael or Sandy, okay?

They're not invited.

Sandy never responded to my
amends e-mail from Milestones.

I hate it when people
don't meet you halfway.

You know, why don't you give
the amends thing a rest?

You're at the family
table with us.

That would make
it 13, though.

I think Rachel wanted
to keep it to 12.


Where are you
putting me?

I was going to put you with
Cookie Puss and the Chicago cousins

because they always get really
drunk and need wrangling.

Well, can someone
else do it?

I was sort of planning
on enjoying myself.

You're the only one
they're afraid of.

No, this is easy.

We can put Grandma Rose
down here with her companion

at this other table, which is
actually a really good idea.

That's all I need.

Another reason for
Grandma Rose to hate me.

She does not hate you.
- Are you kidding?

She's still mad about
the whole Rite Aid thing.

Oh! Nonsense!

Dad, can I show you
something in the kitchen?


Eliza, would you
excuse us for a moment?

Oh! Yeah.


Rachel, what is
this behavior?

Can I just have
a day? Please?

Have all the days
you want, darling.

Nobody is trying
to take your day.

Then why are you
defending her?

Defending her from what?

Rachel, nobody's
defending anybody.

Why are you
protecting her?

Because I don't want her
to think we don't want her.

Sometimes I don't
want her.

It's my fucking wedding!

I want my table
to be perfect.

She's your sister. Stop.

Let's put the dishes here because I have
to reload this dishwasher, I can see.

Paul, you know...
Paul, I was thinking about it,

and I actually did some preliminary sketches.
I'd love to show them to you.

He's actually...
He's not kidding about this.

I think that if you move...
- He's been working on this.

If you move things like the
salad bowls on the upper tier,

you could probably get about 10%
more stuff in the dishwasher, so...


Does he know?

You're showing me how
to load the dishwasher?

I'm showing you
how to do it right.


my future son-in-law,
you're a wonderful young man.

You'll make a lot of
money in this business,

and the world
is your oyster,

but you don't know shit
about loading a dishwasher.

Well, with all due respect,
sir, the mantle has passed.

Painful, sweetie.

All right.

Oh, no!

What, are we timing it?

Yeah, let's work with time,
if you're going to do it right.

Dad, what's the time limit?
- Go!

How long do you want to time it?
- Two minutes.

Is that all right?
Are you all right with that, sir?

Would you like me to
spot you 30 seconds?


Paul, I think your
problem is mainly

in lid placement.

Inverting the lids and putting them
in the upper tier is just passe.

It's kind of old-school.

There's food on that one!

Thank you, Kymmie.

Lettuce leaf,
lettuce leaf!

Follow the schematic.

It might be worth pointing out
that the dishes need to be rinsed.

Are you shaking in your boots?
- You got 20 seconds.

Fifteen seconds left.

Rachel, darling, you are out of the will.
You know that?

Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six,

five, four, three,
two, one...

You know, all you young
people who are applauding,

you should go
fuck yourselves.

Sweetie, keep it clean!
- No, I'm just saying.

It's a wonderful
attempt, Son.

Okay. I tried to fix it.

Kieran, if you could clean out
that machine, I will then be able

to break out the whoop-ass
on this young man here.

He's breaking
out the whoop-ass!

Let's break out
the whoop-ass.

Break out the whoop-ass.

When that machine is empty,
I will show you how it's done.

What is this
whoop-ass you speak of?

You should rest.
You should rest. Really.

Silverware is
a part of the art.

Okay, all right.

I will say that Sidney had
a little time to survey things.

He did a little planning
and made some sketches.

But that's all right.
I'm ready any time you say "go."


$5! $5 on the geezer!


Go, Dad!

Here, Son. Have some.

Cup handles!

Side load!

I didn't know
about side load.

He's good.

in front of your family.

Buchman, your
women will weep.

Last one!

Could I have
my time, please?

You have 15 seconds left.

Fifteen seconds left
and I need more dishes!

