Rabid Grannies (1988) - full transcript

When given a demonic present by their black sheep nephew two kindly old grannies are transformed into demons who proceed to gorily knock-off their greedy relatives.

(fast tempo upbeat music)

(water splashing)
(ominous music)

(birds chirping)

(goat baying)

- Alice!


Never around when I want her.


(door clicks)

Fates preserve us, where
have you been this time?

- I'm doing me best, ma'am.

- Then sit down and do your best.

Help me pluck these peasants.

- Yes, ma'am.

(feathers rustling)

(brooding music)

Mrs. Barnstable.

- What now girl?

- [Alice] Is it true what
they say in the village?

- What do they say in the village?

- Well, that the family is only
after our mistresses money.

- [Mrs. Barnstable] And who said that?

- Well, the owner of the pub.

He heard it from Father Henry.

- That's rich, that is.

We can thank that old
goat Father Henry again.

His crazy and


(ominous music)

Keep plucking, girl!

(upbeat music)

At least in this mansion,
we're down to earth,

at least in my kitchen.

Just look at the time.

Still have to prepare
the salmon scouffles.

Steam the lobsters, stuff the
pheasants, and set the table.

So keep your questions until later please!

All right, girl.

I suppose we can talk and
work at the same time.

The whole bloody family
is after the money.

Darling old girl's blind as a bat.

And worst of all,
there's not one worth it.

Do you hear me, Alice?

Not one.

All of them parasites, hypocrites.

Be very careful of those people, Alice.

They look good, sound good,

and they're respected everywhere.

But that family is like a stillborn calf,

soft and smooth on the surface

but underneath nothing but
maggot infested rotting flesh!

(bell ringing)
(footsteps tapping)

(stamp thudding)

- Come in.

(door clicks)

Sit down.

I've been informed of your wish

to take leave of our holy community.

- Just for the weekend, Reverend Father.

- [Reverend Father] Of
course, if I'm not mistaken,

it's for a family party.

- Yes, that's right.

You see I must go home, Reverend Father,

it's a Remington family tradition.

(car engine humming)

- You know with these engine problems,

I hope we don't get there last.

- Why?

It's not a race.

- But that's just it, it is a race.

- Huh, really?

- Yes, really, dammit.

Do you think I go to this
geriatric birthday party

just to hold their wrinkle
trembling old hands?

- Well that's done.

Otherwise we'd have to walk there.

(Suzy screaming)

- Now what?

- He took my cookie.

- [Gilbert] I took just one.

- But darling, such a fuss for a cookie.

You must learn to share with others.

- [Suzy] Why don't Aunt Victoria

and Elizabeth share with us?

- Oh, it's not the same thing, my dear.

They'll share what they
have when they die.

- Okay, Mommy, I'll
share my cookies with him

only when I'm dead.

- That's it enough!

All right, you two, give
me those cookies now.

Children unbelievable.

(car engine roaring)

(birds chirping)

- I'm expected at a
family party this evening

and I'm already running late.

What's schedule for Monday?

- You have an appointment

with our Central American
friends at 11:00 AM.

They want to see the 127 in action.

- Damn, I won't have
time to get back here.

- I thought about that.

I put a 127 in the trunk of your car

with a few rounds of ammunition.

- Good weekend, my friend.

If it is good in about a year or two

we can start building tanks,
heavy cannons, maybe jets.

- And then a nice third world war.

- Stop dreaming, Michael.

Let's not ask for too much.

That could backfire.

- [Mom] I, I forbid you to go.

- [Bertha] Mommy, I must.

- [Mom] No you mustn't go.

You must stay here near your mother.

(car engine roaring)

(fast tempo upbeat music)

- [Bertha] I may not get there first,

but they'll appreciate
the effort I'm making.

- Ah, there she is,
Bertha, the family virgin.

Now we'll have a laugh.

She arrives.

(bike thuds)


(tire rattling)

- Home in bed with you.

- That's nice.

But how are you gonna
explain me to your aunts?

- You're my new collaborator.

You write for my magazine.

Don't worry, it'll be all right.

Victoria and Elizabeth are
very old and very naive.

(birds chirping)

- Get a move on, girl.

What are you doing?

- I'm doing me best, ma'am.

(car engine roaring)

Mrs. Barnstable, they're here.

- I know it, girl.

(ominous music)

(car door bangs)

- Jesus Christ.

It's about time your mistresses

installed some electricity in the halls.

After all, it's not the middle ages.

- The bedrooms have sun, sir.

(gentle music)

- I was a teacher too, Percival.

And I know how much you love children

so I thought I'd sit you by them.

- They all at the table, Mrs. Barnstable.

- Not a bit too soon either.

- Stop that.

If you please.

(group laughing)

I'm warning you, I'm going to get angry!

