Race Against Time: The Search for Sarah (1996) - full transcript

The true story of the disappearance of Sarah Porter. With no help from the police, Sarah's parents are forced to act on their own to find her. They must battle the bureaucracy of the police department while they are searching all over town for clues to Sarah's whereabouts. When the crucial clue is discovered, Shara's father confronts her kidnapper at gunpoint.

(gentle techno music)

(gentle orchestral music)

(dog barking)

- [Natalie] Sandy, bring in the presents.

- Okay, Mom.

That looks great, Mom.

Did you get the candles?

- 22 and one to grow on.

I can't wait for Matt to get here.

Why aren't you dressed yet?

- I'm gonna take a walk.

- Didn't you just do the treadmill?

- The doctor told me to exercise.

- [Natalie] He also told
you not to overdo it.

- Yeah, I know.

You're putting them too far apart.

She won't be able to blow them out.

- He means well.

- I'm moving out.

- Now, stop that.

- Ah, come on, Mom,
this just isn't working.

- You're dad wants you here and so do I.

- I'll have enough money as
soon as the divorce is final.

(gentle orchestral music)

(country music)

- Ms. Pierce is here.

- Oh, I forgot all about her.

Can you take her please?

- I already offered.

She said you're the only one here

who can cover her bald spot.

- Oh, I'm gonna be late again.

My dad's gonna kill me.

- Come on, Sarah, you
can have her in and out

in no time.

- [Sandy] Ooh, look, here they are.

- Hi.

Angel boy.

- [Martha] Hi, Mom.

- Hi, Roger.
- Hi.

- [Natalie] Give Grandma a kiss.

- I hope we're not late.

- You are not late.

You're right on the dot.

Thank you.

- Where's the birthday girl?

- You know, Sarah, she
lives in her own time zone.

- Uh-huh, don't start.

She'll be here any minute.

- I'm gonna go watch the
end of the game, okay?

- Okay.

- Let's take this off, it's hot.

- I will do it.

- You'll do it? Okay.

How was your last day?

- Actually, it was really nice.

They offered to double
my salary if I'd stay

and my new boss called.

I'm getting a company car.

- Terrific.
- Yeah.

- Easy, easy.

- There he is. Hey.

How you doing?

- Fine, fine.

- Matty.

- Guess what?

I'm getting a company car

and a corner office, what
do you think of that?

- What do I think? Well,
I think it's great.

You know what I think.

- No, I don't.

You never said a word about my new job.

- [John] Oh, honey, come on.

- Grandma has a surprise
for you in the kitchen

and Grandma needs you to carve the roast.

(traffic whirring)

- Amy, don't run off like that.

Give me your hand, come on.

We gotta get home.

We're having a very
special dinner tonight.

- How come?

- To celebrate Aunt Lydia's new job.

- Are we having hot dogs?

- No.

That's your favorite meal.

Aunt Lydia likes my stir, remember.

And she also likes ice cream.

- With chocolate sauce?

- Yeah, tons of it.

Oh, you're okay.

(engine revving)

(Amy laughing)

What's the matter?

- Somebody's calling me.

- That's just the wind.

- [Danny] Amy.

- It makes funny noises sometimes.

- No, I heard a man, listen.

- God, jeez.

You are a crazy fool.

- Did I scare you? I didn't mean to.

Hey, Danielle, do you think you could talk

to your sister for me?

See if I can, she won't
have nothing to do with me.

- You're such a loser, Danny.

Lydia finally figured it out.

She wants you to stay away.

So do I.

- Bye, Amy.

(women laughing)

- [Sarah] Oh, my God, you guys.

Thank you so much.

You put a lot of thought into this.

- Happy birthday.
- Don't lose it.

- Hey, everybody look over here.


- [John] Thank you for coming.

- Martha, do you have a sitter for Sunday?

- Yep, I'm all set.

Is Ed watching the motel?

- No, he had to go to a funeral.

- I'm gonna do it.

Oh, give me a break, Martha.

I think I can handle it for one night.

- Mom, come on.

Man of the Year is a big honor.

It's an important night for Dad.

You can't count on Sarah.

- You are something.

Sarah wants to go to Dad's party,

but she knows we're in a bind,

so she offered to watch the motel.

She's trying to be more responsible.

- She was late for her own birthday party.

- She had to work.

- Why are you always defending her?

- Why are you always attacking her?

(Martha scoffs)

- Come on, Martha, let's go.
- Goodnight.

- Goodnight.

Call me when you get home.

(engine revving)

(gentle orchestral music)

- It was very pretty.

Why don't you go get
that little candlestick

off my bureau.

- Hi, Amy.
- Hey.

- Hi.

I quit.

- [Danielle] What do you mean you quit?

- I mean my boss is kind of a jerk.

He like made me work on my lunch hour

and everything, so, I quit.

- You couldn't just last through one day?

- Danielle, please, don't get
all peeved out, all right?

- It's not that big a deal.

I just quit.

- It was a good job, Lydia.

- Yeah, well, not as good as my new one.

- What are you talking about?

- Well, today on my way home,

I was walking by that
new market, you know,

and they're like looking for cashiers,

so I met up with the manager

and he thinks I got a pretty good chance.

- Honey, you can't just go jumping around

from job to job.

- I know, this job pays
like 12 bucks an hour.

Is that all right?

Amy, how are you?

- We've got ice cream
with chocolate sauce.

- We do?

- Honey, why don't you go wash your hands.

I saw Danny today.

He followed me and Amy.

He nearly scared us to death.

- Yeah, did he say
something or what'd he say?

- He wants you back.

