Race to Witch Mountain (2009) - full transcript

In Las Vegas, the regenerated ex-con Jack Bruno works as taxi driver. During an UFO Convention at Planet Hollywood, the skeptical Jack picks up Dr. Alex Friedman, who will present a scientific lecture in the event. Then he is pressed by two henchmen of his former boss, the criminal Wolff, that wants to talk to him, but Jack does not want to return to the crime life. Jack fights and gets rid of them; out of the blue, he finds two teenagers on the backseat of his cab. They tell that they are siblings, Sara and Seth, and they need to travel to a location outside Las Vegas in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile the government finds a spacecraft that crashed nearby Las Vegas and is chasing the two aliens; after the investigation of the men of Major Henry Burke, they discover that the two siblings are the aliens. Jack Bruno, Sara and Seth are chased by Henry Burke's team and by the "Syphon", a killer from outer space that has been sent to kill them by the military of their planet that want to invade Earth. Sara and Seth explain that they traveled to Earth to collect scientific data of an experiment and save Earth from invasion, but they need to return immediately to their planet. Jack teams up with Dr. Alex to retrieve their spacecraft in a secret base in the Witch Mountain.

I've never seen that.

- Saucers...
- ...a dry lake bed.

- What's your status?
- Are you getting that on radar?

The government won't
admit UFOs are real because...

They're among us today.

Roswell, Gulf Breeze,
Area 51, Phoenix.

Scientists believe UFOs
are visiting our planet.

- UFOs are real and they know it.
- Something happened.

- I know what I saw...
- Of course UFOs exist.

We were facing an alien threat
from outside this world.

If the United States Air Force
did recover alien bodies...

UFOs are as real as you and me.

Unless the military
proves me wrong,

what I saw was an alien spacecraft.

You felt a connection
to your heart.

And you heard directions in your mind.

We saw the alien spacecraft...

One UFO sighting.

There's more than meets the eye.

UFOs are manifesting themselves
to people.

What we're talking about
is the greatest cover-up

in the history of mankind.

Object of unknown origin
is at 90-K and descending fast!

Get me a visual track now!

Zero match
with anything on our database.

It's maneuvering.

We're registering impact!

Get me Henry Burke. Now.

Hey. Do you think this is it?
It's the real deal, right?

You'll learn.

This is not a drill.

Squad and equipment locked and loaded.
I re-routed local law and media.

Impact was eight minutes ago.
How long until we land?

Fly On The Wall]

Imperial Droid,
drive your Geonosian starfighters

to Planet... Hollywood.

Die! Die! Whoa! Hey!
Give me... No! Come on!


Extend the perimeter.
No one gets in. Nothing gets out.

Planet Hollywood, please.

They've got everything here.

This place is truly
like being on another planet.

With all this to see every night,
you must never get bored.


- Welcome to the nutjob convention.
- I understand your reaction.

- They aren't helping our cause.
- Our cause?

Educating the public on the legitimate
possibility of life on other planets.

As a matter of fact,

I'm giving a lecture
on Astrophysical Anomaly Detection

at the nutjob convention.

Feel free to stop by.
Skeptics are always welcome.

- Keep the change.
- Thanks.

Dr. Alex Friedman.

- Watch your backs, please.
- A classic.

Hey, come on!

Knock it off, will ya? I need to sleep!

Yeah, me too.

Now, Channel 13 Action
News in high-definition continues.

Casey Smith, with a news alert.

- An accident near Searchlight.
- I'm Tricia Kean.

We're gonna take you to our reporter,
live on the scene.

Officials are calling it the
worst chlorine spill in state history.

A five-mile security perimeter
has been established.

Highway patrol officers
have been re-routing traffic

since the early morning hours,
and we're now being told

this section of Route 95
will be closed indefinitely.

This is Natalie Gann reporting.

The casts we pulled out of the trench
indicate a distinct pattern

alternating between the depth
of the impressions here and here.

Suggesting not one, but two
separate EBEs. They were moving fast.


...possibly humanoid in form.

Review every data-gathering
entity within a 50-mile radius,

starting upon impact.
Look out for any anomalies.

You guys gotta move this thing.
I gotta go. Come on.


You don't return phone calls anymore?

Mr. Wolfe thinks you're being rude.

Well, tell Wolfe that when I said
it was the last time, I meant it.

Mr. Wolfe decides
when it's the last time. Not you, Jack.

He likes you, Jackie. Hates to see you
wasting your God-given driving talent

giving fat tourists cab rides
up and down the Strip.

Buddy, what kind of life is that?

It's one I'm late for.

- You got a death wish?
- I drive a cab in Vegas.

You're dead, Jack.

Hey! What are you doing?
Man, are you insane?

Move this out of the taxi zone
before I give you a ticket.

See you soon, Jackie.

- Where'd you come from?
- Outside.

I figured that part out on my own.
How'd you get in the car?

Through that portal.

I'm Seth. This is my sister, Sara.

We require transportation
services immediately.

Really? Well, I require...

- A currency transaction.
- Would this amount suffice?

