Rabies (1958) - full transcript

A relay race of "scenes from human life". Depicts the human characters inferior traits are spreading like a disease: the person who gets rejected / humiliated / oppressed takes it out on someone else.

Scenes from the human life

Introduction by Bachelor of Medicine
Bo Stensson Svenningson

Subtitles by Nostromo

If you in the Scenes from the human life

want to express something you
found essential in life

Then you have both to

try to refine your chosen point of view

and also arrange that the scenes
themselves express this

To refine your chosen point
of view is difficult

It cannot be done at the
expense of the truth

And letting the scenes speak for
themselves is even worse

Because a misunderstanding
could easily occur

Often an author

finds it suitable to have clarifying
comments in his scenes

He speaks for himself in a narrative

and in a drama

he introduces a commentator

to comment on the action

In these scenes from the human life
which I intend to show

I will aim,if possible,
to avoid a commentator

But I resign myself to the possibility
that despite good intentions

I have to introduce one

In that case

I would chose a female commentator

A female commentator

I want to do this,not to be
chivalrous to the ladies

and I'm not doing it

in order to cloak myself in anonymity

I want to have at the same time

an authoritative and neutral person

Therefore I will chose the old mother

I know very well

I have clinical experience of this

That the old mother is often
broken with arteriosclerosis

and stroke

That she is a foolish old woman
perhaps using dirty words

Or curses or blusters

But she is principally an authentic person

She is not anchored socially

She is ageless and universal

She understands and forgives everything

And everybody feel guilty

at least with a pretended
respect to listen to her

It is often testified that old mothers

never really want to admit that
their children have grown up

The children may have
reached any high position

But for the old mother they
are still the small child

In the Scenes from the Human Life

she is the only possible commentator

But she is not going to appear in my drama


Finally let's see how I can resolve this

First scene from the human life

It's night,silent and dark in village
shop owner Garberg's house

The son,young Sixten is
in bed with the maid



Did you see the new
furniture for the bedroom

which he transported
to the Svensson's today?


We should also have such one

It was red

with a mosaic on the the gables

Damn,mosaic on the gables?

Yes,what do you think
we should have instead?


Do you prefer a white bedroom furniture?

I just want to tell you

that if you come to me and say
you're pregnant,don't try that with me

You can't say that

Ah,don't try to fool me with
a baby,damn you if you try

Well,that's not my fault

Why do you blame me?


You crap

No,let me go

Damn you,stop choking me

You're so bloody heavy

Why should it be my fault?

It's not I who is pregnant

You've a better reason to do
something about it than me

And I can tell you how to do something

If you get a baby then
it's because you want it

But don't try that with me

You certainly understand what I mean

But if I end up in that situation?




Are you really pregnant?

No,why not?

I've always trusted you,Sixten


Why are you so mean and frightening?


BTW you know it can't be true

A fortnight ago on Wednesday
I told you we couldn't do it

Dear Sixten

How can it be that you
thought such a crazy thing?

Well,old dad said yesterday
that you looked so big

No,you must be joking,he never said that

Yes,big and showing off
your stomach as you do

Heck, anybody could believe
you were 9 months pregnant

You didn't say anything to the oldster

About what?

About us,of course!

He has known that for a long time



Have you told him that?

I don't remember it

But the old man understands
that by himself

BTW I've never hid it from him

And the old man is
not as stupid as you think

Sixten,how could you do that!

After this I can never look him in the eyes

Please don't pretend!

If the old man had been a puritan

Then he'd thrown you out
of the house a long time ago

But,you know,he's no zealot

I'll tell you the old man was a
real womanizer in his youth

You know a real Don Juan

So I got it in my blood

I can't help it,I can't let it go

I'm chasing every skirt when I see one

Shame on you

But I still like you,dear Sixten

Now,stop that!

I don't want you glued to me

So damned sweaty,
you notice that by licking

I'm not at all sweaty

If you could feel it
you wouldn't say so

I'm not at all sweaty

You only say so because you've cold feet

BTW I wouldn't mention
sweating in your place

You really are cheeky!

I know it's difficult but try to
behave like a human being

I must say I am as human as you are

Oh,but there's a small difference
between people and cattle(Swed.expr)

And you dare raise your voice,
when it suits you

You should stop this conduct

Sixten,how can say that to me?

Haven't I been nice to you?


We really are engaged

And Sixten am I not your fiancée?

We've been secretly engaged,
you said so yourself

Haven't you've done that,eh?

Sixten,you've promised,
Sixten aren't we engaged?

Yes,of course,you can always
call it to be engaged

You always do that when you're courting

We are engaged

Have you been married,have
you done what they call "begami"

What have you done now?

At least you can answer me

Damned,you must really know

that you always have to say
something similar to the girls

They like it that way

Fancy that you're such a wretched coward

You are the worst coward I've ever met

Only because your old man says something

You're so miserably afraid of him

You are completely in his leash

No one else can pull it

You are a coward and evil
and break your promises

Shut up

Only because I'm really honest about this,
is not an excuse for you to be rude

Don't you think I can see through you

And you know,you thought we
should immediately tie the knot

But you shouldn't think that we want
such a damned whore like you in our family

Your family

I know your type

You and your old man are really gangsters

and should be reported
to the police,you really should be

You just watch out


Come forward immediately,come forward


I'll tell you something

I was just joking,Jenny

Second scene from the human life

Sometime later

A sunny summer Sunday on the beach

But this must be Eivor?

Yes,hello Jenny,how nice to
see you,it's been a long time

-How are you nowadays?
-Thanks I feel fine,you?

Yes,I'm fine

Can't you sit down here for a
while or have you company?

No,I only came down
here alone to have a swim

-Tonight I'm busy of course

-You've got a job in the town?

I have an employment at Bank
Manager Glewenborg's house,got my own room

With radio and very nice

You know,that house is
really big,the city palace

I've heard about them

But you know that Mrs Glewenborg is mean

It's no that bad,the bitch is
of course almost never at home

She is either on some
seaside resort or in Stockholm

But where do you work nowadays?

I have quit,I'm engaged you
know,really engaged with a ring

Are you?

In that case I must congratulate

Was it a long time ago?

No,it was last Tuesday,
we're getting married next week

Damn it!

Oh,I just ripped off the
shoulder strap on my bra

Such a nice bra you've got


My fiancé is swimming down there

If you stay here for a
while you might see him

No,I'll just get a dip,you know,
I have to leave quickly

I have a date tonight

But that must be fun

Is he old?

No,26 years old

he's village school teacher,and has
found such a good position in Ledberga

Are you going to live in the countryside?

Well,I'd never be pulled by some
pupils and move from the town

Everybody is different

Speaking for myself,ugh,I feel sick
just thinking of the countryside

It's very beautiful in Ledberga,
we'll most likely enjoy it there

We were there last week
and looked at our new flat

It is quite modern,you know,
with large and sunny rooms

No,thank you

Have you been there during the winter?

No,I haven't

But it is

It is such healthy air there,
high up and beautiful

Yes,that's nothing new for Erik

You know,he became ill during his military
service,and been frail for a few years

Has you fiancé tuberculosis?

