Racetrack (1985) - full transcript

(birds and crickets chirping)

- There, you see the milks, the drop?

- She dripping?

She's waxed.

- [Shorter Man] See the milk dropping.

(horse grunts)

(horse whinnies)

- Birdie of War, Birdie of War.

- [Man] Give you a heart attack if she twists.

- She's gonna twist, she's gonna twist.

- [Man] They don't give anything.

We'll bring a drug, right?

- No, they have the new thing.

- Sometimes but necessarily now, so many women

are doing it natural.

- La Maze, what is it?

- La Maze, yeah.

- La Maze.

- [Man] What is it?

- [In Unison] La Maze.

- Natural childbirth.

- The breathing and the...

I was gonna have it, Morris couldn't stand it anymore,

so I had to have a spinal.


I was fine, it was him.

(foal whinnies)

- [Man] Go see your baby.

Go see your baby, that's it.

That a girl.

Look at this, look at nature.

Look how beautiful.

Kiss, is that something?


Look at this, what a wonderful thing.

(horse hooves clopping)

(nature sounds)

- Yeah, exactly, that doesn't help matters any, either.

(horse snorts)

- [Woman] I've been gone a week and I'm amazed

at how big they've gotten.

Just shake her a little bit, Pete, talk to her.

- [Man] Raise the head up, that's it.

- [Woman] Talk to her a little bit.

- Get up, get over here.

- Stop.

- Okay.

(birds and crickets chirping)

(truck engine rumbles)

(traffic buzzing)

- Coming in.

(radio playing)

(indistinct voices)

♪ But then most of all ♪

♪ I do love you still ♪

♪ We played the games that people play ♪

♪ We made our mistakes along the way ♪

♪ Somehow I know deep in my heart ♪

♪ You needed me ♪

♪ 'Cause I needed you so desperately ♪

♪ We were too blind to see ♪

- [Man] Get up there, Hannah.

Gotta watch your step there.

- [Man] Watch yourself, watch your back.

- You like that?

- I heard from Kevin that you were looking for

another exercise rider.

- No, we don't need one.

- No?

You wouldn't know of anyone that needs any help, do you?

- Not right now, you can see my brother in bunk 33.

- 33?

- Yeah.

- Okay, well thank you.

(radio playing)

- It's rough being a horse, what you wanna do last night.

- This is Shellac F6851.

- F6851.

(filing teeth)


- Tell you what, doc, he's looking 100 times better, boy.

- He sure is.

- He's filling out, in the hind end, getting a little

shine to him.

- He's put on about 100 pounds.

- Sure he has, I can see that, just since he's been here.

Lenny tells me, he says, "Feed that alfalfa to him,

"don't be afraid."

- Which one do you think?

- I think Del Mar is better, wouldn't you say?

The way he ran the other day.

- I think so, too, but I thought maybe you think

that it is too close to his two races.

I thought maybe you'd think that.

- Right, but now he's doing so good, you know?

- Okay, let him run on Del Mar.

Let him run on Del Mar.

- It's still a quite a bit from their races,

it's over...

- 13 days.

I counted, 13 days.

13 days between his last race and this one.

- That's good.

- [Man] Put this in.

- [Man] Murray.

- [Murray] Yes, sir?

- [Man] Put that feed make this a sweet feed and oats.

- [Man] Is it clear?

- [Woman] Yeah, it's not bad, really.

- [Man] It's nice, it's clear.

(man laughs)

- Doc, its interesting, 'cause I noticed it more than

any other horse I've ever been on.

He goes out and he feels really good when he starts out,

- [Doc] But then he gets very tired.

- But he gets tired like so fast, it's like within five

seconds, I can be doing good for a while, then all of the

sudden his energy'll drop off really quickly.

- [Doc] Before we do too much with him, we really have to

get him back up, get him at least 1,100 pounds

and get that total protein packed in.

Then we'll start building him up as far as his

red count goes.

- 'Cause it's not normal.

I know when you jog a horse, he gets tired.

But with him it's like he's falling off a cliff.

Like all of a sudden it hits him.

- At a certain point, he's exhausted.

He was pretty sick for quite a while, and he's been...