- Ain't happening this time.

It's not.

I mean, I'm not scared
of him anymore, you know.

(man banging)

- [Man] Anyone in there?

Fire, wake up.

- Danielle!


Amy, there's a fire.

(sirens blaring)

- [Amy] The windows,
let's get to the window.

(dramatic music)

(baby crying)

(siren blaring)

- Said it was the wiring.

It's been shorting out for months.

(dramatic music)

- [Child] Here, kitty,
come on, kitty, kitty.

(suspenseful music)

(gentle orchestral music)

(bell ringing)

- Hi.
- Good evening.

- I'm really sorry to get you out of bed.

We just had a fire in our building

and the fireman said you might put us up

for the night?

He says that you
sometimes help people out.

I'll be honest with you.

I don't have any money right now,

but I'll pay you back.

I promise.

- I've got money, Mommy.

I can pay.

- Well, let's not worry about that now.

First let's get everyone to bed.

- Thank you so much.

I promise I'll pay you back.

- It's all right.

Right this way.

Just follow me back here.

I've got an extra room for you.

(dog barking)

- Hey, good morning.

- Good morning.

- We go there late last night.

And I'm wondering if you could do our room

a little later.

My little girl and my
sister are still asleep.

- Oh, sure, that's not a problem.

- Thank you very much.

- It's all right.

(suspenseful music)

- Now's the chance, buddy.

- Nah, not now, she's
got the kid with her.

I want her later, alone.

- I ain't got nothing but time.

(engine revving)

(Sarah knocking)

- Hi.
- Hi.

- My mom keeps these around for my nephew.

I thought maybe the little
girl would like them.

- Oh, cool, thanks, come on in.

(door closes)

- [Lydia] So you cut hair.

That's like a tough job.

Do you live here like all the time.

- I'm trying to save up money.

I got into some trouble with credit cards.

- Oh, maxed them out, huh?

- Good thing for my dad.

- [Lydia] He seems real
nice, real considerate.

- Yeah, he is.

He's always doing things for other people,

always helping out, even now.

- [Lydia] What do you mean?

- I mean he had a heart attack.

- Wow, sorry.

I mean, you'd never know
it if you looked at him.

- Yeah, it runs in his family.

His dad died really young.

I think he's afraid the same
thing's gonna happen to him.

- Dad.

I just, um, I wanted to thank you

for bailing me out again.

- You missed a spot here.

- You know, I learned my lesson this time.

I did, I'm not gonna screw up again.

I promise.

- Good. That's good.

- Dad, I'm gonna be done here in a second.

Do you want to play cards or something?

- Maybe later.

I gotta take my walk now.

- I love you, Dad.

- I know that, honey.

(gentle music)

- Wait a minute, now hold on a second.

You stick your nose in our business,

let me tell you something.

The only reason you
want Lydia to stay away

is so you have a free babysitter.

- [Lydia] Danny.

- And you know it.

- Listen.
- You have a free baby-

- What? What do you want me to do?

- I'm am not gonna go back to you.

- Listen, just tell her to
stay out of it, all right.

You're a grown woman.

- Watch the kid, man, come on.

- All right, we're gonna talk
about this a little more.

Stay out of this!

We're gonna talk about it ourselves alone.

- Lydia, don't go!

- You're really making me angry.

- Oh, well, listen.

I just remember-
- Chill out.

- What's going on out here?

- None of your damn business.

That's what's going on out here.

- Why don't you leave
before I call the police.

- So you're gonna call the police?

- Yes, I'm gonna call the police.

- Wait minute, be a man and
I'll do anything you want.

- You don't have to do this.

- It's all right, Mr. Porter.

I'm, I'll be fine, just don't
call the police, please.

Thank you.

(door slams)

- You all right?

- She's all right.

It's just a lover's quarrel, that's all.

- You don't have to do this.

(engine revving)

- It's okay.

She's gonna be back.

They're just gonna go talk, okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

(door closes)

- Did you get any sleep at all last night?

- Mm, couple hours.

- Bored with the treadmill?

- I'm doing this for Matt.

I did it for all the girls, remember.

- I remember.

I don't know, but he might have

to wait a couple of years to use this.

- Ah.

- Oh, honey, you've healthier than

you've ever been in your life.

You're gonna dance at Matt's wedding

and it better be with me.

Your jacket came out great.

We have to be ready by five.

Did you remember to take your medicine?

- Yeah.

- Mom, does this look as bad

as I think it does?

- Open the jacket.

- I must have gained 10 pounds.

- That's better.

- It looks fine, really.

- You're not even looking.

- Why do you do that?

- Do what?

- You know how important
your opinion is to her.

- She's so touchy about everything I say.

- She has absolutely no
self confidence, John.

Just because the girls
are grown doesn't mean

they don't need your approval.

You look nice.

- Hi, Mrs. Porter, hi, I just wanted,

oh, I'm sorry, love, hi,

I just want to thank you so much

for everything, you and your husband

and I want to give you some money.

This is only part of what I owe,

but I'm good for the rest.

I just got a second job.

- Well, you pay when you can.

Just take care of that little girl.

- Yeah.

I also wanna give you my
new address in Rockwater

and my phone number at work.

I would have given you
my new home phone number,

but it's not connected yet.

I just don't want you to
think I'm skipping out on you.

Hey, I wanna thank you much for the toys.

I left them on the bed.

- You're welcome.

- You people have been so nice.

Thank you so much.

- Bye.
- Thank you.

- You be good, bye.

- There goes trouble.

Where's your dad's boutonniere?

- Oh, God.

- Don't tell me you forgot it.