But please,he's big and strong

A real athlete

But he suffers from insomnia

Yes,the doctor said there was
something wrong with the nervous system

But he's much better now

It's distressing with nervous diseases

It usually recurs

Yes,I've sometimes been
a bit anxious about it

You know,Erik suffers from melancholy

He's so kind so he suffers
from all evil in the world

That's horrible for Eivor,if he
should go completely mad

No,please,there's no risk of mental illness

The doctor said that

BTW he's just fine now

That seems OK

As long as he can do his work

Will you accompany me to have a swim?

No,I've already had my dip

But,if you go down now,I'll go with
you and have a look at Erik

I find it worrying that
he's been away for so long time

How can you allow him to swim alone?

Well,I can't swim

And I don't want to show
him that I'm worried

But if you go down now,I can accompany
you and have a look at him

Do you know that girl for a long time?

Yes,we were schoolmates

And then we've met a few times

She's a very nice and well-behaved girl


I thought she had a
strange look in her eyes

She really didn't look friendly

I also think so

BTW we don't need even to talk about her

She was just here for a swim,
and would then leave at once

What are you looking for?

Oh,it was nothing

I thought that I'd put
it in my bathrobe pocket

The bathrobe pockets are so deep,
so it's difficult to feel what's in them

Where did I put it?

Was it your gold bracelet?

Just that

Please wait,think carefully,
when did you last see it?

It was just before I had a dip

I had it with me down to the
shore,I remember that clearly

But I forgot to put it in the bag

And then when I entered the water,
I put it in the bathrobe pocket

When I came up again,
I felt again if it was there

It wasn't there

I can't understand why
I didn't put it on at once

It must be here

Where was the bathrobe?

Here,it was here,it's been
here all the time

The bracelet could not have run away!

I will shake it once more

-Whose clothes are those?
-They are Jenny's

You both left at the same time?


Did yo go first?


Yes but Erik,you can't start suspecting

I know Jenny,we were school mates

Quiet,she comes here

Oh,such a nice swim

It's a pity to be in a hurry,
I'd like to stay here the whole day

You know Jenny,something
very dreadful has happened

I've lost my gold bracelet

It was a thick mangled
gold bracelet I got from Erik

I am so sorry

But have you really lost it?

Are you sure you brought it with you?

Perhaps you realize,Eivor,
that you really didn't have it with you

But I've told you it was here

If it's not here then
it must be in the sand

But both of us don't
believe you had it with you

Wouldn't be better if you searched at home?

Jenny,please,could you shake
your clothes before dressing?

More than welcome!

I've nothing else than this

Please have a look

I can shake my bathrobes pockets also

in case you think your bracelet is there

Are you satisfied now?

I'm sorry I didn't mean that

I only meant that you had
a look beneath your clothes

You,I'll go and fetch a rake

There was one down at the shore

Yes a rake,at least that would be something

It's stupid to rake with the
hands in the sand like Eivor

BTW you've forgot it at home

No,it must be here

It would be so sad if I
lost it,I got it from Erik

Is he also thinking it's sad?

I mean your fiancé

The school teacher looked angry

I'm sure you'll see that he'll
be sleepless because of this

Well,that's the worst thing about it


I suppose I have to move
so you can rake this place

It seems that you only
find cigarette butts

Believe me

Go home and instead start raking in
Eivor's drawers as was your first thought

I'm raking the whole path down to the shore

Please,Miss,maybe you could move a bit?

This place or that?

But aren't you crazy?

Do you think you're in an asylum?

I have to do it systematically

Please at least stop scratching my legs


Here you have it again,Eivor

Oh,how wonderful

Well,tell me why you were
standing on the bracelet?

Would I?

Would I stand on the bracelet?

Yes,now you are a bit too rude

Well,you did that

I noticed all the time there
was something funny with you

Something funny with me?

But please,hold me

I heard from Eivor that the
doctor said you were a bit crazy

But at least,try to behave
like a human being

I can't be blamed that Eivor is
the most careless in the world

I know her perfectly
well since her childhood

Miss,your opinions about my
fiancée don't interest me

OK,but now you've at least heard it

And do you want to know more about her?

Then you can ask her what she
did with Oscar in the lilac arbour

Oh,that's a lie,nothing happened
between Oscar and me

Not indeed?

Then your fiancé can
speak with Oscar directly

If he wants to hear the truth

BTW I think you deserve
to have found a madman

Good bye

Third scene from the human life

Late autumn.A rainy evening.

The home of Erik and Eivor in Ledberga

Erik's Aunt is having a chat with Eivor

Aunt,are you freezing?

Shall we light the fire?

No,not at all dear child

If you don't have any firewood

then you shouldn't go out
and fetch it in this weather

Oh,no,if we want a fire

than we can wait until the boys
come back and can bring it in

You know,Eivor?

I'm wondering if you
are not too kind to Erik

Just as Erik's mother was once upon a time

But Erik himself is such a kind person

Yes,of course he is

He really is

Oh no,you can't believe
that I think differently

I have always appreciated the kind Erik

Yes,certainly you know that there were
special ties between Erik and his Aunt

When he was a child,Erik and
his Aunt had so many discussions

But he was very nervous

Does Aunt find him worse
since getting married?

Dear child,not at all,he seems
to be as happy as he can be

And you're such a sweet little girl

No,but I want in all kindness
just to warn you no to spoil Erik

My sister Selma spoiled
him way too much

Yes,I think I have to say this
if I was to be sincere

I'm absolutely sure that he would
never had the nervous breakdown

like he had,if she had
brought him up differently

Erik was so mawkish as a child

But you shouldn't take notice of that

But Erik says that he is alive
today because of his mother

You shouldn't bother at all about that

Those who say that they'll commit suicide,
they are the ones who never really do it

Erik's melancholy,it's pure nonsense

I've understood that all the time

Well,you'll also understand it,dear Eivor

I understand so little,Aunt knows that

I never had the opportunity
to read and study

I just hadn't time to
think it through either

Pessimism is a sin

Say that to Erik,he needs to hear that

Yes,you might influence him

Because nowadays he listen
more to you than to his Aunt

When he was ill,I gave him a
book which was called "Happiness"

I don't know if he ever read it
as he never thanked me

And I've not seen it
on your book shelves

No,but there exist so many good and
noble,self-sacrificing persons

Erik should look up to those and
not dig himself into his melancholy

It's just so morbid everything

But Aunt,do you think I can influence
Erik so he became more cheerful?

Just tell him

But what am I supposed to say?

Tell him that you don't want
to hear his stupidities

Really speak out

I'll tell Aunt,it's not that easy

Dear child,you could still be good friends

Aha,as many as I love, I rebuke and
chasten as it says in the Scriptures

And had sister Selma only given
him a birching in due time

Then he never would had been mentally ill

Yes,that's as true as I'm sitting here

No,such melancholy should
never be exploited

And you shall never let you
be tyrannized by Erik's nerves

Yes,yes,Erik is kind

There's no question about that

And the whole human life is
so rich and bright and beautiful

And I think you shall
tell him that straight

Yes,my dear Eivor,I'm saying
this to you in all kindness

Because I think you're such
a clever and sweet little girl

Yes,I quite understand
Aunt's good intention

But I have to tell Aunt that it's
not that easy to follow Aunt's advice

-Because sometimes Erik is right

Erik is right? What do you mean by that?

