Race Street (1948) - full transcript

Nice-guy bookie Dan Gannin plans to quit the racket; he's opening a new night club with his torch-singing sister as main attraction. But Dan's best friend Hal runs afoul of "protection" crooks, and Dan goes after them like a one-man police force despite the admonishments of Lt. Barney Runson. But there's one thing Dan didn't bargain on...

"This is my town. San Francisco."

"My name is Barney Runson."

"I'm a Lieutenant in the plain
clothes squad. Badge 28."

"This story is about me
and a fellow I knew."

"Danny Gannin."

"Dan had a racket
and lots of customers."

"Being a cop I never saw eye-to-eye
with Danny on a lot of things."

"But on some things
we saw heart-to-heart."

"Well, it was a nice sunny day."

Hello, Mr Hilton. I haven't seen you in
a couple of weeks. May I help you today?

I hope you can.

Excuse me a moment. I must check this.
- Sure.


Three big ones.

"Mr Towers calling."

Put him on.

Hello, Hal.

Dan .. I've got one I can't manage.

Ten Gs on the fifth race,
Bay Meadows. Can you handle it?

We can take care of you, Mr Hilton.
- Thank you.

Anything else? I have some new shirts.

No thanks. Maybe after 4 o'clock
I'll be glad to have this one.

Where you going to be later?


I've got to talk to you.

I'm just leaving for the track.

Alright. I'll see you there.

Call Miss Lawrence. Tell her I'm
on my way over too pick her up.

Yes, Mr Gannin.

Oh, Mr Gannin.
- Yes?

Would you place a 5 dollar bet for me
on Johnny Come Lately in the third?

Don't bet on horses, Lucille.

It's a sucker's game.

[ Buzzer ]

Not ready yet, Robbie?

You don't give a girl much notice.

Got any good tips today?

I never mix business with pleasure.

Come on, put the rest of that stuff on
in the car. We'll miss the first race.

The way you're rushing me
you'd think I was running in it.

You know, this isn't the best place
in the world to put a hat on right.

You're doing fine.



It's nice.
- It ought to be.

It cost $67.50.

That's quite expensive.

Come to think of it,
so is the rest of you.

How can a girl with 2 horses that ain't
finished in the money in 4 months do it?

I didn't think you were that
sensitive about your horses.

Come on, Robbie. What's the matter?

I'm sorry.

Funny how you can have a great deal of
money and still be left with so little.

You've passed me.

You don't know much about me, Dan.

We've had laughs together.

You're sweet.

I had a husband. A swell fellow.

When the war caught up with us he
ran with a lot of other swell fellows.

And got killed.

I had nothing but what he left me.

I am .. I'm sorry, Robbie.

I have a feeling I'm going to win today.

That's the kind of feeling
that keeps me in business.

Hello, Dan.

Hello Barney. How was the vacation?

Two weeks off with pay.
Who can complain?

Where'd you go?

I drove up to Lake Tahoe with
a fistful of detective stories.

Between reading and fishing
I had a pretty good time.

I haven't read a detective
story in five years.

You know .. I didn't guess right once.

They got a lot of smart
detectives in those books.

Is this a social call?


I thought you didn't come here just to
tell me about the books you read.

Come on in and sit down.
- Thanks.


You know how I run my beat.
No trouble, no noise.

I'd like to keep it that way.

You always have.

Is somebody making trouble for you?

About what?

Still fishing, Barney?

I hear some of your friends
in the investment business ..

In Oakland and Richmond
have been organised.

You know, the old protection racket.

I haven't heard about it.

I've been hearing a piece
here, a piece there.

It adds up to some pretty
interesting conversation.

Bad news travels fast.

It will catch up with me. Barney.

I just thought you might like to know
what's happening in your business.

It's probably conversation.

I hope so. I work hard enough.

Almost a million people in this town
pushing one another around all the time.

There is enough work to keep a Cop busy.

You don't look overworked.

I don't want to take on any
more at the present time.

I smell trouble in the air, Dan.

You and I know how these guys operate.

When they get to you, you're
not going to hold still for it.

I can take care of myself.

That's exactly what I mean.

You've been away.
You haven't heard everything.

I'm stepping out of the business.

And I think I met the right girl.


Well, that's good news.

It's kinda sudden though,
isn't it? I mean about the girl.

That's the way things happen.

You go on a vacation
and I meet a nice girl.

I'll be cashing in any day now.

That sure makes my job a lot easier.

Good luck to you, Dan.


Oh, I ..

Got a tip on the 3rd.

I got a dollar here. Here it is.

Do you want to handle this or
shall I put it in the machines?

Take a bet? Me?

That's against the law.

I'm sorry, Dan.

Well, did you come to spend the
afternoon with me or with your horse?

There was some question as to whether
he should wear blinkers or not.

Aren't you going to stay a while?
- I can't now. I've got to make my bets.

Well, you got the winner, huh?
- I hope so.

I'll be back as soon as I can.
- Alright.

I beg your pardon.

Hiya, Dan.

Hello Hal.

Any people call on you lately?

What kind of people?