- What, did you two rob a bank?
- Is this acceptable, Jack Bruno?

How'd you know my name?

If we have a deal for your services,
we must move forward rapidly.

It's urgent we get
to our destination without delay.

All right. I'm going.

Where to?

- I need an address.
- We must travel in that direction.

I'm gonna need something more specific
than just "that direction."

We must locate latitude 40.54
cross-intersecting longitude...

We're gonna stick with "that direction."

We tracked the two sets of EBE
footprints on and off for 7.3 miles,

losing them
at a rest stop off the highway.

Four hours, 1 9 minutes
post-impact, there was

a highway patrol incident report
filed at... the exact same rest stop.

A car trunk was burglarized,
no signs of forced entry.

Give me something
better than that, Mr. Pope!

Stolen clothing
belonging to a couple of teenagers.

We're in the game. Let's roll with this.

Two kids don't
walk down the highway alone at night.

We got a bus. Landing roughly
at the same time, same rest stop.

Thirty-nine people exit.

Fast-forward to the passengers
re-entering the vehicle.

- Fast-forwarding.
- Stop. Rewind.



Looks like the bus
picked up some extra baggage.

Route schedule indicates next stop...

...Sin City.

I want access to
every single surveillance camera

Vegas has turned on.
Check office buildings,

restaurants, department stores.

Look in sewer systems if you have to.

ATMs! Freeman Street
and Main to be exact. 12:45PM.

Bank records indicate they withdrew...

...the entire contents of the machine.
Fifteen thousand dollars.

And also. . . they never used a card.

They never even
touched the machine. Not once.

These EBEs
possess some extraordinary skills.

Bingo! Here's the
cab company security camera.

Keep your eyes
on the back door of the cab.

Right there.

Synchronous satellite feed.
Get me a license plate.

Ground transport, now.

And, no matter what
they appear to look like, gentlemen,

they're not children.

They're not even human.

Are your parents gonna be OK
with you guys spending all this money?

We have agreed upon a financial deal.

If your concern
is regarding compensation...

My concern is the fact
that I got a couple of kids

in the back of my cab
with a big wad of cash,

with a drop-off location
that's in the middle of nowhere.

In my book, that's a little chapter
called "running away."

Jack, you better be
getting desert miles on that fare.

And they better be able to pay.

And you better get me an ETA!

- Capisce?
- I'm losing reception, Dominick.

Jack? Jack!

Oh, come on.

Jack Bruno, the vehicles behind us
are indicating a pattern of pursuit.

There's no vehicles following...

At your rate of speed versus theirs,
they will overtake our vehicle...

Relax, kid.
I'm just gonna let them pass.

Open road, people! It's all yours.

What did I tell you?
Nobody's following us.

- I'm the king of these roads...
- Jack Bruno!

I said I was out, and I meant it!

Who is Mr. Wolfe, Jack Bruno?

How do you know that...?

Get down, now!

Hold on.

He is just a cab driver, right?

Jack Bruno, it would appear
we have not eluded them.

I'm so over this.
Stay down! Stay down!

Seth, no. It's not a good idea.

- I have to try.
- It's too dangerous.

Look out!

Now what?

Get out! Get out!

Get out!

You two OK?

- We are...
- Fine.

We should just keep moving.

Stay here. You didn't get the message?

I told Frank and Marty I was out.

You tell Wolfe for me
that he's gonna pay for my repairs.

You are in way over your head here.

I want a complete profile on the driver.

- You think he's collaborating?
- Either way, he's a liability.

Get me some air transport.

How are you two
holding up back there?

We're fine.

I'm sorry I dragged
you two into all this.

There's no need
for you to apologize, Jack Bruno.

You're not always the one to blame.

But the urgency of our trip
has not decreased.

Don't worry. I'll get you two
where you need to go. You've earned it.

- We're here, Jack Bruno.
- Here? There's nothing here.

expecting you two, right?

It doesn't look like anyone's home.

Don't worry, Jack Bruno.
We'll soon be reunited with relatives.

OK. Seven hundred and 20 dollars
and 50 cents.

But after everything that went down
today, how about I knock off 25 percent.

- Here.
- I also...

OK, then. Goodbye to you, too.

Five hundred percent tip?

That's reasonable.

Hey! You guys overpaid!

By a lot!


Everything OK in there?


What just happened?

Jack Bruno, you should not have
jeopardized your life by following us.

What sort of trouble are you in?

Return to your vehicle.
Your services are no longer required.

- He's trying to help.
- We don't need help.

Somebody's already been here looking for
it. We simply cannot trust any of them.

Just us, Sara.

We appreciate your efforts
to assist us, Jack Bruno.

But my brother is right.
We can involve you no further.

- Got it!
- Let's go!

- Hey. Just tell me what's going...
- This way.

Hurry up, Sara.

What is that?

Whoa, hey!

Don't go in the pimped-out fridge, Jack.


What is this place?

This way.

Hey, hey. Hey.


Sara, it's here!

- What is it?
- It is what we came for, Jack Bruno.

Really? Is anyone else looking for it?

Say, the person
who trashed everything upstairs?