Sometimes he's really right about things

Can you imagine what a strange
thing happened this summer

when we went to the beach in the town

When Erik was in the water

one of my school mates approached
me,sat down and started talking

And I've always thought she
was such nice and sweet girl

But Erik said instantly that she
looked strange in her eyes

And can Aunt imagine

that she tried to steal
that gold bracelet I've got from Erik

Ah,just talk

It was really like that

I thought she was so awful
and she said horrible mean things

I suppose that it was
grist to the mill for Erik

Of course he became sad

But you must become that

Aunt cannot understand
how awful everything was

I even shivered right in the sunshine

Perhaps you also became sleepless

No I wasn't

I became worried for Erik

Dear Eivor

You must take care that
you are not infected by Erik

You must be rectifying him and tell him
to look on the bright side

And when that's not possible,just close
your eyes and turn the deaf ear to him

Just do that and don't
care about Erik's nonsense

To convince Erik is not that
easy,Aunt knows that

Good grief! I don't want
to dispute with him

Oh,no,I suppose I'm
too old and tired for it

But good advice should not be sneered at

How dreadfully long before
the boys are returning

Yes,and they also found
themselves in awful weather

Can you imagine that Erik always says
that it's so nice to talk to Knut

He also says that Knut is so gifted

Yes,he really is and Erik may
discuss with him as much as he wants

Knut thinks it's a pleasure
to hear him,I know that

Yes,Knut,a thoroughly healthy person
with no predisposition for melancholy

For him I've no worries at all

Ah,Good day again,my dear boys

Did you get wet?

No,it was nothing serious,
we were dressed for the occasion

Now Knut has to thank
his cousin for the walk

Yes,that was really nice of you,Erik

to show so many beautiful views and roads

Thank you,Erik

Which direction did you go?

We went a while in the Bidö forests

Oh,there's not anything as
beautiful and wonderful like the forest

Such a wonderful peace,such a
wonderful serenity in the big grave forest

Yes,that if anything,I think
speaks to the Grace of God

Don't you think we should light the fire?


Yes,if you want to

Aunt is perhaps freezing

No thanks,not on my behalf

And in that case it won't be necessary

When one who is old like me isn't freezing

then you are probably not freezing either
who are young and healthy

Alas,the happy youth

I am so happy for you

And BTW I've no reason for complaint


Aunt has only joys here in life

Yes,and the last and
not the least of my joys

is that I have a niece who is so
kind and tender to his old Aunt

So nice that he has got
such a sweet and young wife

My dear Eivor

If it's nice weather tomorrow

Aunt and myself will also have a walk

We can go to Litet Må,it's a
comfortable road there and no hills

Don't you think that would suit Aunt,Erik?


Has Knut been there?

What the heck,there,we've been there,
that would suit Mummy perfectly

Not too many hills and knolls and just
right to move the small body

Ah,Mum is sitting still too
much and getting too fat

Knut is always joking with his dear mother

Yes,Knut,I must tell you in
case there's a misunderstanding

Think,Knut is so delighted that
his mother will go out in the forest


Oh,how beautiful it is here in Ledberga


This is such a place you long back to

Think,I already feel it right now

Alas,when such beauty and
benevolence is exposed

How good must not the true source be?

The forest's sound like the organ and is
for me like the most almighty sermon

Yes,everything for me
speaks of the gratitude

for the big as well as the
small things in the world

Yes,how happy I am to have come here

and have a look at your dear
home and the woods around

Everything is peace

No,it's not peaceful

Dear Erik

That was a strange statement

Aunt speaks as if the sound of the
forest is like the sound of the organ

Yes,one might suggest that

if it's not that peaceful in the
churches,but compare that to the forest

Erik,it's wonderful in the forest

Yes,yes,sure it's wonderful in the forest

But if you think of everything which
the forest says with its mighty idiom

like a harrowing sermon and
then ask yourself about the source

maybe one has to say like this

that the source is not
only wonderful,it's miraculous

Below the sound of the organ
you hear a permanent crunch

Perhaps you don't understand
what type of crunch I mean

It crunches between the teeth of
the animals when they eat each other

There are big jaws and small jaws

And so tiny small jaws that you
need a magnifier to see them

And all those small beaks

Which peck and hack
without the slightest pause

Every one eat each other,they are
born to be found in each others bellies

Under the romantic forest lake serene
surface it's the same thing,yum,yum,yum

The natural selection is just nonsense

The nature has only concentrated
itself that the eating shall continue

The eating shall continue,
the eating shall continue

How would not then the actual
source be,the eternal clear

I don't think that Erik,who is a teacher,
should blaspheme God

I'm not blaspheming God,
I'm just telling you how it is

A pure objective information

The life on earth is totally focused
on the eating of other creatures

It is like that,neither Aunt nor myself
can do anything about it

These are horrible fantasies

That is just what I think

Think about what a horrible fantasy
is required to invent all this ugliness

If God really once stood
there with the nothingness


Think,to stand there with
peaceful nothingness

the eternal peace and do all this

Yes,that's incredible

What can you say about such a source?

It is crawling and creeping and
flying and swimming

and during the whole time big
rapacious jaws are crunching

Such an excess of horrid fantasy

The human being has at
least an eternal soul

and Erik should think of the
words of the psalmist

"Grafven allt förliker,himlen allt förklarar"JO Wallin
(The grave reconciles everything,the heaven explains everything)


Yes,that won't be true

Don't you think we anyhow should light
the fire,what about you,Erik?

By all means

You dear sensitive girl

Yes in Eivor,you've
really got the ideal wife

So kind and caring,and it's a pleasure for
your Aunt to see you in such tender arms

Stop crunching me,I don't want
to be crunched between Aunt's teeth


Think,I have heard that the Law
of the Earth is to be eaten or eat

But that's a misunderstanding

The Law says eat and be eaten

Yes,you eat until you're eaten

From one human being you
can draw out the other

Just like you can draw one fish out
from the other's belly in long series


That was not really true

The human being is not
devouring her neighbour whole

She is more like

Like a rabies infected dog

She's got the poison in the
blood and must bite the others

She is of course without any guilt

It is so,this is what she is doing

Rabid dogs

running around and bite each other

And already as a puppy is she biting

I must know that

I know the children

Are you saying that your
old Aunt is a rabid dog?

No,now I want to retire and go to bed

Aunt,forgive me

I didn't mean anything mean

I am a rabid dog,we all are
rabid dogs,but mostly myself

I'm sorry if I have hurt you,Aunt,
I didn't mean anything evil

I was just saying how it is

I think Knut,you can
confirm that it isn't true

I didn't mean anything,you know
that,you know that,don't you?