People with muscles.


Our old friend Barney
was just talking to me.

He was looking for some information.

There must be something in the wind.

There is. I got a protection gag
pulled on me this morning.

They want to protect me for
a healthy cut every week.

You've been doing alright
without protection.

That's the way I feel.

Say anything about me?


How rough did they get?

They just talked. Made promises.

Told 'em to hike it.

They'll be back.

I'll keep in touch with you and
let you know what happened.

Where will you be later?

Where you'll be later. At the club.

It opens tonight.

I'll be there.

You better be. I got my dough invested.

I'll pick you up on the way down.

It's a deal.

Well, I made my bet.

Oh, this is Hal Towers.

This is Robbie. Robbie Lawrence.
- How do you do.

Yeah. I heard tell about you.

I heard tell about you too.

Robbie has got one going
in the next race. Hopscotch.

Going to run in the money?

I told the jockey to go to
the front and stay there.

Who's going to tell the horse?

Well, there is nothing like confidence.

I made a bet on him and you've
got half of it. Ten dollars' worth.

Hopscotch has trouble carrying
his jockey let alone your sawbuck.

Well if he can't beat
the other horses ..

I'm going to have a heart-to-heart
talk with him that he won't enjoy.

He'll whinny and you'll melt.

Well, I'll see you tonight.
Save your coupons.

Goodbye, Robbie.

Robbie Lawrence.
- Goodbye.

Well. There it is. How do you like it?

I like it fine.

I hope the customers do.

[ Singing: ]

"If someone wants to try those
love scenes we rehearsed."

"Just tell them I saw you first."

Hi, Dan.
- Hiya, Sis.

Hello Robbie.
- Hello.

If you've any more to
do don't let us stop you.

I'm glad somebody stopped me.
- Oh, you look great.

Well, you saw part of it.

Do we get the job?

You've got it, honey.

If vaudeville ever comes
back we'll kill it again.

Oh, I didn't help keep it alive.

I used to do a little hoofing myself.

Yes. But she doesn't have to
dance any more for a living.

She's a Wizz at the racetrack.

We won a cool dollar
and a half this afternoon.

Caviar money.

I think we'll run along now and
let you kids get back to work.

It takes her hours to dress.


I hope I don't let you down tonight.

You never have, Sis.

We'll see you tonight, Dan.
- Yeah, swell.

So long.
- Good luck.

I'll want it again at 9 o'clock.
Put the top up will you please.

Yes, sir.

Take the rest of the evening off, Lee.

Thank you, Mr Gannin.

Let me out on the 2nd floor.
- Yes, sir.

[ Door knocks ]

[ Door knocks ]

Who is it?
- Danny.

- Hiya.

Aren't you dressed yet?
- No. Come on in here.

It's been quite a while since
I wore this monkey suit.

I forgot to pick it up at the cleaners.

So I had to go back and get it.

Say, have you heard anything
more from those guys?

They're not going to get any place.

You know, I'm getting
out of the business.

Why don't you get out of it too?

You've got plenty of good
reasons for getting out of it.

You got a girl.

Tonight your club is opening.
- Hal, I'll give you a part of the club.

And there is some other things
that you might be interested in.

Thanks, Dan.

But you know, a long time ago.

Over in the mission district.

A bunch of kids were playing ball.

One of the kids was
running for first base.

He never made it.

A truck got him. Run over his leg.

I don't like long stories.
- Wait, wait.

Let me finish.

This kid with a banged-up leg
spent a long time in the hospital.

Another kid.

His best friend.

Kept coming to see him.

Every day.

He kept helping him.

And when the leg used to ..

Hurt a lot.

This friend would say.

"Stay with it."

That was a long time ago.

Lots of things are a long time ago.

And then when this kid with a
bad leg got out of the hospital.

Whenever he needed help.

Whenever anybody started to ..

Push him around.

His friend was always there.

I know the story of your life, Hal.

Come on. It's getting late.

I got to pick up Robbie.

Look, I'll be a little while, Dan.
I've got to shave.

I'll wait for you.
We can ride over together.

Hop a cab. I'll be over
in a few minutes.


Stay with it.

"Why am I in the sky."

"When I ought to be walking
around on the ground."

"Down where I belong."

"Who am I to deny."

"That I'm out of my mind.
You would have to be blind."

"Not to see that something is wrong."

"The reason is not hard to guess."

"For I'll just break down .."

"And confess."

"I'm in a jam."

"With baby."

"Baby won't talk."

"To me."

"Looks like someone has been lying."

"I guess a friend of mine is trying."

"Trying to take."

"My baby from me."

"Obviously they're jealous."

"I'm so in love."

"With baby."

"But I admit."


"I don't know this
game of love too well."

"I don't know where I am."

"I only know."

"That I'm in a jam."

What's on your mind, Dan?


Isn't he going to be here?

He is supposed to be.
I can't understand.

Will you excuse me, honey?
I'll go and call him.


Hello again.
- What do you want?

Less questions.

Act like a gentleman.

[ Telephone ]

Let's go.

[ Telephone ]

It might be important.

