Racetime (2018) - full transcript

A spectacular sled race through the village. Frankie-Four-Eyes and his team, including Sophie as the driver, take on the newcomers: the mysterious and conceited Zac and his athletic cousin ...

Subtitles by explosiveskull

♪ Oh-oh-oh o-o-o oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh o-o-o oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ There's never been
a better time ♪

♪ I wake up
and the world is mine ♪

♪ I know it I can feel it ♪

♪ I've got something brewing
deep inside ♪

♪ Come and join me
for the ride ♪

♪ You know it
it's gonna be worth it ♪

♪ I promise you
this time around ♪

♪ We'll turn this whole street
upside down ♪

♪ There's never been
a better day ♪

♪ To hit the ground ♪

♪ To make the rounds ♪

♪ We're gonna go for the crown ♪

♪ There's never been
a better day ♪

♪ To write this song ♪

♪ And sing along ♪

♪ Show that we belong ♪

♪ There's never been
a better day ♪

Hey, where's Frankie?
Hey, anybody seen Frankie?

Hey, Manolo.
Frankie in there?

He's not in the box.

- Haven't seen him, Piers.
- Thanks, Luke.

♪ You tried you failed ♪

♪ But then you learn
to earn it ♪

♪ Or return it ♪

Don't drop it, Chuck.
It's heavy.

Not for me.

♪ It's gonna be worth it ♪

♪ I promise you
it won't be long ♪

♪ We'll turn this story
upside down ♪

Cleo would have loved this.

♪ There's never been
a better day ♪

♪ To hit the ground ♪

♪ To make the rounds ♪♪

Bet, you can't guess
what's in the box.

You won't get it
in a million years.

No way.

Spy stuff?

Ah, lucky guess.

Yeah, alright!

So cool.
Can I play with it?

No, Of course not!

- Hogger.
- Agh, boys.

- Hey, where's Frankie?
- Frankie?

He's in his secret room.

- And there goes the queen.
- Sorry, guys.

Are you gonna spend
all night down here?

The sled's almost perfect.

You take this stuff
way too seriously.

You don't have to beat
the new kid.

He challenged me.
What else can I do?

- Come on.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just a few more minutes.

Okay. See ya
in the morning, genius.

Zac does not know
what he's up against.


And four-eyes is finished too.



- Whoa!
- Behave.

Eww. Argh, guys!

Frankie, go to sleep.

I need to measure something.

The gap between the sled runner
and the steering column

can't be greater
than the thickness of a feather.

That's what I thought.

I think
I'm actually going to break

my own speed record tomorrow.

Break a sleep record.

Great. Me too.


- What?
- Ah!

What did you eat?

It's race day, folks!
Time to roll!

- Go! Go! Go!
- Hurry up, guys!

Let's go show that new kid
who's boss.


Hey, Frankie, remember,

this is supposed to be fun,

You know what is fun?
Winning, like we always do.

Oh, yeah.


I can't wait. I love sleeping
here the night before.

I wasn't dreaming.

Come here, little guy.
Come here.

Oh, you are so cute.

Do you like sleepovers too?


The barn's for everyone.
Even puppies.

Where'd you come from?

Puppies aren't supposed
to wander around in the cold.

It's race day!

That's right.

The Sixth Annual
Slederator race!


And let's go
right to the first race.

- There's no room for you.
- I was here first.

- I'm the driver.
- No, I'm the driver.

And they're off!

To a very slow start.


Steer, Manolo! Steer!

How do you steer a box?

Look at me go!


- Whoa!
- Woohoo!

- Yes!
- And we have a tie!

- Photo finish!
- Did you get a picture?

I'm Daniel Blanshire
from Victoriaville.

I got lots of pictures

So? Who won?

Um, sorry.

I... I seem to have missed
that one.

You what?


Here, hold him for me.
I'll be right back.

Oh, he's so cute.
Where did he come from?

Okay! Is this a puppy party
or a race?

Ready! Blow the bugle!
Do it!

And they're off
on this exciting second race.

Piers is having
some trouble

controlling his sled tire.



I'm gonna get you! Ooh!


Hey, come back here!


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Oh, yeah! Woohoo!


And a victory for Lucy!

I planned the whole thing!

I'm okay.

I've got Chuck making some
last-minute improvements

to the sled,
and with you driving,

we're gonna make history.

Oh, this is gonna be good.

Frankie, with your sleds,

you're making history
every year.

Okay, okay,
coming through.

Ugh, make way.


Ugh. Amateur-ville.

Is that him?
I don't like him.

No sweat.
He's obviously all show.


Oh, did I do that?

So sorry.

Here, have a candy cane.

Never take candy
from a stranger.

Well, where's my ratchet?

- One ratchet coming up.
- You...


Hi, I'm Charlie,
Zac's cousin.

I'm driving his sled.

- What's your name?
- Who? Me?

Uh, um, Chu... Chu...