Somebody give me
more dishes!

Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad!

Don't get cocky,
keep it going.

Where we at? Kieran?

Ten, nine,
eight, seven, six,

five, four, three,
two, one...

All right.

That's it, man.


Where are you going?

Let's grab some
lemonade on the porch.

Is everything okay?


See you later.

I have to. I mean...

I mean, if I could do it the way
I wanted to do it. Literally...

Hey, Rach? Are you
getting a manicure?


You don't remember me,
do you?

Oh, my God.

- Yeah.

God is punishing me.

No, no, he's blessing me.

Oh. Well. Wow.

So, how are you?

I'm great. I'm great.

You remember?
We were in the hospital together, right?

We were...
Were you at Milestones?

No. I didn't go to Milestones.

I didn't have the coverage.

We were on the same
floor at Loeb House.


You look great.

Twenty-eight months,
clean and sober.

Praise God.


I can't believe that
I'm seeing you again.

I know. It's so weird.


Do you remember
that exercise

where we had to
write down experiences

and pass them anonymously
to another person?

Yeah. Yeah,
the human mirror.

Seeing things from
a fresh perspective.

I got yours.


You drew poodles
in the margins.

I know it's supposed
to be anonymous and everything...

- ... but you...


were so brave.

The way your uncle
abused you and your sister

and how it led to your
sister's anorexia.

And how you stayed up nights with
her when she was down to 50 pounds.

I will never forget reading that,
I swear to God.


I never, ever, thought I would
have the chance to thank you.

It was your strength

that gave me the courage

to confront my own abuse
and help turn my life around.

Listen, I'm in
a great group.

Rachel. I...

I'm so glad to hear it. Excuse me.
Sir, just stop.

Sorry, I just need
a second. Rachel?


Rachel, what are
you doing?

Where are you going?


You know,
I never had anorexia.

And you certainly didn't watch
over me while I was sleeping.

And we don't have a

goddamned pedophile uncle who
made our childhood a living hell

and explains away all your
shit in one fell swoop.

Did you tell them
that Dad forced us

into a life of
prostitution as well?

I wasn't hurting...
No one got hurt, Rach.

I'm hurt.
Where are you going?

Rachel, open the door.

So what,
you're just going?

I'm sorry,
but I hate her.

No, you don't hate her.

Dad, don't tell me
what I don't hate.

I hate, hate,
hate the lies.

I mean,
she lied in rehab.

What do you mean,
she lied?

I mean, she lied to the people
who were working with her,

who were trying
to help her.

Dad, she lies
to everybody.

Where is she now?

Where am I now, Dad?
- Thank God.

- We're in here, Kym.

Thanks for abandoning me.
I had to take a taxi.

Hey, Rach.

I mean,
are you kidding me?

Why would anything I said or
didn't say at the hospital...

Jesus Christ!
Are they going to play all weekend?

Knock it off!
Norman! Boys! Stop, please!

Guys, would you give it a rest?
Just give it a rest.

Why would it hurt you?
It wasn't about you!

Why not?
- Rachel.

What? Stop, Dad.
Why not?

Why wasn't it about me?

I mean,
I was hopeful.

I was on your side.
Still am.

Do you have any idea
what that means?

Do you have any idea

how lonely it was here
with everybody gone

into your

terrible little world?
I mean, there was nothing left.

Everybody was just empty.

You think that they

knew I was alive or
needed anything during your


And after all that,
the fights, the screaming,

the blaming,
the loneliness,

and Mom and Dad
and the divorce and


and all that fucking
hopefulness, I mean...

And Dad not even being able
to listen to music anymore.

You were lying about us instead of
telling the truth about yourself.

God, Rach.

What is this about, girls?

Well, apparently,
she has a whole history

of sexual molestation
that we didn't know about.

- God.

Kym, what is
your sister saying?

Did you say you were
sexually molested?

It was a long time ago.

Were you?


Why in God's name would you say
something like that?

It was an anonymous exercise. And it
seemed like a good idea at the time.