(hand thudding)

All right, you've asked for it!

- What's happening, Percival?

- Nothing, Aunt Victoria.

I'm just showing the child
how to use a fork properly.

He's a dear little fellow.

- [Mrs. Barnstable]
How's it going out there?

- If I dare to say painfully.

(bell ringing)

- What now?

Who can that be at such an hour?

Alice, go and see.

- Me?

Why me?

- And why not you?

- I don't know.

It's pitch black out there,

and it's far to the gate,

and I'd have to go through
those creepy bushes.

- You silly little twit.

And just who do you think you're
going to meet at the gate?

The devil?


Get a move on, girl, you're
too old to be talking that way.

(ominous music)
(owl hooting)

(wind blowing)

- This is private property, madam.

What can we do for you?

- Open this gate.

- I can't, madame.

- Open this gate.

(chains clanging)

(gate clicks)

Ah, that's better.

I don't like talking through bars.

But would you, would you be so kind

as to give them this,

and to wish them the best
birthday of their lives?

They're all so little.

- They shall be given
this very evening, madam.

- I'm counting on that.

Good evening.

- Good evening.

(gate creaking)

(owl hooting)

- So you opened up for her

without knowing what she wanted first?

That's great.

This place is really safe.

- But she only stayed a minute.

She left this for our mistresses.

- What is it?

A time bomb?

- I don't know.

- It is a very successful evening.

I don't regret having married Fred.

(group chattering)

What's wrong?

Why are you looking at me like that?

- I know you were merely
joking, my darling.

But it might not be evident to the others.

- We were a bit confused, old boy.

- My children, isn't it exciting?

A stranger has brought this package

and a letter just for us.

Neither of us has a
clue as to who sent it.

It's quite unexpected.

- Most likely it's another
one after the profits.

It's sickening.

- Huh, sickening is the world.

- Yes.
- Now then tell us the truth.

It's one of you who's behind all this.

- In any case, it's deplorable

that he or she hasn't
made themselves known.

Aunt Elizabeth, does this person suffer

from the light of day?

I ask you.

- That's right, Auntie.

When you really love someone,

you come to see them like we have.

- There's also an envelope.

- Oh.
- Open it

and let's get this over with.

- Now I'm going to read it.

Dear aunties,

I am aware my presence is
not desired this evening.

However, in my absence led by
humble gift, congratulate you.

It's very old and full of surprises,

I wish I could be there to witness.

I accept I have been
written out of your will.

I only ask forgiveness and
a little refound friendship.

I send my deep affection.

Love, Christopher.

- Oh Elizabeth, how he's changed.

- Shit head Christopher.

Oh please!

- You may as well expect a
vulture to become a vegetarian.

- Frankly, Aunt Victoria,
Christopher may be our relative,

but he deserves only
one thing, condemnation!

- Percival is right
about that horrible man.

Just think what he's done.

- We should have a-

- Shut up, Bertha!

That evil boy doesn't deserve our pity.

Such sacrilege is committed,

to put him back in the world
would be a big mistake.

I'm sorry, but we must
be firm and unmoving

or we sacrifice our own moral values!

- All our values in short.

- We must all remember our
blessed Lord's example.

All his life, he practiced forgiveness.

- What's Christopher done
that you all hate him so?

- You better ask what he hasn't done.

Our family once belonged
to a satanic sect,

actually became the head priest of it.

He was really the black
sheep of the family.

One foul night he and his ghoulish group

broke into a cemetery
in the London suburb.

They were celebrating a black
mass until the police arrived.

He got 10 months.

- Well, we could at
least open the package.

(paper rustling)

Oh, it's lovely.

- [Victoria] If this is his peace offering

he must be sincere.

- You're right, my dear.

We should be thankful for such a change.

- Oh no.

Don't even think about it.

- A birthday cake.

We forgot the cake.

Oh, here it is.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday, happy birthday ♪

♪ Happy birthday ♪

- Blow and make a wish!

- [Group] A wish, a wish, a wish, a wish,

a wish, a wish, a wish.

(ominous music)

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ha, ha, ha ♪

♪ Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ♪

♪ Ah, ha, ah, ha, ha, ah ♪

♪ Ha, ah, ah, ah, ah, ha, ha, ha ♪

♪ Ah, ha, ah, ha, ah, ha, ha, ha ♪

(group clapping)

(Jessica chuckles)

- I propose a toast for the
hundred time this night.

With all our hearts, happy,
happy birthday to the aunts,

who we always have admired.

(slow tempo drum music)

(ominous music)

(Elizabeth and Victoria gulping)

(Victoria growling)

(teeth snapping)

- Or maybe we can eat the ice cream now.

- Oh, good idea.

We'll need a knife.


- [Group] Radu, a knife for the cake.

- Radu.


