Rabu retâ (1981) - full transcript

Produced and Distributed
by Nikkatsu Inc.

Produced by
Nikkatsu and Gentosha


Planning: Shiro Sasaki
Producer: Katsuhiro Maeda

Based on the book
Mitsuharu Kaneko's Love Letter
by Harumitsu Emori and Reiko Okouchi,
published by Pep Publications
Screenplay: Yozo Tanaka


Keiko Takahashi

Mariko Kaga

Noboru Nakaya

Ken Nishida
Ryoji Nakamura
Toshiyuki Kitami
Noboru Mitani

Tomoko Udagawa
Kaoru Endo
Toshie Ito
Ryuichi Ogawa
Takuya Hiramitsu

Katsuo Nakamura

Directed by Yoichi Higashi

Many people at the funeral?

Yeah, a famous poet.

- How old?
- His age?

Well, 53...

Hey, just like me.

53, really?

Come on, I'm not gonna die.

Look how healthy I am.

You don't look convinced.

Alright, you touch it then.

- Check for yourself.
- No!

Come on, you're impressed.

- Great.
- I'm young?

- What?
- I'll punish you.

You're not sleeping tonight.

Better get ready, look.

- Hello.
- Who is she?

Mrs. Hirayama from next door.

She lives in your building?

I'm Oda, we're neighbors.

I'm pleased to meet you.

What a sexy lady.

- Don't you dare!
- Ouch.

I'm so unlucky today.

Just shut up... Shit!

I can't get her out of my mind.

I keep thinking about her.

Such a beauty living on her own.

There, a winner, a winner.

I have the right hand, right?

This is a full score.

- But she's not alone.
- Really?


- What kind of man is he?
- Let me tell you...

- Gimme a chopstick.
- There.

What? What?

This is filthy.

So guys, this is is not
theater for sensitive souls.

They told me to quit poetry
and go into acting.

- Really?
- Of course.

I love to tell a lie,
but this is a true story.

You sure love to lie.

What are you looking at?


Did you see something?


I'd like to join you tonight.

No way.

What? Come on.

You're always irritated.

What's wrong?

Enough. Nothing is wrong.

Good night.

You like that? Tell me.


It's not just 'yes'.

Do you love that?

Tell me.


My Rabbit...


...cheated on me.
You can't fool me.

It didn't cheat on you.

But something has changed.
You're different.

I can't put a finger on it.

There's something.

It's different for me as well.

It feels different.

In what way?

I can't tell.

You think I cheated because
I can't tell?

Alright, my Rabbit's body is changing.

Alright, great.

I resent that.

You shouldn't.

I resent that.

You were away for two months...

and you're telling a young lady...

that she's aging.

I know, but...

you see, Rabbit...

you're a naughty animal.

So, you like that? Tell me.

Tell me.

Are you coming?

A lady in full bloom.

All because of you.

You hear that?


Someone is sitting on the swing.

In the middle of the night?

This sound makes me feel sad.

Especially when I'm alone at night.

There, I'm done. Look!

Gross! There's no way!

- Is it like that?
- It's exactly like this.

And exactly the way I like it.

Wow, why are you so passionate?

I'm always like that because
I'm young!

I'm away for business.
I love my Rabbit.

I'll always be with you.

The Rabbit is alone again.

Toshiharu is back with
his little wife and kids.

It's filthy, right?

So many young men in this building.

They were drunk again last night.

I'm sorry about that.

But what...

I'll clean up right away.

I didn't want to disturb your rest.

It's fine, I'll do it.

Toshiharu's relationship with me...

has been like this for 6 years.

They used Toshiharu's
lyrics for a ballet.

That's how I met Toshiharu
for the first time.

I admired him.

I felt that his poetry was
moving my entire body.

That's how he captured
my heart.

We're so grateful, sir.

You greatly helped our ballet.

They said your lyrics gave
life to our dancing... Right?

The reason we wanted
to see you...

Yuko has something to offer you.


This lady?

That makes me happy.

What is that?

- May I open it?
- Please.

I hope you'll like it.

Wow, this is exquisite.

My father left it to me.
It still works fine.

Are you sure? This is precious.

I know because I had one like this.

I was so poor I had to sell it.

Thank you, I'll cherish it.

I'll get the tickets.

Young Miss, let's meet again,
just you and me next time.



Thank you for coming.

That day, I fell in love
with the poet I admired.

Are you scared? I bet you are.


You're scared.

Such a cute rabbit.

But I'm so happy.

So, you're happy.

You're great.

That's how a woman should feel.

You're beautiful.


Why did you call me a rabbit?

Because you're so white and soft.

You even feel like a rabbit.

Such a cute rabbit...

I'll eat you.

It's alright, don't be scared.

That's how you become an adult.

I'm the man who'll make
a woman of you.

Don't let any other man touch you.

