Race 2 (2013) - full transcript

Ranvir treads through the world of the Indian mafia in Turkey as he looks to avenge the death of his lover and partner in crime.



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The Altamash Riverfront in Istanbul, Turkey.

The yachts of thousands of billionaires are docked here.

And one of them belongs to Armaan Malik

This yacht hosts a card game on the last Saturday of every month.


And with all this money floating around...

Armaan Malik always manages to buy a small island every month.

This is Armaan Malik

Astute, clever, shrewd... Armaan Malik

The don of the most powerful Asian Mafia family in Istanbul.

Lives a life of opulence and luxury

He spends his days flying

in his private jet to places near and far...

And even to his magnificent mansion.

His life is a closed-fist.

Armaan never opened his fist...

and today its worth is measured in billions.

Armaan started his criminal life..

...as an underground streetfighter.

Armaah Malik loves two things more than his life.

...his wealth and the wealth of others.

And the two things he hates the most are...

people's treachery and his own integrity.

Sir... Please... sir...

I only stole 5,000 Euros...

Please... sir...

The amount doesn't matter...

what matters is... you stole.

Sir, but you promised that...

You would release me if I confessed!

And I never break my promise.

Thank you sir.

There... I've released you!

On one hand, his power increases...

...and on the other, he lives with a weakness.

The 'F' vvord.


And one among them is his big 'O'.


Armaan's mother gave birth to him and died.

And coincidentally,Omisha is the Goddess of birth and death!

I am sorry.


I think you dropped your wallet.


Come, darling.

That's how they met and

...since then Omisha and Armaan have been inseparable.

This is Alina.

Armaan's half-sister...
and wicked in every way!

She is Armaan's half-sister...

...and every son-of-a-gun...

...has his eyes on her.

In short, she is Armaan's 50% partner...

...in both black and white businesses.

And also his pillar of strength.

In short this is what we will build here, in three years...

if you sanction our plan for a casino.

I am sorry, madam.

I cannot let you build a casino in my state.

You don't need to take a decision right now Mr Joshi.

Why don't you think about it over drinks later this evening?


Her charm surfaces whenever someone tries...

...to deceive her in business and in a blink,

she transforms into a killer.

Everyone is aware of the bond Armaan and Alina share...

...but only god is privy to their reality.

Vikram Thapar...

owner of five casinos.

He loves money so much, he is happy picking up...

...loose change from the casino floor.

And though he is very rich...

he wants in on every little deal!

Shall we?


Armaan Malik did not like to lose

But someone had once said to him...


It's the law of nature, after every loss is a victory.

That's why he would lose an occasional game.

Just to gain the confidence of his opponents.

He had micro sensors fitted on the cards and..

...a touch would activate the nano circuit.

Touch by human hand.

The nano circuit...

...would interpret the image on the card...

and transfer it to the display screen on Alina's sunglasses.

Alina's phone has a special micro processor.

As soon as she gets the image...

she changes the color and sequence of Armaan's cards.


This is how the four of them lived

until a storm came along...

Ranveer Singh.

He is generous with those who are nice to him...

but if anyone crosses his path, he destroys them in no time.

The stolen train compartment...

contained the currency paper rims used to print Euros.

For our viewers we have this animated clip that shows...

how the thieves carried the compartment away using a helicopter

We also want to inform our viewers that...

the currency bills can be checked...

...if they are fake only with those papers.

The people behind this crime can easily print counterfeit Euros now.

We will return with more updates shortly.

Stay tuned to India TV.


Yes, sir, everything is going as per our plan.

The sample notes will be ready by next Monday

Hello sir, welcome to cratos.

Five million Euros, chips please.

Sure, okay.

Yes, Karl.

Sir, a gentleman just bought chips worth five million Euros.

Thank you.

New bets please.

Five million Euros on 21.

Five million on 21?

Yes, that's right.

Sir, he has placed the five million on 21.

If he wins, we will have to pay him 180 million.

Four black.

Thank you.
Excuse me.

Excuse me...

Yes, sir.

Whisky on the rocks, please.

Okay sir.

Drinks are on the house for you.

Vikram Thapar.

This is my casino.

I know.

Ranveer Singh.

Mr. Singh

your calm demeanor belies the fact that...

just a few minutes ago you lost five million Euros.

\/\/ell, actually...

I spent five million to meet with you.

An appointment would've been a lot cheaper.

X/Vell, frankly Mr. Thapar

I wouldn't want you to wait for me.

I like it...

So, what can I do for you?

On the contrary...

there's something I want to do for our mutual benefit.


I have an unlimited stack of currency papers with...

...which I can print as many Euros as I want.

Why are you telling me this?

Not only you.

I will also tell Harvey Clopper in Durban...

Leon Nicholson in Las Vegas.