By George,yes,you see,Mummy
did not understand what you said

Dear Mummy,you see,this is

this is philosophy,it's the truth,
so you don't need to care about it

You are both too educated for
your old Mother and Aunt

And now I think Knut and I should
thank for today and say Good night

Aunt is still angry with me,I hear that

Why should I say such things,
how could I be so stupid

Aunt doesn't care at
all that you were stupid

Yes,it was very stupid of me

I know more than enough that Aunt
can't understand what I mean

Oh,I might not be that
simple-minded as you think

At least your head for
study was from my father

And I can tell you that old Aunt
was also very good at school

And if I had,like you,
the possibilities to study

I might have reached much
further than you,you see

I received both praise and
prices in school,you know

So you don't need to be so
condescending towards your Aunt

But listen,dear Mummy,Erik didn't mean that

Of course not,I fully believe, I know for
sure that Aunt was intelligent but

But Aunt has never understood how
things really are here in the world

Aunt has a stereotype of
the world and the nature


It was wrong of me to take the
stereotype away from Aunt

It is unfair of me to take away from
any human being her illusions

It is as though I thought the
truth had a certain value

I am like a man who has
the knowledge about a murder

I can't be silent,I

I have to speak,I have
to confess what I know


There is the Murderer

Everybody look up at him

Everyone believes he is an honourable man

But I know the truth

He is the greatest murder
of passion in all times

Almighty,eternal and blessed

He is listening with
pleasure to the crunching

Dear Erik

Yes,know I understand your
insomnia and that you are frail

You can't be anything
else with such views

Don't say anything more,dear Mummy,
otherwise mother's price might be withdrawn

Knut,he always wants to
deflect everything with a joke

And that's very kind of you

But we must try to help the poor Erik

Yes,the best is probably to joke about it

Knut's happy disposition is a great asset

A happy disposition is a gift from God

It is something to be grateful of

Think about that,Knut

That's right,that's right

Laugh at everything

Laugh at the crunching,chew and chew
and laugh when it's crunching

That's the way to do by God's image

No,now I think Mum wants to go to bed

Yes,Knut,Good night,dear Eivor

Aunt wants to thank you
and give you a real hug

Well,Aunt wants to hug her
Erik also,well,sleep well

Thank you both

Thanks,thanks that you wanted to see Aunt
and Knut in your beautiful home

So long

Fourth scene from the human life

The room of subalterns in a rural garrison

Knut Mosterson,conscripted sergeant,and Sven,
conscripted corporal,are sitting reading


Sorry to interrupt

But I've received a too
small cap and I wonder

What are you standing
there and saying something

-I've received a too small cap
-Have you done your military service?


Yes,Sgt is it,are you dumb?


-Have you done your military service?

-Have you been called up before?

-Well,how long time?
-About 10 months

-About 10 months,Sgt,isn't it?
-About 10 months,Sgt

You should know exactly how
long military service you've done

Tomorrow I'm going to ask you
how long military service you've done

and you should answer with certainty

-so and so many days,Sgt,is it clear?

But excuse me,the cap

Take off your cap

You must understand that it's not suitable

to have the cap on when
your officers haven't

Did you say something?


You,who have done your military service

and have done a certain time should
know how to request something

Now leave and come back
and show how this is done

what are you waiting for? Carry out

No,stop,come back

What was that for type of turn around?

What? You've seem to
have forgot everything!

Tomorrow I'm going to force you to
do turn around while on march

Attention,turn around

That was really bad,very bad

Look at your feet and you'll see
that the heels should be together

And we're not waving with the
arms during turnaround,attention!

Turn around

Leave now

But in the right manner

Execute first a proper turn around

Then you go brisk and fast to the door,
where you do a new turn around

And strengthen up for salutation,and
then out,what are you waiting for?

Is that really psychological?

But what in the hell are you doing!

You're not entering a room

without knocking the door first,you're
certainly not doing that in civilian life?

No,Sgt,I've already done that

No,you did it recently,now you
have an order to do it once more

Carry out the order,leave,start again



Two steps distance should it be

Two steps back,march


Now tell me what you want to say

And make a real application
with a high and distinct voice

Sgt,number so and so want to
apply and so further,is it understood?

Carry on

Sgt,971 Cronswärd,apply to report
that I've received a too small cap

Aren't there any bigger at the stock?


Have you tried to exchange
with one of your comrades?


Take on your cap and I'll have a look

It is not very becoming but

But 971,for the time being,keep it

I can't do anything about
it at the present time

Take off your cap

Was it something more?



Was that real psychological?

Are you supposed to do that

Damn you should do it

There was a few of the squaddies,who looked
like they pretended to be something

God damn how I'm going to crush them

That fellow 971 Cronswärd

I noticed already when he came,that
he looked a bit sophisticated that bastard

BTW I shall get information
which type of fellow he is

Yes,hello,this is the Sgt

I want you to look up in
the General Muster Roll

what type of civilian work
971 Cronswärd has

Yes,yes,yes,971 Cronswärd,yes


So he's 36 years old,well,
that could be right




That's OK,that's all,finished

He's Bachelor of Law and
banking clerk in Stockholm

and that fellow I'll really dress down

Would it not be more appropriate to wait

until he has committed an offence?

Or are you specially prejudiced
against bank employed?

Hell no,I don't give a damn what they are

But he looked tormented
already when he arrived

and therefore I shall torment him

You mean your work is more
satisfying in that case

Exactly that

You know,I'm not seeking popularity,
I find it an honour to be mean

I don't mind if they are saying that I'm
the worst tormentor of squaddies ever

I don't care at all

Do you like tormenting others?

Of course


Did it surprise you?

I suppose you're joking

No,not at all,I'm not joking at all

You also think it's a pleasure to
torment others,don't you?

Yes,perhaps you've not
started with it yet

but start with it,start with
it and you'll see

Don't you call that sadism

Yes,but that's improper

Well,sadism,you know,real sadism
would be associated with sexual pleasure

And I don't have that happy
disposition,probably not you either

But,damn,you'd also
think that it's a pleasure

to have people under your shoes,don't you?

It's a pure spiritual pleasure,
a completely natural instinct

You just laugh but I thought for
a moment you were serious

I am serious

A laughing seriousness

Everything on this
earth is a joke,isn't it?

The military is the the organized
super joke,don't you think so?

Yes,that has obviously sometimes
crossed my mind

But then use your possibilities

You want to assert yourself vis-à-vis
your fellow human beings,don't you?

So what? Surely,you've ambition

Because you want to
assert yourself,don't you?

Of course I want that

But that doesn't need to be,
that I have to torment others

But it's inevitable,you see,it's inevitable

You want up,that means you
want to tramp down others

And I'm sure they feel
somewhat tormented

when they go down,so I'm sure
you still want to torment,don't you?

And you see that pleasure

you can get as officer in command in
the army and feel it strongly and refined

Just stamp on your subordinates

Well,here it's like that everyone
is barking at each other,all days long

Everyone has somebody whom to bully

In that case the most strong pleasure
would be found in the commander-in-chief

and the newspapers always attack him

so he won't get much
for that refined pleasure

For Jesus sake,you are not
asking to be God,are you?

Just take every chance
you get and thank for it

Yes,neither you nor I

I don't know of course
about your possibilities

But at least for me I will never have
so many poor wretches under me as now

Never in my future life would I be
allowed to wander around as I do now

and bite without anybody
daring to bite back

Here is the place where
snappishness is rewarded in the duty

That situation must be exploited

You are damned crazy

You should be psychoanalysed

I am zealous in the exercise of my duty

I keep my troop disciplined

I'm not at all crazy and don't need analyse
on the contrary I am damned intelligent

Yes,I am not that uneducated
as you believe,I have

I have discussed life's big
questions with clever people,you see

I am not that bad in philosophy


Life is just

Yes,anyone with normal intelligence will
soon notice that life is pure hell,right?