How long's he been over here?

Six months, right?

- [Woman] He was sick before he came, doc.

The man from England told me.

- We're on the road to recovery anyway, let's take

it nice and slow.

- He's not tryin' to help me out at all.

Scoot over.

You're not tryin' to help me out at all.

- Ahh!

(engine roaring)

- See right up here.

Yeah, we got an injury here.

- I like this filly here.

- Yeah she's a good looking mare.

The only thing I don't like about her,

she's so big and fat she's gonna have trouble

standing up under him.

The jock that's on her is jogging the wrong way.

- [Man] I tell you what this sun of a gun did to Johnny,

she reached out and tried to bite her.

I was right there and saw it.

- [Doc] You know, he like more softer ground.

- That's sand.

It's near the ocean over there.

- As we said, we put him in, we will see.

If he got the good weight, you got the good jockey

for him, and you don't see that very hard competition,

then you let him run there, otherwise you run him here

over one mile on the dirt.

We'll see how we'll do on the dirt here.

He might do well on the dirt, and we'll keep running

on the dirt.

He did it a couple of times good on the dirt in Hialeah,

so you never know.

You know the time when he ran last time and I was

in England, do you remember?

It was too rainy, I remember, they told me it was sloppy.

And he doesn't like it.

- We had the one post and the three quarter mile.

- Yeah.

- All right, face the back.

That's good.

- Okay, okay.

- [Photographer] I think we could've done better

on the other side.

All right, face your barn.

- [Man] Looking good.

- This one might be good, Lenny, if he keeps sound

in his knee, huh?

You can almost see it.

I think he would be the best one here.

- You know where we might have this horse, also,

besides the spur, in my opinion, nerve dead.

Because after race, his leg goes like this.

- It does?

- He might have a nerve pinched there, because he's shaking,

you know?

- You know when he won his maiden, this horse, he

beat the best horses in France.

The best horses in France.

- What was the distance?

- Handily.

Seven furlongs.

- Seven furlongs.

- Over one mile.

Easy, by 10 length or nine length.

Handily, like this, looking at them.

Soffit, and all of them, worth millions now.

- He might come on again.

- He might, he might.

You know after this race, they ran him in a

very, very hard competition, that's why maybe

he lose confidence.

- Gotta start all over again.

- Got my hours completely confused.

(hoof filing and hammering)

- Good morning, Len.

- Good morning, how are you?

- Len, you keepin' me in mind for tomorrow with your

bug horse?

- Who you got?

- Danny.

- All right, let me see him.

I'll see him at the scratch.

- Okay, yeah, thank you.

- Kevin, you go to main track.

Karen, you stay here, right?

- Yeah, I think that'll be a good idea.

- Where do you want me to go?

- You go to the main track, I'm gonna go.

- Watch around, just scout.

You go to the pony track, right?

About four times around.

(engine starts)

(horses running)

(camera clicking)

- To think I broke my hip, look at this son of a gun.

Beautiful individual, just putting him back

in training again.

- Looks all right now.

Did you cut him?

- Yeah.

- Helps a lot on that.

- Oh yeah.

- He is a good looking horse.

- Isn't he a good looking individual?

- He's yours, too, right?

- Yeah.

Walk around, Pedro.

- Spanish riddle.

They can all run.

I got a sucker up there that Pancho gave me.

Step nicely, a good looking horse.

- Woops, woop, woop.

- I've been threatening to castrate him.

Every time I walk by the stall he runs out

and goes to bite me like that.

I said the vet's coming tomorrow.

And I keep putting it off, putting it off.

I got an excuse, he come up low in suspensory,

he said I'll just do everything all at once.

Cut him and blister him, start all over with him.

- Pedro, take 'em down to the inside,

don't let him ease out.

That's it, make him stay down in there.

- Got the half, 49.

(indistinct background voices)

49 and three, Laurie.

- It's ridiculous what you want to give to 'em.

- Good looking horse.

- [Man] Tommy heard, they were saying that to Tommy,

what the hell do you have to know to train a horse?

All you have to do is be smarter than the horse.

- Doesn't take much.


- Well, he said, you say that because you know.