It might be. Get going.

Stay with it.

We'll go out the back way.

I don't want to talk to anybody.

I told you once how
I feel about this thing.

You've done enough talking.
Now we want you to walk.

You're dumb not to come in with us.

You are wasting your time.

That's what the boss figured.

Hello? This is Mr Gannin.

Yes, Mr Gannin?

No, sir. I didn't see him go.

Thanks very much.

Did you find the missing link?

No. No answer.

Look honey, if you're
so worried about him ..

Why don't you run over to
the apartment and check?

I don't want to leave you alone.

Oh, I don't mind. I can go
backstage and talk to Elaine.



Hello, Barney.

Miss Lawrence - Lieutenant Runson.

You must be that nice girl
that Danny told me about.

Thank you. Nice to know you.

Won't you come in and join us?
- Thanks.

How would you like to
do me a favor, Barney?

And keep this nice girl
company for a few minutes.

Where are you running to?
- I'm not running any place.

I'm just looking for somebody.

Excuse me, honey.

You know, that's a coincidence.

I'm looking for somebody too.

How about you? You looking for somebody?


I tell you what you do.

You keep an eye on everything
and we'll both be right back, okay?


I bet we're looking for
the same somebody.


You know Dan, Hal
is a friend of mine too.

I know that, Barney.

I can't understand what's keeping him.

I called the apartment, but no answer.

You going up there?
- Yes.

Mind if I go with you?

Come along.

He might have gone out the back way.

We won't need you anymore.

If I can do anything ..
- Go back to your desk.

Come on.

I know what you're thinking and
I'm telling you, stay out of it.

This is my job now.

If you and Towers had seen it my way and
called a Cop it wouldn't have happened.

Don't interfere, Dan. I won't like it.

Good evening, Mr Gannin.
- Good evening.

Hello, Mr Gannin.

- What are you eating?

Just coffee.
- Coffee.

Do you mind if I use this chair?
- Not at all.

Where were you tonight?

Sorry, Dan. We couldn't get to the club.

You know, Ethel is expecting a baby.
She don't like clubs right now.

So I took her to a movie.

What kind of movie?


I like mystery pictures.

This was about a fellow who
had some kind of a business.

Another guy wanted to move in on him.

This fellow wouldn't let him move in.

So you know what happened?

They found him dead.

At the bottom of a flight of steps.

Who did it?

We left just then.

I didn't like the picture any more.

If you were in the fellow's place
what would you have done?

In the movie.

I wouldn't let them
move in on me, either.

It's good to hear you feel
that way about movies.

Horrible man.

He was one of the
nicest guys I ever knew.

There is something
you're not telling me.

Telling doesn't do any good.

I love you Dan. I don't want
anything to happen to you.

Nothing will.

This whole thing centres around
your business, doesn't it.

Towers never fell down
that flight of steps.

Well, let Barney Runson
handle it. That's his job.

Don't get all upset about it.

How can I help it?
- Now, honey ..

You'd better get a good night's sleep.

[ Buzzer ]

- "Mr Delaney is calling."


Hello Frankie.

Fifteen thousand on ..?

Look, Frankie.

Lay it off with Phil.
I'm not taking anything today.

He'll understand.


Lucille, no more calls.
I'm not in to anybody.

There is nothing new on the grapevine.

This is the cool-off period.

I thought by now the Cops
would know all about it.

These things take time.
- Here comes long-arm.

- Hiya, fellahs.

- Check.

I'm not breaking up anything am I?
- Nothing.

We'll keep in touch with you, Dan.


What kind of ice-cream you got?
- Vanilla or chocolate.

Give him some of each.
- Okay, Mr Gannin.

You can't buy me off with
two flavors of ice-cream.

I'm not trying.

What's On your mind?

Well, I can't get anybody to talk to me.

I'm talking to you.

Yeah, but you're not saying anything.

What would you like to hear?

You know a lot more
than you're telling me.

We've been friends a long time but
you've never heard me blow a whistle.

What's so wrong with a whistle?

It's not accepted in my set.


Dan, you and I both know
that you're going to get a call.

When it comes, I want
you to tell me about it.

Don't give me orders, Barney.

Ah, you guys are all alike.
You think a badge is poison.

I just like to do things my own way.


Somebody knocked off Hal.

Now you're going to find out
how did it and knock him off.

And then they'll get
somebody to knock you off.

Then some of you friends
will knock them off.

The first thing you know
everybody will be knocked off.

And I'll be out of a job.

You'll have more time to
read detective stories.

The brush-off, huh?

I'm a busy man.

I thought you were getting
out of this business.


You can control this situation.

The boys look to you.

If you get rough, they will too.

Why not do it my way? The right way.

I promise you that Hal will be squared.

Your ice-cream is melting.

Two different flavors.

Goodnight, Timmy.

Good evening, Mr Gannin.

My name is Mason.

This is Mr Walters.

How do you do, Mr Gannin.

How do you do.

Your houseboy was
kind enough to let us in.

I hope I didn't keep
you waiting too long.

Not at all.
- Please.