Eat and be eaten,that's the law

Everything is about a common chewing

We shall all devour each other,
that's the law for all life on earth

And the nature is predestined that
the meal shall continue for million years

Yes,that's it,you know

It is like that and you nor
me can't do anything about it

And in the choice between weeping
over the arrangement or accepting it

I'll chose to accept

And torment merrily a
bank clerk from Stockholm

No,I am not restrained by any occupation

Just wait

I'll torment you as well

If I want I can make your duty damned
difficult,I'm sure you realize that


Now you was scared,wasn't you?


But at least unpleasantly concerned

Yes,we could say that

I'm accepting everything

my appetite to assert myself
is not as big as you think

That's what you say

But deep in her heart,the man
has a need to bite his fellow men

You see,war is the outlet for
man's deep aspiration for it,you see

To,to torment his fellow men

Therefore war have always
existed and will always exist

Yes,that's for sure

There are some occasional
peace periods

At that time people will go
around and contain themselves but

But in the end they will burst

saying,damn we have to free
ourselves and become human

But people like wars

how the devil can't it
be otherwise possible

Listen,think about it

Imagine if you were in any big town

Let us say Stockholm,Göteborg or
Malmö,all towns are the same

as you are not recognized,
you know,nobody asks for you

But if you enter there in a conquering army

It's just that which
man is dreaming of

To put his foot on the neck of
the conquered,that tastes like yum,yum

You see,torment,kill,shoot,bully

to issue prohibitions and still
be celebrated for heroism

and fulfilment of duty

That is

To be the Devil

And be hailed as God

You can't more pleased for
having your image of God expressed

You're born too late

I'm afraid we'll never experience

that the Swedish army will
march into a conquered city

Of course I know that but
you have to do your best

And in many aspects it's more
secure to work on a smaller scale

BTW your possibilities to
torment are legally restricted

Not withstanding that the squaddies
can take contra measures

What could that be?


The major is like myself

If he rapports about me

He's never allowed to strike that devil

But I'll tell you he
would still screw you up

I know what to do,believe me


Yes,then you can be left with your
indulgences completely uninhibited

I think you're ironic,you devil

You think that I'm a bit petty,don't you?

But you see I'm a philosopher

I can see the great in the small things

The pleasure is the same

whether you lie in a big bed
or in a small bed,isn't it?

It's the real feeling that's
the important thing,you see

Not everybody understands
that and are fixated on the bed

They think the real big personalities
are found in the damned big beds

It's very interesting views
you have expressed



We shall not forget to
draw up a "fotrulla"

(i.e. register of inspection
of feet of recruits)

It's a very important detail

Yes,I understand,but so far I
haven't found much sense in it

But it should be done quite soon

Yes,my chap,I shall really
make our "Fotrulla" relevant

I'll tell the damned bank director that
he is suffering from foot perspiration

-Does he?
-Of course he does

Anyway I'll tell him

Yes,that will usually embarrass people

You can have quite fun with a "fotrulla"

and it won't be done
in haste as you think

-You'll do as you like

I'm doing that

You are too comic,sitting there
and pretending to be benevolent and noble

It must be funny with people who try
to deny the true nature of the humans

I really think the true
nature of the humans

is much more complicated
than you can imagine



We are going to have
an alarm exercise tonight



You'll raise the alarm at 0130 am

And then at the designed location receive
the squaddies in full field equipment

When you have noticed the time,
number and name of the last to arrive

You'll let them return to the barracks


And about the last one to arrive
you'll write a report

I can write it tonight
and only fill in the name

I wont be guilty for anything dishonourable

I'll tell you that once and for all

Do you disobey an order
from a superior on duty?

Not at all

Yes,as I know that I'll will be
up in the middle of the night

I'll go into my room and rest on my bed


Go down to the barracks and check
that those devils are not smoking there

If you find any one,write a report on him



I forbid you in anyway to give any notice
to the squaddies about the alarm exercise

Do you understand?


I understand completely

Yes,it's the Sgt,yes,do you know which ones
will be commanded to the kitchen tomorrow?

Yes,you should be able
to answer that offhand

One of them shall be changed
and replaced with 971 Cronswärd

Is that understood?

That's fine


Fifth scene from the human life

In the summer villa of the Merchant

The son Rolf and Sven,the tutor,
are sitting with the textbook

Are you ready now?


Now tell me what you know about Louis XIV

At least you can say something?

Who was his father?

Louis XIII

Yes,that's quite right

But who was his mother,
do you remember that?

She was the queen of Austria

You don't mean queen of Austria,do you?

She was a princess from Austria

and therefore she was called
in France,Anna of Austria

In which country was she queen?

Just say it,it's self evident


-Austria and Hungary?

Stop a moment

I must have asked in a stupid way,so
you think it's more complicated than it is

Louis XIV was

As you correctly said,son of Louis XIII

Louis XIII was married to
a princess of Austria

who thus was called
Anna of Austria

The wife of the king of France
was,of course,queen of

Now you'll say it?

Well,it's not a trick question

The wife of a king of France

Mother to a king of France

was of course herself queen of

-Yes,exactly that

Anna of Austria was Louis XIII's queen

queen of France and mother of Louis XIV

What kind of person was Louis XIV?

He was king of France

Yes,of course he was but I want to
know something about his personality

Was Louis XIV an insignificant regent?


No,you couldn't say that

In the book is written that he was called

-Sun King

Louis XIV was at the French
court called Sun King

Then,why was he called Sun King?

It was a nickname

No,nickname is quite not the right word

With the name Sun King they would
like to flatter the king,didn't they?


What were the qualities in Louis XIV

which they wanted to emphasise with
their flattery by calling him Sun King?

Sun King,what were the qualities in him?


Was it something in his position which
motivated such a name,what do you think?

Oh,don't let me bother you

What are you doing?

We are studying history,at the moment
I question Rolf about Louis XIV

Yes,please continue,
I think I'll listen for a while

Yes,Louis XIV was

thus Sun King at the French court

That he was a significant regent

We have agreed upon that

But what were the qualities they
thought he had common with the sun?

Yes,but that's quite natural

Yes,but look out of the window

Look at the sun,gaze at the sun

What is the sun doing now?

The sun is setting


Do you mean that Louis XIV was called
Sun King because he was going down?

There must be some sense in
what you are saying,doesn't it?


Maybe he was called Sun King
because he got up in the morning?

No,he didn't do that

He didn't get up in the mornings?

Of course he did,he did it
in the presence of the court

Can I get the book

Where is it ? Thanks

Whom was Louis XIV son of?

Louis XIII

Yes,correct guessing

Whom was his mother?

Queen Anna

Yes,that's correct

Anna of Austria,what were you discussing?

The personality of Louis XIV

Now tell me what you know
about the personality of Louis XIV?


He got up in the morning
in the presence of the court

Yes,I've heard that, what
was that procedure called?

What was it that gave such
honour for courtiers to be part of?

The king's


King's lever(=liver in Swedish)

The king's levee,it is in a footnote
here how to pronounce it

Löve, levee, that you've always read

now we had an opportunity
to judge your French

I've seen your German style,du isst der
kind,horrible everything

The 16th of Aug today,yes,I can't
see how you'll be able to finish this

really I don't know how we'll do it

Let us see where we were

King's,king's levee and the
tutor whispered that to me

Yes,tell me now what do
you know about his personality?