I ordered it I just...

- [Natalie] Forgot to pick it up.

- I'll be right back.

- Never mind.

It doesn't-

- Good, you're here.

- Actually, I was just leaving.

- Well, aren't you supposed
to watch the office?

- Yeah, I just have to go get something,

some cigarettes and I'll be right back.

- I thought you quit.

- I did.

I'll be back in a flash.

- She's just going-

- I don't need to know.

(gentle music)

(tires squealing)

(door closes)

- I'm saying flat out all he said

is that at 7 o'clock, he's gone.

- Why you laughing at me, man?

My cart busted.

- I'm not talking about your truck.

It's not about your truck, man.

All I'm saying is that we have

to steal a car or something.

- Danny.

You're on parole.

- Oh, great.

All I'm saying is that
we don't have a car.

- What about Frank?

You call Frank?

- Yeah, I called Frank? What do you think?

- What about Jesus? Did you talk to Jesus?

- Jesus is-
- Jesus is dead, man.

- I'm just saying in a
couple of, sorry, buddy.

- Sorry.

- Here, let me get that for you.

- That was real cool.

- What I'm saying is in a couple of hours,

in a couple of hours,

we're gonna be out and you
don't wanna go without, man.

We don't-
- Danny, chill.

- Wanna go without.

- Chill.

- I'm cool.
- Chill.

(gentle music)

- [Lydia] I know her, I know her.

Hey, Sarah, Sarah.

- Hi, how you doing?

- I'm all right.

Listen, me and Danny,
we really need a ride.

Could you-

- You know, I'm in such a hurry, I just,

I gotta get home.

- You know what, it's
only like a couple miles-

- Sarah, right.

Hi, see the thing is we just need to go,

it's just a little short way.

- You know what, you guys,

normally I would, it's just my parents

are waiting for me.

- [Lydia] Sarah, please, come on.

Could you just do this for us, please?

- Just this time.

- Okay, okay.

(gentle suspenseful music)

(door closes)

- This is ridiculous.

- Look, why don't you guys go on ahead.

I'll say here till Sarah shows up.

- Roger's right.

- Maybe she had car trouble.

- Well, we can't keep them waiting.

- I'll see you later.

(suspenseful music)

(Lydia laughing)

- I don't think I need any more of these.

Here, thanks.

You want some trouble, huh,

I'll give you some trouble.

Now, wait a minute.

Don't, you're gonna spill the joint.

You're gonna spill it.

Just stop it, okay,

look, I'm spilling it all over the place.

Not now, okay, not now.

- This league award is long overdue.

- Oh, I think we just-

- No, no, really, we have all been touched

by your kindness at one time or another.

- Look at him.

He's having the time of
his life, Prince Charming.

- He barely knows that woman.

You think they were best friends.

- Yeah, well strangers have
always been easier for him.

You know that.

- Listen, I'm gonna sneak out

and call the motel, see
if Roger's had any calls.

- Mom, it's Sarah for
God sakes, she's fine.

She probably just ran into some friends.

- Stop it.

Rob, take this.

(Lydia laughing)

What are you, what are you doing?

- Look, you guys are just gonna have

to get out here, okay, um.

- What?

Hold this.

- I'm sorry, my folks are waiting

for me back home and I...

- You see, the thing is all
you gotta do is just drive us

to the country

and then you just drive us right back.

That's not that complicated, is it, huh?




(suspenseful music)

(guests applauding)

- Thank you.

Thank you.

(gentle music)

- We can't ride without tunes.

- It's broken.

- Maybe I'll fix it for you sometime.

- That's all right.

- Pretty hair.

Ever wanna bleach it, just let me know.

- [Sarah] Why are you doing this?

- We're not doing anything, what is that?

(horn blowing)
(tires squealing)

- Oh, whoa.


- Rob!

Hey, get the keys Rob.

Rob, she took the keys.

She took the keys.

Where's she going?

Stupid bitch.


Come on.

(dramatic music)

Hey, just give us the keys.

Come here.

Come here!

There she is.

(Danny laughing)

- Oh, we got you now!

We got you!

- [Danny] Give me those keys.

- Hey.
- Hey, come on.

- Hey.

- Come on, quit playing possum.

- [Rob] Quit messing around.

- Hey, wait, wait a minute.

I don't think she's breathing.

- I think she's dead.

- No, shut up, man, don't say that.

She's all right.

Hey! Hey! Come on.

- I think she's dead.
- Hey, wake up.

- All right, here, come on.

- [Rob] Wait.

- I didn't do anything.

Come on man, come on.

All right, let's go.

(gentle music)

Do it.

(gentle music)

(thunder roaring)

(dog barking)

Let's go.

- What the hell is going on?

What the hell is going on, where is she?

- Take these.

- Where's Sarah?

- She's gonna be all right.

- Danny.
- Take that.

- Danny, I swear to God.

- Would you just...

- Rob, get off me.

Where is she?

- Get in the car.

- [Lydia] What the hell did you do?

- [Rob] Just shut up, everything's cool.

(engine revving)

We gotta make it up there.

- [Lydia] Where is she, Danny?

- Stop asking questions, all right?

(tires squealing)

- Is there anybody else
that we can talk to?

Anybody else from the beauty parlor?

Okay, thank you.

Please let us know if you hear from her.

- Don't you think we
should call the police?

- No, Mom, you're getting
yourself all upset over nothing.

- Your sister's been
missing for five hours.

- Mom, she's fine.

Look, call us when you hear from her.

We have to go relieve the babysitter.

- Goodnight, Daddy.

- It's gonna be fine.