- I've got to go to the toilet.

- [Group] Radu.

- Well, go on then.
- The knife-

- Better hurry, we're
going to eat dessert.

- [Group] The knife for the cake.

Radu, the knife for the cake,
Radu, the knife for the cake,

the knife for the cake,
Radu, the knife for the cake,

Radu, the knife for the cake,
Radu, the knife for the cake,

Radu, the knife for the cake,
Radu, the knife for the cake,

- But where is he?

We'll never get the cake cut.

(Victoria growling)
(cake thuds)

(body thuds)
(Victoria grunting)

- Here, girl, take this knife up to them

and hopefully they'll stop all that noise.

Fates preserve us, what a family.

I wonder if any other surprises
are in store for this night.

(Elizabeth belching)

(Elizabeth growling)

(bones cracking)

(Erica screaming)

(head thuds)
(Erica screaming)

(Elizabeth grunting)

(Erica screaming)

(Elizabeth grunting)

(teeth crunching)
(table rattling)

(flesh tearing)

- That's smashing.

(Elizabeth gulps)

(Elizabeth chuckles)

- Holy shit.

(Helen screaming)

(playful music)
(group screaming)

(Victoria grunting)

(knife thuds)

(Alice screaming)

(glass shattering)

(body thuds)
(group screaming)

(hand clapping)

(window rattling)

(Alice groaning)

(window rattling)

- Just listen to that uproar.

At least they're enjoying
themselves this year.

(group screaming)

(Percival grunting)

- Nasty thing.

(Percival panting)

(wind blowing)

- That doesn't sound good.

(door bangs)
(monster screaming)

(liquid splashing)

- My God, Radu.

The lobster must have been fresh.

My lady has terrible indigestion.

(Rachel grunting)

- No way out of here,
we'd break our necks.

- Anyway, they won't get in here.

That thing weighs a ton.

- I hope so.

Did you see the strength they possess?

- Listen, lesbian, shut the hell up!

Don't try to scare us
more than we are already!

- You listen, who pushed
that enormous thing

in front of the door while
you looked out of the window?

Me the lesbian.

So you can shove it.

- Let's all try to stay calm.

If we want to get through the night alive,

we must help each other.

John, please.

Excuse me, Rachel, I got carried away.

I'm really sorry for your, I
mean, what happened to Erica.

- That's all right.

It was too quick for her
to have suffered much.

(knuckles pounding)

- Do you think it's them?

- I don't know.

- [John] Who's there?

- [Percival] It's me, Father Percival.

For pity's sake, open the door!

- Wait!

Are they after you?

- [Percival] I don't know.

Open for god's sake.

- Are you sure you are alone out there?

Make sure dammit!

- [Percival] You damn fool.

Do you think I could answer your questions

if they were here?

Open up!

- All right, John!

You've asked him enough.

He's our flesh and blood, let him in!

Come in.

- Thank you, Helen.

(Helen yells)
(Percival grunts)

- As for you, I'll never
absolve you for such behavior.

If you try to confess this,

you can stick all that
penance cattle up your bum!

- I say there's a child present.

- I'm sorry.

(Bertha whimpering)

- Can't you shut up for five minutes?

You are getting on everyone's nerves.

(Bertha crying)

(door rattling)

It can't be.

It's not possible.

- What's not possible?

- All of this mess.

Those transformations, the
possessions, it's absurd.

We are victims of
collective hallucination.

That's it, a collective hallucination.

Those things just don't exist.

Do you hear?

It's just our imagination.

They are not real and I'm
going out to prove it now.

(door clicks)

They don't exist.

(door bangs)
(monster screeching)

(door bangs)

They exist.

(wind blowing)

- [Jessica] I wonder
if Fred is still alive.

- In any case, it's no big loss.

- That's my husband you're talking about,

you sensitive little bastard.

- Shh.


(dog whining)

- What is it?

- It's probably the old hag's dog.

He must have seen them.

(dog whining)

- It seems far away.

- At least we've got
something to be glad for.

(owl hooting)

- Why is it so calm all of a sudden?

- I don't know.

What I do know is that we've
got to get out of here.

- My God.

I've just remembered before dinner

I asked Fred for the car keys.

I'd forgotten my face powder.

I've still got them.

- Well that changes everything.

Now we'll get out of here

as quickly as possible in Fred's car.

- Yes, but what about the others?

- Christ, what can we do?

They'll just have to be careful.

At the first village we'll
stop and alert the police.

- But isn't that just
like abandoning them?

- Of course not.

We shall alert the police.

Oh shit.

(suspenseful music)

Dead end.

- Shh, listen.


- Hey, what now?

- I don't know.

Like breathing.

(monster yelling)

(Jessica screaming)

(suspenseful music)
(Jessica grunting)

(monster grunting)

(monster screaming)

(monster grunting)

(monster howling)

(monster grunting)

- [Roger] Hey, run!