We think so. It is very valuable.

Which is why it was vital
that we locate it first.

What makes you sure whoever else
wanted it isn't still looking for it?

Shh! Shh! Go. Go. Go.


Run! Run! Run!




- Jack Bruno!
- Kids!

Go, go, go, Sara!

Come on.

Jack Bruno!



Come on! We got to go! We got to go!


- Seth!
- Keep moving! Keep moving!

Go, go, go, go!

Ah! Let's go! Let's go!

Get in!


How's your brother doing?

- His system has the ability...
- I will be fine.

It is important we gain much distance
from this location.

I'm happy you're feeling better,

'cause you're gonna need
your strength when you explain

just what happened back there!

the cab
doesn't move until your mouths do.

- So start talking.
- The information you are seeking

is not within
your grasp of understanding.

We are dealing with issues
outside the realm of... your world.

Hey, I'm a cab driver, OK?

I have had plenty of worldly experi...


Sara! We have to go!

What is it?

Hang on!

Hold on!

We can't let him destroy it, Sara.

Who is he?
And this time I need real answers.

- It's a Siphon.
- A what?

He's an assassin trained to pursue his
target until his mission is completed.

And his mission is?


Is there a safer route, Jack Bruno?

Not unless you know how to fly.

Get down!

Jack Bruno!

Come on, come on. Hold it together!

Oh, come on!

Faster! Faster!

It won't go any faster!

- Sara!
- Ah!

Hold on!

Watch out!

Jack Bruno. In and out of juvie
and state pens since he was a kid.

Grew up poor in Midland, Texas.

Showed promise cutting his teeth
driving demolition derby and dirt track.

Ironically, at age 1 6,
his parents died in a car wreck.

At 1 7 he ran away from his foster home

and he headed to Las Vegas in the hopes
of going from stock car to NASCAR.

Instead he found work as a wheel man
for Andrew Wolfe, the Vegas crime boss.

His last bust was two years ago,
grand theft auto.

He got out, went legit,
and he's been driving a cab ever since.

Just spoke to
Jack Bruno's boss at Yellow Cab.

Bruno took a fare
a significant distance out of the city.

Dispatcher claims he's been unable
to make contact for several hours.

Does the cab have a tracking device?

LoJack. Until it
stopped transmitting 28 minutes ago.

For some crazy reason,
the last location was on train tracks.

- No. We cannot trust him.
- I know we can, and we must.

Couple of kids, big wad of cash.
What could go wrong?

- You're frustrated, Jack Bruno...
- No.

No more "Jack Bruno this, Jack Bruno
that." I've been asking for answers...

You know the answers, Jack Bruno.

My brother and I
are indeed not from your planet.

That's it? So that's it? Mystery solved?

You two want me to believe
that you're both aliens?

- It is the truth.
- Really?

Well, you don't look like aliens.

What does an alien
look like, Jack Bruno?

You know what aliens look like.
Little green people

with antennas and laser guns and,
"Take me to your leader, Earthlings."


You require some sort of proof. He
thinks we're insulting his intelligence.

You think? You just can't drop

the "we're aliens" bomb
just like that on somebody.

I know I've seen some
pretty weird things today,

but you can't expect me
to believe that...

I have the ability
to move objects with my mind.

- That's impossible.
- No, it's quite possible.

On our planet as well as yours.

You don't do it because you haven't
learned to use your full brain capacity.

No, I don't do it
because it's kind of creepy,

and I really would like you to stop.

Jack Bruno!

Come on, come on.
Come on, come on!

Come on!

Come on! Start! Start! Start!

Train engineer is banged up, but
alive. Last thing he saw in the tunnel

was our taxi and a set of flying lights.

He figured it must have
been a small plane.

Small plane? Whoa.

You think there's a chance
there's a second ship?

You have the ability to fly at the speed
of light, yet you use a beat-up cab?

I don't think so.

Secure the site.
Catalog every piece of debris.

I want to know what's train,
what's cab and what's left.

- Hello! Anyone here?
- Yeah, we're closed!

Oh. There you are.
I know you're closed,

but we've experienced
car trouble, I was hoping...

Still closed. Experience your
car trouble when we're open.

I'll work on that next time.
But this time I need you...

Jack Bruno.

The thing that will convince
Eddie Cortez to reopen for business

will be a significant amount of money.

Wait a minute. Do I know you?

No. Absolutely not.
You don't know them from anywhere.

I'll pay you double your rate.

- Why not triple?
- Done.


What did you get in a fight with,
a rhinoceros?

- Poor rhino.
- Poor rhino! I know.

I don't
even know where to start.

Where you could start
is replacing the front shocks

and the tie rods, patch up
the radiator, fix the exhaust,

and if you have four tires,
I'll take those. You got one hour.


Come on.

Over here.
Come on, sit, sit. Sit down.

I hope you do not act upon
your thought of making a fast break

out of the back door of Ray's,
escaping Stony Creek,

never to look back at us again.

How do you know that?

My sister also has
the gift of telepathy.

She can read the minds
of those nearest to her.

Really. You tell your sister that here,
very rude.