You're my own Rabbit.

Starting today, we'll have
to lie to everybody.

I'll teach you how to lie
to the world.

I'll have to lie?

Lying is just a matter of practice.

The truth always has to be dull.

You see?

I often saw the truth.

But as soon as you consider it,
it turns into a lie.


I like you, Young Miss.

I don't know what the truth is...

but my feelings don't lie.

And they tell me they're eternal.

Realizing that,
I'm suddenly scared.

What's going to happen?

Please stop that!

Stop littering!

Please stop.


I'm so lonely.

I'm too lonely.

The Rabbit wants
to marry the moon.

I'll go to the moon.



Wonderful! I'm impressed.

I'm not flattering you.

Are you alright?

It's you...

You always sit here at night.

Right, you know about my habit.

I hear the squeaking sound from my place.

A heavy, painful squeak.

Is that right? You heard me.


Why do you always come here?

To the swing?


If I had to justify myself,
you'd start to hate me...

just like my wife.

Your wife?

The small apartment where
Mrs. Hirayama lives...

is just over there.

Yes, she's my neighbor.

So you probably know Tayo very well.

Well, she's my wife.

My ex-wife, to be accurate.

I cheated on her and she found out.

I broke up with my lover but...

she couldn't forgive me.

She can't stand me now.
She can't stand my face anymore.

It's hard to understand.

I can see that you love your wife.


I don't know about that.

I'd have to see her and hold her again.

Or maybe we've come
to resent each other.

She doesn't know where to stand,
and I don't either.

Now I come here to swing.

He's been away for a month now.

The Rabbit is going crazy.

The Rabbit is talking to itself.

I don't even know where he lives.

I'm sorry...

I keep telling them, but
those boys won't listen.

It seems they even
have fun defying me.

Please let me do this.


Do you do that because you're

What do you mean?

I wondered why you hate me
so much.

But I thought about it.

I believe it's because
I'm a married man's lover.

A lover?

What's that about?
You got the wrong idea.

Look, I'm not your husband's lover.

Why should I bear your hatred
for her.

Please don't confuse me.

Lovers have a tougher life
than married wives.

It's a thousand times tougher.

Is the Rabbit here?

The professor sent me.

Sorry, maybe you were sleeping.

I wanted to sleep... very deeply.

Right, I'll give you the envelope.

Where is Toshiharu?
Why isn't he coming?

Well... that is...

Here's the money.

The professor is concerned
about your well-being.

If he's so concerned, why
doesn't he come himself?

Is he sick?

He doesn't even write to me.

Well, he's very busy for the moment.

It's the deadline for the
publication of his book.

Tell her I'll come soon.

He told me to say that
to his Rabbit.

Would you like to rest?


Would you lay with me.


I feel I haven't slept
for such a long time.

The pills don't work anymore.

I was so used to fall
asleep after we make love.

I would just like you to hold me.

Could you do that?

Sorry, I can't do that.



If that came to the professor's ear...

I'd be so screwed. So screwed.

Forgive me.

I'm sure the professor will come soon.

I'm sure.

I'm sure he will come soon.

Goodbye then.

I feel so empty lately.


We're ovulating every month.

Isn't that egg expecting
a man to fecundate it?

It's like the body of a woman
constantly reminds her.

You know what I mean,
I hate that dependency.

For me, the first time was
when I was 12.

And it's been a cycle ever since.

It's been going on for 10 years.

It'll continue 30 more years, maybe.

It goes on and on.

Madam, would you like something else?

Like, 10 years would have
been amply sufficient.

I'm Ms. Kano, is Toshiharu...

It's about the poet...

I believe you saw Mr. Toshiharu Oda.

The professor hasn't come today.

What? Really?

- Hey, hello.
- Yes.

Isn't he staying at a hotel somewhere?

I heard he's finishing
a book for publication.

The professor is always at his place.

His wife is not feeling well.
He's staying by her side.

Forgive me, but may
I ask who's calling?

Hello? Hello?


Would you like to play with me?

Scary! Scary!

The Rabbit is back?

I was worried about you.


That lady next door called me.

She said you tried to kill yourself.

Kill myself? I didn't!

I didn't believe her,
but you scared me.

You can't take too many of those pills.


- Toshiharu...
- Yes.

You're getting old, more wrinkled.

That's because I worry about my Rabbit.

Did I throw up?

Yes, so we didn't have to
take you to the hospital.

So white.

White and shining.

You just escaped the jaws of death.

Your youth is your strength.

Do you want it? This youth?

What are you talking about?
I am young!

No one knows that better than
my Rabbit.

You were stupid.

- I have bad breath.
- I love that smell.

You can have it...

I want you to have all my youth.


Stop being so cute.

I just felt something
stiff down there.

I want you to recover soon.

Then I'll give you a lot of pleasure.


It's OK, I can do it now.

