Race Gurram (2014) - full transcript

Ram (Shaam) and Lakshman a.k.a Lucky (Allu Arjun) are brothers. Ram is a sincere guy who grows up to become an honest cop. Lucky is a happy-go-lucky guy who enjoys life. Ram and Lucky have a tom and jerry kind of fight going on. Siva Reddy (Ravi Kishan) is a factionist who wants to become a politician. Ram gathers evidence against Siva Reddy and Lucky unintentionally intercepts them. The rest of the story is all about the race between Lucky and Siva Reddy.

Jai Hind, Sir!


What's the work to a Police
Officer in Army campus?

Colonel Sir, my name is Imansuneni..

..Balampur police Inspector..

..last night one incident happened in
a pub that was under my jurisdiction..

..in that incident..

..a soldier was involved.

Go ahead.

Last night I got a call from the pub.

It was an emergency call.

What happened?
- I don't know, Sir.

While everything is going well,
suddenly fight started..

..and ended up quickly.

What does it mean?

We saw ten people hitting
a single person many times..

..but, one man hitting ten people..

I saw first time in my life, sir.

Who is he?

Where did he gone?

Constables, go and search.
- Sir!

Sir, no need to search..

..he didn't go anywhere.

He was drinking
alcohol inside the pub.

Who are you?

I'm asking you..

..Who are you?

Why did you hit them?

I'm asking you only...
Why did you hit them?

I got angry.


I got angry.

If you get angry, will you beat?

He is Minister's son.

Not only Minister's son..

If I get angry,
I will hit Minister also.

Sir, why did you get angry?

Sorry, I'm extremely sorry.


How dare you to touch me?

Say Sorry.
- Sorry?

When a beautiful girl
like me hits you...

..enjoy it,
should not ask for an apology.

What is there to enjoy?

Leave me.

Say Sorry!




Hey, who are you?

How dare you to tease my girlfriend?

Better leave her immediately..

She is hitting everyone
and telling to enjoy it.


Who are you?

What's your name?

I have never seen you before..

Tell me, who are you?

As per his conversation,
He is not from North India.

South? Came from South to North,
what is your performance here?

South Indian, idiot!

South India..

North India..

East West..

We don't have that many India's..

India is only one.

I will tell you now.

My name is Surya.

My home is India.

For this small matter,
why that much violence?

That's my problem, sir.

I don't know to hit
with measurements.

Actually to measure it is
not dieting, it's fighting.

Sir, I will be like this only.

If I'm hungry, I'll eat fully,
If I'm sleepy, I'll sleep well.

If I get angry, I will hit.

I refrain from this..

..I'm silent by seeing that board.

But when you smoke, I understood
there is no value to that board.

Babu, bring a cigarette ash tray.

You're very interesting.

But this is a matter with Minister.

It's not interesting anymore.

Okay, let's do one thing..

..give me 25 thousand rupees,
write an apology letter and leave.

Shall I say sorry..?

..else I should give bribe?

Why can't you give both?

He is giving offer to me?

Do you know with whom you're
speaking and where you're speaking?

Police station.

Listen to me.. Write a letter,
give me 25 thousand and you leave.

I will not give a bribe.

I will not say sorry.

Shall I show what if
a police officer gets angry?

Raise your hand.

Beretta M9

5 inch 50 meters, 15 rounds magazine,

Barrel length 4.9 inches,
unloaded weight 970 grams.

Sir, he told me before..

..he don't know to hit
people with measurement.

But I didn't understood him.

Now, I'm not here to fight..

..I came to take my gun back.

So man in uniform lost his gun.


Where is soldier Surya?

5 minutes back I saw
him at block B, sir.

Tell him to meet me immediately.


Wait, wait!


In Block B, There is a terrorist..

..what Surya is doing there?

Biryani is very tasty.

Delicious, when you come tomorrow..

..bring with some rum.

You don't have that chance.

This is your last biryani.

When you finish eating this,
I will kill you.

Are you trying to scare me?

If you make me scare like this,
do you think I will tell secrets..

..and betray my country?

You've already betrayed your country.

Actually if you really
love your country.

You'll think how to
develop your country.

You will not think
about destroying India.

Actually I want to know,
you will keep bombs in India..

..but sometimes why do you
keep bombs in your own country.

Are you mental?

Killing kids by keeping
bombs in school bus..

Your bad luck is I'm killing you as I
met you after you became terrorist..

..If I meet you before..

..I would have kill your thought.

You know what your luck
is in this bad luck..

..idiot like you is also
dying on this land..

..in a soldier hand.

Who are you to shoot?

Who ordered you to shoot, Soldier?

Nobody, sir.

Then, why did you shot?

Because I got angry.


Terrorist who came to destroy
our country and we are serving him..

..that�s what made me angry.

Are we happy to serve him?

Do you know,
that terrorists is an evidence?

Sir, Kasab is also an evidence.

Previously we served him for
several months like this.

When we wrote a thousand
letters report to Pakistan,

what Pakistan replied, sir?

..simply they said address is not
matching and we don't know about him.

So would you kill him?

Army runs by rules, soldier.

..not runs by emotions.

There are 600 soldiers in this camp..

..many awards, many achievements
and countless medals..

..In that only one black spot..


I'm seeing you since from 7 years..

..every day there is
complaint on you..

..in pay book your entry is
in red color every month..

..as a soldier,
You don't have a self-control.

Always fighting and you're nothing,
but an abnormal human being.

Sir, I'm very much normal.. I've
reason for every complaint.

Army don't have time
to listen your reasons.

You don't deserve to be here.

From past seven years
I'm saying that, sir.

I'm not worth here.
Send me to the border.

But nobody listens to me.

Did you hear that?


Surya, if there is
a war will send a soldier..