Be seated.
- Thank you.

Mr Walters and I, we ..

Dropped in on a matter we
thought would interest you.

I usually discuss business at my office.

No. Business of this kind
we talk about at home.

To be quite frank with you Mr Gannin,
we're selling something.

And what we're selling is
the equivalent of an annuity.

You know, life insurance?

What company are you with?

Well it's not a well-known
concern, sir. It's new.

And we are going after
business in a big way.

It's too good to miss.

What we are offering is a
personal protection policy.

It sounds very interesting.

It would be almost foolish
not to take an interest.

You see, this guarantees your being
able to carry on with your business.

It covers automobiles hitting you.

Open elevator shafts.
Accidents around the house.

Falling down stairs.
Oh, all sorts of thing.

You'd be surprised how many policies
of this type of insurance we've written.

I can imagine.
- It's a real protection.

It works on a percentage of the
amount of business you do each day.

Something that would hardly be noticed
with your type of operation, Mr Gannin.

But if you didn't subscribe.

It might prove embarrassing.

See, Mr Mason and I are trying to win
the monthly award for the most business.

Your propositions does
sound very interesting.

Suppose you let me sleep on it
and I'll contact you tomorrow?

We'll get in touch with you.

We're go-getters, Mr Gannin.


I won't be hard to find.

I'll be in my office all day and then
at the Turf Club until midnight.

Is that plain enough?
- Oh yes, very plain.

Goodnight, sir.
- Goodnight.

Goodnight, Mr Gannin.
- Night.

Good morning.

Good afternoon.
- Any calls?

Nothing yet.

What a coincidence.

I came up here to see
you and here you are.

Step inside.

You forgot to say hello.

- Hello.

Now, what's on your mind?
- Nothing.

Did you hear anything?

No. You told me to lay off.

You sure you haven't heard
anything from anyone?

No. Nothing.

I haven't even opened my mail.

A lot of new faces in town.

Some we got pegged.
Others we can't make so far.

You'll have to excuse me, Barney.

I have to take care of my business.

That's alright with me.

Be sure you don't chisel
in on my business.

[ Buzzer ]

- "A gentleman here to see you."

Ask him to wait.

Of course you'll let me know if any
strange characters try to contact you.


Yeah, sure.

Wait a minute, Dan.

I know you like to operate alone.

But these guys are rats. Lice.

Why don't you let me handle them?

Save it, Barney.

Okay, Dan.

I'll be seeing you.

Come in, gentlemen.

Just make yourself comfortable.

I've been thinking
your proposition over.

And I might be able to influence
some of the other boys.

Perhaps .. a group rate?

But I'd like to talk to
the general manager.

That's why I'm glad you dropped in.

We're glad we did too, Mr Gannin.

For another reason.

What's that?

We don't care to give our services to
anyone who does business with policemen.

Now gentlemen, a lot of
people come in to see me.

Some of them are welcome
and some of them aren't.

We like to check up a little
closer on our clients.

I'll call in later.

What a coincidence.

You're a very nosy fellow.

As a matter of fact I
was just going in for a ..

- Yeah. Yeah. Feet.

You're going downstairs?

That's where I was going. The man
won't be back for an hour they say.

Come on, I'll treat you to a ride.
- Thanks.

Those fellows who just came out
of your office. Friends of yours?

They have some extra cash to
invest and wanted a little advice.

I see.

"What a guy, what a guy,
what a fabulous guy."

"He makes the girls eyes really shine."

"When he passes by
you can hear them sigh."

"I wish he were mine."

"From the tip of his toes
to the tip of his nose."

"He's every chick's pride and joy."

"He's got a knockout style
and the cutest smile."

"Love that boy."

"With his baby blue eyes
and his droopy bow ties."

"He's king of the heart for me."

"I don't know what he's
got but he's got a lot."

"Love that boy."

"He's the graduate at the fashion play."

"Chicks all call him razzmatazz."

"They would nominate.
He's the cheapest date."

"But he'd rather be
righteous than be President."

"He just is what he is.
The technique is all his."

"The boy is the real McCoy."

"Did you hear me say?"

"Please reiterate."

"Love that boy."

"What a gal, what a chick.
What a cute little trick."

"The Queen of any neighborhood."

"Beauty may be cheap.
Maybe just skin deep."

"But, on her it looks good."

"From the tip of her toes
to her pert little nose."

"She's good for a guy's morale."

"Every charm and grace
in the proper place."

"Ruff! Love that gal."

"She makes Lana look tame
and puts Venus to shame."

"Affects you like alcohol."

"She's a dream that talks,
and a dream that walks."

"Well, hullo."

"Love that doll."

"She's the jazziest."

"He's the classiest."

"The answer to any maiden's prayer."

"But to make it tough.
And brother this is rough."

"I hear that her father
is a millionaire."

"Let's pack a valise,
get a Justice of Peace."

"As long as we both agree."

"And we book our course
to Niagara Falls."

"Love that boy!"

"Love that girl!"

"Baby, you're the one for me."

They look cute together.
- Don't they.

I think they'll make in permanent.
- Really?