You're called Chacha?

No, no, no. Chuck.
Name's Chuck.

Not the legendary Chuck?

They say you're the strongest
guy in the village.

Uh, um, yeah.

- Hm.
- Hey, do you work out?

I... I don't really need to.

I just, uh, lift things a lot.

Okay, you're funny.
You're funny.

I have to go now
to get ready for the race.

Good luck.

And the main event
is coming up!

Frankie going for his sixth win
against newcomer Zac.

For those of you who don't know,
Sophie is driving for Frankie

and Zac's cousin, Charlie,
is driving for him.

Thank you, thank you!

Whoa, mama!

That is some sled!

It's so shiny!

Candy cane?

No, thanks.
I never eat before a race.

You seem pretty confident
for a guy

who hasn't won the Slederator
five years in a row.

You seem pretty confident
for a guy

who's about to start
his losing streak.

Alright then, okay.
I see what you're doing.

Hey, I'm Sophie.
You must be Charlie.

- I hear you're a good driver.
- Oh, that's so nice.

I heard the same about you.

In three, two, one!

And they're off!

♪ Pump it up
get that heart beating ♪

♪ I'm energized
I feel the power within ♪

♪ I like the rush
the wind against my face ♪

♪ Whatever I do
I'm gonna keep the pace ♪

- Hey, are you crazy?
- Oops, sorry!

♪ Whatever I do
I just wanna feel ♪

Oh, yeah!

Be careful, guys!

♪ Alive ♪

Whoa. Whoa!

Oops, Sorry.

Alright! Whoo!

Yeah, she's gonna win!

She's gonna win,
she's gonna win!


♪ Alive ♪♪

It's the final jump!

- Better luck next time.
- The race ain't over yet.

Let's finish this.


What's wrong with this thing?


Like you said,
better luck next time.

Sophie, are you alright?

I'm okay.
Nothing's broken.


Are you sure?
You have all your bones?

Good puppy.

What did you do to my sled?

I'm okay, thanks for asking.

What did you do to it?

Nothing. Weren't you watching?
It fell apart.

There's no way
my sled could just fall apart.

Are you saying it was my fault?

Guys, chill.

I can't believe you would take
the side of the sled over me!

It's just... you know
I take pride in my workmanship.

I will never drive
one of your crummy sleds again.

Crummy sled?
How dare you!

Guys, come on. You're friends!

- Were friends.
- Well, ditto.

- Goodbye.
- Ugh!

- Yeah!
- Congratulations, Mr. Zac.

Mm, thank you,
yes, thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Mm, yes, thank you.
- Three cheers for the winner!

From the bottom of my heart,

thank you all,
you rustic villagers.

By the way,
I love rustic villagers.

- Yay!
- That was amazing, yeah!

I will cherish this trophy

because I earned it
and really, really wanted it.

And now, I got it!

And as a special treat,
I've got a victory show for you.

- Oh.
- My cousin, Charlie!

Zac, I wasn't gonna sing.

Come on, let's milk it.

You're the one who always says
you wanna be famous.

Well, I guess I could.

Here goes!

♪ Ha-ha-ha-ah-ah-o-o-o ♪

♪ Ha-ha-ha-ah-ah-o-o-o ♪

♪ What if
we played it all or nothing ♪

♪ Holding on to this moment
in time ♪

♪ Oh oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Ha-ha-ha-ah-ah-o-o-o ♪♪

That was just beautiful!

Isn't she amazing, everyone?

Charlie! Charlie!
Charlie! Charlie!


We love Charlie!
We love Charlie!

And Zac! Zac too!

- We love Charlie!
- Thank you!

- Thank you, everyone!
- We love Charlie!

You know, if the puppy's
owner doesn't show up

I might have to keep him.

It just doesn't make sense.

My sled was designed to survive
re-entry from low earth orbit!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
It's just a race.

It's a nightmare.
Somebody, pinch me.

You'll wake up.
I know you.

Give me that.

Put it down, puppy.
We're going home.


It just doesn't make any sense.


That's weird.

The steering bolt is missing.

What have we got here?



- Look!
- Huh?

Look what I found!

Uh, what,
what am I looking at here?

Candy cane dust!

Oh, candy cane dust.

It was all over the wreckage.
I suspect foul play.

I think Zac cheated!

Was there any moment
when Zac could have slipped in

and tampered with the steering?

Uh, no, I was there

and then
Charlie came over.

Well, while you were making
goo-goo eyes at Charlie,

that sneak Zac switched
the steering bolt with this!

The candy cane dust?

- I don't know.
- Oh!

So how long
are you staying at granny's?

Who knows? Until whenever
my parents remember

I'm here, I guess.

Hey, you! Cheater! Stop!

Oh, it's you.

I'm surprised you can hold
your head up so high

after such an embarrassing day.

Uh, oh, you... No!

I know all about this!

Huh? About what?

Someone ate your sandwich?