L_ui Chin in Macau

Excellent choice for prison cellmates.

Is that why you've chosen us?

Each of you owns at least five casinos.

I will provide you with 1500 million Euros..

...In small bills, fake of course...

and in return, you will give me 500 million in genuine bills.

In a blink, you make a cool 1000 million Euros.

Why single out casino owners?

The currency bills checking system employed by casinos.

Is far more sophisticated than what banks use.

You know this very well.

Which is why casinos are the safest
place to ply fake currency bills.

It comes with a big risk.

No problem.

Just do me a favor, replace the systems in your casino.

Remember my five million?


Those are fake.

Elementary, my friend.

It doesn't make sense to spend five million to meet someone.

Goodbye, Mr. Thapar

Nice meeting you.

24 hours.

500 million is a big sum.

Can you give me 24 hours to put it together?

Of course, time is money.

Whether I give you time or money,
it adds up to the same thing.

Good night.

I hope you have, got the deal, Vikram.

This agreement states that the 500 million I'm lending you...

will be returned within 15 days...

failing which, your 5 casinos will belong to me.

15 days is merely a number for this agreement.

I will repay your loan in 2 days.

500 million Euros is almost 35 billion Indian rupees.

Do I say a prayer for you or the money.


500 million Euros in genuine bills.

1500 million as good as the real stuff.

See you soon.


The accused responsible for the train robbery in...

...Europe are now being taken into custody.

The big story on India TV right now...

...is that of the stolen train compartment...

...containing currency paper rims.

The Police found it in an abandoned warehouse in Belgium.

The criminals responsible have also been arrested.

What is comforting is that...

...no fake notes were printed yet.

The scare of fake currency flooding the world...

...economy has been avoided.

Vikram Thapar...

You may find nothing in those bills...

but I can see your reflection in them.

Because your wealth has been reduced to nothing.


I'm going to kill you right now.

Easy Vikram...

if you allow your temper to rise your head might burst into pieces...

...and then you won't get what I'm about to tell you.

I wasn't involved in the train robbery.

I merely used a news

report to bring you down.

The five million I lost at

your casino were real.

But why?

I don't even know you.

This was your mistake.

If you knew me...

you would never do,

what you did to me.

What did I do?

Now that you've lost your casinos,

you'll have plenty of time to think.

Keep thinking.

You did it!

Frankly, I didn't think you could pull it off.

Thanks to you.

Cherry... perfect.

I will set up a school in Bombay, not a pub.

A scoundrel, I might be but I'm also a patriotic Indian.

And so I won't sell any whisky!

Hey Prashant, send some liquor here.

And keep the liquor flowing and the money will flow just as much!

Sir, mangoes.

Thank you for telling me.


why are mangoes called mangoes?

Why, sir?



So what does that make you, sir?

You are always working on something.

Sir, when will you please the gods of pleasure?


Do you think I am lovesick Romeo
wandering around the streets of Turkey!

There's a time for every thing.

When is that?

Sir, your previous assistant, Mini said that you are very colorful.

Of course, I am.

But I sprinkle the color only when I want to.

That's what we do on Holi, the festival of colors.

Cherry... you're utterly useless!

You are wrong, sir.

You should Know how to use me

There is a lot to do.

Make lots of money. Cherry...

...I don't have time to pop your cherry right now

Really, I don't have any time.

Hello RD...


My Pal...

where have you been?

It's good to see you.

How's it going?

Good... but now that you're here...

I can't say the same.

How's your new club coming along?

Well, I get my fill of fruits.

Meet my new assistant, Cherry.


What about Mini?

Probably rolling in the sand...

I mean, she ran away with a rich sheikh to Kuwait!

How's Soniya?

We are not together any more.

No? You broke-up?

What brings you here?

Actually, I've got something that might interest you.

So, tell me.

I've got a rocking deal that

will make us millionaires.


I'm already sold!

But we need someone to make it all possible.


Armaan Malik

You know him very well.

Armaan Malik?

He is dangerous.

I know...

but this deal is impossible without him.

To hell with the deal then.

If something goes wrong while dealing with Armaan Malik...

...we could lose all that we have.

Spare me, Ranveer.

The deal is worth billions.

And your share is 10%.

What do I have to do?

Just introduce me to Armaan Malik

That's all?

Tomorrow is the big derby

and I'm sure Armaan Malik will attend

I'll introduce you.

Cherry This mixed-fruit bowl reminds me of a joke

Which one Sir?

Once upone a time, some fruits were discussing...

The orange said, I resemble a ball.

The grape said, I resemble a marble.

The mango said, I resemble a human face.

The banana stood up and said,

"guys, change the topic please!"

Why did the banana say that?

I'll come back with an answer!


Mr. Armaan Malik

What a horse!

He's already a winner.