Hello, Robbie.
- Hello, Sis.


Hello Barney. Pull up a chair.

Well I don't know. I got that pedicure.

Don't tell me you came here to dance?
- That was exactly my intention.

Miss Gannin, could you
recommend a good partner?

Careful, Mike. She's had a crush on
him since she was two feet high.

Well, I am a little tired.

But how can I resist.
- You see?

Excuse me.
- Surely.

You know, if we have Cops for customers
it will give this dive a bad reputation.

Mike, if you could find
somebody to dance with ..

I could have a nice
little talk with Robbie.

That's very good.

You got to look like Caesar Romero
to handle this kind of music.

You now, we haven't
danced in about five years.

Yeah, it's been a long time.
Things have changed.

You've grown up.
Danny is getting richer.

And I'm getting prettier by the minute.

You are worried about Dan. Why?

You know why.

He won't listen to me.

I'm the fellow with the badge.

He likes me but he doesn't like my job.

You're his sister, Elaine.
You can help me if you will.

What do you want me to do?

Nothing you haven't the right to do.

Talk to Dan.

Tell him to let me find
out what happened to Hal.

Because if he gets in too deep
I may not be able to get him out.

I'll try.

Barney, I'll really try.

If you can manage a rumba
with me you can do anything.

Dan. I want so much to enjoy myself.

I can't. I'm worried.

Worry is bad for you.

If you're working with Runson on this.

Whoever killed Hal,
if you're right about that.

He is going to go after you.

What makes you think
I'm working with Runson?

I didn't say you were, darling, but ..

He's been with so much lately and ..

Well I just have a feeling that you're
so intense about Hal's death that ..

Barney is a friend of mine.

He was a friend of Hal's.

He's only trying to even things his way.

I just wish you'd try to
forget the whole thing.

It's Barney's job. He'll do it.

Please don't get mixed up with it.

I want to tell you something, Robbie.

I like my best girl beautiful.

Like you.

I like her near me.

Like you.

But I can't stand her nagging me.

I'm sorry.

Have you read any good books lately?

I say old boy, is she under arrest or
can we get ready for our next number?

Well that's up to Barney.
- I'll release you into his custody.

Thanks, Barney. See you later.
- Okay.

You don't have to bother
to take me up, Dan.

I'd rather you wouldn't.

Alright, honey.

Goodnight and don't worry.

- Goodnight, Mr Gannin.

Hiya, Gannin.

Get in the car. The General
Manager wants to see you.

It took him long enough
to make up his mind.

Don't make me nervous.

You were born nervous.
- Get in.

Where are we going?

Don't let it worry you. We know the way.

I trust you boys.

Yeah. But we don't trust you.

Fix him up.

This is where you black out.


You couldn't take this
off for a guy, could you?

The blindfold stays on. Let's go.

Come in.

Sit down.

In case you don't recognise
what that is, Mr Gannin.

It's a gun.

And if you're foolish enough
to rip that blindfold off.

You'll be shot.

Would you like a cigarette?

How am I going to smoke it?

Very good.

Let's make this meeting short and sweet.

You know what? I'd like to take
this off and get a good look at you.

Just once.

But I don't want you to.

Mr Gannin.

I like to do business
in an orderly fashion.

My men approached you like
gentlemen with a sound proposition.

You told the police.

I have two rules.

I don't tell the police anything and
I don't pay out for protection.

You are going to have to break
one of your rules, Gannin.

Now, I realize that you have a lot of
influence with the bookies around town.

But you are coming
into this thing .. my way.

Or else you may wish you had retired.

Now I know who killed Towers.

He didn't see things .. my way.

I don't like men who upset my plans.

Even when I was a youngster.

When the other kids played marbles.

I ran the game.

Catching cold?


Maybe I shouldn't stay
out so late at night.

It is getting late.

And the later it gets the
thinner my patience wears.

It's been rather pleasant, Gannin.

But now we wind it up.

There is only one thing
I'm interested in.

Either you are coming
in or you're getting out.

Make it easy on yourself.

You are rushing me.

You are in no position
to make deals but ..

I'll extend you that courtesy.
Think it over.

We'll do business yet.

One way or another.

Take Mr Gannin home.

Well. I'll be seeing you.

We'll take you to the door.

I'm a big boy.

I'm not afraid of the dark all alone.

We always like to
follow through on a job.

So as to not disturb the neighbors,
we'll go round the back.

Let's not take up too
much of our time, huh?

If you're thinking of
making any noise ..


Up we go.

Sleep tight.

I want to see a patient.
Gannin. Daniel Gannin.



Here it is. Daniel J. Gannin.
- That's him.

I doubt he's conscious yet.

I'll probably get as much
out of him either way.

Down the hall, Lieutenant. Ward A.
- Thank you.

Ah, that strong hand.

Relax, Miss. The next thing
we do is sober you up.

Say, Doc.

What can I do for you?

Excuse me. I'm a little lost.
Which way is Ward A?

Straight down that way.

Very nice.

What, the leg?
- The bandage.

Can I help you?