But what about an airplane, what about a pilot?

Do you think you could fly a plane?

The pilot'll tell you that it's easy.

- That's no analogy, is it?

You and I know that thoroughbreds are dumb.

They self destruct.

But by God a talented horse overcomes anything.

I have to laugh at these fellows running down, beating

their chests when they get the job done, when it's

actually the horse.

- Well, John said that once, about Ledur, he said

this is a good horse, it's a great horse.

(engine revving)

- Here comes So Pleasantly in the red,

on the dirt track for Calumet.

So Pleasantly in the red on the dirt track.

The horse on the inside just worked out for Darby Dan,

trainer Boo Rondanelo.

Another horse working out at the top of the stretch,

making his turn for home.

Notice he stays on the inside because he is in

a speed drill.

Horses will work out once or twice a week,

depending upon their racing and fitness schedule.

- Okay, very good, 1:41.

- Exactly 1:41.

- The first part they went 18, the first eight.

- 13, 25...

- 1:02 - 1:02

- So what's left 1:41.

- 1:02.


- This dark bay or brown colt jogging off

trained by Lenny Imperio, behind this horse,

another dark bay or brown, trained by Woody Stevens.

Music of Time on the inside, a stakes winning son of

Northern Dancer.

Northern Dancer won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness

but he failed in the Belmont Stakes.

He was defeated by Kauai King.

These are very sensitive animals, very high strung.

They are bred for speed and stamina, and they are

professional athletes in every sense of the word.

I think that's Says You, clockwise for trainer Jean Jacobs,

Says You, clockwise alongside the Appaloosa.

This is apprentice jockey Victor Molina in the

black and silver jacket.

Victor is an apprentice jockey, and he will be an

apprentice jockey until he wins 35 races,

and then he becomes a journeyman, and will join

Cordero, Valasquez, Vasquez and the likes.

This is Orchestra Pit galloping towards us

to your left.

If you came to the races sometime last week

and bet $2 on this horse's nose, you came out a winner.

This is Orchestra Pit, sired by Belmont Stakes winner

Stage Door Johnny.

Horses have bioccular vision, which means they

can see behind.

Sometimes horses will look around too much,

and they don't have their mind on their business.

Blinkers will direct a horse's vision to where

he's going and not where he's been.

The set standing out now, the two bays trained

by Lenny Imperio.

The exercise rider checking his equipment,

making sure the girth is tight.

Both horses trained by Lenny Imperio.

Now beginning to walk off.

Notice how the exercise riders give their mounts time

to relax and warm up before they actually begin

their morning exercise.

Tap Shoes on the outside.

His sire, River Ridge, did win the Belmont Stakes.

Tap Shoes in the yellow.

Tap Shoes will face Pleasant Colony one week today

in the test of the champion, the Belmont Stakes.

- You gave me toast, too, right?

Okay, let me have four and two, scrambled

and over light, please.

Make 'em pretty.

- [Cashier] Thank you.


(indistinct voices)

(speaking in Spanish)

- I'd like to give you a quick outline of what we're

doing here today.

Number one, this is a group that we formed about a

year ago because of the misunderstanding of the

two groups, national group and the New York group.

We wanted to have a better insurance, and they say no.

So we got together and we put this group together

as a medical group.

Hopefully, pretty soon, we'll all be together as one

group again if we can work it out, if we can get

the problems out.

But in the meantime, we're gonna be here together,

we're gonna work together, and we're gonna do the

best we can for the guys in here until that time,

such thing happens with the national group.

As you well know, we got that medical insurance starting

April 1st we went into $20,000 life coverage.

- [Audience Member] All right.

(audience applauds)

- So we have now $20,000 life insurance instead of $10,000.

And a dental plan through the Blue Cross/Blue Shield

will be in effect as of July 1st.

So we have the dental plan, we got $20,000 life insurance

at Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

I'd also like to point out that through us

the blacksmiths got the same insurance we got

about two months ago, the Blue Cross/Blue Shield,

as a group, they got it.

I'm also working with Mr. McMillen in the HBPA

and they're going to get the insurance to the owners

and some trainers.