That he gets up in the
morning is a bit meagre

Was he a great regent?

-Indeed? In what way?

He conducted several wars

Yes,but more? I shouldn't need to pull
out every word from you

Were the wars successful?


Jesus,not one examiner in the
world would accept such answers

as you've given,you can
never answer yes or no

when you have the question about
Louis XIV's personality,have you read this?

-Has the tutor supervised the reading?

Yes,but perhaps it's best if
Rolf read it a few times more

Indeed,how many times
have Rolf read this chapter?

It's four times,isn't it,Rolf? That's today


Of course he's not reading,
he just sitting staring

And turn the pages

You have to read with more attention

You have to think of what you're reading

Don't you understand that,eh?

Can't you grasp that? You have to force
yourself,you have to assert yourself

-Can't you get that?

Now let us see where we were

Mazareng,who was that figure?

He was a cardinal

Indeed,something more

He was minister under Louis XIV

Are you sure about that?

Yes,it was the cardinal
who was actually governing


The king didn't care to govern

Yes but this can't be correct

I think Rolf now mixes up
Louis XIV cardinal Mazarin

with Louis XIII and cardinal Richelieu

There's no meaning continuing with this

Tell me,tutor,do you think it is completely
excluded that Rolf can resit his exam?

Well,I don't think there
are any great chances

No,what advice can you give?

As Rolf doesn't want to study

then I think it would be
best for him to be excused

Be excused? Be excused?
Where will he end up with then?

In all professions there is
almost some kind of examination

Yes,of course,he would
have to chose a profession

where there's no need for examination

Academic eduction is
not required everywhere

No,no but what do you suggest?

Well,I'm sorry,I can't think of
an advice straight away

But nowadays there are
possibilities to test the abilities

If Rolf was submitted
to a psychological test

Or a complete aptitude investigation

Then I think we very likely
would find what suits him

-Indeed,you believe that

How does it work?

Well,I'm not competent
to perform such a test

but you submit the person to
be tested with certain questions

and investigate in different ways
memory and combination ability

Test the manual skill

The way of reacting,
the speed of the reactions etc..

That aptitude investigation
seems to have common feature

with a psychiatric evaluation

Yes,only because in both cases
psychological tests are involved

Ha,ha, you're really naive

I can't understand why I should be

It is obvious that this science
which is quite new

is not infallible but there's much evidence

that it will change the life in the future

Yes,perhaps you believe that it
will speed up the social mobility

It's possible it'll do that

but the main thing is that it
will create more happy people

Ah,so happy? Well,well

If all people found their
right place in life

then we would have much more
really living people than we have now

That's undisputable

Mr Tutor,I'll tell you
one thing in confidence

The science is up for sale
and one thing more

It's usually not very expensive

I don't understand at all
what the Merchant means

A scientific investigation which
has been influenced by bribes

is of course completely useless

so if that is what the Merchant is meaning

then I completely agree with the Merchant

But I assume that the Merchant

has not had time for psychological studies

Damn yes,says the Merchant.The tutor should
not underestimate us merchants

But we don't show off with strange words

but for domestic consumption we probably
are a bit of psychologist in all of us

While the psychologists are talking

we are serving our customers

and while the economists
are writing,we earn our money

There is a slight difference
between theory and practice

It's probably good
that some also work

so the theorists have something to live off

I think I've heard about
certain scholarly professors

Who during their studies

earned their living by giving
private lessons to rich lazybones

Do Mr Merchant really think
this is the ideal situation?

Wouldn't be better with a differentiation

which would result that all talents
in the country would be looked after

And those who didn't want
to study could be excused

The parents of unintelligent children

should think more about the
happiness of their children

But,my dear friend

You've no idea about life

You've obviously read too much

I'll tell you that in every social board

who will decide about kids ability

is the mean Andersson,the envious
Petterson and raving mad Lundström

But,of course,you don't believe that

But suppose your system
could be carried out

don't you understand what an
infernal devilry you would create

With it,there would be no end of the misery

Now every human being knows
that it's unfair here on the earth

And,it's very often a comforting
thought,I'll tell Mr Tutor

The merchant belongs to the establishment

Yes,it's nice when you can
think everything is fine as it is

No,probably it isn't,but you should
take care not to make it even worse

If you were allowed free,you'd make
life to a torment for many poor creatures


I really want to be spared
preposterous accusations

I'm not a conservative reactionary

I want a life with more
efficient and happier people


"Good luck to you"

Perhaps we should return to
the personality of Louis XIV

If there's any idea to
torment that slouch,Rolf

Sincerely speaking,I think it's meaningless

And if Mr Merchant refrained
from the idea to use bribery

then I think Mr Merchant
would get the same advice

from all scientifically
trained investigators

But I don't think I'll use their advice

Yes,Rolf,it would be fine to get
your way forward without knowledge

about Louis XIV's personality

and languages,I suppose he
must learn in respective countries

Well,I suppose there's nothing left for me

than to thank Mr Tutor
for the time being here

There's 18 days left

and the study time has been terminated
on behalf of Mr Tutor's own request

We can say 14 days,which
is easier to calculate

the deduction of your fees,do you want
to leave tonight or tomorrow morning?

I'd rather leave as soon as possible

Well,then I'll tell them to
serve your dinner a bit earlier

I have had the not very
rewarding task

to be Rolf's teacher

With the teaching profession
follows a certain responsibility

I must therefore insist

And ask the Merchant to
follow the advice I've given him

Get to the heart of the matter and
don't stay with some half-measures

That will save The Merchant many
disappointments in the future

Yes,yes,thank you so much,
thanks,thanks for your kind interest

although I won't follow your good advice

At least I'll think about them

But time is short,I'll not stop
Mr Tutor from packing

I really hope I'll not miss my train


Pack your textbooks now

Are you satisfied now,are you?


This is what you wanted

How shall it be now?

End,isn't it?

You,you can get a new tutor

We can move to a new school,
you can attend a boarding-school

you can start in the firm,in
the warehouse from the beginning

You,just cry out,you

Are you angry with the tutor,are you?

Was he mean to you,was he?

But he had also a reason,as lazy
as you are,from what I hear

Yes,you should be angry

Idiot and fool,you only should
be called by your parents

Occasionally perhaps by your wife

Otherwise you'd be really angry,
he,he,what do you want now?

Dad,I don't want to have my head examined

I don't want to be tested

I don't want my head examined

In two hours time your tutor will be on
the train,and you won't see him any more

You,BTW,I think it was
good that he disappeared

I thought he was a real
bore,do you hear that?

Well,that he was a blowfly

I didn't know that until today

But now we've conjured him away
and with that this story is finished

Sixth scene from the human life

In Garberg's store

Sixten Garberg weighs and
wraps a pack for a small girl

-Good evening
-Good evening

-Good day,Mr Rolf
-Good day

Such a nice weather now


We have brought in our
last truckload of wheat today

We haven't had a single drop of rain on it

Yes,now we have nice weather

Both for us and the summer guest

Now it's the time to swim
and have it nice,isn't it?


But the gentlefolk will perhaps
stay here now until the end of the month?