You said someone wanted to meet me...

Talk of the devil and he is bound to appear.



Mr. Malik, this is my friend, Ranveer

And this is Armaan Malik


This is Armaan's sister, Alina.


As I had mentioned earlier, Ranveer...

...has an exciting proposition for you.

What's the hurry'?

Let's sit in the stands and talk.

Of course... no hurry...

Sir, why is the sitting area called stands?

Any idea?

I'll come back with an answer.
- Okay.

Now, you follow me

- Yes sir.

One million on Blue Lightning.


That's the wrong horse.

You should lay your bets on Thunderbolt.


Yes, I have bet two million on Thunderbolt.

For your information...

Thunderbolt hasn't won a single race in the last three years!

But today he will.

I guess this is your first time at the races.

Thunderbolt can't win because...

...he doesn't come from a winning breed.

This isn't my first time at the races.

And I lay my bets on the jockey, not the horse.


I still don't get it...

how did you win?

Remember I said...

'I lay my bets on the jockey, not the horse.'

So, I bribed all the other jockeys

...to lose against Thunderbolt.


So, what's your proposition?

I've heard you desire Vikram Thapar's casinos.

How do you know?

It's not easy to mask a desire.

Vikram Thapar's casinos

are worth 1500 million Euros.

You can have them for 500 million!

I want 10% but only after the task is done.

We are on.

Thanks to you...

Vikram's casinos are now mine.

You are my hero.

And my share?

Your share is in your car, safe and sound.


Any plans for this evening?

Not really.


Where are we going?

My yacht...

for a special card game.

Now that means I will have to win again!

Now that you'll be playing against me,

be prepared to lose.

What if I don't?

My friend...

there are no jockeys here.

I play a mean game

and I don't like to lose.

Is this game on earth or up in heven?

The speed at which you're driving...

Ranveer, even if we skid off the hill,

nothing will happen to us.

As soon as the car goes into free fall,
the sensor will activate the safety system.

Moreover, if sinners like us rise up to heaven...

God risks losing his reputation.




He isn't looking at his cards...

it's not worth taking the risk.


He also has three aces.


Well played.

Three aces win.

Well played hero.

You had three aces,

then why did you pack?

Aren't you curious as to how I know?

Not at all.

A deck of cards can't have 6 aces.

I knew the game is rigged.

And I can see very clearly...

since I don't wear sunglasses indoors.

There's something magnetic about you.

I think you are magnetic.

You gave me the money

and now you've pulled it back towards you.

Don't worry...

everything I took will be returned to you.

I think this is the beginning of a good friendship.

It's rare to hear Armaan say that.

We're hosting a party this weekend.

Think you can make it?

Who's going to stop me?

I'm especially fascinated

by men when I can't decide if...

I'm attracted by their good looks or their smooth talking.

What do you think about me?

Where are you staying?


I'll see you at one...

if you're up for it.

Hotel Titanic,

suite 1708.

You don't believe in wasting time.

Who has got extra time to waste?

Also, if one has to spend one-third of ones life sleeping

...then why sleep alone?


what do you have to say about this orange?

An orange with its peel floats on water...

but if you take of the peel it sinks.

If you get into the water like that...

the guys here will start floating around you.

Sir, I want to know what

you look for in a girl.

It depends...

On what?

Is she walking towards me

or away from me.

But it's the same girl!

Cherry, when god was sculpting you,

think he forgot to add a brain.

See you later.

Yeah, it's a beautiful place...

I've been there a couple of times.

What about you?

I've been there.

I'll just be back.

Okay, alright.

I could say, 'you look beautiful'...

but it would be an understatement.

I've only been thinking about.

...our time together for the last 48 hours!


I will see you in a bit.

Yeah I...

I'm sorry.

Is any one up for a challenge?


May I'?


Your turn.

You aren't aiming right.


You should focus on the bulls eye,not the arrow.

No one has ever dared to touche me,unless I've wanted them to.

You should've said you didn't like it.

When did I say that I didn't like it?


You two know each other?


Actually, we just played a round of archery...

and he won.

Did he feign a loss

...or did he actually win?


this is Omisha, my girlfriend.

Omisha, this is Ranveer...

...quite the hero.

If you all will excuse me...

She is hot, isn't she?

So hot that... I'm burning..

...with envy!

Good evening everyone.

We have two good reasons to celebrate tonight.

The first being that...

we have acquired five casinos.

And the second reason...

...will be revealed by my most wonderful brother Armaan.

Hey guys...

I have a surprise in store.

For someone really, really special.

This ring may look exquisite right now but...

...its no match for the gorgeous beauty who will wear it.

The love of my life, Omisha.

When will you get a ring for me?

I'll come back with an answer to that!

Until then have some grapes.

To money, love and friendship.