The same Blue Cross/Blue Shield that we got, they're

getting it now, too.

So and then the vets are supposed to go in

and they're supposed to get the same insurance

that we have.

So now we've got four groups together,

and hopefully we can still work together with all these

people, because I want to make one thing clear

to our industry.

I want the jockey agents to be recognized as part

of this industry, and by doing this, I believe

we're gonna be recognized pretty soon.

It's been helpful to everybody in racing.

- You all realize exactly how hard George really worked

to accomplish what he did.

I mean, we started out a couple of years ago,

we had a crappy hospitalization plan.

They use to give you like $6 a day and $2 to go around

the corner.

And by himself, George, without any backing, he went

by himself to the Blue Cross, the Blue Shield,

and he managed to get the wrap around, which is the

million dollar plan that's called the wrap around.

Everybody was telling him no, you can't do it.

George didn't listen to nobody.

The truth of the matter is that.

He just kept going 'til he got it.

Now the life insurance, for $10,000 we were paying

like $90 something.

Now for $20,000, you're paying like $120, $110.

You can't get that nowhere in the world on the outside.

I just want to bring out the accomplishments that

George did by himself.

(audience applauds and cheers)

(radio playing)

(speaking French)

- Why don't you shake up before you leave the stable?

Spread your muck sack on like a bib and shake up.

Look at that.

You ought to shake up before you left the stable.

- Hey, I'm a hard worker.

- You're a hard worker?

- That's right, that's what I am.


You wake up 10:00 every morning, huh.

- See that?


Trouble added to misery, that's a helluva combination.

- [Man] You were talking a lot of junk there.

- Trouble all fucked up on you, that's a whole lot of shit.

(television playing)

- [Bob Barker] She wants the three now.

Gentlemen, where is that three?

That's okay.

- Zero, too?

- Zero, yes, she wants the zero.

And we are going to give her the zero.

(audience applauds and cheers)

- [Narrator] With digital defrost and intermittent

windshield wipers, Bob.

- The Price is Right and asked if it was a fine idea.

We will have our second Showcase Showdown after

we do a little business with you.

- [Man] Come here, I've got something to ask you.

If I give you this money, will you go make a run for me?

(voices echo in tunnel)

- Who?


- Thank you.

- Quarter Moon.

- Thanks.

- You are a good boy.

(horse whinnies)

- How you doin'?

- As early as you want.

(background conversations)

- If he fakes, just go on with him, if he gets tight,

it's tight.

Use your judgment.

They want us to go?

- [Woman] All three of them.

In the second, fifth, and ninth race.

Long day.

- [Lenny] You got two of them, right?

- Yes, you're putting on two at a time.

- Riders up!

(indistinct voices)

- Hi, how are you?

Good to see you!

(bugle playing)

- It is now post time.

- Wait a second, wait.


- The flag is up.

They're off.

(starting gun fires)

(crowd cheers)

Always Pretty with Dark Sable.

Dark Sable has the early lead.

Gaining ground on the outside, Dawn of Life

with Irrumpant.

Now Irrumpant takes second.

Dawn of Life is third.

Golden Burst moving up in fourth.

Always Pretty, then Divine Fun, a length-and-a-half back

to River Lee, and three back to Howard's Miss,

approaching the back stretch.

Dark Sable on the inside has the lead by about

a half length.

(crowd excitedly yelling)

Dawn of Life on the outside is second.

Always Pretty, Golden Burst.

First quarter and 23 on the two, they continue

down the straight.

Dark Sable in the lead by a length.

Divine Fun second on the outside, Dawn of Life is third

by a length.

Always Pretty on the outside, four, five, in the lead.

Golden Burst, Irrumpant and two back to Howard's Miss.

They're now on the far turn.

Dark Sable still out in the lead by half,

Divine Fun is second by a half, Always Pretty's

gaining ground on the outside.

Always Pretty now takes second, moving up on

Dark Sable and approach the top of the stretch.

Dark Sable on the inside, Always Pretty on the outside.

They are heads apart.

River Lee has beamed into third in the far outside

into the stretch.

Always Pretty has the lead by a length,

River Lee is second by a length.