Dad, look at me.
Okay? I am right here.

Okay? And I am telling you
that after Ethan died,

I wanted her to get
better or just die.

Rachel, she's better.
- And... No, no.

Recovery doesn't work if you lie.
She knows that.

I am worthless to her.

She doesn't give a shit
about the rest of us!

You are not worthless.
How dare you!

You're my sister.

I love you guys.
I need you guys, but you don't

get to sit around
for the rest of my life deciding

what I'm supposed to be like.
I mean, you weren't there.

You weren't inside of my
head when I was fucked-up.

You are certainly not there now.
- Kym.

You haven't got
any idea how I feel.

Kym, you took
Ethan for granted.

Okay. You were high for his life.
You were not present.

Okay. You were high.


And you drove him off a bridge.
And now he's dead.

Rachel, it was
an accident.

Yes, I was.

Yes, I was stoned
out of my mind.

Who do I have to be now?

I could be Mother Teresa.
It wouldn't make a difference what I did.

Did I sacrifice
every bit of

love in this life because
I killed our little brother?

It was an accident.
It was an accident.

And I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Kymmie, Kymmie, it was an accident.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too, Dad.

Can I...

I'm sorry, guys.
I just want to...

If I can say something.

Look, I know you're...
You're, you know...

Everyone's concerned about her,
where she might be.

Listen, you know, when
you're getting out of rehab,

it's very, very difficult and
it's especially difficult to go

to see your family.
I mean, it just...

I mean, when I...

When I got out,
I didn't see them for years.

And it just really takes time, and I...

If you're not ready to take
responsibility for something,

people make something up, which
is probably what happened, but...

I mean, you know, honestly,
Rachel, that happened like...

It was a couple
of years ago...

Paul, do you want me to
go out and look for her?


You can't. I mean, you have a
wedding tomorrow. A hundred people...

I'll go. I mean, you know...
It's fine. I'll go.

Where are you going to go?
- I can take a look for her.

Do you guys know where
she might be, or...


I'm sorry?

It's the caterer.

It's the caterer.

Let me deal with it.
- I'll tell you what.


You should really
call Daddy, honey.

Yeah, okay.
In a minute.

You know
how he worries.

I will in a minute, yeah.

You know,
he's worried, honey.

I need a glass of water.

Here. I made tea.

Come sit down, honey.
You look so upset.

Is Andrew going
to be home soon?

Yes. He just went to
a dinner. Not late.

Did something happen
with you and Rachel?

Is everything all
right with the wedding?

- Good.

Why did you leave me
in charge of him?

You knew.
All of you knew.

- People told you.

I was a junkie.
I was a crazy drug addict.

I stole from you.
- Yes.

I lied to your face.

I weighed six pounds.
My hair was falling out.

I spent every dinner
in the bathroom.

Honey, you were sick.

That was an illness.
- You know what I was.

I stayed in my room for days.

I passed out all the time.

No, no.

What were you thinking?
- No.

Why did you leave me?

I was there.
I didn't leave you.

Why would you leave
me in charge of him?

Because you were
good with him.

Mom, Mom, why would you leave...
- No, you were...

...a drug addict
to watch your son?

No! You were
good with him!

You were the best
you were with him!

Listen to me!

I didn't expect you
to kill him, sweetheart!

You were not supposed to kill him!
- Mom!

Mom! What are you
doing? Get off!

Oh, God! God!



Are you okay, miss?

Right over here.
It's a mess.

It's Kym. I'm fine.


Thanks a lot.
- No problem.


I'm the maid of honor.

Cool. I know you.

I used to work at that
dog-grooming place.

You holding?


Oh, God, Dad.

Kymmie, are... Oh, God.
Are you all right?

Yeah. I just need to go.

No, we've got to get
to the hospital.

No, Dad. I need
to get dressed.

Kymmie, we've got to get you to a hospital.
- I'm fine, please.

Kym, you can't just vanish.
You can't just leave.