What do you have to say
when I say the words

candy cane?

Candy cane.

Delicious treats.
Great for hangin' on trees.

Goodnight, loser.

Don't you
walk away from me!

If you wanna accuse me
of cheating,

you'll need
actual, visible proof!

Relax, Frankie.
Maybe he didn't cheat.

Hey, you can't win every race.

Yes, I can! You think...

Come with me!

- Lucy!
- Aah!

Don't you know better than to
creep up on a kid hard at work?

Sorry, but this is good.
Real good.

We have every reason to believe
that Zac cheated.

Yeah, and we're going
on a top secret spy mission.

I'm assembling a team
of top-notch super agents

to help uncover and prove
the cold hard truth!

- Where did she go?
- Hey!

Are you two just gonna
stand there all day

flapping your gums?
Let's go!

Something's come up.
I can't finish firewood duty!

Uh, where are you going?

Can't say. Top secret!

Sophie, we're gonna find proof
that I'm right.

Well, don't get
into any of his sleds

if you value your life!

I won't. Bye!

Careful, Chuck. It's fragile.

Stress much.


- What is that thing?
- Shh, quiet.

- Hey, guys!
- Whoa!

Sorry, I'm late.


Don't use up
all the hot water.

He's in the shower.

Time to investigate.

How's the picture?

but a little to the left.

That's it.

Whatever you do,
don't look up.

- Or down.
- Curse my genius arms.



You're looking down!

Whoa, he's good, like a Ninja.


I'm okay.

Base camp, do you read me?

- Loud and clear.
- I'm going in.


Whoa, lots of awards.

Do you think
he's smarter than Frankie?

Never! He probably stole them!

Quiet. I'm investigating.

Sorry, Frankie.

Oh, that bird sounds
close enough to touch.

- Nope.
- Huh?

Okay, Frankie,
if you were an evil fake genius

where would you...

Hm, hm.

Where's that light coming from?

Oh, owl.




What? Now way!

He's an evil genius?

Be careful, Frankie.

He might have
evil brain superpowers

like mind control
or laser vision!

- Let's not exaggerate.
- I'm not!

His brain might be superior
to yours in every way!


There must be
a cheat sheet here somewhere.

Oh, he must have planned it,
something, anything.


A steering bolt!

I knew it. Now I got ya!

Some genius.

Oops. Shh, quiet.


Hey, a surprise visit?

Or are you spying on me?

Where did he come from?

Oh, that was
really unusual.

Fran, Zac's on the move.
Didn't you hear?

But these birds.

They're so interesting?

Uh, you cheated!

You're just saying that
'cause you lost.


I'm saying it because you did.

And I have proof.


I, we... well, I,
uh, it's, um...

- Oh, there it is.
- That's it, Frankie.

- You don't back down!
- You the man, Frank!

- Yeah.
- You the man, Frank!

Okay. You got me.
You're right.

- And I regret it.
- You do?

My sled's better,
my driver's better,

and I'm just plain better.

Ask your friends.
They were there.

That guy's not gonna make
many friends with that attitude.

I don't think
he wants friends, Chuck.

I think he wants a bop
on the nose.

- Then I demand a rematch!
- Great idea.

Because cheaters have to be put
in their place and...

- Wait a minute, what?
- Yeah, a rematch.

Only this time on a real track.

You're right. A racetrack
that really tests our abilities.

It will have banked curves.

- A high speed straightaway.
- A big jump!

And... and... and a way
to take sleds back uphill

so they can race downhill again!

- Oh, this is getting good.
- Are they friends now?

Ooh, and then... then... then
a loop!

A fantastic loop

unlike any loop
that's come before!

I can't wait to get started!
Hand me my drafting pencil.

Uh, no.

Don't think so.

You're a cheater
and we don't need you.



If it's war you want,
it's war you'll get.

No, no, no, no.
We don't want war.

Trust me, we want a race.

A fair race.

And while you're building
a world-class track,

I'll build a better sled.

A super sled.

Can you even repair
your sled in time?

Yeah, you bet I can.

I have friends to help me.

The door's right there.
Please leave.

No, thank you.
I'll go out the way I came in.


Can you guys
give me a hand, please?

Hold on, Fran!

We'll leave your teeth,
I promise.

Oh, well this should be easy.

If your owner doesn't show up,

you can stay here forever.

A dog mansion.

Whoa, lucky puppy.

Lucky me.

Yeah! Alright!

- Yeah!
- Woohoo!

Come on, puppy!

Guys, what's going on?

We're gonna have another race!

- Alright!
- Alright!

That's awesome! Woohoo!

So, you see, it wasn't the sled
or the driver.

It was that Zac cheated.

Still, Frankie was totally
out of line.


- Whoa!
- Hey, people!

I'm trying to work, okay?



- We're quiet.
- This is serious.

I gotta work
and you're distracting me.

Go home and rest. We'll meet up
again in the morning.