- [Roger] It's gonna be okay, Mom.

- Maybe I, maybe I should drive around,

see if I can spot her car.

- I'll go with you.

- All right.

(door closes)

- God, the stunts Sarah pulls.

I can't believe I have to start

a new job tomorrow and now all I can do

is think about her.

She's fine, right?

- Yeah, yeah, she's gonna be fine.

(gentle music)

- Nothing.

- I called the police.

- Why? Why would you do that?

- They won't officially
list her as missing

until she's gone for 24 hours.

I did talk to Ben Warren.

I gave him a description of the car

and I told him what Sarah was wearing

and he said he would do everything he can.

(gentle music)

(thunder rolling)

(dramatic music)

(siren blaring)

- Be cool, just be cool.

Evening, Officer.

- There's an attempt
to locate on this car.

Is there a Sarah Porter in this vehicle.

- Yeah, I'm Sarah
Porter, I'm Sarah Porter.

- Says here you're wearing a red sweater

and tan pants.

- You know what, I just changed, so.

- Also a ring, heart shaped.

- Yeah, see, ring.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- Make sure to call your mom.

Drive safe.

- [Lydia] Thanks.

(phone ringing)

- I'll get it.


Thank God.

Thank you.

- [Sandy] What is she doing driving around

with two guys, who are they?

- I don't know.

Maybe they're friends,
maybe it's a boyfriend.

- Mom, Sarah doesn't have a boyfriend.

- Maybe she does, maybe
she just didn't tell us.

- What are they doing
in the middle of nowhere

at 2 o'clock in the morning

and why hasn't she called us?

She obviously knows we're looking for her.

The cops must have told her that

and besides didn't the cop say

that one of the guys was driving.

Sarah never lets anyone
behind the wheel of that car.

She loves that car.

Mom, this just doesn't make any sense.

- What are you saying?

That wasn't your sister in the car?

- [Sandy] I don't know what I'm saying.

I'm just thinking out loud.

Dad, what should we do?

- It's the middle of the night.

There's nothing we can do right now.

(clock ticking)

(dog barking)

- I'm waiting for Ben
to get to the station.

Then Sandy and I are gonna go see him.

He'll help us.

- Honey, we're not even
sure that we need help.

- Fine, John.

You say here.

Just ignore what's going on.

We both know how you do that.

I'm sorry.

She's in trouble, John.

- Natalie, I think you're
overreacting to this.

I think you just gotta give her...

- You remember when she was
little in the second grade.

I was out shopping and I had

this terrible feeling
something had happened to her.

I had to get to that school.

Do you remember?

She fell off the jungle
gym and broke her arm.

They'd been trying to reach me.

I had a sixth sense about
Sarah, John, you know that.

I have to go to the police.

Sarah wasn't in that car, I know it.

Sandy are you ready?

- [Sandy] Come on, Mom, let's go.

(gentle music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

Yeah, yeah.

Yes, that's my daughter's car.

Yeah, just a second, let me get something

to write oh, hold on.

Yeah, okay, go ahead.



Thank you very much.

(John sighing)

- They found the car in the
worst section of Rockwater.

You're damn lucky there's anything left.

Somebody parked it right
next to a fire hydrant.

Not too bright.

There's a $90 impound fee

and then it's yours.

(engine revving)

(gentle music)

- Are you sure he knows we're here.

- [Woman] Yes, ma'am.

- Mom, maybe we should
come back another time.

They seem pretty busy.

- [Ben] Okay, Walt, I'll let you know.

- Hello, Natalie.
- Ben.

- Thank you for seeing us.

You remember my daughter, Sandy.

- Of course, Sandy, nice to see you again.

Natalie, as soon as I got your phone call,

I got a report from the
North Adams precinct

from an officer, George Colby.

Now he's the officer that
pulled Sarah's car over

and everything seemed to be in order

so I'm not sure I see
what the problem is here.

- We don't think that
was Sarah in the car.

She would have called home.

It doesn't make sense
she'd be 50 miles from home

in the middle of the night.

- Why don't we go inside?

- Here's the file you asked for Ben.

- Thank you.

You know, Natalie, you're a good mom

and good moms have a tendency to worry

about their daughters even if

they're just late from
the mall by half an hour.

- She's not late.

She's missing.

Over 15 hours.

This is not something Sarah would do.

- No, it's something
she has done, Natalie.

You don't remember that rock concert

about two years ago, what
was she gone two days?

- This is different.

She was just going to the florist.

She was coming right back.

(phone buzzing)

- [Woman] Lieutenant?

- Excuse me.

Yeah, I'll be right there.

All right, look, here's
what I suggest you do.

I think you should probably go home

and stay by the phone because I'm sure

she's gonna be calling you.

- [Woman] Ben we need you.

- All right, all right, I'm on my way.

I'm sorry, Natalie, can you excuse me.

- Ben.

Something's happened to her.

I know it.

You have to put out a
missing person's report.

- I can't put out a
missing person's report

because Sarah's not missing.


(phone ringing)

- Come on, Amy, we gotta go.

- I'm saving money to buy a house.

A big one.

- Oh, well, I will contribute

if you promise me you'll
paint my room pink.

Thank you.

Come on, let's go again.

(Lydia laughing)

- Hey, Amy.

- Hey, Danielle.

Can I get a beer?

- I want you to go into your room.

- [Amy] But Mommy.

- Now.
- Excuse me.

- You're excused. I'm tired.

- Hey, Amy.

(all laughing)

- Lydia, I want you and your buddies

to get out of my house right now.

- You mean you?

- But this is my apartment, too.