..but if I send you, war will start.

There is no wonder if third
world war starts because of you.

Your dream is to go to border, right?

Forget about it..
Because it won't happen ever in life.

Because you already
crossed the border, Surya.

You killed a person in army
custody without any orders.

You're out of order, Surya.

Out of order means...

..out of the army.


You're no longer a soldier.
- Sir, please.

You are dismissed.
- Sir.

Sir, for a moment.

Indian Army Gate is closed for you.

I can explain, sir.


Do you know,
what is your tragedy Surya?

You would have meet a great soldier.

Now get out.

Fast fast.

Do it quick.

Run run!

Quick quick do fast!

7... 8... 9...


Come on.

Lift it.

We hit you up
as Colonel commanded us.

Don't keep it in your heart.

We just did our duty.

You have to do your duty
that much sincerely?

Go away.



Do you have shame?

God father.
- Don't you change?

God father.

If he said doors are closed for you,
will you hit the door and come?

He's Colonel.

Actually it is my mistake.

10 years ago I saw you on roads..

..I treated you as my own child
and joined you in Army..

..that�s my biggest fault.

Let's go.

Why are you sitting back, let's go.


To where?

You still don't understand?

You've been removed from Army.

Now you are Ex-soldier, like me.

Let's go.


How can they do this?

If they removed me, I will not come.

Don't you come?
- No.

I will not come god father, I can't
stay anywhere. - Listen to me.

Don't behave like child.
- I can't come, God father.

I will not come.

If you continue this,
you will die in few days.

I will die, God father.

But not here.

I will die at the border.

Border, border, border.
What's there in border?

What is there?

I don't know how you will see India,
God father.

But to me, India is my home.

When I guard alone in border..

With the courage that I'm there,
billions of people..

..will sleep happily..

..that feeling is enough, God father.

To tell why
I need to go to the border.

Last time, our Hanumant's father..

..when he died in border..

..everybody cried and I also cried..

Everyone was crying
because of his death..

..I cried that
I'm not in his father's place.

That was amazing death, God father.

I felt jealous.

What else a soldier
need more than that?

This is the problem with you.

How strong is your dream, your
weakness is also that much strong..

- Yes.

I will change.

I will change.

Last time also you said same word.

- Yes.

This is the last time.




First remove your hand from my head.

I don't this is last for you,
but this is last for me.

God father.
- Promise.

some weaknesses are in Surya, sir.

But as a soldier,
he have plus points also.

He can handle any combat pressure.

He can be the leader.

Not convinced.

Sir, he is the sharpest
shooter in this academy.

I know.

But not convinced.

Sir, more than that.

He loves the country very much.

He will die for the country.

- Yes sir.

Are you willing to
die for this country?

If you order I'm ready at this
moment, sir! - Thank you Soldier.

I think you don't have
any other reasons.

Have a good day, sir.

Yes sir.

It was great catching up with you.
- Sir.


We are giving many chances to
Pakistan to change their behavior.

He belongs to us.

Last chance, sir.

Last chance.

I'm convinced.

Thank you sir.

But with a condition.

When I have to join?

Forget it.

99% no chance.

1% is there?

My recommendation did
not work this time.

Colonel is asking other's signature.

We will get it, who is that?

You can't do it.. Just forget it.

Godfather, stop that build up first.

Who? Chief Minister?

Prime Minister?

If it is PM, Please tell
me god father. Last time..

By seeing my salute..
Modi sir appreciated me personally.

If he is the person,
work will be completed.

Tell me, God father.
I will talk to him in person.

Not CM, PM..

He's an ordinary person.

Number one psychology
professor in India.

One of the person in world top three.

Head of Psychology department.

Dean of UPFL.

University of Psychology
and Foreign Languages.

Many people who get
certified with his sign..

They are serving this country
in important position.

He is master, can tell easily
a man behavior by seeing his face..

His name is...

..professor Rama Krishnam Raju.

10 years before you left,
your father.


Your father has to
sign on your progress report.

If you bring that.

Not again in army.

Directly they give you
posting in boarder.

With one signature..

Your seven years dream
will be fulfilled.

You can get Modi's signature..

..but it's hard to get
your father's signature.

They told he is your son,
but I couldn't believe.

I want to sign on progress report.

But you made me to sign
is in the police station.

I'm feeling shy to look at you.

More anger and the word
that goes beyond age is not good..

Everyone comes to me
if they have problems..

If I have a problem?

I don't want you to grow like this.

What are you saying dad,
I must grow up.

Am I a tree in garden or a dog
in front of gate to make me grow?

Anybody in my place
will react in that way.

Listen, anyone can react..

Rama Krishna Raju son's
react is different.

So, problem is when
your son reacts to a problem?


Okay. Fine I am not your son anymore.

Think that there is no son for you.

I will go.

I won't see your face again.

I want to meet Professor
Rama Krishnam Raju.

Are you soldier Surya?
- Yes.

Major Kishore.

If age is crossed 18,
called major right?

Bad joke.

Come in.

Thank you.


Sit down.



What should I call you?


What should I call you?

Look, everybody calls me Sir.

- Sir.


So, coming to the work.

Tell me about yourself.

I mean, who are you?

I am a soldier.

If I asked, what are you..?
Should say about the work.

If I asked, who you are..
Should say about you.

Now tell me. Who are you?

I am a soldier.

For everyone who are you,
what are you might be different..

But to me both are the same.

Surya is a soldier.

Surya is a soldier to you..

But for society.. Surya means anger.

For a change,
we would talk about that Surya.

Now tell, who you are.


Sir, I just need your signature.

If you want answers from me, first
I have to understand your questions.

Except who you are, why are
you.. Ask a simple question, sir.

I will try my level best.

Well, Mr.Surya.. The time is up.