- Okay, Frankie.
- Okay, guys. Come on, puppy.

- Try not to work yourself...
- Hmph.

Sophie. Oh, you're here.


Look, I'm really sorry

I said you're a bad driver.

You're not. I know you're not.

And I'm sorry
I said you had a crummy sled.

This Zac character's
a real cheater.

- Look what he did to us.
- I know.

So what are we gonna do to him?

We? As in you and me?

Well, you need a driver,
don't you?

- You mean it?
- Yeah. Let's crush this guy.

Come here, little guy.

Calm returns.

My incomparable brain
is tranquil and quiet.

Too quiet.

Oh, yeah!

♪ Somethin' is comin' ♪

♪ My blood is pumpin' ♪

♪ Pure inspiration ♪

♪ Fuelin' my imagination ♪

♪ My brain keeps goin' ♪

♪ Genius overflowin' ♪

♪ Let's make it bigger ♪

♪ I'll make it jump higher ♪

♪ I'll make it run
faster stronger ♪

♪ Goin' on forever ♪

♪ Let's make it bigger ♪

♪ Better faster stronger ♪

♪ Hey hey ♪

♪ Let's make it bigger ♪

♪ Better faster stronger ♪

♪ Hey hey ♪♪

This is going to be
the best sliding track ever!

What's he doing
waiting for the train?

Doesn't he know
it doesn't come through today?

Go on. I'll catch up.


- Waiting for someone?
- My parents.

- I see.
- Hm.

You know, the train
doesn't come through today.

Yeah, I heard.

Thanks, bugle boy.

It was my dad's.

It's all I have left.

I understand
what it's like to be lonely.

I'm not lonely. I'm alone.

There's a difference.

I can't look.

- Did anybody take a number yet?
- Oh.

Relax. Not a one.

- Whoa, dog.
- Good puppy.

Why don't you just give him
a real name?

Do you need a name, puppy?

No. He's not my dog.

Somebody lost him,
somebody who gave him a name

and really misses him.

Hey, stop that!

I amaze even myself.

I feel so good!


Wow. This, this is amazing.

So cool.


Watch it!

There's a family of voles
living in that hay!


Wouldn't wanna disturb them.

You can wait for Frankie
if you want.

The barn's for everyone.

I'll leave you to your voles.

Presenting a marvel
for the centuries.

He's so cool.


Who's gonna wash clothes
in the middle of a race?

Zac, we're gonna beat him
so bad,

he'll poop his pants.

♪ Tell me about the dream
you have ♪

- Oh.
- Oops, sorry.

Oh, no worries. It's my fault.

No, no, no. It was me.

Oh, they're so sweet.

Wee! Wee!

♪ 'Cause when I'm by your side ♪

You slackers can play
when the work's done.

Now, shovels!

♪ We have to stick together ♪


♪ We can shine
we can shine together ♪

- Go help them if you want to.
- I can't.

They said I'm not allowed
because I cheated.

Well, that makes sense.

Hey, whose side are you on?

♪ Together
we have to stick together ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh o-o-o-o-o ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh o-o-o-o-o ♪

I can't wait to see Zac's face.


♪ We have to stick together ♪♪

Sorry. No one's allowed near
the race track, specially you.

No, it's okay, Lucy.

I wouldn't mind
showing them around.

Really? Alright.

But I have got my eyes
on you two.

Wait till you see this.

- That's it.
- Hmm?

Aww. You wanna play fetch.

Go get it, boy!

The Loop!

I'm a genius.

It's... it's way bigger
than I imagined.

I know.

Too bad you had to use
all that recycled junk though.

Real genius finds solutions
outside the box.

You should try that.

Oh. Oh, hey, Chuck.

Hi, Charlie.

So pretty busy?

Nah. Just finished.

- Y... you?
- Oh, busy, busy, busy.

You know,
there's this race coming up.

Yeah, I heard.
'Cause your cousin, he cheated.

- Yeah, about that...
- That's okay.

I told everyone
you had nothing to do with it.

- Because you're really nice.
- Huh?

There you are. Have you been
a good little puppy?

Have you?

Uh, maybe not so good.

Great loop.
Did you build it?

Yeah. Me and my buddies.

Real solid too.



- Come on!
- Aah!

What did you do?

Me? I didn't do anything.
I just got here.

Well, then I guess
you're cursed.

You know what? Forget it.

- I don't even want a rematch.
- W... what?

No way! I have to win!


I suppose we could make
the race more interesting.

- What do you mean?
- Make it worth something.

- Like what?
- The barn.

Whoever wins gets the barn.

Ha! Forget about it.
It's not mine to give.

It's... everyone's.

Well, I guess that's that then.
Go tell everyone you're a loser.

Wait, hold it! Hold it!

Uh, okay.

For the barn.

It won't matter, anyway,
because I'm not going to lose.

Shake on it?

I was thinking of something
a little more official.