(window blowing)
(water dripping)

- [Jessica] I think we've lost her.

Are you sure you know your
way through these cellars?

(ominous music)

- Do I just.

When I was a boy,

I used to bring the village
girls here to play doctor.

Come on, there's a way out to the north.

(water splashing)
(monster grunting)

(Jessica screaming)

Oh God!


(suspenseful music)
(monster laughing)

Quick the key!

(monster laughing)

(monster laughing)

(monster laughing)

- Let me in!

- Oh, get off, will you?

(hand pounding)

(hands thudding)

Dammit, what's happening?


(car engine roaring)

(monster screeching)

God, we got it!

- It's got hold of it!

- Something!

(Roger yells)

(monster grunts)

(Jessica grunting)

(spit hissing)

(brakes thud)

(Jessica screaming)

(monster grunts)
(Jessica screaming)

- [Victoria] So nasty little girl,

we cut off our Victoria's hands.

We also cave her head in,
what way is that to act?

- (whimpering) No.

- [Victoria] I'll have to punish you.

- No.


- Unless, unless you sing
for my birthday right away.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪


♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birth, birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday dear auntie ♪

♪ Birth ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

All right, go on.

You can go.

- I can go?

- Hurry up.

I like to change my mind.

(handle jiggling)

(ominous music)
(car door clicks)

(car door bangs)

Get on with it my lovely thoughts.

(Jessica grunting)

Kill her.

(voice chattering)

(voice chattering)

(voice chattering)

(Jessica screaming)

(monster laughing)

(body thuds)
(Jessica screaming)

(car thuds)
(voice chattering)

(tires screeching)

(bones cracking)
(voice chattering)

- And you, can't you do something?

- Me?

- Yes, you are a priest, aren't you?

I don't know.

Exorcize them.

- Do, do, do what?

- Bloody hell what are you good for?

- But I.

- For centuries you have burned innocence

at your godforsaken stakes.

And now we've got two monsters after us.

And what are you doing about it?

You are just like a worm,

crying and squirming in
front of the crucifix.

Pathetic bastard!

- John, please.

- After all the inquisition
was not my fault.

- Oh, hell forget it.

- Oh my God.

- What?

What's the matter?

- Suzy.

She asked me 20 minutes ago
if she could leave the table

to go to the toilet, she
would have finished by now.

She wouldn't know what's happened since.

Oh, my God.

How could we forget Suzy?

- But this can't be happening!

Why did you have to let
her go to the toilet?

- Oh, that's really the limit.

What the hell was I to do?

Say my dear Suzy, hold
on for just a moment

because your great-aunties
are going to turn into demons.

Is that really what I should have said?

- [Suzy] Ooh, where is everybody?


- [Elizabeth] Suzy.

- Yes, I'm here.

Where are you?

- [Elizabeth] At the end of the corridor.

- I'm coming!

I can't make it.

- [Elizabeth] Continue,
my dear, you'll make it.

(Suzy grunts)
(body thuds)

(gentle brooding music)

You see, my angel, you're here.

You're here.

This is the bedroom I had
when I was a little girl.

Just like you nearly a century ago.

(toy clanging)

- Can I play here?

- [Elizabeth] Of course my little lamb

if you give me a kiss first.

- [Suzy] Where are mommy and daddy?

- In the house somewhere.

- [Suzy] What are they doing?

- They're playing hide
and seek with the others.

Auntie Victoria and myself,

will look for them and we'll find them.

- [Suzy] Can I play with you?

- But my lamb you're already playing.

- If you had listened to me,

we wouldn't be here this weekend.

We'd be safe at home.

- Of course, of course our
master is content with his job

as a clerk and driving
his own delivery van.

But I am a Remington!

An aristocrat who made the mistake

of marrying a pedal pusher
who has no ambition.

Did you believe I could accept
that for the rest of my life

when those millions could
change all our lives?

- To hell with those millions
and your fucking family

and its phony nobleness!

Yes, we commoners may well be dull,

but we leave our parties happy and alive.

Your sick family can burn in bloody hell!

- [Helen] What did you say?

- Oh, please stop it.

You two should be looking
for your daughter.

- Of course.

I don't know what's happening to us.

We're all going crazy.

Okay, what shall we do?

- You go.

I'll stay here and keep watch.

- All right, keep watch.

- Wait!

You can't open that door.

Those monsters could be behind it!

I know you want to save your daughter,

but, but the risk our
lives, I can't accept that.

I have a right to live also.

I simply won't allow an hysterical woman

and her over maternal instincts
take the right from me.

We'll just wait here
and pray for the child.

That's all.

- Selfish, phony bastard.