- Will talk tomorrow.

Sharp 11: 00 AM.

If you ask that one
now and if you sign..


It's time for my family. I don't
want to compromise with any cases.

11:00 AM sharp.

What he is speaking about case?

What he was thinking,
as I am a prostitute?

If he ask the right question
and if he signs on my paper..

I will go tonight.

You mean, speaking in the afternoon
and sign in the evening..

returning back from there and..

..you want to join
the duty in the morning?

That's it Major.

I've been waiting for a year.

Single signature, still surviving.
You know.

You're not his personal assistant?

PO...Passport officer.

I kept signatures to everyone..

Asked to bring his signature.

You know, how hard it is?

He is showing hell by keeping
me in his opposite house.


I'm not feeling well, Kishore

Where do we get biryani?

there is a blue moon bar nearby..

Let's go to that bar.

While drinking beer,
will discuss about biryani.

Where are you going?

What are you looking?


Go on!


Get out!

Oh god. Just miss.

Yes, he just missed.

Do you know who he is?
He's son of Challa.

Challa, who is he?

Serve for me too.


What's the problem now?
Is it the land problem?

That land belongs to you.
It's your business, PC.

What you spoke is right..

But later you had
a word with my Son..

What's great in challa?

He is living bravely by
seeing people behind him..

No one is having fear here.


You hurt my ego, PC.

My courage is myself.
My people courage is also me.

That's why I came alone.

My Dad always said,
don't try to get much ego..

It will cause death.

Food is very delicious.

After eating if I don't
sleep for a moment...

...I can't survive.

Please don't go for ego.

Okay, this is for the records.

Well, how's the relationship
with your family?

We've been separated
for 10 years, sir.


My father and I have
some misunderstandings.

That's why I walked out.

Do you have any friends?


I will kick you, Idiot.

Surya, he's our friend.

I will hit anyone if I get angry.

Stop drinking,
remove the glass and get lost.

Get out.

He won't change.

Idiot's glass.



Who's Jyothi?




Actually, it's just attraction..


No Sir, just a crush in campus.

Who is Varsha?

Whole heartedly..

...I loved a girl, Sir.

Actually it is a beautiful
heart touching love story, sir.

I want to hear that story.

Telling my love story to you,
I think it won't be good.

I don't think there will be
more romance to feel shy.

I think violence will be there.

That's right.

My love story.

Started with a violence.

Brother, Go gave hands..

One hand to help others.

And second hand to
salute the national flag.

Not to touch ladies.

Say sorry.

Sorry Sister.

This one's for you.

Uncle, He is Surya.


Is he your friend?

My boyfriend, uncle.

And I want to marry him.

Then, give him something to eat.

Uncle there is a saying that we should
eat in bride's home before marriage.

It will stick automatically,
go and bring some coffee.


You can hug him after getting coffee.


Come here, sit down.

It's been one month
she came for holidays.

Great, in ten days you make
her fallen in your love.

No uncle,
I know Varsha just from ten days.

Is this new guitar?

You're very clever.

You are very speed, Sir.

Keep my speed aside,
first control your speed.

Don't cross the border.


Don't say that, Uncle.

I'm eagerly waiting to go to
border since from seven years.


No one can stop me.

Like to go to border,
24 hours I will think about it.

My goal is to go to border.

Is there a goal like this?

Huh! What do you think about border?


Do you know the situation in border?

I don't know.

Blood boils.

Do you ever seen border?
- Never.

Actually, it's hard to
see border in this age.

If you see also,
it's hard to stand up there.

It's very dangerous, don't try it.

Oh god.

Bring coffee soon, he will go.


Have you lost your mind?
Why are you breaking things?

Because, I cannot beat him.

Why do you want to hit him?

6 months ago he broke my head.


Worst fellow!

He hit you?
- Yes.

But Surya didn't recognize you,

The person who hit you,
why he will remember that?

The person who had
the injury will remember that.

But lifelong I will
make him to remember me.

My love story started
with a violence.

Continued romantically, sir.

Every day in the morning song,
afternoon song, night song.

Midnight also with the song.

Hello, Excuse me..

..I am not interested in your songs.


How breakup happened?

Some idiots evil feel on us, Sir.

Thank you, Surya

Jai hind.

Why is he here?

What is the relation
to him and soldiers?

He's a soldier and working with us.

Baby, Baby, Baby...

There is no more song
in your life, baby.

What happened uncle?

As you think, that Surya..

He is not a musician.
- What?

I am a soldier, army is my life.

This is just time pass.

I will join back in a week.




Can I smoke, sir?

No, you can't.

I don't know why Varsha went away..

There is no response on phone calls..

There is no reply to the message.

I went mad, Sir.

After four days,
one morning Varsha came.

- Don't talk.

Varsha, don't talk.
- Surya.

Surya, I'm sorry.
Please listen, Surya.

Don't touch me.
- Please.

Don't touch me. Don't touch me.

Please listen to me.

I'm very simple girl, Surya.

I can't handle stress.

To fell in love with you
your profession is one of the reason.

I expected life around that.

But suddenly when
I knew music is just your..

..hobby and military
is your profession.

I became down.

That's why I'm silent.

I'm mad..

I can't live without you, Surya.

I want you...
I really bloody want you.


I missed you.

I missed you too.

I really missed you Varsha.

I missed you.

Don't leave me anymore.. - Never.
- You don't leave me right? - No.

I'm in this room
since from four days..

I gone mad.

I just want to go out.

I want to go out.

I'll play a song for you.
- Yeah.

- Yes.

You have to talk with my Dad.

About what?

About us.

Okay, will talk..
I will take a shower and come.

Actually Surya...

You have to talk now.

- Yes.

If you talk, there will be clarity.


Clarity for what?

Surya, try to understand.