You have to call, now.
You always have to call.

I know.


Come here.

Fuck. I'm sorry.
- That's all right.

Goes in, like, 12 directions.

I'm so happy you're home.

And see if you can fold it
into three pieces at the top.

Okay, hold on.
Let me try.

You were right
about the gray.

# Rachel, Rachel,
Rachel, Rachel

# Sidney, Sidney,
Sidney, Sidney

# Rachel, Rachel,
Rachel, Rachel

# Sidney, Sidney,
Sidney, Sidney

# Rachel, Rachel
- # Sidney, Sidney #

We've come together
to show our support for

Sidney and Rachel
in their joining hands

and in joining themselves
together in holy wedlock.

The weather's been pretty
miserable all weekend,

but now
it's a beautiful day.

And it's a beautiful day because
when two people come together

who really love one another and
want to share that with other people,

it makes it a beautiful day.

So Sidney Williams and Rachel
Buchman have come do to that.

And, Rachel,
you go first.

Paul Buchman
likes to say

that the measure
of a great life is

not how well loved
you are,

but how well
you love others.

Sidney, you teach me
that every day.

You are just
so full of grace,

and I promise before God
and these beautiful people

that I will
love you fiercely

and sweetly.

And I look forward to sharing
that great life with you.

Thank you
for marrying me.

All that I ever wanted
was to just hear music,

and when I met you,
I heard you.

And, Rachel, you're the most
beautiful thing I've ever heard.

Thank you
for marrying me.

You're welcome.

# She used to work
in a diner

# Never saw a woman
look finer

# I used to order just to
watch her float across the floor

# She grew up
in a small town

# Never put
her roots down

# Daddy always kept moving,
so she did, too

# You know it ain't easy

# You got to hold on

# She was an unknown
legend in her time

# Now she's dressing
two kids

# Looking for
a magic kiss

# She gets the faraway
look in her eyes

# Somewhere on
a desert highway

# She rides
a Harley-Davidson

# Her long brown hair
flying in the wind

# She's been running
half her life

# The chrome and steel
she rides colliding with

# The very air
she breathes

# The air she breathes #

Do we have some rings?

Sidney, you go first
and place the ring on Rachel's hand.

Do you?

Yeah, I do.

Sidney does.
Do you, Rachel?

I do.

All right.

By the power vested in me by the
state of Connecticut and by Neil Young,

I pronounce that they are husband
and wife, and now you can kiss him.

# Where do you live

# Where do you eat

# Do you still live
on Semaphore Street

# The children we were
have grown into us

# You in a car
and me in a bus

# How do you know
you'll recognize me

# I'm not too clear,
but I'm easy to see

# Moving alone through
the fossilized crowd

# People in motion
who feel so loud, yeah

# I gave America her name

# And she taped it on the sea

# I gave America your kiss

# And she blew it over me

# All of me #

Okay. We're
going to cut the cake.

Everybody who wants
to see it, come now.

Tastes like lime and turmeric.
It's got, like, turmeric in it.

Baby Boy, let them
take the picture.

Yeah, Baby Boy.

Can we all
do this together?



Wait. Where's...
Where's Kym?

I'm here.


Dear God...
Wait, wait, wait. Mom.

Okay, look at the camera.
One, two, three.

That's great. Thank you.

Dear God,

please bless this family and let
them always invite us over for dinner,

because God knows my new wife
cannot boil water or fry an egg.


And now a word
from our sponsor.

Mr. Buchman,
if you please!

I'm getting now to
the Williams family.

It's a done deal.
We're relatives.

We were fortunate that they could be
joined by Specialist Joseph Gonzales.

Son, we want you home and we want
you to put that damn camera down.