But the doctor told me...

that you need a lot of rest.

I'm fine.

Let me penetrate you.

Don't complain now.

You can't stop me.

I'll kill you.

I'll kill my Rabbit.

Kill me!

How come I love you so much
I can't live without you?

It's a mystery.

And so stupid.

What is it?

I feel so alive right now.

- That's enough.
- Have some more.

I don't want my Rabbit to be skinny.

Please stay by my side.

Please never leave me again.


I'm right here.

I'm not going anywhere.

Don't worry.

I'm sorry I smell.
I haven't bathed in days.

You want to take a bath?

I'm not strong enough yet
to go to the public bath.

I'll draw you a 'bath'.

How do you feel?

I feel great.

You see...

I'm resourceful,
so here's your bathtub!



How do you feel, sir?

It feels just like in a turkish bath.

Let's do this more often.

I'm the massage lady.

That feels so great, Mrs. Rabbit.

That feels so good.

Rabbit, you're all mine.

I won't let anyone else have you.

You hear me?

I belong to you, Toshiharu.

But you don't belong to me.

And so the Rabbit
cries alone at night.

That's why my eyes are red.



Only I can touch your wound.

That wound that opens gently.

Where all the pain of
the world gathers...

In turn opened by my pain.

It's me.

Are you up, Rabbit?

It's pay day, so I come bearing gifts.



Isn't this great?

Do you still have grievances
after that?

Were you sad, my Rabbit?

Take a look.

Marriage Papers

What is this?

I want you to be my wife, Yuko.

You're my official
spouse, my Rabbit.

How come?

Thank you. Thank you.

Are you happy? Are you happy, Rabbit?

I'm happy!

I'll never be alone again.

I'm happy.

You're happy?

I'm happy.


Then he disappeared again.

Hey, Ms. Kano?

What happened?

I'm fine.

Thank you for your help last time.

That's the least a neighbor can do.

You gave me such a scare...

that day when I found you
passed out in the garden.

Let's have tea somewhere.

Sure, but...

Seen from a certain angle...

What you're wearing all day...

That transparent negligee
in broad daylight...

When you clean up the garden...

That can drive men crazy.

You mean that's why they're littering?

Sure, consider all those young bachelors.

Is that right?

At first I thought they were teasing me.

I'm sorry.

It's OK, I don't mind.

I'm only mentioning it
for your own good.

Did you know...

someone was killed in that residence.

No way.

A man dismembered a young lady.

He put her head and
limbs in separate bags...

then cast them into concrete...

and left them on the balcony there.

The parts of her body?


She all set out in several little blocks.

Look at all these people
walking blissfully.

There's something
strange about this city.

- Did they catch him?
- Yes.

A married man with kids.

He said his lover had become a burden.

I'm married with Toshiharu Oda now.

An officially registered marriage.

So my name is Mrs. Oda now.

Congratulations are in
order. Good for you.

Hey, come join me! It's fun!

Join me.

Won't you join?

Hey, don't fall.

It's safe! It's safe!

Come on, join me!

Don't you enjoy being a child again?

Look at you, you're an acrobat.

- Your wife seemed so upset.
- Forget about her.

She's always upset about something.

She is never satisfied,
not even with herself.

But her anger somehow never bursts.

We've been married for 10 years...

and I still have no clue
what she wants.

Maybe she'd like you to listen to her.

Yes, I heard that before.

But still...

Then, after a week...


Where have you been?


- I saw a movie.
- A movie?

I see... A movie.

- Let's go to my place.
- Rabbit.


You're cheating.

Tell me, are you cheating on me?

- You're cheating.
- I'm not.

- What?
- I'm not.

Alright, come with me.

The fact is...

someone saw you at the swing with a man.

Is that true?

- Yes.
- Who is he to you?

To me? There's no...

How close are you to him?

Do you love that man?

Or is it just a fling?

Eh? Are you serious?

This is nonsense.

That nosy neighbor told you.

- I'm sure...
- Enough!

Answer my questions.

Did you sleep with him?

I'm sure you slept with him.

I didn't!

If you suspect me, just ask around.

Alright, I'll ask around.


Take it all off.

Quick, undress!

Are you relieved now?

Have you cleared your suspicions?

Rabbit, you'd better be warned.

I'll never lose you to another man.

There's never been anyone else.

I'll do what the yakuza
do to their women.

I like the way of the yakuza.

A system based on trust.

Just don't move.

It hurts because love hurts.

Does it hurt?

Does it hurt?

It does but I enjoy it.

It burns and it hurts.

It feels good.


We did it.

Did what?

A baby.


I want it.

You want a child too, right?


- It's done.
- Thank you.

You did a great job.

She's still under anesthesia.

Please come back in 3-4 hours.

Thank you.

Please, one more thing...

Do you want a memorial service?