- Dammit, get out of my house,

right now Danny, get the
hell out of my apartment.

- Danielle, would you chill, chill.

- Oh, don't touch me.

Shut up.

- Would you stop it.

Don't talk to my husband like that.

- What are you talking about?

- Hey.

- Last night we got married.

- That's the truth, sis.

- Watch the stuff.

- Oh, God.

- I'm sorry, Danielle.

God, will you stop it.

- Dad.

- No, this is Ed.

Is that you, Martha?

- Yeah, is Mom or Dad there?

- No, they're both gone.

I'm not sure where.

- Have you heard from Sarah.

- No, no word from Sarah.

- Okay, will you tell them
that I called, please?

- I'll tell them.

- Thanks.

(upbeat rock music)

- Yeah, no that's okay, man.

I'm with it all the way, that's rockin'.


Brother, okay.

No, no, no, I'll get back to you.

Just let me know, cool.

- What?

(Lydia laughing)

What are you, what are you doing?

- Honolulu, Thursday.

- What?

- You see, now that we're married,

I know how to take care of my wife.

- Danny, how you gonna get
the money for Honolulu?

- Don't you worry about the money.

I got something worked out.

- What, Danny?

I think we're in enough
trouble already, don't you?

- No.

I don't think we're in trouble

as long as nobody says nothing to nobody.

- Officer George Colby.

I got his name from the
Rockwater police station.

Okay, then give me his home number.

My daughter is missing.

He identified her.

No, you don't understand,

we're sure that wasn't her.

Please, I have to talk to Officer Colby.

Please, can't you connect me to his home?

You're the police, you're
supposed to help me.

They hung up on me.

Where have you been?

I've been worried sick.


What is it?

- They found Sarah's car
abandoned in Rockwater.

- Oh, my God.

- There's no sign of Sarah.

That florist is four miles from here.

Four miles, with a shopping
center full of people.

I don't understand,

I just don't understand.

So what were the police saying?

- They don't believe us.

They keep saying she's not missing

and the officer who supposedly saw her

is off duty until tomorrow.

- Well, so what are they gonna do?

- Nothing.

- All right, well, we'll
find her ourselves.

(gentle music)

- I talked to the florist.

He said she came in, paid
for the boutonniere and left.

- Was she with anyone?

- No, and I talked to her friends again

and they still haven't heard from her.

(gentle music)

- Sorry.

(gentle music)

- You have to call Eric and get him

to put Sarah's picture on the news.

- Mom, we're barely
speaking to each other.

- He produces the show, doesn't he?

- We're separated.

He won't even take my calls.

- Then I guess you'll have
to go there in person.

- Mom, please don't do this to me, please.

- We have to hurry, it's gonna
be dark in a couple of hours.

She's afraid of the dark.

She's always been afraid of the dark.

(gentle music)

(suspenseful music)

- The spotted puppy woke up first.

He looked everywhere for his mother.

For a minute he was scared,

but then he heard her bark

and he knew she was nearby.

- Lydia.

I wanna talk to you right now.

- Okay.

Take your nap, my sweetie.

I love you.

See you in a while.

What's going on?

- What the hell is this?

- Somebody's purse.

- Sarah Porter's purse.

Found it in the dumpster outside.

Got a prescription box,

got her name all over it.

Tell me how it got in there.

- Who put it in there, Lydia?

- All right.

Sarah gave me this purse
at the motel, all right

and I don't know about that.

There's prescriptions
inside, I don't know.

- And you just threw this purse away?

- Yeah, I don't like
it very much, Danielle.

- I don't believe you.

- Believe what you wanna believe.

- Lydia.

- What?

- You gotta stop this.

You gotta stop this.

You left him once before
and you can do it again.

I'll help you.

I'll be there for you, I promise.

- [Danny] Hey, Lydia!

Lydia, you up there?

- Yeah.

- You're way too smart for this.

- Hey.

Hey, hey.

- Hey.

- You tell him.

- Ooh.


I don't know, I don't know, I'll see you.

I guess I just can't live like this.

All right, I just can't.

Don't worry about me, all right, Danielle.

Everything will be cool.

I just think it'd be better.

All right, come on, Danny, let's go.

- [Danny] Well, wait up.

(door closes)

- Alicia, please think.

Is there anyone else?

I mean, did you ever hear her talk

about any other friends?

- Well, maybe.

No, she wouldn't do that.

- [John] Do what?

- She had a boyfriend for a while, Chris.

- Who?

- Chris Prince.

But that ended a long time ago.

- Who is he? I've never heard of him.

- Well, that doesn't surprise me.

- Why?

- She knew you wouldn't like him.

(welder whirring)

- Excuse me, hey.

Hey, are you Chris Prince?

- Hang on a second.

- My daughter is Sarah Porter.

Do you know where she is?

- I have no idea where she is.

- Well, she's missing.

Sarah's missing.

- I'm sorry, but I haven't talked to her

in over two years.

- We're looking for her.

- I would like to help, but like I said.

Are you okay?

Mr. Porter?

Are you okay?

(phone ringing)

- He's okay.

He's gonna be okay.

He's sedated now.

- What about you?

- I'm fine.

I wanna get back in there.

- I spoke to Ed.

He said he could stay
at the motel tonight.

- Good.

- Well, I have to go,
'cause Matt's with a sitter.

- Where's Roger?

- On a business trip.

Well, he tried to get
out it, but he couldn't.

- Well, what time are you gonna be able

to get here tomorrow?

- Mom, I started a brand new job today.

- This is family, Martha.

Family comes first.

- No, Mom, Sarah's come first.

She always has and she always will.