Whatever it is...

You're a soldier.

To accept that I took some time.

Either my father will agree or not.

Hey, stop, stop...

You're speaking that military
as a crime, first stop that.

Surya don't be angry.
- Shut up!

If I'm from military
I should convince all?

Don't be angry, Surya, please.

I won't get angry.

I'm asking you very cool, look at me.

When I ask your father, if he said
get lost then what is the situation?

Talk first.

Take off your hands.

I will ask him, if he said yes okay..

..else if he say no
what is the situation?

If he say no, what is the situation?
- Why are you thinking negative?

Don't do drama. Answer my question.

Surya, you hurt me.

Answer me.
- Please, leave me.

Answer my question first.

Leave me.
- Varsha.

If he said yes okay else if
he say no what is the situation?

If he say no what is the situation?
- Forget me!

Forget me.

I have to forget you?

You need your father's
permission to get married?

Every day you came to my bedroom..

Surya, stop it.
- No need permission for that?

Surya don't talk rubbish,
mind your language.

If I'm angry I will get
cuss words not chants.


What happened?

Who told you to get in?
Get out!

He's my uncle.

I don't care.
This is our personal problem.

Don't you have shame?

Will you beat me?

Surya, you hit me Uncle?

I hit this fellow six
months before only.

It's not difficult to hit him now.

So you remember the flash back?

How can I forget your face?

When I try to avoid you,
is it new guitar..

Asking me a stupid question.

He is my equal to my father.

You hit him.

As long as you touch his feet
and ask him to apologize you..

If my father agree,
I will see your face.

He's a comedian and his brother?

His brother,
your father how big comedian he is.

If I have to touch their feet,
I don't need.



Break up.

That is the thing happened, Sir.

Women starts all the fights..

They will finish perfectly
that we are wrong.

Art, Sir.

Surya, enough for today.

I will continue tomorrow.

At 11 am?
- Sharp 10.30am.

Oh god.

Beautiful jacket, Soldier.

My ex who gave this
will be more beautiful.

I miss her very much.

Look at that girl,
she looks like my ex-girlfriend.

If you miss her badly,
then every girl looks like your ex.

Why only that girl?

Right, Major.

Why I can see her only in that girl?

Hey Kishore!
- Yes.

Hey Kishore, you.


Kishore, here.


Hey soldier!



Hey... that's my friend.

Here is the sandwich.

In this sandwich...

There is no cheese in it.
don't worry.

I didn't expect this.


Talking to me like this when you see
me and inviting to me for lunch.

Really sweet.

Cook, it�s ok.

Actually, I saw you before..

Really? When?

2 minutes before you see me.

Is it necessary?

Why didn't you call me?

Actually, I want to call you...

..but self-respect didn't
let me to talk to you.

When we had a fight..

I stopped how I could speak to you.

When the people see us..

They will think that we don't
have character, standards..

Don't say that.

I mean, after a big how
I can talk with you..

That's why I didn't come to call you.

- Don't talk.

So, I don't have self-respect..


Varsha, I told casually about me..

You're thinking
very cheaply about me right..

After seeing me,
you tried to control yourself.

But without shame
I came to talk with you..

You know why,
because I'm loving, caring..


I have a character
and finally I'm not you.

That day you told breakup..

Now I am telling.

I don't need.


Again, what is this breakup?

I wear the jacket you have given me.

Varsha I can't afford
to lose you again.

Varsha wait.



For a person to live in society..

..there should be family,
career, friends, love.

But in your case, there is nothing.

Many people are saying..

Can you understand
about your problem?

I understand, sir.

Do you accept it?
- No.

I admit that I'm anger but if you
say it is wrong I won't agree.


You're in first stage
of your ego, Sir.

If they listen frequently about
the compliant that he don't like..

After some days
that man becomes stubborn..

I'm right, I know everything...

He behaves like ego person.

And like you, he was left alone.

Go, I will not stop you.

But with this attitude you
can't achieve anything.

In fact...

You will be alone forever.

Hello, excuse me...

Why are you laughing?
- There's nothing.

Listen, Surya.

If you don't like my words,
you can go.

If you don't understand, ask me.

But don't laugh.

All right sir, you may continue.


Tell me why are you laughing?

Actually what I guess..

That is only happening
that's why I'm laughing.

What did you guess?

After all topics..

I knew that finally you
will stop at personal topic.

What's personal?

Then? How is
your relationship with family?

When you ask about yourself to me,
it seems to be sarcasm.

Don't you know how
my relationship with you is?

It's my job.

Sir, please.

I want to know, what is the relation
to your signature and my love story?

Why are you asking me,
when there is everything in file?

That's the procedure, Surya.

Not a procedure, sir.

Personal satisfaction.

You feel happy when you hear
about my failure in my words.

You like it.


You rejected everyone in life..

But I'm the only one rejected you,
it's me.

And you don't like it.

My fate Army sent me
to you for signature..

You're taking it as advantage
and fulfilling your personal wishes.

You're thinking something
and speaking like egoist.


What are you talking about?
I'm in the first stage of the ego?

Did you noticed sir,
you are in the last stage of ego.

When you see
your son after ten years..

Any father..

He will ask how you are
but not who are you, Sir.

Everyone thinks Professor
Rama Krishnam Raju, wow..

..great, talented Psychology
but I don't see anything.

I only see an ordinary Dad.

Sir, you are nothing
but a very ordinary daddy.

Who are you?

Now I speak as a father.

Who are you to me?

Surya, you know?

When you went away from my life,
on that day..

You went away from my memories also,
you know why?

Because, I never wanted you.

I married in young age..

But I don't need a child soon..

But it happened.

You were born not as we dreamt,
you just born by giving birth.

If Rama Krishnam Raju dreamt, he will
have son like Rama Krishna Raju.