Yeah. This isn't the kind of a
place where I like to help myself.

Well, what size and shape do you want?

Something in the shape
of Daniel J. Gannin.

I'm here on business.
- That shape isn't so good.

I've got some better looking ones.

Well, I'm afraid this
one will have to do.

How is he doing?
- Fair.


There is your man.

"Multiple contusions and abrasions."

Cuts and scrapes.

"Super orbital lacerations. Right."

Cut over right eye.

"Hematoma vertex scalp."

Lump on head.


Each guy to his own record, Lieutenant.

I'll take it alone from here.

If you need anything, let me know.
- Thanks.

Welcome to the emergency hospital.

What, no flowers?

You look great. What happened to you?

I fell up a flight of steps.

There are more bookies in this
town having trouble with steps.

You're lucky you didn't get hurt.

I was careful.

Anything I can do for you, Dan?

No, Barney.

But thanks.

You want to talk now?

About what?

About how you fell up
that flight of steps.

There was a Cop here before.

I told him it was very narrow
and the lights were bad.

Save your strength.

Haven't you had enough?

You wouldn't understand.

I know Hal is dead and they
muffed the job on you.

I don't feel like talking.

You've got a twisted sense of honor.
I can't do business here.



There is something you can do.

Just name it. You're a tax payer.
I'm a public servant.

Get me out of here.

I'll see what I can do.

Alright, Lieutenant.

Come on, your bill is paid.

Want me to undress you?

No, I think I can make it from here.

Hello Reardon? Runson.

I'm at Gannin's apartment.

Yeah, I just got him
out of the hospital.


Then I'll call you later.

[ Buzzer ]

[ Buzzer ]

[ Buzzer ]

Who is it?

A tired Cop.

What do you want?

Open up and I'll tell you.

Come on, open up, Miss Lawrence.
It's Lieutenant Runson.

I never sleep.

A nice place.

Thank you. Now, what's
the reason for this visit?


- Relax.

What's happened to him?

He's got a honey of an
eye and some bruises.

He says he fell up a flight of steps.

Don't call him. He's asleep.

Who did it?

He won't talk.

Dan and I never do see
eye-to-eye on things like this.

I can't understand that.

Well, it's not hard to understand.

You see, in his business he gets
mixed up with funny kinds of people.

They have a peculiar
sense of honor. A code.

They don't like to talk to Cops.

But maybe you'd like to
know what's going on?

I'd like to very much.

Well, it seems there's a ..

Syndicate operating in town. They're
trying to muscle in on Dan's business.

They probably approached
him tonight and ..

When he refused to
go in with him they ..

Beat him up.

Like they did to Towers?

Yeah. That's the idea.

Well it's getting late. I just wanted
to let you know that he's alright.

Thanks for coming, Lieutenant.

That's alright, Miss Lawrence.

You know, Dan and I have been
friends ever since we were kids.

I kinda like the guy.

I do too.

That's good because I'm trying to help
him even though he doesn't think I am.

And you can help me.


Well, if he ever mentions anything about
what happened tonight, will you tell me?

Of course I will.


He might not like it
but it's the best way.

We'll keep it just between us.
- Swell.


Ever since we met I can't help thinking
I've seen you somewhere before.


I look like so many people.

There aren't so many
people as pretty as you.

Thank you.

- Goodnight, Lieutenant.

You got off lucky, Dan.

You must have a twisted mind.
Look at his eye. You call that lucky?

Alright. Hold it.

We've got other things to settle.

Any of you fellahs been approached?
- I got a phone-call.

Two men talked to me over
near the Golden Gate theater.

What did they say?

That I cut them in
for 25 percent or else.

What did you tell them?
- No.

All the boys say that if you hold out.

So do we.

If you say join 'em, we'll join.

Why don't we pick one of them up
and give him a good talking to?

We got to be smarter than that.

We're not a gang.

No strong-arm stuff.

They use it. Why can't we?

Pass the word along.

If anybody approaches
the boys and you again.

Say they got to see me.

You're taking on a load, aren't you Dan?

There is a personal
score I got to settle.

Meet me this afternoon
at the Cliff House.

Around two o'clock.
- Roger.

[ Buzzer ]

How is the patient this morning, Lee?

Fine. He's in the bedroom, Lieutenant.

Well, isn't this a nice collection.

We were just going.
- What a coincidence.

But don't rush off on account of me.

Take it easy, Dan.
- Don't worry, I will.

Have a good night's sleep?
- Great.

Robbie call you?

Yes. She told me you went
up to see her. Thanks.

What was all the activity
going on around here?

Can I drop you some place?

Where were you going?

Taking my sister to lunch.

Good. I'll ride down with you.

On me this time.

Come on, Sis.
You're behaving like a little girl.

That's who I am. A little girl.

Oh Dan, please.

You are all I've got.

You're acting as if I was
going to die tomorrow.

Oh, Barney told me all about it.

About what?

About you and what you're doing.
Dan, it isn't worth it.

They are liable to kill you.

Barney is worried too.

You liked Hal, didn't you honey?

He did a lot of things for
me when I needed him.