- Don't you dare start this again.

- Mom, this job is important to me.

I have worked my whole life
to get a job like this.

- More important than your sister.

- Oh, that is so unfair, okay.

I am always there, always.

But I have responsibilities, too,

and I'm not about to ignore them

when I'm not even sure Sarah's in trouble.

She's cried wolf before,
Mom, too many times.

- Fine.
- Mom, come on.

- It's okay, it's okay.

(phone ringing)

(Martha crying)

(monitor beeping)

(gentle music)

(John coughing)

- Welcome back.

- Sarah?

Is Sarah home?

- Not yet.

She will be very soon.

What are you doing?

- I gotta get outta here.

Where are my clothes?

- Shh, now don't act crazy.

- Where are my clothes?

- Shh.



This wasn't another heart attack,

but the doctor said it is a warning.

You're pushing yourself too hard.



- How am I gonna rest?

I can't just stay here and do nothing.

She's my daughter.

I'm supposed to be there for her.

I'm supposed to be there.

I'm supposed to be there to protect her.

I'm supposed to be there to keep her safe.

I'm supposed to...

(John groaning)

I remember my father's hospital room.

I remember he was laying there in bed.

All kinds of tubes coming
out of him, just like me.

I remember I was just

sitting there watching him.

Watching him and,

and hoping.


Just like you.

- I've been married to you for 30 years

and for 30 years you've
been waiting to die young

because your father did.

Well, you know what?

It hasn't happened and it's not going to.

- Now, you can push us
away as hard as you want.

We're not going anywhere
and neither are you.

(gentle music)

- She's my girl.

She's my girl.

(gentle music)

- The truth, Jan.

- That's right, Michael,
in fact four of them.

- [Man] And they actually
got married, the two pigs.

The one pig was really
hogging up the wedding cake.

- Oh, that just shows you.

- I wonder if that was...

- We thought maybe you
could put her picture

on the news as a missing person.

- Sandy, I'm confused.

I thought you just said
she wasn't missing.

- No, the police don't think
she's missing, but we do.

- I don't get it.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

To be honest, you know,
I've never really gotten

your sense of human.

Excuse me.

- It's not about us, Eric.

This is about Sarah.

- Well, until the police
list her as missing,

then she's not missing,

so there's nothing I can do about it.

- [Woman] Eric Cosner, pick up line two.

Call on line two.

- Cosner.

Yeah, hold on.

Sandy, I know your family.

You're getting yourself all
hysterical over nothing.

I've seen it before.

Hell, I've lived it before.

- [Sandy] Eric.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, what is it?

- I'm sorry I wasted your time.

- Listen, what's so important?

- Danielle, Lydia's sister.

She found that girl's purse.

And now she's walking around
acting like she knows something

and I talked to Lydia

and she says she didn't say nothing,

but I just wanna make sure.

I just wanna talk to her, you know.

Hey, could we order, please.

- What the hell are you two doing here?

- Service with smile.

- Yeah, it leaves a little something

to be desired, don't it?

- You need to get the hell outta here

or I'm gonna call the manager.

- Oh, why?

What, we do something wrong?

What did we do?

- I didn't do anything.

- I know you think you got Lydia, Danny,

but you don't.

- Jeez, Danielle.

How long has it been since you have it?

- Mm-mm.

- 'Cause I can hook you
up with my buddy, here.

- Shut up.

I'll take care of it.

- All right.

You do that.

- I'll take care of it.

- [Sandy] I don't know why I expected him

to come through for me now.

- The nurses promised to keep
a close eye on your father.

I feel helpless just sitting there.

- Mom, this might not be such a good idea.

I think we'd be better off
waiting at the motel instead

of driving all the way to North Adams.

- Ed's at the motel, he'll get any call.

- Hi.

I, um, I looked at my baby sleeping safely

in his bed last night

and hmm, one day on the
job and I call in sick.

There's goes employee of the month.

I'm so glad daddy's okay.

- If I can just talk to them in person,

I know they'll listen to me.

We are not leaving that police station

till I see Officer Colby.

- Mom, I, I, I-

- I want him to look at the flyer

and then look me in the face

and tell me that that was Sarah

in that car Sunday.

(horn blowing)

(suspenseful music)

(phone ringing)


- Ma'am, I told you on
the phone a dozen times,

Colby doesn't start his shift till 11.

- Well, maybe you could
give me his home number

or the address, I'll just go there.

- Look, I'm gonna give you
a piece of advice, back off.

- Back off?

- You're way out of line.

- Something has happened to my daughter.

Your Officer Colby is
the only person who knows

if Sarah was in that car.

You won't let me talk

to the only person who can help me

and I'm out of line.

- Mom, um, why don't we go
get a cup of coffee and come-

- No.

I am not leaving this spot

until I talk to that man.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Don't eat this 'cause I
haven't paid for them yet.

- Mommy, you forgot the
chocolate chip cookies.

- No, you said you wanted donuts.

- I got my own money.

- Good for you.

Come on.

Chocolate chip cookies are next week.

Here, grab the tomatoes.

- I can buy them.

- Good.

I'm gonna go get some
shampoo, just do the tomatoes.

Excuse me.




Amy, come on, I gotta go.

Amy, this isn't funny.


Excuse me.




- [Clerk] Can I help you with something?

- I can't find my kid.

- What's the name?

- Amy.

- I'll page her.

- Amy, hey Amy.

- Will you come to the front of the store?

Your mother's looking for you.

- Damn.

Don't you ever do that to me again.

- The ride's not over yet.

And even when it is, kids
just seem to like me.

Maybe it's because they
know how much I like them.