Now you understand?

You are an unwanted child.

Do you understand what I mean?

You came to earth
without any invitation..

Just a waste material.

Who asked you to give birth?

Who asked you to give birth?

Did I ask you?

Did I ask you?

When you don't need,
you can buy that in available shops..

You read lot of books, don't you read
which is written backside of RTC bus.

Useless psychology.

Surya, you can't smoke here.

I can, and I'll.

I will smoke here.

Not giving advice to others,
just analyze your life once.

Crazy psychology!

What are you saying?

I'm not in your memory?
- It's a lie, Sir.

I'm in your life.

Where I will say that I'm your son..

You have fear that you
will get bad name..

I'm in that fear..

You're feeling ashamed to confess
your students that I'm your son..

In that insult, I'm there.

I'm there in your greatest failure.

My mom carried me for
seven years but you..

Carrying me till your last breath.

You will carry me.

You are right.

I'm carrying you.

It's time to get you down.

I want all the students to assemble
in the auditorium right now..

It's an emergency.

Good evening, Dear students.


He came to me..

You know him as a soldier that he
came here to take my signature.

You don't know..


..is my son.

He's my son but I'm shy to admit it.

Are you happy?

I said, what you asked.

Now, do you became better person now?

I�m becoming better person.

When you point me..

I corrected it immediately.

When you woke up..

At least do you have
thought to correct it.


You came here to get my certificate..

Trying to certify me.

How dare you, get out.

Get out of my sight.

To where?

Actually I don't understand you.

If you call all students
and saying that I'm your son..

Sir, I don't have any
feelings like you..

I came here..

Not to announce that I'm your son..

I came to get
your professional signature.

Sir. My bad luck is..

If you sign, I can go to the border.

I have no choice, sir.

Sir, if my father hand is
an obstacle for me to go to border..

I will forget that hand is my father.

So, if you keep sign now..

I will go.

Why do I want to sign?

What do you want me to do?

Will keep lot of meetings..

Discusses about my past
and worst life..

Are you doing any documentary on me?

Did you tell me that if you
do these things, I will keep?

Sir, if I don't do anything that you
have said to me then you can scold me.

21 days.


21 days.

There is a concept in psychology.

If anyone practices for 21days,
can left the memories..

And can get new habits.

Try it out,
from tomorrow your target starts..

Try to control
your anger for 21 days.

Prove to society that Surya
is solider not anger person..

..show to the world.

Love towards your country
and the dream to go border..

Prove your weakness is
stronger than that..

Not just 1 signature,
I will put 100 signatures.


Exactly now you came
to the point, Sir..

If you tell me this when I come here.

Half of the mission is done.

I take up this challenge.

Professor be ready with your pen..

I will meet you in second day on this
stage in front of these students.

You will say in your words
that I'm lost, Surya..

I will take sign from
you and moves from here.

Please, forgive us.
- Hey, shut up!

No, no.

Don't make noise...

Hey! Is this your father's road?

Clear it, I should go.

When everyone was silent,
why you're shouting?

You know who's there? Challa's son.

Challa or my foot.

Do you know with
whom you're fighting?

Challa's son.

Why are you saying
Challa name always..

Can't you do anything?

Only for this or he has
to come for everything.

Clear the traffic.

What is this, soldier?

You just challenged
that will be for 21 days.

You can't be patience
for 20 minutes..

My father said from tomorrow
I should not fight with anyone..

That means until tomorrow no
one should not come to me.

So, will you hit anybody?

Do you know, who is he?

You came to this town
for your father's sign..

But, his father sign
is there on this town.

From tomorrow,
you have to do war with him.

I have to do war, Kishore..

Not with his father
or with my father..

But with me.

I am my enemy.

Fight is with me.

Do you want to say something?

Why are you saying
Challa name always..

Can't you do anything?

Nothing father..

I can handle it myself.

Surya, starting fight himself..

Take breath.

Release breath.

Take breath.

And release.

Take breath..

And release.

Take breath..

And release.


What is all this?

Shopping.. Buddha statue.

Cool, good for you.

Thank you.

Finally the first day is over.
- Yes, soldier.

How are you feeling, Soldier?

Feeling like a gun without a bullet.

It is used only for
cleaning not for firing.

Eating spice less salad..

Going to laughing clubs..

Use this object, I don't understand.

This is the problem
with you soldiers..

You will be either side.

You know there is
a route in the middle?

There's a right way or wrong way,
what is the other route?

There is,
that route name is management.

My Indian's will go in
that route only, cute fellows.


Hey, Close the shop.

They started again riot.

Who? - Challa's people,
Let�s go back.

Let's go!

Soldier, come on!

There is no problem if that Challa
continues riot for few days..

..I bought full stock from shop.

Excuse me.


Divya's due date is
still for one month..

..but she got premature pains..

..It is risk to give birth now..

..his husband is not in town..

..doctor told me to give
injection immediately..

..could you please bring this
medicine as there is riot outside.

In riot we can get alcohol
but medicine is impossible.

I'll bring medicine.
- No, soldier.

- Hurry up...

there are Challa people outside.

Danger, soldier!

How was the riot elsewhere?
- Everything is going well.

Did anyone called up?


Come here.

Who are you?
I have never seen you here before.

I am new to town.

Riot is going in town,
should not come outside.

That's why I'm going back.



What is that?

What's in your hand?

Open your hands.

What is this?

There is a pregnant lady
in emergency, please.

When riot is going here,
who sold you medicines here?

No one,
I took it by opening shutters.

If you can open shutters, what is
the necessity for us to do riot?


Even she dead, riot remains riot.

Until I count 10..

You shouldn't be in front of me..




I can still see you, go.


Did you get medicine?