So I wrote a contract
in everyone's names.

You can sign
for them, right?

Uh, yeah, sure.

Thank you.

- What happened?
- I don't know.

- Oh, no, not the loop!
- Is everyone okay?

Oh, did anyone
get crushed?

I think I'm kind of to blame
for this.

Ah, there you are, dog.

I thought you were lost.

Wait, that's Piers' dog.

No, it's mine.

My parents gave it to me,
but it keeps running away.

What? Oh.

So that's nine times...

- Hey, Frankie.
- Piers.


What you doin'?


Double up the pegs
for the guy-wires

and increase the tension 10%.


My new loop is designed
to withstand an asteroid crash.

Unless it's holding a chainsaw.

Hey, you and Zac seem to be on
pretty good speaking terms now.

Mm-hm, hm, you're right.

Ah, no, we're enemies.

I'm gonna need a bigger hammer.

Chuck, get Lucy a sledge hammer.

So maybe you could talk to him.


I mean, you saw. Puppy doesn't
really wanna be with him.

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.

- Frankie!
- Argh, Piers.

I'm a little busy right now.

Maybe after the race.

This is important to me.

Friends are supposed to stick
by their friends.

And I will. I will.

After the race.



- Are you here?
- Huh?


Are you in there?
I need to talk to you.

You guys spying on me again?

Me? You're kidding?

I'm dead serious.

- Get out of here.
- No.

I came to tell you that it's not
hard to make your dog happy.

You know, so he doesn't
keep running away.

Sure, you did, spy.

- Now I'm busy.
- Great.

If you're busy, let me walk
your dog. I could train him.

Ah, goodbye.


By the way, Frankie has
a bigger sled than yours.

Way bigger. Hmph.

It's a good idea. Why don't you
just let him train the dog?

A good idea is for someone,
meaning you,

to find out about their sled.

Frankie, you're gonna need
a bigger sled!

- Way bigger!
- Huh.

And I'm not even jokin'.

Hey, Chuck.

Uh, ho-ho! You know, Charlie,

you sing
like an angel.

Oh, don't say that.

So what you working on?

Ho, ho, oh, it's our new sled.

It's real fast.

- Those the plans?
- Yeah.

I thought I'd get
some souvenir pictures

of you at work.

Really? Okay. Great.

Okay, I'm ready. Wait!

H... how's that?
Oh, hey, this...

Oh, here. I'll pick this up.

Thanks. I guess.

No. Thank you.

see ya later, Chuck.

No. See you later.

Oh, and I'll autograph those
pictures for you if you want.

These are useless!

You're not much
of a photographer.

I never said I was.

Hey, drop it!

Oh, gross. Dog drool.

I think you should
let that Piers guy

play with the puppy a bit.

Hmph. I think that's...

Ah, get off that!

Torsion arm dampers, huh?

Well, one picture helps.

- Good work.
- That's too bad.

I thought you said you wanted
to win fair and square.

Actually, I just wanna win.

Ugh, yuck! Stop licking!


I'll make a few more
modifications tonight...



Oh, puppy?

What are you doing here?

Hey, the puppy
definitely needs training.

I thought
maybe you could help us out.

Seriously? I would love to.

No problem.

Hey. Thanks, Charlie.

Get the ball!

Go get it.

Good puppy.

Good boy.
You wanna do it again?

You wanna do it again?

Good boy.

Good boy.

Just... ju...
just give me two minutes.

Okay. Tighten this screw.

All torsion dampers
are good.

- Uh, speedometer...
- Come on, Frankie.

Stop fussing.
Let's put this baby to the test.

Oh, I'm just not sure
it's ready.

It's ready!




♪ So you think
that you can beat us ♪

Wow! Whoo! Hey-hey!

♪ We never stop never give up ♪


♪ You're gonna see
what we are made of ♪

♪ If you touch me
I might shy ♪

♪ You're walking on thin ice ♪

♪ Go go ♪

Not fast enough.

♪ High high ♪
♪ High above... ♪

So how's the spying?

♪ We're not gonna rest
until we bring it home ♪

♪ Go go ♪
♪ Put us to the test we'll go ♪

- Go!
- Woohoo!

I have to go back
and recalculate the wind.

♪ Bring it home ♪

Whoa. Whoa!

♪ We're gonna bring it
bring it bring it ♪

- Hey-hey!
- Woo!

♪ Oh oh oh ♪

♪ We're gonna bring it
bring it bring it home ♪♪

I don't know how they did that,

but you have to find out
right now.

Come on. He's alone.
This should be easy.

Look! Charlie!

- I don't believe it!
- She touched my scarf!

- Sign my hat, please!
- Hi.

They're so cute.

- Come with us and sing.
- Over here.

- Mm, I don't know.
- Please?

- Charlie, come and sing.
- Charlie, come, come.

Over here!

Hey, Charlie.
Where you going?

Hey, you wanna play drums?