Dark Sable back into third.

River Lee now gains the lead.

Always Pretty is second, then Dark Sable,

Howard's Miss, Golden Burst, and Divine Fun.

River Lee leads by two.

Always Pretty is second.

Howard's Miss third.

It's River Lee in front.

And at the wire, Jeffrey Fell on River Lee,

the winner by about two-and-a-half.

Always Pretty was second and Howard's Miss was third

in the first race at Belmont Park.

This is Marshall Cassidy.

This result is not official.

(crowd cheers)

- Back in the saddle again!

Woody always said to me, you're in tough with us.

We're gonna get you someday.

We did it today.

- Now you can kiss him.

(audience applauds)

- Wait, Cash, one more, turn the horse's head around.

(crowd cheering)

- [Man] Give this horse a little room now.

(indistinct conversations)

(speaking Spanish)

- Okay, you ready?

Where's the camera?

Here we are.

There's the jockey.

- Ready, let's go.

(television playing)

- [Jack Webb, On Tv] If you watch your step, you're going

to be a big power in this town.

I could build a bigger place and give you trouble,

but I bet all my wad on this, you say the word and

I'm through.

- [Actor On Tv] You'd close the hub?

- Exactly, and give you an open field.

Now we either work together politically,

or fight it out.

It's up to you.

It's a nice place you have here, but like

a tinderbox, touch a match to it and it'll go off

like a Roman candle (laughing).

But, what the devil, Chicago's big enough for

both of us and more.

Together we could run this town, and run it right.

You and Bill and me pulling together...

- Peggy, it's me, Ted.

The man you're going to marry.

- I can't marry you, I'm already married.

- Peggy.

- I have to go.

(suspenseful music)

(video game sounds)

(television commercial plays in background)

- Last call for the fifth, last call.

(bugle playing)

(upbeat music)

- No beer.

No beer.

(crowd cheering)

- Come on five, come on three.

Come on three.

I knew it.

I told you it was five, three.

(engines revving)

(speaking Spanish)

- Move that leg out.

- Why don't you come over here?

(horse groans)

- Okay, let go of the ball.

(horse sputters)

(drilling into bone)

(indistinct background conversations)

- [Doctor] I've got some here, but I haven't used it.

- [Doctor] It looks like burlap?

- [Doctor] Yeah.

- [Doctor] That's what we use, cutter setting.

- Is it gonna clear there?

- No, it's not.

That mat's better.

Murray, use that mat.

- Twist that tail rope underneath there, take the

tail rope off.

(winch motor running)

(horse burps)

- [Woman] I've got to pick up his head.

- [Man] Can you lift up his front any more?

(horse groans)

- [Man] If they don't come out easily, then don't

worry about it.

(machine noise)

(horse groans)

- [Doctor] To get into the back of the joint, see.

- Oh I see.

- In order to get to the back of the joint through the

front, I have to get to the back of the joint,

one, to take all the cartilage off, and the second

thing is to put that wire in the back, the tension band

that replaces the sesamoids, because they've been fractured.

If you put the plate on the front like this, without

any support on the back side, he's just gonna bend

those two pieces of bone apart as soon as he stands on it.

The plate's strong enough to hold him, if it's got

something mechanically to keep it so it's not bent

so the bones don't bend away from it.

And it's the same principle as the boom on a crane.

It's why they have the cable that runs up above,

to transfer the load so it runs straight down

the boom, and so it isn't bending.

- [Man] Prevent it from bending over on itself, yeah.

(horse snores)

- Did he race last year?

- [Woman] Yes, we ran him, he raced last year,

and he raced this winter in Florida with some success.

He won an allowance race in Florida this winter.

- If he was smart...

Come on.

That's it.

Don't let him step on you.

Settle down.

Let him down, let him down.

He's got a little neural praxy on the right front.

He's having a little trouble getting it coordinated.

That'll help him get around.

(horse snores)

- I want to tell you something about our business.

I don't care how much money you got, or who you are,

they want to win.

And the game of the game is you gotta win,

because if you don't win, they're gonna fire you.

And they're entitled to.

Let me tell you something about this business,

owners got no chance in here.