(Percival grunts)

Listen well, priest,

I'm going out of this room
to look for my daughter

who's only eight-years-old.

If you try to stop me,

I swear I'll knife the
those two holy orbs,

you have so little use for.

Now get out of my way.

- I'm coming with you, Helen.

- I'm warning you, I'm
putting the furniture back

and I won't open the door anymore.

(Percival whimpers)

- Come on, dear.

I'd rather keep you next to me.

(door clicks)

- I'm quite sure your
mother was proud of you

on the day of your ordination, right?

- Yes, of course.


- Because it wasn't the first time

she made a stupid mistake.

- [Percival] Huh?

(footsteps tapping)

- It could be the others.

- No matter who it is,
let's stay together.

- Come on, let's continue.

Oh, I'm freezing.

- They can't be far away.

- [Gilbert] Mommy, I'm tired.

- It'll be all right, my dear.

You'll see.

- [Gilbert] Why are we here?

- We're looking for your sister, darling.

(door clicking)

- It could be her.

- Please let it be her.

- It seems to be coming from upstairs.

- It's Suzy.

I knew we would find her.

(suspenseful music)

(leg thudding)
(Helen screaming)

(leg thuds)
(Helen screaming)

(Helen panting)

Suzy. (panting)

(Helen whimpering)

(monster laughing)

(ominous music)
(monster laughing)

- [Monster] Suzy don't play on the steps.

Suzy, don't play anything,
anything, anything.

(monster laughing)

(monster laughing)

(Helen screaming)

- [Rachel] Quickly, Gilbert's
run away to find his father.

(monster growling)

(door bangs)
(Helen whimpering)

- [Gilbert] Mommy.

- (gasps) Gilbert!

Oh my darling boy. (gasping)

(footsteps tapping)

- Mommy.
- Bitch,

is it nice to have it in your arm.

It is hungry.

(Helen screaming)

(teeth crunch)
(Helen screaming)

(monster grunting)

(door bangs)
(monster grunting)

(Helen screaming)

(monsters grunting)

(monsters grunting)

- Come on, come on!

Be a good boy, wait in there.

Go on.

Come on.

(Helen groaning)

Come on!

(Helen groaning)
(hand slaps)

(monsters grunting)

(door thuds)
(monster grunting)

(monster screams)

(hands thudding)

(Helen humming)

Don't worry, we'll be all right.

- Are they gone?

- I don't know, dear.

(Helen humming)

(wood thudding)

(Rachel gasps)

- [Victoria] So you
damn bitch of a lesbian,

put up with women are we?

Going out with our little boys.

And in that shackle as well.

Aren't you ashamed you whore?

Tell me!

- Get the hell out of here.

Go the hell!

- [Victoria] Baby, we have fun with us.

Have a little guess

what we're going to do to Gilbert's daddy.

Times up.

We're going to cut him up alive

just like that stupid cow of a daughter.

The difference will be that this time,

you'll hear the agonizing
screams and so will Gilbert.

Is that what you want?

- I, I don't believe you.

John is not with you.

So move it!

(Helen grunting)

- [John] Rachel, it's true.

They've killed the priest and taken me.

If you don't open, they're going kill me!

- No, not that.

- [John] (crying) Help me please.

Please open the door.

I beg of you!

- I don't want them to hurt my daddy.

- It's not your father.

It's just a trick.

- How do you know?

- I hope so.

- [Victoria] If that's the
way you want it, listen child.

Listen to what we do to your
father because of that bitch.

(John screaming)
(wind blowing)

(feet tapping)

- God, if you exist, help us.

(John screaming)

(John crying)

♪ There's no John to save the boy ♪

♪ There's no John ♪

Filthy liars.

(monster grunting)

(Rachel whimpering)

(Rachel grunting)

(water splashes)
(monster grunts)

- Holy water only works in
the movies little horse's ass!

(cross thuds)
(monster groaning)

(door bangs)

(monster groaning)

- Do you know what I'm going to do?

- No.

- I am going out to see what's happening.

- You're crazy.

It's been more than an
hour since your wife left.

I can't see her coming back anymore.

She must be dead.

Do you want the same
thing to happen to you?

Is that what you want?

- Yes.

If she is dead, it's because my cowardice

runs right through to my backbone.

I have just enough courage
to admit what I am.

And you, you pathetic excuse for a man.

You hide behind your clerical collar.

You've never been the
man you pretend to be.

(John laughs)

So I'm going out to find my family.

(dresser scraping)

Excuse me.

(door bangs)

(clock chiming)

- All right, what's going on?


- Stop drinking.

You are disgusting.

- You old gus, shake
the cobwebs off your ass

and piss off.

- Bastard!

- She's right, old man.

Getting drunk wouldn't change anything.

- Excuse me.

Getting drunk, as you say,

permits me to suffer
less from my situation.