I don't know,we haven't
decided yet about it

No,I understood that

Yes,it can also be dull
to go back to the town

I mean,here it's now so
beautiful,sunny and fine

And the gentlefolk also have it nice here?

Nice villa,large garden and bathing
and a sailing boat and everything

That's mighty fine,isn't it?

Now it's finished,now let's see



Yes,that's right

I've heard that the Merchant
has leased new hunting ground

Yes,Dad and the Count would get three
thousands acres together by that way

They want it for the
elk-hunt this autumn


Yes,the Merchant can really
calculate things,can't he?

Well,then it'll be a big
hunting party this year

Then it'll be even bigger than last year

Yes,that's possible,it can be fun but
many of the old men shoot badly

Last year it was close that a general
shot one of the beaters

I remember that

There was lot of talk about it

What do you want for such a scarf?

3 and 95,vivid colour and
nice,also good quality

I have one myself so I
can guarantee it stays crisp

May I,perhaps,sell one to Rolf?

No,God help me from such
a bumpkin tie,thanks anyway

But I thought that Mrs
Svensson was the next

Oh,I can wait,I'm not in a hurry

so please go ahead and buy the goods,
I'll wait here during the time

First I want a big pack
of Bill (cigarette)

Well,a big pack of Bill


And then I want to ask
what's the meaning of this bill


I really can't understand

Does Mr Rolf mean that the Merchant
has complained about this bill?

Yes he has,such tricks don't work with us

I can't understand this

Surely,it's correct?

Indeed,you're saying it,
you're saying it's correct

Then show it on this bill

With receipt,isn't it?

Excuse me for a moment
and I'll get my scribbling pad

Yes,naturally,it wasn't like
that we've sent two bills

Can you count to two?

One and two that's elementary
school,first class

Yes,excuse me,of course,it's not like that,
it's obvious that there are two bills

I am very sorry that I've made a mistake

we've sent the Merchant this latest bill

But it's not the same goods

Yes,what I'm saying is that
they are the same goods

but I mean those delivered,there's
two deliveries of the same goods

Yes,but that's what Dad is saying

It's two bills for the same goods

And we don't like that

Please,have look here,Mr Rolf understands.

Don't tell me that I shall understand

Don't tell me once more
that I shall understand

That's not suitable

It is as inappropriate as you
standing with your hand in your pocket

while talking with my father

I must apologize but
now I'll try to explain

That's only a dating error

We have had the pleasure of delivering
the same merchandise twice

and this last bill has been wrongly dated

That was very careless of me

but it's obvious we don't want to be
paid if the Merchant has mistrust in us

If Mr Rolf allows,let me
tear this last bill


I'm sure Dad would want it

As a memory

Mrs Svensson is a witness what you've said

that you don't want to
be paid for the last bill

I've got a big pack Bill

Don't write two on the bill

Good evening

That was really rash

Oh,how he's grown up and
become a big boy,hasn't he?

Oh,how he resembles the Merchant

Yes,maybe,I didn't have a close look at him

But he will finish off
being a real gangster

Yes,no wonder that they
are becoming rich,isn't it?

Even though he's rich,he could
at least behave like a human being

What did Mrs Svensson want?


The office of the Merchant

Present are nine of these figures which
have appeared in Scenes from the human life

Ladies and Gentlemen

I have asked you to come to my office

Because of the portrait

that Doctor Bo Stensson Svenningson

has made of us

According to information from
my solicitor, a judicial procedure

is hardly advisable

According to his view we shall try
to obtain an amicable solution

I've invited Dr Svenningson to
be present at this meeting

So we can have an opportunity
to seek and obtain

one for all parts acceptable settlement

Ask Dr Svenningson to enter

May I introduce Dr Svenningson

Yes,and now I'll like to give
the floor to Mr Sixten Garberg

Why has Dr Svenningson
presented me as a simpleton?

Shall everybody be
allowed to berate me?

It was not my fault that
Jenny started berating

I've never stolen

-But it would be..
-Mr Chairman

But I suppose I have the floor

Mr Garberg has the floor

And everyone hears this

And Dr Svenningson hears it

Should I have married such a person?

You think,of course,that she
would have suited me,wouldn't she?

Everyone spits at me

It was not just my fault as much as
hers that's nothing came off between us

Yes she also consented

I'm appealing to the present gentlemen

They know how a girl acts and
Mr,I mean Dr Svenningson

Who at least is a doctor

Do you think I should go there out in
the countryside and become insane of lust

Yes,I should of course have
married Jenny otherwise I'm a cad

But I must speak up

I really must tell her once

But I should only be
spit and spit at all the time

I only have to open my
mouth and I'm called a cad

I'd like to tell you that I've
been treated slanderously and unfairly

And I'm rather used to that

Aha,Miss Jenny,please

What's been said about Sixten is true

Every word

But it is too nice for
such a cowardly brute

He told me I was the
prettiest girl in the world

And he promised me many
times that he would marry me

Now he lies and says that I wanted it

He was after me by hook or by crook

He'd never leave me in peace

But now I'd never plead
and want to marry Sixten

Such a cowardly brute who everyone spits at

He deserves it

But it's the most wicked lie,when
the doctor says I stole Eivor's bracelet

Because I really never did that

I saw it lying in the sand

I've no reason to pick up things she mislay

She's always been careless

Yes,and then when she
started boasting about her fiancé

and such a nice flat they've got and
how swell she's got everything

Yes,she did that much more
than was written down by the doctor

I saw no reason to help her

I just wonder if the doctor are helping
those who are boasting boldly

and let the doctor feel
how bad the doctor is

Then it's vile to say that it's my fault

That Eivor's bloke is an
insomniac and a madman

Eivor had blabbed me full how he
was even before I've even seen him

And then when he came and
became rude to me

Then,certainly,I have to respond?

I don't want to be loaded with everything

BTW I'm not worse than anyone else

It's not fair that I should be disgraced
when everybody else are acquitted

The doctor should find out
how he is himself

And be shamed

Yes,I would agree with the last thing

That I'll fully endorse

What is it?

It's nothing special I'll just give
the floor to you,please,please

Yes,thank you

I've always said that you
should never visit young doctors

They don't understand one iota

They are only pompous

Dr Svenningson

You should be ashamed

of the way you presented my gratitude

for Erik and Eivor's generous
kindness to invite their old Aunt

Yes,I think you should have
some grace for my grey hair

And when I advised Eivor how to handle Erik

I did this out of profound love

But that love and understanding should
be met by taunt and mockery

you shouldn't expect anything else

-That's also in the Scriptures

Yes I said it's in the Scriptures

You've no feeling for the good,
noble and genuine

No,you just want to smear and drag down

But an old Aunt's dear heart doesn't stop
beating because you are foolish and mean

If you thought you could separate
Erik and his Aunt by this

Then you were wrong

Shame on you

Shame on you

I'll really endorse that

BTW you resemble Erik

But you are more mean

-Erik,he's really kind
-Thanks,thanks,thank you so much

Mr Erik

Kind? I'm not kind

But surely I'm more
kind than Dr Svenningson

He's biting,he has rushed around
and bitten us all by now

And he shall become a psychiatrist

He would like to cure people

But what kind of help have I got from him?