Right, Amy?

Maybe next time, we'll get to go

on a real horsey back ride.

Of course that next time
is up to your mommy.

- Okay.

It's okay.

Okie dokie.

Okie dokie.

(doctor knocking)

- Mr. Porter, I'm Dr. Greenwood.

Your physician was called into surgery

and asked me to take a look at you.

- When am I getting released?

- I'm afraid that Dr.
McPherson is gonna have

to make that call.

What's a matter, the food getting you now?

- My daughter's missing, I wanna find her.

- I'm sorry, I didn't know that.

- I've got three daughters.

Sarah's the youngest.

- I'm sure she's just fine.

- Yeah.

- Officer Colby.

- You wanted to see me?

- Officer Colby?

I'm Natalie Porter.

You stopped my daughter's
car Sunday night.

- I know who you are, I got your messages.

- Please, take a look at this picture.

Look closely, please.

Tell me that's the girl
in the car two nights ago.

- That's her.

- You hardly looked at it.

- That's here, that's the girl I spoke to.

- You're 100% sure?

- 100%, no.

95, you bet.

You'll have to excuse me now.

- Did he make a fist or-
- Hey, Joe.

- Hey, George.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

- Excuse me, Officer Colby, please.

One more look, please.

- That's her, that's the girl I spoke to.

Cute, brown hair, blue eyes.

- My daughter has brown
eyes, she has brown eyes.

- Oh, it was dark.

She had that heart-shaped ring

and that small tattoo on her hand.

- My daughter doesn't have a tattoo.

(phone ringing)

- Esterly.

- Yeah.

- I think you'd better
listen to Mrs. Porter.

- Within five minutes' time,

every precinct in this state will know

who Sarah Porter is

and every officer will be looking for her.

I want you to know that I'm
sorry about this, Mrs. Porter.

- You're wasting time, Officer,

find my daughter, then apologize.

- I have to go the office,

but I'll drop you guys off

and catch up with you later.

- We better hurry, I need
to make a stop first.

(gentle music)

- Well, pull the remote

and have them get down
to the courthouse now.

No, not in five minutes, now.

- [Sandy] I need to talk to you, Eric.

- Oh, not now.

- It'll only take a minute.

This is the APB on Sarah.

The North Adams Police Department

has officially listed her as missing.

- Sandy, there's been a break

in that molestation trial.

There's also a small plane
crash out on the highway

and I'm up to my ass in all of this.

Now, I'm sorry about Sarah, I really am.

- It's just that she's
not important enough,

is that what you were gonna say?

She's not important enough
to put on your news.

This is my sister, Eric.

She's part of my family.

She was part of your family for five years

and she's in trouble and you can help her.

You can help us.

Now I want you to put
her picture on the news.

I want you to do that for her

because you owe her that.

(gentle music)

(door opens)

(door closes)

- Where the hell have you been?

- What do you mean where have I been?

I told you I had to go see somebody.

- Danielle just called
me from work an hour ago.

She said that Rob tried to take Amy.

What is that, Danny?

- You know if I wasn't here right now,

she's be trying to tell you

that I was taking Amy, honey.

- You promised that you would not involve

my sister in this, you promised me.

I can't believe this.

- Listen, all your sister has to do

is keep your nose out of our business.

- But you don't know nothing.

- What?

- I just can't deal with this.

Why don't we leave or something?

- Okay.


I'll call the airline.

I'll hook it up right now.

- Okay.

- I'll call him now, we'll go tonight,

we'll meet tonight.

- Mm-hmm.

- Okay?
- Okay, yeah.

- Hey, come on, honey.

- You know what? I just wanna be alone.

(gentle music)

- Okay.

Bloody Mary.

- [Reporter] The shortage
of rainfall this season

has left the area particularly
dry and vulnerable to fire.

We'll have a detailed
update on the efforts

to contain the fires and the weather.

On the local front, a
local family have contacted

the state's attorney

for a potential tragic accident.

Local resident, Sarah Porter
has been reported missing

from her family home for the past 46 hours

and is now thought to be
the victim of kidnapping.

- I hope I'm not
disturbing you, Mr. Porter.

The manager at your motel told
me where I could find you.

- No, no, Danielle, it's okay.

What is it?

- Oh, I can't believe I'm gonna say this

about my own sister.

- What? Tell me.

Where are they, Danielle.

Tell me where they are.

- I don't know.

I'm sorry, I don't know.

- Mom, you're exhausted.

You need some rest.

You're not gonna be any good to anybody

if you keep going at this pace.

- I'm fine.

It's your father that needs rest.

I hope he's sleeping.

(dramatic music)

- Yeah, thanks, keep that.
- Thanks.

- John, I thought you
were in the hospital?

What are you doing here?

(engine revving)

(dramatic music)

- Natalie, all I know is
that a woman called here.

It sounded urgent to me

so I gave her John's
number at the hospital.

20 minutes later, he storms in,

then storms back out.

Never said a word.

- What was her name?

Ed, what was the woman's name?

- Natalie, I don't remember her name.

- You have to remember.

We'll be right there.

- Lydia.

Lydia, answer me.

- She's not here.

- Where is she?

- She's out doing an errand.

She'll be back in a while.

- What's this.

- Huh?

- What's this stuff?

- Well, we're leaving.

Isn't that what you want us to do?

- You bastard.

What'd you do to that girl, huh?

You know what, her picture's
all over the TV, Danny.

And they're gonna come looking for you

and they're gonna find you
'cause I'm gonna help them.

- Hey.

Pretty girl.

(Amy whimpers)

Pretty girl, pretty girl,

won't you be my pretty girl.