How he can bring,

Challa persons caught him in
the middle and broke the bottle.

I said before, escaping from
them and getting the medicine..

Thank you.

Where did you get this bottle?

I took another bottle for safety.

What? You started thinking.

This is called management, soldier.

Is this management?

One bottle to break and another
bottle to save the life..

..there is no problem
and work didn't stop.

You can get sign for guarantee.

All right,
he brought medicine on time.

How did he get the medicine in riot?

I'm saying you about
the help he has done but..

..you�re asking me how
he bought the medicine?

Raj, you're behaving
as professor at home.

I like him.

Invite him for lunch.

No need.

For small help no need
to invite for lunch.

Vaidehi, I already told
you about your brother..

..that�s why I arranged box for him.

Please give him, Raj.


What do you think about me?

I should take box for
some other fellow?

Then, bring him to home.

Satya, are you out of mind?

Will you bring him to home
or will you take this box?

Oh my...

Since from half
an hour he is waiting..

..and seeing that box.

If he is hungry,
he can eat who stopped him Soldier?

That is not the matter, Kishore.

Something is there.

Did Mother sent me this box?

Yesterday for helping her,
did she gave box for me specially?


She sent this one for you.

You know something.

I will feed food to an enemy also.

I'm also.

I am a person that I can
eat food at enemy's home.

It's too much.

Wash it neatly and send
the box to home.

Congrats, soldier!

If he brings food today,
tomorrow sign is confirm.

Honored and grateful, sir.

Surya is thinking that problem
is solved but the problem is..

...he still didn't face
the real problem in life.

If it enters.


Medicine, is it you?

You came on time.

Boss car has given some problem,
drop him with care.

You get lost.

Okay sir.
- Kishore.

- Good luck.

Get down!

Brother Challa, the car is ready.

Hey, get the car ready.

Mustafa, do you know what is
more difficult in the world?

Always making a person to agree.

No, sir.

The most difficult is telling
a person it is not possible.

Daughters to get married..

..an aspiring boy to become a doctor.

You should run this family,
but you cannot walk.

Assets can clear
the needs not self-respect.

This mud..

Mustafa, use it.

This might be land for you..

But it is mosque for me.

This is the award given to
me for serving this country..

..If I stand on this land..

..what I lost..

..I remember what I earn.

Please don't ask me to
sell this land again.

Mustafa, you don't know about me.

If I want, I can take it anyway.

Same at that time, sir.

Now you came with four people,
previously with 400 people.

As you said now..

..in the same way tried
to take Cargill.

They took my leg.

They can't even take
a small stone in Cargill.

I'm familiar with war, sir.

You want to fight with Challa?

Can you stand?

I stood with one leg when
my country was in trouble..

..if that trouble comes to my home..

..I believe the country stood for me.

I thought you're living
far to the town..

..but apparently you are living
far from the community.

Go anywhere, I will
give you 4 days only.

If anyone says that I'm wrong,
I will leave you.


I heard you're a former driver of
Subash Chandra Bose.

Your son's car is not moving
properly, teach him a little.

Father and son both are same?

Son, if you listen what
your father and grandfather says..

..India won't be like that.

It is false,
India will be seen as I said.

Don't listen to them,
you will get spoiled.

You spoiled him also.

Hey, get the car ready!

Kishore, Kishore!
Where are you?

What happened, Surya?

Challa got into my car
and used me as a dog.

What happened now?

he sat next to me and doing rowdism..

Business, fraud,
threats and everything.

Let him do, did he asked you to do?

Did he tell you to bluff anyone?
- No.

So why are you worried?

Without feeling bad, he is doing
business by keeping me side.

He'll have his business and will have
our own business, come let's drink.

- Yes.

you don't understand my pressure.

What frustration?

Frustration only to you,
no we will also get frustration..

Everyone in this country
can feel stressed.

That's why there is alcohol.

Drink... drink!
- No.

Now, having two pegs
and coming out from frustration..

..getting ready in the morning for
fresh frustration, that is life.

You're noisy.
Are you so special?

Soldier, you're an ordinary person.

You don't understand Kishore.

You want to go to the border or not?

Many people like Challa will exist
everywhere, when you go.

But Challa got into my car.
- Yes, you're not doing it.

Drink, drink...


Good morning, soldier.

Good morning, Major.

How do you feel?

Actually last night
I'm too emotional.

That's a good progress.

Challa's car broke down he asked for
help.. I gave him life, that's all.

Welcome to the club!

Now I understood something, Kishore.

We have to accept life as it is.
- As it is.

Are we special?
- No.

That is why..

..I'm going to speak
with Varsha's father.

If anything happens there.

There are two more
bottles in storage.

That's a good progress, Major.
- Thank you.

If there is a problem in day..

..I got a way to reset in the night.

Incredible Indians.

brother liked your car very much..

..so I want to take it.
You ride that bike.

You will always speak about Cargill..

..when Cargill happened?
Does anyone remember it?

I advise you as a Muslim.

I did not come here as
Muslims, but as ordinary man.

You will not change.

Challa is not an ordinary person,
better you just sell your land.

Sir, as a policeman if you don't
understand a soldier's pain.

What is soldier?

Did I ask you to join in military?

You joined because you're interested.

Because of the war you did..

..whole country is living,
you're speaking in that way.

Fight is ours, Police does fight
from morning that is called fighting.

Go and take back your medal.


One time he was an officer but now
he's a traitor to the country.

A retired soldier, Mustafa
tried to sell country secrets..

..he did suicide
that it will be known to all.

Oh you.
- Hey Medicine.

How are you?
- Good.

He is important person to boss,
he will stay here for two days.

Please take care of him.. Bye.

Think of your own home.

Is there drink?
- Yeah, there's a beer.

I don't want a beer, Brandy is there?