I know all about those things.

But you paid him back a hundred times.

There are certain things
you never pay back.

But you always keep trying.

What about Robbie?

What about me?

I love you both.

Stop crying.

I'll take you back to town.

Sis, you go and get the car and I'll
be back with you in a few minutes.

Did you boys hear anything?

Not a thing.
- Everybody is scared.

The boys haven't seen
anyone or heard anything.

Well, keep trying.

I'll meet you tonight around
eight at The Tavern.



You got to help me out.

Who are you paying off to?

I'm deaf in one ear and I don't
hear so good in the other one.

I don't think you'll ever be able
to ask me loud enough, Dan.

There you are, sir.

I wouldn't want you to
have wasted your time.


Have a shine on me.

Thank you.

Never mind.

Sorry Dan, I still got
a wife and two kids.

It's like batting your head
up against a stone wall.

It's the toughest thing I've
ever been up against.

I still say we should grab one of them.
- I said no.

There is nothing we can do
but keep our ears open.

Enjoy yourself today?

We've been around.

You Know, you're a hard
man on a pedicure.

Did you find out anything?

What did you find out?

That makes us even.

What a coincidence.

So long, Barney.

Wait a minute, Dan.

I'll walk with you.

- You're welcome.

What are you tailing me for?

I'm not tailing you. I'm protecting you.

I'm the only reason they
haven't knocked you off.

You're the only reason
I can't get any place.

If I leave you alone the only
place I'll get is in the morgue.

If I stick to you.

Either you're going to stay out of
trouble or I am going to get into it.

Which is just what I'm waiting for.

I'm trying to get to the top man.

That's my job.
- Why don't you do it?

I'll stick to you.

I can't get to him with you around.
- And they can't get to you.

That leads to a dead-end street.

I got plenty of time.
I get paid by the month.

Be careful, Barney.

I'm liable to lose you.

Look, Dan.

Why don't we make the best of it?

You'll go running up streets with me
chasing you. But you won't lose me.

It's a nice evening. Why not just walk?



That's it.

Feeling better?

Yeah, it's a great place San Francisco.
We've got everything.

Say, how would you like a cup
of the best coffee in town?

Where will we get it?
- At the Station House.


Here is the good old Golden Gate.

Ah there is nothing like vaudeville.

You know, vaudeville is real
live people. That's why I like it.

A lot of acts have played this place.

I guess this is one of the few
vaudeville houses left.

What's all this got to
do with that coffee?


Oh yes, Come on backstage.
I want you to meet Pop.

He makes the coffee.
He's a friend of mine.

He probably used to let you in for free.

He still does.

Hello, Pop.
- Hello, Barney.

Pop .. I want you to meet
a friend of mine. Dan Gannin.

Glad to know you, son.
- Glad to know you, Pop.

I was telling him about how you
make the best coffee in town.

Well you're just in time. Sit down.

Sit down, Dan.

I'll take mine black, Pop.

I'll have mine the same.

You boys sure know your coffee.

I just told Dan about all the headliners
who've played this house, Pop.

Take a look at that book.

I was 25 years getting that together.

Every great act in show business.

You know, that's the funny
thing about that book, Dan.

There is a picture of a guy in here.

The only black mark on my record.

I was supposed to pick
him up six years ago.

But he got away.

The only pinch I ever muffed.
Yeah, there he is.

Take a look at him, Dan.

Miss Lawrence was a blond
in those days, wasn't she.

That's her husband.

He got killed in the war.


No, he didn't get killed in the war.

He's still very much alive.

They split up in Seattle.

I'm going to get him someday.

I'm not interested.

Here, how about your coffee?

We'll get it some other time.
Thanks anyway, Pop.


This is just one of the
dirty jobs I have to do.

As a Cop and a friend.

Very interesting.

What's the moral of that story?

Ever fall in love with a
girl in show business?


I just thought you might like
to have the information.


Where you going? As if I didn't know.

Come along if you like.
We'll straighten it out together.


Hello, Miss Lawrence.

Hello, Lieutenant.

Darling where have you been?
I've been trying to reach you all day.

I've been busy .. around.

I've been so worried about you.
I was told what happened.

Oh Dan, your face.
- It will heal.

You didn't keep your promise.

I never made any.

But I thought you weren't to
get mixed up in this business.

Dan, it's not for you.

Will you try and get some sense
into his head, Lieutenant.

I brought Barney along so you
could get some sense into his.

What do you mean, dear?

He wants to ask you a few questions.

Miss Lawrence.

You know how I feel about Dan.

But this is something I've
got to do because it's my job.

You're not Miss Lawrence at all.
You're Phil Dickson's wife, aren't you.


I want Dickson. Where is he?


He's asking the questions, Robbie.

Look Dan. I didn't want to tell you.

I didn't want you ever to know.
I didn't know how you'd feel.

I made up that story about my
husband being killed in the war.

Where is Dickson?
- I don't know.

I left him as soon as I found
out what he was doing.

The first time he got in trouble.
I haven't seen him years.

The last I heard there was
some trouble in Mexico.