And if I had more bottles,
which I unfortunately don't,

I propose the same remedy for you.


(bottle thuds)

(Fred burping)

(knuckles banging)

(Fred spits)

- [Harvey] Who's there?

- It's John.

Open the door.

(pants) I'm so glad to see you.

- My ass.

- Have you seen my wife and son?

- No, we've been looked up here for ages

and I must admit, I thought
only we were left alive.

- [Bertha] You didn't find anyone?

- No, no, except the priest.

I was with him and my wife left.

- Left where?

- I don't know.

Somewhere in the house looking for Suzy.

- To Suzy's health.

- You sick bastard!

Heartless bastard!
- Come on, come on!

Keep cool.

Stop it, he's been drinking.

- Let him kill him, I beg you.

- If you mentioned my wife
or children once more,

I'll kill you, you hear, bastard?

- John, I was only joking.

- [Harvey] Can I let you go?

- Yes.

I'll be all right.

- Right.

Let's take stock.

Unless I'm wrong, it's
just the four of us alive.

If there's anybody else,

we've got to find them and
get the hell out of here.

- [Fred] But that'll be very dangerous.

- Please, we are just
three men and Bertha.

If John found us it's
because he took a risk.

That's all we can do.

We can't wait here until the end of time.

- The end of time.

This is the end.

(ominous music)

(door clicking)

(door creaking)

(monsters grunting)

- This is what we're going to do.

You and Bertha, go take
a look in the kitchens.

Fred and I will go to the cellar

to see if anybody's hiding there.

We meet here in 10 minutes.

- Okay.

- What the hell do you mean okay?

I don't think it's okay.

I think it's stupid to separate.

- Listen, if you've got a
better plan, tell us or shut up.

You want me to go down with Bertha?

I'll leave the kitchens for you and John.

If he feels like strangling you

I won't be there to interrupt.

Just might be better.

- Okay, okay, don't get upset.

I was only just saying.

- Go on.

Good luck.

(rat squeaking)

(glass clanging)

(rat squeaking)

(candle thudding)

(ominous music)
(door clicks)

What the hell were they doing
coming to this hellish house?

- The same as all of us,
chasing the heritage.

(door clicks)

- (gasps) Can't see anything.

Can't you put on a light?

- I don't know.

Keep going.

- Oh, it smell terrible.

Like a burnt pig.

There is a strange noise here.

- Here!

The switch.

(switch clicks)
(ominous music)

(Bertha screaming)

(body thuds)
(John screaming)

(flesh hissing)

(Bertha screaming)

- I couldn't do anything.

It came out and I ran away.

I couldn't do anything.

Nothing at all.

- Come on, Radu.

You can't stay here.

- I couldn't do anything.

- That's all right, man,

we are all in the same boat, you know?

(Radu whimpers)

- [Fred] Right, you can
see there's nobody here.

Come on, let's go upstairs.

- [Harvey] Wait a second,

we haven't checked the coal setters yet.

- Aren't we the extra eager beaver.

Piss off, we bloody well looked enough.

- I don't think we'll find anybody here.

- Just like I was saying.

Oh, oh, look.

- What?

It's just a spider's web.

- Oh, nothing.

I just thought the fly defines
our situation perfectly.

Look at it.

The more it struggles, the
more entangled it gets.


No, don't help it.

It's nature.

The fly's destiny.

You mustn't go against it.

- Yeah, you better forget it.

Come and look here.

If the frame isn't rusted shut,

we should be able to take the gate off

and get out of here.

- I don't follow.

It was so easy to get
out by a door or window

on the ground floor.

- You've got a short memory.

While everybody was
trying to save themselves,

Roger tried the front door
and he slammed in his face.

Those monsters have powers,
which we don't understand,

but we have to deal with it.

- Okay, but why then should it
be different with this place?

- Because this is here
and now, we have to try.

If the frame is rotten, it's rotten.

We can always try.

- I'm going out first!

- Wait!

We've got to tell the others first.

- What?

You don't like the idea
of me saving my ass first?

That's it.

Well, you're not the bloody boss anymore.

Out I go with or without your bloody okay.

As for the others, I don't give a damn.

- [Harvey] You are so stupid.

You're too fat to get through there.

- Oh, yeah?

Wait and see.

- Enjoy yourself.

I'm going upstairs.

(ominous music)

(Fred grunting)

- (grunts) Harvey!

I'm stuck.

Come back, Harvey!


(monsters grunting)

I wanna get out.

I, I wanna get out.

- Keep your shirt on.

I'm coming.

- [Fred] Oh holy shit.

Get me outta here.

- Will you stop screaming?

You want them to hear where we are?

- I'm glad to see you.

Do you know I'm claustrophobic?

If you think this is funny.