Don't do that.

Hey, guys. Welcome to Ray's.

My name is Tina,
and I'm gonna be your server.

Wow. Look at the two of you.

Uh, what do you mean,
look at the two of them?

They look like just two
regular, innocent, all-American kids.

Who look like they just rolled around
in a pigpen right before dinner.

- Evening, Tina.
- Sheriff Antony.

Your table's waiting for you.

I'm gonna send you
a round of Frito pies.

- Sounds good.
- Thanks, Tina.

Why don't the two of you
come with me,

- and we'll get you cleaned up.
- Hurry back.

Big City]

- It's Jack.
- I've been trying you all night.

Where are you?
You drop that fare yet?

No, it's really,
really complicated right now.

Uncomplicate it.
I want my cab back. Spotless.

Uh... Dominick, I got to go.
I got to go.


- Got him! Stony Creek.
- OK. Get us ground transport.

I want a clean extraction in 20 minutes.

You know, I think it would be...

Best for everyone
if Seth and I found another ride?

Seriously, you got to stop doing that.

Jack Bruno, it is understandable
that you are scared and confused,

- considering all that has occurred.
- I'm not scared.

Southern Nights]

Just a little confused.

But, the bottom line is,
you guys need someone from NASA

- or the Air Force, not me.
- If you abandon us now,

our mission will be in serious jeopardy.

Look, I'm just trying
to be honest here, OK?

- I'm the wrong guy.
- A wise human once said,

"You are what you think you are."

Why don't you find that guy and ask him?

It was the Buddha. He's unavailable.

How is it that beings on your planet
can be so large in form,

yet feel so small inside?

Maybe you need help, too, Jack Bruno.

- Dominick, I told you...
- Are they safe, Jack?

- Who is this?
- My name is Henry Burke.

I work within the Department of Defense.

I handle their more... sensitive cases.

What do you mean, "sensitive?"

I suspect we both know
the answer to that question.

They're just kids. They don't
want trouble, and neither do I .

Good. Then we're all on the same page.

Trouble is
the last thing I want as well.

But what I do want,
and I'm counting on you

to help me here,
are your two passengers.

What are you gonna do with them?

Do you care this much about everyone

that gets into your cab?
You're a convicted felon, Jack.

You've spent most of the day
breaking one law after another,

for what, for them?

- What do you want me to do?
- Not make a scene.

You walked them into Ray's, you can
walk them out. I'll take it from there.

And to show my appreciation
for your trouble,

I'll wipe your slate clean.

Just walk away, huh?
No harm, no foul?

That's right. Just walk away.

You've got five minutes, Jack,
and then it's all over.

Five minutes. I'll see you then.

I don't trust him. Cover all the exits.

They're here for us, aren't they?

Yeah. They are.

- I knew we couldn't trust him.
- Excuse me?

- Too late. We have to run!
- Wait.

I was wondering what your town's
policy is regarding firearms.

Excuse me?

There's a lot of guns
coming in right now.

Come on. Come on.

I think he's over here.

Can I help you boys out?

Official government business.
Excuse me.

Officially my town.
That makes it my business.

Boogie Woogie Saturday Night]

Mr. Carson.

- You're making a big mistake, sheriff.
- I'll take my chances.

Dude, I told you I should have a gun.

Now might not be the best time
to bring that up... dude.

This is not good.

Shh. Follow me.

Up there.


- Thank you.
- Good luck.

You have no idea
who you're dealing with.

It's locked from the outside.
We got to find another...

Hey, hey, hey!

Or we could do that, whatever that is.

My brother has the ability
to control his molecular density

which allows him
to phase through solid objects

or withstand the greatest of impacts.

That's neat. Real neat.

You've got some mighty big friends in
some mighty big places. You check out.

Hi, little fella.

We appreciate your understanding.

Let's go.

We got an open hatch
leading to the roof.

We're on our way.

Eddie! Time's up. We got to go.

Go? I still got
a lot of work to do on her.

Next time we're in town,
we'll make an appointment.

- You want my card, or...
- No.

Taxi's on the move. I want every
possible escape route locked down.

I want that cab and everyone in it!

Too many of them to outrun.

Whatever you're doing, keep doing it.


Say goodbye to Stony Creek!

What? No, no, not now! Come on!

Sara. Sara, are you doing this?

Sara, I said... Oh! Absolutely not!

This junkyard is not going with us.

I am done picking up stray passengers.

Those guys who were
chasing us were the same ones

- from the highway, right?
- Yes.

It is vital you take us
to their base of operation.

You want me to take you to
the guys who are trying to kill you?

Let me explain to you
how we do things here on Earth.

People who want you dead, you avoid.

That way you... mm-mmm... stay alive.
Make sense?

No one on your planet will stay alive
if we do not return to our planet.

In order to return, we need our ship.

Those men who were trying to kill us
have stolen our ship. Make sense?

Where do you suggest
we begin our search?

I don't suggest
we begin searching at all.

I do suggest we go back to Vegas
and I drop you off where you got on.

You, too.

It's just as I thought.
No human is gonna help us.