It's time to let loose.

Very good.

One should always run alone in a race...

that way you only lose to yourself.

Archery and fencing are as different as Armaan and you.

You're still sore that I won yesterday.

No, just that I lost.

Your hot costume is to blame, if I lose today.

Is that a compliment or an attempt to flirt?


If Armaan even gets a whiff of your intentions...

you cannot even imagine the consequences.

Is that a threat or a challenge?


If this weren't a game...

I would've killed your thrice by now.

You killed me when you

first laid eyes on me.

Where can I find you when you're not with Armaan?

Gazebo apartments... pent house.

Well played.

I won't turn back lest you blush,

so relax

Good morning...

Here come, the Fruit and Nut!

Morning, sir.

Good morning.

This fruits taste better when ripe,

especially when its an entire orchard.

RD, is there any fruit you haven't had until now?

Of course!


How well do you know Ranveer?

Why do you ask?

Well, he got me Thapar's casinos for a bargain and...

...he didn't expose me at the card game.

And I've got two theories to this.

Either he is a really nice person...

...or he wants to gain trust.

You are right.

Both your theories are correct.

You see, I've got a plan and...

it's critical for both of us to trust each other.

There's a deal but...

it calls for an investment of 15 billion Euros!

15 billion?

All without any risk.



I'm interested.

Tell me more.

The deal will come through in a few days...

and the money will start pouring non-stop.

You know...

making a rich person richer is not as much fun as

making someone poor like me rich.

Why are you so generous with Armaan?

Remember I said, Soniya and I aren't together?

Let me tell you why...

We we're happy.

That was our last day there.

We were moving to Bangkok...

where Soniya's sister was expecting us.

Let's go.




Very happy!

Feels a little strange though...

I'm meeting my sister, Tanya, after 11 long years.

Tanya will be pleased to know that...

there's a little Soniya on the way.

Or a little Ranveer.


I'll see you after I transfer the money at the bank.

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So, Vikram Thapar killed Soniya...


Vikram was hired to carry out the kill.

Soniya was killed by Armaan Malik



Vikram Thapar has paid for his crime.

Now it's time for Armaan to pay for his crime!

You mean...

Listen Ranveer...

it wasn't easy to quit being a cop and...

...start a new life with my ill-gotten riches...

but if you kill Armaan Malik

What makes you think I want to kill him?

Money is everything to Armaan Malik

I will ruin everything that he has and he
will be forced to beg on the streets.

Soniya's body is still in the morgue.

I swore that...

until I didn't destroy Armaan Malik

I would not perform her final rites.

Hi baby...

I'll see you soon...

I'm on my way I'm coming

I'll be there in 15 minutes.

See you soon.

Tanya Martin?

Tanya Martin...

Soniya's sister.

Didn't think you'd see me, did you?

Even I was shocked when

I saw you at Armaan's weekend party.

I thought you were there to...

...seek revenge from Armaan but...

...you were busy flirting with Alina and me.

You're mistaken Tanya, let me explain.

I don't want your explanation.

My sister loved you a lot.

But instead of avenging her death...

...you were romancing Armaan's girlfriend and sister.

I've spent three months with Armaan...

and every moment I've been looking
for an opportunity to shoot him.

That's it?
Shoot him?

I thought you loved your sister...

...and yet you want to give her killer such an easy death?

If it were about killing Armaan,

I would have killed him long ago.

The longer you wait for vengeance...

...the deadlier it gets.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

I loved Soniya more than myself.

And Armaan loves money more than himself.

He took my Soniya away from me...

...and I will take away his money.

He will be left begging on the streets.

I got close to you and Alina,

so that I could reach Armaan.

I know what I'm doing.

If you are with me,

it will make things easier.

I'm sorry, Ranveer.

I was mistaken.



Were you expecting someone else?

You said 15 minutes.

I was just leaving.

So, Miss Tanya Martin,

where did you hatch the plan to kill me?

The living room or the bedroom?

I want to kill you but

Ranveer wants to destroy you.

Is that so?

And you are with him?


And why shouldn't I?

You did make me Soniya's sister, right?

Armaan, you're so evil.

I only had to tell you that...

...he asked where I lived and...

you were sure he would come here.

Poor guy saw the fake passport...

...and believed that I am Soniya's sister.

He said, he knows what he is doing.

Poor guy, he doesn't know that you know it all.

Well... I am an evil genius!

I can't help it.

And that's what I love about you.

Wait a minute...

how did you Know Ranveer was here'?



Don't you trust me?

I guess you didn't hear Ranveer.

I love money more than life itself.

As far as money is concerned,

I trust no one.

You are such a devil, Armaan.

I knew Ranveer was here to destroy me.

I just wanted to re-confirm.

So, Mr. Armaan Malik

what happens next in this race'?