Really they have no chance.

Because they put so much money up, they get

nothing in return.

When Mr. Evans win with this horse, he'd been

in the business 16 years, and it don't matter how

many millions he put up, he just got even,

and he's still got his equity.

So he's entitled to win.

Anybody puts their money up entitled to win,

you see.

And if you don't put your money up, don't win.

Because owners got no chance, because this horse

can break his leg tomorrow, his gallup.

And where does that leave him?

You know how fragile these horses are?

Dr. Gillman put a film out.

Everybody should go see the film.

Did you see the film, Pete?

It's a remarkable film about racing.

All owners should go see it.

When I seen it I was shocked.

I thought I was the smartest guy in the world.

When horses stride out, they come down so much

and they're actually...

- It's 40,000 pounds.

- It's remarkable.

- It almost turns back.

- That's a super film.

I couldn't believe it when I seen it.

It's a super, super film.

So they got too much against 'em.

So when they get a good horse like this,

they're entitled to win.

They really are.

Most trainers preen themselves, well, if it wasn't for me...

That's a lot of nonsense.

Let me tell you, if it wasn't for the pedigree we have,

and he's gonna become a good horse,

these trainers are all nonsense.

Let me tell you something, what makes a trainer,

what makes a jockey, is the horse.

Don't ever forget that.

I've been training all these colts here for 13 years,

and I win some race, and I win some stakes.

When I got Pleasant Colony, everyone knows who

John Campbell is.

Because he made John Campbell, I didn't make

Pleasant Colony, Pleasant Colony made me.

Pleasant Colony's the tool.

And Mr. Evans, because he bred the horse.

(Latin music, singing in Spanish)

- In the name of the Father, and of the Son,

and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

My dear friends, certainly, and clearly, Easter season

is a season of joy.

And in order to understand joy, we should distinguish

it from pleasure.

Pleasure is an emotion, which occurs when a bodily

desire is satisfied through the possession of a

material thing.

And so we have pleasure when we are eating

chocolate ice cream, for example.

We are pleasure seeking beings.

Just because we are sentient.

And we're just reminded that pleasure is good,

so long as it is controlled by reason.

Now on the other hand, joy is a sentiment,

which takes place when a desire of our soul

is satisfied by the possession of a spiritual value.

And so parents experience joy when their child

is born into this world, and when that same child,

22 years later, graduates from college.

And so it's good to remember that pleasure is fleeting

and joy is enduring.

And that truly joy is superior to pleasure,

just as the soul is superior to the body.

How can we bring joy into the world

and into our personal lives?

Well let's consider a few things.

In the natural order, for example,

depression can come about because of too much television.

So often, television disappoints us and disillusions us.

It makes us feel empty and unfulfilled.

And then depression can happen because of overwork.

A trainer once told me, Father, this job is a seven

day a week job, every week of the year.

Depression also comes from poor food, something as

commonplace as that, because it saps our vitality.

And some of us who live alone, perhaps don't take

proper care of our diet.

So what we're saying on the natural level,

is that we can build conditions for joy if we are careful

about our tv habits and our work habits and our

eating habits, but in the supernatural order,

the answer to depression is found in the first

reading at mass today.

Philip, proclaiming the Messiah to the Samaritans.

Have we turned to the risen Christ, no matter what

our problems may be?

The resurrection truly will bring meaning and hope

to our lives.

The resurrection will also make us feel appreciated,

make us understand that we are important because

Christ came to this world for us.

Certainly, our theology is not puritan, and yet

we are very much aware that we personally must

resist the secularization of our time,

we must be wary of placing God second.

We know so often that we are so deeply concerned about

the earthly and the temporal and the ephemeral,

when according to our faith, our chief concern

and our chief involvement should be the heavenly,

the eternal, and the permanent.

Life is rushing by, and sometimes we wonder whether

we grasp its meaning.

(traffic whirring)

(unintelligible police radio traffic)

(upbeat jazz music)

- We are here tonight to honor one of the truly

great men of our time, John A. Morris.

(audience applauds)

A mind conscious of right is a Morris motto,

and one by which John Morris has always lived.