Pretty girl, pretty girl.

(dramatic music)

(horn blowing)

- How could you let him
just walk out of here?

- I couldn't do anything about it

- He's been in the hospital,

you know he's been sick.

- Mom.

- Where is he? What is he doing?

Sorry, Ed.

I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

(engine idling)

- Just stay right there,
I'll be right down.

- [Lydia] Wait, I just wanna
say goodbye or something.

- No, your sister just
left with Amy, honey.

Just send her a postcard,
I'll be right there.

Just hold on a second.

I just go through a couple things

in the bag there.

- We'll just wait for them to take off

and then you and me and your mommy

will go for a long ride.

(dramatic music)

You brought this on yourself, you know.

- Maybe he heard
something good, some lead.

- Doesn't make sense.

He would have left a message.

- Excuse me, Mrs. Porter.

I was just listening
to the radio in my car

and I heard about Sarah.

Well, I saw her, Sarah,
on Sunday at Rockwater

in the shopping center.

Yeah, she was with the, those people

that stayed here,

the ones whose house
burned down, you know.

- Ed, the woman who called,

was her name Lydia or Danielle?

- Danielle, that was it?

- She gave me her address,
it's in the cash box.

- Who are you calling?

- The police.

That's it.

(dramatic music)

- I'll call you, Rob, okay?

(doors close)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, get in the car.

- Wait a minute.

- [Danny] Get in the car.

- Where is she?

(gun cocks)

Where's my daughter, where is she?

- Get in the car.
- Where is she?

- Just get in the car.

- You son of a bitch,
what have you done to her?

- I don't know what you're
talking about, man, just.

- [John] All you gotta to is just tell.

- [Danny] Relax, man,
because if I tell you.

- No!

(gun fires)

(Lydia screams)

- Go, go.

(sirens blaring)

- Danny, what are you doing?

- Police!

Get off him.

- [Danny] That guy's crazy,
get him away from me.

- Where is she?

Where have you taken her?

- I didn't do nothing, you talk to Danny.

- You're hurting me.
- Get in there.

(phone ringing)

(door closes)

- Nothing.

They say they haven't seen
Sarah since the motel.

- Well, they're lying dammit.

- Of course they are, John,

but they're not gonna admit
to anything we can't prove.

- What about Lydia?

- Well, she's scared.

I don't think she's said a word.

- She should be scared.

You have to find out where Sarah is.

- We're making progress
with the girl, Natalie.

- Let me talk to her.

- No, I don't think that'd be appropriate.

- Ben.

Ben, let her try.

- Okay.

- I'll be waiting out here.

(phone ringing)

- I'm Martha Patterson.

My whole family's waiting outside.

Where is she?

- I don't know nothing.

I mean I don't know
where she is, you know.

- Please.

She's my sister.

- I'm sorry I can't help you.

- You have a sister, don't you?

- No, I don't have a sister, all right,

not after what she did.

- Maybe you didn't leave
her any other choice.

Maybe she did because she didn't want

you to get into worse trouble.

Or maybe she did it because
she loves you so much.

- She don't love me.

She hates me, she thinks I'm a loser.

- That is not true and
you know that's not true.

She's right, I called the
police for one reason,

but it is not because I hate you.

I called the police because I love you.

I was afraid Dan was gonna take you away

and I'd never see you again.

Lydia, you are my family.

You and Amy are all I've got.

If you are in any kind of trouble,

I'll do anything to
help you, you know that,

but you have got to help yourself first.

You have got to help the Porters because

it is the right thing to do.

In the end, you always do the right thing.

- I know.

- Always.

- I know.

- Let's get an ambulance out there.

- [Woman] It's on its way, sir.

- We will call you if
we find anything at all.

In the meantime, I'd
like you to wait here.

- No.

No more waiting.

(siren blaring)

- [Natalie] Sarah!


- [Martha] Sarah!

- [Sandy] Sarah!

- Sarah!

- Sarah!
- Sarah!

- [Sandy] Sarah!

- Sarah!

- Sarah!

- [Martha] Sarah!

- [Sandy] Sarah.

- Oh, my God.

Stay here.

- No, Mom.
- Stay there.

- No.

- Sarah.


- [Sandy] Is she okay?

- I'm here.

- [Man] We got her.

Get our doctors out here, hurry!

- [Man 2] Don't try to move her.

- [Man] Let me through
here, let me through.

Sir, excuse us, please, let us through.

Sir, we have to get in there.

- [John] Thank God.

- She's in pretty bad shape,

but she's gonna make it.

She's suffering multiple
fractures of the head

and face, a few broken ribs

and some internal bleeding.

- I wanna be with her.

- She's barely conscious.

She may not know you're there.

- She'd know.

- Give us a few more minutes.

(gentle music)

- John, I'm sorry.

I am so sorry that I didn't believe you

when you said she was missing.

- Ben, there's no need for that.

No one's blaming anybody.

- I am, I'm blaming myself.

You guys are amazing, you did it.

You stuck together and all
by yourselves you did it.

(gentle music)

- She's under pretty deep.

I wouldn't expect too much.

- Sarah?


- Sarah.


It's Martha.

I'm here.

We're all here.

- You're safe now, you're with us.

- [Natalie] John, talk to her.

- Sarah.


It's Dad.

Don't leave us, honey.

Don't go away.

We need you.

I need you.

I love you, Sarah.

- Mom, look.


- [Martha] Sarah, wake up sweetie.

- [Sandy] She's gonna be all right.

- Come on, baby.

- Sarah.

(gentle music)

(gentle techno music)