I can call a Buddhist priest I know.

No thanks.
Just flush it down the drain.

This one is probably
better off unborn.

It's an ugly world we live in.

The flow of your blood...

carried it to the other side.

My physical and mental
condition started to worsen.

What's wrong?

I'm sorry.

You can't use my body
as you wish. I'm sorry.

You're my Rabbit.

I'm still bleeding.
It won't stop.


It's better that way.
We're always together.

Isn't this the life you wanted
for us?

What are you complaining about?

Professor Oda, a phone call.

I'm sorry to receive
my calls at your place.

It's fine.

How do you feel? Just rest.

A woman's body is delicate.


- You're flattering me.
- No, I'm sincere.

And then...

Toshiharu disappeared again.


Love Letter.

Why are you so late?

I thought you stood me up again.

I was about to give up.

A mature man sitting
on a swing at night...

I look like an oddball.

A bit pathetic.

Even what I say
doesn't make much sense.

I can't sleep.

I try to drink myself to
sleep but it doesn't work.

Look what my life has become.

Sleepless nights are endless.

When finally the day breaks...

the morning doesn't
even come as a relief.

This night is going to be long.

We should try to sleep together.

Maybe the embrace of two insomniacs...

will bring about a miracle.

He always helps you to sleep
that way?

His kindness can have no limits...

but sometimes his cruelty is bottomless.

It seems your neighbor is asleep.

- You often think about her?
- Who?

Your wife.

After so much bother
I don't care anymore.

Your sentiments are not clear.

Right, she also hates me for that.

I don't think we'll sleep.

I don't think we'll sleep.

Would you like a pill?

Let's give it a try.

Obviously only Toshiharu
can help me go to sleep.

The touch of his hand on my skin.

His cigarette breath soothes my spirit.

Marriage Papers

My name was erased.

Toshiharu's new wife sent
them to me.

I knew what had happened.

I felt I was going crazy.

Forgive me.

We had a grill party last night.

All the boys were so drunk.

Don't worry, I'll clean up.

A quiet Sunday is paradise
for an office worker.

It feels great.


What is that?

Well, it's just that...

she let me stay for the night.

For the night? You slept there?

Do you you mean you're
cheating on me right here?

Of course not! You misunderstood.

I just stayed for the night.

You're lying! You're lying!
You're lying!

You cheated on me in the past.

I'll never let you do that again!

We have to talk.

- The three of us we have to talk.
- Hey, wait!

I'm coming, but she has no part
in it.

Wait, I'm coming!


Were you trying to prove something?

Nothing happened!

We were both lonely.

We couldn't sleep and decided
to stay the night together.

That's all there is.

I can get lonely too.

How long are you going to play
that game?

You can't live with me,
you can't live without me.

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

I hate you.

Hit me more, Rabbit.

You can vent your anger on me.

What? That's all you've got?

Hit me, Rabbit.


What's wrong? Come on!

Let's go to a country house.

You'll have a good rest there.

You'll sleep plenty and
you'll be invigorated.

Right, Mrs. Rabbit?

As Toshiharu said,
I sleep well everyday.

I hadn't felt such peace in years.

Ms. Kano, a visitor.


What a surprise!

Congratulations, you're getting out.


You were supposed to stay longer...

since you have no family.

Where's Toshiharu?

He's the reason I came.


What is that?

Professor Oda passed away.

His memorial is taking place today.

His children told me that...

if I informed you, you'd
come and make a scene...

at the ceremony.

But I couldn't do that
to you, poor thing.

And aren't you relieved
you can leave this place?

So I decided to inform you.

It's been a long time.
I'm Ms. Kano.

Please wait here for a moment.


Ms. Rabbit.

Thank you for coming.

The situation is a bit complex...

I'd like you to understand.

To understand what exactly?

The professor's wife is
presently hospitalized.

All her relatives are here today.

You understand how
tricky the situation is.

Please understand.

- I understand.
- Mrs. Rabbit.

Please, be at peace.

I just came to say goodbye to Toshiharu.

Nothing else.

Time for a prayer.

Can't I even do that?

I'll accompany you.

The exit is clear.


I'd like to see him.

Please don't ask me for that.


Why did you go to hell so fast?

Mrs. Rabbit, wait.

His wife insisted...

that you should have this back.

Sorry, could you accept it?

Hey, it's been a while.

I thought you wanted
to give up the swing?

And here I am.

I heard the professor passed away.

Swift as a breeze.

He left me behind like
luggage in a locker.

Luggage in a locker?
That sounds terrible.

It is terrible.

As for me,
I wasn't left behind...

but it wasn't meant to work
out with my wife.

I thought that renewing our embrace...

we'd catch our second wind
as a couple.

It didn't stick.

Just this swinging habit sticks
with me.

What are you going to do now?


How about you?
What are you going to do?


Love Letter
The End