Brandi does not exist...
- Buy it.

Okay. Give me 5 minutes.

Did you bought biryani?
- Have you told me?

Should I tell you?
Bring it.

Two minutes.

I can't sleep alone, she is my lady.

Wait outside for an hour.

Close the door.


Anwar, what are you doing?

My father is gone.
What can you do with these medals?

Just throw it away!

Anwar, it's not an ordinary medal.
For this country..

Your father.
- Silence. Enough! Shut up!

you ruined my father by saying this.

By saying same things
my father spoiled me.

See what happened?
He's dead!

My father saved Cargill and now he
is considered a traitor!

Mom, my father believed that country
stands for him if he get any problem..

..but no one stood to
see father's dead body.

One day, this country
will know the truth about my Son.

There is nothing to
know about the country.

Now the country is
seen as Challa said.

You will not understand,
because you are angry.

First you understand, no one will
ask if something happen to us.

This country does not care about us.

Again if you say wrong
words about this country..

I will say hundred times
this country is not mine..

..I can't die as my father
by listening to you.

I'll show you how to live outside.

Brother. Anwar don't go.


His mother sent food for
the help done by Surya.

For the patience shown by Surya,
I want to give him her mother.

What are you saying?

Your son is coming.

Is he coming?

Do you know?

How he looks?

He is your son, recognize him.



Not one, not two..

..but 20 years..

..why did you run away..?

..I will not ask.

But, why did you run
away without telling me?

If you don't like you father,
what did I do?

During this time you are in front
of me, without telling me the truth.

How you and your dad survived?

Men are great.

Mom, please.

Don't touch me.

If you do a call once..

..to tell your mom that I'm alive.
- Mother, please.

Don't you remember me?

Mother please.
Not like that.

Go! Go! Go!

Where are going back now?

When this game started..

..I thought Surya will be
in control for one day..

'But, for one day if
he was in control.. Enough.'

'His dream will be achieved.'

Boy you're so cute.

Are you, Surya?
- Yes.

Our ACP wants to see you.

His son Mustafa, last 15th
he was dead in MR mall cellar..

..during the investigation,
CCTV footage was missed in spot.

But, we can see you
in another camera.

Did you notice any
unusual activities?



They killed my son,
but they said he committed suicide.

You are just one evidence I have.

Please remember.

Not that one.. Challa or his child..

No, no...
- Try remembering again.

Sir is saying
that he didn't see anything.

If he saw, he is not having
cheap character to lie.

I know about him.

- Sir!

You too, come.

I used to say always,
very important person in my life..

Yes sir, soldier Surya.

He is the man.

My one and only inspiration,
man of a character.

Do you remember,
when I'm in training two years back..

..my batch unexpectedly
met you in Delhi..

Everyone spoke about their dreams..

..but only you spoke
about what is dream.


Everyone has a dream.

One day it will be achieved but..

..are you still the same person..

..when you had a dream
and when you achieved it?

Did you compromise in the middle?

When your dream come true
and if you look back..

..you must see the foot steps
that you had..

..but not your character
that you left.

Leaving a character
means leaving a life.

Dying before the death comes.

Although there are many
work pressure,

I never change my character.

No compromise.

Sir, one picture.


Sir, smile a little.



The world is so small.


I had just known about you recently.

I'm really angry with you.

What a situation?

Important thing is you
should go to border.

To me, this work has
to be done smoothly.

All right, I'll forget it.

And you have to forget this.

If you don't forget,
you can bear cool in border..

..but you can't tolerate
the heat in Vizag.

Will you forget or not?

Will you forget or not?

Will you forget or not?

Show your weaknesses
is your strength. Prove it.

Are you forgetting?

Answer it, dam it!

Are you forgetting?

Are you forgetting?

Are you forgetting?

I'll forget it.

Dear students,
Alexander won the world.

Mahatma Gandhi won violence.

Surya won himself.

You're right, Surya.

I'm lost.

No one can stop you to go boarder.

I will sign it now.

No sir.

Don�t sign.

I did not win.

In this winning process,
I lose my character and I lost.

Once everyone would
have call me unfit..

But I did not confess it.

But now I agrees, I am unfit.

Without my character.

I am not fit for solider.

Sir, how I'm before..

If I see mirror,
I stopped like a lady.

But now..

..I'm afraid to see myself, sir.

You always say that, I am alone.

But I never felt that way.

I was with my best company..

I'm having myself.

Now I have everything, family, love..

..and career..


..where am I, sir?

Now, I'm feeling very lonely, sir.

Long time, my best friend..

..I am missing him.


..I am not there for myself.

When I am not there for me.

Who else is there, why Sir?

What's my dream, sir?

I want to go to the border
and save the lives of people.

By crossing these dead bodies.

Not only target,
path also needs to be good.

In front of my eyes,
man losing his life. Then also.

I didn't reacted, Sir..

First time, I'm angry with me.

I'm getting angry.

Someone heard my words..

..he is leaving with character, Sir.

But why my life became like this.

I don't want this life.

No, Sir.. If I change only my dream
will come true, I don't need that..

I don't know whether it is correct
or wrong, But this is me..

This is my real.

Now should not think
about my dream, Sir..

I have to think about
my character which is lost.

I'll get it back, sir.

Although I'm dying, will
die with my character.


Hey soldier.

Why are you here?

You want to try this.

Hey, military.

What, hey military?




I should forget that?

Vizag's heat..

I can't bear Vizag's heat?

Grandpa, yesterday you are asking..

I lied then.

They killed.

They killed him in front of my eyes.

I saw, Grandfather.

I'm sorry, Grandfather.

I've made a mistake without
killing you on that day.

Kill me today. Kill me.


I will kill you.

Kill me.

He is willing to die
for country since from 70 years..