♪ Ah ah ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ♪

♪ Ah ah ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ♪

♪ Right out of a blizzard
running straight into you ♪

♪ My eyes pop my heart drops ♪

♪ Can't stop the shiver
I can't look away ♪

♪ What could this be? ♪

♪ What if this is the start
of something ♪

♪ Like a brand-new day
snow falling into my life? ♪

♪ What if we're playin' it
all or nothing ♪

♪ Holdin' on to this moment
in time? ♪

♪ Ah ah ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ♪

♪ Ah ah ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ♪♪

That was fun.

Oh, Charlie.
You're gonna be a star.



Oh, what's that?

Ho-ho-ho. Our new top-secret
magic wax.

Frankie says
it gives the sled wings.

That's fine.
I don't need to know.

- He invented it by mixing...
- Shut up.

One part boiled pine sap

with five parts
melted honeycomb and...

- Hmm?
- Muah.

So, what you got for me?

- Nothing.
- Nothing?

How hard can it be

to squeeze a little info
out of that doofus?

Hey, enough.
What do you think this is?

And who do you think I am?

We're so close
to winning this thing,

and you're just gonna
let me lose

to that four-eyed maniac?

I'm done with racing.

I'm gonna concentrate
on my music.

Then maybe I can help
your career.

By spying on the competition?

You're gonna need
a recording studio, right?

Well, I'll design
and build one for you.

Where are you gonna put it?

The bathroom or in here?

We'll build your studio
in the barn.

There's plenty of space
for both of us.

All you gotta do is help me win.

Base to Sophie,
the Loop is puppy-proof.

Ready to launch.

- Okay, okay, okay.
- Wow.

- So cool.
- Here we go.

Hey, get away from the sled.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Base camp,
we have a problem!

My sled!


- That was fun!
- Again!

Ho, ho. Double touch down.



Too bad the sled
doesn't really have wings.

- It could fly to the moon.
- Is everyone okay?

Ah, idea.

Come on, time to go home.

Race ya!

Let's go!


You're fast for a little guy.

♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪

♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪
♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪

♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪

♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪
♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪

♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪

♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪
♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪♪

- I taught him to come and stay.
- As if.

He learns fast.
By the way, what's his name?

Uh, Dog.

He's gotta have a real name.

How about Stupid Dog? Better?

- Call him Barky!
- Cotton Tail.

My dog's named Sprinkles.

I know. Smelly.

Attention, everyone.
We're learning to sing.

- Again.
- What's going on here?

They're going to be
my backup singers.

When she opens her
recording studio in the barn.

Really? You're gonna join us
and hang out in the barn?

Oh, no.

Four-eyes didn't tell you?

When he loses the race,
I win the barn.

- And you guys are out!
- What?

♪ Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi ♪♪

- You think it's safe?
- Don't worry about it.

Oh, don't worry.
It's... it's perfectly safe.

How could you?

You have no right
to give away the barn!

The barn is everybody's!

- Hey.
- How did he do that?

Uh, uh, I didn't want to.

Zac made me.

What are you talking about?

What did Zac make you do?

The race...

Z... Zac, he... he... he wanted...

Frankie bet the barn
on the race!

If he loses, we're out.

- You did what?
- Huh?

What's wrong with you?

I... I...
I didn't have any choice.

O... o... otherwise
he wouldn't race.

Uh, there'd be no rematch.

So what?

- This is our place!
- Yeah.

It's our barn,
it's ours!

- Yeah, exactly.
- We all share it.

"And the winner will therefore
the possession of the barn."

This contract checks out.

It's got all our names on it
and it's airtight.

If I don't beat him,
you guys will always wonder

if I'm really the smartest.

Is that what you really
think of us?

But I will win the race

and then none of this
will matter.

You'll see.

- Ugh.
- Huh.

No more pilot, no more friends.

I guess
that means no more race.

You could just give up
the barn now.

Don't answer right away.

Think about it.

Yeah, that's it.
Go get it, boy.

- That's it. Come on back.
- You cute little boy.

- He's so cute.
- Yeah, that's a good boy.

Dogs make better friends
than people.

Thanks a lot.

I didn't mean it that way.

You know I'm talking
about Frankie.

- He's so fluffy!
- Yeah.

But how long can we stay
mad at him?

I don't know.


Hey, stop that!

Aren't you the one
who always says

friends have to stick
by each other?

Ah, what are you doing?

No! What are you doing?

- I'm moving.
- No! No, you're not!

- Yes, I am!
- No! No! No!

I ruined everything.

So you're giving up?

That's not the Frankie Four-eyes
I know.

He'd never give up.

Guess you never met the real me.

The one who betrays his friends.

Yeah, you sure disappointed us.

You disappointed us a whole lot.

But friends stick by
each other, right?

So let me know if I can help.


You're still my friend?

Yes, dummy.




What are you doing here?

So I thought
about what you said,

about quitting
before anyone got hurt.