Born in 1891, making him 90 years young this year,

John's accomplishments are far too many to

enumerate here tonight, although a few highlights

will point out the tremendous diversity of this

extraordinary man.

In the Great World War, John obtained the rank

of Captain, receiving four battle stars and the

quarter give.

From there to the business world, John's successes

were many.

Serving on a host of corporation boards,

four terms as steward of the jockey club,

John Morris guided from its inception, the

Jockey Club Foundation, a span of 36 years,

and through his tremendous insight and foresight,

made it what it is today.

A past master of Holland Lodge, trustee of New York

Racing Association, Director of Facig-Tipton,

president of Thoroughbred Racing Associations,

president of the Union Club, and a breeder of

the great filly Missile Belle, winner of the

Coaching Club American Hopes, John has always felt

that you should make two blades of grass grow

where there had been only one before.

With all of the associations, recognition and success,

John would be the first to admit that the crowning glory

of his life was in 1942, when he successfully wooed

the charming, beautiful and attractive Edna Brokaw,

(audience applauds)

who it is now my great pleasure to introduce,

Mrs. John A. Morris.

(audience applauds)

(piano music)

- Jim, I do thank you for all those wonderful things

you said about my husband.

Thank you.

And in just a very few minutes you will have

the great man up here, himself.

In the meantime, I would like to tell you about

Mrs. Nicholas F. Brady, Kitty Brady, our chairman.

(audience applauds)

Without a doubt, she's the greatest mixer and fixer

that the world ever had.

(audience applauds)

And my heart goes out to her and everyone who helped

her in any way to put this magnificent party together.

(audience applauds)

Now I'd like to tell you one very little personal thing.

39 years ago, John Morris and I were married,

and that is when I hitched my wagon to a star.

(audience applauds)

And everything came up roses.

Red roses.

(audience applauds)

And now I believe that Mrs. Leeds, the charming owner

of Roseland has a surprise present for John Morris.

And so I wonder if Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Leeds would

mind coming up to the mic and bringing Mr. Morris with them?

(audience applauds)

(piano music)

- Let me just say happy birthday,

and really a very happy birthday, and this is

just really from all of Roseland, we're so happy

to have all of you here.

And we just want you to know that when Belmont

isn't running, maybe you'll think of us.

(mechanical horse racing machine ticking)

(audience applauds)

- This is the one opportunity I guess I'll ever have

of winning a fixed race!

(audience applauds)

- That's marvelous.

- This is really great and I thank you ever,

ever so much more than I can say for your kindness

and for this lovely dinner tonight.

I enjoyed it tremendously.

- Well, it's our pleasure.

We're really so happy to have you here.

(audience applauds)

Happy birthday.

- Thanks a lot.

- Now your speech.

(audience laughing)

Now your glasses.

- I gotta get the right glasses on.

When you get old, you have to have too much equipment.

(audience laughing)

I have so many friends come to this party.

It overwhelms me, just overwhelms me.

- One minute, John.

- It overwhelms me and I am at a loss.

But anyway if I get my throat clear, I do want to

thank Mrs. Brady and her committee, and all my friends.

It was just great of them to come.

And I thank you, I really appreciate it.

I am proud to be the first individual to be so honored.

I am sure my great grandfather is sitting up on Cloud Nine

with Ruthless by his side enjoying these proceedings,

as I am the fourth generation to carry on with his

colors and as it appears now, will be even followed

by the fifth generation who are with us here tonight.

(audience applauds)

Your coming to this ball will help us to raise and make

life a little easier for our recipients by increasing

our contribution to them.

All the profits go to the building up of our portfolio

and helping raise our beneficiaries from misery to poverty.

(audience laughing)

Now, I have a pleasant duty.

I would like to call on Kitty Brady to come here and

receive a bouquet of many thanks.

(audience applauds)

(piano music)

- Thank you so much.

This is absolutely beautiful.

This has been such fun.

I just hope that after calling the Morrises every day

for the last three weeks about little things,

that I can think of some excuse to keep on calling them

every day.

They are so marvelous, and I just want to thank

Susie Howard and Virginia Guess and everybody else

for everything they've done, and my great friend,

Mrs. Morris, who's been absolutely unbelievable.