He's not helping us who are suffering

Instead he spits on us

Yes he does

It's not true that I want to
dominate and torment others

With my insomnia

I'm a suffering human being

But I demand respect for the suffering

And then I hear that my cousin
drew villainous conclusions

about the truths I informed him about

And I think people become even worse

When they realize that they are bad

It's me who stated that first

Perhaps the doctor can't afford
to buy himself the Church History

Has the doctor never heard
that he who seeks the truth

should be able to clap on the gate
of hell if the road brings him there

I wish I was dead

No Erik

-You are driving me to suicide
-Erik don't say that

Don't try to calm me and don't speak to me

Because then he there says that
I'm tyrannizing and tormenting

-others with my nerves
-as that wasn't the truth

You have tormented me a
lot,you really have

but of course,you were the oldest
and such,such a damned swot

but also that you were a philosopher and
a thinker and a egoist and everything else


Now I know that you
didn't invent it yourself

But of course you pretended
then to be original

and then went around fermenting with
your damned truths,didn't you?

Thank you very much

It was useful to hear them

You yourself is stupid and mad

And those strange and circumvent
movements Sven

seems to have undertaken don't concern me

I can't find

that I have any part in those
I never let him see

The only right way,the way
which is called go on march

And besides I don't give a damn
what Mr Svenningson has written

It won't make the slightest impression
on those I'm dealing with


Mrs Eivor

Has Mrs Eivor nothing to adduce?

No,but thanks for the kindness

It has always been that I'm not
counted and I think it's best like that

Yes,I've never been able
to express myself with words

Never in writing as well

Thank you very much for the kindness,thanks


Mr Sven

Dr Svenningson seems to share
the view with the merchant

that modern psychological research

may be used as a method to torment our
fellow humans more

That view might once have been relevant

But I reject with indignation

Dr Svenningson's insinuations

that I was concerned,influenced
or infected by Knut's madness

So completely impartial,entirely objective

Pure scientifically did I watch my
pupil and his father

I only said what,according to my
opinion,needed to be said

Allow me to ask

Where would it lead

If behind every scientifical statement

You started to search for
something personal

Then you wouldn't be able to trust anything

That you sometimes must say
awkward truths is inevitable

Both the merchant and Dr
Svenningson seem to suggest

that revealing uncomfortable truths
is something pleasurable

No,I can at least answer for
myself with a resolute no

And I'm not at all influenced
by the sardonic laugh of the Sgt

My laugh is not sardonic

You should regard it as an applause,
you are lying so damned well

Yes,I would like to
remind the attendants

that discussions between the
meeting participants

about private opinions in
question of details

is outside the remit of this meeting

Mr Chairman

Mr Garberg please

May I be allowed a small contribution?


I hope that the spiteful presentation

which Mr Svenningson has
made of my mistaken bill

is not in any way is
misunderstood by Mr Merchant

I'm so sorry of my negligence

if it has been shown to
have caused something

and I'd never have mentioned the bill

if it was not for once more to
ask the Merchant for an apology

And I ask to be commended in the
Merchant's amiable remembrance

As regards the bill we'll
draw a line over it

And I can assure Mr Garberg

that Mr Svenningson won't be

the one who will interrupt our
agreeable business transactions

-I thank you


I just want to say that Dr Svenningson
has also been unfair to me

It's true I chattered about our
hunting grounds and money

BTW what's wrong with that?

Dr Svenningson won't claim that I lied

You can have a look in the Tax Payer List

What was the meaning

to present me as childish or as
a certain kind of modern youth

That's all drivel

The grown-ups say exactly the same things

The description of my way of
handling the bill I have no objections to

Dad said I managed that fine

Quiet,it's OK for now

My Ladies and Gentlemen

I refrain for myself to make
any detailed commentaries

towards the way I've been treated

If I want to attach a small reflection
to what Mr Svenningson is writing

Then it would be that I,in a certain way,
have the greatest reason for discontent

It's like that we both,Mr
Svenningson who is a doctor

that we move in circles

In the same circles,if I may express myself

Nothing impedes that we might
meet each other in the social life

I don't know if we would do that

And sincerely speaking I'm
not longing for it at all

But it wouldn't be unreasonable
or even surprising if we did

If you were to write

Then I think one should write
about people who never read

Or more correctly about people with
acquaintances who never read

I am now asking Mr Svenningson

If you agree to pay us an indemnity

to be paid in proportion to
each one's suffering

No,I am really not going to do it

I too had a father

That's already a reason

Having been brought up by a commercial
father is anything but unhappiness

Even if it is an asset which value
you discover gradually

I'm saying this to Mr Rolf

If I then think that my father was
much better than his

One can hardly blame me for that

No,I have no reason at all
to shell out indemnity

and consequently I'll not do that

Such tricks don't work with us

By quoting Mr Rolf

To Sergeant Knut Mosterson,
I will give an important message

Even in medieval morality plays was
the devil perceived as a comedy figure


I can completely appease
Mr Sven's indignation

Even those who have the best
and most honest intentions

just need to be tired or irritated

Then he falls down

Mr Sven has chosen to perceive
the picture I've made of him

as an expression of my self-irony

Mr Sven should not complain,
you've really escaped too lightly

No one of the present need to feel
harmed by my presentation

If somebody will try to
embarrass and torment you

by references to the scenes in which
I've made an attempt to have you featured

Just answer only

It's not us he's describing

It is him

If you say so,nobody could say
that you are exactly lying

People are the same

Not only all people in Sweden
resemble each other

It's the same all over the world

I thought for a long time
it was different in China

But then I made the effort to investigate
how the Chinese lived and appeared

And it was remarkable how
everything seemed so familiar

Historical studies also don't
offer any bigger surprises

There once was

A French writer

Now,I don't remember his name
or even in which century he lived

Now he wrote something

About the humankind's
general characteristics

And he did that in a way

That it was a risk

That both his writing and himself
would end up in the bonfire

However,the church was satisfied
that he explained

that he had only written about the human
being submerged in the original sin

Whereupon he naturally took the
opportunity to show his respect

for the saved
and purified human being

It was a sort of equivalent

to the conventional toast
for "absent friends"

I have also completely
focused the attention

on the human being submerged
in the original sin

The saved and purified human being is
without doubt much much more interesting

But it's much more difficult to
place her in scenes from human life

as she doesn't exist in the material world

To emphasise that the sinful human being

i.e. the real human being

Readily pricks his fellow human
with a darning needle

can't be a very serious defamation

Sometimes the darning needles
are replaced with razors

And the course is then solemnly
called world history

I know

Just as well as you do

That it's agonizing to be a human
being submerged in the original sin

soiled by the animal instinct

The ridiculous

And the trivial

Our situation is truly deplorable

We are living under the worst
conceivable spiritual circumstances

As a doctor I can attest that

We are locked in a room

Where the doors and
the windows are nailed

We would choke

If it was not somewhere
a secret valve

Where this valve is situated

And how it is constructed

I don't know

but it is by this

we've got our concepts about fresh air

We are all suffering

In our human misery

And the bitter truth is that

That we all are going to die in this

But I would be grateful if
someone of the present

would answer me this question

Are the woes of life ameliorated
by the wailing of the likes of you?

Are the woes of life ameliorated
by the wailing of the likes of you?

Subtitles by Nostromo