And you realized I'm right
and you're giving up.

Au contraire.

That's French, by the way.

I propose we race each other.

You against me? Driving?

Yeah. One-on-one.

If you're brave enough.

Alright. I accept.

But there is one condition.

No rules.

This time, anything goes.


Anyway, brains beat cheats
every time.

- Ugh.
- No need to show me out.

I know where the window is.

Oh, bye, cutie wittle puppy.

I'll see you tomorrow.


Ah, I'm okay.

- See, this is good.
- Huh?

We can win the race
fair and square.

Sure, but a little
insurance policy wouldn't hurt.

- You're such a cheater.
- Don't play all innocent.

It seems to me you helped.

Your hands are as dirty as mine.



We all know the deal.

We've got an inexperienced
driver racing against a kid

that will do anything to win.

And if we lose,
we all move out of the barn.

But we're not gonna let
a couple of cheaters

drive a wedge between us!

We have to stick together
to save the barn!

Let's go!

Oh, Charlie wouldn't cheat.

Actually, Chuck, she was spying.

She wouldn't do that.
I know her.

I overheard Zac thanking her
for helping him cheat.


I know her.

She wouldn't do that.

She wouldn't do that.


Don't worry.

Brains beats cheating
every time.

Alright, yeah.

Let's do this!


Slow poke.


The starting gate
is frozen shut.

That didn't happen by accident.

No problemo.


And he's off!

You're five seconds

You can still catch him.

This is Zac's
first time driving,

but he sure knows
how to hold his position.


- Hot on his tail!
- You're catching up, Frankie!


A little higher. Get closer.

Steady, Frankie.
Hairpin turn in three.

Roger that.

Two seconds and closing.


Whoo! Whoo!



- Whoa!
- Whoa!

- Ow! Whoa!
- Whoa.

Whoa. Neck and neck.

I'd say
Zac has a quarter second lead.

That's unofficial, of course.

No fair. Zac is dumping
rocks on the track.

But Frankie was ready for it.

Like he said,
brains beat cheats every time.


Who's the genius now?

Did you plan for this, genius?


Whoa! Whoa!

Genius is as genius does!

Sophie to Chuck.

We need a number six swivel arm
at turn nine.

Do you cop...

Chuck's not responding.

His walkie must be broken.

It's not his walkie,
it's his heart.



Guys, I need a pole!

A... a stick! Anything!

Got it!

If Frankie doesn't
get that replacement part,

this race is over.



I'm okay.





Do you honestly think
Frankie has a chance?

- He's way behind.
- I have to hope so.

Zac is solidly in the lead
as he approaches the Loop.

Good luck, four-eyes!

Frankie, the Loop.

Zac's done something.
It's falling apart.

You'll never make it!

Can't stop now. Literally.

The breaks are broken!


- Oh!
- Huh!

Huh? Huh?

Airborne! Yes!

Who knew a sled could fly?



- Yeah!
- No!





Hey, where is she?

Charlie, you're supposed
to roll me up the hill!

Get over here or you can kiss
your recording studio goodbye!

Hey, squirts!

Help me out
and start cranking!

Go, go, go!

What? Where's Chuck?

There's no trophy
for second place, you know.

Hello? Where's Chuck?

I don't know.
Lucy's looking for him.

- What?
- Charlie, you're ruining it.

Where are you?





What are you doing?

There's this race
you've probably heard about.


I don't feel like
doing anything.

Oh, come on, you big baby.

It's my heart.

I'm only gonna say this once.

You have the biggest,
strongest heart I know

and Charlie doesn't deserve it.

I think she does.

If I ever fall in love...

somebody kill me.

There you are.
Where have you been?


- Charlie!!
- Charlie!

Uh, you go girl!

Wha... wh... what...
what are you doing?

Wh... what?

- Huh!
- Crank faster, small fries!


Well, I don't know
about this love story,

but we could use the help.

Don't just stand there,


- Whoa!
- He's gaining on me!

Come on, Frank!

Ah, traitor!

- Bye-bye.
- Ugh!


And now
we say goodbye, loser!

Whoo! Yeah.

Not so fast!


I got it!

- I'm okay.
- I'm okay.

Yes! Ah.

- Did Frankie make it?
- Who saw it?

- Did he make it?
- Who won?

I did?
Oh, right, I... I did!

I... I won, right?

T... tell me I won, please.

- Did I win?
- Front page news!

Frankie saves the barn

literally by the skin
of his teeth!

He did it!

Congratulations, Frankie!

Three cheers for Frankie!

Hip, hip, hooray!

And the winner of the
Sixth Annual Sledarator race...



Get away from me!

That was fun.

But let me tell you.

Argue about who's smarter,
go ahead.

But never,
and I mean, never ever ever...


Choose winning a race over us.



But that really was fun.

- He-heh!
- Yeah!

Team work!

Watch the voles.

What's a vole?