Especially not this human.

Hey. Easy on the human-bashing, OK?

Some of my best friends
just happen to be human.

Even if I helped,
I wouldn't know where to begin.

I don't know anything
about UFOs or aliens or...

Who's Dr. Alex Friedman?

She's actually somebody who can help.

And, for the record,
she happens to be human.

No sign of the taxi from anyone yet.

Extend the search. They're out there.


He would appreciate you pulling over
so that he can relieve himself.

We don't have time for that. He should
have went before we left Stony Creek.

He isn't pleased with your attitude.

Really? Is that the way he feels?

You remind him
that I'm a man and he's a dog.

And I'm not about to have this
or any conversation with a dog.

So my answer is still no.

Junkyard says thank you.

Did he, now?
Is there anything else he wants?

Oh. He said he would love
a bone or a meaty treat.

Top of my to-do list. Just get in.



I need you to keep the cab close
and give the dog some water.

And, uh, give him a meaty treat.

OK. So stay close to me,
don't talk to anyone, nice and normal.

I'm telling you.
He walked right past me. Bad move.

This was captured
by a far-imaging telescope

at the University of Bonn
less than 48 hours ago.

What I want
to direct your attention to is this.

- That looks like a smudge.
- Yes. Yes, it does.

Was it a spaceship?
Did they abduct you?

Excuse me?

- Were the aliens the Greys?
- Or the lizard people?

What? No, I wasn't abducted by anyone.

How do you know?
Dr. Harlan's last book

was all about how the aliens
can erase your memory with probes.

- Donald Harlan's book?
- You may have been probed.

It's pure science fiction.

I am talking about science fact here,
hard data, not crop circles.

Have you ever actually
been inside a crop circle?

I have. It was huge.
It's where the mother ship landed,

where they took me on board,
where I was married to an alien woman.

That is it.
I will not answer any more questions

about alien abductions,
crop circles or Dr. Harlan.

Is that clear? If we could just
get back to the matter at hand.

People, hello, excuse me.

I promise it will be worth it.
The blue nebula...

We got a hit on Bruno's license plate.
They're back in Vegas.

The foundation has been rescheduled...

The cattle mutilation lecture doesn't
start for an hour. But grab a seat.

This place will be packed. It always is.

- We're here to see you, actually.
- Oh.

It's Jack Bruno. We met earlier.

We did?

Cab... airport to hotel... driver.

Oh. The nonbeliever. What are the odds?

Is there someplace we can talk?

The, uh... crowds in here
making you uncomfortable?

Even more private than this.

Look, no offense, but I'm pretty busy...

She's doubting her thesis on
Gliese 581 and Alcubierre's warp drive.

- How did you know that?
- Oh, it gets a lot better. Trust me.

- Are you insane?
- I just thought you, of all people,

would understand and want to help.

Why, because I'm the nutjob
speaking at the UFO convention?

- Don't answer that.
- I know it sounds really crazy.

Ya think? Hey.
Please don't touch that.

You captured an image of our ship.

The smudge? You're telling me
you think the smudge is your spaceship?

No, we don't think it's our spaceship.
We know it is our spaceship.

That's it. I'm out.

If you'll excuse me,
I'll grab my laptop...

Oh. They can also
do all this stuff, too.

Who are you?

Show her.

This is... huge.

I have so many questions,
though you are the answers,

here, standing right in front of me.

I'm sorry. I'm very excited. Right.

W... Where are you from?

Our planet is located
some 3,000 light-years from Earth.

Space travel of such sizable distance...

Using a paradoxical
passage in the unbounded...

Wormholes. That's it.

My presentation at SETI
National Convention was right.

Interstellar travel is possible using
wormholes as a shortcut through space.

That was my first guess as well,
the wormholes.

Continue, doctor.

- Why did you come to Earth?
- Our planet is dying.

Millennia of neglect has rendered

- our atmosphere unbreathable.
- Familiar.

Our parents are scientists
who have studied Earth's

climates in hopes of finding
a solution for our planet.

Our people's fears began to rise.

Our parents discovered something
our leaders were interested in.

Your planet makes a suitable
living environment for our kind.

It would be simplest to abandon
our dying planet and... occupy yours.

Wait. I'm helping you
conquer my own planet?

No. Most of the people on our planet
are fiercely opposed to this plan.

Fear of extinction
triumphed among our people.

But then our parents
discovered a solution.

An experiment at an outpost here
was successful in regenerating life

into all previous
dying plants and trees.

Which would enable the re-oxygenating
of your poisoned atmosphere.

- So what's the problem?
- Our military.

They preferred invasion over science.

Which is why we had to hurry
and retrieve the experiment.

All proof that our planet can be saved,
and your planet spared, is in here.

- Where are your parents?
- They were arrested.

We agreed to complete the task for them.

- What about the assassin?
- Assassin? What assassin?

The Siphon warrior series Deraniun 75
was created by our military.

- They're bred to hunt?
- Bred to kill.

If we don't return back home in time,
the invasion will proceed.

We seriously need
to find your spaceship.

How well do you know this guy?