Thank you all so much.

(audience applauds)

- Give it back to Jim.

- And I would like to add that the greatest event

and the smartest thing I ever did was to marry Edna Brokaw.

(audience applauds)

- [Jim] John, thank you many, many times.

(upbeat jazz version of "New York, New York")

♪ I wanna wake up in the city that doesn't sleep ♪

♪ To find I'm king of the hill and top of the heap ♪

♪ My little town blues are melting away ♪

♪ I'll make a brand new start of it ♪

♪ In Old New York ♪

♪ If I can make it there ♪

♪ I can make it anywhere ♪

♪ It's up to you New York, New York ♪

(siren blaring and horn honking)

(traffic whirring)

- [Parking Guide] The next fella, please.

Go down and make a right.

Straight ahead please, straight ahead.

Straight down to the next lot, please.

Straight ahead.

(indistinct conversations)

- Sisarelli.

- How many?

- Six.

(announcer calling race on tv)

(ragtime music)

(bugle playing)

(engines revving)

- Riders up!

(bugle playing)

(audience applauds and cheers)

(inaudible introductions by announcer)

- It is now post time.

(crowd cheers)

They're off.

On the inside, Bare Knuckles, Sezyou on the outside.

Those two are heads apart.

Farther out it's Bold Ego.

They are bunching on the front end as they race

down the back stretch.

Bare Knuckles on the rail, on the outside,

Stage Door Key, and there goes Paristo.

Paristo takes the lead, and beaming around on the

inside is Summing.

Summing has got him to the front clear by about a length.

Then Stage Door Key in second, Paristo is third,

Bold Ego in fourth.

Bare Knuckles is fifth.

Bold Ego on the outside, then Tap Shoes.

Pleasant Colony up the middle back there.

Three quarters, 1:14 and one around the far turn.

It is Summing leading the way by a length-and-a-half.

Then Paristo is second by a head.

Very close and Escambia Bay now in third.

Pleasant Colony has moved into fourth, around the

fourth turn, Pleasant Colony gaining ground on the outside.

Approaching the top of the stretch, Summing has the lead

by about three, then Pleasant Colony, Highland Blade on

the far outside.

Highland Blade now takes second by a half.

Pleasant Colony is right there in third.

It's four back to Escambia Bay, then Tap Shoes

is fifth.

Past the eight pole, Summing has the lead by two.

Highland Blade is second.

There is going to be an upset.

Pleasant Colony is third.

Summing on the inside, Highland Blade on the outside,

Summing in front.

(crowd cheers)

- Look at this, I just got beat.

- [Crowd Member] Seven, two, nine.

- [Press Photographers] Jockey, hold it up!

Jockey, jockey!

Louie, Louie, let's get a shot over here!


This way!

- [Interviewer] Well you did it, and it's official now,

when we show the rerun,

if you'd explain to the fans, George, that when he moved,

he did not move really at your urging, he was that good.

- [Jockey] No sir.

- [Interviewer] Tell us about the start.

- [George] Well he broke really sharp here now,

and he's second.

And with the red shadow, I thought there'd be

a lot more speed in front.

Now I'm heading into the lead and I'm trying to

settle him, and finally I get him back

right here.

- [Interviewer] Do you think at a time like that,

George, where's Bold Ego, where is the speed?

- Yeah, you know right here I could see

Bold Ego outside of me and I figured if I just stay

on the fence and save all the ground it might

make a difference 'cause the day he won the

Pennsylvania Derby he was on the fence all the way, too.

Here is where I just start to chirp to him a little bit,

right here, now I said

- It's time. - It's time now.


- This is 'get it' time, and a game effort

on the part of David Whiteley's horse, the Blade,

did you see him?

- Right here.

I think right here I was a little worried, I kinda

looked out of the corner of my eye, I seen Jacinto's

horse making a big run and I kinda was just hoping

the wire would come up quick, and it did.

- It's always come on wire.

Son, a great ride for a young rider.

Don't you think, Luis?

- [Luis] Real good rider, real good rider.

Can I say hello to my brother Lazaro?

(engine running)