I'm sorry for cheating.

Oh, it's okay.

I mean, you finally saw
the light, right?

Sing! sing! Sing!
Sing! Sing! Sing!

- Go on.
- We love Charlie!

- We love Charlie!
- Charlie! Charlie!

Hey, catch!

♪ One step forward
two steps back ♪

♪ Just another misstep
on my track ♪

♪ But I move on ♪

♪ Yeah I move on ♪

♪ There's no way but I'll wait ♪

♪ And we're never gonna stop ♪

♪ Hurry hurry come get me ♪

♪ We're going all the way ♪

♪ To the top of the world ♪

♪ You're shining
ever-blending ♪

♪ Hold on to
the restless hearts ♪

♪ Keep on rising
dreaming... ♪

♪ Oh oh oh ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah ♪♪

Hold up, Zac!

You and me gotta figure out
the best place in the barn

for your workshop.

I noticed
you were a bit cramped

at your grandma's.

- Are you messing with me?
- Huh?

We're enemies!

- Let's change that.
- Huh?

Let's be friends.

Who'd wanna be friends
with a cheater?

Me, that's who.


We actually have
a lot in common.

Hey, remember when you said

it, uh, wouldn't be hard
to make my dog happy?

Yeah, so the thing with dogs is,
all they really need is love.

And if you give him
a little love,

he'll love you right back.

A little love.

One more thing though,

he really, really needs a name.

I got one. Rumplebottom.


- Ugh.
- Ooh, Tiny.

Guys, it's gotta be a real name.



Oh, I like it.

It's a good name.


♪ The heart is a bloom ♪

♪ Shoots up
through the stony ground ♪

♪ There's no room ♪

♪ No space to rent
in this town ♪

♪ You thought
you'd found a friend ♪

♪ To take you
out of this place ♪

♪ Someone you could lend
a hand ♪

♪ In return for grace ♪

♪ It's a beautiful day ♪

♪ Don't let it get away ♪

♪ It's a beautiful day ♪

♪ See the world
in green and blue ♪

♪ See China
right in front of you ♪

♪ See the canyons
broken by cloud ♪

♪ See the tuna fleets
clearing the sea out ♪

♪ See the Bedouin fires
at night ♪

♪ See the oil fields
at first light and ♪

♪ See the bird
with a leaf in her mouth ♪

♪ After the flood
all the colors came out ♪

♪ It was a beautiful day ♪

♪ Don't let it get away ♪

♪ Beautiful day ♪

♪ Touch me ♪

♪ Take me to that other place ♪

♪ Reach me ♪

♪ I know
I'm not a hopeless case ♪

♪ What you don't have
you don't need it now ♪

♪ What you don't know
you can feel it somehow ♪

♪ What you don't have
you don't need it now ♪

♪ Don't need it now ♪

♪ It was a beautiful day ♪♪

♪ I hope you know that
all the problems that you fear ♪

♪ You're not alone
no you're not alone ♪

♪ Some people talking about
some things you shouldn't hear ♪

♪ No you're not alone
no you're not alone ♪

♪ I wonder how could I be
the friend that you need ♪

♪ It's time
to chase your dreams ♪

♪ Remember what's in between ♪

♪ The line over here
where everythin' is better ♪

♪ Be my guest you won't regret ♪

♪ You can take my hand
and we'll make it as we can ♪

♪ Be my guest
we'll be going on a quest yeah ♪

♪ I'm hoping that you'll get it
and you'll understand ♪

♪ I hope you know that
all the problems that you fear ♪

♪ You're not alone
no you're not alone ♪

♪ Some people talking about
some things you shouldn't hear ♪

♪ No you're not alone
no you're not alone ♪

♪ Not alone ♪

♪ Right now
we'd still be together ♪

♪ Bound by each other but all
that we're missin' is you ♪

♪ All that we're missin' is you
you and me ♪

♪ Come and see ♪

♪ Be my guest you won't regret ♪

♪ You can take my hand
and we'll make it as we can ♪

♪ Be my guest
we'll be going on a quest yeah ♪

♪ I'm hoping that you'll get it
and you'll understand ♪

♪ I hope you know that
all the problems that you fear ♪

♪ You're not alone
no you're not alone ♪

♪ Some people talking about
some things you shouldn't hear ♪

♪ No you're not alone
no you're not alone ♪

♪ No you're not alone ♪

♪ Oh oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ I wonder how could I be
the friend that you need ♪

♪ It's time to chase
your dreams ♪

♪ I wonder how could I be ♪

♪ The friend that you need ♪

♪ I hope you know that
all the problems that you fear ♪

♪ You're not alone
no you're not alone ♪

♪ Some people talking about
some things you shouldn't hear ♪

♪ No you're not alone
no you're not alone ♪

♪ No you're not alone ♪

♪ No you're not alone ♪

♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪

♪ No you're not alone ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪♪

Subtitles by explosiveskull