- An elephant doesn't try
to go mouse holes, right?

- Just pull, instead of
meditating on the size of my ass.

- It's no use.

- Wait.

Don't tell me you're gonna leave me here.

- Of course not.

Grab the bars, when I pull, you push.

(Fred grunting)
(playful music)

- [Fred] Shit, my bloody belly stuck.

- All right, like it's the fly's trap

and now you're in your own web.

- [Fred] Fuck you and
your sick sense of humor.

Help me.

(door clicks)
(monsters grunting)

What's that noise?

Did you hear it?

- Don't move.

I will look.

(heavy breathing)

That's all we need.

Fred, I have some bad news.

- [Fred] What?

- Well, Fred, the spider just arrived.

- The spider?

What the hell are you talking about?

Harvey, Harvey!

Holy shit!

Will you say something?


(fabric tearing)
(Fred gasps)

(fabric tearing)

(monster grunts)
(flesh tears)

(Fred screaming)

(bones cracking)

(Fred screaming)

(flesh tearing)
(Fred screaming)

(Fred screaming)

(Fred groaning)

(flesh tearing)

(Fred screaming)

(vomit splashing)

(Fred screaming)

(flesh tearing)

(Fred groaning)

(flesh snaps)

(flesh thuds)
(Harvey groans)

(vomit splashing)

(tongue clicking)

(chain clanging)

(Harvey screaming)

(monsters grunting)

- It's too goddamn much.

You hear me?

You old gargoyles, I'm going to kill you.

Do you understand?

Kill you!

(nails clicking)

Yes, that's right.

This bloody sound.

Come on.

Come on.

(trunk clicks)

This curse, the time has come for Harvey

to take care of you.

You're gonna get a taste
of your own vile medicine.

Sick little game is over!

(door clicks)

(door bangs)

Come on, show yourselves.

You can't escape me now.

(gun clicks)
(gun bangs)

(gun banging)
(dishes clanging)

(glass thuds)

- You lousy Frenchman, you've
only married into this family

and your wife is rotting
in the cemetery. (laughing)

Bam, bam, bam.

- You dare to mock me, you leprous whore.

(monster grunting)

(Harvey screaming)
(gun banging)

(monster laughing)

(gun banging)

(monster laughing)
(gun banging)

(suspenseful music)
(monster laughing)

(gun thuds)
(monster grunting)

(body thudding)

(body thuds)
(monster laughing)

(footsteps clanging)

(suspenseful music)

(Harvey grunts)
(monster grunting)

(gun banging)
(Harvey grunting)

(monster laughing)

(gun banging)

(gun clicking)
(gun banging)

(Harvey grunting)

(monster grunting)

(Harvey grunting)
(gun banging)

(gun bangs)
(metal clangs)

(Harvey screaming)

(sword thuds)
(Harvey screaming)

(blades clanging)

(club thuds)
(body thuds)

(monster screaming)

(Harvey screaming)

(club thuds)
(Harvey screaming)

(monster laughing)

(Harvey screaming)

(sword thuds)
(Harvey screaming)

(arm thuds)

(Harvey screaming)

(monster laughing)

- I've got to go.

I must go.

I've got to go.

I can't.

- No!

(Bertha whimpering)

(Harvey groaning)

(Bertha crying)

(Harvey groaning)

- That's it.

That damn box started all this

and now we are all going to die.

- And do nothing.

You are the guilty ones.

You marry Remingtons in
the search for money.

For 20 years you've been wishing them dead

and you're so free, sir.

It's heaven that sent
that box as a punishment.

Do you hear me?

It's a punishment, you
bloodsucking leaches.

Your punishment!

- Punishment, that's it.

Punishment, that's it. (laughing)

- I did nothing.

But I must die.

It's like you.

(ominous music)

It's righteous.

I'm going to die.

To get out here.


Wait, I'm going to tell everybody

that to night all of the Remington's died.

And were dammed.

Do you hear me?





(flesh squishing)

(Radu screaming)

(flesh thuds)

(foot slips)
(glass clanging)

(monster laughing)

(monster laughing)
(hands slapping)

(ominous music)

- Come on.

(monster laughing)

Let's not stay here.

- And go where?

They're always there before us.

Look at her.

She doesn't even take notice of us.

(monster chuckling)
(flesh thuds)

She's enjoying herself.

(monster chuckling)

The two of them enjoy a good laugh.

They throw guts around like
so many slapstick cream pies.

We're just like flies
with our wings torn off.

Little creatures which can twist and turn

in every direction, but
can't escape their destiny.

- I might have an idea.

Come on, come with me.

(monster grunting)

(monster grunting)
(monster slurping)

(Percival panting)

(metal clangs)
(Percival gasping)

- [Elizabeth] Peekaboo, Father.