Same thing that's happened so far.

I will prod our hero...

He will race like a horse...

he will bring in the money...

...and he will win.

But as soon as he crosses the finish line,

I will claim victory.

Poor hero...

you are going to be so dead...

and I'm going be very rich!

Let the race begin.


I think you've had enough.

I have two good reasons to drink today.

First, I'm very happy


Second, it's something that can't be said when you are sober.

What is your reason?

First tell me, what do you think about me?

If I answer your question

I will betray someone very dear to me.

You may not betray, but your heart may.

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

Sir... what a beautiful museum!

Sir, if there were no fruits in
this world, what would you eat?

The same thing that you do.

What is that?


You chew my brain!

But sir... I'm vegetarian.

A for Apple... B for Be quiet

C for Can you?
Let's go.

What's this?

The Shroud of Turin.

What's the Shroud of Turin'?

When Jesus Christ was taken down from the cross,

he was draped in a cloth.

Then a miracle took place.

And his blood left behind

his image on the cloth.

Oh really?

Yes, but... this is a copy.

The original is in a church in Turin.

Everybody Knows this except her

Why did you ask us to come here?

Shroud of Turin...

...is what will extract 15 billion Euros from Armaan.

The stolen shroud will

then surface in the underground market for sale.

That's Armaan we're talking about.

Not a water-melon that you eat the pulp and spit out the seeds.

He's also not Vikram Thapar

who got fooled by a newspaper headline.

Until the shroud is stolen from the church in Turin...

Armaan won't part with a single euro!

What makes you think it won't be?

And who will steal it?

I will


Yes, and you will assist me in this.

What's wrong?

You look tense.

Armaan, I made a big mistake.

I got you to meet a really bad person.

Ranveer Singh is two-timing you.

He doesn't want to help you.

Actually he wants to avenge Soniya's death.

He destroyed Vikram Thapar

and now he wants to destroy you...

You can not evennever imagine his devious plan...

Ranveer Singh will steal the Shroud of Turin.

I will steal the shroud but

I will tell Armaan that the thief has agreed to sell

the shroud to me for 20 billion Euros...

whereas its real worth is 50 billion!

I will cough up 5 billion,

while Armaan will put in 15 billion.

Then I will vanish with the shroud and money!

Can you please explain to me as to why you are telling me all this?


Ranveer is giving me 10%,

which even you will give me.

But this is about betrayal.

If I betray Ranveer, I will lose a friend.

But if I betray you, I could lose my life.

And I don't want to die this young.

So, he is the man with the plan.

I like it...

I totally like it.

Help Ranveer in every way possible...

I'm with you.

But I am not!

I've said it...

go ahead.

Thank you...

Consider this as my first and last warning...

if you ever interrupt me when others are present...

I will interrupt you as well as stop you.

Half the money you're putting at stake belongs to me.

And don't forget if it weren't for me,

you'd still be a regular street fighter.

Shut up!

You think I didn't know...

...this stuff that RD just told us?


Vikram Thapar gave me this DVD before signing the agreement.

Soniya's murder is captured on this.

I knew when RD introduced Ranveer...

...to us that he had an ulterior motive.

We won't lose 15 billion in this deal.

Instead we will make a profit of 35 billion.

Actually, 40!

Including Ranveer's 5 billion.

Not bad.

You've got to remember one thing though...

Ranveer should never figure that we know his motive.


Enjoy your coffee, sir.

Thank you.


Yes, Ranveer.

So, is the plan clear?



Everything is fine

but what about the money?

Don't worry...

the money will be great.

I'm on then.



Alina... come sit.

Who is the rich guy you're targeting for your next con?

Some loser...

how did you guess'?

I've seen this 'money making' expression on Armaan very often

But I don't want this look.

I want the look you had

that night in your hotel room.

Your place or mine?

We'll decide on the way.

Let's go!

What rubbish?

What sort of a bomb is this?

A speed sensitive bomb.

Alina and Ranveer are both in the car?

Yes, sir.


Yes, Armaan?

There's a bomb under your car.

Don't stop and don't slow down.

Just jump out of the car!

There's a bomb under the car.

If we stop or slow down, it will go off!


Don't slow down!

Are you alright?


Thank god.

Are you okay?

Yeah, thanks to him.

Thanks Ranveer.

How did you know about the bomb?

My sources informed me

that Vikram Thapar had planted the bomb.

Before my source could get to you, you drove off.

I guess he wanted to avenge his casinos.

I'm glad you guys are okay.

- Cheers!

So hero...

are you confident the thief will get away with the Shroud of Turin?

I am so confident, you could say, I'm stealing it myself.


15 billion is mine

and 5 billion yours.

But the thief wants to seal the deal in the Ruins of Antalya.

No weapons.

When will he steal it?