We've done a few panels
and debates together on opposite sides.

But no one knows the shadow world of

UFO government conspiracies
better than Harlan.

Not now, Whitley.

Well, hello, Dr. Friedman.

So you've finally decided
to accept my offer

of a romantic Benihana dinner for two.

- Huzzah!
- What?

Ahem. Uh. . . Three years ago,
a screening of the Cooper footage.

You were in the fourth row,
second seat, in a saucy flower print.

Sorry, I keep my work and
social life separate. I don't date...

- ...colleagues.
- Colleagues. Indeed.

Listen, we need to see
Harlan right away.

Dr. Harlan is presently
unavailable for consultations.

We're more than qualified
to answer questions.

There is no time for that.

It is a matter of life and death
that we see Harlan now.

Life and death, ooh!

Uber scary drama queen theatrics.
What's the 41 1 sitch?

You're currently alive. Unless you
take us to Harlan, you'll be dead.

We should...
Together if you want to. Right now.

Go away!

The book signing
is not till 4:30. Read the brochure.

Harlan, it's Alex Friedman.

Dr. Alex Friedman. Quelle surprise.

We have to speak with you
immediately. It is important.

So you're saying the three of you
witnessed this reported UFO crash.

- That's right.
- We were wondering if

there was any intel
amongst your sources.

I hate lying. I really don't like lying.

I can tell when people are lying to me.

But, thankfully, your story checks out

with all the reports I got from

We have reason to believe

government-sponsored operatives
recovered the spacecraft.

OK. Back up a little.
This is not space camp.

Let the experts do their work.

You're very lucky, you two,
that you didn't come face to face

with the aliens who were in that craft.

They're like deadly praying mantises.
They eat your flesh.

Oh. Yes, we are, indeed, lucky kids

not to have had our
flesh eaten by the aliens.

You got that right.
OK. Let's go to work here.

I got an e-mail from a source
that sent me this sat-grab.

Where would they take
the spaceship? 51 ? Nellis?

- Wright-Patterson? Vandenberg?
- From the size and scope of the crash,

I would say there's
only one possibility.

- Witch Mountain?
- Witch Mountain.

What, are we a singing group here?

- Let me talk, and you guys nod a bit.
- I apologize. I'm sorry.

Witch Mountain.

Let's take a look.
Here we go. California.

About 50 miles
from the border of Nevada.

And it's one of our
top-secret facilities.

I got a schematic here someplace.

If you're planning on visiting, don't.

When I say this place
is fortified up to the yin yang,

I'm making an understatement.

Here's the schematic.
And do you have the book?

Yes, I do.

All right, then, here's an aerial view.

Thank you, Harlan, for everything.

Whatever trouble you're in...

...trust no one.

Thank you, both of you.

Seth and I understand
you don't have to go forward with us,

- and yet you choose to.
- You're welcome.

And don't worry.
We're gonna get you home. I promise.

I'm gonna grab my stuff. Let's meet
upstairs in the convention, at my booth.

- Then we get your cab.
- Alex, uh, listen.

- I can't let you come with us.
- What?

If half of what Harlan says
is true, it's too dangerous.

They got in my cab.
They're my problem.

Um, no. I have spent my entire life
preparing for this moment.

Now, when I have two actual aliens
in need of my help,

you want me to walk away?

It's not gonna happen.
Man up, soldier. I'm in.

Just lay low till we meet up.

Sure. Great. Lay low.
Easy. How hard could that be?

She thinks you're very handsome.

- Really?
- And smarter than you think you are.

So she was thinking about me?

At least as much
as you were thinking about her.

So she didn't happen to mention
in her thoughts that I was...

It's showtime, everybody!

Space Expo Number Nine.
It's upstairs. Come on.

- Should we go upstairs now?
- Yeah. Let's go upstairs.

Do you think she was thinking about...?

Seth. Sara! Seth!

- Jack.
- I tried to warn you, Jack.

Mr. Wolfe doesn't take rejection well.

This is so not a good time.

- Ah! Oh!
- You're out of time, Jack.

Well, well, well. If it isn't
the Rebel Alliance cab driver scum.

Not such a tough guy out
of your ship, are you, womp rat?

You're in our house now!


Move! Move!

Hi! I'm Sunday.
Welcome to Planet Hollywood.

Are you gentlemen here
for the UFO Space Expo?

Wouldn't miss it.

Seth! Sara!

- Wow!
- Costume's great, man.


Seth! Seth!


Seth. Sara.

I'm sorry.

I sure hope we have enough fuelage
to get back to planet Earth, Conrad.

Fear not, Celeste.
We must get to the ship.


My leg!

Look at that beast from another galaxy.

It's so disgusting and scaly!

Didn't I tell you two
to stay by my side?

I heard you the first time.

Is this reenactment an important
piece of Earth's history?

- Stand back, you beast!
- No. Come on. Let's go. We got to go.

Jack Bruno.


Let's go! Let's go!

You're down!

Everybody, down!

Stay down! Stay down! Stay down!

Get down! You, down! Everybody, down!

You with the blue hair, right there!

Best... convention... ever.