He is out of my life and
I want to keep him out.

I hope he's dead.


That's why I lied to you, Dan.

I wanted to believe that he was dead.

I didn't like living a lie.

He's always brought me unhappiness
and now he's brought it to me again.

I don't know. I don't know where
he is and I don't want to.

Now that you broke that out of me.

I hope that satisfies you.

Happy, Barney?

I'm sorry, Miss Lawrence.

Be seeing you, Dan.

Come on, Robbie. It's over.

Oh Dan, you'll forgive me.

Will you?

You are lovely, angel.

But I know a lot more than you think.

You were lying in front of Barney.

Dan, what are you saying?

That night I was beaten up I was taken
to the guy who had Towers killed.

It was Dickson.

You see, I put all the pieces together.

Oh, Dan.

Dan, what can I say that
you are going to believe?

Look, honey. I know what
you've been through.

Just tell me the truth from
here in. That's all I'm asking.

I thought he was dead.
I really did, Dan.

Then he came back and he's
been making me help you.

He forced me to spot things for him and
then he wanted me to help him with you.

I begged him to leave you alone.

He promised me he wouldn't
hurt you and then ..

Look what he's done to you.

Dan, what are we going to do?

We are going to get out of this.

We are going to run away from guys like
Runson and Dickson and the rest of them.

From now on, it's going
to be you and me.

Dan, I'll do anything you say.

If Dickson wants
San Francisco, he can have it.

But he'll follow us.

No he won't.

Because now we've got something on him.

We can be happy.

Just the two of us.

And a lot healthier, honey.

I'll go with you any place, any time.

We can get out of here tonight by plane.

Alright, Dan. Whatever you say.

I'll be back here in an hour.

Get all packed and be ready to go.


Dan, darling.

Be ready to go, honey.


Yes, Miss Lawrence.

I'll get him for you right away.

That's mine.

This is yours.

Hello, Phil?

I haven't much time.
Gannin knows everything.

He'll be back in an hour.
He wants me to go away with him.

We're getting a plane tonight.

Yes, alright Phil.

You'll meet us before
we get to the airport.


No, darling. He's not stubborn.

He's just a chump.


Miss Lawrence?

There was a man listening in
on your conversation just now.

I think you ought to know about him.

Okay .. I'll get Dickson right back.


I thought you hadn't read a
detective story in five years.

You know, Dan.

I think I've finally guessed one right.

- Yeah.

I kept saying to myself
over and over again.

Barney Runson, you're a heel.
That's what you are.

You're nothing but a heel.

The way I mistreated
that nice Miss Lawrence.

You didn't believe her?

You don't think I was a big enough
dope to go for that story, do you?

"Dan, forgive me. I didn't know."


I tried to swallow it.
It stuck right here.

It choked me.

And I don't think you're a big
enough fool to swallow it either.

You are a very smart man, Barney.

I'll be seeing you.

There's a little errand
I must take care of.

Just a minute, Dan.

This is where you step out.

I told you I was going to do it my way.

I'm putting you in protective custody.
Get moving.

Hold it, Runson.


Thanks, Al. You take care of Barney.
I've got something to do.

Just a minute.

What's the idea?

You'll find out.

I'm working for Dickson now.

Inside. Both of you.

Come on.

Sit down.

Somebody gave you a bad
character reference on Al.

Don't try anything, fellahs.

This gives me a big edge on you.

Take a look at him, Danny.

One of your friends.
One of the guys you protect.

"Code of honor", and all that stuff.

You can buy any of these lice.

Let's not start calling
each other names.

I want to tell you something, Danny.

You trust too many people.

Like me.

Like the clerk at Robbie's apartment.

You even trusted Robbie.

That's what we get
for doing it your way.

Never blow a whistle, you say.
Never yell "Copper", you say.

Nice work, Al.
- Hello, Phil.


What a coincidence.


A cosy little group, isn't it.

You know Barney, you might
have gone on for years.


Drawn a pension.

You're a lot more important now
than you were six years ago.

Ten minutes from now
I'll be still more important.

Robbie told me you were taking a trip.
I dropped in to say so long.

She didn't come over.
This sort of thing upsets her.

That's what I figured.

Alright. Let's go.

Nobody has ever been big enough
to get away with this, Dickson.

Nobody up until now.

Alright. The boys are waiting.

[ Gunshot! ]

You're winded, Barney.

I'm a little out of condition.

Hello Collins. This is Runson.

Get a squad car and an ambulance over to
Gannin's place and get them here fast.

Pick up Robbie Lawrence and the desk
clerk at her apartment and take them in.


Easy, boy.

We'll have you in the
hospital in a few minutes.

Look out, Barney.

I'm glad you did that, Dickson.

This is for a friend of mine.

0kay, fellah?

That hole should be in my chest.

That bullet was meant for me.

What a coinc?dence.

"Danny looked at some
things the wrong way."

"But when he finally saw them
the right way, it was too late."


"It's the same town."

"A little bigger, a little busier."

"But a little lonelier."

"I'm still around."

"Because I had a good friend."

# s d ?