Watch the news... Saturday 4 pm.



Have you heard of godfather Anza?

Who hasn't!

In the underworld, to some he is god and to others father.

Let me introduce you.


Thanks for coming.

If you've said that now, what will you say when I leave?

See you soon.


My friend, Ranveer...

Ranveer...Godfather Anza.




I also want to introduce someone to you.

You have always defeated my fighters...

but this Saturday watch

my prized fighter, Typhoon.

Just like you never lost to anyone,

no one has ever defeated Typhoon.

It'll be a spectacle!

I'm sorry,

but the last fight I participated in was my last fight.

I've quit.


or Typhoon would've forced you to!

Anyway, I've called you here for something important.

Hollywood hasn't attempted this robbery yet...

but this artifact will be stolen in real life.

And you want me to lend you 15 billion.


If it were someone else...

...I would've wrapped a shroud on their body by now.

But your word is your might.

And if you're still as mighty a fighter...

I'm ready to lend you the money.

Your last fight ever against Typhoon this Saturday.

You win, I'm in.

You lose, I'm out.


Please come.

Eavesdropping on my brother?

You're here to avenge Soniya's death, right?

Armaan knows all your plans while you make them!

Let me show you how.

Armaan, I made a huge mistake.

I got you to meet a really bad person.

Ranveer Singh is two-timing you.

He doesn't want to help you.

Actually he wants to avenge Soniya's death.

He destroyed Vikram Thapar...

...and now he wants to destroy you...

...and you will never imagine his plan...

Ranveer Singh will steal the Shroud of Turin.

Your friend is a traitor.

Why are you telling me this?

Because Armaan wants to get rid of me.

Vikram Thapar didn't plant the bomb, Armaan did.

Did you plant the bomb in Alina's car?

Yes, sir, but there's a problem.

Ranveer is also in the car.

What rubbish?

What sort of a bomb is it?

A speed sensitive bomb.

And are Alina and Ranveer both in the car?

Yes, sir.


Armaan probably forgot that even his...

...conversations are being recorded in this villa.

He didn't call to save me...

...he wanted to save you.

You are his trump card, which is why.

He wants to take over the entire
business empire that both of us built...

and become it's king.

It's because of you that I'm alive...

but I might not be so lucky the next time.

What do you want?

You want revenge and I want my money.

I'm on your side.

What do you say?

It's a race to the finish!



© P

© P@

© P@r

© P@rM

© P@rM!

© P@rM!N

© P@rM!Nd

© P@rM!Nde

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR M

© P@rM!NdeR M@

© P@rM!NdeR M@n

© P@rM!NdeR M@nk

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

Here is the architectural blueprint

of the church where the shroud is.

This is the entrance

and this is the main hall.

The shroud is here.

The glass panel concealing is fitted

with sensors that measure human temperature.

The slightest increase in the
temperature will set off the alarm.

People can look at the shroud.

But they can't touch it.

Security guards are present all the
time and CCTV captures everything.

If someone does manage to get past all of that...

the shroud will automatically move into another compartment.

It's impossible to get in there.

Then let's do one thing.

Instead of stealing the shroud from here...

we should steal it from here.

But the shroud is here.

Every six months the shroud is moved to this location for restoration

It's a preservation chamber.

The walls are of steel...

...there are no other security measures.

Except for this door that

opens with a security code.

We will enter from here and steal the shroud.

But how do we get in'?

It says here that you are giving a donation to the church.

I am a Christian but I seldom go to church.

So, tell me...

how's the spray connected to pray?

Smart boy!

I need three men... trustworthy.

You got it.

And a kilo of RDX without detonators.

Consider it done.

When do we deliver this box?

Tomorrow 4pm.

Armaan's fight begins

and the box reaches the church

Mother a parcel for you.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen.

We have the renowned king maker himself.

Please give a hand to... Mr. Anza!

Some noble soul has donated one million Euros to our church.

Mother... the restoration team has arrived.


And there he is...
ladies and gentlemen...

at 200 pounds...

a 125 victories...

Armaan Malik!

Come on Armaan!

There he is!

The arena is going crazy!

This is electric.

Here come the 225 pounds monster!

Called Typhoon!

Hit me!
Hit me!

Oh my god!

Come on get up and hit me!
Get up!

Get up!


Ladies and gentlemen, there is

the signal from Mr. Anza

The cage is descending.

We are about to begin the main event.

And I can assure you...

someone is going to bleed.

In all my years of broadcasting...

I've never seen this.

This is going to be a live for death bet.

Be ware, ladies and gentlemen

Let the gladiators begin!

I think it's a bomb.

- Mother.

I think there's a bomb outside the premises.

Oh my god!

Call the bomb squad immediately.


Everybody out!
It's an emergency!

Hurry! Come.