# We're up to our
necks in love

# Won't stop

# Forgive yourself

# Forgive yourself
and maybe

# You'll forgive me #

# Will it be party night #

# Searching from morning
for my golden hen

# She wake up this morning
She no eat no breakfast

# She leave at my home
and she'll faint in the cab

# Lots of remarks

# She gives him
lots of remarks

# Lots of remarks

# It was not my fault
when she faint in the cab

# Lord God knows

# Hey little girl
don't be like a rolling car

# Oh-oh

# Oh, no, baby
You're gonna be like a sap

# If you live
like a rolling car

# No, don't live
like a rolling car

# No #

# Got love

# Like an ocean in your heart

# We've got joy

# We've got joy

# I should have known
but I didn't know

# Like a fountain

# I should have known
but I didn't know

# We've got joy

# I should have known
but I didn't know

# But I didn't know

# In my soul #


- Sorry.

No. Come in.

Come on.

Have you seen Mom?

No, she's probably
taking a break.

How do you take a break from
your own daughter's wedding?

You know Mom.
She doesn't really...

Oh, yeah.
Here's the party.

Okay, this is
too cute for me.

- Hello?

Rachel. Well,
here you all are.

I've been looking
all over for you.


So lovely.
I'm truly...

- Yeah?

They're bringing the car around.
- Okay. Great.

Wait. You're leaving?

Honey, I'm so exhausted,
but I had such a marvelous time.

Everything was great.

Carol and Daddy really did
a great job, don't you think?

- Yeah.

Okay, I just didn't
want to make a big scene.

We're just going
to slip away.

You could make
a little scene.

Well, I'm making it. Right?

Andrew and I have to go
to Washington tomorrow.

So we're going
to take off.

Why are you going
to Washington?

I thought I told you. No?
We'll just be a week.

We have a bunch of meetings. But you
guys are going away real soon, right?

What about our post-nuptial
wedding gossip reconnaissance, Mom?

Well, you could come
by in the morning.


No, no, that's
a stupid idea.

Don't call me early.
It's your wedding night.

You're not going
to get up early.

That was silly. Anyway...

I have to get Andrew ready 'cause
he's absolutely hopeless in this way.

So... We'll just be a bit
and then we'll be back.

Everything was so lovely,
even the weather cooperated.

It was beautiful,
honey. Okay.


I want my mother
and my sister.

Congratulations, Daddy.
- Thanks.

All right, Rachel.

All right, Rach. Okay.


You'll call me every
day about you know...

Yes. Of course.

You take care.
All right?




Take care of yourself.

Paul, Carol,
it was so lovely.

Thank you.

Get some rest.


I can't find my cigarettes.
Just give me a second.

Kymmie. Kym.

You remember
Susanna Galeano?

- Hi, Kym. How are you?

Suzy runs a first rate
PR firm and, darling,

she has just lost
an office assistant.

We really are down a person.
And I was wondering,

have you ever thought
about public relations?

The public's kind
of afraid of me.

Listen, Suzy is opening
a new office right here.

Darling, you could be at home.
- I tell you what.

Why don't you call me on Monday?
- Give her a card.

And we can talk about it?
- That would be great.

This is just too perfect.
It's stuck, here we go.

Thank you.
- Paul, it was beautiful.

I'm gonna have to go.
- Suzy, Suzy, thank you. I know.

You look wonderful.

Do you want me to hold
that card now for you?

No, no. I got it. Just... Give me
a second. I'll be back in a minute.



You making a break for it?


Yeah, I got to go.

Yeah. Okay.

If you ever
need anything...

If I need to post bond?

No. If you ever
need anything.

Thank you.

Maybe you'll come
visit me in Hawaii.

That would be nice.

Yes, it would.

I got to go.
- Mmm-hmm. Okay.

I got it.
- Okay.



Good morning.

How you feeling?

I'm okay.

- Yeah.

You should probably just ignore
the eye. It's a long story.

- Kymmie.


Hey, I'm Kym's sister.
- Hi.

This is Rosa.
- Rachel.

Rachel, I heard a lot about you.
You got married.

I did, yeah.
- Congratulations.

Thank you.

I love your baby.

Me, too.


Nice to meet you.