(ominous music)

(Percival whimpering)

(nails clanging)
(Percival screams)

(Percival whimpering)

- You know that we respect you, Percival.

- Yes, a man of God isn't just anyone.

Elizabeth wants to talk
to you before we kill you.

But I insisted, that it be nearly painless

because we like very much, Percival.

Every time you smash a
student's fingers with a ruler,

I say it to myself,

he's a vicious man, a bad priest.

And we like bad priests.

- So.

- Pull the trigger.

Why suffer?

Otherwise it's her way,

and I promise you your
vocal cords will split.

What do you think of that, Percival?

- Don't listen to her.

If you commit suicide, you
know what's waiting for you.

A priest who kills himself. (laughing)

You want to be damned for just
a few minutes of suffering.

You save your soul.

No, Percival, let me look after you.

Be strong just once in your boring life.

Just once.

- But what she be telling you, Percival?

It's not her who's got to
have her eyes pulled out,

or her knees broken, or
her stomach eaten out.

It's you.

It's all right for her.

My sister, think about Percival.

I help you see it all clearly.

She's just waiting for you to play martyr

so she can make a human
hamburger out of you.

Don't let her do it, Percival.

Kill yourself.

After all you never were a good priest.

- No!

(gun banging)

(flesh splattering)
(legs rattling)

- This is the cause of everything.

Christopher has never forgive us.

So he sent that knowing
damn well what would happen.

Because of our greed, we'd all be here

and then we'd all pay.

- I think we destroy it.

- Yes, I don't know
enough about the occult

but if the cause is destroyed,
so should be it's par.

- Let's try.

But I think it would be better if.

- What?

- If we destroy it in a consecrated place?

- I don't know.

It's possible.

Let's try the chapel.

- Yes.
- Come on.

- Oh no.

Even him.

- [John] There's only us left.

- You damned monsters,
you even killed a priest.

Damn you!

Do you hear me?

Damn you!
- Stop it!

(Bertha crying)

You'll be heard.

- I don't give a damn.

You two think you're the strongest,

well, we will destroy you!

Just like that box you came out of.

(monster grunting)

Do you hear me?

(hand slaps)
(Bertha groans)

(Bertha crying)

(monster grunting)

(house rattling)

(glass shattering)

(door banging)

What's going to happen now?

- You upset them, that's what!

(door clicks)
(monster grunting)

Here take it and run to the chapel!

I'll try to slow them down!

(footsteps tapping)

(Bertha panting)

John, the coward, is not a coward anymore.

Well done, John.

(monster grunting)

(chair thudding)

(monster grunting)

(bones cracking)

(ominous music)

(hand pounding)

- Who is it?

- It's Bertha!

Open the door!

Let me in!

- Oh, no, enough is enough.

I know who you are and I won't open.

Do you hear me?

Get the hell out of here!

- For the love of God, it's really me!


- No!

(monster grunting)
(nails clanging)

- I don't want to die, please.

- [Gilbert] No, don't open the door.

- Don't worry, dear.

I'll just open it to check.

- No!

- Close it, close it now!

(door bangs)
(monster grunts)

(Bertha panting)

I'm not dead?

- No, if only to upset
them, we're gonna live.

(hands pounding)
(monster screaming)

- We've got to act quickly.

The door's gonna give in.

- What are you going to do?

(nails scraping)
(monster grunting)

- I'm going to destroy this damn thing.

(monster screaming)

Give me a crucifix.

(wood snapping)

(crucifix thudding)
(monster groaning)

(monster grunting)

(crucifix thudding)
(Bertha coughing)

What are you gonna do?

Damn box, what are you gonna do?

(wood thuds)
(monster grunting)

(crucifix thudding)
(Bertha coughing)

(monster grunting)

- Quiet!

- Give me the strength now!

(monster groaning)

(crucifix thuds)

(heart pounding)
(monster groaning)

(monster groaning)

(monster screaming)

Auntie now!

- Help me.


(Victoria panting)

(gentle music)
(crow cawing)

I don't understand, I don't understand.

For goodness gracious. (crying)

- [Victoria] Inspector, I
find your attitude terrible.

I'm warning you I have
friends in high places.

Heads will roll.

(car door clicks)

(Bertha screaming)

(Bertha groaning)

(Bertha groaning)

(Bertha giggles)

(Bertha screams)

(Bertha groans)

(gentle music)
(ducks quacking)

(car door clicks)

(car door bangs)

(car engine humming)

- Everything all right, miss?

- Off course.

Hurry up.

- [Driver] Okay.

We serve pretty good
foods around these parts.

Had a chance to try any yet, miss?

(Bertha gagging)

(driver gasps)
(Bertha growling)

(flesh tearing)

(arm thuds)

(car thuds)

(fast tempo upbeat rock music)

(monster laughing)