© P

© P@

© P@r

© P@rM

© P@rM!

© P@rM!N

© P@rM!Nd

© P@rM!Nde

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR M

© P@rM!NdeR M@

© P@rM!NdeR M@n

© P@rM!NdeR M@nk

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

Where is it?

There's the box there!

Okay... cordon off the area...

Nobody gets in.
You... you...

Check the device type.

You two come with me.

There could be another bomb inside.

- You stay here.

Cherry, lean on me pretend you're in love with me...

...and look around.

I said look around...

...not move your hands...




© P

© P@

© P@r

© P@rM

© P@rM!

© P@rM!N

© P@rM!Nd

© P@rM!Nde

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR M

© P@rM!NdeR M@

© P@rM!NdeR M@n

© P@rM!NdeR M@nk

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

Attention please!

This is an emergency...

please proceed to the nearest exit

Come in RD...

Yes, Ranveer...

Here are the alphabets.


E... Y...

E... Y...

O... D...

O... D...

G... B...

G... B...



There are 7 alphabets.

O is used twice.

Got it!




Last chance.

If you get it wrong again, the alarm will go off.

Let's go.

- Come on.

Everybody out!

The real bomb squad is here.

Oh God!
What do we do now?

Oh God!

Oh God!


Got it.

We're in.


We're done.

Get to the exit point

Okay, let's go.

Come on... move.

Come on...go now.

Go... quick... move!

Come on... keep going!

Cherry, we are on mark.


David, what's that?

I can see him picking up something.

I think it's over.

The Typhoon is dead!



© P

© P@

© P@r

© P@rM

© P@rM!

© P@rM!N

© P@rM!Nd

© P@rM!Nde

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR M

© P@rM!NdeR M@

© P@rM!NdeR M@n

© P@rM!NdeR M@nk

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

Robbery of the shroud was executed...

...by an organized group of professional robbers.

...by an organized group of professional robbers.

This event has sent a shock throughout the globe.

The shroud was stolen from the restoration room.

The Shroud of Turin was stolen from a church...

by professional robbers dressed as the bomb squad.

Interpol and the police are on their lookout.

Very good.

You will get the money tomorrow.

I want them in bearer bonds.

But remember this...

But remember this...

If you play any tricks on me...

your godfather Anza will send you

Don't worry, Anza...

God isn't looking forward to seeing me...

...and I don't want to see my father.

It's not safe for all of us to move out together.

I think you're right.

You go ahead and we'll take the evening flight.

Good luck, RD.

Sir... what do we do for five hours?

I don't know!

Let's go to a resort...

Let's go.


Hello, Omisha...

Yes, Ranveer?

I'm taking off from Rome.

I'll see you at the Ottoman fort at noon.

See you then.

Try this...

What is it?

Passion fruit.

Passion fruit?

It'll bring out the passion in you.

It's juicy...

What happened?

Did you have something?

I want to have you.

You eat fruits all the time,

you're as good as a fruit salad.

Solid salad!

And now you want to make me liquid?

Yes, sir... please cooperate.

Don't call me 'sir', at least not now.

What do I call you?


You always play so hard to get?

You never let me get close to you.


The last time I went after a fruit,

it was still raw

This time around I let it ripen.

And I had it!

How can you have so much!

Well, patience is a virtue and

now look I have an orchard in front of me.

Love you, sir!

Ranveer, thank god you're fine.

I saw the news report

but I was so worried.

I'm fine.

The Shroud of Turin.

But this isn't real, it's a duplicate.


The real shroud is in a locker

at the airport and I have its key.

We'll close the deal with Armaan tomorrow at the...

...Ruins of Antalya at noon.

My associate, Eric Roberts, will see you at 10 am tomorrow.

Give him this shroud.

He will pretend he is the thief to sell the shroud to Armaan.

Give him the shroud and go with him.


hide in his car until the deal is through.

Then both of you can drive away.

Eric will hand over the money and the car to you and leave.

Go to the airport and wait for me.

No problem, Mr. Ranveer Singh

Omisha will do as you wish...

And I will do as I wish.

You know something...

you're really evil.

That's what I am.

Hey Ranveer!

Good job, Eric... as always.

Got lucky!

Armaan Malik... Eric: Roberts


Check it.

It's okay, I trust you.


Your money in bearer bonds.

Thank you, Ranveer.

See you!

It was nice doing business with you.

The deal is done.

You did it, Mr. Malik.

Congratulations... to all of us!

It's time to celebrate...

Alina, get the glasses.

Thank you.
- My pleasure!


Fine wine in cheap glasses...

what a deadly combination!
I like it.

To hero and to money!


What is it?


If I were you, even

I would think on similar lines...

The deal is through...

and Armaan has poisoned the drinks...

we will get poisoned...

and Armaan will get all the money...