Nothing problem for him to die now.

Kill him.

Today freedom to hold the knife..

..he earned that.

You dare to kill him?


Are you mad?

Run... Run...

Stop the car.

Go fast.


Oh shit!

Oh shit!

Line of control.

From now on, this property and he are
under the control of Surya soldier.

Who are you talking about?

That day he was driver to me,
is it he?

Have you seen correctly?

Is it he?

Please serve me also.



He told many things
but I did not believe it.

You have to believe.

You know what will
happen if you hit my men.

Not only beating.

I killed them.

You don't tell him clearly?

Killed them?


Because I got angry.


Is anger a special quality?

Every human will get angry.

In India there are
125 billion people..

Everyone gets angry.

That's right.

If the anger of 125 billion
people gets to a single person?

You had salt correctly..

But I will eat more salt and spicy.

Food is delicious.

It's been long time to sleep..

I will sleep here for a while.

No Challa...don't go for ego.

Your son is in his custody, Challa.

You should do business
with him not fighting.

Get up! Get up!

You're enough to sleep.

Why this all?

What do you want?

All this because of Mustapha's land?

Just because of 5 acres of land.

I will leave, stop it.

I will take care of
his family. Stop it.

I can't bring Mustafa back,
what else do you need?


Do you understand,
why he is still silent?

What do you want?


I want India. Give it!

You don't understand?

Another name having to my India..


You thought,
you just killed Mustafa only.

But you forgot,
the biggest murder you did.

Because of that 5 acres land issue,
you killed India in Anwar heart.

This is not my homeland.

He wants to be a doctor
and serves this country..

..but he left that this
country is not mine.

Where is Anwar now?

What does he do now?

In which situation
he was surviving now?

Which decisions he is taking?

Does anyone know here?

He developed hate
towards this country..

..and going in wrong path,
listening to them..

I came to do something
too this country..

Soldier like me has to kill him?

Not from outside..

People like you will
prepare enemies from here.

What do I want to call you?

Pakistani traitor.


Who is Pakistani?

Who is Pakistani?

I am an Indian!

What's the proof? Where is the proof?

Proof yes, proof?

Look at this, I have aadhar card..

Pan cards,
voter ID and even passport also.

I was born in India.

Now I was standing on
the ground of India so, I'm Indian.

India is not in the pocket.

But in the heart.

If you live in India
will not become Indian,

if you have India in you
then you will be an Indian.

Is India in your heart?

I'm giving you 24 hour�s time..

I want Anwar..

Go and search him.

Your power and influence
were used for yourself..

..but for the first time use them
for your country.

If suppose..

If my fear becomes
true in Anwar matter..

I will start killing from your son..

He is not a traitor, he is patriot..

Mustafa did not commit
suicide it was murder.

Anwar disturbed with his father
death, he ran away from home.

We all have responsibility
to find Anwar.

I don't care what you will do through
Facebook, whatsapp..

Spread the news about Anwar,
I need him.

A soldier protects the country..

..if he can't protect
his own son, how?

72 people were killed
in bomb blast in Delhi.

Who are responsible for bomb
blast were under 27 year�s age.

How did they have this
much hate in children?

Where is Anwar now what he is doing?

In which situation he was in now,
what kind of decisions he is taking..

Does anyone know here?

I've been looking around country,
but still no information about Anwar.

Anwar, not only your family..

The whole country is waiting for you,
come back.

You say, this is first.
Can you kill people?

Killing is first time,
but I saw it many times.

Whom I have to kill?


Anwar, right?

Anwar! Anwar!

Anwar! Anwar!

Anwar! Anwar!


Justice is happening for
the injustice happened to you..

Offenders will be punished.

What is your reaction, Anwar?

Why don't you speak, Anwar?


Hello, Anwar.. Are you happy?


He is not happy.

Why? Justice is done right.

Helping a person during
problem is called justice..

But after the devastation took
place, it is called sympathy.

Now we are all doing that,
late realization.

I don't understand one thing,
30 years before..

We remember Kapil Dev who made
India won in cricket match..

But why don't we remember Mustafa
who fought for us 18 years back.

We should keep
that persons in heart..

At least we don't remember them.

Because of our forgetful,
not only Mustafa died..

But Anwar's belief
against our country as well.

You're right, Anwar.

I'm with you.

I used to be anger like you, Anwar.

I was out of the house
at the age of 16 years.

He might become Abdul
Kalam in one path..

In another path he might
become Osama Bin Laden.

And may be like me without anything.

Anwar, in life if you want
to achieve something..

It has to happen with your choice.

Not because of your situation.

As situations constantly changes,

But our character should not change.

Till yesterday what's
your situation, Anwar?

During the death of
your father, no one has come..


Hundreds of people came for you..

It's late, It is wrong.

Even it is late, but they came Anwar.

Shall I tell you one thing..?

In God's house there is only light,
no darkness.

Now, if you think this
is not your homeland...

If it is your choice..

Tear it.


Did Surya passed the exam, Professor?

He failed.

He cannot change his character
and he lost his dreams.

What he want to do at border..

He did it before going there.

He saw country in a man..

I'm not saying this
as Surya is my son..

I'm proudly saying that he is my son.

The best book I've ever
read in my life is SURYA.


Where is Surya now, Professor?



I had a job, will you do that?


Sir, you..

Thank you.

Thank you, Father.

Thank you.


I missed you, Father.

I miss you to my son.
I miss you.

Hey, you always talk about borders.

How it looks?


While stepping on border..

With lot of happiness..

Your eyes brightens
like billions of lamps..

When your chest expands as India..

When you arrive at
the top and if you look back.

And when you see only
the footsteps you had till then..

Besides that...

When you guard alone
for 125 billion homes..

When your best music that you
heard in life, plays in your heart.