Not here! Move out!

Other way. Other way.

Sara, are you listening
to what I'm thinking?

Go! Go! Move it, move it!

Keep going! Keep going!

Oh. That's me.

Got to go!

- What happened to laying low?
- Who lays low in Vegas?

Move, move! Get out of the way!

Move it! Get out of my way!

We got them!
Our suspects. No one else interferes.

Do not move! Do not move!

Stay inside the vehicle!
Hands where we can see them!

Greetings, Earthlings.

I didn't even imagine they'd actually
look human, much less like kids.

They're lucky you joined us, doctor.

We're lucky... you joined us.

Luck has nothing to do with it.
It's pure science.

Chaos theory, the underlying order
in apparently random data.

So more like fate?

Mmm... Science. Think about it.

What are the odds that they would crash
near Vegas during a UFO convention?

I got in your cab.
Then they got in your cab.

And now we're all
in Harlan's mobile home

loaded with his intel on where
their ship is. That is not luck.

That is a predetermined order of
how things work in the universe.

Have you always been this positive?

I have always been
a searcher for answers,

though my folks would say
I was merely a daydreamer.

How about you?

Me? I'm a, uh,
much easier book to read.

All my life my answers
have been "yes" or "no."

Zero gray areas.

Where does the Mustang fall?
A yes or a no?

That's not just any Mustang.

That's a 1 968
Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback.

Steve McQueen's car in Bullitt?

- You've never seen Bullitt?
- Uh, no.

Er... It's currently a no.

But one day I'm gonna earn
that car, the honest way.

And then it will be my yes.

- Jack?
- What's up, pal?

Are we there yet?

- "Are we there yet?"
- Unbelievable.

Good in any universe, apparently.

- Well, Alex?
- Yes.

The maps are 30 years old,
but they're the best intel we've got.

Looks to be about five miles
from here to the entrance.


Let's rock and roll.

There's gotta be
another entrance.

If the map's right,

there are several service
tunnels spreading outward.

- Worth looking for, right?
- Let's go.

Ah! Jack...


Sara! Seth!

Mr. Bruno and, I believe, Dr. Friedman.

- What did you do to them?
- Consider yourself lucky.

I could have had you both
shot on sight for trespassing

and violation
of US government property.



There you go. All right.

Sir. With all due respect,
you have to listen to me.

They came in peace.
We cannot respond with violence.

The future of Earth depends on it.

It is absolutely vital
that they get home.

They are home, Dr. Friedman.
They are now in my custody.

"Custody?" You can't expect to
keep them prisoner and get away with it.

- They have rights.
- They're illegal aliens on US soil,

without so much as a passport.

The Patriot Act enables me to detain
them for as long as is necessary.

You can't keep this quiet.

The world has the right
to know that they exist.

And you're going to be the one
to blow the whistle, doctor?

A failed astrophysicist fired by three
universities for obsessing over UFOs

teams up with an ex-con
in declaring that the government

has captured two normal-looking kids
and is holding them hostage

inside a mountain that doesn't exist?

It would be so much easier
to let you speak

than to deal with all the paperwork
involved with killing you.

- Someone will believe us.
- From behind bars?

Let me remind you, Mr. Bruno,
as a convicted felon,

you're looking at 20 years just for
standing on this mountain talking to me.

Shall I go on?

No. I get the message.

Smart man. Give them a lift back down.

What? That's it? It's over?

I'm sorry. I will not go back to prison.

Let's go.

Thankfully Seth and Sara didn't
have to witness how quickly you gave up.

I told them from the beginning it was
a suicide mission, I wasn't wrong.

They trusted you. I trusted you.

Join the club of everybody else
in my life who I've disappointed.

They will dissect them
like frogs in biology. You know that.

It's not my problem and it never...


By the way, that slap, very realistic.

When did you know?

You haven't bailed on the kids yet.
Why start now?

How soon until
the subjects are prepped?

They're heavily sedated.

Minimal med tests
proceeding within 48 to 72 hours.

Unacceptable. Commence the procedure.

We don't know enough
about their systems.

Any sudden change
could terminate the subjects.

You can't just kill them.

Mr. Pope. You would do well
not to forget what our mission is.

Our orders come from Washington,

and Washington wants answers
to some very complex questions.

Our goal is to provide those answers.

Now, if you are doubting your ability...

No... sir.

Very good, then.
Commence the tests, Mr. Matheson.

Right away, sir. Initiating tests.

- Here. Here.
- Coming... Almost...

- After you.
- I'm right behind you.


- Back up. Back up for a second.
- What?

It's gonna be OK.
I'm gonna be here the whole time.

I'll be right below you the whole time.

- I can.
- You can.

- Here I go. Oh, boy.
- That's it. Right here.

- You got it.
- Here we go.

Ah! What's that?

Oh, no, Jack. Exhaust furnace!

This way. Come here.
There's another tunnel right here.

Hurry! Hurry!

- You OK?
- Yeah.

OK. Let's go.

What now?

- Find the kids. Don't get caught.
- Good plan.

We're very close to determining
the source of their powers.