Still have doubts?



© P

© P@

© P@r

© P@rM

© P@rM!

© P@rM!N

© P@rM!Nd

© P@rM!Nde

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR M

© P@rM!NdeR M@

© P@rM!NdeR M@n

© P@rM!NdeR M@nk

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

You know what your problem is?

You trust anyone and everyone very easily.

So true.

You trusted me too...

Guess you don't know that...

the bond of blood is bigger and stronger than any other bond...

...definitely bigger than a one night stand.

Alina added the poison to your drink.


That cheap glass of wine proved to be very expensive for Ranveer!

You thought you were controlling the race?

My dear hero...

I have been manipulating the race.

I knew everything right from the start.

Thanks to RD.

I knew that this shroud is fake

and I also know where the real one is.

I'm sorry sweetheart...

Men are many but money is money!

Another thing...

I'm not Soniya's sister...

sorry about that too.

It's sad you're forced

to give up a good habit...

your habit of staying alive.

Goodbye hero!

Here's your 10 %.

Thank you.

It was nice doing business with you.

Thank you.

Can I come for my share after you sell the shroud...

Just thinking out loud...

Goodbye thank you Come... let's go...

Alina, get to the aircraft...

We'll get the shroud from the airport and see you there.


Where is the shroud?

Let the celebration begin!

According to our plan we have the shroud as...

...well as the money.


Time to get rid of the excess baggage

Don't worry, Alina...

I will look after our vast business empire!

The thing is...

you should never give up good habits.

And there's nothing better than staying alive!

Shocked to see me alive?

Alina didn't poison my drink.

I figured you had planted the bomb in my car.

And that's when I switched loyalties.

What was that you said...

You were manipulating the race?

The race was mine and still is.

I know this Race well.

I sent RD to tell you about my plans so you would think

you're always in control.

And you...

'I can't get over you.'

'I'm Soniya's sister.'

'I'm here to kill Armaan.'

What a performance!

You thought I never met Soniya's sister...

that's confidence.

But that I've never even seen a photograph of her's...

...that's over confidence!

I had seen through you right then!

Tell me.

Why did you kill Soniya?

She had to die!

She had to die for what she did!

Before she met you, she was mine.

I loved her more than

I ever loved anyone.

What did I get in return?


That's why I got her killed.

If you were me,

even you would've done the same.

You're right in what you've done but so am I.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and shoot me!



Shoot me or throw away the gun!

Let's fight till the end!

Don't trust him, Ranveer!

I don't...

but I trust myself!



© P

© P@

© P@r

© P@rM

© P@rM!

© P@rM!N

© P@rM!Nd

© P@rM!Nde

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR

© P@rM!NdeR M

© P@rM!NdeR M@

© P@rM!NdeR M@n

© P@rM!NdeR M@nk

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

You think I killed Soniya for love?

You're mistaken.

I killed Soniya for money.

She stole my money and ran away!

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

What's happening out there'?

I'm losing control.

I have a gift for you...

that no other person has ever received.

A flying funeral.


This is where we part Don't cross my path again!

Goodbye hero!

Who gave this to you?


I'm sorry but this shroud is fake.

What nonsense!

It's a plain cloth with the image printed on it.


I have known you for 10 years!

And I know you won't two-time me...

I don't want any stories

about how you got this

All I want is my money...

including the profit!


Do you print visiting cards and letter heads too?

These bonds are also fake.


Switch on the speaker phone...

I want to hear everything...

I guess you've realized

by now that you are ruined.

Don't even try to think when the shroud and money were replaced...

because you aren't capable of it.

So, Armaan Malik

you always called me 'hero'...

now, what do I call a pauper like you?

You have two options...

either I kill you and take everything you have...

or you give me everything

you have and I'll let you go.

Everything belongs to me...
your casinos, your villa,

your cars, your yachts...

and your...

girlfriend too!

Ranveer Singh,

guess you've forgotten that...

where one race ends, another begins!

RD, your 10%

Thank you!

Tell me something,if the shroud was stolen, where is it?

The shroud never left the church.

Who are we to lay hands on something that holy?

RD get to the exit point... now

I merely took the help of the almighty...

The church has been informed.

I'm sure this incident has made the headlines by now.

Smart boy!

Alina, no of fence but...

Ranveer trusted you but I never did.

Are you okay?


You have the fake bonds?
- In the car.

Let's go!

Sir, I still don't get it...

when were the bags replaced?

Beauty with brain.

I got 10 % from you

and 10 % from Armaan...

I'm a really happy man.

Now I want a peaceful life.

So, promise me you won't get in touch with me again!

I promise.

But I hope you know...

...promises are meant to be broken!

Bring on the fruits!

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™

© P@rM!NdeR M@nkÖÖ ™