Yes, sir, containment
is at a hundred percent.

We've recovered
the two targets and their spacecraft.

I understand. Thank you, sir.

And thank you
for sticking by me and the project.

I know it's taken
a long time to get here,

but we both agree
it's been worth our previous failures.

All vitals
appear to be stabilized.

Attention, all personnel.

South perimeter is now closed off.

South perimeter, closed off.

Stand by, all departments,
for re-check of radiation.

Whiskey 7,
we have penetration

in fence sector 28. Break. Tango 31 .
All stations, general alert.

Bruno. Deadly force authorized.

Project Moon Dust troops,
meet me in sector two.

Red alert, security breach!

Red alert, security breach! Red alert!

Close containment doors, all levels!
Close containment doors, all levels!

This facility's on red alert!

- Bravo Team, follow me!
- Attention! Attention!

Go, go, go! Move!


Fall back! Fall back!
Get those men out of there!

Hi. Can I borrow that pen?

I have three older brothers.

Sir, this area has been compromised.

- Make sure the blast door's sealed.
- Seal it off!

We got an Alpha Level One breach
in the main complex.

All units, respond!

Isolate, lock down
and secure your sectors now!

Keep moving! Keep moving!

We lost all communication
with sector five!

Come on, come on. Wake up!


We are under attack. I repeat,
all levels have been compromised.

- We are under attack.
- Sir? Sir!

What was that?

No idea. It's cutting down
our troops, driving for...

Straight for the lab!
Let's go! Move! Move!

Let's go! Clear out!

- What is it?
- Uh, some sort of anesthetic.

- Can you fix it?
- I don't know, but I can try.

These locks are too strong.

- Green is oxygen...
- We got to hurry. We got to hurry.

All right. . .

Can't get 'em open.


Seth, it's OK. It's OK.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

...use extreme caution.

Intruder alert. Intruder alert.

Security team Bravo, please report.

Let's go.

It's over there.

Oh, my...

- We have to hurry.
- Well, tell them that.

Good idea.


Excuse me.

Do you not hear the alarms?

Work in this sector
is to cease immediately.

We have off-the-chart readings of
sodium hypochlorite, xenon, hydrazine,

and you don't even want to know
how bad the gamma radiation is.

But you're gonna
have to do some serious,

and I mean serious, scrubbing down.

- Who are you?
- Who am I? Who am I?

I'll tell you who I am.

I am your worst nightmare
at a court-martial, soldier.

You can either do as you're told,

or I can go tell Henry Burke
you disobeyed his direct orders.

Your call. Choose wisely.

I'm pleased to inform you personnel
have evacuated the ship's hangar.

What are you talking about?
On whose authority?

- Yours... sir?
- Get out of the way!

Let's go! Move!

Thank you.

We were having a hard time
figuring that part out.

- Jack...
- A brave but empty gesture, Mr. Bruno.

They're just kids.

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

- Go, go! Run! Run!
- Get inside!

- Get after them!
- Alpha! Bravo, on me!

Go, go!


Get this thing up in the air. Let's go!

Go, go!

Dude! I could really
use a gun right now!

Thank you. This is a really big gun.

Come on.

Activate the shields.

Power's at 25 percent
and increasing.

No, no. No, no.

You do know how to fly this thing?

- How do you think we got here?
- You crashed. Remember?


Hold on!

Got him!

Watch out!

Follow the tunnels. There you go!

Lock down the mountain.

Watch out!

Just shut it down!

Gates closing in ten,

nine, eight...

- Watch out!
- ...six...

- The door!
- ...four...

The door! The door!

- . . .two, one.
- The door!


- You did it!
- We did it. We did it!

Whoa! What was that?

The airlock's jammed.
I need to manually override the system.

You two fly. Just tell me what to do.


Alex, it takes two to pilot the ship.
I need you to take the controls.

What? Are you insane?


You're better with the mask on.



Yes, he's here.

Sir, it's Washington.
They have some questions for you.


You both must hurry.

Only a matter of time
before they get here.

- Don't worry about us.
- Sara and I want you to have this.

As long as it's in your possession,
we'll always be able to find you.


Your parents will be very proud
of what you've done here.

Thank you, Alex.

I once said that we could never count
on humans to help us. Especially you.

I was wrong, and for that I am sorry.

You take care of yourself.

And your sister, too. Do you understand?

- Yes.
- Jack?

You guys remember that, me and Alex...

...we're only a wormhole away. OK?

I want you to promise me something.

Take care of Junkyard for me.

Anything you want.

It's time.

You're a good man, Jack.

If everything that
you wrote about in your book is true,

why risk coming out
in the public at all?

Why haven't you been
arrested yet, or worse?

We decided right away that
the more public we went with the story,

then the less likely we were
to... disappear.

And so far, clearly, we've been right.

- Thank you all so much for listening.
- Thank you.

I planned the whole mission.

A big nebula guy. How's it going?

- Hi, boys.
- Doctor.

Jack! Jack!

Howdy, boys. How you doing?

He touched me!

Come back to us, please!

Good boy.

Thank you.

Here we go.